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"hines cassange travis" Discussed on KQED Radio

"And I remember looking at this man thinking, I don't know how you can do this and Savary after so much time. He couldn't what loved ones of police who have taken. Their lives have learned and later, the weakened politics, immigration and investigation, the history of a storied Hollywood, hideaway and pulled work Hubin American radio soaps and the story of agent double o nine, I our newscast, which Saturday may eighteen two thousand nineteen. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Amy held some of President Trump's allies are speaking out against reported federal plans to fly hundreds of migrants weekly, from the Mexico border to Florida, Republican governor Rhonda Santa says his state cannot accommodate them tax our resources, the schools, the healthcare law enforcement state agencies customs and border protection officials say, there are no immediate plans in the works to transport families to Florida, the US has lifted punishing tariffs on imports of Mexican and Canadian steel and aluminum as Dan carpenter reports Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is welcoming. The move Trudeau says the tariffs twenty five percent on steel and ten percent on aluminum were a major barrier to moving forward with the new North American Free trade deal. Now that they'd been lifted the two governments can set a timeline for ratification of that deal. Washington auto will lift the tariffs and Canada's county. Her measures within forty eight hours and end all litigation before the WTO Austria's vice-chancellor has resigned after video emerged, appearing to show him offering government contracts in exchange for political support NPR's on Norris. Kevin has more from Berlin, a video film secretly on the Spanish island off a Beasley shortly before Austria's election in two thousand seventeen shows. Hines Cassange Travis speaking to a woman posing as a Russian investor. He appears to offer her lucrative contracts in exchange for assistance with his party's media campaign. The woman also offers to buy fifty percent stake in Austria's cone, inside them to use the newspaper to support his.

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