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"hills rochow county" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"Martin listen, I knew that we talked about this a month ago. He was last year. Wasn't it? Not a whole year ago. It was last year. It's definitely so, hey, by the way, you can hear us in Pasco county where she can't hear us right now, Pasco and Hernando counties on ninety nine point one FM. We don't get up into that area because we're blocked during hours of darkness because of a station up north and we've got a bad signal up there during the day with nine seventy on AM, but we do have ninety nine point one FM, which is a good signal in Pasco Hernando county. Of course, you can't hear us up there right now if you're not listening to that. So tell your friends get the word out there that they can catch AM Tampa Bay on ninety nine point one FM. Plus, we've got in Pinellas if you want to get a better signal ninety four point five FM and in hills Rochow county one zero five point nine F M is looking at some of the headlines here on the cold weather up north from drudge power outages across Minneapolis leaves thousands without heat. Can you imagine being in thirty two degrees below zero and not having any heat? You're trying to go to bed and sleep and things like that are heat was out Monday. I think it was Monday in. It got down to sixty one in our bedroom. And I had trouble sleeping then had your yet. Kinda like it when it gets cold like that. And you put a thousand blankets on yourself. The big black. Move. Then you're not getting out in the morning because it's too cold get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night pretty chilly catheter anyway it back now we're back to seventy two so extreme cold strange natural gas system. And this is something Jeff always looks up. Hell freezes over L. Michigan. As frozen over snow, plows idled, no mail delivery. Climate change is going on in hell to. Yes. Group urges residents to help protect feral cats from the cold. I'm sure they're real concerned about that up. Their train tracks set on fire showing keep the trains running body found frozen in garage after shoveling snow I saw that. Where do you? Remember what that was? No, I'd have to look it up on drudge what happened to global warming. They asked the same question. What happened to global warming Chicago on blast midwest feels like seventy five below zero that would be wind chill factor and everything because you got a lot of wind up. There's well when you talk about a temperature of ten below zero or whatever when you add that wind it feels like it's twenty five or thirty below zero. So it is we are very fortunate to be where we are and thank heavens for that. They we're going to check in in the next half hour here with our. To find out how our may oral poll is doing we're running a poll on the Tampa mayor's race to see you think is gonna win. And we've got the results or actually an ongoing poll in the Tampa Bay business journal that will bring you as well. And we got a lot of other good stuff, including we had the story yesterday of the pirate accused of pulling the woman's blouse down. He says, and we'll bring you update on that story. I just wonder what he stamped on there. Nobody's said no story has indicated as to what he apparently put a some kind of these stamped her breast hope many stopped her breast, he stamped it. But what did he stamp on there? I mean, it was his name address. Or I don't know. But she said that he had a cigar in his mouth the entire time. He pulled this is her quote. He pulled my shirt all the way down and was trying to stamp me. I scream for him to stop. I was just in shock. So she doesn't actually say what he tried to stamp. I know I'd love to know what the stamp said. I wish she'd bring her breast in here and tell everybody or showing or put it on our website. It's it's just crazy exposed her breast. But anyway, we still don't know what was stamped on there. If you know, you can call us at eight hundred nine six nine nine three five two, I know he was drunk, but I thought he'd be smarter than that anybody would be smarter than that. I would think so believable it's five twenty eight on AM Tampa Bay. Grace breaking news now Chicago team in ski masks attack. Jesse Sma latte star of hit TV show empire. Dating him. Putting a noose around his neck dousing him with chemicals tip line. Three one two seven four seven eighty three. Eighty two Pennsylvania prison officials say a drone hovers over the state Correctional Institute sit by media to get snaps of disgrace comedian Bill Cosby as a convicted sex offender, walks the Vegas police and investigation of the deadliest mass shooting in modern US.

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