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019: The Execs Behind Disney+ and HBO Max

The Streaming Wars

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019: The Execs Behind Disney+ and HBO Max

"You're listening to the Stream was the podcast that discusses all the latest happenings regarding your favorite streaming services. Find out which Savvas is winning the war this time around. Aw walking lease episode of the Stream wars this Cimarron. We're doing a little bit different while twenty is joining me. We're GONNA be talking about a couple of specifically topic that has popped up for the past week One that's If you listen to last week's episode on Tuesday Newsday that we released or on Wednesday when you heard it. If you listen to that episode. We talked about how we're GONNA talk about John Stinky interview. Well it turns out. There was another interview that happened. It is part of the same events that we also WanNa talk about an interview with Kevin Meyer from Disney plus. He's an executive that kind of the the the face of the executives behind Hind Disney pluses. A service so there was so we're going to talk about those two interviews. We're not talking about news this time around. Obviously we prerecorded this to release while we are actually taking the week off because we we want to discuss the city at a higher level than what we have been having time for so so basically t to give you a little bit backstory behind what this event was there is. If you're familiar with the Website Fox or if you've ever heard of vox media they have a subsection of their cy called recode and on their actual citation talks about how this section of their website talks about digital aspects. And how how they're changing the world and US and they had an event where they had pre much big name people from the world of of Tech and the digital side of things to discuss what their companies are doing for what what what their companies are doing digitally to change the world around us and US so there's a number of different ones there. was you know facebook had someone. They're talking about stuff. They had people from other companies but the ones that are worth mentioning for US specifically here is that they had the CEO of one media. John Stinky there and he he was asked the number of questions. A lot of the questions dealt with what actually was talking about at For the HBO. Mac's announcement that was just a couple of weeks back. The the entire gist of the conversation was all about. HBO Maxon what they're expecting and what they're doing and kind of clarifying some of the things that were potentially unclear at the the point of the announcement a couple of weeks back the other one was Kevin Meyer who says behind his plus and while they're aspect is way their entire the conversation about Disney pluses completely different. They're not talking about what he's coming. They're talking about well. It just launched. So so what can we do. You know what a what we let's talk about. How the launch wins? What we're expecting what what to expect in the future for the service? What changes have you or what what issue who says has risen from the launch? Things like that so completely two different ends of the spectrum because one is already out one is not and kind of getting these executives perspective of their respective respected services. So we're just start with the John Stinky one. Because that one was there was the first interview that had popped up but there was. There was the big headline that came out of the John. Stinky interview is not so much that they're looking to replace net flicks but that they are looking to become the next cable bundle. Meaning they'd already talked about this at the H.. Max Investor Event they. They had a couple of weeks back about how did every intention of trying to pair. HBO Now with their current. At and T. TV now we talked about. At and T. TV now the other live streaming television services Just last week but the intent is that. At and T. TV now is a replacement for cable television. which as as we know? At and T. and direct TV which is all part of the spray eighteen Uber's and direct TV. Those are services that continue to lose subscribers in in a a very fast rate. So they're really going to be trying to push this new bundle conveniently it's also interesting because eight thousand nine hundred now just raised. Their prices is to sixty four nine thousand nine and I believe this interview took place before the price increase went into effect. So there wasn't a really discussion about that but it became almost whilst one of the Roy became one of the most expensive live streaming TV services are available and while there's talk about the other services out there also raising the prices who's it was reason their price next month it begs the question of. How are they really going to push this service? If it's one of the more expensive ones and their intent is to use it as a replacement for cable services as a company if the intent was to also bundle it with. Hbo Max so my my question. I WanNa believe with you because I know you watch the interview. What do you think I mean it definitely feels like HBO? Max is an add on service to. At and T. TV now. Wow and that's what they're intending on doing and they'll intend on offering other add on services to at and T. TV now but it feels like they're basically creating what I would like to classify as the very Hulu based system. They're already got the live. TV But if they start having these other services that you can tack back onto it like Hbo Max. And that's a huge focus. It gives you a reason to subscribe to them rather than Hulu which is