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Coachcast #1309  Porque voc deve ser melhor?


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Coachcast #1309 Porque voc deve ser melhor?

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Keri Hilson, B.J. Novak & Caitlin FitzGerald?

Who? Weekly

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Keri Hilson, B.J. Novak & Caitlin FitzGerald?

"Today's episode of who weekly is brought to you by the w's new series kung fu premiering wednesday april seventh at eight seven central. Or you can stream free next day on the cw app. They wanted. No welcome to who. Weekly the podcast. Where you'll learn everything you need to know about the liberties you don't i'm bobby finger weber and these are twenty five things. You don't know about keri hilson. Should we just read all of them. I do love that. Carrie is doing spawned for something. Called lust a seven deadly sins story on lifetime from executive producer. Td jakes ambition is what we do to promote our set lifetime is bringing you to regional movies but when our ambition becomes your primary agenda to deadliest skull must be rolling in go and take his mind. Get a taste that lost. She's expanding brand. Don't hate her because she's beautiful. God that song is so good it literally with my name is kerry. I'm very but she's a who like that. Song will never be not good to me and it literally reminds you who she is in the song. You know. it's like. I'm so fly. It's a little bit scary. She all rhymes with jerry. Boys wanna marry look at my. Dairy flat is the mud dhamma fabric. Like that's amazing. We're very impressed. You know all the words tony. Very dairy air scary off. She's just love it. I'm sorry i love it. Pretty go rock song. I'll play a million flips here anyways. Let's read this twenty five things. We should go back and forth are all eyes on her right now. Maybe now right now right now they all is my when they're on her thousand five things. So what did it start at the top. I love this. Twenty-five i mean they're rarely this consistently good. Yes she really took the assignment to heart and she said you want twenty five things. I'm going to give you twenty five wacky thing. I'm gonna sit down. I'm gonna get up my legal pad. And i'm gonna write out. Twenty five really thought. They took her and afternoon. I looked at this. I was like she spent an afternoon number one despite my love for movie popcorn kettle corn and mexican corn. I'm allergic to corned 'cause that's terrible being allergic to corn corn everything too. I know i can't like being allergic to palm oil next number. Two ward show after party prentice security said he wanted to meet me oh my god he magically appeared beside me from behind a white curtain left the same way after one of the only times. I've been starstruck. It was just so prince. I have witnesses have to add. I have witnesses to print stories. Because they're all like. What did prince want from keri. Hilson nine one now so she has one great party story and then she falls it up with the not so great party story which has just quincy. Jones wants gave me a foot rub at another party. That sounds not fun now. We don't like we don't like that number four. I'm a very adventurous foodie. I will try anything especially if it's drenched sauce. Same i love sauce. I've saved number five. I've saved quite a few bucket list things to enjoy with my future husband lately. I'm kinda wishing. I had just done them. Does that likes wise. it's so wide so why is who was the. Oh david cassidy was trying to remember. There was a there was a guy who a famous person who died in the past five years and his last words were so heartbreaking in there reminded me of this and they were david cassidy's last words were so much wasted time feel keri hilson saw that and was like i'm not gonna waste time. I don't know if she saw that but that is incredibly. Okay what's the next one is an ex. My first real job was at a mortgage company. When i was fifteen. Okay number seven. Juggling is my secret talent. i would love to see her juggle me to all eyes on her if she's struggling. I'll tell you that much eight. I don't have a favorite color. Pretty girl juggle. I could never seem to choose when asked. I do like that one because you can tell the answer. What's your favorite color. And she said. I don't have one and that's like the fact when you're filling out your twenty five things. Think of fun things like what's your favorite color. Your favorite caller favorite color number. Nine love this. I was named after the keri lotion that was bedside in the hospital very much. What like in the movie where somebody asked him his name and they say stop sign or they look and they say lamp. You know something don. It's a joke. This was oh what a beautiful baby girl. Which we name her keri lotion carey carey. I would say these two carries maybe keri russell. The three most iconic carries lotion. Yeah raw keri russell and keri hilson we conic carey is so very different. It doesn't feel like ordinary lotion. It's concentrated it was specially made for dry rough skin carry so very rich in mali. It even made my rough elbows in heels soft again carey so very recommended by many dermatologists. So i'll pay more for kerry after all it's the only skin i've got carry his own very so very rich so very recommended. Carry so very. I'm so well. That's a very famous lotion. Is it okay like the big. It's like the. It's the key swooping k. You've seen a carey. Braving swooping interesting she was named after it we only at ten number ten. I competed for georgia and the junior nationals for swimming. Okay number eleven. I may still hold the record for the most consecutive pushups in seventh grade. I did eighty-seven i looked at. She's like. I don't need to confirm this. I may own it number twelve. My craziest fan was a guy who jumped up from a second floor balcony in france for a kiss. It's on youtube carrie. I looked everywhere for this video. I could find it not. I don't think it's on youtube and on the web version of this because this is the screen from the magazine on the web. And they don't link it anywhere. I don't see that. I can't find her mentioning this video anywhere. I can't find the video anywhere. I want to link number thirteen. A shirtless tyson. Beckford calendar was definitely on my dorm. Room wall okay. Did you have any shirtless photos on your dorm room. Well my college dorm room not college. That's a little horny Okay fourteen whenever. I travel by something unique for my home. It's nice number fifteen i tend to only splurge on home projects furniture decor number. Sixteen i think you just fifteen number sixteen. I own hundreds of beachfront acreage. Across the bahamas. I'm developing a few of them. All most likely retire in one of those islands. Oh my god she owning in the bahamas yes. Martin investments climate change. Do you really want to beachfront property. If i weren't a singer i'd be a radio or tv host interior designer or Painter at all three number eighteen my twelve plants are my children. They have names. And when i speak to them. They react positively. It's really fall. A little deranged react positively basketball is my thing in high school. I was. Mvp my senior year number twenty. I broke my nose during a basketball game eleventh grade and somehow reset it when i face smacked into a piece of wood during theater set design. Class my freshman year college love that so. She had a broken nose from eleventh grade to sophomore year of freshman year of college so for about eighteen months to two years she had a broken nose. That's one is true. Chaos read it the next one i was in the congo with a con when a government coup broke out in the city just a few years ago imagine bringing that twenty one and moving on and then twenty two is i just really wanna score a movie role that allows me to show my athleticism. We just moved so quickly on from being in a coup being in the midst of coup carey. Can you tell us more about the coup. And she's like no that's enough meanwhile she's got. She's got two things on basketball. She's got three things on home decor. We only get one number on a literal congo coup. That she was a part of with a con. Meanwhile moving on having dusty dirty feet is my pet peeve like what having dusty dirty beatles my pet peeve. I never walked on a floor without shoes or slippers that smart and then number twenty four. I love horses. I rode english style. Okay thank you for english tiles brackets for five years and western for a year or two. Oh that's why they distinguish between the two twenty five. The last one is a little alarming. But okay i had an unhealthy obsession with fire as a child. I once burned my parents comforter now. I have an obsession with candles. That's where we end. It's sort of ominous anyway. Good get ready for wildfire season this summer. my name is carrie. i'm so very into fires. It's a little bit scary. That'd be my new go rod. I don't hate her because she's beautiful hater because she started a fire that devastated hundreds of thousands of acres of land in northern california. Okay moving on moving on. Oh did you watch nissan red table. But i bet you did. It was just so nice to watch like a good read table talk which they usually are but like a libya. Jade's you go there just like wanting something spicy and this was not something you looking for spiciness or drama. It was just a renewed. Be conversation you knew if he's sweet and spicy they. They probably were not on the The attack like for yeah and he said this. Lgbtq there you go plus nece- they're going to have to change that now. It's so sweet. Add on plus macy. She's hosting the glad media words. The interview ends with her just randomly going. I'm going to host the gluttony but the glad awards and you're like okay. I love. I love this. Like being like i'm gay. Or how does she identify what she says while she's so new she says i'm free. She's like that's how i q plus f talks about right. So she's free plus f plus f n. She's a free and easy. She's a really sweet conversation because she talks about like it's about coming out but it's also she makes it clear she's like i was never queer before this like i was into my husband's i have no problem with my husband's i identified as straight like this. This never came into question. Until i met jessica betts right. So she's still trying to figure out like the like what labels very like the straight person trying to like. She never had to take the time to understand what it meant. And so now she's trying to figure out what labels born with the information institutional information. You're just born with the like feelings. Part of the conversation is like straight privilege from the angle from the idea that like or from the perspective of like not having to deal with labels ever and so she's like this is the first time she's ever had to deal with labels and she's like i don't know what label i want to us so for now i'm saying free right at sweet that meanwhile jessica betts comes on halfway through and she's like i grew up. I was child of premature like and her grandmother was the first black preacher like in her neighborhood in chicago and she's like i come out early and it was tough for me and so like everything needs. He's doing now. I had to do when i was like basically a kid and so she's used to it ran. They also go into this. Really good conversation about the way that the press covers divorces which we've talked about a lot i think even just in the past year like when you see the celebrity is getting divorced. They may have been separated for many many months. Already i can say for me. I never cheated on my last good. I never did that right. And when we got together it was when that was over but when the world found out about my divorce we had already filed. I have been living in another house. It made it look like to the world. Five minutes young man just got a lot of that and social media chefs mary. No i wasn't looking at your every day life so they piece the pieces together. Make a story that they could handle right. I cannot think of a celebrity divorce or break-up that has been reported that hasn't been the operated a month or two ago it's never on the dot. It's always there is time between. It could be anywhere from a few months to a year or whatever depending the only one that recently i thought was like. Oh this seems like this. This news broke close to when it actually happened was came in konya konya but we don't know the degrees of separation for them or whatever because it's like you know it's it's blurry the lines are blurry between like were they broken up. Were they divorce. You know like they could've just been in separate places for a long time like that. It's interesting that they say that. Because i do think that applies to pretty much. Every single celebrity divorce announcement is like they actually been broken up for a while now. Yeah i feel like the only reason. It happens to kim and kanye when you're that when you're that famous people are checking in on you every once in awhile like they're getting the check ins on their relationship more frequently than the people who don't have burke is file is checked more often. It's like the it's like if you're looking for paperwork if you're looking for official court documents than yes. They're going to be more tuned to those being filed a lot of headlines about this episode made it seemed like it was more revealing regarding jada and willow than it actually was was really revealing here it was just a really sweet sweet sweet conversation right. Jessica's to real at one point. She's like oh yeah and then when we were skinny dipping in a hot tub and niece like fully humiliated. And she's like you keep giving too many details like i would never get this many details. It's funny like how non media trained she is lgbtq. I'll is climbing mount everest again. Didn't he we- he walked across the walked across america. He's doing another like charity stunt so he did his stunt and now he's like he's like that worked pretty well. We got coverage on who weekly. We're gonna walk. We're going to now climb on everest. Yes and they're going. He's raising funds for a detroit based charity. That's great and he goes so excited to announce this may all be attempting to summit tallest mountain on earth. Mount everest with dr john koetzke in order to raise funds for just city detroit. Police donate what you can prayer hands or to show the go fund me link effort walking across the country. It seems easy but it's hard because it takes forever and there's like a lot of kind of dangers and weirdness in doing that like things you could come across. Wouldn't even know and no one is less going to sherpur you across the entire damn country. You know i mean. I know i've seen wild so i just feel like it's very we've have two very different things. One has like kind of a system around it and the other one is not necessarily something where you can just call up somebody and say. Hey one o'clock walk a country. Can you help me. You have a system to do that. Can you help me do that. You know what's his again. I took a pill an abuser. Okay took a pill them as he should not take a pill while summoning mount ever be bad speaking of climbing things. I have a little mini game that to put right in the middle here and it's other things that celebrities are climbing And i want you to guess based on the headline who's doing the climbing okay. Okay okay k ready as it going to be multiple choice or did you have to know. It's going to be multiple twice. Okay here we go. I can do this. i can do it. These are the headlines from the daily mail free spirit blank looks chic in blue bohemian dress as she climbs on a playground in sydney barefoot. Is this natalie. Portman paris jackson or isla fisher. Natalie portman fisher. What oh i thought. Why isn't natalie portman in sydney right. Now but isla fisher. Is there to you got that wrong. Always forget that. She's australian quote. I'm so hot right now. Just klein like fifty eight sets of stairs blank. Thirty nine gets puffed out in portofino but inspires her fans on social media. Is this gemma collins. Rebel wilson or paris jackson paris jackson. All these things. I don't think it's rebel wilson. Because i don't think she's in puerto right now. It's not these aren't current. Oh who was the first one gemma collins gem. No it's rebel wilson. God it i ate. I prayed i climbed of all keno blank. Embarks on new spiritual quest after tweeting about cleansing. Her shawcross is this katy. Perry demi levato or paris. Jackson katy perry. That's correct. oh my god okay. Good okay good. I almost said paris jackson. Because she's throwing me for a loop here. She's an all the answers. Flank says she was naked when she climbed the sign of the hollywood roosevelt hotel during wayne coins. Birthday party is this. Paris jackson tana macho or miley cyrus. Miley cyrus is the obvious answer. Because i know she's friends with wayne coyne. I'm gonna say paris jack buck. Why are you over thinking it. K next question strip that down blank recalls the time in overeager fan climbed two stories and stole his underwear from his sydney hotel room while he slept naked on the bed is this liam payne justin bieber or paris jackson. The sounds like a liam payne stewart. Pain also strip that down. That's yeah okay okay. I didn't even think about that. Okay oh no. I didn't know liam payne song. I'll never forget this singer blank. Climbs the sydney harbour bridge during christmas. Break down unda. Is this sam smith. Paris jackson or billie eilish stops checks. It's driving me crazy. Also wise everyone climbing in australia. I don't know by paris jackson. This is sam smith next one makeup free blank. Looks like she's just climbed out of bed on a shopping. Trip is this. Paris jackson pam anderson lord tori spelling tori spelling and that is incorrect as pam anderson. Okay he last question still got it blank. The former action hero tries to impress his new girlfriend. Blank by leaping over the fence after getting locked out these are old headlines. And i don't have any multiple choice for this. Just guess is bruce willis now. Oh oh it's been applicant our did okay. You did okay you did. How was paris jackson. Not an answer to any of that was the trick i made them. That's how it that's how they were difficult. It was hard. It was a great red herring. That was what was supposed to trip you up and you know what did a really good job. i'm like. My brain is deserving right now. Actually bad on the this This whole time wearing my missouri necklaces. I know you have your chain on you because madrid for every day. You just don't take it off. Like if hillary then it just sticks around i will say the one thing about wearing chains every day. You don't have this issue but if you've hair long hair your hair get stuck in the chain. Because you're just so it's so it's such a part of you but otherwise the chain will not tarnish. The chains are made fairly priced handcrafted and ethically sourced and they're made to last meeting. You could like wear them sleep in them. You know which is important for me. i'm lazy. I forget to put on and take off jewelry therefore i need fourteen karat. Solid gold staple isn't wear out doesn't scratch easily. It's a perfect gift for those who don't wanna think about taking the law. That's really that end. They wrote that here. It's true they also have fresh water. Pearls diamonds and milestone pieces. That are great for celebrating every day and every occasion from just because two birthdays. A new job engagements excetera you get free shipping on all. Us and canada orders plus easy return than a two year warranty so go to missouri dot com slash. Who for ten percent off your first order. That's missouri dot com for ten percent off your order that's m. e. j. u. r. i. dot com slash who new things to put on our website. How's that for like a sneak peek. We might be putting new things on our website which is really easy to update. Because it's a square space. And i cannot wait to go into. I can't wait for lindsay to go into the squarespace. An ad the new stuff to our website which is going to be really exciting. We love squarespace. It's been our website provider forever so easy for us to add merge at tour dates at least listen to our podcast at press at testimonials it just makes updating in a website so easy and kind of thoughtless which is honestly what you want from a website you just want it to work and be functional and for people to be able to use it with ease and that's what squarespace does we even bought our domain through there and if you go to squarespace dot com slash shoe. You'll get a free trial and when you're ready to launch just offer code who. Who to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain again that squarespace based dot com slash who. We are grammar getting bullied by her father. This is my this is hilarious. This is like so funny. Kelsey grammar daughter greer who is being interviewed. Because she's in that terrible. Movie with kristin davis. It's on netflix. That everyone's like kind of being rude. About and kristin davis is on twitter. Being like sorry like what's up guys. Hey not even using words. She's just sending emojis. She is like interacting with people. Who are talking about her movie. Deadly illusions which i think is about like a nanny fucking the parents or something. You're mary morrison bestselling author written while right need full-time sitter the girl she recruits called the clean everything. I think that you'll be very pleased with what we can offer. I'm grace high crash. She can't be real. You are god sent. You don't have to take the kids me. I know but i like to take it is. That's what it's about career. Who plays a complicated and mentally ill. Nanny alongside kristin davis fifty-six and dermott mulroney fifty-seven was just start in frazier. I thought kristin davis was the nanny when you were describing it but no. She's the pair and elephants. She's not the nanny. Okay i got it okay. It keeps getting suggested to me. You won't watch it. might watch twist. I wonder if this is. We'll get there. I wonder if this is better or worse than the last. Chris davis netflix movie. I watched with rob lowe where she went to africa and like madam elephants and met some that went on for elephants. It was the sponsor for the charity. Yes she's becoming the The like What's her name. Candace cameron beret of net flicks. My god holiday on the wild. That's what it was. Yeah holiday on the wild thank you. I can't remember the name. I know i i did watch that. We back to agree. Hold on sorry okay. So do is kelsey grammar daughter. Greer reveals why. She's nervous to ask data for a role in frazier reboot. This is like one of the root is taken out of context quotes but it is funny. Greer told hollywoodlife exclusively during an instagram live. Qna while promoting the movie on april. Second the movie is the allusions movie. Okay i don't know how to ask even though you think that i would. That would be a no brainer. Like dad give me a role. But i've always so nervous asking my dad for things. She confessed so someone asked her if she was interested. In being in the reboot. And that's yes. And then they were like. Why don't you ask him and she was like i'm scared. Like oh god. There is a reboot. I i think that's all i can say because i don't really fully know anything but i do know that it is in the process of happening. They're discussing So that's coming. I don't think i'm going to have her own. Obviously love to. That would be a dream. Come true kelsey grammer. Wouldn't you be afraid to ask him for anything. I wouldn't ask him for shit. But i just think it's funny that she's like telling the truth on that one she's like i don't want to. I'm not asking him variety. She doesn't i mean. Do you think that camille ass. Because as i was doing my horrible frazier watch Camille mule shows up in an episode. I am. She's sexy partygoer. I'm sure camille got shoehorned into that. Show no problem. Any project meal gotten frazier's kelsey is going to find a way for this woman greer to be on furniture in some way. That's true there's no way he's not i think so. Many of them aren't even coming back. Like what is this. Show going to be you. Tell me i don't. I didn't watch frazier in the first place. So moving on here. Are some people getting married. Who i don't know okay. Ready ready exclusive aiden. Turner secret italian wedding. Paul darkstar married caitlin fitzgerald in august with just his parents. Present as newly unearthed pictures show loved up couple wearing gold bands on their summer. Onny moon relax with the word on earth. This happened like six months ago. I mean it's just funny how it's like it's like did you. Save these where these photos come from clearly. Like no one cared or knew these people got away with getting married and quote unquote secret but it seems like it wasn't even secret. It just wasn't a thing that anyone really cared about fine by me. You know right well. It's actually sort of a brilliant press. Move to get married. Low key not secret because you're just not super famous and then announce it months and months later i mean not even announced just smooch frame it as a secret wedding knowing that people say it's a secret wedding when really it's like no one cares because you're not famous enough. It's a good way of like inflating your level of fame will they're also like equally famous. Which is fun you know. They're like both kind of tv tv She's on madman and actually winter. I matter and i said yeah. She was in masters of sex because she may be dated michael sheen who was a co star. I remember this. I liked this this interview. That's mentioned in the story about this new marriage. They say the pair of largely kept their romance low key with aiden saying in a twenty nineteen interview. I do have a girlfriend. Yeah and so. I found the interview from two thousand nine hundred or in the sunday times. And it says we return to the subject of his recent trip to new york and cheshire. Cat grin creeps across his face. Were you visiting friends i ask. Yeah yeah he replies unconvincingly girlfriend perhaps hornell. I do have a girlfriend. Yeah says is fixed on the floor. Does she live in new york. Maybe maybe he trills crumbling until after. And it's like it's it's so much less interesting than this makes. It seem. I guess is what i'm saying. They're so boring and they have to force intrigue into these two people who are just so dull they met on the set of a movie called the man who killed hitler and then the big foot. I thought it was in massachusetts but it was just filmed in massachusetts. They may say she said. I thought the movie was in massachusetts. I was like oh that's interesting. We're in massachusetts but no it just. It just was filmed near boston massachusetts. This movie were. They met the man who killed hitler. And then the bigfoot right an adventure drama of real lame. They rarely mingled with other cast. Members will staying at the deerfield in. I believe it. Do you know who started in that movie. Oh sam elliott. Is it out. It came out and i looks like it. No one cared k. Well it looks like some very very small village. Together is nice. That's nice lindsay. You didn't even point out the reason she's most famous. No you tell me. I put it a screenshot. I know it's shocking. But i think this is the best thing that's ever happened to me. Your mother and i have been seeing each other ever since new york. Pump is true that that part is but why is everyone crying. Why isn't this good news over the divorce though. She's one of the horrible children in its conflict out of them in bed. Being like you're cheating you're having an affair with dad. Oh my god ruining their lives. They're in their twenties there in their twin twenties. All right so moving on to the next couple. Who's getting married. Who i don't know pro golfer brooks koepka gets engaged to actress jenna sims and this is great because then you get like you get this on thursday april first thirty two year old shark. Nato five global swarming actress announced that she is engaged the thirty year old pro golfer. You rarely hear about golfer relationships among golfers who are tiger woods. I mean i feel like there are some golfers that come up in tabloids. Jack nicholas like the kind of the oldies like oh asking is right not for dating but just in general this is i find this refreshing. These are two people who are also equally famous which i love their equally famous however a few years ago at the us open in two thousand seventeen. I found this really good headline from i. Think golf digest. Us open two. Joe buck where. i think. It's just a golf announcer. Misidentified brooks koepka girlfriend jenna sims and on air they referred to her this woman genesis as his ex becky edwards and there was a bit of a minor fewer and they fixed it up and they see someone corrected and was like actually joe. That's his new girlfriend jenna sims. So apparently he has a type. She looks just like her. That's funny also this weird right up simms has also been in several movies including something called three headed shark so she was in two movies with sharks She was in sharp. Nato five and movie called three headed shark. that's what it the same movie. No it's a different movie. I looked it up. It's a different movie. Wow incredible he has a type and she has a sean. You want to know other movies. That she's been yeah. And it's not even part of the shark franchise which i find like a different scary shark mummy. Yes she's been at three hundred shark. As dr laura thomas a doctor and then in shark nato heart of darkness she was nato delegate lee sir and then in check ninety five. She was playing the same character. Nato delegate lee. She's in tales. A frankenstein a lot of things about Monsters a lotta monsters here the fifty year. Good scream maybe. I can't confirm. I've always seen the i haven't seen any of the actual movies going to be in a new film. It comes out on saturday. The twenty fifth on ethics at ten pm called attack of the fifty foot cheerleader. It's produced by roger. Corman and i played a lead and played cassie stratford. It's it's kind of like a remake of attack of the fifty foot woman The daryl hannah version but with some twists and some cheerleading thrown in there a couple where i know one of the people but not the other bethany frankly i would say maybe. It's like van territory. We're talking right. yeah yeah. She's but she's engage. This guy named paul. And i want this is very interesting. Because he's mostly just some guy named paul and he is divorced and that's really it and now they're engaged. You know another engaged. he's divorced. I think i was trying to find more about his ex wife. Because i saw some stray mention in hollywood life that said he was previously married to ashley. An awhile known figure in the boston. Social scene i'm sorry exactly and i was like oh lindsay this woman. You're part of the boston social scene. No so i was really hoping to unlock some like beautiful tapestry of facts about this boston socialite but it was so it was just so boring like i feel like if you lived in boston. You'd set you. You might have an anecdote about this woman. But like i really wanted something funny to come out of like you know when you like. Find a new. Who when you're like this is going to unlock something. I'm gonna find something great and usually you do. I didn't and it kinda me out. I was like everything about this woman. Should have been a a a who treasure trove. Yes them and they're boring. That's how i feel about bethany. And yeah like we had two great who couples before her and now we just have bethany in this guy named paul. It's like she knows she's about that. He knows she found a boring guy. I mean i think people do care about bethany and what i do love about this again. Not focused on bethany focus on paul for the who aspect of it all but did you realize that bethany announced that she was or like engagement. Drop the same day as the new trailer for of new york. That is not by accident that is on purpose. that is pettiest. Fuck and i honestly you have to stand you have to stand that type of weird conniving bullshit from bethany frankel i fucking love it. The same day they dropped. She's an og. I guess so. But she was like not only. Will i not be on this show. But you can't even have most of the spotlight on day that the trailer drops Do you think that i was going to say that. The jenn shaw drama was sort of like taking up all of the housewives. Now press now. But i feel like they all. It's a very it's very. Like what does its franchise beneficial. It's franchise to so it's it's more like bethany bethany outpacing. The trailer is a different vibe. Than jenn shaw. It's not like john. Shaw's stealing the air from like the other franchises. And that's not how it works is Is it like what's good for. The goose is good for the gander. Am i using that right like if if salt lake city is having a lot of drama and attention. Is that good for the other. I mean probably. I wouldn't say it's not. It's like yeah i mean. I don't think it works. Maybe sunday was easter. I hear there were a lot of sexy easter bunnies on sunday. You collect some there. Were three three sexy. Easter bunnies this. I actually don't really understand sexy. Easter bunny like it seems not great. It seems like it's not really a thing and so when people do it your interest. Even people who are normally into easter stuff are like. I don't know if this really tracks. Not that i think. Easter is like some super religious holiday like people like aig hunting. Not you know it's pretty. There's there's traditions that are pretty secular about it But sexy easter bunny. I feel like does creep. Everybody out nobody wants a sexiest or bunny right. No no one wants sexy easter bunny. No one wants sexy. Santa so we had three sexy easter bunnies one of. Which was vanessa. Hudgens who who was in a crop as she posed with her. Bff g g agree and they and she wrote baddest bunnies. It's just it's not a full 'cause play like we have to explain like she's in full full. 'cause play look like if you're not in libya furry costume you know. She's not some very costume with like a bikini over at gritty sister. What's her name already. Forgot her name. Who sister britney brittany. She's not just isn't a situation. I love you wanna be a sexy easter bunny. You can't dress like brittany. you can't cover your whole body. You can't do furry if you're really committed to the big you could okay. Well i'm just saying you know. Basically you're going to address like so this other one is khloe ferry who i think is a uk based you know george. Geordie shore short shore. She's dragged shorrock easter. Bunny but she dressed more as a playboy bunny. I think that's more what we're getting here. That's what you would expect. If you said you would expect. Hollywood this playboy bunny outfit. An easter bunny. I'm sorry we that's not crossover. we we recognize. And then what was amanda holden's. Well she's a tv personality so i think that she did it like on air with her co worker or something right okay. That was sort of a that was an actual cost him to. They held carrots. Amanda holden and ashley roberts flash their tanned legs in jumpsuits as they dress up as easter bunnies I did not dress up as an easter bunny. I mean i didn't either the britain's go talent judge isn't britain's got talent britain go out. Whatever jr poked fun at the little farmyard scene. Writing on instagram we downsize. We downsize the playboy mansion. Oh because it's like a barn and their bunnies at the barn all right. There's a video if you google her. There's video that's called seven. Amanda holden sexy outfits that got her in trouble on britain's got talent so it's she dresses sexily frequently. It seems yeah. And it gets in trouble on. America's got talent so sexy. Easter bunny is i would say they're not really a celebrity thing i would like. I would basically like confirm that. It's not really a thing via the kind of lack of engagement with the sexy. Easter bunny trope celebrities this year. I really think that the only time that costumes are of emmy thing is halloween. That's boring answer. But i think that's the only answer but i mean i feel like who's they find reasons to dress up all the time but sexy santa like all these things but sexy. Easter bunny is not a thing. We're claiming and i do think. Also even the playboy bunny dressing up like that has kind of gotten out of gone out of fashion as a look. Yes but i think that. Like i guess what i meant to say like a more succinct way of putting it. Is that like who's dress up in costumes all year round them. Save it for halloween too. You know that's true you have to decide whether you're a. Who are them in that aspect. Do you dress up in costumes all the time or do you save it for halloween. Issued a deranged easter bunny. Just tank nightmare. What it b j. Novak do this is so strange that i kept putting it off because we didn't have time for it and i'm still trying to figure out a time to talk about it. Which is now because actually he just did his first official press on it versus keeping it kind of a secret. He did a hollywood reporter. Kind of blip on it or like they wanting to talk about this for like three we somebody called about. I would say somebody called about it. And i was like. Oh yeah. I noticed that too. And then i'd done some research on it and it kept going from doctor doc. Until finally now we have the time to talk about it. Which is that. Bj novak launched this weird. It's funny because the reveal. This is like so stupid. He launched this weird food. Pop up coronavirus chain restaurant or the chain and it's like chain food chain food but it's limited edition and you have to bite on instagram like it drops and then you have to buy it on instagram. And then go pick it up like it's all the least fun things about food together in one which is just. It's incredible to combine. You have to dm to order food on instagram. I mean i love hop up. But i'm like here the least fun things about food combined. Meaning i'm eating chain adjacent food. I'm eating chain food. But i don't get to sit at a chain restaurant and order a big funny margarita and like yell at my friends. I have to order ordered on instagram. Spend more money than i would at the chain restaurant which is another point. Then i have to take it up. Maybe run into b j novak. That's weird. I guess that's like not a negative for everyone but it would be for me and then get this food that tastes. It's engineered to taste like the original chain food. But it's not the chain food. It's a we hope. Pop up that serves gourmet takes on dishes from tgi friday's chili's and california pizza kitchen. Why would i not just go get a buffalo chicken piece from california pizza kitchen. That is ridiculous. Dick euless. I wouldn't you. I think like gourmet takes on. I'm gonna call this. I'm gonna. I'm gonna call comfort food like i want the comfort food. I don't understand the appeal here. I guess is the fundamental you know m i adverse to eg being at a cool restaurant and they're like oh we do something that's kind of a play on the blooming onion but it's like fancy i'm like sure let's try whatever interests. Yeah but literally. I think they're just making the blooming onion here like they're literally just making. It's called the bust in onion there. They don't even want. They're trying to get sued by outback. By calling it. The bust in onion. Kenneth california lawyer find a way to sue these people please. This reminds me of this. An iconic thanksgiving in my household. I think it was when my sister started college and she came back and she was like. I want thanksgiving dinner this year and i went to like make fancy versions of everything and my mom like i. I'm not sure how i feel about this. My i was like i'm gonna do it. I'm gonna brian the turkey and make homemade green bean casserole with homemade creamy mushroom soup and homemade green green in like nothing was canned basically. And she's been all this time making this like gourmet. No we were all like this sucks. I my sister was like i'm sorry. That was a waste of time. I should have just made everything like normal. But i mean it's the truth. That's what i'm thinking of here like i. Why do i want this nice version of the original one. The fact that the original is not fancy. What makes it. It's also because the chef who he's working with this. This guy named tim. Hollingsworth was on chefs. Table is a chef. at odium. odium is a really fancy really expensive restaurant in la and this poor chef. Who i hope is made in. Some money aren't getting clout from this has to make fucking blooming onions so it was bj. Novak's i dea. We have had the idea. It's my dream. He said it on a podcast. He said it on the food podcast air jordan. He said he wanted to find potential investors and a chef. The idea was a restaurant called. It's a chain themed restaurant and they'll have leather booths with the onion blossom. The cheeseburger all the classic items the sports bar. Tv's laminated menu. I can't say i'm against the idea of this is a physical space. I do think it's like it's like oh it's essentially a diner they only serve like fancier takes on chain food but this is not. He can't call this. I'm sorry this is. I'm like i can't. I'm not gonna follow up on this comment. i'm just to say it and walk away this classist. Sorry this class. And i don't like it that's true that's true. It is gonna write a letter this classes. Bobby but the i was on i was on. It's definitely more expensive than not chain food. Not all chain food is cheap. Let's be on it but this was definitely expensive joining an applebees or you can write that. But you know what i'm saying but this is definitely not. Yeah yeah the followers. I looked at that. The mutual followers because they're private You have to request to follow and they have some followers and this is from the who weekly account. So these are mutuals nolan. Gould of modern family share eight lynn. Denver sheriff follows patrick. Schwarzenegger follows and kiernan shipka. follows so even like mindy kaelin. Did the like kind of shout out to chain. Killing doesn't follow. Well she probably just went and never again. The other thing. That cracks me up was in this description that somebody wrote about this restaurant. They wrote fries. That tastes better than mickey d. Tell me. I'm sorry i'm sorry. Hold on fuck. You like objectively. There is no such thing as fries. It'll taste better than my aunts. Are there fries. That are better for you than mcdonald's time the fuck out that is ridiculous. Fries are literally engineered by the best science that america has made since the moon landing. I mean or before the moon landing it is. It is the best minds. America have created science. That makes mickey a french fries taste better than anything else on the planet. This is this is like the science that is going to eventually cure cancer. Do you know what i mean. This is american innovation. And you saying that these fries are better. Than mickey d is a big wapping now. Sorry that's an you know from me. Dog electrity right. You got tesla and edison 'electricity. You got mcdonald's french fries. You got the moon landing. You got. 'em are a vaccine. Yes yes right yes. I'm speaking on it like that's what we have and this guy has the odd. I'm going to do it better. And then you start saying you know my family and i love chain restaurants. I love it all. So i'm going to improve it the ego on this person i love. I love surprise outrage. I'm like outraged. I know it's so funny to me. It's so i'm gonna. I'm gonna write a senator itself funny to do shutting. Does place down the go to odium. This reminds delicious expensive. But at least you're getting like inch as expensive food. That's that's expensive seeming not liking expensive blooming onion. You know hey you work with mindy killing on that show and she said on howard stern. Yes that you were her great love is it something you wanna tell us about You know it's funny. This is what happens. I get so tongue tied trying to explain. Maybe this is lousy. Give it up. Thanks for making it less awkward. If you are getting ready to go back out into the world better cava. Comfortable bra is what i'm saying. I mean it's you know it's on the list of things that you should just double check. You just wanna have a comfortable brawl. Why would you re enter society with a not comfortable. 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It says they broke up a month ago. Yeah they didn't go. It doesn't matter you. Just hang in the hot chain. Smokers still has girlfriend. Yes oh well and yet. So here's the hot chain smoker but the not hot one is single. Okay the the the other chain smokers single so if you if you disagree with our assessment which is wrong. Meaning you're wrong were right then your chain smokers single your heart your quote unquote hot chain. Smoker is like is around. he's available around. You know who is also around terry. Yes that was was. I was gonna say. Tear read looked youthful as ever as she attended the scott week. Red carpet launch party celebrating scottish culture and excellence on monday in case were wondering terry is scottish. She is a scottish irish. Italian french and hungarian and english I would argue that too many things to be qualified to go to scott week which appears to be literally a. I don't know a event to celebrate scottish heritage. Yeah i guess. I was trying to figure this out to and i think that's all it was. It's just like it's and usually it is in. Scotland also had a great step and repeat with the with the scottish heritage logo behind her. You know and they had photos her dog. It says at times read struck a number of policies in front of the photographer solo and then there are moments where she shared the spotlight with beloved to be her beloved yorkies bestselling and bella. They did not check to see those. Were actually her dogs specimen bella. Nobody fact check that you're just talking to the turn there. It's like art those her dogs What are the dog's name. Sorry in bella. Base are those best so and bella and an internist. Like i believe i believe on your like all right. I'm putting that in their. They're believed to be her yorkies. She has to scott week was started in los angeles. Also that's weird okay. Any was having in person parties. I guess it scott week. It's this photo of her covered in like cheetah print and pterodactyls or birds. Just like i don't think either of those are like native to scotland also says. Gosh where's outlander. Where's the outlander stars. Let's come on scott week tara. Reid's the best you can do. I guess i'm really not saying the best i could do. We're just seeing tear arena. Asked what i clicked on does not speaking of parties. This was one of my favorite things. Is that clearly some spawn for a hologram company. Me laugh because diddy did spawn and holograms himself into his son's birthday party. His son is named christian combs and thanks to the folks that portal. He beamed himself into his birthday party. Did he appeared in life size as a four k interactive hologram. I'm cracking up. Because literally and his sons and miami this this hologram costs sixty thousand dollars. It costs a lot less than sixty thousand dollars to fly private to meet go to the actual bharti. Did he was like. I'm not coming to your party. I'm gonna sponsored hologram into your party instead. That's the who we behavior here. Also christian is the who nepotism. He's twenty three. But yeah christians christian hologram ing into a party is extremely whoever it is and it's also this is funny because it's like came under chris. Dodd just come to my party please. Just praising no i have to hologram in because it spun and gotta do it. I can't calm. I got a hologram in. These are things i was looking up. These holograms i have to say. Holograms are literally the. Would we call it. Hover board of our generation. Meaning we keep promising. They're going to be real and something that people are actually use and they're not he's literally on a giant screen he's on a screen and the thing about like holograms as you want to be able to like. When i hear the word hologram. I picture like rejected projection that you could interact with in a way right. Oh there's his whole body but they're they're all looking at it a giant green. It's a screen and we've come very foreign screen. Technology meaning drew barrymore interviews oprah doing interviews like that. We've come very far like all the talk shows. Doing screen technology interviews. We've done it but as far as actual holograms go. We're the same place. We were ten to fifteen years ago. We have not progressed. it's a sixty thousand dollars zoom. That's all this is. Stop trying to make holograms happen. Focus your this your science on creating chain restaurant food but slightly better. I mean honestly i thought holograms also. I thought the whole thing about holograms. Is that the technology is just so complicated in worthless. Like it's vr. Now like we're just like transitioning into vr. That's what i'm saying. Like the dream of the hologram is not a reality. We need to move on past this. You know i would be supportive of digitally projected facial hair though. Love assalamu whatever. What young of moving on past this young jock did a fake beard. And i kind of love it because people freaked out. I'd say former them current who is definite who and i would not say former them. Yeah it's going down. It's like the only true hit. Which is so. I can't even. I'm sure you're gonna play. And i will not be listening because that's all of like episode tomba charts in two thousand six triggering anyway. Leave going down go. So it's going down crooner young jock i could have. I would have put money on this. Being unlike the michael strahan thing which shook me to my core because he did it on march thirtieth which i think is unfair and it's does should count as an april fool's his tooth gap. Actually we all talk about it. Michael strahan gobert of his tooth gap his the gap in the middle of his teeth. And then it was an april fools joke that by that we fully bought because it wasn't on april and bobby claims that it doesn't count because it wasn't on april but i claim it was just a really good prank because he fooled us by doing the reveal on april first but he did the actual act the prank on in march. I mean he did give a twist. It was we are. We have our you know our ears. Perked up on april fools we. We expect a joke so he was like well. I'm going to do it a few days before which is smart. But it's also not april fools. I just would argue that. It's not april fools anymore. I mean but he did the reveal of the fool. You're just mad. You got played by the full. We both got up just got played. Yeah okay well. Michael is still there. Were not many good april fools like tori. Should there have been like i'm pregnant. Just kidding everybody was like fuck. Yeah and it was like okay. Switch honestly with that was fair but young kyu but young. Jocks was not in april april. Fools can happen eared. He gave fake beard. So it's like depending on who you see. It's like fake beard glued to beard beard. We've a win on it. It's it's very Chia pet that's what our minds me of. It looks like a little pat. I don't want to pretend to know how this technology works. But it's not a week because you have to have existing hair there for protecting. We like kind of glued on. And if you didn't know that he didn't have a show hair. I think you could. Maybe be april fooled. Like if you didn't know it looks. It looks convinced me a little if you gave him. The if you were like really squinting year like find. This is this is real. But he famously. Like cannot grow because he's been on levin hip hop for like a hundred years. He's been on loving it up atlanta forever so like he's talked about the fact that he doesn't grow visual here and he wishes he could so he can lose. Crazy is like for like me a lot of runoff race ahead. It was for a role. He finally revealed role though. He didn't say what the acting role was he. Basically said like look. I'll do whatever it takes. I know it looks bad. I know it's like embarrassing. But i'll do whatever it takes to get like a check. I mean he doing this for an acting role. He didn't say what it was but put the clip. He he did it for an acting role and it's gone. It's already gone. It's a face wig. it's a face way it's a face. well it's not. It's not any other name you could possibly give it. It's just a wig was she wearing. Where was she seen. she posted. why on instagram. Who clean gone to now. The ala's what's rita ora up to. Who is this woman has really gone so in with the crowd of of offs of australia. Shoes hanging out with like hemsworth wife. Isla fisher who moved there with borat and tessa thompson. Who starring in four so. It's like literally all of the kind of thawra jason a listeners. Who are staying there briefly and the hollywood australians who moved there who live there permanently hollywood. Australians you wanna mean. Rita's like in bed with them. She's literally going shopping with these women to a private shopping spree. Their opening the store for them so only they can shop in it. Which is david drinks. Department store us. Lindsay rank them from who to them. Read or isla fisher elsa pataki and test thompson. I islas second l. Pataki then rita you'd think so but maybe read above l. pataki. Yeah that was. I thought because i know tacky really is not somebody that gets talked about. Unless she's the wife of hemsworth in tomlin's you forget who she is until you see them both in the same headline. I always assume is the who he is. Who but you're right in this list. We have You know More more who's than we know what to do with the definitely number one. I would say she's like actually the one in the movie. She's the one for yeah. The other ones aren't read is about to appear in the background of authorities. She's working her way into some extra scenes. I swear to god the This group of four ladies reminds me of li- it's like the inverse of the of the like not even a twitter mean but like the reliable twitter joke where you see like four actresses together and it's like right around come for them like write a movie for them. It's like if i saw these four together. I'd be like you know what i'd rather never mind. I don't have to comment. We hosted a screw of a picture of a business world magazine and wrote to india's most influential woman thousand and twenty one rita ora on the latest cover of business world. Be w which. I guess is an indian bay. An india based business magazine and rita is the number one businesswoman of two thousand and twenty one which we haven't even gotten halfway through. Have we have to say. I'm suss about this. Only because this cover looks fake. How like this cover. Looks like a photoshop fake cover. I mean it looks also like she didn't really sit for this. I mean i just. It says music to your ears. The music industry embraced technology to overcome. Covid nineteen setback. So i guess that's the theme. It's like rita released an ep in like did stuff during kovic. So she's like on their cover. I honestly i swift. I am no. But i'm just it's so funny to me that rita is like everyone i am the most. I'm india's most influential woman of two thousand twenty one. Yes you actually are to me you are. It is true. I mean to be fair. Take this news at the grain of salt because it is from the account re to underscore bought underscore four sepals in it. Too she reposted. It was like yeah. You know like i don't know what if she even knows that she was on this cover. I know she. I know that she knows but like that she. She must've submitted some image. You know i think this images from the shoot from the bank dick marinas. Hair era harina. I'm just saying this. Cover is as convincing as the cover from congress as godzilla in which look at i put the scientists screen-grabbed it The causeway corrupted doctor. I lean andrews. The woman who's the actress rebecca hall and she and she's on the cover of this fake magazine called scientific future. Dr eileen andrews the congress poorer and there she is smiling like that is as authentic looking to me as bwi business world. We watched twist. I gotta say it was very boring and yet very confusing. When it's a movie is so confusing. It becomes boring. Yeah i well. Yeah when i when. I told lindsey i was like weirdly. I was confused and she was like same. I was very confused. It's confusing it was trying to do like an ocean's eleven sort of like jumping jude law. Son got his pants. How down by the cops and like redesign a lot of it. And she's wearing a lot of different outfits which i liked and she's got her accent like slightly different accents going on you know. Yeah but jude law son not good raff law not good rita or does a better actor than jude law son it was just about. I think it was just a bad movie. It was badly written was badly made. How rita was perfectly fine perfectly fine. I think she was perfectly fine. I think she did what she was expected to do. I don't think she could okay. We're the best thing i can say about it. I don't think she could have done any better. Yeah i don't think like that role could have been better than what rita ora did in that role. Rena gave it her all. They gave her a lot of fits. And i do think that she pulled it off considering who she was surrounded by. And the fact that the like michael caine again not doing his best look. She stood up to michael. Cain doing half speed you know. Yeah yeah and i think that's. That's the thing like i would say. Rita ora performance was better than michaels. Because michaels michael is just so clear lake. We know what good michael. Cain looks and sounds like yeah and what he was doing was like hass so half ass it was quarter asked and so is lena is like this evil lesbian. And it's just like so. I mean it was practically offensive. Lena hit he was doing quarter ass that it was a bad bad. Detective pika you. She's wonderful detective pika. Chew don't this is c. And together we call in at six one nine who them to leave questions comments and concerns for our friday episode because we are done with our tuesday episode. We love your calls call in the question. Support us on patriot. Akasha weekly for twice. Weekly bonus episodes. We're talking about contact this week. Rate reviews on apple. Podcasts read a review that came in that was like i don't listen to the call in shows. I can't stand the callers. But i love the tuesday episodes five stars. I was like. Thank you our callers. Our fans our listeners. For that for that review no i. I liked that they complained but also gave us five stars. It was nice. I know people who only listen to the call it up. I know which i love. And i think that's great and i can do what you wanna do. A lot of podcast listens to sometimes. You're busy you got to catch up on your scientific future. You gotta catch up on your. Bwi businessworld i understand. There's other things to do. So thank you for listening. We'll see you on friday. Have a great week by you will now. They wanna know today's episode of. Who weekly was brought to you by the new series kung fu premiering wednesday april seventh. That central or you can stream free next day on the cw app.

