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Reckless Protocol - Technology Safety, 24-Hour Stream, #SaveTheKids

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Reckless Protocol - Technology Safety, 24-Hour Stream, #SaveTheKids

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You're listening to The Reckless protocol. I'm Justin with me. I got Chris you could be my wingman any time off well shit, and we got Joe today. He's one of our Founders and our team-mates longest. We are Reckless protocol here at w DVR TV radio.net Page Live 365 by searching TV radio or if you're locked down can't stream live 365 find us by searching DV radio on your TuneIn app hosted here at podbean or use your favorite podcast streamer and just watch TV radio in a world filled with cancel culture a group of veterans. Bring you the latest and crazy news reviews Tech dogs, Today's Hottest topics and all-around Shenyang. And welcome to the Reckless protocol podcast where free speech and patriotism are a guaranteed support the show but joining say scape the Free Speech biased and not the Rhythm free social media platform where all are welcome get it at Google Play and Apple App Store or on the web at 6. Now here. I am host Justin and Crest. Welcome back. This is The Reckless protocol. What's up guys? How's everybody's week been going? Not bad. Not bad. You should be good. You know, it's kind of funny because I was watching I think we talked about a previous episode, you know some shows and shit, and and I finally caught up on COBRA Kai. Caught up to watch that and that's a good show. You got me. Yeah, I gotta watch it. Yeah, I forgot to watch that ship man. Yeah, so I'm not going to give any spoilers is because you know, I know this probably a million people listen to us right now and they and they're all going to go watch Cobra Kai. So but I'll tell you what I ended up. I binge-watched it over the first season like three days and it's it's just amazing. You got it. If you're a fan of the old karate the original Karate Kid movie, you gotta watch it. You gotta know The Karate Kid one down to the really get it right, but you can just watch one of those module. I was a kid his girlfriend. Yeah. I think she also played with Michael j.fox and Teen Wolf, right? I believe so. Yes, she's fine. Yeah, I believe so. Yeah. She was she was a she Eighties girl. I'll give you that. So in season one, she has not any I don't it's I made it through season wage. She has not made an appearance. Yeah, they do they do reference or a few times but she does not mean to parents. So I don't know if she's in season to let me ask you another question. How's your car? Look is it wax on wax off off? Let's see. There is some of that and again I'm not going to give it away but check it out. It's and and one thing is I will mention is so you got the original you got general rules. So who is played by Ralph Macchio wage? He is in it and he plays himself. He's gotta fight the same way. He has to look matter. He looks away when I first seen him. I'm like is that him? Cuz he looks so weird. Like I thought it was a until you another off and kicked us to do the crane. Kick. Tell me does it I'm not telling you that I think has to do there's no way that's like that is Karate Kid. He does the cream. I'll never forget him and he did that. Did that crane? Kick granted? Yeah. He got out pretty quickly by Mr. Miagi. He always looked like he was going to fall over they had the worst balance. No, but just remember Johnny right thing Johnny's the kid from Cobra Kai that he fights at the end block rankings. Mm. Yeah. Yeah, so I I forget his name, but the actor that played Johnny is the same actor that plays Johnny in it. Oh no. Yeah and you seen the commercials you seen the commercials with the Sensei, right? Yes, he does like a weird. What is that insurance commercial or something? Yeah, and he's apparently he's in it at some point, but I can tell you what what he's he's the original then say and and and Danny's mother the original money that was in the movie She's in it as well. No shit good show checking it. I got a lot of shows to watch Joe was telling me what are you watching the boys, right? Yeah, great show offs. See I'm going to I'm sorry. What's that about? Like what superheroes would actually be like Like they're all they're basically like actors. Basically, it's it's amazing. It's so good and Netflix also know that one's on Amazon. That's Amazon. Okay. Okay. So what if you live your life as a superhero that like I do the world's skinniest man. Hey Mary Kay say that no, I didn't wait. He went up to a size twelve now. Oh, geez, I can stop in the mid sex. Let's not get carried away. Maybe like to T3 t39 you born a cold? And I man, I've just been watching a bunch of YouTube on RGB lighting and office Aesthetics and that's where the excitement of your life. No, man. That's not gay man. My let's see my AC freeze over I had to pull that apart defrost it for like three hours now. I'm having a baby girl. Pause there for a second know we're gonna keep going we got no. No, we're not going to pause that we got a pause there any how may I talk about Justin having a baby girl and I gotta talk about just not going deep enough. Oh and there it is a bit me in the ass off for any of you that don't know I stole this from my buddy Harry. He told me this story when he was in basic in the Navy and real home to me one day and he said that his T. I used to come in. And they were going to bed and there's T. I said to some kid, I guess he goes. You gotta go deep for boys, right so well, maybe that's it buddy Bell. I forget the exact story but that was his thing. So I started using them cuz my brother had kids and those first two were girls and gave him a bunch of shit. I gave Joe some shit. Chris had never mind how weird that is that you heard that from somebody that was in the Navy right wage was going to just Cruise right over that cuz at the time I thought it was funny too. I'm sitting here saying it was like, oh that's going to be bad too. Huh? You know. Anyhow, I think it's came from his buddy. That was there that was talking to TJ. Basically, I don't know if he was like talking shit to him and say hey you're going to go get some booty tonight or something or don't have a kid. I don't know. I don't know what it was. Anyhow. So I gave everybody shit. I gave Joe should I gave what our buddy penish it, you know and I just always say it to people cuz to be honest with you. I never thought is going to have a kid. Yeah, JoJo is my right-hand man. He came over. He had a balloon. He made a cake you made a cake. It was a really good cake. It's gorgeous. I did actually done. I did call him before and I said, hey man, if it's a girl just don't bring anything just bring yourself in L know came over the blue now. I got a big balloon. I had a couple of those grenades therefore outer cannons, and I thought I saw blue, but that's cuz everybody was wearing a blue shirt is actually think so. Oh shit. Don't get me wrong. I'm very happy. I wouldn't trade it for the world already, but I am having a little girl very nervous. I'm in trouble. Like I said, I'm excited for you. I know we mentioned this on Barracks talk a little while back, but I said I'm excited for you because I want I'm hoping to soften JS up a little wage. You know, I've already softened up. I mean, I'm a I'm a pretty nice guy now, I I know you emotional is all hell so you would you and the people have that in common with them because you got no wires that's a better word for fired. I still got some fire in a tank. I have a feeling she going to douse it. But let's hope not as long as you don't look like me cuz if she looks like me, she'll never get a date with that poor girl. I think I said that to my girls like let's hope it looks like you then she at least has a chance but no I got that and then no this is another thing worth a c so the time we talked about this in the last podcast that was an overflow of my Drain line. My condensate line come to find out is probably because it was clogged with a little bit of ice that was starting to melt but turned into like a gel-like material like just like slush. Wait did I miss the transition mean you're saying that your kid was a result of a clog in the condensate line. That's right. Yeah in the backup smegma All came out that's right. You know I had no choice too. So no, so I actually it was a gender. It was Monday my house and Joe. Can I test my house got to like a 76° rapidly, but it was like eighty percent humidity. AC wasn't cooling but the air was barely blowing. I went down there spent three hours with a heat gun. I took it apart there. It was like two or three inches of ice covered the whole all the weapons on the inside. So needless to say once I clean that off started working again at the HPC guy here today, and he thinks that I'm very low on some coolant or the same refrigerant. I said to switch days. So that's been my week also trying to transition moving up my whole office down to the basement. So yeah, that's been my week baby. So it's a fun you gotta you gotta grow a neckbeard and shit to Yes, I just had a visualize that before I answered cuz I got real nervous here with the folks in heck. In case any of you just don't know. I'm finally growing a beard took me thirty four years. I'm starting to grow on. That's nice looking to I like it you like going to run my fingers through it. He does I'm not going to I have to run away from you. Yeah, so that's been it's it's chugging turkeys have been flying into my yard over the fence fly into the yard, then can't get out. I