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Pepperoni Rolls Are One Step Closer to Becoming West Virginia's Official State Food

Tessa and Elliot Argue

27:58 min | 6 months ago

Pepperoni Rolls Are One Step Closer to Becoming West Virginia's Official State Food

"Hello i'm i'm elliott. This is tasmania argue each week for bringing illicit so weird news stories that we found from the previous we can share with each other and we will be doing that once again as usual before we get started. Though i'll by now. I just wanna do add top instead of the bottom. I'm gonna be on next. Nothing podcast with my boy. Danny kaye. you're going to say sorry. The cat was purring into the mike. It's fine did -kay. I've been talked. About danny cain while yet because we really have been at danny kaye. He's been around man he's living. The line has yet to ask me on twitter about any of anything. I feel abandoned by him. And jeff and scott now scott scott messages last. You wish scott. What abandoned you listening. Not like seventy talks a day. That would be fantastic anyway. I'm going to be on the next. Nothing podcast you're listening today. This comes out of that show will be out on tuesday on twitch twitch dot com slash. Hey i don't know i i think that's it. I could just go back later. And edited in it is twitch dot com o nosso dot com. It's twitch dot tv slash danny kaye and. It's spelled day in day. We shut the fuck up d. a. n. i. e. c. a. e. He saw little different than. What does that. Spell danny kaye. Oh my god anyway. I'll be on there talking about. I'm assuming probably a little bit about this. Fucking travesty of a podcast. Probably maybe a little bit about crossing streams with my boy. Mark the doubt about his wife because he doesn't like his wife. But i'm assuming mostly because i'm part of gaming nexus dot com now f. He's staff writer. No big deal. Why are you like this. Nbd big deal. I hear decay. Danny kaye. thank you anyway. i'll start us off first. Story isn't really that funny okay. Ninety three arrested during anti-trafficking operation in columbus area. I saw that now. Here is the funny part of this. Somebody what commenting on there. Because i know. I've been on this story. This comment section. One man claimed he was innocent saying he was quote just there to talk to an underage girl. I just hear dr underage girl. Yeah so anyway. Not a funny story. But that i did see where they were arresting people like they had pictures of them in handcuffs and they weren't showing their faces. But i was like i could probably recognize that person. Yeah gotcha do you have a list of all the places that you can get free shit with your vaccination car. I'm really just aware of the donuts from crispy cream. Yeah advisor offering free beer. Tilt that mike but the cat catskills it up just a little bit more now gone. Hey go cat has lost his mind. Budweiser offering free beer. If you've been vaccinated as long as there's bud seltzer. Nope that bud light seltzer. Lemonade is pretty good. I like it. What low calories taste okay. Yeah women's techniques for making vaginal penetration more pleasurable results from a nationally representative study of adult women in the united states. Oh so what is it it just. It talks about how to give girls the to satisfy woman. I didn't read it. of course you didn't. I related it was very scientific. It wasn't like oh here. It is you push in and an up towards you like a come hither motion but ira iranian. That was the trick. yeah i know. I know how to slightly disappointed a woman. One woman eli's that's my mother. I slightly disappointed. My mom I spent my life choices. What life choices all of them. Pick one rummy. Mary me oh yeah the fact that. I'm married scrape. I'm sure there are happy. Like one of us got married. Yeah you the anti-defamation league calls for tucker crawls into fired over replacement theory remarks. Let's just shoot them do you. Why stop there. Do you know what the replacement theory is that lizard people have secretly taken over people and replace it was no. I don't know that. Joe biden died last year. And that's why he was put away but like you so slow in gooby now like you think. That's a fake joe biden and sell. They replaced him with the fake. And trump is actually the president. I love that theory. That trump is actually the president. That theory to me is comical. Yeah so so all the stuff going on is trump but like this other wire. They don't with his right. I don't know which one is it. You can't pick both i. Well that's what i was saying. They were like they called biden. They're like he's seen at least see now and then they're like but he he got all these fraudulent it's like either he senile or he is a mastermind. Can't be both ways. Yeah pick elaine. Now this has been getting a lot of traction this week boy defense department confirms leaked video of unidentified aerial phenomena is real. Oh they're like pyramid shaped objects in the sky. Yeah from like a year or so ago. Oh and the the defense department has confirmed that they believe that is not like doctored doctor. It's at authentic in two. They don't think it's anything they could have created and three. They don't think it's anything anybody else could have created right now. See you believe in aliens now. I don't say that but they they're like a we. This is real. We're we're pretty sure. This is a real video and we don't think we have the technology to do this and we don't think anyone else does either kind of crazy when you're like. Oh yeah but also like. I saw the video. And i'm like can we get some four k fucking resolutions. Twenty twenty one of some shit happening right like we fucking get some fucking forecasts in here right that's just like the number of bigfoot sightings once like fucking cameras ron phones skyrocketed ray. You're gonna cool lake the fuck outta here. Man gets more sue to be invisible during video calls but it doesn't work as he hoped so the video lake try like isn't he could see his face me fast. Like really good yeah. Casino gets hacked. Fish takes thermometer what you're not paying attention to me. When i'm talking a casino fish tank thermometer know what is you say. That's right. you're so worried about the next thing you're going to say i'm trying to make sure i'm nine. I'm in the right spot in my with my picture. Yes a casino gets hacked three fish through bitter so they got somebody and through the fish. Tank thermometer yes. The funniest part of the story is how i said it clear as day the i. I'm sorry i was trying to find. Joe no no no. Let's just move onto your next door trying to get it again. It get it. Yeah it's now you know how i feel. I don't know ninety years now. Oh my god really of more because we dated for a couple. Year mother-in-law tries to steal a bride spot at the altar while wearing a white dress. I don't get the logic behind you wearing white tonight. Your wedding