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Perfil da Mente #08  Especial RPG Players  parte 2


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Perfil da Mente #08 Especial RPG Players parte 2

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Might dillon care hormone watch among chyba rolla adage knowing my adalina by police kit by dealing with sculptures. That so all up and don't wanna to zillow for sligo hilmi hilmi so paternity neyla kaleo opens and arguing league zero yourself the latest persona gene. Show on your side so much she. It'll very smooth struggle job who's slur by staying says sowings. Ems of what they committed thing they would cannot which is annika lucado. Komo gun goodell. Don't think Zuma physical visit about if you wanted to on this this ing and if the open sonali amir is going to. This is meaningless. caste system adding v commingle known. That would use connected law fifty whether you're dug co ed convene ago l. Cut cutting viable shug. I'll add up free. Each year. man did though thankfully all eunice it up on ice age or anybody advanced full sagging sees a similar forget daily follow fox back home alone wanted from species all the Could get at being that. Essentially cut viable said. 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It does seem an inch project z. Keep Seasonal vita moist minimalism partially yatra mice. Ooh kwaku carriers speak peace and extra so many champions they're how at asbestos sample this mccoy's To us she could add on that. Skeedaddle broker spitzer charging. I don't hitching the field. We don't think squad through this. Causal kicking falsifies Winnipeg's cinema ono dishes. Holy mall backup biking. Just don't show pool ship Some issue i've seen as album Will be thought of no. Let's own overthrows Thought winkles moments waited a couple of my added to a community the demise. I was surprised when your next chance. I do able bench publicity to split ya looking a conference on the. Is this all up drug on sampling vicar senior year. Bola for the essence. You podcast go to follow This bins on urging We'll give us anything hut man. It was Income facing Buzz thought as Itemize usual god. Keep ally can novo key. kelly gal. It acquires superfood Have missiles advise the anything key motor judo and visit here and soon it also puts personality recommends your net. Let's say a little pets farmers. These bungee jump off my yada. Yada support game pay general secretary career. Would you don't fall and some excellent but on is secure. You'll meet you'll see stunned. Needs the am we can put. Essentially essentially forgetful will remain won't throw cowardly denied near nissan for my sakaba bank. Mapuche sewn dumb angel so um you only with ago. We'll sit back convert some copa sola meisner. Valuable sipa over sound will you can put on either daily pressure. So many bowel. Could you impel week before that shia Inch s essentially she would create something known. Will society mostly sunny. The quest such for so many sean. Our other fighters Who's yasim Echoed mid probably. Yeah look you'll you'll follow them. Weep is now counts as later puts okaz waste either complete worms cute my l. of viva since ibm we'll see so many how absorb winkler's evening. Nothing as usual gap but give sandoval on team is why is his infomercial. Niobe up they're pretty wounded by absorb. You gotta earn necklace. Then read into many todd economy a deep the bloomberg with his own face to face up talker amigo snapping stone. No not at all. What if not. We'll see each lee also persona p disposal sober boyd pockets for something and we'll as main fell with Meritless said souped up kiko commercials. I'm just simply not the main getting on simone Simona last thing would i in contra pal followed while that may seek aside your or who coordinator drew some point. Get is tiny one of the Permits short of a of this nation for the author quincy by drug. I don't wanna fall out. What we we'd. The daily said saturday visa. Janet owned the trick. Points for its seductive. Kid got sunset beach. Noggins the oldest with the wall over pam. I've no drawback of this process coaching By the similar process in those involve visual is mccoy doesn't look at a you unit process. Let's see the number of the so either not that card thankful senate hussein for sure do over Don't visit your music most useful juggle. He lets him university. Just us along route some introduce Halava logger stunning each year. Four mice jogger for a little move. I always follow some this. Who depend magic attleboro here. This is offensive said. Hey botch also was divorced. Yoda thing change komo's Looming thing of dismissals kessler medium. Division is still not on dos mode snapping. As i have i so as aquatic act keith. Normal painting coal patricia porn cornick zone mosser and with what was swami is beyond via dolorosa reveals. A new was turned to the pablo davila gaga starts proxima simmers that bras. Pledge not juba mooch amedure almo- feel putsch guest here.

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Integridade. Voc  dona, dono de todos os seus sins e nos?  O Sagrado

Feliz Dia Novo

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Integridade. Voc dona, dono de todos os seus sins e nos? O Sagrado

"But then follow the key. S domingo's present geology. Chief accused from the second mile view. Akin bruce you you'll see thick seam thin see guest so be a swiss. This zoe's spoils the pursuer a so your sierra. Let's say study be so it gives us we'll sit zero silimo aquino keno s abyss. Roy kizzee she was this thing called. Fleet loki donald silk. What us well sitcom bought the quay accurate. Guess who think another swap proofs. Oh dear lay lucas. Kiss at this. Atlas id the square into school sales awards. Pause at the school seal soyuz sickle cell disease known when the line of food overseeing tangent think desire known all significant that in design hill by begin scores the see though mutt beast the say hilmi. It is self official guests. Here let's it. They did the scene again. Momentum into beckon auto scene ayodeji engineers. They need to see what then nisar was in theon. That moved to bet like you say you're studying. You think the query as the seer. Sit dono mia. Where in theory is he saying. We'll see cyril say thawed Seem blue devil values see but see mir's overruled caceres. Seed you will diet was him. You're giving us. I'll tell you that the main para application survive maguamado gain. Who gave us a that safety in phone on. Diesel seals nells valve is my visa than basis acid. A civil cima. Civil samir's says you're gonna save lulu lucille to sale. No you know. Says away for their in mooney who seem you know as the value bear the so passive sound the sweet with so. The soviet bajic says are mice thing cease their ear. He the vocal myth. Zeros nells those that day. Say stop people who give yard occupied bill jerry. The mondays is my are this zone. That data being figure this is sue. Airpl- appropriate swivel is. Who was his faith. Presume years see how to his sin. Subban davis thunder pursuer. Either the morello proce- seem as procedural. But i see mural user through space savvy over sabi. He is a star so all all the meal you do you see her. Fairy was this was given money poorly in says money. Pull out money. Pull out bilas. Soy sauce dissolves. Bill sent to milkis in mill. Valley bad ruled. necessite died. says i will say simply mazovia ads door. Louis old such spicer such fuzzy secondhand grad thirty died you so be to give us a little bit to the follow. It gives us a thing today. The new common fuzzier mill. Gaffe as you go today to deposit do peculiar can't some of the civil demise each sauce jal george not to suck it out rebel. Sit bill sassy nasima said on. So since either seals los rega- cammisa a sewer in vegas sailed searfoss disappear wounded ness. We started saying no i. Okay i'll do to take us at the as devious. They with us. Starters mood is we are so the average of the d. my goal janci therapy asset the myanmar phillies. Gmo more aguire.

Akin bruce Roy kizzee donald silk cell disease hilmi nisar Civil samir lulu lucille bill jerry Subban davis lucas cyril bilas mooney necessite mazovia us mill spicer nasima
Eddie Van Halen: Gary Cherone critica homenagem feita ao guitarrista durante Grammy - Ritual Metal Mantra #32

Metal Mantra Podcast

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Eddie Van Halen: Gary Cherone critica homenagem feita ao guitarrista durante Grammy - Ritual Metal Mantra #32

"All dust toys with a little hundred meter weren't supposed to heavy metal koji almost movie. Edwin hailing gerry. Sherline pitchy communizing fatal. You can grainy grammy category with a million gremio me nigga the end of that circle. Walk all of the. Oh also reggie pal yes. Jewish is excellent balance. Because kadam moonstone me have any all. Sogeti rep his order. There's also in soviet him of any off your hip personal info. See this from ameri. I go to these apple to my husband to pursue minute whip is coming from moon to potential nikiforos municipal law. Famer me You wash quick is operatives hope you low through a peculiar poisoning east over Voice e winter. Skiavo into sunday's game. We'll do vocal the Noise dumped on me ashlin Also painting massaging knossos. Open your zied. Also rosato demise duffy kojic assistance. Phone with nauseated garish. Roan the eh stream. More than words together in the don't scott porch mice is we'll grammy and so grim a grim. Do jacob. tajima. That allow memorial memorial nizing mayes. Mckee chinks in at book. I don't eruption also eruption Emma meyers is currently three dozen homes eruptions. Yeah you share on core liberal don king to a pharmaceutical needs to the main question us is. He's have died due to heart everyday. Medicine mybookie king lou graham for some soul. What the specific ingraham in auckland playing with agile team with seeing separatist e to demise mice putting lobbing tainted at wrenches mommy's more eka informational of the nation a. c. c. city moines tornadoes immemorial humanizing. But the suspicious saw in the by federal lawsuit propose it took care. Women-asia who's getting just nominees optimize. The movie say simple core system for could do this for that. Go do amiga more than words. Some ice a seem credible. Seen you acquaint it can produce was resort. Those events do remain of. Who's the mice kit. Uk vitals minorities womanizing macedon complex. Compatible say allstate foresee forces ceduna amazon voices junkies warned us inc though may day though lateness at the mccown gos- rescue kink at home for king and quiz and all men was more ties systems in your loan just swimming. If fees so pass was officials finally state income sonoma's a complaint carry managing editor lettuce. Norwegian field goal is that keller the key home each Simple to move into cities. She bisky hilmi thinking in cardiac as you doesn't films will emit an all modern worse coffee oakland cartridge staying things hoping to get a limited time h. w. grim east somebody who grammy diplomacy. I interested in but is yet. But she's sending him them as being to start. Your fire midwood year good. The needle made the double cash. Infiltrate your grammy. Kyoto very and now got good. Grandma in your grammy. I think wasco Being to putting boost report so they're rock and rock and roll hall vintage. But i us ika who discuss lot one direction is the atlantic yet it can you. Es has been you got some programming yet face on post two on the phone bill. Grammy essay grammy tumbles. Imada zinc no l. classical natural king shop job a grim time but in the end what chiesa grammy is doubling. The other is playmate. Don't blame you sell out but Lead you guys go. They'll say so they're going to remedy. Don't put him in chicago. So the guy got grammys to have borne but my gone basic god not bumper. Grammy survey my thing do derek sharing. Hey cocoa branding. On spending by changing talks for me is starving. Think komo oscar as rockin rockin hall of fame. there's only more than two percents move into the king going going getting them. Grammy here. the upcoming We'll stop watching somebody. Musica co-principality metalworker euro the no more deaths. Noble discover ram. Nobody is loss of by size. Hope i made month affordable cinquanta religion on twitter. Facebook instagram podcast. It's obvious developmental. Much blood. Catch thank you and also pellagra. Mcqueen won't cure martha this seinfeld. Line tip close by myth olympia. The not society hundred. Walter rodgers domenico phone to comb phone to see lebron metal month of his angie. Jihad is superior favoritism. Kyoto samothrace for me to frisking removed. How he pulled me from earth signaled us this quarter school. She mittleman that is busy. I kick one. Jay wanna think what others can call me. That is the after the seventies. I thought a scoop and it'll be dishes called particip- sorters those. I had to omit older isolate to sell the so far to cast so movable headman elmo the broadcast on without ask second is those skills are do this comment that loss aside but the full today.

reggie pal kadam moonstone Skiavo duffy kojic scott porch tajima Emma meyers king lou graham city moines us inc bisky hilmi Famer don king Edwin gerry Mckee ingraham grammy Imada chiesa grammy
Orders of Magnitude

Data Skeptic

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Orders of Magnitude

"Welcome to day the skeptic. Our new season kicks off next week. The voting is closed. The vote is in in the next episode and the feed will reveal what that theme is for. Today i've got to special segments for you i. Linda joins the show to help me review the results of the voting. She gives me some feedback on the survey methodology. And we talk through the broad strokes of each of these teams. We were considering second. I'm premiering a new segment on the show. It's called orders of magnitude. It's a statistical game show. It will be part of data skeptic going forward not every episode sprinkled here and there mrs our pilot for that stick around for the second half to check it out linda. Welcome back to the podcast. Hello we recently asked listeners to vote on the next topic we should do. And i'm going to ask you to take the survey as well and get your feedback. Live if you'll humor me. Would you data skeptic dot com slash vote loaning. You're going to be presented with the concepts. We presented the listeners. Maybe you could read out the title. You don't have to read the description but share your thoughts on each to these as you look at them. Well says data skeptic next. We hope you've enjoyed data skeptic consensus. Now help us decide what comes next. I we'd like to ask you about each theme. Lastly will ask you for your vote k. You want me to read each question. I'll just tell listeners. Dave hopefully already voted. What was the category and the question that gets asked. How compelling do you think this category was so based on the blurb. You can skim and just your thoughts on that topic. What would you rate each of these k. The first one says conspiracy So this is what we think is a future. None of these have happened correct. These are starting probably you know very soon. This will be the new team and this is one of the options. Well let's have one of the examples you gave is what's it like to submit an f. o. a. requests since. I don't know what that means. I don't really have any idea what kind of theories you would discuss. So i'm just going to say a five cents will of you're in the lingo. You call a foia request. Freedom of information act okay wall submitting a freedom of information act. What does that have to do with conspiracy. Oh well mainly. Because conspiracy people are always submitting those like they wanna know what some senator had for lunch because they're trying to find a connection to something you know or the give me everything on. Ufo's that you have that kind of thing but it is a legitimate process. A person conduct regular civic business with. So i thought i might file one just to learn about the have a conspiracy to file. No no no. No no i just i wanted to do a more legitimate one for a non spurious reason but it falls under conspiracy because they file a lotta foia requests so would wanna learn more about the foia system. I don't know if you're the data person. Hilmi me the data that conspiracy people are filing these and when i'm wondering members to the general population although it would be neat to i would like to find out. I don't know how you get this from the government. Oh i wanna do a foia about foy is. What are the reasons people are saying. Yeah why does it does approve any change. So you said five. What's it now now that you know about four years right. I still don't really know that. You're i haven't heard of any conspiracy very few. That are real. That's the problem and doesn't really sound like we're discussing conspiracies so it just sounds like you're talking about a like a cult but like a group of people so i'm still not hearing conspiracy on a single conspiracy. These that's part of the problem. We should move onto the next one. Okay well that's a five. It's kind of odd. There's not a middle of the road. I pick five or six. That's right that way. i don't like it. I'm just randomly picking one five. That was far from random next one rare events. Okay i like rare events you said actuaries and insurance companies need need to consider rare events when evaluating risk. I need to constantly evaluate risk when we're buying like home insurance and whatnot. I need to know how much coverage should i get. That's too much or not enough. Oh array of hope finally ethic conspiracies. Somebody's very compelling rare events. They're very destructive to our livelihood why people get a life insurance because if someone dies you're literally like i don't know what to do yeah rare events maybe rare but they're catastrophic so yes. This is life changing right one to ten scale ten. Whoa okay. I need more of our rare events. Oh well there's a couple more of these so don't get too excited. Maybe not warn ya. We know what is the likelihood of this earthquake. No one have been able to give me an answer. You can't put ten which fall line san. Andreas you've left me. No room to blow your mind on the future topics. If you put ten well there could be multiple tenants. Why do all of them have to be less than or whatever doesn't anyway you don't have to rank it once i give you if i gave you ten up to you to decide what to do. You got that right. That's not my problem to rank them. You didn't put this a rank order. You didn't say put all the topics in order. One through five or seventy years. Funny you should ask that. My original intent was to do rank order voting because we talked about it so much during consensus but next time we will long story short. Just technology limits ahead to keep it simple. Yeah well i can tell because you. You're asking to rangan. Well that's not my problem. You set this up. It's by design was just a measurement. Let's move onto the next one data okay data skeptics social media. Yes you're talking about the rhythms and approaches for services such as fran recommendations content prioritization and ad targeting social networks use a lot of data science and machine learning techniques. It's all over the place. I mean this is important just because you know of the business. I'm in i'm in b. Two c. business to customers as in selling stuff to people and social media's than paid advertising on social media is the number one way many people are doing business including the business. Simon so i guess i'm an eight however i'm not going to go to ten because i don't really know if anything you're going to put out. There is different than what's out there like an bullet is. They're really going to be unique interesting and going to help me in my job. I don't know grew question. You could just put out there. And i could read it. I might be like yeah. That's not helpful. Not interesting not useful for sure. I can do. Good stuff on graph algorithms podcast ever. But i am confident. I could bring some unique thoughts to the forefront. Well what i would be interested in. Learning about is why how differs today versus a year ago. Why specifically just in terms of that life is incremental or the last year in particular just in general like for example. Tiktok has taken off. Do you from a data. Science perspective have an opinion. Why tiktok is is highlighting different content compared to instagram compared to whatnot. And why the taken off and how does algorithms contribute to this this. Yeah that's right on the nose there. Linda and has to be compared though to instagram and facebook. Though of course yes. They're different right. Those are the counterfactual. I need like tangible learning about each of the platforms and wide different. Yeah now you get the kind of stuff. I would research for that season. So did you score it. I had an eight eight. Yeah okay time series. We've talked about time series. Yes it's It's come up on the show. This'll be a formal. You know the series on time series. The time series series. Yeah it just says. This will explore the methods and industry applications of time series. I i don't really know what you're going to talk about is useful or applicable to the work. I do sure enough. You said that you will industry applications. But you didn't mention what industry so any industry time series comes up everywhere. Okay well how does it relate to you. Know i worked at fab fit fund. So tell me more will tell the listeners. What your primary product is. It is a lifestyle company known for a subscription box that comes quarterly. Yes so that's subscription. You have to model out a variety of things one things about your customer base. How long they will remain subscribers for longer if they're from facebook for tiktok those types of questions probably inventory things as well because as your inventory depletes you want to predict the point at which it will go to zero. I'm anything where there is data. That's measured in some sequential way. Some changing signal. Or some you know uh metric of some kind that you wanna observe over time. Time series comes up but like is what you have to discuss. New different applicable depends on your definitions of those words. I would say yes to all. That's really what we do on the show We cover a lot of new. But there's some classic things to get into as well applicable. We'll be case by case And then hopefully interesting for the error rate so I don't want just talk to somebody who's like yeah. We forecast gold bullion futures but it would be neat to know more about energy forecast. And we're maybe like how schools forecasts. How many students that gonna have stuff like that. I don't know if you haven't really convinced me that. Something new is going to have marie. It's not like it's gonna tell me about time series. I it's not gonna change my life. It doesn't sound like worse than the commute. Rather have conspiracies than time series. At least that's weird and quirky times. There is no no one can be over the weekend. Oh time series. No no one's going to ask a follow up. That's nice by. What is you pick rare events. What did you do over the weekend. I did rare events. They're gonna ask a follow up. If you conspiracies. People be like. I need to know they would be like. I need to know a follow up. I need to learn more but time-series like nine. You're good keep going. They're going to start talking about their weekend k. Pandemic i first of all. I'm pretty sure that the coronavirus was track back at october. So i don't know where you're getting your facts. Data skeptic wikipedia said here you said how clinical trials run Though be one interesting thing to cover. I mean this is useful because the pandemic my question is. Did you wait too long to talk about it already. A year in razor. I wonder if it might have been more useful months ago. I mean i i rate this ten. This is applicable ten impact on my life. Well now is the last question it asks you to pick your top. I don't know. I kind kinda like between rare events. In pandemic of the pandemic is a rare event. So i don't really think they have to be different enough you. Are you going to talk the pandemic in the rare events. It could come up but it would be like an episode or maybe two wouldn't be a focal point. Rare events is more of a menagerie of concept's what do you think. The pandemic is a rare. It's not that rare. Actually when you start looking right but yes it's rare by a lot of definitions at the end of this magnitude a long enough time scale. It's quite ordinary. what are you consider ordina. Ordinary occurs regularly right. So what's regular to you. It depends on the time series. Data the one thousand nine hundred eighteen. That was that was a big one people point to sars and mers of course. These are the more global ones but there's a long history of humans relationships with various viruses. I mean we're just looking about what happened most recently. I mean war obviously more frequent than the pandemic depends whether we think war is frequent or non frequent. But i mean really. You're you're tying in multiple things because we're talking about rare vents pandemic and the time series. So i'm just not going to answer this question you've seen him. You guys decide. Because i think a rare event is the pandemic so i'm not wrong was the overarching theme. That we're going to have on the show. I just don't know. Oh gosh i try not to pick something. But my mouth randomly pick pandemic. So i'm just gonna go with. That was not gonna let you submit your vote without a thing we were going gonna count. You is invalid and selected the pandemic. Well i'll let you know when the vote concludes probably air after its concluded. Perhaps check in with you to see what your thoughts are. Rare events has been popping in and out of first place though. I will say that as you track it. So i'm allowed to submit multiple responses here. Technically yes although. I can see them. Also if there's any funny business. I might you know through some de duping. Well why don't you tell me which one leading you can look at the results now. It's actually a tire right now. This is why. I refused evoke as you see. This is your one chance. Linda and you blew it in your whole life every election. Your vote you know. Whatever one among civilians between rare events and time series yes more interested in time series than the pandemic votes. How many people participated or many times. Since he can't tell ninety eight votes pretty high number now could mean. Someone just got really excited over. And i looked at that. And i also expect data skeptic listeners to be much more brazen if they're going to go to that length they gotta do like you know with their but okay so i got one of the two most popular we're aligned so what about pandemic where's the pandemic full hold on. Let me pull it back up. Sorry it's one. Oh six responses and we remain tied actually rare events and time series pandemic is in last place at only ten point four percent of the votes. Wow okay well. I guess maybe people are tired of hearing about the pandemic. I felt the same way to put it out there to test the waters in case there was some ground swell for it but i think we can move forward while the people have spoken. Only me is interested in the pandemic. No that's not correct at all ten point four percent of respondents would like to hear that as their next team okay. Well that's not bad but the fact that it's in last place is bad so out of five leave. You should not do the pandemic so whether the random order for everyone no. It was not random. You guys should rand mines. I thought your the data science. And i'm the one who taught you these methodological tricks yes and union randomized the order. Because i think if you had done in different order or put them all on one page people would have a different reaction. People can revolt if they feel that strongly because the last question the one that matters. Which will you vote. They've already seen all of them. The compelling questions is there to be there but at that point people are like. I don't know if i remember. I'm just going to pick random. My mouth will pick for me. Well thank you for participating survey. Linda or voting. Your voting counts the same as everybody else's so we're neck and neck and i could announce because originally when i asked you to do this. I thought we had a clear winner. Now it's neck and neck. But i i'm pretty sure. My guess is the one that i picked. Which is the rare events. So i'm going to think that will pull ahead of okay. You switched jhansi. They when you pick those pandemic but our one of my mouth pigs. I didn't want to pick between you know if you have two children that you love. If you're the parent you can't pick which one you love more than the older one. No i'm the younger one definitely's ups and by the way you're not the older ones so that you're basically saying they never loved you. Is that what you're saying. No just giving you a quick rule. Wait thanks going through these with me linda. I do like getting this new feedback though. So i'm glad we did this. And we're going to continue to explore how to gauge interest. Okay well thanks again. great night. Small businesses have always shown incredible ability to adapt innovate and survive even more so this past year. Now another way you can adapt and grow is by finding the right people to join your team. Linked in jobs can help you do that for free. Get started with your first job. Post and reach lincoln's network of seven hundred and forty million professionals. Everyone's on linked to go straight to the source. Fill out targeted screening questions to get your role in front of the most qualified candidates with experience skills and motivation. You need then was simple. Filtering and management tools. You can easily review rate and hone in on your top candidates. I've used linked jobs a number of times and have hired people that way. Reach all those people and put in good screening questions that you control. It would be negligent for you to not do this. If you're companies looking to hire head over to linked in dot com slash data skeptic linked in jobs can help you hire the right person for your role and the first job is free. That's linked in dot com slash data skeptic terms and conditions. Apply this segment of magnitude. This is going to be a guest segment. So i brought onto collaborators here. I think this is the first time you both been on the air. Is that right. Yeah since the livestream. Oh that's right. Yes but on the podcast itself. Your voices may be new Not your names. But why don't we start with claudia. Go ahead and introduce yourself. And i'll ask you a edition to your name. The thing i'm gonna ask guests as they come on orders of magnitude our little game show segment here is. Would you tell us your relationship if anything to data science as a topic of study. So my name is claudia. I am the podcast editor. Slash producer for data skeptic. And i would say one of my connections loosely to data science. Besides the show would be in college studying music theory. We went through in a tonal. Section witch is pretty much composers. Take the twelve tone scale and attach a number to each note and kind of randomize it in different ways and then take little chunks from the twelve tones and randomized those and then kind of put them in different sequences throughout the peace randomly or a. Well thought out kind of different numbers different. So i think that's kind of data scienc- little sequence numbers. Your non deterministic systems. How about you vanessa of esa. You're my name at the end of the podcast. Because i'm the one that reaches out and gets the guests on the show so fun for me to look at all these topics so my relationship data science which when i first started working here i didn't know really what they decided was but Now unwilling in applying it. Smoo- new trying to lease apply it sou- by other job which is working for a nonprofit organization in trying to use automation to maximize our engagement with our people. Several excited about that and also have been trying to analyze some data skeptic podcast data to create a cool art piece for i'd cast cover that may or may not show up so we'll find out what i've been doing. I'm trying to get into it. Awesome i wi appreciate you both coming on and being the victims for this first experimental segment of our little game show. We're going to probably conclude episodes with now again. I call it orders of magnitude which i guess should demand some definition in of itself. I you guys know what an order of magnitude is really basically the shorthand is. It's off by multiplying by ten or dividing by ten. Maybe a couple of times. So for example if i said the human body averages ninety eight point six degrees fahrenheit. That's the truth. That's not off. But if i said it averages nine hundred and eighty six degrees fahrenheit that would be off by one order of magnitude because it's time ten or similarly if i said the average temperature the human body is nine point. Eight six degrees. That's off in the other direction. One order magnitude too small now. Orders of magnitude tend to be a big deal for example having one hundred thousand dollars. It's very nice. Having a million dollars is a lot nicer having a billion dollars even better than that so during orders of magnitude. I'm going to present a couple of facts and i'll probably in most occasions. Give you the source. For example one of them the source is going to be all wikipedia data so we could verify it that way. I'm going to tell you. Four facts one of which is the absolute truth. The other three are off by at least one order of magnitude so there are times ten divided by ten. Maybe time one hundred or divided by one hundred. We'll see and your job as panelists is to reason this out and figure out. Which one is the true statistic in which the fakes. Let's jump in and do what i know you guys will have the background for. This is all about heights. I'm going to give the heights in feet. You're welcome to use a calculator. Do any arithmetic. You want and if the audience complains enough will start listing in meters as well as feet. This is about the height of things a building. I know finally as the sears tower. Although wikipedia insists is called the willis tower. Its height again. This may or may not be the truth but the number. I'm going to give you. It's fourteen thousand five hundred feet tall. Next potential fact. The eiffel tower in paris is one thousand sixty three feet tall the pyramid of giza the big one. The tallest one there in egypt is four thousand eight hundred and ten feet tall and for the fourth one. We're going to skip two miles. The international space station is twenty five point four miles above the surface of the planet. So there we have four heights the height of the sears tower. The eiffel tower the pyramids and the international space station talk amongst yourselves. What do you do. You have any instincts here and remember. You're sort of competing. So you may want to talk strategically and feeling i'm with five six. So how many needs like. I have such a bank remove reference for height into the number reference. I was never good at the so maybe this is more test. My question writing abilities than the format will find out. Did you say the space station was twenty. Four miles above twenty five point four miles above the earth above the surface. Feel like that's a low number. But maybe i just don't know miles. That's the nature of the game though if it seems low to you maybe that one's off. How high are we were on airplane. That's good frame of reference right. we know. Well there's a thousand feet in a mile right so okay good point. This is something. I'm gonna give you the number. This is not a game show intended to test your memorization skills of like units of measure. Anything you can find in your kitchen you can use on the show cups to announce whatever i will give you feats two miles. I believe it's five thousand. Two hundred eighty. Let's see yes. Five thousand two hundred eighty. I'm trying to figure this out a little harder than i thought. Well here's a strategy share. Think of the numbers. I'm giving you up or down. So i said it's the space station's twenty five point. Four miles up. Does it sound right. If it was only two point. Five four miles up. Alternatively does two hundred and fifty four miles sound right estenoz trinity like over unders for all these years. Our giza person. But i also don't know how often fourteen thousand feet is fourteen thousand. That's really high. I think i know which. I think made a guest. But i i think a good guess how do we so do. I just tell you my answer. Here's what we're going to do. So we have two guests today. And i have three questions so each of you will have to go. I in one round because the second person obviously potentially hasn't vantage and the third will give to whoever is behind if someone is not in the lead. Otherwise i'll flip a coin so with that in mind cloudy. Why don't you go first. Which of these four items do you believe correct. I think it's the eiffel tower tower. You were both right. The eiffel tower is one thousand. Sixty three feet tall willis towers or the sears tower was an order of magnitude to high. Only one thousand four hundred fifty feet the pyramids at giza are only four hundred and eighty one feet tall. And the iss is two hundred fifty four miles up in space all right. Let's move on as many listeners. Know my wife. And i have a pet bird yoshi so the theme for the second round of questions here is to be birds. All right i fact. There are approximately nine hundred. Seventy eight point seven living species of birds. There is an estimated two hundred to four hundred billion living individual birds currently alive on planet irs. Next there are two million pet birds in the united states and the last one is a range. It's a pretty big range. Actually but i think that's good for orders of magnitude. They estimate that there are between nine. Point seven million and ninety seven point six million birr deaths due to Smashing into windows' this is the number one cause of death for birds. So i will give you the. Us population as a reference population. It is three hundred and fifty million people. Give or take vanessa pick out the truthful. Statistic are nine hundred seventy of living species. Okay what do you think claudia. Yeah i think it's the nine hundred. Seventy eight living species will then. I'm counting that as a point for me because that is a fiction. An off by one order of magnitude. You can guess which way they're actually nine thousand seven hundred eighty nine known living species of birds. Birds are surprisingly speeded other during a lab but then he seemed like a lot but he ever did seem like a lot to me to me. Wander ruled out. Was the window one. Because i'm like how do they count. How many birds die in the window already. Are they taking the data. I don't know good question. So i don't have that answer for you here but that might be worth interesting. Follow up the statistics. I found that be in the show notes. I bring up the actual page. Maybe i'll say it here. They leave a really wide window. The correct truthful answer is they estimate there are between ninety seven million and nine hundred and seventy six million birr deaths by window collisions. Which in light of the second item that there are two hundred to four hundred billion birds in the world is truth. That was correct. When you guys were looking for keeping that in mind it means that percentage wise. Well i mean i love birds so i don't wanna hear about any birds dying by man-made collisions but on the grand scheme of things it's not the epidemic perhaps that it sounds like something i would hope people try and help ninety seven million estimated on the low end and also tells us that the pets one is an order of magnitude off. They're not two million bird pets in the. Us there are twenty million. Well god these are big numbers. Lot of birds birds. I don't know are birds. Why think you might be underestimating parakeets. I bet there's at least a couple of parakeets on your block. You know what i mean. I think i had like six students who have at least three in their home. Each my guess that adds up. Yeah that's before you even get into more exotics. I got that particular number from statistics dot com who is trailing this. Since the year two thousand twenty seventeen was the most recent year available at twenty point six million birds per per the us all right on to our final category. I guess you guys are tied with one point. And i'm going to give myself appoint. Apparently i can score in this game when i sweep you guys so i will pull up a random number an integer vanessa. So you tell me if you think it's even if you get right you get to go second on indian incorrect. You will i. This is about the volume of data generated are last category. The data generated by each person is one point seven megabytes per second per person. Second one every day. Nine hundred and fifty million photos and videos are uploaded to instagram potential. Fax number three every day. Thirty five million photos are uploaded to facebook and the last one. Every day there are five. Hundred billion tweets published on twitter. What do you think vanessa photos book. Thirty five million photos facebook day. It's my nine hundred and fifty million instagram videos and photos all right. So we have split. Vanessa it's the case that there are thirty. Five million photos uploaded to facebook every day. Claudia you believe that Nine hundred and fifty million videos and photos are uploaded instagram every day. All right we'll let's take in reverse order. I had stated there are five hundred billion tweets per day that is incorrect. There are five hundred million tweets per day off by three orders of magnitude. Let's start with a book vanessa. You thought it was thirty. Five million photos uploaded per day. It's actually three hundred and fifty million uploaded per day off by one order of magnitude. Everybody's uploading their whole photo albums to facebook. Do a party. Are you thought that they were nine. Hundred and fifty million instagram photos and videos put per day also off by an order of magnitude this time too big ninety five million and that of course leaves us with almost estimate that one point seven megabytes of data produced per person per second interesting australia. Do the math. Like how many megabytes aren't getting by trying to do the math. Incense that's interesting. There's more photos uploaded to facebook than instagram. What you can upload all full albums facebook you can open like one hundred photos at a time. Yeah that's true man. I thought about the data one. I was gonna say that one. I need to go with my gut. I was doing the map get distracted and started doing the math. Find out how many megabytes ed create the doing at eight. Our wedding Thirty thousand megabytes. Oh good way of estimating. Yeah i will call this one a draw since you both close out with one point here i was gonna maybe have a price segment one day but for now i think that's our first installment of orders of magnitude thanks for participating handing thanks for having us.

Linda joins Hilmi rangan Tiktok tiktok Linda willis tower linda facebook foy claudia Andreas instagram wikipedia earthquake
Peter Kent Earthsea

Sci-Fi Talk: The First Season

34:03 min | 4 months ago

Peter Kent Earthsea

"I am tomo panicky. And i play hilo on the hit television series battle star galactica. And you're listening to sifi talk. Hi this is tony tomato and welcome to seifi talk today. A conversation with actor. Peter can't who's providing the voice of dragon in a new sci fi channel miniseries birth seat based on the popular novel series by author ursula. Let's talk about the earth. see as i understand. This is this was actually a bestselling tennyson gwynne. Yeah one of my favorite writers who and she's actually been adapted. One of her short stories was was done for television. Called the light of heaven in the nineteen seventies with bruce davison was in. It's actually a pretty cool piece. It was supposed to be part of an anthology series. That never took off for public television on sci-fi and those types of stories but never made it but this is actually as far as i know one of her big works. It's being done you know. But they've been a lot of talk about doing some of her stuff and you do actually have several roles in the mini. ci play As a for anybody who's familiar with the with the story at all or the you know the vessel planet of its own and the warrior Keister tribe of of the planet is called the car. Guys right so. I play the car guide. Harbor officer As well as the voice of the dragon laws which is the the the whole thing is You know live action The dragging itself or computer generated right. Yeah with a lot of on. Did you get a chance to see him before. You started doing the voice so that all unfortunately they had nothing. I mean not even a sketch and what happened was I thought about it for a while. And i thought well as it. Cg and there's nothing really for the actors to look at And if the script supervisor is going to be doing you know the dialogue for them to respond to. It's not really going to inspire them too much. So i suggested to this actors director that i come in and just the onset voice for them something to respond to so i had a microphone. Hooked on any kind of stood offset just to give them coming to work with You know they have the dragon you know it's fire but we had claiming et cetera on the set usually with rubber cement and stuff so that was filled with smoke to do that voice. I actually inhaled backwards over my vocal chords. Make the sound. so i wasn't hailing all that smoke in a burning star for about twelve hours. Now the voice. How is that something that you came up on your own or did direct your in yourself if funny because i never thought it would earn any money as a kid. I used to have a paper. Most plagued with a couple of dogs. Chase me around things that scare them off and then they come running up this crouch down and look at them and go usually turn tail yelping and run away when they come up with the idea for the for the dragon voice. I kind of applied that to a few words. And the director stopped me in the audition. He goes that that's that sound he goes. Can you do that for the entire thing. And i thought you here. We go. And i did and it was very tough on the throat but You know it gave it this way. There was no need for any You know studio effects of the overlaid on the voice. Yeah cool great. So how long was the actual. I guess you just went into like a recording area. And i did one. I did one day on the that for the actors and then basically just two weeks ago I saw semi completed version which looked fabulous by the way like on. Its own by hallmark. Miniseries and the quality of the work is the lord of the rings. Amazing in fact. I think for the wardrobe. They brought up from a australia from lord of the ring kidding. Wow that's awesome. I had heard. And don't quote me on this. But i think the budget around two million just wardrobe alone. Wow yet i mean this is a big deal is obviously rings. His opened a lot of doors for fantasy right now generated effects if it's looking pretty good great great and but the luxury i had in the studio with being able to On the set of dialogue quite a few lines and try and run continuously. There's no chance to take a break. And you know you can only breed in so long you have to bring out sure and then it didn't sound the same so what we did in the studio was. He broke it down into single line. And i was able to do that voice much more accurately and then so these are voice over stuff in in the as one hundred percent better than what we did production. Of course yeah. So much more controlled environment way more. Oh cool cool so you you like what he looks like what you've seen so far with bill a pretty rough gene. That has gotten their on. I'm sure they're going to put more money into it and you know and spiff him now on the set. Where where did you Sharks who you work with. Did you work with danny glover. No none of them were there when okano so primarily. Who do you work with. Just the actor playing the The two actors plan that. And god help. You can't remember her name to young playing to wither. Okay yeah it was just us hilmi shots of shot a bunch of that out. You're in squamish which is Right below the big mountain range near whistler out on the water so it was a terrific looking backdrop of the mountains and rocks and all that and then the rest of the dragon. Stuff was all on the. He's there you can say about him what he'd party plays in the story. The the dragon On is the one dragging the really has been unrepentant out of all dragons that are and he's the one that's notorious for having ravaged the small town called have nor unlike all the other dragons still cover the gold. He's a real. Trickster gets. I get found by them. Wizards recognizing my true name and they had eaten them. But that's not to say that. I can't mess with their heads which i do. Oh that's funded with them in the interim while almost if you look at it from the screenwriter got back characters. Almost a mentor really. In other words he's supplies them with clue you can carry on their mission interesting and your the to reply and give them answers but he does hope i riddle while that sounds fantastic guy with a lot of fun. How many takes were you on the dialogue. Well the first day with two phases and twelve hours of over over again. Yeah and that was. That was really harsh. By the end of the day. I could barely talk and then in the sound stage. It was about three hours. I'm pretty good at the voiceover so we knocked it out. You know about three hour sounds it. Would you know the voice As i said. I do reading and backwards so very guttural sounding like yes with the you can ask me to west young. I like that you can imagine doing that for twelve hours. Let alone three. that's not easy. That's not easy. But the beauty of it like i said the director now that have to do any oppose the facts on that way it sounds more natural to and if they did something electronically to it or anything. They wanted coming organic. They wanted to drag him off the Dragons i was not being issue or whatever wherever you go he wanted me to sort of You know have a hard time. Finding appropriate words in english during his fiji with stop and think for them before you reply with the appropriate english. Did you like jank anything or have anything to lubricate. You're on a lot of water. But when they're on the south edge one point the groping providing the fashion says he go. You're starting to squeak dragon. No reagan drink from talal mile on there. You go and go back in and and knock off but we were two thirds of the way through fashion at that. Point sets light fabulous big. They used a an abandoned. The double warehouse up here in vancouver and the sets were huge Like i said lord lord of the rings style i mean. That's the only way i can use to describe the this very big very ornate palace interiors. You know the whole thing is takes place. I fi though right. And it's also kind of the lord of remain genre roberts. It's a fantasy for sorcery fan absolutely a lot of capital and the an old artifacts Building but the patches that the the guys the headdresses put on up here were just amazing. That's fantastic job as well. They have the they had one guy dressed in a four yak skin. Well which was quite harry. Thank reminds me of one of my ex girlfriends before the. Oh that's funny well. It's this sounds great. Obviously is going to be airing on sci fi in december up every year they roll out a big miniseries reporting by what i saw in the found states the other day. They you know what they have completed. The at it looked amazing. Obviously descent that you're on had to be big enough to accommodate the dragon. I would think this guy's oh yeah. Yeah the they re to a Into an old abandoned tower. Terrific the script beautiful because it says no the dragons but i see his eye appear to a hole in the wall and is described as the dragon claw and delicate domes. Apart while you know greg delicacy exactly You know the wall collapses and then he sells his fire into the room and they cower under a table and kind of confirms what they should do about. Just something you remember that. There's a way to find at that point. I'm just reaching into by off interesting dragon kind of annoyed that he's not allowed. You know finished gulping this guy down but then you know he's often those horrible okay If i can't do that of the they'll have some fun with you guys tackling. Put him to the ringer a little. And that's great. That's awesome adding that at the end. You know he says well. You've offered me a riddle here as an answer to my question You know and i'm supposed to give them the answers questions and i you know you you. That has another question. I will you know Take your head off. And only other voice i can think of. Her dragon was drag in In dragonheart would sean connery. That would sean connery. Yeah exactly do any kind of voice with that you know i. I looked at a couple of those movies. Like drag storm and a few other things But at the end it just kinda came down to the you know what after reading the script. What i felt about him as an actor and i i did sit down and read or the over again and and got the history of this particular character which none of that has actually supplied in the script. But i wanted to have it anyway for my own reference You know initially voice was really what attracted director to me so I ended up making use of that through the entire thing. Yeah well that sounds great eater. We're looking forward to seeing our glad at the end of the de dum recover from that end up working. It was two days onset of the car guide harbor officer and they announced that the the right of way and then another day in the world out the car guidance. Now this is this is. This is you and live action. The live action sinema. Wizard appear on on the draft House car guide officers using magic cloud. My eyes right and I thought them hail start to give them hell and then I say you know. Don't you recognize this. And i'm like. Oh yeah well you know comes in my eyes and what are you doing your etcetera etcetera and They turn away from me. They're paid back into the two characters they really are. Oh that's cool they trick. What was your costume that it was very hot. It was a hot day in the middle of the summer in vancouver which was and i had the leather breeches chainmail hop on over leather jerkin. Heavy fell down the ground. You'll helmet over a leather hood. That can be hot and gloves. Full the battle for knives and all of that yet. But i'm quite a quite an imposing shot five. We're like five or five three minutes. This was shot on location. Wow great great so is the majority of its the location of shot. They're all y'all on okay very You know otherworldly up there. And that's why in that particular spot. As i said during near whistler mountain Right on the water yet. Go a look straight across which is just ocean. Then the mount the mounds straight up out of the water on the other side of the harbour looking back from the harbor in say inland. There's another big mountain. They call the this. The chief which is rocket raises up probably about Half a mile. And then they there's an actual doctor from an old logging company which they dress and actually built several. Both that looked like lighten ship. Yeah they went all out. That sounds great. You means a lot of things you know to obscure the The circus which is the truck and camera trucks and all that she would put up a green screen. This thing fifty feet square. Wow like netflix. Put some time into. Put some time fabulous. I think you're gonna be in heaven. That sounds great peter. Good work omar. Yes they do. They certainly do. They know what they're doing. And i'm glad they've you know collaborating again. 'cause farscape was actually part of the hallmark of family to watch their line winter. Oh yes patrick. Stewart on the actually i thought it was better than the original really the chemistry between the and the again gwen quo amazing. Well actually i. When i covered the last star trek movie star trek insurrection. And patrick walk in the room. He was just growing the beard for henry the for line winter and his wife and and self produced the thing and they were actually in the process of casting it just when i was in. Oh two so. I took a few years but yet i. I'm really glad that i've never seen it. I definitely have to pick it up on dvd when it goes out. Because i'm sure welby now. He's just awesome. When i heard he was doing it she was doing it. I said the great choices. Intimate the far between them up and rewind it and go. Wow now this wonderful play. Yeah i remember seeing it in college in london. So as we digress here. Nevertheless line in winter is definitely something to watch. There's a program that i believe it's a pilot at this point that you're involved in called stunt dogs the if tv series tv series. Yeah we're in development with my partners here in vancouver on film my partner actually just came back yesterday from con from pitching it in con with some good news which i haven't been able to all of yet so fairly interested parties I can't really name them all right now but yes Looking very good actually. And it's this has gone through several iterations. We started off with series. I have to backtrack given a copy of my book to a friend who works for this company. My book standard fall on that she read it and pass it off development head and then read it. You know there's there's a series or something in there and they want me to the host of it so they came up with an idea a real survivor which was sort of on. You know horrible stories for the guy's gone down to mexico and attacked by pirates and had his throat cut survived. And how we would reenact those things but that we couldn't get anyone to pick it up but we did get interest in several networks. Who said you know we just sort of along the vein of amongst garage and so we thought well. How do something like this to monster garage. Slant of of trying to recreate him done with a crew of guys you know all of which are different personalities and there's conflict there and show the audience fifty behind the scene. How all done to great idea. Not not not not just to see the front that may not. That's what you wanna use components that go into it which you don't get exactly go so far we've the good until it's tough to get a project out there these days depressing a hearing you. There you know become pretty yet. I could be. That could be actually from what i've seen of I got sent a little proposal on it. From what i've seen in some of the people you have involved with this show you have quite a group of ayla stunt people will thank those guys. Were guys i worked with when i lived in la And our guys that you know that our pod much go to have on hammocks their personality and we just got Interest from peter deluise. Who's the director producer of dr gay. Sure among the show and the if up cook he'd be great. He's great director on the good friend who he's a very funny guy to work with for people who haven't picked up the dvd's for stargate. He'll take a video camera and start shooting on the set and just add living all the way through. I mean he gets it from his father obvious and Although his brothers. No slouch either as far as comedy. It is hysterical. I worked targeted. And he's one of the most The love guys by the crew. The minute they call turned on exactly keep. Everybody entertained while they're doing their job and has just rolling on the floor. Oh yeah yeah. From what i saw the footage he shouted and everything. It was just hysterical and glad that somebody actually decided was smart enough to put it on the dvd collection. Zuni for up for sunglasses. The fact that we're going be three fifty with the camera and nice. He all everything behind the things. Right down the edit and in fact they basically me arguing of. I'm also an editor any arguing with the director and producers about what shots us. And they're saying we don't need to you gotta play as a director or or i like this guy. He's useless bathrooms. And why did you bring in while you know. It could be cool. Is you know. I can venture that could be released on. Dvd to you can put a lot of stuff on there. Oh yeah the outtakes your thinking of of a website which would which would allow the viewers to come on and gestures films would take dunks from or actually like an interactive game on there where you come on and uv. The yeah yeah. that'd be fun champ. I should also say it's not just men is also stunt women. Oh yeah fall. I'm i'm lucky enough. It worked with some of the best though there. The haven't the us you're in vancouver. It wasn't she. Jessica alba's double charge. Angel yeah pilot regarding yeah cool. Yeah so yeah. There's a lot of good people so yeah the able in that kind of setting where we have a different path every week depending on the gag. Yeah exactly. I feel bring in all these different posts and have the whole mix of different. And then there's no shortage of ego hyper with using host. I get to you know sort of your fire thing. And it's like oh yeah will f you and on on on punches might get thrown in. That's what we have. We have heard on who the coordinator gear for small hill. Oh yes that's right. Then the guy you pity me of math scientists you know where the skullcap blue rubber gloves than a doctor's smock and vehicle on the point of. There's no has shopco here which were using the our workshop and this guy is i mean he takes Perfection to a new level. He machine's always on parts. Right down to aircraft are and there's a big big time factor behind which tracks to the broadcaster as well because they wanna see the science that goes. oh sure absolutely absolutely but with small hill. He has his hands full. No doubt about it. oh yeah that's just as groundbreaking for instance a car. Your go you have to do it with a cannon. That's right yeah part. Closest he's doing it. Now ratchet work by routing the video actually with wire wealth nitrogen devices to lift the car ups they eighteen in the air minutes six times launch at thirty feet backwards and it's just jaw dropping. You know those that's amazing. Nobody's doing that but that's really amazing. Any who invented which. I can't talk about that. A coupla new wire item that are going to revolutionize our that's super we're very lucky to have and that's that's amazing. The technology is changing everything. And not just you know digital to. I mean even the live stuff. It's amazing that's fantastic warwick cohen. That will be and running by springtime. We'd be on nearby nicole. Yeah that'd be awesome young channel and be fantastic. Love the seeing. Love the one thing. I also want that. You brought up briefly as your autobiography standard of all the stuntman and it talking about speaking up going behind the scenes People can really get an idea of what you know what your life has been as top man in particular. Because you've been you know for those who don't know it didn't hear the first interviewed did what we did with you. That you started for arnold schwarzenegger for quite a lot of his career Fries we mentioned from terminator two racer. Yeah so i mean there's a lotta great stuff not only about that experience but your life's i really recommend folks to really pick it up We speak. I'm i've been looking at. You know now that arnold governor of his images now sort of public domain is yet a lot of the images that i have from those years which couldn't use them the direction of the book because third ipo intellectual property right are now domain of domain are looking now for a publisher to pick it up we can republish it with from three thousand photo got sent one with you and arnold. I guess it was from total recall Of a bearing in each other is like a mirror. Image is amazing. Yeah from judging from he was wearing. I would think that's at the beginning where who is it. The escalator sequences. That were used. Or of that. I was in all of the plane and that particular shot with taken in venus ville venus built goes through the over mexico right right right which was a huge facility. Yeah the second largest outrage in the world other pine were doing was shot. Dead original eighty four moving with monsters. Yeah and then they do. The another reason net shot. They're like you know for doing. They're able to build a lot of things cheaply. Yes very team. You know so You know you get a lot of craftmanship but now a lot of that's moved to eastern europe. Yeah the product has now become a real entity made really is. It's more that's more applies to go. Yeah but it's a great book. And i certainly urge all of you listening to you when we get it out in the revised edition with another three thousand photos even more interesting. Because i'm as we speak. I'm looking at my wall. Here i have collages of One for each films in closets here with the know. Forty or fifty from each Each film a lot of great memories. Insure oh yeah. I look back at some of the theft and go. Who was that guy. And i go. Yeah that that a stitches on my head there. that must've been me. There was a documentary. Want saw we talked about it the first time we talked where it shows. You doing the incredible stunt from terminator two. When you're on the nitrogen liquid nitrogen truck and the damn things being that literally towed across the this this is his rank is being a full rig and you have to jump or move along the top of it as it's moving so that was not an easy stuff The one where already laid on its side and it side. Yeah truck pulling out with the magnesium plate hundred causes park again kind of down. Yeah yeah that was is to that. I mean i was. I wanna thank you know if you fall under that. But it'd sneered like peanut butter. Oh sure i think the biggest rush actually transfer between a little on the hood of the big rig blowing up the windshield. Jumping down the side. That was that was a tough one. Yes that with that well and then there was no cable on at that point. We'll only would have dragged into the big rig wheels in the the worse than peanut butter. That's gonna leases this way. If i'm gonna kick off and trying to get clear. Oh wow yeah. That was a great stunt. That was definitely a great good russia because at the end of each one of those on the ground my uniform i'm near that's not a bad thing to say so the name of my company lucky bathroom film as i remember you talking about before. Sure you know there was a film. I just wondering if this is on. Dvd called ignition. You're in it came out laugh. You're on video cal With bill pullman. Lena olin lean all is amazing. She suspended alias. Recently of course he's fabulous. Yeah she's a great actress rate actor and a gorgeous woman very gorgeous yet. Just the knockout with Fortunate enough or or this fortunate enough to have me terrorizing her at the end of the film saving her mouth and in fact it was the same right puts up tape on her mouth and i had ripped it off. I don't want to take this down all the way. It's gonna hurt when i pull it off. And she says no. It's got big another gonna push him with the camera. We want to see the height. I said no. Lay it on or or with some wack. No she was adamant about having pulled it off in the first take obviously pretty strong now and her lips were swollen. Like free college and injections john when you don't want that's you wait a few it off of there and try and look like the villain. She's a terrific lady. Yeah that's that's a nice opera fabulous to work with yeah. I heard that a few times about done previously with him. The film the guilty as well. Yeah yeah trying wind-blown sharp. Yeah that's right. I was asking about that character. How does how does one play applied. Lunch arguable cope with our. I mean when. I read the script for that and all the other characters seen the film and all the other characters are basically dressed in or leather jacket or whatever and along comes my character. Benny who sort of a nemesis character floor-length code Leopard pants sharp skins cane. But my hair slicked back. And i go t blind and carry the nickel plated forty four and they saw his the victims thing. Roy orbison tuned before he killed them believable so You know when. I thought i'd just go i have to have. This will obviously another son roles. Lawyer who roy orbison. Of course i'd over you true so true. Oh man that's why that's one of those memorable Psychotic characters that we it was a they call them sick twat absolutely absolutely. That sounds fun. Yeah that sounds like. I've been very lucky in my career. I've i've had a lot of good roles had a lot of fun doing something and kind of moved on now to screenwriting and Trying to trying to produce series hosted then Directed humidity editor. Few starts at the good thing for you. No question yup. I'm looking forward to a nice in your life. Have new challenges absolutely. Yeah and especially to recreate. I guess you would recreate famous film stunts in that. Yeah and the hopefully some of my own. Although i'll have someone else do things. I look at and go back my mind and go on. I don't think i wanna do that again. Yeah you're somebody else. Take the stitches exactly and actually i think they call the from what i read. They called the people that work with you. The dog of course what else are we called dog. Exactly what they say on the thing. Okay we'll bring in the sun. God yeah there you go. That's great sending me a lot of fun. Hopefully i'm keeping my fingers crossed and i'll let you know we're up and running again definitely would love feeling about it. My partners here have been very aggressive in refusing to take their teeth of the project. Which i really admire. How many behind you on your side. To- absolutely And omni film is a very well respected documentary company after. They've got the five or six genie awards for documentary. Obviously this documentary variety of they just like the idea taken it running probably want to extend into a different area too. That's funny we've had interest from people versus As the oil and and And national geographic of all. These people have been. Hey why not see what happened with discovery and the the monster garage thing and they want. You know they wanna get involved in that. Sure absolutely while. Peter it's been great. I certainly wish you all the luck with all those projects and we look forward to seeing you and hearing you on earth see sessions be really really cool. I'm working for myself as i said. I've only seen snippets with what i've seen. Amazing i think we're all looking forward to that one because sci-fi every year has consistently put out a really good product at the end of the year. Like that with dune taken among other thing. When i read the script to this up when it came to my head that i thought this looked a lot. Like lord of the rings. It was so well rich And so complete and you know just the way everything connected. The structure of the stories is over two nights And the way that they took the whole thing together and then see you know to walk onto the set and having read the script that description you walk in and go. Wow yeah mail and hallmark knows really to do those kind of news series. Well the they've been doing them a while now chief either. I don't know the exact figure on a bit was up there. Yeah yeah. I know that. But they they just all they really have taken. They have really advanced. The fantasy mini series the polish on. This i can't dress out enough of like when i thought immediately went in my mind. Lord of the rings. yeah yeah. that's no slouch either. Of course darn sure. We're all waiting for the extended version. Come out just about a month or so. i'm gonna probably go back and try and do the hobbit. There's a legal problems with the hobbit but the new line does own the rights to it. But i think the problem is. Mgm owns the distribution rights. But i guess they'd have to work that out. They'll they'll be something they'll get bought out but he's busy doing gene conkrite right now. I think so. I think it'd be really interesting. And then he can do amazing. When you look at peter jackson's career you know having earlier works. And then you see what he went. You made the quantum leap he did and a lot of it supported by the fact that you know the fiji work that he was parenting with and you know. What can we apply to. And what story hasn't been told because of the lack of the ability to tell it. Well exactly he looked at the lord of the rings bang. That's it and use the same kind of philosophy. Jim cameron didn't he to and crew. You know this is what i want to it. Yeah i mean. You're involved in really one of the first groundbreaking. Cgi films and teach your gyms two guys and just said look. This is a shot. I need and they went. I don't know if we can do that. You know just do it. Basically either do or find yourself a new line horror. Well yeah essentially you know. Necessity is the mother of invention nickel. The hat in a big way surely did bill that you look at it now. Back in ninety two at it now. And you know it doesn't cause snicker at all you know in holds up very well. I think this stuff with the helicopter and also that we're in the first the when the t. One thousand comes out of the fire arkan shop and any turns into robert. I mean that was just great. Great stop fabulous. Did you get a chance to work with robert. And all i had robert jesus out of that. You'll mill yeah where he's eating on arnold you'll crowbar of course Which was actually in my case a chunk of oakwood no can look like you'll and i put on all my son has of course and then i said to robert with era confidence. I said we all just go to town on me. Which was the worst thing. I could have truly me down and worked me over and it might as well as heal our because i woke up the next morning even to all the pads and i have a lot of year. I huge black wealth across chest show everywhere. I was like never ever say that again to after a really i'll tell you it literally insured just like the adrenaline started. Go on with the way. And i'm like the idea. Well thanks again. Peter and best of luck with everything and i. We've talked twice. And i don't think it'll be the last so prayed way we'll say hopefully economic funk or therefore as soon as that gets off the ground and anything green lights with that then let's definitely will definitely be happy to talk. Stunned talks horrific. Anytime anytime looking forward to seeing stunt dogs as well as many other things from. It's fine actor thanks to bill. Wants them wants to in public relations. Peter can't of course definitely check him out urge see on this. I fi channel this holiday season and in addition get his book standard. Fall autobiography of stunt man by visiting amazon dot com or my site scifi talk. This is tony tomato. Thanks for listening. Hi this is peter. Kent and you're listening to if i taw.

