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"hillary ruth dan" Discussed on Cardionerds

"So that was quite a detour but I think it was important one. Let's go back to our main question again, which was the concern for a pack rupture, and in the back of my mind, there is a concern for the Q. Pack Rupture but I'm also wondering if there's something else going on. I think that's an excellent detour. Ruth The you know you're asking great questions a agree that you know first and foremost most acutely we need to rule out in acute plaque rupture. But even if we think the patients having a cardiac issue rather than a Gi is or something else, we should also think about her other cardiac causes of chest pain when I hear about her easy g with St segment elevations in the interest central and lateral leads I'm definitely thinking about an interior. Am I am worried about a plaque rupture in the left anterior descending artery, the left main artery but as. We know there are other cardiac issues it can cause similar ekg changes. Other things I'm thinking about for her would include spontaneous artery dissection or skied coronary artery embolism a corner artery visas spasm or talk at sumo or stress cardiomyopathy and we are in. Kovic. So you've got to think about Myocarditis pericarditis as well. The awesome thing that I think about cardiology is the when there's a question about what exactly is going on with the patients coronaries we can take them to the Cath lab in June and geography and take a look so I hope we took our patient the Catholic next yeah, J.. Anxiously waiting. Don't Worry Hillary Ruth Dan and all you cardio nerds the Stomach Pager was definitely activated. The patient was loaded with aspirin anti-tiger before being taken straight up to the Catholic while every Catholic is a little bit different. Our strategy here was the first image what we assumed they send ekg was the non corporate vessel as tested. A culprit vessel is critically if not totally included and wouldn't take up. The majority of a case by I. Looking at the Non Culprit vessel, we can get an idea of what the coronary supply is to the rest of the heart and we go with a guide catheter for our culprit vessel. Now, if the patient had been unstable or engaging non culprit vessel took longer than, let's say a few minutes, we'd go straight for the presumed culprit vessel time as Myocardium as..

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