right right. yeah. I don't get how you could justify that in your head ever right. There was too much. Why in address. That i word aubrey's leading river address. You aubrey's wedding looks fine. Did you think there was too much weight now. I don't think so. I never thought that plaid plaid. Yeah it was a plaid dress. Yeah i don't. I i don't know i know people i don't think so. I don't think there's any body wearing white at our wedding if there was. I wasn't paying attention. Yeah i don't. I mean that was purposely to like hurt the rights mailings like. Yeah that's a debts. I don't understand why. I i don't understand how someone could love somebody so much but like their parents dislike that person so much you i mean i don't get that logic and how like the girl mary. The boy is cool with it. Yeah we're how the boys like okay with it too right right right. I don't get any that. None of that makes sense to me. Well i mean that's 'cause we got very lucky in both of our families. Yeah but like if honestly if my parents at that time were like hey. I don't know if this is a great idea. I might have like a guest it if my parents were lake. Your if your parents went to you i don't know about him. You wouldn't second guess set a little bit crazy not to. Yeah i would. Yeah so don't make that face on eyesafe. You be the same way you know i wrote. He had says. I would make me pause a little bit. Anybody say anything to you. No no no ya man. Mary's same woman four times divorces heard three times in thirty seven days to get extended paid leave. Did he do it all he did it. Offer the leave. Yeah the pain. Yeah the extended paid. Leave paperwork is a worth it. Vacations vacation. I mean i guess but how did they get divorced. So fast you consummating. A marriage does not take a lot of time as you know someone say seconds who would say seconds. Some who. i'll know you tell me. The first time we did it after being married was not very long. Yeah it was already fasted in and out situation it was. It was very fast. It was exhausting. I almost didn't want to have sex. I was so tired. Yeah i remember we have to do it. Yeah you have to. But also i was like okay. Cool good night. I being super tired. I also remember how. 'bout you address 'cause you had a billion by had it's a button. You had cake on your boobs ed. Dead from when you smash cake in my face and ruined attack. Oh my god you. And i smash back in your face up your boobs. Yep i remember that be like what is up guys cake and then i had to have sex with that person. Yup with kate good or the net old nine years old cake boobs elliott jesus locals terrified by mysterious headless beast. The turns out to be a croissant. No i had to. That's a good one classical crystal. I mean how big a couldn't have been that big where they were like. Oh my god scare me. Almost crystal john michael. I love that mine. Man accidentally shoots himself. I'm trying on pants and walmart dressing room and makes perfect sense. It's not even funny for those kinds of stories anymore. He's just like yeah shocking out. I don't get it. I mean. I guess concealed carry. But then there's these issues these idiots like raven all the goods amalgam yep. I know ravens accused of stealing groceries from alaska costco customers. I saw something like there is one state that like seventy percent of the people in that state have a costco membership. Yeah and there's only one costco with that state. Might be alaska. Yeah maybe it was. Maybe that sounds like alaska or why yogurt or some place that you would never want to. Don't say it like that. The i hate that. I can't say. I can't call someone gay and be like i don't meet it like it's homosexual. I just like it's k- that stupid. It's just another way of saying let's stupid. I said that growing up for ever i know. That's yeah but remember the hillary duff psa remember that would you call somebody. That's so girl. The white dress. Yes that's what we were all saying. Yes i heard larry. Yes you dumb bitch. I'm just kidding. I just been stupid bitch you know. Also hilary duff pretty hot. She is definitely got milk status. Oh my god. There's a quote from this article. They're very fat. So i think they've got a whole system there. I have a lot of state stories about all kinds of states really do wyoming law will allow people to take road kill to eat l. i. Man's find gas in ohio. You hit a deer and kill it. It is your dear you had the report it within so many so much time to like local law enforcement. Yeah it's your ear so you can in theory do whatever you want with it yeah. Canadian lawmaker caught naked during video conference. I guess i don't get it. I mean it's just like i don't get that kind of stuff. The the the court trials that are in zoom or the court hearings that are in zoom. They're all they all end up in some stupid thing like they're all doing this very year. People like we should have this under control by now. i really am getting fatigued from cova. Like i'm really am over it. And now that i'm two weeks into my vaccination almost. I'm really over at night like now that i'm almost completely one hundred percent vaccine like i don't care at all anymore right. I don't care. And i see somebody without a mask on. I don't care i'm over. i'm so over it. it's exhausting. it is ladder. Could be named official state tool of tennessee. Didn't we have state to. I don't know we have stayed. Till's does ohio state tool crack in. My wife is a tool a heroine spoon owe to fearless little terriers chase. Trespassing bear out of their house. Okay have a question okay. Do you think loki could do it. No on his own. I don't think you can do alone. His own lucky needs for everything except for pooping and peeing. Does he claims to be independent. But he's not independent in the lease. He's a hard street. Cat is not. he's a sof bitch boy is not you. Don't think he's saw dunkin. Yeah he didn't fight me. I think he is soft though. I know you soft pepperoni rolls are one step closer to becoming the west virginia official state food. Okay we got to be done with the state state food stay tools state food wyoming law about you know state food. There are buckeyes our state food. I think that's like our ohio. Ohio buckeyes they're the ohio thing or like cincinnati chili ray. That's like an r ohio thing is. Cincinnati chili. Yeah buckeyes back. I won't be your official food Coca-cola yeah probably depression those soft pretzels. Yes off rattles. Coca-cola though that's your thing. Florida driver bus through gates leaps over drawbridge as it opens. That's kinda hard core. Yeah they live. They live hardcore in florida. That never sounds like a good idea like jump drawbridge by on anytime anytime that like. They're like don't go. Yeah train tracks. Yeah yeah police bus mattress factory using discarded masks instead of cotton right gross. Yeah no it wasn't in. The united states is one of those gay countries. Oh