obviously a direct competitor when it comes to Disney and Warner brothers. So where do you. Where do you see this going? Because it doesn't feel especially based off of this interview it doesn't feel like their focus is rolling out a streaming services like netflix which we've talked about before Privately and on the podcast about how it definitely feels like their international rollout is not a priority which everyone would expected to be based off of what we've seen from the growth for Netflix. The growth that Disney plans to have with rolling their stuff very very quickly in the near future for Disney plus. It feels to me at least that the brand has a whole could be potentially diluted in order to push this streaming TV service. At least. That's what I got out of the interview. So what did you get. My take is a very interesting time. This is the Disney portraits for about one to two weeks out in terms of you know being a mature service and Apple. TV It's been out since the beginning of the month and it's about three weeks by now and it's taking those services. Those are very much in terms teams of modeling after Amazon. In in Disney. I'm sorry in flex percent in terms of the model t H. He was like. It's playing a weird game. I kind of do agree with you. You in the fact of its kind of looking more to just being bundle per se. I'm a conglomeration conglomeration of of different things. But it but it also is. It's hard to categorize White Loyd. Hbo Max is trying to be because it's still part of the portfolio in one thousand. Nine T has its cable services so you have eighteen now you have. Hbo Oh you HBO go. Yeah all these different painters. We keep repeating over and over again. It's just been hard for me to distill. Can what is his vision for all this different stuff. I think the WHO model is pretty interesting and so if if people don't know who has it's based off a thin it's also has the ability to plug in in essentially added different channels quote approach to these other services stars. Hbo and stuff like that. I think that's the most creative approach to go because what's really more important is it's the platform right and it's not the content adversary. Netflix is the content in the platform. More essentially phenomena synonymous. They're they're the one in the same Disney plus same thing. WHO's a little bit different because it it is crater but it also has the ability to leverage other partners into its fold nets what? HBO IS TRYING TO BE IN. My opinion is to to be so flexible. You can get the TV if you want it but if you don't that's fine if you want Hbo Max Stuff. That's fine. That's great if you want to get another partner channel like that's great That to me seems seems like what. Hbo Max is trying to be kind of honestly makes more sense for H. B. O. Surf away to eighteen. Wermeer trying to do there has been some questions of wall wondering he doesn't bring back some of its shows. That's been licensed out to you because as we've talked about multiple episodes that one likes to their content for other studios Free three the TV television project projects were projects right. So they're not like bringing all that stuff inside in in house they're letting others to do things and they're gonNA do the ears as well and licensing AGREEMENTS MCLEAN LA in that kind of is reflected into its visits. Hbo Max is trying to do as well as basically here's our stuff then from there you can add on you can leverage different parts and stuff that you want together and their ego different. I don't think it's a bad strategy. I think it can work. It's just unfortunate. It's just a bunch of moving parts of trying to get stuff done because not only do you have to you. Organiz with outside partners it's like. At and T.. In order media. They still have to coordinate with them themselves in fortunately. At's IT can media. Strategy is still a little little bit scattered per se my opinions just like okay like we wanna go down this direction. We want to essentially replace the subscribers. We lost fairly direct. TV In cable subscriptions we want to replace the revenue was something else in their hails going to streaming. And that's fine but it seems like it. Things are still a bit a little lost and it fragmented so I go uh-huh. HBO's trying to do. I do agree with you in terms of the plugin system partner system. HBO is still a little bit in my opinion further away from the goal of where they want being what they WANNA do. But I think it's a it's definitely different. Not Bad different just different. The thing for me is the quote that stood out from this interview which will have the interview from for for this. We'll have this interview in the show notes. The thing that stood out to me is that he said we are currently the FR Consumers are in the process of re bundling. They're not they're not getting Telephone Internet and cable maybe just getting interact. And you know. They're basically cutting the cable cord and then there's people who are. Not You know they just going wireless listener just using their wireless carrier obviously. At and T.. Has the advantage of being not only a wireless carrier but also a carrier for in home cable telephone own and Internet for a good majority of the country and or at least a possibility of of a provider for a lot of the homes in America. And I think to me while consumers are unbundling his reference was well people are GonNa start re bundling things. They're going to start doing and I don't disagree. We've talked about this before about how you know if you added up Disney plus and you add. Hbo Max and You had Hulu and you had apple TV. Plus you add all all these together. You're still