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Throwback Throwdown

Mojo In The Morning

11:25 min | 5 months ago

Throwback Throwdown

"Back mojo in the morning's throwback throwdown with the first pick in the throwback throwdown draft today. Kelly your choices spike shannon. Meghan her mike who you choose am going with my boy. You got my congratulations next. Pick in the draft goes to stephanie. I'm going to go with my girl. Vang happy friday. Stephanie friday i was going to get tickets this morning so i'm hoping you could save me some money you're going to get. You're going to get tickets to the concert browser. Yeah nice we got tickets that we're gonna be giving away in just a few moments so make sure that you listen for that. This prize that we're doing right. Now is a nice little weekend getaway for you erica. Your pick is either spike or megan. Who choose i bike today and that means that the final pick goes to martha martha. You have meghan on disappointed. Well she also heard yeah was kind of a little bit disappointing to like. Yeah yes we were going to do a really cool instagram rooms. Where all four contestants were in a split screen. And i'm finally realizing i think it's because we're all admins of the same account. We can all join together so anyway. Yeah so anyway. Just get to look at you guys on the contest and let reese just social media. Why don't we do that race. Do you feel like they're they're trying to take over your gig by doing all this stuff by adding the thanks you. Yeah all right. Let's focus on the contest here. You were telling us to do an instagram live. I said no. Reese will do the instagram live. You put your phone down. And let's just play can't minds on the mojo in the morning account. Mind he's on shannon's why don't you push amazon and go grab. This is getting insane. Alan after the show. Remind me that we're having a meeting about this harry. Dad called a meeting here. We go guys. We're going to focus on the radio program. Which by the way is what we are going to be doing. The throwback throwdown the first song and the throwback throwdown not. That's on there. We go mike. Mike timberland keri hilson the way our timbaland keri hilson the way i are is correct. Yes i had to double check mike. You don't have to worry about going into the meeting today because you're not in the studio with us you're in your own studio today so you're not a part of this one today but that's okay you get out of it or you can witness it you want to witness it. He's one do anything after the mean. he's already on vacation all right next song. The mojo in the morning throwback throwdown is shannon shannon black-eyed peas whereas the love. Yes it is okay. Fact is what you preach you apple. Donald score update plays shannon. And mike are both on the board with one point spike and megan. Nothing yet kind of interesting. Isn't it how we actually picked the people today. Kayla picked first. She got mike. Mike got on the board stephanie. You got shannon. Channa got on the board second so we'll turn spike you go. Next song is again. It's already in the usa miley miley. Cyrus can't stop buzzer miley cyrus. We can't stop okay. I don't want to rehash anything but spike wives instagram. Live of your head like why. Are you still doing that right now. You're going to be in the meeting. Now you're bringing this up moment. No mike that's why we should be holding that camera. It was supposed to be off for our heads off. Workers beckham take shannon's having you do her personal one. I am not having him do anything he said. Can i have your phone take that one. Go there you're actually. The one that he has is the whole studio. You're about to get twenty likes on score update plays. Cnn is in the lead. She has two points can take it with the next one. Mike is on the board with one he tied up but spike and meghan got nothing. Nothing zero point zero zero point to see her. Get on the board guys. next song. And the mojo. In the morning throwback throwdown but that anywhere is mike t pain booty buzzer t pain and pd. Pablo that booty. Thanks pinnacle janet for the win forty you and that buzzer adventures. You by forty the eighties and you you. You don't do drugs. Children e forty and t pain bad. Yeah when we give answer to megan and can't remember what we beat forty. What is the what does he. What the donkey. Through next song. The mojo in the morning throwback throwdown again shannon can win it with a spike spike. Riana this is what we came for. Talk mike mike riana drake take care. Yes cancer care. All right allen corrupt. He played and mike tied in the lead. They both have two points could take the next one. Spike and megan. Both are at zero kaley. Stephanie you guys both can be winning actor okay. We got a little Words of encouragement from eric martha for spike in megan. On my head in the game. All right here we go next song and the mojo in the morning throwback throwdown is mike mike for the win kanye west american boy. You like that. Oh shoot wonder. Name starts with an e. I've gotta get you. Don't you dare the champion. Yes is kanye west and a estill. American boy meghan. I worked at a forever. Twenty wine and that song played every eight minutes. They also play you before spikes on the board that means only Meghan zero point zero right. He's got one shannon and make still tied with to get spiked the tied up and meghan could get on the boards right. Agnes just make it interesting. Erica next song. In the mojo. In the morning throwback throwdown is spike spike panic at the disco three second shannon for the wind. I wanted you to get it meghan. It's your band. Its your favorite fans. I write sins. Not tragedies shannon. Just why did you better. Congratulations stephanie. we're going to set you up with a nice stay okay. Special thanks to the folks over at the toledo renaissance downtown hotel. You're gonna be staying in an enchanted. Earn you're not gonna stay in the moonlit room. You're gonna stay nice room and you're going to have dinner on enchanted moonlit rooftop dining experience at the heights restaurant. Congratulations thank. You sounds amazing whilst we'll give you a fifty dollar cash card get a little spending cash. Hang on the phone for just a second.

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Job Openings Are at a Record High, But People Aren't Applying

WSJ Your Money Briefing

10:42 min | 2 months ago

Job Openings Are at a Record High, But People Aren't Applying

"Your public market portfolio looks good. But how's your venture portfolio alumni ventures makes investing in highly competitive venture backed companies accessible to millions of accredited investors. Like you build your professional venture portfolio with alumni ventures go to alumni dot com to learn. More here's your money briefing for monday. July twelfth i'm jr waylon for the wall street journal. More than nine million. Americans say they're looking for work and as it turns out employers are trying to fill roughly that many open positions that might sound like the perfect formula from matching up people with jobs. But it's a bit more complicated than that. We're seeing demand for jobs where there aren't enough people in those places or with those skills and we're seeing people demanding jobs where they might not be the right fit right now. Our senior writer john hilson wrath and the wsj economics team have been studying. How this mismatch is affecting employers ability to find skilled workers in both blue-collar and white-collar jobs. We'll ask them about it after the break. How's your venture capital portfolio. Probably not as good as you'd like alumni ventures wants to be your venture capital partner helping you acquire a professional portfolio in this important asset class alumni ventures has made investing in highly competitive high growth ventures alongside a who's who of vc's simple and accessible to millions of accredited investors. Are you ready to up your game. And venture let alumni ventures help get started at alumni dot com. The help wanted sign is up but nobody's knocking on the door. After a rush of hiring last year following the nationwide shutdown many employers can't find workers at the same time millions of people out of work can't find a job they like and that mismatch has the jobs recovery stuck in neutral. So what does all this mean for job seekers. Let's bring in. Wsj's senior writer. John hilson raft to talk about it john. Thanks for coming on the show. Great to be here. Thanks for having me so john. We've got millions of open jobs in millions of people looking for jobs. Why are economists calling this job. Market a mismatch. So i talked to julia paula. Who's the chief economist at ziprecruiter and she made an important point which is that. The labor market isn't like other markets like a market for shoes or a market for pizza's. We're basically you only have one side of the equation and a labor market. You need people to choose something and you also need people to be chosen by somebody. And so it's a matching game and that matching game takes time. It's a complicated process that takes more time than say going out and buying oranges or pizza's. The best explanation is that you're just not finding people in the places or with the skills or with the preferences the jobs that are open you know so one. Good example of that is in the food and hospitality. Industry ziprecruiter survey says seventy percent of people who worked in that industry before the pandemic now say they want a job in another industry. The food and hospitality industry has more than a million openings. So preferences or shifting company needs or shifting and people have moved There's a lot of dislocation leftover from their pandemic. That's gotta get sorted through you. Know john past economic recoveries people out of work would try to scoop up any open job they could find how is the pandemic change the mindset of job seekers time around well. There's a few things that that's going on. The most obvious one is that the federal government extended mass amounts of support to americans left out of work as a result of the pandemic in the form of relief checks and also supplementary unemployment benefits. And that's been a lifeline for many households that during the pandemic when they were out of work allow them to keep paying bills. And i think one of the things that's going on now is it's allowing people to take a little bit more time to search out for the job that's right for them. The expanded jobless benefits are in the process of expiring for many states. They expired in june for more in july. And by september they'll be completely gone and so this government support is going to be easing away but right now it looks like a lot of americans are kind of using the extra support to really search out and find the jobs that they think are the best fit for them. Now we've also reported extensively on how the pandemic up into the housing market with people scrambling to find homes and move out of big cities has then added to this problem. Well there has been a big geographic shift into population. People did move. We tracked change of address submissions with the postal service. And we did find that people moved out of big cities into medium sized metros in suburbs in for medium sized metros to smaller metros and so what's happening is you're seeing demand show up in places say scranton pennsylvania or upstate new york where you didn't have people before and you're seeing demand kind of disappear and places like downtown manhattan and so that's contributing to this mismatch between where the jobs are and where the people are you know. We talked to a restaurant tour in dribs ohio which is being overrun with business and tortoise right now and they just don't have the people to serve the dishes and clean up the dishes. So geographic movement is part of this bigger story now. Let's talk about the different kinds of jobs out there. How has this mismatch effected employers trying to fill low skill jobs or jobs requiring hands on work. What do you know when it comes to low skill jobs. There's a few things going on. One of those factors is that because of these extended unemployment benefits you know. Some people are finding that they can take their time. They're getting enough support from federal benefits. So they're not rushing back into those restaurant jobs. We're seeing a lot of companies complain that they can't fill those open positions and that's putting some upward pressure on wages. That's tough news for small businesses for restaurants. But it's good news for workers we're also seeing some shift in demand for other skill sets. We talked to another recruiting agency. That found that for high jobs. There's more demand more expectations for higher skills in programming. For instance to manage all this at home work and remote work. That's being done. Well let's talk about that work from home trend. How does that factor into the jobs mismatch. We're talking about you know. The state homework is an important part of this story. We talked to ziprecruiter. We've talked economists at stanford university and they're all finding that people want that work from home opportunity that there's a great demand for work from home right now from workers and that companies are discovering that it works but they're also discovering that when they interview workers that that's an expectation that they have for the kind of work that they want and frankly that's one of the things that i think is holding up the return to work in some more of these face to face industries like hospitality restaurants. People saying that work from home is a better option. Life without a commute is a better option. And so they're going for that they're looking for that much more aggressively no another thing. We've seen more of during. The pandemic is a ramp up of automation and digitisation. Has that made things more challenging for employers trying to match job seekers with jobs well on the one hand it's creating opportunities say for warehousing in the warehousing industry because there was so much at home delivery that we discovered worked during the pandemic. There's bright now. A surplus of jobs in the warehousing industry but those warehouses might not be in many cases in population centers and so there are a lot of employers who are struggling to get the delivery men in the warehouse workers that they need in terms of automation and digitisation. You know there's a lot of facets of that story. I mean a lot of companies discovered that they didn't have workers in place in it kind of accelerated a movement towards using machines and using robots to do day to day tasks. So there's just this vast reshuffling of the economy. That's going on right now. That was accelerated by the pandemic and the good news is it should make the economy more efficient in the long run. The bad news is that doesn't happen overnight. There's a process to working through all of this and the downside of that process is right now. It's leaving a lot of people on the sidelines. Trying to figure out where they fit in so this is the job market is going to have to grow and transform into something different well. The job market is always growing and transforming into something different than what we have now right so you know one hundred and fifty years ago. Most of the american economy was agrarian and then people moved into cities for industrial jobs. And now we're moving towards a more tech oriented marketplace. What happened during the pandemic is accelerated a lot of these trends. You know we talk for a moment about people moving. Some one of the things that we found was even before the pandemic people were moving out of dense urban areas into more remote more spartan places but depend mik accelerated that path in its accelerating a move by companies to automation. And it's just a sticky process that takes some time and so we're seeing demand for jobs where there aren't enough people in those places or with those skills and we're seeing people demanding jobs where they might not be the right fit right now and now. There's more of this traditional matching game that has to get played in an economy that's reordering itself post pandemic and that takes time and so we now have an unemployment rate. That's just a little bit under six percent. It's starting to look like that. Reducing that unemployment rate is going to take a little bit longer than a lot of people expected aren't that's wsj's senior writer. John hilson wrath. John thanks for being with us. Thanks so much. I appreciate it. And that's your money briefing. Im jr waylon for the wall street journal.

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How to build a Healthier Organisation


25:11 min | Last month

How to build a Healthier Organisation

"Hello everyone welcome to both. You'll region podcast life and today. I am so excited to welcome. My beautiful guests tests hilson grena and today. She's going to be sharing how to build a healthy up organization and as well as how can leaders and managers take employees to a new level in terms of behavior and inputs. But before tests comes onto come share this amazing wonderful on topic with our listeners. Let me just tell you a little bit about tests. So tests is the founder All talents health group which provides a unique range of interpersonal late interpersonal solutions by providing access to a community of qualified experts. You have the latest and the most advanced knowledge of best practices in leadership management wellbeing diversity and career development and so you know they offer access to the latest research practical evidence and proving solutions. That are all in place so it's really amazing to have on the show today and so today we're going to be talking about. How do you access what is healthy organization and how can leaders and managers take the employees to a new level in terms of behavior and output so. Welcome to the beautiful tessa. Nice to see you. Thank you so much for coming unique. Amazing radian how was your day to day. Lovely people online live. Course we're all right now. Is the power online way. Absolutely so gets a heavy on the show and i know that you know you've been running your company for many years. Now you know the talents health groups so just tell us a little bit more about your motivation in actually. Starting that business yeah. I sought to Executive director many years ago workings organizations Sort of into ice radi one asset One is an employee for very serious. Learning development and health was a really big topics that we had around the welfare employee. So what we discovered was always say all the skills training and the noise trying really helps people but definitely need to be more focused on what people need to know about their wilkins. Ation intensive how might himself pill bash about what they're doing particularly considering we're just into a pandemic. How do we ourselves and how we manage the stress that we've gone through better. It wasn't such a big focus But now it's become much more of a shop like organizations. Absolutely and i know that you off aquatic wide range of trading. Just take us through one or two am training that you actually offer many of your clients. Yeah what we do is. We could nagase ation in terms of many different areas. Really we look at the health of hatred capability the rules policies involvement procedures We'll look the leadership management values. Which is the organization and also the strategic direction so as the company trying to our racial the people within the organization and get that in in a way yes so that really should have been come. Sizzle the person's career really help sensuality. Understand what do i need to know about myself. More joy need to learn really productive member of this this company. And how am i at the best of myself in terms of what i'm going to do like a forward and develop myself further in in my absolutely self-development is so powerful. It's really is is an ongoing process. It's not the end of the journey. There's always so much to learn. And general of the trading day offer really benefits many You know what places and leadership. So that's really awesome and amazing so you know. Let's get into the compensation of you know building a healthy organized as we all know you know Organization i health is the key to a formal wellbeing strategy and that is inclusive of all in the company. So you know so. How do you now assess. What's a healthy organization is. Yeah we stopped very much with What where has company stock at stake in the ground so at the moment companies deciding doing how a what hybrid company do have people watching policy. How do you want people to come back to the organization and then how to re engage with them. How do we onboard them. Back into the business. So what we're doing at the moment is we're helping stations to see festival. The trench the need to make so people can work. More flexibly has been very much you in the office or you're not in the office now. We model where people apart the office apart after the office. So one of the things that we look at is to assess the compact practices companies have to what was hanging until the how county developing that going forward on the h- h policies. They have in place and the flexible approach. They're going to offer because in a lot of recruitment now it's all about flex but as he companies merengue gaza. People want the flexibility to be able to work from home more and be able to go into the office. I'm so start without judy. Assessment a couple of those areas. I mentioned earlier. The couch that you'd need to create my eyes ation working flexible model Things we try and help people to find out about is don't create vice. Do not have a situation with manages where you have people in the office and peak. We're not in the office who are getting treated differently. So let's treat everyone the sign this a management approach to how develop how we manage people and how remote as well so it's a complete change at the moment a lot of organizations working very hard on. How can we support this going forward into in place to offer a really good strong learning portfolio. What training to peak need to do we get manages trying out to coach and develop people remotely and how would that apply in in a global framework is vile. That sounds really amazing. And i think you know some people find it quite difficult to work from home and others actually find it quite easy. How have you been able to kind of help organizations with that. I'm i think that from what i say is up to greg. If you've been up shaven officer high but if he died the watching the grew coffee table in the kitchen or whatever I think what we have to be more flexible with each other and understand that we can't expect people who are working from home to be as if they're sitting in a meeting and office though flexible with that. We recommend the technology headphones to to manage with noise. And everything else but we will sell hot help. Companies identify what technology people would need to work from home and we help them to together element program so they can use technology effectively and also have a policy behind it so symbols thaksin environments absolutely. And i think you know one of the Remote what policies that actually read recently was really really am simple any and he just kind of cover. Simple things that you know. People who are working from home shoot basically follow so few of them was basically provide the right tools of successful work in collaboration and also to Basically just establish clear rules about working remotely and determine how employees would work remotely and part of the policies. That's amnesty do remote working thus that really Kind of look like something that you've kind of looked at as well in terms of it's interesting because we've done a number of for with people because other companies are insisting that have the video zone. I don't know sign. it's your choice. it's it's very interesting and it's it's company by company you have to make the judgment kotal will not i think the my around this is flexibility is is being able to say yet. That person is working on my kitchen table. You know the all the stuff going on so we're going to become matings at a time. That suits everybody about. Flexibility is really. I'm on the video side. It was a mixed response to be honest with people. I always wonder whether it's to do an introvert or an extrovert in some other people that i love being on the video as some prefer just to you know just tight notes and none of this thing again. It's it's very much. I find internally. Do a survey asking blowing. I mean if you cannot work in groups working on any policy it you're gonna get better buying anyway absolutely so you know. Give us maybe tips on how people can actually work remotely successfully especially during this season. I think manager dr effectively. If you've got a date matings make sure that you are set up for those matings ause in a second beforehand before you try and find an area that you can dedicate where you're working definitely outskirts on the technology. Make sure everything works. Always go on and check the camera setup and everything else and don't be nervous about the background you have because you can't blurb backgrounds now you can have any crowd you want and that looks very professional. Would say it's important. I think it's always good to give a good impression when you whether you're in the office so you're working from home you'll still at work so opening up the taunt be wearing hawaiian shirts and sunglasses russia. Yeah absolutely you heard stories stories. You know some of the most funniest ways people showing up a line. What can remotely Those one story that actually kind of read online and that was You know someone wearing a very professional attaya on the top. But they're not the bottom. They had maybe like shorts on. You know stuff lot by is really funny and then another one was when someone's Was on the on. The the one the zoom they were having a meeting and they probably didn't really understand how to use the tabs and tools on zoom and he was showing An animal feature rather than their face. Yes so obstinately. Did you know nearly on the head some of the things that we need to basically do when we are working remotely so thank you so much for that test within the chemicals returns on any point. So it's that's the best thing absolutely and that's because You just don't know what could happen to the on this review. And he's always important to be prepared for the unexpected to be quite honest. And so you know people feel so much motivated. When they're being encouraged by the bosses you know and then manages and so. I just wanted to touch on you. Know how leaders and managers can actually take their employees To a new level in terms of that behaviors as well as the output. Sophie can share some knowledge that that will be really great. Yeah i there's been a lot around. Coaching about wellbeing and found. Resilience is the whole realistic thing about managing somebody. I think that building trust with your team. Members is a one to one basis to snow. We do offer a range of sacramento which we use to help. People see themselves see whether it's potential strength and whether potential development is uses uses if isis coaching as well but more importantly with managers. I think you need to be much more available because i managed to obtain mason near forty when we were doing some training and they could either. What site me a group or they could call me or they could teams may in those lots of different ways of getting in touch with me. His availability i think the nervousness is when you know an stomach down the corridors that i've just had an idea is always a way of getting to talk to you taking what signed groups. You can set out quite easily in hockey team members or joining into that and to have regular meetings with your team members just to see how they going just have conversations about how it's not evolves me happy. What are the challenges. You're facing in committee to help. Absolutely i think it's so crucial because it's about butin a great with your employees and really build their confidence and that way the able to share you know some of the challenges on difficulties. You can both kind of find a way to support them. You know which is really important to be quite honest So you know. How can you know the manages at. She'd motivate them. If you can give us one or two tips of how they can actually motivate the employees yes I think it depends on there. Were is that site that state. Someone who's sales might be a person who's equipment state that as an example they were there cooling number of companies. You know that they at times not getting reaction that they want so they feel my down with that such out something to fight this dane which is the end of each day or the end of each week. You have a fifteen minute meeting. And you mentioned three to five things go well in the week while jumping on my and i say them really well for me the same thing. If someone's doing an activity where they need support from colleagues of co cooling trying to get into new clients. It's reach out to someone within your team but you don't get somebody who's skill set that they liked doing that type of thing to work with someone who maybe doesn't like during it smart. I can start to then develop some techniques. Somehow they absolutely very much spots on indeed. I wanted to touch on equality and diversity in the workplace. And i wanted to ask about you. Know how to kind of promote equality and diversity in the workplace. I'm what is your take on that for organizations on how to do this yet. I think really it starts. I waste out with the compliance side intensive looking policies and procedures. Because i think they not right may be able to school. People going forward with hr teams in tons of understanding equality act and the other acts associated legislation around equality and then it surround training. That's been a lot of discussion around unconscious bias on whether or not another people on my completely. I'm you know you cannot behavior in somebody in a very short period of time I think it's more important to understand the legal impacts the station has and then to start setting out communities within company To make sure that there isn't anything that is why the we seen as being discriminatory across the whole station and then reach out. Make sure that your employment recruitment and everything else is completely appealing to all people in all communities. Yes he indeed. I mean what do you think. I'm some companies actually missing when it comes to diversity. I think they tend to find some some. Just get some ideas of what they will do not completely focus on the whole holistic aspect over loan. It's not just around putting people into boxes. i think it's more about understanding. Mac can build a trust level within an organization and then focus on how we can support each other as a culture going forward is it's not it's not about race all or where you are. Society is. It's about how we treat each other with respect. I think if you have that level of woodside that level of passion with each other and you you create that new organization policies and compliance around it then. There really isn't any reason anyone should not be behaving in an appropriate way. Really absolutely indeed So tell us how people can actually reach out to you and be part of your amazing chain in an academy kidney co you'll get the number of his Mouthing or join our what sacree. Details of I'm always to hear everyone. Just if you have a question. Email may on linked in iran may Any of the contact he's giving We love to hear from you. Absolutely and then one question from one of our guest guesses about an promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace They just wanted to know Do you actually support that as well definitely team effects. I who are fantastic in this area. They deliver twenty four seven training with the world man qualified And i work across the whole gambit so mental health health resilience physical house. The whole works so let me go and supply all those levels. Today element indeed absolutely. I mean what advice would you give to. Someone who's actually been very down in terms of health and wellbeing during this you know pandemic. What is your advice to them as we are slowly enough by july. What would that advice be. I think meeting to festival reach out to them a lot of groups and on our side. We have a lot of companies that you can reach out to but talk to somebody definitely you know a we had times allies on. We found things very difficult. I oxide consists matches before kiss of reached the point up in very white about something on it took somebody not necessarily to to family. Needs to to somebody. Yes i would say. Reach out in. No problem is too big any day to hair and it makes you share somebody and then after that seaway take absolutely as being some of your greatest challenges in kind of starting and running your own business. I think. I think we try this saturday. I think procrastinate in conveyed will kinda get a munyama thing where you think tomorrow and it's not through lack retrying sometimes you can have so much today the kinds of of volumes for almost because many things to do in a day i think i with some amazing people who are ciphered the vijay's and so motivated it rubs and it makes me feel that i want to do more and i think. Enjoy what you're doing you know it's not job is passion and enjoy yourself. Throw us fall. Who when you talk because you enjoying what you're doing absolutely indeed and you know what advice would you give to anyone who's thinking of maybe starting that business especially during this onset time. What would be your advice to them. I think definitely do something inaugural yes definitely helps and i mean you know this so much talent in this world and this is typically so give ingraham incredible absolutely You know let's talk about tools. You know running a business. You have so many different tools to use so what has been your goats tool to run your own business I use lives different things. Actually i think if we're talking about balancing books only gets more spreadsheets as me. I'm an accountant if you're talking about marketing and pr work with yourself. But arlington is a great place to to connect with people. I think word of mouth this people were with recommended us and also seal the tools use powerpoint adobe. We dishonorable online presentations. and absolutely. How have you been able to build up your confidence. Your communication skills as a leading experts. Who actually runs their own leadership. Academy i on a member of a lot of organizations. Yeah so i tend to get a lot of information from that ideal. Attend a lot of online seminoles. I regularly hook in with things at british. Psychological saw duo saute statistics The association management. So that i can keep up. Stay most fantastic. What's that group of people that think the latest in. Hr in learning. I'm also talking to some really good networks as our peak blues. Shell lots of up to date thinking as well. Absolutely i think in connections it's key to basically being able to have different types of opportunities right in front of you. So that's really amazing. So just lastly. What sort of words of inspiration can you actually share with our listeners. Just to keep them inspired we and motivated to kick starts division. Well i think the best word i can think of is just go for the best to go for. You know if you found so walk but launch nine percent of the time you one. He's putting the in what he wants to see. You succeed not allow. We all want people to do well. And that's the great thing about this country each other to succeed absolutely indeed on couldn't agree more so thank you so much tests for that amazing nuggets and that you've given us about you know health and also a mental well being and you know how leaders and managers can actually help and support the employees as well. I hope you've really had a great time on the show. How they found the process of being on the birth your region podcast show on a say spence not experience. Thank you so much pleasure to have you here so to all our wonderful listeners. Thank you so much for joining us once again on the bath. Your vision podcast. It's really great to have you here so please. Rates and subscribe and also share. And i look forward to seeing you next week with another amazing guest on the show so until next week. See next time. Thank you so much test. Aggregrate day take care of what we buy.

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Anorexia da Intimidade no Relacionamento

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Anorexia da Intimidade no Relacionamento

"Curious or see what a lot of silver to somebody he'll sooner mint this exhau- the khazal walk city. Windsor mizen push. Guests ordered onward. Usually i guess you know as long as jeez alecky. Gravity so the Freeze all group of neighbors. The honest zimmer solid soobee anorexia dinesh mmj. Gong was the dinner. Rick dinesh immunizing dodge hilas into goma hazel segue cap accuser vocal. Ah grandma some jewish image follow blue for their casual volleyball fish. Walking of quizzes do club house. Nato support this of how made but i saw visible city. I've not exceeding into goma his situation in pedestrian pershing. Restock at hct solver which gets you versus on more yielding date isn't if they exceed dodge income preval senior voto kagera lasalle but as you is your fully unionize but as you know chased him sink by such damage gear Algae cepa saw guard. He conversation what. I gotta have a samba. Solid nuclear house that vasu Dodge hilson assuming nicer blossoming saddad phillies. We put concern reach me died. Which can gossip jobs said this helmet to house them into view. Is lebron dodge sex. Nossa mia's voice space hosting up shocking to me. Just say to some six mice linked brand key. Is this say she was each me. Dodge so now a physical hickory achiever. Sp twelve female seder six. You laugh with House myself avenue. Mice phillies ecosystem is garage coach. Mice ownership with you. This usually died stuff out of the house into its back to achieve. Please tell us what kick one do as you started to. Maintain awesome tissue by. How many actually are coming was the most following fair to eastern edge this when they shouted two thousand students his saints hell act of mass chih-kwang hilson that wise all saves east better being solely the navy pies. Nick types decision ruled flags being summit ceo. Patsy which is kiki ancient Wisdom quavered doug wilson with the Report a bear. If that didn't meet dodger. Kiki hilmi change to call safeties. Your shing was. I bought that for exterior dinesh. You just sit there exciting to me dodgy for this of the wool majesty's into sequestering pursue new business days air of this if you think must be careful dodge lebron celtics allowing supports it to number. If just put you have to score this committee badge awesome here. We go for that secret house. Main to ob stewart united is not meal haslem into our selling kikia helming local medio in ways corrective finley's dodgy anti-gays so much evil than dodgers pete to our emotional now six june despite sam's data to house mink stating nassar's is. Don't you walk him when we don't be so mad. If he goes eight watch mutiple office ause yet. Mice dame advocate through jakarta stunt have article senators house into a shopping poisoned them as is a set of thought of the meal ellison arranged nipple view sociale mice and stole you portended you follow defending jesus. She'd been linked to eat this financing for sale. To be your boss. Is you saw senior for such. 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As you talk about his jumpy bussan eucheuma dodger vice data into neo seat installed. These busy mean they house. somebody's email him. If i don't think which probably for you say survive serious. Talk hitler thing house lane brad cooper angles video spot department me. Check her body. Otis said of depression chipset vassallo. That's i hit. The some jumbled seal new dom anita committee has stabbed aboard all ghosted. You said. I'm out there resulting ourselves but essentially was was moat. You still say quelled wash my skill now. Their most more played a convincing goes eight years since mass. You'll see my. Besides those silting persuade european suto catechism kill impossible. Zayda foreign jamaa cocoons talents. You know his voice mice geagea elusive stole the most is somewhat per perceived. Go head thing with several recipe. What to to them. They air hitting so jealous. Use fees almost most. Yeah nearby oil. No fuss wasteful finnick leaks seem to follow us to measure the john. Lewis yosef voiced. But there's you ed grandeur customink today. Speaking voice that has meal per se. Don't simple as long as you still. Lawsuits lawsuits ceelo. She had my squander still hitting those useful notable shuba safar to sit down to blame. Expect they died. I following the general. Hp dodger resolves it. Pope immunity was expedites. Dodge jeep cuomo his videos. You know this solitude designers ask speaker goes on to say that's not supposed to ever. That's they all. Civitas came to folding dump. Ahead is tommy osage. You'll nami tidy puts questions benched from the overseen swing volvo yet there could Closer fossil gradually. That heals yours. Dodge miles of patchy will ease baena along gratiot cow award us into chicago thing recently. Cheap as you new has made the call meal. Sif don't brag kyoko visuals prodigy in rescue efforts to meet following tweets. Boston awardees abide. You guys you know some nasr mitzvah lawrence per nielsen. Brisk rich thumbing sooner. Does business lawrence behaviors dodge saloon to go to sleep book. The mice enfold. David said vodka. Dangerous astronomic all two point. Two sisters boom to a hit. Their sex osage not connect passe. Staying heltzel six swath. We've no fox sex by two minus miss sport. Don't have lean to gear. Lakes england is the enormous towards so. No the voltage. This sex is afford silly bill. Preliminary modernized throughout key episode. How shall i don't get as sex. This is as you're gonna care to signify wasser segments il-il fast sets up on sex l. Let me call today between should be dodge look inside subcamp portentous stating today. Awesome swamped satchel. Phone to air hitting so distinct. You'll know this but assigns each means by saito swing advisable budget. Data's message means don't have it argue with so big to sink by seed own. Champion into skill catechists. Hypoc things so your disease income me vo hit. This was the local pacheco's into camille perceive. Montgomery customer addition house in remain to vo. See him each thought. Lebron guard scores was sculptures angel. Copy so at jia jia combat shinya do poking historians an equal promptly swing through things. Being sport was again. Milk about united states remains a factor keyboard the main the to leverage that examples. I think things this house. Eight cuisine selena soubra wounded. I believe was some who made. Obviously we just bissau's this site me was amigas quantify to some who dislike us. Some tra- by sue moss. Don't fool nate ivy leagues in when she gonna priscilla five saito state known thing Mobutu messiah so far. You come on the phone scorned. Juicing hell major east winters as you saw finding it. Forgive to moss a hell that so there was this audrey zero mccoy perc- monte portes steve pool near me easy soon as all safety or two factors moving to the airport intricacies think upset riot. That high ceilings. Ilma thing you oil could you much. I sit insured. Perc- don't obviously much of deposit thout illman thing siblings who always the washington heights by stater. Pavee talmadge sitting chimoio on palm to act pretty chico. J just somebody's super squats apocalypse. Yuck reach we stop in three ilise exit to reach super. Save zion Tsinghua what the Linked with does oppose you start argh reach the use of as new tax from meal policy or decima. Pontiac is still do genius intel early metoo open on the cedar and support your mushroom ties. You now i thought post alaskans style keelung forty point without loose you form to essay as you quacked plug kazaa throughout sadism to high school fall. She you move as each call qualities required. Does this name is quieter darby uptake. Quiet sip. artemisia might search. She was established by years required. Though paul eggers aquatic park guarding muslim thing hasn't dodge which is leaving throughout much of should all civilised mention they are the whomsoever cost me which investment mice wbz the demise inches. They this these sophism fresh ignore solemn as she Under the dodging Eczema benjamin diagnosed mental known of this hour somalians catching twice on monday. Don't pay this. We'll see why sabi see civil suit. Daniel mailman manchin bachelor. Still eat like a poker by executive pay wounds or other online plus live on komo secrecy knowledge why Saw makiko we stay on zip phones. Celebrity and not exceed two is defending inaudible survive presentation seat versa. Ever actually dodgy oldman wonderful sipping simple all mice characteristics that zone secure borders h. one. I would seek votes it l. By sage be sore thin olympic. See eventually handling kick out throughout what bill. Jim audie dash. Thank you so much. They don't be so cool. I'm ready to me. That elmaze move shamin to look katersky. Pass some for fidel dodge over. Tv supposed sex. He starts to shake to help me is may board. Think something's got use calls that you and in recent you ill as allowed to to your car yes. Founded sex is tell me she should see out to hail assuming then mice. All that your by his old. Vesey's that you buy does seem talk to spectacle. Loss his fundamental books that people my age overseas to act is thinks he out a with vice police years in sippy followers corey and you will see paul mccartney staffing shiga priscilla. Salem academy eight supposed Woman also got finished because all my company could perceive. No assuming kosova is sabotage. We'll we'll see you. Several cushing simply follow kelly to jamaica mehanna. I'll do sit up. You go followed by questions duping. Is that the main syndrome For the winstons. Cavs on my grandch- foods as danger. Don't sleep were given as dangerous. Shot also mention as we all right. You know you. Don't pay mice quintals sweep that. She was superfluous ashkenazi. By thinks is awesome. Did essentially helping chinked out won't depart. Chapter by zhou will say the pacific insurance nisus world ecompasses both parties to hit. When excited me we'll keep genetically marine cornices badge nothing geeta dope arise surpassing shop helming monica. We'll save on the foam fussily by out. If put to perceive for thing was picked achiever they do meet. Kid was expanded. Super super dodger. Kosters picture is motors city hairston getting throughout integration serum barges all also throw the that she would yuki usage. Father cab might acute front as the eighteen shindig. We speak that she out with some canals nelson spirits pursuit of selena regards pottage ability my senior to suffer you bestow into goonies hasselbaink seco- story today grant wild with his bitter kick off the dribble that that the jetta sourcing bids embiid subversive the pointing south one twice. What to Anything so nice perc- pontic that supersede helmet hit loud when Now musician whose muthu somersaulting think pre columbian signals jacobs device perceive in saying the goal. Because you're to go but you won't think think would you quite a dodge. That'll tell spotting things. I thought was was getting oversight poison. A split ruled. You said my says i don't think chipper me pointed out capacity helmet started perceived. What ponto fbi spitting. I actually that. You've had this evolving sprout busboys and we put the tools now voice bookcase vialli asti. They swing snack versus those inching. Three hasn't been sick with. Don't want to balmy as i say it will be. Our the big star built as being vilified the bodies ipo novice gomez. If i were to mamane to dodge appealed supporting things signing wants versus. Kenny physique was an office the dopamine took an active five should shabangu thankfully better you so so set so said was cinch. It baked into being proceed potential stepping sakhalin's e jim two-point to I come to teach the not seem to chuck a burn down. Mike me dodge group. My addressed this soldiering our can. You cannot the main but i. I doubt his job labor. You're listening all racial returned from silky semi dope. We there how boys bureau was so my poison. Happily galveston wasn't no forever suppressive nopal when he got no really got helming choices. Things milk reopened disappointed by. Save the spitting. Backyards are to cope with you that sing. What lovers spitting miser dodge staffer saying yet studies. Show that to stay awesome. Spin offs officers thousand years. The nation with the potential for fish sala magic follows savannah. Leagues eventually died at home with the diktats was sitting on the internet. Usually stemming sync with rebel sify zipora hazel. Be a mood extension. that's gaza. We'll sit thing. I'm a Hanukkah meal by nas vertical emotional. 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Manila down a thankless go near i think is company amnio convenient museum getting updating cheat device of the author advice if saami to renew evening with application and excel miserable but now conservatism winning potential Get into no way yes. Shinxiaku vinet s. g. f. cc hell's mental health. Sold dario known for the a sincere on nazila samantha. Winter squeeze in these geo quiz catching zeal spicy fuzzy. He'll he'll mentioning guest business. Cr quantum fluids of the bull by shraga cod Ashok up a sowa sequels. Then lisa You'll go may throw him in one name would thus So jiffy he'll wholesomeness he'll remain to You'll see see doubles will see you. Liaisson as the message on say that moment Ever since my this followed by she-she's crawford. Nikki is an illusion. And if thank you we'll follow. Somebody's always living. Bill will stay. Concurred tatami incubus. See enough to put key. I since presenting coma from sean columbia. 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So getting cyclopes gal getting up biting fat bottom associate dodgy else thing that you beat the anxious thing conceal assuming can somebody in my thing that is you confronted keough hill meantime. Yep who come follow spectrum. You look through enough she war judge comey legitimate ass. Kista school through cheese might have fused as to what you think. The bengals seeger was osama sitting sabio key appleseed focused noah paraquat cases in winters. Visiting ilana sonoma's c-compare mil- milk complain year. Constructive caused stay completed his style. you caparo. donald trump. not necessarily mean thinks asked a comparison. What epic does things so paying for. His ouster achieve was and kc thinks basically. They're all these boys of king juan. Yes inviting academic silting g mice. I changed the project without with. Ross mackenzie from would get no necessarily mitch. The war to find success as she thinks compared who success terrified some complimentary. Bruno's you bring some have become we adept or does this who still think some winters decision went to chrissy needs to the of also say subject cheaper night she us up his so if winker phillies precale. Yankee is developing because somebody judiciary leaving. she's fitting to start as fittings yet. Put up some so hatsaw. Jetta fruits threats domi occasional seeing thing thing as successful mitch. Mcconnell is johnnie walker. Priscilla's rodney sheppard circuiting. Should jesuit no harrison. I mean to know. Fullness amiga king internet getting into me call gangqi store. Now i can use any me gonna coming voices at this sunday. You see this. Nobody does say to snow. Would also other sheets team went to. The main threatens exposes komo over six hundred nine spores killer bee so a five. I'm knee fuzzy. Sex fuzzy more my solano emmy amiga meals amigos conditioner kabbah squeeze stojan near elizondo coverage ancient. H komo mommy's kit. But i see pilot cheeky. 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She was on the f not dangerous to one. We'll see you all my show through the molding who was sacred murphy. Injury gordons added so pass and not will be proceeded with us. You also look for the house. And i come up winning causing to jamaica. We thought coming but his uncle me. Dodge raj anything did so she must precede father ages partisanship winning these you Dini escort dominated house to escape nas house and also speak the cheever's of one of the most more affordable was. You should refer to walt as an you. Help me choose almost send you. Snatches won't keep ball as kill volgin. Bane he both. By salespeople stash progressive is see awful yada warranty potential civil salami. Is that the mission. Of course. 'cause you strays Cuts output mooch. Even as he says you don't mean full hundred put obama's Voting implicitly so working on june one going was louis going on a day to his on mcdonald's danish frisco bony on lawn Be sure what you think markup on old. You fiscal ball. 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Donna with sewing for danced hill. The hill mitch. Them another had she has to attack sex top brass conversa- mice ditch us voice. I suspect that she feels. Cut the spirit and this following as this room tally. Sopra apoyo you charles. Okay okay from your shock. Also familiar kid to them. We can potential causal tallying end with hilas samantha. Casaus command salama the trees. What did you stop combining that win. If i die. Net equity discuss lashes divorced mice out and keep this from vancouver simply a carbon does. His voice is no Squeezes lane portentous mansion. That it should be. You might be sooner. la thermal. Hiller samantha joshua blue by oil sawing. Those mui don't get to see you. Get days to get harrison. Commu you genres will be synthetic though mangum shut troubled toys. Double squeezed nuclear you. They shopowners quinessa gain eligible net sport. But it's obvious who i. E vite post atop mila immune to the guy to eat the than winter for thanks styling. Under way this chapel hill they moved us. Boys exportation at the Committee onto eastern Is easing members in various on these key. Immune scott is gets is grieving. Enron selling phillies Where got this was commanded. The mania an associate williston i mentioned geelong rows on success phillies then immune scott ice cube even these that they wish phillies win comport Simple elian name isn't familiar. Orange styling andalusian Homies and we. They stunned when hiller saddam mainstream qualities no so named phillies easiest name. So migos mehanna catching the moon to i mean to. Today's earth does knee so amigas. Vive nation just shown sokaia moon jeep comunidades until his uppercuts. Someone thank you is by cashing fee for colds easily. Kate me snap for nas. Snow passing outside the still scenes. Soy stomas Modem you kimmy navene cabeza. Jetta maintain the source. Saint you ask you just don't that mccoy's form base persimmon. Cue for some of these for me side would cayenne wall. Put to dodge carrying response was norwich which i cammisa his cosmas rigas income. Cuando change in a moment to make within flyer to your pig avenue. Pneumonia fallas the wichita hopperton. Fallow took us citizenship in. Mrs keeps him notes. Survey fallow governor raimondo. Schools are only saudi shabbily phalloides about daughter's daily. Follow felarca gradimir ethics. Yeah iverson foul. New old and amazement sequence. We'll be calm and also said. I'll minka me because this is going to all bullshitting dow dodge passive joe view through hell main stock when mccue all saint guy now for kicking migos chiefs. No addition hurrah this. Are they poisonous. It power pacific. Someone to minorities his to my spouse to mention squeeze. Retainers are these conditions vegan. He listen i mean. Some ain't she is not wild as only gloss as is allow them. Harare bone catch boston. They're coming up cheap. Deke please could you hear some. Use combines input palming kill warming or they. Just what sheila so for me i show heaves which sell to chenier. Eliza advocate dame South africa vote down to that squeezes hotel adele city. His i'm put about somebody's we'll see for tattoed deal hasn't changed things. They'll give his saint. Forgive us it the hassle zone to this apartment kit. That dwayne gang put cycle all east. Swami died ruled no seiichi. Diversify these ephraim massacre might. Yeah you to play. Chee said he will kill it as in the helm ancient nasty door allah can put you meet 'em winters yellowstone. I mean lays because perkasa. Jeez winters de tony's lsu scooting hilson point mice five dumble sitting dui migas resulting. He'll day care. Garages cutting hilla spider. Mamane if i lost more than gladys's say put your coat oklahoma. I work state. Yes west firearm democracy as lucille as colloquiums fall. You see his off with imagine go hill known. Come my stadium. Aiguo looking for quonsett kiss on this quiz mice. Both suheil main to begin juice. Chinnaswamy zero falah. Who'll the his office told this fact they'll normally this side with seventy thing practice from each as beginning in if awhile worthwhile. It issues mccolm they. So the what the younger kilo Mood myopic of slur is distinction. Made his name. Though there were faulkner. Proselytism jeff poison will stay. Soviet flap by saying is his. Auditorium is more e e concourses storms the maintenance trial but there business in terms of saab yukinobu santa nelson being swiss. Give us in the store security. Each someone that has been made is also was housing and don't be poised to dallas mill. As soon as you look at the was cuando q- question should be eating molly's even swimming. She fallacy jealous associated with just says. Smells you image. Research simpson say their mid vilified adamson double gopher are back and it also is an woman. She was back with one. Buckle security will say cost the nominees quits Force elephant was for some of his key quad. Low sustained rebels seats was sitting scorching. Down as gods jumped one hundred being stifled housing e on yank chanukah measure to dodge into para is this based on dopamine l. nailed. It was misora net office mistakes kimiko comfortable. The pro cerebral jelly. There are the fis as such outspokenly better lessons sent. Houston chill bank. There was a singer bank in the bedding film as to be associated with our dopamine. Meister will stay thing up on some german is. You're being the main star them. From so betsy. I seem compensate. We started supersede. Brass better reward. Wanted to seem this is start doing both those diversify speaking as ucla hustling into fighting. My defending i would you so probably being scott positions we also main to five thousand dollars each total of us hustle hustle milk up being make the milton. Legality fire fifth nicotine as as repeated. But you still pulling down your corporate zine warren's debate style cinching at their bank at chievo thrown to remove these aspirin significantly sportspeople dished up in towards the mice phillies as sink. Wanted to mice echo. Fiene cheap as you should care. Being preserve sports stuff is not hustling. Check us the mood. Missiles mysolar solidifies must be shot. This akaba helming missing. Chinga healed soap corpuscles facing shari's say probably fish and save lowest must each maine's total beast the house but his position by technology johnson main to eighty eight syphilis into people's immodest syphilis emc in with us with pickens are jones begin us advantage battles crucified. Granja finished the first one u. you v. is soft finance as showtime coming in with another solid. We on fellow so they're division. Leave the beleaguered. Good square hell. Assignments king said the mainland. Depression inch catching a Check it out to each episode fittings into brigades which you know hell assignment was even Mosul hello samantha barbershop. But you're gonna come you. Bridgewater's village committee phillies don't to Bs fittings making set the mandates Dollars this way. Good app we see camilo ever get from is almost zell. Synergy police say. How many lasalle you got the phonology. Check it out this the job. Our genes divorce say link brandon. We'll sit on these for missile over known. You wanna thou- Out there but i will say. This was to exchange from diagnosis. Ec sit you. Almo- hazel varies. uk papua's stores of thraw saint He lets fast. We stains among these devices in my salad cookie house he'd be sacraments. Cheap same rain would come come. Unc c bombing. Yes he thinks washington. We've got chievo escape. He's off his single sauce. Made seem quite someone's muscles just convince the fast queue my hippie personas either or mao star meissner oklahoma cheese show us. How always we sell them. Don't come saint. We sell popol. We sell sentenced want peace corps thing you sneeze spicing things. They after all initiatives bowling. Tony so she a keesa gipper. Solid facing should been recording my supremo asthma species up for gitai. Hitomi assistant i will sing. Sing artist salva.