my god you stop saying. I'm taking it back. did join me. Brothers it's services. Know if i gave words they would totally be cool with it. Went they will avenue gave. I no wonder why. I don't have a lot of friends. I'm sure i have some friends that are gay that i don't know maybe like j. these. I'm assuming because he doesn't have a girlfriend. He's republican de you. This is only james. J funny i find nobody listening. Oh we really just do this for the two of us at this point and the like eighty plus people that it says like a side effect was really good. This is stupid. Eighteen year old professional bowler becomes the fourth bowler ever to pick up these seven ten split on tv. Oh damn i though. I didn't realize that was such a thing and the fourth bowler have for. I it done on tv check. That's just how i didn't realize it. Was that hard to pick up the seventeen split. Did they count that one girl from alley cats strike. Do you remember that movie. Yeah yeah why did you look at me. Like why stupid movie was stupid is awful. But she likes her thumb. And i mean it's like swirls the ball it takes twenty minutes to get down there but it works the count that one. I need no doubt it. Oh 'cause she's definitely younger than eighteen. Well i don't think it. I think that just happens to be like. Oh a professional bowler it's eighteen. How should he is your life that at eighteen year professional bowler. I mean or great. I guess probably droughted pussy right for sure bowling cheerleaders. Asia's yeah taken that boeing. Just some guys in eating waiting for their nachos he's puss case. Like what do you think is only so much ladies. What do you think is average income. That's a good question. Is that how you think of men like what their average income is at first yes. Sc looks sounds like a thing you would say anymore soaring. That was my last. Oh my god. I got more man has spent one hundred days locked in a room on a livestream. Says he'll do it for five years for five million as a custom piece of live walmart. Is anybody offering him five million. Would you livestream yourself. Living in your house for five years. Can't leave the house for five million dollars. How would you not house i years. Yes now. five million dollars so much stuff that happens in five years. I've million dollars. Though for five million is i would do. Is anybody offering and five million dollars. Though is hoping to raise that much. I would do it. I'm good all right. My last story is a downer. No it's one of those eight. The onion kind of story story. Love heartwarming after. This team died. Cancer at love could be funny. Not real is not real. The team died from cancer. The rock continue yet after the city really are gills after. Why don't you just close your eyes. She says after we do get through. This please okay. Okay ready after this teen buddy. The story is not going to be nearly as funny sight. After this team died from cancer the rock stepped up and took blame for all the pornography found on his computer. Thank god as solid. Hand all bide. I put the porn. I also had this story i was. I was desperate for stories. But i was. I had a lot of free time today. Thirty nine percent of. Us consumers say netflix has the original content. Which is the number one the best original the most original Not the battle has the best now. I don't think so either. But i mean when you have the most. You're more likely to reach our wider audience audience. Maybe the but like have you have the most. I guess more people would say like i get that anyway. Well that will do us for anyway will do for us this week on are you. Thank you for listening as always we greatly appreciate you. Do you have anything else to add. No catch me on nothing this week. Twitter dv danny kaye slash k which dot tv dot com dan twitch dot tv danny kaye. Oh my god well up k anyway. Do you have the last floor. Demand story for us. Florida man and g-string taken into police custody. I feel like you're florida stories. The last month or two have been pretty weak sauce for me effort. I put in effort to find this morning. What do you want me to find another one. No it's too late now. I just wanted to find better ones. Okay bring a banger or don't show up or don't show up. You can't talk to myself a cat. I've done it for podcasts. Have maybe this'll be the last episode of team in. Maybe it will. Don't fuck to me was a good time you pockets. I say that. Do i have other things. I could be doing on a friday night other than recording this with with my gas. Wide alley yeah.

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The Best Tubular Mascara Leigh's Ever Tried

You Beauty

13:34 min | 3 months ago

The Best Tubular Mascara Leigh's Ever Tried

"You're listening to a podcast. Hello and welcome to you. Me is podcast for your face. I'm kelly mccaren and you know in a lot of parts of australia. It's a bit sucky at the moment. So hopefully lane. I can put a smile on your face. I don't even care about lockdown. i'm lee campbell and kelly mccarron. You have news. Congratulations share with the. I do have news the ub getting a baby. I'm hillary doffed does lay cold it. I'm up in my family. We call it hillary duff. If you're pregnant where he what you've just got through the first trimester. I know you terribly seek. Because i've known this for a while because when you started wearing no makeup into the studio and i said oh you focusing on skin k. You said no. I'm just gonna puka love you literally. I couldn't hold the sacred because people lack what is wrong with us. So how are you feeling so. I'm still pretty horrible to be honest but obviously very excited. I'm very grateful that i'm having this cute little baby. Well hopefully cute little baby enter into the world in six months but yes. I'm still quite on my deathbed in terms of sickness but shortly delight is at the end of the tunnel. At this point. I harp saw and look at least. You're in lockdown. And he doesn't have to go anywhere but i know that morning. Sickness really sucks so it will sending you. I love we so excited for your ubt baby and you're can have of pregnancy tests in the coming months show. I will and thank you my friend. Well i just want to talk about babies all day but apparently this is a podcast. So today we'll be shopping. Stashes and certainly during lockdown and be giving you spend these savings and empties of the week. So let's get started say spent be saved. Give me a spending. once you spendy. Let's kick things off last week. We started with spendy s. So late hit me with your savings. Okay my savvy. But i know i'm talking like this. It's a baby cream. By 'em beauty. I have had four hundred sixty five thousand requests on instagram. Really needs to start making a dollar every time someone. I can't exaggerate but model cars. Little sister is the makeup brand. That's available in will lease and it's really foldable. A little while ago. I