creating your own personal bundle based off the continent you want to see. There's nothing necessarily wrong with that. But it can be frustrating frustrating in the sense of you know you have to go to all these different services to try to find something and they he. Hbo Max Has Gone on about how they're they're going to be doing a lot of human content curation which I don't I mean like it'll definitely be better than the algorithms. It's a Netflix is used while they've gotten better over the years. There's been issues without sexy but that's right. It's not it's not like it's the to me. There's no advantage manage to that. There's like it's it's such a small advantage that it means nothing. I personally do not want somebody else telling me what to watch. I don't want to do you know the in the investor meeting. They showed a clip where you can click on a celebrity and the celebrity would suggest something for you to watch. That's not something that I'm going to use. Imagine imagine the majority of the grant. HBO Subscriber Base. which is is is skewed older rather than younger is not going to use a feature like that so to me? It's not a future. That's really going to sell them. But they keep talking about it and it's like they're trying to aim that specific aspect towards a younger audience which is fine but I just I mean like obviously there are plenty of people that they are convinced to watch something because somebody else says to watching that tends to be the a younger generations. The problem is that that can't be the only focus on the differential between this service somewhere else I've been watching some discussions and and the simpsons podcast about how the idea of Hbo Amax in some ways. I think we said this even ourselves back on the current state of HBO Max. They're slightly diluting. What each has by having this other content while they will say we are not in the? We're not trying to do anything different than what. Hbo Hbo has always done. We're just trying to create more content at the scene quality level that you've always got. That's why they're warranty th- that's why. They claim that the prices prices warranted is. Because you're still going to be getting this quality content. The problem is that by having this other content that falls in in line with other genres and things like that that typically does not screen quality. You're going to have some problems. I mean there's a couple of different reality shows that have been announced all Docu series. HBO's already doing Hbo Reproduces Comedies and Dramas and a variety of other content some of the content content. That there's there's they're creating if it's not on par with what each is currently doing should be some major major problems with it just diluting the brand that is HBO. Theo which could ultimately hurt them in the larger scheme of things because HBO. Max Really doesn't take off then you could run into the problem of the Sir. You know it hurting the brand that is just just. HBO and subscribers while the brand doesn't the brand the singular brand of HBO isn't what it used to be because this other content is out there that's also associated with the name and I don't necessarily want that to happen because like I've said before I watch a lot of content on. HBO and I appreciate the content on HBO. It just comes down to. It is what they're doing beneficial. If you know we talked about the name and I said I'm not sure why they chose to go with. Hbo Except for the fact that name demands quality. That's what has always been but if it does if it strays from quality because the intent is just to create extra content that people are going to be interesting. I don't know that that's going to be beneficial. I said any other interviews an interview with Kevin Meyer. The executive who's kind of the front man for each Disney plus this. This was a completely different area of discussion because they've already launched but one of the things that came up in the the conversation was that specifically asked like but what happened on day one. Why was there issues? And there's been a lot of conspiracies that other companies Amazon web services which deals with Disney plus and or supports parts Disney position. Say like there was rumors that maybe Amazon was trying to mess with Disney. So let's not successful because they already have prime video and that can be further from the truth. Basically Disney in Kim to say listen the APP that we created the architecture behind it wasn't exactly great and we learned that the hard way by having a lot of issues. He's he said that they're already in the process of trying to work out in that they're planning on having a massive update for the service within the next two weeks and when that happens it should resolve a lot of the problems that people have been having. I applaud them for you. Know going to the lengths of trying to get that update out as soon as possible. Obviously absence Absence General are always going to have bugs and they always gotta get worked out. They attempted to have a lot of that stuff. Worked out by having the Beta launch. They had another lund's they probably just didn't have have the amount of traffic that they will. They probably had the amount of traffic the anticipated but didn't actually because the traffic was so much higher than what they predicted. Then there was there was issues so there was that the other only other thing to pull out of the interview review that I thought was interesting. was they specifically said that you know Disney is a company that doesn't really they don't have so Tobacco a little bit so net flicks. A lot of what they produce is based off of what people