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"hilliard rat gaming" Discussed on Gaming Ride Home

"This is an open invitation. Not many new releases today. Safer dread nautical a tactical turn based RPG about exploring a cruise ship that has been infested with Inter dimensional monsters. The game comes from Zen Studios. Who is primarily known for its pinball games? But they've been successfully branching out lately into other genres. There are also a few release and release date announcements pistol whip and awesome VR game. That feels a bit like a cross between beat sabre and Super Hot too great. Vr Games is coming playstation VR. This summer I review that Game Fried Chicken. It is some of the most fun. I've had in Vr. Since beat Saber. I am glad it's coming to new platforms the destroy all humans remake that is coming to PC playstation for an xbox. One has a release date. Now it is coming on July twenty eighth if you're unfamiliar destroy. All humans is an open world game where you play as an alien wreaking havoc on earth. We'll see how it's two thousand. Five sense of humor. Holds up in twenty twenty and a few short months. That's IT for video game news today if you have corrections or just feedback in general. Feel free to send me tweets or DMC to either at column Hilliard Rat Gaming. Ride home or you can send an email to kyle at ride. Home Dot Info. Always looking for reviews for this podcast. So please consider doing that wherever you listen to it. And you can also check on my Twitter Account Kyle impersonator playing through Resident Evil Code Veronica x right. Now it's going okay. I'm I'm I'm continually nervous that I'm GonNa have a hard time in that game but I I'm GonNa make I'm GonNa be alright and then of course you can always find me on Mac show for more long form video game discussion. I will talk to you more about video games tomorrow. And you know what by then will know where the next assassin's creed takes place. Which is very exciting..

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