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Ruth Finds Her Kinsman Redeemer!

National Prayer Chapel, Pilgrim's Progress

53:46 min | 2 years ago

Ruth Finds Her Kinsman Redeemer!

"Following program sponsored by the national prayer chapel <music> years nothing off active role ooh thinking you're aupres store. I've tasted and see the sweetest heart big gums and same as ooh spirit <music> <music> <music> the doc id <hes> <hes> <hes> <music> and a emma and my shame aw yeah risk yeah uh-huh yeah doc despair homes as in this god is hard zubi in your friends. Oh out of the days the dark days of the judges comes a love story. That gleams seems like the brightest diamond. It's the greatest love story of the old testament it begins this win elimelech and they owe me because there is no longer bread in the house in bethlehem. There is a famine they make the business decision to move to moab now. That's a tragic decision because moab meads fornication occasion. It's a place of death. It's a place of utter destruction and they move there and then elimelech elect dies then the two sons die they were married and so there are now the precious wife naomi meaning grace and beauty and the two daughter-in-law's orfa and ruth orphan meaning stiff necked ruth meaning friend and companion it and then the word comes in this desperate situation without the finances to take care of her daughter in laws. There has to be a change and naomi hears. Here's it there is bread once more in the house of god in the house of bread welcome to pilgrim's progress. I'm ray greenlee from the national chapel. I wanna share this love story with you because it's much more than just a love story. It is the i love story of jesus christ for his people. It is a parable. It is a true story but it it is also a parable. I wanna share the depth of that parable with you today. Nail nail me urges the two daughter-in-law's to leave her and go back to their land into their gods. They have walked to the edge of moab on the kings highway. Naomi now intends to go on alone with tears with great sadness or for the stiff necked one decides to go back to her people and her gods. She is going back to paganism. She is not going to allow. You're the covering of god in her life and she disappears from history ruth on the other hand. It has a book of the bible named after her amoah bias forbidden by moses for any israelite to marry komo abide us they were enemies but now ruth is not willing to go back to her people in her gods instead she makes this incredible vow in ruth the first chapter i'll begin begin reading with verse sixteen but ruth replied. Don't urge me to leave you or to turn back from immu. Were you go. I will go where you stay. I will stay. You're people will be my people and your god. My god awed were you die. I will die and there. I will be buried. May the lord deal with me. Be it ever so severely dearly if anything but death separates you and me this incredible vow of love comes comes out of a heart of faith and patience and forbearance and good temper. It comes out of an incredible love that she has for now me naomi's embittered because her husband and her sons they've all died. She has nothing she is left in abject poverty but that does not turn the heart of this precious daughter-in-law away. She loves naomi with all our heart. Love love is tested when times become difficult most people when times become very difficult bailout and they say this is not for me. I wanna life. I want to have children. I wanna go my own way and so back they go to their old stuff without the compassion and the love and the self-sacrifice vice most feel entitled. They'll take all they can take and run not ruth. Ruth is of the different stripe. Her heart is utterly given to love we read yesterday. I corinthians thirteen. I urge you read today perfectly quietly before the lord read about what paul said concerning love in first corinthians corinthians the thirteenth chapter now mayo may realizes that ruth is determined to go with her regardless of what what happens ruth knows that she will not probably we will accept it in this new land because they hate more bites. I'm sure the two women talked at length about this. She was forewarned and they walked onto bethlehem them once they arrived in bethlehem. The whole town was stirred. They said can this be naomi. Don't call me naomi. She told them call me. Mara because the almighty has made my life very bitter i went away full but the lord boorda's brought me back empty the judgment of god fell upon her husband and her sons and their now dead and they only has nothing she is stripped bare naked will starve to death if something doesn't doesn't change in the land of bread but i wanna tell you in the land of bread. There is redemption. I don't care how barren you feel today day and i feel very barren. Then i praise god there is a kinsman redeemer but don't let may get ahead of my story. They arrive in bethlehem just as the barley harvest is beginning now. Naomi has a relative on the husband's side amana standing. His name is boaz and ruth the moa by this says d._n._a. Omi let me go to the fields and pick up the leftover grain behind anyone. Who's who's is. I find favour now this. This is hot sweaty work. It's astonishing to me. That ruth loves naomi to such a degree that she's willing to go without an humble herself to the lowest position of a servant piercing her fingers with those sharp straws ause causing blood to flow causing her hands to be sore. She's willing to go out and do this for her. Precious mother in law aw naomi is not strong enough to go out and do this but roof can do it so she begins to go to a field and there she asks permission before she enters the field. She could have just walked in and assumed i have the right. There's there's no sense of entitlement in this person ruth. There's no selfishness in her heart. There's no demand that she be respected. She is humble submissive. She will soon be filled with the presence of god she works in this field and boaz arrives from bethlehem and he greets harvesters and he asks ask the foreman who young woman is this and the foreman answers. She's the moa by who came back from moab with nail me now he could just as easily run her out of his field and say i don't wanna mo- abide us in my field but he doesn't do that. It's reported now that naomi her precious ruth is is in the field and his work from early morning until now except for a very short rest in the heat of the day boas goes to ruth and says my daughter listen to me. Don't go and gleaming another field. Don't go away from here. Stay here with my servant girls. There's an indication already. His hard is being drawn by this faithful beautiful young woman woman. Watch the field where the men are harvesting and follow along after the girls. I've told the men not not to touch you and wherever whenever you're thirsty go in and get a drink from the water jar that the men have filled oh he's now extending to her her the the shalom courtesy to a mobile us assess astonishing. She bows down with a face to the ground and she says why have i found such favourite in your eyes that you notice me a foreigner. I wanna ask a question. Why have you found such favor in the eyes of jesus while you're a foreigner. A gentile boaz replied. I've i been told all about what you've done for your mother in law since the death of your husband in other words i've been told about the great love you have for nail me how you left your father and your mother and your house la your homeland and how you've come to live with the people you did not know before. May the lord repay you for that. May you be richly rewarded by the lord the god of israel under whose wings you have come to take refuge each. This love story is based on ruth making the decision to come under the wing of almighty god. I spoke with precious woman this morning. She's in trouble ding for custody of her son. The judge will make the decision tomorrow you. She said why is allowing this to happen to me and i said because he wants you to take your place of shelter under the wing of jesus he wants you to enter. You're into the rest of jesus. He wants you to trust him to not go crazy but anything to wait on the lord but now let me tell you the story. It is so exciting picks up right now. She answers. May i continue to find favour in your eyes my lord you have given me comfort and have spoken kindly to your servant. Though i do not have the standing of one of your servant girls. She understands today. If you think you have standing before god somehow your deserving somehow you're entitled. You've missed it. You've missed it. You don't have standing before god not in yourself. There's no good thing. Paul says that dwells in the human heart all that you have has come from jesus all that you are has come from jesus that is righteous or good when the men stopped harvesting and the women stop picking up the grain boas went to her and said please come over here. Come over have some bread and dip it in the wine sauce. She sat down with the harvesters. As though she had a place he offered her offered her some roasted grain. She eight all she wanted but she had some leftover. You know what she's going to do with that. Leftover grain. She's gonna take it home to feed her precious mother-in-law so she got up to glean and boas gave orders to his men and even if she gathers among the sheaves do not embarrass her rather pullout stocks for her from the bundles and leave them for her to pick up and do not rebuke her. There is no rebuke for you. There's no rebuke from me. When i dot com humbly and say lord if it would please you would you redeem me when we humble our hearts before god and we don't assume we have rights we when we don't come at him angry blaming accusing bitter when we come humble of heart knowing that we've lost everything and our lives was are in his hands and we say if it would please you you be my redeemer. There will be no criticism of us. No judgment from god she gleaned in the field <music> until evening and then she thrashed out the barley that she'd gathered it amounted to about an e fought that is about three refer fifths of a bushel. She carried it back to town and her mother-in-law said how much she had gathered ruth also brought out and gave her what what she had leftover after she'd eaten enough sir mother-in-law ask her. Where did you go to glean today. Where did you work doc. Nobody knew you could not go to a field and glean and have that much barley from a day's labour picking up the grains off the soil with finding a straight stalk here and there no somebody had to pour out the grain for her and they did she said where did you work blessed. Be the man who took notice of you. Naomi knows something is going on here and she doesn't understand and what is and so tells her mother-in-law about the one who's play. She'd been working the name of the man. I worked with today's bow as she she said exclaiming the lord bless him. Naomi said to her daughter-in-law he has stopped. He has not stopped showing his kindness cleanest the living and the debt she had that man is our close relative. He is one of our kinsman redeemer and rhythm abide has said he said to me. Stay with my workers until they finish harvesting all the grain. Naomi said to ruth her daughter-in-law would be good for you my daughter to go with his girls. Because in someone else's field you might be harmed. Yeah so ruth stayed close to the servant girls of boaz to glean until the barley and we harvests were finished and she lived with her mother in law and ruth was providing for her mother in law they were selling. I'm sure the extra grain that she was able to gain this was a time of great testing for for naming. Her heart was so bitter because of what had happened with her husband and her sons she felt so very very alone and can i ask you today. Do you feel alone. Are you lonely in your heart. Are you embittered by the things that have happened to you. It's very painful when we look at the rejection of others when we look at the loss of loved ones when we look at the loss of an income we know we don't have enough money to meet the needs that present themselves and those needs come. I'm dancing before our heart and say how are you going to pay for me and fear rises up in our hearts or or when sickness comes upon us. We can't see out of one. I one leg is almost useless and we have to use a walker and some of you are in that condition and you say how am i going to do this. Lord hilmi there's no answer from heaven and fear comes uh-huh dancing into your heart and you wonder can i trust him is god trust-worthy. Yes and he's writing a love story for you. God loves you. You are precious listen his site one day when they know me said to ruth my daughter. Should i not try to find a home for you where you'll be well provided for is not boas with who servant girls. You've been a kinsman of ours tonight. He'll be winnowing barley on the threshing floor. Wash in perfume yourself. Put on your best clothes then go down to the threshing floor but don't let him know that you are there until he has finished the eating and drinking when he lies down not place where he's lying then go and uncover his feet and lie down and he will tell you what to do. Wow that's gonna take every ounce of courage that ruth has. She is following the custom of the land. She does not know whether this kinsman redeemer will accept her or cast her out as wicked woman. Wood is a kinsman redeemer well in the hebrew in the old testament. It was a relative who when your husband died i could redeem you and mary you and you could have children with him and that would continue the name of your husband's. It was an act of kind redemption. It was bringing you back into the family now. Naomi mara is bitter. She has no hope of marrying <music> a kinsman redeemer but this precious ruth is beautiful and boaz whereas his paid attention to her and she in her wisdom of the ages advises ruth on exactly what to do now. May i see this please when we don't know what to do and we are at an utter loss listened to the wisdom of scripture what she has just i've been told to do with boas is exactly what you must do with jesus. If you want jesus to be your redeemer you're going to have to do with jesus what ruth did with boas. What do i mean. Put away the evil. That's in your life. Turn aside permit do the best as you can and come to the threshing floor where things are thrashed out. Remember john the baptist said when jesus comes. He's going to take his grain. He's going to thrash it and is going together his grain into the barn and he's going to baptize you with fire. Jesus is going to come and do something in your life a magnificent act of love and compassion to redeem your life wherever you're at whatever you doing whatever issues you face you must come and lie down at the feet of jesus soc ruth comes boaz finished eating and drinking. He's in a good mood. He's his thomas full. He's comfortable so he's going to sleep there with the grain to make sure no one comes and steals it he goes over and he lays down on the far end of the grain pile pile and after she certain he's asleep. She comes quietly in the dark. She uncovers his feet where he has a covering and she lays down on the floor at his feet. Anyone who wants to be redeemed from their sin must give all pretense must come and lay at the feet of jesus. Give give up all of your rights. Give up all of your arguments. Give up all your bitterness. Give up everything and say i'm going to lay at the feet of jesus until he notices me. I'm going to wait wait upon him now. In the middle of the night the man is startled. He suddenly awakens and he turns to see what has awakened him and he discovers a woman a sweet-smelling woman lying at his feet who are you. He asks in a loud whisper who are you. I'm your servant ruth. She set spread. The corner of your garment over me says your kinsman redeemer the lord bless you my daughter. He replied this. Kindness is greater than that which you showed earlier you've not run after the younger men dan where the rich or poor and now my daughter don't be afraid. I will do for you all that you ask. She has come and laid down at the feet of her kinsman redeemer. She she stays there she waits upon him and when he awakens she says cover me with the corner of your robe. She's just proposed to him. She's just said will hugh redeem me. When you come to jesus and you lay down everything you lay down your bitterness your anger your hurt you lay down your expectations and your demands. You lay down your sin. You lay at the feet of jesus and you say cover me with your with your covering. Jesus is pleased. Jesus is not pleased when we come arrogantly before him demanding that he do things for us praying for things asking for things well. We've not yet lay at his feet. Ruth did not come demanding anything of boas. She came and worked as a servant in his field. It may take you some time to get to know jesus. You may have to work in that field. You may have to read the scriptures and pray and ask the lord to teach you how to come to him. Usually we turn to anger. We've pushed him away and we say if you're not going to do what i've asked ask for you to do. I'm gonna go find a way to do it for myself. And we've just lost jesus as our kinsman redeemer the holy spirit withdraws from us and we're loan were under our own wing now. I can't state this clearly enough for you please. I'll try. The modern church is full of pretense. It's full full of love loveless nece. It's full of hostility. It's full of self seeking it's full of the love of amusement newsman and wurley passions. It's a place of political intrigue. It's a place where people struggle for power. It's it's a place where people go just to be entertained. That is not at the feet of jesus. When you go to church you need to go to a place where you can just lay before jesus and ask him please jesus. Would you cover me with your car with your robe job. Will you be my kinsman redeemer for most of you think you've accepted jesus and now you're saved and you're on on your way to heaven but never laid at his feet. You never won his love. You have to win the love of jesus by laying down everything of this flesh in this world by by converting yourself. You must convert yourself what is convert mean. It means a sharp turn another direction. You must give a sharp turn and give up your bitterness in your anger and surrender under that to jesus. I woke up this morning. The early early hours three thirty. My heart filled with fear because i don't know how i'm going to survive five. I don't know how i can pay radio. I don't know how i could cover rent. Don't how i was terrified. You know what i did. I went and lay at the feet of jesus said jesus this radio radio broadcasts belongs to you. It's not mine. I said jesus the rent for this place is in your hands said jesus. You know what my needs are and i'm just going to come and lay your feet. I have no demands. I just come and lay your feet and say jesus cover me again. Remove this fear from my heart restore me to the peace piece to the shalom that comes when jesus covers us with garment as our kinsman redeemer. I don't want the shallow wickedness of the modern church. We are entering into a time of famine in america soon. There will be famine here there. It will be such a shortage of food. The crops have been devastated. The crops are rotting in the fields. The peach harvest has been destroyed. The lemon harvest has been destroyed. We're in trouble in america. You may not see it yet in the marketplace but if you look oh carefully you'll see empty shelves. You'll see signs that say this was out of stock and we weren't able to get it but we will soon. I was at wegmans and i saw that sign in several places. The economy is crashing america's in trouble and for the next three or four years we are going to face such hardship in this nation and then there's only going to be one place you can go and that is going lay before jesus and ask him to cover you with his garment. He's going to have to be your food in your shelter is going to have to be a piece now. You can say i'm fearmongering. I'm not what i'm saying is coming. It's already here. We're in trouble. The world is in trouble. China hong kong. Germany france england the caribbean. We're in trouble on every hand. You may not be trembling in fear yet but things are coming in hurricanes and tornadoes fires fires. They will make you tremble and you need a kinsman redeemer not a make believe messiah not a make believe jesus not a sentimental jesus that allows you to continue to walk in your wicked ways. You're going to have to to give up those wicked ways. If you're going to survive what's coming on this nation to couldn't have to repent and you're going to have to get to your kinsman redeemer. Who are you he he asks. I am your servant ruth. She said spread the corner of your garment over me since you are a kinsman redeemer teamer what's covering your life. Today's brother sister wake up. What's covering you. You think your your job is covering you. You think your credit cards are covering you. They're not going to carry you through. Do you think your job is covering you. You need jesus to cover you and the only way you're going to find him. Go to the threshing floor where jesus is thrashing his grain and be baptized in fire. You're the holy spirit he said. Stay here for the tonight and in the morning if he wants to redeem good let him redeem but if he is not willing as surely as the lord lives i will do it lie here until morning. There is a kinsman redeemer ahead of bo ass was she lay his feet until morning but got up before anyone could be recognized and he said don't let it be known that a woman came to the threshing floor that the words let's keep this between us but he also said bring me your shawl that you're wearing and hold it out. She did so and he poured into six measures of barley and put it on her back and she went back to town. Jesus will never send you away empty. You hear me jesus will never send you away empty but the devil will always steal from you. The devil is a liar and a cheater and a thief. Jesus is not he will pour into your shawl six measures of grain. He will never send you away hungry or m up to ruth came to her mother in law naomi ask her. How did it go. Oh my daughter oh. I'm sure naomi was awake all night. Braying ruth reported everything everything that bo is done for her and then. She said he gave me these six measures of barley saying don't go back to your mother-in-law empty-handed. He handed jesus always says don't go back empty-handed. You've lane at my feet. You asked me to cover you. I will cover you early hours of this morning. As i was praying i was very clear. The peace came upon my art and jesus said to me. Don't go back empty-handed. I will cover you. I've asked jesus to be my kinsman redeemer. I've asked him to be my kinsman redeem. Naomi said wait my daughter until you find out what happens for this man will not rest until the matter matter is settled today in other words watch. What's going to happen this boas. I know he's not a man who fools around. I wanna tell you my jesus is not a man who fools around with the feelings with the with the experiences of life. He is clean. He is straight it. He is not a hard man. He is not a dictator. He wants you to come lay everything down at his feet. All of your legalistic expectations sion's all of the things you think you have to do to gain his favor. You just go and lay at his feet and you will gain his favor and he will not send you away. Empty-handed clark beats jesus. I love him. Glory be to jesus aces boas goes up to the town gate and he sits there in the town gate is were the men gather and were decisions are made and actions are taken and the kinsman redeemer that is first mentioned comes along along and boaz's come over here my friend sit down so he went over and sat down and boaz took ten of the elders of the town said sit here with us and they did so. I'm sure they were all wondering what's going on. Then he said the kins to the kinsman redeemer naomi has come back from moab and she is selling the piece of land that belonged to her brother elimelech. I thought i should bring the matter to your attention and suggest you buy it in the presence of those seated here in the presence of the elders of my people. If you will redeem it do so but if you will not tell me so i will know for no one has the right to do it except up to you and i am next in line and the man says i'll redeem it. Boaz says on the day you buy the land from naomi and and from ruth the moebius you acquire the dead man's widow in order to maintain the name of the dead with his property at this the kinsman redeemer aamer said then i can't redeem it because i might endanger my own estate. You redeem it yourself. I cannot do it all. I'm so grateful today that jesus leases does not fear that by redeeming my life he will endanger his estate. I am jesus estate. You are jesus. A state boas already loves ruth and he is going to do whatever he has to do and this cheap man refuses is to function as a kinsman redeemer because he's concerned about his money. I i wonder about you. Are you afraid about your money. Do you think if you follow jesus he will demand too much from you can already tell you what he'll demand. He'll demand that you give him. Everything your wife your husband. Your the children your job your friends your family. He believe in demand that you give him all of your money any and all of your time that is you will belong holy unto jesus not paying pingu tie the ten percent but the entire amount tie this just the beginning point all that you possess all that you are you must come and lay before his feet when ruth with winning laid down at boaz feet she was saying i am yours. I hold nothing back. I give all to you boas. I give you my life and he says well. You could've run after the a young men they would've loved you. She's not interested in the things of the world. She's been there. She's done that boaz. Boaz is an older man. She lays his his feet because he is designated as is a kinsman redeemer. You can go to many different places at many different people and they'll tell you many different things about jesus. I don't wanna hear everybody told me about jesus. I want jesus himself. I got a text from a precious believer. Last line of her text was encouraging. She said i i want jesus. Nothing else will take the place of jesus my brother but to have him. You're going to have to lay at his feet. You're gonna have to give up your busy busy busy. Life and you're going to have to take time. They can have to come and live the feet of jesus. Are you willing to do that. Are you willing to take the time and the energy delay your life before jesus and not reclaim but to surrender it utterly and completely into the hands of lord lord jesus i come them to pray for my brothers and sisters and ask that you would give them especially the religious just them's would you give them the courage to come before you in humble their hearts and lay down literally on the carpet at your feet and stay there until you cover them with the corner of your robe until they have confessed everything they have poured out the depths of their heart before you he he they recognize that if they are not redeemed by you there is no redemption that they cannot pretend any longer to be a serious follower of yours have their heart filled with cynicism and bitterness and judgments. They can't come in bargain with you if you'll do this. I'll do that lord they can't be growling and grabbing and trying to improve their situation. Led the heff to come and lay fee and and give you full charge in full control lord. I pray that right. Now i know they're men and women in the valley of decision. When are they willing to finally get honest with you and go all the way a to the bottom and confess every known sin before you and confess every wicked way that they know oh of and then the lay at your feet jesus waiting for you to instruct them on what you want them to do lord. Would you come in power. Would you hear the cries of your people lorde. The half converted are very popular. Today they filled the pulpits of america. They fill the best reason the boards they fill the positions of leadership in the church but they're only half converted. They've never gone all the way and let you search reach their hearts for. I know that's what will happen. As a man or woman lays at your feet you will begin to search their hearts with the spotlight the holy spirit and you will unveil every unclean thing and every wicked thing in every wicked way lord. Were so accustomed to thinking that it's going to be it's up to me. I know that's a lie. I know that if revival is going to come to the city it will only come by way of my kinsman redeemer. I know of this broadcast is going to be effectual for the people were listening. It's going to only be because of my kinsman redeemer and his mercy lord as you reach out and touch the hearts of those who listen and call them to this obedience that i'm speaking of lord some today. They are very troubled in their hearts. They don't know how they're going to survive. They don't know how they're going to pay their bills. They don't know how they're going to make their mortgages or their rent. They don't know how they're going to make their car payments. They don't know how they're going to work out the relationship with her husband or with their wife and they're in great turmoil in their heart and their single oughta have god's answer would would you bring them to lay your feet. You surrender everything into your hand. Would you come and meet them now. Oh lord god would you come and meet them now. Would you speak to them. We have compassion upon them lord. Yeah i know you never turn a man or woman away. Who is honest with you about their sin. I know you turn your face away from people apple because of our sin lord i plead with you today. Come lord jesus. I pray in your holy name amen. Will you've been listening to pilgrim's progress. I'm ray greenlee from the national per chapel. I'd love to hear from you. I'd love to know if you are at the feet of jesus if you'd like to be a part of this this you'd like this broadcast to continue. Would you give a hilarious offering today. Right to the national per. Chapel post office spock's twenty-three forty-six woodbridge virginia to one nine five.

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191 Rebroadcast: Coffee at the Cove, DCL Summer 2022 Release