absorbed what they watch how much how often they watched the content that they watch. There's a reason why Adam Sandler has so many movies available on Netflix. itunes because people will watch that content on Netflix. That's why they keep producing juicing. This stuff it's why certain series cancelled before they feel like sometimes before you feel like they were ever given the chance because people just are not watching part of that has to do with the fact that maybe it wasn't market. Well part of it has to do with. Maybe it's just not something that audiences are connecting with. But they have a lot of data that they use is to judge what they actually should make. Hbo Max they've been talking about one of the things we're talking about over and over again in the investor meeting this that eighteen t owns a company called Zander. which is a data is a data company? They basically it's a personal data company that that minds their services his to get information to sell anonymously like it's not data personally for you and individual like facebook sometimes accused of but not content. That is our data that is specifically anonymous to give it to advertisers and say this type of people who are watching the show. This is the time they they have this company and they were talking about how. Hbo Max when it launches it will be working hand in hand with Zander to create data so that they can go find other content content to get other production companies to create you know to continue to create content that people are actually enjoying and appreciating Disney however doesn't have they don't have a data company and specifically when asked about how they're going to use their data from just the usage rates of Disney plus. They were asked. Just how are you going to. What are you going to do with that data as far as how you create content and they specifically said we have absolutely no we probably will not happy following the data as much as you would think we are Disney and because we were Disney we sometimes believe a program can be successful regardless of what the data assets on the did however say that they are going to be creating more adult content which goes hand in hand with the complaint that we had last week in our episode where we talked about how it just doesn't doesn't feel like there's a ton of content that's more adult oriented or just meant for adults not just family and children content so they did say that they're going to do that? I don't know what that means means because let's be honest. The entire service is a very family friendly service. The content that they create is still going to be in some way acceptable for children. Read or to due to you know to watch but just be able to also appeal more towards adults. I'm thinking on the lines of the simpsons or something like that where they create content content. That is more focused on the adult audience but can still be watched by children without being too Raunchy or to adult oriented. But it's interesting because basically said we've been were Disney. We've been doing this for as long as we have. Were creating shows basis of what we believe will be successful and the only thing that I have to the only comment I have in regards to that is Disney. Outside of their recent success with the marvel films the Star Wars films there live action remakes and some just slightly other things they have not had exactly the best track record when it it comes to creating content or acknowledging. What's really successful they have created? TV shows for the variety of Disney channel's or ABC has created shows shows that don't tend to take off very well. There's a lot of shows that don't make it past one or two seasons or they cancel it and there is a fan base. Yes but it's just not enough for them to keep doing it. But then there's other aspects. Were like if you look at their box office. They're movies that they've released through theater theatrical theatrical releases over the past ten years. They've had their fair share of flops. A lot of the ones that are super successful fall within one of those categories. I already mentioned flops. Tend to be stuff. That's outside of that. You look at a movie like wrinkle in time which released last year. Movie didn't do very well at all. They assumed it would and they went about making the movie and and marketed very well. They didn't do a bad job. Marketing or anything like that but it didn't end up doing very well in the box office and you have to kind of wonder obviously you. They have become a very very much. It driven company as far as what they create a lot of the focus on the content. That's coming to Disney plus is IP driven. She she had to wonder to yourself. Is this idea that Disney knows exactly what their customers want is this completely true or is is is there some fallacy in the idea of what they believe is quality content or content. That people actually enjoy. Yeah actually have a couple of thoughts on this whole tired Disney interview. I guess we'll start with the last I about this using data and his knees explanation of we know we kind of what's going on. This reminds me exports guy in about the last decade. There's been a big push to use like analytics in sports. The most I guess Popular Example of this is the movie moneyball has brandon pendant anyway. He uses statistics to help this guy stats to essentially help with his baseball team. In in for me. I'm kind of getting this right now. Between a sports and using should we use analytics to drive the team or should we not In basketball the biggest one that does this is Houston Rockets analytically. It says that you know you should take more a three point