have to chase them and I get so nervous. Those are the most all those birds are nasty, man. He'll claw your eyes out. Yeah, they do got some brutal talents man. I know somebody who had them on the roof that replaced the whole roof, cuz the talents fucked up all the shingles. Oh, yeah, the LG is they bashed believe it or not? I watched a month actually at work. I watched a PBS special on TV one night about turkey's they literally try to claw your eyes out. They're one of the most angry and defensive birds out there. So I had to chase him out. So my dog didn't get beat up, but that's been my week. I got you got something. I mean my week's been pretty boring. I'm just been watch for my kid and going to work and play video games pretty pretty uneventful week. That's pretty good. I do have you know, not. The shift gears away from you know have a little far but I do have some sad news that I got this week that kind of maybe a little upset. But so no big come on. I'm trying to be serious. Oh my gosh, but I had you know, some of you guys know that I was on the school committee for six years here locally and our finance manager who I served on the bulb with for six years. He retired at the same time. I decided to not run for re-election, you know, obviously this would always covet stuff going on. We made a plan to get coffee, you know later on cuz I mean, we had a good relationship. I love this guy who's ex-army and all that, but he was older and I just got word this week had passed away. So it kind of sucks ass. Got the chance to get together with them and have that coffee and and you know, sit down with them but really good dude's name was Paul Funk. So, you know just want to give a little shout out there a little sad news. But yeah, it's a good life, but it just goes to show you though. Every time you think it's going to be out of your way to go hang out with somebody. I have that cup of coffee make that phone call off do it because this finite time is one of the most City things in the world anything that's fire is just so hard. So every time somebody like, oh, I gotta make that call. I gotta go see her I gotta go see him. Hey my buddies right down the street, but I'm really tired today, but you got nothing else going to go say hi. Just stop by cuz you never know when you're going to regret it. Exactly. Sorry for your loss buddy. Yeah, man, you could still written maybe he would have stayed. I'm just getting that. Yeah, I'm sorry. I know I couldn't watch no disrespect to to the man. Sorry. No. No, I'm sure he was a good guy who's a good sense of humor too? He'd appreciated that but I wanted to go about that. But yeah, I just had to throw that out there cuz like I said it was for the last six years man. He was a you know, a big part of my my other other life. Yeah, so that's crazy man. Yeah now a couple couple of doors came to a club retired from the military you were you're done doing the school committee. Yeah. Hey maybe now you can do something that'll make a difference in the world. Reckless book called me. It's going to make a big difference. That's all right. We got a million listeners. I already know that that million - 133 right now 97,000. Well, we got Joe on so it's getting pretty that is true. That's right. That's right. I'm at least worth a million myself off. And let me tell you Joe and I banter about tech Non-Stop. He's a very big techy glad he's here tonight because this tech oh, yeah just coming up is pretty good. And I'm sure he'll have some great Insight but speaking of tech. Let me tell you this real quick. So as you know, we've been doing this podcast and I'm very very very anal about having everything sounds perfect and my voice sucks. Like I've listened to myself. I just delete it but I have wage to go XLR like I talk to you about a couple podcasts ago. I have a Shure sm7b Mike and I'm like sitting here and the thing with the mic is if you go back and listen to the other episode this Mike needs about 60 DB again and DBS decibel, so it needs 60 DB again to get it up to level so it sounds good. It while my go XLR does have the capability. I was like, oh It doesn't sound right. It doesn't sound right. So I spent a hundred damn dollars on this dynamite stick, right? It's an inline XLR adapter and all this damn thing does is give me about 30 DBA games so that they use Hardware which is the dynamite stick 4:30 DBA gain and I use a software through the go XLR slash. It's like a what-do-you-call-it firmware. It's going to be like a software-driven hardware off gives me the other Thirty DBA gain. If you want to know more information about that go back and listen to The Archives of week to a fretless protocol. That is true. We did talk about Mike's and what types of Mike's and frequency all that. So yes, what was it yesterday? We we decided to change us. Yeah. Yeah. So yesterday Chris got a new mic right? Tell me what you got. I hope I sound better. Shut up. I forgot to tell you. I know I saw I know I sound like way more sexy, but I did get the rode procaster and then I bought a Focus right preamp. So that should eliminate if you listen wage. Couple weeks ago there was a lot of pop in there was a lot of crazy stuff going on with my my sound system. Hopefully that's gone forever. Yes, hopefully so we're sitting there and I'm like damn man. You sound you sound a lot better. You sound cleaner. It's it's a lot more prominent. There's no Echo. There's no none of this stuff. Right? So I'm sitting there to my command and and I'm working on a dacity. So I'm recording a little bit sending it to him. Hey, this is how you sound when me and you were talking back and forth to each other and like see I don't like the it sounds like up too much space around me. So I ended up taking out the dynamite stick. I did a little, you know, a little bit of equalizer manipulation on the mic for hardware and in the software and yeah ended up sounding a lot better than I had the dynamite sticks. Oh, but I'm outside. I looked this morning. I am outside my return window for this. So I have a $100 paperweight perfect. Don't do it. I don't recommend it unless you truly need it. Yeah, I tried real hard. I tried real hard Justin but I can't I was going to I was going to pass on the comment but I got to say to shut up. No, there is no way there is enough room for any space around you age. That's that's slow down. That is I'll see what I was going to go with. He was the king of over buying. Oh that to that also. All right. So this is like having Joe here with Joe got me, right but he did it in a nice way cuz it was the truth. All right. Nope. I got my covid-19 on I'm still working on my before pictures. So shut up. Let's talk about this. Let's dig a Little Deeper on this. Why is my bill so bitter about anybody that has any type of size on our body does a man looks like a scale. Oh, come on show us so we never grew up come down to like he grew up. He never grew out. Yeah, dude, I'm telling you right now in some ways I did. Man hair shirts don't even your son share the same size shirt. Oh actually something we could a small he's small man. He takes after me. He's real small like he's fifteen now, that's good. I like that. You got me there now. He's he's fifteen dude. I think he's somewhere in the eighties four pounds. It's like fifty-something pounds like a Hyundai. I think my dog weighs more than you know, what set the record straight on 165 stop it. I am rucksack. No man. I am I'm putting on some weight off. I was 1:35 up until about a year ago, maybe oh my God from the entire time from I was nineteen years old to build now later on in my life. I was wrong. Yeah hundred thirty-five. I'm now at one sixty-five now hundred and thirty-five. I can't even imagine that yeah, most of my life. I spent right in that range my adult life dead. Right at that. Oh my geez and then it was like a light switch mean put it's quick. I hope you blow up. I hope you look like a goddamn marshmallow man. I'm pulling out with you like daily for years. I would have never guessed you weighed that little yep. I would have thought you were thin. But I thought you were that there are 35. Oh my God. Damn. Oh in other news for the tech news. Wait, we doing Tech news. I just said that's what I was doing. The you know, I did the preamp. I like fell asleep over here cuz you saw them anyhow, moving on and if you've been following that game fortnite and notice that them and apple were at odds took it to court. So basically a federal judge has ruled that Apple can continue to block the video game from the app store because epic found a way around wage paying the what do you what would you call that the like a portion? I cut dock fee kind. Yeah. So yeah, cuz they sold they took in monetary. They took a month to get you stuff in the game. You know. Apple says, hey, well some of that SARS so you're gonna give us a cut and fortnite said no. And this was back in August. So it was saying yeah, they're saying epic deliberately breached terms of development. And as we know what's a scape we it's a hurdle sometimes with apple just getting things approved for chrissake. Yeah and 30% is what they try to take a fortnight revenue of any Revenue 50% is what they get. So if you really think about that, I mean, I think it slowed down. I mean, you know, you're making an app that everybody wants to use. Yeah, you're hosting it on their store. So if they wanted to say, hey your developer give us $100 a year or whatever. It might be. Yeah, I'm down with that. Yeah. Yeah, but taking 30% of somebody's revenue is as crazy and I think that's on every sale it it's nice and what they're doing