DCL Podcast

1:15:59 hr | 4 months ago

191 Rebroadcast: Coffee at the Cove, DCL Summer 2022 Release

"The low detail podcast fans. This is steve. This is a rebroadcast of our coffee. At the cove live show which we streamed on facebook and youtube on sunday. The twenty first of march we covered the disney cruise lines. Summer twenty twenty to release. We also talked about. Royal caribbean and celebrity will begin sailing single ship sailings outside of the us celebrity at a saint. Martin royal caribbean of nasa. And we finished up with chris. Talking about what is going on down at disneyland does it looks to open. On april thirtieth. If you would like i know not. Everybody is a facebook fan in wants to be on facebook. Unfortunately it's kind of it's the best product that we have to stream. These live shows too but if you are not on. Facebook do not want to be on facebook. I totally understand that. So we have a youtube channel which you can find the link to down below. If you go to that subscribe to it you will get. You should get information as to win our next coffee. The cove live shows will be going out and we will try to publish them in the future on facebook. Instagram and also on twitter. So if you follow us on yeti this platform should be able to find out when the show's going up and as always we will rebroadcast them for those of you who are unable to or do not want to watch them live so i hope you enjoy this look at disney cruise line summer of twenty twenty two releases with us and we invite you to sit back relax and now on with the show. Well happy sunday everybody. We're after nine years. Not i'm well. I'll tell you what i'm doing in a minute but i'm going to need that i'm gonna wait so that you can find out what enduring at how i it's now. Pat will welcome a little coffee at the cove discussion. Exciting news this week. Disney cruise line led out their summer. Twenty twenty two releases a couple of cruise lines announced that they are going to start cruising and disneyland is getting set to open a bunch of different topics. We're going to talk about tonight. So i don't know kristie. Where should we go first to the cove. Why don't you tell us where you wanna go with the met with the topics. But you know. Let's let's just start with christmas drink. He's gonna markle that he really wanted to let everybody know he's he might know about his maktel. I just felt so stephen. I just recorded an episode with a different podcast called. Something are remain and their whole thing that they make cocktails at the start of every show than they share out the rest of these. I was like. I'm jealous that there's a big like i literally mix out a little rock tail which is lemon juice. Water strawberries and some because it's a strawberry lemonade. So that's really all this happening here. It's definitely not very alcoholic. It's super coup and blended so that have a little more. Margarita vowed steve. I'm waiting for your dad joke. It's like you about to dive into the episode without even giving us a dad jokes hainan. Hey did you. Did i tell you that. I train my dog to fetch me a bottle of wine chris he's a bordeaux collie well the start of the episode was looking at my dad joke to combat your doubt joke. Bring davey hilmi now. What does a mermaid where to math class new. I don't know algae bra naturally remember. My brothers husband is a is a mathematician. He's a statistician. Seventy loves all the baths oh I'll make sure it pass on. Give credit tonight. Chris so let me just say that i at one point had a cocktail with my dinner. Now it's it was Lime lacroix which is fabulous on. Its own a little bit of fresh lemon juice. And some tito's very tasty very good together trying to look up on the page. Just so i could hear and see what people are saying lakes. Frugal says high rep lake like like so good. Keep going now. What was your question. I was gonna say. So is a vodka fan. Which i'm not. I don't drink a lot of. I couldn't everybody always talks about titas can really taste difference. I don't even know people are probably gonna slap. It doesn't make me sick while there you go. You don't get afterwards right because tito's grain free it. Yeah it's gluten free. So yeah so i can drink it you know. It is really though. It's like a good vodka. You really shouldn't be able to taste so much. I mean. I think people who don't drink 'cause day will sometimes try mine and he's like oh no i can taste but like with the mixers. You shouldn't really be able to taste it much. Vodka is sort of the the alcohol flavourless or like it doesn't really add much in the way of itself up when you define people who love you know various types of odd power whatever but what was going gonna say. Oh like to really stinks saver. Jen has version really distinct flavored. Vodkas sort of just rubbing alcohol so or nothing or not aspirin. What's in your glass at the cove. Steve i'm sticking with my beer. Nothing too exciting little ip tonight. That is the one thing the dc. I don't care what anybody says. I will argue this death. They have the worst beer selection fantasy. Such a lame selection when there's so many different things out there especially there's actually some pretty good breeze now down in the florida area that they could use their beers. I'm sure in and saw them on the ships especially down to the caribbean and whatnot. We're stuck with some pretty lame beers but there we go. I'm winding tonight aren't i. I mean even at walt disney world. They've managed to come up with some creative drink so you'd think they could throw it on a ship. It's not that hard. So can i just say this comment really quick. So lake in katie from lakeland has stated that we get to pick their crews that they need to decide what cruise to book for summer. Twenty twenty two. N we get to decide for them. Will there we go. what should we jump into it. I already commented on their comment. I'm outlet there parameters are in case. I haven't but that's exciting that make that raises the stakes of this little share-out so great undone is just joins loved asks okay. So we're having. We're having a great Evening already have other people who have commented so. If you'd like to comment you we can give you a little shoutout. We need to get dentist to cook for the show. Because he makes him. He's got some amazing barbecued skills down there. I've seen a lot of the pictures that he puts on. Facebook and instagram ended up. Yeah i think. Every time i see you they go follow. I'm on i'm on barbecue aficionado. Are you really. I mean it means. I eat barbecue. I do not know how to cook barbecue. In fact i just ordered a shoulder for butts. Because i want to automate good. I want to try to run a pulled pork at home. So dennis alum you know you're having tabs for my poll pork Okay we still go out like encaged parameters are so we'll ask but we drive more folks here brats aranda Notch mun and happy to cover the transatlantic. If you need a correspondence has no money. So you pay yourself about them end book through christie by It'll be it'll be great. Hey i'm anka's the getting pricing for northern europe This is sarah. Wholesome china Three the eleven night or looks amazing. Yes for you while we have a lot of people anthony has. Hi kimberly worn on such as high. You're making me want to drink. Good good cheers krantz hambur. He's got a whole crab here. This is great all right. So we're gonna be talking the new releases. Steve as the leader of the bunch has given us all assignments keep craziest covering the wonder and the magic is never the magic. Never the magic. Because he's had his greek isles cruise cancelled before and yoga. Sakharov uncovering dream which is selling out. Miami would so we have to talk about. And then we're also gonna end tonight by choosing a crisp relating gate some if at stake. The pressure's on isn't it. So once again dizzy dropped twenty. Twenty two itin reason departure dates. I don't know about you guys but this is my favorite. This is our families. Jam what are we gonna do in the summer. I mean everybody's got a different time of the year that they love to cruise or or why they cruiser where they want to go to. But this is this is always my favorite kind of see where the ships are gonna go. I think it got some. I think This last summer there was you know they didn't have the southern on the fantasy. That's come back which i think. That's kind of exciting and in europe. It's pretty amazing. Some of the different places that they go to so christie talk about the dates. I or should we just jump into talk about the ships up on you. Yeah that was later cooking starts tomorrow. Our platnum gas and so you know you have to start. You wanna book early. I that's the main point Platinum tomorrow monday. The twenty second and i'm not gonna say the dates for the rest of them. Tuesday is gold and then platinum wednesday are silver folks and then thursday is our first time cruisers. And if your dv see or if you're adventurer's club part of ed you get the book with. The silver guests on wednesday was called. Look so that is the one good thing about being gold when you finally reached gold you actually get a little bit further a little. Bit of ahead of the crowd i guess. But and lemme lemme just point out too that even if you are adventurous club or you can still book with your travel agent of choice. You do not have to go in and book through disney or abcd or the dc. You can book through your regular travel agent. They'll just pull up that information for you correct. Okay well let's kind of jump into it. I had another point that i totally like lost here. Ellison sometimes they're golden. Oaks is tomorrow and i think no i care. Ceo sometime are because if you're if you're a busily and erin you can afford to one of those golden oaks. Then you know this needs like short early anyhow honey is are there in golden oaks number and they're building more right now from what i've seen so yeah golden starts. Tomorrow i apologize. They d start tomorrow. I guess what i was gonna say is if you're looking for pricing a good place to go over the scots blog. He usually puts up a to adults so to adult pricings for most of the cruises are all cruises he can go there and kind of gives you a rough idea of what to expect. I don't use the boards very much. They've got they kind of confuse me for some reason it just the way they do it but i like the way scott. Does it kind of gives you a starting point. So if you're if you're looking at that Northern european crees one where the pricing is gonna be. You can jump on it over there. So why don't we start off with. Let's start off the dream. Chris because i think that's kind of cool that she sang at a miami. So if you're sort of wondering why there's a big reason why the reason why the dream is out. Miami is the wish is going to be sailing out or can we all believe as what we all think. Disney has only told us Sailing in the summer but it would be very surprising not sell out of port canaveral. Because that's you're setting off the island like mega tanker and all of us so for all intents and purposes we have any wish itineraries but we know the which is going to be selling out of which is later that talking to be released later. Be at total bs here. Well i'll need to be drinking after that. I'm sure pricing availability. yeah anymore of the. That'll be busy week from but basically the dream is going to be selling miami which is cool. Bigger ship out of out of miami is a gorgeous airway where you go past. All these billionaire houses at are all the boats in their front yards because their front yards as they out to the water. And then you go hassle the hotels in southeast asian writers your Out for south beach. It's like to see of people As like during this time you know we're good the news. The news seems like there is still happening on south beach Beautiful sail away. It's great i would. I would love to do again. And i'd be happy to do it from the dream that being said basically the dream is going to be doing a lot of bahamian cruises and so there will be a couple of baheen cruises. Maybe that i cruz actually are canaveral. Which i guess is what a repositioning cruise like. They're they're selling back into work narrow a when they be narrow out passengers in miami. So there's no there's essentially not going to be a cruise where you're on the dream where you be from port. Canaveral ended miami right out happening. But they're close enough that right the drink probably get there overnight like i say yeah. Yeah yeah so. Basically the dream will leave for canaveral sail down to miami and then have its first sailing out miami three nights or knights of out of miami out which is a typical temporary for the dream were used to seeing during four nights on the dream. That being said Pretty much all of them. Include tops. castaway I didn't notice. Let's see there was one interesting dream. that sales out miami and does a western caribbean. There's there's a some western caribbean on the dream. Let's like two of the or know a lot because like eight or internet and what isn't different so there's this twice Georgetown is one of the stops verses causing now so there wasn't koreans either go to mexico or that go to grand cayman I have done the fight night. Western caribbean great team. In which used to be the magic out of miami Recommend it's great Reports the other. I think they have a pure fruit for being built air but I recommend that Blast doing that on the magic and quickly slide for listeners that or canaveral is not city where there is stuff to do if you sell out of unless you really love space and you to go to kennedy space center for day. But there's not a ton to do their miami at the opposite. You could spend a week before your crews in miami and funny ton of amazing stuff to do which we spent we after our crews miami we would everglades national park. We drove resident harder all the way down to houston key west out bedtime bear. So there's a ton of do in and around miami Florida saw flood ask for is. It's actually not a bad thing that the dreams doing shorter crews out of miami because you can still get a week or two weeks out of occasion on a short cruise if you wanted to get in some time in miami. So that's basically the dream and while the airport is insane in huge it is very close to the poor. Like it's i think a flat rate of twenty four bucks or something to take a cab to get to the poor and so if you needed a bigger cabin with carseats you can get that there. Which is nice. And it's like twenty minutes or something so it's a lot busier. Yeah it's very canal also note for you though that the airlines instead of sort of trying to have major operations in both miami and Ladder down down. They basically chosen one or the other so like for example. I would say. Jack lew has services out of fort lauderdale and i had flown jetblue in so i flew into fort lauderdale miami but the point is whatever airline loyalty with the way. You purchase tickets. It's not a big deal to find the fort. Lauderdale versus is earlier. But it's still thirty. Forty forty five minutes away. So that's nothing like most of us had to travel that far to get to the airport in our home cities so exactly so i will say don't put too much stress on you. Find miami bonnardel. It's pretty easy either way. The port is pretty old. Like the building that you sell out doesn't feel very disney disney banners up and stuff and on the magic which. I don't know if it's going to be like his dream. We'll see but on the magic. You can't enter into the lobby. You insert or four. Yeah so you don't get the grand lobby reveal In fact you like down the hallway of the ship and then they announced you so you know a little less 'climactic than than where you might be hoping but I don't know if they may be the drain. Size of the dream will offer. Different model of insurance is sort of a. I think it has something to do with the infrastructure here. So we'll see but if you want to get the classic castaway he experience if you wanna get a bahamas or caribbean experience. Miami's a great option for you. Especially if you don't mind sort of ditching. Walt disneyworld aspect and soon and i mean real soon as like twenty twenty three. Maybe or twenty two. The is a bright star. Right running right. I the speed train is going to be going from. Orlando down during which will allow you even quicker access. You know three hours of us. Let's say from orlando's miami to be able to sail out of there if you wanted. So that's coming really soon as well So there's lots of options that would say. Don't discount miami as really cool port in florida. I would say that. We've sailed on the magic on the five day to the same. When you did chris in. I think that was our favorite caribbean cruise. That we went on right. Yeah it was it was it was it kind of blew my wife and i didn't really booked it on a whim. We did spend some days at disneyworld. They went down there and sailed on it and we love that trip. We'd go back and do that again. So i think One of the things that i don't have all the details on it but disney's actually partnered with msc down to the port of miami ms's building a whole new terminal in so i don't know where the status of that is right. Now the disney suppose. He has preferential something or other once. That happens so look for that in the future that They will be sailing out of a different terminal once that gets built in there like. I said they're partnered with amazon it. So we kimberly chat wants to know if we have an episode in the archives. About selling out of miami now we covered marvels marbled at sea out of miami and i talked out our pre and post in. How got there and what hotels we stayed out and everything. So that's one option and we probably talk other gusto south out of miami which we could reference that for you. I actually did a google. Search for dc all podcasts dot com and miami in it goes through an will find all of the episodes that deal with that particular subject at all and so i've put a link in the regular facebook feed A attached to her comment but everybody else can do that too. So if there's something that you're looking for like dcla podcasts. Transatlantic ordeal podcasts panama canal or marvel dnc. All those big ones first time cruisers. You can actually do a search that way and find our episodes to see what you're looking for and you can listen to it right on the website and this has been in the back of my mind the pursue Bring shannon from dc points on board to do a an episode of cruising at a miami. And i was gonna wait until the summer kinda came which is probably should probably do it before that right because it doesn't really help you out if it's already sailing. I mean some wishful thinking that no let let me make a comment so richard fain came out with a new Like talk to travel agents. Today i love this little messages to us. So i think either came out less energy or something like that. So we're gonna talk about this later in the show. But richard famous. The ceo of row caribbean where caribbean own celebrity in royal caribbean. So they have to ships sailing the summer from other homeport so they already have all the government. Okays a royal caribbeans actually already been sailing in singapore in somewhere else getting ready to sail from somewhere else. But they've had over one hundred thousand passengers on board during this cova time so since they've started reselling one hundred thousand passengers crew but passengers. I'm he actually points out that they've only had ten people that have tested positive during the cruise for covert and spread. It's just been ten people and they've dealt with it and ten people out of one hundred thousand and david math on that earlier and it was like point. Oh one percent or something like that. So very small amount of percentage but something that i thought he said that his fitting to what you were saying steve he said they are hoping to be cruising by the summer. So it's not going to be may in. Its and he said it takes a while so they have to get the okay from the united states the cdc and then they have to get their crew and they have to get everybody trained in. They have to make sure the rest of the cruise beck's needed so they have steps and then they quarantine when they get their crew on they'll quarantine their crew for fifteen days on board so they have all of this to do before they're getting guests on board so all of that is going to happen but he said you know. President biden had indicated that he hopes that by the fourth of july people are able to sort of return to some semblance of normal life right so richard fain said that he's hopeful that by the fourth of july we're cruising so maybe fingers crossed to be determined. I don't want to rush it. I don't even want to be in a crowded airport at this point. Still myself But i don't mind being where people are. And i don't mind where people are following the proper protocols that we know are safe in preventing the spread of covid so this is helpful my big my big advice to anyone who wants to sail early on. Is you know that you won't want to follow the mask roles in. You won't want those social distancing sorts of things that you're not the type of person who can handle those requirements. Then it's best for everyone at you. Don't sell them and wait until the policies. Nothing's are lifted. Because i just don't want to see is like hostility and fighting and some of the things that you see in mike youtube videos and talks of people who like yelling mass inviting and it's like no disney says this is what you need and you went on the cruise knowing. That's what you had to do and you have to do that. That will just make it much more safe and cub rover everybody to that people's row self check and say like i don't think i can handle that and it's like i get. I could understand that one on a crews it was going to be a different experience or not wanting to have to wear masks on your vacation. But then you shouldn't do it yet and you should wait until i also is lifted chris year adorable because you are speaking as if the people who are uninterested in following whatever rule exists are listening to you and going. Oh he's a silly of me the people that think that way. Don't care what you have to say. And they're going to do what they want to do. If i if i wanted to go to a store and that store said everybody's mask free. Come as you are no are allowed. I would just choose not to go to that store. The same way is it. The store said wear a mask. You should wear a mask and then there's the announcements at say. Look we will put the groceries in your car. You don't have to come in store if you don't want to you don't have to. But they're not listening to you chris. So you're but they're not listening to you okay. Let's see in the caribbean. I think. I think it'll be well. Who knows who knows what he knows. How will work out. But i think the first people that are gonna really wanna be on. The ships are probably gonna follow the rules to back out. There did walt disney world in kind of build from there. Follow the rule the world. But i think maybe initially it was a little bit better bit Let's let's show that topic. That is important topic happened. They could go round and round on it. Okay so listen the caribbean. Let's talk about the fantasy christy. What is the fantasy up to you. In the summer. I am responding kazak. Who's listening but About kris drink. So yes the fantasy the fantasy is doing. Its normal caribbean. But the one thing. That's a little one off that maybe this could be for Lake in katie. Because i would love to have them on a trip report is they have one nine night. Southern caribbean lee. July twenty first going to saint. Martin dominica antigua antigua. I'd never yes. But sometimes that's how they say it so anyway virgin islands And kaspersky than three days at sea. So that's exciting and would be a great cruise Though i feel like they should go. More southern for the southern caribbean. But that's just my own little opinion so then they're just doing alternating western and eastern caribbean cruises. There is One one off on eastern. Which is going to saint martin and san juan which that is the different tinted that you did. I think chris right went on for toy and san juan specifically choose that cruise. Because i wanted to go to puerto rico and one of our one of our podcast listeners. Like posted when they went to puerto rico their subway sign which cracks me up So i i need of subway. Subway is good as palo and then the the western is just the normal cozumel grand cayman film and then castaway and the other alternate seven night eastern is tortola. St thomas castaway quality. I think that's i think that's pretty exciting so that might be have what is going to price out at lake eighty but that might be something worth doing because i think it's one of those ones that They just don't do very often so it's like one a year. Generally that goes a little bit further south. So let's go to the great white whale the hardest ship to complete your grand slam on the beautiful disney. Wonder chris still dreaming about tian his place to wonder cruises cancelled on me now. So what's the wonder up to you the summer christie next summer. Twenty twenty two summer fingers crossed that the wonder goes to alaska. So right i mean we need. Alaska took we need cruises out of alaska again. So lasca seven nights. It's just she's just going to be sticking with the seven nights there are most of the dates include the well. They all include the dog laser glacier but then skagway juno and catch can then. There are two one off of that stop at Icy strait point instead instead of skagway. Besides the deal asked. I think one of my favorite parts about the alaskan sailings in the itineraries as you get that day at sea as is the last day in before you pull back into vancouver See you're busy. You're going to see all these great yang's elastic to kind of relaxed instead of always feel hectic castaway cay. When is the last day and then you can approach the next day. Yeah i do hate that and you have to like break up some of your last day excitement and you want to be at the beach the entire time or you want to be at a port the entire time. Whatever it is and you have to pack and get ready this way. You really get to say goodbye to your ship before you get off of it. Which i think is awesome. And i did have so. I'm gonna point this out here so we have a new list. Welsh new listener a listener whose becoming a new client of mine. Who's getting ready to book for alaska for next year and she wanted to make sure that she could go to donna's place for sure during her sailing because they have the the Rotational dining. yeah and she was concerned that that would mean that you might not get one of your dining rotations. And so i assured her and we'll just assure everybody who's listening that yes. You will go to all three of the restaurants three times on a seven night cruise two times two times seven night cruise all three two times there. You go math and then one restaurant you'll go through twice but you will absolutely get the venue dinner as long as they bring that back when ships start sailing again at tana's plays on the wonder which is so good and i don't actually think i don't know if they announcing of these for the spring and i don go could. I sometimes wonder does two nights out of out of san diego where it's like downton sonata and back and on those. If you wanted to guarantee that you're going to have to request it once you ship. Yeah you can't guarantee if you want a guarantee it you have to concierge. It's still a request but it is more likely to occur or guarantees or book three nine or more boca three night. I couldn't imagine that chris. Christie concierge did that tonight and I think that was pretty short for him. Yeah he didn't back pretty. You did it back back for remember right which is probably the way to do it in fact we were going to do it tonight. One of one of the crucial handled was a two night. That was gonna lead no finite. But i digress. So let's turn to the magic. She goes back over to to europe and brett when he books with you christi. He'll he'll be are he'll be our man man on the spot given us all the details as he goes across that transatlantic. And if you if you're thinking about the transatlantic please go back in and take a listen. Brett did read in his family. Went on the transatlantic across. And then also lauren his done both over in back in. I think there's a lot of things to think about if you're thinking about doing on doing that transatlantic I really wanna go eastbound. But i think i would book the westbound between the two really. Why why what. What is the time zone change. Is this time down. Like eastbound's got we amazing ports. But i think that time zone change. I think would throw me for a loop a little bit. So on the eastbound. How many hours shorter is your cruise. Thanks always six times again. Okay i mean that means that disney stealing six hours from your cruise for two weeks it actually. It actually may be seven. Because i think he go you go up in. Barcelona in barcelona may be plus one from london earlier. yeah further east. I dunno positive about syria. right factor. thirty wrong all right well anyway. So i wasn't listening. I'm sorry i was reading comments. But so which way do you want to go. Do you wanna start. The united states are starting here up. Gain our code of science things. Yeah no matter what i could you imagine me on that cruise. Oh my god. It was hard enough on the panama's now prince going from east to west coast but to go all the way to europe in like have your day's just fluctuate the whole time. I'll do it sometime. Man it's going to be rough for me my little body clock. I think it was that was talking. About how just the. They stopped serving breakfast early in the morning because nobody was getting up after three. Just literally niners had no point. Well i'm not going to get through. All the different pieces of the magic does that she can. She has back over. She starts off Going back and forth between the mediterranean. Which is the smart thing to do the mediterranean the southern part down there italy. Spain gets very very hot. She didn't use to do this. Used to go up to northern europe because the towers are france they when they did their their baltic cruise. that was earlier in the year. I believe earlier in the summer and then she would come back down to the mediterranean. And but doing this port adventures in august in italy. that's there's nobody there in italy. They leave leave because it's so hot it's kind of like being in arizona. I guess maybe but she's gonna start off in the climate. It's dan but that's at the same time it. No no what. You're saying. That people in arizona leave august two. 'cause they it gets all right. I digress anyways. So she's gonna hit over. There can start off with her mediterranean cruises. Different five in six nights. Generally she's got one goes out of barcelona in back but generally they have several ago between barcelona. And shiva vecchio which is room if you can do it. I would highly recommend that. I think that that's a great way. You can start off in. Barcelona spent a couple of days ahead of time. Then make your way across the med and spend a couple days room so you get back to back. Great cities adventures by disney has short excursions in both of those cities if you want to Added abd on you can do that. Of course Abd is a is pretty popular in europe and all these failings as well so you can you can add them on and then she moves into june and this is the one. I think that we're gonna we're looking at booking is one of the greek Cruises she has an eight night in two nine nights and the main difference really night. Yeah and the they hit a bunch of different various places they all make sure that they get a naples. They all stop in athens in. Generally they'll serena looks like beyond answering. Is there anything specifically famous. Their santarinas the place when you see the blue in the buildings and everything like that that santa super credit. Yeah yeah so it's The one that we're looking at goes to beravic which is game of thrones We are very first. Cruise event underway jn And we went to to broaden akin to split in croatia in croatia's awesome. It is so beautiful. Yeah yeah so. We're super excited. If this this has gotta go right twenty twenty two we gotta be go against The other thing about when we're looking at his goes to chani chan chanya china and my wife anway that's where she spent her Exchange on when she was in greece. Who's actually she lived in. Chechnya she's gonna kill me right now because i'm saying it wrong but Yeah that's the one. That's the one that we're looking at booking because it'd be kind of cool for her to be able to go back and see where she was she's still. She's still in touch with the family that she stayed with their out. How cool yeah. It was funny okay. So she ended up becoming a flight attendant. I don't think i've ever tell you this in her host families daughter. That was her same age. She became a flight attendant for the saudi royal family. Now she works in the training department for the royal family the flight operations saudi arabia's that that's kinda cool yeah Anyway the she goes onto that twelve night which holy cow data kind of packs in greece in then again. Hard of the med. Because it starts in rome heads down to greece. Hits a of the islands and then comes back in canada's some of the main ports villefranche marseille in the back to barcelona. Then she transitioned ahead. Kristie the question. No i was just gonna say yes. She goes to florence as well. Yeah sean our away in that you know that is one thing to really think about if you book a european cruise because there's not a lot of seed as they pack in a lot of six saw a lot of ports in not all of them are it's not like alaska or norway which i'll give huge plugged in norway. Where you get off in a lot of the stuff is right there you can see. I mean to get up to a florence. I think it's a two hour bus ride. You know or one and a half raised. Yeah there's a trio you can take the train from the port. Yeah so anyway. You got a couple different options. Generally against it gets to be long days so from their thing. And so i actually. I'm gonna just say this too. Because i'll have some travel clients that will be like we wanna go to automatic cruise for our honeymoon. And i'm like you can cause it's like these are bucket list trips trips of the lifetime. But it's not very honey mooney because you're exhausted. Leave it at that. Yeah no that is. That is a very good point. You're like all day running like we didn't even go to evening entertainment ever when we did our med cruise. Because it was just like you're so busy during the day that you just ate and went to sleep. We ended up. Picking con con is is our day off. We just we get ship. We get off the vessel. Yeah we got us to ship in wandered around but that was just kind of our day off to of chill after we just go nonstop through it so from there. She transitions backup Kinda like these They've started a couple of different ones where they call them northern european cruises instead of doing the typical baltic sailing the hit a bunch of the capital's up there so one of them starts up amsterdam Which a beware. That's a three hour train ride to berlin. Its but it's a three hour. Bus ride to berlin but hits amsterdam berlin copenhagen in oslo than back to dover so i think that's kind of a neat way to some big cities along there than finally she transitions to those body cruise. If you can do it if you're going to do. If he can do the baltic and you want to the baltic recommend if he can get two days in saint petersburg if he could do to versus the one I if you're interested in russian history interested in in that type of stuff. It is money while spare so in the other. One that i'll throw out. There is a port. That i think surprise a lot of people on that. His talent estonia. It's kind of one of those ones. I think that gets overlooked but it was. It was awesome. It's great little city can wander round or some good food. that's good. Shopping in stockholm was a great day in stockholm but stockholm's a huge city in kind of a little bit overwhelming. Where talent was probably one of our favorite stops beside saint petersburg. Can i think. I'm putting krista. Sleep is talking about this. I mean this is just your jam. This is your element Unique need to you have to be responsible for this. I'd sleep russia's on the very bottom of my list. Your can you wanna see films. Super great in russia was amazing. Maybe weather i will say sorry for egypt crystal. Finish up here. I will say that. The norwegian fjord crews that they've got for twenty twenty two is real the region fewer crews. They've they've kind of put some different ports subtly drawn a blank on it. The one that was in twenty twenty one is kind of a dud in the put it in a couple different times in that one is not in there this year. You all listen which some great viking history in it. Then you've got if Which has got some great fjords to be able to see steve archer. Which is paula rock. I think if you're thinking about going to norway that would be a good one in twenty twenty two the they're hitting some good highlights there. That sailing is september fourth norway. Where do you go where you fly into and out of the norway-1 leaves at dover and comes back at dover so yeah the uk. london there is one. there's another one august twenty eighth to that. Covers like half of those ports right in the the touch on a couple of them. Yeah the huge debt. Eleven night goes all the way up to iceland. I'm not sold on iceland. No i would love to do that. That crew sounds although sounds like for me with my stomach. That's not gonna happen. And going through scotland to no no no no none of the none of that however but for my you know stomach issues that does sound amazing to do like scotland there norway in iceland own. I'd be all over that cruise. Although i don't think i could do those seats. Although i will say they used to go to two different spots in iceland in instead they stayed reykjavik for two days in that. I think that's probably not that much to doing. Is limited so might as well stay in the vicinity. Now this issue but but i think that you're better off having two days because he can get out and see more versus having to do you can potentially do the northern lights at nighttime now they have like people other reykjavik but in the summer idaho right. What time is it's september. I think that's the big well. It's at the very it was september. Oh it's not it's august nevermind northern lights on this. Then she finishes up on the british isles crews Bread if you still on. I'm not i'm not. I don't have all the comments pulled up if He sailed in his family sailed on royal caribbean. We had a great talk with him. They hit a lot of different ports of the magical hits a lot of the same ports that heated on royal caribbeans. If you want to go back and google that podcasts as well. If you're interested in that and if you go on it let's no come back on the show. We'll talk about it here. All about i would do the transatlantic itinerary again. That would be an interesting thing. So i think overall i'm excited for it. I think the the magic's gone to some great ports over in europe mixed it up so there's a lot of different variety. You've got that southern caribbean on the fantasy you've got some great seventy cruises on The wonder you can get the icy strait point. If you want to mix match that and then the dream out of miami like you said chris sailing out of a just an amazing city in different experiences down there. I think summer twenty twenty two the pretty exciting time for disney cruise line. I just have to make one christie comment if there was a christie comment. Okay so you guys. What is my favorite summer cruise. The double dip the denver's one. There is only one so. I think it's worth noting it's not even in the summer. September twenty six five on the dream in hurricane season. Well i mean technically it's all hurricanes even but it's like crime hurricane season so there's that and it's so i guess it's an adult cruise or a little tiny kids crews cheapest you'll get on. Disney cruise line is disabled during hurricane season when school's in session by those like september november even october. Even the hot. There's on high z. Those those prices that are like often reasonable but if they put a if there is going to be reasonable is iran loves to do the double dip and so you know that those are going to be more expensive but yet means you're probably still plus young people out. There will be less school aged people for sure because they're in school all right. So if you're thinking about booking once again opening up tomorrow for platinum tuesday for platinum gold wednesday for platinum silver gold paying the platinum. We know platinum book every day after the right silver on wednesday and then thursday for everybody who has not booked before you understand why you have mentioned golden oaks the many listeners who are golden hoax you usually booking on day one. Which is tomorrow. Also take me on one of your vip tours golden oaks. People they donate you live in a golden eggs. You probably have somebody else doing this for your secretaries. During say you're just you don't even know that it's happening just recently found that golden oaks is really pitched vacation home. Which means that many of those places you can live there fulltime. A lot of people use it as vacation positions than either space says. Don't even have your round attendance if any of your listening and you need someone to stay in your house for a little bit these ads and just let me know. I'll be happy to go check on it. Occasionally if i'm in the areas while not a problem why let me before we move on from the golden oaks. Because i'm very excited about this last year sometime. I don't know what we did in why we did it. But we received mail discussing golden oaks to our house so disney thought we were in a whole different bracket of well. I get going outside zone amerada. Y'all do you see apartment. Reading grants not forgotten golden oaks. They know you live down in california a whole different. That's true someone in the threat is asking. Christine is asking. What's golden oaks. It's basically mike on disney property. You can buy a house is like a private community. There might begin. It starts at one point. Two million four as anthony putting the comments a cottage one point two million and these houses are not that big. And it's like we're the four seasons is and they they get annual. They get vip tours so many per year. Oh my god. It's so exciting. I always wanted to the book room about four seasons even greater to milk you should. It is lovely endure when you can go so they have actually a great kids club and they have like drop off service. You could drop off your kid and go to dinner. So that dick they have a great actually slash fan but they have a very lovely adults only pool. I have spent a couple of like tight. I've spent some time there. So my husband and i will do weekend and sometimes we stayed there to get very nice coupon to be able to book it but it is a lovely experience will serve me up for the trauma because alderman like a coke is like six dollars though and i remember. Yeah we stayed there once with my kid. When he was like eighteen months older. I think he was twenty. He was not two yet and he was really in hudson. We couldn't decide what to feed him because he didn't eat chicken tenders. And so we ordered them hamas fourteen dollar hamas by the way. This is how much it's ingrained in my brain. Because i paid fourteen dollars for my two year old eat hamas but that kids screamed out. Everybody laugh when it came walking down anyway for our home us. Okay let's let's let's let's move on before he ran at a time here. Hey chris would you look at some of the comments. Make sure we don't miss any questions. Well why don't you want she look those Christie talks about royal caribbean. And also i can. I say it now until celebrities will ever gonna start saying yes and lake. Let me just say. Is this comment for me. You're going to get me an invite to the golden oak house. Please make it be me because he said he is a friend of building a house there and he's doing it by okay. So this is exciting. Guys royal caribbean and celebrity announced on friday. That they are sort of ditching. The united states and they are putting one ship in two different locations. Royal caribbean is putting at nassau bahamas and celebrities putting ship in saint martin basically cruising from those ports so for the summer cruises if they go out the summer like june fifth or something like that you can start booking them this week on thursday wednesday and thursday respectively depending on the company and they are going to do sailings through the summer. The celebrity is doing like the southern caribbean. Basically these these ports are. I wish the nine night was doing for disney. Because they're aruba. Curacao barbados saint lucia barbados british. Virgin islands basically looping through those different ports for the summer starting from june fifth to august twenty first the adventure celebrity millennium. Which is they're littler ship little or smaller ship but it's been revolutionized or whatever they are calling it so they made it. They put some like the edge enhancements on that ship so she looks beautiful actually and because of that part of the water. It's all actually much calmer there. It is also outside. Most of those ports are outside the hurricane belt. So is pretty safe to do this summer. So those are just i guess. Points to think of So that is an option in everybody has to be vaccinated for both celebrity in royal caribbean. Richard fain did come out and say that he does not know that that is the way it's going to be when people are sailing that states but for these first sailings for the summer. You have to be acceded. If you're over the age of eighteen. Everybody under everybody has to still arrive to with negative cova test so onsite. They are not you have to have had it. I know could be because of the locations. I'm not sure but rope. go on the well. No finish up all out there if you don't touch it okay. Royal caribbean is sending out their adventures of the seas which has also been totally rehab. It's got like a super long waterside. There's actually like a waterslide race situation that you have like two different people go down in. Who gets there first. that's exciting. I'm looking at you chris. Murder may what capacity They are reduced capacity. They are only even sailing in at balcony cabins in above fascinated by this. But guess steve. I love waterslide is my greatest disappointment. That adults can't go on that yellow mckeon slide. Lsi about race in us is what i'm thinking about. I think that'd be a fun thing to do. I think growing win gravity. So yeah let's do it Okay let me just finish. So though that cruise cruising nassau stopping at koko a perfect and either switching between cozumel in the caymans. Wait where's where's it going. It's going to cause malet believe in the comments right. Is that the two ports i think. So yes and They have government approvals from all of those ports and locations as of now and they've gotten every everything cleared to do. Those sailings best uber exciting. I think it's gonna be great. Because they're being the guinea pigs right now and disney will learn a lot from them. The whole cruise industry will learn a lot from what happens there also. They picked to ports that have airports. So you know it's easy enough to fly in and out and they're like doing that whole thing Someone mentioned mandatory quarantines a our guest. There must be some states that have a mandatory quarantine requirements on returning from a foreign country. So that's in your state. Obviously that would be to consider as you were going to book one of these things. But kristy doesn't just book talk disney cruises so the book these cruises there kristie. You could yeah. She's got a lot of experience on celebrity andro Royal several times as one thing about royal is i think doesn't celebrate it. How under newer ships edge they have those solar cruising cabins now That's a different cruise line near we'd somewhat somewhat christine in. The comments mentioned royal has a double the price if you're selling solo because you're pay for the first two passengers they basically do. Unfortunately there's very few cruise lines. I'm like steve. Said norwegian does and see us cruise. Resign besides disney. He is such a little norwegian. Your oh i believe. That's the only chris i'm self on there. Okay yeah i have them in there okay category. They're okay they're fine but yeah pretty much everyone. It's double you pay double. Because that's how they work their money situation out you don't have to pay double the tips to the gratuities but you are paying the same price for the cabin. Basically you don't pay double taxes either if you put one person or two people it Okay if you're just joining us we have two more important task cover one is that we have to cruise for kadian bike very important back so stay here for that. The other is steve asks just to quickly cover the reopening. Disney ran before the free touch on that. I just wanna throw one of the things out there. Just be aware. I think they brought this out in a different podcast. As far as if you're gonna travel to sail with celebrity or royal in in nassau or i can tell the drawn a blank on the other one but you also have to meet the saint martin. You also have to meet the entry requirements into two different countries. So kind of take a look at that as well. It's not just what the cruise lines asking for your also can have to meet the entry hazardous decide the cova test. Nicole task is right but james I mean once again. Don't think that just like what the cruise lines have ice setups. If you've been vaccinated you're still gonna need. I think it's like they were talking about saint martin specifically you'd have to seventy two hours prior you have to have a negative cova test to get into saint martin so just it's something to think about. Okay chris disneyland. What is going on down there. The chaos the disneyland announced something called touch of disney which is a basically a food and wine festival in california adventure. And what they're doing is they're making boosts that just have famous from disneyland that you can't normally get so in in these festivals so for example you can get like a snack size of the monte cristo sandwich from The blue by you Which for those who don't know the deep fried have achieved sandwich. What why you took it in kelly. Because who and then so bats available for you to get Things like that. So excitedly for a stephen is sorry christi. But i'm sure would be just right now. Stephen i are going to go through touch disney together which was super fun and We cheaters listen to we happen to be vaccinated families Which is also safety safety. First all that will follow all the protocol would be great The point is we thought. That's all you're getting in fact will be got these tickets. We were lucky to get their homes really hard. The events can be sold out whatever connect learning but anyway. We thought that we weren't going to get to go eventually to get out. We're going to get to go so we're going to touch disney. And at that time they had not announced any reopening for the parks beyond you can eat of hearts and shot at the arts that no actions while things change in california the mandate shifted and now they announced that theme has actually allowed to open on april first and the touch of disney had sold tickets through mike april. I dunno twentieth or something Basically later in april and so we were sort of wondering what's going to happen with these tensions disney tickets but disneyland decided. We're not ready to over right now. We have to call these cast members back. It's gonna take some time and so through the disney parks log on march seventeenth. They announced their reopening plan. Which quickly carve for you Their reopening april thirtieth old parks the reopening reservation system And the reservation system is not open and the details have not been released yet so we don't a homage setting her tickets will cost. We don't know what's the sort of a process for getting a ticket will be guessing through their website. Or maybe they're after a guarantee you they're gonna do a waiting room situation because the demand is going to be massive in the beginning but we'll see Basically what there's announcing that his for short opening is the attractions in Galaxies aj things like the credit coaster. They basically have not said what isn't opening those shows are not opening other won't be For those of you don't know it's very sad. A permanently closed frozen. A permanently closed beginning a magical map they had to lay off. All of those castes so live. Entertainment is not returning right now Obviously those folks no longer with the company will see what is he decides to do in the future if they're going to bring those shows back but attractions are reopening guidelines. They also have Announced in a separate post their their opening vendors. Camp is a summer which is super exciting. That means it will finally get to ride this fighter in attraction. Eat some weirdly sized foods in the amion restaurant as there's a lot of fun things happening there. But for this april thirtieth their opening a really limited capacity of fifteen percents A lot of people don't understand what that means but for disneyland. Their typical capacity is seventy five thousand or thereabouts. I've been in the part where they opted to eighty nightmare. I've also been the heart before they open some additional actions when it was down closer to like sixty fifty thousand but in theory. That's their capacity. So if you're looking at fifteen percent of let's call it. Sixty thousand just to be generous a reopening older attractions. So they have to lose some of that acidy. We're looking at a fairly small crowd size. I'm very few tickets being available. Right away The hotels are not all opens. The first over will be grand californian which makes sense because they have in there and is really complicated to have. Dc is closed right now and they're going to continue to update people on a release of new guidelines of basically. You can expect stat. Most attractions will be returning some new experiences for character. Meet in greece where the characters are. Socially distanced masks are required As well as physical distancing Throughout the park so back sort of the opening rundown a thirtieth will know more about. When it's going to open there was something else i wanted to flag for you though They say the other hotels open later this year. So we don't know exactly when but it will be opening the other hotels on property e But they just haven't announce exactly what later date is. I think that's everything for disneyland. Obviously saturday night will go. We just don't know win Who knows we have a new baby for those of you who haven't been following along. We have a four so bad changes in. I've never been to disneyland So we'll have your out without. Looks like yeah. This is really exciting. I mean does he. That has never been closed for more than a day or two in its history so for there's an entire team fourteen month period where the partner close is really devastating in such a weird way and so this feels really special exciting to have this opportunity to go back Also that's just gonna say for the first time ever get to ride snow white's adventures Because they refurbish that attraction while apartments close as those changes are they made it less scary so blake. I think you would like to go on. This show is very just made it really fun. It's a little bit. Like seven dwarfs mine train. What do you think about that ride. I'll try. I'll give it a thumbs. Up may have saw me giving some movement that my mom did he was just happy. Since this is why like endoscopy hard to like make it look like the night Famous have great night blake. Thanks bye bye when. I guess one of the thing right. Chris is that at least for the time. Being it's only california residents say only only locals can go see. You can't go you shouldn't be able to go to the tastes either. Well they didn't they didn't put the role. I'm just jealous that there's a pretty cool pictures from outta from the tasted disney. So kind of excited down there and see that so okay. Let's take a cruise for katie before we grease. Do we have to agree on this. Or can we all can we give them three different ones and they could choose from it while they did say that they would like to either sell the magic of the fantasy because those ships they haven't been on so well then it's gotta be the night or the one of the grease unreasonable iceland. They go to iceland my safe hold off on the night night because there good is not platinum. You don't get the benefit of going on one of those longer cruises where you get to like meet with a captain and have the like special tour of the theater right so i waited longer cruise. I'm gold or platinum. Whatever that s when gold. Yes started gold. But that's what they can do. They book it and then they booked some shorter three nights situations between now. I don't like is you earn is lake or katie. Maybe spend more cruises than lake. If one of you is gold. Then you'll get that best at so let's hope your golden than my recommendation is a fantasy night night. Because then you're setting out of florida and you don't have to pay airfare but you're still getting to do something that all of us will be super jealous. Yes yes yes yes taking a look at it. They know what they don't have a seven day. That goes between barcelona devika. So that's what i was gonna out there. They only have six six day or six nine in. If you're gonna go there. I would at least do the seven-night if you're flying all the way across the atlantic ocean cruise seven feels like the minimum. Yeah lhasa for sure. But you also can add in pre and post so. You're adding adventures to your venture. Yeah so i would. I would go with either one of the recruiters. To be completely honest. I would go with one of the greek crisis because athens is an amazing city. You're gonna love the your time there and then stopping at the different islands Those are like beach day. So i their fans of the caribbean. You can have a little bit more relaxing day. So you're not running into all the different cities that you do typical bed crews and I would. I would pick one of the greek ones or as a wildcard That norway up there i know. That's one that's maybe lost its luster a little bit with the frozen kind of being years away since it came out but that is a great place. It's a lot like alaska. It's just as beautiful in the fact that you can step off the ship in your like right into the town and Start adventure there without getting on a bus to go somewhere is pretty exciting too. So i assume you're talking about the september fourth norwegian for fjords versus the eleven night that goes to iceland scotland. Well if you could do the duty eleven night right. Yeah as. I wanted to do the longest one that you can. But if there are money consideration consideration live a golden oak ration- all right any final thoughts guys before we get out of here tonight. Twenty twenty two royal caribbean. Any of that stuff disneyland. Christie will start with you. Oh i have to have a thought perhaps tired I will say this will be my thought. My thought is. I would like to thank some of the listeners. That have been coming out and reaching out to employ Employ for no charge to you but my services to book your disney cruise or otherwise other vacation and we really appreciate that podcast because as some of you may or may not know the agency that i work for is has become a small sponsor of the podcast in so if people book cruises that listen through me than we get to pay the podcasts. Some of that commission that i earn and it comes out of the agency share and not mine. So everybody's winning in this scenario. And so i just wanna think those because there's been quite a few that have been reaching out recently and so i'd like to thank you guys for doing that. And then really quick to answer christine's question in the chat that Or in the comments that no blake has made some appearances before usually though were just recording not with Visual with a like this. This is audio. This is definitely getting to be past my bedtime. So he has made appearances before. But he's doing more and did not want to leave until he said good night. So there we go. Yeah into that point If you're looking for a travel agent in looking for someone to help you out. I mean you can't find somebody better than chrissy. She's got so much knowledge with dizzy. Cruise line royal caribbean Why can i not save elaborated celebrity. Wanna excelsior for some reason. I don't even know why with us coming. In from a celebrity disney disneyland as it starts to open backup in definitely reach out to Easy to work with and just so much knowledge from from all the different experiences that you had so chris any final thoughts as we get out of here. I'm not excited to do a touch of disney. We should do a show about it. We might as well yes. I'm gonna viewer hukou mazing. Miguel is dancing. But yeah we'll do. We'll do a show on touch disney will also whatever cruise like katie choose from recommendations wilder show with them about that and they can clearly pick whatever they want. But we'll still let them come and talk to us about it. Yes definitely like if you're still out there listening once you figure out what she book whatever you get a book in the next couple of days let us know. We'll bring on and find out why you picked what you picked. It'll be a lot of fun. Yeah that'd be fun. All podcast related. But i mean those those recurrent thoughts this is the most. Hopefully i mean partially because they've had half of maxine. I'm getting my second dose. April third. So i do feel super hopeful. I we're coming back. I think what i said as i thought choosing we've come back six months after the majority of vision vaccinated. So we're looking at like fall and i think that's a that's not unrealistic that many cruise lines will start as to sale even out of the. Us starting this fall winter. Richard fain always ends his talks to us sort of like. Steve starts his podcast with us with his little badness. And so richard. zoe's like. Wash your hands. Where your mask. And he did say in part of that before he said that part is that you know the united states needs to make sure we're not being complacent here with coronavirus and that were still being careful or else these cruise lines it is going to roll back because if we keep having these issues or if there's spikes than these are not going to be able to go out and that's hundreds of thousands of jobs from even the the longshoremen that work at the ports and the the people that help you get your stuff into your the. I have no words tonight but the people that move your luggage into ship. And then all the people that work at all the ports plus all the actual employees that work on the cruise lines plus the travel agents that. Need you guys to travel to make any money. So there's a lot people that need america to start doing their part so that we can actually get back to cruising and that was the message that he meant that he mentioned in something. Just want to remind people. Because i too want to be out there and able to go into the world maybe with a little less fear for even myself but also just to get people back. Everybody wants to get back to work while to get back to work. We need to to get to that stage with that being said i think that I i do believe hear pirate nights starting out on the stage here on the beautiful magic outta right around the corner down the coast chris way past your bedtime. Wrap this up Yes you to say me to get you off now. I was gonna say agree. Debbie downer way to end it by do yo- paw that lake and katie can go on their crews next year and they commented that they're thinking norway and that they wanna know of steve win. The prize. sheriff's wins the prize. The prize is being our next podcast. Christie has bring the data joke. I wear my. I was going to wear my norway t-shirt tonight to lake getting katie's unfortunately i pulled it out and i did put it on so i'll put it on next. Listen there you go our way. What i am going crazy guy. Steve wants to go. But look at this. Is my new disney shirt from durable. And you guys need to get it okay. You get out of here. Thanks guys thanks chrissy. Thank you for being part of our podcast. Thanks for your insight and If you're looking at book pack your pixie dust dot com reach christie. If you need some help with that and the let us know what you guys decide to book. We'll put a post up on our facebook page This weekend Love to hear what you guys. If if you're deciding to increase in twenty twenty two the summer love to hear what you guys are headed Gets pretty exciting time and we. You will be out there soon so as get tonight. Thanks for coming back and taking listen and we'll see next. Time on dc l. podcast.

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What role suits you!

Pig & Whistle - Tales from Azeroth

28:32 min | 9 months ago

What role suits you!

"As a waste at the pig and whistle in storm wind a chat for a variety of subjects with for toward a croft. So a bottle or pint. Sit back and enjoy today subject. We're gonna be talking about what row that aren't rose. That are in. Wow or more specifically what rose see not sure what happened now. I can get my hours. Go but in. Wow you've got three different types of rose. The of the common Different roles you've got damage. Dps or in dd. Some people. don't quote it. Damage dealers you have tank the bulky upfront Loud tank and you go hailers now as you go through all of these different games route your life. You pay many different games. That will be a few games that you come across that where these rose matter. And they are. In many instances many different types of games they can be in. Fps is like overwatch and companion. Wow itself different ma-ma. Pg's always have them but you're defined by your defined in a rite aid immortal croft by what row eua you are evert. Eps you're a tank or your healer. Now there are different soave personalities that go behind each healer and tank tank. Dpi somewhat role you pick for yourself because no matter war you saw yourself into these rose whether you know it or not whether you like actively know that you're doing so or not and this can be a reflection on how you are as a person in real life. This can be a reflection on how you wish to play the game. It could be many different things. But there's many like attributes and traits the these rows and the people who take up these roles have now we're gonna be going through them. There might be some similarities. Might be some so. I'm some i. Miss days are personally. Will i think defined the dps tank in hilo. But let's get straight into it. We'll go with the one that's mostly all the very most common one. Which is dps. Now dps is damage per second or damaged de la as you. As some people will cool it to show wise people quoted damage dealer. It makes sense but it just doesn't sound right. In my head of dps front frontline. Entire life udps. They usually chilled in a way. The thanked don't want any responsibility. Within a ride. Mostly the responsibility lies with the tanks and healers for the most part. Dps do still have a role within not writing community and that are sometimes where is a bit more demanding of them to do certain things but they usually have the more relaxed role is usually the role they want to take on. More relaxed chilled. And just so of a step back and not be at the forefront of everything now. These are usually the lazy people. I am a lazy person myself. So i choose to be dps or at least the chew would sort of explanation. I'm giving. it is a lazy version. Because i don't feel like tanking you know having to run off groped torn t to bring it back to mock up my son mobs i just wanna drink in between each fight. Cost a couple five overs. Drink again and buff up every now and again nice simple nothing too crazy in order to stay so you also have the gps im- again. This is only my opinion. So don't take this to heart. I'm not having to go anyone but this is me personally for the eps. Almost they like big numbers and this usually is true. Because i love to say just giant creates on anything. I can anything that It's just a massive number. And i know the i'm beating everyone on dps. I'm beating the tanks definitely beaten the healers casino even doing. Eps while they join this honestly ridiculous. But i know the unbeaten tanks. I'm doing like three times. The damage gotten absolutely crazy on. Dsp tas and i'm always looking at that. Like every fire is like have moved up a place a mind second. I'm fast now. Everything that goes with the big numbers. I like to say and i like to see how much can push my cloths and how much can really pump out the damage numbers and go crazy with it. So is fun. And that's where i find my joint in raids. It's like okay. How big of an ignite can we get. If you're fine manage. How big of a one fireable creek canoy do. What is my maximum criminal. I've done which is something like i think. Three point three five Not without whoa buffs. That's just newly off twice. No whoa boss. S no flask. A couple consumes though as well as But yeah about three point three. And i'm kind of happy with the on kind of light bank. It's not been like. I'm asking everybody to try and pump the damage and get the biggest number i possibly can. I mean there's some videos on youtube where people have gotten like case fires in like a battleground where they like fully consumed by have a beserk adiba off and it is just absolutely mind blowing. But as a gps. I liked to show off with these big numbers. Do to show off is basically you flexing your muscles and being like yeah. Look at me on amazing. This i'm pumping so much damage that no one can even catch me on. Top of the dps may and no one's gonna do anything. I am the main man in the skilled. I'm the main damage in this scaled. And if you lose may for a week then you're gonna lose out on a serious amount damage pretty much. It's kind of the on building myself up. Because i want to be the best. Dps indicate almost is kind of a mini competition. And this goes on to having a big ego now. My ego is quite big. Sometimes i do. I jokingly express myself and built myself up to be this amazing like godly. Pv may and everything is just to inflate the government. So it's just a joke about and have a good time is nothing like i know that i am the best. It's more like. I know that i'm definitely not the best. But i'm fairly decent. I compete most people. But i want to show everyone else. The i'm an absolute god of eps. I can absolutely destroyed the damage meters. I could destroy everyone on them. I'm going to be number one on not dps meter and it's it. Like i said it does coys assault mini-competition competition within the guild. So there's about ten people that really wanted to push and get like top spot on the meter. Every day. some people begin in world bus hopefully consumables everything and there will be devising strategies and stuff on passing and getting that top. Dps on that week where they get absolutely everything in terms of buffs. Which i mean. Go for it. It causes it means the the rights on style and they on repetitive constantly constantly. Doing the same thing. You're always fighting for that top spot. You're always looking at the. Gps mehta unlike the last boss that the last trash pack. And there's like one spell in between you and took place and you're really trying to pump out your mashing that one button so hard is about to fly off the aka board and it does really liven up the rate in seeing nolan stay. So that's where the so big ego comes from. It's like yes. I made it to i. Yes i'm in the top to suffer like that. I mean just this past wednesday. Yet past wednesday i went into a black wing leira aid and the first boss raise ago. Someone has to mon- controlling and all mind-control person messed up a little bit. So i took over in terms of mind controlling and destroying these thirty eggs that you have to destroy around the room for people that don't know the boss it you have to destroy all of the thirty eggs that are in the bosses room before you can kill the boss of hawaii's if you kill the boss with at least two even if there's one step up he will explode and one short you'll it's that simple really not mechanic but i was driving head quote so to speak the boss and i was thinking to myself. This is from a missing out on damage so you. I'm for the rest of the pumping damage trying to catch up. And when you get to the like an arrow point for mejia's there's usually one in every right but when you get to an o e point. I m looking at that. Dps meter so much. And i see myself going my every pac. Twelve to eleven to ten to ninth seventh. I just can't go up and funded tom. The right was over. I was second and point one percent off top spot. And i met thinking to myself off to the right. I was so close. But i'm probably topped gps. If i'm not driving the first boston doing no dps on the first boss whatsoever so there is again that ego that comes into place yom still the greatest to even even came second still. It doesn't tell the whole story on the greatest which is good fun again is competition it really pushes you to do something for the epsn. It gives them to do or it gets s something to sort of compete over as well. Moving on to tang's tanks that quite honestly that you're talkative they your protectors that almost like your parents. Almost like you know that they will protect you and not do anything for you though. Jump into torn mob though like give their lives so that you can deal more damage pretty much they getting slapped about that you can like do the most damage you possibly can tank the great. Get me wrong. But with these. So of a trait sit that tanks of have they want a leadership quality then looking at themselves and thinking. Yeah i can lead this right. I'm a leader. I can really push this and get the best out with everyone. Really motivate everyone to absurd a smash this rights smashes boss will ever even if you take it steps like killed the will do this boston. Mmediately get it down in no time watching to kill him in less than a minute or if you've got for the long run it's like yeah. I want to complete this raid within an hour stuff like that like you your leadership quality to shine for gaza time and you want it to be heard your at the forefront of everything you want. Everyone's focus on you and you demand it you don't ask for you. Demand to is like okay. This is my target. No one touched this target. Until he's being pulled out of the pack and then you can kill him like you demand everything out of your grade and you want to be so the dominating factor in that right lead in it forward pushing everyone to do their best. And it basically means that you're the main man of raid a now there's multiple tanks usually in a rate group is usually about three to four. I mean four is about best because you've got a few of tanks then three is kind of okay. Yeah free is fine but you want all of them to be talkative. You want every tank to be up for jumping in. Have some sort of trick up their sleeve. I mean i play tanks on of games. Overwatch being one and i really like the way that tanks played because you demand space in not over what you demand like people to respect that you're tank and you can't just bust them down like i am a big bulky like guy you will not get past me and even if you try smacky back so that you can't hurt the people behind me you the so protective father almost and is quite fun to be got so presence that big bulky presence every now and again is always good but teng's great. You always have to have a tricks up your sleeve. Like i said i tank sometimes. But it's not the traditional tanking in classic i boom kin tank and boon kin is the druids balanced Spec now balances obviously a gps. Spank and it gives you moon kim form now. The moon kim form has the same Like uses as baffled that gives you the same arm contribution and what bad tanks on basically all about. Is there arma. So even when you're in this museum. Kim form at your so tankeea with armagh that it's unreal depending on what gay you're wearing obviously but there's always a way that there's always tricks that you can have so i might have been a boom. Can i have loads of by trinket we try. And i'll go for an ao. We tang so. I would pull a mob few months. Grab like several packs. Most several packed several moths. A fair amount of enemies. Drag them in. I would Bunk skin and hurricane for aol damage. And then i would use my trinket and hop into bathroom now. This means that. I've got a very good threat. Laid and basically. I am just sat in bear form swiping away and getting a bit more rage on a few mobs and can turn off if anyone does rip ackward from me now again. I don't do this enright because it is a bit ridiculous but in dungeons is very possible and there are certain composition for the allow for boom tank. And it's quite fun again to demonic presence you dictate the pace at which the dungeon of the rate is going and no one else can sort of pushed up like post the rite aid or the dungeon quick. No one can slow it down. Its old on you. You are the main man and not from now. we'll move onto healers. Hey listen the unsung heroes. Honestly he lives just amazing in what they do. They don't want to be in the in the likely to be shown as these guns like pumping out low to damage them more than happy to sit back and just heal the tank hill. The main man. That is commanding. Everyone going forward. And that is pushing everything out and fullwood lie in the raid. Now he lives can oviously the healing charts and have a small competition there with like on my god. I've held like than you. I've i healed the most in the raid on the best but it's not like dp. S healers don't look at that he lose our collective in a raid and a group they look each other and bela marko. You did so. Congratulations then like the ones backing each other up and cheering each other on. Whereas dps on the other hand i myself personally would jokingly belie i came i your phone. Good luck next week. Whereas he lives is just complete opposites. Yeah good job really good well so down. Really the unsung heroes. Because they don't have any type of big go like the gps. They're very much the backseat role. The no one really notices but they are a huge part in which which drives the right forward because if you have all for healers your tang no matter how good your tank case. He's gonna die. And if you have awful tang's no matter. How good you he lazar the was still somehow and like these. Two things are the big components within rights. Dps you can have like very little gps. like you wouldn't have. But you could off the deep in all right tim in my gear but because we're so well drilled with tanks and he lose. The fight will last longer double the time if my master's correct if you half the damage should be double the time the fine but if you do got it just creates a complete different game. You've got longevity so the he lives need to adapt their place. They need to conserve a bit more manner. At times they need to hear what more crucial points. Instead of just wasting random flash hill wanna tank maybe the tanks will also a bit safer. They need concentration for long. They need to concentrate longer. They need to cool down. Certain times am rotate torn and certain times etcetera said. Gps on necessarily the biggest thing thompson healers a core of that right team. You don't have a good kunwar. Everything crumbles and healers don't get the like the limelight that the tang's day because the tanks are at the forefront shouting and bowling and it's like oh my god hilmi please hilmi out i wanted. I please hilmi. The he'll is silent ima- case anyway in august is quite ready to hear. Hear a healer speak on during a ride. It will usually be if it's just a question or like arguably there's a healer so he'll comment on something. We have a couple clause leaders. The preseason drouin staff where they'll comment on something as well so you just get light smoke comments here and there but they are at the forefront and you know expressing have voice shouting at people ten everything everything that's happening ten and people what to do but most importantly healers one hundred percent loved by every one in the game i myself. I'm fine hailing enjoyable. Ato i again. Don't necessarily helium well. But i'm gonna use of watches an exam point of a blizzard game i. He'll in overwatch a tiny bit. But the healers the i do like playing all the ones that can dps a bit. So the ones that can move hold their own against a gps and that's where my ego comes into play like. Okay i need to show up on the cable. Feed light for over and stuff. So that's my ego gets in the way but most of the heels in while of absolute citing they will do everything they can to support anyone else in what they're doing and they don't care if i get nose just not they really done a again going back to the helium eaters. Will when you log a right. So after the raid everyone can look back and see who was talked damaged. I br break everything. Down day spell was deaths. When was the desk during the fi. Like when was they say ceo. During the to people buff during the fight is people use any like potions during the fight stuff like that but order. Dps will look at the logs. Look at dps and then they'll look at the healing logs and they'll be like. Oh my god. This healing like this healer is so good. How did they like beat. This person by three percent like heels and stuff and then will be on my god. You're insane and the he'll respond to me like i just did my job. That is nothing to fantasy on. Just hailing and the helix won't even look at that they'll look at like if a tank dropped below fifty percent during a fight. They'll see that as a fag new euro something and they'll see like when the tengku take the most damaged. I is it during a torn or is it like during parry stuff like that so they don't look for that big ego stuff. They just look for the smoothie minute details and work on themselves pretty much that work on themselves to improve the right whereas dps will welcome themselves to improve the eps. Well i do anyway. Because you know i'm i'm the best. Vpn game but yeah. He doesn't just absolutely love bio i don't understand how people will put themselves in a he leroux and no get bored in honesty. I'll get bored of after like a month also and even then nas pushing it but these are the three main rose on what in what warcraft halo very selfless it. You're not going to be you know at the forefront you'll vary you want everyone to six eight you want everyone else to succeed it. You're the leader. You're demanding everyone's attention wanna push the very best dp. You're just that top at show time if you can talk the damage meter get bad free the the so lazy and relaxed kind but again i could go into more detail with tanks healers tps because there's so many things that you can break down 'cause different tanks styles as different. He'll of stalls as different. Gps stoves one of the tanks. Stause being the boom content. The i mentioned and of a hailing style was actually this one's in retail more than classic but never healing style was depressing to heal which is a disc priest And dp is just many different things that you can have a big big number damage. Smolder foster tax like rogue stuff like that said. There's different as many sort of sections within each row and you will subconsciously. Put yourself in these roads as you're going through a we'll cross like as soon as you hit level ten you look at your talents and be like oh protection that sounds like a coup talent tree. Oh fury that sounds like a coup talent tree or or oh arms. That sounds like a cool talent. tree protect. Shouldn't just screams. I'm going to protect everyone. I mean he's saying the name so if you're the leader quality and you want to protect office that's what you can look forward to. And that's going so flip a switch in your mind like yeah. I'm going to pay the protective tank. I'm going to be the bulky guy at the front protecting everyone whilst everyone else's behind me supporting me and if you'll fury is screams. Oh my god that sounds so angry on just swinging away at stuff in absolutely hacked stuff up with these massive swords these massive axes and stuff like that so whenever you look at like talent luck talent tree and you've got them three different sections at the bottom. The three different light talent trees. There will be one that stands out and you'll be like that sounds cool. I'm going to go for that. And that's why you saw of flick switches light. Do i like protection or do i actually want to go to fury because it sounds more adrenaline adrenaline pumping. It really gives you you hit almost but again you figure these roles out as you go along it might take your years. It might take you months or even weeks. You'll be like yeah. I'm always a hilo with a healer. You look it up to your guy from there others just being like i do like tanking but i do like who just dealing massive damage. I'm not too keen on halo new. So it'd be stopped between the two and you'll eventually lean towards one like going would like to expand on these in the coming weeks lot. Tank the hilo different sort of sub rose within it. But i would like to thank you for listening. And i'll give you some news now this week. A new website was pomp. And this is the official pagan whistle website. That has been put up. There will be linked down in the description. Please check out is absolutely everything that you could want on. Its got links to all the social media's the patriots on the po cost itself. It gives you a intro video about me. Why i want to do the podcast. And just why. I love Producing this content for you find it just appreciate it so much if you go in at least check it out and just see the what but it's been put on it because it in my opinion is an amazing web site and sir happy with how it looks and once again i would like to point you towards the pig pigmentosa patron. It will be done description as well with the website and it's not a mandatory thing by all means you'll always get these poke costs every week with your a patriot member or not. But if you do wish to donate to the picking whistle patron it will be greatly appreciated. I don't even know how could appreciate it even more just for you guys listening but you also get additional benefits with the patron you'd get Exclusive coss and also a couple of discord benefits to go along with it. Thank you very much for watching as always is very appreciated. I say that too much. I just reynolds and goes all the friends.