wanna say two months ago now. They launched a miracle baby. Crame twenty dollars. Paypal asked my thoughts. I have thoughts only four shades. Not great the. Dr shave is quite dark. And it's quite a sheaf formula. A lot of people could wear the one scheidt like i've tried light and medium and can get away with barth so i'd love to hear how people with docs go with the doc. The formula is beautiful light to medium coverage buildable. Really glowing. I've actually sewn pretty much at a stretch with nothing else and it was like hydrating and it's got holler on a custodian there it's really glory but also long wearing so you can check it on have to check your face. It's not going to slide off off right through the day. It's just really nice for twenty dollars likely to get it full tan It's worth giving it a guard. Remember the bloody crame. Love from relief that i to everybody in the match one and it was like six dollars in the team. This is not the same. It's not as much coverage you but it still a really good bakery. I'm gonna try this. How about your safety. My safety is the john frieda frizz weightless one dot federalized smoothing cream. So i haven't never fully jumped on board the original frizz as formula. 'cause you has not thinking yeah well. I didn't realize that that's why but because people would be what's the best product in one old as awards but i was like he had so ride didn't do anything to me. This formula is specifically designed for fine and frizzy hair. May you yeah. I've got very fine hair. But i've got a lot of it. Which for blonde is quite rare as well. So it's really smoothing but it's got half of the wife of the serum that's like a go to gel in its thickness inconsistent syrupy. Almost syrupy perfect. This is more like a creamy serum norgay. So it's just a beautiful hard. Mookie but doesn't change your hair no no it's just an excellent product if you've frizzy hair and you want something quite lightweight. How much did you say i didn't. It's seventeen ninety-nine full price from priceline but despite tillerson's i hate his height us always say that but then when you see in the facebook group because it one of those sales. Everyone's like quick. I spend easter. I am on a bit of a mission you might have known from. The last three thousand episodes were recommended a body product. So yes and. I'm still trying to find the best. I've found so many great runs along that recommended. Maybe there's no such thing as the best then there isn't and i just think it's just a fun category. Oh i love. I love my sierra. The thing about buddy moisturizes because obviously lesnar would take something like a serum very seriously and make sure that we've tried it for a long time before we recommend it body products. Good after the fest wack corrects you. Know if it absorbs. Alexandra wake up feeling hydrated. Nice all of the season eighty dollar body lotion. I'd never heard of before in embarking nba. Double say i in bachi. Complete body firming lotion. Eighty dollars for a pump packs. So it's still a big pack. Two hundred eighty mill but still expensive. I love that it's a pump. Lava pump gives me a pump. Any day of the week eats lazy gals stem cells from the dwarf. Soap port plant so plant based stem holes. I know i don't even know what that is. That's name stem cells a cutting edge. Skincare technology theses firming. And i feel lax and saggy af. I'm telling you if you're younger than me. You hit this day. I don't know when it happens but it just happens that your skin looks the same. Visually to touch the elasticity just goes It's evil and just a looks nice. So yeah but don't touch me. So i'm all like a wobbly jelly. If you just doesn't feel as nice. So i'm all about hydration all asleep but when i sold it was really effective at firming i was like yes get on my body everywhere feels really nice. Going on very lightly. Fragrances absorbs well. Feels just like a regular body. Lotion has it firmed. May i think a little bit. How jelly i feel less like all granny skin and that's really what i need. So they recommend a messaging one part of the body from the bottom up ida supply like body lotion. It's really nice. it's eighty dollars. I'm sorry but if you a failing lacks in the kind of firmness category give it a. Gar- your spendy plays semi spendy anastasia all in one face palette. It's called italian some and lay. Does that not just sound divine on my god. I would much rather than italian. Some then randwick quinta. We'll have you seen all of the celebrities at slack. They're doing a big campaign in italy at the moment because every celebrity and influence our onto the sun is there. I honestly feel personally victimized by their instagram won't these palate tomi mo the. It's absolutely beautiful so it's got three shades in it. It's a beautiful bronze e shade. The most delectable pinky page blush shade and then a highlight shade. And it's just so buttery and you know what powder is just beautifully made lay like it's not at all it's not chalky it's just so blendi and it just goes online absolute this even though the powder it's still creamy like yes exactly. It sits on your skin lack skin and it's just stunning. That's what these policies it's really like. I wouldn't call it. An in one face pallet because will not pregnancy kill but normal life cal loves like fifty different shades. But you could like these actually would be such a good pallet to take away on holidays or if you just doing something quite simple looking because you can really like us the different shades for like a bunch of different things of your face just for that really natural glory wash of health and goodness all of you. So how spend amy talking. It's eighty nine dollars from sephora full three shades and like the big shades it's not like three shutter shades but still that is quite spendy but my goodness has perked me up this week. You don't have to justify spending ever but now that you've got morning sickness and you're in lockdown. I absolutely approve of this spendy. I have shopped one. Being and i have finished the terrible at shopping. Nine stash lightly. Maybe after you moved to go to organize. I did i throughout so much. Software gave stuff away. And then i just was like i know what is he annoying. So would you shop for okay. I shopped mascara that i had in my mascara section that i had never used. I don't think it's that whole sh. I don't know how it got that. God i love. I think it could be five years old full. I know jeff. Lean on five. He's all stay all day mascara. It's thirty six dollars it is a cheap ulama gara. All you love a tubular. Everyone knows how much i love achieve bula. I was on a journey with moscow. I opened it and the wound. I was like holy. Whoa what is going on him. Half the ones is straight national brush and bristles than the other half is curved and a plastic comb. All in one brush. I know so. It looks like a prong