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ARRL Audio News  - March 12, 2021

ARRL Audio News

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ARRL Audio News - March 12, 2021

"This is a r l audio news. Your weekly summary of news highlights from the world of amateur radio if you re transmit audio news through a repeater listened for the morse code. K character followed by four seconds of silence. That your cue to stop transmitting so that your repeater timer can reset. Hello and welcome. I'm rick lindquist. Ww one emmy and this is our audio news for friday march. Twelve twenty twenty one. Registration is now open for the twenty twenty one ham so i- workshop friday and saturday march nineteenth and twentieth. The theme of this year's workshop is mid latitude. I honest science. The university of scranton will serve as host for zoom virtual event sponsored by the national science foundation. the program include guest speakers. Poster presentations and demonstrations. The workshop will also serve as a team meeting for the ham. Cy personal space weather station project. Funded by nsf. Grant to university of scranton. Physics and electrical engineering professor nathaniel for cell w. two and af. The project seeks to harness the power of amateur radio network to better understand the effects of weather and the upper levels of earth's atmosphere the workshops keynote address on the history of radio. We'll be delivered by elizabeth bruton curator of technology and engineering at the science museum of london. She will discuss the history science technology and licensing of amateur radio communities from the early nineteen hundreds to the president. See the ham cy website for information. Www dot ham side dot org at a march tenth news conference amateur radio on the international space station or heiress reported that so far all efforts to determine what's keeping the ham station and the columbus module off the air have been unsuccessful. The radio equipment appears to be working but no signal is reaching the external aris antenna. The station typically operated as an ss has not been usable since new are f cables. Were installed during a january. Twenty seventh spacewalk. During the january spacewalk to coax feed line installed. Eleven years ago was replaced with another built by the european space agency and airbus ariza international chair. Frank bauer k. A. three age. Do did not rule out a fault in the radio equipment. What we can tell you right now. Is it from all indications. The radio appears to be working as expected in was working before on the twenty seventh of january. Bauer listed three possible problem areas. A cable inside the may have a break due to a previous tie. Turn a connector may be installed improperly or there was a problem with the installation of a cable installed in series with the aris antenna feed line on january twenty seventh a march thirteenth spacewalk plans to return the our santana feed line to its configuration. Prior to the january twenty seventh space spacewalk so. The problem may have been resolved before you hear this report. This is a r l audio news. Heard in lewisburg tennissee mondays at six forty five pm on the one forty six six to five repeater. Courtesy of the marshall county amateur radio society time novelty am sat report if you have worked the x. W two d satellite before you might know that. It went silent for some reason. Well this week came back to life and is once again operational. There's no telling if this is temporary or permanent. So enjoy the satellite. While it's still working aris. School contacts have continued through. The pandemic is over your area when a school contact is being made you gotta listen in on the astronauts downlink on one forty five point. Eight megahertz fm. Of course. the uplink is only available to the school making the contact. Keep in mind that the location of the school is not necessarily within the footprint of the iss. Which could be on the globe and sat. uk reports that a test of uvs q. Sats fm transponder was made on march fifth between michelle f for d. e. y. and peter to 'em zero sql. This means the satellite is closer to commissioning for amateur use. The report comes to us every week. Courtesy of bruce page k. k. Five deal the volunteer monitor program is a joint initiative between native l. and the fcc to enhance compliance in the amateur radio service today volunteer monitors during february reported one thousand seven hundred sixty two hours monitoring the h f frequencies and two thousand one hundred fifty eight hours monitoring the vhf frequencies and above the volunteer monitor program administrator issued. Ten advisory notices and advisory notice is an attempt to resolve rule violation issues in formerly before. Fcc intervention operators in holden ville oklahoma the sern- michigan miami. Florida and new york received advisories concerning operation outside their license. Class operators and mma gallia. California jefferson georgia and redway california received advisories concerning interference to repeater systems and h f net operations and operator in mansfield. Arkansas received an advisory regarding failure to properly identify operator in charlottesville. Virginia received an advisory concerning improper bandwidth that resulted in interference. A desert racing association no desert texas received a warning about the use of amateur to meter frequencies for racing events but volunteer monitor program administrator had two meetings during february with fcc enforcement bureau personnel. This is a our audio news. In bonham texas tuesdays at eight pm on the one forty five forty seven and four forty five to five repeaters courtesy of the fannin county amateur radio club ever wanted to put up a big dipoto are a really big die pull. Well gary watson's that l. Three s v in new zealand has installed a spectacular. All band dipoto with each leg extending three hundred twenty meters. A thousand fifty feet. The antenna is multiple wavelengths on a chef and on twenty meters watson says it has a gain of more than sixteen db. Here's quite well to a huge twelve to one ballon resembling a utility pole. Step down transformer converts the impedance from fifty ohms unbalanced to six hundred owns balanced. The wire he uses for each leg is aluminum. Robbed powerline cable. And he uses powerline fittings. Because they're designed to handle that kind of wire. The line has a sixty ton breaking strength. Watson said he made the six hundred ladder line himself and he uses the antenna on all bands. Typically running two hundred watts watson says it can copy stations with a monster antenna that remain. Undetectable with a half wave die awol. Member bob leo w seven alar of bozeman. Montana turned one hundred years old on february twenty. Sixth he's been a ham for eighty eight years and is a well-known de exit and d expedition or check out his cures dot com profile. The dates have been posted for the four stu perry top band distance challenge events on one hundred sixty meters. If you're into that kinda thing. This year's main stew in december will occur one week earlier than usual on december eighteenth to avoid a conflict with christmas schedule for this year is thirteen. June nineteenth october twenty third and december eighteenth the full results of the twenty twenty awol november. Cw sweepstakes have been published on the eight of earl contests webpage it's contests dot a. r. r. l. dot org the full results article searchable database of all scores line scores certificates and logged checking. Reports are available to the spring twenty twenty one red cross nationwide emergency communications win. Linked drill will take place on may eighth which happens to be world red cross and red crescent day and that's a r l audio news for friday march twelve twenty twenty one. I'm rick lindquist. Ww one seventy three. And we'll see you next time. Our thanks to all contributors to this week's report a r. l. Audio news is produced by the american radio. Relay league the national association for amateur radio for more information on amateur radio or the r l. visit us on the web at a r l. Dot org you can also find us on facebook and twitter by searching for a r l if you have a question or comment about a r. l. audio news. Email us at audio news. Eight are l. dot. Org this program is copyrighted. A are all rights reserved seventy-three and thanks for listening.

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Deaths of 2019 Part 2

How Many Podcast

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Deaths of 2019 Part 2

"How many how many how. Many how. Manny one two three four. Five six seven nine. Who WOULD I get up to breaking news? Welcome to a new episode. How many the only podcasts. On the Internet accounts I am. What does Jesse Jackson joining me? Today is Jerry and junior. And today we're all about honoring those that have left US junior. Yes obviously a couple of our favorite topics movies because maybe watching as a sport and de because depth I guess as a sport too so we'd love talking depth. We love talking reaper twice a year. We will definitely do not fear although when it comes to copyright and it's funny every time we use. Don't fear the reaper. In any kind of podcast forum immediate cease and desist just saying from the estate of Blue Oyster. So we can clearly say we don't got any blue Easter Colt. Working GonNA seven little toy store called. I don't have any blue eyes. They're call eight thirty four pairs last time around. Where were you close to work? And it's seven eleven twice a year. We like to go through an honor the dead and see how many actually contribute to society. So I have done the research on this and I have a list of ninety. One names for us to do and determine whether they Actually did anything in this world so all of that ninety one. Let's get some numbers out there. How many of these dead people are going to count? And let's start with Jesse so I'M GONNA say that all of them counts. The people love them and they're up ninety three thirty five. All Right Bob all go a little lower than other thirty thirty low balling all of these great people. Gary I'm going with. Very Kevin Smith like thirty seven in a row. I think you guys are way underselling. The amount of significant desks this year. I will successfully enough. Obviously I've done the research. So my numbers tainted but even though. I'm making a pick knowing the list. I don't know how many you guys are GonNa Count. I'M GONNA go fifty five wow key. Tsa Very Nice now Scott how many do you think could make today? We don't have his burden walk. Probably would guess sixty nine forty five. Yeah but I said No. Let's so so we don't have Scott's wall to do research so we're going to have to wing it if you guys noticed any that I'm missing for many of the months Feel free to let me know. And we'll add them in. Could you get yours from wikipedia? Yes the commission look a PD and other reliable news sources never on what about woods on run to get any? That's online dot com okay so starting in July. These aren't in any kind of order within the month. Itself Tyler skaggs. Baseball player passed away in July deal at the time. Big News story at the time right because it happened here. Yes he does a big story but he's kind of a special player so no so everybody's a no on that one. How ABOUT SID? Raymond American composer Grammy Winner. He did west side story. He was the composer of West side story. Now it's a big. It's a big movie everybody's consensus actually. That's tough for me. So you'll be on the fence. It's like I'm not some big fan of his and everything is done and everything else based on what you just said. I'll be very tempted to say. Yes because that's a really big deal yet that Broadway. That is a significant Broadway play. It's well known I'd just never hear that name associated with that. It's always here. You know other names associated with westside through Sondheim's Sondheim didn't he? Yes yes oh you. It's got to me. I have to know the name like the base is okay. I'll say no to four seven how about PD Jones American football player. He was portrayed in. Remember the titans. I don't think just I would not put that as a yes. I mean I love for them. Titans as you know if you've listened to our football films episode. This works yes. That's one of our favorite films but I would not call that. He was terrible defender. He couldn't he's he was way too sensitive but hurt when the coaches would yell at him. I honestly I got to say. No if it'd been Gary of course that's in. I love that movie involved in. You're a great movie but remember the Titans yes remember. Pd No actor yes. I know not all the person's based on yet now I think we make it our first. Yes here and this person was portrayed in four versus Ferrari by shame from walking dead Lee. Iacocca yes automobile executive worked for writer. Young yes just like three seconds. You all literally echoed in. The rule was still in the middle of the room. When you said did you say that that was a consensus? Yes right everybody. Everybody's wow gary. He's on the fence line that my dad had dogs when I was growing up and he was mad because he said. Get Your Butt. Ready Italy IACOCCA's charge sleep seventy dollars for a little plastic gear. Yeah no makes your point you. I remember when he took over. Ford GonNa win things for doing really bad. I think he was involved with the mini vans. Look Chrysler Yeah those desma. Yeah for people in the executive world. His book was a must read right. Everybody in the eighties. He was the biggest guy in the business world. I mean they even remember. There was a Saturday night. Live fake commercial. I think Joe Piscopo was playing him and they were he was so at talking about all the stuff that was made in America and they and they would go through each part and some guy would come up to no no made in Japan and finally they got the floor mats. Yes formats made in America far match. Yes Chrysler Plymouth out to prove that made in America means something all right This one more is a bit than anything on this list. Jared lorenzen giants won't Rg three we all those. The does America as a whole consider him to be a significant death. He's not even the first jarrod you think of Jarrett's richest so he's a no then right. Yeah I would say no. I know who he is. But not all right. How about Artie? Johnson American comedian and actor Roland Martin's Laffan Emmy Award winner. Yes very interesting interview. Steam surly supercilious. Yes that's census right first ballot. How about I put this one for you. Jesse specifically Eddie Jones not not the JEETER's not unanimous new Eddie Jones. Not The basketball player. American actor was on Lois and Clark He was in a League of their own. He was in the terminal. But KAZIRO. Lois and Clark P one Jesse I thought maybe you would be familiar with this guy. You ever heard of Eddie Jones. So he was in the terminal now he is terminal. Look him he is yes. He is a one of the well-known character actors that guy. Yeah I've seen him before. Yeah I would say he fits those. Oh yeah that guy. There actually was a website. This did that for Awhile yes. I agree with him so just a year. Yes Gary Yeah those pictures. Yeah based on the picture not the main said no but three out of four we will say yes. How about Cameron Boyce? Who was an actor Looks like he was kind of a kid actor. He was on Jesse GROWNUPS and the descendants. Anybody familiar with Cameron Boyce. I'm looking at the picture. Don't recognize them about and we we actually just did a segment on rock and Roll Hall of fame about eight months ago but James. Hinky he was an American Journalist for rolling stone and the Rock and Roll Hall of fame newsouth. Par Raider no not Mr Hanky journalists were rolling stone and he was the curator of the rock and Roll Hall of fame. Nothing against family that I would not have that consensus with everybody. That nominations Hankie. He's the curator the rock and Roll Hall of fame. Yes I didn't think they're gonNa Hall of fame was great. Oh Wow turn on the rock and roll turned on it. Listen I love rock and roll more than I love Blues. But I'll take stacks over the rock and Roll Hall of fame any day of the week. Robert Hall of fame has all the AMMO in the world. And it's considering what they've got to work with. It's Pretty Lame John Q. Shop until I've read all of the rock and Roll Hall of Fame Plex. I can't make informed which is all right. I think this next one is going to count. How about Ross Perot? Yes can billionaire. Businessman Philanthropist yes consensus. Yes right hold on quit now do you. Now is this the way we're going to play the game here? Are you guys? GonNa keep asking asinine question. So you see some dirty pitchers. Is that what you require? All right now I think this one's GonNa Count as well. The Great Rip Torn Years Learn Andrew. Show men in black but his best role of outside of Bee's master