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Sndrome da Porta Fechada!

Hora do Amor

05:36 min | Last month

Sndrome da Porta Fechada!

"Curious or see what a lot of silver to hilo sooner. Ev the six saw the castle big visa. What usually to follow that syndrome. It up the fisher. Gay just cigarettes over. Yeah from suna. Alko facet data to house wedge. They tell advise jockey was scheduled. Kiele gca sill hilson with this winter jeep as it in the more without depressed at this point cash choice. Gall is by by hilson. You guests usua- komunikasi illness geek. Syndrome upward official chill measure contests five public. These these you almost achieve all fiji. She cared out of dodge by day by parcel. You ought to know why you know. boss yet. Cupboard calls a syndrome artificial fish constituent super-safe healing new khemayes fault of our supllies conversation. Baske- major corny of your study. The study foresee hell who may say obvious thing to say edges. Now you're care now. Is your ill. Fashion falls that kosovo ille- blockade yet to kill lethem. His waters pack to kill boston. Edify food mitch. Supersede miser financial keys appraisal has me to go. Sacrificial bought this oversee i come. Efficient are forty koso- civilized to eat them. More does versa. Politicial communica soapbox choice. He says you're importance procedure by saying you visit vibe. A singer apple taiji by genetic oversee coys meaningless immovable things harrison intertwined divorcees. Conservatism the kicker stuff on these game discuss is the show for their voices. Always research was will give those perceives. Akaba efficiency was partisan rescan windy dench by safe for muscle of four. Follow up with privacy dench and winter. Potentials a boost in the get tough on we should puska implement is our foreign moment. You will see my says kim male vice procedural who cares call. Two hours of musk was that point portables. They same stuff. Eileen s he put follows. This particular swim was mortified. Acquaintances acquaintances was firing thrashing. Your best chabal subesquent. Sco care cosmas. Amigas 'cause squalor. My school meal by cedeno missing over son throws the system to almond was three visits ufologists now yellow caregiver sensibly in tumbles followed without of five-star fisher partners who ceo pat say knock pony kosovo's it hot spots of in part by stock locker and travel say my subtle to make film score that same mayes important. She gives us a school so by saying he's quarter is nearly killed roses at one game cheese variety cisco crashing and what the forgive part was saint louis midgioni sonesta circling throws mamane to commendable sam optimize swimming east asia. My sports our vm's facilitate travel saying and potential kazemein to gel. Flimsy said it was mass efficient. This will say start after immortal going to shake. This helps to this. Concert is in them. You bill courage that he might move into. This was about comedy the monterey so lasala gado chitra don't put on this. That's knowing how single adding jesus zoo somme tonight of seizure. Poise shutting tile oversight themselves pisces. Miocene seems maine's for e hit achieves in that conversation so is assumed osage at fisher or supersedes. Assumed don't team. What we prophecies dating seem to me that artificial harrison. I made divorcees. You say kicked your show. This assumes scotch dies in much syrup. Fire ideally no fashioned. A mop board the juicy. If begin avelino santiago seeing civic shadow spots self at seen peevish outsource spotters gomez being sentence must follow cova. Safe cbo say boy are banned by saying obree was part is always sufficient spots sale by piecing should ever see recording mycerinos but incentivize platform Ties with domain assistant. Single sing artist salva.

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Debt Weighs on Families and Businesses Amid Recovery

WSJ What's News

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Debt Weighs on Families and Businesses Amid Recovery

"Filing taxes find out what recent tax changes mean for you with the Wall Street. Journal's e-book trusted tax reporters. Wsj members can download now Debbie S J plus Dot com slash tax twenty twenty. The Corona virus pandemic is pushing households and businesses deeper into debt. How that'll affect the nation's prospects for recovery. The business sector is in my view the potential Achilles heel for this economy coming out of this crisis and a brutal reality of the pandemic many people are dying alone that normal process where you could go in into the hospital and in sacred by your loved one and many people with them and comfort them is not happening. It's Friday April tenth. I'm Anne Marie for totally for the Wall Street Journal. Here's what's news apple and Google are teaming up to turn smartphones into corona virus tracking devices. The Silicon Valley rivals are making software. That would alert people if they come in contact with someone who's been infected. The PROJECT FACES. Some hurdles users would need to be willing to enter their personal health. Data into an APP and health authorities would need to expand testing president. Trump said today that the technology raises some privacy concerns and that his administration would take a very strong look at the project. If you've been to the supermarket lately there's a good chance you've seen a lot of items are out of stock. Grocery stores across the country are rushing to keep food on the shelves but at the same time farmers and food producers are cutting back on production and throwing food away. Jersey Newman explains what's going on. What we're seeing is a massive upheaval within America's food supply chain where all of a sudden the restaurants and schools and hotels that bought about half of the country's food shut their doors choking off a key source of demand for the goods that farmers and food companies produce. Some Americans spend more than half their food dollars away from home and with restaurants and other institutions closed. There's a lot of food left with nowhere to go in response. We've seen farmers plowing under thousands of acres of vegetables prime growing regions across the. Us dairy farmers are dumping millions of gallons of milk and manure pits and checking companies are breaking eggs that are growing chickens in order to shrink their flocks. It turns out that our food supply chain has become pretty specialized and so it's difficult and costly for food. Companies that are designed to produce certain products for restaurants to convert them into products that consumers would buy at grocery stores. That's Wall Street Journal. Reporter Jesse Newman small business advocates. Say companies are still waiting to receive money from the government's new three hundred fifty billion dollar loan program part of the recent federal stimulus package banks and advocacy groups say. The delays are due to inadequate guidance from the Small Business Administration on loan closings as well as technical glitches the SBA said it's approved one hundred forty one billion dollars in loans through the program as of Thursday. I'm Jack how hosted the new baron streetwise podcast on business and investing this week. I focus on Disney and how the pandemic might change theme parks movies and television. Here's Disney executive chairman. Bob Eiger just as we now do bag checks for everybody that goes into our parks that at some point we had a component of that that takes people's temperatures Disney beyond the pandemic on. This week's streetwise subscribe on Apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. Yesterday we talked about the large amount of debt that federal and state governments are taking on to combat the Cronin virus pandemic today. We're talking about the private sector businesses and your home joining me now. Is Wall Street Journal Senior Editor? John Hilson Roth John. Let's talk about personal household debt and there are a couple of pieces here including mortgage debt and student debt. What can you tell us about the effect of personal debt on the recovery? Will you know it's it's interesting? The household sector is in a bit of a different position than say the business sector where debt has been rising pretty aggressively over the last ten years. What happened in the household sector after the financial crisis was a lot of households? Really focus their attention in their efforts on paying down debt so if you look at home equity loans or if you look at mortgage loans as a percentage of GDP they actually. They declined from two thousand eight right up to about two thousand fourteen. American households really took major efforts to get their finances in order and increase their saving. And that's good news. That's going to put a lot of people in a better position than they. Otherwise might have been in but there are pockets in the household sector where there is potentially real strain. One of them is student loans. We've SEEN LARGE INCREASES IN STUDENT. Lending over the last decade to finance increasingly expensive higher educations and one of the things that's happening there. Is that the federal government is getting involved. You know the federal government is actually the nation's largest student lender and as part of the rescue package the two trillion dollar rescue package that the government just past there was a moratorium on debt payments for the next six months. So there's a little bit of relief they're coming for student borrowers and so. How is the pandemic factoring into household debt? The debt that households had was manageable three months ago unemployment was very low incomes were. Rising confidence was high. This debt was manageable but it depended on the cash flow that people were bringing in in a world that looked like the world we had three months ago. That world has changed. Unemployment has gone up levels. Were likely not to have seen since the Great Depression. And so though the debt levels were manageable the cash flow is that people need to service. That debt are now being squeezed and so it could be a challenge for a lot of households. It is the case that the federal government is moving very aggressively and state. Governments are moving very aggressively to try to pump money into the household sector through unemployment insurance systems and again through this rescue package which is sending direct payments to households. The big question for a lot of households is GONNA be enough money to pay the bills until this virus is tamed. John Let's talk about businesses. What about the debt do they hold? And what that means for the economic recovery. The business sector is in my view the potential Achilles heel for this economy coming out of this crisis. What we've seen over the last. Few weeks was massive increases in business borrowing businesses tapping their banks to tap their credit lines for cash to tide themselves over investment grade businesses moving very aggressively to issue investment grades bonds to raise money. Now the business sector came into this crisis with heavy debt. Loads it's GONNA come out of it. Which with even bigger debt loads and the risks guy see here is that companies are going to be in the mindset. I think after this crisis that households were in after the last crisis. They're going to be saying. How can we clean up our finances? How can we re- reduce borrowing and that's a potential drag on the economy because it could mean slower investment plans and it also is potentially a weight on the stock market because the money that has been going into share buybacks and dividends over the last few years of pretty healthy growth could now be going towards paying down debt. That's Wall Street Journal senior writer. John Hilson rat John. Thank you so much for joining me. Pleasure the corona virus pandemic hit another stark milestone. Today more than one hundred thousand people have died. Because of the virus of those nearly eighteen thousand or Americans the ratios spread of the illness. And the social distancing measures put in place to help stop it have created a harsh reality. Many of the ill are dying alone without their families by their side to say final goodbyes. Eighty-seven-year-old Keiko newts of Louisville Kentucky was hospitalized on March twenty fifth she tested positive for the corona virus and was put on oxygen and her health quickly declined her large family including eight children and twenty eight grandchildren weren't allowed to visit granddaughter. Jenna Forbes when she first went into the hospital and we knew that we weren't going to be able to visit her. It just really gave everyone instances hopelessness and helplessness. That we wouldn't have anything that we could do even if we wanted to to hold her hand or to be with her but the family was able to connect with. Newt's in her final days virtually through a video APP her son Tommy. Newt's would say mom it's Tommy and she goes. I love you mom. And she responded back. I love you and I I cannot tell you what it meant to me and using the APP they were able to join a final call to say. Goodbye son. Bobby. Newts when they did all the mask off nurse was holding her. Am within less than a minute. She said she's got when they went to go. Remove that mask is when the nurses gathered around her remote sadder door and the other nurses elder hand so it was pretty. It was a pretty touchy moment for. All clubs. Keiko's family is one of several that our reporters connected with to tell this story joining me now. Is Jennifer Levitz Jennifer? These are very tough stories. Tell us a bit more about what you heard from these families going through this process somebody described it to me is almost a second conscience got because the the deaths were mostly very suddenly from the virus. Somebody got sick and they were. They died fairly quickly. And then on top of in this very public way unusual way and then on top of that the normal process where you could go in and into the hospital and say goodbye to your loved one maybe be with them and comfort them is not happening because the hospitals are barring visitors understandably during the pandemic so you have families. These families are just really trying to grapple with not being by their loved one side at the end and all the emotions that go along with that very difficult thing to go through. What did you learn about how this impacts the grieving process for families who can't be in the room to say their final goodbyes to family? Why talked with some of the nurse says and they said that normally what happen in a case where where someone is is dying. Where you know. They're dying not set in depth. But you have some time that they would call the family and the family would come in and and they said that they know there's been studies that it can comfort the person and it can help relax them but it's not just for the patient it's also for the family members because they can get out things they wanna say and they also can commune and mourn with one another so in this case you have people not only are they not getting to be with the person who's dying but they're mostly not getting to be with one another because of the social distancing you have this this family. They're all in separate houses on. They're not getting together so they haven't gotten together as a group to mourn and they're they're not at the hospital to to see each other and and and another thing is that Doctors I talked with one doctor who said that she likes to have the family there because the family notices things about the person and they'll tell the hospital say you know I can tell she's a little cold. Sometimes they'll provide some clarity or they'll answer questions and she also worried that that families might have questions like did that if they are not there to see how hard everyone is working to to do everything possible. They might think they did. They do everything they can. The hospital still have been amazing. The ones we talked to with trying to include families as much as possible. Yeah one of the many things I found really touching about your story is nurses Doctors Hospital staff who are helping to facilitate these virtual calls so people can say goodbye they are there you have nurses using their phones to call family and Organiz facetime chats and also promising the family that they'll be there at the very end they'll be holding the person's hand they're staying after their shift ends to be with the person they really. This is really hard on them too. Because they're putting themselves in the shoes of the family and thinking I want to be there and they seem very emotionally touched by this. And they're trying to do to do everything they can. Wall Street Journal reporter Jennifer Levitz. Thank you so much for your reporting and for joining me today. Thank you so much to read the full story and see a video of Keiko. Newt's his family visit our website wsj.com. And that's what's news for this Friday afternoon. We'll be back on Monday and both the morning and the afternoon. I'm Marie for totally for the Wall Street Journal. Thanks for listening.

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Coachcast #1367  Que tipo de relacionamentos voc tem?


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Coachcast #1367 Que tipo de relacionamentos voc tem?

"Get you with your hello. Samantha was thing as a toxic abbas kickable saving putting down to put a stove. The coach cast to brazil. I sat yet t motif over also security so at least until june sociale intelligence. Socio inside he'll need to enter. Who is google say. Seen vinyl hilas tacoma pillow by my mind your own failure of lamont style up is so schools schools. Either google fi sewer identity. I made lane but he is a incubus. It sheffi but a god thrilling but a god milo selma leader. Subaru denied inch in daughters. As soon as de la abu ibew talks as opal south. Dhabi's you'll get us. A beer called tillerson voces stop. Recruiter do equal cheap. Would you hear us on. I meant to it. Provocative provoke i but hilas unexcelled dodwell. And i think he's siegel moore. But i will sit deletions associate. I'll be meetable sicknesses wing circle macedo. Montel are suicides turning cheer hickory sales. Now donna lewis. Acadia saw his beer beer. Beer sewer body for the neither onum. Daily for the coupe is simply dow vucitrn. Make thank you sit. There said the scenes look to new contract to visit the severe as autism sutra by a manger susan moss who silkwood. So we'll see star tutton. Kelly hilson account said our who booed booties montazeri's supporters. Pickens finances so much as your his. Donald michie feel milk. Do you to tacoma apple podcast. Epl vida norwood. You've franca donny. How'd you villanova franca tacoma ball to bear. He you we started a whole by hydro villanova you million owed bowling was budget. Dhammapada wounded healers intelligence sociale indonesia. Egypt is low barrier watts hydro. Utd your brazilian his. What's up it will do this. It's not the way to tracing. Nava me nabi lovey. Dory three sink outdated at this kayla putting it also bullying cater to the version two played. You would not. Juba almost feel put guest you.

milo selma de la abu ibew tillerson hilas dodwell siegel moore macedo tacoma donna lewis google lamont Samantha susan moss tutton Kelly hilson brazil Subaru montazeri Dhabi Montel
Brooke Ligertwood: Awake My Soul

WHOA That's Good Podcast

25:08 min | 1 year ago

Brooke Ligertwood: Awake My Soul

"Hey family welcome back to the world. That's good podcasts. It say rob here and today we we have a very special guest this. I've actually looked up through from afar for a really long time. So it's really going to be awesome to sit across the table from her and interview her. It's Brooke Lidgerwood. Would from Hilson worship. She is so amazing written so many songs you've probably all love and they actually have a new album out called awake so if you haven't heard awake by heels on worship except go check it out and let's dive right into in this interview. I don't want you to miss a single word that she has to say. I'm so excited for today because Brooke Lidgerwood from Pilsen worship is here with it does and I gotta say she has been a friend from afar for a long time. Should know this but now we're friends but I've lived up to her in so many ways on social media and just the woman that she is so Brooke. Thank you for being here. I'm so glad to be real friends. Now siding really exciting and I know I'm not kidding. I looked up to you in a lot. A lot of ways. And it's cool because we have so many of the same friends. Yes you've how people like you and broke so much like as really kind of funny because because the reason they say that is because they're like y'all both like do really funny embarrassing things and then just like die laughing at yourself on my greatest connection somebody who just gets them over. We didn't take ourselves too seriously. Yes we enjoy accidents. We accidents we welcome them. They bring joy to our live. But I'm excited. It's a family meet you and so the question on the podcast. Ask everybody the daunting question. What's best piece of advice you ever been given and so? I know it's daunting but the whole point point. Is You give so much good advice like we get to receive advice from you on instagram. Talks that you get through the QNA's they're singing but like who gave you advice that you were like That was really good. Yeah I was thinking about this and trying to rifle through these decades of memories and so much wise input that I've been blessed to have. I think one of the single most things that has helped me actually pieces of advice is something that my pasta. Bobby Houston's is older which is lit pre do the heavy lifting. So if you're you're listening to this and you're darned switch off 'cause I reckon there's going to be appointed that conversation that this applies to you but lip read do the heavy lifting so grey. Oh my gosh it's like that's good advice for anybody like whether you're Christian or not like she don't like off because there's something to that. I just want to kind of dive into that little bit deeper. Like for you you because normally the best advice that we've been given the reason why it sticks out as good advice is because it influenced our life and like really heavy moment or exciting moments or big moments and so how have you seen that advice. Kinda take root in your life and then help you through certain. Absolutely one of the things that I think everyone can relate to as that life. His life can be really complex navigating the world as a human being comes with challenges that were unforeseen or maybe challenging circumstances that you were born into and I guess the Great News is God Israel and the great news got US real. He loves you. He wants to walk with you. That you don't have to do it alone. And so one of the ways that he's given us to connect with career on my Gosh is New Zealand in my life. I guess I've always wanted to see the God story unfold. You know I've always wanted to. I've wanted to live in a miracle zone and what that means is you find yourself in situations that you actually can handle on your own. I actually don't have it within yourself with your gifts. The new talents in your strength to do it. You have to lean on God that's terrifying place to be. It's easy to say it back when you're actually in that place and your only option is to lean God. Then that's way prayer comes into being but also I think the challenge Cena's when things are going great and when it would be easy to coast and on the Atwood no no one else would know the difference but you know inside that you're trying to lean on your own gifts challenge. You can make it look like anything from the outside but you know yourself what's actually going on so I think the challenges then to in those seasons when you can do it in your own strength to continue to choose not to continue to press into praying. God God I need you want to help you one one of the things. I love in the Bible when I read about the life of King David who was an amazing leader and military commander. A poet a songwriter. An amazing person with a hat after after God. Is that all through the Bible. When evie read about David at constantly says that he inquired of God and he did that in situations where he actually probably an his strength and his gifts Gibson his talents? He didn't need to see what to do. Had Been in the situation with a little bit constantly says David and quiet of the Lord Lord Wash I do and so. That's something that I always come back to on my own in life. I know how to put together a song list for wish. I don't know how to do all of these things but what's going to make a difference in people's lives actually is if I stop and I inquire of the Lord because I do that all suddenly. You're Oh actually no. This isn't the right thing to do. I need to switch this switch. They saw even an parenting. Like I have two little goes to constantly inquired and he corrects me and how they actually we need to wake on. Dylan's confidence like Larisa ways. We can do that so yet. To constantly inquire of the Lord constantly. Ask Ask God for help. You find that he does help you and I am as much more amazing than it would have been if you just relied on your own self yet. Oh my gosh I so good unpack all of that and also re listen to this myself. No really soak on that because I can attest to that own life. I mean for me things that that I do now and I talk about this sometimes being fears about being confident and for people who listen to me all the time talk about they're saying just backing up to square one that comes from me ebbing with the Lord has confidence and who he is not my own ability. I can't speak I can't right. I can't do these things in less. Jesus and she's saying the same thing for her life and what I love about about it. Is You put this time with the Lord and the way that you pair in the way that you lead worship and the way that you choose your where she lives in the way that you write and it's an every aspect of your life and I think sometimes we think. Oh Oh like you said when I need you got her and this aspect but this is a twenty four seven God we need you near the power and all of this. You're literally the breath in our longs instead of that so powerful. I want to ask you about those times that you sit down and you are going to riot or you're going to make the list or whatever you said. There are times when my need a switch says and he is and I know you're kind of getting that hearing from from God I know you've talked about this And so kind of touch on that. Maybe my listeners have never heard what is how do you hear from award and those moments which I need to say this or seeing this and this moment when you break off into those kind of spirit moment I think it's like with anything that's new beauty you you need to practice. Whatever that is in life I definitely don't feel like I'm qualified to speak about like hearing from God? I'm definitely not the authority on it. There are people who are way more experience than me. So let me make that exclaiming this that I don't have it altogether that I'm a regular who just ask Jesus tell me every day. The I think the thing is that God will speak to deliver with speaking from a Christian worldview here so he'll never say anything let's country to his word the bottle I think the thing is if you think you hear something always always check it against actually what the Bible says if God says donate that woman's husband that's not God is incorrect but sometimes it's a little action like I remember when I was just become a Christian. I may be a Christian for a few months. I was fifteen or maybe just sixteen and I remember. I was on vacation with my family. Uh who aren't Christians. Actually and we walking through a mall in Auckland New Zealand and we walk past this little jewelry shop and I happened to glance and I made eye contact with the go behind the Canada and this is one of the Times that I think I can ever remember like hearing voice in the Holy Spirit and I felt like the listed gone teller that I like it well and I remember the woods besides specific. It wasn't just that I love it was that I like and I I was like that is crazy. I just made that up. That was just in my head like that was like you're crazy broke so I was trying to put it out of my mind and after about twenty minutes I couldn't shake it. I actually was supposed to go and say this last so you have to get your brave on you know and be willing to kind of look you have to be willing adding to look a bit stupid like you have to realize that it's not about you and if you're doing it in love life if you had to go wrong you still difficult. I went back into the store I was like. Hi Look. You don't know me and I hope this comes across the right way but I was walking past. I saw you. I really felt like God wanted me to come in here and just tell you that he likes you. He loves you. He really likes you and Her eyes filled with tears. And I can't actually what happened after that other than I felt like a confirmation muhammed that was the right. I think but then I think the thing is you can go through seasons in life when you don't listen and you start to hear him Liz. Yeah so that's the other thing is that you have to Stewart that well and it's okay if you don't all human we all make mistakes but if you're going through a time way you feel like you don't hear God anymore. Well what was the last thing he told you to go and do that. And and then as he speaks to you again like onto the other thing to do is very practically like what does the word of God. What does the Bible say? Love your neighbor bliss. Yeah so if you want to hear the voice of God like look to the Bible as well but it's a it's a fun adventure. I mean we did a South America toll in August this year. We're in Costa Rica. I believe it was crazy. We did this whole tonight in Spanish so we all learned did twenty two songs sixteen Camo layers bash and then the other six six will like partially in Spanish so it was like. Oh my gosh they have minds would just going and with fortune. Unfamiliar to it took some worship and we had Hill Song Buenos Itis Pasta. Come and kind of preach a little message in the middle and speak to the people in Spanish so he did a little message he invited people are safe. Christ loads of people responded. It was was amazing. We went on with the night and during the middle of that first song we did after he invited people to receive. Christ I actually really felt like the Lord said get him back up and get him to do the article in English because there are people here who don't speak Spanish whether their tours but there's somebody here that only speaks English for and you need to and they need to hear the Gospel and so I ran off stage in the middle of the I went up to a passer. I said I feel that. The Lord saying that these people here who don't speak Spanish. And when you go on English so he came back icon. He explained to the people what was happening so that they would kind of be supportive. He gave the article in English and like a tunnel. People responded so people they're like it was it was amazing to let God sees you typically the like we don't know I mean we had made some people in our hotel who works for like British Airways and they were there on their a break before they got on the Knicks Law and we invited them. We don't know if they came. Not Maybe it was then maybe it was like tourists. who had heard of Hilson was what does that speak? Spanish vanished like God loves every single person so much. That will interrupt a song and he'll interrupt like just for you so that you can hear what needs as so good and honestly probably some. Maybe you are listening to this in your car right now. And you're like wait. Maybe God's interrupting my day just for me and should be this moment and if that is you I mean. She's given some really practical things. You go to the word like if you WANNA hear his voice go to the word. Those are the words that he's already breathe life into but this is so powerful La. I just want to echo something that you said at the beginning that you light to live around the miraculous things and I think that hearing what you're saying now that you're constantly listening to God and you're seeing miracles happen and so just went encourage urge had this desire to be around miracles. Listen to God because when you speak what the lurid putting on your heart that's when things get miraculous when it becomes. Oh I don't know and why is this is this is so crazy might look. We're going to say it because the lower prompted me to. That's when you get to witness the miracle to witness God so something you said is so powerful that you go and all these tours around the world right. You've seen to all these people but to me I've just I've never even seen you perform live but I listen to you all the time we have you in our house awesome literally. Wholesome worship always going but the cool thing is Christian and I are about to get married and exciting and we had this time? I am of communion that set aside in the wedding part and we're seeing what a beautiful name and chose to worship too because that song has just been so powerful. I'll never forget I heard it. I just like whipped. Because it just magnifies the beauty of who got it is and then my friend who just got married during their communion sang new wine and I think about these two songs that have come from use sitting and writing and I can't help but thing like these are the times like you said and you prayed and you've listened and so I wanna ask you like from the time that you write those songs to the time that goes out because I know for me like when I write a book doing something in my heart the digi meals presence for you to feel the same way that it's like when you're going to bring something to the church. Is it sometimes something that like. You need to hear I too. Yeah I guess. What's strange about being a songwriter? As that applied in different ways so for my context at the moment that Hilson worship we're bringing songs Frechette Vista Foam is held. Jewish was so we're asking ourselves. What does that congregation? What's going doing doing an community? Yeah what are the names that apostates in leadership at talking about that we could get behind with the song. So there's that aspect of it but then there's also the aspect that has nothing to do with the people that aspect of just being worship and a song coming out that maybe as just for you and God and so it's the same thing but it's a different thing and so you know with what a beautiful name that with my friend been building. That was very much a hacking we write a song that takes people on a journey of the name of Jesus and brings it so close. But then also magnifies magnifies decl is how powerful and Jessica doesn't take people on that. Jenny said that was kind of that song. But then new wine was just a prayer. I was in a spice is in my life with that was literally just what I was praying and I remember being in my car and that's not just kind of singing that at praying to God and then there's a huge feeling vulnerability then you bring the actually the same. We have a new album awake and the first on that school to wake myself and that was the same thing even now actually we just I just let it for the first time last. Wake Creative Conference and I had that same like almost vulnerability hangover like after it because this was just between me and God and now it's in front of all these people right I so you have to kind of do the internal navigation of I are bringing it to God is your prayer but then releasing it for the service of people that is kind of a journey that you have to go on into Italy which is kind of interesting yeah. I think it's amazing that you do that. And like on behalf of the whole world. Thank you for doing that because I know for me like I can. It's that feeling a little and I put something out and it's like man like at first. This was totally just me and learn. I know that God's GonNa use it and I know that people are going to relate to it and so you you end up sharing it and the hope is what what happens every time because it is him as he gets the glory for thank you for doing that because it's it's literally changes the culture that we live in things change. WHOA Geez thank you but I love how you do that? And I know that like a part of that comes with that humility to say and you've touched on humility lydia lot without even saying humility about being kate feeling stupid feeling you know having to laugh at yourself being okay late putting out there. That doesn't make you look great but it makes us like amazing and so I just kind of like I can look a mess but God you look on so it's okay. It's all you but I want to ask you about humility. Because I touchdown people always say we're like because sometimes I do embarrassing things and everything that happens to me even if I face play in front of a lot of people but that also also guns with Godlike humbling you know and so when did you was there a moment and Latte. You're almost start laughing at myself or were you always Kinda like carefree. I think I've always been pretty carefree but I don't know my family actually. My Dad was a famous athlete and our country and people always assumed people from just came on. Yeah I was like speaking of crazy things. Where in the miracle in the miracles aren't the lifting practice everything just breached laughing so I just have to keep this on the buy gas really? We're sitting here during the violence. We're talking about. What would things happen like okay? We're on a tour verbose order on TV. That was off itself. But you know what it's cool we're GONNA keep cruising. I actually just wanted to thank. I wanted to actually just share this. Because a lot of times when abby be beyond the Pie gas you know I'd tell them at the beginning. Your advice is why asks you to be on the podcast. Because you said something that spoke to me i WanNa know what spoke to you and there's something that you said. I heard one time and all that is really good advice. And you said I'm just an ordinary person with an extraordinary friend and you're talking about Jesus and I think that really. Just what is it. Ties Abo- Puts the Cherry under it does for this whole thing. Because that's what you're saying like you're just a normal amazing amazing by the way a person who has this gift but the point is you have an extraordinary friend and Jesus and you lean on him you depend on him and the cool thing is guys. I know if you're like Amihai sit in your car. Like she's amazing so much wisdom all these things but y'all y'all can associate everywhere. She says that it comes from her relationship with the Lord and that's available to every single one of yeah and so like she said if you're that person they don't just turn the pie goes off go than actually actually think about that. Maybe you're sending our God. How can I hear you? Maybe today's the first day but Brooke I guess said you inspire on so many ways through your worship through the ways you speak through your marriage your mom light and so thanks for just being used awesome eh guests every by what was done that normally I call mom but mon- happens to be with me right now because we are in the house. That's right and so I want to go over some good and bad advice. Let's see let's pass the WHOA. That's good test. All right. Never get in a car with stranger. Of course that's good advice never sleep in a stranger's house. Good advice these are like Duh What about password on your phone? Should you have one well. Yeah okay you know as hilarious advise is outdated dated because Uber Airbnb and we pretty much sell our pictures to every single out. We don't let Larry. That's so true. Yeah we do sanders houses. Yes but there are some April roles. You need to make sure they have the little hand. Make sure they say your name. I read their waits. Wait till they say your name your name when you're actually just read a article about that. That's really dangerous. Yeah make them say your name okay. That's good advice now. I'm I'M GONNA say everybody sketching and nobody reads the documents do we. Can we allow so all your pictures in El Al.. Yes because I want to make myself a gold. Ah Like I'll give you all my pictures if you see what I'll look like. When I'm old excellently are pictures of see? We will like an Oldie to the Russians Russians. We impatient people. We goodness that is so funny. Who knew vice can be outdated my gosh let me ask ask you will more so talk about as and this is more of a serious one but we both heard this in a church service today and they were talking about the difference between between the difference between patriotism and nationalism so like yes? We want to be patriotic. Of course we love our country L. of America. I'm proud to be an America kind of blue. That's right but there's a difference from being patriotic and being an nationalist nationalist is whenever you believe that your country is better than other countries are. You're better because you're an American. Then somebody else. Are you have more value because you were born in a certain country than someone else so at at the root of nationalism is a really scary thing because it's saying that it's a dividing classes or it can be divided ethnicity or divide in anything because it saying that like I'm better than you simply because I was born in a certain country I have more value. I deserve more more. I deserve something different than you deserve because of that and it really is the same thing if you look at it as racism in a way and it's really a scary thing and not as nationalism is something that led to really dangerous things in our world the Holocaust and all that so not only is it that it's actually dangerous and we're talking about today in the seriousness and the passages brought up such a great point in saying that I wanted to share that with you all because I don't know that we always recognize the difference in ourselves but we need to Checker Hartson recognize the difference because we're all equal in the eyes of God especially the church. If we believe that we're all equal in God's eyes and that God God made us all in his image and God and Jesus as much as all about unity were all one in Christ. Jesus then we need to know the difference between this too because that can go into total shot in reference to the verses in Christ there's neither amount of female slave nor free great nor do so. Jesus Christ we are all one we all made in the image of God and I thought we should talk about a little bit like how that plays itself out. Because here's how us he is sometimes Perhaps I've been to another country oppose a we do work in Dominican Republic or Africa or wherever and sometimes I'll get comments on my post that better like why don't you take care of Americans. I and one thing that assumes that we don't and so you know one thing that we do we do support ministries in America and we support ministries industries in African Republic and all over the world. So you shouldn't assume that we don't support ministries American do work here as well but even beyond that it's saying that like because we're Americans because you should take care of us I I think that's a really a dangerous road to go down because yes we are all made in the image of God and Whenever we start uh saying somebody is more important than another simply because perhaps their race or their ethnicity or where they were born or whether they're male or female it can be really dangerous? Yup So grandma. I think that's such an important message. Trista get and just so look at the world as a whole outside of ourselves because there's a big big road out there and God made it all he created all that's what we believe and so we really were supposed to love. I read in the same way and so I love when a word as good turns into some deep dot. It's always a good thing to have a little fun but also take seriously the problems that are going on in the world. We can't be naive to the fact that they're certainly things that we can be better at in a lot of different areas and so thank you for that Tom. Thank you so much for listening to the PODCAST. I have so much doing this. I hope you'll you'll have fun listening. And don't forget to the Instagram at Legit Sadie Rob and follow the podcast at Whoa. That's good podcasts over. It's a live original dot com to see when I'm in a city near you or visit live original blog on our online store which carries my exclusive words by stadium. Rob Line also be sure to subscribe to my podcast and leave comments so we can hear what you're Lovin also WanNa give a special shout out to my audio engineer. Marcus to Paula. The whole team United Talent Agency M. I live original team team. You guys are awesome and hey so all of you too. Thanks so much listening

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O que  considerado traio para os homens e mulheres?

Boletim Do Relacionamento

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O que considerado traio para os homens e mulheres?

"It is so what gase bullet to hail into accusing. That would be. Best is as teases says if fastest somebody here are sent him to be sixth out because our does sound sing. already seeing auras salvin sasia more bingo polishing harrison. A main yours you can't lucy main chivo sequel sedan thrice was always amnesty. If off passes lewke sequel should we said if yao into into. Jj quasi to do sony's national keep these option the mainsheet all the air force. Dry so authority. That's let's talk about sex sink abuse at saint go to on either for best saga spill. He'll age age. Hellas sheep scotland. This'll vegetables into zoe's novels down the shot another issue all the result that i sell kissed apology. Syncopal safety does is cheap. This adventure populist posted here peacefully. Paul why would you dry some tonight full fiercer. He tables e halo sell asked. Hesselink's findus me. Just saucier is as me just see is also tonight. My savage novice my need as their coffee and who sale by sale. But he's a major one we'll see stanton hilson to all satchy sex cba match. We are pornography falling on our staff. It thrive and succeed. Jakob will save obvious. Set of se. Yourself you office. Do behavioral resort weed seem to those lila's launching their eastern harrison to bother msci emirs nazis. Those leak achievable wanting more dismissals. Several siasi got him being poisoned. Sierras yourself i say. Fiso miserable mass mcdonagh's definitely soy's look to significantly starting house into offering in the owning sporadic view him and she got to walk himself. Single significant paracel walk our dolls loss. Koga impact g so into is taboo factors. You can just seventy how happening g the they said also hitting somewhat happiness lost heavily kills a scenario the as you begin you might about khazar. Khazar data mccall inpl- yet. He held major shake one eastern lewke. Now i've been you do sometimes keep looking to blame. Acosta saw us now discovery. How each quite some sales amichis itoham audible. Elegy was says yes was meanness. Rookie him into abbasi's toys heavies. Tout hagel i may chief reese about me one the father juki said data policy to dusty so as muga just which it up set by saying. Okay how h. ask them thrice ethical versus dada mowing to important gigawatts. Cash called up regime. Accurate coming. tiles was achy beija episode after all of his so far. Five of 'em geeky was the ash coming into the mrs scorpio. Do for hill. Event is advisable. You'll discover these elephants gravity.