north. Because it's only one rush but it looks like a sale like bal like hey yep then. The formula is super juicy. like wet. Wet wet yeah. Killed militias which side of the brush stories. Oh goodness and it's all a bit of a person and because it was so juicy gets on my home island and you know how i applaud soy slap has a bit you fix it straightaway. Very slapdash and then i was like okay mash a good. This is great mortal die. Forgot about it then. I had a shower that night. This is i. I was trying it and i say this was the first time i'd challenge since and i just forgot what i put on a face that morning and i gently as i generally do like touch my lashes and all the miscarriage came off in like one guard later on and i was like. Oh what have i. I don't think it's still a messiah. So it's the most trivial achieved scour. I've ever tried. Wow really wet and g c i wish it was in a little bit less but with because it's a new gar eight will do that anyway. Very black very glossy really good thirty six dollars from mecca so for a prima mistake our. That's not that bad premo. You know my looking down fifty bucks. Obviously it's not your eight dollars from rolaids but it's a really good miss car that i recommend so glad. I found it in my cabinet very quickly. I finished brow code micro pin seoul also brow. Code is a obviously a brow brand. They do a lot of products that have felt like at home grooming. So your lemonade. Lung goal could packagings beautiful. I'm never gonna lemonade or anything myself. I go to a place but just they. Really skinny micro pennzoil. He's beautiful. It's thirty eight dollars. really heavily. Pigmented arlene very light pressure to get. Your strokes blended out with the school on the other end. Beautiful pencil wound up. Finished saturday's bought good. That you finish this ad sad. Happy you all right. I shopped the devorah. Body firming lotion. Three hundred meals. I shopped it from my stash of unopened pinned body products. And i was like. Why did i forget that. I had this as a backup because loss winter i recommended and finished this product because as we were just discussing. A pump in wichita is just a central for the lizzy. Yeah i just want. I don't know this one is just an excellent excellent body moisture. As it says firming as well. I don't know if it is never probably paid attention to that. You probably don't need firming. Oh i do. It's forty one nine thousand nine full price from hair and beauty for three hundred mils l. Last you wall. Because it's not as the as a super-rich crame seat aren't natives. Much longer is really really moisturizing. So love that really glad that. I shopped that and to sad time i finished a fragrance. Tom ford jasmine rice. That's a hot breaking. Fridays heartbreaking fragrance to finish. I would wear it all year round but is particularly beautiful and winter. Yeah because it's a really rich. Jasmine not too strong while. It's pretty strong actually. But it's not a feminine jasmine haiti. Sure i'm actually devastates bottle. Three three hundred and forty five dollars to fifty meals. I haven't been working that much lately. I cannot afford to buy another one. I'm and pay. It's just so next to all of the people with real problems. I bought a new three hundred fifty correct. Well thank you so much for listening. Tb we hope. You have a fabulous friday afternoon and weekend. The link to all the products. He just talked about today are in the show nights. Thanks to how beautiful and wonderful projects that jalen. If you've got a product that you'll love and you want to tell us all about it. Please let us know you can send us an email at ub. Mommy dot com today or hit us up in the up. Facebook group have a great weekend. And we'll be back in your as on monday. They even i. Mama mia acknowledges the traditional owners of the land. We have recorded this podcast on the goggle people of the nation. We pay our respects to their eldest pasta and present and extend that respect to all aboriginal and torres strait islander cultures.

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Reasons Why Im Single  Episode 185 5 Animals, 22 States, and 1 Child


55:26 min | 1 year ago

Reasons Why Im Single Episode 185 5 Animals, 22 States, and 1 Child

"You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT visit. WWW DOT PODCAST DETROIT DOT com for Information Hey Chelsea ASC's kissing for New Year's alcohol. What's their name Jim? Beam Oh Are you cheating on Jack Daniels. Oh he and I can't he and I can't kiss anymore. We make bad decisions here. Knew Her Emmy Flame Jack Ellen please play that's wreck uh-huh oh Happy New Year here. Good job twenty Barbara Walters and this is twenty twenty right because she has a speech impediment doesn't laugh at things like that. You just saw. Aw Barbara She's too nice volunteering at Church. You're welcome America that one church other. The churches do their clerical work churches. Anyway Happy New Year Ellen Ellen. Has Your boyfriend midnight. Well who talking midnight working on news shows up over your the radio station. Yeah could he show up good. I'm going to be the only one in the bill I'd God and then at midnight McKee card Romance made off their sees. Rome sounds like Hilary Kasan but I'm ANA near like dreams are made up Ellen figure just saw so happy if someone they just get married. They're making another Hillary Duff with Hillary. NOPE nope making another show with. Hilary Duff just got married did she. I thought she was already married. Oh no remarried. She got divorced. Oh well I didn't know that I just reading up on. My Hillary Duff apparently had neither a pop song that I knew from like two thousand four amazing how it just comes back and never left. She she does a lot of this. I didn't know like panic three like this little globe that I live in. It's funny because at the gym. They've been played like a throwback from college. Just two thousand six. It's been a hard two thousand six hundred back. Yeah who God that. Her Pom Pom No I wish it was that or you know. What are they playing like? Some forty one signed up so you were getting good. Charlotte vibe played sexy and I know it. Am like well not not college now. I guess I was like maybe what. Two years after three sexier I know it sing. I'm it's actually. I know it in no way to do it. Yeah okay that is. I think that's in the two thousand times. Okay Oh dirt so we're in the twenties now. It's funny because one of the last church sermons was leave the past behind. Just move by. Wow I need that got it. Well you tell me a little bit emotional free time. Thank you for that word from the Lord. The girl needed it the pastor before this attack was necessary so that was all up in my business. I feel attacked. Oh Don't feel Oh. I said something at the bar yesterday. Oh so okay. Somebody came up to sing. Carrie okay they do that. Because I mean that's how it works and fame is Andy. And he's a