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"hilmi nasa" Discussed on CodeNewbie

"Analysis of user behavior when you think about either your career or just your own professional experience. How has having a PHD help to the most where have you seen the most benefit from that Hilmi NASA for sure building that community and having a master's and being enrolled in a PHD program helped actually having a PHD I would say it has helped me with my own confidence. And it's also helped. In areas such as health care. I do lead a team they do ask that I speak to clients sometimes and me having a PHD helps clients understand what I do. And what my team does is legitimate science that has been fitted. It's also helpful for consulting. So while I don't do any consulting. Now, the time between pay pal Express Scripts. I was in a consulting firm and having a PHD was very helpful there. So if folks are listening in trying to decide, you know, should I go down the PHD route on my, okay, we'll just master's or conscious. Learn are in sequel on my own kind of take it from there. How can they make that decision? What are some things they should think about? So what I always advise is few like school considerably HD because you can go really deep in a lot of subjects and really explore like get your Stoller on get your scholar on like that took attack one for for university. Might be the Danielle university of scholarship, but if you don't have a support system, and you aren't really sure if you like school do not put yourself through that torture. I didn't like school. It was really hard for B to finish. But I did have that support system. If you're interested in user experience, if you're interested in how psychology or anthropology or political science even are important to how people interact with the systems and technology around him, get a masters. There's lots of programs across the country. Some of them are remote was will. I would choose that. If on the other hand, you are much more interested in the quantitative the math pieces, you can get a master's in learn a lot more about statistics. If you like, but she don't necessarily have to you can take a lot of courses that teach you the statistical background theory behind that. And just learn are. Dislike and get into the data. That's lots of publicly available data sets that you can practice with some very interesting experiments. You can do on your own to build your own portfolio and get your foot in the door that way..

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