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"hilltop house" Discussed on Hollyweird Paranormal

"I would leave it in your imagination. Because it's it's not for us. No no it's just a dream walk. By the fountain reenacted the share monologue from clueless. And move on. And that's all you can do. I can do or if you're a little older pretty woman. Oh yes that is iconic that is every little gay boys dream is to like hell. Someone like steak. That's always wanted one of those doors and said that no one ever have. But that is yeah. That's passage i absolutely did. I can't remember where. I think it was for sake. There's some as like big mistake. Houston waitress shop shop owner. All right guys. We are going to talk about one. Hell of a famous neighborhood. There is a highs in the code of nine. Oh two one oh. This neighborhood is so famous that it had its own tv drama. Show in the nineties beverly hills nine o. Two and l. Do you wanna know like a little piece of personal nine. oh and trivia. Please go ahead. My one very close acquaintance who shall remain nameless for the safety of everyone. Their family owned the natural gas rights to beverly hills and that is like there is record and dedication of their family in the city archives because they were like original land owning natural gas right owning members of los angeles that they helped found the city. I know you're talking about for roy. Any reason that is so say only got how exciting. I'm pretty sure. The city of beverly hills did like a little feature on their family are. Yeah it's a whole thing. Isn't that crazy helming. This person walks around. Beverly hills like odd since we're valley. We never cross soon. Are you guys. We're going to be going beyond the manicured lawns. The nicely trimmed trees that reside office sunset boulevard and the mansions because beyond all of that is a very dark history of murder crimes and accidents quote unquote. Severe finger quotes. Our guys you know. How do you remember going on a walking audio tour with us throughout downtown los angeles and ended up in hollywood with our haunted. Hollywood bar tour. And then we followed it up with the burbank. Walking tour touring all the haunts in burbank. And then of course we ended it with the haunted disneyland with our friend. Mitchell reiss we love. I love that is by far winner favorite episodes because i love disney. I know. I can't. I don't know if i can go back to disney's it's so packed. The what is the way time i. I don't know there's one tiktok on if you saw i've seen that on it's like it is a wrong of people outside. 'cause here's the thing. The mask mandy is lifted disney. But you still have to have a reservation. The limits of size have not been lifted. So people trying to get in are being turned away and can't get into disney. I think they're like increasing number every week. But that first week it was a yeah the mask mandates cottons and yet disney's not open free and clear but then there's all these videos of people in disney and they're like i'm the only one wearing a mask everyone's inside all right guys. We hope that you have your comfortable pairs of shoes on our chocolate. Yes make sure you have some water. Don't pay cash because now the restaurants take credit card going be stopping at some bars. I tell you. We're going to stop at the beverly hills hotel of fat the pink palace. We might stop in You know share a couple ghost stories over some cocktails and then end the tour at boa which is haunted by a slew paparazzi. God i now. What a mess and kylie jenner's lip kit all right guys. We're gonna start at twenty eight four zero north. Beverly drive and this is the house of brando or the fall of the house of brando so back in nineteen ninety christian. Brando one of marlon. Brando's nine children was arrested may seventeenth of nineteen ninety after the actor telephone police and told them of killing in his hilltop house where people found. Cheyenne brando's boyfriend twenty-six-year-old dag drollet shot in the head. Now christian later told police that john had complained to him at dinner that she was being slapped around by her boyfriend and that he had accidentally shot draw let wherein the gun went off. During a struggle christian claimed it was an accident with prosecutors unable to prove the case was premeditated christian pled guilty to invent involuntary manslaughter. But according to an article in the los angeles times according to daggs father dag drollet had been trying to extradite himself away from his love. Affair with he quotes. This is his quote a spoiled an unstable chevron brando trying to distance himself from the un happy brando family when he was shot and killed in the den of marlon brando's los angeles compound and i don't know if you know anything about marlon brando's children but a lot of them are a little no they're not stable and i've read reports about cheyenne and her her dealing with her own mental capacities and stuff like that. That were there times where she would have fits of rage and she had those fits of rage with dag so my question is like what was their gun present and who had the gun because it's not really clear who had it like didac had it or christian had it. Was there a scuffle between the gun and it went off and the thing is so crazy as as as a society coming to terms with the way that we treat. The mental health of celebrities has long been unacceptable. We've talked in past episodes about marilyn monroe and you know these sirens of golden age of film. And yeah the way they retreated and it's almost like props and when they were having distress and you know. The judy garland episode. Then they needed help. They were just.

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