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Coachcast #1374  Saia da Trincheira


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Coachcast #1374 Saia da Trincheira

"Oh my god. The motor level sought designed three sharing a suicide posey swings. You gotta get into. June gloom flew to own this thing poses soysa anti soviet meals masutu. The hill at yuba lure is different candelabra siracusa contested on gaza. Sports install being. The coach cast to brazil. I said dr king more vessel Amazon hilson maple funny lavar spicy design. Thirty nine is supposed eighties. Things conflict is by news swings. Yes we Scrimmage this guy's was sitting there at remembrance of niche digest during thing near your loom to view conflicts pitched battles had a niece his own splitting the wall. Who saw you do motor pursue kazaa buchanan stagnant Casual comfortably getting Parables to eight. Don't pravo societally shida Flee to prepare to joke. Oh he threw a passer. I cannot disclose some blame mckee. We'll see mickey saint quake sewing datacom conflict. Emergency management dr. Booties sue at don't portend. Grammy used to heal minke seeking fica through so superseded does so passer he being sipple kitten portage prairie tobia kiki devil dr sale niche buddha. Kill yuki signi fica. Brian go seattle. Supersonics concludes ways all daily in gone to allow ling besieged civil serious flooding of caesar sister. Van eastern the citrus is saying pre aca boorda swazi imagine thing squadra. Couple polka lipsey achilles launching multiple superseded supersedes listening dingy. His feet soins dailies of his defendants. People say you don't want us as defeating key through cerebral. Simplicity hilson knock. West is sort of piecing is this. Was this threat. You put a kill him to defending kayla thing. I'll keep who see after i eat. I eat a parochial echinacea gauntlet. Dasu was sick it only lasted. I made me news. Muna more flare almost suspended genius quality daddy's and shine me as the police say the scholarship. His honk salt achilles disguises mice fabulous get this dish douala show that girls are more yadda now looking on the message douala mississippi tornado defeat to Blame as yoder's problem as single yod knee skies three share different see like being buddy that he always nice dijac to have the permit school zone tillerson into academia the hold you set the super bowl cabeza water for life for life. Quarter know gorsuch still do them linked to win for peaceful mitch. Cassuto puffiness as guys as any society. Pooping saw you use your pinky con bachelor to flee kill. Upc's with this is showing significant. Leila mundi attention would is psychopathy of by killing ten days. Anything the main slim della sub year bookkeeping. Tom potentially hit of as a scene news. Jonky star to cod the jere data to finish useful security so spit on the alanine. We started at the whole the off bonus. Akita is better was mainly seager olga. Now do to be. Bullying sucato does necas. It's donald balls disappears lodge la rasa bulldozing revolution Do you feel putsch guest here.

candelabra siracusa dr king kazaa buchanan yuki signi lipsey yuba Dasu gaza Supersonics mckee brazil Amazon ling hilson tillerson Muna gorsuch kayla seattle Brian
Episode 702: Hillsong United

Relevant Podcast

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Episode 702: Hillsong United

"From creators of relevant magazine is relevant podcasts. Friday, April twenty six thousand eighteen the of podcast, and I'm back. I'm your host Cameron. Starring on this last last show. I missed you guys sound back. Now joining me here in our studio. Also back on the ones in twos are less your singer near my brother, Chandler strength. Look, he he and I run a boat to Cuba this week over there on the euphemism for something that. Showing about to give over that was from lover land Virginia, that's Jesse Kerry. Alot? Join us from Nashville, Tennessee, our senior editor Tyler Huckabee. Hey, everybody and setting with us for the whole show today were so excited from Los Angeles, California propaganda. I should've never agreed to this. It is it is very very early an LA, and we will get to that in a moment. But I tell you that today's show is brought to you by World Vision and their upcoming global six K for waters coming up may fourth their global six for waters at one day event where people from all over the world walk and run six K in their own neighborhood to bring lasting clean water. The children in need every step. You take one they won't have to. And it is not too late sign up and join us. Now, why six K and not five six K is the average distance women kids in the developing world walk for clean water. When you walk a run rule, visions. Global scale for water, you'll provide life changing clean water to one person in need through your registration fee. It's no matter where you walk run. You'll be celebrating lives changed, and you can actually raise a lot more than that this event takes place on may fourth and our whole team here relevant is running it. And we would love for you to run with us. Whether you wanna come actually here to Orlando and do it. It or across the country. You can join groups in your area, or if there's not one you can form your own you, and your friend can just do it in your neighborhood. You don't need to find a race site. You can find out all the information. Search for groups in your area or find out how to host one by going to World Vision, six K dot org. And if you actually want to come here to Orlando and run it with us. You can go to visit six K dot org slash relevant for our team page. They go join us visions at global scale water may fourth. It's going up soon. All right in here. Here's what happened are. I want to give props to Jess Collins. Jessica Collins on our on. She is the the wheels that keep the relevant train run down the track every day and company when crumble without she was out of town for merely hours at this point. And I had already botched the podcast lineup, and apparently told prop. The wrong time. One day and prop instead of getting up at a nice nine o'clock to join us for the today's episode. Got a call at seven thirty saying where are you apologize? Jess. So should you? Yes. You're on tour right now. Right. I literally got off the stage three hours ago just took a shower which sleep. Yeah. We're at Seattle meager brilliance credible to a Portland. Apparently this comes out today so doing Portland tonight. So you guys go see us at Portland, the Latin theater and how many dates on the show proper? Let's see we got a tour. What I think we got about seven more dates doing all of the west coast. Yeah. Also important tomorrow. That's awesome. That is awesome. Dr today. I mean, apparently. Thing we normally record the podcasts on a different day or whatever. But we were doing a day of because Chandler, and I just got back. I Don this morning. Our our our trip arrived back here in Florida. So yeah, we were we were in Cuba couple days ago. First time I've ever been to Havana amazing. Very cool. It's like on the Lam it's time that you go. Oh, it was humming. Yeah. We we had dinner. You know, I it's it's interesting. If you've been to any of the Caribbean countries, the architecture felt familiar if you've been to like Saint Augustine, which was also developed by the Spanish around the same time architecture and the city squares and stuff is very familiar cobblestone streets and all that but other than that is if you've been to old San Juan Puerto Rico, you that's what have Anna feels like. But what's unique about Cuba is obviously things are frozen in time from nineteen sixty two. Yeah. So like all the cars on the street, you see or the majority of the car. See all the taxis are like nineteen fifties American automobiles Chrysler's and stuff like that. And that's no joke, and they are they look brand new. They're in perfect condition. And and and and we learned a lot about the communist regime and how. You know, like doctors and bus drivers make the same salary, and and it's. Their economic situation is very different than ours. Are the reality there? It's interesting. I do wanna talk about some of the nuances of the geopolitical complexities of our relationship with about. But first there's another option I have about this trip. Because this was this wasn't USA vacation. This was a strain -cation. There was there was I'm counting. At least, you know, what five members of the Shang family. You co and Chandler and. Yeah, that's right. That's who went and I we had a conversation. She I hope this is okay. That we talk about this. Because the no edit Chandler, you have some fantastic art work on your arms recently on both arms. And I don't think it had been unveiled to your parents. But a cruise ship is a very difficult place to hide arms for the period of an entire week. Especially in the heat of Havana hid it did. Wasn't that hot? But. My my dad has ruined jokes. Just go with Chandler. Long Suzy entire time you sleeves. He wore major most of the time your pants and a hat. It was like it was winter the Appalachians. Yes. Yes. Maintained. So you maintained the secrecy? It's still everything's under wraps now. I think I think they know you know, I just was trying to avoid the awkwardness. I did know I will say this. I did see for the first time. I did see my brother wearing shorts for the first time in years. He did were shorts. I did. Like calf tattooed things out. No, no, no, not yet. Okay way. I think I'm catching up you're saying that you are a grown full grown adult. That's right. You're hiding tattoo from your parents. Correct. Less hiding in. Yeah. I guess. Voiding conflict just a void and Connor unnecessary conflict. Do you're on a Caribbean. Cruise. You departed. Coco Beach Florida at late spring. They I was just down in Florida. And it was hot. I was in pool. And I was sweating all day. So you're telling me you were on a cruise ship disavowed pools, the whole time or shirt in the water. I just didn't go to the pool. I don't I'm not into like outdoor swimming. Yeah. Go swimming and Cuba. He didn't. From around. There's no pools around there, and like beaches and stuff couldn't find a pool or beach on a Caribbean island. All right. That's all rocks. You know what I mean? Like, there's no like sandy beaches like put still but still I'm not saying you have to shirtless. The whole time. I admire your commitment to conflict avoidance that in the heat of the career like what are the places on this earth as close to the equator as you can possibly be that. You would rather be that uncomfortable walking around town all day, you know, in what's probably pretty because I have a hard time intro layers of black black clothes black hoodies. Black pants long sleeved shirts. Blouses teases what I was going with most of the time. But I try this one you could try this mom that grown, man. You haven't met my mom. What was this is this is that you create boundaries? We just me and my wife just had a whole pot about creating boundaries. Mom. This is abound. Dri need this for both mental health and for both to not further trauma. I'm gonna resent view later mother. I love you. And for our relationship for you to meet, your grandchildren and have a great time later on. I'm telling him grow, man. Yeah. But, but but Chandler's boundary is well established, and it is the sleeves of drops long teams shirt. Yes. Speaking of the healthy boundaries coming up on the show today. Hilson United joins. I don't know. I just think the father son dynamic, Brian Houston, Joel Houston, I just healthy boundaries. They're the got. 'cause they're they're all thriving there threat. I mean, it's still working apparently. Yeah. Publicly. You should say that the interview we have today. Joe joe? New album people releases today, and guess who joins us Joel and join us here on the show. Yeah. So it's awesome. Yeah. Excise on tour and everything and what what we have. I have Mike Joel and Brian Houston up and Joel will unveil to his parents his gigantic back piece. A giant the shoulder. It was a bold bold move. It's a tiger wrestling eagle. And I don't know what it means. But. It's a weird twist to fade. I won't ruin the I won't ruin the surprise. But apparently Brian got a matching bold eagle on his back. And they didn't even know. It's weird. Joel Houston actually got a giant Jesus culture tattoo on his back. Sign of solidarity body forever. Yeah. All right moving so long time. It's a Friday episode. So it's time for. Very very apropos choice of jingle. Yeah. Article. The article nights version given lukewarm 'cause this could wear long sleeve the whole time. It was fine. It actually was I didn't sweat the whole time not to be literal. But it was remarkably cool and key west and Havana. Yeah, I was actually if you're in the shade, you're fine. Yeah. So. Talk shows. I chose what parts of this historic once in a lifetime city. I would visit by which ones had shaved. So. Get on the big outdoor courtyards everyone talks about but you shouldn't number. You should've walking around the sun embrace, the sixties, bro. For rela shade, my favorite Accua was eating dinner at this. You know streetside cafe because like if it's a good restaurant. They've got tables out in the street in. It's like a lot of pedestrian streets old Ulta Vanna, and and we sit down to eat dinner and sure enough for guys with instruments come up and they plug in. And and we had an amazing live Cuban music for our meal was the music was amazing school that was kind of similar if you come to Nashville, I it's the the music genres a little bit different. But people will come up and plug in while you're but you don't even have to be eating outside. You can be standing around on your phone and next thing, you know. Man, why by one by young man, who's watched his dream of country music superstardom slip away from him mere. Play outside of a Starbucks outside the Nashville. Old navy hammer loop jeans tucked into his cowboy boots head. Head. He's ready. He's ready to he's gonna rock your world with with a song about a friend of his who was a carpenter two thousand years ago, but he's alive. Today's he's ever as you look in his eyes and see that he is slowly creeping towards his own death much, like the dream in the career music that he always wanted. It's good to real experience. All right coming number five heels on United performed good. Grace this week on good Morning, America. The band's new album people releases today, which we will tell you several times on this episode, and they're kicking off the world tour this week the hosts called on United one of their favorite bands when they introduced him and they played the single on live morning television. Here's a clip. Hey, good for them. I mean, they're want to, you know, the weird like, they're an overtly Christian group, you know, they're a worship band, but it's not uncommon to see them on, you know, these kind of mainstream platforms and people really seem to like him. Even if it's the I wouldn't call like, the good Morning America or the today show like Christian TV, you know, but they seem right at home there in the in the hosts seemed genuinely thrilled to have them perform coming number four this week on the hot list, JR Tolkien's family wants people to know, they don't endorse FOX Searchlight's new bio pic about him, the family released a statement saying they wanted to quote make clear that they did not approve of authorize or participate in the making of the movie. What's more, quote, the do not endorse it or its content in? Anyway, they're very very stern about this, man. It's called Tolkien and it focuses on the period of the young Christian authors life before. Lord of the rings and appears to cover this supposedly events that inspired him to create Middle Earth and the stories there in the biotech looks like it could center these events on the young young Tolkien's romantic life and school days with a magical realism woven into the true-to-life moments. The token estate has resisted the making of a biopic about him for many years, the author has been dead for forty six years. It's important to note. They haven't actually seen token. The statement does show just how uninvolved the family was in the making of the film that could lead to some ruffled feathers of her exactly how talking interprets the life of its subject in a statement a relevant. Fox searchlight pictures said we are so proud of dome Kerr Kaos Kara cow skis film, tollgate which focuses on the early years of the JR Tolkien's extraordinary life and does not depict subject matter from his novels while we did not work with the Tolkien estate on this project. The filmmaking team has the utmost respect and admirations for Mr. token. Gene and his phenomenal contribution contribution to literature. I appreciated them reaching out to us to provide that statement, which is what which is what happened when we posted that story. But I'm like I will update it as a courtesy. But you really say a lot there. You just kinda said. Nice double down is what it was. It was like the movie. So what you gotta do. It's a little odd. Because we saw the movie they is a screener. Well, and I enjoyed it. I thought I thought it was good. But I'm surprised that I saw before the token family got a chance. That I might have asked. I might have had some questions about just how why that was. I think I know why. Yeah. I know the as anything to do with the movie, they're just mad. They gotta left off. The screener list base. This before. Okay. Do not endorse. It was very strange. Like, if I if there was movie coming out called Huckabee when that movie comes out, I'm sure it'll be about this family. I can't even any other huckabee's it'd be worthy screen where these subjects for for possible bio-pic of. But when that happens, I would like to at least be asked I'd like to at least be notified. That's a weird thing. And I it's like, the what sucks is were only left to spin our own wild conspiracies about how someone would not why entire movie the movie company what not talk to actual relative. Or why actual relative would choose to have no parts in the making of a film and enough so much to go to a pre screener and be like this is crap and have the receipts as to like, no, this is what actually happened. So we're only left to think the family has something. I I don't know if you heard. Did you miss where they said, it's a good movie was that unclear they've made it they made their case. Extremely clear statement. Oh, I was listening only seven thirty in the morning here. See I this actually I kinda had like passing interest in this. I know are there's we have a lot of readers that really love talking like anything we published obviously. Like, he's one of those important not just Christian authors of all time. But one of the most important authors international treasure, I in literature, and I didn't really have too much of interest. Now, I have an interest in seeing this movie. He just for the sake of making the token family mad. I don't know why. I just. For the show. So the teaser said tolerant asking, you this the teaser said that it it it covers a part or maybe like shows events in his life that inspired the mystical worlds that he would later create what spoiler alert, what are the things that? He like have a friend who is short or like one. He sounds like you've seen it. It's probably some sort of hit piece. His parents. Ruined his life hit she's headed escape scape. His mom. A lot of people don't know this. But his father was conducting some very bizarre experiments and created a half goat half, man. Mr Thomas type of creature. People. They made that the focus of the film. Untold story very unethical, and I'll be honest very graphic. It is. I can see why the family had some reservations about having that committed to fill because it is not only. This is community frowns upon this experiments to this day. There's. Thirty actually grew up on the island of Dr Moreau. Pulled that there's an a extended scene where joy, her tokens father is surgically grafting the legs of goat onto a man. And I will say did not. You did not. We understand what's going on here. The entire procedure. Sure, it was CGI. But it should it. Did not look like it. Say screen for haunt me. Forever. With the movie. Has gone by. I don't hear that goes screaming. I kept thinking would cut away. But that was the entire movie one unbroken. What is buyer? Interesting. Out of it. And it's in tired this moment coming number three this week on the hot list Khania west Sunday service has gone to the level. And now feature some very expensive Christian t-shirts as promised gummy west conducted a Sunday service on Easter morning at Coachella, and though clips from the surreal looking mountaintop performance have been going violence, social media, the real scene. Stealer was the merch Khania debuted New Year's Eve apparel, sparking some seriously long lines at the merchant despite mixed reactions online, including the drop is a two hundred and twenty five dollars sweatshirt that says Holy Spirit. A seventy dollars t shirt says trust God and fifty dollar socks that Jesus walks as now selling clothes on his website. So doing to have some very expensive, Chris t-shirts and take the whole features and sneakers conversation to another level can go check out his website have a question for prompt because you're touring in. I'm sure always thinking creatively about merch. And you know, how it relates to the tower? And I'm sure there's a lot of thought into it. What are your thoughts on the on the Sunday service apparel that kind? Yeah released. Okay. So the I'm going to be very careful because of how many degrees of separation I might actually be from Connie. But I will say this. It's called church close it, which I mar community say, hey, Connie, I'm gonna let you finish. But McRae had the greatest church close. Trilogy of all time all the time. Yeah. So so there was a part of that kind of died inside because you named it after my homeboys albums that part. Now. Hey actual question. You think is aware of Christchurch close albums because it's by itself. It's it's very cultural reference. I mean, it's a great call to a reference, but again that degrees is separation. Like kind of not possible that you did know this happen. But the same time it's not like you can trademark the phrase church close. Yeah. So and that's a little bit of like big Bank little Bank in in sort of my gut where I kind of like, well, and then we could do now, you know, now having said that Connie does a lot of things that apparently I am not cool enough to understand. So the idea that you can. Prop though. Oh, like camp shirts. That's youth camp shirt at youth camp shirt, but it's high fashion. Now, really sometimes makes me think I'm trying too hard. Or that just all I have to do is just have as many platinum hits him. And I don't have to think is harder. That's probably that's. So sloppily placed letters on an oversized dingy colored sweatshirt starts to twenty five dollars. Yes, I gotta do. Because you you. Yeah. I mean, the lines that nice. You know? Yeah. I mean, literally anything he's put rainy thing you what your name on it. You just literally putting any words on their put a price tag on it and kids at Coachella are going to line up for an hour to you know, for the opportunity to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase those lines were long. Did you see? I mean, you've got you've got Coachella money to burn. So they can wait around their their trust on money on whatever they want to Jesus. Walk socks. You know, it's it's what you can't do in Cuba. It's just. Just if you if a man wants to spy seventy dollars socks, then I can provide semi dollar socks, exactly. Yes, it's true. All right coming in number two this week on the hot list statues of Johnny cash and daisy Bates will replace confederate statues in the US capital. The capital is national statuary hall collection. Features two statues from each state rating, it's historic natives rose and Clark have been Arkansas's chosen figures for nearly one hundred years despite roses, pro slavery sympathies and Clark's racist views Arkansas, governor ASA Hutchinson decided the people of Arkansas deserve better representatives who stood for all the people in his state writing that it was time to update the statues with rep with representatives of our more recent history. Johnny cash was born in Arkansas small town about thirty one miles outside a literature and caches daughter Rosanne cash on hand for the announcement of the decision is that her father said, quote, quite often that he loved every rock every tree every clot avert in Arkansas. Bates was a civil rights writer and activists who acted as a mentor to the famed Little Rock nine the nine black children who pioneered integration in Little Rock central high in nineteen fifty seven her statute will join one of her fellow civil rights activists. Rosa parks. Awesome. Yeah. It is good stories. Like it took us to good move it until two thousand nineteen. I mean props Arkansas for doing it. But like, you know, I'm glad it's happening now than ever. A good example to the other southern states that of on the other hand doubled down on their federate, pride, you know. And it's like, I think we need all move on. You know, unlike. Yeah. Maybe that's maybe that's not the guy is a lot of people have come from Arkansas. Maybe. A lot of people who lived in Alabama. You know, there's a lot of what? Well, we Johnny cash to the bars. Very low number two. Two. The savvy to make one of them Johnny cash because even like 'cause even like white races are like Janis. That's kind of everybody even if you just driven through Alabama, can we we'll count you. We don't want racists. You are not a racist. And you driven through our state, please let us know because statue pitcher in full rotation. So we could see hit. You say it's fine. We'll get you on. All right number one this week on the hot list to funnier divests are making a satirical comedy about Christian movies. The duo of director, Vincent mosquito and writer Luke barn. It. Both worked on funnier die projects before launching their own production company called lone suspect. According to the Hollywood reporter this week, the movie centers on quote to idiot friends who realize that all faith based films make buckets of cash and then set out on a mission to make one such movie of their own. The duo has satirized John razz movies before the first project was festival, darling. Fear inc. A horror send up so I'm sure this is going to be done. Respectfully and nuance to very nuanced. That's kind of an overkill right there. It's like guys you're gonna make a satirical film about. I think your problem is going to be the problem that veep is having right now because if he is supposed to look takes, and you can't lampoon something that is so surreal right now or. Down interesting. If I was them. I would say, you know, what you're satire has actually landed on a pretty solid business idea the Christian movie. Yeah. Yeah. Chris if you made a Chris movie, you probably make more money than your spoof of Christian movie, so make more money like they're they're not wrong. So if they're listening to this guy's just just out of it. Yeah. Doing. I am going to even I am going to give the market for that movie. The Christian movie a little bit of leeway and a little bit of slack ominous say that that market has a level of self awareness at knows that like there's not a revival happening. You're just making movies that we like, and I wanna go to the movies and see movies. I like. News. I I want to believe that that they're just like, no, man. It's like, no, I wanna see wholesome movies and movies, don't got Cussing. And that acknowledge my faith. I wanna see that. I'm not saying this is good. I'm not saying these are the best movies ever. I'm just saying when I go to movies own have the option. I know you're making fun of us. Do you think they would go then to see this movie and be like that's better pretty accurate that it was funny? I don't think now that's another thing. I don't think they that. That market would have the ability to find that funny. Right. They would say that they're being persecuted by Hollywood. Yeah. All right. Well, on that note that wraps up. Okay. Stay tuned next. United joins us. Me burn. For listening today's episode of the relevant podcast. Hey while you're on your podcast apps. Go check out our two newest shows every weekday. We do a ten minute recap of what's happening at the intersection of faith and culture, it's called relevant daily Tyler Huckabee brings the latest buzz news that's happening in the world that we cover also every other week. I have a long form conversation podcasts called unedited with Cameron. Strang? Are my guest. Is Jamie torque hausky, we talk about mental health. We talk about his story and what they're doing with his organization, right? Loving arms. It's awesome. You don't wanna miss it? Go check them out wherever you get your podcast relevant daily in unedited. Me. You're listening to the weekend. Travis scott. It is power is power from the game of thrones. Soundtrack at the beginning of the podcast. You heard cage the elephant the social cues, which Taylor doesn't get. Well today, he'll song United just release their brand new album people in this week. They kick off a massive world tour. We recently spoke with singers Joe Houston in about the album and why it's a return to their high energy live worship routes Jesse. You recently talked to them tell us about it. Yeah. So I got a chance to talk to both Joel antenna about this album. And kind of like why this album is really kind of a return to the roots. You know, they have done prior to this a lot of studio albums, but this one's live. And there's definitely this really passionate energy that feels like you're listening to like an old school United album. I talked to him about why they wanted to kind of take it back to those roots time that. Engergy? Some of may songs we were on. At one of our team achy, but Mugabe of orbit creatives, see not yet, you know, oddest benches graphic designers seeing me those in and Jones kind of you know, repented teach people the Nissan's Chow little bit about it. And I would never, you know, with United from the very stop with the weeping is I was like, oh my gosh. Like she's show role. It's polished, it's very real. And and I was like this. We're going back to the roots of you know, United and back to what it was about. And and it just felt I don't know how to say it just like show real, and like Elsie that we to say it just felt like it was just like this is going to be so much fun. And as soon as we one of the one of the phones, which is Grayson Mitchell affectionately coated the hug song. You know, just reading reading Miller of you know, what it is people come together up, you know, strange names, but without blood is one, and and we becoming from every different place. But the one thing that unifies is Jesus and who he is what he has done for every single one of the matter where we come from. And we started singing the song. I was getting so excited. I'm like, oh my gosh. Like gonna do the weirdest funder stance to this depends. I don't even care like. Yeah. You know, it was just it was a really special moment in the fun thing is like it hasn't stopped traumatic when we went to record it it it felt just to real and special. And you know, it's exactly you people people uniting in a really sweet way, I really liked his because such an it's such like, healthy perspective, you know, is really focusing on on, you know. God and the purpose of worship than experiencing him. I think it's easy for any artists, especially artists big as hell song to lose perspective. But it's, but I really liked that that was kind of going into it was raw unpolished. Let's go back to beginning. In just see what worship is as experience with God. And isn't a more free Mealey's? Better listening experience for worship album to get a little a little polish and just a little more of the feel of being at a live worship event. When you're listening to something like a hell song. I totally agree with the creative direction that they took four people. Yeah. And so when I talked to JOL actually about the Dow called people right like the the core idea of the album is this kind of corporate communal thing. And what's interesting, his perspective to is like this isn't just about United. This is about the church. You know, you might have their legacy might be a small contra-. Oh, bution to something much much bigger. And he wanted that to be the focus, and hopefully kind of inspire other people, and, you know, maybe even like the next generation of kind of worship leaders to to kind of carry the torch here. Here's what into say about that. You know, the was that we just opened people's eyes. You see what they might be able to do because you know, my hope is in the future that you know, the greatest great jibbidy. Continues to kind of be birthed and curated and cultivated, and you know sent. From the judge on behalf of a credit story. And I'm gonna say the church. I mean, the big church kingdom and. Yeah. I believe in it. You know, believe I believe now, we just don't necessarily know that, you know, some of these films some of these the stories and some of these things that affecting culture in such amazing way that you know, they've come from the being birthed. I, you know, I believe out of the community and of of God. And and it goes breathing on it. Yeah. I really like that you know sentiment that this is this is about something bigger than just the band. This is really kind of community church. White thing. And I think it speaks to hilson was really unique in this in trying to set this what they do up as being sling bigger than just bam. That's why they started these other health song kind of offshoots for younger generation, they're they're really intent in a really meaningful stub stint of way, on making sure that what they're creating transcends just their banned. Yeah. And even said that with this album, you know, keep it simple. Keep this about worship and devotion to God. And to equip the church to have, you know, these experiences through the gifts that they've been given which is their songwriting music and don't let things get overcomplicated. Here's what Joel had to say about that would try to keep it simple. Big vision big on the future because dreams for shore. But. Also, just focusing on the things that you can control which is like the relationships we have amongst each other. And I guess the the coach the United in the future is that we find the mains for it to kind of open up opportunity for other in the same space. And and what what I mean by that is that it's not limited to certainly not male or just a few people who kind of represent it now. But that it could become something that is more embracing of a whole lot of other people. And and you know, the the people the great relief of God on the. He is. Invested everything into and the body. What that represents, you know, not just in the arts or music, worship or or anything. But just in life in general. That's that's the hope is that somehow what you not becomes continues to be something that is the I guess it's bigger than the sum of its pilots because it's it's it's the name says, it's it's a whole bunch of people coming together with a similar focusing desire to bring the news into the world. However, I would have gone cold. This gives us to change it to do that. And whether that screw music or or other meetings, or if that's just a means of bringing people together, then I think the powerful, and that's the hope. It really goes back to that idea of, you know, look the gospel at the end of the day, it's easy to to make a complicated. But the end of the day, it's it's pretty simple. You know? And that's what I kind of their thoughts of what they got put into the salve. And I think they have to think that way when you create worship, right? You don't have a whole lot of time to to over think or get to you can't get to cut up in petty little like the logical squabbles. When you're writing sorts of music, the sort of music that he'll saw rights they have to boil it down to the scence. What's going to unify the global body of believers? Yeah. And what's interesting is actually talked to Joel intest separately, you know, a couple of weeks apart, actually, and you know, how they were both kind of in lockstep. When when you know to ask what their hopes are for this album, you know, 'cause I talked to two I wanted to get her thoughts. You know? I think Joe was pretty clear that he hopes. This is something that, you know, not only kind of a quips the church think about the gospel. But. Also, you know, inspires people to go out, and, you know, claim it in in the ways that they feel called and said, you know, basically version of that that this is about, you know, remembering what it's like when I encounter that the gospel message writing what the you know, how powerful that I encounter, and that idea of salvation is you know, when she's going back to the roots. She to drop out musically. She's really talking about the the roots of you know, the people's faith. And here's what she had to say. I would the paper would be it'd be brought back to that. Time they say, and they spent the joy of the Lord and God is with them. I would have to be brought back 'cause you know, it's like that this youthfulness of hot. And there's also this willingness to believe ago can do anything because he just you just like, you know, you just us. Jeez. Jihad, and you just like so in them and by that, and there's a punitive and sweetness. And it's kinda like, you know, is what open you faith is meal. Oh my gosh. Like Jesus loves me. The matter what like everything that I've done is like been what clean, and he goes with me. I have friends, and then you kind of you have the Holy Spirit, and you discover the teason every person help in times of trouble. And then you discover the wood of Gordon you discover that it's true. And that I to lend had to live my life through this. And it's actually true. My everyday room until like eating sleeping walking around much and place before go. There's nothing that I'm gonna learn how to do this is this uncomplicated nece about it. And my would be that people be rented a viscous love. Right. You know, tell I know, you know, for example, you, and I we've been Christians for a long time, you know, individually, and I can't speak for you. But I know for me it's easy to let things he accomplished it. And so I face kind of become this things. That's sometimes kind of heavy in. You know, there's a lot of things that you know, filters way you see the world and it's easy to lose. What is talking about there? You know that idea of hey at the end of the day. Remember, what it was like when this first became real to you. And I think that's what part of the ministry of health on his been for me is doing such a good job of capturing that. And and I think that they really. They captured those emotions that feeling really well, and I know that for for both of us in for millions of people around the world. That's a minister they provide is the his remember, helping you remember the joy, and the elation of something bet can become very routine that was no Houston and Tayo makes her to checkout hills on United's brand new album out today people it's called people people. But it's just called people then comma to you addressing you the audience as people go get the album people people. They tune-up next. Their children in every country who are struggling suffering and sometimes dying from not having basic resources for their health education and more because international believes their products can change that innovative products like shoot that expands. Five sizes and Papa mosquito. Nets can help kids be healthier attend school more often and be more confident. Learn more at because international dot org slash podcast. Listening to the pizzas on a snake tongue. Which is what my parents, call him. Ironically, the gigantic back piece. Using the snake tongue? Wrapping around the words, Jesus cultural forever. Dr tokens, less snowed. Great literature. It it is very impressive and very disturbing. Once once again, I'll never forget the screens of that. Interrupted hours. I don't know why the family has such an issue with this as a bowl creative choice by FOX. And my God, it's terrified. Is the truth is always pretty the truth is always pretty and if you've never heard of man scream with the tongue of a snake? I can't say that recommended. All right. Well, your feedback last week we asked you what your most embarrassing work related story. Was you guys hit us up on Twitter at relevant podcast and you posted on the podcast episode page and relevant magazine dot com. Here's a few of our favorites. I love this Darcy because this plays into a fear that I had if I ever yet like pulled over and you're like, I watch as you guys know, I'm big fan alive. PD? It's a it's a show where you've watched live interactions with police officers, and I'm always afraid of getting pulled over and they make me do some sort of like field sobriety tests. Because this this is what happened to Darcy. This is the most interesting thing she worked. She works with dollars last week. She a two year old asked her to sing the ABC's. She had all the way to v and for some reason, totally blanked came. So she said they're looking at the toddler and said so d Hugh comes after v. Meanwhile. The mom was standing there silently, judging her I feel like roar, the judge he'd if you're watching toddlers and can't do the on-command Darcy. I think in the wrong profession. That's terrible. Yeah. We've all blinked too though. I mean, well blanked, you know, like somebody's name or like common. You know, whatever. Yeah. So yes, I have empathy for Darcy. I don't know how this happened to Pete. Did you guys through this speech? During his first years a fulltime passer. He he he hosted a family harvest festival. He hired what he thought was a worship and to play the festival come to find out. They were hard core medal ban the audience was sixty. Plus, I think this is because like a lot of worship bands are named like Firefox town or. Some sort of like metal easily have gone metal. Mistake a wild mistake. Yeah. But, but I I would like if if you want to call in and tell us a little more about how this happened. I would be curious in hearing the full story be because the other thing is sounds like he just went with it at that the bans on their all loading it. Where the guy I kids there to start the gig. He's like wow gets up get out of the car. Hey, man. Hey, we're here to play where the firmament is like. Hey, the Rhody, no. I like the firmament. Yeah. That's aiming. Listen, I could've sworn that snake tongue was worship band. Actually, very demonic there. Trump pedals. I'm not to have to base of their. Why do you have a black guitar shaped like? Battle-axe? I impressed with a soon. This is our friend KiKi Gibbs here who says I Pam Beesley. This Halloween was told quote, everyone dresses up that right? There should have been your first warning everyone. That's not a that's that's not. No, no context has everyone dressed up. But she did she came to work dressed as Finn. The human from adventure time. I believe complete with a sword. But no one else dress two hundred please and Kiki's the only one in a Halloween costume. That's a pretty good word mishap. Hey, you own that one though you all look at everybody else. That's one of those moments. We look at everybody else and be like jokes on y'all. I'm having fun. You frigging gotta lean into. Yeah. Gotta lean in. Change. Inevitably what happens is like a very serious like HR meetings. That happens that day near like sitting across from the man from your manager in near wearing an insane Halloween costume. There's just I it's just an edible. I like what this is just weird. This is this is very odd from grand ole Aubrey like I wish this another one. I wish I had more details to this story because he doesn't tell me what her reaction was. I think I would know what I would do in this situation. But and I also like to know what's what state this happened because she did events. She does events for a radio station and wants her at the state fair. A woman ask if she could spread the ashes of love one behind me into please keep quiet about it. Why who wants their ashes thread, you can only you can only expect the Carney family? It was a family. And they wanted their ashes at the fair forever. Who else would want their ashes the state fair? They like to love that they met there. Yeah. Like here. That's true. Nineteen fifty four boys just came back from the great war. I don't know. Got it into the radio station shows, they came back at the great wall. And at the state fair. I don't know. Two years working at the laboratory of the mad doctor token, and I. Travis he says he was working at a Starbucks drive through. And then he ended a customer her drink. He tried to say, you're welcome and have a wonderful day. But instead he looks at her and said, you're wonderful girl. Drove over the curb looking back at him, very confused. That's great. You're wonderful match on the receiving end of that. From like Travis had to go to HR meeting. And even more weird is he was an info rehab link costume. He was dressed in the half man half goat, which made the whole conversation. This was an interesting one Ryan Ryan says most bracing moment was in a serious meeting with the new boss it shirt, and they're all huddled around. Or and Ryan says he accidentally farted, and it was. Says and he says I don't in front of anyone even my wife. First of all Ryan, letting gentlemen. Heard takes ROY twenty s fine. Ryan, everyone aren't married and less and less you president man you can find maybe they have healthy boundaries. You know, maybe they're just like we're not gonna cross. A couple of that is decidedly objectively unhealthy. Oh. Did you have to hold in Veart's in your married? But this is here's all say for constellation every human on this planet bar you haven't been experimented on by the crazy. Dr Tolkien operates the same way. There's no shame there. Otherwise, you're going to be half animal, and that's the war. So anyway, and that's what I want because he goes, then what am I t Ryan says one of my teammates said seriously come on? You can't call it out like. So he starts in a meeting serious meeting, but the new boss, so that's so that's like imbalance a little bit embarrassing. But then for another teammate vocally express disapproval of it. But this is this isn't this isn't communist, Cuba. People are allowed to far. This is another church one where. This is aleisha. But this I'm guessing this is a long time ago because this is back in the day when they had when the projectors for like the thing, you know. Oh projectors. Oh, it's it wasn't like a front projector. They still do those. Yeah. You're talking about the big ones. Like behind the wall at the church projecting to the rear of the screen and the lyrics of the songs so Sam says is first baptism Sunday at his very first chart shop. My job was to direct people where they go Hafer dunked after they were dunked to change in beyond their way, that seems like a lot of people getting baptized, they these people anyway, the changing rooms for full. So I opened unmarked door behind the stage in the sanctuary and ushered an innocent soaked towel, wrapped parishioner into change to dry clothes after a few minutes pale face church, staff member swooped in to inform me that I had let the person I had let the person into the projector room, and he tire sanctuary could see the silhouette of them changing into the dry clothes time. It was too by that time late has the door open all its do smile and say, congratulations. Your soul, mate clean and everyone. Here has seen you naked. So. Your silhouette silhouette my mind, it's like a JAMES BOND. Yeah. Silhouette situation. Well, there's a lot more of those came from you guys have been embarrassed a lot. And we appreciate you sharing them with us. If you wanna re check out the podcast episode page, a relevant dot com. Okay. It's time for this week's. Though, we all right. This is different. This is different than our normal. It's early on the west coast. Because we want you to tell us stories about yourself pretty much usually what we ask. Yeah. This one we're going to little different earlier. And it's been throughout the show. We were talking about the new token bio-pic that's coming out, and it's completely unauthorized because FOX search like clearly did not want the family to to see it before Tyler Huckabee and the public did. And it's because it touched on the air of JR Tolkien's life before Lord of the rings and alludes to the fact that you will learn the surprising story of what happened to him. That inspired the great writing. That was to be to come right? Yeah. Yes. So we haven't seen it. I haven't seen it. I haven't seen. And so we want you to tell us what your theories are about what happened today. Our team here. The mystical fantasy of Lord of the rings and his fictional Belk store. Yes. Yes. What what is the actual occurrence that happened that the families trying to keep up? Yeah. Exactly, this is purely satirical. Our lawyers are looking for their hands. It's committing too. It's on the pot. I will say this. I said that I saw the film, and it it was a bizarre human animal surgical seen that could have just been something I stumbled on the dark web and presumed was the token bio pic, these I'm not quite clear. Basis. Clear. What are your memories of what happened in young JR Tolkien's life that inspired to his visions for the mysterious world of Fantastico world of Lord of the rings came later hit us up on Twitter at relevant podcasts or for your longer theories? Type type them all out and the on the podcast section on the episode page, relevant magazine dot com. We will read are very weak very high. This is good and make sure to sending your feedback before you go see the actual movie. Yes. Not funny, then we don't care about the actual. We don't care about facts. No because you're your truth. We're in the no spin zone here say if you see the forehand than this in very poor taste because a lot of the token family tragically dies in the film. So anyway. It would be incredibly figures is bliss. We don't want to be confused with facts. Yes. With our technical theories. Okay. On things that many things the World Vision for making the episode possible. Remember to go to road. Visit six gay dot org to find out more about the global six K for water happening on may fourth. And if you want to run here in Orlando, World Vision, six gay dot org slash relevant. We're hoping that not too many of you do that come Landau. I what was the Cal. I saw recently like seventy five people are traveling in like, wait. That's too many. Boy, it's gonna be a fun day may fourth. Also, thanks to heal song. United for joining us. It makes her to go check out their new album people people out today, you won't be disappointed. It's awesome. And check them out on their national tour that's kicking off their their canvassing. Everything. I in the tour culminates wraps up at Madison Square Garden in New York. It's going to be awesome. Do they're filling arenas around the country. It's awesome. It's not. It's not big churches. It's a Rina's. I mean, they are booking arenas. It's pretty cool for them. Hey, if you like the podcast make sure to rate and leave a review wherever you get your podcasts. Especially apple apple podcasts at helps. The shows ranking and helps more people discover it we appreciate the feedback. Also, like, I mentioned earlier checkout our other podcasts relevant daily unedited while you're there. And if you don't get the magazine, now's a great time to do. It are brand new issue is releasing right now, we'll tell you more about it on the next podcast. Hilson United is on the cover, and it is chock full of more A-List conversations than we've ever had an issue relevant. You don't wanna miss it? Go to relevant x dot com slash subscribe right now, there's a great deal going on. And you will get this issue included with your subscription ninety nine crazy. Tell you more about it next week. Okay. On that note, we'll wrap things up. I'm Cameron Strang Jim Jesse Carey dollar Huckabee propaganda. Good weekend. We'll see on Tuesday. Bellies. Thank you for listening to the relevant podcasts. If you like what you heard be sure to leave us a review on teams. Check out other shows from the relevant podcast network in the podcast section at velvet magazine dot com. And while you're there bras, exclusive podcast merchandise at our online store. Make sure to subscribe to relevant magazine info is available at relevant magazine dot com. Ford slash subscribe. Those goats screams will haunt me. Forever. Relevant podcast network.