already got finger. He was the dad. So those Darnall. All he was great. Undocking DOT COM dodge. Orig- you're knowledgeable. Husband of Sissy SPACEX. He's the one that got hers corners daughters cousin. Yes so consensus on that right. Alabama Audrey Thumbs Denise Nickerson actress. Yes Willie Violet from Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. She's one that turned into the blueberry. Yes the Chew Gum Jour. Desert baby hair comes love right to lead on. What's happening to your face. Let me finish faces turning five. You're turning pilot pilot about. I told you I haven't got it quite right and you can say that again. Look to my kid always goes wrong when we come to the dessert. Always Yeah Jerry's right. One hit wonder everybody knows her nickerson. Oh easy violet beauregard okay. How about Dick Richards? Hyping Drummer for Bill Haley and his comets Bill Haley. Gto So it's gotTa be bill. Hey how about Russell? Smith American singer Songwriter for the amazing rhythm aces never heard of them So that's a no right now. This one I count but I don't know that I'll get much support from the room. If Luis Perez Garcia was here he would back me up on this Lyn Cornell sweetpea whitaker. Yeah definitely four-time champions. Yeah he was a big big name in boxing. Before Floyd Money Mayweather there was Pernille sweetpea. Whitaker and those who studied both will tell you. Whitaker was the better fighter and arguably the greatest lightweight ever the crazy thing is hues like Mickey Mantle figure in boxing. The sense that is great as he was he had. He treated himself better. Had he t on himself he would have been even greater and even so one of the ten best pound for pound fighters of all time. How `Bout David Harrison American actor? He was voyage to the bottom of the sea. Fly and live and let die anybody familiar with David. Edison's L. Time to Jetson Addison. Yes all right. Tommy looked familiar but his face. Recognition will not get him unfortunately how about Art Neville Singer Songwriter Keyboardist? He was in the meters. And obviously the Neville Brothers Air Energy T.F. Oh so just a year ago. He is the spirit. He's the Tito of the novel. Yeah Aaron kind of took the thing because I would vote. Yes but okay being outmoded. Okay but they keep probably falls in line somewhere after the birth mark so I think what's Rutger Hauer? Oh yes actor bladerunner. Nighthawks definitely is. Yes indeed Russi Taylor. Oh Simpsons Voice Shoe Martin France she or she gordon. Southern pushing boy could be such a parole screams from me. I've never felt so alive. Eight Martin now Hancock tomorrow and I haven't even started about some tests. Life's too short for tests show many males for most of her life. There is a body of work there obviously but not really yes definitely voice of work. So is it enough. He's on the level of Mel Blanc. The for females and the animated voice over round does that mean. You're yes I'm spent. I know she probably won't pass the muster the rest so June Faure yes oh the voice of Rocky Squirrel and everything. You're saying that she's that level. Come to be the next. She's probably number two Jennifer as number one for sure. She did the voice of the jets baby on the Mary. Tyler Moore Show did Huey Dewey. Louie for dovetails. You know what I'm going to say. Yes I suggest that you're Gary I mean I'm going to be honest until you that probably the only female voices that I know the voice of Bart and Lisa so most of our characters were male characters system but I will say this based on what you said not not. Because Bob says that she's like the second greatest voice but the voices that you listed I would say yes just based on those too okay. I'M GONNA say Yes to because of the simpsons. Now this one I think will count. Nick Bona Connie famer any originals of felon. Hbo With Len Dawson. Yeah that's where I mainly angry nick. Bonnie Conte passed away at the age of seventy eight. And what he leaves behind is a legacy stretching far beyond that just of a football player considered too small to play professional football. He was selected to five. Afl All Star Games was named to the first team all AFL five times and was inducted into the Patriots Hall of fame. He was a great football player. He was on the undefeated. Miami Dolphins donate defense last one for July friends Broadway director and her so Jesse automatically knew him. Right away yeah. Are you familiar with how I know the name? Yeah. I'm more of a fence about whether I'm GONNA count or not. So you are still undecided. Gary Leah's resume again. I actually you have listed as Broadway director producer. But I don't know what he did. Wonderful Town Jonah. Game Damn Yankees. Forget family affair. Funny thing happened later. The Forum on the roof It's a bird it's a plane. It's Superman cabarets. Orca folley's yes. But that resumes. Yeah I've heard the name Kim. Okay so I'll go ahead and say yes to make it unanimous all right moving into August we have David. Caulk philanthropist. Or is it Koch Cop? I think it's been a pig. Koch brothers carry costs. Are you familiar with any of the Koch Brothers? I assumed so. He's a philanthropy. Those those guys basically run the world but sorry. You're yes if he is one of the Koch Brothers. Yeah I think so. It's you know the David Koch. You'd other cost brothers. So yeah you familiar with the cock brothers. Yes this US immediately on the fence when he read Libertarians. This is what I would say. Yes because this one I think is going to be unanimous Peter Fonda academia. Easy rider sleep. I all right so we'll see the bad's going with got a helmet. Fonda was best known for that cross country trip in nineteen sixty nine easy wider the iconic counterculture film. He Co starred in and earned an Oscar nomination for writing in gibbons musician for the kinks no became one of the Davies. Brothers all right. So that's a new for everybody. Now this one again another wrestling person. I know we always have a hard time. Voting Wrestlers Marlene Harley race. Oh yes S. Harley race for sure. One of the great bad yeah. He was big name back in the late seventies early eighties. So Bob. You're scare you're yes. Jesse. Yes all right and I will say. Ast you've heard your ric flair's talk about being cock of the walk. You've heard your Thunderbolt Patterson's you've heard him Only Anderson Flare Parades around saying that he is the ultimate man. Buddy this is symbolic of being everything that any human being ever wanted to be. That man is Harley. Race is his opponents. Were guilty of race baiting though. Oh come on. That's the giant. The missing link was a different guy. Yeah Oh yeah. This is a little on the back and he would grant you. Don't WanNa spit the Kabuki guy that ate the guy that ate the term Goes Jersey deal. I think this one will count. How about cliff branch? Yes raiders all famer right. No He's not. He's not one of the ones that is supposed to be in. That hasn't gotten in yet. What's the first thing that comes to your mind? This lift bridge speed. Speed speed total speed. Why does make it branches out? Cheer Fault it's your fault it's NFL films fault. Because you've shown those Lynn. Swann catch is from Super Bolton. How many Times Cook Branch? Though was more consistent player than Lynn Swann. And he was scarier player. I guarantee to deepen tobaks unless war. Jesse will you take the Pearson doesn't get in and cliff? Branch doesn't get in stance. I realized that there are fans in every city. That feel like there's someone they love that should be in the hall of fame it but I stand by. It seems a shame that the only person on the all decade team is the one omitted gap. That seems wrong especially when they opened up so many new slots specifically for this year the academy run himself by having that party feel giant. Watch documentaries on the table. So did we say yes to clip ranch. Yes yes right okay. This one just because of the circumstances of his death not necessarily that he was a contributor to society by any means. Jeffrey shine oh I mean he's turned into a mean at this point. Everybody knows the name knows who? He is the freshest name on the Clinton hot name around Valley probably the spirit of the sweat hogs but I will still let him signed Szanto. I did my homework mystic almost in that. Oj's kind of realm of you really want to vote for OJ. Here you know media. I think it's the name recognition he does have the nation. We do not miss the biggest news stories of the year man. That's yeah you gotTA count. We're just here all right so we will be grudgingly say yes obscene How about Cedric Benson former? Nfl player went to Ot ut hall of Famer pipe and over his wife is let me play for the bears. Play for the Bengals look more more known for his college career than anything right local ties pretty solid NFL career. If you went back and looked at it he was actually pretty good. He's one of those guys that doesn't get talked about now was was he more notable for his football career or for his post football career as a Butler for the governor later was executive producer for sports crickets. That's better than sprucing. The classic talk all right so we're going to see Benson right How about Jack Whitaker Sports Cancer? Cbs ABC NFL today host. He was like the Dick Sap of ABC or CBS. And he was so. You're yes Gary Yes Jessica. Right so yes. The all around would've wanted to be remembered as someone who tried to say things simply and without cliches a perfect description for a man whose heroes were the original pillars of news reporting with a deep sense of humanity and attention to detail. Jack Whitaker always separated his work from the rest quarterly. How about Larry Siegel writer? Mad Magazine. The Carol Burnett show was an emmy winner. Are you familiar with Jonathan Livingston? Well Hello Larry. Well Jonathan Livingston or GTO for me based on what you said. It sounds like he contributed. I do not know this Jason Sigler. Gts Yes yes definitely with eight passes for Number One. -SEGO so I'm guessing that's another right unless there's a bunch of NBA family. He he had they would have a flock of seagulls when he has his family reunion. That's the should be the banner. Yeah Genius this one. Mainly Warner Torius than actually contribute to society. Gary Ray Bowles the I ninety five serial killer you familiar with Gary Ray. Bowles another one of those serial killers with rain with raise the minimum. Are we going to say no to Mr Bowles Todd Bowles? Gt Afo? And I mean he's a Gary so he's pretty spirit to begin with so ops firing. Just kidding all right how about neo Nazis videos not being how Neil Castle musician for Ryan Adams and the cardinals blackfoot Chris Robinson Brotherhood. Are you familiar meal castle known? It's Bryan Adams. Brands does what ten? How would you like to how about JESSE COMBS AMERICAN RACER A television host? He was on mythbusters. Overhaul and extreme four by four Jesse. He was there anybody else familiar with it. Sounds like he was a reality. Tv never heard of okay. So we'll say no. How about this one? I think only Bob will give any support to if any at all Lilac Cockerel San Antonio go she was spared seventy five to eighty one narrows. Gpf Oh okay. Yeah everybody else being the Anti Action. Everybody's yeah you're right though Scenarios are GTS when it comes to old mears San Antonio maybe the Castro brothers Let's see Jim Level American homicide. Detective police escort for Lee Harvey Oswald. When he was shot that he was the astronaut. That got played my Tom Hanks in. Do you have a different name or same local also? He's the guy that is next to Lee Harvey when Hitler. He's the the heads of the only only reason we're going down as part of the Lee Harvey Oswald Photo. Okay so you would say would be with you. But I'm all right so we'll say knowing him last one for August Gordon re sack television writer for Pinky and the Brain. The maniac biotic six. He was an emmy winner. Pretty solid line of work. They're hiring peaking in the brain runs pretty solid. That is an enemy was big back in the day. Visit enough to get him yes. I didn't recognize the name but based on body of work on me and say this Gary are waffling a little bit. But I'll I'll say yes or no. Do you know what I'm going to say yes to my number. I don't want to give you too many points all right. So that's it for August. Let's move into September. We have a one name songwriter. Busbee is anybody familiar with busby be USB pitch at third. I had nothing to say. This must be a millennial thing. Pucci was here. He Apolo- give busby. He's here he's just asleep. No interest in joining us. So we'll say no to Mr Busby. How about Robert Hunter? Grateful dead former a ticket night hosts not not big Dick Hunter. We'll do actually on the Mir work. This show tonight will be a real short show. We've got well anybody familiar with all the grateful dead song so some of the big big big deal catcher. I'm big you get them all. No I'm I'm so gary you're yes Jesse Lance I'll go yes. People that is pretty spare but peer pressure. Yeah Ninety two calls ferry. Okay all right. This one I think is the first ballot. How about the Great Rick Okay? Hasten Oh yes ours. One of the biggest desperately of the year yes. That's a first down right but DR GONNA drive. Kerr's tie now. His bandmate was the inventor of the jokes jokes series. Yes you love the afterlife baby. This is just what I needed like the afterlife. It's just what I needed. We had a whole bunch of those for this because because of another big name in music that also spawned some of this joke series when he passed. How about the Great Eddie Money? Save more during the same time Pretty tough double shot of music death but both of them make it but he's a yes right Eddie. Money was greatness water. How about Chris? Duncan Major League? Baseball player was a broadcaster cameras. Ucf Oh yeah. When Tim dies then we definitely will say yeah major morning but this one. I think will count. How about the Great Valerie Harper Rhoda? Yes maybe the highest praise for Valerie Harper skill on screen is that for many of her fans. She wasn't Valerie at all. She was road providing so many moving lessons in her last chapter to go along with all those last she'd given us in the years before everybody's consensus on on Roda Roda. What was that show where she was? Michael boots mom the whole night. Hogan family the lowest money they rather than. Here's always okay. So this one is probably more of a local mom and the circumstances around her death. Were Very Tragic Kylie Ray Harris own one like a point nine seven or whatever. I think that's no not a tree. Purse personnel seek. You know wow I'm also gonNA vote no out some of the new and it's not just because of the way she went out because we voted Epstein An. Yeah but nobody's ever afford local stuff from him. She wasn't so big national name. Okay then I will not argue on that one So this is another Lee. Harvey Oswald Related Won. The the only reason we're doing this Robert in McClellan was the surgeon that operated on both John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald. I mean if he succeeded maybe we'd count them but he wasn't he doesn't pretty crappy ereck. Some people might question. Maybe he did succeed. Well that's a good point except for the JFK. But for the Lee Harvey War. I mean pending on who was the one that order to read being president when he LBJ. Where's he from pay? How many will this failed surgeon? Make the list now. No okay so we're going to say no for Mr McClellan. I think this one will count. How about T. Boone? Pickens yes businessman. And philanthropist t boone. Pickens has died at ninety one of natural causes. The Holden Ville Oklahoma native built. A career has a legendary energy executive philanthropist and Longtime Oklahoma State University supporter pickens authored. The first billion is the hardest gave away over one billion dollars personally and through his T. Boone pickens foundation pickens gave more than five hundred million dollars to his ALMA MATER. Oklahoma state including one hundred. Sixty five million to renovate boone pickens stadium but he got in a fight with George over the devil in the well for argument over fracking. But he's definitely a first ballot wasted tons of money on spare Oklahoma State Football This one may count. How about Cookie Roberts American journalists? Abc News Yeah Cokie. She was a big name. Yeah she was alone and broadcaster. Okay we will say yes. How about and this one's a little niche sid. Haig actor was in all of the Rob Zombie movies. Yeah rejects he was in Jason of Star Command. Thx Eleven thirty eight being the clown and all of the Rob Zombie movies. I would say yes bob. You're yes Jesse. I'll let you you know. I don't watch horror films. All right so we will say yes so now. He's less human than Newman. Serious talk to us about Aaron Eisenberg American actors reasons facebook just the reason I put him on this this is he was an accurate star. Trek