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" Why Live Holy ?"

Life in The Word

26:32 min | 7 years ago

" Why Live Holy ?"

"Locked talk radio. Hello. My Christian brothers and sisters. Great to be back on block talk radio on today. Coming live from our studio, and we just extend God's blessing upon from hope international ministries minister Mary Maori today, if you have your bibles we want to still stay on the subject of grace and today, we're going to talk about why live holy as Christians. Why are we to holy? So come on. Let's get into the word of God. I'm excited about God. I'm excited about what he has to say today, your hearts, and your mind and your spirit to receive with us if the Lord on today, a bad as we begin brothers and my sisters the gospel is the power of God is good news specifically that all right standing with God is based on his grace and not outperformance the law of given to show us our need of savior. Now, they should is more than just beginning of our sins and the initial born again experience salvation includes everything purchase for us, the tone -ment of Jesus and that living clued our healing our deliverance and parity now in the first five chapters of Roman Paul presented grace, and such a strong and powerful way. That it was an evitable for this question to arise and so- Romans. Six and one says what shall we say then? So we continue in thin that grace may abound. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Paul has expounded this subject of grace in math. Civil faction Wellman's is the definite definative work on what grace really is therefore we could certainly say that Paul is in this cheese and proper balance, however, three different times, and that is in Romans three and eight Roman six and one and woman six fifteen Paul had to deal with this question. What am I saying? And my saying that you could just go Livingston because God is dealing with other based on grace and not performance. Three times a man who presented his truth in perfect balance had to counter what he knew people were wondering in their hearts. Let me see if I had this straight here, Paul. My thing is issue. It's not separating me from God. My performance has no bearing on my right standing guard. Paul. Are you saying is that all I have to do to access access? God's grace. If place my faith in Jesus Christ did Paul are you saying that I can just go in mizzen thin? Well, my brothers and sisters. We should already know the answer to that. If Paul presenting this properly has repeatedly deal with this question. How can we think that we could present the gospel any better? So that no one would misunderstanding. If we're chilly eighteen grace away. All it's in evitable. My brothers and sisters that somebody will jump to this conclusion. Are you saying that I can just go Livingston force Paul answer to this in? Every instance, was AB sounding. No, that's not what he was saying. That's not what I'm saying here today. That's not what any teacher of God's word is saying, well, they preach the Goss of grace. But if the question doesn't come up, then we haven't communicated grace to the same extent that Paul did. And if that question doesn't arise then we haven't properly resented docile, we have emphasized God's grape sufficiently, then they should be logical question that must be addressed. Paul who's at the grace of God. And such a way that he was misunderstood. If we're presenting the gospel properly today, my brothers and sisters the one point to have to come back and answer this question. Are you saying that I can just go live in sin? That being said let me exit Paul was not encouraging sin and Roman six verse two he began to answer. This question thing God forbid, this was the strongest we nunciatures Paul could have made in the Greek language without employing, some type of profanity this was and emphatic absolute denial. He was saying, no, absolutely not. Why then? Wasn't Paul attitude. Hey since his by grace, just keep moving insane. They've I send isn't what stopping for moving in our lives. And it's not our holiness that earned his blessing. But his grace only what is the purpose. My brothers and sisters. What is the purpose of holiness? Why live whole if our holiness is what games a favor with God. Then why bother? Of course, most people today are well versed in the that that the bible teaches us to live. Holy to look at what Paul said here enrollment six about while we should live. Holy what is of holiness pal just two days. But why live holy the first? My brother instances begins in verse two Roman six and she said how Shelby that are dead to thin this any longer there in. So my brothers and my sisters the number one reason why we as Christians don't live incentives because we are no longer by nature a child of the dabble after being born again, it's not our nature anymore thin. Holly loser. Roman six fifteen and sixteen. What then shall we thin because we are not under the law but under grace? God forbid, no not that. The whom he he'll yourself serves will they his service Utah to whom he obey. Whether of sin of the death or of obedience unto righteousness. So then my brothers and my sisters the second season to live. Holy is that living holy stop Satan's inroads into our live. If you're living in thin, your yielding self to be author of thin, this allows the devil to bring death and destruction into your life. That was you. You'll just up holiness. Then you're yielding to God who is the author of that holiness, and this could use his dot leaders. So my brothers and sisters and some the to leasing acquistion to the holy are one. It's out nature now to the holy. Secondly, living holding stop stating inroads into allies. I was certainly not advocating that we are go out and sin, and I'm not advocating that go out and anyone who preaches the grace of God correctly is not advocating living in thin. Always thing is that our motive for living. Holy is not to get got to accept us. We as Christian live. Holy because it's now our nature we had a new nature. And so it is now our major to mid that way. And we want to give the devil any excess into our lives. So again believing living holy is. The fruit is not a root of sounding. She it is a byproduct of living in right relationship with our God. But not a means to obtain. Now, that's a powerful revelation that you need to get hold of. Of course assistance is supposed to be holy holiness is important probably more important that you ever heard preach. Why why is holiness and living in moving this song important? Most people don't understand grace, Audrey of legalistic mindset and relate to God based on their performance. These kinds of people say that the reason why holding this is so important is that it's how got mooned in their lives. He moved directly. Proportionately to our holy while my brothers and sisters in Christ. That's not true. That's not what the scripture is teaching many people believe that the reason why they're supposed to attend church is that God is somehow keeping track their attendance. If you're attending church that that's that's good. That's the. And we should because that's what the bible tells us to do. So if you attend church, well, then some believe that. Attend church. Well, then you get your prayer answer, your more blessed and some believe if you don't attend then God will be upset with you. And probably won't answer your prayers or move on your behalf. What I'm saying on today is that is not true that simply not true. God doesn't move in our lives based on our attendant. If you never wanna charge again, my brothers and sisters, God would love you vastly the same the problem with that is is that you wouldn't love. God exactly the same. You will miss out on fellowship with other believers and the encouragement and challenges that it brings you wouldn't hear and apply. The world the thing while sitting at home about yourself, so meeting with other believers is absolutely important because it changes your heart toward God, not his towards you. If you never went to church again, my brothers and sisters God love, you just the same. But let me just say this. You would be very foolish not to attend church because you wouldn't love God the same. Can you see how fully attending church helps them? Furrow? It's our nature is our new nature, but we live that way that we live in worship and fellowship in studying. God's words words with other believers, and it helps us to be this apple by being around other Christians and in the word together. If you never study the word again, my brothers and sisters, God was still love your back to spend. But you wouldn't want God to thing because you wouldn't have the regulation of truth, you'd be thinking, according to someone else's opinion. You are really three to just develop your own opinion of how. Somebody is going to Lewin. She one way or another either you'll be influenced by the death. Negatives them and wrong conceptions of the world and religion or you'll get into God's word and learn the cheese and the bible says the truth shall make you free. That's John eight thirty two. Now in John seventeen and seventeen sanctify them. Or in other words, make them. Holy these. I choose by word is. Being odds weren't changes our hearts poured him itself is a heart. God loves you, just the same. If you never studied words. Since guys love toward us doesn't change based on our performance. My brothers and sisters. This mean that we shouldn't get into the word. Absolutely not it was truly born. It is our nature to hunger for the truth. And as we just saw the world is the source of truth is where we're of the reality that we are in a battle and Satan is coming against us. Then we'll realize that it is our vantage to get into God's word because God were changes a hearts because God's word. Correct. Her attitude. My brothers and sisters in Christ being in God's word is a revelation and help teeth the devil, but having access into our lives. Now, I'm advocating the same standards as those who demand holing. But from an entirely different movements. Yeah. Go to church. Yes. Pair tied. Yes. We're the study the word. Yes. We are to love people. Yes. We have to get rid of bitterness and anger. Yes. We have to keep all the standards. I'm advocating holiness, but for totally different reasons. And this is the point Paul making the Mon of the holiness has changed you shouldn't be living. Holy and thinking if I'm holding enough. God love me. Accept me. Answer my prayers Hilmi, prosper me all of these things thinks of all of these things your entire relationship with God must be please get this in your spirit. It must be based on God's grace. It truly born again you desire to the holy. And to minimize Satan's opportunities against to Hebrews twelve and one is not a lay aside every weight and the sin we still so easily. These set us. And let us run with patience the race. That is set before. You're running running the race of life. The person who's organized race and push and put it on. Let me just say this again but person who's organized the race. And put it on me, not be mad at you. If you don't finish the race. But if you have ways thins holding you that is definitely going to Hindi you runs the Lord saints of God. You won't be asked to active as someone. Oh, God won't love you less. But you might love him this, so Lee ways aside and be more effective run. The men thank God with some may say well, living holiest still the bottom line. What's the big deal to marry Mallory motive is everything? My brothers and sisters, according to God's word, your motive is actually more important than your actions. I Corinthians thirteen in three days. Though, I still all my deeds to feed the poor. And so again, my body to be burned and have not charity. God's kind of love it profits me nothing. Holy X in this case giving to the poor or even laying down your life for another profit you nothing unless they've done. Motivated by God's kind of love. If your motivation for living, holy giving finances or sacrificing your life of someone else or sample is debt obligation or trying to earn something then saints of God, your motive is wrong. You are doing it out of a lovely spots for what the Lord has done. But you doing it to try to gain a positive response from God. You believe that God is responding to new instead of you responding to him if that's your motive if profits you nothing according to. Thirteen in three. This is exactly why so many people are he'll today, the Leonard and prospered. They're doing the right thing is studying the word paying their town among others. But they're putting their faith and what they're doing. They're thinking God. Is it enough? Now, will you move in my life? Wrong, motives wrong, motives, think of got gets wrong results. That's not too battlefields. To bibles safe must be what God has done for us. Not in what we are doing for. Thank God today. The message why is holding? Why live? Holy. And I think that we have for many many years we have thought of holiness as wearing certain clothing, not when you make up not win. Juries put so many. So much focus on the outer. But living holy my brothers and sisters visiting holy is lowering the Holy Spirit to lead and guide out. Life is not in what we do. But in what Christ has done for us. He has given us his righteousness any stains for our thin. He's paid the penalty for what we deserve at. I thank God for his grace. And the word of God says that. Was saved by grace you saved by grace through faith, not of our works. Let's any man nosed. So all we need to do is. We are not aware not a believer. We've not received Jesus Christ. Lord, invader. The violence is all we have to do is beneath and godson and what he has done for us, by way of the cross. Thank God for the message of grace because the message of grace has truly transformed my life. And so I share the word of God. And the message of grace. With with the world because. There's so many people who are working and trying to gay. Right faith with God. Right. This is God's works their own effort. And I'm here to tell you that it would burn you out. And and. Will get to know where because the motives along. All God with fires is that we believe on his son Jesus Christ. So wanted they as always I will offer anyone who is listening. Today on this message while it home if you do not know Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior. On today. I'm going to offer you the most precious gift in the entire world. And that guest is Jesus. And you know, what it's simple sometimes the allergy makes it seem like seem like it's very it's very hard. But it's not difficult at all. It's very simple. All you have to do is repeat. This is prayer with me Lord. I realized that I am in on today. I wanna exchange this sinful nature for your rights, just nature. I can say today, and I believe in my heart that Jesus Christ died for me in my things. I 'cause that's today that not only did use guy for my things. But that he took all of my sins upon his person. He died he arose again. And he's now sitting at the right hand of the father making intercession for me. I believe that in my heart and not confessed it right now with my mouth, and I invite Jesus Christ see the world to come into my heart and take residence. And as I did this with my mouth, and as I have believed this as do believe this with my heart. I know confess that I am saying that I am now they like this of God in Christ. Jesus you said that. Infested, the nieghboring in your heart. Your say. Here's and I welcome with fishery into the kingdom of God. Brothers and sisters. Thank you for joining me on this wonderful day. I think you will be coming back. I'm going to try to create a schedule. Whereas we will be broadcasting broadcasting on Saturday morning. We can catch me live. I will have a scheduled time. So if you wanna call in or questions, I'll have that available coming up soon, but for now just catch me on the blog radio checkout. What the word is doing in in the life of the believer. I'm just so so grateful and what he is doing in my life. I think gossiping able to share the word of God. I thank you want to trade the blessing of the Lord be upon you. I pray that this word would not be a word of service work, but his. I player that the Holy Spirit has guided the sport to very spiriting, it'll and not just be what I know. I would own this for this word would become a part of me. And that I would be able to understand the grace of God. And how it is applied to my life as a believer. God bless you may heaven shine upon you. And remember my brothers and sisters in Christ. Jesus that Jesus Christ is Lord, God bless.

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A Growers Favorite Day is Harvest

Cork Talk

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A Growers Favorite Day is Harvest

"The joe guys. Welcome to up in this episode. We talked to wendy kelvin. Wooten of lake vineyards in olen. north carolina. Wendy kelvin are grape. Growers for four varietals on their property the first point the vineyard in two thousand seven with their i in twenty ten clear on our conversation. You'll hear many of the challenges growing grapes north carolina. And look. you're how they deal with some of the more pesky issues. Wine class with the white house is back this time jesse and just talked to us about the great. This episode is made possible in part by a grant from the north carolina. line the grape council. You can learn more about the council by going to their website and see wind dot. Org sit back glass for today. We welcome windy from moon. Lake vineyards an ol- in north carolina welcomed the court top. Welcome you guys. Thank you so much for having us. So maybe we start with wendy and introduce yourself and tell us all about what you do with moonlight vendors absolutely I'm wendy wooden kelvin. Wooten is here with me my husband. We are the proprietors of moonlight vendors in north carolina. We actually moved here in two thousand and four to kelvin's family far we we Reside on about fifty acres and our vineyard is actually about four acres. That workers a four varieties. And we'll get into that. I'm sure To conversation that yes We are two of the crazy amongst all the crazy people that do this for a living and thank you so much for having us. oh absolutely. We're really happy to have both of you on the show today. So now to start off with your just grape growers right so you only grow the grapes. We all go. The grapes definitely thought about having a tasting room at some point. And you don't make your money growing grapes. Yes we only grow the grapes and we sell to The people that know what they're doing in in making one. We don't do that for sure but we all drink the wine right. Yes actually drinking. Beer today Because i had a professor at serie at one point hilmi. It takes a whole lot of beer kurna excellent. So what inspired you to plant that vineyard and when did you plan well. We're we're wine enthusiasts. Always have been since our relationship started and moved to kill him Again his his family's farm and as we were building the house would come here at beautiful beautiful property. And always think we should do this. But in the interim kelvin's family is from a tobacco background. They grew tobacco's two generations at least two generous. Yes they got out of that in the eighties. Yeah tobacco when gail the wouldn't many grosz. Let's get into it so it went down and my dad decided to get out of it so colleagues in the property and that's when we took yes and again we come here and think this property needs to be farmed and the more we Started researching and hearing about other farms or other tobacco farms boy into grape vineyards were like. Wow may maybe we could do this and after a few more bottles of wine we said. let's do. let's go for it and yeah. We started doing a lot of research. We visited tons and tons of vineyards in growers in Ask the whole other questions. Found out about through community college and viticulture program. Signed up for that. In in the meantime while i was at surrey works for a local vineyard and that was actually the best education. Thank goodness for surrey. Thank goodness for the opportunity to do an internship. We fell in love with it. We just said we need to do this. So calvin you mentioned your family has a history of tobacco growing talked. A little bit about what that was like. Were you involved with that and on the farm itself. Oh yeah from. Planning to hoeing sues suffering picking to Harvesting to curing. Yeah i was on a big part of that for many years since it was a young child and we big. I mean a huge backer. We only had like four or five acres but we At corn soybeans. I haven't gotten but i can. So so we we Head rotational crops at all time. So now wendy. How 'bout for yourself. Then did you have any background in farming before you decided. Let's get into grapes right. Actually i grew up on about a twenty acre farm but we only had like cows chickens course. My mom and dad did rotation crops. Nothing assyria says is is great. This is something totally totally different. So what year did you plant the near visually. We actually plant in two thousand seven which was a crazy crazy year. I'm sure some of your listeners. That are growers will remember april. It was Easter weekend or the weekend before easter we did we did. Two weekends of planting are four acres at and the first weekend. It was sixteen degrees. Luckily we had surry community college. Come out and help us with that and friends and family We were in Toboggans gloves and it was ridiculously cold in the following weekend we were in shorts and t shirts it was seventy eighty degrees will from one extreme to the other in planning. It was great it. Typical north carolina sprang very challenging. And also that year was one of the. Actually it was. It may have hit a record for a drought. We had incredibly no water that year. No rain We actually had to fun a water tank. We had to hoses that we pumping water out of our pond front of the house and we pump in a tank and go water bands to keep along the only time you want it to be to have. The grapes have is when you plumbers plant and then unexperienced that ever since you know. Go get record rainfall with the last stuff right up very challenging year but we we kept alive you got a great percentage of all. They lived with that the only reason they live this is we were out there. Watering them. daily Otherwise if we would have not had a successful of planting true yeah varieties. Did you plan. We actually planted off four different varieties one acre each We have a peanut greet or peanut gratiot. An italian white obviously We have a temper. Nia which is spanish rid in traumat- french american hybrid in we have multiple shadow a and the italian rid. And we are just experimenting. This year will be planting this next couple of weeks they should arrive petite forgo school. We hear that does very very well in north carolina. So yes We're we're having expand now. So how did you decide on those varieties. You know we did research these grad. He's very well before we planted but l. those varieties. We were always told. Never plant a variety that you just love to drink and we didn't We we all of those varieties do well. North carolina timber nia. But we absolutely love tinia that earthy spanish beautiful little red and it's actually done very very well on our site we. We're very proud of our our. Tiffany how did you go about selecting the right clone or sula look out and get a clone that worked you know in for north carolina. It's hard to specify your clones you're very limited in what you can get Obviously you can't get those in north carolina you either. It's more california or new york. Upper new york to to get your cleanse and varieties or clones for varieties. You pretty much are at their mercy is for what they have in stock and even for root stock so yes we you pretty much order the variety and hope that the car on is going to be good for your climate and soil. I don't know too much. I mean we're we're not. We're not farmers enjoy wine. We know the basics of grape growing and things like that but tell us a little bit about how growing grapes is different than the other rotational crops. That you would have well great comeback. Every year some props you have to keep replanting so we had tobacco so it had to be replanted. Every year we get corn or soybeans oats or weed. Whatever it always has to be land so this right here is established and you just apt to He caught a beta every year. But is still here and it keeps your you know. It's not like a normal crop like most farmers grow once you establish it is. It's here so. I didn't go anywhere but it requires work all year. Oh la more work Rotational imagine so so talk to us about maybe take us through the seasons and talk about kind of whether the the things that bring you joy each season but but what are some of the challenges of each season. We just got through with crony. Did they use in in. Probably the most important part of the process of the growing season it sets the whole format for for your growing season. The following growing season This week at finally got the the shoots that we cut that we print and burned those. And you do that if they harbor any disease you those out of the vineyard to get rid of that. Yeah that that's the first part of your growing season and then but break is so exciting in such a huge part of everything that will be coming up. We even see this week. Some swail which means it's gonna be just a few weeks before the buds pop and that's just just just exciting. Spring is here and The grapes are getting ready to to flourish. But you also deal with all my goodness. We need the correct sprays. You get everything ready for shoot growth in canopy management. Which is the next phase when those shoot start popping out against fraser so important Disease management is is ongoing throughout the season. But yet if going into an order of things the next thing is is Is canopy management and that is all season. We are out there from now until october. Keeping a shoot thinned out. Leaves pulled dash spraying on continuous spraying. Herbicide there's always something redone. Sprays are every every seven to ten days in that a strictly dependent on the weather. We have rainy. Season your spray. More obviously the drier it is. We love that you know we love dry weather we've planet. It was dr which we didn't need last year's been the record rainfalls of the last hundred years yet. Pagan and and deal with as you came. It's a lot guys it's a lot it's a lot some are You know a ten hour days seven days a week in the prime of everything going on. And then you know you'll ally if things started Mature and you get a little bit of a four hour day break. yeah it. it's intense great. Growing is is no joke so typically when when so. I'm assuming one of the whites. As the first grape to be harvested windows harvest typically start and has it has. It moved up in the last several years. It's funny it depends agree own the weather your season. If it could be hot early it can be early harp season. If it's not it can delay it. So it just depends. It's funny that most whites are harvested early but we have a red typically. A lot of times is earlier than the white house. It just been a peanut. Peanut gre- is usually the first to harvest and that's Mid to late august which is early for north For great but for north carolina Not so much and are tiffany is usually shortly after that Between late august and early september and then our Traumat- comes in and not see. are multiple shannon's after that. I can't tell you enough. The most gratifying thing for a farmer is to get those Beautiful great soften into the heads of the winemaker. You all that work is In their hands now the dig a little bit of a break before you have to start the whole thing over again right right but you still have to maintain the vineyard even two harps. You still have to spray and keep some kind of form of Control on the danger even through to the dormancy so talk to us a little bit about the different spray programs. Maybe so probably. A lot of our listeners are interested in knowing that not necessarily the exact types or chemicals that you're using but you mentioned like every seven to ten days you're doing it but in general what types of what types of programs do you go through. Well it depends on the weather. That's the main factor. Vase bray With most time we're spraying fungicides precise dependent on the seat so You know if we get an there is a few organic things we can put on there that we have to overwhelm the grapes. The main thing is we have a lot of humidity. We have a lot of rain right in the last few years. Depending on the time of year we have to deal with beatles. We have to deal with so many sex that the invade the vineyard so spray program that we try to incorporate by the actual season or the actual temperature serves that. Come on you also have to deal with birds and deer as as major pest as well not not only the insects but those pesky birds we have a love. Hate religion related birds. There are a few birds are friends on the martin's actually We have a house for them up the insects we enjoy. We enjoy inviting all the martin's we can have but the crows on my goodness those smart recruit big cros and a few other birds they will. They will be your enemy if you are great grower and unfortunately we have We have to shoot at those pesky things We we have some other alternatives. We have a bird call. That's a It it's four speakers. Six speakers that we have out within euro four speakers in this like gregor's deter birds will come into being yes. It's on like a random. A random call for those predator birds to scare the scare the mean bekker's severe. They're so smart. They catch onto this in the couple of weeks. And they're like okay. We hear coming back for your great may ne'er spreader like birds. Steer this raccoons. There's a possums a main in everything. Fox's everything and they do it in their own way in one birdies one way the on light raccoons e one way the fossils one way you know you just have to do it. It'd be great if they can align on the way they want to do it like they just kind of form a buffet. Line maybe and a thing about One thing about the gear is deal with those twice a year in about two months when the shooter about six inches on. They're just so tender fresh the deer come in. You'll be you'll wake up the next morning. They'll just have a line for The the looks like someone. Just take a razor out there in taken off your your first line of duty for your for your growth. That's the deer and then they they definitely comeback when the fruit is ready. They're such smart animals in. We actually are Remedy for that is. We had a electric fence. That's the parameter on the vineyard about two feet from the shoots all the way around and that that does deteriorate them but then they figure that out and sometimes jump the fence or just just go through with while then. We are lucky that the state provides us with a permit that we can not in to maintain your population here You know all offer year. That's one good thing about sounds like they're canopy management engineers right so they're just trying to help you out that candy mainstream plo speaking that envy management for insects. Japanese beetles are awful around july june or july. And we can't just let them be our of we let them kinda do are hedging on the top of the up the shoots. I'm in for some reason. They love the top leaves and we before we spray we just let them kind of take care of our top hedging the do seem to be a threat we we do have to spray for those but that is a might sway the counter. Let them a get get get little feel before we notice there are problem. It's a creative way of thinking about that here. So talk to us about the differences in the in the clusters. Because you've got four different varieties. So i'm assuming there's a variety of shapes and some clusters might be looser than others. Talk to us a little bit about that absolutely well. First off i would think of the The peanut three pena video there are very small. anti cluster which is a challenge When you deal with rats we do have to worry with that early. In the growing season kevin spray on to make sure that that's not going to be an issue and then as the clusters mature. We have to worry about disease pressure and also To help with that is canopy management. Just keeping that airflow with not too many shoots so we shoot thin vigorously and now Leave them to keep those clusters open. Air flow is so important in north carolina vineyard. I can't stress that enough. So for the timber neo. Those clusters are big not tight. They do have a thin skin so we again. We just worry about Canopy management as far as air and ripening. So we won't those clusters to be free of Not too much shade but enough to ripen those as well for our trimming it for one thing we've done for the trim it from the start. Everything on our vineyard is Ve esp vertical shoot positioning but for our trim. It we use a smart geisen. Thank you that canopy is actually one shoot up and then once you down one shoot up when you down and trim annette is a french american hubbard in its very vigorous which is a good thing but yet not a good thing when you're north carolina with our growth so to help with that vigor. We didn't come up with that trellis but we found out that that's a good travel system for that variety named blasi rav route. Yes we get more fruit since we have a a double system the one negative for that system though is if you don't take care of your weeds it's hard to control that since those are going downward When we head you know that in the kind of the mowing takes care of the hedging on the bottom. Yes that's That's how we do with the minutes in a different way than than the young. Dsp to nvidia multiple szanto. The clusters are big in party. We do deal with a little bit of a disease pressure in his late late harvest of but the clusters. I think that was. The question is how we deal with that. Use usurp spray or linked to the weather. You do. it's all it's all about sprays guys have a plan but then be ready to an address. How much time in the week do you spend looking at the three day. Ev even the week after a meeting this morning we get up and look at the weather looking at trying to get out here and do some stuff and spray for weeds. a ninety it's rain so readjust and come back and thank well okay. Tamar will drive spray with killed weather if it's not according to what we need to do the readjust the game. It's just ardo so. Do you have a favorite weather app. Or whether source that you go to. We used the red whether dot com local weather. We get lexa is whoever and thing. There's so many it's almost like you have to take like the average or four or five and then make it up as you go. But that's the weather getting ready to go out and spreaker weeds and supposed to be going around us and next thing ono songs a backup that all next thing. Oh there's another storm hand so you have to just adapt to whatever's going on such as the life of the former army so i think it's actually a really good spot for a quick little break We're going to go and do our wine education segment but then we'll be back and we're gonna talk obviously more about grapes but should go after this. We can probably talk a little bit more talk a little bit more in depth on quality. Sure that all right. We'll be right back. It's time again for one class with the vine mounts jesse in jessica. We welcome back here. So what great variety is on our agenda for today and they are going to be talking about the own. Yeah hey that rhymed one of my favorites. Yeah it's a good way. So that i would start again with the pronunciation so if you look at it and you try to pronounce it phonetically english. You're just butcher the heck out of it so it does not wagner or anything like that it is beyond yeah i've also had had seen. It has beyond yeah so different vowel. Be on ya is going to be a steak pronunciation and the correct. One school with that Yes a va originated as you might guess. Permits name In france specifically in southern france in their own valley this is important because it ruin valley has warm climate. What you're going to see when jesse tax a little bit about the vineyard and what it takes to produce a nice learning so in the vineyard via knee as one of those grapes that People love for kind of wine it produces but it can be very tricky in the vineyard especially here in north carolina The nba produces some of the best wines when it's grown in sunny regions but also regions that are moderated by cooler nights and potentially a body of water as you see in the rhone valley in france so sometimes it can be tricky here. In north carolina we are sunny region. But we also we don't necessarily have those super cool night the help moderate that so you can be very difficult to grow And often it has low yielding vines. So even if it's a good year you may not get as much fruit off of your vines as you would. other varietals. Union is one of those especially north carolina. The winery owner of the vineyard owner has to kind of just love that grape. Wanna make it. It's definitely probably not going to be your most cost. effective varietal. To have in your vineyard senate is a labor of love. When you do have it. You'll be often hear people talk about. Just how fickle it is as you pointed out you could be perfect growing season and you get little to nothing in the next season little challenging you might get a better prop. So it's very very fickle is what we hear hoax. Describe leaving onto the winery though. It's a really great great for the winery. It's one of the aramaic white. It has a lot going for it in with that too. It's full bodied. So it's one of the great. You could engage if you wanted to so you have a lot of her civility in the winery with being able to make it crisp stainless a dry wine. You can gauge it or you could even make off dry. And we've also seen it done as a late harvest wine so a little bit sweeter picked late so there's just so many options with the way the most one of the things that we like about it is that you know not or the same. They can be a little bit different. And that's great there. That makes it a a wine. And i do find. I do like fake the clean crisp vinas but every once in a while. It's fun to find one that has had a little treatment just for that different areas. Also an old tradition You'll see a lot in their own valley but where young as blended with sarah a lot of times. It's actually inner planet that way in the vineyard made wine together in the same task so That's always cool if you find one of those as well. I don't think i've ever had one. I know what about you guys. So there's a couple of places in north carolina they're actually doing a variety style cove sometimes a co man or at least a blend like that so i know Hill their synergy is typically sohrab blended with va of course trump at genius lindsay is also typically that sometimes i think we're in that bland And then elkin creek has also done a Cassoulet what lewis calls that wine and it's simpler. It's it's sarah with with. We'll be in there. So there are a few producers in north carolina. doing there may be others Those are the ones that come to mind right now But yeah they're they're interesting. Reds does add. Sometimes more air airmax being aromatic white. They're typically lighter than your usual sarah but Definitely interesting wines. So check them out. When i get my quarantine walks in. He got a long list of winds and things that i wanted to. So that is going on the list to taste good. And they're always very food. Friendly is what i was gonna say. Yeah definitely yeah well. That's a perfect segue into next thing. So we're gonna talk about flavor into so it is one of the most aromatic of all white wines And of course it's going to change based on how did in how is in winery but Dominant flavors to look for citrus. Like tangerine stone fruits peach mango and then some score florals. Honeysuckle rose she. That's going to make it fun for pairing with food. Some of the thoughts we had on pairings would be an off driving with chicken curry or something a little bit more spicy. Asian food like that roast chicken and even roasted chicken with some tricky more unusual vegetables like leeks fennel Jesse suggested and. I would be curious to try this together. I don't often cook with. It's been on rotation at the end of last year going into the spring us in a couple of dishes. And i don't mind wristed fennell but you know that's kind of a newer thing to me but i'd have to try. That goes a long way with fennel. Absolutely i kinda helps leveled out but Yeah it can be a little bit much. But maybe with some beyond. Hey try that about you guys. Any hearings come to mind. Yeah so i think typically if we find of union. It's a little more citrusy in kind of mineral rich. We'd like to have those with Kind of grilled shrimp served over a marinated white. Bean salad. either. Usually the the white beans kind of cold and the trip is hot. So you get a good contrast of temperature and then the flavors really well together to just a nice little. You regret type thing there. I like it on a hot day sitting outside. I think that's a great pair. Especially if it's one of those tropical refreshing chris as those are perfect for warm day and even so on that note if you wanna pair that with something. I think we asked. We often do that with crabcakes. We do like a crab cake with old baked potatoes and usually some sort of like corn red pepper slot to go with it and that's always amazing combination to the table coming over for dinner any other words on a sound today. Excellent jesse indesit. This has been a great time. Thank you again. You can find more information about the wine mounts by going to their website. Mine mouths dot com or on facebook and instagram at wine mouths. That's w. i n. e. m. o. U. t. h. Ask and now back to the show all right. So we're back with wendy and kelvin of moonlight vineyards. So let's dive in a little bit more and talk about quality. You talked about spray programs. Canopy management shoot positioning. And that's the thing. But what are some of the other aspects of producing quality grapes. That you're going to sell the someone and and and makes them. Hopefully they're gonna make some good wine max lately. Holly control is when you have a buyer. It's looking at your Should be foremost we are. I would say the first thing is just scouting your vineyard. You have to be out there every day actually We are so fortunate that our vineyard is on our property. Would when we planted. We were worried that it might be too close to our home. But it's not it's beautiful to wake up and look look every day but getting back to that if it makes me get up every day and go out there and see what's going on and Scouting is so important. Walk the vineyard in if you see in issue it's already too late so if you can stay on spray programs even early on dropping too much fruit if you think that's going to be an issue for the year and again those are issues that you deal with early on. I don't you agree. I mean were costly And wendy's out there more than that. Because i have a regular job but it's just trying to stay on top of everything and i'm sure that you keep a clean harbor season is just being on top of everything. If absolutely in you you give a buyer a bad tana fruit and they're not gonna come back to you. Your reputation is very much on what you deliver. We ask our wineries to come out that purchase our fruit in. Look at it and see. Are we on schedule with you guys. Is this kind of what you're expecting. And what are you expecting for for the final product. But it's all about being there seeing what you have. And how developing through the season in. We've been fortunate to be a week so to a lot of different buyers but In even today we've had people reach out to us looking for grapes because they can't find north carolina's has not been able to produce enough gain. Your grapes for the demand. So we've been very fortunate that we've always had bars in the background. It's and outsource us for great so that's actually a really interesting point now. You are the experts in the growing of the grapes in the vineyard. But you're obviously selling them to two wineries in places like that so how much. How much influence does the winery have. In what goes on in the vineyard itself. And how much do you say. No we can't do that to us about some of those relationships that you have well it it. It's interesting We we've had from the spectrum one entity other. We've had fires that come here when it's getting close to harvest and we encourage that very much. They'll be here once a week just to see to inspect the fruit to do their samples to check for sugars. And then we had buyer's that that they don't even wanna see the fruit and just deliver it. When it's tom and we're like this. Please come and see what what you're getting so there is a diverse thing. I guess it's to their own opinion but we encourage our buyers to come out and see see. See our ethics. See what we do. I would encourage that to any winery. That's buying fruit so you talk a little bit about dropping fruit. How do you make a decision win. Drop and which clusters. It's an interesting thing again. It's comment is growing conditions. How it is very much varietal. A specifically get into the pena gratiot. The tight clusters it fisa growing season. That you have good weather. Everything is on point. You leave the extra clusters there and go for it. But if if you're predicting a of a wet season with high humidity all those factors you're gonna drop that fruit because you know it's not going to be quality you're gonna get rights. It's just yet you very direct. It's in the variety in any issues with with growing conditions and earlier. You mentioned scouting to walk us through. What you do with scouting. I mean this is. There's so many things you could probably do but talk tacos. Each in every opportunity that he had to go out to the vineyard. You're looking for any disease pressure. Most prominent in the leaves And then when it comes on you can see that in your in your fruit in that would be Again disease and also insect fresher in. That's just again walking through and seeing any any Issues with with the fruit or the or the ladies or even the trout in shoes. So now you mentioned staying on top of it too. So i imagine do you keep it all in your head or do you have techniques that you like journal document or diary what are you. What do you work with are mostly in your head enough. Go to kelvin and say oh my gosh we need to spray tomorrow and you'd have to keep a record of what you're spraying. What you put in the amount breaker what's type of spray is and they can come back and look at you and say. Hey what have you been doing to man's been so that's the big thing you have to keep a record of what you're doing always record when it comes to things that go into all right so one thing. Maybe we haven't touched on is. How did you come up with the name moon lake years. Where did the come from well again. We're nestled on heaven's far his family farm we have about fifty acres and we have a A lake in front of our house. Somehow we were out here. Were languid some friends and we walked down to the pond is a full man. Full moon. It was listing off upon. And that's kind of how we came up with me like being she's like. Oh my goodness this is it. Been like it's a like it was a beautiful evening like that's got to be the name. And sometimes the name rates itself lately in that case it sure did so talk to us about besides growing grapes or some other things that go on on the farm there vince. I think that you have and that sort of thing topped us. A little bit about those sure we are actually A agritourism vineyard. So we do tours for the vineyard. It's it's so surprising fun that people are interested in just a working vineyard even though we don't make one and produce wine but they still want to see how this happens. We do do tours and we do actually few weddings on the property. We have a website midnight. Vineyards dot com. You wanna see some of the weddings. We've had are interested in having a wedding here. And we also have a private of every harvest to celebrate. Our our harvest are into season. And it's about five or six and It's it's full board just friends and family and everyone who supports us through the year every year. We have about three hundred people here. It's just a celebration of music in one and friends to say it. It's it's harvest. It's it's it's a fun event. It's always something. We're celebrating the end of the harvest season. The hard hard work is done one hundred percent. So maybe let's dive in while we're talking about harvest. Maybe let's dive in a little bit so you decided today's the day. Today's the day to harvest the grapes. Kind of walk us through. What the happen how that happens and like from a timing perspective typically and then who helps and how's it done. All that harvest is the most special stressful. It's every emotion you can have for grower to have. We are elated but yet were we. We were so stressed out at harvest and it really want it to be actually dependent on the buyer The winery they pretty much. Tell us hey. Those great are coming down this day in. Obviously it's a mutual thing that we talk about. They rely on us saying you know the fruit is at this point. The sugar here. The ages is here. The rain is coming in a day. The rain is coming in three days. Whatever the issue is but yes. We always want the buyer to decide that this is when the fruit needs to come down and sometimes it's a week ahead sometimes. It's one day and we rely. We don't You don't actually hire workers. We have friends and family. They've been helping us since seven when we planted the track is our first hour squeeze a bit bored with we can start seven o'clock in the morning we'll be done by till block and getting them off and comes big left that works remarkably will and we've had some really great sport from our community and our friends yes correct An it hasn't always been that way that they pick them up Sometimes we deliver our depends on the buyer. They're close enough weaken deliver those. But oh it it's yes. It's not an easy It's a very challenging event. For the day you coordinate your people your supplies everything that goes into it It's it's a lot of work as a lot of work but the end of the day when we get done we take care of our pickers. We make sure they have an enjoyable day. We make sure they're fed. They're saying we have a town so everyone celebrate. Is everyone celebrates. It's not you know it's not like work. The people are constantly just talking with each other and just in join. It's dainty event immediately and there were four year. We have four harvest for varieties. And yes if there's there's no better feeling to get that fruit off and into the hands of the winemaker to do. His magic is a hermitic. So when you had mentioned you. Ns the question. When was your first harvest your thinking back on it. But you planted in no seven so so when would have been your first harvest thousand ten weekly at the Bonds mature for three years in had our first service. They they always say your first time assists the most magical in it truly was. We had a beautiful beautiful bountiful harvest. Star our two thousand ten artists. It was very special in an yes. I don't think we've had that sense. The challenges occurred after that. You know that's good We've had some beautiful harvests but it's incredibly challenging to grow grapes in north carolina. That's the growing feedback that we get. But i think it does pay off some really good line here in the state absolutely. I'm i'm glad that It's it's it's it's a continuing to to come home to improve. So what smith vice that you might have. Someone is thinking about planting a vineyard and growing grapes. What what some advice that you would give them. Besides run for your lives and good time to give to it or you've got money to provide some either take care of it. I mean it is not the romanticized cise thing of general arthur sipping wine while you're ending to the industry it's work. It is incredible amount dad. We grew tobacco but is more intensive and more labor conscience than tobacco us. So you know. We have a lot of people that come to us to say. I've got a piece of property. I loved to do this. But unless they wanna spend time doing it 'til onto it. I'd say don't do it. You got to want to do it and you gotta love to do it. You don't panic ation in in the growing season you do not go away from your vineyard from april to october. Don't leave your vineyard at that time. We've done this since. Owed seven and got really cocky as girl in for the Longer than five days last summer last june came back to a disaster. We had an issue with With downy mildew and it's it's because we were away too long. So yes if you plant a vineyard d- no that you're gonna spin the growing season at your vineyard. That's really good advice. And i think that might be something. People who are just kind of have a passing interest might think that they could get away with. But let's say maybe you're giving advice for someone who was really going to be committed and going into it. Would you recommend like. Would you have any recommendations on vineyard. Size or vineyard varietals. I know you guys are at four acres right now of grapes but is that too much is at two little what do you would you think start small. Make sure you know who you're going to sell to make sure you've been school on your homework in in the plan right for other than that. I mean you can always lamp more but make sure what you're doing is beneficial to Orange avenue. i remember a math professor at surry community. College said one person per acre count on being able to manage that angry planet. Four me sprayer. So yes sharks. We started to big in. That was just four acres. It's it's a whole lot of work. You're not committed to be Terry every day is is not so what would be the smallest size that you would say like. Obviously more than one or two plants would be. What would you recommend recommend an acre in. See how you can do that. And then build from from there is a lot. It is one person but make sure your plan. Something prepping bischel to north carolina. We'd planned variety that we thought it would be great clown. Don't plant things that the by chardonnay or merlot or something like that does make sure your plan song. It will enhance north carolina. One don't plan a pino note. No no don't agree the chardonnays and we're lows they but break way too early and i'm already seeing post of people merloz but breaking. It's like okay well then next weekend. We're half freeze and so What does that mean for for them. But hopefully this particular rainier has has pretty good luck with avoiding. This freezes so hopefully it will be okay but i do love shark nathan. So my heart. So thinking about varietals. To would you recommend like if a person was getting started with one acre. Would you say all the same varietal or would you say a couple of different or what would you. Would you recommend on that. It depends if you're getting into this to make a bit of money because again you're not gonna make money at groping grapes i would focus on. On one varietal. Could if you're just experimenting to see those varietal do do of a row of of Three or four. And just see how those developing Again disease pressure. Everything else in didn't focus on that one final more. I've always pictured you know like pointing like two or three binds. Just to see. I would do that. I wish i'd done that still kate now. So you also mentioned you know who's gonna buy your grapes. Let's talk a little bit about that for a little bit. How how do you make that connection. How do you go about selling your grapes. We were so fortunate We're not as it sure. A community also with a winery and developed a relationship and is keyword relationship would advise anyone getting into this to do the research. Go visit a ton of wineries and see you know what kind of of wine. They're making what they're growing needs are end develop those relationships that so so important you know let them know what if your organic you are. Not your ethical practices in the vineyard. That's important of to buyers to wineries and yet we've been so fortunate that we've had some great relationships with our buyers and they come out and see what you're doing so you're practices and your commitment to your vineyard and that makes a difference. Now you mentioned something a couple of times. That's the ethical practices in the vineyard. So do you mind going into what yours are for. Moon lake cher. It's incredibly hard to have a Of in your without spraying it. It's just almost Literally be impossible for our comment. We deal with with oh so much rain and humidity but we do do our best in trying to lessen those sprays. We had six gimme. They are great for pests for insect control but something has gotten into art. We have one left We have a bird call. This is the first year we're finally going to net. We've never netted mob but our our our bird infestation has gotten to the point where we we do need to do something else again. We have a deer fence. What else do we do to to help with our our pests and predators were out there and I'd say we have to hunt predators this part of it in. You just have to manage that best. Can we do have to spray for weeds. I did experiment one year to let model. Weeds grow to battle the the growth of the vines without that would help with with avenue and disaster insects and took over and that was not the best part of growing to you. Spearmint just didn't work that year. But yeah it's it's all about a trial and error run still We will never ever figure everything out to the of just trying different different things through cheers different where you might really what year you may have really dry year. So it's a huge never had the same growing season in the last two years of been owed record rainfall years. North carolina has been a lot of a lot of rape and we do have a lot of little micro climates in the state to so your vineyard might be different than someone who's just five ten miles away so it's so crazy. What two days before harvest one year our was like. How's your fruit. Sounds like it's great but it's it's pouring down rain needs to know it's not It's sunny in a beautiful. Where i am and i'm i took a picture you know. It's amazing an hour away that it's the climate is that different. Even ten minutes away can be different though. Yes we're the same thing so we're in the southern part of arundel county in mooresville and it's just even one side mooresville to the other it can be completely different. It's like Okay absolutely can't predicted so looking back. On the past several years what has left the biggest impacts on the both of you. The biggest impact It is just. We're so grateful. I am under you are to galvin. We are judged. Growers in shouldn't downsize that at all but just the fact that people are so generous in their thinking of us. They're always like house the vineyard Harold house growing season our grapes. And we don't make one. We're just farmers were not. We don't feel that important in the industry that again our friends and family in community reminds us that we kinda are and they come out and at harvest and helpless. They want to be here and they wanna be a part of this. It's a little overwhelming to to know that people so much support what we do. That's a little overwhelming in the food. But i think you really hit on it. We wouldn't have wine if we didn't have grape growers so a very vital part of the industry. Probably the most important part of the industry has without good fruit. Good good wine well. We're very grateful. So what are you most look forward to in the future besides planting your pizza dough and doing well the Three more when morris comes. It's so funny about february. I get really really anxious. 'cause you have from abou- to over two february discount are relaxed in exile. No you know your season is over so about february. I get antsy and like in so excited to get back out there and start. Pruning and everything starts coming alive and march and april then in august and september. Like oh my gosh. Wanna do this ready for those hot days sprays and you so anxious for harvest your your harvest behind you stay. Oh that's one more down. Let's get the next. One will keep goin'. Growers favored day is farthest modell. No doubt so yes. The future is always the last day of our interest but you still maintain it even after harvest used to have to maintain defend your even until it goes down for the wintertime. So there's there's always something do so now. What do you think the future of grape growing in north. Carolina looks like a huge. There's not enough grapes right now. To supply the man. I'm not gonna say what people are doing right now. There's not a vendors to supply the demand. What one's been drinking in the. We are extremely fortunate to have had a quality fruit that it's accepted in the industry and there is nothing more. It's so exciting to see your fruit down a bottle. That's that's tasty in in an Appealing to the masses. We remember this industry when we first began the winds. Were not that great. There were some good ones out there. But as a whole more palatable and we started there was only thirty wineries in the state and maybe two vineyards in our county while it goes to three hundred wineries which is crazy l. It's it's beautiful thing when they grapes but they need quality grades. So you know future dinners. Don't don't just plant them in. Think you're going to have a buyer please produce quality fruit. It makes us all look good and We want the wineries to succeed. We are so excited about north carolina. Wines i remember when we first got into this we were told we were about twenty years behind virginia. And i still believe that. Still think we're about twenty years behind. Virginia wow were about twenty years beyond where we were at once are much better than they were twenty years ago and our our vineyards are are twenty years better than they were well. That's really great advice. I totally agree so any any last words for the listeners. As we wrap up your web address moon lake vineyards dot com. Maybe tell folks where they can kinda physically located as well they wanna come by tour or have a wedding or whatever at We are at eleven ninety. Three taber road in olen nc and again we we host any of it that the outdoors if it's needed outdoors Weddings corporate events parties through music festivals. We had A large defense career. So we we do anything. Absolutely i was just gonna say. Please continue to drink north carolina lines. We are up and coming. We are improving every every year. And don't forget your your great farber. We do work hard out here to to make those lines of a little better in the bottle. It's a great reminder. And i think a great way to in the episode. Wendy thank you for joining. That's it for this episode of cork. Thanks again windy and kill them. They are a wealth of knowledge and are willing to share with anyone. Wants to if you like this episode featured subscribe to the podcast and leave us a rating and review. It helps others fine corked off and lets us know how we can improve. Did you teach on page. You'll get patron only content early access to each show and more you sign up. You can find more information. Patriots dot com slash cork and. Don't forget to follow us. On social media you can find us on facebook. Instagram twitter at nc. So next time you remember going talks cheers. Talk is a This episode is made possible in part by a grant from the north carolina wine and grape council.

