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"holland east river" Discussed on AM 970 The Answer

"A social Security number in sports Devils Top the Rangers 4 to 3. Seeking home fell at number three. Villanova 76 to 74 Stuck in traffic. David James got the answer. Good morning out. Alternate side parking rules are in effect. We still have some slick conditions because of the dusting that we had overnight. So please take it slowly. Let's go over to one and 919 north down getting up toward AM a street in Elizabeth. It's an accident. South Bound Tunnel E Avenue, slowing down through Jersey City in towards Secaucus Road That's construction to 87 South Exit. 36, Morristown, Watch out for an accident. Traffic is also moving solely for you as you head over to the Merritt Parkway, South bound getting down through Norwalk with some snow squalls out there and you do have some salting going on. Let's see what's happening. Is you head to the Hudson River Crossing? Still okay. The George Lincoln and the Holland East River crossings moving smoothly, but it's busy on the eastbound bqe up toward the Brooklyn Bridge with an accident cleared. Jackie Robinson, West bound, slowing down right in toward the van Wyk, and it's kind of busy for you on that North found their wake up toward Liberty Avenue. Later on, it will be clearing high Today of 40 You now know where not to go. I'm Debbie Do him with Joe Piscopo am 9 70 The answer Tune into the Joe Piscopo show every Thursday morning at 8 40 for the tunnel to Towers Hero Spotlight segment focusing on the story of a patriot in their family who's been recognized and supported by the tunnel to Towers Foundation. Help tunnel to towers to do good. Donate $11 a month AT t t t dot ord. Hey, this is Ben Shapiro. And my show is the fastest growing conservative talk show and podcast in America. Our show is fast moving, hilarious, hard hitting and comprehensive. We bring you all the news you need and all that deep background information You want to properly understand the news, and we're not afraid to ruffle feathers. Along the way.

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