Deep Space Nine pandering to Jessie. Are you familiar with Mr Eisenberg? He played Nog son of the perennial nice guy but now all right. So we'll say no to Mr Eisenberg. How about another local tie? Andre Emmett Basketball Player at Texas Tech Memphis Grizzlies. It's way remember the much more than they did. He all anybody. I recognize the name. But he's pretty spare out. Sorry daintily not get your. Y'All see where the Southwest Conference Co Champions. Not Once not three times not four times not five times but twice as many as one in late. Get your guns up. All right so Linda Porter American actress. She was in superstore dude. Where's My car and for Bob Twin Peaks? She's extremely spare out. I'm looking at pictures I do recognize. But yes that's generic old lady. Okay so we'll say no and last one for September Rob Garrison Actor. Okay this area. This is very neat. But he was in the karate kid and he is the one that says get him a boy. I think he was also an Iron Eagle. He was a prom night. Also in Cobra yes. So is that enough in Cobra Kai. They made him be himself does he was dying in real life and so they made in play his own character. Dying his own body bag in the show late So we'll be enough for yes. I'M GONNA say yes. I wasn't going to but that joke series. Yes I'll just down. I mean if you if you have an impact culture contains a quote from you not just a movie that you write your quote that I'd say. Dvd Mitch's quote so. Yeah all right so we will say yes moving into October. I think this will count. How about Robert Forster yes? I plan on twin. Twin peaks was really good at breaking bad yet here. Yeah he was an old community was ran the vacuums. Yes that's right yeah. And he's the one that Karen Sisco. Tv show. He writes her Somalia dummy questioning. Did he actually dire? Did he call in for a day? And I'm sorry but you never know how sorry but I am here now and I have cash so please please you only for that first pick. Yes Oh wait what this is. Previously old going forward were we to would require an additional one twenty five. He's out in Mexico somewhere actor. He's not in New Mexico if he's if he called for a vacuum he's in Vermont. No He's in Oakland Omaha the cinnabon gene. Okay so one that got mentioned earlier. Just Jesse. Now's the time that though. Your Confetti in the air rip Taylor him loss. I lost to rips in the same way. You have to rips. So let's count both of them so yes to rip Taylor Right. Yeah absolutely Taylor was famous for dousing his audience with buckets of Confetti. He was frequently a guest on Hollywood squares. And the Gong. Show Taylor was also on the big screen and performed on Broadway. He died in Beverly Hills. His cause of death has not been reported about dying Carroll actress. Yes first female black lead on network. Tv. She had a show. As Julian's I remember watching very very attractive lady and she was married to. She thinks it was it. Was it the guy that was Jennifer Jason? Lee's Dad was it or was so we're going to say yes to dying Carol out about Bill Bidwell Football Arizona cardinals owner but he counts the Gary. You agree with that name recognition. Now this one. I kind of put on here because of one of the bands that she was in. Kim shadwick singer songwriter musician. She was in the muffs. The Pandora's and the pixies but I would count her because I'm wanting to rocked up and I definitely say you know key is you're familiar with the the MUFF divers all right so gary. Are you familiar with the shattuck's were actually in Jesse? I do not know what I will. I'll I'll see majority so we'll say yes. How about Ginger Baker Hall yet? Green Love Jab acres are good. Is that gives Dan. The three to Nathan are really slurping. It up this morning. Rj An may tell you a nipping at eight more than Philip. I did not know the name until a few years ago. After Russa Fire Mad Dog Lopez. He had an audition drummers and he said no ginger makers wines hates Ginger Baker. He's drummer and he thinks he's terrible. Drums and so is so. Sam told me the story about Ginger Baker being extravagant thing. So if you are a type of drummer right whether it's good or bad. I think that you made an impression in buffalo was in the first to quote unquote rock super groups. Both the cold cream and blind faith considered super group. So yeah I definitely so we will say yes ginger. Baker's as he personally is what drums are. All Pass is mad. I think he's got a fairly consistent unto himself. They probably make common save. You Punch me on the nose. I ain't GonNa sue YOU BACK SO PADDOCK DROUGHT. Channels like a great virtual. So Madman supportive nature to world's greatest moment. How about Larry Sundstrom Larry? Well how American basis for Leonard Skinner and thirty eight special which are basically the same band. No bands that never heard of him. And there's about ten guys combined from those bands that would go in before he would so out. So you're no gear. You said you ask for me. I'm GonNa all my leader Gary and saying yes you know what you've convinced me etc is a fifty schouten so we're going to say yes to. Hello Larry. How about bill macy American actor Maude? The producers was in the jerk. Was He the guy that was shooting the cans? Hey Hey I can. So one of my favorite roles that bill may see did is definitely my favorite year. Yeah with great Hero till he played one of the producers and Joe Longo. Yeah yeah there. Sid Caesar type role and Bill. Macy place producer needs these knocked out. Any here's the applause in politics is sleepy. Grey character actor on thought Jerko. He's he's older guy with the glasses. That have the army grab optic. He's convinced the glasses for him grasses but looks good to me to hurry up sun-times. Wasting John. Don't forget to check those cars. Then these classes son. Yes Sir I damn the okay so we will say yes. How about Willie Brown Hall of fame? Football Player broncos open ray yes most iconic interception in super bowl his the always see him running down. Feel emotion has done little Greg. Lookout Brown Really SUPER BOWL CUTS. I could the writer. Ho Squad is going over there. They have a long time. That's definitely yes right yes And last one for the Great John Witherspoon actor Friday House party the Boondocks and the Great Hollywood shuffle where he was selling Hoe CAKES BECAUSE E to right. I got a new body. Winky DINKY HOLE CAKE. Okay holes got to eat too right right right right. I hate to lose your big bank. I'm GonNa Talk to the man winky. Dinky great great actor. Yeah absolutely all right. So moving into November we have Rudy Bosch American Navy Seal Reality Show. Contestants was in survivor Bermeo and survivor all stars so reality. Tv person are you familiar. I mean that's way back when I used to watch survivor. I remember I know who he is but I wouldn't count. Yeah this one. I would really need Louise Peres. Garcia's help here back me up Walter. Marcado Horner Rican astrologer and member of the psychic friends network. Walter Mocatta was the guy that had makeup on. He was doing those so he was reading was the Mexican. Miss Cleo yes Louis Perez Garcia is not here to back me up on this one say no to Moco Warez Ryan Tarantino American actress the Marvelous Mazel City by your girls great director. He's this Mazel. He's he's got a pretty decent role in marble as you said that yes. I first thing I said. Did you say that all right? So you're yes Bob Gary. Are you familiar with Mr Recognized? The picture of him yes. I have not lost marvelous missing nasal but I know it's absolutely amazing. So so you're GonNa you know his role in that. He was the guy that owned the club. Like the character for tertiary. 'cause I know that the reason why everybody loves that is not deplorable right right. I mean I'm not a hard. Yes but for me. I mean okay. It's being not so I'll say yeah he owed. Fm About Robert Freeman photographer. He did the album covers for the Beatles else. Rubber sole with the Beatles Cheese Joe These last spot within seen tomatoes and free shipping and. I don't think he did the one where they're walking across. Robert Freeman familiar with. I have seen the cover of those things. I'm not familiar with this person as anybody else familiar. I haven't even heard the Beatles for sale L. That's pretty big suggest a you're on the fence but I think with my no vote. Can we'll have to shoot him down. Okay that's fine How about and this is more just notorious because this was nine bust Charles Rogers. Nfl player Detroit lions but he's just mainly known for being giant for to hide yes. I don't know if you knew that. The album help the Beatles or spelling out. Help H. E. L. P. Yeah come like. Ymca guess he posed them to do that to make that. I knew off the top of my head when you said that stuff was the rubber sole and this one with all bases all yeah weird so easy no and I guess I guess for Charles Rogers. Yeah I've got. That would be a no for sure you guys I mean. It's a very recognizable college football player. He didn't make any impact in the NFL. Yeah Okay how about breadth? Toksvig Fred Cox. Nfl Player for the Vikings. But the reason he is on this list he is the CO inventor of the nurse football. That's an end big legacy. Yeah I wonder if they made a NERF casket water drops so everybody's an NFL. And okay. Then I will say as well. How does Lubin American rock basis for clear? Light the doors and billy squire. Doug Lubin better than Bobby. Blue Bland back. Is anybody familiar with this? I'm familiar with is worth. Apparently but not him. Okay so we will say how about Michael J Pollard. Yes an actor. Oscar winner for Bonnie Him in the fourth round. You would ask you Tony Pollard. You would be recognized the picture if you saw him also scrooge he was in house thousand corpses with Sid Haig. He's like a really short guy. Plays winner Michael J Pollard. Michael J. Today's game. He always says that. Just as you are familiar yesterday. His face I absolutely is and So we're all as Mr Mick Zip links on Savoy. Tv heroes very normal size nose with a tiny little head. So we'll say Mr Pollard. Absolute last one for November Irving Burji American Hall of Fame Songwriter. His big claim he saying they later covered pretty quickly. He did the Banana Song. So is that enough to get Mr Burki. No no song would be in. But I don't know now the person that's saying it would be in right donkeys. Yes okay so we'll say no faster burge's that last month of the year starting off with Jerry Herman Tony Award winning composer with Mr Paging Mr Herman and in the afterlife aging Mr Herman Mr Herman you have a telephone call at the Front Desk. Wrote not so we can say no one wrote for. Hello Dolly BONLIEU CASE OF FOLLY WANNA Tony. Work five times but now I'm far Tony's but FM. Yeah all right. Receive a lifetime award here. It got his record. The people that covering new ones Google all right how about Emanuel UNGARO fashion designer. Anybody familiar with on line. So that's a no right. This one will count Albert the Great Danny Aiello. Yes right thing. A former weather law sessional money. I mean I'm just holding it by combining except better than banks always get knocked off no awful Tony and besides with a bank. There's always tons of forms to be filled in all that shit. Tony nothing to read the right. It's all in his head. Gary you would be shocked to know that when we did the Gary Oldman how many nobody had seen the professional except me really in that group which has so many ways movies. Why was yes? Absolute best the Natalie. Portman one yes. This is where I should be your things because Bob doesn't yet he had killer. I think this will count how. `Bout Carol spiny. That's that's definitely interesting. Spiny Caroll Spinney from the day sesame street launched in nineteen sixty nine. He was there voicing operating but Oscar the grouch and be one and only big bird and this morning the world is mourning the death of the puppeteer who brought out the kid in all of us. Now this one I think Jay is probably one out. Be Great juice world. Rapper knows just in Monterey or that was broken up about that but now with the well he'll sit there. Probably not in our demographic five seventy anyway so okay so we say noted juice world how he's buried in juice walks jamie story about him but he did. How about Rene Arbitrage Tony's Yes Benson Bents Star Trek Deep Space? Nine really did. The Voice of the crab bloomer made shifts was so how liposomes snooker under their heads and as he's been a lot of these face nine. Yeah great great actor. That's where you can see rene showing pick orbin. Junius he was. The study was kind of a stuck up stuffy. I will say yesterday. I think this one will also count. Don Imus Radio Personnel. Yeah not the Greatest Guy. Not a crucial moment. Do you think a lot of people are going to say I miss. I'm us. He's not in all just words. Okay Jack Sheldon Trumpet. Tear the MERV GRIFFIN. Show and he was a singer he saying. I'm just a bill for school truck. I like I'm just real but no single now I would say yes yes because of. That's an iconic. Kite Conic Song Bob through I would say yes. I mean that. That's probably the biggest of the School House Rock's conjunction junctions biggest bigger than I'm just a bill is highly question that near the case. It's very looks full completion. Paul how about Allee Willis Hall of Fame Songwriter wrote? I'll be there for you. The friends theme as well as September could sell the hall of Fame Song Writer for the friends theme. Make it in. I don't know okay. So that's no another bigger song. Then who was that? Thirdly sometimes I think I'm Ryan how seems like we use an awful lot. You have the rock version of all of those songs. Yes I have a CD that has been dad's that's what he was actually being artesia if God the charges on Ex Up. We have re talking. Searing our bond girls how many Claudine Auger French actress? She was in thunderball. She was domino. Domino has phone. Count Her on the. You know what I don't think we did the bond career as a human being. Okay I think this one will count Hayden Fry. Yes Fame College football coach Baylor coach at Iowa. The big ten has lost a legend. Aiden Frye who took over it down and out Iowa football program in the late seventies and turned it into a big ten. Powerhouse passed away Tuesday at the age of ninety. The College Football Hall of Famer had been battling cancer. I would have been to two bowl games ever before. Fry showed up in Iowa City. When he retired twenty seasons later they had been to fourteen more including three trips to Pasadena. Took the State Consensus Right Gary? You're you're the fence now. There's a Sitcom Funny Joke House thinking. Okay we also talked about this person when we did our football movies. How many which is still in production. Games Radio Kennedy subject of the Movie Radio Cuba. Getting junior up is that enough air is does he fall into the PD he added. Yeah okay so we're going to say no how. `Bout again I need. Lewis says Garcia's help for this one chewy Bravo American mexican-born American television personality on Chelsea lately. And after all the little midget Garnell midget is that enough or does. Only the Jimmy. Kimmel will say it's not up to the level of Jimmy Kimmel sidekick everybody's know now and okay. I'm sorry Louise Presidency all right so von Johnson. Nfl LINEBACKER NEW ORLEANS. Saints part of that vaunted four linebackers in New Orleans with with channels and cheerful Jefferson. Nas Not big enough tonight this list. Okay he was. The ring moved for some. How about Gershon Kingsley? German American composer reason. He's on this list. He created the popcorn song. Not The point. Thank you took that yesterday on my but no. I don't think now better. Now he was the inventor of the popcorn trick then. Yeah Mickey Rourke who the inventor of the popcorn trick but unfortunately the popcorn song probably will not get it. Thank you spray hot though right yes? So we'll say no. How about bill not including you know a noodles was a yes the daily news that may be part of the. Karaoke set news. People do genius. How about Philip? Mckeon Tallus Tommy. Yes yes so. Yes yes yes. All Gary's no probably the celebrity. I most resembled at any time in my life when that was on the year. There's no I liked cut will kind of like Tommy when I was that age. Yeah but he was sister was in fact. Joel cable when she saw we'll talk about it he's convinced me. No that was huge. Show show you a big character? No one should. We have not had we have not had one exemption do you want owns them using exemption on his sister. Gto So we'll say no. How ABOUT PETE? Freight's baseball player Boston College. And the only reason he is on this list he was the original inspiration for the ice bucket. Challenge though is that enough and now he's on ice money raised. Yeah exactly honestly most but that is that is. That is the most callous response I spoke. Challenge was a huge phenomenon but I had no idea you were such odd. Yeah Yeah so what we're