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406: Michael Puck  How to sell large photography wall art to commercial clients from scratch

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406: Michael Puck How to sell large photography wall art to commercial clients from scratch

"This is photos x episode number four hundred and six and today. We're talking with a dog photographer. Who is selling large wall art to commercial businesses to help them better connect with their clients. That was the idea he had a goal was to write thirty thousand dollars in revenue to prove that the concept would work and he's already exceeded that goal he's first sil- was an eighteen piece. Dog will collection into a car dealership to photographer on that. Is marcus park. And i can't wait to share this interview with you which is coming up in just a minute. Planning to have a successful wedding and portrait photography business join injury is he introduced successful. Photography business experts. Track your success. Welcome to the photo. Bees exposed podcast with your host andrea helmet. Pay it's andrew hilmi from impact images and welcome to this episode of the podcast are truly annex added to bring this interview to you today on know whether or not you autograph dogs or pets your head will be exploiting with ideas on how you can incorporate what markle shares into your business. This our think. I believe truly is a game changer. If you take this idea and run with it yourself so we're going to get into that in just a second. I've got two quick announcements. Well one that. I want to share after the interview with martin and that's about the daily challenge which is kicking off again next monday monday the fifth of april or easter monday. I'll share more about that. After the interview with michael and also a quick heads up if you are hearing these interviews as they go live as they are released each week. I want to let you know that next week's episode. We'll be daylight because it is eastern monday along weekend right round the world next week so next week's episode. We'll come out tuesday instead of monday at a loss. If he didn't catch last week's episode. With adam tyler he talked all about licensing your images so you can create maximum profit and again. This is another episode. You absolutely have to catch if you haven't heard yet because adam is photographing commercial work for commercial clients but he is selling exactly the same images. From those commissioned sessions those commission shoes for the commercial clients to other commercial businesses. Who want or who he feels might be able to use those images to promote and sell their products. This is very very cool. It's totally up front. He's totally open about how he approaches the clients about relicensing the images that they're paying for so he's able to fill those same images to other businesses. He was an episode. You must hear if autograph any kind of commercial work or if you had the idea relicensing your images to other commercial clients and are know what adam shared last week will also chine perfectly to what marco shares in today's interview. So get back and have a list of that. One with adam tyler. If you haven't heard it yet you're listening to the number one photography business podcast with andrew helmets votto biz x dot com already. We're going to jump into this interview with markle park in just a second. If you are hearing this announcement it does mean you are listening to the free version of the podcast. What that means is i am going to be saving a large portion of the second half for premium members. Only so you won't hear that part of the interview to die. You'll hear jingle when we cut off the interview when our cutoff interview. And you'll know that that's what i'm leaving you. And saving from that point onwards for premium members. Only and. then. I'll bring you back in as we say our goodbyes tomorrow. And he finishes off with a couple more points so if you are loving what market shares in the first half of this interview and you'd like to hear the full interview you can do that. For as little as one dollar with premium trial membership head of it's a photo zacks dot com forward slash. Try all the details of their sign up for check out the membership. Get access to the full interview with michael today. See what the members. Facebook group is all about get access to the full back catalogue so you can hear the full interview with any guests from the past and moving in the future as well and if you love what. You're getting as far as value from the membership in stay on long term. Like most is do once they sign up votto bs x dot com forward slash. Try to check it out. Is it's time for andrew special guest. Today's guest is us based german dog. Photographer markle poc. His mission is to artistically photograph one million dogs by twenty thirty and showcase the benefits of the human animal bond prevent suffering and protect animals lives. Interestingly he's website lease as a public charity and he clearly lists. He's pricing there too now. That was already enough to pick my interest. But then i read this email from walk in an exchange we had. He says my goal for twenty twenty was to achieve proof of concept that i can still doug photography to non dog related businesses laura offices financial advisers any businesses that require one on one customer interaction and the goal was to generate thirty thousand dollars in income. I'm excited to share that. I was able to achieve proof of concept by getting an eighteen pace dog walk into a car dealership. I sold a five pace collection to a chiropractor. A three piece collection went into an insurance office and another three pace collection. He's now hanging at the local airport. And i mean the process of closing at an eight room wall decor for a wealth management company. The best pot is that all of these opportunities were generated at the beginning of the pandemic in april. Twenty twenty through less than twenty five phone calls a few emails and the investments have been ranging between five and fifteen thousand dollars per business customer for the wealth management company. I was also able to rule out to their employees since the pictures that will go into the office spaces are showcasing. The dogs of their employees. Now radio that i could not wait to him more. And i'm to sign. Markle is with us now marco. Welcome to the podcast andrew. Thank you so much. It's a great pleasure to be on your call. I've been a listener for many years much. I've listened to all four hundred episodes. She had a love what you do. Thank you and funny. Look it feels like way if feels wave brought old friends after having the daily challenge a solo your face and your videos for three weeks so it's really love to have you on the show first of all. We used surprised at your proof of concept succeeding. Last year was so prized. Not only think. I was surprised. I wasn't certain that i would be able to accomplish but ninety percent. They are just needed. A little push. I had some external help on higher coach in the process once a sounding board not to be accountable for doing what needs to be done to get there. But i'm somebody who implodes with structure and i need. Sometimes the feedback say do versus a auto to get to your destination more quickly if i would not have had that type of feedback throughout twenty twenty. I don't think i would have accomplished what we were able to accomplish. And the other pieces like to throw in quickly for me even so. I'm running as a nonprofit. It's something i do on the side. I have a fulltime job in corporate america and that takes only ten to twelve hours a day and everything photography comes on top of that. So would that in relationship when you hear the numbers of the revenue for last year to me. They're still impressive. I make the fact that you're able to rise the khanda money that you did with lifestyle and have a fulltime job which takes up most of the. Surely your impressed. I'm you no. I'm absolutely have a board of directors a nonprofit and i presented early in january the results to my board of directors and while they had seen updates along the way they were really blown away by what actually came about and how we were able to drive this despite all the limitations that occurred in twenty twenty unreal. I went diving say exactly. How will these pandemic. but i'd love to hear from you about your business structure. So you're nonprofit and i don't want to San pessimistic but sometimes the would nonprofit and then you see that the company or the direct is driving around. Bmw's portion on. What's going on here. is it a business. Is it a charity. What is a nonprofit. So it is a cooperation in the state of tennessee. And the united states a nonprofit means that hannah percent of the prophets that are being generated being used for the properties that have just defined when i created that organization so icon chang zero dollars out of the revenue that we're generating and i bought a directors exclusively volunteers so you can really say. Percent of our net profit is either being used to help animals or to invest in the structure of all innovation. Help hand in the woods and to reach more people in the forces. So yeah no no big cars. Not out of this. One hundred percent of the net profits. Not as going into robert. You can still take business operating expenses at of revenue generated. That's correct yes. Yes so operating expenses. I have opted to keep all my ghia on my personal side so have not put ghia into the organization. The only thing that's really coming out is cost of goods sold and that's really the extent of it. Maybe a couple of monthly subscriptions that are run through it but my operating costs per year. I would say less than five thousand dollars. Wow okay and you said board of directors a couple of times is that lock your wife and kids and the dogs or no no. They didn't wanna participate. No it's actually. It's an official requirement that you have to have a bonus directors if you have an official non-profit in the united states and so i went out in the community of found a lawyer. I found somebody who is running a rescue adopt rescue. I have volunteer from adult rescue. So people that passionate about animals but that also bring different perspectives. I have customer mind. That is part of the baath directors. And we need anywhere between monthly to quarterly and autism each white updates and the way amusing the of directors this me to seek imports to use them as a sounding board to help with decision. Making so that there's a start jump plays accountability. I kai so you have to submit reports and financials and keep everyone in the loop. What's happening away. The money's going what you're doing what you're generating. Yeah yeah it's official. Business was reporting and everything goes lungs. Then i i. i'm sure i'm not aligning in wondering why. Why take that approach. I mean it sounds like you could generate an easily another hundred k. Go into your personal revenue and make life easier for you and your family. Yeah that's true and if you don't mind and let me take you back some fifty years to give you the reason for that When it was four years old. I had a horrific hot boiling water accident and that put me for an extended period of time into a burn unit in a hospital. Now i had basically two large open wounds on my legs that was covered over. Malek's was a medal casts. That nothing was. What's be malek's. Because i had to open wounds. I was not allowed to receive any visitation and not. Even my parents were allowed to visit made some. I got obviously the nurse on the duncombe on occasion but it was four years old. I was in significant pain. They gave me all kinds of pain. Management medication and a field lost abandoned and clean pain so coming out of that hospital. According to my parents. I have no recollection from those events. I was changed child. A completely isolated. I disconnected socially even as a four year old and that debt continued on for a number of years at the age of twelve. We get full. The first time adult for the family it was a black lab mix end. It was the first living creature that i felt comfortable. Connecting with one of the other issues that had developed is that. I didn't trust anyone that i just withdrew from life happening around me. The relationship bet i build was that black lap was incredible. We spend hours and hours strong and so the woods going down to the river and really builds what i would describe today. As as the most amazing relationship we could communicate with each other. Was our words. Obviously we understood each other and as a young child having had a traumatic experience in the past. That was something incredible. And it was that very dog that reintroduced me to the environment around me and was that experience having gone through that having experienced that firsthand. I failed this incredible bonds to animals throughout my entire life. I've always donated to shelters and supported rescues. But i always felt like the to be something else i can do and it was five years ago when i connected photography which had just grew into at that point in time and my love for dogs and i found a way to help dogs not by by since i'm a charity saying that not by raising money through donations but by creating something that individuals truly value in cherish in a willing to pay a lot of money for and so it really my intent here is hundred percent giving back and helping animals and it all goes back to the early childhood experience while knowing you for the short time that i have i would never have guessed that traits. You had as a young boy yet have stayed with you. You seem to be totally path. Any of that now is that right. We're all. I can be alone at times so while i might be perceived as an extrovert. I'm actually an introvert. And i get my energy by being by myself. I don't know if that necessarily ties back to those early experiences. But i can tell you that. I had nightmares till the age of twenty seven dreaming repetitively that my parents were trying to kill me. And i eventually connected. The dots found out that those dreams were connected to migrate challenge experiences so that was lingering impact from that but i think i probably recovered at this point in time ninety nine percent. But i wouldn't say that there aren't any influencing factors at this point in time of course of so. Is that a story. You have to rely often because and the reason i ask 'cause i expect even when you go into one of these businesses people wondering you know what's your ulterior motive. Why are you doing this. Why do you have a nonprofit and spending all this time and effort to create these extra income. Is that something you have to justify and share regularly. I wouldn't call a justified. I have mentioned the story on occasion. It was never in light of having to justify myself but just having the desire to share and make people understand why. I'm so passionate. Because they see me at leading was hamden feed and being the description benefits around doc photography and national league. The discussion comes to you really. Love dogs don't you. And so then. It naturally goes into that direction. I can tell you the first few times of the story. I get all choked up and i really couldn't get the words out because i felt that that was such strong emotion tied all on this these days. I can get of the story much more easily than i used to. A couple of years ago but promotion connected with sign. i can imagine. I can't imagine what you went through. But it's it's an incredible story allies beautifully. Exactly why you do what you do and what you said passionate that i can see. People can't see that listening. But i can say beautiful photo of doug portrait behind you. Do you have any portraits of your old black lab. Few but i was into talking the in high school so i have a couple of pictures of not really representative of wishing wars and this is one of my greatest sins in life really the capture to to have on for all but again. This was in the us. And so i wasn't into pataki the equipment back. That wasn't that wasn't great so no this is something i'm really missing. I've had since in other black lawson has passed away and i do have a lotta pictures on firearm. That have three right now and when they see me cummings the camera. They all start running because six ninety pictures. It's real kids. Well okay so tell me about the business. Oh when you went into photography as a dog photographer was the idea to create a business for you. So first and then change nonprofit or did you go into this thinking. I never rights money for dogs. It was all along raising money for dogs. And what i did for the first few years. I mainly focused on financing veterinary bills because having volunteered at local shelters. I've seen the communities. Don't have the finance along to provide the out. The dogs need so consequently there was sitting in shelters in pain with medical issues that weren't addressed and as not that was just completely unacceptable While i have limited funds to providers near focused on one shelter went definitely volunteer to walk the dogs and started taking pictures of dogs and they new to be at any given point in time when death funds where get pleaded but they had a case where they needed vetting on treatment. I've also paid for dog training and for grooming because in the end everything that house the dog to be promoted and to succeed in integrating into their new home is really serving the purpose of getting the dogs out of the shelter and into homes permanently. So yeah it has been nonprofit. All along the official label being a nonprofit public charity in the state of tennessee on did that leads year before last two thousand and nineteen and there's also designation in the united states that has called five hundred one c three that basically says i don't have to pay any taxes and that i also got early twenty by. Yeah from the very beginning on percent went back to the ans right. So how many of your clients that bookie for a photo session and to have you create wall out for them hammy than come to you and i. It's the way how many of them come to you because they want your fantastic imagery and how many comes to you because they want to make a donation or come to you. Because i know that money's gonna go to help other dogs put honestly. I've not heard ever any customer. Any clients say that keeps me. Because i'm a nonprofit or because i'm giving all the money to Animals i think this was always something where i had to educate them in the process. Once we started talking when we were discussing pictures and what they wanted to get out of the photo session. That's normally when. I mentioned by the way i run this as a nonprofit and nine out of ten ooh i had no idea. This is really cool. So i don't think there is a large percentage of that if any to be honest. Wow that's incredible again. I do not wanna come across the cynical interviewer. The like if i bring my dog to you and then i hear that is some skepticism sometimes from people when he that they just. Oh wow. that's cool I've not encountered skepticism. And quite honestly. I hope i believe that my images speak for themselves that the quality of my ability to capture the soul of the animal is really what they after and again the vast majority of people that come to me or that i reach out to the first thing that they see is the images and that's what captures the attention. I think the nonprofit. I have been maybe a little even shy and reluctant to push the information about the nonprofit into the foreground. Sometimes i just mentioned it after handed over the wall art and then the line was surprised to hear that it was a nonprofit again. I'm not after the nation's i'm not asking individuals pay me more or just pay me money and and don't give anything in return. They get the true value of professional photography. And the only differences that the prophets go towards a caused versus into my own coffers. Okay a toddler understand. And i'm not trying to demean or bring daniel photography because for the listen. You need to check out michael's website which is k. Eight nine photo dot org because the whole website is absolutely gorgeous. I love how you feature waller i mean. Come to your website. And i think i i'm booking year markle to create incredible beautiful images of my dog to go on the wall. I mean it's not immediately obvious that this money's going to be going to a charity or the nonprofit. That's the there's very little about that on. The website is well. Maybe i need to change that. Maybe i needed make it more parent. That is an prophet. I think my work has married on his own. And so that's really what i'm leading with. Walnut is i love to do and and walnut design is something that i'm really excited about. And so that's the angle light. Take and the nonprofit aspect really just icing on the cake. As far as i'm good. I'm going to dive into the wall outside. Just one second as a nonprofit. And i think i know the answer to this already but g funded easy or would you fall into the trap of discounting. You'll work because it's not going to you. It is for a nonprofit so you can easily give a discount. He give a discount their throw bit extra in he. Is that how it is for. You know absolutely none sector of the other way round. Because i always feel not that i argued this way was my customers on my clients but for me i have limited time fulltime job against the talk of the sites over the weekend some after hours during the week but i ve very limited resources to put towards that super for me. It's always super important to maximize the impact. That i'm generating from the time that i have and i would do myself and and the dogs and i'm trying to support really a disservice if i would discount my products not to say that. I'm not discounting by do it. In a smart way versus trying to appeal to customers because of the nonprofit background. I want an example. That might stay so for last year as you already mentioned in the i've pretty much exclusively work with businesses and i sell businesses based on walls or rooms and i have an amount of fifty nine hundred dollars that i signed for one room of fun for one wall and then i asked companies. How many walls or rooms do you have that. You want me to focus on a she wa- for and that can range from just one judy multiples. And if i do that and if the company that says you know. I like to have our customers or our police dogs featured than i arranged the photo session. As let's say the employee and i also take advantage of having that contact with the lead taking the pictures going onto a photo session and then i offer employees a highly discounted opportunity to also acquire wallet. But i do that. Because the business businesses already funding the photo session and has already committed to a not insignificant amount of money for the wall out that they're getting so i feel it is just in my best interest to enable the employee who might be working the front desk or might have very low income job to have the opportunity to get some of the wall out that have created of their dog. So that's where i discount. But i don't do it because i'm a nonprofit. I'm just trying to give access to individuals that otherwise wouldn't be able to pay fifteen hundred two thousand or more dollars in on to get a wonderful picture of that. Don't allow it. I love it so right at the beginning. Going down this line of your business about selling a lot into businesses. He said you working with photography business coach. Who was that Jeffrey shaw he's based the. Us isn't as well. Is nazism miami. And did he say mockus the great idea or did he have any thinking about some alternative ways to approach this no. He was very much captured by the idea. And he helped me to re frame. My acids and conceptional in your classes have been damaged. Once it came to the execution part. Where can own stages of the pandemic initially my thinking was. I go all to civic clubs. I give presentations. I present myself in front of business. People i show them in a twenty minute. Resitution the benefits on dogs the paulo. Dogs nicole it and then kind get contacts with them. Collect contact details reached our among process of the awards. None of these. Civic clubs will meeting any longer because of the pandemic and i was trying to stumped in away because my approach that i had planned on so carefully. It was walking. Your and jaffe sent you. Don't want your just pick up the phone and call them. And as i could do this so he kinda shot. Cut the process of me to say do the activities that drives the biggest impact right away don't implode was structure don plan all these different things that you potentially can do. Just do what's easy. Not that it is easy to pick up the phone and called cold somebody. And that's not what i ended up doing. Actually reached out to accepting contracts is in the community initially to seek the corpse so wasn't calling them to selling them something that was basically sharing video the breed and to promote dog wallet and mind ursula attempt was to say i put something together because an idea that i think is quite powerful. I value your opinion. Do you mind taking three minutes to take a look at that video and then reconnect the phone to tell me what you think about. It and not a single prison wasn't willing to do that. The feedback i received was powerful. I made adjustments to the mid meal and at the end of that conversation asked would she happened to know one or two individuals that might be keenly interested in quitting doc wallet into them business and so i got a number of referrals of that and then i reached our And say hey such and such mentioned your name. I've a crazy idea like to run and so basically a cold call by referral and out of that came several opportunities that have ended up. I love let me just take you back a bit so you created a video which explained your idea did that have pricing and things like that. It was just an idea of having wola of someone any dog hanging in their office. Space so me back up a little bit but this to make more sense so prior to putting the videos again had actually high research and of all places that research and wasn't australian. Because when i initially thought about the might be a connection between dogs and businesses. I wanted to see what's already. Bears are sent typically such as concerned any white pupils audibles. And since i didn't have the time to do it myself. I found somebody who did it. Varying money and cult together very nice paper from me saying he has all information that is found in a broad spectrum it had subdue with the impact of dogs on humans abandoned fields affair. Dogs animal assisted care. Docs in places and phototherapy. Because i didn't expect to find anything that specifically were saying. What's the impact of doc wallach in business environment and tremendous knowledge such scientific research. Isn't there kinda looking at associated topics. I got a really excellent back. One of the benefits that can be in a stipulated watchmen. It's have been previously program and connecting these to the business environment and the docs and whiz the insci- james from that research of them video together so the video includes gives you a couple pieces of information I found out that advertisement and featuring dogs is more effective than featuring celebrities. Who would have thought. Well that is interested now another piece. That really really surprised. In the united states we now have all forty six president and the first forty five presidents wisdom exception of only a couple all had dogs. Since the very beginning of the united states across the forty five presidents were total of two hundred thirty dogs in the white house. And if you do the math that is five. Dogs trump president while in the oval office so while in office in the united states does that mean. They earn multiple dogs during that time as president. Yes yeah john. F. kennedy for several public seventy dogs. At any given point in time by there were very few presidents. That did not have any docs and so look more digging to find out. Why is that. And there's actually a policy on both sides the bose big parties democrats and republicans that he heavily promoted to the presidential candidates that dang has appearances wiz dogs. And so that. Made me more curious than i found out that if he dogra issue you appear to be softer in more human to individuals. That don't know you. And even divisions than gino you and so it's a psychological playing where you used the dog to humanize yourself to your audience and i just thought it was awful. I have to ask him on. Did trump had a dog. no he didn't surprise surprise. Yeah yeah. I think that's a missed opportunity to quit on this. But if you think about if you think about the entire forty five presidents of the united states starting with george washington and all of them understood the power of dogs in how people appear now in my role in the corporate world. I'm heading up. A department is called. Human insights and human insights is looking at the dynamic between employers and employees. But you can't really take the same dynamic the same information and also look at how do customers relate to business owners or how do clients related to professional firms and is there an opportunity to soften the appearance of what might be initially a stranger. Let me make this more specific. Let's talk about wealth management company so the company that i'm just finishing up on putting a wallet on into eight of their rooms when i initially said down with one of their financial advisers ionescu. What's most important to you in your business. And she said hence down in his the trust that we have with our appliance said yeah. I would agree because you talk about money. You talk about large amounts of money and if there's no trust this relationship cannot work and so basically build from there to save. Do you know that dogs have something. That's called a social kadlec defect in that enables them to help people to connect more easily each other if adopt president but that also applies for doug wallet and that's all i needed to say and she says i'm a big dog lover. Let's talk wow. And i imagine most people are dug. Lab is letting those people have a family dog. And i don't know what an many people that don't love dogs so it's an easy in you. Absolutely right enron s a research around. That is where all i found. One study that confirmed that people walking by the window where doc was sitting in a window on the first floor. Eighty five percent of the people had positive reaction of empty. Other fifteen percent had a neutral reaction. Not a single person had a negative reaction to seeing adopt that so the video that you ended up with after getting some feedback from your trusted sources. Your friends and acquaintances did it. Change much to the original video. I find you and apob original fifteen at this. Is it you talking to camera. make him we see. Copy this video or is this a private thing for clients Yeah no that's something. I can make available. It is something that are used -sarily primarily as a sales tool. It's when i have these initial discussions. I wanted to enable the person that i'm talking to to say. Hey if you want to relate this to your boss or if you want to share this with other individuals in your team and it's kind of hard to kinda get the right word outs and really sell this idea. I've a little tool for you three minutes long. It's the video you can share the video. It tells a powerful story kind of takes the burden of you having to promote the idea. Normally that's kind of the way. I it initially because at that point in time. Already half the connection to the individual and i'm just giving them access to the video tool so that they can share internally so you already have someone in that is championing your idea. Yeah otherwise it would be just sending out an email to somebody who doesn't know you who doesn't understand what the reason is behind it in. I think the chances that folks would actually look at the video are relatively slim at that point in time. So i wanted to create the connection first and then provide them was the tool versus just cold emailing a video in the email. Got it got it. I just wanted japan to cutler. Quick things coming into my mind. first of all. You're running your business as a nonprofit for the listener running the business for themselves. Do you think they can employ exactly the same ideas that we're talking about in their business. Yeah absolutely i thought about it long and hearts. I figured that. Couple of words than i'm using that -obably more appropriate for nonprofits like simple one of the key frames keywords that i'm using is socially conscious dot wall aunt and i don't think that that's necessarily as possible is you. Don't have the nonprofit as background by you can replace that with something else. I also referred me to emotion evoking dog wall art. So yeah i think you might need to swap out award here the but otherwise. The concept in itself is absolutely applicable to all photographers says. I won't even boy. Snow fell down to saying if certain john roos field still. The impact of the pandemic has an opportunity to just make a couple of calls. Go into business in us. And you have fifteen twenty photo sessions lined up and you know use that. In order to fill gaps in have been created some of the pandemic. What do you mean there specifically more like. If you're a newborn or a baby photographer to offer those sessions. Yeah well already. Yeah right i will. The other thing that springs to my mind is it. Appease sounds locking. Correct me if i'm wrong. He you're selling images to these businesses of dogs you previously created that have no tied to the business and i'll just recorded an interview on licensing images and relicensing images. Is that what you're doing that affect you. Because their rescue dogs or you actually selling photos of past clients who paid for is dead dogs into businesses author. Buff i i you relicensing. Let me give you a couple of examples. Premium members of photo been exposed photography business strategies from every two years. I have to ask us to finish off markle. Do you ever hear for your wife or your kids like dad michael. That's enough with the dogs like well. I'm lucky in that regard that we have a family of dog lovers and many nights. This is probably more than i should share with many nights where i have to leave our big bed in the master bedroom. Because there's no space left going one of our bedrooms because the dogs occupying my side of the band mostly a lot of the sign of my my wife's side of the bed as well so we're all crazy around here so in that regard note on thinks but there's one other piece of information that would left to share with you because last year was the proof of concept for selling doc wallet to businesses this year my focus on building global dog odd gallery and let me tell you what the difference is here. So for twenty twenty one. My focuses to scale the dog wall out for businesses beyond my geographic reach because if i continued to be the photographer who is serving businesses. I very limited capacity to do that and they seem to be a lot of interest. So i had a wild end. Let's call them crazy idea on how can create an online platform from which photographer. It's not just me but photographers pat. Photographers can showcase their were to business. Customers to help animals in need now. The proceeds some to my current nonprofit. This would be run by the nonprofit of the proceeds from selling doc walnuts. Online gallery would be used to prevent animals suffering and protect free. Lives but i also think that it's important for the dunk photographers to have the opportunity to get a royalty fee of full participating. Then they can decide if they want to donate that if they wanna keep it for themselves. The traffic to the sideline. This i think would be very easily driven by partnering with on prophets accessing their existing list of donors in basically generating constant flow of highly qualified individuals towards the online gallery. So for me. This is not a financially motivated endeavoured. My current business isn't either instead. I see this as an opportunity to start a movement that will prevent animal suffering and protect lives at a large scale. Much than i can do right now. You reference my vision statement mission statement earlier and let me just mention it again. Canaan photos vision is artistic kept shot the unique personalities of one million by twenty thirty and to showcase the benefits of the human animal bond to prevent animals suffering and protect lives. So if you think about it. One million bucks. If i take a picture of a dog every day for the rest of my life in would take me two thousand seven hundred years to take pictures of one million dollars. Obviously i won't be around that long. By if i can engage one thousand dog photographers that feel energized on passionate about this. We could accomplish that in two point seven years and for me. This is what i'm driving towards. This is bigger than than just me i think. As a team of passionate adopt photography's we have the opportunity than believes that an online gallery featuring only dot photography could be amazing. If we channeling all the business interest towards that and really in the process on my bucket list for this is eliminating puppymills ending dogfighting and supporting nonprofits that pursue battles ordinances to protect animals. So this is what's on the docket for this year again. It's a proof of concept bagged. I think if i can find enough dog photographers that are super excited and passionate about this. We can make the seven together listening to you and talking to you. I can only say this exceeding with you driving this. This sounds amazing. So the listener of its interested in hearing more getting involved. What should they go some way the email. Go to your website. What do they do. So i have used the holidays last year to put together a mockup of what a dog gatorade. A could like actually purchased domain name for that purpose. So it's not just an idea at this point in time this actually a little bit there. It does the mock up. It doesn't have all the functionality. Doesn't have the augmented reality. Doesn't have the automated. Checkout all that is coming face to but individuals that would like to take a look of where my thinking is that this unintended can go to global dot art dot com. This is where the mockup gallery is. Housed at this point in time. This by the way is also where you can find the video that i mentioned earlier. The video is running in basically above the fold just as a greeting and then you can click on watch video than it opens into central window and you can watch the entire three minute video so it gives you a great insight into he a or some of the most prevalent reasons why businesses are excited about walmart and then you can also take a look at what my thinking looks like around how to display pictures and what type of pictures and looking for right now. It's a limited selection of fifty of my own images. But i've already reached allergy. Chew i would call that top dog photographers around the world as well as rising talent in the idea in they have been without exception super excited and committed on the spot to participate. But i've just had a handful of calls at this point in time so this is a very early stage. I love alec. I'm here on the website that url the east shed redirects to a pixie set. Gallery and the photography is just gorgeous. My it must be so proud as they've been looking at the side. Yeah so my goal is to replace. Most of my photography was images other photographers. That have been steel. Ever than i have I appreciate what you're saying. I'm happy with my doctor. See i'm not the best we talk afoul now by any stretch of imagination when i liked to show rising stars. An effort tons the stock photographers. That are well known and if each of them can just commit to three to five their best images and make them available to be featured in the online gallery i think customers business customers ravi super excited and because they kind of get the hints on sunday the negatives anywhere else. Yeah if you look at dog photography and you know stock image is out there. Benches debt nesters no lives. There's no beauty toward for the most part. So i think having images that speaks to individuals where you can look into the soul of the animal damer all the difference. Yeah fearfully said the images of this once you start to populate it more more elephant over for his work these images for sale right now. No i don't have any functionality in that right now the way i'm using it right now if i a business customer that liked to see existing images i give them. The link there is in pixie sets an opportunity to click on hard tomorrow favorites. And i have actually the have to sign up with your e mail to get in feature activate this funding time because this allows me to see who gives rich image. They're liking so to speak clicks on the heart and was that i have very clear opportunity to see one individuals have picked as their favorites. And then i can have the conversation around those images with the businesses that selected them. Got a i k so when other photographers dot to contribute to this than if one of the businesses that you're talking to love photos than you will be the middle person you way you could sell the images onto that business. Yes that's correct. We're by three that still very fluid in my mind. I would love to have a group of initial members that are willing to be founding members of this idea to really come up with. What's the best way of doing this. Because i do appreciate that photographers very key to protect the images. And i don't think i have all the ends of at this point in time. I would love to hear other as how they feel about it. Type of reassurance and security needs to be in place for them to be comfortable to do that. But i think there's enough runway left in this year to figure this out and to get input from others so yeah i think that's the general idea about what expected this will look like is to be discussed to be defined so that the majority of doc photographers would feel comfortable to participate. Show what's the url again. Paper should to its global dot art dot com and the only other piece of of contact detail. Myemma address is canine The number nine photo and then the letters t end for tennessee at gmail dot com a still have not suspended my own email address. Well all that links to your web access to busy. I totally get that. I'm going to and probably lack of sleep too. If you're getting kicked out of your own bed she would look all that links in the show for the lisa on getting to the gallery to your website and also your email address if they want to more markle. This says bain truly an absolute pleasure love. I really love what you're doing. You are an inspiration and just want to say a massey. Thanks for coming on and sharing what you have your amazing and thank you so much. Thank you so much opportunity. I love what you do. This was great on up to the doing that. Interview with marco park markle. If you're listening again thank you so much for coming on sharing everything you did. I absolutely love talking to you. I am blown away by the idea that you've come up with. I don't know if it's unique. It sounds unique to me and yet look just massive. Congratulations for putting in the work. And getting this thing off the ground and from me and on behalf of other photo beazley's we are wishing you every success with this. And i truly hope that your vision does come to fruition and adult runs as planned and again massive congrats. Love what you're doing and again thanks for sharing. We did for you the listener. Do you got a ton for michael. Had the share. Hope you saw or can see unity's for you and your business and increasing your revenue as a result of what michael shed. If you have any questions for markle he already shared a bunch of links at the end of the interview. But i do have links to anything and everything that he shed in the show notes. Today's episode you can find them this week at photo physics dot com forward slash for zero six now in those shows in addition to the links. You'll find examples of markle's beautiful dog. Photography is a comments area at the very bottom if you have any follow up questions about him. Plus included in those links is linked to his dog. Photography's course it's delivered via email of just how to look at it literally ten minutes before recording the inchon atra. Today's episode. it's beautifully done easy to take him. It's not sell. E it's full of information including the exact script that marco uses when he approaches lease commercial businesses to sell his dog photography. so again i've got links to that in the show nights and of course if you are a premium member markle is already a part of the prime membership over photo bizac so you can have easy access to him the inside the facebook group and yeah i mean you heard how open is if you do have a up question. Hit him up by email through one of these websites or subscribe to his five untapped opportunities for photography acoss links. I mean the shine is already. That isn't a wrap up just about wrapped up today's episode one. Quick thing before let you go if you haven't done the delete vote. I m kicking off again next monday. That's monday the fifth of april mandy. If you want to utilize video in your business if. You're not doing that or you feel uncomfortable doing that or the thought of recording video totally freaks you out and come along and do. The challenge is so simple. It's lots of fun. You'll find other photographers. The sign stage. You are with video inside the group. It's a private group and the way it works. Is you a little task. A video task. Hda of the three weeks excluding the weekends. It's a very small task. What you do is record a simple video. Two minutes or less uploaded into our private facebook group for group members so no one else will see your video apart from those doing the daily blog challenge. And you will get feedback and encouragement and ideas on how to improve your videos. Hd as you work through the challenge that feedback will come from me plus other participating photographers in a truly safe environment. And you do not need any fancy video equipment. All you need is a phone with video recording capabilities which is just about any fun these days that all you need to do the challenge now we start off very basically and we get more and more advanced as we go through the course but not advanced in regards to bdo recording. It's more about what to say had aside what do including your videos had replied sit. Klein inquires utilizing video heavily. Testimonials to build referrals from other businesses. That are working in your spice. The right way to have a good intro and altro had to include dog whistle headlines how to use your videos as facebook ads and as part of your social media campaigns whether that story's posts advertising marketing behind the scenes videos client interviews. You name it. If there's a way to use video in your business we're going to be covering it in the challenge in a very easy to follow feel safe environment. The cost is only forty seven dollars if getting early bird pricing is available which is available now and to get registered just head over to dilute wlac challenge dot com so it's daily challenge dot com and love to see you in the challenge if you haven't done it before and if you ever turning challenge up make sure you let me know because you can come back and do it for fifty percent less if it's your second or third time ran and yes people do come back over and over again. Just a harness deals and to keep pushing themselves to improve the because they've seen results from what they've done after done the challenge the first time so daily. Load challenge dot com. If you wanna come along and join me. Next monday to see already. That really is it for this episode of the podcast ton from this one. And i'm looking forward to hearing your feedback reading your comments and seeing your questions for marco in the memphis bookwork until then have a fantastic wake have a great east. And also if you've enjoyed this episode x dot com. Join the conversation. Leave a comment and share your thoughts on the interview with andrew and today's special guest.