shots in. It's going to be better overall for game plan. Threes and layups shoes. Find if you can hit threes. You know. Sometimes it's hard to shoot a ball twenty-something view away a tiny hole in and it's fine if you look at it they've always had issues getting far into the NBA playoffs and stuff like that voice had breakdowns and stuff Weird issues the put what. I'm trying to say it's it's we're in the age and I work in this business of using using data to make decisions and software. It's called data driven development. You know using data to drive your business but it's one hard to collect data and then you'd hire people to actually do something with it and when you've been traditional company when I say traditional since it terms of Hollywood as a very untruth company They came on the scene and when they made the content they don't release until recently didn't release really their their stuff theaters. It was all devices. Now how do we get people to watch on devices. Not really like a focus on like winning awards and stuff like that but Disney is very much from the old era of movie and TV development in with that it's probably still got some hangover of older ideas of pain like we. We have this whole content team and we can survey and we could pick what the users are GonNa want but just fine but you know an admin advent having more data than we know what to do with. It's prominent the best thing to do right now. You know if you have affirmation you should use it however I think we should be so you know solely devoted to data but that's a different discussion Russian so hearing that Disney take like you know. Hey we're not going to do someday. It's like hey we're not going to be a data. It seems like it seems like hey. We're not going to be data driven company. We're still going to rely on our instincts in our Acumen to really usher and pushed Disney into the future. Well that's too bad. Yeah because the streaming people watch streaming streaming content is different from the traditional content. So like although some of those same rules do apply from the traditional old school way to the streaming way. There is a lot of similarities. There's also eh dissimilarities in the people in audience in Howell. What time of night do people watch this stuff you know? WHAT DO PEOPLE WANNA watch in? It's very important and hearing that Disney has has seemingly like it's not gonNa take that too serious is disheartening. Because you know when when when you're a new player like you need all the help that you can get and hearing Disney say like hey we're gonna not even collected. Oh not even gonNA make a team. We're not gonNA even entertain these ideas. That's a little scary because it's like hey like at the end of the day you might have to agree with their recommendation Asian. But it's better to have that data just in case it's better to have that opinion did not have opinion all and so hearing Disney's take on this little disconcerting because it's all right like it just seems you're trusting in yourself too much even though you're a newcomer myspace and there's other people who've done it for a very long time. been very successful by being data driven company. Did you have any thoughts up before I go on a different thing about Disney. I mean like I I agree. I mean the data a lot of times will point you in the direction. We need to go but I also feel like this stuff that super successful Disney is just going to point to more and more stuff more star wars stuff more live action remakes and that could be problematic to for just creating different and unique content. We've talked about this before. About how original content or original ideas is something. That doesn't really seem to be see that big of a focus especially currently dizziness of this. It's always been like that by a lot of what Disney produces is based off of other things of all their animated classics are based off of books or old fairy tales. The now we're currently seeing this wave of live action remakes of their of this exact films. We're seeing you know. Marvel revel in Star Wars stuffing's obviously starrewards films are was original thought but now everything is creating is diving from the earth going back to the original well of what. The stallworth franchise was prior to them. Owning moral derives a lot of their stuff from the comics so like I want to see original content. That's not to say you can't have something. That's you know. Based off of a book or comic book or anything like that or an existing media that existed prior to them obtaining it and you know before they purchased the Ip but it really does come down to like. They're not really creating a whole lot of original ideas and that's the that's the biggest problem like if that's how their content and their content with making king content like that then that's just they will be but if they don't create some sort of original content and I'm really hoping that maybe them being involved with the Fox side of things we'll see maybe aspects still happen. I'm worried of course because Twentieth Century Twenty First Century Fox was was merged into Disney among concern that companies companies like Fox searchlight's that produce a lot of original ideas really quality. Movies might not be releasing as much because Disney has a very very robust release. We schedule Theatrically also Yasser Twenty First Century Fox which can release other things. But it'll be interesting to see how much they actually are allowed to release. They just shifted up a lot of the release schedule for the past year show. There was a movie The kingsman a Prequel to the kingsman series was supposed post. Come on February. That