very funny Scotsman and school and he he it uses the word a little more liberally than I'd like but just on well. He knows that he knows that. I don't like it so I'll just I'll just turn it down race as it and he's like it's something we say all the time and I'm like I know I understand but it means something different here so adjust please so you adjust your he. He chose to think. I don't know how to love him. which is a song in? Jesus Christ superstar. Your girl had trombone blow. Hello School my man. The leads rugged layer fire roundabout high school draw because someone was dating back next to each other rotation in front of the whole body rolled and many started bumping and grinding. Hey Wall waiting until Mary but dry. Humping Fine No. It's now yeah at least two levels of Denham in between two levels of data both oh well wool pants. It's probably more more thick thicker thicker and dental your frigging mercy. My pants. Yeah isn't even thought of it. Thank compared to think not like fine wool. Like that's fine wool. Picturing this and I'm like no. We're those in the summertime every time leaving the past behind why I have not evolved and you go back so I'm just saying I. I don't know how to love him. From Jesus Christ superstar. And when he's done I was like that's the song the Mary Magdalene things to Jesus because because she likes getting a little slutty with Jesus Christ because Jesus loves her. That's what I said and I was like but oh he loves all of US little slutty and then I was like Chelsea. It's Christmas what are you doing. I'm like really Chris. I chose but he does love all of us. God Awry Joke now given the Mike Back. What light again? Okay the on the surface on paper. It sounds funny but Jesus does love every one of you hormoner. Okay well he was. Monger is God gets you. There is a reason that the cheese by is not in the Bible from the ages of like thirteen to thirty one because he was being a teenager living his living. Yeah you know that he had a human side and he would start by human parents. He was a whole lot at one point. Even you'd think he didn't get into some shit I think he got sure. If you can't send your kids catechism just having listened reasons. Why because if you want Biblical accuracy you should definitely come to me me? But yes guaranteed. It'll be a lot more colorful. It feels like sarcastic biblical accuracy. Come to me but fortunately we're not alone or not alone the Fabulous Ellen But also we haven't hello I love it rates. I'm good day today for a long time so I needed needed it absolutely. I'm one hundred percent ready for the new year wins. It's going to be February and it'll be like okay. Hey I'm ready for the beginning of the year. I know people that Yeah No. I didn't make fun of them. Who are just like in October? Like any of my Christmas shopping done and but then Saturday before Christmas. I did not have time to start my shopping. Because that's when I started I'm just like man. I really should have done this earlier. They were Braley same with the New Year every year. Every year. I did start earlier this year. I normally don't do the black Friday thing but this year after thing. Think like after Thanksgiving dinner like way late at night after midnight so it was actually kind of cool because there is pretty much all the die hard black Friday people were already gone. Nice so I did end up being out until like four in the morning. That was a little little past my bedtime so rough but it was. I started early but that and I had the momentum going and then and you're Kinda yeah just allow. GotTa they get the gas station get to adventure. Just put it in neutral pushing. I should along indeed. So luckily everyone's right shove you exactly. Luckily my dad's family does their get together after Christmas though so it gave me a little more gray slow Louis. We're going to meet with usually we do it the week before my brother's divorced we've figured out when he has the kids and it works out better after Christmas we so which is good because the US Postal Service flagged my dad's Christmas prisoners opposable weapon. Oh my God so I got this thing off of an Instagram ad for my dad. I mean I think that number guilty. You're you're right I mean yeah. They took my money so my product. The only time I ordered anything off an INSTAGRAM AD. They took my money. You didn't get my product. Couldn't get a hold live customer service so sure I have. No Gosh well it's it's here. It's they just. They had to delay it and they had to take it apart. And like they had to open the box and reapply so it is the stupidest thing when I tell you all that like after all that. So have you ever like view consumer ever tried to like screw crew. Something like a cabinet like in the angles. Just not right for the screwdriver. Like the screwdrivers too long to get over you need it to go. Yeah so it doesn't go in at a straight right leaning over like there's a there's a wall there or something ridiculous So it's like a wind e tool that he had you you can put but your drill bits on and then you can plug actual drill into the other side and then you can wind it into where you need you to hold it and go video. Titans loosen wait. How does it go? Real friends. Repeat themselves And then and then you don't have to fight with your screws. It's I feel like my dad's GonNa love it once you know the. US government realize it's not at a bar stool literally go to my dad. And I was like. Hey Dad your everyone everybody but you but your ears the receipt you're being held by the government and he's like what did you get like me and I was like well if you used all your Cologne. Last year I could use a guy could've got new Cologne anyway. Wait enough in player. Dad I was like I only got an ounce of the Cologne and he got another one for my mom and I was like so and he used half of both of them and I was like Dad. That's the whole land play favorites but if you were going to bid for the spouse you were right on each of them the only announcement you're not using enough Cologne. He's the only man on earth who's just like I'm not like one temper and then walk through anyways kind of adorable most because we're like we're like officially meeting officially asked today. We like to play a little. Get to know you game. Yeah that's a little icebreaker. We like to call it to truths and this is where we have you the guest tell us three supposed facts x about yourself and we have to guess which one the lie is fantastic so I I spent actually all week thinking talking about these and like true is you know I I have have. I have five animals. I have been to twenty two out of fifty states And I am a only child. First of all I love the numeric across the board right. It's a numbers game. I'm free words truths and one lie right. Five hundred twenty two states one the ratio can this episode. Five animals used. Its one child. I`Ma be burn until you retain