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Love and Chilled Cow

The Friend Zone

1:57:48 hr | 1 year ago

Love and Chilled Cow

"Our Apron signed. I'm Dustin Ross. This is a friend zone in. Here's the news that you can use. I up famous. Black friend and actress. Malaika hack gave birth to her first child. A son with rapper. Ot GENESIS DOUBLE OT genesis. I'm not you tried to stonewall and just not be next up to the delight of fans across the globe real housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore was not only cussed out by any leaks in Greece. Benin was eating peanuts while she did it. Which makes perfect sense because her new knows looks like an elephant trunk. Finally Cocoa Tea. Wife of ICED tea recently spoke out of the car cocoa tea. I see recently. Spoke out about continuing to breastfeed her her now four year. Old Daughter Neyla her daughter not for us. Oh and she still breastfeeding. I can walk up to me. You can literally well. There's more focused. Spoke out about Katini breastfeed her four-year-old daughter Chanel her daughter. Chanel then spoke out saying mamas. Welcome to the friends. We turn to wellness and mental of all times evidence and important and relevant hygiene cargo. Cook Four. She's still. Were team a musty rain? I know I don't you know that's it. Hey how you doing good? I put out there. I'm calling a free. I would like to think that I am as well. How are you hanging in there guys? I'm so very annoyed. Why I have been dodging Harris this month. It's a pandemic now. I've been watching too much resident evil. I been watching the resident evil. It's about the umbrella corporation taking over. You know mass destruction show. Mary was in right once you now. Umbrella company taken over and he was in the umbrella cat. She looked great as she John John. Over here and I'm GonNa Take Mary from you because I want Mary in the SCIFI world. I WANNA see Mary Jane. Blige be like action sci fi like what? Israel but like in a sexy cool way because we've seen men do like Suave Cool Shit. Yeah I could see. I could see doing power with the lady from Mayo. Ghetto you know strategy is really a superpower and so she going to be on her Superhero Shit. Yeah she's a cricket. Ask Councilwoman something in this shit and we cannot wait. She was pointing their finger down daughter. They and I was like who married this to be good. Remember okay so supersonic because you say power and we don't get back to the. Yes was talking about altered carbon last week or the week before Angela. Fucking bow days on that show and she is great in her role as she acts. It's so it's so good for the whole time. I'm watching my looking Angela. Okay this year also initiate and trying to run shit is really cool to watch her own. It's really different for her. Because like I hate her. The fuck out hurled altered carbon but it was just know post apocalyptic today related thing is. I mean it's about like the future where people can erase leave stuff. But they're not talking about like after the war where each took us out. Thank the Lord. Jesus is leaving disease not receiving because Originally because a black woman had created this technology. She just wanted to see the stars so she just wanted to live as long as possible to be able to do space travel and stuff like that power they were able to just live forever. And then you know. Immortality came in price because a micro dumber Beijing yes fleas. We have back businesses share. I one just WanNa make sure because we know black hist business frame blackest show. Our system Ma'am has an air up hard season. And you know. I think it's the perfect time for her services so she just put out a great youtube video Using the emotional freedom technique is known as EFT. It's a modality that helps people work through feelings of fear and panic and stress anxiety especially what may be coming up for people in these times so I love it. She explains the technique very well. It's something that we did for many years on our talk when we were on our retreats rather than we were touring together so I love this successful were successful So I'm happy to see this. She finally you know took the time out to really break down. How this technique works is really simple. The most important is that all you need are your hands so there's nothing else to go by the to go get nothing you have to look up you. Just follow the steps. She broke everything down in a way. That's very palatable understandable so Hopefully something that you find and her youtube channel is just her name. Maryam Hasna. That's M. A. R. Y. A. M. H. A. S. N. A. In its most recent video so once again. That's the emotional freedom technique. Eft with Ma'am has now Sat out it's very very useful. People would actually be surprised. Because it's so simple as just a series of of points that you tap into and you say like affirmations and things that you're trying to work through and it seems like it's so simple that you almost feel like it's not working but then as you go through the rounds of it you've actually feel your body star buzzy and in something that they use with war vets to help them get over there or not get over but work through their PTSD because they're nasty version. Lose the nasty whereas everything could be. It's also known as tapping you so you may have heard of that name so just wanted to put that out there for those who may be looking for some resources to help them get through these times and with that being said. Are you guys ready to jump into last week's recap so our last week's episode titled The Thirty Year Old Secret some bullshit? We stepped back into the crime zone with an eerie story. We found on. Read it under their confessions thread about a family. They're sociopathic baby and a haunting thirty year. Old Secret as always those of you listening had a lot to say so who stood out to you asante a lot emails. Y'All I'm so sorry that Y'all had those things happen to your a lot of people somebody about you know how they. They had a sibling. That was a little bit on the socio. All with that and then it just felt like it was going experience is I can't really share. My heart goes out to all of your thank you all for sharing. I like when I can read the emails and just be sitting on the train looking at it it's like it's a good. Uc Book Yes I WANNA give a shout to rogue Subject it's corona virus is like a restraining order from fun my literally sinks when I see my daily fetal travel deals last year I visited four countries by this date this year. I've gone nowhere. Travel is my life but the corona virus feels like I've been imprisoned to the San Francisco Bay area and I'm dying to break out to be on a warm beach in another country. I'm not so much worried about getting myself but I take care of my parents who are both high risk and I worry about affecting them. I mean how long WanNa Travel and book. Some of these travel deals but guilty of affecting others has the jetsetter grounded for a bit and happy about it for those who aren't afraid to travel or be quarantined from home for weeks. Please take advantage of all. These travel deals but please live in another state. Thanks Shadow today in your for sending that You know it was my birthday this weekend. I just fucking 'cause Happy Birthday Sante. Thank you feel like it because of this. Also spend it cooped up in your room. You're safe and your healthy Kook pooped lucky so one of my roommates because You know the virus that they just went home to be with family really isn't the roommate. He go go laugh if he ever hear this so he left and I could bring myself was like I felt bad because my mom my dad took him out but in my mind. I felt like batgirls. Cl tweeted out a person so he was leaving. He had his bags and he just made me think about how they go home. Maybe maybe think about cheer cheer they load bankers what he was gone so quick and I saw one of my other. We started laughing because I was like. I was like get her out of joking to share air by Fred wooded shoop on and on soundcloud streets so on soundcloud Loyal Listener love. That listener said they can easily find out what his son is. Regarding in regards to the story I shared The fathers submit his DNA to police where they can run it through. Kotas which stands for a combined DNA index system for familial DNA match hosted the San loyal listener. All right. At least we know yes somebody on our side to do dirty work day says the boy was so bad he definitely has committed a felony. Which would which would have put his DNA into the national system. This would identify him even if he changed his name. Interesting something to think about. I wonder if the father. But you know uh the father prior didn't want to incriminate sobers family for everything they put through. So He's probably like I'm just GonNa Sleep that whole lifetime off. I still hope he got. I mean who knows really hope that he put out in. The Sun was like this. You imagine that it would be bonkers. That's a movie. That's sort of st first of all. I WANNA give a shout out to Eric Heywood. Eric Haywood H. A. Y. W. O. O. D. Very black name in March Anyway Eric Heywood quote would quoted the tweet from routers that said White House Corona Vice Task Force recommends avoiding social gatherings of more than ten people around with linked to the Reuters article in a photo from the gathering again. I read that one more time this over clear. It said the White House Corona Virus Task Force Recommends Avoiding Social Gatherings of more than ten people Erique were quoted. The tweet and said there are sixteen people in this phone. Ask that I mean it's just a simple of shit you another one The Rice who quoted the tweet from the New York Post saying that Isis. Okay tells these terrorists not to travel to Europe for jihad because of corona virus. Cook the rice. The tweet and said even isis is telling you to work from home. Joe Employers telling you to come in Damn Jeez imagining. You gotta go to work. I mean like shout out Get Right Cam. Newton Cam with a K. Who said every year? My uncle dresses up as a character from although cousin's birthday. Y'All man is Batman suit hooked to tracking the ceiling and somebody just pushed. Zipping around is that it is the and they're literally cracking on the floor. One of the funniest things. I have seen Sean Brown by Sun Brown. Sea In Brown. Who tweeted a picture of this candle? They shaped like a Nike Air Force. One Okay so last tweet I wanNA Talk about in this part of the show comes from Your Dad's side piece. His mind and year is just you are and he said Gloria Gaynor washing her hands to I will survive the hand washing video. I didn't know I need it. As she made at least standing at the sink singing I will survive wash hands thoroughly of I wash them do that better than the happy birthday song. I always do to black happy birthday song. So I'm always looking fact that she singing about survival and why it chose to apply to washing hand against the corona virus. Took me down to the floor. Actually imperative at this point. So that's ahead. He's twitter street so with that being said here's a question. How'd you sleep last night personally? I slept good the thing that is critically important when it comes to having a good night's rest is if I'm laying on comfortable seats or not. I like Nice stuff so aiming no higher through accounts seats are normally stiffer. And it's not always the most comfortable rest however I didn't find a solution. If you want to get the best sleep of your life you've got to try. Attitude sheets edited is feathery soft. It's one hundred percent organic. Bamboo may with nontoxic manufacturing processes. It's also hypoallergenic and anti microbial. There are Ganic clean. Bamboo is extremely breathable. Regulates your temperature to improve your quality of sleep. So why not try it? These amazing seats have a thirty day. Risk-free trial if you're not fully satisfied you can return your seats for a full refund. They even cover shipping our returns which is great service and a two seats there softest silk breathable as Lenin but at the price of cat. And you're GonNa love them and right now. Our listeners will get twenty percents off. Their sheets said and free shipping just zero to six four dash zero zero zero or sixty four thousand just takes Z. O. N. E. TO SIXTY FOUR THOUSAND. The only way to get twenty percents off your set of attitude seats and Free Shipping Sta Tex Zeo any to sixty four thousand that's Z. O. E. to sixty four thousand dollars so with that being said let's jump into this week's episode which destined rise. You're taking over this week yet. Is is more weekend off off. We would have found a way. It's this week of course we're GONNA talk about the corona virus right. Because how can we talk about? It's talking about us. You know And I think that as being the twitter streets we need to stay there just for one second and let's let's start our conversation there right because something took place recently there. I thought it was Burning districts just a burning bright shining light of Idi just just Just do this number shitty deaf. I don't even watch. Her hands with an ambitious is going to be something new this week. She says she doesn't like what is happening. And I just you know a why the flavors doing my mouth. Oh God I didn't mean to be back Keri Hilson. Now I'm leaving. I'm jumping right out this window. Keri Hilson chose to get on And make a tweet saying that people. This is the quote of the tweet. People have been trying to warn US ABOUT FIVE. G. She's referring to the wireless network five G. FOR YEARS IN ALL CAPS petitions organizations studies while we're going through is the effects of radiation. She says screen shots. We just got in my agency laird. I did you guys this phones for the for the Corona virus spread Texas number. I didn't get we just go there. You go no they already know you clean late. Hilson talking about right. Excuse my life. She's screen for him. I think you ain't got high talking. Essential oils before they press. Cnn has sorry. We didn't want to disturb you. Hope Damn say one for Cobra. Twenty nine imagine because they took could make me feel so back to Dick Wilson stupid so she goes to close post them screen shots articles about five D. They said five G. LANSTON CHINA IN OUR CAPS November. I Twenty Nineteen People Drop Dead Sea attached and go to my. Id Stories from more turnoff. Five G. by disabling Lt with my favorite Ghetto Twitter finger sentiment three exclamation points at the right. And so I mean just just bear with me for one second. I need you point your life to come out with a book. Can this book needs to be reading to mannerisms and his translations of them like once you re breaking it down with Dustin Ross Tevin Campbell said and break it down. Okay just keep that putting your back pocket live with it thank you. I mean he meant that Shit. You know what I'm saying the Bonnie on that so three point okay. Turn OUT HE. You know what it means. When it's one three C felt that she she was making her point like see. This is why we have the corona virus because we use in five G. on our phones and so of course I left it think I normally. I've been trying really hard to like not have an opinion on things. They literally have no consequence to me or don't have just things that are my business. You know. I've been really trying to do that but I couldn't help it so I just tweeted her. Like this is exactly why and I say this is exactly why everything has gone away ahead kind of stuff right here because because it wasn't that that was her opinion and you know that's how I see failed. It was the fact that she chose like to share it. She chose to share with the intent on really making people. Think right now when people are so vulnerable is so dangerous to be like putting that Kinda shit out there that literally makes absolutely no sense and so of course. She got the response. You think she got You know in the in the words of Mrs Quiet on Sister Circle Alive because the people was wearing her out and they should have been. The people was wearing her ass. You mean and I just couldn't believe it but it just started a bigger conversation about just thinking deeper about why this is going on what it means and it just found. Put me in a place where I started asking myself some questions. Especially after shot out to my friend. Lavar who Share his instagram story. Like if this is really the end it's a lot of people I still WANNA have six. Oh Wow ask so you no actually That is on because it was only because it is. Please don't plead their coordinate. Care Heal so we all right tolls right so upset by. I'm so sorry. I just really need the to know that went is saw Keri Hilson name Tra Fucking trending on March fifteenth. My Birthday. I knew it wasn't going to be good. I did and I'm not saying that. This five G. CONSPIRACY. Isn't maybe two firearms you are. I mean I didn't. I didn't read a map into posting a bunch of information so I felt like she might be you know well rounded whatever she's talking about but for me. I'm just not here for you to do this guy. I didn't expect to see. She put out new music. No so didn't expect to see the nation that stat. Here's what I don't get the. Why do people get so mad? Though was she was like if someone has that opinions. So that's what I was trying to win world past it but to see this trend in the pylon. I'm like that's so that's wild to me. Alabama people were like angry. People at AIG was upset. I love. Here's why because people are so vulnerable and in and easily influenced that that kind of stupid shit. But here's the thing if you are someone that would read a me on twitter and take it in as fact then. That's that's just a different way. You know what I mean like I you know if you're not gonNA take the time to to look that up maybe and and or even say. Hey I'm not saying you're right or wrong. Can you show us where you read that like? What was the Science Journal? And so that's why medicine. If I really felt pulled towards what she shared I would have just been would love well because nothing doesn't have said no it's like I don't i. I know you know I'm not looking to carry us and put out a single tomorrow today. And that's my problem. I wasn't looking at Keri Hilson. So give me this breakdown on five G. in this conspiracy. So when I saw her trending and this is why she's turning and their people are laughing at her. I'm not laughing at her because she's getting laughed at. I'm mad at her. Because Matt and the first thing on my external listening to all these old Keri Hilson cuts. I was just about to tweet about her thinking like Oh we was about to go on talking about the music and I didn't whatever reason I did better in Trenton on that same. Oh aren't talking about her mother fucking. Gee this is what you're doing. Read THEM LAMP. Shade banks issue so you know what? I'm talking talking about website. She got rid of it. It's been downhill. But I just can't believe she put it on the Internet like that. I just want what is wrong with anything. Music adjacent are the five took me in China and our capital C. Is Really motive past? Have you seen the means of the nation wide? Guess you Nigga ragging. I should have had two hundred fifty thousand dollars school on the playground. You know like when he tells us an incantation and he says the same thing like five times. Let me turn four kids. Donate stay. He was having an event ladies only natural hair. Women allowed. You say he's GonNa have police and security stop women with weaves from see. That's how high demand is to get through that door. You know you're going to need to no oh with natural hair. Only he said security will be stopping. You thought anyway. Burning is a him and Keri Hilson both deserve so equally that we have a responsibility especially in the time of fake news to do more research before. We put things out like that. That's odd say about that so after I got through most of the EFFEC- right I'm affected exclamation points in the latter triggers. Trying to push them to thome. You know what I mean so okay now we boomerang and Shit right on back to you. Made me think about TEELA TEQUILA. Like Oh my God. Ah Dane exactly like. What are you doing talking? Oh Shit and then she just damn magazine I think she was though openly. Yeah Cement Mister Robot on going on Lord have mercy anyway so because of that I stay and then once I saw for Lavar had posted. I was just thinking like Damn I ask myself these questions you know as if this was my last day so I found this really cool article On EVERY DAY POWER DOT COM call. What would you do if today was your last day right and I was so intrigued by because of their photo by that Beautiful Black Fan family? They chose for the article. Let me consider right okay. this is written by Rich Schloss. So he ain't black but he was Lee contributor a pick that Photo so September twenty six twenty nineteen maybe give rich shots fried. Love this photo But anyway article is comprised of Just questions that people ask themselves when disasters around Painting whatever so. I'm not trying to be like morbidly anything but these are these. Are you ready to die interesting questions? You know what I'm saying about being you know where said so I'm not gonNA call this if today was your last day like that person so even sneak one first question. 'cause I even know what kind of underwear I WANNA learn how to be presented when they're going to cut me open and do the like the last day on our shot to teacher Moses House. My door will spend a day at the women to be. Oh my said anyway that Okay the question begins with if today was your last day but like I said we're skin part. So who would you forgive? Ooh Who would you ask to forgive you? We don't have to specific. We don't have to name names where we can do their part after we get off the Mike's just you know. Protect yourselves information as much as you need to know your answers but let's take them one at a time you know. Who would you forgive? Is there someone that you are? Owed this someone that you're in a position to forgive. You have not necessarily resolved yet and if so you know what's up you know the Damn Question. I can honestly say That I have forgiven. Everyone that I need to forgive and everyone that I felt Needed to or not. I won't say needed to forgive me but that that conversation has to be on the table. We've had that conversation. Good I I am. I can't move through the world with those feelings on me like that's what causes blockages. And get some are wave like living my best life so I would. I don't even wait to last day of the world for things like that. That's the way it's kind of funny a lot of people saying now because they're like in quarantine and it's like you know things are scary like welcome to my life like I'm I'm an isolated pursue who's constantly processing emotions and it's interesting to see your lifestyle suddenly be like the new coins and see how some people are happy about it. They're like Oh. I needed this. You know other people are freaking cow right like it's like a Lotta a Lotta different reactions. Which has been most interesting thing but back to your question. I can sincerely and everyone listening. We'll tell you like I've worked out on both ends Dale Asante Damn She There's a family member that initially came to mind and I would want to forgive them a lot of history. There are a lot of like deep roots Closed off emotions there and I would want to resolve those and I feel like we're in a position where I would be one too. I'd I'd not that I would be willing but I'm definitely more Open to hear more open to forgiven them. I have a better understanding of life now and like who the people around us were and like where they were at and you know how we ended up where we were at. I would definitely be like. That's a conversation. I could probably have now as far as what was the other side of that coin. Who you to forgive you Those the camera clean a- missed the one I was really avoid own. Damn sweet and do their army not on patents for real like there is somebody that I am like. I just really Yamaha I really am. I'm really normally just let shit go like I can roll off him and be done and move on but like as of late. I have been struggling so hard with the fact that I was dealing with somebody. And because of the circumstances we ended up not being able to like really give what we had a shot and it was due to you know really thank you a lot of them for the most recent a r really hurt my heart. Believe you you know. I really wish we. We'll take into Bonnie Tyler. Once upon a time in my life but now there's nothing I can do. Oh Yes oh. Toronto Room version. Yes yes there is an let me hold this. I think you associate so. Let me hold real quick off. That's what they say is in black. Twitter never fail us. We're going to have a so any let me see. Who WOULD I forgive It's not that I will forgive someone because I'm very clear Some people I will never forgive. I've only forgiving them in my heart. Like internally have I really like am I open to like go out still not get angry now and I'm just I'm mean like fuck you because number one. It was your fault. You know what I'm saying. Is that so anyway? So it's not that I would ask them. I forgive me but my problem is i. Cut People off when things like that happen. And I don't open up to any sort of resolve so there may be someone who I have like who they me wrong and I completely cut them off that I would be open to like. I don't know resolve or whatever now do I lab is do I need to be forgiving? Dam I don't really be doing. People were all like that. You know what I'm saying you know and I'm pretty clear when I do fuck up like I'm I admit it and I'd be like I'm sorry like so. I don't think I've done that but yeah there's some there's some things that are probably could. Yes definitely things that I feel like. I could apologize to people for asks for forgiveness so yeah but everybody else kiss my ass and funds and deserved it and you a bit. And that's what you get and I hate you. Yes I hate to no. I don't think about you and not bad. Slap your face if I could cause you deserve it. How about that so keeping moving the questions? He meant there. So we're risk. Would you take? Is there a risk that you take that you would have not taken this fire life because you're nervous about it or what? Now this is insane like is something. Your bucket lists anything specific risk. What area of your life have you played safe that you would have necessarily taken a risk in or you wish you would have taken a risk in? I know exactly what mine is. What is it yeah you go first? And it's you know I said I mean a long time ago. Had I known that like you know what I'm saying? Everything else about life. You know what I'm saying. It was gonna be just like it was except you. Just kinda move it coming out. Or whatever like you moving beyond that declaration like now that shit out the way you can go ahead and just live fully. And if I had that sort of viewpoint on a years ago I would have done a year like a long time ago and probably gone so much further in life than I've gone there probably have moved in a different direction. I'll probably be in politics. No no Andrew Gillum shares. But I would have been but you know I'm probably going to be like in politics. Run in DC. Maybe even the president like who knows because I would have. Our leadership is something that's always been attractive to me. You know what I'm saying. I'm nasty like that. That that is intriguing to me and had I had certain types of self confidence at a much earlier age are now. I would have gone like straight to the top. I would either be like a mega church pastor or a politician average wage. I gave my talk so when I give my talk. Show is going to be like a whole moment lake. Trust me. It's best thing see it anyway. The crowd we'll do what they used to do with The MOM FROM FAMILY MATTERS. Ooh again anyway. So that's the risk I would take because fuck ya gotta add it to this week. I mean fires attitude episode. Like I'm so tired. Like people will really put whatever they think can can like kind of dim your sit down in front of you to stop you. And that's why people believe people are they. They see the potential you to be the shit and kind of like lap them and so they put they hate and push away and I just wish I was clear about that earlier. I never really been type of person is just like just really. Just take a lot of bullshit. You know what I'm saying but that is something that sexuality city something that's really hard to get past and had I known some things earlier in my life. I'm telling you I would have been talking about kicking the door. Wave in the fall fall like what? Oh my gosh so anyway. That's the risk of taking what? Say You my definitely would have been sadly enough is similar to the the the idea of like if I would've known then what I know. Now I gave my power away with my music career to the wrong people because I thought I needed them not knowing that it was the other way around like I was the talent I was saying like the reason. They are all acting the way that they did was because of what? I had was so powerful but I just didn't know it and I you know we think back and you're so young. I'm like Tam does an element of that that makes me sad Just how trusting. I was a lot of things happen that I've obviously never talked about There are a lot of reasons outside of just my health But a lot of personal reasons with executives conversations situations that was put in when I was really young. That really disant created this disenchantment with my gift and I think I wish that I had taken the risk of not like almost feeling like I. I wish I would have just bulldoze through even if I didn't no even if I couldn't work with those people in particular that had my career in the hands 'cause I think there's this fear of burning bridges Louis with the opportunity when people are in front of you have power this fear of angering them crossing them walking away from them or even a taste taste. Yeah because you just never want to be that person especially when you're young. You just don't really see things with clarity like you would now so I just really wish especially the sadly you know coming from your childhood situations you already think that you like you having self worth issues you know someone in manifest even in business here your dream you have an opportunity procedure dream and then you see you're being mistreated again in very similar ways. It almost makes you think it's you and that you're like deserving of it in some way which is really sad but it is higher mind warp situations and. I just wish that I could talk to that little girl. That was so talented and be like. Yo All these people like just like push through just push through and I wish I had taken that risk For my gift that I think that's probably the main thing that I would have done differently. Scupper outfits I when the war either I mean says one time I thought I was at the at the auto show is a big deal in. Detroit. This is like a Polo dinner. Welfare not put bleach spots on it and then put rhinestones on the tips alike with it being. I thought it was so fresh so stupid. How ever wanted to see I wouldn't have done that but anyway your turn Asante. Yes Fred Yeah. I just wish my daddy wasn't around when I was younger male. I mean that's pretty much. It were risk. Would you take out quest? Take China break my daddy out of jail now okay. I don't know I. I'm struggling to answer this because I always been a risk taker like I was watching these videos on my laptop the other day and it was making me think of like the fact that. I'm even leaving New York City. I don't even know if this was part of my original trajectory. It probably always has been but I've always taken risks like I when I was a child. My mom my mom told me that I used to run away a lot when I was a child like I would be brought home out of cops there. Were like you know you like three or four years old or less eight years old I used to just. I don't know what it was but I remember being young laying in the bed and then always had insomnia like even as a child and I remember laying there and be like damn. I'm still not sleep. I should go for a while like and then I remember like signing was I and I'm ahead. Remember Planning on leaving it so I don't know if like as a child I just know I'm getting the fuck out this place or what like even growing up in like moving to New York like when I left Atlanta to come here was such a big thing for everybody around me and I didn't realize how big it was like way. After like for me it was just like all right y always and I'm supposed to go. I'm always I'm told to do this. I'm going to do this. I remember randomly like hitchhiking the Nashville to go hang out with a friend like way back in the day and I was watching that video. My Damn I'm movie. 'cause I was on my laptop talking to the laptop while she was driving us to fucking naturally like a complete stranger. I don't know I was doing that hitchhiking. Like like like I met this woman on fucking craigslist and she was going to go see her girlfriend and so she just wanted somebody rowing Spaghetti. So I went with this complete random ass white ladies dyke that was just angels. I and this is what I'm saying. Land View I've always like I've always taken the risks in the to go in the direction that I wanted to go rather like. I've never taken a risk kind of our own. Feel like everything is outside myself so like I don't know I'm always learning and trying to process. I think the only thing that I wish I really could have like gone harder. And his My career I've just always been so indecisive about what I WANNA do specifically because I know what the what I what I really want to do is going to be like longer down the road. So it's Kinda hard for me to see now what all of those pieces are to be an always want to just be open to going in different directions because life is always taking me so many different places so I always feel like. I've been pretty risky. Sounds Kinda wish now and it's risky. That was the name of a girl that was on flavor of love and she actually went to high school buildings. Raise that the Pantheon. Her face notices danger danger wrong. She smashed me day. Why was Tom Green here? Remember when I was crystals add onto a special crystal was snacking for. She was either snacking for fucking percents. That was the other one my dad mentioning times on twitter. I miss those days. What would you take back in any way? If you could store tape back couple releases no honestly I hate to say but there's like two people for the most part I can take it like the ells. I'm like know they were helpful. In a lot of ways I'd take them but there's like two or three taking to the grave. Nobody will ever know. When down has long they shut up and don't write a caption died and they know really be real because we have the same question. Yeah you know that you lucky that we even got to like that. You know what I'm saying because had I known so you know what I mean and you know that. And that's why I know you ain't never gonNA take so them to put them on this that episode or no actually fuck heartbeat mad fast moving aggravate talking about corona it around events looking at each other. You know I've been lucky to have nasty like it's almost like control. My brain is not allowed them to come back into my reality. I've not seen them in any city. Atrazine them online rejecting them energetic awful I saw one of the city having the best time of my life right like just having all the last I look over and I swear it on like on my mother's life like for real. I thought I saw a ghost because I had I had just like you. Friend lives not only had. I not seen this person. I had literally block them completely out of my memory. I had forgotten. It was so like I. I have completed. Even existed that the circumstance existed and therefore them and so literally. I turned around and I knew that face I knew jar line I just knew our I and I'm like I literally have not seen this person over fifteen years and I forgot they even exist and I remember exactly why now that I see them and I was so embarrassed and then I was like okay. Maybe they won't say try to say hi or whatever they didn't they didn't like just you know say it was just like ships passing in a thank. You ain't even here my ship that that. Hoy when I was shipping. Even do that. We just pass idly. Okay Fuck you too. I'm telling you is. What episode is Man? We we in that bag Come on very very very very very taken aback once I was. Outta show the concert and we had some access so we was like on this day. I can't believe oh I believe somebody that I thought that was never ever ever going to see again. showed up in full form like and we saw each other at the exact same same time so there was no way to avoid. It was a cute moment. Do you know this person was so like nervous They like took off the other way and I was relieved. I was so like thank you I please. Oh Oh talk about regret. Wow so we are pretty much on the same page down. Had the same and this and this person was somebody that like. We stopped talking because we both like knew somebody that we did. Not Fuck like fucking the same people who were like. Oh so we would just like freaked out and we buy. Yeah I ask. What was the reason for your? Ill was the reason he at the time that this took place. I was not anywhere as comfortable with anything as I am now. So what took place? It was more about what happened after that like their reactions to my response or lack thereof when it came certain things or whatever and just a lot of drama that I was not prepared for now ready for Tommy alive you know and it made me like smarter and tougher any streets. You know what I mean does a lot of just chaos over literally mean. I wanted to have nothing to do with you and I can't. They didn't even win like that fire. You know what I'm saying. It was literally all because of you and the things that you did. I remember I hated you and we just like you know we thought shit like after all of that had all that craziness like you know people move and you go away. Life happens and goes on and this is very early in my career of homosexual. So you know just seeing them at this point I was just like Just to be in two completely different conversations. You know what I'm saying so now like we wouldn't even you. You know what I mean and yeah I just couldn't believe it said the same. Everything was just like he used to be just in time. I I'm assuming they moved to where we was at when we saw it two years. Do you hear me and I knew like I said immediately. I knew I'm like ain't this mother fucking bid so I don't like a blast. I don't I don't all I know is when I tell you this. May when we get off here. You're GonNa look at me like oh I cannot wait for the off the record name Fran I when I when I saw this person so okay so just a little bit on my thing. I was talking to the person and you know we had a good time and then I found the person was talking to somebody. I-in care for and then that person they were exposed as a scam related and everybody found out so then they felt embarrassed. That already told them I was like. Why are you talking with them and our they do that. And then when you go note a person on my you're GONNA be listening you're gonNA anyway. Okay next question see yeah. Is there anyone this is GonNa be? Yes or no and this is just a fun question. Is there anyone that you wish you would have had sex with that you declined for whatever reason? Okay yes that you declined for whatever reason this really means that this self and you signed it just a question. Yes and that was. It was like you know you've been really trying to answer because you know I want to pick the like. I'm trying to think of the person that I said. No To like. Funding definitely absolute. Oh you know what yes crab back into my files out. It was I was around. I said Oh yes yes. Y'All know who it is. We do because we bumped into the person in another. Oh these are not like someone that of course I was trying to. I was trying to tell you can do in that place. Oh Child I've always been hesitant. Low key think 'cause no it'd be sick got still got to. I know who to stay away from for Real Fran so yeah. Dale and that chemistry was all right. Almost got excuse me walking through the shot. Let me get out of this music video. Sara Quin doubt would is. How did you about him last night? Did you saying this right now? Is the fuck out because it was that dream to know that we like made China. Do you know out of nowhere to have not been thinking about him. So now you've got me wondering if Duda orchestrator you so were you spending your quarantine versus quarantining porn teen teen quarantines. You can trust the fuck else. Lysol record thing that you want to spend this with. Yes or no. Just say yes they know. What is the question is someone? You'd want to be quarantined with If you knew that it had to be eight weeks that's too long yes shit. Do you know what I'm saying? Because here's the thing if you elect to be somebody else's space that means that you obviously GonNa be somewhere that you're extremely comfortable. That's GonNa have everything that you do need for you to survive that time so if all of that said it's Fi- why not. Yeah and I've been home in three days after the show. Maybe who so last question we said. Yes yeah what was the question you know what the Damn Question. Someone said no to the eight weeks question. That's what prayer. Could you be dares I have one by Simba after the eight weeks? Our on talk to me again. Just the coin team thing to eighty-five Dude for real do to give you an me. Okay WASH OUR HANDS. And when will you or will you? It is the last question begin to live. Like it's your last day Fran. I believe he probably be a brand. You know it's so funny because they'll feel like I do right now anyway. I do literally whatever the fuck out whenever I want. Yeah a regular basis. Yeah don't have children know what I'm saying if I don't I just told you I am at home in three day if I don't WanNa like you know what I'm saying So I'm I'm pretty much in that space in very grateful for that because I know how fortunate I am to be able to do that. Kinda Shit and I have. Those responsibilities require my immediate in daily attention. You know what I'm saying like kids or syphilis. I'd just so you know I'm just made a great place. Yeah real piggyback off of that and say I don't Wanna go dark but if I were to end up in a state of you know we might be dying. I've done a lot. I've made my parents proud. I've affected other people in a positive way and Yeah I've been having a great life so don't want it to but I've been doing good work and I'm still trying to do great work so I'm happy. I hope they let me get my guy. I something that you're saying like I really want that. Got It come on man like corona. Just come on God later anyway. So yeah just a couple of questions for this week. Feel like doing nothing. Thank y'all for even listening to this shit this far you know and Yeah everybody stay clean with that being said if you're someone who's pretty health conscious you'll love daily harvest. Daily harvest makes it easy to eat more fruits and vegetables with sourced CHEF CRAFTED FOODS? That can be prepared in five minutes or less. We love that. 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Well whatever it was. I know that the chilled Cowan was something that you guys are very very excited about literally been tweeting. Non Stop to US thanking us. Apparently helped you with your creative projects. Studying Shit hit the fan. A lot of you were in school So I wanted to tell you about another resource that I have mentioned on this show but it was years ago and I know that we have a lot of new listeners. Since then and not all of you start from the very first episode so very important especially now Website and APP. It's called insight timer. I N S. I'd G. H. T. T. M E R DOT com. Oh I remember. Last week was the day. Oh yes it's just came somebody. Email even be wiped the website out no pun intended. That was good right. Wow you know jokes so actually. I thought that was really cool because I thought I got in there so perfect. Spring promised a new office in them. Perfect timing because it was before the toilet paper was really out of here so for Shit. GotTa Hey this is the kind of day wherever it so a lot of you were very happy and thankful to our days because like I said the site is actually looked and they don't they have like pre orders for the end of April. Oh Shit so oh Shit Oh shit. So I'm glad that you guys found that useful and it will be useful so inside timer was like I said another resource. That's free that I wanted to put out there and see awareness because it is going to help you a lot. It's a have one point six free tracks that improve your sleep. Five hundred seventy two tracks that help you cope with anxiety. Three thousand for managing stress. Five point two that are just meditative. Ambient backgrounds they even have guided meditations. In case. You need someone to help you walk through the process of what a meditation would even look like or feel like you know if you're new to the process. They have meditation for kids. A lot of you have your kids at home right now and I know from here in jade you ask going ape shit. Som- sure setting some time aside in your daily schedule that I hope you guys are creating schedules for your sake. They do have meditation for kids as well really really cool and actually Joe the website. The website has ready thirty thousand community driven tracks for you to sift through free for free free of charge. There's no in-app purchases you know with. Sometimes it'll be like one or two and then once you get really into it. They're like for the next ten minutes. You gotta pay. None of that is completely free. They even upgraded the website. Knowing that people really need this help you don't even have to put up an email. You'll have to put in a password. You don't have to sign up. You can literally just go straight to the APP shades of the website. Search for what you're looking for and you have direct access to it especially at a time like this. I think that's extremely useful. It's that I've been using for years. They even have music. If you just need some calming Zen doubt style music. They have mantras in case you need some affirmation. Sakani help you get through the day maybe Genego type beats like the kids say on Twitter Inspire. They have nature. Sounds you know some people like the rain. Some people like white noise which always Bassett Creek. I you know I love But that would be hysterical. They have Li- Pano tracks. You know acoustic tracks. They literally have something for everyone team by Cardi. And then they have courses if you are like I said Kumar says have seven day courses that can walk through the process of building practices. Whether it's meditations you know so I just a somewhere onto it actually said that it's like Encyclopedia of healing and I thought that was the most perfect way to describe it Oh look they actually just feature. My friend sat out to Leyla. That's pretty good as a featured teacher. Today Andrew Teacher Feature Teacher and shout out to Jeremy who was the instructor on my three years of Wellness. Touring those on the tour. You'll remember her because her piece on the tow was extremely important. She did the body and guided meditations. She's actually a teacher on this side as well like I said it's community driven last month. They actually highlighted black. All the black women that are teachers on this site. They were all on the front page. So you know little things like that that are very important and just kind of show you where their head is at so I wanted to put that out there for you guys. Excuse me don't forget that no I don't. I'm just coughing. I know coughs right now. And don't forget to check out Mayor has youtube channel as well because I think her free. Meditations are very very helpful. You know she actually has a soundcloud as well. Yeah you can put in her name. She has a soundcloud where she does energy readings for each month she answers QNA's based on her following like show go on twitter. And say if there's any pressing questions that you guys have she compiles it and then turns into a track on soundcloud and answers as many as she can as well as really cool interviews with other spiritual energy workers and guided meditations to help you get through this Lassie I just wanted to drop a couple of resources because I know people are looking for things but food banks so the food banks you know. Every city has their major food banks Please go on the food. Bank of your city's website. I know for New York is literally just foodbank. Nyc Dot Org. They have a tab. Were on the right hand side. You Click it. It's a drop menu and it says find help and it will literally help you locate the nearest food banks around wherever you are And they're giving food Monday through Friday And just wanted to put that out there because I know right now especially. There's a lot of food insecurity considering that a lot of us don't know when our next check is coming especially in the freelance Gig community so wanted to put that out there as well and trying to think what else I needed to chilled cow just in case. You didn't listen to that episode as a Youtube Channel. That's a twenty four hour live stream of Lo fi hip hop beats jazz. Beats a lot of kind of transcendental music. That's she hands to membership tight. Tuck this shit legacy got you in the name. I'm just for those in Brownsville. My friend Keith. White is actually part of an organization called C C C who will have a food pantry every Thursday. Starting this week from ten. Am TO ONE PM. The Location Seven Sixteen Chester Street Brooklyn New York. One one two one two. They will have groceries for you that include canned and frozen goods. That will be bagged for your pickup. Their staff will be outfitted with gloves aprons and practicing social distancing for the mutual protection and healing of the community. Of course if you have any questions in our in or around the Brownsville area please call seven one eight three zero six one thousand for more information and stay tuned to their. I G handle as well if you need more information that's at CDC underscored S J. I. And then lastly on a little bit of a lighter note. I saw that. I'm actually looking for the link. Npr tweeted that because concerts and festivals are being canceled. They've put together a list of live streams from musicians around the world. Isn't that the coolest ever so NPR just so they made a list of live virtual concerts to watch during the corona virus shutdown literally thousands from. Because it's nine from around the world from every genre and categorized by date. So if you want more of that you can actually just go to. Npr's twitter handle which is just NPR. And it's one of their most recent tweets. Even if you're listening to this you know days from now they usually Continue to read tweet their things. Because it's like on a schedule a posting schedule you'll be able to find that with ease and I guess that's pretty much it a little bit of Music. A little bit of meditation a little bit of food a little bit of energy work hopefully ad provided something that you will find useful. That's right and that's it for this week's mountainous. Oh Yeah Asante Mr Music Man. Which got this week. We'll perfect segue since you were talking about showed cow. I want to give a shout out to my homeboy one. I forget what his twitter is right now on. Israel's I think it is Yeah he tweeted that. Showdown is on Spotify apple yeah so if you're trying to get it from the device go listen to it on those but Since we were talking about Youtube because you were talking about the chilled cow. I wanted to talk this week about my little youtube rabbit hole that I went down and consider slowed and reverb music I guess because of the time I'll know what it is but I always kinda like. I've always liked slow music in To be part of my vibe. I've always liked a lot of these By B artists that people say king seeing or be doing too much because I like the way the experiment with the tracks. So when you stood out some of these tracks you can even get into a little bit more of the details of the beats and what they were doing with their voice or you know what they decide to put over their voice. Whatever but I was down the Rabbit Hole Soda Verb and I just wanted to share a couple of channels that I thought were dope because they had a lot of really cool artists And you know your heartbeat sinks to the BPM's is that what that is so it could be an unintentional form of meditation for you. Where maybe you're looking for that calmness and then you think that you're just pick in the quote unquote mood for slower music but it's your body asked actually asking you for now beautiful when you listen the Torque by the city girls and say hey you literally giving your heart the experience you want based on what you listen to. That's why it's actually really important to be intentional about the experience you're looking for because if you're really if you're already using shitty you know you might want to like pick something to help you pull out of it yes. I'm so glad that you said that because the first song came up I was on Youtube. Watching a lot of randomize Nigga Shit like I was watching old like chopped unscrew shit and it just took me down a rabbit hole and I think that these were suggested because I remember clicking on I was like what s Wvu appears is not what I was looking at and it was s WBZ's rain slowed in reverse you off this channel channels called Tabby T. A. B. I. But All of these floating reverse channels post Music a lot of them. Just have these really cute animations look like the cow did and think that's it does and I think that's why I got stuck watching too because I was just watching like animation. Kinda repeat and it's something subtle is like Like you see these two people standing on the water and never like a lot going on but it just like calms you like a Little Fox on the bed. The the the girl type in yes somebody remain and he put the To the role in trae on a roll in showers lighted smoke in. This is still say. Rolling Ray was on the couch. Listen Rolling where he got. He Ain't got the rain or rain thinking back SPEC car on their own wrong hours like ooh. Fendi bucket hat though. That was cute perseverance. Oh No so yes Checkout Tabby. That was one of the channels Tabby S. Wbz rains floating revert. Don't play you're listening because know as WBZ's rain. I just want you to get the feel of how it is when it slowdown you the beat because if you don't listen to any channel screwed or slow like you don't know voices are a little distorted to and I think is cool because I guess because I'm a guy almost like here's some of these women like sing songs with like a male like background or from a male perspective. Almost sometimes it was kind of cool listening in those areas too but That particular track that was on tabbies Instant tabbies youtube. It's T. A. B. I. But on tabbies because this particular person I remember going through after hurt the S. Wvu because when it gets to the rain only that part is like the shit. But I went down to the rest of their catalog and they had Tons and tons of lag. Look beyond say Raven Leone Mali. Music like tons of really really doubt songs that I just never knew I wanted to hear differently and I just got trapped in the rabbit hole. the other channel. They had a lot of really really good ones. Because I just want to give you some channels that you know it was kind of specialty but there are tons of channels out here so you can literally go type in whatever your favorite song is and then put slowed and revert minded or just slowed and you could find version of it. But there's this channel called Showbiz C. H. O. V. E. S. They've got one hundred sixty seven thousand subscribers they have three hundred and seventy-six videos up so tons of people they put up and slowing verb They do a Lotta easy bird They got ready. Rich Up. Here has Drake just a lot of really really cool songs. They sound so different and it doesn't even feel the same when you hear them this way so I just really liked getting in that vibe line candle thin like I wanNA play my song. That wouldn't really fit in with air combat. Do but this version of it does so. This is what I'm fucking with. I love that slow to reverse tell me what you like. I'm going to Give you just a a little snippet of Summer Walker Tonight slaughter because I'll just all the summer Walker Shit slowed was hitting like body was hidden. Girls need was hitting tonight was hidden. So this is just a little snippet of tonight. Spider Friendly Hitter. Being in town knows thanks. I did such a world so I'm not playing no more but you also gotta check out salons. Don't take a bunch of artists like like a lot of the channels are like R&b Or rap artists like because it was like a bunch of rip. You know I like a bunch of songs like a bunch of Jay Z and it all sounds so dope like our remember listening to shape back in the day like Paula would re drop some shit and it's like the chopped screwed version and it went ten times harder as the original which already went off in the club. So it's like cool that this goes off in that way but it's like a slower version of it so I just love that music for right now. Yeah I did a little I posted some of my cuss on twitter. The other day and I was like I'm GonNa talk about this on the music man segment. Because I just saw how many artists they were putting up a Showbiz also has a lot of scissor cuts to like broken clocks. Lois book weekend. Broken class would be slow anyway. Thank you would think that was all I wanted to talk about now. We can really move on to what you all have been listening to. So give it to me I would have you been listening to mind is actually GONNA be an integration of music and wellness. Really quickly did you know that if you type in meditation into spotify that this POPs up. Oh Shit Face No. It's an archive of healing tracks. Dough prayer so you can do Yoga relaxing massage peaceful retreat ambient music musical therapy. They even have to bet and bowls are just play so literally. Just type in the word meditation You'll see the genre pop up at the top Prestat and then you'll see literally endless playlists for music for you. Saudi even have a sound of nature that has like five hundred thousand followers But out of the one I wanted to shout out was the binomial beats which discussed here before the beauty of self care is that it's not just a bath bombs and the lotions and the oils and the diffusers and I mean very helpful. But it's nice to have an understanding of higher brain and your body works so that you can emotionally regulate on the spot in real time without needing anything. That's why I always talk about even the power of deep breaths. How that if your body is in? The sympathy of your nervous system is activating the sympathetic. Which is like your body's fight or flight. Response take a couple of deep breaths and this slowly activates the past sympathetic. Which is your like relaxation. So ashes the power of deep breaths. Something simple you're on the train. I told crystal jade all the time like I don't know what I would do if I couldn't just take deep breaths. They've literally saved my life. Which is why this corona things anxiety inducing in that sense just because I believe what people are saying who have it just the the way. It's changing their lung health and lung capacity so Something to consider for those. That are taking serious but The by Nora. Beats Meditation playlists the reason that I love. It is because this isn't just for deep breaths but this is actually teaching you how to listen to tones. That will help you. Enter into the meditative states that you need. The office states the data brainwaves using the frequencies and remember we talked about Producers that no which tones activate which different frequencies new? Listen to a song. You're like Damn. This makes me feel happy. You know we talked about like how we kind of have a feeling he knows those things so I love it because you can kind of look through the playlists and decide which frequency you want to hang in. Do you need. Do you need to relax? Do you want to go to sleep? Do you need to you know like Magin having that power and understanding of your mind and like which tones can activate which parts of you so just little powerful things ways to take your power back in the simplest things like playlists and music in deep breaths so meditation type that into spotify endless resources for you to get your life together these days? That are feeling low heavier than normal tonight. He said actually should play when just for those who have never heard. That sounds like this engineer made me upset did it. Why because curious has a song called the energy? Let's see this one. This one's called driver of time made me think about Kill Bill done so that one is called driver. Time by higher highs. I like that. And it's by no beats for relaxation. So it's supposed to activate your Fada brains brainwave state so that you can kinda like peace out for a second. Did you ever watch tron at didn't but it sounds like something I'd like so there's two of them. There's trauma want us from the eighties. And then the secret came to Disney version tron legacy. They have I think I talked about this. Because he's like the light cycles or something but the music Daft punk music forum and it sounds like there are elements of those beats in there That's the thing once you start listening to Barnard Obese you'll catch it in your everyday life like music even in stores sometimes like stores will be playing it. Certain offices might be really subtle or low but people definitely use it in their day to day in ways that you might not have paid attention to that was Kinda cool now that you hear it. You'll be like oh that's a binary will be like. I've heard that before especially in spies when you gotta get a massage. Some of them play like the SPA music the kind of generic and other people will just have like when the Asian woman that's doing covers. Everybody else I mean. This is not Michael Jackson. Going off doing karaoke is well. Yeah that's it. That's all I wanted to share. Just another Music in wellness integration. That I think would be useful. Dustin Ross why are you giggling? 'cause I was really about to make some disrespectful jokes about types of music that may take advantage of that but I'm just trying to be better in life especially corona going around the time the time shutout cheek. She dropped her EP industry game absolutely in love with it I don't even know I could go all over but there's two songs that I really. I love the whole thing for different reasons. But BALENCIAGA design are my two favorites. This is a balloon seized by Chico. He's the bathroom. I used to be feeding foam. Dreaming in the classroom turned in my exam than will be the last one for school. I welcome to my potential get impasse due for years lame rex blue and my whole team is seeing greenlee. Yoshi eggs to now people thinking in your face sign. Ask you but you have to in. The whole world is compensating about two waistline and mental health days. Make a guilty. 'cause you waste time. Everybody deems came face mom baseline all that pain and anger and just paying rows Alma. Pinson your whole life but still hate happy. Belated Birthday CHICA issue by question. That's Bellizzi is by Chico. This song is called designer fate. Ma San Fran Aubrey. Johnny equality asked. I'm just telling you like the music everything you need. Is there so Chica you show Joe Astle Industry Games? I love the whole thing Jay Electronica. That's just the EP. Lower seven tracks on on on the intro. She says I hope this music makes you think and the songs are so just narping is crazy. So because Donald J like China could drop the written testimony the whole thing bangs and there's really no context really unnecessary as j electrica. This song is called flux capacitators uptown uptown. It BEGAN TO BE GETTING BACK UP TO GIVE CARE. Full top trick. Decrypt likes hockey like Moses. It's beautiful we tell them throw in Rock Mason Brunches. That's the SPA now. But B E evidence. What you reverend. What would I have a watch? A Saudi Prince Royal. This late that she'll have it on home. In in the background that sample higher by Riyadh Background Yeah There's so many other dope strikes album but I love that really. Just got a few more for your. The Clark sisters dropped a retired new album. Everybody's out the Clark Sisters. Ain't playing and if you don't believe me this song right here is called be back They'll sleep okay. So that's massive. Didn't get past the magic city ready for this. Excuse me they say. Listen pecan soul sell fucking. Listen to this. This is his love with snoop listen to this. Sometimes we cry and we don't know and love and life gets you keep going home. I'm listening to my way home. Just click CICIS. Nah I'll be taking it easy during a music. My kid drafting new album. That's got some really really really always on and three people being late this kid like and I'm not even GonNa do what I could do. But just know the kid is the shit and there's another song why this new artists call forever. Friday caught a hundred rounds. It's really doping sexy so okay I'll write out. That was amazing. A lot of music did come out and I just really didn't get to make my way through all of it so I'm going to give you a highlight Meghan the stallions highlight. She is looking great in the new tracks she's featured on well tiger called Freak Just watching Meghan this Diane. That's all I'd say. That's it from US Matt Segment. Now we can take it on over the TV land. Dustin Ross. What you've been watching. Ninian king arguing in Greece. Yes also as well in Greece in Greece in Greece. No Fish Grease although I think we build wrestler may be present. They weren't arguing in Greece. But they are getting actually. Athens Greece and I let me say with some ridiculously fabulous about watching these black ladies with these huge diamond rings up in Athens Greece. You know in this. This winery field. You know hugging it out and arguing and kind to the businesses great But because opulence was there beyond that a lot of people took delight in seeing Nina. Take some real like low blows. They Kenya this week. the Greece trip took place a day after Kenya and her husband announced their separation to the public and so real fresh wound And she was like crying. Visibly a little. You know just a little removed from everybody but you could tell there was a sore spot for her anyway. Stray for it when they started act arguing in. Kenya did give Nina Harass to kiss a few times during the trip you know and can Nina tried to quote unquote reach out. But it was fake. It was knee using the get out of jail free card because Kenya's going through this Personal tragedy and now. She's being nice to her. Then it sort of is assumed that if a gives everything to happen before that they haven't even talked about so part of me wishes. Kenya would have been more open but a part of me completely understand are being like Nah bitch right. Dan Insincere. You know what you did you know. We have unfinished business. You know we haven't faced any of that. Don't use my current situation as an opportunity to try to redeem some of your character flaw issues that have been highlighted by everyone here this season And so I kind of understood this physician. I say she went about it the right way but I just got it And so then they just had a really violent argument where Nina he was. Just taking. A lot of low blows like telling Kenya like. That's why your husband left you bitch 'cause you buy your husband don't like your husband k. Stands you him and do things like that And it was just nasty and like I said because but then this is. Kenya messes up in that same episode. And you see literally you know what? I'm about to and I was pissed as she was doing it and then I hate that I was on any side but it did give me. I was looking at me like I'm glad you did this because I didn't like. She was acting early and I wasn't even fucking thank you in that same episode. They go to dinner so like I say degrees dinner. That takes you up one hundred feet in the air on the thing. You're right I don't I don't have to do that. You know I'm thrill seeker normally. That's my my kid. Uh you're seated at a table and you're strapped you're strapped in and cute expose is card that we still ain't GonNa take what if you ain't got Joe Bar fully stocked up to catch a arguing glasses song then somebody down on the ground on just people floating you know? It's just one table so it'll maybe like ten people at the table. Plus I guess servers are GonNa Pay Ages to be taken up in the Sky Athens Greece but yes while they were at the dinner in the civil while they're at the dinner in the Sky Kenya just like unleashed this line of really judgmental like questions towards sent the regards to her knowledge of the wine business. Because as we all know Bailey has its own doing it never is just. I know food that I eat. I can't eat up here a wash my hands. You know what I'm saying like I know I want to go up there to see but I don't know if I want to stay in east. Who's cooking because what if they cook? My food wrong goes for extra this. I guess you just use it by the time we get on down there it's just condensation is part of Cynthia. Cynthia has her wine cellar. And just because you own a wine. Anything does not wine shops exactly the wine shop that you own Kenya S. I'm sorry I'll let you tell telling. The truth is so upset. King is ask sitting up there and you know sometimes your friends. Kinda supportive and they know you're doing some so they'll bring something up now. This is now she was there. She was like all right. Cynthia will what kind of wine which you pair with this. Don't you think the shrimp would overpower that? It was like bit shut up. That's not cool and minds you king is supposed to be like Cynthia's ace like she's supposed to be kind of like there for her. Like on points up your friend know she was hype and her. She was hyping her down. Like in the most awful list of ways and everybody could see in. Read that even canes you who is Cooler King is as watching what was after shows. She's looking at her face laughing at her. Like girl this. I'm not agreeing up at the table though. She say she's a she's she's literally throwing these questions. I sent the. These di Cynthia's completely unprepared to answer and So she's doing the best she can and come up with things to say but he's on. I wouldn't trust portion unless it's about Dick or whatever just hurt. Her energy was just completely and so then candy was I how many you sell an audio spot. Oh exactly as she are confessionals and said like you know we're not gonNA tear down where we're not. GonNa do is tear down her business. You know what I mean like. She doesn't have to be profess to be this slow again. Somali. I hear what I'm saying. But that's not cool what you're doing and so she just flamed her up real quick Because can you act like that? That's why when Nina treat her she and her later on episode. We didn't say we we can say Kanye was right. We said that's why Nina Gachot ass bitch 'cause he was acting and it was like anything about what it'd be like chose to Kinda like really late into Tikhinya's ass was when Cynthia confronted Kenya about that incident at the dinner table and they were able to hug it out. Kenyan was real apologetic. Like I would never you know whatever by Blah Blah. I'm sorry they hugged it out and two things happen. Meany was that piss me off because Nina's jealous of the fact that Kim sent the are cool but beyond that menial at the it used to be friends for real sometimes no matter how hard you fall out with a person. You can't just watch somebody dog mile like that and so she ate our s up for. That's what happened. Come on like she literally. She didn't even like hide. It alluded to A. She said I did what you is. A mother fucking like she does launched into her as this situation was happening And so and I know I know what I would have said to me if she would have made them come to me about a divorce was fresh. I don't even WANNA share them right here because they're horrible things but I know exactly what I would have gone after the minute. She decided to use something so sensitive to attack me. I know what I would lock gloves off when I say off. I know exactly where my hands would have gone Especially because he was doing like a spitting motion and there were only peanuts like domain. Like she was doing it like that. I thought like for real life then. It wasn't like it was doing that. And and can you say no? They're like this is exactly what I'm talking about. This doing this to any early goes across the open. Get it. Yeah she's like you. Low life like It was bad it was really bad. So we're going to get more of a next week now. Can you want before you do that? I just want to give this one little piece. I love the fact because to add on what you were saying earlier about seeing them in their fashions. I love the fact that we get this cast. This is nothing against even 'cause I just don't really care about her but it was a perfect trip without either. I wanted her there and I think that evil has not had a chance to really be either on your show. Yes she'd been having a Mazey's been pregnant you. Here's my thing. 'cause I feel what you're saying based on how perform thus far but at that baby dropped desk so we need to know pregnancy where eva comes onset high as a kite because we all know we need cannot be pregnant for this come on asset and where they ass out and I think we're going to get it because at this reunion whenever they air because as you all know the reunion we were supposed to be aired on March sixteenth. They postponed because of the corona because friend it was filmed already supposed to be. It was scheduled to be filmed. Okay March six hundred perfect contents postponed. But he's going to come and when it does is going to be good. And here's why number one I keep up with everybody. All the cast members youtube channels and all the after shows at Bravo puts out to and I in conversation with a lot of people. I'm discovering that everybody's not aware that these things are out there. So here's what you need to be watching candy. Berries has a youtube channel that she updates weekly okay. She has an after so-called speak on it that he puts out every Sunday after the episode where she goes into detail about things that weren't seeing things that were filmed things that have happened like all. This context is added and those after shows things are being said that well let me let me back up a little bit. Nina leaks also has a youtube channel. She's not asking sister and her videos are a mess. They're not anywhere near as clearly produced and thought out as candies but she turns the camera on for what it's worth. There's a perspective there so she has been doing after so she doesn't do him every week but she recently as you know. She's been more vocal in the press. Anyway and so she's been doing after shows for these past few episodes Watch THOSE INTERVIEWS. Because in them you get to see. A lot of things needs been cussing eve out every weekend. Her mind you either has been doing nothing but positive interviews about meany She was nice. On Wendy she was not even Neva. Cussing bravo money. Having babies and she'd been negative to everybody will bring nothing to like just all this stuff far that energy And meaning anyone. That was wrong Navy Mesa in all these cases let me which is why once again can you was right when she told her you the one that had to grovel around everybody trying to be friends moving on in this week's episodes. Khanini said she went. She had her darts appointed directly a candy. Burs calling candy fake saying they can't. He's been her interviews talking shit our season while we bring fades or bag. Then since you know. Will you love to see me? Need me Kenya arguing that I want. We bring phase Iraq and watch. Yo Beef Watch you play obeef south since you so scared. I just nasty stuff reminds you candy. I had none of their type of energy for any whatsoever in life zero none evenly address. Nasty Shit they need. He has said so. The reunion is going to cook. I'm telling you this union is going to cook or no is it. Ain't just going to be Kenya verse. O and I know that because when candy was talking about I randomly lost their bribe after show when she was saying was I mean. Kennedy airport was the main one that was saying. Don't forgive any. She was the first one that I saw the award goes to like. I want to see that play out on the reunion and to what you were talking about. We NEXT SEASON. I WANNA see lighting bitches. Fire next to Cynthia Bailey. Because I'm glad that we now have the models as friends. 'cause I hate it when evil was first. They're doing the whole like Oh mother your now like Shady Shit. I didn't like that so hope. Now we get a stronger. Eva On the front with the girls where we need her going really gets because Nina was the one who kept her Michael on when you know. Don't talking to Michael because I'm trying to get you. She has her ex baby. Daddy is crazy as you know that is. I want to say you know who that is. I don't WanNa say Alice. All I know is I just want to see either in her element and her being like Full Force Shady and remembering her shape because I hate when she does. I don't remember saying there. I didn't say and candies like I'm not a lie. You did say that having a terrorist when she pregnant so you just houses was good. Good for every y'all giving them attention creeping for me and a couple of pops every now and then but did you love hip hop Atlanta. I did okay so this is going to be a season. It is this is. This is going to be a season. And I'm GonNa tell you who's GonNa give it to us. Sierra yes Sierra is about to give us a season yeah future going to be there. Only Wilson's is going to be good this season. I just know I say this carly rae gets online or gets on my nerves but sees a day one season one that has literally carried the seasons since she's been on cars them commercialize hours us in front of the coffin. We don't know who died filmed funeral. It was all her. We talk about this show. So there was a video monitor in the casket her performance. Louis for days. And that's what they mourning the death of their performance digest so whatever. That is what she's been going through in her personal life. That is going to be the reason. Why Alexis Skye almost fist fighting? You see Sierra popular in the face for Sean late to court which Sierras court case the fact that you do the way they're ex was just being a total moron and long story source. Sierra has a charge against her that a fake tires is lady said that she assaulted her while she was pregnant. She didn't do it and he was there. He saw a car that was there. Everybody was there and she's begging them. Can you guys please come to court like tail now? I never walk in on one of the baby mamas his baby Mama and him in Sierra got a child together and he won't go but instead of I'm just saying he he just he won't go because it'd be one thing if he will say like. Oh I mean I don't really want to justify this I'm just trying to like what would it maybe giving me some sort of? Oh I guess I can kinda see that but it's not like even say well that's my baby mom. I'm not going to testify against a he. He gave he said after the last time I was in a courtroom. I said I'm never ever welcome back in so no I'M NOT GONNA. What's not about him like a even though your son's mom. I go to jail. You know. This is your son's mother like saying. Please stop me from from this thing happening. They shouldn't happen. Hang on walk. Ain't going to court just ridiculous. I is is I K- but on top of that Kirker receded thing with Receipt is Mama fucking money guys. Yes they have their terrain anniversary. They have Thriving families trees like is good. I'm telling you so. Can I just say Atlanta I love so much forever. I love Atlanta because Bambi. I love the FA- Yes yes. She's pregnant again. Yeah together I love the fact that Outside of my love hip hop that Russia and can't be your friends so it's funny like hearing about all this stuff to the grave mind like they did the oil they friends. They'll probably Oh. We should do a restaurant exactly. I've seen them to talk about them in certain passing on something so it was like funny watching them. Do these different shows but knowing that they real friends in real life. They've been one the film together too. I Remember Candy I think win win. Mona Sky Young produced the Escape Reality Series on Bravo. Yeah I think something I worked out because shortly thereafter candy. Heff filmed the scene on love and hip hop with received. Remember when they were sitting down there was at the O. L. G. Came up there to talk to Kenny. And they filmed the scene. Or whatever or for love and hip hop A receipt has been a shit on the house all the time these seasons or whatever in the background but they can never be upfront like actually on camera. I think they kinda worked whatever that is out. Because they've been friends as you know since forever received that they best friends peach candy right there and they both are thriving successful entrepreneurs so love to see it anyway so cool. I love out to Claudia. Joy and to forget Gig as host of the love and hip hop reunion shots. Yeah and I love the love. That Nina passing the torch passed the tour. I was just talking about how much I love. Cloudy on the Fox. She's working so you cloudy. Cloudy now he does that is what TV land supposed to feel like such op. You don't you find the side of the twitter. Because that's why we're doing that because twitter. My why I'd be asking the questions. I'd be watching respect Dustin Agency. Exactly 'cause I'm GonNa make you anywhere. And on that note this episodes in we'd titled Love and showed Cow. Just so you know showed cast week on love and chilled cow. Time on love and show love cats. I was not feeling jock. Being the narrator. Not deathly missed opportunity there. I don't know who I want to replace somewhere who I would have. But the whole show would know so every season when they start. They do like a the opening episode. There's like a narrator so used to be monae needs to be real. Dvd highly the city. Where Dreams Intro at one point? I feel like Russia's somebody might do. He narrated the host so he kind of deal like he had to interview scenes and he took care of like the narration. Of the the intro piece at the beginning of the episode of the EPA who shit at the beginning of episode right where they identified. All of like everybody's story lies. He led that so A. Here's my take right because I feel like that's obviously a job for someone who has like a legitimate stake in the franchise been there since the first season. Whatever but young jockeys one of those cast members who he is to love a hip hop what Porsche in Kenya's addition in season five to the housewives us like forcing Kenya came to the housewives in season. Five and they are like unforgettable. There are part of like the core of the show even though they came late in the game. Now we're season twelve. And it's like they're just they're anchors young jockeys set to love and hip hop land now because when he came to love and hip hop Atlanta. He changed it forever. Think about him and Carly's affair I think about him. That girl tying whipping them with the chocolate. Think about All the kids are the baby mamas or the fights young jockey his hair styles his personality his relationships everything he has like thoroughly entrenched themselves in the fibers of of of love the hip hop in Atlanta. I'M NOT GONNA say he hasn't given to the franchise because I would have preferred a different earrings. Because the way he was doing because he's so silly. I think he would have done spice. Oh but Charlotte adjustment really fast. I have really been fucking with Jocelyn Marriage boot camp. I can't really speak for on other shows but marriage boot camp. Sorry I know about the show. Johnson was hidden Johnson was real supportive of bullshit. You know she's real like plenty to Stu Michel as Boyfriend whatever the fuck he is. I appreciate her on there. But that's it that's all I'm done. That's it as always thank you guys so much for listening. We love you so much and we will see guys next week. Maybe not kidding you can wash your hands.

