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"hogarth herbert" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

"The new year. Michael chandler will make his highly anticipated octagon debut against dan hooker now as reported on the inside a couple of weeks ago when initial reports. I came out this fight. It would not done. It was not even close to being done. In fact dana white even told the schmo that the original plan was to book. Chandler versus charles oliveira for this card but oliveira per what dana white told schmo wasn't going to be able to make the weight since he thought tony ferguson. A ufc two six so the fight has done a k. And i feel like this is a trend with these first few questions. Boy now we get chandler versus hooker to fifty seven. Was this the right. Fight to me Yeah it's a great fight. Yeah i mean. I know there are other options and other stuff on paper. That looked great. But how could anyone objects to michael chandler. Versus dan hooker. Dead hooker may be the most exciting fighter of twenty twenty. I know on our own and may fighting end of the year list. I believe he had one entering the top five. And then i think another entering the top of our top ten whatever. That may be So i i think he's the one that had that and i'm in this isn't new. Dan hooker anyone who's followed as career. The guy is instant excitement He's he's also one of those guys who's like you know he's in the top ten always kinda look finding Trying to find a way to crack the top five so this fight matters a lot in that sense too. But i mean just as far as is an exciting fight for the fans for any of us in the media anyone watching. It's an amazing fight so so so good Hook desserts big name chan. The deserves a top ten guy. So i mean in a way both fighters getting are getting what they want. It's i mean is a little. Is it a little bit of a drop proper channels you know. He was in talks to act as a replacement for the habib engaged. Fight i guess at that sense if you wanna look at it through that lens Is it a little. Bit of drop off from charles lavera. Yeah maybe a hot oliveira's but really you can't do. You can't do much much better than than dan hooker. Who is again topping rank for a while so the other thing to look at his. You know hogarth Herbert's coming up. That loss two four. That's fine but we've got a little bit to prove channels coming up of but there's that that stink of that pit bull loss. I feel like it's still linked. I think a lot of things like that was his last flight. Because he's on a two five win streak. It's guy like hooker. It's just instant credibility and of course the other good reason for bringing this fight for you'll to thirty seven specifically as maybe if magomedov's completely out of the picture that we get our next lightweight title fight from the winners of this fight and of course the portray burger rematch so kudos uc matchmakers. I'm all in on this. One james ak very pro this fight are you in. The same boat is this. Was this the right fight to make. It's a great fight. It's a fun fight but it was the right fight with everything we now. Yes this is right by to make. But i want to back up a little bit and something that we didn't talk about here and that was michael. Chandler had the opportunity to tony ferguson. And if you look at the way ferguson loss last fight you do wonder if there was a missed opportunity for chandler. Because had he taken on short notice and let's say loss he'd have that excuse in his back pocket that he had to wait for the title fight and he could've come in here because all the honest i mean. This is a great vitamin paper. I'm looking forward to it. No regrets in terms of you know this fight being put together. I think it's amazing. This is a tough fight for michael chandler. And he's fighting is much bigger than him dan. Hooker stands at six feet tall at the seventy five point. Five intrigued chandler's only five eight with a sixty nine inch breech. So it's gonna be a tough fight for his outing whereas like i said if he fought ferguson. You'd have the built in excuse already. That was short notice. You could could've taken it also. I can't remember the last time the ufc sign someone like a marquee signing like this where it was so delayed to see his debut. I mean chandler sign. What in the fall and here. We are talking about a fight here in january. So i think all things considered this the best they could put together. You gotta give chandler. I mean with how highly they thought of him. You have to give them a top five. I think is ranked number sex so You know i. I think it's a good test for chandler to see where he's at and i'll go back even further before the pit bull lost remember. He lost a wheel brooks a couple years ago. That was kind of one of those fights where you remember chandler kind of put the sign up like am done. He got hit you hard. I mean there have been some setbacks and chandler's career so i think it's a bit redemption for him as well to show that he is one of the top lightweights. It's not just You know a case of where you know. He's coming over bell torn. he's not as talented. I'm curious to see how he performs under the bright lights especially on this card where let's say something happens with you. Know knock on wood. Nothing happens between the main event but you have a backup there in case something happened. So yeah great matchmaking. Great fight and i think a good test for both guys especially with hooker because what's the theme with ochre and his career lightweight. It's when he gets that step up. He tends to alter lost. Four bosa lost a dozen. Portia i'll be close. Fights will the. Portia fight much closer. I think a good test for both guys first of all. Let me just preface this next question by saying that. I love this fight. I'm with both of you. It's a great fight. And i think it it actually fit into what i was thinking when chandler signed with the was a guy milas hall felder was at the top of my list but that was the kind of caliber opponent that i was looking for but then he got this promotional push james making him the back of fighter and i thought you know. Maybe they do gay g. Maybe they do olivera. But at this point this is a sort of we have to get chandler on this car no matter what type of scenario hookers in. So that's what it shall be. Did the ufc half to put chandler on this card especially with connor fighting dust and like i understand that its covid stuff and if us connor you're screwed anyways but could they have waited a month maybe two to have this debut baby get engaged. Maybe get him olivera or was this sort of a ticking clock we have to get chandler on this card with connor. I think the longer it goes without him fighting the more that signing sort of loses its luster. You know. here's something. I talked to ben asking a few weeks ago and you know..

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