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Ep 275 | Jase Robertson Battles a Bat Invasion in His HOUSE

Unashamed with Phil & Jace Robertson

49:55 min | 2 months ago

Ep 275 | Jase Robertson Battles a Bat Invasion in His HOUSE

"Him unashamed what about. You need yells advice. We have zac today l. He's probably on a beach somewhere. I've been battling bat for two days. Bats be a t. s with teeth. Not baseball with that. That initial statement. We are free to call you today. Batman i'd become batman. I'm laying on my couch. I didn't know such. I never heard of says j. So i'm laying on my couch watching. Tv got my two little dogs. They're mris in austin not bothering anybody. Anybody thinking about today's event is the comfort of your own home. Yeah i think. I was watching baseball game. How could be a part of that and all of a sudden a bat a fairly low. I would call this. A large battery flew three inches in front of my nose and slammed into the window to my level. of course. that's never this never good. The dogs erupted into share panic and when he came back through he actually nick my hat. He wanted his wing. Hit my hat. Tom what in the world you understand they are. They are bat. They are are known to carry rabies. Yeah that's what i've learned. Yep so. I was worried about just the thought it. He's barely news So i then hear. Multiple windows began to sound. Like so though. What's going on with him. Yeah so i'll. I'll walk in the the middle room where the fireplace is and i'm seeing multiple bats flying around my house inside my house our from bag worse i actually filmed it and it was kind of like what's going on. But then one of them came at my head and make contact on the way. By then i felt i got a problem here. Yeah so i'm thinking what do i do. I went through the process of. What do we do here. I've got bats and so mistake. Number one was for some reason. I call my wife now. Look looking back on not good when a grant on a grown man cultured woman. Because he at the listen to this. I call her and she said i said we got bats in the house and i'm sending her the video while i'm talking to her and she she was like what are you talking about bat. She she thought baseball bat. Let now these. These have teeth in wings. And i'm being attacked here. What who you yuppie girdles thing would be not not many of them would be ready to receive that kind of that kind of predicament. She said wild earth. Would you call me. And i. I think i hung up on her. I just felt. Yeah why did. I do that. So hung up and down. Because i was in a war. I felt like a cold stone stone was like i don't do that so i guess mom amount hair so at started a series of events that lasted i would say forty eight hours which is his day. Forty eight hours. Oh yeah. I went to bed the second night at five. Am because here's what happened. So i'll go in there. Well the first thing was. I a needed a weapon so i the only thing i could find was a was a boat paddle but when i charge then and opened all the outside doors because i thought well i'll just get him to go outside and we'll we'll in this party so for about an hour swung and missed. I would say at least thirty times because they're so fast. So many many bats at this time. As the hours went on anna. How many bats are we dealing with here. But if i can at the peak it was fifteen fifteen fifteen bat in my inner room and they they floor out for an hour and none of them would leave despite all the doors being so can him size live aid a better weapons over the willing coys because they play tennis. I said i need. Oh that was a few of them standing there. Corey willie wasn't there Saddam vote his wife. And you know what it turned into. It turned into a investigation. Because when i said i need our tennis racket of course i think he played tennis. I said nah. I don't i have bat to my house. And the boat powell denmark and knocked over everything that missy has set up that i'd name and notice was there candles and lanterns and i said that's all on the floor. Abandoned children is a free for all. Yeah so she got me a tennis racket. And then meanwhile john why is like say okay. They don't like white sheets. They're drawn to long hair. She's she's all of a sudden like running the internet giving me all these ideas and it's like don't swing at them because that they defend themselves. I like everything that they're saying. I've already violated basically created a has matsuda sheep and and took the tennis racket. And i win it by in because i thought if i never build a fire because i concluded that they were coming out of the chimney because they were all around that fireplace and so i still had the doors. Wanna walk back in now. Minna in this suit that i created. They're still just round and round and round and round up and down just at this point. You haven't ascertained where they're coming from. Nah i didn't know but it the fire codes on the outside and you get on the inside of a dwelling. There has to be a portal of some that you could fly through to get there. Well that's what. I was thinking i would be looking for the whole fireplace. I'm assuming that's what i'm taking until i go in there now. I got the white sheet and whoever wrote that on the internet. He's full crap because that had no all they did was see me coming but anyway. So i'm in. I look ghost missy actually asked me take a picture because i said well i. I got a. We sent her back at tex because i felt bad for hanging up on her. I gotta plan. I'm going to war. And so i thought i had. I thought i had all of them out about two three hours of that. Now because now. I'm being a feel like they can't get them or they leave and the premise. I never hit one nick. The couple louis. It sounds easy. These things were flying would say their guided by sonar guided by sonar. You're not gonna yeah. That was another tip. So i had turned off all the air. I turned off the ice machine. That was another thing. I did before went in and so and i turned off all the outside lights. They said do that. Where where a white sheet that. So i go to sweden with the doors every door. Outsor- l. the inside doors. I've closed all the outside doors. Have opened so i just go to swat and so when i looked around so okay problem solve well. Here was a funny part picking into these up by hand. Now you can't touch them. They weren't lighting. It's a good move. You don't want to fool with a bat so i stumbled outside. China find some firewood which i thought fire season though it's ninety degrees outside and so i'm like because i'm fixed to build a fire also i i'm outside looking for far. I'm i'm i'm firewood data around you know on your business fire to put new fireplace thinking burnham a- well i thought i'm gonna shoe mount or or hit on mile and then i'll smoke them and barnum if they're coming out of the chimney which is what so i see my three these three eight or two teenage boys and they're little little brother. They're my next door neighbors. You know. I didn't realize how i looked at that point because i'm in zone and i heard one day. I'm digging around looking for wood. And when i hear mr jas looked up and realized nervous breakdown cause middle. Why cheat with a tennis racket. And i hit something in busted the strings and the rackets put a net over the racket sitting. There are still have the dragon. I'm gathering up as boys. I'm in a war with bat. I don't think they believe believe me. 'cause they started backing up. I know it's okay. I'll have any any bat knowledge because you know how smart those kids are are. They started telling me all the stuff that i had read. Which is they're attracted to the the sound and saw. Yeah i got that. Yeah i got that. So i go back in. Start building the fire thinking they're all gone and of course here they come again. They live what was happening. Is they'll they'll find little places under the rocks or where you can't see them and they hang upside down. But i get the fargo so now i gotta blaze going well. Then they kept coming and so one of my thought got hung up in the sheet. And even though i didn't think he was bite me. I mean he was in the sheet with me and sheet coming off so i've flaked at all well when i flicked off the end of it hit into the fireplace where the fires go well now at night and so now okay. I'm fixed to burn my house down. So i had to get that out while the mets are flying around. Take that out. And then i like reassess. The situation might. This is not working. Because i got a fire. I've tried this for hours. They won't go outside. Tom let you know what i'm out of here. I mean i'm i'm abandoning the war i give. This is not working. So i left and went and play went over to buddy's house and maybe they'll give me some ideas you know. We wound up playing card. To when i come back with i left all the doors open so when i come back i thought they were all grown in. This is washed up to five in the morning. I got spotlight out. You a spotlight out. And i saw three in in places where you know they were hiding. Missy had this big lantern that i'd never noticed for how to kano in and now we're two of mahan it and it was a little depression in the rocks of the chimney. S where they were and the other one was behind the tv where you plug in the tv. That was a little hole. There he was. He was down in there. So what i did was i got a fishing rod in weaved because it's sixteen foot long jayco and i'd like my ideal was to get them to fly with my going to bed with three bats hanging upside down in my house. This ain't and so when. I poked that first one. 'cause all i could do was poco because i couldn't get to them. That thing came down that rod bite net rod tore me. I mean utah. Get get the heck out of there just saw. That went on till five o'clock in the morning until i didn't see him anywhere. Poke 'em they'd fly around a gap trying the swat and i've only seen one. I only saw one yesterday blind round so anyway. Today was day three. I had the supposed bat expert. Come in this morning to assess the situation but when honors or there's someone you can call over the bat invasion. I got mri on billy. The exterminator remember that guy. Billy the exterminator. This guy was like that. I mean he was like what was that movie. The time where the guy was Jim carey the pet detective. Tied got was a s era. Yeah this he. He had ace ventura title of your listeners. Some of our listeners. Today matt Give us a buzz on I've seen a lot of bats in my day. But i've never seen them inside house running around or make flying around like that. I need and low in the internet mostly was about one bat not a small colony and i did notice this one time. One of the bats there was a crack that maybe the width of a quarter and half the bap. Half of them was where i could see him in. The other half was but it was like. How do you get your body to get that small to get through that crack. So let's take. Let's let's take a quick break jas. Are you familiar with what's going on with the cyber attack this week. I don't deal in the cyber world. Well you got your own gas pumps that matter to you but Cyber-attacks are real in fact Facebook has had five hundred million accounts exposure cyber thieves. Just this week we know that the The pipeline gas pipeline was attacked with some kind of cyber attack shut. I mean that's why we have a hard time getting gas here It's here to stay. And so you gotta protect what's yours gotta protect your even your title now. The cyber thieves are coming in and stealing your home's title your name your address. Your personal information is all out that afford your signature on a quick quick the thieves ford your signature on a quick claim deed stating that you've soldier home to ever the says then he'll lead you in debt and even get you addicted so you gotta do what we've done. We protect our. Our homes title with tidal home tidal lock so good a home tidal lock dot com and register your address to see if you've already victim then you'll sign up for thirty day free trial for protection during this high during this high risk breach again go to home title. Lock dot com. Use promo code radio. That's home tidal. Lock dot com promo code radio. You do realize bats eat like twelve twelve hundred insects an hour. You'd never want to kill him. They are the like eight thousand mosquitoes every night. No bats were injured in the case. Is they're your friend. Not your enemy. All i know is looked to demonise. Hilmi they carry rabies. Which is enough for me to stay away from him. Then i'm going to tell you right now. My wife the way these things look. Because one time i was down one of them he was crawling. Rottweiler you rod on the face of the fireplace. He was crawling along the the rocks. And i'm like me. It was creepy looking. My wife saw that not only. Would she not stay here. She would never stay here. My only encounter with bat since you brought it up Back when i was Going to college Misc- ride along your mother and a volkswagen. The wind was down on my side and hers. I think a bat flew inside the volkswagen and bounced about once. And i saw him go down on my left. When i looked down the bat was right there where you put. Your hand opened the door. That was right there. When i looked down at him and me. We're talking about you. Know two and a half feet a volkswagen pretty smile. I just had about six feet inside the votes bat. Saw me look. He bared his teeth. I mean he he just yeah. I looked at him any any any bears. His teeth like ramos. I saw that all times and my parting words were coast. Your mama didn't know what was going on but my parting words were ever man for him. And i leave the volkswagen. She's screaming she's screaming. I run around. Open her door for her. Get her out of there. I picked up a stick of some sort and fleshed thing either and he went on went on his way. But i mean i did. Both of us did leave the vehicle some about the way they look. I just didn't realize they're creepy. They are creepy. Eat eight thousand mosquitoes night. I always wanted to build one of those Bat houses the especially in louisiana because the mosquitos are so bad. I mean they'll come out at night like an swore. How many confirmed kills. Did you actually up zero. You never killed a back. It's just when you're in close quarters and you know. I didn't want to use a weapon that would destroy my house. Pretty much destroyed my house anyway with a boat paddle and a tennis racket. I mean this weird too much stuff anyway. what. I told ms as well now. I know that. I can get you something for christmas because she has it. Been there and what. I said everything that. I have destroyed in this proceeding which has been a lot of stuff. Do you think that's chimney. I don't act now. i saw him fly in it. So maybe yep. I think they're i think they're coming out. Those cracks where the chimney meets the molding but now two of these bats were so big that i would think they had to come down the chimney. There were two giants. How big you talking. I would say the size of a dove show yeah. I've never seen that that they were that be. The first one that flew by anos was the size of a dove. Are you sure. It was a bad What they call them chimney swift's one on one near one hundred percent. Sure when you see a bird hanging upside down and like fill said showing their teeth. They were bats. That that's been confirmed fireplace every year. They by the way they arrive at the same day every year early summer. It's about time for him Much imile will fill up with a. I don't know how many but quite a few chimney sweeps knows. Boring al's mosquito. Get or two. So i'm always happy to hear. Hear him fluttering in the in the fireplace on out the top they just go through. Yeah go down. And they camp out. They build them a little nest We've had some babies or eggs. Follow the pet detective. You know when he he said well there because he when he was there this morning and he said you have a grading on your jimmy. He's like and he looked in that. He said they're not in that. But i had to go. That's where we left it. But that's why said but it's this is old house it's over. Folly what sixty years old so somewhere. There's a crack at. I think they. Ray think the two big ones where the mail. And here's my theory. Because one of the things. I read or heard someone re during the cei- investigation was that they produce their all spring and mid may. Well we're this is may maybe this. This couple had their litter. I don't know how many in a letter i didn't. I didn't read the but be thirteen because you saw two big once. Fifteen total fifteen minus too big too. And i would say twelve to fifteen. It was hard to get an exotic computer land for the listeners. There's bound to be. There's one there's one maybe per million people but there may be a bad expert that can give you a little expertise on how to get rid of bats in your house because our it's coming because we had a guy a few weeks ago told us how to get rid of moles. I saw that somebody sent me an email about how to get rid of the moles. So i guarantee you. We'll have a have an answer. We'll paula guanateed. You know these people. It's always amazing when she get there like. Here's how you prepare. Which is bad dumb. that's what they make mascara out of. Fertilizers all kinds of stuff. It's a good thing. You didn't kill. Because i think it's illegal to kill them. Well i did notice when they were when they were giving me the information they were like. Well there's one of them. That's protected was like somewhere in indiana and i was thinking nowhere. We add in our culture where they're like because they're like if you're in your house. I wanna ceos indiana and you see a bat. You basically what they were describing. I'm i'm embellishing. Be know because it was extensive. The idea got is that you're going to have to move not the we're not moving the bat cave and i and which you know. We're in the book romans. Yeah when you get your priorities. Away from god people animals when that's not in that order chaos ensues and a lotta poor decisions. Well it's a good day to be To have life and immortality though you know. I do agree with that too. I have some better advice on what to do with the bat. I got nothing from. Yeah well my. My advice is to build them an alternative space to live out in your yard. And that way they'll you'll you'll preserve the bat that will kill the mosquitoes. I'm all about the circle of life. And i want to get rid of the mosquitoes when you leave all the doors open for hours days. There's enough i'm all i'm gonna do is track more bats because the bats became a lesser problem. When you leave the doors open louisiana when it's eighty degrees outside at night man carry rabies and other things like the corona virus. And they're in your house there in your house them out quickly. I got a message for bats. Stay in your lane bro system. So what do you wanna talk about today because you know help except feel inspired me to get rid of the bats in my house. I chapter in romans is full of full of hope. So why don't we get on something positive. There is a strange thing. I come these strange. Thanks always happened into jas. They always happen to jas. I don't know what that's about. But he's always gotta get story. That's for sure. I prayed for a little girl. The other day called her mama because she's really ill and they had named her after jase whatever that means as they prayed for her. Not jason jason. I'd never heard that name. i like. Yeah she had cancer and for from we prayed for. I was eating it i was. She looked about nine or ten. Yeah sad and i was eating. Crawfish might've gone deliver. I i believe it. i'll pray. Well i really do i was. I was at duck commander eaten. Crawfish with zach williams. The singer jesus. I asked him. I said where's dolly. He signed with dolly parton and they all out and he had third day. Was there mac. Powell and a group called what was a group kane think. Yeah cain they're doing a drive in tour and so they did. They did it. In in north monroe. So i'm i'm worrying crawfish there and when i got the the alert if we would pray for this girl i just we just stopped does which was cool. I'm here these great singers. And all these people. And i'd settle message to her via the cellphone while we it was the worst stop. And what we're doing and we're praying for you. The god will heal you. But i tell you what i'll do right now just in a moment. Let's just pray right now. Father jason father. We do pray that you deliver her from this illness. You are the great physician and you are the author of life so we pray that you will deliver this scourge from jerusalem and give her her health back in the name of jesus. we're asking this. Father amen amen. I think it's most disturbing thing ever is to see a picture of a nine year old girl and you hear you know. She's got cancer and is now looking good and so we did that. But i said it was. It had tears over. that's for sure. Yeah it was good. Good to meet them guys out. I've been friends with Mac pile for years and love. That guy anna. I really like you know everyone that was area and never met zach williams but i told him of love that song. I love the passion in that song and so we had to get time. What was a little comical about it is they had never eaten crawfish. So i'm like bar. They didn't they didn't know what they've missing that. What what is wrong with you people. So i was the official. Here's how you pay them. Yeah and you know. They're just not they're not used to the heat either. That you know gwede are crawfish. Bisi and One of the one of the girls from kansas i. My my lips are getting numb. Yeah but i've met. They joined ian and they seem to like them other than just the idea of eating your because when you look at the sake. Let's take a quick break jays. One of my favorite Feelings is when you're tired at night in new slip into your sheets and that initial you know they're cool in that initial lay down kind of getting ready to go to sleep. What about that sensation. That that feeling of. It's time to go to bed. And i got some. I got a nice setup here to get some sleep to hypnotize me for some reason like you're about to fall asleep getting very sleepy. Well that's one of my favorite feelings. The one of the things that makes mind so enjoyable as one of our sponsors called boll and branch which really is a super You know wonderful product. That i absolutely love. And and that's that feeling. I get and i can kind of tell when i'm someplace and don't have boll and branch sheets Fair price you get a thirty day. Risk-free trial get free shipping In any returns that you have to have one hundred percent organic cotton ethical production Really a wonderful set of sheets once you try these things. I think you'll love him. It's bollandbranch dot com. You get fifteen percent off your first set of sheets. If you use the promo code robertson. So that's bowl beal. L. l. and branch dot com. Promo code roberson. Fifteen percent off and get a good night's sleep when you look at a crawfish. The last thing your mind is telling you is to eat that this you just have to trust. I was giving them a the lesson on how you pay. Let met always giving them the inspiration of light. I mean trust me without. Would i when i lead you wrong. They're looking but i don't trust you because you look like a wildebeest but but if if he ever run crawfish traps that you see with they eat that will turn you off well but i'm gonna disagree with you on that. Because of crawfish will only he prefers fresh meals. And i think that's a positive it is. He'll eat anything but he wants fresh. And so i respect that. We were in crawfish traps in college. Shouldn't and we were putting a fill. You told me to put in buffalo head find. The buffalo carp cut cut fish. But i think the buffalo head or carpet is the number one attracted. Would you agree. We've caught more on jimmy anything else but now. They have made a bait. It's pretty good. It's still about one and a kind of like the pellets. been you know kind of a hard palate. Yeah it's it's you catch four to one. My second day newsletters. My wife was was. We were went. And we got three tubs of buffalo heads. I've i have a special became the little fish little fish they sign up. You know. I don't even know the name. But that's what they beat them with well in the book aromas boy just off the top of my head. Here's something interesting. The gospel is mentioned in verse. One the gospel is mentioned in verse to the gospel is mentioned in verse four. The gospel is mentioned in verse. Nine and the gospel is mentioned in verse. Fourteen and the gospel is mentioned in verse. Sixteen that many times and that shoulder space tells you what's actually mentioned in verse. Seventeen verse seventeen about their tears. You enough that. The whole premise of romans is built around. Jesus his death for the sins of the world his burial and resurrection. That's the centerpiece of the bible in. You missed that you pretty well missed it all life and mortality comes out of it. Well i think the last time we were here that you weren't but we talked about. I made this this long speech about verse. Three where he said regarding his son. Where y- you went to the old testament he's coming god in human form and then when you add that with what failed said about the gospel which you know we single out. I mean you could say jesus because a lot of people if you ask them what. The gospel is most people that i've studied with. They they they don't they don't know what that means unfortunately for them that they know what that well right they think music or something good or somebody nine. Matthew martin luther king john the four gospels and so they'll say that and so always say well as jesus but it seems to highlight his death berlin resurrection in that context in most most places you know specifically would you agree with that assessment through through. Yeah i would also add. I think the book of romans is. There's this interesting phrase in verse five. That's also it's in the first paragraph of the book aromas and the the same phrase is in the last paragraph of the book or let me read it to you. It says Jesus here through. Whom jesus we have received grace and postle ship it. Here's the reason. This is the whole reason. While paul received grace as an apostle to bring about the obedience of faith among all the gentiles for his namesake. Among whom you are also called of. Christ jesus he uses that term the obedience of faith as he starts the book with that and he ends the book with that. And i think that if you when you get into the booker almost because you get a pretty complex theology here if you don't understand The reason why it was written things. Get a little hairy particularly when you get the romans. Eight nine ten and eleven The context of paul. Paul saying here is i'm coming to tell you about the gospel for a specific purpose and that purpose is i want you to obey god out of faith which is different than obeying god out of works. I just think that's an interesting phrase. The the obedience of faith. What do you think that means i have. I have an idea but what do you. What do you think that means. I mean i think you have an encounter or you have an understanding of who jesus is and it's not just the story or this fact. Because he was in his opening remarks he said that regarding his son through the spirit of holiness this son jesus was declared with power to be the son of god by his resurrection from the dead. Jesus christ our lord so if your faith which would be believing that he is that son with that power is who he says he is. Then i think you would obey whatever. He recommended that simple. I think it's a view a belief and then there's a behavior and an action that comes after the accident is love god because of what he he's rescued from the dominion of darkness through the gospel and he has by faith instilled in us A desire to love him and serve him. He is worthy and to love your neighbor. Start with sharing this with him. There is life and mortality for your taking if you want it and all you have to do is believe but leave. I think it's like now. We always telling bats. And i didn't plan to make this connection but now that i think about it the the modern world they came up with batman because bats are i guess creepy and then what is his what what does he do. What's his n game. We we came up with a guy who has supernatural powers bat related. And what does he do. He fights good and evil you. It's the it's the same principle they just took a bat. Oh we need supernatural ability To for good to triumph. And so god said i am. I am the supernatural. I became a human and then he was declared to be the son of god. Why because of the power that he showed via the spirit to be resurrected from the dead which in every batman movie. That can't kill him. He has the cause is not l. He'll get injured but you have to have an indestructible quality about you to be supernatural which leads us for life changes if you ever read every epistle start from the book of acts. The last thing paul said he preached about the kingdom of god and about the lord. Jesus christ which tells you where his focus was but every one of these epistles if in the first chapter. It's not by accident that one two three four five six seven about ten times. He mentions the gospel which means literally good news to the thesselonians. He said we are to always thank god for you brothers. This is second thesselonians to He say that the the sanctifying work of the spirit and through belief in the truth he called you to this through our gospel that you might share in the glory of our lord. Jesus christ which is wonderful immortality so then brother stand firm in it always mentions at stand on the gospel and hold to the teachings. We passed on to you whether by word of mouth or by letter. So it's our job to carry on with the apostle paul and others just pointed pont people to jesus who he is what he's done but he's now doing what he will do. Stay right there and camp out there. Love him enough to tell them. Take the heat when it comes out there looking actually good point that you bring up. That is good news because you think about what jesus. His death did which was destroyed. His death started a process that destroyed death. That's it yeah there's a let's take a quick let's Let's take a quick break. Yeah there's a. there's a paradox. in the even we talk about power. I mean think about the gospel displays the power of god but but a good chunk of the gospel. Is that this. This all existing ever existing eternal being condescends and become human allows the humans his creation to get their hands on him and he ultimately was murdered and killed a man. That's that's kind of a flip on the head of power because when we think of power we're always thinking about conquering which christ obviously did that. But part of the gospel was is part of the power is is that his love that he would love his creation. Enough to do that you know. Yeah that's why. I brought up the deal about batman. Because it's you're not thinking jesus is powerful most people when they when i make it known to the world like if i meet somebody not say something about jesus because we're we're almost two. I'm not ashamed of the gospel. Which is that. Jesus is the son of god and that he lived a holy life. These are all things we that he's referring to enrollment one and that he died for the sins of the world at love and that because of the holy spirit came back from the dead they. They view that me being unashamed as a week. That's they they they think that's week and once you start to rally up the text and when he said regarding his son while his son he shared in there at the human race shared humanity so that by his death. You know how. You're going to kill god unless he becomes a human and you get your hands on him. You're not going to touch him. The invisible immortal god that created the cosmos. You can't touch something like that. Unless he shares in you humanity so he can that so that he can buy his death he might destroy him who holds the power of death. That is the devil and free those by grace who all their lives and their great fear were held in slavery by the fbi or death. Death fixed it so we wouldn't fear death because he beat it and it was impossible for debt to keep a toll on him and it's impossible for there to keep its hold on us so just that enough. When i heard that i was twenty eight years old and i stopped in my tracks on that poet right there are stumped tracks right there and i said wait a minute here. How in the world that. I have missed that. We're talking and mortality here. I had turned hebrew. Steve fourteen and my finger on the i was thinking i was fixing a read that you were trained. Well my son. Yeah but failure right that that. That passage is the logical conclusion. I'm telling you has it. Says since the children have flesh and blood while while he became a human so that by his death he might destroy him who holds the power of death. That is the one so you think about it. That's how we view going back to my batman Reference power in our world is like well he can whoop everbody in han come. He holds the power of death in his hands. Because he can kill you more powerful. And that's the way people with evil intent view power unless we're gonna fly bunch of playing you know we're we're gonna kill people and even ourselves to show you that we're right and the evil one. He's done it from the beginning. Where's that passes a murderer from the beginning. All he's going to mention that when you get over about roma's five thirty all atom. When he seeing. I mean he brought to us seeing and death which jesus conquered both of them but with adam all die with with jesus all are made alive. He took away the the murderer. There is this idea. Power though is interesting to me as your as you're kind of talking about it because i mean god really does come to flip it on its head and you look at the way. Humans approach the concept power. What do we do well. We try to consume it and consolidated and and get it we want. We want to get it off ourselves. But what's being displayed in. The gospel is god is quite the opposite. Gods like look. I'm all powerful. I can do whatever i want. I don't need any of you. But i'm i'm going to empty myself. I'm going to take on the nature of a serving. Big down at appearances. A man philippian says that the that christ humbled himself and became obedient to death to me. That's the scandal because it is kind of ridiculous to think about a god that is ridiculous to us to think about a god that powerful. That would would do that. It it it it really. It's got to be divine because a human would never come up with that kind of power structure main. God basically said that you can't kill and take control empire was taking that away because we're coming back. I mean to me that would be the ultimate movie is you have all these empires that have ruled the world because you think about from a roman perspective. This is the place where we had the the arena. was it called Brain crown you know the famous The coliseum yeah or we've been there yeah and and they're like this is this is true power they've they you know who's the biggest who's the baddest and doing the exact opposite becoming meek and dying and then being raised to show you that he is the destructor of death itself. It's the wildest thing i've ever read my life. I mean you're like what but since you meekly and you turn the other cheek. Well how can you be the most powerful thing in the world if you turn the other cheek and you know about to kick your ears back. It's free it's free. Well it cost him to go through. His lie is us mean cost him thirty years of i guess just identifying as a human and then three more years of process that he's dying on purpose but he came back so it's like i'll go through that in the end Win so appealing to me. Yeah let's say we're more bright. This is that that's why we're cut to the heart zack. And we're like i. I in on this well it's offensive. It's offensive to us a lot of ways and cuts us on both ways. One because it tells you especially the book of romans but you get chapter three. We're going to say the few weeks. I mean you. Don't bring anything to the table. But i love what i think we got to set up romans here though that you think about the backdrop the historical backdrop is that this is a time period. Where i mean this this new religion. If you wanna call it that came out of out of judaism and what paul paul's doing yes. The reason why it's good news for us because we're not jewish. None of us are jewish. Here it's good news for us. Because he's he's he's announcing here that that crisis opening up salvation to everybody gentiles. He's calling all the non-jewish people into this glorious relationship at the be able to dwell in the presence of the lord And to me especially for time is now where we are. So culturally divided. The this this this letter into the roman church is so powerful because it puts everybody on the same playing field. Number one is gonna put us on the same fan milk. Everybody's sinful everybody's fallen short of god's glory and and to every everyone has the opportunity at least to be justified freely by his grace. If we choose to put our faith in hammond confessing lord say this blow really is a great equaliser. If our world right now zac could just grasp the fact in. We're going to read about it. When we get into romans chapter to god does not show favoritism this is for everybody every living person on planet earth. it's forever. Yeah that's almost to eleven. I was thinking the same. Well saying page. A day god does not show favoritism. And you think of all the conflate which we go back to yielding power and you know even like all the countries that have see is in their roles of trying to keep the peace. You know how they're doing whether killing bad guys james by the way. Look at the trouble guys that the puzzles and the believers because we just got through with book of acts look at their carnage and the death and the persecutions that took place in the book of acts day said. We'll just a slaughterhouse. To in order to show the human race god does not show favoritism at the jew. Gentile clash there was going on through the apostles but the gospels still priest and to this day. It's all the way down through the ages for the last two thousand years. It made it all the way to hear that boy you think. Well i think you're right and we are out of time. Thanks for listening to the unashamed. Podcast helpless us out by writing us on atoms. And don't miss an episode by subscribing on youtube and be sure to click that little bell to get notified about new episodes and for even more content. That you won't get anywhere else subscribed to blaze. tv at blaze tv dot com slash unashamed.

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Stop Asian Hate | Episode 46