discussing. I mean Lou. Gehrig counts because he invented a illness off all right so poor rates does not make the list taught how about Mary. Frederickson brought set lead singer. That's all she she did die. And I didn't know Rox four five I mean it must have been hit is over now okay. It must've been big man right. That was a big. But they're not as a base so but she still count scary. I mean is she technical rock set she is. She is the lead singer. She's very tentative. Yes yeah I'll say yes. Just based on the fact that Roxetta has and they have they have guitars joyride skid marks. So we're we'll see yes last one on the list. Ron Liebman yes yes. In America Dole Marais married to who the actress who played Alice? Who was the mom on the show? Tommy that we didn't count on Cadillac cavs Academy. That's what I thought you will virk. Yes rate character. I say don't tell me you just a little children here. Son Yes sir. We'll say it's just a little chilly. Air Surf and just a little junior surf is just a little chilly here. Sir Acid. I thought you meant that concludes my list. Is there any? I M missing that. I did not get to can't think of any so. Let me tally. Up The numbers while I do that up the list that we went through. Which one do you think was the most significant death of our back list but Lots of big ones? Ross Perot Lee IACOCCA power. I'm looking Epstein. Maybe the Car Sky Really Sick Eddie. Money I mean that doesn't like maybe Robert Forester Guest Senio you John. Much giant one day. You're stays Hebrew in picking the here. Lots of big names. But yeah if it was me. Ross Perot. Maybe it's a big name died earlier. Yeah nine for me. It's I would agree with that all right. So the numbers have been tallied drum. Roll Six yeses rob between me and junior. I went over so geared towards wins the showcase showdown with rage out to everybody for helping. Yeah Scott. What did you think of? The list got will double check our work when he looked checks and we will be back Probably in July to talk about the first half of the twenty twenty and obviously the biggest name in the clubhouse right now the great Kobe Bryant. Oh yeah that's going to be up to be. That's going to be a hard one to beat. Yes although Kirk Douglas. That's that's a very strong. It's a generational thing people up to a certain age. You're going to say Kobe people beyond a certain agency Kirk Douglas. You have a wider swath with Kobe. Yeah earlier because when you think about what he's done is just bitterness play. I'M GONNA say without even seen any other names Kobe's number one simply because I know snoop dogg would come after me if I did. So they'll make us look for. You can find me on twitter. I am Jesse Jackson. Dfw Gary Preval Underscore Cowboy Bob Tallorder pair and junior admits Junior don't forget it you can send us an email. How many podcasts? At GMAIL DOT COM. Reach out to us on our youtube channel. You can reach out to us on our facebook. Page lots of different ways to reach us on the I cook and this is an American made yes yes. I DON'T WANNA SING US. Off with more popcorn song. Did you do the popcorn uh-huh

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Episode 1252 - Sterlin Harjo

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Episode 1252 - Sterlin Harjo

"Hey folks the newest hit sitcom airing on plus is the miss patch show. Ms. pat is one of my favorite people. If you've heard her appearances on this show you know. She's hilarious and she has killer stories and now she's playing a former convicted felon turned suburban. Mom who relocates with her family from atlanta to plainfield indiana it straight from the producers of empire. And this is the realness you'll only get on bt plus watch ms pat on bt plus anytime anywhere commercial free and check out b plus for more than two thousand hours of black content from black creators season one of the ms pat show is available exclusively on t plus download the app today to stream all ten episodes now. Ms pat congratulations. That's very exciting. Let's do the show all right. Let's do this how are you. What the fuckers. What the fuck buddies. What the fucking years. What is happening. I do know that i'm stocked up on cova tests and i'm i'm doing more roadshows tonight. I will be in phoenix. Stand-up live Tomorrow night i will be in phoenix at stand-up live. I believe there is still tickets for that. All faxed or proof of tests in the last forty eight hours show next week. Salt lake city utah. August nineteen twenty twenty. One five shows. Tickets are available. There's not that many tickets left for phoenix. But others plenty of tickets left for the proof of acts or test within forty eight hours in utah. Because from what i understand. Utah's we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna die of covert on this hill. Know jabs for us dummies. Do you can go to of pod dot com slash tour to see the upcoming dates. I'm going to probably be adding dates soon. There's a new Dynasty typewriter date is that up. I think that's in october. Yes october fourth. I've added a dynasty typewriter. Showed eight o'clock that's here in los angeles I don't think that's sold out. I didn't even know that it was up yet. I have not promoted it so there you go. I'm very happy about this show today. I talked to us through and harjo why did not know and not only did i know him. I knew he had Done comedy work. And he was a native american Who was a known comedy figure. But i really didn't know the scope of it. I i mean my buddy cliff. Nestor off features among Quite a bit in his book We had a real estate problem about Native american comedy but I i really didn't know and when my producer said this guy's available you want to check it out and i was like. Yes yes i. I would like to know more about him. I i just knew that. I have never publicly spoken to a native american artists certainly growing up in new mexico. I met a few and i was surrounded by a native american painting and jewelry obviously and life. But i don't know if i had empathy or understanding obviously i did not to What that life looked like. Until i read an in frazier book called on the rez. And another ian frazier book called the great plains which blew me away The great plains more about that region in all the tribes at populated that area and on the rez was about reservation life. All this to say. He's a an incredible filmmakers. Made three feature films for sheets to the wind barking water in meco. I've watched two of them. He also directed the documentaries. This may be the last time in love and fury watched both of those. He's got a new show on fx on hulu called reservation dogs which takes place on a reservation about these four kids. I watched six of those. And i gotta say it was really a life changing event for me to engage with this guy's work. I seem to be something has opened up in my heart as of late Some sort of new level of engagement. Around i guess deeper empathy because it was always my understanding. That empathy was only capable. If you could put yourself in someone else's shoes or experience and i think that that is true. I just don't think you can make assumptions. I think uneducated empathy you know is is probably just sensitivity but when it when you're dealing with a different culture or even a different ethnic group Who has had to deal collectively with with a struggle. That is not our lives. I i think the the depth of empathy is limited and could even appear condescending. So what's happened to me over the last few weeks in engaging with sterling's work and also engaging with berry jenkins's underground railroad. I'm gonna talk to to bury soon Was that my depth of empathy shifted to I i feel a deeper understanding of that struggle in that pain like i i. I can't identified. I didn't come from that. But certainly the power of that fucking masterpiece was to you know really plant me in just exactly the horror that most black americans come from generational now it sterling. You know the native experiences different. They were not indentured. they were There was an attempt to destroy them entirely. The american history of native american is is a genocidal history and you know after generations of of adapting to reservations and sickness and and and the life that was brutally compromised You have a culture that comes out of that and we talk a bit about casino culture where things are now in terms of Native identity but but watching all his films really sort of brought me into a way of life that i did not could not have had any understanding of but also about how community art and music ritual. All this stuff was the stuff that aided in the survival of these different tribes and of the culture in general and it all sort of permeates through his work. Just being exposed to both of these works. Recently you start to realize that you know. I know a lot of middle aged white writers who were bitter because they can't get work now because they feel that they're being pushed out by minority. Hires ethnic hires diversity hires but the truth is is at many voices marginalized voices have been kept out of this racket for a long time. Just because there was a nepotism of play and legacy and You know Handshakes and pats on the back and people are carried along. Institutionally but the thing is is that these these these can't this type of thinking around diversity higher or or being pushed out by a black people women asian people native americans. Whatever it is they always frame it. As if it's unwarranted and that those people don't deserve the job there have been people from all types of different backgrounds and races and cultures that have been chipping away doing the work and quite inspired in brilliant. That are have been shut out. And so now they're being let in and what's happening is not anyone being pushed out. What's happening is the field creative fields or whatever field. You're working in where this is happening is becoming more competitive in an honest way and more representational of the voices of this country which is the only thing that is going to save this fucking country if it is salable. I can't say they'll save the planet but certainly the engagement of the creative voices of as many different backgrounds cultures genders ethnicities as possible. Help to integrate the great collective understanding unfortunately the media university so fucking fragmented. You don't need to be marginalized and not be seen your work. That is so. I was thrilled to have the opportunity. Because of these bookings to to engage with this stuff and it really has changed the way. I see things now is the perfect time to turn your idea into a website. Do it with squarespace. Whenever you need a website for it's all so simple to do with squarespace start with they design template and use dragon drop tools to make it your own and get to know your audience with squarespace analytics tools. Those include insight on page views traffic sources time on site audience geography and more buying domain from square spaces easy because there are no hidden fees or price hikes. All websites are optimized for mobile. So your site looks great on any device and we know all of this from experience. Wt of pod dot com squarespace site and it works for us head to squarespace dot com slash wto for a free trial. And when you're ready to launch us the offer code wti to save ten percents off your first purchase of a website or domain that squarespace dot com slash w. t.f with offer code w t f for ten percent off your first purchase. I celebrated my twenty second year anniversary of my sobriety on monday. And i am public with that. I tweeted. i've twenty two years sober today and it was interesting. The shit show that followed a lot of congratulations. A lot of you know trolling ally. It'd be just weird. It's just weird. And it's weird to me that there's still a contingent within the recovery community. That believes that. Look man i get anonymity and look man woman he she a it vow. There's many ways to get sober. I don't care how you do it. The reason i in public. And i've said this before i am publicly sober because it is possible and again i know what's worked for me. Yep people ask me. Do you still go you still in it. You still do the the secret society. And mike i do. Sometimes i do. Not as much as i used to. But i engaged when i go on trips. I i always have my books. Do i read them. No but i just it's a reminder this constant reminder. I talked to people in the club often. But i don't want to drink use drugs. That's what's happened. I don't know how you could get through twenty two years and still have that day to day struggle. I know that. Because i did it the way that i do it. Which is the secret society that it changed my brain. You volunteer for brain fucking and things are rearranged and you're like well this system this template will help me have to do it perfectly is not possible you have to do it by the book you can but then you're almost intolerable but you can change your brain to see who you are more honestly and take responsibility for things you do and Sort of take pause when you're about to do things that are stupid like take a drink. Or rune your life with your mouth or do a drug. But i don't care how you do it. I'm talking about it so you know it's possible totally possible. I'll tell you one thing being in that secret. Society taught me how to engage. My empathy taught me how to engage myself taught me how to be a little more selfless in light of other people's problems taught me how to it's the it's really the foundation of this show to people talking to each other one person talking to another person to get out of their own head. Like if i'm going crazy. I wanna drink or i want to hurt myself or i wanna fuck things up if i just engage with somebody else to take my mind off me and my dumb desires compulsions fears anxiety and let somebody else. Tell me their story. Their fears anxieties successes. Then i'm not thinking about me and ninety nine percent of the time after that conversation whatever was going to drag you into the pit from within has gone away. The monster is crawled back into whole for a while but anyways. That's why i share. Oddly i wanted to own this. This is a cell phone in the sense that you know within the program. There is a tradition that is dated to that states that We should keep any. We should keep it out of press radio films. You know that we shouldn't talk about it people in this secret society in a and that's all fine you know there's no law and no one's gonna kick me out but i believe the reason was is that if the person who does that drinks or gets mangled in a car because alcohol relapses whatever then people think that you know. Aa as someone who spoke about it publicly. He's a representative. it doesn't work. Well look man. Those numbers are available. You want see if it works or not. The percentage of people staying sober within the secret society are. They're not great but in the big picture people staying sober in general after trying to quit. Not great it's hard and people relapse they die. They can't get out from under it no matter what you use to stop. That's a reality. So any sort of inspiration. Any shared experience with the possibility of having a life without drugs and alcohol. If they are ruining your life is a good thing. I don't give a fuck when anyone says. I got a letter today a chip. Which i don't have anybody in my life really in the way that like no one's going to buy me a chip you get him when he goes to the meeting when you go announce your birthday i gotta do that. I gotta do that. What what is it. I gotta do that. I usually do that a couple times. You go out and but no the the. The big chips are heavier. They're weightier. I last year. I bought my twenty one year chip myself. I got this letter with a bunch of cats on the front of it. Marc maron hello. I suppose you'll get your twenty two year chip at the home group like the rest of us. At least i hope you can this year. Please accept this one from me to you with gratitude for sharing your life so unselfishly through the podcasts. And you're live your show. Merrin gave me the courage to walk back into the rooms. Five years ago after an eighteen year relapse so happy twenty two to you. Stay safe out there. Sending love and light one day at a time. So there you go. I guess sets worth breaking the tradition isn't it isn't it. Old-timers holders tight bleeding deacons. I'm so glad. I got my chip. How carry them around. They do for a few days some exciting news for all the ben. And jerry's lovers out there the flavor gurus have churned up five new non dairy flavors this year. All your favorites now in a delicious non dairy alternative enjoy this creamy plant based treat with your friends. There's an option for everyone tonight. Though american dream carmel sutra fish food and colin kaepernick. Change the world lead the pack as the five new non dairy flavors the ben and jerry's