is the reason why fortnite got grabbed in I do want to say I apologize would I do love you? Yeah, but but anyway. They they charge 30% for any any monetization in an app on the Apple Store. The reason why fortnite got navigation or band was because they created their own payment processing and you're allowed to do that. As long as you don't undercut apple juice. So that's what they did. So they realized okay if Apple pay is going to take 30% will offer our own like third-party way to pay for in-game stuff off give you like. I think I don't remember don't quote me on this. It was like a five or 10% discount which means this still saving twenty to twenty-five percent and that's why Apple grabbed them because if you're going to bring your own payment processor and has to be the exact same that you're offering for Apple pay. Oh, yeah. Yeah, you know the sad part is I don't blame them. You gotta make your money, right? So I mean as a company job Giving up 30% just to have your app at but I mean, here's the other thing if you're not on the Apple Store, actually there is a setting you could give them the game. They just have to go elsewhere other than the app store to get it not on Apple Juice. I thought you could turn off the lights on Google. So the reason why you only hear about the Apple epic portion of it, not the Apple Google is because the Google you can download an app store without jailbreaking the phone. Yep. So for example, you have to jailbreak. So the only app store is the Apple App Store and they want any any money that's just hand has to go through Apple's payment to get there 30% cut. So there's been other ones. There's been like an email server one that that needed what they would do is they often like a week free and then you had to sign up on their website and apple hit him for that and then the reason why this so so the reason why it's 30% is because back when yep Video games in stores like GameStop and stuff like that, right? That was the standard charge was 30% So it just carried over into see I didn't know that see and hear it off into so like steam is 30% apples 30% Google 30% all of these places that are hosting other people's stuff is the standard is 30% and epic came in and what has it got to be 30% you know why we're not we're not stocking shelves anymore. You know, we don't have to I can the arcade. That's a good argument though. Not there's no there's no physical damage. Really? Yeah, which is I mean, this is still a billion dollar company fighting a billion dollar company for money. They don't care about anybody else. Oh is this just happens to Epic just happens to side with what pretty much a lot of people think absolutely which is why wage They are the more popular side. Yeah, and that judgment that came out to was it so they said that Apple has the right to ban fortnite. But Apple also in the same instance tried to break in the Unreal Engine developer account, which would screw several apps on app store cuz then they couldn't get Unreal Engine updates and their apps would fall off the stage because they couldn't be updated. So they tried to come back and be Petty and and block epic assets started on their store off. The judge said you can block fortnite but no you cannot block this developer account so that people can get unreal into that spray that would block a lot of stuff to say, but it's listed if you don't know, like I said, you know Unreal Engine is one of the basic of an engine is is I know on Rails at least free it allows you to develop a game without having to divorce A lot of the you know the back in box. It's like you showing up with a tool box that has a pre-loaded. Yeah, they're said visuals, right? So you can have terrain you can have vehicles have the Scott. You know what I mean? It's just like you can set all of you, you know, gravity and all that stuff. It's already built in so you can just kind of build the game off of that so you can imagine how many people use them if they feel that they place that in. Yeah, that's crazy. Yeah, but talking of Google Joe brought up Google Google assistant is extending voice commands to Android apps. So not not only can you say hey Google and then open an app you can perform specific tasks within these apps. And now my gets the multi commands. Yes, wait, hold on. So give an example so you could say my phone's going to go off again. So you can say, hey Google do XYZ inside of this app. So not only that but right now it only has about 30 of the top apps that are on Google Play available in English, but they're currently extending it they say and it's already started rolling out. Oh and they also added two new English voices to the assistant, which I guess are more realistic and fluid and capable. Of what do you call that relaying like emotion? So it's going to start getting real creepy. Yeah. I need my phone to be emotional. Yeah, right. So I have enough action going on in my house. I got two girls in my wife. I don't need any more emotion won't so this is what they did. I think this is what they did to hear people's cries as they also came out with a guest mode that will be dropping soon. So your assistant can have a guest mode and with that the interactions of your Google Assistant will not be saved to your Google account. No data for personalized results. Nothing. Is there any like could they talk to my phone when it's like locked and it'll have like limited functionality. Like they'll be able to ask a question know that means the guest mode is just for you. So if you say hey do XYZ private browser. It's like yes, it's like being in a way to get a real freaking that's right. Yes where he look up that weird. Google want to be alone. That's all she has Google has also been rolling out a number of safety and privacy features within the past a little bit here because of the privacy concerns. Everybody does have so Google's do big things. So not only are they going to give you a little more realistic way I cuz I use Joe actually told me about it and when I got my pixel phone I started using it they actually have a a screening feature it took it screens your calls it automatically block spam calls, but it lasts the person. Hey what? You know, what do you who are you to do? Yeah what your deal really and then you can see it in real life come back at text and then you can prompt it to do other things and Joe. What was it? Didn't they have one came up that I would take over so they could it could you could do like an appointment for you to get your hair appointment doctors? Yeah, it it would call and actually interact and set an appointment for you too. And I think they've got another one. That won't prompt you. Like there's there's the one that I that that I showed you was you had to like send it to the AI right there's there's another one out now. I think that would just take it in the background if it thinks it's spam number. Yeah. Oh, yeah, I don't get any standards anymore. You know that ring on my phone it just straight down. So it's like filtering cuz I've had one a call come through and it was like a It was like a doctor. I had like a like my my optometrist was calling because it was like the first time they told me it was the first time they called me. So she when she went off it got through and I answer she was like, oh that was super weird. I didn't you have like some weird assistant doing screening calls for you. I was like, oh it did no way. So yeah, I guess it's screen door and that's Monday through. Yeah, that's pretty so this is this is where it comes into like things being you want efficiency and you want to make your life easier. So, you know what, I mean? So all of these things off our great to have right, so they're like driving Googled and I'm going to talk I'm talking Android auto and stuff like that for right now because I gave up on Apple a long time ago wage, but you know these things help your day-to-day processes and give you back a couple of minutes you might need in the morning 2 a.m. That cup of coffee while you could do something else. For example here my house. I have a smart house and Joe has it. Chris has some limited functionality of his but basically it all started off acessa T. I got my dog and I let him out in the back yard. I really don't have lights out back and the ones I did put in the switch is all the way in the downstairs in the garage when I let him out. I'm not going to walk all the way down to the garage turn off light. Let him out turn it off. So I put in a Smart Switch. I got a hub wheel lazy motherfukers a lot of steps. I mean that's like I said, we I said we oh, yeah. Yeah, man, every every light bulb in my house is smart bulb. Let's try it in that way. In that house. I mean, you gotta make up for you, you know, that's right, you know, so so now I could say I can talk to Google and I can tell it. Hey turn the backyard lights on or whatever. I can, I can control if my doors unlocked locked my garage door lights thermostat. And so on and so forth. So what these things are called is Internet of Things devices. So i o t if you ever see a capital, I lowercase oh and a capital T. That's what it stands for internet of thing devices. But with that being said there are a lot of security concerns. And if you know say Escape you've been following our podcast here. We are Security Professionals. We are it professionals. So what we do is a host of things at a minimum that will keep you safe using your device's right. So with these devices are certain things you can do geofencing, right? So your phone lets the app know you're within a certain radius of your home. It can kick up your thermostat