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Coachcast #1316 No leve nada para o pessoal

"They felt like you certainly will follow kibbles davies could assume years milonga report thing. So we'll keep you think boy. Susa dish casino song walked is whatever. Say happiness become employees. Here is you don't always That's possible or wing the pigeon former it'll domes stove e will coach cast to brazil. Said does not more chivasso plot of this love is wounded philadelphia deca. Spatula process gives evil humane to policy hilson our meal york almost always see hiccup stack. I gotta who have bullshit the baser. He is the mt salita starting to martin. Jeer in-instituted here so we'll see viewer here soon. Dr sewer barak stuck with this the prior no advocacy facilitator. Goma see for support sewer cows silk beginning bills silk with that gene but kvass say to the potatoes iki todo moon to fire scores settler. Jeff bezos your it cardo virus the gm. Let's go to copeland. Immutable took equals issue now. Swift as akasha mcadoo talk. The specifically kipruto cash will help is on me little scien- continuity a toda visa soccer medical issues of you thought of as the same categories. Yeah he was released. A lot of slow was it that roseanne to see made two key role in the number of coins. Ancient major do this procedure. Maximum visa card on a succession went. Well known link. Lozad i do need. Don't see via qantas's impetus. Jt amid will save you. Mayes older quiz aquiline said thinki- his vehicle traffic was still leader. Suzerainty aliki facilities to starts bonito side effect as well known for celebs accu piece welcome. This is like i have to turn to our fault that he'll is swell. I've fought interior some on sept bone to okay. Who is older family. Hawker quizzical altarpiece. G-get boss start achieve. Sitting at the privacy was to do pat allowed to be swapped is versus sibeko. Oedipus is suitable. Circular water girard alana nine hundred a national on facebook you know. Blooming stagger is a new facebook museum in asia. Pacific philosophy nassir stuck. I can talk to the left. He not as useful not just lose. It was level bottle. Is you're supposed to follow milliards. Lots of dismissal was it is immigrant. Dvd diligence sociale. Now slow after antiquated. Jekyll deserve a habashi. Our visa will sink into those old his in both. The cows need sumati superstar. Lovey docomo haggadah so sit up to mice phillies. Also indicated spit on brazilan. a million. I hope all boullion cater eight main milk elegant day. Pontoon amoeba all cater. Only to be bonding. Cicadas kosovo version to see pledged. Not juba moocher bilbo alamo feel put guest here.

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Friend of Jesus :: Brooke Ligertwood

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Friend of Jesus :: Brooke Ligertwood

"Hey is short. Johnson and you are listening to the Grove podcast. We are excited to have our friend. Brooke Lidgerwood on. Today's episode. Brick is a worship leader and songwriter with hill song worship and so many of her songs churches and homes daily. She and her husband Scotty and their two girls live in southern California and served with Hilson Church. La and today we get to listen in on a conversation. Brooke shared with Shelly as they discuss. Life in quarantine pressing into discontentment and what it is to really celebrate each other as well as ourselves. So here's Shelly. Guilio with Brooklyn would. How are you guys surviving? These days. How you feeling was small children in your home tight quarters and sort of all the things that go with that you guys doing okay. I seriously have nothing. I have zero complaints way. M are obviously in compliance with all the ordinances about county In under those ordinances. I'm I'm actually considered an essential worker. I think because Yonhap's like L. A. And is a kind of a studio town So because I work out of a studio I am allowed to come here and because I am consider worker. I'm allowed to have helped with the kids so I'm honestly I find myself and I'm very very blessed position. Yeah that's take for granted in a second so I'm able to come out to a workplace Zaina and get focused. Get things done and in had family time. Sorry Yeah I feel very very very listened. Some of the stuff. You've been just instagram ing and some of the moments of worship that we've had together me from way over here and you've from wherever there have been so profound and moving and such a gift. I think to the body. So thank you for doing what you're doing. Oh thank you and Louis I mean I am loving all of us. Eleven everything just watching the white. You guys are responding in this season as as late as and as a house like as passionate each has been so beautiful and Sir. Thank you doing everything that you guys are doing. And the way that you're doing it well I love seeing the church. Come to life. You know we talk a lot around here about. It's one thing for the church to be gathered and obviously we all miss that moment of being in the same proximity to each other and sort of collectively say to God. You're everything to us. Having God say back over us you belong to me and you know. There's never a chance that you'll be outside of my love. Those moments are so profound in worship and I miss him. You know I really miss that. Collective moment but then seen the church come to life and NBC scattered and bright and serving like Louis calls at serving small. You know taking what we do have in our hands and trying to do something effective with it and to me. It's so life giving and so much the future I think of every house you know not just of our house but of every house of the church at large it is our future to watch. God Use us in that way and seems like the city and cities of the world are being so positively impacted by the church in this moment. I don't know seven always true from a friend of mine the other day whose whose whose parents passed is and he was having a conversation with his parents and he was saying. How many times have you guys sit over the is? I wish we could just poor services Just for just for a moment that we have time to regroup and really look at everything and you know. Let God's giving us this moment This this this time to really to really expose our root systems and figure out what needs to be pruned. What needs to dry day? Pablo needs to be strengthened. What we don't need anymore but we cling to a real Real reimagining moment if we can we as the church can prison to this moment Reimagining with the Lord. Lord what do you imagine for your church in the season the seasons to come I think Something so powerful is GonNa come out of. This already is back now. Who knows what something on the side of this. If we if we really prison your how do you do that? I mean I feel like we all have different versions of what pressing in looks like and what that means and how we try to figure out to lay what we have in front of God and say. Hey what do you want us to keep? And what actually needs to go and What what do you think your version? Not just as a housewife and not just with Hill Song Church. But how do you feel like you personally or are evaluating some of those things? And how do you think you'll come out the other side different? Yeah I think we've really been Looking at talking through and praying about what a. What are some of the things that we've we've always done this way? You know quite monks always done this way. And in why why? Why have we always done those things? This way end. An as is that just the way it is or is that a wines again and I think that's a theme that's been recurrent to me throughout my life is asking to destroy me To to to speak to me about the wine skins in other words I mean that could be methods could be mindset to be systems. It could be wise if communicating could be language. But what are the things that we've been using which is a good thing but maybe a a seasonal And so what are the things that we need to perhaps discuss it? Aside for a time might be forever An order to in order to embrace maybe a new wine skin that the lord can pour pour new wine in new power through so it's really a lot of conversation and and for me while I think a lot of Just really laying down defensiveness. I think Win Things have worked for a long time. You can get defensive of them. You know So so really coming at the season without preconceptions of how it works and how he doesn't wh- what I think Perhaps another golden calf. And perhaps when it comes to ministerial is any kind of identity as a community. This is who we are. I think you know who we are. we really need to be able to examine that. Honestly I think in this time. And and and kind of distill who are we really and what what are the ways that we can pivot and this time while still while still holding fast to our core values but not but ultimately being devoted to Jesus and everything else being up for grabs. Yeah Yeah Yeah I think that's a You know a harder thing to do than it sounds like it should be. I think what we what we are. What we learn as routine sort of becomes a crutch and we go through rhythms and Jesus talks has specifically I think in the gospels about religion and how the striving and creating away to God or that God would be pleased with how we act is a form of religion and Jesus is clear about how he came to do away with how that's not. That's not the way that we relate with God anymore in. It's not what we're doing to earn affection or attention or any of the things that we think we're doing and I'd love that he speaks so clearly too because it feels like it frees us from carrying that familiar thing that we have to have as a crutch and I feel like I love the way the church has been over the last centuries but I also know that God has something unique for us in these days and I think without proper evaluation and a willingness to open our hands and say got you came up with the ideas that we're currently thinking are so normal you know you're the one who created how the Church looks right now. So why wouldn't I trust you by opening my hands and saying recreated again for these days and don't let me just depend on what you've done before as being the answer for now and certainly there are core values. Please don't misunderstand. That need to be held. You know that I think we have to Make sure that we stay in connection with God in certain places. Certainly Jesus loves him following him our core but man everything else like you're saying is seems like it's a it's an optional thing at this point and we need to consider that and I love that we can and I love it sometimes. God gives us periods of time where we almost have to. Yeah and I just. I've been thinking while so much about you. Know how the different ways that God has prepared us in In of spoken to us about what was to come without us even realizing it and and specifically Scotty and I was cutting my husband and I made the best decision ever which was to begin at year at passion with you is unreal. That they actually have that crazy thought right now that there were sixty five thousand of building. What tightly packed I know you know? I think I've been. I've thought often especially the past month. A bad about what was spoken to us. The and you know Louis Message. Big Turn the paint. Yes like to turn the page and then Levi Levi. Lost Guard giving that incredible message about like spent digging into American history and talking about you know coming into talking about the dust bowl and about that in the green belt. And I'm thinking that this is also significant and then the message that Yearbook Shelly Was I think all of it was so timely without us even realizing it was preparing the grand for us being ready for us being fresh being open and and being ready forgot to turn the page an his church in in this country in the nations of the world? It's it's a really special time in history and I'm pinching myself that I get to be alive during honestly and I can't wait to see I think in years to come. We will marvel at this time in the establishment what the Lord did Ns and then what was to come in the subsequent years The history pages will record it. I just WANNA be on the on the right side of history you know. I WanNa take into what God is doing. I WANNA be a Cairo with this thing. 'cause it's it's pretty important. I think yeah. I think the prophetic nature of what happened in passion in those days and whether we knew it or not God was preparing and speaking of some things out and into being that we would learn to operate on and I love that he does that also loved. They did it in a collected way and obviously we can do passion and connect to people all over the world and there's ways we've learned through technology that we can all be connected. Certainly we can but man there was something so holy ground about being in that space together and even the memory of it makes me long for the gathering again of people and it's not that it's That's the only way it can happen. And that's the only way God can speak. I don't believe that I believe God's using this moment right now where you're in California and I'm in Atlanta to profoundly speak some things into people's lives he uses what's available to make much of his kingdom will allow him to but I also think that it makes me long for days that we can have a collected moment as well to be able to voice back to God as a unit as Earth as people who love and believe and trust and follow him that we think he's everything and man went powerful days to set this year onto its course for us. So I'm so grateful you guys part of it so so beautiful how he does that in history one of the things I love about you. Brooke era deep. Well and you would probably not say that about yourself. Although I think all of us who watch no you would you review study you. You don't WanNa just know what we believe. You want to know the why and it's so inspiring to me. You've recommended books to me. You've we've talked a lot about deep spiritual things over time but I think you teach us that it's important that we understand Not just what is handed to us but why it's important. What are some of the ways that you've pressed your search it's true? What is some of the ways that I think you've pressed yourself to be a person? Obviously you're strung up that way. God's created you to be that inquisitive and to want to understand the wise but what do you think some of the other disciplines are that you've created inside yourself to help you understand those things as well. Yeah the me Jesus I think the more you you want our him is. This is the simple answer. I think just the more that I the Mo that I get to this savior of as the Moma Hunga grows to no more and And I I just want to know him as much as I can. The sight of eternity I think there's so much more available to us Then we tap into oftentimes and that's not to say that we become kind of disconnected from at humanity. Oh from being granted in mission that we have the sight of eternity here on earth but I think yeah just this this. Jesus as he is a mystery and he's a he's sorry full of beauty and Hayes untamed and he's kind but he stood in He's all of these things and I just I just want an armour and Yeah that's all I can really put it down to the more the more that I know him the more that I hunger in our him more. Yeah well it drives you. I think but it also feels like to me that somewhere underneath all that desire is a commitment to the discipline of knowing and understanding and I agree that God has so much of himself for us to know and as such the invitation is so wide open to us. Like I want you to know me. Please press into me. You'll you'll never find the end of what you are trying to discover. I am endless and you can literally spend day and night consuming yourself with me and you will never I will never be consumed. I believe I really believe. That's true of God but I also understand that sort of for us to do that that we have to have a mentality that we want to do that. And I think we're the church lacks sometimes it's Fervor isn't disciplined is just in figuring out. You know what I do have an invitation. It is open to me but I need to structure my will my mind my heart and my will to go for that and that there's great value at the end of that discovery and I think for you when you find the value in it pushes you back to the discipline and when you start the discipline it pushes you to the value and that those two things are constantly in play and I just see him all through your life. And I don't know how you can articulate it but I know that I learned a lot from you in that regard. Oh my Gosh I learned everything from you show eight. I wonder if often oftentimes we are way. A quick to discard the gift of disatisfaction. I wonder if we We Are. We're quick to discard the gift of dissatisfaction Not Realizing that discontentment Oh dissatisfaction. is a gift to push us into what truly satisfies us and so And so I think sometimes we were dissatisfied or discontent with something restless about something upset about something disturbed by something and we. We only look at the The negative side of the Oh the destructive side of it. I think that can happen. In two ways I think one of it is weakened dismiss fat and think that it's Unholy to feel dissatisfied about something which isn't actually biblical or or that we that we take it as a personal grind and we kind of sit in on things rather than going. Actually this is a gift to push me toward. What what truly satisfy. So if I'm dissatisfied with you know something in community rather than sentenced unit or worse than that going kind of try and work it out with other people in an unhealthy environment or an unhealthy conversation like why not thank God why not take that to the Lord and Gar. What are you doing? And how do you want me to partner with you in? This is the something that you need to Is this something that you need to correct in. May If if my dissatisfaction is rooted In a in a truth you WANNA correct on a larger level Help me to humble myself and to live because that's always where it starts with. We're real change status. When we're willing to I think get in get in the dirt and serve not just sit back and criticize which I think would be of the great floor in the easy way. Out of of the armchair critics will the The instagram comment. Is You know as to be so quick with an opinion rather than to To take the gift of dissatisfaction to Humble House before the Lord and to find the joy in in serving some of the things that I think disturb as the most of the things that we a coal to change and we can't change everything but all of us together playing at pot being the fingers elbows in the toes and the send us and the joints You know of of the body of Christ I think rather than criticized so much for being a blood vessel when we're at toes so we don't understand why other people on tires recognizing that That we each have a unique and distinct gifting and mission but that all of these work to get the diversity in unity which means the body will function healthily. Sorry I went on a massive. I love it. That's where I wanted you to go. I feel like you you use sometimes sale. I'm stumbling for words here. And then you just give us a discount on how beautiful it supposed to be and work and I felt like you and Scottie do such a great job of leaning into corporate life and understanding that you are gifted uniquely and I believe you and Scottie. Both are gifted uniquely. I've been watching Scotty. Poesies little things on instagram. That he's been drawing. That are so profound amazing. The Guy has so gifted so you need the U N. He uniquely gifted yet. You corporately as a family decide to do things together in a very complementary way but then you also do that with Church and I've watched you Of watched people push you to the front wanting you to be the lead in lots of areas. And you've held the position well but you've never taken the glory eve always given the glory to God in the Church and I I just think it's remarkable for it is I'm cry. It's it's inspiring to watch people actually live what they say they believe. And I'm getting you. I'm getting to see you and Scott do that in such profound and unique ways. It's it's beautiful and then to see the the church big C. Church around the world respond corporately and worship to songs. That have come from those humble places. I just think only God could have done something that beautiful so just being courage today. That your your waste your life your marriage. Your sacrifice is noticed in and not so much just that you that you give a sacrifice of praise but I think that you give it in a way that is humbly presented That doesn't feel like it's about you at any level and we see that and we wanNA model that I think in life you know we want to be people who can certainly bring our gifts to the forefront and offer them as sacrifices but not do so in a way that we take away the glory so thank you I mean. Thank you for being somebody. Who's an example of that to me? we all need examples and we need to see it lived and I think that's why I I I'm always I sit out too but somehow always find myself with a a biography or autobiography in my hands of just people have lived this. Well yeah I need to know two or three of your top ones. Right now are we can differently. We can differently. Cover that but I'm I mean everyone from brother Andrew who found it I've been does United States said its modeling Historians incredible at the moment. I'm reading I'm Ryan Hunt. Bunk had monkey living a life of fire and And just an every. I remember a couple years ago. I we talked about seven women that collection of like many biographies about these women who just live these lives people who've done it and I think that we just need to look to the people who've done it and left it and this you know there's a few of those and an a- generation you Ann Lewis. I'm thankful for you. You know my our own senior pastors. Brian and Bobbie like the the real deal. He hasn't the real deal and And sorry And so I think that's why each generation we have to you know live it so that the generation will know what it looks like and so. I'm thankful to to you guys living the way that you have so that we can you know we can? We can know how to do it. The steps detain now. What it looks like that. It's possible so awesome. Thank you for encouraging. You do need to name two or three other books if you have them in your repertoire. Because you always have such an incredible list an IT love biographies. I think there's something about the real life story of people's Not just conquest. I Love Stories. That are victorious. But also love the The irregular nature of the way it unfolds. I love the INS and outs and ups and downs and falls. I I think it it helps me know that. That's just part of what we are enduring right now and that it won't look perfectly and we won't even reach the goal of what we thought we were doing. Usually I I when I look at my life. It's nothing like what I thought it would be like in. It's not bad it's beautiful but it's not where I thought I was even really headed and I think that's the beauty of of somebody's biography as that you learned that they they too thought they were on mission and most of them that you want to read about stay true to their mission but the destination of where they end up and how it looks and how people process it so different than what they even believed or thought and I think that beauty is compelling. It's compelling because it's like man God is writing something way bigger than my imagination and it just encourages us in that way. I think absolutely what are two or three others. You're really excited about anything. I have to leap over the wall. We prefer Awang by Eugene Peterson. Which is about the life of David and I am. I'm a huge Eugene Peterson. I'm loving that so I probably just those and then I read a little A little tiny teeny tiny book. I'm recently which I actually ended up getting live on my instagram which was really random because book PRICING POWER OF REVIVAL BY. Duncan Campbell about Their revival in hippies in the fifties I believe it was Sorry again just reading random things that come come into my hands somehow beautiful. Hey I want to just we'll finish up in a couple of minutes but I just wanted to ask you a couple of other things. Just I think that would be beautiful for you to talk about. One of them is related to year celebration and appreciation for others. I think you celebrate and appreciate people so well. Where did that come from? I I mean I. I suppose it's something I take for granted a little. I think a huge part of that is is my church environment We we we haven't environment at accurate of of of hospitality and generosity of celebration fun. I think it's the same for you guys at patients detached but You know but people are worth celebrating. Yeah and I think in the kingdom will in the Kingdom of God. We all need each other. We have a unique Pot and Roland function to play to to to fulfil And additionally that we get to have these beautiful relationships I think I think this is not competition in the Kingdom of God. Only only celebration. I need to replace. Its good word right there. Yeah I mean I didn't. I didn't WanNa do what somebody else does that. Because I can't I can't be somebody else in nobody else can be can be me. I think I loved these. This a really short. I can't even worse On instagram but an interview with Eugene Peterson and and JEN has wife Just a couple of years before he passed away and he was talking about I can't remember the exact question But into your asked him you know what What are you most proud of in your life or something something along those lines and he said that I've been urging hasn't so I've just I've been I've been Eugene and I think it was not not this past Christmas but the Christmas before I was thirty four about two to thousand five. My bit is just before Christmas in. Sorry Scotty my husband and I decided to just go white Montana for three days. Which is Eugene? Peterson was born and raised in and other parts of the country and then returned to Montana. And that's where he he lived in a little light cast the way he translated the message over a number of years and So Society. I decided to go to Montana and On the morning of my birthday this never happens but I wake up before really really early before. Scotty lift the kindle and I kind of fell out the lowest inviting me into something and When Scotty Workshop I said let's can we drive to to Eugene's Lake and and we drove at the to the lake. And I you know. I'm not a complete story so I don't know exactly. We lived We were in the vicinity light. Yeah I was in the vicinity. Know and and looking at the slight. The lake that he was looking at while he was Paraphrasing these passages about Jesus walking on the water and looking at the mountains that Jane was looking at went he was translating The Psalms and Stories of Elijah hearing from God in Hidden in the clift of Iraq and mountain looking at the mountains and I just. I really felt like I am. I hadn't Encana with the Lord there to be honest By that like in the morning and and and I love this. I'm I don't know how this relates to what we talking about but I really I really felt like I had the opportunity to to lay the the past thirty five years at the fate of the Lord and give it to him. All the victories the accomplishments all the failures all the things that I missed and messed up and And to to stop fresh and give maybe I get another thirty five. And maybe it's another ten twenty forty fifty but to give the Knicks thirty five and And to just approach it with a with an innocence and simplicity and and really just walked away from from the light that morning just determining resolving again that if I was going to be anything in my life I I wanna be just afraid of Jesus And I I remember reading about I did a little study about Lazarus last year kind of And tried to do a little bit of research into you. Know what happened to Lazarus after Jesus after Jesus raised him from the dead in. You know what he went on to do and observed all these things about Lazarus's life Before he died and was raised by Jesus and then afterwards And I loved that Apparently tradition says that he went on to become a pastor and missionary in another part of the world and and was Dakin and positive people throughout his life but then he was light to wrist and on his tomb. Apparently just hit hit. Hit Lies Lazarus. A friend of Jesus does so. That's you know. If that's what will be written either literally or figuratively on my tomb at the end of my life that I was a friend of Jesus in that is so much more than enough for me. Yes Last question that I would love to ask. You is just related to one of the most encouraging things you've seen in this season of quarantine anything you've seen anybody do or Hubby to anyone that you thought that's one of the most inspiring things. I'll never forget that kind of ties. Into what been rating with Eugene Peterson. Leap over the David. But I think perhaps at this time in history where understanding where maybe more than evident that we are all ministers and In the Kingdom of God the the light people are the clergy and the clergy of the lie. People like the Lord has called us to be a kingdom of priests. Are those his exact words that we are all ministers to the Lord into each other I think Priscilla shirer actually put it on instagram a week or so ago sitting in my office. Washington crying but was the testimony of a man. He's an Irish. I'm not sure if he was in Ireland or not I don't know if you saw I didn't see it but really he. It's I mean it will. It will destroy go. Look yeah I know I I was. I was amazed he He became really set with Carbon Nineteen. He was in hospital. Obviously you know. His family couldn't be with him. Like you said no one could be with him. Known could touch him know and cartoon and this guy was a Christian man and he said he said every now again the only person who was allowed to come into his other than the nurses or the doctors was this clean and he said it was this cleaner who would come in and just Just smile at him and say it's going to be okay. It's going to be okay and I'm I'M GONNA MISS UP. The story run should go and check it out but basically I would have the cleaner. struck up this conversation with him and it turned out the cleaner in the Clinton stood in the doorway. And Talk to this guy. And say you know you're GONNA be okay You're going to recover interesting this guy but talk to him a little bit of history. This cleaner was formerly a missionary and another part of the world and had come back to wherever they were Arlanda wherever and had gotten a job cleaning and the Lord. Saint in this. This man has weapons he said. The Lord sent me a cleaner to lift my eyes to encourage me. And then the funniest thing was he that he didn't went on to have an in. The Clinton prayed for him and He went on to have Kind of quite a difficult. Not This guy in hospital and and in the middle of the night he found himself saying Lord if I could just have a bag of prawn chips and a can of diet coke it would encourage Michigan amazing and he said specific right. I can't have a bag of prone chips and a diet coke kind of diet coke. You said the next day this this cleaner again came into his room and see. I thought you could use these en- handed no a bag of chips and a diet car youthful and just the way that the Lord is his physician of these people and we're realizing that we are all ministers in this time and that we are all vessels of the Holy Spirit and Carlisle with Christ and the hands and feet of Jesus and I just love this missionary. You know I wonder I wonder. Why has Bam has missionary triple? His missionary season ended. I wonder what that was like for this person to PEPs Quebec and then get a job as a cleaner discouraged by those but but it seems like they weren't because they were at attention. They realized that they might be a cleaner in the season of their life. But that was still missionary. So they went off Michika on they will on mission that God had uniquely positioned him as the math piece of the Lord in the hesitated. Jesus for this person and I just love it. That would have happened. If this claim was clinging to what has role looked like? Yeah exactly but this clean ahead of revelation. I'm a man of God you know. I'm a woman of God and I'm on mission at all times and whatever it looks like whether it's I thought it would be or not whether I think my best years behind me or not like God has a unique purpose and mission for me right answer. I'm going to step up to the plate and doing it. Sorry I was so moved by. I am going to go watch it immediately. And having my own little weeping moment of just beauty of God using us where we are with. What's in our hands? And he is just purposeful in all things and it's so beautiful. I think it'd be awesome. If you just pray I think that there will be a lot of frontline workers listening. Would you just pray for them in this moment? And let's in there of course heavenly father. I thank you for all of these pressures people who might be listening to this Lord and who have who have said Yes to the assignment in the season Whether they felt like they were able to say no. Look I pray that they recognized that you have uniquely positioned than with I I thank you lord for protection. I bet them and their families. We played the blood of Jesus over the and we prayed. Lord God that you'll Holy Spirit. Your resurrection POW the same power that raised Christ from the dead that is operating within them. would just below through them. God as they minister as they work. Thank you Jesus that the work of the hands. Holy thank you that Your Holy Spirit's wind would as at the backs as they sit about their assignment. In this time I thank you Jesus The the they can take hold of Psalm. Sixty eight nineteen in this season. Praise be to the Lord to Goddess Savior who daily Biz. Abedin's at God is a God who saves thank you Lord that you are a God who saves and they are God who daily be his booth and so we pray your blessing upon them your Holy Spirit supernatural strength within through them as they go about the days in the ways we pray blessing and protection over there hassles and we thank you for the Lord God alive may you may get great praise from the lives off it up to you. Laguardia way overflight with Thanksgiving when we think of them and when we pray for him so we commit them to you in Jesus name Amen. I agree with that. Thank you Lord. Thank you broke. I love you so much. I can't tell you how much money is going to be able to talk to you. Thanks for being with us today. right BECCA. Matt Burke is such a gift to us into the Church and we are so grateful to get gleaned from her life devotion to Jesus Checkout Hill Song Worship. Wherever you get your music to hear more Brooks beautiful voice in songs and please stay plugged in with the groove on Instagram at PCC underscore the grow and we will catch you next. Time on the grow podcast.