flavor girls have whipped up for us. Anyone who's ever been in the freezer aisle noses ice cream flavors. There's some of the most popular ones out there. And you can get all the things you love about ben and jerry's without the dairy these fan favorites join the lineup of all the existing non dairy flavors to provide some sweet indulgences for ben and jerry's non dairy fans i go way back with ben and jerry's in fact the very first episodes of this show were devoted to my obsession with the new ben and jerry's flavor that was twelve years ago and now they're even more options for me to enjoy check out ben and jerry's new non dairy flavors as well as the whole non dairy family at ben jerry dot com. That's b. e. n. g. e. r. y. dot com. so this is exciting sterling. Harjo is Is a very provocative and and and and authentic artist filmmaker. His new show reservation dogs which he co created with taika. Ytd has new episodes every monday. Exclusively on fx on who. This is me talking to sterling. Harjo i feel like i'm actually more well prepared to talk to you than i have. Been for anybody links that we say no because like there's something going on with me i don't know what it is but like i watched a four sheets to the wind which is your what second fever and we still whole so complete and such Like a specific sort of story about specific people who are who are of their own native americans. Our other on its own trip right. It's its own trip. And i tapped into it when i was earlier in my life. You know obviously powwow highway. Which was done by native american but right is that what we say native american i say indian but you know yeah and native native tell why people say native native so indian is something you guys can use. Yeah i mean anyone. I i would let you say it for sure but i think it's uncomfortable for white folks say We say we say you know and there will be people that disagree with that. But you know what the group indians. They're going to be saying india right. Well i mean but that happens with the group. You don't need the white guy like what are you. Indians up totally. Maybe not you know unless you know shit but okay so so. I i remember power highway but there's something that's never left me is that i read ian frazier book. Oh yeah on the red. Yeah what do you think that book. I really liked that boca. You know thought it was honestly what he was going through right. You don't you don't say like you know. Who is he to write a book about. Don't do that. Oh it's from point of view. Yeah but there were certain things that he captured about life on the reservation about the native people that i thought was like it made me like reassessed my own life. Yeah in terms of what i do with time Yeah yeah totally. yeah times. Different times different. It is right it is time. Different and timing is different so so i watched other stuff. I watched You know that one four seats. And when i watched meco I watch this may be the last time you watched love. And fear and i watched the four episodes. You really did of Reservation dogs and that and cliff nesterov told me that you featured Large in his book but also whereas zuni ring. Oh i don't know that's good. Yeah we're cool. we're also the other. Here's here's the broader. Point is that. I started to realize after watching your stuff and after watching This the the underground railroad and that the voices of of marginalized people of oppressed people in this country that the only thing that kept them from being completely destroyed was a sense of of of community and sense of an appreciation of of human love and tenderness amongst each other and an and sort of embracing that vulnerability which i saw a lot of in love and fury. There was something about love and fury that that really sort of got me reconnected. With the artistic journey of people that aren't careerist exactly. And then i started to realize like in the in the native community. The the idea of creativity art ritual community. Everything's entwine it all speaks to each other guaranteed and still does. Yeah so that's what it gave me. Hope yeah man. I mean you know like. I've talked about that a lot. How taking rtd created reservation does with me but We've talked about how you know. We all had uncles and aunties that were artists. They didn't call themselves artist. Right you just. They could draw right and it was such a part of life. And i think it was also part of ceremonial life as well the community. That like you know. I think it's a practice that native people did and it wasn't such a big deal or wasn't hailed as this thing but like love and fury for sure. I mean you know that. The style of that movie was inspired by. I don't know if you've ever seen a heart worn highways a guy clark. Townes benzon and steve earle. Documentary is a documentary about them. Kind of right before their careers took off steals. Rose like nineteen. Oh really yeah. And it's like before the crash. Yeah was following them. Yeah and you know kind of just fly on the wall stuff. And i wanted to do that with these artists because i just feel like it's a native arts always presented really precious way and i know yeah exactly and new mexico for sure and it's like such a market down. There was a huge mark. I wanted to show it. Is you know it's like people just creating but you know what the fascinating thing about. It is outside of but even maybe some of the noise music is that you can hear a native american voice in rhythmically. More just like you can hear it too. Is that possible. That is yeah. It is and that to me like i'll watch the documentary rumble. Which is but i thought. Your documentary was better because these are people that are clearly have their own personal struggles. Because what what you bring to the table and you yourself do but you are not. It doesn't seem to me. A shattered personnel is that you know the history of the indians here you and what the and what the repercussions were of that on in contemporary levels whether it's alcoholism abuse in in that one guy. Who did that piece about. All the michigan jane murdered. I mean jesus christ man so like these modern repercussions and byproducts of the attempted genocide kind of ricochet through. Yeah and those. Those shattered voices become the the modern art. Yeah of the of the people right man. That's right and and you know. I can feel you know. I think we felt that. You know it's like people always would ask me like what are you doing like you live in oklahoma like why are you. There like come to l. a. But no one was trying to make our films you know. No one was trying to make our art Now ten years ago now the representation of the indian was was still way out dated and off. yeah it was. It was from a white person's vantage. All of it was. I mean all of it. Was you know what i mean like. We fed that too because we had to make money. And i native people fed into that you know and so you have these depictions of us in hollywood that are so off. You know off base. i mean like. There's no humor in the westerns. Were sort of zombies right over walking dead on horses with a soulless faceless. Things that are in the way of western expansion and have to be eradicated. And that's all we had. I mean i grew up like watching movies I remember my dad and i. We'd watch my dad called me in the front room one day and he was like. Hey there's a seminal i'm seminole and muskogee and he's a hey there's a movie called seminole wars. Let's watch it know we sit down and it's like nothing seminal about it you know was like look otas. They're speaking cheyenne. You know and like the actors are navajos. I don't know there's nothing but we didn't give a shit because it was like. Yeah wow we're being represented. Let's watch it and look past all of that so you didn't feel like An anger about how indians were being used at that time. I guess that must have come later to some degree. Yeah later did for sure. Yeah i mean like it took me go to college to go To really learn about the trail of tears and know that everyone that i grew up with in my life the trail of tears. I'd heard of it and my grandma talked about it. It was in a paragraph at every book. Sure but it's real shit. It's real shit that we went through and we and thousands of people died in the mississippi river and we lost songs. We lost medicine. Men medicine women we lost holy people we lost regular people we lost children and everyone and an off to get and so i feel like i a native person. You're you're born into a bit of a rebellion. I grew up knowing mike. My grandma would tell me about the trail of tears. And how how. They would kill babies if they were crying at night. The soldiers and and just to know that the reason i exist is because people survived this trek from alabama alabama georgia to get to indian territory. Oklahoma you're right. Was that that sense of community that sense of some sort of spiritual you know. Perseverance yes also humor. I think that's one of the reservation. Dogs for me is like well definitely. Yeah and it's like we wanted to like we create show because we'd always get together and i've been friends with them for a long time right and we would just tell stories from home and they were never said they're always funny. What's it how does i guess there is. There is some sort of comparison a bit to the new zealand native experience. Yeah very similar. I mean like you know. I've traveled through new zealand with taika showing film. Yeah and so similar those communities. I mean so weird because it's like indigenous people so far away from each other but they're just like similar humor similarly sensitive time thing. Yeah and it's a sense of like no matter. How sort of complicated. The world gets you know. There's still tethered to what's left of their communities and usually to you know what the government has given them as as a place to live exactly and this butting up against kind of in this rebellion. I think too you know unlike was wrong. It's weird how much it become self directed right up. Yeah i mean for sure. I mean like you know just growing up in these communities and one of the things that i'm trying to you know express with a reservation. Dogs we have our own clinics. Yeah i love that. Yeah i don't but there's the thing that you do great with reservation dogs is that you know that everything has is playing. Its part that the clinic in and of itself is a part and you you understand it very quickly and even somebody who doesn't live there you understand what's happening like this going to take a while. There's one doctor there bobby lee. It's funny because i i you know i've seen you the comedy store. I've watched kirk fox or the communist. I've seen bobbly You know out you know. Kirk fox can deliver line like he's just like one you know i love that. I just a fan of comedy Getting some of those guys. I'm bill burr to We're going to get you next. I'll do it but you did. You like coming up. Like how many 'cause i was just there was a lot of how common is the name harjo hardest common when you're seminole and creek. It's a crazy crazy and battle and there's a poet laureate right joy harjo right. She's featured in some of the docs. Yeah exactly she's poet Artists i mean i. I can't go anywhere without europe and people like the you know Been hard man. I'm sorry you know it's like chavez or jones that is i mean if you're in oklahoma and you look in the mail the in phonebook which no one does anymore a lot of hard. Yeah but we're so. Did you grow up. You didn't grow up on a resume. I grew up so oklahoma was kind of one big reservation at one point in territory. It was thirty eight tribes there. They moved us all there because they were like get them out of the land will appear in the middle like dust storms. And they'll do something with the that was that was sort of the impulse right. Give them that if they can make a farm exactly. Yeah and so you know. I grew up there. A so at one point was a reservation but then of course as with everything Oil was found and could profit from. Yeah everyone moved in and outlaws came in. I mean anytime you see like you know true grit or anything. They're always end the territory you call right and So real cowboys should have definitely been. I grew up in a town called holden ville home. It picketing picking gulag and You know we. It was just a small town but very diverse. You know there were there. Were black kids. White kids native kids. We just grew up together. Yeah it was a pretty magical experience. I feel like looking back now. I wanna reflect that in my work because it was diverse. And you had to along these. Were all put together and came up and it was the country you know. It's like country music and as you know. I think that's like the interesting. Because i i saw a lot of that in new mexico but i don't think that people like what i'm excited about in terms of the movies and this tv show. I don't think people have any sort of the on this perception of native light And like i didn't really. But i did from reading the reds on the rez. And something always stuck with me was that you know that if someone wanted to get up early. There's one been there where it's like if you want someone to get up early. They drink more water than nights so they have to take wake. And i'd be like jeans and it's like they. They build an entire day around getting this car part. Yeah man. I mean the thing. That's the thing with me. Is i grew up with the best storyteller and it's not like cheesy native like sit around a fire and let me tell you my aunts and my grandpa's and ammo sitting around the kitchen. Drinking coffee tell stories. And what i love is their stories would be nothing would happen in that. We went to the store but everything would happen the way they tell us so big and so for me with reservation dogs that that's what i always have tried to capture them to tell these stories that it's not like epic things are happening. But they're huge. They're big for these people they live. We'll because there's a sense of of of journey right because you're not. You're not building your life like you don't see things like it's not running an errand that's a day you don't look at it like we gotta go get this done or whatever they were doing these things. This is what the day is. And i also like. There's just the the idea of the evolution of Craftsmanship like the fact that there's a the woman who's beating. Yeah who you know. Like i don't know why she's you know scary. You're crazy but i know she's beating in like i i remember. We had a a hopi beaded horse that we sold at a yard sale that i remembered to this day we sold. My parents had gotten it and some cowboy. He came up to the arts l. And he's just looking at stephanie picks up and he's like how much is like five bucks and i know that like after he walked away like that was worth five but like but the fact that this woman is beating and she's making paraphrase. You know a a necklace for rapper. Yeah that these things continue right these these these these ways of of These crafts continued. Yeah and they're all still actively part of it so actively part of and then that she that her day was going to be making this microphone for the kids. Dad who i gotta wanna ruin the show. I love that rapidy though. Yeah man that was great. That's half of my family's in that video of fried bread thing. Because i like i grew up going to the new mexico. State fair and they'd have indian village Nego get that fucking and taco a bill burr is i in in taco was pretty great. What's an indian talk. I mean it's just a it's just literally taco topping on hybrid. Yeah oh yeah like you know. i mean that craftsmanship. You know it's just i. It was all a part of survival right you know and it has continued and it still part of survival of selling stuff selling stuff making money. Yeah why people like it we and now we have money and we can buy it now. Yes oh yeah. I like the i like the way you know that i. I really liked that bitten there with white people's medicine versus that guy sitting up front. You know because that's real shit right. There's a there's definitely an aversion on behalf of blacks and native people who have been either you know Infected or sterilize that that goes on for generations. Yeah i mean. I'm what is it like. Ninety percent of indigenous population was killed through disease. Like that shit stays with you. I think just as with the people right. Like i miss man. Yeah it does. And you know. Like i i just i think like but one of the things that we've never. I just wanted to express and show. The i wanted to celebrate our community because it's never really been done all the work through all the work. Yeah i see. That's i feel that So how did you start like where did you. How many siblings. Two brothers and two sisters and they're all around. Yeah they're all around. They're all around there. Oklahoma i still live in tulsa yet. You know that's another thing you