just had a huge marketing. Push your comecon back in October. And they just shifted the movie release date from February all the way to September of next year so I wonder if that stuff is gonNA take a back seat to the other stuff that they already know. His super-popular super is going to gain them a lot more money which is great but then you hear on the other side of it and that specifically typically HBO. Max For Warner Brothers as a company has always been very creative driven. The people behind the camera the ones who are driving these projects and they tend to you give them a little bit more support with their ideas. It's one of the reasons why we have a directors like Clint Eastwood who keeps producing content for the same studio studio over and over again. There's other directors who they just keep putting movies out through the same company because they've they've got these relationships and you don't really see that at the Disney In the in the most obvious evidence of that is you look at a guy like J.J. Abrams who was basically the guy who ushered in and the new version of star wars ended up coming back to do another stores film but then took his entire production company elsewhere because he was looking for more creative freedom freedom. And that's not something you typically hear about when you're at Disney. That's all I have to say about your Jj. When he took strawberries he already had a contract with paramount? So I use our. Let's sure he's used a weird case to begin with which spreads the suit at the point so going back to the tech things about Disney. This whole rumor that Amazon was trying to Sink Disney is the stupidest thing ever and let me tell you why first off yes prime makes a lot of money but we don't know is how people get prime prime video. I I think that a lot of people have prime for shipping. And I think a lot of people with that prime membership watch prime video. I don't I don't know the numbers on how many people get prime just for prime video media. You know what I mean but that number is going to be less than what. AWS makes a year. Amazon web services is to be its own huge business very successful business that Frankly if we're spinoff business could off the baggage of Amazon proper. I would probably investor them just that the power like one third of the Internet are very huge and so it's actually in Amazon's Amazon's best interest for Disney to succeed wildly succeed. And here's why every this is going to this process of how we watch videos. I'M GONNA detail that in the future episodes but the more that people use Disney plus signs up for it in streams content the more that to spend the mob when to use them in Bain with stuff like with that like running a streaming services very expensive cloud cloud computing is expensive. It can get very expensive very quickly. Because you urging things per second of mainly Per Second of compute you time and storage by the gigabytes or the terabytes like this as a very quickly. If there's no downtime right and Disney plus service I means that Disney is not gonNa really be eh using Amazon services because of just random screw ups and Amazon's GonNa make money so Ramos on it doesn't matter that Disney or editor because it ended the date. They still went if if more people use Disney plus that means the more service that they're they're gonNA have to rent from Amazon Amazon's GonNa get a fatter check from Disney and so it doesn't make sense this whole idea of sabotage because frankly if they sabotage Disney. Plus it's going to really savage themselves and that's dumb no conspiracy theories just stupid conspiracy theory. Sometimes it doesn't make sense like it's an the Amazon best interest to help Disney in in this text base so it was nice to hear the Disney executive basically agree with my my sister on the service of of how world net they were not scared. Thank Disney personally. People like their their APP was not prepared for for the for the Volume Anaconda. Call that just by Minas is what I've seen the atmosphere some of the plugs and things that are hearing it gets hard to gauge. How unpopular the how many people are gonNA use it like you could testing locally on your machine works but testing okay? What happens when you get ten million people use? It seemed time. It's very hard to simulate. If you could simulate at all Komo News with the bucks because they realized okay like yeah. This stuff's hard especially if he not used to it. It's actually interesting when you hear that statement by the Disney executive like. Hey Ah we've messed up in our in our self development of making this thing the skill it's run me. I think it was in the stinky interview he talked about how Warner brothers are HBO. They've been doing this for years. That game of thrones like yuccas thrones especially in later seasons like you know every Sunday night can six. How many people have tuned in on two brothers to you? Watch the confirms episode. So they've gone actually good at simulating. Okay simultaneous connections concurrent downloads concurrent streams and stuff. Like that like. They've kind of at least the other foot into this idea scale and they have consultants stuff to actually a couple of them in the space like they're used to it. I don't know if we talked about this but we saw an article. Think either you are Sharikov article about how one brothers used to have Bam tech as their backing of the streaming service Which powers Disney right now and they just for their own service their own back and they learned the hard way of how to skill? HBO and how to scale. Game of thrones and all that stuff and so it's just it's just a parody between you know. Hbo