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He won at least a corporate south society. East analyst ming pao use on anti-saddam main to divorce it latency or major league. Lana million stuck it online. But i mean. I hope all kate iggy azalea assessment. The he'll vote put money in i. Privacy heels appalling cicadas either zuma keno perfume inch but he gas to play fortnite. Juba dzamija build the almost feel putsch guest here.

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Episode 106 | The What

The Rell World

21:35 min | 10 months ago

Episode 106 | The What

"And so i'm going to be honest with you. This is pretty uncharted territory. You we've find out what happens stopping black art So one a welcome welcome. Welcome everybody to another episode of the row world. While i certainly want to apologize for the super long intro. I needed to fill up myspace. While i sat here and i thought about exactly what i wanted to talk to you about today now Normally a script everything out. I plan everything. But here's the thing. I've done all of this planning for episodes. That are not this one. That's right so this one is going to be completely off the cuff. And i'll find out from interesting or if i'm just really really corny. I'm hoping for more of the former. Because i would like for you to listen to my podcast. Even when i don't have the greatest of days content to give you so. I threw a bunch of stuff at the wall. Honestly i was trying to find something to fit in. I came up with a few things that i could certainly touch on. A few of them made me feel some kind of way but nothing really stuck out like normally where you got a lot of emotion out of me. So i'm trying. I'm gonna try to do the best that i can to try to give you something good while also at the same time preventing myself from giving you something trash. I saw you with me. Let's get it so First thing i thought about. There's a verse that comes on this weekend and after the fuck shit of episode that we saw last time and all of the fake tension which wasn't faked because it was real and just all of that stuff that i don't think represents black people will this time. We got to queens. Come into the stage. We have none under none other than ashanti going against chicago now. I think he should call his more famous for having an actual reality show and her mom and sister being the star of it then she has for her music. But i could be in the minority. I'll give myself. I also happen to think that ashanti was more popular for being like the side kicked murder inc and her sideburns and ever since she left murder inc. She's only been relevant the really really pretty now if she hears this right. Ashanti spits high fire. People i don't want and under smoke. I honestly did really really like her music. For whatever reason never seem to connect the same way that it used to when she first came out and so because of that. There's a huge disconnect. So i'm not really sure how either of these ladies are going to get through twenty songs. I'm here for it. I'm assuming it's going to be a lot of like women from my college era wherein the law sweatsuits Bb fat juicy couture. All of that. That was like popping and like the early to mid two thousands even until the latter part of it I'm here for all rhode. Ashanti enjoy rule collapsed. I am here for whatever kisha coal does when it's going to be evolved basically Niggers ain't shit. But i'm a cygnus ballot about it anyway in the second third time. That really isn't gonna hit anymore so we're going to have to switch it up and get something different. Maybe she's going to bring out the shana paw up to me. I don't know. But i think that's the only thing that's going to possibly saver from taking this big fat l. Here's something else that we could touch on this weekend. Now i feel like there's something of sort of a pandemic going on outside and because it is a lot of the people who we would typically think a really really rich. Don't have the money that we thought they now. I'm not counting anybody's pockets I'm broke his broke as a joke in comparison to these people. But here's what i'll say. Having a whole concert in a city is probably a bad idea of right now and you may or may not know this trey. Songz is probably one of my favorite artists. I can always find some gems on his albums. Is something on aca play like. You're in the bedroom. I think summer and miami is the best song ever because of the trey songz. This is some only miami like all of that. I'm with you. I met the guy one night at club and la years ago zip dope was a really nice guy. But here's what i gotta say cherry. Why why did need to have a concert in columbus ohio. There's nothing good that goes on columbus ohio. I think the last thing that happened in columbus ohio was when my man rica was embelli and was wiping his eye without having a lens in through his glasses. I want to say that happened in columbus ohio. I think ohio state isn't columbus ohio. But since i went to maryland fuck them too so what we have done. Here is a lot of times. We have celebrity saying god. Cove in nineteen is terrible. And i think they're doing a lot of the things that frankly all of us are doing and we justify things for the right reasons. Y'all i gotta go make this money yoder pammy x. Joe this is a good look. Yo we're all going to be safe and the truth in a matter is probably none of these things true. Yeah they probably paid him. I don't know how much but is it. Really worth it with the amount of lives that i could potentially affect and or cost and that's to be frank some pretty reckless shit to. Do you have to start deciding. Is the money worth it. I think i come back to this point all the time and i don't have home. He's bills i mean he can start only fans. I feel like chris brown started only fans. And there's a bunch of other men Michael michael jordan started only fans next got on the bandwagon to clown and all of these women celebrities. Yeah men hopped the wave to just to get that check. I don't know what they're showing. Because i'm not looking for please. Nobody tell me like. I wanna to have respect because i think michael jordan is a great actor chris. Brown is my favorite rb artists. After mike men of course. So you hear this and it's kinda dicey but maybe that would have been the best idea. Trae really needed to get that cash. I get it you gotta you gotta child. Now you've got mouths feet Find another way maybe do a virtual concert. Maybe go to keri hilson route where she signed up for some service that if you wanna be a part of her close friends on instagram and see what her life is really like. You have to pay out like ten dollars a month. So it's the only fans of i g and i guess i was disappointed because it's carry fucking hilson. I hugged this woman once true story shelter to my homie shod. Who had his thirty ninth birthday today. and we been in vegas years and years ago. He actually knew her like who would have guessed so because shod knew her. We all got the chance to say hi hugged. It's really really cool. Experience one of the best of my life but baby. No you have to do that and get it. She's gotta make her money too. I don't know what she's doing now like she acting. She doesn't make music anymore. Because beyond say superfan killed that shit house a big fan whatever she said about beyond say which wasn't really shady but just like oh shirley fucking me off up her okay. They had to get her to fuck out of here carries a wonderful woman and now she has like the bootleg fans but no at least not naked so like maybe that's a kudos the fantasy for still being a you know somewhat wholesome person is still there. Does it matter nope. It ain't my girl. Like i said these random off the cuff episodes. Kill me. the only reason that. I'm producing something today day and while on trying to give you quality you're definitely not going to get quantity. I have some really cool things at a plan For the next couple of weeks. And i'm going to actually speak on them because i've confirmed with these people that they're going to record and we just have to figure out some scheduling so in no particular order I have a really good guy. That's coming on pod. We are going to discuss He's a pastor and we're going to discuss essentially you know How covert is affected The way that we perceive church How he saw his role as a black pastor at a multicultural congregation and what responsibilities he felt with either educating the people at his congregation or just speaking to them because maybe they didn't see issues the same way that we do. Great guy really excited about it It's one of those things where it takes a lot for me to get a super aunt. Because i'm doing something that's way outside of the box of my other content and so i'm really excited about this. I wanted to do this for awhile. Happy he agreed to it. And so now. That i'm putting this on my own podcasts. If you frontal me. I know you live. Just kidding But somebody that you know. I've known for twenty years so Really excited about that I have another gentleman. Who's going to do the pot He listens to it. He's actually sort of done one before. And it was a great great time. But the reason why i wanted him to get on this time is again how to covid nineteen affect his business. He has a really successful food. Truck called meet meet You've probably seen it around. He goes the different events he would be downtown and he told me he'd do the pipe. Because you know we're cool. But mostly i just wanted to hear a story in how things have impacted him what he's done. How he wants to kind of maneuver. Just how's life. I think that makes for an interesting conversation and last All of these a plan but before the end of the year i have a homemade. It works pr. And i'm really excited to get this young lady. And because she said some things that have been you know personally impacted me. Those things is something. That's jim that. I'll drop on the pod. But i'll share for everybody now. She told me. And i quote you social media like your regular person and not a brand unquote. The reason at that hit I often complain Either privately or to like my friends about the growth of my pod. And where i see things going and what do i need to do because you know maybe if i jumped on. Tv one hundred people see me. That didn't see me before. And sale of these things. And i totally mean them. But i think hearing that from her put things in perspective in a way that i think was lacking prior. If i'm honest and so that awareness to be able to accept criticism from somebody I think that's part of why she told me. In the second one is. I'm just glad that she did. I wish i would have understood that years prior but because she's got a breath of knowledge or wealth of knowledge. I'm really excited about having a conversation about branding building your brand. Just things that she's experienced and how all of these things play out in. I think it'll be pretty cool for the group. I'm also really excited about that. She's a handful. So that'll be great. But as i moved previews Think the last thing that i want to touch on this week And apologized really quick episode. But i've recorded for eight consecutive weeks. This is by far the longest streak that i believe that i've had since maybe twenty eighteen twenty seventeen when i first started and because of that. If i'm honest. I'm just really into continuing that trend. I sat around all night. I watched football. I stared outside the wall. I asked a bunch of people what should talk about. What do you want to hear. What will be entertained would be excited. And i didn't really get a lot of things that i thought they were. Good no disrespect to them. Stuff that i touched on previously or things just wasn't really interested in all that's fine. You don't have to agree with your trump via traub to help you and they got me at least thinking about different things that i could tell him. Maybe an entertaining cool web. So the last thing that we're gonna today i get out of here is A sports topic. And i know i know you wanna listen to sports understand sports. I always tell you to go to. Espn here's why i'm gonna touch this currently We have james harden who is arguably a top five player in the nba. You're not familiar watching tapes. He does the same moves. Dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble. Triple triple double dribble step back drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip. Drip will step through get a layup or fake a layup and get fouled. It's really all. He does cool. The reason that i wanted to touch him is that he's currently having a contract dispute with his team now. I am very conflicted about the way that the media specifically portrays black people. I won't say. I'll i'll make this one a little bit about race because i think that black people tend to get a a more harsh com characterization than white people when they have these issues so Here's what it is. He doesn't wanna play for the houston rockets anymore. Home was a little babies Birthday party. I think he gave one hundred thousand dollars. I wanna know why one james harden the little baby a friends. I wanna say there at least ten years apart and if not ten leg whatever so i guess. He's the big homey and that's why he gave hundred k. Cool hey i need a big money. The big homey. I'm fucking almost old. But you know if hove wants to have A little brother highlighting. You know what i'm saying. I thought the rock sign. I wear paper. Planes have cool. I don't even want your money But i make this point that while training camp open. He decided to go to his friend's birthday party. He went from near to the strip club. And the then flew to las vegas once strip club again now. A lot of the narrative around this is gonna be while. James harden's being irresponsible. He's not wearing a mask. What about his teammates. What does family. What about the other people that he's coming into contact with and i can't really fight that narrative that part of it was stupid. Now you can not want to go to work. But i also think there's a way that you handle it now see. This generation has a big problem with one and a share. Everything and i get it. I don't share enough because people tell me on private. I'm secret i'm all of that shit. But i'm also deathly afraid of the things that i share. And how they impact my life. He shared all of this stuff. In you know at some point the nba is going to crack back. It might not be him. It might not be a player of his stature. The people that typically are used to being empowered don't like when people bullied them and they tend to react really harshly. So i'm making this point. Because these people typically have friends in the media or friends who have sympathetic ear and the narratives that are gonna start coming out are going to be very much in vain of james harden is a terrible person now again. I don't know homey for shit but a terrible person is in the kind of person that donates money. When you know people can't go to work. I know he was one of those guys that was donating. Cova nineteenth hell. He kept the entire houston strip club infrastructure up and running by himself. He's got that kind of dough now. That's obviously a joke. But because he's strip hub connoisseur but when the real he's done a lot for the community and we tend to. We tend to magnify some of the things that happened in sports. As if they're you know indicative of real life it's called the disagreement with his employer. What's not cool. Coolest for a throw. Various negative labels on him because we disagree with the methodology. For how did it the truth in a matter is you don't get paid. What you're worth. You only get paid what you have the ability though she ate. If somebody has more power than you they will more certainly use it against you. Fortunately for him he has the power. because he's the superstar player there. Are you know. There's only a handful of guys that are in his category or better. Maybe five but he's arguably a top five talent in the nba box office. And when you know you have those it comes at a certain amount of power. I'm glad that he's able to use it instead of the corporation using it against him. Now we talk about the man latte right. I don't look at. The man is being the white man. I know why people might think that. But i'm a people to game. The man to me is the person that basically holds everything over you and has control over your life. Now i work for an employer. My employer is the man. I don't have the ability to do certain things and while i'm certainly paid you know relatively well at any given time the employer could decide to fire me for whatever reason i don't have james harden status at work so because of that it puts me situations where i have to certainly make compromise against things that i may personally dislike or not wanna do because it's in my best interest to stay quiet and just put my head down and do work so that i can stay gainfully employed the when i'm making all of this is that figure out what leverage you have and always use it. I promise you if the shoe was on the other foot they would use it against you now. I want to thank you guys for sticking with me. I noted. I've talked around a bunch of stuff i gave you a dope word. I end every episode saying sort of the exact same thing ballplayers wanna rap. Rappers wanna ball. My name is durell and this is the row where we hope to see you guys next week. Thank you for listening. Please like share subscribe. Tell a friend to a friend go to a website. Give it to a bootlegger. I don't care. I just want to get my product out there. Oh and check out. The website has got merch up to. We'll see you guys next week he.

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Hillsong, Corporate Christianity, and the Neoliberalization of Jesus (Part 1)

Eating For Free

1:29:16 hr | 2 years ago

Hillsong, Corporate Christianity, and the Neoliberalization of Jesus (Part 1)