did. You made me start to rethink oklahoma. Yeah man thank god because there's been some people on here talking shit about oklahoma not really had a guy recently that shit. Yeah you know for sure. He was okay with him. Yeah he seemed to lack. Shaw what is it out there man. Yeah yeah he needed director direct. Which you know. I'm glad that people are moving back. But like i love oklahoma i do because i i mean you can drive any direction thirty minutes. And you're in a neutral territory with new languages new customs New a whole different tribes of white people look at it like that they do. Because i think that like you know if you go to husky for instance where they're shooting killers the flower moon right. Now yeah You the because the native. The native tribes have saved those towns because of casinos. Yeah so so there are towns that would be shit right now if not for the native tribes and the economy and the people that they've hired and rebuilt these towns. You know like like the town of ada. Oklahoma is the home of the chickasaw nation that places like thriving right. Oh it's the it's the that's the town where innocent man. Yeah it was written about like dark story about the guy that was wrongly convicted You know i. It was kinda going nowhere. But the chickasaw nation through gaming and through different things that they did with their through their like economic Advances or whatever they they've built rebuilt that down. You know how does it. Culture in general like See the the casino industry. I mean you have you know. It's a conservative place. Well the the naysayers and the people that are like it's bad for us or whatever but it's like man fuck off like we found a loophole. Dude we've found the loophole and we made some money. You get in check and now you got no no no. I don't get checks but like you know my tribes it goes filters back in two different programs the healthcare different than try for tribe. How they dispersed the money. You can disperse in different ways and most of them kind of go through just kind of build up their own programs that benefit their their members. Housing healthcare ends like that and government. Certainly didn't do it now exactly. Yeah so we found a way to do it and so for me. It's like man like it's this thriving operation in the middle of you know one of the red estates and it's interesting in the country. Yeah and what what like is there like how. What is the dynamic between the the the sort of generalized white collective and the native people. Well if you've been in oklahoma for a number of generations your native you know you have natives in your family right right so it's very much accepted and more celebrated you know you'll have your concerns. There's a lot of republican indians. I don't think so. I just don't think so. I mean maybe you know. Probably if they're not too connected to the culture I just think natives don't vote in national politics as much honest out. Yeah and like you know and we have our own thing going on there. I can't speak for all of them. Obviously but like. I just think it was a it was a great way growing up. I mean my grandma you know. I grew up in holding villa oklahoma right country. It'd be at my grandma's house and one of the coolest people was her white farmer neighbor. It was very open up when i was a kid. I felt like i didn't feel different. Yeah i. It wasn't until i got older and i was oh shit like and it's all fucked up but i didn't feel different when i was young. You know so when did when did you start to get into You know like it seems like rumble. Fish had a profound effect on your brain. It outsiders rumble fish. I mean all that stuff hidden stuff is oklahoma yeah all in tulsa and But like you there's a couple of straight up oh maggio's to rumble fish in one of the movies you still. You rewrote that graffiti on that underpass. Exactly likely like motorcycle boy. Is it raines or rains i think. Yeah yeah and i was like i know that was in meco. There was an meco and then in reservation dogs when the guy lifted. Floats up straight up straight out. He's a funny. Because i was. You know the two references that i had for the dp were like you know like friday and because you know. Friday was south central. La by all accounts the ghetto address place. But that's a celebration of a community fi. Yes and it's colorful and it's quirky right. That's what you know. I wanted to do with reservation dogs. Yeah yeah you know you can look at it and with one gays which is like. Oh poor don't you feel sorry for infielder. No i'm not. I'm not saying i'm saying. In general you can look at a reservation life like oh they need are you know. There's like guilt built into that or you can look at it and say The way i look at it and with the way. I present it which is like no. It's it's fun it's funny. It's a celebrate great commu thriving community. That was the one reference in rumble. Fish was the other reference and the rumble. Fish was the other one. Yeah i mean it's interesting because after watching the episodes i saw you do. Ask yourself i ask myself. Is this for young adults. And then like i just enjoyed it. So what does that mean. And speaking of se hidden these are kids that age like really dealing with real shit. But they're also being kid. I think those books in those movies captured that you know for sure. yeah so when you're growing up when did you start to you know. Have this idea that you could do this. I didn't you know like always wanted to be. I always thought it'd be a painter. I was the kid that like everyone at school. When they needed a poster drawn. Like i would. I would painter painters in your family. My dad's an artist. He didn't paint but he's really good. Artists do You know he was a construction worker or how roof roof houses the house in my life medium art though draw just pencil hansel and a pen. Yeah you know He's to draw like leon russell. Have this drawing leon. Russell that he did and with top hat. Yeah in his exactly. Yeah yeah. I think i have one that he did a van. Morrison sure and then you know he would draw sitting bull. You know the native heroes do the classic sitting bull. Exactly the one So you know. I always grew up with art. And there's an appreciation for it but My dad you know was a construction worker worked hard and ended up working for the school after that my mom always worked for the tribe the seminole nation And you and she also cut hair is crazy perms and shit like she sheep sprayed son in in my hair one time and turn it orange and i used to have the brian bosworth her cut. I remember they really fresh haircut. She'd give me as you try them out. Yeah exactly and like. But i didn't know movies was possible. I remember being a kid. And my dad bringing home the making of thriller and that was the first time i really was like well like they make this shit. It's not just happening and just mad. Yeah exactly and you know but then my my dad had a Friend that worked for the cable company. Any hooked us up with free cable and so we. It was like this time period of watching. Hbo and it was like stand by me which was a big reference to resurrection dogs. So stand by me. You know goonies. The lost boys lost voice them all of that like sort sort of niagara late eighties nineties. films yeah platoon and there's a and you know my dad i was never like I was never censored. I've watched anything and we watch like old warm every together. The big red one. I remember watching that hamburger hill. Greg yeah hamburger hill. Oh yeah and my dad was as we. We will watch a movie to death. And and i think it helped me in writing because like i would i he and i could quote movies like outsiders or whatever I didn't know i can make it though and that was it wasn't until i went to college. And where'd you go. I went to the university of oklahoma. Yeah and i kinda didn't get the gp. I was in painting school. I didn't get the gpa for art so you you want painting your house. You're painting i mean. It's not like riding a bike. Like right i. I need to practice but did you feel like you were getting yourself out. I did feel like. I was getting somewhere and getting better. And i had a really good art teacher. This white guy Mr b In my high school yeah. He was he you. He was like one of those people that gave you life advice. Sure or he said Profound effect on me. And i remember. He's told me. He said he said stop pain. Yeah exactly no he said if you really want to do this Don't have a backup plan or is there fallback plan because fall back. That's right and he's like. Do you think. I wanted to be a teacher and teach art like no. I wanna be painted and that just like really took hit me in the core. Look exactly yeah exactly. And i kept that with me to this day. Don't be exactly it's sage white man at that stuck with me and i got to college and i didn't do well. I was partying too much. Didn't get the gp got on academic probation and the decided to take intro to film and video studies Class taught by this hungarian professors and mission a duck of and it was he. It was through him where he showed me. That cinema was a language dry. I was sold there. Well i mean. Jeez man i mean that first feature is tight i mean it doesn't feel like a first feature is not rough kind of nailed. It thank you. So i mean my bank account. Let's say different because that was you know it was like i i remember. I went to the sundance labs. What happened was i was in college. And i wrote a script for she's win. I got accepted into the sundance. Labs and i thought i was about to take over the town after that it was like. Do you hear tino. Paul thomas anderson and went there who was your mentor I had jim taylor still a good friend of mine. He's talks about you. We he was at the premiere of reservation dogs in new york still a good friend and he's really good man. I love that guy shit. Yeah he said. He told me that he hung out with your timer to. I'm remember back in the he used to date my first wife's friend. Yeah yeah and we kind of we hung out when he was partners with julian. Yeah and he was like the first time i met him. He might have even been working at cannon films. So that's right he used to. It was crazy. Told me some crazy stories about goal. This go on globus now. He's a good dude and he was a he was a mentor of mine ended up writing a tv. Show together after that Oh yeah yeah and what happened to that It was killed. It was like Yeah it was. In the days of like it was before streaming was big and We you may told it. No we sold it okay. And it was weird. I mean this is a different industry. Then sure they the the people that we sold it to like. We want to do this. Because alexander payne was gonna be the executive producer direct. The pilot and. He said they said we want to do this. But only if sterling doesn't ride it and it's you and alexander that right it you know and it was just such a different time to create or how exactly the brown kit and it was like a native show you know really yeah and it just ended up kinda fizzling out but from the hungarian guy you know where do you. Where do you start to put stuff together. I mean what are you. Start to engage your creativity around writing and you know i was just so naive man i i was like i'm gonna make films like i'm gonna make films and i found the kid that had a camera. Yeah i went and made this shitty movie. That will never see. I shot at like david lane. 'cause i've just seen sixteen or or beta auto cam just graduated from the dallas arts and students and he was like i got some good shit man. I remember when we went to get the microphone. This is how dumb i was. I wanted to get the microphone. We went to radio shack. And we're looking at the the different microphones. This is to do all the productions down right. And we're looking at the microphones and and there's one that's like sixty bucks and he picks one up. That's like twenty five and i was like. Don't you think we should spend the money a sixty. It'll record the same and it was literally just like a church. Mic like a preacher's. Mike that we taped to a pole. We would just hang it in the middle of a nobody. Did anything like it would never pick up sound and we shot ninety percent of that attic shot. And it's so pixel and shitty that like it just looked like a pixel of a guy walking through a field towards you you know like it was an effect but i learned how to i fucked up and i learned how to your netafim. I've learned how to i learned how through fucking that whole up. I learned how to make them. Because i learned what not to do. Yeah it's so funny. Radio shack held in our hearts. You just always go there for something and it was all garbage like you know radio shack brand battery crappy to radio shack. No you don't know go anywhere else. Don't have good sound recording women. They had nothing. I think we had a four track so so that so that was it. But then you didn't you start making sketches and stuff. Yeah well you know. I went to the labs Went out to la. I was like. I'm the toast of the town you are. I was like i'm gonna. I'm i thought it was the toast of the town. I was ready to you. Know you went out with the script of the film. The script for she win. I went out and i was trying to get financing. And oh yeah we're gonna go because of sundance. Everyone took my meeting right but no one wanted to make the film and they would say things like You know this. It'd be really great but like if there was a way to get philip seymour. Hoffman on the poster or someone with a name we we could find you know and He was a mentor to he. Read my script and gave me. It's yeah he was at the labs and he was an actor there and okay he was at a screenplay writing he added characters my script and just a sweet sweet guy yeah And so. After that i was like man. I got to get out of this town. Because they're not gonna make my movies at all so you did you feel Discouraged spit out or that. Like this town wasn't for you because it's one thing that come out. I mean i guess the sundance. While i was probably gave you some sense of the business. Yeah right it did. But but i think it spoiled me away because they cared so much about my writing the art artistic side of it and i wouldn't be doing it without them. Bird running water at the sundance institute for the native program. He added like a scout that came out and found me in oklahoma but You know like i. I wouldn't be doing this without that experience. But on the business side just the industry. They didn't want to make this stuff. You know they they they would say things like it's just not native enough for it's to nato did. That's the interesting thing that like would dawned on me one watching all your stuff. Is that that this movement towards evening the the leveling the playing field around engaging marginal voices are unheard voice. It's got to get out of that model of like we did our one indian movie it's got to be it's got to have some you know. Relatively equal representation per the you know the spectrum right right and And then all of a sudden you get something. Like i feel like there's a little progress being made in Diversifying fiction now if we could just make it occur in reality. Yeah yeah. I mean like exactly i mean like you know i i would never want you know. There's kind of a complicated thing this the diversity thing. 