turn your lights on and do a couple of other things that you know, whenever you want it can get very granular. So I'm going to give you roughly 12 things that I found that seem to be some of the best quick fixes to keep you and your house safe. One your router most people have an all-in-one if you're not like Joe and myself. We have a whole stack cuz that's what we do. But most people have all one Wi-Fi router that you get from the cable company. Yeah, you can get from the cable company or you go out to Best Buy You by Amazon you buy off just basically, you know, you plug and play and you're good to go. But you got a picture that as really being the front door to your all your smart devices including your cell phones. Now your TV's your computers or laptops or tablets, right? So there's things you gotta do to ensure the best chance at staying secure and the real life best chances. There's always something newer it comes out to you guys stay on top of it and plug block these security vulnerabilities, which a lot of these apps are supposed to do that's why we're always going through our apps and we're our app and making sure that we've found any vulnerabilities and fixed them are check the ones that we already had make sure they're still relevant. So first thing you're going to do is you're going to give your router a name because when it comes stock from your you know your cape ISP, so like Comcast or what's the other ones out there internet service provider? That's what is p s. Yeah. Yeah, what else we got that we got Verizon. He got Comcast you got Cox Jackie Google Fiber. Yeah, not around not well. No I speaking of though on a quick side note when they do the new Bridges coming over to the cape. I heard they're going to bring it. Yeah building two new Bridges going to be in like fifteen years, but they're supposed to start it and like three and be done in 7. Yeah. Okay your newly Massachusetts bro. The amazing you remember the big big wage? Yeah. Sure. I think it was like, I think I was out of high school. I think I joined the military when it was still available. Yeah, I think I agree. Yeah. Crazy, so what that does is it comes with a stock name and username and password. So make sure you can get into it. It's on the back of it how to get into it change the user name change the actual name and change the password and look into it. Make sure you get pick in a password that you not only can remember but it's not like your dog's name plus a year we talked about this on previous podcast the more you put into it if people can find out your information or going to find your first name, maybe they can find out where your street is. Maybe they find out you have a dog so they start trying dog names. So it's not too too long TD. It's tedious wasn't too terrible to get all your information and check that little box that says do not bra broadcast SSDI SSID SSID. Yes, sir. Yes. Shut up a little bit stuck. See this is why we don't let you talk during Tech man. Really for real for real. No not true. That's how I'm sure it has nothing to do with that unfold beers. Do they now? We're going to promote Beer Drinker Ray. Speaking about it. Yeah, so don't associate your street address or anything like that. And that's your SSID. You don't have to broadcast it. But if you have people to come over you should just make sure you have a really strong password and that would be your encryption method. So WPA2 is I think the new not new there's better ones out, but that is pretty much the home standard package special characters are allowed better lengths and total length it all set up a guest Network. So When people come over even if they're your family or your friends, you never know their abilities. Maybe they like to Snoop. So once you let them on your Wi-Fi, they can kind of get around and find out what equipment you have look into it off saying they will but it's always possible. So make sure you set up a guest Network. And then what that does is they could still connect to the same internet, but it's completely segregated away from your internal data off and all your devices on your internal Network. Yeah, we already talked about changing your default names and passwords, you know, avoid all the comments don't do password. Don't do one two, three, four five six. Don't do Rufus. Don't do, you know nothing like that. Um Rufus. I don't know why I said Rufus. That's a weird news. I just feel like that's a last name. It's a dog's name. Yeah. All right. Yeah good. I'm sorry if you didn't surface, but that's another thing my dog Rufus. I'll tell my girl that you won't do it won't do it. I'll do it. Actually if you're still awake naming it Rufus. I think she might be sleeping anyways off. And as you said these individual devices up, there's individual apps or you through your Hub make sure there's settings on the app like auto update or stuff like that. You can turn all that off if she's in periodically and check for updates that way it's not always polling and going out to the internet. Disable any features you may not need so remote access if you don't do it by often, you know, just disable that stuff obviously speaking of the software updates. Make sure you keep everything is up to date because like we talked about that is what actually patches any vulnerabilities that they find makes it smoother and so on and so forth and as you get newer stuff. Make sure that if it's time to upgrade something say you've had some for five years and whatnot. You can upgrade it. If it's not too, you know costly upgraded because it's better to be quicker. It's going to be more secure. If you want to make 2 2 Factor authentication meaning you, you know password then it sends you an email with a code. Yeah, it sucks. But that is really cool. Because that you know, if they send you a text to your cell phone you're going to have your cellphone. So if somebody's trying to get in and you get the code, you know, something's up now you can go in and dead. Really start changing passwords and what not adjusted. I I want to bring something up. I know we got to take a break here soon, but I just want to bring something up as far as security you're talking about. So I actually had my brother hit me up a couple of days ago cuz you got a new position. He's doing real estate and stuff about securing people stayed, you know, obviously people going to send him forms with Privacy Act type information off. We asked me for some recommendations. Obviously, I told them about encryption make sure that you're at least your folder. If not your entire drive that you're still in the information on is encrypted, but he also asked me about his need for a VPN. So if you don't mind cuz I know you'd like talking about this stuff. So if you don't want to I'll take care of it, but if you want to talk about what a VPN in what situations a person might require or you know need or recommend a VPN. Oh, yeah, so I mean feel free to anybody else but VPN is it stands for a virtual private Network? And basically without getting too in-depth what it does is it most of you will know or if you don't know for example, some of the most common things for example on an internal Network through a router Gateway IP address, which is basically a numerical address that each component gets and that's how it gets across the internet gets through your system to the ISP system and out to the web and back. Yeah, and basically what it does is your ISP gives you a say we could go deep on this your ISP gives you an IP address off and it's a different class than what you have on your internal. Say what you said not too deep though. Yeah, cuz then you might have a boy got myself Bazinga. So I don't know if I can use that in a probably copyrighted now, now we know we got to pay somebody $10,000 Sheldon. So basically you have an ISP address and that's your constant. Right? The ISP says hey this address this home address. Is this IP address to get out. So your VPN what it does is attaches to that and it Spooks an address and can go anywhere in the world and what it does is it keeps you safe from prying eyes, right? So there's a lot of people out there and I think it's wrong personally and later in the segment. We're going to talk about trafficking and stuff. So in that aspect, I like it cuz if you don't Home Group Euless things, I love that word. You know, I I think you've used that word and every podcast so far. I have Ashley I said today she got so mad at me. She's like could you stop using that not really like that word but long story short so you could spoof your address, right so you can keep away. So if you want to look at something without Facebook knowing you looked at if you want to what else could you do? I mean, I would say the most practical use for it and this is what this is when initially when I asked me about it I said you don't really need a VPN in your home like to protect people's data. Like that's not really what a VPN is for but then when you explained to me said, well what if I'm traveling I'm using public networks, and I said, yes, then you want a VPN. Oh absolute that that would be a practical use for the everyday user cuz we get go to airports or you're connecting that Starbucks. You really want to try to use a VPN. Yeah, cuz if you can like say you buy into a service like Nord or oh boy, I'm spacing on some of these other ones. I like PA. There you go. So p i a what it is you pay for the service and the dog Give you the ability to put on your devices so you can take it anywhere. You want to go you can put it on your phone your tablet's it's not like you're on your home network