An American Conversation Podcast

1:12:20 hr | 3 months ago

Stop Asian Hate | Episode 46

"Wilkinson american conversation podcast. A podcast about a comedian and to feminists having discussions every week. About what the hell's happening in america today each week we invite fascinating people and provide interesting news to be hashed out with the understanding that as americans. We can agree to disagree. We can laugh hysterically and behave politically incorrect. And still be friends for the next round of debate. Revelation leland and rose are not experts but alona is and that makes rose unhappy. Listen in every week. Be that fly on the wall. Welcome back today. We have our special guests jimmy. Shanna comedian alone. Is shaw our lawyer. Brown sugar have to say it. My god leland south park rose medina leland heflin we are going to be talking about what is going on with his asian tate so we have to korean and the rest of us are not okay. Let me read something. I go ahead. Racism against asian-americans immunities is deeply entrenched in american history. We stand with the victims and survivors of the atlantic and with all victims of hey and racial by stands with all our others insiders. Who feel unsafe today all right. I'm done preaching udub. We said okay pat being said in today's society. We have a lot of anger. Going on towards asian people. I'm not saying that it's towards korea. I would believe that. Were feeling more towards the chinese because of wonderful fucking trump in what he was saying about kung flu. And all that crap. That was funny. Cons flow lewis. Funny yeah no virus. Not so much. Yeah exactly. Have you guys had anything happened to either one of you. Have you experienced anything to your. Family's gio you jimmy. Go to tell me what's going on just the other night. I did a show or stoppage. Hey and i've posted a flyer on instagram and someone would go back home. I'll get mad. And i looked down but it was my mom not man. She must be close to white. Guys weren't even skinheads plumbing. I'm starting off with a job but seriously this is serious matter and what they do is they basically lump all asians together so half the time. It's not even chinese people that i know of a tie guy that that was killed. Yeah there's learn america yeah. Those are the old tiger. They're targeting these pussies are targeting. Old people which i think is the lowest of the low people that can't defend themselves. Yeah women and old people. That's just to me pathetic but grandma hit that guy. White guy his ass those then. You're all the money from the goes on me as well. I think it's over a million dollars. She needed to infamy. I actually had an incident. I live in a pretty gentrified area in lower manhattan and nine four or music. Ten forty five in the morning on a main street where i stopped in the middle of locked. Adjust my stuff. As asha my way to chinatown which. I don't usually go to during the week. But i just happened to be on the way there and this guy. That part of the story was really narrow. This guy coming towards me and he looked really angry and then he tried to sit on me. Dodged my jess me. And then he. I saw him to keep walking and at one point he turned around. He just had like. It's kind of euphoric kind of adrenaline rush kind of thing so i felt obligated especially obligated to go report this just because it was so look on him. I just felt especially after then. I went to chinatown. You're seeing all these people that are really vulnerable. And who don't report these things. They're not a positions recorded at at you. It's so difficult. Report hate crimes. I think it's gotten a little bit better in the last couple weeks. They're actually doing things you're starting in. Nypd now has somewhere you can tweet email and they're having more referendum. They're trying to get more people involved. Everson especially essence. Atlanta happens but even here a couple. I think it was early last week. I asked you an atlanta last week. Visiting my mother Last week here. He's heard that about the older woman who's filipino. When a church that homeless earn up horrible. Yeah it was a homeless guy. He attacked her. And the norman closed the door on her and do anything and they were trying to defend themselves saying that they didn't see that the beginning and then they showed the footage from the building. And then you see that they let this woman who's on the phone walk out the building right into it if they were so worried. Why don't they stop the woman from going out such like. Open the door for her to go out and she goes walks right into it looking down on her. That was shocking. When the guy closed the door they day just watched and they just close the door on and then a person who lives in the building walkout into that without saying anything china. Stop our ex president. That sort of egged this on any. I think definitely he definitely normalized races. Emitted okay to say racist things in the whole kung fu thing and a lot of people can't tell asians are so it affects everybody in la people. I can't tell them apart. No hanna understand about the local. Though rosettes different hard i actually my husband or soon to be ex is chinese japanese korean and my children are part asian but we would go to the korean spa and we could not even figure out which one was my husband when they were all in the same outfit and i understand bigger out your own husband. Nothing like ursel problem. Attention to the wrong parts leland. They all dressed the same. Because you have to wear the same outfit in the spa. But when they're all laying down all. The men looked the same. And i couldn't figure out which one was my husband. Something happened to a friend of mine in la where she was eating outside of a thai restaurant and i think the difference there was that she was their son. This man comes to start screaming at them. Sexual things your son's geisha boys harassing them. The difference there is at least in early do anything they were late getting there. They didn't really help them. They didn't take that seriously where it's at least here in new york. I feel even though nothing really came. Yes announce chuck came of it. I put stuff on my social media. I know a lot of people in the neighborhoods. So it's people and the police were responsive this Gentrified neighborhood what if it wasn't a gentrified you're in chinatown. They're not going to try to help you although it's really cute. I was in chinatown a couple of weeks ago. They have these now. They always policemen around every corner. And but they're super bowls jordan. You're there. you're chinatown here last week and it was dead there was it was empty. There was nobody around no body. Nobody really eating. There's one of the problems. I think that a lot of people don't want to be police officers anymore. And i don't know about the rest of the country but here in la they don't want to get involved a lot of times. They're afraid to get involved because so many people because of black lives matter and all the big news stories these days turn it on right now and find one that. They're just afraid to respond that they're going to do something wrong or somebody's going to attack and or spit on them. Though in silver lake there was an arson incident where this homeless person set fire to four vehicles where an and the lady who lived in the building was telling us that the police came and were afraid to get out of their vehicles and the homeless person was. They're setting fire and it just didn't know what to do and it goes back to a lack of training and it goes back to the lack of all fide individuals. That really want to do that job anymore. And that's the shame the most recent story. I'm sure you guys have heard. Is that story. Where the lady police officer miss took her real gun for her as her in shot a young black gentle. It just horrible. Because that's a mistake. That should not happen when you have people out what he. What are you going to expect them to come to help you out. No they're not being trained in mental health there now. That's the people that are causing the issues. The people that are not getting the correct mental health. Care disagree with you. I think the number one issue is bias. I think there's a fear of african. Americans were bringing it back to african americans where you automatically get scare and i have this problem too. I do if. I'm walking down the street and i see a big black guy. I get more scared. Than if i see a white guy or an asian guy and i think i if i see a hotline really does but i think i think this bias needs to be corrected because i have seen videos where a white guy just shot his wife to france and a man. The house housing. He's running. This is in ohio and saying hilmi and the cops de-escalated took the guy in the guard was rushing the cop if he was black. The communist shot. I'm right out the door coming right out the door. I was afraid for my life. I was afraid. I missed to this for that. Although i agree with you jimmy in terms of the confidence and the training and competence because she's a trainer this woman twenty six years on the force who shot this poor guy train younger officers and she can't. She doesn't know the difference. Wouldn't go you're talking about something that's really important. Which is the difference between over policing lack communities and under policing asian people are coming in and saying look. We need your help in this way x. y. or z. And they're know that's not what happened in new york with the doorman closed the door. That was a horrible thing to see and it was. it was pretty calculated. It wasn't a moment it wasn't that split second it was. You saw him take his time walking to the door and closing it and he made a decision which is not at all to excuse the woman in brooklyn center minnesota where she grabbed the wrong device. Which still is a hard thing for me. That's a hard pill to swallow for me. No people are saying cops do that all the time. I don't accept that. Because if i wrongly i dunno my job is not life or death but if it were and i had to make a decision between two things and they chose be instead of a and somebody died for it. That's i can't just say i made a mistake. That's not an option but there it seems. There's a missing piece. Which is why are you reacting properly in in other communities. You're over policing are under police. What hana tell me this. Why is it every time. I see an image of an asia person getting attacked. Why is it a black guy. That's why do black people not understand what it feels to be a victim of racial profiling and it just doesn't make sense but art of it could be people that are bullied ended up becoming a bully. A lot of the times down from the perpetrate. The only explanation i can think of. I certainly can't speak for lack man. But what i can say it. It's a lot what you're saying. Jimmy which is fully bullied people become bullies but also communities have been pitted against each other for a million years especially in the united states irrespective of race in the same boat. And that's that's the ideal asian. People have been discriminated against in a very particular way black people african american people have been discriminated against in a very particular way and instead of going out and saying okay. Let's organiz because it doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. We do organize in a lot of these organizations work together but instead of organizing were pitted against each other and it's yeah control the rich white people at the top. I think in my case the person who did attack when they tried to spin on me he was a black person has multiple layers to it too as well because he was probably homeless person. He didn't look lots. Jimmy initially because he was pretty clean cut and i just didn't think he was homeless. But then it's interesting. Because then a week later i heard another incident. I still haven't gotten confirmation even freeze. The same guy him. Attacking another woman was also asian. But i saw video footage of majestic look so. I think it's also a mental health thing a lot in new york. At least his a lot of these people are somehow a mental health issue. There that's not being fully addressed that. Yeah we really need to get maybe a couple of weeks ago. We started having some kind of not. What's not protests rallies. We had a black and it was called the black and gold rally here which is really cool. And i think we religious need to work on solidiarity and i i heard someone. I think it's the guy that's ahead of the n. double acp and he. It's basically we need more people. I feel for asians to be aware what's going on and also the fact that we don't even you don't even see our history very much in history books in america girl. A little bit about japanese interment very vaguely. But most people don't know when asia. I came to the us and it's been centuries. I learned about asians in howard. Zinn class at bu. Tell alley that. I had no idea. I just agent chinatown. Said y'all chinatown on the asians the I didn't even know the ignorant i wasn't. He's read this book. Read that up. And i'm a racist i didn't realize it but i clean my act up one of the things. I knew that i say asians are the new mexicans because people are mad at us because we're taking their jobs that they don't want they want mexicans to build walls. They want asians to build firewalls. But at the core of that joke is a truism which is that. I think a lot of particularly black people think that we just come over here from asia and then all of a sudden we have a business or were taking something away from their communities. Because a lot of times you'll even go to content or something and the corner stores owned by an asian person. And so i think that's the core of all the problems that they had in the nineties and least for sure. And i thought we were past and we got to just becoming more of sort of a socio economic and who's the sort of the haves and the have-nots type of thing but then we moved back into just racism by with this virus systemic racism. The problem with that too is that it's very difficult for black entrepreneurs to get a loan to open up a store so then you live in a predominantly black neighborhood and you look up in. The first thing is nation star. How big money for that. It has nothing to do with the asian family whose here wants to succeed in america. But who else they're gonna take it out. And that's what i was thinking about the bidding against each other and i'm glad that the guy had held them goldman sachs. He is putting a lot of money into detroit and investing in detroit in african american communities and stores. And everything you need to do that. You need to invest in the original sin in the original people here. Never mind the native americans. That's another Asia people come here and do well and it's because of the stereotype you guys. I'll tell you get their money. I know i'm cat and relate to this one is you're korean is when i was a kid. My mom you with some over trusted friends would pull together. Their money in korean called gabon and they made their own little banking system. They pulled together their money but people that need it the most get it first but they end up paying a little more interest or a couple more payments at the end but everybody gets ten thousand dollars is not a policies game if you were the wrong person. It's it could be a ponzi because if even one person on that link is corn schemer than you might not have any money at the but most of the people she dealt with just her close friends all wanted to start businesses and so they'd have this ten thousand dollars star and so i think black people need to come together and help each other. But that's an an. And i learned about that when roseanne and i were working together at legal aid thirty years ago. I learned about it from really though who is Puerto rican new yorker and. They did something called the su. Is that sound familiar roles. And everybody kicks in every paycheck. You kick in two hundred dollars and if you've got eight people do the math sixteen hundred you get a chunk of money. i know. Carry the one dollars that would be my whole paycheck but you kick in you get in and when it comes up on your time you get that chunk of money. But we rosen. I had a coworker who was drian and she told us about her family doing now. Drunk we love it on his home. We have to find her but she their families came from korea and they did something similar but it was ten granted a half and so times eight or ten families. You're talking about eighty thousand nine hundred dollars. Eighty thousand one hundred thousand dollars when when it's your turn when it comes around. And it's an organizational scheme that not excuse this image or scheme that works but lack americans. It's just not part of arc culture. It's just not ever been introduced. I think you just mentioned immigrants though. See i don't know if americans do that once. A white person does it added. His name is jail now. what's his new diet. Anybody did he. Die the jewish guy when the how is his name wild yes bernie made all my mother that she would give money back because we never had any money we never had. But i think i don't know catherine are leland de cologne has point. The i agree with her. It's not part of the culture. Yeah it's now part of the american culture for the white people. I know that you wish thousand is a lot of money. Yeah yeah you guys are just the better minority than we are. Sure in quotes. Are catherine getting pissed. Anyone is i think we see the same thing even in your as a parent here in new york just in terms of education. Diplomacy is doing here. Where basically now. He is sent to asian the whole public school system. The specialized schools obvious these schools. And they're trying to physically make it look more diverse. So it's an issue that again we're being pitted against each other that they're blaming get resolved. It's not getting rid. it depends. I guess our next mayor. Maybe because this mayor wanted to make it superficially look. The schools are diverse. Meanwhile he's not putting in the infrastructure to help these kids actually the better way to do. It is to help kids from kindergarten up and their families exactly impeach when we get ties auckland's versus just making it look let given pigeon and then her certain kids out then it'll look supposed to liquid. Meanwhile you haven't prepare these kids to be able to do the scoring that's required for this stuff. When when i was in new york i applied to stuyvesant. It was mainly asian. Mainly i i would say maybe one or two puerto ricans. I was at one of the. I didn't get it. But i got into bronchitis group science and that was asia so to me. The stereotype. asians are just smart. And now i see discrimination against asians. I agree with you. They have to not discriminate against asian people. But help the other people elevate them. But i don't wanna do that. You don't want to do that. They just wanna bandied the situation. Joe with what the issue really is that our grade schools are not a lot of them are not great or even. I've tried to do little things as others. Universal pre-k we're now there's little there wasn't a universal pre k we have to send our kids to private nursery me out of the pocket piano pocket and now you have universal pre k bit. It's to support. I feel all the families in different situations and you need a middle class in york. You're basically pushing out the middle class from racist against asians. Because i white people don't want asians taking over sorry weakland they don't do. That's why i married one. And i had i prefer asian liam. Yeah it wasn't the white man but they don't say that don't say it's not fair. Let's keep asians down. Let's black style. Let's you puerto ricans. Now it's to not be white america. This is america. They don't want to change from talked about it. Let's keep america in the nineteen fifties which pretty much leland's even though leland's family is pretty poor right from generations. i don't know how many generations and i'll say trash you know together. White trash needs combined with lack. Sworn for ages. We all need to unite. The fuck is this is not your lead. You stole it from native. Americans are i hate when i say that they are the bering straits they say are. What's your name hated. When i said your engine location she goes then beneath Nobody thought she was one hundred percent of american are half and then like twenty thousand. You guys came from japan-china growing up. You could say which. I all this land. Get your ass back to ireland. Scotland england germany italy spain. But anyway go ahead. I was lucky. Enough to grow up in tacoma washington. Where a lot of people were military families sleep tacoma washington state washington state back and basically. I grew up such a melting pot with so much diversity even as diverse worst still segregated. Here you still have k- town. You have chinatown yup japan town. You have tied down and people are separated. Where in tacoma everyone went to the same school were literally thirty percent. Black people thirty percent. Asian and thirty percent white and then latins. Were probably the minorities where i was from long story short. I think one of the things that made me less racist towards people in general is that had exposure to all these people and at certain points. I had a best friend that was block. I had a best friend that was asian. Had a best friend that was white. You know what i mean and so you just realize we're all the same and i think a lot of this. Racism is coming from areas. That are super and you and lots of ignorance going on and lack of exposure to the other racist to know that. Wait a minute to try to escape. Go this korean guy for for something. That china did is just complete. Ridiculousness it trying to attack order rico for something that venezuela did open slow as either share. The chinese didn't do anything to move in the united states. But that's the thing there are two things one is. Americans are incredibly lazy. And if they look at every asian or asian american person and see one thing it's it's super super duper lazy. it's just lazy. so that's one thing. The other thing. Is it possible for people to open their minds and their hearts not to be just virtual to two other people that they don't understand deblasio and i'm not a huge fan one way or the other. He hasn't turned me on in any way. But can he can these leaders. These political leaders make changes that are meaningful if it's not from a place that's authentic and organic. Can they look at a community and say we have an issue here. We have an issue here and make changes or do they have to understand that. The the jimmy's talking about. I had a black friend and so i understood the black humidity better. I had whatever whoever the people are that your friends or are you doing something. That's never going to sink in what you do. I say it's not going to be real because not authentic. That's a good question. Hafren from i think that here at new york city superficially we are amounts melting pot. I grew up in miami so there weren't very many agents in miami every only families that were there at the time. Because this is miami in the seventies and eighties. They were family friends and we all went to the same private school. We all go to. There was a korean church. And that's essentially blocks had that too. Where you have a church we can congregate. But i guess the difference with asians. What i think one of the difference would be is that it becomes your even. Though we were catholic. We went to press the cherian catholic korean church and go to a catholic service and then my dad was part of the korean chamber of commerce. And we'd have to go to the church and then a lot of koreans each other. I think there's a lot more in miami now and getting people. I don't think people even heard of korea. Most people that i knew until they thought soul was just part of china. Did you suffer any. Hey during the time for a little unusual as and that. I grew up in the middle class. Area i went to a private school because everyone at the time in my ami must he go into private schools so anything i can and i'm a woman so i think a lot of it. Were maybe microaggressions as probably one of the few asian friends. A lot of my friends have had an even now by live in new york city. But i also live in a gentrified area worship somewhat diverse right. Rose you remember the neighborhood. But it's a lotta quarter regan emporer and then i went back and now it's gentrified is code for white. It's it's just what's the need to be was more artists is right now. We have a targeted neighborhood now. A design starbucks target will. Everyone was off target here. But i love target here. It's great target on your loved oregon bed bath and beyond the whole foods. All this stuff that this neighborhood was not known for before we'd have these artsy things here. So i don't know i just thank here. It's easier to have experience of having different kinds of friends and i feel. I hope that when. I need someone like me for me and i would hope that a lot of meet friends my friends he for me and not necessarily because and just senior asian friends but as someone that they want to be friends. That's how i picked my friends. I don't really care about the color that they are. Edge is just that there's something about them that inches near the I have a quota. So i'm one and run your wife friend. I need another one alone. I got two black friends halloween. I because i a couple of other. Puerto ricans wait. We trouble black is friend. Rose not really and your mother doesn't count leland the oppressor of the group know what do you think. Because you also didn't grow up with diversity. No the tower like grew up in. I actually met somebody a few years ago. Who said oh no. My cousin grew up in in cabin. John where i'm from and i looked at her. No your cousin did not grow up in cabin john because this woman asian and i said there's no fucking way and she said no she did you did and as you need to call your cousin up figure this out. Because that's not and she did call her cousin her cousins from the next town over in cabin john. There was one asian person and it was a little girl who was adopted from china from my neighbors and there was no other asians. Those other person was grew up in. Cabin john adjacent. Yeah not cabin john. It would like maryland. Glory legally different. We are talking rednecks. The boys drove the trucks. And i all drank beer and liking asian people. I don't know. I've just never really been attracted to so i've done everything. But the white man. Bruce lee is why was so hot. I had a big poster of him. Are they hard on your big hard. On a bruce lee on my might hours a nice body though. I'd have body of his. Yeah yeah at didn't know the difference between asians. He's just asia. i didn't know what i think. That's really bad that somebody saint. I grew up in the neighborhood. That catherine lives in. Now which is gentrified. I can't. I cannot afford to back to the neighborhood. I grew up when which had three projects independence bauza were projects. And everybody was ricans for blacks. Were jews italians and portuguese and i. It was a lot. I did not know when i went to be. You is when i. Oh my god. My my world opened up. Exactly how you were talking about tacoma and by the way my daughter applied to gonzaga. That's in spokane. But it's tacoma. But i just. The ignorance is only two areas leland. I grew up ignorant. I grew up not knowing. Stop thank god. I had an attitude. Problem where i fought with the real racist. Epi you the people with money the people that would say. Remember this guy sink to me. Can you hold his bag of drugs for me looking back. What are you nuts. every remember. He's an fucking random street with he didn't ask me wonder why the puerto rican and i am holding back view and he never spoke to me again number. And that's to me the ac- jimmy question for the group. How much do you think yet. How much do you think ethnocentric propaganda. That is a lot of the conspiracy theories and stuff where heard one where china release the virus purposefully and they released it to destroy america to take over the world. There's one of them. How much do you think that type of propaganda is playing a part in all. I think trump is put it out there and people jumped on it and they ran with it. It is so ingrained right now that my father called me and suggested that i switch my children's last name because of it being chinese and said that perhaps it might help them if not now in the future. Heflin is a chinese now. That's not their last name. I take china. he's all. I'm a title guy. I'm a hyphen. Because i needed. Keep my last name for act staying white some areas. I have to say i think it's a huge part of it and calling it anti asian propaganda. I feel. it's been very specific over this last whatever for twelve months fourteen months sixteen months sixteen months in nf and the worst of it in my opinion was that when called out on it there was nobody who said you have to stop saying he didn't stop saying it and nobody said you have to stop saying it. It's having deadly consequences and you're still doing it. It's because the things that is is based on a year. That are the races and agree. I agree he does centric in. I make america great again at all cost. He's speaking their language. But it's an excuse in my opinion because this was not they can decide to do whatever they're going to do based on whatever they think. It was an excuse. They don't care if you're chinese korean thai japanese. That's not really what's happening. It's that's the agoraphobia. It's ethnocentric and as a gora phobic at the same time. There's you have to are people who are just choosing to guam onto this thing to be violent and take their disappointments out on other people. That's horrible as just. I'm sorry this happened in the sixties and seventies. It's continuous one. Is it going to end when anybody have any ideas. When i think it's gonna end when right now we're already melting into each other. There's going to be less. just chinese. less whitey's less puerto ricans left. What the white supremacist. People are afraid. Anxiety we are becoming so much of a melting pot. That people aren't gonna exist. That's the theory. And so with that. Said i don't know i think that we're at a pivotal moment in history here in america But the forefront is black lives matter and they're realizing that there's real consequences to being racist nowadays. You can't get away with it as much as you used to call almost all those people that have committed. Those hate crimes are in jail. You know what mean the rotting in jail and even police officers which were was unheard of in the eighties nineties early two thousands for them to really get in trouble and we're witnessing historical court case right now with the floyd case and show this show in case the show. Can i get about that. Because people say the george floyd case and it's nothing personal but it's he's not on trial he's dead. This is the person is on trial. Yes oh yeah. With that said. I just think that gets worse before it gets better and so we're just seeing the bubbling up of final bobbling of racism. And then pretty soon. I think people are going to realize how stupid I think katharine next feelings. About this. Because i feel in some ways to get worse just the kansas. There's more time to the us. China continued to develop the way they do and then the us flaming china or china. What's gonna go on economically in the future. There's that but then also it. Now you're seeing these crazy copycat crimes against these elderly miss when we all just hated arabs. I'm kidding i'm kidding. I don't wanna hate anyone. You know what i mean. I think honestly the is gonna get worse before it gets better. Just the pandemic add to get worse and it's an interesting time because you have like a really beautiful film eaten. It was great right. Which fell am i n. a. r. i. americans call it minority manar. Yeah the norwich which is basically lended. Basically it's a. It's an immigrant story of a korean family. That moves from arkansas. What the hell is wrong with them. Arkansas coming from california. They want she. They're making they're going to farm this land but it's a beautiful film. It's a beautiful story. I feel it's relatable on different levels immigrants as a family or just someone trying to make your suffering. That are part of it but then you to the that film i thought in february two basically when we were trying to see racism towards asians at that point so the whole time. I'm watching it on tensing giger. Something really raises to this family. Because they don't as baptists town sweet heart of it was that it was just sedated. Understand they were probably the only asian day of her match but they were people. Were i think i want to believe that people integral January and they just a lot of its ignorance and people disagree the basic behind. And i think that we are taught to be ignorant and races and belittling of others. It's something that's ingrained in us by the elder his thinking. It's not only that it's also family dynamics you can live in a family where you're being abused and then you're going to go and abuse the weakest link or whatever of that group so if you can take it out on them to bullying. It's a lot it's multifaceted. It's not one thing. Because when i grew up it was mainly italians and they literally beat up every black person. I mean to the brink of death. Nobody said a word. I didn't know what to do and they were just angry. And these poor italians. it wasn't italians with money. It's ending that. It was horrible in the eighties on sixth avenue in howson. Yeah that's a testament to how far we've come so we know that we have a ways to go but how far have we come. You know what i mean you. Could you know literally call someone chink normal. You could literally call someone at n word and it was just commonplace. You know what i mean. At least now. You have to be secretive about it. At least two reasons i am. You don't have come a long ways where people gotta do this shit and secret and run away. You know what i have to say. I'm getting tight and it's not because of you're saying it's because of what you're saying. I hope they're i hope there's a distinction because i feel how long do we have to wait till we get you a place where it's better safer more more equal or whatever. Hear what you're saying. We've come a long way. But then it's whoever the oppressor is. Let's just pretend we don't know who the oppressor is. Let's just pretend i'm not here. Let's just become leland is not here and we don't know who the oppressor is. Do they get to take baby steps in improving equity relations. Whatever we have to wait until the oppressor is comfortable. We have to do it. They warming are warming up the water before we dive in. Are we just listen. We've been dealing with this ship for fucking centuries and it's not nineteen sixteen nine hundred ninety nine hundred and auburn for and so exactly. So how long do we have to accept scraps crumbs breadcrumbs or can we say hell with it. I'm not dealing with this for another second. There's there's going to be a war because china is doing way better than america. It's going to be a leading power. And america is just gonna be acting out and being racist anti-asian i that's what i think but a And all here's china. They're doing better. They're smarter they work harder. That's what i hear. I think it's gonna get worse. I think it's saying china now. He's what i forget what i said. I think we can all agree. It's gonna get worse it's gonna get worse and worse for asians because finding trump is gone. It doesn't matter it doesn't he wasn't the problem senator. I don't know that they're gonna do that much better. Because right now they sign that infrastructure deal that they're talking about and everyone employed and equal. Get back on their feet. Because i think we're going to see a rise. Never before remember when they decimated japan in world war two and they became the biggest power in the world after that. So i think there is something to the flow of an economy and society. This it made with the right decision right leadership. It could help us to become even better. I know we're also like the worst thing that have happened to me. Ashleigh out to become better. Because i learned from and because i got lessons that i would have never learned had shit just went my wet. I don't think american lawrence. Though see that i think america doesn't learn. I think america wants to be russia whites. I think trump might get elected again. We might allow somebody. He got more votes at guys. I am reading it. I'm glad i'm getting old. Because i got more than rows and each part he got more votes than what no. He got the moselle hotel. Yeah oh i got you. That's a problem. That's a problem that dead. Take me a little bit to digest. That many people still supported him after all voted for him. Jimmy my people voted for him. And what is your people are stupid on you rose. I'm getting receive ordinary. That's comedy one. Asian guy who voted for him. I'm not asian. i'm talking about. But i know a dad voted for him once. You're in a certain income bracket. I think a lot of people think of their pocket books in taxes. And that's all they give a fuck about abortion and there's people that wanna keep their money and open businesses despite the pandemic. They're all trump because they'd rather open up and save their livelihood than have someone in office that's actually has morals. Another person is going to run again and you guys better be prepared because biden is going to be too rolled homologue is gonna be before karma ally malone smetana. I got that kamla is all from grace. He was america's of buchan mayor and then all of a sudden he was with black coming down from his fucking had not in new york. He was needed in new york music. Nine eleven. fifteen minutes bef- yours. I was no longer mayor. Yeah he was from the start. He's a white catherine. Marie tried to stay there after what he tried to stage. He wanted to be he won. I'm going to try to make it a three term thing. yep easy. fdr hafren what do you think about. You know what i wanted to say something to. That hasn't been before. I go back to catherine the sexism and misogyny towards the atlanta women that were murdered. They never brought that up. They always said it was asian. Hey but as feminist. And i'm a feminist hers. I think there were targeted. Because they were women and asia women. Do you know what i mean. I really and we need to put that out there. That misogyny is rampant and that we have these horrible stereotypes. These women lost their lives because the guy was getting a. Isn't that what i'm saying. He was frustrated. But that's massage you're not entitled to sex you've gotta work at it. Every other man get it just keeps me up and i just wanted that out there but i wanted to ask you catherwood. You think about what's happening with andrew cuomo and the sandal the scandal and your off the i feel that kind of situation where it's he has genton grates he actually got issue covert With trump being the way that he was we. Everyone was in love with permits to covid this. He wrote a book before it was even over handling the having to link. Oh that's me didn't even an emmy. Everyone's has come out as a bullet and he ended at these crazy things. He's done like with his wife office expert in here that it thinks. He was abused really abusive. His ex white part of sickly uses. Something had i. I had heard about this seventy but anyway bit here everyone. I'm hearing a lot about that right now. It's just more everyone getting their vaccine. Everyone's focused on getting the vaccine in new york right now. I got my second one on thursday. How about you know about you cap and we out debris in any side effects anything besides a couple folks. i'm fine. no clocking knows great. I didn't really have any side effects. But i'm really healthy and ride take vitamins and get sunshine all the things you should be doing if you wanna be l. Akron unhealthy do anything. You're just going to be more unhealthy j. or any other any other. You're talking about one or one point. Point zero zero one percent of the people that got that shot had blood clots. it was publicized. Out of seven million. Yeah really really minute. I'm today at the x. Ray place in there was a guy who came in. Who had his shot and he had a blood clot in his tone. They were going to be Some sort of not an x-ray but as something to check it out and he had just got that from the shot so there's another one bites the dust up oaten seven million. I hate to stay. This brings me to one idea that have also is. It could have been just against women in that massage parlor case it it could have been. You're there vulnerable with your handbag. Al and somebody grabs her handbag and beat. Tried to beat you up. It didn't matter if you're asian black white or anything so just everything gets commingled together to where everything becomes this hate crime. I don't know that's the case. You know what i mean. I don't know that even if that person who the untrained person or the stupid person mistook took her her. Watch as you. Yeah yeah but what. I'm saying is that it could have been his preference versus any racist against asian. Women disagree with you. Because i think that is massage ruled. That is massaging it. Could have been progeny instead of. Racism is what i'm saying. But it gets lumped in the media as its racism. It really is hey of women. Not i agree with you. Access was that massage far drive because he hated asian people in what i mean. Yeah i agree with relying green places he could get. Some was those massage for its face. It that's why he went there. I agree with that. I think it's a combination of all of it. And i think is interesting that you said that rose because to me when i was hearing a lot in the news where people trying to defend him and saying that it was not a racist incident and that it was more about women in his addiction to porn. Not about it being something racist. Even though there were six eight women that were murdered. Know and in these places were not also the jokes that people were making about happy endings and all this stuff to these places. Were not twenty four hour. Happy ending massage parlours mitzvahs atlanta. It's actually my mother moved to atlanta right before covid for miami and worship the last two where he murdered. These women sponsor actual ten minutes from where my mother just recently moved to but these are nice neighborhoods. They're not without some shady. Its those places. Are there buildings couple of thank in there by the car dealerships in the fancy part of town but they're part of a judge who fight area and i think with this guy to use excuse that it was just that he had a porn addiction. When i think it was that he is misogyny. It's racism and the hyper sexualization vision. One minute it's all of that combined so it just averaged remember when i was first news. It's really making me mad that they were saying it's not an asian. I heard just a racist out of work. Sorry i was here so this is an interesting point. Because i remember hearing specifically the next morning or two days later and they were saying prosecutors had not decided whether or not it would be prosecuted as a hate crime because they weren't sure whether race was involved and so of course. I'm not immersed in this. But i am and i turn to ted my husband. Who's a civil rights lawyer. And i was wait. A crime against women is hate is hate crime that falls into all the hate crime criteria threes. And so you can't say that just because if in fact race was not a factor this is still you targeted women. He didn't go into a spa. Were all the massage. Therapists are men. This is a or aged men for that matter. If that's the thing but that's not you can't say that it's not a hate crime because race wasn involved. As far as i know there's no hate crime law against he will kill women and say i fucking women or i love women so much i gotta fucking them every serial killer that ever came about in this country. I don't think there is a hate crime. Law am i wrong. It's part of the issue. I think they're trying to develop it right now so even in my incident new york they were saying that it's hard to prove that it's bias crime or a hate crime because he the guy and i did not exchange words. It was just my feeling that he was a racist incident. He targeted comedy was spitting on you. For a reason. I spit on me. And the way he's looking at me. He saw my face. We made eye contact. He does asian. there were other people on. It was just a really narrow street. everything happened with i think. And that's the issue in new york too and this is why i think they're starting to re look at what is a high hate crime. And whether you can prosecute this when were exchange is a lot of the hate crimes that are happening in new york or around the country. The words are not exchanged. its vicious attack in chinatown. I think it was. Is it in queens. Where the guy attack warm each like shoved her and punched her few weeks ago. That was in the news a lot. They didn't exchange words can recruit. That's a hate crime. But i think they're really trying to do stuff about that now because there are so many incidents get agents that i'm scared for you. Being nine thousand koreatown. Last night or a couple months ago having dinner with my kids it was a rainy night. It's too quiet. we just got my daughter's vaccine at the javits and we're in one of those shelters that are in la or wherever mpr. They've rebuilt the outdoor seating twenty different times since the beginning of event so some of them are really elaborate. Now that we were the only ones there which is. I'm glad because everyone's going inside the restaurants again. I saw this guy that looks sketchy and you can come in here and we're stuck in this place you can punch us half time. I'm walking around. I have my fist ready to punch someone. If they come near me. I think definitely half wits about you these days not. I'm not gonna walk around by myself at night in a dark alley committed just a woman. This is the way we have to walk around. La is no usual but you still have to even be even more on your toes. If you're a asian these days a woman in asia which always looking over my shoulder these days and my daughter walking outside. I don't even want her to walk the dog half the time my son because they've been attacking queens thirteen year old boy with a bunch of kids playing basketball so obvious think an an an an area. That's heavily asia. Who never thought. I'd say this gupta. La honestly. There's not that many cases here. I don many cases. It's just a lot of times here. People not reporting an. That's the other issue. That i never heard of it happening in. La in new york and san francisco house my son in la in studio city last week. Really i live in the city. So i don't maybe i'm not gonna say right. They await stop rewarding. Yeah but the to sorry. I was just gonna say two points. One is under reporting and the other is folks attacking and not knowing who they're attacking and it doesn't seem to matter to them. But i have a good friend who's japanese and lives in bethesda maryland and a year ago easily to months into the pandemic probably when the attacks were starting to be reported. She was walking across the the parking lot at whole foods in bethesda which is right outside. Dc whatever crossing. She's crossing their shopping cart and a woman tried to run her over and she ran out of the way. And the woman. Just hearst a blue streak about your chinese and go back all this go back. Nonsense about the virus. Nobody cares the pin bethesda maryland in bethesda maryland. Don't they don't really know who they're attacking it not that it matters because it really doesn't matter to me if you are going to attack somebody. I don't particularly care if you've got it right. If they're japanese chinese i wouldn't feel better at least. The person was chinese. But that doesn't fix anything at all. But now i think that there's i had to talk to her several times over about reporting it and she didn't want to report it she was. She knew that if she went and reported it she might not be believed and she was concerned about that hind of the stressor of not being believed by law enforcement. Which did she not reported. i don't think she did. Didn't you go with her. Bronze sugar brian. She lives in washington. He's in bethesda. I have long talks with her announced. Listen you ha. that's why you have to report it. But any other crime women being with general being targeted for anything. We don't wanna go because we don't want to go through the trauma of not being believed and all that intel honestly for me in my situation. I didn't get physically injured. So i could have said. Just forget this just a crazy person. I don't want to deal with it but for me. I guess maybe his own to chinatown right after it and looking at every understood sneaking sick to my stomach how hard it is to report it. It's you have to go on a mission to report this and the police rachet really nice. They were perfectly fine. I wasn't scared to speak with them. They were as responsive as could be but they couldn't be that responsive because to them at or and they were saying that legally it's not a hip the pathetic but there was a hard thing to prosecute and just even trying to get to the right channels. Even us think that you would know what to do but when it comes down to it e when it's happening john it's complicated to report the stuff and you really have to make the effort to do it. Which is part of the problem. They don't make it easy. I think they're trying to make it easier now as since atlanta in the last few weeks of meetings of happened here in new york. It's really hard to report anything now. They're actually making absence steph. Where you can report things in not say who's reporting it but at least get it out there. I know they're doing that with the kids at school. that's saying. Yeah because there's a lot of bullying going on in school until you can go onto. This happened say roses kids bullying me. She's evil and and then they could do something about it without you getting in trouble and i. I think that's a good thing. I'm pretty sure that that's what they're going to be doing with the lease to and asian things going on with the people who are afraid to admit them as a woman. I've never gone to the police and reported being a harass i. It's just something that you assume will happen to you and you just fuck and deal with it. Yeah have you guys ever catherine or miss brown sugar. Have you ever gone to. The police reported even at work. When you get harassed by the guy who slips his hand on your ass you you just turn you mother fucker but you don't go to your boss and talent that these days you can't get away with that shit or not with by have you will be fired so fast now even almost it's almost it's too much yes too much. It's swung the other way so far that even the accusation or even an assumption of guilt. You're already guilt guilty. I am i. Polygon cancelled they never even got their dame or thumb. I reported professors. i've reported employers. I reported co-workers. Nobody likes me awesome. What made you do that in my world. I was raised. That should just happens it. Just uh so fucking loves. She's a liar. You don't yeah. I'm bringing mother seriously when it happened in school and it was in social work school and we had a professor amount per visit. Nyu it was nyu professor. Who was he would use these examples. That were so inappropriate where he would talk about the things that his client said to him about schizophrenic patients who would talk about how a rouse they got when they talk to him and he pulled the entire class about when everybody started to men straight and we were nineteen women and one man and so he was holding the class and we were all doing it. What the fuck are we doing but it was. It was a crazy experience. And so when i looked at the one male classmate who is one of my best friends and had the same look on our faces i was. Oh this is really fucked up because women girls and women often world testing the water. We don't even know because what you said. Linda's it happens all the time and so sometimes we're not even sure how outrageous it is until you lock eyes with somebody else near okay. This is outrageous. Okay i'm just checking so that was something that happened there and then i had a collie mata colleague somebody who worked in my office who was just super inappropriate dating or engaged to my bosses best friend but he used to comment and stand in the doorway because he would do. These gross things about watching was happy. Pugh what if that's what it was. That's exactly what it was stand in the doorway of drool at me in a very in a caricature way friday or whatever but he's gonna thump his chest while he stands in the doorway literally used to just be. Oh a rose. I'm working and i don't need a distraction and i'm not interested and you're my bosses best friend's wife or whatever he was go away husband. Whatever you him. I did and what happened. Did anything happen. My boss called me. And i me out and was how could you. He's engaged. he's my this whole thing. About how all the reasons why he couldn't be interested in me because higher. Yeah i'm a lighter yet has that's what was. That's what was important that he was interested in me or not she was. You must know that he's not interested in you because of all of these things but it's sort of crazy making that's the crazy making house lighting. We you wish it happen to you. Exactly yeah yeah exactly but reporting. This stuff is hard because based on race based on gender the whole world is convinced us that it's not what we think is happening. I think we need to raise our daughters to be vocal. Because i in one thousand nine hundred ninety worked at shop time and again the worked for five was administrative assistant. He would put his hands on my shoulders and say you tired. I just started to run on. Get your hands off my shoulders now. I would love him to put his hand my shoulders. So he's like oh. I would love that right now. He did it again. He did it again. And i don't fucking take your hands off. And he was the director of marketing at showtime. I'm going to record you. And he goes. Oh my god. You're so uptight. I don't want you touch me but i was raised in new york city by a very tough mother. A father who says always defend yourself. And i had to accept all the negative feedback that i get. When you're not girly enough. You hundred girly. But i always defended myself. I never feel not that. I haven't been a victim. But i never felt the big because i have a mouth and girls. Don't being that rank they just don't because it's not feminine enough. It's not girly enough. I don't give shit. You know what i mean. It's when i want to be a woman. Examine this time and a place for that. an old man massaging my. I'm twenty-three my shoulders. Don't get the fuck away from me. I don't care if my boss and it was never heard of again. This was never heard of again but all the other secretaries will talk that you talk to you might get from. I don't care. I will make a big thing and that's it nothing happened. You never say never again. I remember his name. And i wanna say it because i think he was a there was something wrong with them. Big should i say it should. He said you'll have to elevate out lingers on the chat could you have you ever been sexually harassed. Yeah watch your back. And we're gonna have actually and i think there's a double standard. I think there are some women that are predators and they think it's okay to for instance grab my penis or around jokingly but flirting lee but that's still not appropriate in actual whatever and i've had that happen especially when i was partying or whatever. You say don't do that. You laugh at a off because as a man. You think that you can't be offended by that. You're fat that when a woman grabs you or something. I'll never forget when. I saw one incident of a teacher sleeping with a boy. One of them were students and the dad just went. You know what that saw. My son needs to get laid at some point. So just because you're jude. You'd think that people think society thinks that it's okay to for them to have sexual abuse if you're a minor it's people say oh i lost boys or men whatever men will say. I lost my virginity at eight or ten or twelve or fourteen. I've heard that so many times and it's so disturbing because they think it's still part of the thought process that it's that's losing virginity at eight with an adult woman. when may where would second along. Grab jimmy's he. She doesn't guide without being said none of that has to do with the asian. Hey yes let's bring it all back to this and if you could do something to how other people understand what you're going through or what asian people go through nowadays after mr trump has put the seed of hate into our brains. What is it that you could say or would say jimmy to change people's minds. I don't know that. I can say anything to change people's minds that are already ignorant. I think that people need to start speaking up and we need to start prosecuting. These cases to the highest degree to where people are afraid to do it. I it's going to be fear before it's just accepted amongst the ignorant people. A lot of people don't commit crimes because they don't want to go to jail and ida deterrent. And i mean without that. I think we'd be dysfunctional as a society. Great okay and katherine. Do you have anything that you to that. I agree with jimmy. And i think as well. We can't expect everyone to come from a place where they know not. Everyone has an asian friend. I think it's just in general just to be a helper. If you see someone that needs help. John just the vice chancellor speak up in whatever way you can i hear you on that and i always feel i would too and i feel that in some situations i have but as a woman. You're absolutely terrified to jump in on situations that i mean. I don't think he needs to get yourself a group call hall back where they were doing bystander. Training online man. It's it's you can do things you could distract. you can. what are you should put yourself in danger. I don't think that whatever we can or if you haven't asian for and check in with their asian there's things you can do. You can donate to organizations a boston out your camera phone normal these days because people are getting busted left and right and that's what him reminded of that one. A lady at the park lost your job and everything member. She tony cooper. Yeah this whole mess. That started was instrumental in the beginning of the all the protests that happened recently but the other part of it is yeah we just got to speak up for each other but i don't think there's anything that we can say to convince a racist not to be racist. It's almost kind of debate with your trump supporter friend. Have you ever done that. I have very far anybody. Yeah you don't know one person that i've convinced to come the up to the other side you there. You're ignorant and you believe that that stuff is appropriate or you don't i can do is with the people that you have any sphere of influence with or at our kids the next generation of kids that come up or help support asian businesses. Go to chinatown good created tango wherever and just five stuff help. These people were suffering in their businesses because of covid and now this one as time yesterday day there were not very many people around. And i think you were saying you were in chinatown. The other day and there aren't that many people around people are now scared. 'cause they don't wanna be music areas to do what you can support your friends. Businesses johnny to organizations that can go out and buy some bats by sweat. No the bat. Oh bat rose. I thought you're talking about get a weapon and be trying to go buy a bat support. They don't eat. That chinatown tire was a job even stat. And i know you don't mean it offensively but i just. It's kind of thing that i feel. Rose fueling this fire right now. I'm not love you. I love you and i know that were doing it 'til whatever i'll take it out the bad thing i'll take it outdoor and may have sex with the nation man. How's that no that trump is married already. Found do that rose. That's a great idea catherine. I think you're doing a lot though. I saw something on. You'll let china's physicians in new york. And i just know that people stuff in the media. I would say just spread the word if you hear anything say something but report it but who own out At the things you can do if you don't know what to do or you don't have any friends. You can support asian businesses if you can donate to organization. That's what you can learn. You can read stuff online. You don't have to take a history class on asian american history but there's things you can. I think trevor no has been great. He's has some great stuff. Goes amber ruffin. They've been amazing. I think you definitely need a lot of solidarity with other minorities. His were all in this together and were uplifting each other by helping each other out. This is it affects all of us. Tampa passing yeah empathizing. Yeah definitely. I completely agree. We have boost coming on jimmy. Heidi awesome. Yeah coming on when she coming on the twenty six. How continue this discussion with comedians. I think we can make light of it to draw light to the truism of racism a lot of jokes about it and it just shows the ridiculousness of racism and when people can laugh about it and they say man. That is stupid to think that. I think that does a lot to so us as artists can do a lot in using our platform. We with a joke. Yeah i used to say people think there is a conspiracy theory. That china is gonna take over america. My friends china's takeover over america man. And i was good. Because then i'll finally bit in click motherfucker to i'll turn from koreans chinese though puck and vows get her off. You go rose. And i want everybody to go ahead make yourself in. Asia friend doesn't matter if the chinese japanese or korean but go out and get ran or others. There's more than three but yeah go ahead and you more than one. Yeah it could be signal heaven. You can iran's asian fran and that'll be good set just one. So just one done catherine. I'm done with you. Just one new alley. I can't be her friends. Now that i lost my husband. I guess i'll have to go find myself another asian Catherine now capital the your for katherine. Can you be my one asian friend. You're you're all the token and just go wait outside of any casino. All right guys. This has been so much love law. And and how can you give us a little. Come sahni dr something you say all not right. We're saying how do you say grand design. Vines spanish one more. That reminds me when i went to go eat sushi. Someone greeted me at the door. And there were at least gets a breitling. Join us every week for an entertaining informational time. And if you want a suggested topic for our show or just want to know more about us go to our website. Www dot an american conversation caught cast dot com and comment way. We will try to respond as soon as possible. And don't forget to follow us on twitter facebook and instagram. And subscribe to our podcast.

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Thomas Mertons last prayer; Roger ButtsSeeds of Devotion [SSL193]

Spark My Muse

11:47 min | Last month

Thomas Mertons last prayer; Roger ButtsSeeds of Devotion [SSL193]

"Hello this is sparked my muse. And i'm your host lisa delay. Today is soul school lesson. One ninety three the last prayer of thomas merton today. I'm reading from a book by roger butts the staff chaplain at hospital system in colorado springs. His book seeds of devotion. Weekly contemplacion's on faith has a foreword by a good friend of mine. Carl coleman i wanted to feature this devotional today for those of you who really appreciate getting little nuggets. Each day of wisdom and guidance for your day in new seeds of devotion. Roger butts delivers evocative and lyrical prose. While sharing wisdom from some of the most powerful figures in spirituality today tidbits from buddha jesus mohammed and the contemporary slake dorothy day and thomas merton are sprinkled in his devotional as he reflects on life's deepest mysteries written with an open heart and years of purposeful practice as a chaplain butts off. I immersive passages with reflection questions allowing for further spiritual exploration at the end of each devotion. This book invites you to ask bigger questions of yourself and your life while immersed in meditative silence these prayers and reflections are meant to guide you to a place of peace and spirituality but also challenge you to further into your grace but most importantly they are designed to help you. Listen and connect with the deep wisdom of your heart. The first meditation to read to you from page forty three. God say a word exodus twenty the ten commandments. Chapter begins and god spoke all these words immediately followed by the words right from god's mouth it's so straightforward so simple so direct. I'm sitting here jealous because in all my days. God hasn't spoken to me like that. Even when i felt enveloped in the light of god's grace and care i have never heard with my ears straight from god's mouth once we'll driving out on. I ninety five going to see my friends for thanksgiving dinner. The indigo girls was playing on the car cd and i felt such light surrounding me. It was truly mystical at that moment. Did i feel that. I was loved. Yes i was seeing my friends that have been dear to me. Since i was in third grade to the beautiful sky and the chris fall air hilmi yes. Was it the musical stylings of amien. Emily the indigo girls in all their glory and it felt like more than that it felt like being held in divine love but there were no words. No words from god no words at all my template a friends would say of course. There were no words. It's post words. It's beyond words. It's ineffable how i long for a simple word from god my wife. Marta is a minister in the united church of christ. The ones who mostly recently brought us the slogan. God is still speaking. It's true. I suppose god speaks in the trees the aspens the evergreens the pines the pines where the sun never shines the top of monarch mountain. The line where the trees just stopped. Growing up on pikes peak the sun and the moon the face of my beloved one friday. There was a bird. The convinced me. The world made sense. Sometimes it's in the simple other times the profound recently. I walked into a room of a patient. An elderly woman who was about to be liberated from her into bachchan a terminal wean. The family wanted to chaplain beside. And i walked in quietly gently. I saw god speak a son whispering in his mother's ear and a daughter holding her hand weeping and the neighbor of this patient just like that started singing an old song from mexico that they all loved signore. signore it began. They all sang along. It was plaintiff and sad. I had no idea what they were seeing. And i didn't need to who's perfectly clear. They sang and sang. Maybe it is silly to want a direct simple straightforward word. Maybe i'll never be at the dining table saying an all. These were the words got sent to me. Maybe god only speaks through the loving neighbor. Who knows the song that is just right for the occasion to into the girls the mountain and the bird in flight that might be enough and likely is my heart and my ears open just in case and then to the prayer listen be quiet be still be gentle relaxed your jaw loose in your shoulders. Listen be gentle. Be still be quiet. Let the silence. And the stillness makes sacred the place here in right. Now look at the light or the table or the cloud of the moon or the sun or the wild wind through the wild trees. They too are a sacred taxed. Listen be still be able be quiet. The world does not need your words. Let your mind crawl into your heart space and let it take nap for a little while. There's nothing to think. There's nothing to no surrender to that silence but a still quiet gently keep you just for a while almond and here are the reflection questions at the end. What is your relationship to silence. What is a way you quote here unquote god. Have you ever been going along and had an epiphany revelation like during my trip out to the suburbs listening to the india girls. What do you think of that. very religious. very spiritual word surrender. Who's silence are you. That's a meditation from seeds of devotion weekly contemplacion's on faith by chaplain. Roger butts was particularly drawn to the meditation called thomas merton last prayer and i wanted to read it to you including the reflection questions to can be a kind of meditative aspect to your day to day and i hope you can soak these in deeply. Feel the love of god i. There is a verse from john. Fifteen five i am the vine you are the branches we abide in one. Another we endure. He writes. I cannot describe the impact thomas merton has made on my life. He was a writer and the child of artists. He lived in new york and as young man converted to catholicism and looking for a depth of spirituality became a monk he lived in the abbey of yosemite in kentucky and wrote about silence politics peacemaking nonviolence and the way of jesus. He deeply appreciated the buddhist way as well without new seeds of contemplation. Which mertens book i could not be a christian contemporary of no matter how much i came up short in being both merton is my constant companion in nineteen sixty eight the catholic monk and writer thomas merton was given permission to travel to asia to give both talks at a few conferences and to experience the vast wisdom of asian religious traditions a month before his death in bangkok merton wrote. I hope i can bring back to my monastery. Something of the asian wisdom with which. I'm fortunate to be in contact at some point in his sojourns. He made a pilgrimage to the buddhist. Caves paolino rua. He encountered a series of buddha's quote barefoot and undisturbed unquote looking at these figures. I was suddenly an almost forcefully jerked. Clean of the habitual half tried vision of things and an inner clearness clarity us if exploding from the rocks themselves became evident and obvious thomas wrote in his journals. I know and have seen what i was obscurely looking for. I don't know what else remains. But i have now seen and pierced through the surface and have gone beyond the shadow and the disguise. His last talk on monasticism and his last prayer were both recorded. His last prayer is an example of the profound power and interest spiritual interfaith relationship. It is easy to find that prayer on the internet it begins. Oh god we are one with you. I wish everyone in the whole world could read that prayer and absorb it. I encourage you to read it and read it again then. That meditation comes a prayer area Here's the prayer for us today. In our moments when we feel fragmented afraid shattered loss. Remind us that we are one one with you. Oh mysterious spirit. One with the great flow of love one with each other one with the critters in the plants. The stars in the see. None of us is outside the story of love. None of us is outside graces embrace so strengthen us bind us together. Remind us that we come from. Love are made for love and will undoubtedly return to love almond and then. Here's the reflection questions added at the end. How have you gone beyond the shadow and the disguise. What is your habitual half tide division of things. And how you try to see deeper. How do we accept one of their wholeheartedly fully completely. What inner spiritual or interfaith relationships have you cultivated. Those are a few things to consider. I would recommend this book by roger butts staff chaplain in the colorado springs area. Sometimes it really helps to start your day with a few truthful nuggets that sit with us well all day. I invite you to go to patriarch dot com forward slash spark my muse and support my work. Which has been at least weekly since two thousand and fifteen. It's your funds and support. That helped make this possible. I really appreciate them. Also if you have read my book the wildland within i ask that you would go to amazon. Dot com or good reads dot com and lemur review. It's very helpful to get the book in front of other eyeball so other people can be helped by what's contained within it. Thank you for tuning in today and come back next week when we will have a guest earn.

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Anorexia da Intimidade no Relacionamento

Hora do Amor

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Anorexia da Intimidade no Relacionamento

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We put concern reach me died. Which can gossip jobs said this helmet to house them into view. Is lebron dodge sex. Nossa mia's voice space hosting up shocking to me. Just say to some six mice linked brand key. Is this say she was each me. Dodge so now a physical hickory achiever. Sp twelve female seder six. You laugh with House myself avenue. Mice phillies ecosystem is garage coach. Mice ownership with you. This usually died stuff out of the house into its back to achieve. Please tell us what kick one do as you started to. Maintain awesome tissue by. How many actually are coming was the most following fair to eastern edge this when they shouted two thousand students his saints hell act of mass chih-kwang hilson that wise all saves east better being solely the navy pies. Nick types decision ruled flags being summit ceo. Patsy which is kiki ancient Wisdom quavered doug wilson with the Report a bear. If that didn't meet dodger. Kiki hilmi change to call safeties. Your shing was. I bought that for exterior dinesh. You just sit there exciting to me dodgy for this of the wool majesty's into sequestering pursue new business days air of this if you think must be careful dodge lebron celtics allowing supports it to number. If just put you have to score this committee badge awesome here. We go for that secret house. Main to ob stewart united is not meal haslem into our selling kikia helming local medio in ways corrective finley's dodgy anti-gays so much evil than dodgers pete to our emotional now six june despite sam's data to house mink stating nassar's is. Don't you walk him when we don't be so mad. If he goes eight watch mutiple office ause yet. Mice dame advocate through jakarta stunt have article senators house into a shopping poisoned them as is a set of thought of the meal ellison arranged nipple view sociale mice and stole you portended you follow defending jesus. She'd been linked to eat this financing for sale. To be your boss. Is you saw senior for such. It's quite this house on. I mean you're mixing singer. Decision hinge yes. According to house. And i mean to enter the athletes. Yes dodge issues crossing owns. He got through these shaka's dominic sandwich but was possible. Did my comex scottish. Because nabi the hell grapes. Severe saved with the series single another accident to thinking about Ourselves did still went to solve it by within the freeze on ma. That was the position to find. Come theme with use. Emissions phase level cease being shipped overseas. Obviously mitch will cease thing mitchell's aging. They'll add their with Change catching coming with But i'm not boiling bits inked up homes photographic songs. Deploying you schizophrenia. Roddick seal beach me that it was To execute poetry. Nash thing to seal colostomy don't remain a stat autopart for the personal fica. Bill advocating thank me oversee maestra told to has everything immigrant for intervention. This is superb sociology. 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Lewis yosef voiced. But there's you ed grandeur customink today. Speaking voice that has meal per se. Don't simple as long as you still. Lawsuits lawsuits ceelo. She had my squander still hitting those useful notable shuba safar to sit down to blame. Expect they died. I following the general. Hp dodger resolves it. Pope immunity was expedites. Dodge jeep cuomo his videos. You know this solitude designers ask speaker goes on to say that's not supposed to ever. That's they all. Civitas came to folding dump. Ahead is tommy osage. You'll nami tidy puts questions benched from the overseen swing volvo yet there could Closer fossil gradually. That heals yours. Dodge miles of patchy will ease baena along gratiot cow award us into chicago thing recently. Cheap as you new has made the call meal. Sif don't brag kyoko visuals prodigy in rescue efforts to meet following tweets. Boston awardees abide. You guys you know some nasr mitzvah lawrence per nielsen. Brisk rich thumbing sooner. 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Montgomery customer addition house in remain to vo. See him each thought. Lebron guard scores was sculptures angel. Copy so at jia jia combat shinya do poking historians an equal promptly swing through things. Being sport was again. Milk about united states remains a factor keyboard the main the to leverage that examples. I think things this house. Eight cuisine selena soubra wounded. I believe was some who made. Obviously we just bissau's this site me was amigas quantify to some who dislike us. Some tra- by sue moss. Don't fool nate ivy leagues in when she gonna priscilla five saito state known thing Mobutu messiah so far. You come on the phone scorned. Juicing hell major east winters as you saw finding it. Forgive to moss a hell that so there was this audrey zero mccoy perc- monte portes steve pool near me easy soon as all safety or two factors moving to the airport intricacies think upset riot. That high ceilings. Ilma thing you oil could you much. I sit insured. Perc- don't obviously much of deposit thout illman thing siblings who always the washington heights by stater. Pavee talmadge sitting chimoio on palm to act pretty chico. J just somebody's super squats apocalypse. Yuck reach we stop in three ilise exit to reach super. Save zion Tsinghua what the Linked with does oppose you start argh reach the use of as new tax from meal policy or decima. Pontiac is still do genius intel early metoo open on the cedar and support your mushroom ties. You now i thought post alaskans style keelung forty point without loose you form to essay as you quacked plug kazaa throughout sadism to high school fall. She you move as each call qualities required. Does this name is quieter darby uptake. Quiet sip. artemisia might search. She was established by years required. Though paul eggers aquatic park guarding muslim thing hasn't dodge which is leaving throughout much of should all civilised mention they are the whomsoever cost me which investment mice wbz the demise inches. They this these sophism fresh ignore solemn as she Under the dodging Eczema benjamin diagnosed mental known of this hour somalians catching twice on monday. Don't pay this. We'll see why sabi see civil suit. Daniel mailman manchin bachelor. Still eat like a poker by executive pay wounds or other online plus live on komo secrecy knowledge why Saw makiko we stay on zip phones. Celebrity and not exceed two is defending inaudible survive presentation seat versa. Ever actually dodgy oldman wonderful sipping simple all mice characteristics that zone secure borders h. one. I would seek votes it l. By sage be sore thin olympic. See eventually handling kick out throughout what bill. Jim audie dash. Thank you so much. They don't be so cool. I'm ready to me. That elmaze move shamin to look katersky. Pass some for fidel dodge over. Tv supposed sex. He starts to shake to help me is may board. Think something's got use calls that you and in recent you ill as allowed to to your car yes. Founded sex is tell me she should see out to hail assuming then mice. All that your by his old. Vesey's that you buy does seem talk to spectacle. Loss his fundamental books that people my age overseas to act is thinks he out a with vice police years in sippy followers corey and you will see paul mccartney staffing shiga priscilla. Salem academy eight supposed Woman also got finished because all my company could perceive. No assuming kosova is sabotage. We'll we'll see you. Several cushing simply follow kelly to jamaica mehanna. I'll do sit up. You go followed by questions duping. Is that the main syndrome For the winstons. Cavs on my grandch- foods as danger. Don't sleep were given as dangerous. Shot also mention as we all right. You know you. Don't pay mice quintals sweep that. She was superfluous ashkenazi. By thinks is awesome. Did essentially helping chinked out won't depart. Chapter by zhou will say the pacific insurance nisus world ecompasses both parties to hit. When excited me we'll keep genetically marine cornices badge nothing geeta dope arise surpassing shop helming monica. We'll save on the foam fussily by out. If put to perceive for thing was picked achiever they do meet. Kid was expanded. Super super dodger. Kosters picture is motors city hairston getting throughout integration serum barges all also throw the that she would yuki usage. Father cab might acute front as the eighteen shindig. We speak that she out with some canals nelson spirits pursuit of selena regards pottage ability my senior to suffer you bestow into goonies hasselbaink seco- story today grant wild with his bitter kick off the dribble that that the jetta sourcing bids embiid subversive the pointing south one twice. What to Anything so nice perc- pontic that supersede helmet hit loud when Now musician whose muthu somersaulting think pre columbian signals jacobs device perceive in saying the goal. Because you're to go but you won't think think would you quite a dodge. That'll tell spotting things. I thought was was getting oversight poison. A split ruled. You said my says i don't think chipper me pointed out capacity helmet started perceived. What ponto fbi spitting. I actually that. You've had this evolving sprout busboys and we put the tools now voice bookcase vialli asti. They swing snack versus those inching. Three hasn't been sick with. Don't want to balmy as i say it will be. Our the big star built as being vilified the bodies ipo novice gomez. If i were to mamane to dodge appealed supporting things signing wants versus. Kenny physique was an office the dopamine took an active five should shabangu thankfully better you so so set so said was cinch. 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Manila down a thankless go near i think is company amnio convenient museum getting updating cheat device of the author advice if saami to renew evening with application and excel miserable but now conservatism winning potential Get into no way yes. Shinxiaku vinet s. g. f. cc hell's mental health. Sold dario known for the a sincere on nazila samantha. Winter squeeze in these geo quiz catching zeal spicy fuzzy. He'll he'll mentioning guest business. Cr quantum fluids of the bull by shraga cod Ashok up a sowa sequels. Then lisa You'll go may throw him in one name would thus So jiffy he'll wholesomeness he'll remain to You'll see see doubles will see you. Liaisson as the message on say that moment Ever since my this followed by she-she's crawford. Nikki is an illusion. And if thank you we'll follow. Somebody's always living. Bill will stay. Concurred tatami incubus. See enough to put key. I since presenting coma from sean columbia. 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You come the listen. I'm impressed leads kill. Was it similar company. either defend. Each snow is overseas during meetings He took a fat to national today. Waivers me. Same alive tease out. The senate feelings. Don't the dodge hilas put that you may do squad. This don't see a lesson. The mainland brass mentioning but as a as she shut funding Customer summits snake was wounded f. Fires using that put. Akiem think is scheduled. You come skits community stuff at indian the establish gum. I the Swim you look at Thomas montgomery follow eastern. They don't saw hbo specials demise chimps mccutchen conversation Poises subdivided squeezes. he said Element he'll miss saturday's since two initiate mima with a scenario possible by Yes cynthia issue. Boom and i was too soaked over south of the swamp fees. Mitch getting sip army. That went viral. Jimmy di jack Woman since united went for digest Shift police mice. No savvy chain port. 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She was on the f not dangerous to one. We'll see you all my show through the molding who was sacred murphy. Injury gordons added so pass and not will be proceeded with us. You also look for the house. And i come up winning causing to jamaica. We thought coming but his uncle me. Dodge raj anything did so she must precede father ages partisanship winning these you Dini escort dominated house to escape nas house and also speak the cheever's of one of the most more affordable was. You should refer to walt as an you. Help me choose almost send you. Snatches won't keep ball as kill volgin. Bane he both. By salespeople stash progressive is see awful yada warranty potential civil salami. Is that the mission. Of course. 'cause you strays Cuts output mooch. Even as he says you don't mean full hundred put obama's Voting implicitly so working on june one going was louis going on a day to his on mcdonald's danish frisco bony on lawn Be sure what you think markup on old. You fiscal ball. They will get you. What your monday of bullying in widening. Their won't portland cement. Because of each cheam in machine so some allergy facebook outfitters avi branding them king shake. What god he says. This woman thefts socil- thaad said on being solid insoluble safes. I keep it the major every. Don't sound for ways veto shuttle or jovan to me as a component of the year. Exciting to me that. Like i will stay this. The also with the keynote said on water maintenance. this'll you'll circuit jimmy academy war to keywords to talk to you care for their adapted walking salvageable baillio mice tadamichi also through not listen. I'm insecure chief. Complaint is said to be mere south thatthe via. It'll be appointing saudi Avoca is upset by Say retain boys you tell visas. Villasenor means kill me people from each warmest. And i might draw a demille last gooky. Chitra kabul cipolla. Dome thing combining sink free. I got so i can see. Less bike is via. she put cake. Don't care will be achieved as this galaxy. Compare is maceo passes tarnish yoga attribute of goodies. Which is this some winter beings. What outstay they know how i g sas get asked. I'll catch by death set. Coughing sake hannah campbell. Digest mood camera. That would that rejecting say change providers say my snow is is c. c. to talk inclusive which mahela g also be outed simone canada not to the dubai said Ewing traveling individuals. Kim don't leak out your calva. Jason pot up by the debate goes some artistic meeting komo into a maximum today. Jeffrey moines's yang the city vibes and kabul being vetoed. The bill says of my foot though said those each keno skate company. Can we talk fast. We'll say to the i should note is without cancer. Be electrified buster. Cabbie analysis carbon appropriate analysis. So this fed to them travel tones illegal means wounded avenues. I remind or southland daily. Pavlina argue anything up for you on the museum so much. 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Just what sheila so for me i show heaves which sell to chenier. Eliza advocate dame South africa vote down to that squeezes hotel adele city. His i'm put about somebody's we'll see for tattoed deal hasn't changed things. They'll give his saint. Forgive us it the hassle zone to this apartment kit. That dwayne gang put cycle all east. Swami died ruled no seiichi. Diversify these ephraim massacre might. Yeah you to play. Chee said he will kill it as in the helm ancient nasty door allah can put you meet 'em winters yellowstone. I mean lays because perkasa. Jeez winters de tony's lsu scooting hilson point mice five dumble sitting dui migas resulting. He'll day care. Garages cutting hilla spider. Mamane if i lost more than gladys's say put your coat oklahoma. I work state. Yes west firearm democracy as lucille as colloquiums fall. You see his off with imagine go hill known. Come my stadium. Aiguo looking for quonsett kiss on this quiz mice. Both suheil main to begin juice. 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Radar Metal Mantra #019 - Mare Cognitum, Agent Steel & Saxon

