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"hiram party" Discussed on Dispatches from the Multiverse

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"hiram party" Discussed on Dispatches from the Multiverse

"Hi, I'm max, I'm an engineer and inventor a while back. I accidentally invented this thing. It's the bagel Tron two thousand. Well, okay. I didn't accidents invented I invented it on purpose, but it was supposed to be a quantum bagel toaster. And instead it turns out that it opens up portals to other dimensions. And I've been traveling through these portals or something close to a year. Now, it opens up to a different parallel dimension every time southern quite figured out. How to dial that in yet? But every time it's somewhere different and weird, and it's like earth, but Nodar anyway, I'm about to try it again. This thing's all fired up. So see where it sends me this week. All right. Well, it looks like I'm back in a garage pretty similar to where I just left from seeing this a lot of times gonna go ahead and close the portal here. Great. I guess we'll sneak out the garage here in sif anybody's home looks like it's probably Max's house in this dimension too. So. Yeah. Okay. The house looks pretty similar from the outside. There's a lot of cars parked in the driveway and kind of along the block, I don't. Actually sounds like something's going on inside of there. Hi, I'm max what? I thought you were gonna make a business trip or something. Well, I'm I'm here, obviously. Yeah. Why don't you just come in your house, right? Yeah. Whatever I don't know. My keys are in my bag, right? Right. Right. Okay. This is great though. 'cause like I was going to have to have Karen give the eulogy. But now, you can give your Grandpa's usually that'd be great. My Grandpa's eulogy. Right. Hiram grandpa Hiram is dead. Oh, my and I'm sorry. What did you say about a eulogy? Just now you're gonna give the eulogy. I'm going to give the eulogy for grandpa Hiram. Right, right. That's why I'm here. Of course. Obviously. Yeah. Yeah. That's also why all these people are here for the funeral party the party. Yeah. Yes. Grab a Hiram party. And I'm giving the eulogy candidate. But she's terrible. Really? Also, she didn't know much about the gum company. The grandpa ahead. So this'll be perfect his gum company chewing gum company. I thought he ran a shoe factory. Now, not shoes doing him. Yeah. Right doing. Okay. Okay. L zany flavors, but you do wear shoes. Galca? You've got shoes. Okay. Good. Yes. Choose exists feeling. Okay. I'm feeling great. I'm I'm I guess I'm ready now, I'm not ready to give. Baharamz eulogy just yet. I'm going to compose myself a little bit. I just came from a long ways away, obviously the business trip. Yeah. That so the gel Eggers on. Yeah. I guess you could say something like jetlag and kinda just a little disorienting. Yes. So grab a higher GMs Gump company. Okay chewing gum. Yep. Yep. Zany flavors right members favorite, right? It wasn't leather right now. No. That was his third favorite, right? Right. Not leather. No, no durian. Right. It was the durian. Yeah. Yeah. Grappa hiram. It's always been a big fan of durian. Yeah. I think that's why he didn't really sell much gum that being near flagship player. You're not a fan of the during yourself hit and miss. You know, sometimes it just smells awful, right? And then other times it smells like death. So amazing death amaz-? Okay. Yep. Sure. All right. Sure. Yeah. Okay. Well, how? How many people are here for the party then like thirty or forty? Wow. Kind of surprise we fit that many in this house. They'll take. Yeah. All right. So Wilson how well did you know, grandpa Hiram? I mean, fairly will I think news favorite Gump labor? Something. He's kind of like a second grant to me to not have to Grandpa's of your own either like mine, so they don't count. Okay. You think you'd know him well enough to know, if I said anything in my eulogy that was just completely factually incorrect, then well, I don't know he had a lot of secrets just curious. No particular reason. Yeah. He you guys had a way higher and closer relationship than I did with him. But sure sure. Yeah. All right. Well, you know, before I can be really ready to give this eulogy. I think I'm gonna need to at least a little bit of time greeting some of the people who come here to celebrate my grandfather's life C O is that is that my cousin Edith over there. Hey, Edith could come. Yeah. I'm glad I could be here for this. I love this. I wouldn't miss. I've been looking forward to this ages have you? Yes. Really? That's that's an interesting perspective. Were you close to grandpa then? Yes. Yes. I think I was I knew him when he was a little bit younger, you know, back in his camel racing days. Sure. Yes. Such a sweet man camel racing circuit. I guess was pretty exciting. It was more than a few times. He was run over by them. That he just got right back on the hump, right? Yes. I I do remember him telling me all of those stories about when he was a camel jockey? Yeah. It's pretty good came in the top twenty. Okay. Pretty good memories. Yeah. He was a delightful, man. Could just eat them up right up. I I mean, I guess sure. Good to see you. It's been really good to see you too. Yeah. I wish I wish. We're happier circumstances. I can his Mirela was a celebration of his life. Sure. Right. Right. Well, I better go say hi to some of the other people. Oh is that? It's joe. Hey, Joe they maxed. So I didn't. I guess I didn't realize that you you knew my grandpa though. Yeah. I know when of expected to see you here. I haven't seen you since college. How do you know, my grandpa again, come down to the club the club, right? And again, really haven't seen you in a long time. So you're gonna have to refresh my memory here. What kind of club would that be exactly it was a gentlemen's club? Okay. And where I work on a stage the one where you work on stage doing dance.

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