where you can install your own and it's for everything that's on the network. You can actually speak with you on-the-go. I know when I was in Germany, you can't watch certain American things without a VPN because they block it on their internet which is kind of crazy. So that sucks. So you're getting around some security features are some government place things there. But yeah, these are some things that you could use a VPN for so that goes along with the public network. Thanks for bringing that up Chris and then obviously if you have Hardware outages that can leave your devices in an unknown state, so make sure you know about those and that you can turn it off before the outage happens. But we will come back. We got to take a short break. We'll come back. We'll talk more Tech with Joe and Chris. You're listening to The Reckless protocol will be right back radio. What Steve new radio radio is for you the veteran active duty service member caregiver and civilian supporter of the military TV radio.net is the only veteran Network Napalm veterans from original shows to syndication. You can find it here on D V radio.net in an effort to continue our mission and make better quality shows for each and every one of you visit our patreon at patreon.com bored slash radio, whether you can only pledge $1 per month or that entire million dollar inheritance your uncle left you there's this here with rewards waiting for you. So why should be ready or running and get rewarded at the same time? It's a patreon.com board slash radio now, that's patreon.com Sports Radio. Please video. Thank you for listening to another episode of Reckless protocol. Be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcasting platform. So you never miss an episode. Don't forget to check out Saints game. The freezer be social platform that is biased and algorithm free Jenna. Google Play and Apple App Store or on the web at say Steve. Off when you get there check out the Plus Account feature each one merges helps us keep the lights on all are welcome get it at Google Play and Apple App Store or on the web at stage left.com. Now here are your hosts Justin and Chris. Welcome back to the Reckless protocol here at w DVR TV radio.net streaming at Live365 or search us at your favorite podcast streamer or search TV radio on TuneIn app Jo back to Tech. What do you got? I want to talk about the newrizons that are coming out. Those are CPUs central processing units people. Yeah, who makes the rising who makes the rising that is AMD and they are finally finally back. They were closed off their latest what their latest Zen to but now that they're out with their new gym. There's an 3 it is actually much better performance than Intel in single-core real and finally for the first time. This is a little bit not as good thing, but they are priced to higher than Intel wage. The first time as well Wolf Wall, cuz they know they've got them now right they're going to take over the gaming Market. Well, so they're still if you look at like school you can go on Steam and you can see who's got what chunk of the gaming Market. Yeah, so if you look in until 6 still has I want to say they've got but that's significant amount. I think rise it only has like twenty to twenty-five percent of the game. You are due to the fact that Intel for the longest time still beat them out of people do exactly that's just people not you know, they just have an update yet marketing and stuff too. Right? Yeah. I mean Intel's always been and he's always been kind of a little janky when it comes to like their drivers and everything like that. Whereas Intel has always just bought one where it just kind of works. Now. What about what about power consumption he cuz I know that's always been an issue with that is its huge they they're they're die process. So is I forget what percent I want to say they update by like so they're they're performers percentage is like 12% better for the same amount of power. Oh, wow. So yeah, it's it was like a huge increase for them. They I forget what it said that they figured out. It was something to do with the cash it was I think on on Zen to each one of the cores had to have their own cash which then had to talk to in the course. Yeah, and now the cash they figured out a way so that there is just a chunk of cash that all of the cores share which cut huge latency out of it, which is why intel was always beating them in single-core just because Intel cashew shared between all cores and and Rising cash was not it was each Corps had its own little piece of cash that added up to the owner of cash is is basically a memory allocation for it to store some immediate data. And so it can do things faster on the actual CPU. Yeah. So that's why it was taken and historically and that's why I said question historically AMD with their gpus and CPUs have been like Hogs with power. And no one for putting out some heat. Yeah, but this one is mine. It's it's reversed. Actually Intel's next-gen of attendance. I sent you the hello. Eleven years. They've got eleven did coming out beginning of next year. I'm sure there's also yeah, they announced the day before the rising was an out and it still wasn't good enough so wage they announced the day before because all the media stuff said that they were the fastest and and for that couple of hours they were the fastest. What a big kick in the gym a Hindi song to ensure. They let him go to I bet. Yeah. Well, I mean Intel AMD, so until did it specifically to try and take away from from this release of of AMD, but I mean they've been on a roll for for so long and you could see it coming and less until figured out there 7 nanometer. It's which I need Verizon's gather properly. Yeah. Well speaking of real quick any news on 1080ti a 2038 GTI. No, I haven't. I know that come December the thirty eighty two twenty gig is coming out so but isn't acceptable. So if you'd like it might be a super I probably not going to have enough money to buy myself one. So why is that way? I got you Justin just watched the mail. I'll watch it like Ralphie trying to get his decoder back from Christmas Story. Oh what else you know, wait, hold on. Hold on I want so this is the first time I think ever I heard Joe say he's not buying the latest and greatest cuz this this guy I want to get money just got passes you might as well put a put a shredded next to his desk and just shred hundred dollar bills right to do that by something. I like to buy the best. I don't have to buy it again or you contest when we normally have all right. Yeah. So normally what we like to call the dicks we can contest we got a group of friends that all gave and stuff and we for the longest time. Everybody's model was we gotta be Joe. That's how you how you played the game. You just had to be Joe except for me. I already know what I got. Even. Try Christmas still running a Pentium II. But any come on eat that bad, but she already know what I got. I don't need to show off. So I just I drove them to do that drives around in the in the little Pinto saying I'm good. Don't worry about me off. But you could care. I don't need that Corvette will see like we talked to see but we're hold back a couple of go back in the archives now and listen to the tab episode. That's true because this motherfucker right here say we you say that you keep bringing that up. But it literally I've run it with no tabs tabs my system. We found that out remember it was actually I had a bad memory stick. So it was to upgrade so hip sitting here till I knew him cuz it was it was physically broken your Broken Age. She had to buy a new memory stick. So you shut up. Oh, that was really Does your face you shut your face anything else amd's big knob he's coming out to what do you think of that wage much less excited about that. So their video cards have been pretty large disappointment for a long time. She can't they're claiming. It's going to be on par with the 38 e but they've made that claim before. Yeah, so yeah what you know with the green assault. Yeah, when big knobby trying to drop next month November or December. I don't have a date on your Google app know maybe I know yeah. Yeah, October 28th wage. I am reading this article. I think it says October 28th. Oh chips will be available November 5th. All right, so maybe we'll on the next episode we will come back on this and we will find out what they have to say about the big hobby all the big Navi every time I hear that. You know what I think about Avatar. Yeah, I'll do as well, But that's all they're also coming out. I guess what Avatar to supposed to be coming out just in time for me to have that nice new TV and go you gotta watch it on that. Welcome. Amazing. Well, I have to talk about that next episode. To the fact that I've never seen Avatar. Oh, you gotta watch that screen. Oh, here's the other thing Joe beat me on speaking on T. So I did a job and they bought a TV hated it and it is a great team qled 75 inch cost me nothing but my time and labor which was partial payment for the job yet at home hanging up and I'm looking at it. I'm like Joe to see the same as yours. It looks great, but something's different month. After what we do research that for about a half hour. Yeah, something like that. It's a 2017 model. It was a 2016 model December 2016 mean, I see this is this is why it's a big swing contest with Joe. It's just it goes downhill date of early 2016. I don't think so. But anyhow, I digress Joe has a 2018. 