retail. No you gotta go okay The one I feel I feel like you have siblings. So I don't know I know I have no reason to think which is why I'm enjoying this. I feel like you have siblings links. What if it's just like yeah? I've been to twenty three states. I was thinking what I was thinking. I'm going to go away. Where do you WanNa go with that? One I'm going to go with only child I think. Okay then I'm GonNa go with the states. Even the my gut is telling me to go with animals. I'm going to go with states. Sounds like Win The game you're right. Am obnoxiously you guys called me out on that. I only have four animals. No that's fine. We're new trust your gut okay. So what are the animals in and in alphabetical order. The states. The animated manifests. Yes yes the it it it it it. It loses the countries that was. I'm sorry brothers. Don't apologize to me in my nerdiness. Do not at all the city's nifty. There's the one that's like Alabama Alaska Arizona. Arkansas Arkansas that one but the enemy is Van Rouge Louisiana Indianapolis Indiana and Columbus is understood for Colorado. Next reason yeah no and I will so I'll go. I'll go down the line. I guess I'm reading. I'm more that. How many pets do you four? I have four so I have. I have three cats and a dog. I'm Anne boys girls it is I think one two girls two. Oh Boy Oh symmetric. So I'm very fire. We rejected that very much a CD. So it's nice to be symmetric. Well you know what are they. So my dog's name is Kona. Love it my orange cat. Cat is named Milo from my cat has thumbs. Holly Dactyl has name Bill Murray and then my little Calico cat my newest addition. She's a kitten And she heard him his delilah because Freddie Mercury as favourite cat was also do I left that was a CALICO. So they're they're all they're all named for reasons. Technically my dogs named after a beer. So PAREN- Kona Brownies. Drink local trick Michigan name. They might wind last says. That's my dogs. My dogs technically named after a beer but co now also means In Lady Hawaiian. No that sure does something such all the things right now. I have actually been twenty two states so don't have to name them now again. I really really the only ones that I've missed is kind of like that whole Middle Strip like all the plain states like Ryan's this and taxes and all those like anything in that whole middle like I've pretty much which then a few of the New England states but pretty much everything to Alaska and why no okay. Nothing on that either no me. Either Johnson missing the upper northern West and the northern east. I've been to Minnesota offic Tawfik Everything Michigan Minnesota Pennsylvania. I think I'm a thirty four. Oh Yeah I have no idea how many I met. But I've also driven across the country twice feelings have been to Nebraska's 'cause drove my brother and his wife from Chicago to La sure self driving through Colorado. That was like my first. I'm having deja Vu. Oh I had a dream. That was in that exact lot like a month earlier. I'm you've ever had deja Vu. Yeah I do hi. I'm also a strip club. Chow next door to that club that bar. We all went to that. I can't think of. They can't think of the name either. 'cause I was like Oh we're going to the club and they went around the corner. I'm like ooh maybe there's another entrance. Oh no sign with legs. We went to there and I needed needed money to get into the bars so I had to go to the Strip club and use the ATM and they gave it to me in singles and why not. There was a girl that worked at that Strip club that that was in my dorm because we went we went to court her. I mean we didn't know she was. Oh stop that's really funny. That's even better so then we went there so never knew the girl. We just saw someone right for me and then the next day Saturday you go to the cafeteria and the dorm to to get lunch and we looked her if she looks familiar. Girl had on a fur coat. I'm like I'm not even mad now. Melissa are did you. What's your situation? Are you single. Are you engaged. Are you married or are you in a relationship of some kind that I haven't listed or are you in a situation ship. Thanks Dave No I'm single. I keep it real young dating but I'm single dating around. I like it. I've pretty much. It's been on and off online dating for like the last six years. So yeah I Acquaintance episode one hundred eighty five episodes of the show about us being single. Also also. Yeah we haven't been single that whole time like I've been some relationships but obviously nothing right not yet. No no settling thin. That's right that's the way to do it. We do oh Very tall in real life. Easy he's also now like a choir director. Is that church. She's like six five life. I went on a guy on a date with a guy and six nine. That is an incredibly like Mike Toronto. I I'm five three and I wore. I wore like some serious like four point seven five inches like heeled boots and I only came up to his chest is like this incredibly tall human and he was younger than me. He's it's like Oh four years younger than takes care of business. We can name this behemoth. It's time for it. It's time for the fake news. Here's the date. So the fake name series of the day is what we used to save so instead of using people's real names we use names names from the fake name series of the day to hide their identities that they heard these raising who they are. They know so this week show is fleabag. The show either on Netflix lakes. I've heard about it but I've never watched it. Oh this is great. They also use a lot of generic names for people not to use those. Because it'll be like chatty joe waiter whole bunch of those so I tried to not mad at that though see. I wasn't sure what's your take on. That would be like yes. I was speaking to wait or number three. And here's like Yoga girl one in yoga girl to feel free to use those on there. It's so anytime we use a fake name letter. Fake name were a name from the fake name series of the day. Stacey the whole brain you felt my battery die for a second moon man. Fake name the microphone. Now we globe ring a bell we sure will or what did it with our cup and not on right on the head. No no doubt it's GonNa be great so let's let's give this man in name six nine fine as wine having ourselves a real good talk doc. Let's let's call him Harry. How did you meet Harry? We met on facebook dating. Actually actually yes mistrust mad at it bugs me. They keep recommending people from Canada. Like as all of the nicest people gal then you gotTa pay ten bucks to meet them. I mean I go to Canada like fairly often just for I like Putin I like. I still haven't had it. Oh my gosh it's so good you're missing out. I mean like they told they have Putin here in the states. But it's not nearly as right. Everything's better in Canada because like their food. Quality is so much higher. Milk is in a bag so I didn't know that I don't drink milk. Milk is in a bag. It's like more environmentally