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"holden joseph" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

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"holden joseph" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"Keith Yandell, drip, back in front of the Florida net. Here comes Yandell. Up the middle at center ice drops it off to have getting down and off he'll gain the center ice circle walking across the blind and find Hoffman right circle. Banks began. All right point of circle tro, check. Now, it's Barkov left circle kinda whips and a pass corner. Steel couldn't cleared past keeps it in love point, lobster Barkat. Lapointe Yandell across the Hoffman at the right point my coffin, right circle. Four in the penalty process. Barkov left circle. Centerpoint Yandell, a shot knuckle, bald in on that same made rebound Barkov left circle. Swept the wide rate might have been a pass barcon right circle. Blocked penalty up at the light in your scrambling. Hoover. Dole of circle Ivan Barkov strong in that puck. He's bumped by Mitchell. Stevens who doesn't have stick Barkat tried to drop it to the point Bucs that just off the bench holds it in. Statal spending a lot circle back for tro. Jack point Panthers buzzing right point Pethick. He'll hit Bucs behind that keeps moving Hoover. Dole rate circle. Lightning desperate for a clear here. Donna that Hoover. Dole at the right point shoots blocked in front. Rebound cherniak. We'll find Sara Lee on his forehand. Will scoop it high in the air back to the Panthers at lightning? Hurry offer. Partial change UCS down on the counter though into the lighting, right circle. Sanders hadn't missed the man open in front. Hoover lighting still haven't called things down. Matthew Joseph his own Ed because cross as two point and Brandon point will make its way to center ice rip it in a strong sequence by Florida after the power play expired plot hammers Matheson, mammoth sydell, maneuver, Dubuque, stat out to pets, etc. Upper-middle hubert. Oh, feather it back. Get. Victor Hedman puck, cotton skates. He was trying to catch the Panthers interchange. But now he has to slow up picture. He corrals it off the side of the dead, man. Tough sequence Straubing a plot point too far from you will get a piece of it though to chip it into the far corner. Derek MacKenzie is there to play it for Arabic blood right side. Morgan couldn't clear got knocked off stick by headband. Look at a Holden Joseph will help from Brayden point point stutter steps, right circle. A spin move waits for help right point circuit. Chip fumbles. The puck. It's happened on both sides here early in the second. Bogging a little fee to center ice cut off by point and point drop. It back in Florida. They had point playing Joseph plan right-wing with point that shift. Here's a steel Kuku centerpoint shot routine. Save made by Rymer lightning to hold it in Colona the left circle battling with plotting. But finds Malkin has had a long tough shift. He'll deliver the puck back to the lightning at here and had offered change. Quick counter, circuit hectic, Lord. He fumbles it at the counter of the middle Colt. Cedar point is passed Barkov left circle Barkat pedals into the left corner. Lisa left point milk. Yori shoots ain't made bass left. He puts the rebound into the far corner. GT Miller is there looking for Kuku, and we're gonna get a penalty. One.

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