2017 or 2018? Yeah, and what are we not here? Oh the difference between a difference was minimal. So yours is Angela. That's four years is it's a TV. Does it show a picture dude? No LEDs are holyshit. Oh, no, man, I'm getting old and blondish. It don't matter to me. I don't talk about this mortgage making me very upset. Although off Vizio now is a qled. I mean OLED, really? Yep. They just dropped the oil lady. I didn't know that full ten all of that. Yep. No way. I'll have to look that up. That's awful idea. That's going to be a cheap old lady. It's yeah. Oh, yeah, actually I think for a 65 inch they still want like eighteen hundred bucks a cheap OLED. Well, yes there you have wage. I deal with American-made too, isn't it? I the last I knew it was but I think they actually oh sure. They got some parts from you know, Japan Korea somewhere else. So no not anymore. Cuz I know a lot of the a lot of the panels and stuff come from like Korea with Samsung and you know stuff like that 65 inches is to grab a pint so it's a most of their stuff is done by amtran which is a Taiwanese company. So but let me tell you a little difference between Chinese and Taiwanese and I'm not trying to be down in in terms of tools Mechanics Tools and whatnot. Actually buying right shut your fucking face. I got something to say a Taiwanese tool is actually better quality than a something made in China and it's because they have better QA standards than we than trying to test. They have to pass a vigorous test compared in comparison. So if you want to save money and you say hey Taiwanese Chinese go with the Taiwanese. I digress moving on what you got Joe. Why would you say I just read also that apparently LG is the only one making a large panel OLED panels. So that means videos panel is off is an LG which is the best. Oh, oh, okay, right. So there you have it. Which which is Korean. Are you sure? Yes. Okay. Well, we're at that time show where we're going to have to slow it down for you. We got some serious serious news to talk about. Let's say you Chris. Yeah, so, you know, obviously there's been a lot of talk on social media and the media and rightfully so, okay. What does it say? Let's not let's not lie. It's not it's being hidden pretty well. Well, there is a lot of talk from people from people not sources. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yeah bring it to light and rightfully, so it really needs a lot more attention and we're talking about wage. Human trafficking child trafficking which includes sex trafficking, you know, it really needs a lot more attention. This is this something that that plagues the world and especially the us cuz I'm not sure how many people realize this and I was looking up some some data because obviously we're going to be doing some work and we'll talk about that in a minute. But I realize that the inquest was in the top three of human trafficking bounces to top. Yeah, so alongside if I believe it's Mexico and wage. How do we that's ridiculous Mexico in the Philippines. So we're talking about 3, you know for lack of better terms third world countries to third world countries along side window of 3 with To other countries who don't even come close to matching the economy and the resources that the US has and we fall right in line with them that is alarming there's two stories that I just pulled up just briefly just looking really quickly one out of the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office that they had six people that were arrested wage. They were covered thankfully was after three months. They were covered Six Women in a seven women. They arrested six men that were involved in that trafficking and there was another one out of Pennsylvania that involved a fourteen-year-old girl now, I know there was a lot more people a lot more faith in in in being traffic but this fourteen-year-old girl happened to get a hold of her mother and sent her a message and said I don't want to be here anymore. And that's what triggered the investigator. Shouldn't and they found these eight men some of them from Ecuador that were involved in this big trafficking ring. So this is I mean, this isn't a face. This should not be a political issue. This should be something that every person on the North American. Yes, this is something that needs way more Focus maybe more attention and and I just want to say one last thing I heard before I turned over and you guys but I found one other thing that kind of really disappointed me. I won't say kind of it disappointed me greatly when I read it off. So if you see on social media the hashtag going on say about children. The problem that I'm seeing with this is after I read story after Story. Is it really trying to tie that hashtag into the qanon? If you want to call it a conspiracy theory now? I'm not to go down that road because I don't I don't know. I'm in different with that right you form your own opinions, but what I find very alarming and very disappointing about that is rather than look at all the facts of save our children and and what it's really about is trying to tie it to a controversial issue that is qanon. Cuz that's a political School kind of whatever you want to I'm not like I said, I'm not going to go down that road but rather than look at it for what it is. They're trying to tie it to something that's more controversial and that causes a divided we should not be divided over this subject. This is a subject that every single person on this planet should be United against in fighting so that really dispatch I mean when I seen that because I'm like that's that really that pissed me off. You better term and upset either be a bigger problem. Yeah. Let me give you some numbers that I found dead. First. Most internet child pornography comes from the United States. Now that comes to the caveat in this caveat is it's 55% So it's slightly over half comes from our own country. Okay. Yeah sale of child pornography has become a three billion dollar industry. Unbelievable me one out of every five pornographic images is a child. Oh my God, so just just think about this. Okay, and the fact that this is wage if this doesn't floor you an estimated 199000. Incidence of sexual exploitation of minors occurred each year in the United States that equals out to The One incident every three goddamn minutes. Every three minutes an estimated one incident of child sexual exploitation. That's yeah, that's the problem. Yeah, the average age. So everybody it doesn't matter male female adult child. Everybody is it has the potential being pulled into this but the average age of the sex trade in America is between 12 and 14 years old. Okay. Yeah. It's a there is a fucking problem and we all owe it to everybody else to help out if I'm sitting out in public and I don't even have a child yet. But if I see somebody's kid about to get snatched I'm going to hurt the person trying to do it just because of who I am like, yeah. So many people are so afraid to help you can't you can't stay silent. It's not going to go away if you're going to be an ostrich about it. It's not going away and and you just talked about you know in that brief time there you talked about some big numbers and that's with child, you know child and sex trafficking where Sex trafficking is I think about from what I've read. I thought was about 25% of actual. Yeah child trafficking. Oh, you got to look at the labor trafficking tracking everything huge labor trafficking this it's a hundred and fifty billion dollar industry just in labor trafficking. Yeah. It's it's insane and and it's not just you know, like when we were growing up, you know, you get the the after-school specials or you get talked to in school about don't talk to strangers people picking you up and snatching you up in their car offering you Monday. That's really not the way stuff goes these days, you know, it's people that you know, it's it's family friends acquaintances, you know co-workers that know you have kids and you know, I was telling Justin, you know, before the show that I have a brother-in-law who works for crimes against children. He was telling me that face down. He was giving me an instance on Facebook where what they would do is they would watch families. Right? So let's say you're going on vacation. You have a 16 year old at home boy girl doesn't matter home. And you're about to go on a trip to I don't know wherever and you stop posting pictures of your vacation. But in those pictures your kid, your sixteen-year-old is not in them cuz you left them home. Now. These people are stalking your Facebook. They already sold your kid. They already sold your kid before they go to take your kid out of your home or wherever they happen to be because they've been watching your social media. They've been watching you and now you're posting pictures of your vacation and they notice that your child is not in Motion Pictures. They know that kids home potentially alone that happened. So this is what we're going to talk about security. Stop posting everything. Nobody needs to know everything about your life. Use it enjoy it be smart. Yes. So I mean here's a story from US Marshal Service at a New Orleans. Okay. It's a multiple arrests for a child Predators. Okay, they called it New Orleans Saints and Sinners. Okay. Let's see here. The Metro are critical support from state and local law enforcement's netted forty five arrests with 27 in the arrests being for violations of the sex offender registry. The operation was funded by the US Marshal Service sex offender investigation branch and ran from August 1st through September 30th. Okay, 45 arrests now now let me give that to you cuz I was talking about this. I have a kid coming up. So I I use this thing called Watchdog us now. You know how