Metal Mantra Podcast

46:56 min | 4 months ago

Radar Metal Mantra #019 - Mare Cognitum, Agent Steel & Saxon

"Alah metabolism it leaders movement. A month overseas still Must god has met being Wheel his feces. But as you've done the the spiking by la they super keynote applauding the tra- by domino coudn't evita backup blended. Eighteen percentage or wounds dispirito. John stadium bang bang. I see medical care to assumptions here. So we how would you. What did you hear for by japan. I. this is just an inquisitive. Kara following presided contingent around with. Of course it gives you. The king phillies mainsheet to share. That look don't move takes. Fifty broom is succeed. I was so fast. Falana motor yourself but then changed teams by haddish to the moon Joe pharma plus center for a little blemishing and then goes to school. Conrad war through the nineteen. The killing things interesting for supper seamer precare diagnose it was la kentucky starters jacobo focus moment moluccas vida regard to heavy metal. I don't what was as well. Let's put an also. How busy north dakota quiz wait to poison disability. Don't concert can you offer or miserable painful. It's an ancient. It keeps us busy. Issue stay won't capable. Immune coming terrorism as i got dane dot new things to splurge ain't no practical live for so many land. Also telling you as diocese sit down with tila grenade funny prager letter with the type of poetry nearby mittleman you save telegraph parts of the sacramento. Donald stuff for monday for the heavy metal. Simply caesar things you got as manila's allows i get a gun of total wounded keen to this front on us wanted or conical identical. You don't but i haven't even been on both. You dot is my goes. I gotta keep as i am is ayman don't inch inch. You've got a winning dollars for me to do it. Took identity short. A kiss mark is so coming to the quickey was almost ever gray. Most fair what kind of inconvenient hill means so many. Whoever agree hilmi just but he made his classic was neither credit. I work with huge mall. We stone them vibe biko device. Somebody will move spell evil tickets. Coronado message does reviews. Cute on wash albums three was a main too. Big superiority is pretty. Use of tigana. kick you'll where turkeys uses. Who has you cute also spelled anything do so but he was made to scatter the ashes. Threes which moves banks period. Is you medical evidence. Eighty kyo words in his nose to the bank. Choose to make her full limited symphony x bus. Pincher d california is there. But i came case. You must be releasing super-busy inclusion. I've chemical model does bonus worth through simple lacina to the kim komando and keeping power over car gutu fell seiichi mussa's but if you don't call meisner zone. Conceivable brass nice kid but he that was a committee due call say co rhonda guest from shop which is odd you sign because some boliviano quitting their folk. Kiosks ozier in humor. That's three digital swings Contra daniel somatic key so much better song you. But he's etc reader hill you should then apart cut v. Eight zanu tukwila guy. Larry don't okay so keven finish. You've ever today flimsy. In manila album accident he criti standard Ns jeffrey mace feed now. Think internal vibe so say scum winton. They simply discouraged. Painters minorities chilling. I'm your opinion is moving car interest century as mayor to jane. Valley's ledge donor is leading doom customize. Necker took me started on us. Acadia kilcullen group. The telegraph survey fellas against led a gerhard kale but three vice those soviet as distinct midtown atlanta polk was ms out. You the scotus. Their hmos mitha leaders. Disner chad's chicken america's vulgarity who sees the key bo- feedback god. Let's see dietrich ice. Pda speaking part on see. Let's see the donkey yankee. Cj komo manila. We still music calcuta. He three boom beaucoup gene for myself. Joe video kosecki resist. Let up to the jane to comb wintel. Keep cut him as apricot kernel ago. Hill major burka. What did he see. More dual vinci. Thome extremo jason bay my article canal not filmed it. Bizarre akilah kaba single vast appearance. You canal muslim. watch canal reggie either. Usa can't research percussion chief as timely giacosa. Gisu for poco so card enough. Say the dow right fell accused fellow pro ginkgo via mamane to send you. Then you sip and it's going to be tight isn't it. Don't put scratching system in package. King chief seager said you. Could you throw call me day. A-x-i-o-s vincente. Don't you run us up. Data gra papa head to puppeteer to don't kill. But he got. You could have something asami. Bir becky by kuboki stow-n-go stern each two point three percent. Heavy metal woman. Yeah usa today. You don't faith accused. Also scoring thaddeus got is coming from heavy supersonic. Remain a monday. No no telling lands active. Play here. h monday who follow marcucci news time. Don't we may run is eight from show is coming closer to recap what you're not gonna say same still owned guys bought up by the us. Newly dodgers does seem minor booking interesting dunkin scimitar. Hacia dasa shed your least overseas key. Cammisa do nothing major. But the many kennedy los angeles defies them bari. Speedy trashy met. Okay look you've got us choose zoning layman you don't think what what are your firm blender does we're gonna see a vast desert winters dam was nanometer community food as much for this team. Simcoe safes wounds today. Goddess cuts don't zang is noble. No other gods before me the ski not become. At least you don't agencies to of the poverty speed thrash inequities drowsy deg. Yeah overseeing caddo. Scotus adam quantities. Okay keep already speed. you know. Everybody did you for him with power now. So meager pieroni no vegas-style single tomato brigade hill. Msci vocal each department on dome point muslims. Gotta stone show eight. Don't don't think we fuzzy keep of noble mistake. They moines turkey. Cut off to musetti quater bundy's but if ally so i got from. We don't edging puke j. queens through my shell bonus jeep party speed you gotta some parties begic in body speeding as because he would spit on so happy to vessel happy to meal. Quick coach barak mega. That moment magazine did a cinch. That's my for like yo secretary of sacred g. oh subject to make fun you scuttle. The maintenance needs to be good the courtesy. Daddy said we got us fuzzy. Barrett thrash metal. He sold them in wanted for myself. I used to into quantum bay. It is kiesha home of vassals costing four saturday after you kind of got a fool god which more us kill richter of the dragon kinami for main of course may return to accuser customizing. Here's that my secretary off for viola Of wounds mayes chiba. Scotus put is ample thing. You bells out being viewed twelve mosquito minnows. Guasta new album going on cumulus. Try to bucket uppercut killed. Them on is easy. Don't them on is is. He'll tie sauce on chip you. My scott thrashes seem bucker. Lena cuba the power do kill. Where did you still can start for the characters else squeegee. They my shit sigler stein. Kaddish key randomized key for for blood. Got beloved grasp pod sick day a wolverine cooler is also referred enough to drag dragon but the movie in glade made supper for a cookie. Dan cheese school press discourage him could tool away keys to locale most strong seed graft you never showed you they start back gonna s augusta. I saw so he still does as yours to spit on this god gracia carriage for the ring zell. Kinky rings rings alma mater. Villanova come case. Villanova threes akhara. Soccer scotus autonomous pretty metaphor. The beauty discuss it. Don't damn online at the heritage to company could tape for a hail guava. Some friends sees his aides. France's current inference fuzzy at kia ratto keep prime mito mike top on say fallen on then year rippon repartee case live denny eric to kill for season for soi you is a albuquerque. He's season play. Got us fellow. Killers fussing with heavy metal. Keep a mean thing. Now that yet became the coupon i don't care where picky metal issue the versus. The telegraph northbound kill at commando cutter. Then you could a funny africa. Good you gordon with us. They live every now mice because cut thing but they match. My linda sale to the network is following a tau my general mock with a full career engine semi genuine folk. Don't toe sake heavy mantle. This goes we'll headphone have. You met them by colonel. Buchan oh my zephyr about have you met. The don't bring sell throws apron. Ause wobble lit then year part. Follow the chief shelter. Kyoto measure than as a kid. No see now. Say they'll say. Follow them sequentially vampire. Water abundant over miserable. L. didn't share. 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Thirst Aid Kit: The Deceptive Deference of Clive Owen

Slate's Culture Gabfest

54:01 min | 1 year ago

Thirst Aid Kit: The Deceptive Deference of Clive Owen

"Climbed licks the tip of the slowly. He pauses looking at me for the go ahead to continue. I exhale. Don't stop now. I try not to fall out. Thanks climb you this episode of Thursday kit sponsored by dropbox. You've probably used dropbox at some point while working on a project maybe just to share and store files for. Did you know that dropbox is also a great tool for collaborating with all kinds of teams take filmmaking? For example whether it comes to location scouting or perfecting the sound Mike crew members used dropbox to keep everyone in sync from start to finish. It takes a team to make great films possible a little later in the show. We'll hear from the director of a movie that premiered at the Twenty Twenty Sundance Film Festival. Hi today walk. I feel pretty good. Good Yeah I am. I'm a I'm feeling that way of just kind of like expectant Good things to come. Okay I that's based on nothing at all. Okay how're you doing I feel like that's just been like all of my twenty twenty is like someone asking me. How are you and I'm like in holding it for like thirty seconds or something? Yeah I get the I get that. I think it's It's been very weird year. Yeah right yeah I understand that but you know we are in the studio about to do what we do. Very well And my hope is that at the end of it you'll be feeling buoyant. Perhaps a little too thirsty. Then he's healthy but then you also hydrate straight afterwards. Yeah thirst is restorative so I am going to You know. Let the thirst. Hilmi come on witchdoctor power through it. Let's get in there so this week. We are doing something. A little bit of a throwback slash long-term kind of Pucca in in the back of our mind does subject. Yeah another grown man on the street. Now this is a settling into our anti-dumping right. Does he look like a good provide them? What am on the on this lab. We'll take a look this big. Is this particular crush of our. He's one of those ones that is the epitome of low key right like the fuss profile. Yeah yeah he's done some stuff that you know that you know makes him hot but it also gives you pause. 'cause you're like should. I be turned on by. This should be attracted to this. This character is a little. Listen little odd more than to be very fucking like win every so often you do something. Then you have like a quick pause. Just think of that count on. Gif You just kind of Tenure head to the side of your mouth deciding like what am I feeling it and I think with this objects. I have that feeling more often than not like do I want this. I don't know if I do but I do and I do I. It's a very weird conversation to have with yourself Nicole. Today's subject is who we are talking about. Clive Owen Bitch. Yes like he makes you just sit up straight. Yes so yeah Clive Owen time here. We have a lot of thoughts about clive arts. Some of them were conflicting. Now one point we will say and then we will say absolutely not a be. Just go with it okay. Because that's the kind of first. Clive induces year Nicole. I think we're going to uncover some things today. Absolutely get into it. I'm ready okay. So Nicole Clive Owen. Yes what's the what's the headline? What's the top note in the fragrance? Like what what is the thing that you think are when you think Clive Owen? Wow I think Brash I think Pugilist even though. I have no idea if he boxes he looks like he does. He looks kind of like a brawler or the. He's got like brawler. What are you doing right now? I'm enrolling my shoulders forward. Your appliance just a man and I know that doesn't even really have a definition right like in the old sense the wizards ugly sometime you know the Patriarchal Fuck Shit. Says he looks like a yeah like he should be on one of those little posters from nineteen twenties in the high waisted briefs. I'm you know what we call A. Sometimes you see right to the heart of those moments. I lean across with conflict. Place my hand delicately. It'd be you and I go. I sing like Sug- cyst we this just a moment where you look at him on a whole mood board comes up to mattingly and like you said has all those things. Nineteen twenties boxer high waisted pants. Yes like to keep this like vintage vibe. Going on he makes me think of like those old Sepia kind of porn erotic more erotic photographs then porn. I mean obviously they. They serve their purpose. Yeah but you know those like old school erotic images of I see the vision you know where men kind of. I don't know they just. They're just carves out of like steel and marble. Yes like all Nicole. You're revoking a mood and it's difficult to put into. But I know exactly what you're talking about clive. Owen for me has always been something of an enigma in bats. I am curious I WANNA ASK MYSELF SAYS. What are you looking at so enlisted this response? Another part of me is kind of like that. Question is for him like Clive. Why why do I want to throw I my Bra and then myself are? You don't understand I. It's a curious thing like the first time I saw him. I fancied him in that kind of and you know. There's a reason for that I so clive. Owen is British. Yeah And in the late eighties slash early ninety s when he began his career. That's when I saw him so he was on the TV show in the UK. Cool chancer and he played. He played a con man Like a very kind of charming conman and even young boom was like that guy with the twinkle in his eye home on and when he was young he was. Kinda slender kind of like you know. He has like a he has a character. Full knows which I'm always into. And he just was a bit of a of a every boy who was trying to kind of be. He was trying to be more than what he wants so he was clearly trying to like he had like a bit of a hardscrabble beginning and then he was trying to get into like the Center. Yuppie lifestyle and I I was drawn to that character even as a kid I was like aw I get it. I know what he's about right and you watch it now on. It's you know it's obviously it's time. But there was something very charming unattractive about him and I think that's the underlying second thing I think of with Clive. Owen is he. He feels smooth. Yeah but like rough around the edges. No doubt but like at his core. He's the kind of person who I think if he smiled. Genuinely out you. You'd smile back. Yeah yeah totally and it would be A treat like you know that only you got him to smile this way right slip as a reward inherits yes and I think that's the core of like he's such a specific kind of old school man. He has the look of it and then he kinda like does a little smile at the sight of his face. I just kind of like all right live. Which again is quite the super bowl because as we well know. Clive is not a hot name. It is not but he's a hard man and it reminds me of this particular scene for frazier. Because you know. I Love Frazier so much. And I have this clip clive caulfield earlier. Did he sound British firing Mexican? Clive's I love love love. That seat is just so well delivered it. Of course it's frazier but also just you know when you hit the name Clive. You know it's a British person yet I that's about to pop up on the scene. What do you mean notifier effects? No and it's just? I can't picture Clive Owen. As anyone but clive on Yes yes. He has a very distinctive a British energy. Which is to say kind of like sad and kind of droopy But in a very British way again. It's like silence which isn't very weird thing but I I try and describe this. We're going to go order. British men like and I'm like Oh they look like this side but like in a way that also seems fun and Clive has a fun sadness to him that I really enjoy and I'm like what's The rain it's drizzled and he's Coventry for God's sake like have you ever been to coventry shades. Anyone in or from Coventry but come on. It's not the most joyful. Little Disneyland plays. Yeah cliven bodies. That Anna part of me will forever be drawn to a person who knows the misery from whence we came. That's that's what I enjoy about clive. He just looks like life has done a number on him. Two years ago I was looking on the Internet and I saw these intriguing images that looked like a sci-fi set in eight people in red jumpsuits in front of this glass pyramid and was shocked to learn that this wasn't a science fiction movie it was real and when. I found out that so many of these people were still alive. I was determined to tell their story. Matt Wolf is the Director of the documentary spaceship Earth which premiered at Sundance Two thousand twenty spaceship Earth is about in one thousand nine hundred one science experiment where Abe biosphere INS went to live sealed inside an enormous terrarium in the Arizona. Desert with miniature replica of Earth's ecosystem. They called it biosphere too. It's Uh soon inspiring story about what small groups of people can achieve when they put their minds together towards a common goal and that idea extends to how Matt worked with his own small team. Making a film is really about problem solving and putting together a puzzle and it takes all sorts of creative minds to do that. It's something he could only achieve with the help of dropbox so much of the collaborative work I do is remote this a lot of communication. I mean I'm going back and forth with my collaborators all day constantly so I'm reviewing music cues that come in from the composer or looking at new motion graphics. 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It's hands down the most comfortable bra you'll ever own. It's lightweight super thin memory. Foam cups mold directly to your shape. Every customer has sixty days to wear it wash it and put to the test. And if you don't love it you can return it and third level wash it and donated to a woman in me. Love knows is a perfect Bra. Everyone so right now. They're offering our listeners. Fifteen percent of your first order go to third love dot com slash thirsty to find your perfect fitting Bra and get fifteen percent of your first purchase. That's third LOB dot com slash thirsty for fifteen percent of today. So the thing about Clive Owen is like I mentioned he's British. He starts his career. You know in the nineties And he became kind of like a household name. Well not really but he was familiar to British audience. But you saw him in a weird kind of American British production. Yeah film from two thousand and one. Yeah Gosford Park Which I love. I love a good Murder Mystery Ensemble. Who done it kind of thing? I love the upstairs downstairs allowing Of the story and He plays a character named Robert Parks. Who is a valet to one of the upper class? people attending and He is he used a word earlier before we started recording recording you said he's coiled and like you knew that as soon as he stepped on seeing that you saw him. There was some shit with him. Like you looked so barely contained within himself and you didn't know what his character was gonNA do What character was going to say? And he was also. He was a little flirty with Kelly. Mcdonald's character who was an another made You know in the in the film he was. I really wanted them to get together because he was so powerful which you could not keep your eyes off of him. He has an awared charisma in this movie. But like you said I mean I'm sure there are any number of behind the scenes tricks to make assisting him but it's like a small spotlight follows him wherever he goes. I like you said he walks in and the weird thing is of course all these maids and valets and whoever they're very job is to be invisible and robot cannot be invisible now. That is incredibly hot so sexy. There's a there's a there's a there's a there's a quality to him that you just kind of think I wanNA watch him forever one of those things that he kind of you know especially when he was doing like it seemed like every other movie on TV or whatever he had like this momentum to him where you're kind of what's next what's he gonNA do next if yes. He doesn't onscreen but is a quality that you begin to describe the Clive himself While you're kind of like Oh my God. I don't know he keeps me on my toes. I don't know what he's going to do next. Yeah I have to watch it. Yeah it doesn't hurt that. He is six to about six to listen and he looks every inch of six two. Yes he is. He's he's got he's got the physicality I didn't know they groom like that in my country button shoutout to Coventry. It did one thing we now. It's twenty twenty and this year. It's time to get what you want. The dream job more amazing friends that perfect department and the best sex you've ever had with Kyi Lube. Sex goes from good too inexperienced so mind blowing. It'll leave glowing better. Sex can reduce stress boost your mood and even make you glow so whether you're planning sexy might out with your partner are just looking to spice up your Tuesday. Turn up the pleasure and show off the globe with K Y. Get Your Glow on at K Dash Y DOT COM and get ten percent off with the Promo code sexy. That's K DASH DOT COM and get ten percent off with Promo Code sexy. We're GONNA come back to. We're GONNA come back to Gosford Park. Yeah but I wanted. I wanted to kind of talk a little bit about his role in Cincinnati. Oh yes because that to me. Felt like a big breakthrough in terms of like getting to the American. Like muscle deion. Yeah now since causes is the comic book movie was based on the Frank Miller coming book and it's very it's very comic book stylized and it's very specific look kind of like nobles or like kind of like it's weird it's weird but also like the content. I'm kind of like I don't know man. We've moved on the law since then Bra Dwight's and there's a scene that he shares with the late Great Brittany Murphy. Rip and that scene highlights what we were saying before about the all eyes on him. Danger elements to his charisma. Yes answer me. I shall his new boyfriend that amount of my mind. You ever so much. Talk TO SHELLEY AGAIN. You even think her name cut you in ways. Mike useless to a woman. You're making a big mistake mistake. Yeah Yard and made a big mistake yourself. You didn't wash again you know. We don't promote violence on. This show is just about the violence. What this is about is news You know someone defending the person that he loves that he's with he's taken care of and making sure other people no don't fuck with what's mine you know yes possessive and you know. Patriarchy and all that Kinda stuff but sometimes you know you just WanNa turn your feminist card face down and let Chirac. I mean I don't know about that. Nicole what I do what I do. Enjoy like you said this feeling of just because in this case in particular. The Benicio Del Toro character is a piece of Shit yes and deserves to be in the toilet. Seen Swales for life like day all day. But there's also the fact that you know there's something about his combatant menace this woman and he's a Dick and it's just kind of like. Sometimes you just need someone to put a knife to your. I say boy steph off. And he doesn't and the way he says that line are in ways that will make you useless to a woman I was like. I'm the way he kind of like he's doing that again. The deliberation his voice is kind of like doing that. Almost a whisper. But it's why it's here and he's just giving you just like like is giving you like the headlines of the day. Yeah and you know gets lost you know when people talk about sin city. 'cause they're talking about Bruce Willis and you know there are a lot of people in the in the movie of course so you know it can be. I don't want to say easy but I understand why people are more distracted by again the Bruce Willis and all that but comeback re-watch it pay attention Clive as Dwight. Just just pay a little attention and there's another scene in the which ended up being nominated for the best case best movie kiss awards and is the scene where he kisses. Rosario Dawson many ways. It's hockey like there in the rain. Talking about guns and the Group of women like strong female characters with weapons like stabbed me. But there's a bit when he grabs Rosaria Oh my God my master's filled with saliva and he grabs her and they have this kind of as the romance almost who say punishing kiss It's bruising like just in there and I'm just like I know somebody's teeth cracks. You know what we're GONNA pretend it takes but it's like very hot. Yes and it's the gravity gets me more than the faces smashed together. It does what it needs to do and then to go back to Gosford Park There is a version of that kiss and you mentioned before the column Donald Character just. I want them to get together and do it. Yeah she the timid little mouse isn't she? Yeah she's so sweet she's got us and she's like playing this You know like you said very naive. Scottish made who can barely be understood. People have no idea what she's saying. How time because their accent is so thick but you can hear you can understand what she's saying right but again she is drawn to this like oak of a man a look over man so he's the one that she goes to. Yeah when she's trying to like make sense of stuff that's happening. And like you know some instances some things happen where she needs some protection and he's he's kind of there for her. I mean sure and in this particular scene. She goes up to his bedroom. So as Nicole mentioned gossip box whodunnit. Someone's dead and I don't think he's a spoiler because this movie came out literally in two thousand and one but it turns out that Klivans character Robert is responsible in some way for the demise of this landed gentleman who runs. He's the owner of this house and he's the one who they're dying anyway. She comes to confront him about the murder. She's kind of saying hair. The circumstances bubble blind. She asked this question and she was. You know she's basically trying to figure out how wrapped up in this rubber is. The scene is perfect because it has a lot of against the qualities we've mentioned about clive. I'm just GONNA. Let's play the clip so that you can get a feel for it so I don't care in one incident I ever since I is now adrift on Memory Blessed Man. I need a cigarette for like so what I love about that. If you're listening to the watching it the moment when he pulls her in she does this wonderful thing that I can never get enough of. She does that shop intake of breast. I'm like you said about point is when I- shakily the press to my lips than inhale took a drag because that's the shit right there and as the kiss and then he has a little moment where he almost absent minded. It's going to Ha- I've been meaning to do this is on you like is on me. It's very potent. Oh my Gosh Mike you can hear the kiss you know and it's not sometimes it's hard to hear kissing you know when you're not in the moment with that person but it was such Sweet delicate but passionate the thing. It wasn't a bruise. It wasn't a Sensiti Kiss. No because he's still away. But this is this wonderful lovely sweet warmhearted slain experience. Plus An. He's like making good for you. Too Bro Yeah. Previous episode about there is such a thing as hot and sweet and I think that kissed a pit of my staff Nicole really. That's that's just a beautiful full stop. I also want to bring a small detail when we talk about the fear of Mr Owen. There was a great piece and I remember this piece like I called it up on the Internet with no consistency. I remember reading this all the way back then in two thousand and two but I remember this because it nailed something it was the headline was something like white vests does things or whatever and has heavily line from it. I just want to read very quickly it soon. So don't worry I'm going to go along on it. But the the writer says talking about how the scene is very sexy and they say. It's the scene where Clive Owen. Playing a brooding valet indulges the theories of ladies made Kelly MacDonald in his great room while wearing his uniform trousers on a white vest. That's it clive. Owen stretched out on I in bed. Smoking a cigarette pretending to read a book. It's the best that's the key you forget. They have the same trigger effect as plectrums. It emphasizes his realty in an environment populated by decadent aristocrats and emasculated servants and sums up. Why we had a simmering thing for him in the first place. Owen is the ultimate white vest. Man Rock hard working close intelligent probably dangerous unlikely to ask before he takes what he wants. Now I remember that paragraph and I think I will be ninety-seven and easing my way out shuffling his muzzle. Like hey children bring up the piece from the Evening Standard in two thousand and two because it just nails everything about 'cause yeah he is on the bed fake reading a book on my own rating question stupid voice because he just like going out. What do you like to read? It has all of those elements that we know are bad for us right but the movies in the books have told us a cool and sexy him. Smoking a cigarette right while he's stretched out and Heaton takes up the length of the bed because you saw And the idea that he's probably dangerous. I really liked that because again speaks to what we're talking about. I don't know what he's GonNa do. There's probably something lurking underneath. Yes you probably that we should not be attracted to 'em yet and motherfucking just beautiful and I think that's another thing like he. He does a very like I said before he. He's never been typecast per se. He does a lot of things Because even his face. You can see a lot of things going on like He. He can play complex really well. And there's I haven't seen this show but I know you have seen like parts of it. Yes and IT'S ONE. It's been on my list forever. I really. I need to find the time to watch it. Yes the nick which was Back in two thousand fourteen okay. Excellent show right excellent. Show it start clive. Owen as Dr Dr John Thackery Was An addict. She'll loved coke shocking. Stayed in an opium den of course because this is at the turn of the century. Nineteen hundreds This is the start of this fictional knickerbocker hospital and we have Andre Holland. Who was the first black doctor. Andrei Beautiful He was so good in it so good. I'm he played a doctor named Dr Al John Edwards Okay and so The factory he was the end all be all of this hospital. His word was everything there And there's this one scene that I wanNA play that I think Really gets to the heart of him. This woman has come to him She has a fever. She's very ill someone from his past. She has a really bad case of syphilis and Like her nose had fallen off from the complications of it and he had helped like put it. Put her nose back together. Reconstructed her nose and stuff but clearly she wasn't able to She hadn't finished with the I don't WanNa say the terrors of syphilis. She's got this really high fever and Dr Edwards is trying to get him to take this woman out of her misery but Dr Thackery is like no. I can help her. So here's that clip. What drugs are you taking? Nothing bullshit no sane person would do. This will killer. What's the alternative more seizures more spasms headaches that feel like nights twisting skull? I know about living on the edge between life and death. It's a matter of will. She has plenty of it. I won't stand here and watch her. So when he says that he knows about living between life and death Yes because he is constantly drinking himself into a stupor. He shooting up he's going into these opium dens after work after he gets off work. He's going there Spending the night doing whatever it is that he needs to do there and then coming back to the hospital and operating on people. It was a different time. It was but again he was this kind of volatile character well. He wasn't volatile in Gosford Park. I won't say that. But but he had the potential he had the potential and we see that in the nick when he kind of You know he gets upset when people don't follow his Compromised orders because of his addictions. And because he's not sleeping and because you know whatever Classic Arrogant White Man. I I love the show. It's directed by Steven Soderbergh In his beautiful. Of course I mean it is just beautiful to look at it. I can't think of a thing else to say Because it's just so well done. Clive is a beast in it. He is again mesmerizing to watch and Andre Holland can hold his own list so that let's you know right there. It's worth your time right exactly and I think it's kind of piggyback of what you're saying about The mix of the things that character supposed to embody beat doctors Vaccari. I think a lot about how clive has this thing where he plays world-weary so he's seems like a good choice to play like a stereotypical. Tv idea of addict right like a high functioning addict. Whatever and I think there's something about him. That always feels a little bit wary like he. Someone who has seen the world in all of its troubles and show. He's making some compromise decisions but also like my world is trying to get out of this alive. You know what I mean. He has that feel to him. And we've been talking around something but let's let's talk about the scene. That many people know and love Mr Clive Owen. For because it has that mix of competency and vulnerability and power and coiled sort of like soft deference that he does really well We're talking of course about closer. Yes man okay. So he played this character. Larry who was married to Julia Roberts Character Everybody in the movie is cheating on each other and honest fleetwood Mac over I mean you I would only watch it When I was feeling really really sad and needed to feel sadder yes just like purge all of this Catharsis so there's a scene. Where Larry Confronts Anna about her cheating. It is like you said we see all of the things that make Clive. Such a compelling actor because we see him hurt we see him mean. We see him crude. Oh God yeah Vulnerable so we have a little clip. We're GONNA play just like the beginning of that scene. Is He a good fall point? Just answer the question. Is it good. Yes Marie different better gentler. What does that mean you know at him? He told me are treated like a whore sometime. Why would that be? I'm sorry you're don't you can say you're too good for me. I am but don't say you'll make the mistake of your life leaving me because you believe you don't deserve happiness but you do on a does your boss because you had sex with him so you wouldn't have him so you'd feel guilty. How'd you guilt? Okay okay. Now he starts to cry. He broke down At the end of this clip that we just played. And you know. Of course you can like Oh poor baby But then he comes back. Listen it's it's like. He went to refill his coffers. Once he had enough in the arsenal he was like an another thing and then he switches he goes into like a weird these mode. Yes we're not GONNA play the rest of that because you know if you haven't seen it you need to see it got And if you have seen it you already know yes. He calls her this name the end in such a vicious heated tone. And it's like. Oh this is off four but also do you WANNA come over. After you've finished this woman. I what is this? Do you know what I fully understand what you're saying There's something about that scene like. You said he is so mean. Yeah and he is so angry. Yeah and the buck of a martyrdom leg always quite stern. I hate all the other stuff but I don't hate that and I catch myself in that scene. Because it's so rural like yeah. It's based on a play by Patrick. Malva who I think also adopted if a screen and in many places it still feels like a play. Yes yes so. A lot of the action at the way the movements How it's been directed is very kind of it. Feels like a stage piece still and there's something about the way he Like in the close ups you can see like the spit on his live. Yeah you can see how wet his is Yes e- you know there's just a lot of human Feeling in the sea I don't know how many takes that was awarded number. Take that warrior. But you feel like you're in the living room cowering as you watch this. And He. He transmits something I think the base of it just like this passion and yes he's being horrific To this woman who? He says he loves the something. `Bout the pure passion that just makes you go. It's very much a wounded animal right. We have come across this wounded animal. Who Is Hertz? And he feels backed into a corner and is lashing you want to help him but he is lashing out. He wants your help too but the pain is so much. Yes it blinds him. Yes and then you know just on a human level for those of us who have experienced that pain of somebody cheating on you and then you having to try to Excavate that and try to figure out how do I feel? What do I want to know about this situation because it is a very painful thing like? Was this person better. Do you feel better with that person. Should we try to make this work and but also trying to sue the person like I know you make this mistake but I still like want you to understand that? You're a good person or whatever I don't WanNa play very very strange And all those emotions is bubbled up out of him in this moment and he felt even though I just compare them to a wounded animal but it felt very humid. And yeah well we animals at the end of the day and he plays. I think there's something about like he knows. Exactly shout out to the director of that scene. I mean it's a classic for a reason like every so often it does around on twitter. God invented acting something about the scene. I think like Nicole says it speaks to a very specific kind of like. How much do I want to know? How much done I wanNA know like do? I WANNA hurt myself. Well what do I just want to let go? Should I walk out? Should I stay and if I stay? How much do and all of that plays out. It's very naked face. Like he's right there and you are feeling the feelings. He's feeling and you're feeling honor as well by the way. Because I like Julia Roberts I think he's a good actor and she's very good in the scene as well. She's kind of like quiet timid. She knows she's the policy. That is wrong the other but she also is kind of what you're not going to do. Yes is come up with this bucket. You WanNa know details here you go Bam Bam Bam somebody order some receipts and it's kind of like you can see they both kind of like the testing the soft parts of one another and trying to see where will jab hurts like whereas exposed but also. I if I do that. And he's going to jab back and it's like this weird tension and he has this quality. I was saying Nicole earlier. He has this thing of him. He looks like someone who might be quite he. He might display deference. They often put him at least in my in my memory. He seems to be partnered in these movies with strong women right. Yeah well like characters that are kind of like powerful in some way and invert that regard he always plays like a like a happily a second fiddle like someone who's kind of like I didn't care about the spotlight like you know it's you that I love position above a block but I will say this as well like that. Quality of difference means that he looks like someone who takes instruction very well But then the flip of that is he also looks like someone who gives instruction really were and when you watch that scene and he is kind of Jabbing. Your looking for the softball. Yeah he just thinks he also what what? What else do you go? After with such thing where Yes yes. How can I show you my belly like about him? That is just kind of like take all that Chris Rock comedy bit. Where he's saying he's talking about Denzel and he says women start taking off the kicking off their shoes way. They see appalled. Me Wants to kick off my shoes. Yeah when I see Clavo and I'm just kind of like I don't know what's coming up but I think is gonNA be. Yeah like you have to prepare yourself this weather to take off your shoes to run out of. Take off your shoes you. This is the question of the beginning of the show. Why why does this work? I'm Clive says I'm not here to give you a non-serb maybe that's part of it too. Like I don't know why you just gotTa accept it. Oh what I think. I'M GONNA walk out the studio and just a quick got side. Yeah again exhale shakily. Yeah I am going to make some poor texts. I JUST WANNA make some bad decisions. A series of bad decisions and forever for everyone. The answer is it was a yeah. It was clive. That made me do it fiery British Clive. So Nicole yes. He leaned in Legal Secretary of the fifties. Yes so we've had a bowl talking about our turns out kind of intense. Yes let us when it comes. The Clive Owen. Yeah who would have sunk it? I mean we did. Especially when you're right you're right. We are the pioneers of this room. Anyway it's time now of course to segue from the more theoretical aspects of This very specific clive centric desire. Make it into addressable situation. Yes yes I'm ready for a fantastic wars. You are yeah. It's been a minute since we've had one right. Listen friend you know between a wonderful chat with Mr Underwood and the live show. It's been a. It's been a slightly dribble light. Yeah we run episodes only had Some travels for pin. And that's right Mr Badgley but now we are back false. Yes we're going to give you a hopefully a couple of dribbles that will be worth your time And of course you can go into our twitter and vote for your Fav- yeah no offense. I think I'm GonNa win this week. Oh okay I'm only doing this in the spirit of sports okay because we say every time. Nicole there are no losers year winner. You go you know but clearly bill her. She's an extra winner today. Some days I wake up when I do feel like I'm winning. So that's the mood in my chest. Today Mike could win. Yeah I'm not GonNa take that from you. Thank you so much I appreciate them. That's Sisterhood right there. So you WANNA go first sure roof or C. Whatever you do like aquatic sure. I'm about to devastate me all right. Go ahead kill me gently. That's what he said. Why are we like? I don't know I wasn't sure if he'd be there but I took a chance and went to my friend's house warming after the party's third hour after all the parents and married at left and it was just a single folks and all the friends with benefits. He walked through the door. He spoke to our friend hosting but kept his eyes on me. Seemed like as soon as the door opened. He knew where I was at went into the kitchen to get some water. My heart tasted like smoke in my throat. I turn the Faucet on but didn't bother to grab a glass. I knew I drop it. Just as I knew he'd find me there. He appeared by my side the scent of an apple tinted. Musk warming me. That's how he was always just enough sweetness to make the roughness delicious. The memory of his taste pushed my heart back into place. Don't waste water. Love he murmured as he reached around me to turn the faucet off barely pressing against me. I couldn't help myself. I leaned into him for justice second but it was enough. He dropped a hand over mine. Clive I warned he watched the quick of my lips. As I opened my mouth to say what No. I didn't want to say. No I wanted to watch no but I felt it my head to take him in. My eyes landed on his neck. The small scar a role of the crescent shaped moons of my nails peeping from his collar bitch. He saw me noticing. It touched a finger to it. Our Eyes met. He leaned down. I like another one of these if you don't mind L. A. You happy with what you've done. Yes in one of my favorite music videos as a character in. The video goes in Nigerian Pidgin English. He says now just in where you do you think. Say Good and that's my question to you right now. This thing but you have done you believe it to be good. Yes icon argue about okay. Wow he reached around you to get into the yes. Is that right okay? And then you couldn't help yourself and you leaned in right fantastic soon a quick recap. I WANNA make. Sure I'm getting all the information and then later on. He pressed the finger to some kind of mark on his neck. Right that you had put the right. I see and then he wanted another one of those. See Okay well. Good Talk Nicole. Thanks very much very much for that. I am a scratcher offside. I was I apologize. I am sweating Meena. Who Don't want people type and they put like single spaces between the letter. I'm sweating airspace. Wsb as he all the way to I N G in congratulations Nicole. You have unseated me today. Because I can't sit down. I gotTa do some laps around the studio. Jesus H Christ congrats. Thank you why I take it back. I didn't think I will win. All right let's lean into this. Yes so let's hear you WanNa have stomach ache. Interest is so. Let's hear what you got them. Now that I've killed you know it's all love. Is it all right? If you insist said okay. I stopped short almost as soon as I rounded. The corner sat in the flower bed. No mind pay to the dirt now. Streaking his trousers sat clive beside him. A trowel caked in earth and in his hands unnecessary plant ready for its time outside. At last the back of his tee-shirt stretched Taut across his back was speckled with sweat and as he reached down to place the baby plant into the soil. It lifted a clean two inches showcasing. Just enough of a tanned. Back to make a pulse. Quicken I must have made a sound because he turned his head suddenly to look at me his mouth usually at rests on a downturn carved into a smile his lips tipping up slowly and causing the skin around his eyes crinkled attractively a secondary effect. My stomach lurched. He moved to stand preparing to unfold. Those long legs already pulling his gloves off his large hands. I put one of mine out in front of me to hold his progress. No I said softly stay there his eyebrow cooked. There's your eyes of his lighting up and then warming up as I approached him Yodok. He agreed his voice gravelly likely from disuse all day thinking back to the ground his arms went around me net craning upwards to accommodate my nearness and he leaned into my hand cupping his head through his tousled messy hair. I lowered my head slowly. Slow is still until I was bent. Double in his arms and then finally falling until my knees pressed into the damp earth of the garden. Yeah yeah call that gardening one. I want yes thank you. That's a message from the Royal Horticultural Society looking to recruit more gardeners across England. This summer I mean you know we've got this man. Digging into our listen trying to plant in the earth that he he he seems like an earthy sorta fellow and would I in fact to be the nursery plot. Who can say yes? I understand but I wanted to be tenley tended to in the garden. A that's the song. Listen come on nature fields right. Ooh right well wow Cli- I wish she would anyway on that disgusting notes. Consider this you too can take part in fantastic was how you ask. Nicole explain how the listeners can be opposed this Friday. We're going to put up a poll on our twitter account so that our listeners can vote for which travel they lights then. Do they like Clive at the kitchen sink? Reuniting and is that what they call it yeah? Reuniting with an old flame on K. R. Do we like clive in the garden Sweaty listen intense. Hey Hey I what I like. No losers narrowbody a winner when it comes to clive our advertising all right above. I'm with it I am with it. So yeah that's going to be an all twitter. Yes because we like to give you time to you know. Listen on Thursday. When the episode drops marinate in it come onto a twitter vote. And then we go from there exactly and you can find us at first aid kits on twitter. We look forward to reading the results. All right yeah let me go lie down real quick. I need a cigarette. That's what he said. I kid is a slight production produced by Sheriff Vincent and US Nicole Perkins. Our music is by Tanya. Morgan you can follow the show on twitter at first aid kits and we are on Tumbler. At thus. Aid Kit podcast. Tumbler DOT COM. We appreciate all of our thirsty. Live twitter's if you want to join in please use the Hashtag tack pot that's Ta K. P. O. D. or you could write us an email at first aid kit at slate dot com. If you won't use Augusta Me Service please. Just send us a short and we mean really short message. The number is one zero nine eight four four seven seven eight. That's five one zero nine bust non. Us less buckets can send us a short voice note via email at first aid kits at slate dot com. You can find all of our episodes and links to listen at slate. Dot Com slash podcast. We started doing bonus segments that are just for slate plus members we have all sorts of goodies like High Priority Items Aka stuff like gray sweatpants or a new segment called. Explain yourself where we ask. Special guests convinced us to join the bandwagon of people. We don't really see for basically. It's an extra dose of Thursday kit every week. Let's listen you'll have to join slate? Plus which is slates membership program but just thirty five dollars for the first year. You'll get a little extra from this show and all your other favorites late shows plus no odds most importantly you'll be supporting the work. We do here at Thirsty Kit. So head over to slate dot com slash first aid plus to sign up for these premium sets. We'll be back next week in the meantime. Don't forget to tell a friend about US and what we do. Here stay thirsty. By the back of his tee-shirt stretch towards across his back was speckled with sweat. And as I see.

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SHAVO ODADJIAN afirma que "mal-entendidos entre os membros da banda" so os culpados pela falta de um novo lbum do SYSTEM OF A DOWN - Ritual Metal Mantra #004

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SHAVO ODADJIAN afirma que "mal-entendidos entre os membros da banda" so os culpados pela falta de um novo lbum do SYSTEM OF A DOWN - Ritual Metal Mantra #004

"Poised was hit waldo. Enter our much. Of course she says. Do moon mantova in new jersey chamber. Ricky casse cars the season for don't son don't think over. Jesus judge roy to me. Chill via that unsaddled caliber. Iron nemeses program. Joe is you could chew lab. Look at you smoke. Pickups never medical school. The family. Baulky up rene chemotherapy kapkory galley the the momo fourth decaf accord episodes follow. I don little automated dodge my still this quarter mean citizens. His merv them if they having show burn the effort to have it show brent. My room e. rob Kelly but don't wanna l. Edge fit into my g dwelling mohan cada mice. My assumes committee. Canada muscle weighs as you think mortgages for this so luckily can. Here's aso's parents of his instincts. These was as far as genius. You've our metro so much genius. Who black metal under under you presented. That met on cash show with two lok. Sephardic metal on cupcake. As to me talk core air marshal. 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He's so play grounds bachelor school. Mussa's inspirational delay deforest behavior behavioral yet. You'll know four quake sit aku tutor. You'll know our show to domain. He'll saturday stony motivated by the cba leaders. Sanctums was basic. Don't us so lay so you're do shutout cut very differential boil full show. W-we know put limit began. Who's cassano seem tiny. He know what they will tell me was costing. They'll be known contractor. You don't should ask have known about e sake but his employers stuff superior your boss statement saints chaplain the along the i'll say the same percentage been able to mcguire nine. Eleven added that privilege of these mice. Stove is my zone. Tabacum okawara main. So i shut. Add new scotus solano. Kevin neal mccoy's own. We del book you come on prakash rigo just said they to zana's demise the quiz based on the data me up to the job will happen over kill was tiffany kind of state route. Ika call accumulate whether they start. Ilford photo pacelle. 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He left owned maciej each day luciano which thankful that is inclusive. Its second we're stopped by james. T butts bottoms. Also muscle group of mice recommend plays well diplomats do more pellagra and they start us than mucci. Batson telegraph relying to me and blah mic. All been could even about abadie exclusively up my data thing and we'll take up equal purchase to keep those years. When pizarro you call as listenable having mantle stagnant thelma month is a way to sell the silk podcast. Silvio movable head mad elmo broadcast on ask those is there so comment that site mythology.

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"Zotov la guests. You start as always thought the same when they my starting this format. Turkey was overcautious. Gotovina's quotas gyp logs in education kaczynski with position. The minimum of that. You won't do with avalon's your fox started. Sharon evolved could one of his urging those movies. You know students don't have the mas. Mr kanovsky guas evolve. Wasatch would give us a brief because the show started. Fox must be miracle sack you squashes iota veloce office you diploma beach beach komo today for no kwena mobile essay not tempered. This young compa priscilla. Hbo hilmi jerusalem as the provide the swell in jukebox inclusive for the shelling upholstery. Hov kudo promo beach. Northlake achieved says much loyalties twin sister. But i don rage all priority which was event contra diverse promotion skiffle supervisor mitch. No siber- he cannot provide. Scooby promos league is also prakash. 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