"The city concert series on today is proudly presented to you by city. We're thrilled to be hosting the hugely popular band. He'll song United the group part of the global hill song churches featured in a new documentary. Call hill song. Let hope rise about. It's amazing transformation. Do you think Jesus would have worn recommends? West about that fashion stuff. And the only reason why they ask because they're just not used to seeing church where people look like normal people. So to come into our church, we already win, because I look, just like you have regular stuff on. You have written to talk about what do I think? This. I don't think of her. Yeah. Jaren. Were. The New York Post high alot alot looking at new faces new places today. It is currently ten AM another lighting is like I mean, we're in the studio. And there's only one lightbulb in here, but little harsh earth differ, feels. The new out today on eating for free, the pud cast reporting from the absolute edge of the internet. I am Joan summers. I am Matthiesen and I said that, so we could discuss the situation in a more eloquent fashioned without worrying about introducing ourselves as we typically do this won't be as funny, really. I mean now going to be as hard this is honestly I wanna say, almost pure investigative content comes to what we're doing here today. And what's like shocking to me is that we are doing it. So, so, so early, we're traveling again, this week, you guys it's summer and typically, I don't know. I feel like everyone else has family locations during the holidays. I feel like all my family obligations are during the summer because the guilt of my mother knowing that I have an inordinate amount of free time at certain points is just that much more crippling than desert, the holidays, even though we're. I can't miss a barbecue. It's, it's shocking power dynamics. They were going to Slater. So, like we have to get this done early like can you imagine a sense later? Like, what are we gonna talk to anybody about? I'm going to like need an inordinate amount of intoxication insulate, accurately, interface with as single stranger at that council. No, I know like I after sleeping's I'm really like prepared. But also the same time I wasn't prepared all say, this Zulia banks was one of the most chill crowds. I've ever been in actually yelling. No drama like nothing. Even though there was like shenanigan they outside, but it felt right like felts. Yeah. Those eight felt a part of the concert itself like that's should be what's happening at, like later concert. Now's later zillion banks. I will say, though, I will say, though with these pop girls. I've experienced the San Francisco happening at asura Pearl concert. I was at a Carly Rae jepsen concert. Unfortunately isn't Jason Liam motion era, and I will tell you I'm just putting it out there right now. We might get into a fistfight with somebody wouldn't it be a moment though. Are you wearing I'm gonna do an all white moment haven't done that in a bit? And I feel like you know, still gain like summer funds. Simple, you know like a week. I got my black and white print like T I was do like this metallic overshirt, but just didn't look, right. When I got those like known me also don't be like hot or warm. It's going to be like a steaming. I assume Wisconsin can be intimate venue. I'm probably going to do like I kinda wanna do bra and panties with that sheer dress that I have, you know what the Fleming Wrens I think that might be really fun. I'm getting just like some cute can breeze out. I can I just like I feel like now that I'm a married housewife. I just, I just don't have it in me. Or maybe I have it in me more in 'em running from it. I have it lifts lift to the concert just before leaves right? Ends like I stand. I don't know if I have it, it'd be too late dinner at home. I. Gets like coconut water in my purse like pay the coconut water trick. I know that you forgot I've, we've fully forgotten to do it for like six years in a row note feels like. I also have like a leather moment, I might whip out. I have like a bra sich. I'm like playing with I've like that. You save Miaki outfit. And I might do that. I mean that kind of fits mean Slater is like not Goth dark, though, at all new. I just like you know, normal level the city if I could do like ISE say Miyake eagle lake. She said, that's true. That's shouldn't girl. Yeah. I'll jewel to complete the outfit, especially now that same CISCO's. Ben them. Fear of political protest. I will say, though, guys jokes aside. There is a disclaimer that we have done this episode we have to definitely and it's this, you guys, we are not here to attack anyone's beliefs, or faiths. In a way where our listeners are going to feel uncomfortable listening to this podcast. I come from a background of a lot of Christian. And in my case Baptist believers and I have like found a way in my life as I have moved into other areas of spiritualism to respect that, but for a lot of people, they are simply just believing in something that gives them hope, and it gives them comfort, and I am not here to attack that, especially, because we live in a country, where people, especially working class, people who are targeted by religion are a special. Inordinately targeted by religions like the one we were going to talk about today. Now, what we are going to be on the investigative beat of is new age prosperity gospel Christianity, because I can say that this is a strain of capitalism, and I am more than okay. Going out on a ledge to make declarative statements about the moral failures of the song church as a whole as its play marketing strategies and individuals itself way more than it has. I think give it back. And so I just wanted to clarify that right now. Because something we do definitely try to lot on here is when we start looking into these things, it can be really easy to say this thing, bad, therefore, all things bad. Hot take time. Yes, every middleman we're trying to just be a little bit more, not even sensitive. I don't think so. Sensitively helps anybody in this case, I think we're just trying to be a little bit more, contextual, right? Yeah. And so in this case a lot, like I said, a lot of working class people, a lot of marginalized, people are often, not just targeted by religion but seek out religion because it gives them hope it gives them faith. It gives them understanding it gives them something to help live by and I'm never going to trash that. And so I just can't personally get on this podcast today and be like all religion is dumb and evil because that would be the most white neoliberal, take anybody could possibly have, like correct. No percent. I think we're both coming from that point and took I've explained the format. I think we're still nut Nestle done with all the research that there is on it, though. We have to let preliminary stuff that's like milkman how we're gonna go through it, but we're just going to start this part, you know, pretty much the beginning context of how it works mainly meal on a quick stats so you can get a base for like how big this churches. What's going on where they're trying to go? What they're like Michigan state. Philosophies, aren't essense and then the kind of some a little bit of what's to come in, like scandals stories. We're gonna talk more about the charities and the money coming up, but we'll definitely have the celebrities mentioned a lot in this episode of supported it, though. I know from Joan your research on the celebrity stuff. It is pretty disparate like kind of what we're putting together that is actually very interesting. So we'll get to that with the celebrities but guys. I will say something about the celebrities that are involved with hill song. I would say that these celebrities have much more in common with members of the Scientology church than they do with members of a regular church just in terms of how they interface with the press in terms of the church that they attend. So we'll get into that. I just wanted to lay that groundwork now because I think it will explain a lot of our attitude towards this organization. But, you know, this organization is also infinitely more powerful than us, so we will try and do our best to be as factor as possible. Yeah. And I just hope we don't come off as trying to be experts on any of this either. Like when it comes to just religious history. And like the sociology of religion in humanity. I mean, we are not like credited any who's here when it comes to this kind of low might want to reach out to some people that I've been linked young. About reaching out to for future parts of this, because I think that would be a really good take to have. But everything we do provide. We'll be sourced with the people who are credited, who have been asked before talking about it. So we're not. We're trying to be as real to what other people have been saying, for a long time, getting the same information anyone else can access and. If you're coming to us to be the academics in every field. Please go somewhere else 'cause I will let you down. I will let you down. They'll be like one too many jokes. So let's get started lots in like where are we going again? So as like a quick summary of hill song, like, truly the quickest quicker summer and can do real quick before we get into it, this kind of encapsulates where we're going to talk about for the beginning of this episode. He'll song is a charismatic Christian mega church. That's kind of a really popular way people have described it denomination originally from Sydney, Australia. There's history with as well. We'll get into church was established in the early eighties. Not three by. It was recalled the hills Christian life centre, and they changed name to hill song in jails in one against that wide later. It's actually interesting. The originally restarted by Brian Huston, his wife, Bobbie Houston. I believe they were like carpenters or like window makers very simple, like. These people did not come from say, like a Royal or like high class, these people who have been like Nissenbaum, the church a lot, but they will they were involved in the church a lot. The his father, Frank Houston. We also get into later because there is a terrible tragic sexual abuse scandal involving the father O'Brien, Houston, who's the founder of hilson now that is really is a lot is going to have to be in the next episode. We'll give a little bit maybe preview of at the end of this one, because it's just a lot, I don't want to get into with all this going on. But yet, he does come from the ustralian like church community and the churches in Australia in the formal like ministry in the formal system that is there right now. So he does come from a church background, but he was not somebody, this is like the first thing he created after his father has been president of these Australian church miseries for a long time. More on that later as well. It's really known for its worship music that's going to be a big part of his well, dug in tuna bit, they have groups such. His whole song worshop hill hill song, worship heels on United and he'll Song Young and free or why if he'll song nine hilson worship are credited with driving their global popularity. They were form yet. So therefore minimum but the Australian Christian churches as well. That's where Brian Houston's father is from. But they separated from it in twenty eighteen which is fairly recent. There's specifically the Australian branch of the assemblies of God. That is kind of like where they came from originally when they merged with some other churches again more on that later. But yeah, so they're, obviously known for last celebrities have been involved, and they are known a lot for evangelical Christian charismatic movement, which I think is, honestly gonna be huge station for coming from with us. And yet piece, I was actually I'm happy that you have here on the evangelist, charismatic movement. Because that's actually the kind of church that I was raised very close to home, I will say, for for lobby in the US as well, because it's very much from the US, and I mean, the care. Church has a lot there. I think that, that inclusion in this explains a lot an even grew up singing in church with I was like six, seven years old in, like youth church, he'll song songs, and then in Maine service or whatever they used to call it. I also used to sing haled's song songs in John was back on leg of those, they're everywhere the late nineties early two thousand so like, even as far back as then there was like that. He'll divide within the, you know, anyways that connects you mean like your church, and we're hill song sons were coming from their, their denominational affiliation. Oh, wasn't it? We weren't a part of that. We weren't a part of the assemblies of the object. What it was just the fact that he'll song culture had disseminated falls away to California's as far back as that point in the early mid two thousand and that'll be the most fascinating. I think kind of the bane of also what we're gonna be talking about law is that this is a very newly emerging rapidly expanding institution. I would say it's safe to say for the rest of the news episodes out, you know, religions are institutions, or the institutions, I've religion, so like the type of church, you go to how it's run how far goes up does, you know, depending on the Vatican goes to just your congregation. It's very complex in different. Oh, cross all over all different to go to a Pentecostal church executives to go to, like, of course. I'm sure a lot of people know this, it's obviously, every religions may different sects, but there's still an institution behind it in that there's Crecy there's money. There's statehood. There's laws to be followed. There's like tax exemptions. So there's always there's always the inner workings of it. Yeah, there's church law, not like. It's not like legally binding. It's just like things that the church sets for itself, and that you're greater assemblies, that's for it self, etc. Bylaws and they in those laws do have to work in conflict with real laws than the United States or wherever the is based on. So what is exactly the evangelical charismatic movement? A simple like encyclopedic definition would pretty much be the occurs Mak movement represents the evangelical churches that have an emphasis on the gifts of the spirit known to come star in the United States, nineteen sixties as the second wave. It's been called has influenced her of all Christian denominations in contribute to the Christian many independent, eventual churches. The movement is distinguished from the Pentecostal ISM by not making the speaking in tongues as necessary evidence of the spirit, like in baptism and giving prominence to the diversity of spiritual gifts. So I mean, kind of, again, I don't want to summarize exactly how all pentecostals evangelicalism works. But in the in the sense of where this is coming from the gifts of the spirit is very much. The I would say. More objective more concrete and like not concrete, but more suspect out almost for you. You are went to pray for something directly that can be attained physically prophecy, and future. They, but the tongues delaying Eric goals. Yeah, we'll the tongues is a gift so lake it's it is. Yes. Yeah. Get baptized. And you wake up out of the water speaking, languages new, it's the spirit of it's the tongue of the spirit, and it's the language the healing like batters who put their hand on your c. For them. It's like it's miracles. It's futures site or prophecy. It's. Prayer. It's speaking in tongues. Definitely speaking in tongues and prophecy, are like, yes, yes, those are the big ones. Yeah. So in the more luxuriant pentecostals, and we're like you would maybe speak in tongues, which is lily meant to be like, indistinguished way. Do not know what the person is saying, and then this gift from God or this miracle occurs, but it might be, I would say the more traditional sense that you could see, like the cliche is, you know, so I'm putting their hand over someone's hurt knee or like putting them over their heart because they have heart condition suddenly that's fixed. And it's kind of ache in a sense, lot questions like questions in that. But where the, the new even juggle second wave stuff is coming out of is more, the idea that you pray for fortune, like, you pray to become wealthier, you pray to be job promotion, you pray to get gifts. You pray to have a good marriage. You pray for things that are more. I would say direct and specific in time to a lot of capitalist, you know, expectations about your reality, and that I think, is that is the main difference that separates it, and we'll also get more into as well. Because there are a lot of criticisms of this church for that specifically in general the movement itself. But the key is like the independent churches. Like it's people reinterpreting re examining what it means to be a Christian and then going in this direction with and that's Rehill song originates from the movement that the only there's only tells them eleven statistics, I know this number has gone up immensely since then I need to probably see if there's anything more confined, this, there's about over three hundred million people who had done a fi as a part of the ventricle charismatic sect. So I think that's interesting immigrants to wet hills. How hills on functions in the greater like society? So to go over the general organizational structure, Brian, Bobby Houston, are the lead pastors uphill sung church. They have always been. There are the, the, the churches solve is governed by a board of elders. The elders lead the church spiritually as well as act as board directors they're pointed every year with renewable terms. That's a common thing in churches, of course. Yeah. The members of the hill, hilson elder ship. Our senior executive staff in business leaders. From the hilson, congregation, so Bobby? And Brian Houston, are both also, of course heads of involved in, like act as CEO types are in leadership positions, or governing, bosses in multiple other smaller parts of the minister was that they employ corporate senior executive stuff. Yeah. No, it's it's and yours in your in your. That's one thing I always got so used by Sony ways. Yeah. So involved in various like ministries, like what the services in, like different, I guess, sub organizational structures within the church include he'll song music heels on kids heal song sisterhood, hills, Longmen, hilson conference city care, the international leadership college. He'll sunk channel TV and film performing arts academy in the health center. All these total are worth about one hundred plus million assets. I believe that number is probably going up as well the recent they every year report the revenue in there, some info. Oh, we're getting on that as well. Like their annual financial, unlike summary report of how he'll song operates because their base most Indonesian. So they provide that to the people that join by when you go into like, what these organizations are like he'll sung music includes hills on you free or wine, f they're nice Gillian contemporary, worship music group, from Sydney, and they started making Christian music and tells and twelve at hills church. They've released two live albums we are young and free youth revival three. This is living, we are going through the remixes. They are huge huge, huge part of the hills music the last decade. Really, I'll get into more of the music from great fater article that kind of breaks down, like where all the music has come from and how it's developed, but currently hill song music has produced tons and tons, like over one hundred like albums involved in that, like sub lose even more than just that group. He'll sunk sisterhood is like a ministry for like, obviously, like women's support women leaders, they tackled things like HIV domestic violence human trafficking. There's many. Other. Charity organisations? That is Underhill song, and that they also have produced in other countries, nor working with another countries that will also have to be in another episode possibly because there's just a lot on that I would say when we talk more about the money of he'll song, which is the thing that is like very much. I would say, like a lot of people come at hill song from the money standpoints about the tithe things that big productions because they're known to be really big on music, Davies concert venue. So a lot of people are questioning where the money goes. And that's just an it self like a whole big. So but as you see the other things they have involved there, the hilson conferences a mid year week long annual conference in Sydney, with smaller two or three day conferences held in London into New York each year it is the largest annual conference in Australia. The conferences hosted by hilson church and lead pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston. Of course, he'll song conference, usually start around one hundred and fifty people in the nineteen eighties. Now over thirty thousand people, visit each year at this arena in Sidney. It brings number forty million dollars to New South Wales trip. Mhm sector annually. Like I said, it's the largest it's loved lung. It's the largest in Australia actually, as a tourism destination as some difference. Yeah, it's a lot that kind of money puts you that kind of puts you on the map for a state, or for a country, when you as an organization can pull in forty million dollars in tax revenue who else just got lurch subsidies and treat. Well, good treatment from the government, because of the money they pull into mystically here in the states, enjoying the gains Waco, Texas magnolia market. So I'm just trying to lie. Like and connections between the like levels that these people are operating on and the kinds of things those levels of for them. And a lot of it with hill song is should hill song be allowed to do this operate, like this should they have this much power as a peer just religious organization that is there to preach, the good word of Jesus, and save people that these people, etc. Right. Like when you listen to what the bible says, and what the message they are saying says, and then you contrast it with how they move through the world. And that kind of practices that they employ in the world, it starts to become conflicting. I think I think it all I'm trying. I think we're trying to give you the scale here of how many people defect across the world. Like I said thirty thousand people each year. Go to this conference in Australia, and then twenty thousand people each go to the New York and London ones. That's pretty much all sides of the globe, right? There you have your south eastern, Australia, one you have. America with New York and then you have Europe. And like I wonder how many of those are members I wonder if that's like members numbers or if those include none members who go. I'd actually don't I wish I'd looked in more to that we should look over and I was looking more to the conferences because there's a lot that goes on there. Make a note about that doesn't make a huge mother income. I know but it is a huge part of like the hilson community, and, like the greater purpose for why people go there. So there's also he'll sung city care against me. We'll have to get into another time as well. It is a social engagement program that was established to offer various community services, including personal development programs counseling services health center youth, mentoring, starting in the mid eighties has been going on stronger, and they've been building much more. These cross the world. Even they have, like street teams that go throughout the community feed and clothe the homeless, it's pretty standard. I would say to what you'd expect when it comes to a churches organization providing for the poor. So they'd bring people in. They help offer lots of different service. Verses and they try to get people into our life, and they don't have to be involved with the church to join but it is run by volunteers. You better lives. Now. Yes, something I think it's really important to mention I think that this is an epidemic amongst dominantly. White churches is the fact that these programs have a specific mission. And that mission is not always to help people also it is a ministry mission. Right. Like you are going out. And do you are teaching a message? And so I will say hill sung is against at least here in the United States, stands in opposition to LGBTQ rights, right? So already, if you are going out in the community and say helping the house Louis, but there are as we know high numbers of house Lewis LGBTQ teens students and adults and even elderly in various cities. Imagine you have your church again. Against gay, people str-, lesbian trans people etcetera going out, and then helping someone who is gay, lesbian trans, etc. And also houses like you're already failing them in that point. Right. So I think that, that is something that gets often overlooked, when we talk about hurts, charities, is like these people that they're helping they stand in opposition to them. And a lot of it is a ministry to be like, I'm going to change you. I'm going to save you. I'm going to give you a better life. I'm also going to make you change your life because the way you are the way your life is. And we don't even Howard and we don't have to get in to, I'm sure, many of, you know, the history of missionary work is very much tied to exactly that colonialism, offering me eleven Boniol services to people any people think that charity drives on behalf of churches, where they go into other countries and like build houses in Haiti or whatever is always the common one. Right. Like that is very much imperialism. Like there's a legacy here that I don't think massage. And then we'll have to go more into like the efficacy of all their affiliated charity sponsorships. There's a lot of them there's many that they are not even owners operators. But they donate to our work with and then there's meant that they own themselves. So it's like in house out the do have in the late two thousands. Remember reading some notes here that there were concerns that the program was really inappropriate for young women because they were apparently reinforcing gender stereotypes, and religiously affiliated forms of moral. And like active lifestyle of that we're looking more in line with what the church was like based on the people that are actually coming in. They did have to of course, change the way that it was operated a little bit. And then, you know, it's things when it's this institution they did not like unlike the government or other they might have to more directly respond to people something they do. Anyway, they this line, the program encourages girls to exactly Viant by teaching them. They need to be attractive to men. Yeah. No, that's exactly what people were complaining about. And they're like, yeah. And the church isn't really have to confirm or deny that that's really happening. Well in two thousand eight they did. Denied that they use their programs for evangelism. But again, like if I mean how an evangelical organization from within its own borders says we are not doing this for evangelical ZIM, like that, I think, is an unreliable also to listen and you'll get into later, the marketing strategies for how they talk about promoting their on religion with directly. So there's also the hill song international leadership college. This is kind of I mean, this is common in other dominations in their institutions that are schools you go to get your theologian degree, or what have you. But they have their own, even though they were independent offshoot shirts started literally in the eighties in this like small, like high school, even I think, is where they started against earlier, as well. They of course, have many institutions just like any others would where they offer educational degrees in ministry, and theology that you would see just about in any other major institution. So there in multiple countries as well. They have one, of course, in Sydney, they have four campuses, now, trillion specifically, and they also have now spread to Phoenix, Arizona United States. That's not one. Those opening this year, actually, he'll sunk shirt senior pastors. Brian, Bobby Houston, the owners of the whole founders of this of hilson are the president's in the colleges and LeBron's is these exit vice president who's long your National League college was established as integral part of the church as it oversees, the national international ministries within the institution, of course, like if you're going to be involved in any of the church services at the higher level, into the parts of the ministry like the hill song, leadership college is that institution that regulates and works with that the offer coast, the offer courses in ministry, theology. The arts, worship music, Pastore lose ship TV in media production in during as well. Because they do have the hill sung channel and there, they are the institution that runs the hills, I'm channel, the leadership college more on how big they are leader as well. They are simply just like any. There like televangelists network. They do they do work with the American trinity broadcasting network, TBN. They are spreading rapidly. They are available online pretty much any country, or for able to get like web TV services. So it's pretty popular as well. I did read somewhere else as well that for every person in hill song. There are also three people that are watching the services through the hill song network. They livestream a lot of their weekly services at knits, very interesting. And the leadership colleges to be responsible for that. So if you go into the leadership college, you can also work on the TV media production behind he'll sung itself. And like I said before they also have production sounds nearing Pastora leadership and like the music behind that. So you can, of course, as well studied to work into the music that is produced by hill song, which is huge. So. So. One. Yup. Let's talk a little bit about this hill song expansion time line that he'll song published in their annual report two thousand eighteen so it started with nineteen Eighty-three the hills seal see hills campus which held its first service in Balkan hills public, school hall heroines, seventy people, then in between nineteen Eighty-six nineteen eighty seven they went from the inaugural hilson conference, which had one hundred fifty delegates to the hill song city care program starting. So you can tell that they are starting to reach outside of themselves by nineteen Eighty-eight. They'd recorded their first album hill. Song international leadership. College had also commenced its courses in nineteen Ninety-two London in key locations are opened nineteen Ninety-six, he'll song TV begins to air ninety seven shows the beginning of inaugural color your world women's conference, which had six hundred two delegates. In ninety nine they had the hill song city Kerr campus which we just started in Waterloo. Open two thousand two hills convention center was opened by prime. I'm minister two thousand four was hill song, Peres, owes six he'll song southwest. Oh, eight Capetown in Moscow. Oh, nine Brisbane. In Stockholm ten two thousand ten he'll song New York two thousand eleven had Germany in Noosa, two thousand twelve Amsterdam and Copenhagen two thousand thirteen Melbourne new castle, saying it Melbourne because that's how they say it on the real headlines. Melvin anyways sorry, that like I just wanted me off. What's your name just inhabited my body has he fled? The Melbourne Melbourne Newcastle Alexandria in Barcelona opened in two thousand thirteen and then in two thousand fourteen we hit real close to home. He'll song, L A. And then there was Brisbane city Kerr campus Hobart, and two on the Gold Coast of Australia. Just in case you don't know what the Gold Coast is. It's by Sydney. Cute. So from the twenty to report that we mentioned before, which is pretty much this, like documented, they give to everyone. That is publicly available through hill song. For new in the has been involved in special donated they reported that at their church of as of two thousand eighteen they have some new locations opening this year. They've currently about twenty four active churches, which accounts totally for over one hundred thirty thousand weekly attendances, about sixty two hundred of those are children like I said before coins, the church where one person attending hilson person there are three watching on lines that counts for a few hundred thousand online as well. There are about four thousand people who've gone tear each week to work within the church. They have eighty nine services. They currently offer throughout their twenty four locations there about sixty two hundred weekly youth program at tendencies forty four hundred people kids attend summer camps that they run as well. There are about twenty five hundred people that tend to sisterhood weekly conference, sixty three thousand people. Attend did their Easter service in twenty eighteen specifically over one hundred four thousand attended their Christmas and holiday services. They currently are making about fifteen thousand downloads on their hilson creative podcasts, which I'm going to have to look more into later. Like I said, there are about five hundred thousand total streams for their hilson channel over the year just in cumulation of people that are watching their services their membership in like subscription to the hills on channel has also doubled in twenty eight alone. I'm assuming that's going to be even bigger this year in just in twenty seventeen don't have the numbers for twenty eighteen and definitely not for this year's well over thirty three thousand people converted to Christianity after attending hill song events. Yes. And so, like, you say those numbers are sure to have risen ideas on of who attends hill song is super super interesting. So most our generation alpha, which is the generation after us cry not most, but, but. No, no seven percent. No, I'm saying. The, the least amount is generation alva-, excuse me, that's the generation after jen's e correct. Yes. That's people who are like I'm babies under like ten. Yeah, yeah. And then thirty percent jen's e forty percent gen Y or millennials. And then sixteen percent. Gen-x eight percent baby boomers and one percent pre baby boomers, I would like to know the pre baby boomers who are attending IL-Sung events. But I think that, that's the biggest distinction is that forty percent almost of the attendees, four twenty eighteen were millennials. I think that exactly who this is I'm gonna join and you'll get into that. Yeah. Little bit later. I was gonna say I mean when you look at the numbers here it's ninety one percent after post baby, boomer. So, of course, to typically, there are more younger people than ever, now, of course, but that is their market that is, who is working in attending these church services. Their finances are not really directly laid out. They do provide more than I would have expected is this the churches? Finances, or this well song as a corporation in his musically those finances. It's hill song as the entire institution because I have a very, very, very hard time believing only fifteen percent of the money that they make is off of other listen, so this is work. It's weird. I I'm sure they're independent on. It is probably deeply buried somewhere else. They do hire, and dependent service to review them take that as you will, what independent service is offering. Because the I do not know exactly how it works with reporting to Australian or US or ever these locations. I don't know how to, to apply to their state hoods like way of reporting finances. I do not know about that. But what they report to the public, at least is as they seventy seven percent of the revenue is funded through donations out of that only sixty one percent of the of the nation's through tied things and offering. So that's the one that you can easily do every week mother dam? Sure. Twenty two percent or from foundation offering. So I believe that's independent nations that are made to start a service that the church provides like the city care services and in sixteen percent of that is other. I do not know what that means. I have no idea. What other means they say it's still through donations. So maybe it's independence smaller groups or people that are doing somewhat lurch donations. I did not know exactly where the comes from. So they did say seven percent of the rest of their finances. From the conferences two percent is from the educational colleges and fourteen percent. It's the leftover is other, and they don't say what that means whatsoever. I also wonder how they consider that across country lines like because I'm sure the tax laws in Australia are different than the tax laws in key, then are different in the tax laws in Moscow than are different in the tax laws in Cape Town. Closet idea that are different at the tax laws in New York. How it's still I believe it's tax reject about everywhere, and they operate out of Austrailia. So he believe from what I've seen before. When I went on look into it next, the music, which is a huge amount of their popularity that money. I know is tax free, as well by defendant. They also reported that fifty percent of the money they spend is to church services thirty percent of that being labor and financial support to the pastors and leaders. So I okay. Yeah I'm just looking at right now. And the Gino, there's literally no mention of whether or not buying merchandise from your church, or if buying merchandise, or s- products from your church is considered tithing, even though you're giving money to the church. Like there's no actual like apple on the ING ause about what it means to buy merchandise from your church that I'm like finding with a simple Google. Search actually kinda wanna see if we can talk to somebody about this has right? Corporate governance page on the hilson 'cause this is super anecdotal. But I know the Thai Buddhist temple that is around the corner from our house. They offer food on Sundays that everyone, you will flock around the bay to come to this place for like they're delicious Thai food, and you don't obviously pay those people per meal to make the food for you. You give them tokens and you're making a donation to receive the token. So of course, seven dollars gives you seven tokens things are priced out, usually, the dollar quivalent, but it is technically donation. You are making. And then they. They offer you in their own form, whatever, they're offering you. And then you can use that how you will it's not like that's not the process. It goes through. Yes, that's interesting. I do wanna know more about that. I do not know what he'll song previously provides like physical products. I know that the CD's I'm sure you could buy at the time. And of course, now it's streaming than it's everywhere. But let's get into that because this is where I feel like it really like middle sincere so getting some, the fader again link inscription. It's called how he'll sunk shirts conquered the music industry in God's name. They talk about how he'll songs three three biggest bands and their various formations, have produced almost a hundred albums, their songs are sung by an estimated fifty million people across denominations and countries each week and January twenty eighteen they actually just recently won their first Grammy. Let that sink in fifteen fifty million people across the world are singing, the songs across different denominations, just like you said, before you're singing hill song, a different type of church that normally would not agree with their type of politics or spirituality. It's very interesting. So according to the data give into the fater a songs are. Written by the three hills on bands that have been streamed on demand, more than seven hundred sixty million times since December twenty seventeen this article was written near the end of twenty eighteen just too late now for comparison over the same time period. That's only about ten million fewer views than Justin Bieber has received on his music, which is wild. So I mean that gives you a good skill right there of how just a cultural prevalence of it. And who's watching it ethnomusicologist how magnitude the consultants article who wrote the book, the hill, sung movement examined said that he'll songs just this massive massive present in Christian music. There's nobody with as much influence as they have, and even someone who doesn't believe what they believe. It is absolutely incredible. The work they're doing because they kind of just taken over. So the hill sunk church actually does take its name for the music it produces. I mentioned this earlier. The church was called hills Christian life centre, and he'll song was originally the name of the music. That's what Brian Houston himself said in this tough. In seven episodes of public access docu series. Australian story he said, but people use talk about that hill sunk church and the name hill song became famous around the world. So they actually changed their name after the fact and around the two thousands because of that. They were kind of known to have taken what was happening before in Christian music, and Anchin fifties this, like celebrated tempo that was being added to traditional music that was sung in the church, but in nineteen Eighty-three when he'll sung initially started in high school and mentioned before music, pasture Geoff Bullock wrote most of the church's early worship music songs with big eighties. Pop productions, but religiously focused lyrics that was like where he was coming from with it. He was really trying to take contemporary, sounds into the church based so in nineteen eighty six the church hosted its first worship music conference held hill song, their first album, spirit and truth was released in nineteen eighty eight that same year Bullock was joined by vocalist. Darlene Czyz check a former Australian television star in the early nineties David Moyes of sophomores air supply began playing ATar on hilson albums. The Ben's odds were delivered on Sundays and they needed lighting directors and floor man. Gers Teke, managers and section leaders pretty much a whole crew to run a concert because that's where people were buying music by the albums by the music coming to show up each week was to hear this music. And if you hear from a lot of people if you watch any of these, like, clips about hill song, general people that go, a lot of people come into the music or hear the music, first and then come into it. I love this quote from Tanya Levin in her book people in glass, houses, an insider story of the life in, none of hilson. She said, he'll sung has done for Christian music with the Dixie chicks did for country and western mid, it blonde sexy and mainstream thought that was an interesting. Amdo right there, in nine hundred five time this really interesting heels lung face its first crisis Bullock's marriage broke down. He got remarried in resigned from the church by then the church congregation of about three thousand people. And then youth pastor Donna crouch stepped in to replace him. And Darlene subject became a worship pastor at that time. People kind of thought maybe that wouldn't really work out anymore. More musically, it would kind of come down and popularity but the names of the credit end up being bigger than ever that same year, November of nineteen five hill. Sean worship released the live album shout to the Lord, which peaked at number thirteen on the billboard top contemporary, Christian artists chart, the odds reach was partially due to their partnership with publisher integrity music, which began distributing hilson products, knitted states. Shouts the Lord's title. Track is still sung in estimated thirty million churches each week. That was a classic that is. Yeah. I was not in that type of church at all growing up. Yeah. I was a little bit, but barely not from my parents. Yeah, I know. All the classic song songs they actually are demonic catchy. And that's what it is. No. As you listen to anything you hear you're like this feels familiar, someone said that it was, and we'll get into this a little bit later. But there's something really really, really interesting that goes on with their music, where somebody kind of less liberties talk about they really like the music and it feels like going to rock concert. But if you strip away any of the context of Lear IX like you just remove the fact that he'll sung saying it and you had to be sung by, like pop star, it would just be like a love song near like the song about going out that night. I'd like I didn't write down. But did remember this other cold they said Bryant who's himself said that like coal play? It's something they wanna make Coldplay jealous about, that's like kind of the goal, that means music they're making. It's a very specific soft rock soft rock connection. I want to bring something up that I've found while doing a little bit of digging on finances. I think this kind of explains a lot of the mystery in Australia, specifically. So something we miss here. Is that hill? Song is a frequent subject of criticism on Austrian television, actually shockingly enough. We don't really have a lot of Scientology criticism here on the national media stage. But in Australia hill song is routinely subject to criticize it started there in his extremely popular there as well. And so we was Scientology started in Australia joining on Hilton, he'll, I was like, I know it wasn't so I'm telling you is in Australia. That was, yes. Of course. Yeah, but they don't enjoy the same tax benefits that they do here in the United States. So. In a nineteen ninety to nineteen ninety nine tomb called you need more money, which Brian Houston, put out. He later walks that back. He thought the idea of the book, I think it was just pure wasn't notorious. Right. So he's speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald in an article, and in it he is interviewed about the top things. So he they are criticized for these things called love offerings, which are things that they do. Amidst religious worship. So it's like you get people amped up. And then you pass around a bucket out of, like you know, like, oh, like since you're feeling spirit right now. Like, you know, give to the Lord, and I really want to say that. So Steve west, former hill song, regular who attended its leadership college fifteen years ago, says he'll song and it's affiliates are the only churches I know to have sermons designed to inspire giving every single service. I have run a church ministry. This is unnecessary behavior. Also in Australia alone. There. Operations are in meshed in nine different corporate LLC's. Yes. And registered under the federal government's charities and nonprofits commission. But despite hill songs frequent promises of financial transparency to financial transparency to the Australian media. There has been absolutely none. And it is routinely criticized. So like they will put out numbers like a seventy percent are ties variety, but that's actually not actual numbers. They're not being told why that tithing is what the other is it is just as like kind of smoke in bureaus. It was it's Lilla just a simple info graph with, like some percentages on it, and they say it was started by independent group. They did not give you the details. So he did say that they were earning one hundred fifty thousand dollars a year, plus a hundred fifty thousand dollars from the so the Brian Houston, in Bobby Houston said each they were making about three hundred thousand dollars a year combined. Of leading the charge and doing public speaking. But they didn't actually release the numbers for the merchandising of hill song, nor their other profit ventures like the merchant merchandise books, etc. They only were like, well, this is how much I get from the church from solid how much I get from my books under my name, which the church can decided in any sense what they wanna do that. We don't actually know if you have no idea how long do you think again, like you see through this article, and I think we want to look into this little bit more, because it's really long and I was skimming, but this is really interesting article from the Sydney Morning Herald, the author, just so I you know, are crediting property, properly is Deborah snow and include that in the link. But I think we should look into that a little bit more, because there was some stuff in there, where I was like, oh, it's good to have some Australian press in here. We did get a lot of Australian press, but, you know, just good to especially get the press of the country. This was founded in so keep going about the music because it definitely gets way. Crazier. Yes. So they also consulted in our Dr Michael honn professor of church music at the southern Methodist ministry. He said he'll song is different than any other church music. I've heard before usually you have a style of music that would last for two generations with song, we've had three major shifts in musical style in fifteen years. That's just unheard of in the history of church music, we call this in worship study, lit liturgical Inculturation drawing from the music of the culture. I can always tell them on a Christian music station on the radio, but he'll song comes closest to really meshing the two. So in that obviously the style of music if you listen to any of their stuff you can again see that reminiscent like Coldplay. All rock. Slow rock, like aesthetic going on so heels on, Ben members are usually young white men with long hair, t shirts and rock and roll for Jesus attire when the London campus opened in chosen three popstar Natasha. Natasha bending field served as the worship team and wrote songs in dozen four. Joe Houston became the current lead hill song United Joel Houston is the son of Brian who's on the founder says check left from her own church for years later and Morgan was promoted to worship pastor Morgan Houston as well. The daughter overseeing the hill song worship supreme much the son daughter, Brian are running currently, the heads of the holy kind of music division, or he'll song worship specifically, there's like wine Africa, other groups involved during this time he'll song produced a huge music towards like worship in leadership song focus on the holding the emotional. There's a quote from cheeky twenty fifteen. Taffy Ackner's Queen of defending her four dollars a word keep going. I know said, totally in tune vally. It's a Jonas brothers song lyrically. It's a him. And yet, the singing is hot breath and sexy close into the microphones. There was also a lot of brands are doing the same thing known as better than anyone else in God's eyes thousand quote from Miriam Webster. Not the dictionary Lee thing, which is just say, I was like Miriam Webster speaking on what like like she's here note different. Mary are spelled differently. She wrote dozens of songs for he'll song and performed on the worship team. She said it was something for a calling out for his church. People were just drawn in. It's the grace of God. Really? But she just say that God doesn't just hand you a song, fully formed, and with a course in a, you know, beat or production time line to produce it within the week or within I certain service. It's all, you know, a lot of work on behind the scenes so some but not all hill song. Bam members receive. Of a salary from the church for their service. Many do workers volunteers every recorded song has to copyrights. I found this interesting. They did not know how this exactly worked in general. There's a mechanical royalty for the music and lyrics so like the sheet music, I guess, like the little composition of how it's performed. And when for the actual performance of the piece at the one that you hear played on the services or new Ted standard for all music. That's why I'm not shocked. Yeah. So for every hills on creation, the songwriter receives a royalty because they legally must but the performance world he goes to the church that means when you play hill song, sung on Spotify, the songwriter gets paid just as it would be if it was like a YouTube cover for example, but on the church, it's paid for the actual playing of the song. So, for example, songs biggest hit that happened in two thirteen was oceans, where feet may fall a nearly nine minute. Ballad with these like minor keys Qatar, which is like very slow moving like you the second you hear it seems like semi fair before it was trending for about sixty one non consecutive weeks at number one. The bill. Board hot Christian song chart, the only on the throne dead after forty five consecutive weeks with Carrie Underwood's something in the water, it was certified double platinum. And for the last four years has ranked in charts top ten for the year interestingly found out that Christian music is the only genre of the billboard chart in which it's basis for inclusion is defined by lyrical quality and stated purpose. Don't know exactly what that means behind the scenes by from the tobacco trusting. It's something that is much more curated, specifically, nothing trending but it was enjoyable, though very popular song many views on YouTube, of course. The lead singer for oceans, Taya Smith, apparently has will not receive any money for or any royalties for the song, though. She could be paid by the church separately if they put on salary, but the men who wrote the song, Joel Houston, Matt Crocker in Sullivan lick tham will if Thais myth were to ever leave the church, she would get paid for the work, even though it was generating revenue, which I found fascinating most like they are. Are capitalizing on the exploitation of these church members to enrich themselves and not pay people. Well. Automo- as years. Yuval seating. But guess who, but who writes the music, the small group of people that are within the sons shingle, though, had to perform that song, quite a bit, and do quite a lot of labor, if we're going to look at this from an anti-capitalist perspective. This is labor and you're like I'm not being paid for it, even though it is something that defined your churches music and ability, one straight weeks. Like you just said when it comes to playing the music, and then you pass around the donation, Ben and the music, how much money did that song feeling nine and I know it's nine minutes, sunk she performed live. And from thousand thousands of people so knowing also, it's intangible to say, like what is the diametric diametric? That's not a word. What is the direct equivalence between this song being played in people tithing? But it was an equivalence. Yes, I understand. I on on on winning ended up, but that's, that's an equivalent like we draw that you're never gonna see a Dino that money. And again like. I don't think anyone deserves the money. They earn under capitalism, but it is 'exploitation. I feel and despite someone not thinking it's exploitation. It doesn't make it not 'exploitation. So I would say very much too. I would assume if you can get any roll singing and you one of their songs you're generally going to get a huge boost in your career, but the fact that they, you cannot be paid for it. But the writers legally have to be is a just interesting such. We just also opened a capitalist argument laws in because they're not specifically because that opens it up into a larger thing. We see always have now or the promotion capital, where it's well if you're not gonna sing this song, I can get somebody else's song. And if you sing the song, you'll get everything, but you might not get anything. Right. But in not getting anything we can just get anyone anyone will wanna sing for hill song, and be on the billboard cushion charts for sixty one weeks straight. So like you sing it or we'll get someone else. And I'm not saying that he'll song is directly sitting in front of these singers and say. Saying that, but we live in a capitalist society, and that is absolutely the mood when you are entering into a couple of space, like a money-making machine like he'll song. I don't know just drawing connections. No. I mean, it's very interesting, though, if you do the math to when how much money they're making in twenty seventeen again, this is going to have to be outdated. I actually brought to mention I when I was looking at some of the original two six of the church it was a twenty fourteen report. Now is like, oh, I got an update that those lavas not right. Why looked at the one that was from twenty eighteen four years later. The six were hugely different, something's were doubled in the amount of like revenue or people joining this, like certain type of service. So I want to mention that, that this is outdated. But in two thousand seventeen it reported that they made a bit one hundred ten million Austrailia dollars about seventy eight million US dollars, fourteen million specifically coming from the music, all of which is, of course, tax free, if you do kind of a little bit of like quick, silly math. I mean, I'm just dividing payment of my, they're making based off what they reported is tithing equivalent. And with the average donation is made for the my people, this air showing up each week, it would be about seven hundred maybe a thousand maybe under five hundred about five hundred per person per year. The joins. The church which can be a lot or little. We do not know I could not find out exactly the demographics of who shows up past generation or age, they do not provide ethnicity ethnic origin, did not provide income levels for the people joined the church, I cannot find that information. So I don't know really how like relative that is to who's providing that, but fourteen years to market yourself worldwide. It's also tax free with you have fourteen million dollars coming in from the music. And you only have a small handful of people working on the music and the singers, don't get can't get paid for it because straight to the church. I find that very interesting. And also, there is a salary that is also given to those people as well. So he'll sung songs also are reportedly written by, of course, entire team in our revised constantly lyrics are usually stretched out for months of revision like just constantly went back and forth. They say that there was deliberating, and they what they wanna make sure they say, is always like enough for what they're went to prevent it for like how it connects to the gospel into structure of the church. One of the singers of free said, sometimes people hear the songs. So songs ended up being an act of worship for us. We see it at we see it as our mantle to not only lead people to Jesus. But also to be teachers of God's word as more often than not Lear IX and songs can begin to become part of the framework of people's faith, and beliefs. So, like he'll talk members believed the lyrics their lyrics to be the product of the divine inspiration to the Holy Spirit like back to the prosperity gospel back to, like, what they're trying to offer as an institution, this, these music, is not only a product of the church that you are engaging in or like a service, you're engaging him. But it is deliberately tied to the actual moral ethical spiritual like interpretation of the text in the Holy Spirit, which I thought was just like I mean you know that obviously, but when it's a mess released every Sunday, and it's a huge bane of the church's popularity is the music. It can't be like ignored what that is like, how the operates there were also some criticism. I found this article, or like they brought up some criticism people had of the music, of course, within the Christian American Christian community. The dominant Chris hill songs music is according to survey conducted by a worship songwriter sauce, Stanford professor of worship when Reagan and when he was asked by the church self in two thousand fifteen he posted this long thing online about a why he stopped singing hill song songs and self, he was talking about the ongoing theological belief that if a person follows the Christian God here, she'll be warded financially and emotionally. He argued that thing, he'll songs music was to endorse that prosperity gospel. And dozens of other Christians have since published similar stances against their songs. They'll bring up psychologists and it Shurmur that recently reported the rhythmic sounds in the music and music in general, not only coordinated behavior of people in a group, but also coordinates, they're thinking their mental processes of individuals in the group, become synchronized, I miss is nothing new and it comes to. Music church. It's obviously, like, you know, for thousands thousands of years. Singing groups has been how like society and culture works. It explains why they talk about, like the drums that are used in tribe. Zehra monis. Why armies will use loud brass instruments. There's always like these ways that music is performed to fit like the unification of a group. So when you talk about his lungs music, that is a huge reason of why the church is so strong growing so strongly, they're all singing the same songs gospel, and they're all unified as a huge community, obviously. But it's also making like fourteen million a year and is sung in like fifty million church across the world, like it's a huge movement specific to one brand, and went like, identity of IL-Sung. That was like the thing I was like I wonder it's a lot, why the labor cycle often unpaid is for these songs because it says, here, the rigorous productions I go makes it. So that hill song will never drop out of popular rotation. Even if that rotation it's only within Christian culture. That's a rigorous production cycle. Like, that's what I'm saying about labor and being unpaid like we really don't know how much these people are earning or if they are just working extreme amounts of overtime to fit this cycle. Like, that's what stresses me out because it's a church, it's behind the veil hundred albums, and only if you if you decades and now it's another have multiple each year. It's actually, I don't know how many for this, you're specifically, but they produce anything for last year, and they're going to produce at least five I'm not going to get on my like pedagogy here. But like when Jesus was talking about giving to others and helping out your community in working with those in your community, to better the lives of everyone. He was talking about unpaid labor that was generating profit. He was talking about things done out of the spirit things done out of the goodness of your heart things done out of a compassion for humanity through God through you. It was not do this extreme amount of volunteering. Each month so that a church could make forty million dollars a year through the music that you generate with them. That was not at all part of Christian ministry in the bible that it is based on. So not even that Christianity is in the bible. Jesus did not lay out that I am in Christian. And now everyone else is going to be called Christians. That is already a religious framework, that developed after that, like, if you're just going off of the tax, which is what the whole thing is based on, like corporations were not involved Jesus, literally again, how many times do we have to quote this on this podcast, where we talk about these populist religions like it is harder for a rich man to get into heaven than it is for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. And if you are rich and you wanna follow me, you must give up your belongings, because it is not going to be easy for somebody who worships money to also worship God. Well, okay interpretation is so funny, isn't it? Can really mean anything when you stretch it far enough? So we're going to actually save the celebrities for next week. But I do wanna get into the marketing strategies because we kind of thought like how long is this going to go right? So it went long. Early had an hour and ten minutes of. And so, I think it'll just be better if I preface a little bit sprinkle a little bit of this over you guys. And then next week when we get into the actual deep dive with celebrities scandals and the popular conscience around hill song that will kind of I think, just mesh better anyways, okay. So this is an article from faithfully magazine in Australia. It was talking about the Australian Pentecostal movement and the movement that hilson song represents and how this movement has used popular branding techniques to acclimate themselves to modern culture. So a stray Leah's largest megachurches, which all identify with the Pentecostal movement, have a strong unique brand that appeals to millennials something that he'll song stresses. They have strong social atmospheres. Like sports activities youth camps in concerts, and dynamic religious experience with upbeat music that emulates a secular concert. Also, these experiences contribute to the strength of the church's brand, which is very, very something that is always at the center of all hills. Marketing is the hill song brand, right? Like, if you don't even go to hill song, you only have a loose awareness, you've probably seen the circle with the scribbled hill song in the middle. That is their logo that is there. Brand and it is everywhere, right? It is exactly the same way that Coca Cola would treat the Coca Cola label. Right. So. Okay. The strength of this brand contributes to the strength of the church's overall public awareness because people can go to any location in any church anywhere in the world. And have an identical experience. Whilst in, what does that sound like to this? I'm like McDonald's like. Now that's gonna be on. Franchising, you'll like you could go to any McDonald's anywhere in the country, and you're gonna have a like that is what this feels like to walk everyone get the same product which ever heal song branch, they go to they can sing the same songs listened to similar sermon messages, etc. Also it uses the same logo on all of its products like books and CDs, which are on sale in all of the locations. So just like a McDonald's you can go and experience the same kind of interior and at the same time order, the same kind of food. Also, this is a practice called church franchising, which is something that they do. Right. So they are operating in other countries and that is form of franchising, which again to continue my McDonald's analogy. There is the main McDonald's headquarters, and then the franchises, it's brands out to churches across the world and affiliate organizations like Zoe church and those get to use its brand to then strengthen their own church. However, they want to. See it say it explain it to you. But at the same time, it is still using the tools of McDonald's or in this case, a hill saw in Kiev in the hill in Milan hill. Sunday Monday, all going to have like this. You should be able to walk in anywhere in the world and not feel your in summer. Toyed song. LA is using hill song, Australia's materials, not usually the other way around from what I could tell. Okay, so there's many megachurches in America. And also in Australia have built a are being built around the strength of their churches. Celebrities status are pastors celebrity status excuse me. So we all have a lot of these celebrity pastors. Now, we talked about it on one of our patriot episodes. For those of you who want to go back and give it a listen in our preachers with sneakers episode. So these pastors undoubtedly helped their church's growth through their celebrity status. Some of America's megachurches passers have also amassed followers of more than their own churches on social media. So like you are. These are like the. Steve fertig. I think was his name, one of the people that we talked about, in our preachers with sneakers episode that analogy is, basically, on social media. He has more followers than the actual members of zone church. Okay. So elevations church, for instance, which we discussed for has built a brand around. Like I said, Steve Fertig, who has a million Instagram followers, despite the church not having a million delegates. I just thought that that was super interesting. It's more about like the brand awareness in the greater culture. Yep. Then the actual conversation, physical locations, all, and so I'm gonna draw a really loose connection here. You guys because this is what really shook me and I think once I found this marketing pamphlet on hill songs, leadership website when I was kind of digging through their materials as I want to do on this podcast. A actually I have had editors, you know, praise the nosiness because I'm always like let's say. Snoop. Right. I love snooping. And so I was snooping around on hills, long dot com, and I came across a leadership segment, you know, because I think a lot of these churches, forget that investigative reporters know how to use hotlinks and know how to use keyword searches on specific sites. And so my connection here is this is a marketing plan that is detailed by the leadership of hill. Song charge. It details how to effectively use data and marketing communication's like SEO, keyword logging, and Google tools like analytics to strengthen the message of hill songs brand, and he'll songs, congregation and leadership and ministries, etc. Okay. So my connection here is that next week. We're going to talk about celebrities and celebrities live within a world that has been heavily marketed, heavily curated, heavily edited and built around mass appeal. Like a marvel movie is built to generate as much money as possible, as many followers as possible, as many buyers, and then merchandising tools as possible. Correct. Just and so it is very interesting to me that the people who are defining hill song in the popular culture actors do the exact same thing as the tools hill song has modeled for its own service. Right. This is directly entertainment marketing, this is the kind of stuff that brands and Hollywood itself uses to get people to go. See movies by merchandise by their products, etc. May have satanic concert. Yes, agents of capitalism. That's the connection. I'm Jay maybe seldom merch about the concert after he has to have that whole burnt experience. Yes. Like they've said, people even in the eighties and nineties or showing each week to get a CD of the new music that they were making for the service. Yes. It's now it's the bane of. The expansion of so my end point is that like it makes total sense to me, celebrities who are, you know, live in a culture, obsessed with welds glitz glamour and mass appeal are flocking to heal song, which does the same exact thing now at the same time agents of capitalism, always run together. So it should come as no surprise. Let's get in. So this is quoting directly from the hills on website. I am not embellishing until link is here because it is going to sound crazy guys. Like honestly when I was reading this, I was like this has to be parody. This has to be a joke. Like I am being fooled. Quoting directly as we navigate this, calling in two thousand eighteen digital means of communication are an incredible God-given opportunity for his followers to let their lights shine instead of hiding it. We've labored the past few years to spread his message through twenty first century means and have learned a few things about digital campaigns that we'd like to share with you. So it is a five pillar strategy, they call it, which is. Literally, something you would see in a corporate marketing conference the five pillars of success. First strategy the why behind the what bible verse your destination should determine your direction many overlook the stage and go straight into executing the campaign at hand. But if we are to achieve or fullest, potential, it's paramount, we take a step back and think about what it is. We want to achieve where are we going and what should determine the steps? We are taking the three questions. What's the outcome desired for this campaign registering for a conference visiting the church is a budget being allocated to achieve the goal? And if so how much what is the deadline for achieving our goal? And how long should we allow to reach that goal? Okay. That's a pretty like basic. Okay. Let's go to platform, medium, the how before the what speak wear and how people are listening. Just as Paul and early church planters used letters. We digital platforms to share our message. It's important to tweak the message to the platform an audience as possible engaged differently on different media platforms. Just imagine how different your interaction is with a movie, ninety minutes of full undivided attention sitting in a dark room with a huge screen compared to a Facebook post, which is fragmented attention in a somewhat busy moment of your life on a small screen. So our three pillars in this take time to test different channels as all we'll have different costs and results Taylor. You're media buying media buying to your campaign objectives behavior on a platform is contextual to the platform mobile process information differently in a movie theater than they do on their smartphone allowed that reality to inform. Your process. Spend time learning the craft of each platform knowledge of. The process will increase quality of the output. Okay. So you're like, okay, it's like a little weird that you guys are using marketing techniques in your ministry. But I can understand that you would think that post might go differently than you to like I could see that. But it's a little strange. Okay. So we ramp up three the creative what she's shea say shapes what you see. Our communications team at hill song does a phenomenal job in crafting, beautiful words, images and films that give expression to what the heart of our house is, as we move, more and more into the digital space. Here's three things we have learned along the way, create contemptuously, as digital media becomes ubiquitous. We must develop new skills produce output that is faithful to the heart of the message and at the same time innovative in method understand how the person is going to interact with your art in, we'll do into an understand how the person who is going to interact with your art will do so. And what is needed to see the individual inspired to take action in the direction of your outcome? Desired. What's one thing, the viewer needs to see in the first point two seconds of interacting with your content. If you don't say it, they won't see it test. We can now test multiple versions of the same message and assess which versions are performing best. There's no reason to try only one approach. This is true like social media. Mayhem legs. Like putz boiling a little hotter? A little strange like okay. This is what really kind of shook me. It's the bigness. That's a little freaky. Okay. What is needed to see the individual take action in the direction of your outcome? Desired is like, literally something that's in Pepsi marketing material, like okay? Now we get Houlihan for this because this, actually this was when I read it, and I was like this is. Okay, Hannibal near and this is data the who although some may be able to sell sand in the desert. It's neither the best nor most of vision strategy. Don't let limited resources stop, you allow them to work smarter into citing who you reach three levels of data you can use first party data. The best data is your data provided what's you counted for GDP are approved ways of collecting storing, and using others data you might have absolutely incredible data on the people. You want to inspire action remarketing, lists based on website behavior Email databases and people who engage with you on social media are all great places to start collecting data platform specific data, most online, advertising platforms have their own data and targeting options explore Facebook's tools. To find a great way to segment your audience by demographic geographic and interest. Bases Google for intent geographic behavior and many others. The more you know, the more you grow data partners. There's a great number of data partners that collect and provide additional data that you can layer on first party data and platforms specific date. Okay. The this is word for word is blowing my mind because you would if you'll so ten said, they are going data again, like, you know, the data farms that are harvesting or clicks hell song is buying that data. They have they're buying with what the right there layers to your first party data. And listen when I was going through that twenty eighteen annual report, it's literally listen, listen list of numbers all over the place. There's so many didn't mention they break down, every single type of data within the groups, except for course you know, the ones that I want look for like, who. Makes up hilson exactly. But they provide insane amount. This is where it gets. This is where it fell off the deep end for me. Because listen like somebody out there is listening to this podcast into LaGuardia. These people freaking out, but guys like as to people who escaped corporate America, this is literally what you sit through in a boardroom when your boss is laying out your team's plans for the new year like this is word for word. And the fact that a church is using corporate marketing strategies to vertically integrate your business is wild, okay. The measurement of data number five digital has an advantage and disadvantage over traditional communication channels. You can attract the effectiveness of your marketing marketing campaigns to an unprecedented degree. Exactly how many people signed up for your conference because they watched that particular billboard on third avenue? Impossible to say precisely but how many people signed up for your conference because they interacted with Facebook advertisement? Absolutely and precisely measurable leverage. These new capabilities and measure as much as possible. Just don't judge the results too harshly. If your organization isn't ready to use the same criteria for other channels. So your three pillars in this BNB about what you track be diligent in analyzing and collecting data spend time looking at reactions to the artwork engagement to the website and behavior on the decision page go outside the box use tools that let you analyze real consumer data not sampled or studies like Google. Search console to give insight into what you can do next. This is literally as Mark. Learned something what you pay like, yes, you pay for, like a seminar, conference law said. They are using SEO marketing to reach new followers. That's wild to me makes a lot of it's part. This is part of when you sign up for their leadership, you get Tut this, like this is no literal. This is a literal Barreau. Sure on their website into leadership section on tailoring your church message to reach as many people as possible through digital marketing enlists strategy member. When I mentioned, the Hilton International leadership college, this is the curriculum that they did because you can get courses in pastoral, leadership TV in media, production engineering like didn't you feel that Jesus in that communication strategy? If you don't tailor the word of God to the right demographics, people won't show up. That's I mean, that's, that's what it is. I started this out like I'm finding finding finding fan. Fine. And then I ended it with, like I'm not trying at all. He's the person tweeted at us about like the hills of, of like futility. They feel during the same tour. Started off fine in the middle of it. It's pretty terrible. Ends it somehow worse. But better. Me too. But by the waist, high Lee high, I know you in KENDALL talked about going to a hill song. Please do. Please report back to us next week, we will most likely be doing hill song. But we also have a couple really cool interviews happening this summer. So. Not might also happen next week as well. So we'll see guys, but this is just part, one of many, many hills song parts. We have been promising you this forever. We have been promising you this as literally long as we've been a podcast, so we're finally here. We're finally doing it. We're diving in both feet. I it is horrifying. And the last thing I'd like to talk about. But we're here now we're going to do it anyways. And I really like shocked, because something that I like really hated about a lot of the articles. I read was that it talks about, like it's this trend in culture criticism. Where does this varies surface level engagement with the topic at hand from like a shock and awe perspective? Like it's designed to be like ooh. Ooh. But not really like contemptuously analyzing the curtain behind the curtain, you know, like the second Gruden to the second curtain to third Kerr, sometimes the forty fifth curtains. At this podcast burning all the curtains down. This theater has to go when you dec- who's who's running the show is a wizard to pulling the levers, as I might say. So anyways, we're trying to do that, because I think a lot of these articles, it was like a good foundation. But, like not a single person that I read are not at single place that I went to had anything about these marketing strategies. No. Documentations. You, you heard it here. First kids. Song ended SEO marketing strategies. So for the next few parts whenever ends up being definitely next. I think we'll get into slavery. Who does celebrities sandals, that in the skimpy out-? So the, the sexual abuse is crazy story. There's more to it than just the one story story for. Yes. Just wild in its implications getaways that it was. And it goes all the way up to twenty eighteen in a sense of like the development of the case. The sixty minutes Australian feature that we will talk about was just last year. So it's pretty recent in that Senate was also a lot of homophobia to get into is also that as well the money as well. We'll have to look into his well and organizations in the charities, the effects of this charities. I will guess that they are not all Shems. They're not I'll shows. I don't think this is some like big conspiracy were breaking up here. But I do know like what the details are I think, sometimes, I think we're learning through this podcast that what we used to be caught what we used to be told were conspiracy. Or like scams are really just cleverly designed capitalist organizations acting one hundred percent within the laws of their governing nation. A lot of times it is really just an interpretation based on the false reality. Like, you know, maybe that is exactly how they all work, and that's just the scary part. Yeah. And also, who are Brian and Bobbie Houston. And what do they represent in stand for ensure Brian Houston knew about the abuse and didn't say anything, and that will be one? We start that conversation. I do want just mention before we get into this, that Vanessa Hudgens noted spokesperson for the celebrities that attend hill song once said it's like going to an arcade fire concert. So I think that should give you kind of a heads up on what we're getting into next week when, when they said they wanna make music that Coldplay's delicate. I'm jess. That's the lake an arcade. Fire concert. It's epic. Did she say epic? Yes, she said. She's her happy itself, when she's dancing, half naked on a grass field listening to Led Zeppelin. So in the states that it's. Stevenson Hudson yacht. Stay tuned guy on that wall. I am so excited. We'd love this. We'll parts. Like we said he has other things coming through, and obviously, obviously, obviously, obviously, if you guys have ever been to hill song, waiting about hill song, her family involved articles that your leg. They talk about this is crazy sent him over to questions. Yeah. Send two questions at Inc, free dot com or call the hotline at one eight ten eat free. You can also of course, DM ask on our website for free dot com links, everything else, and yeah, just the rest of the plug us. Yeah. So of course, you can follow us at underscore interview on Twitter at Inc for free on Instagram. Full Joan everywhere at Joanie sucks, everywhere you can follow me at underscore, mouthy Lawson everywhere links of everything. We mentioned are in the episode description. Join the girls engaged group on Facebook. That's open, of course in free dot com like I said, all you need right there, just go get your Jewish anything else on my God. Next Monday is officially canonical hundredth episode. You're like you didn't have to say that. We've reported girl at this point, I think we've recorded like a hundred and fifty hours of this podcast, minimum Hodel in all of the over half hours, we've done, and now the leftovers those who've done that didn't make the cut, or like audio problem. What was it Golden Globes, twenty eighteen do you remember that? Oh my God. I almost cried that night. We spent all ask hour and a half recording. And then we looked at the thing, and we're like it's dead, I'm like, I remember they didn't record it. I'm gonna go to back to my apartment back when we before we live together. Yes. They remember matinee were laying on the bed, and I was editing. And he was watching glassblowing videos, and it was like we were tied up for a day. Dunaway's preez. And I was like, I can't hear a single word of this audio can retire. It's all gone. It's trash like we have nothing like two hours of that blackout was like, I'm so happy spent all that time. Honestly, almost think that was back when we were recording in the shed and had a task, Cam, it was just like a little mini league. Recorder like just a battery cars like holding for those who have like sat with us from the beginning, love you. You were actually braver than the marine. I would not listen to our show audio quality now have some of the best audio. Around, I know if you ever want to start your own podcast and learn how we get this really good audio. There is a program, we use called off phonic multi-track processor, that professionally levels, your audio for you, and I discovered it when I was working in radio last year is not an spunk. Komo's no no no no no, no. I just really found only know create good podcast audio because it helps worked in radio for a little bit. I was kind of like experienced in the world of sound editing. But this is the best suffer of every used. And like this is literally nuts Bon. Con that would be legal for me to say that. And obviously, you guys know we are not going to do advertisements. I just know that there are a lot of listeners who want to start their own podcasts. And listen, if that is the case you can always reach out to us for always down to help you point in the direction of software us, you know, we still use I'd acidy we comes through free scammy subscription of adobe, audition and. Phonic multi-track processor. It's a little pricey if things like fifty bucks, but it's worth it. I mean listen to our sound, it's completely worth it. So the difference it made before and after you put it through literally like NPR user summer that can be found out. It's like yeah. It's purpose. Staying? Yeah. So, yeah, this is more like instead of spunk con-. It's literally just me letting you guys know the like secrets. And it is literally like it's like a European. It's like Belgian or something. It's like in a different language. And. On a website that hasn't been updated since two thousand and five. What's good? Some not. So also, there's no Philly links because literally, that's gone ad. It's literally that outdated. So I just wanted to share that because actually going to a tweet this week on what we use because, you know, we got some girls engaged going out to spread the good word. And I think that is amazing. If y'all won't start your own podcasts. That's incredible, please do we need more podcasts in the world. And that is not a shady comment. We actually do. Right now, making just be chop chop house and my favorite burger. And if I really want to start a war anyways, go read the excellent book for him, take takedown murder. She wrote, that's all I will say on that. Okay. We talked about it in the newsletter. So find it there Kay. Do we do? We preview everything one. Oh, the bonus patron episode coming Monday. Yes, we are doing side, MLM's, right? Yes. Multilevel marketing schemes but twenty I. No, no, no, no. I thought we you to see him or oh, dec- murders. Maybe we can do both. We have research on both like we don't like we're both lettuce. Now tweet at us. Okay. We have yet to record it. We're going to be recording that Sunday night. So and Trump bonus episodes him out the first Monday as the new letter newsletter unless we get it done a little bit early. But it will always be the first Monday of the month that way it's always just same thing. Same time, you can expect it all the time at the same space, okay? Pin down dot com slash in for free one two three. Three good bum. What do I think of? I don't think of her. Yes. Jared. He. The New York Post.

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#923 - Learning Designer Presses Play on Voiceover Gig

Side Hustle School

09:42 min | 2 years ago

#923 - Learning Designer Presses Play on Voiceover Gig

"Would you like to discover powerful stories conversations and resources all about helping you find and live your best life now well if so you need to check out good life project the award winning and mega popular podcast by my friend Jonathan Fields every week good like project features features inspirational intimate and disarming unfiltered conversations all about living fully engaged life from iconic world checkers like Elizabeth Gilbert Burnet Brown Sir Ken Robinson and Gretchen Rubin to everyday guests sometimes even me each story has something into offer subscribe it good project dot com or directly in apple podcasts spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts we I explored the world of voiceover work in the very first week of the show which was what more than nine hundred days ago that episode episode number five was called. How one man used one hundred dollar microphone to make over eight thousand dollars feedback about the episode since then? We've talked about this industry voiceover recording voice over work from time to time. It's a big industry with a lot of different opportunities a lot of little market segments and in today's story a working mom presses play on a voiceover GIG that allows us to make money have fun and spend more time with their kids as she goes along. She becomes more successful once she figures out exactly what her little slice of the Pie is her little specific market that she's going to cater to in her voice over work so we're calling it learning designer. Represses play on voiceover Gig a quick shout out to our sponsor. They allow the show to be completely free to you and then I'll tell you this story. SOTTILE school is brought to you by ship station. When you're selling online getting your orders out can be a real pain time consuming expensive so many carriers to choose from? How do you know you're making the best choice? That's why you need ships station Dot com the fastest easiest and most affordable way to manage ship your orders. They have been partnering with us for a long time helping out many of our listeners and right now our listeners can try ship station for sixty days when you use the Promo Code Hustle. There's absolutely no risk you can start your free trial without even entering your credit card Info just go to ship station dot com click the microphone of the top of the homepage and type in hustle that is ship station Asian Dot Com Promo Code Hustle ship station make ship happened on the way to work one morning. Keri Hilson decided that she was going to start listening to a new podcast already. A lover of side hustles Carey was drawn to one about people who did unusual jobs by the way it wasn't ours. She press play on the latest episode started listening listening to an interview professional voice over actress Allison Steel Allison was a mom just like Kerry but unlike Carey. She got to start her day by doing yoga and seeing her kids before they went to school after that she settled into her home recording studio for her day of. Work with a newborn at home idea being able to work from her house was music to carry his ears not only that but Carrie also had a background in freelance podcast hosting and had narrated several courses for her day job as an elearning designer. Suddenly it seemed like voiceover work wasn't just something that she could pursue. It was something she should so. She decided to go straight to the source. Booking a few coaching sessions with Allison also spent about ten dollars to sign up for a monthly membership for a casting website so she can start auditioning additioning Kerry already had a professional microphone and recording software from podcast work so those startup costs were minimal. She's quarter first job about a month in it was a two minute long narration for Danish Company and she was paid four hundred fifty dollars extra cash in their bank account and pepper doorstep. Kerry kept her ear to the ground in pursuit of more jobs after another small GIG her third client brought carry a fat paycheck and a newfound sense of competence. She was hired to record a national radio campaign the outdoor gear store R._E._I.. This GIG brought in two thousand dollars not only that but Ari. I wanted to keep doing projects with her. In the future the promise of more money carry begin to wonder how much she could make if she pursued her hustle full-time as self proclaimed personal finance nerds the first step. She and her husband took determine if she could quit her job was to crunch some numbers it was all said and done looked like leaving your job would be a risk. There's no way around it so looking for guidance carry Lynton ear. For coach Allison who also told her that quitting her job in pursuit of voice acting was not a good idea but with their motivation willingness to take risks and maybe a dash of naievety carry stop listening to reason and quite anyways it just felt right. She began to pursue voice acting fulltime only four months after she started the hustle first year. She made almost exactly the same amount of money that she made in her old corporate job which was right around forty five thousand dollars. She says that the biggest factor that influenced your success was that she didn't do it alone. Learning from the pros she was able to make her voice hurt. It's not just that Carey says having an excellent demo is an important way to start finding commercial work especially at the bigger jobs good demo typically cost anywhere from one to two thousand dollars so it's important to get some experience under your belt before investing money into what despite the quick success after a year of doing voiceover work Carey began to feel burned out work itself was fine but the audition process was hard after being rejected over and over again it was easy to feel discouraged. She decided that she needed to find a new way to work and our new marketing strategy would be to target a specific audience the e learning community with a strong background in education. She already had a good feel for what our clients would be looking for she. She made a list of dream clients and began to contact them. One by one here ended up landing jobs with A._T.. And T. Disney New York university and hurts synthetic. She's been steadily increasing her earnings. She designed her own course for voiceover coaching. Ring combining some of her strength and learning and voice acting and in two thousand seventeen she broke six figures carriers made serious sound waves in the industry already has new ideas for business growth. She just did a few promos from net flicks and hopes to get into more promotional emotional work in the future carry will also be releasing a new online course all about marketing for voiceovers with the help of a side hustle then eventually fulltime work Kerry used her voice to hit all the right notes in her search for a better life so let's say you wanted to do something like this yourself like okay. This is my side also or at least this is something I want to explore. What are your next steps? What are your most important steps to do some more reading on how this industry works so every day for the episodes when we have kind of project that anybody can jump into on our show page which we have for each episode you can go and check out some additional resources just some more information? Maybe some tutorials guides and videos could be different for any particular episode or story or idea. You're going to do more reading then you'll want to register on one of the directory sites where companies look for voiceover actors right now. There are some industry specific sites like the one carry found you could also start with something like five or what you're talking about from time to time by the way five or is now a sponsor of the show full disclaimer but I've been talking about five or since. You know pretty much the first week of the show more than two and a half years ago when they want to sponsor so that's definitely worth checking out five or dot com to ours then you went to acquire some basic equipment which can be really affordable and then make some kind of now there are two kinds of demos for work like this any episode. I think I mentioned that professional demo can run between one and two thousand dollars now. That's the kind of thing you want to do once. You really convinced you want to go all in with this like yes. This is absolutely a project I want to do. Maybe you've done some low payment. Gigs <hes> whatever it is you don't need to spend two thousand dollars or much of anything at first to make a demo because you could make an initial demo with that hundred dollar microphone or whatever you end up using something like that is good enough fiber or maybe even for one of the industry sites and it's the kind of thing where you know as you go along. If it turns out to be something that you want to invest in then you can improve then you make that additional demo now last. Here's a quick fun fact from Kerry one of the things I was allowed her to do so I will turn fulltime business. <hes> is travel so she spent about nine months doing voiceover work from a travel trailer. She and her husband had one year old daughter traveled the United States. She says we converted the bathroom into vocal booth by hanging acoustic blankets when I needed to record eventually my father-in-law built convertible booth that I could set up tear down inside the travel trailer. Only difficult part was finding a quiet enough place to park a few times. I drove to the local cemetery and recorded for my car so you may have heard a commercial on T._v.. Or radio it was recorded from the back seat of a Durango Tango in a cemetery in New Mexico just a little bit behind the scenes for you as we close out the episode thanks so much for listening inspiration is good but inspiration with action is better shouts for today are at school dot com slash nine two three.

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