many level three sex offenders walk down my street and I have a very quiet street. One of them talks to me all the time and I had my dog. Would before I looked them up. So the guy living behind me. He's a cop in the town. So I asked my say hey man. What can I do my girls put my kid in the car? And he keeps stopping and saying stuff I said I don't care if I'm on nights or something. She just has to let me know. I'm going out there. I'm gonna hurt him straight up. Yeah, you got one chance. I'm gonna tell you don't come down the street again. You see her you walk the other way. Okay, he said well, you're not really allowed to Heckle of your not really allowed to give them a hard time. You can call us but there's nothing we can do about it. I tell you what, you're a level three that money in Massachusetts. I'm not going to talk to every other state cuz I haven't looked up the guidelines yet. But a level three in Massachusetts basically says you are a high risk to society that you did something heinous a high risk and highly probable to commit again. Okay. So if you have a level three and I know and you're walking by my house and my kids get in the car my kids playing outside and you stop for a half a second choice. You better hope you don't hit a click cuz there's a Boom coming after it. Yeah, and I'm just being honest. I'm not take that chance. Oh, he's not going to do anything. He knows. I know I'm not taking that chance my job as a parent. My job is a spouse. My job is a human being is to make sure it doesn't happen to anybody right kids don't deserve to have anything like this happen to them kids don't deserve abuse. Any form? Yeah, and nobody rarely but yeah kids are the most important. Yeah, when you're an adult you have to its nature. You have to learn to defend yourself or not. But when you're a kid, that's what your parents are for mobile protection and the protection comes in all forms, right feeding you clothing you make sure you don't get sick protection against getting sick protection against hunger protection against the elements. So you survived so that is your job. So for everybody that's so afraid to talk about and swallow this pill about what's going on. You need to stop you need to accept it because it's not going away until we make it go away. Yeah, there are countries trying to make pedophilia legal or a what do they call it a disease you damn right to a disease, but it's more like a cancer. We need to radiate it. We need to kill that. That's my stance and not be honest with you. That's the only right stance in my opinion just a disease, you know, which I would agree. That's why they you know, what about that big one that happened in Atlanta. That was the the one that made the the national news recently dead. Just forty kids were rescued off the tractor job. Yeah and Atlanta that's unreal man, like crazy. Yeah. I like that I can that they can get that far until until I serve and you know what it is and that's just like anything else just like when you used to you learn this at a very young age in our society and when you see something somebody doing something wrong, it's best to keep your mouth shut and put your head down. Why because as a kid, you're going to get your ass kicked, right? Cuz you make a man. He stole something he broke it or she broke as she did this you suck dude and nowadays. It's getting better where if you're at a party growing up in school and you're okay man that girl don't want that get the hell out of here. They might try to Heckle you but they're going to run before anything else. Look how much had to happen to stop that mentality. So everybody's so ingrained that they're going to put their head down and oh, I didn't see nothing. Don't ask me. I don't want to be involved. What is this snitches? Get stitches song? No, no. No. No. No, you do this. You're going to end up stitching you're going to end up in a body bag. Yeah, and I don't care who oh, you can't say that no fuk U. I can't say that. Let me ask you this. You fucking raise a child and I'm sorry to get gravity. You rape a child you steal a child to be raped repeatedly or anything like that. You don't deserve life. There is no due process for you. There's no justice coming and the only just awful death and here's why because you know, what you did to that kid, if they happen to survive. You know, what you did that a human if they happen to survive. They're going to have nightmares every day and countless mental evaluation. Try to deal with anything fear a constant fear. That's no way to live your like a cage down. They'll never trust anybody anymore. Exactly. And what are we doing? Just the same thing we do to vets dog. Come back and you're all fucked up. It's like, oh, I'll go talk to this person this person. Were you let him live on the streets? And we just they become trash. Oh, they're broken. They're broken because you didn't defend them they're broken cuz you didn't let somebody else take them. They're broken cuz you didn't do your part. So as a whole as a country as a whole we're all responsible to even let something like this fucking happen, which is why say squash is running a 24-hour streaming event to end trafficking in General child trafficking human trafficking all trafficking. Yep. Yeah, we're going to be running and you said no. I was just going to say, you know, I just want to throw almost at you before we roll right into that is just looking at the at the, you know, do something. Org which is often than not profited. They stated approximately fifty thousand people in the US alone traffic each year. That's a lot fifty thousand people each year are trafficked. So yeah with the with the stream event, which is kicking off tomorrow. Tomorrow, you know, it's good for 24th. Yes, October 24th 24 hours. It's going to be streaming through twitch with teaming up with d v r a. I, you know, some other streamers that are across the weather streaming on Twitch or YouTube or whatever they decide to live stream. We're going to raise money for underground railroad through tiltify off and also for vets for children, which is a Greg saulmon Sawyers organization who's an ex-navy seal. We're going to be poked his link everywhere. You can donate to him they do some great work. I know both of those organizations have their hands their feet and everything you can imagine right in the mix that they're on Thursday. Around I know definitely Underground Railroad, you know where Road with the acronym our their team consists of former CIA past and current law enforcement and highly skilled operatives that lead coordinated identification extraction efforts their latest being operation. Well watch goes down in Latin America, they rescued 24 with arresting five five and there's only one minor but because of that sixteen-year-old girl that led to a twenty to Thirty Year sentence for one for the people. What a Bittersweet like, so how about this one company doing this 20400. It's only twenty-four but you're saying there's how many fifty thousand a thousand a year but 24 wage other than God damn doing nothing. So what we're going to implore you all to do is oh, yeah, I mean twenty twenty four people that do not have to live in fear 24 people dead. Have to wake up to some other man or woman touching him. Like they don't want to or scraps of food living chained up on a mattress. Why do you think we should watch SVU anybody that ever watched my girl loves watching it off Law & Order SVU? It's sickening. Okay, it's goddamn sickening. So we're going to do our part. We're going to run this 24-hour stream. It's not going to be the first it's not going to be the last or isn't the first it may be the last I should say join us at you can go to twitch.tv / colossal streams. That is our direct link. We will post that on all our social media or you can go directly from 2 till to 5, and trafficking while we're up and going you can go directly there. You can donate you can be on Twitch and donate them. If you're a streamer or you're a content creator, please go to that tiltify link will post it on Twitter enjoying the team get part of this phone number is Is you know stream learnt, you know earn money for them, you know in in one last thing that I know about operation Underground Railroad specifically is looking at their organization. They don't only Rescue Bots. They also make sure that those those individuals that were rescued get the help they need so they do yeah, they definitely do follow-up. They they're not like they do rescue them and then drop them off somewhere or back wherever they don't make sure that their life continues to get the support that they need following on this tragedy. Yeah, so they're getting resources resources caught costs money. There's a cost to be encouraged to go save people. Unfortunately, it's not free. That's not the world. We live in because it's impossible. You can't fly somewhere for free get dry for free and Moe's not free, you know, and so on so forth. So do your part, may hang out with us. We're going to be doing multiple things not only streaming some of the hottest games. We're going to be streaming some off-the-wall games some games you have you never heard before we're going to get Joe in here Joe's going to kick our ass and all these games cuz I'm going to get some Among Us going home. Yeah, oh that's going to ruin friendships. And there's a well we got to get quick off topic on the Among Us thing. Well, actually no we'll finish this and then I'll go into it. All right. Okay. So we're going to be gaming we're going to we're getting TV radio to join with us, you know, all the guys from W TV Rd