'cause you 'cause i don't want you don't want to be given an opportunity you don't deserve. Why don't think that's what's happening. A lot of people have been waiting exactly i. I can't tell you. how many white writers. I hear like the projects going to hire a person that can do the job. That's not like you and they can't see it as anything but then getting fucked as opposed to. It's more competitive. Yeah right. But i think that there's always this The for me anyway. There was always this thing. I don't want to be handed anything you know. You got shops man. Yeah no i. I feel confident about. That now. never had a budget or like the opportunity to do that and reservation dogs. Yeah i was. I was making my films on a budget. You know no one was getting paid. I was doing it in oklahoma and that was because i came to la and people were like you know native films don't sell we're not going to fund it you know so. I went back to oklahoma and just made them for micro budgets. But it's interesting because they're they're they're they are fundamentally. I mean their narrative films. They have stories but they're art films to a degree. I mean meco really arguably is sort of an art film for sure which means you have the poetic freedom to sort of move through whatever you need to move through and not have a clear resolve at the. Yeah sure. I mean my my late girlfriend. Did that know. She made films that were from our hard for sure and didn't land in half to sort of seal up happy ending or whatever but but it just seems to me that there is a place for those movies there's just so many of them some of them very bad and hard to get them seen. Yeah it's hard to get him seen. And how do you pitch that. You know you know it's going to be a little vegas will vague and it seems yeah exactly but like you know like the type of storytelling that i you know. I love like Southern gothic you know like that's what really gets me going is is that type of storytelling. I think it's just similar to the storytelling. I grew up with you. Know storytelling or my white family to It's just that slow paced. The white family My my grandma. I'm half italian and german in seminole and creek. My grandpa was italian. This program called The relocation act by a day where they would send natives out of their community to go work in cities. That's why there's the l. big la urban community at chicago had a big one. My grandma and all yeah. My grandma oliver brothers got sent to chicago. And it was kind of pitched as it's like you're gonna learn how to make money in debt. Do a trade but really it was like take them out of their community so they can build skyscraper. They'll assimilate into oh the the white world the idea to fracture that community. It was it was it was about and my grandma and chicago and luckily they all went back home. But my grandma met this italian manage chicago. So that was an insidious intent was to breed them out of existence. It was an attempt to. I think that there's there was a. I think it was an attempt to just fracture the native sort of social of the community the communities and assimilate them into the white world and kind of another way of like curing the indian problem. I mean it happened with boarding school. Was it happened with the acting. Oklahoma where you know and in different areas where like we we had tre. We didn't have individual land yet. And then they broke it up into one hundred and eighty right two acres or whatever and each individual tribal member got it and that sounds brilliant you know but like really it was to fracture that community aspect and that and that social sort of constructive. Those societies right. So your grandma got an italian guy. Genitalia guy brought him home. But didn't one of your grandparents was married to a wide woman as well as the one who's in the this may be the one. That's my mess. My grandma jesse. She grew up in town. Seminole indians mainly in that town sochua oklahoma and she met And she met this local native kid and they fell in love. And yeah man. I mean just that story's crazy yemen. I mean southern gothic. For sure. I mean that my grandma my grandma. She was one of the best storytellers. I ever knew you know she's gone. She's gone but amazing. And i'm so glad that i captured that story because i was one of so many that that she would tell me was interesting story about you know that that that's the whole arc of the story about your grandfather's accident and you know his the body being gone. Yeah and and then the hat the hat. Because i didn't know where that was going. Because i when i because it's really about the music of of natives these hymns that You know you happens with with jews and anybody who has a language and has a tradition that eventually the young people are going to be like now and give a fun is problem cause then whole history is. Yeah so you're sort of tracking the sort of the history of these hymns. They have the christian hymns through scotland and through missionaries and of integrated with the indian language in the indian rhythms. and but. but then there's this whole other story about your grandfather you know disappearing But i i really liked the guy. You used them in meco to as an actor. What's his name would co long. How'd you know that guy. I met him the day. I interviewed him For for this. Maybe last time he was mowing and i went at he was mowing this church grounds and i went and i sat down with numerous. I knew him as a singer. And because i'd seen them at a i think he'd been extra of a barking water another phone so i didn't know him though but he sat down and did this interview and just like bear to seoul and watching and also can sing like nobody's business that the whole history of the importance of this song came through him and his experience in his his shame. Yup for sure Will you hear people say that a lot. I did things there. That i'm not proud of but like you feel it when he says that you know you hear him in movies. Say that a lot like bad but like you feel it man. Yeah for with him. Yeah yeah it hard when he chose to come back to those. I never knew. That's another thing like you know with those with that movie. I learned all about those indian church. Yeah this whole world of indian churches in oklahoma and the traditions. That are sort of going by the wayside. And then your grandmother's air and then that the idea of your grandfather who turned on the church became a bass player. You know it's all there man. I mean like you know it was like for me for me. It's always been about subverting. This narrative that has been put upon us as indigenous people. You know it's like you know it's not the coolest thing in the world to walk in a room and say You know. I can sing in native song. But it's a christian song like but for me. It was important because like people don't know that story man want them to know that you know i do. Yeah melodies your hard to yemen their hard in their Their deep grow up with them. Where i'm from. That's the funeral songs you know. It's what elder saying what you hear at when when someone passes away there's just like i don't know man there's poetry and that is you're well it's like a friend of mine once said that whether you believe in god or not the act of prayer those groups have been dug for so long that you're tapping into some to tap into mean it's like a concert man you but you're going all the way back to the beginning of the time your peop- yeah for sure is there is in the dna man. I believe that. And i. And if i sing the songs i hear those songs i sure it just takes me there but it also takes me to pass that. I didn't know about you know because a lot of those songs were composed on the trail of tears and like you know used on the trailer for sure you know. And i don't know man. It connects me at least to something. That's bigger well. That's the i guess. The profound thing for me as a white dude. You know in watching your stuff and then watching like i was saying the the ground where everything is on one side you have this indentured brutal slavery servitude and then on the other side you have genocide like these. These are foundational realities of two of the primary population of our country. Know and then there's manifest destiny bullshit is like this is the problem we're up against now is that it's not just simple racism. It's people that believe in manifest destiny. Still your exactly like that's the only way they can justify it. It's not about democracy or round people. It's just that we are entitled to this because this was division of this country. Yeah so that's what we're up again. I mean you know. I think about like some of the towns and oklahoma and a lot of good people. You know a lot of really good people. But they've been fed this bullshit where it's like everything outside of their experiences bad. You know it's like the gays you know. The mexicans are taking our job. You know to be in it feeds itself and it becomes this like the machine of hate and bigotry. And like you go talk to him so their dinner table. They're good people. Yeah it's like it's it's the difference between the lives they live and what they put in their head. You know it's like very different now. Yeah but but sadly the mexicans entertain our jobs. But i imagine that most of the time when they look at natives right now they're done yeah exactly or it's the thing The casinos and they get thousand dollars. That's right they're doing exactly. Yeah i'm i don't get any money for being a native back. We ju- we're just You know it's like we're we found a way to kind of take care of our own will. What was this This how did the Did you start really kind of finding your voice a little more when you were in that sketch group. I don't know about that. Well how did that happen when when you when you got back from hollywood so we we. I mean it was part of the same thing that i feel like. I've always done which is native. Humor is specific. It's similar to jewish humor similar to it is but no one knows about. No one knows about it. It's great there's like you watch that the reservation dogs thing. It's like a whole different timing yaman different right. Well yeah but it's like it's about absence of jokes sometimes it's about silences and if there's a rhythm to it to the way that You know those couple of those kids are hilarious. Yeah for sure. And that one woman that one girl jack paulina. She plays tough one. I if she's got such great timing an improv and then the farmer what's his name Gerry shows up and he was like he was so great. You know i you so memorable empower. Oh yeah man. But he's got this dead man. Yeah but he's got that weird funny Indian timing is that he is native humor. That he can't he's defined it. Yeah you know. It's all through them and just being able to bring those legends back the legends for us. You know like i. I grew up dead man was like holy shit. You know powell highway was like holy shit you know and to be able to bring them back and to let them be funny like west duties in to bring wes in who has to play like a pony scout that scalping motherfuckers let's just to bring him back but they just to be funny. Oh yeah now. That guy's hilarious part of the comedy group. So yeah so we. We started comedy. Group called the fourteen ninety one. It was me dallas gold tooth magazi- pinson. Oh bobby wilson and Ryan red corn and we started this group and it was just because no one had new or there was nowhere to go for native humor. And we weren't you started we. We came together. I was shown a film in minneapolis. And all and a lot of those guys are up there and we were like. Let's just shoot a funny video and we put it online and it was kind of like it. It got a lot of us you know. And it kind of blew up overnight and it wasn't like the world didn't know about it but indian country know about what what was it. What made it so popular with the indian. I always because it was. I think a place for them to finally see native humor being displayed for the first time. So yourself self mocking. Yeah part of the thing that we did i think was it's called The new moon wolfpack auditions and twilight new moon were where wolves right. It's so we did a video of the audition process for that and you know. I think most people would try to do a comedy where they're making fun of white people. Right which is just low hanging fruit. We made fun of ourselves and how we similar to dallas character reservation dogs where we're making fun of this like native cheese mo- you know that's like we're like we're brave warriors right. We were making fun of that idea and also people selling out their culture. Because you're making fun of the white person's image of the indian net indian had to not abide by except because grew up in defeat into feed india. And they're like fuck one time my dad and we got asked to We got asked to audition for a part. I think it was like fuck. It was some native movie and there was these auditions and my mom convinced us to. My dad's got curly hair. You know that does not look like your classic native. Neither do i. And so we show up. i remember. We're both hawaiian shirts. Yeah i think i had a perm you know mom and done some shit to my hair and so we go and we were sitting in the lobby and this is kind of where that video was based off. But we're sitting in the lobby. I don't know we're just like man. We don't belong here. There was a native guy that just fucking classic warrior hair down to his ass. Yeah and he had a choker on these beat the loincloth and he had his shirt off and he was rubbing himself down with baby oil. Doing push ups. Yes ma'am the extent in which you will go to cast yourself sell yourself out people and not giving a fuck you know how many people are going to see this and they're just gonna feed into that and we'll have to act like that the rest of our lives or we're not gonna make any money ourselves so i think like dallas character in reservation. Dogs was it's that it's like. If if i were to ask ninety percent of the people in the world like give me the first thing that you think of when i say native american it would be that image. It would be that guy on fluctuate what he looks like. He would not have him like a. But i think that that that character kind of allows non-native audience to come in and go all right. We're gonna make fun of what you think we are. Yeah as we show you all these other images we're gonna make fun of what you think we are. But you're gonna laugh with us we're gonna allow you laugh with that's true. I mean the very carefully. The point of view is specifically native. Yeah you're not giving anything right right like yeah. That's why people are going to see like we're making fun of ourselves exactly by showing you that this isn't who we are but then you're also showing who you are and then also in that same character were showing saying but we were like this at one point. Sure know like we were like this one point. But isn't it ridiculous that you think we're still like that like that is the image you know so. Let's laugh at it together but you did that. Comedic lee with reservation dogs but in meco with that that sort of like The kind of the misunderstanding of the the warrior. Type that that actor who plays the cop reservation dogs. What's that guy's name is on mclernon. Zahn mclernon a. He was great in meco. Because like this is a guy saying. I'm a war. You know a warrior. Yeah so that was a different understanding of of br- it's a different deconstruction. Yeah the and. It's like mental illness like what happens yet. Idea that myth inter someone's brain. That isn't all there and is on drugs and smoking native but native guys in the enemy. He's we are also can be our enemies fucking movies heavy. Do thank you man. Yeah i was very proud of that. And it was like i wanted to show tulsa tulsa interesting place and i wanted to show it for what i see it as you know and like oh dude when he like you know after he takes care of that business and then goes into the water. Mike wow this is some serious indian insurance definitely. That's great yeah. I mean you're not going to see this. You never removed you. Just walk away from it. Got job done. How many of those guys were real actors about You know the leads were well. You know you mentioned what co- long is in my documentary. I was trying to catch that. Part and i was like man. I need someone like go. You know i need somebody like what go. Why don't gonna ask coach. So i called them. I was like what co would you wanna be an actor in my movies saying. Oh yeah. i'll do that. Showed up and later got cast in our play which is called between two knees. Comedy group we were commissioned. A play that's going to be at yale this year but was at the fourteen ninety-one yeah it was are still an entity we are but we're all making tv now. And they're all riders on my show and everything but we have a play that came out before the pandemic mission the oregon shakespeare festival. Okay and it's called between two knees and would co was one of the leads in that. His life totally changed just from one interview. That identity comedy. Yeah it's musical comedy. So so the the the the life arc of the fourteen ninety ones where you did that video and then where does it go from that. You know it lead into other videos. We're like man people really like this. Let's see and then we started touring because we because with videos because people really loved it and we would get invited to all these reservations and different native communities and we were like well. We need to develop a live show so we started. I reluctantly did but we started developing a live show. So it's sketches sketches and then film. Yeah and we will show videos and you know like as a comedian. I've heard you talk about this. But it's like y- there's nothing like bombing you know like. Oh my god like we would do every now and then we'd show up and it'd be an all white audience and we were not ready for that shit you know like we just had the indian where they're looking at you like like look. They've brought in some native exactly but they weren't ready 'cause like One of the hardest was one time there is art. It was a group of a conference of art curator. Native art curator's native art curator's they don't like native shit is no laughing matter to them. You know like they. They hold us in earnest museum curators. Yeah so and so they deal with native art and we tried to make them laugh and none of them were native but li- none of them were native no no it was like europeans and you know mostly white folks. We