Hbo Than Disney and their struggles in textual goes and stuff like that and just kind of makes me laugh. Because it's I call it like I mean I hate to be to you know chip on my shoulder but it's like yeah that totally only makes sense of everything and how Disney just plan correctly and it's hard and I don't think people should give Disney crap about because you don't understand how complicated something is going to be like it. It's it's Hor to plant in mass and scale you know it's easy for like one person. Okay like here's it's going to be uses the Public Library when you're scaling up to millions and millions of current connections it's hard to figure out consume. Yeah overall is pretty great that at the Disney executive just basically admitted like hey like we we underestimated we screwed up. That was pretty good on his part. Because I feel like the more honest you are gonna be with customers to understand like competing like hey like all right. Didn't he doesn't really know if they're doing here. This is the first take. Okay we can be we. Can we can show them grazing versus like you know. It's not our fault Babol. I think people respect humility. I think people respect when you apologize of feeling I think customers recognized that. I don't think that You know lose a lot of subscribers over these tech mishaps during its first week or month and then lose trevor. It's going to be over like content based issues not take issues because consumers are more giving. I think some people lead on. It's nice to see a company taking a acknowledging there there's issues because the the biggest thing is when a company doesn't knowledge that there's issues or that shows why it happened says what had happened. You tend to have people get upset just because they're not because they don't know so they don't understand or you have these situations where you they start pointing the blame at certain certain places. And of course the diehard Disney fans are going to be like well it can't be Disney's these fall because it's Disney. We Love Disney. It's gotta be somebody else so they'll look to figure out who they can point the finger at. That's such kind of advise though. That's a major kind advisor at are there. The limits people like. Well I believe this can't happen so it's not going to happen dumb. Yeah and but the reality of it is stuff like that happens all the time and it's it's happens happens in every aspect of anything that the news covers. Let's just put it that way but yeah I mean it's nice to see that they took. They acknowledged the fact that cashews. They're working on it. It's also nice to see that they're analogy that they they're going to have to do better. Because the demand is is way higher than they anticipated for. Something like this when you tout out. Hey we had ten million subscribers day one those are huge numbers but you know if they have a massive drop off by the time they have their next quarterly results. That's not going to be real great thing for them especially for their stock and things like that so they've got to you gotta keep those subscribers and if anything they've got to keep them and grow that number because it's not gonNa be good good thing for them. If by the time they they released quarterly earnings their lower. Or and it's just like well everybody sign up initially but then they realized that there wasn't as much content so I'm glad that they've acknowledged that there's issues with tech. Hopefully they'll acknowledge that there's issues with content very very near in the future is actually a museum because last week when we were talking about the issues with the content literally early the next day they went and posted. Hey there's another series coming on in December which was called pick of the litter and there was not a again not as not not a show that I'm GONNA be interested in watching but at least acknowledges the fact that they have more content than that exists that they haven't talked about because that's that's a show that wasn't even on the radar of shows that had already been announced that were coming so there is a potential that they have something else to replace. You know to take the slot that meant Laurean has not necessarily as marquee but something that is definitely going to you know so. It's not just there. There's another one less show. That's releasing have something else. They just haven't revealed exactly what it's going to be at this point. So that's nice to see as well with that being said that is gonNA wrap it up for this shorter episode discussing the To interview or Saas discussing basically Kevin Meyer from Disney plus in John Stinky from. Hbo Max Talking to Recode at the Ricoh. recode event this past that last last week so We hope you enjoyed the shorter form would probably going to have more of these. Do have another one that will be releasing How this week as well But we're going to leave that topic up in the air but you can expect that as well in the very near future so with all that being said be sure to follow us on twitter and are enjoying our dischord for all these articles that we're talking about on the podcast. You can also follow us on instagram. Follies announcements related to win the new episodes post for the podcast asked. You can send us an email at the stream wars at Jean L. Dot Com. And if you're so inclined we'd appreciate five review on any podcast platform that you're currently listening to us on all that being said for Tony Myself. You've been listening to string. Moore's seniors next time. Thanks for listening to the Stream and was check us out on twitter now and instagram. 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