radio.net. They're going to show the barracks. We're going to track a live Barracks talk so you can actually see what we all look like if you want to don't appreciate sexy. He might sound like Barry White but he's got no Charisma. Anyways, hm. We're going to be doing that. We're may be having anybody that we have multiple streamers across our company myself Chris Joe Alexia, we're going to have other people in games. We will have a Q&A you want to come down and say hey man, let's talk about this live Let's Be Live talking about it. Let me know I will talk till I'm blue in the face and don't take that as a don't take that as a recall that this isn't a don't put money down just to save Pass out. That'd be fucked up. For those of you who don't know. What streaming is streaming is just a way to get your content live out there over the Internet. So for example, I have a camera. I have a microphone now you're hearing now. This is a type of stream. This is just a vocal stream. I am live talking to you but not in person. It's out of the internet there for streaming. When you add video to it. Now, you have a full out of audio and video the most prominent way to do it is with video games. That is the number one way of streaming right now. What is Twitch twitch was found in 2011. If you a little blurb on them, it's a platformer live video streaming anything you want to watch their cooking music question and answers and then like I just said leading driver of traffic is video games. Everybody wants to watch people play video games CX boy. We call them nurse boots. You'll see plenty of exploits as right as he kicks all our assets. Oh, I'm going to get so mad already and I'm oh it originally thought As a spin-off division of I don't know if you guys remember this even Joe I don't know. If you do is call it was called Justin. TV. I never do remember that I never I didn't realize twitch spun off of that page. You know what it is. I want I want I want my cut cuz they use my name. But yeah, the gaming was its main priority and then came it became so popular that led to a Rebrand of Justin. TV off to the name of twitch interactive, which was in 2014 later that year in 2014 Amazon acquired twitch. And now it's Amazon's it's still twitch, but it's not fully by Amazon. I had no idea it was Justin TV. I used to do a lot of like pirating streams, right? And remember when it first came out there was a lot of talk about it and I was like, what is this and I was you know, it's a big into age the time and it was still if you think about it in 2011. Yeah internet was good, but it wasn't where it is now, right you didn't have cameras in the capture cards and all that. And so that's going to be the same. So come sit down hang out with us hang out with d v radio. Obviously we do need to sleep. So we're going to do on a rotation. Joe will stream slowlier. He'll be the mainstream and Chris will be I will be I don't sleep a lot. So I'll probably be here the whole time hanging out. If you want to hit us up on say scape. You can get it at you know, go to say skip, sign up for account join us off get it from the admin again. And again those things that are sport know. I don't care. I'm just going to I'm going to talk over you anyway, cuz what whatever you have to say is probably a lot but I yeah, I know but I just want to I just want to reiterate anybody that out there that has a Twitch account or a YouTube account or you know Facebook live. These are all platforms that you can stream live to that also linked to tiltify. We have a basically a campaign running through them. Yeah, you could join the team that link. Yep. Join the team you can create your own team. You can have more people join in in all the money goes into that one pot and will eventually be obviously it's attached to them that money gets directly donate to them and never here pretty soon as we're done. It stays out at tiltify until they claim it. Yes, so and that money will go directly to help them will never see a dime. We don't want to die. It's all charity and it is a tax write-off. If you don't want to be a content creator, you want to donate $5 give you a tax write-off for $5. It's still you're doing something if you just want to come and talk to us about it and be on our stream talkin bout do that that's doing something if you don't have the monetary me means to do so, that's okay. Help us spread the word help us get out there help us reach the masses. Think about fifty thousand people year if we could reach 50,000 think about this 50,000 in our 24-hour stream and everyone gave a dollar that's $50,000 donated money. Just cause to this charity or organization that is actually going out and snap in these people back. They're going out and they're grabbing hands on and bringing them back home. There's nothing and you brought up a really good point too is just like we talked about algorithms a lot with software and and social media these streaming platforms are no different. So the more viewers you have in there, you're going to get pushed up into the you know, what is trending type thing. So even if you don't have the money and you just want to come talk and you just want to support being in that channel as a viewer will help boost our our exposure well, which will allow more people to see us which will then allow more people to come in to get my money. So yes views are a big so just come in and watch and talk and whatever else you want to do. Yeah, we're very interactive. We're all super personable so you can definitely hang out. I mean Chris is sometime like talk off. Rock but just he'll get there come on now. Yeah, so real quick Joe talk about the game. So what I found was found one of the one of the YouTube channels that I watch because it's basically the only content I look at there is apparently a Trouble in Terrorist Town mod where they basically skinned it as Among Us and yeah funny so it's like a first person shooter Among Us off. I want to play it looks so cool. I will have to do that. So everybody paying attention we will have to do that but towards our social media You know, we're going to be blasting out just so you guys have the information come join us get everybody else, you know to join us do your part get people to watch us. It's not for us. It's for them all those voices that aren't being heard for all those kids that are home safe at night for all those mothers fathers that are worried or gone themselves those working that don't want to be working for somebody else. Speak up show up. Let's end it we can end it all final thoughts Chris what you got? I just want to basically reiterate what you just said cuz it's the most important thing going on right now. We got that live stream going on tomorrow and Thursday, we didn't mention it, but it's going to kick off at 6 p.m. Tomorrow night and it will run for 24 hours total and 6 p.m. On the 25th, which is Sunday Sunday Funday Sunday from Thursday. So check it out get on either say scape and you'll see myself just in jail will be posted about it. So the link will be there TV radio will be posted about it and not on Thursday. If you're not on say skip yet first of all get there, but if you're not and you're and you're reluctant for now, check out our Twitter page on Facebook page, you know, we're on those to purchase you'll find so ski at Seascape and you know, just come by stop by again. I want to thank dearie radio for being gracious in in in all the work they do for Yes, I want to thank Joe as well for you know coming out. I hope it comes out more often. This is kind of a last-minute thing and he's really good about it. I love love talking to Joe. We work together daily. Obviously. Yeah, you know, so so it was good to have them on the podcast and I hope to hear you more brother Joe. What's your face? Right? Let's this is great job. First time. I definitely won't be the last again. Yeah just got adjusted said speak up show up. That's that's I mean the simplest and best way to put it. Yeah off the, you know, come to our platform support us definitely watch this stream view excuse help money helps them all help. And we having fun while we're doing it too. So, you know, once you come join us. Oh, yeah, some hangers you go. See some angry. I'm not going to give any promises, but maybe it'll probably be on the individual. Maybe I'll do some giveaways some stuff too, but we can do some. Yeah, we can do some giveaways. We'll see what happens. You'll have to just just set the show up and see what happens. Yeah true. Yeah, so I want to thank you all for joining another episode of Reckless protocol. Do your part off on your people make sure everybody's doing okay. Don't be so introverted. Say hi to somebody never know what it might do for them. As always. Thank you to DV radio you listening wdvr DV radio.net Live365 is where you can stream if you search for TV radio also, you can find us on podbean. We're we're hosted or you can use your favorite podcast streaming service just search TV radio. This is The Reckless brought a call. We're out. Thank you for listening to another episode of Reckless protocol. Be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcasting platform. So you never miss an episode. Don't forget to check out Saints game the free speech sucks platform that is biased and algorithm free Jenna. Google Play and Apple App Store or on the web at 6. Noon. Com when you get there check out the Plus Account feature, each wage or just helps us keep the lights on for even more information. You can check us out at this game. Info until next time radio.

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