bombed hard. They did not snickering like they don't want to laugh. And what we realized though and we had a couple of other shows like that like a college like in west. Virginia we realize is You know why people need permission to laugh at us with us because they don't want to be called out exactly. Yeah so you kind of have to build in the permission a little bit. yeah you know. Invite the mental. Yeah yeah well. I mean that's interesting. The because even like a curator of native art i have to assume rarely has any sense of native life and i think that what becomes revealed wi with white people in general as we don't fucking no we don't know and these people are dealing with the art and they don't fuck now they don't know noah and i. I grew up in new mexico. Ron galleries where you know you've got to the white woman with all the turquoise yeah everything and she's got you know she showed the pain. She owns a gallery and the their sense. That sense of the indian is different than iron eyes. Cody whatever the hell is going on to movies. But it is equally totally as as limited. It's just so you know this was made by a real native right. Why don't we just let them set their booth up and sell their shit you know like but also and then there's a market to feed and then your art changes because of it you know and and and and that's dark yeah. I'm like one of the concepts. I think of like you know looking at love and fury where there are a lot of those artists are making art to make money. But that's like that's like it made me eight humbled me dude because you get older you get jaded and you know. I grew up around those people. You know. there's something about your college just post college about you know how people are doing experimental. Our performance are all this stuff and as you get more into show business you get more cynical and you're like knives and fucking things can happen but the truth is what is happening on. A smaller scale is enforcing the community. It's it's freeing individuals with you know with this creativity it. It is touching people. You get sort of cynical because it's sort of like but how many really and it's like. How many does it need. Yeah you know. It'd be nice if they can make a living or get a grant so many people or you're to say you know but there's freedom though in that freedom and when you're not worried about making money because you know you're not going to make money yeah there's freedom in that to just say what do i want to say you know. I think that's what we lose in this sort of internet modern society which we forget that people also just want to say stuff. Yeah and that's good and and a lot of artists that's why they do their work. And i think that it's easy to forget that and it's not easy to forget it win you have People that you know money isn't on the table. Yeah we're just making rbi no yup and we're saying something we come from communities that were displaced. We come from communities that were fractured and we live in a country that that the founders of that country quote unquote tried to fracture our communities. And so it's like what do you wanna say you're not gonna get rich off this shit but you can say something you can inspire younger kids. Yeah because like we were all native kids growing up in our little communities. And and i i didn't like i was talking to jokingly earlier about the the seminole wars film. It's like i. I grew up with movies. Were my people. Were being attacked and were the enemies you know younger. The bad guy every fucking film and that does something to you. You know as a child does something It's not like didn't fuck me up. But definitely i have an altered sense of. I think another kid would have. That's the doesn't have the experience. Like i grew up with my people as the enemy in the films. You know how you represented it but see like similar A similar sort of struggle as as a black representation in film and women representation for me for sure. Yeah you know one of the things that I get a lot of questions on with reservation dogs and because there were we have native women writers and and all of that. It's like it's like people like wow you know you have a lot of women on your team. So yeah well fuck. Wouldn't i like. Our communities are made up of women and media and and if we're telling a story right like why would we not hire women to ride on on you know like and you start realizing like there's gatekeepers and there's weird shit in this industry but i didn't come up in this industry you know. I was independent filmmaker and for me. It's important to. It's not like i'm box. Checking their voices that need to be a part of the i. I mean i made a show of my own. And i was i was. I was bad in the sense that i had a limited budget. I only had a few swats for writers. And i didn't mix it up. And and i feel i feel somewhat guilty about it because i think he could have been better show but i just did what you know you do ad. I didn't sort of make a stand. And there wasn't enough swats in my mind. But i think in retrospect it probably would have been better. Yeah yeah why. wouldn't it be. Yeah i don't know why you gotta learn how to you know out fuck your on. Fuck your brain. Yeah i mean. I do anyway. You know to realize certain things. But that's part of the learning curve. Now it is. And i think that You know we're all we're all learning that right now. But i think also in for me being my age fifty seven and then having this relatively human and cathartic experience you know engaging with your word you know it's like i don't feel bad that i didn't know these things. I feel good that i was open to it. And that's some for some reason it was exposed me. I wouldn't have seen it if you weren't coming. You know and i think that i believe cliff mentioned i like. I need to get some native comics. You know and there's a couple of guys. I kinda know of their work but i don't i don't i don't know when you seem to encapsulate something bigger because of the sketch thing. Yeah but there are native status. I knew charlie gonna mention that charlie hill. Yeah i was going to mention that. Because i met him once. And you know thinking of like what i've done in my career. And what i've thrived to do i think about him standing out there alone back in the day telling these jokes man and like not and you know if there would have been fifty other native comedians. Maybe he would have done different jokes shirt but he was doing the jokes that had to be done at that time. Who break us all in to this world and to break wide audiences into our humor. You know and i think that. I think that he doesn't get enough credit sometimes for what he did standing up there by himself doing. I don't think that a of enough people know about him because there was like he was also doing it in the way that he could at that time standing up against that stereo too yeah and talking real shit in his jokes like it was it was real native point of view stuff and he had acknowledged that stereotype in that comedy whereas i have the freedom now to not always acknowledge it and talk about it and i can just tell the story about kids that are still in a chip truck to to the stooges i wanna be your dog. You know and like but he. He didn't have that luxury he he had to address those stereotypes. Because that's all he was facing. That's right he. Will you know he had to transcend the gimmick that he was stuck in your man right crazy. You guys remember when. I was a doorman at the comedy store. When i was starting out he was around. And we get high you know. I talked to him a little bit. But again i didn't have the context to really sort of like you know. Do what you would've done knowing him. Or what cliff. He framed him. You know for me it was. I guess another comic guy probably got some issues and her. Yeah he was a legend that time you know but he had had his day what was he. I mean you know. He was at the store a lot right. that was kind of his base. Yeah yeah but you know he was before my time. I mean like it seems like you know. His heyday was probably in the late seventies. I look at that video of him. I think he was on the richard. Pryor i look at that video of him yeah going up there. I think it's a shirt on which is like the common in our community. Yeah think of it. And i just think of that like man like walking on that stage and facing all that history had to offer for your people and and having to turn that into a joke that that that the people that the non native people. That don't understand your world to turn that into something very digestible to them and to do it with confidence that he did. That's fucking hard man. And i didn't get that when i was young when i first heard him when i first heard him. It was like god. Those are just indian jokes. You know as i as. I realized what he faced. Yeah it's like holy shit man that's hard to do stand up and after i did my own life shows and stuff inbal bombed. My you know fellow my face. How many times you fall on your face was it only wiped there was a few times white people. No no anyone indians you bomb. Some of my you know we. We've definitely bombed one time. We had a show in tulsa and we just had one of the best shows of our lives a few months before and tulsa and then we had another show but we didn't realize that it was. You know comedy in an outdoor lawn is in great all the sound you lose sound so i'm there you go because you can't hear it and you just see people sitting there eating alley and most of them are sitting in the very back and we didn't realize it was like conservative sunday like a reggae show day and so it was a bunch of people that didn't want to hear us. Yeah and one man was trying to storm the stage because one of the guys that said said abortion and he was i vogue and take care of you know like christian manager. A friend of mine tried to head to head to like. Stop him and Feud just play the music set and You know i. We didn't know what to do. We were bombing. So i got the guitar and i sang Jambalaya we just did it over and over on repeats because somebody was beautiful. I took we took back that. Like power bombing. We're going to dig in exactly. We totally dug it and we had to leave and then i think the police were called funk rock. Yeah you don't wanna take the wanna leave your tail between your way. That's right punk rock rocky. that's right. Well that's interesting. When you say about charlie because it it is. It is the shoes you walk in. Yeah that even if it's with you or with the the condition is only slightly different ed. The native condition of how you confront culture predominantly white entertainment. Culture is similar. I mean you know obvious. We most people. Don't see that stereotype anymore. And i think most people if you grow up in a certain place have experienced with native people to some degree. But it's still you've got to you know own yourself for yourself and for your people in front of this you know white blob. It's the same journey journey and a similar journey. I think that because of charlie hill because of joy harjo because of You know L all of the people in the entertainers gary farmer. Everybody that john trudell. I mean all the people that came before me you know. It's kind of like standing on their shoulders. And it's it's it's it's helped me face it and move through it and all the work that they did helped my work become possible. I mean like look. I was a broke independent filmmaker. All the way up until reservation docks. You know like. I wasn't making money on these independent films but i love herzog and i love. I love all of these filmmakers that that like inspired me. I wanted to tell those stories so i found ways to do it. I didn't make money but But now i find myself in a situation where i have a good friend named tyco whitey. Who became a sort of star. Mike made door and all this stuff and and became very recognizable. And may joe rabbit and you know it was that other one is the the one with sam neill in it and the hunt for the wilder goodman so good and so you know i find myself. You know sitting with him visiting him because i started working in tv. I'm visiting with him and we had a couple of kilos and he said you don't have a dealer fx if you ever come up with anything let me know. And he's my friend. I never treated ever ask for your my buddy right. And that's all that we left it at buddy said that and i was like well. Let's do it and we literally just came up with that nine. yeah we we left. I wrote stuff down. I went home a couple of days later. I sent him a little outline of just the idea he he loved it. He added to the producer. Gary bosch would have been producing What we do in the shadows. Tv show up and he made a call to an exotic instead. You have to buy this like thing like it. Yeah and they were like salt and my agent called me like what the fuck is reservation does show. I thought i'd hear from a year about it. And all of a sudden we're gonna pandemic making a pilot hole show in a pen does. How'd you catch those kids. Are they all native kids. They're all native kids. They you know we. It's funny because people ask me like like people say like there's no way to cast the. How did you find them or like you know. A lot of people say you can't find is like dude like just no one's there's only a western made out here every four years or ten. Yeah so it's not a lot of native actors here beaten down the door to play a dead person in front of a tv. I like anna and so you gotta go to those communities and that's what we did. We had a great casting veteran angelique mid thunder and she we went out and we just went to all these native communities and open auditions and these kids came in and killed her. So many good actors that came in so many that weren't cast you and the kids it. There's a whole group of them that almost got cast as the four leads on all these kids from oklahoma. The ones that were about to or you got close to being cast. Yeah well they all became the bad guy gang all these kids that have never acted before in their lives can do real good yeah. It's very exciting buddy. Thank you Quick question when someone says Off reservation is that slang this offensive. I don't i just. I don't get offended. I'm sure there are people that will it's like it's like. Let's have a powell who you know like my agents said to me like we can have a powell a little more offensive. Yeah it is But i don't get offended. I just make fun of people and you know. Just because i say that i don't even know that i connected it to indian life. Well yeah so you don't and then someone wrote me a so. That's very offensive so like i haven't talked to many you. I mean garage. Yeah i'll tell you. I mean like powell powell was started because our ceremonies became illegal and through genocide. They became illegal and we had to do something and so we started power because they were safer way to do stuff became an intertribal wave us. Gather and dance and try to hang on to our culture right la of shit. I have you that back when exactly so when you're in hollywood and meeting let's go have a little power about this. Report is just like come on man all fucking you don't have the right to use that language around me The other thing is i. Tell me again about So you the you're having a hard time figuring out where to premiere this and they were going to do it at hollywood forever like if people don't know how forever is. This is this event. It's a cemetery with a lot of famous actors day. It's a famous every day but they they do movies there right so so because we can't do it inside. Is that the thing that they wanted to find a place to screen. Exactly the premiere of reservation dog. I've been meeting so i haven't meeting and you know. Fx is amazing. So good work with the creatively like free. Yeah let's do everything but we have a meeting with marketing. They're like yeah. We're going to think about doing the premier here at this it's a really great visas. Cemetery oh shit like look man. None of the indians are gonna show up. Ain't nobody showing up including myself to the cemetery to how we're going to have to find some place. I i'm glad we asked you man got navajo filmmakers on this thing. They're not gonna show up man they won't even stand across the street from this place. You know Oh much alp. Everything goes good. I love the show. And i really had a great time looking at your stuff and i'm gonna finish watching the other movies awesome. Thank you perwin. Hard joe great guy reservation dogs Which he co created with tyco with. Td has new episodes every monday exclusively on effects on hulu. And don't forget. There are so many non dairy flavors so little time ben and jerry's has five new non dairy frozen desserts made with your favourite gary alternatives. Tonight though american dream caramels to tra- fish food and colin kaepernick. Change the world. Read the pack. 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