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"The following podcast is a deer media production today interviewed my friend, Hillary Sloan his an incredible advocate for animal rescuing and human behind the ultra popular Instagram account Ella bean, the dog Hillary is fostered countless dogs and rescued three darling. Dogs starting with Ella being followed by coconut being and most recently fi fi von bean Hillary, and I talked to her story of finding and falling in love with Ella. Coconut and fi fi the challenges of overcome together and what it's like to adopt a dog. But most importantly, Hillary educates me on why adopt. Don't shop is such an important movement. And not just a cute hashtag what we need to do better as a society to put an end to puppy mills. And even what best practices are if you're buying from a respectable breeder. I can't wait for you guys to learn from and be inspired by my friend, Hillary and her free little family. Okay. You guys today? I am so excited to do something. That's a little bit different than any of the other episodes. We've done before. But it's something that is really important. I think to talk about an educate people about and so I'm here with my friend Hillary who I love and adore so much I met her through shop style, which is a company that I partner with on a lot of different things. So Hillary is going to tell us who she is what she's about. And what her dogs are up to and what they're all about. Because that's kind of what we're here to talk about today. Thank you so much for having me Crin. I I've been such a fan of your content for so long, and I'm so grateful to my job that it allowed us opportunity to notch become business hers. But friends, it's just it's it's so special to be able to work with people who like genuinely love into. Thank you for having me. I name. My name is. Hilary Sloan I lead influence or partnerships that shop style, but when I am not working on influencer partnerships at shop style, I am a human behind the Instagram account. Alabamian the dog, I originally started the account because a, you know a few years ago when we started see the proliferation of influencers popping up across the internet. There were all these like in influence or Instagram, you know, troops. If you will like macaroni in Lothair are, and I just thought it would be really funny to replace the human influence there with a little fluffy dog. And that was like their original concept of the accountant, it it's become so much more than that, which we'll talk about..

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