conscious interest. Really so you can put it in the dairy drew in your fridge like in there with cheese okay. It is so weird. I'M GONNA. Oh Yeah you save but then I'm just like I'm like well. I guess you know women. We can breastfeed in. Our milk is in a sack. Technically maybe that's exactly what uh-huh and your whole life spans but I know I mean their their food is just like everything about Canada's just so much more higher quality that they're chocolates better. I mean come on. These are three races and a pack instead of to man their standard package three weeks those cops legit. You don't candidate like you deserve. If it was if it was just easier to just move over there becomes citizen hundred percent right. Let's I can imagine. Oh I did have a dream like whoa two months ago. They draken everyday team but then we broke up was talking the young girls when he was too busy right Break up with him. She knew mm-hmm everything you know. An actual drake song. The ninety eight degrees. I wasn candidate. I was swiping at the bar because I was hoping that I could find. You know. Maybe he's coming to Canada by the way. I'm going to bring that full circle Canada. You need more respect. I wanted wanted if I my soul mate and careless. I'm sitting there swiping. I'm GonNa make dating at the Bar Steve. I could find my my so may come home. I love Canada. It's also Tim Hortons way better. They're a AH double doubles double doubles to cream to sugar sugar. I don't drink coffee but I have a friend who drinks double doubles sir. Where the Dome Lid? Well Yeah flat lead and then it doesn't close. Even their leads are better because I I was thinking for the weekend. I drink a whole bunch of double doubles when I was there and then I came home and I had to go to work on Monday. They stopped at the Tim Hortons by my house in order to double double. The LID was not right right and then the quality of the coffee was just really not nearly as good listening to America. What is going on over Graduate Level of America. You hear this circumstance. It's not for you. You're listening the candidates graduation across the border. You know why because they have their stuff together so listen here merica your home to a wrestling thing. Listen to your house never do GYP. Jimmy whole those good on board. I mean I don't know if you ever had all dressed chips. But they're amazing The number number one ship flavor in Canada. And it's kind of like Burg use salt and vinegar argument sour cream and onion mix and I think charter to their number one flavor. Yeah so good. It's like everything you didn't know that you needed. You did like what kind of what brand of chip is they have ruffles. But then they have off brand new. But the Russell's are superior I'll be the one and the backstreet boys now all right right. It wasn't because they were not abandoned. Joyce wanted to give you a boy band betrays. It's okay. I was an old town girl about a girl. Destiny's child with Lenovo Madonna throb with Janet j the Accident Smile. Move in her like she. And if you are the star liquid dream to I just I saw them in concert. Within the last five years they came to the crow foot it was amazing. It's amazing because everyone's having all these reunion tours. I'm here for it. I'm just waiting for 'em sink. It's like go ahead JT. That's Shaw on his own. He never do it. He would do it. He'd be like sure if you pay me to open with them for me like he'd do something. Sometimes I mean with Oh town Ashley Parker Angel was didn't go on the tour either for some it was like but I mean how many people are going to go see instinct without Justin Austin. I still honestly. I wouldn't no I wouldn't either. I muscle said that didn't take off as much as I thought he would like. I'm convinced you did something like Piss. Someone come on off and Brown hair brown hair Dick. Oh I'm just like the only one. That didn't get frosted tips. I guess now you have that one song it did okay drumline but like that was I think he had a different one. Maybe songs right but why do songs I agree but blowing me up with your love. That was from drumline drumline because that was my jam with maybe that is the only way I just didn't know but he was in with some girl group not important port in any way back to here. Yeah what's up Harry ways. I met I met her biggest hit. It was kind of kind of thanks very passionate about Canada so very happy about it. Ask anyways so facebook dating where I met Terry Yeah I mean I don't know what else you guys WanNa know. There's no we only one day so there's not a whole lot to talk about that. There was like kind of like several problems within this date which also was the shortest date I've ever been on. It was legitimate. Our one hour. What happened so I mean? We're not to dinner like he picked we we. This was still area. This Surrey yes the shortest date. Every area with the tallest man ever does short estate deer. No remember when I went on the shortest date with that guy. That thought was the tallest guy and then he go. I were issue in height a hundred and fifty percent I was like he literally was like Stacey. He's like like six five. It's going to be frigging great. Closest head is to the ceiling. Yeah was literally literally I was like look at the door frame. He's at the top of the door frame. I learned how to I wore like my wedge heels. I was like almost five eleven and yeah he was five three. Oh man that's it's such a major lie like I mean. Walking started talking about drugs and I was like cool. We walked right back to my car. I got home and pajamas. And also your heels. Why would you go for a walk? I remember that makes me angrier. Yeah absolutely sorry continue. So no Harry. Picks the place he picked out a Pretty good like Mediterranean places good. I'm I was happy about it because I'm very much a food. Each finding new places I've ever been to a place I'd never been to so it was good while he starts. It's the date the first question he asked me is. Oh so why are you single. First of all like like I was like. There's kind of a weird question to come out the gate with the axe. I've definitely asked people that question and then as I ask it go. Why did I say what is it? Because they're so awesome like being like wait but it isn't like the first thing I say but rain with high school dude. I was like what what was his name was Martin. I literally on the first day and I was like so why. Why are are you even still single? I think that's always at it wasn't like that. No it was more like an accusatory tone like why are you single so we heard I was like okay. It's your credit score. I I didn't really know what to say I was like I mean because I feel like I'm single by choice later. I'm so he kind of gave me lip gallagher vibes. Yeah I don't get it but a ton of my friends are like all Elizabeth. Yeah Oh yeah. I think it's bad so I I kind of gave me those vibes so I was about that shows. I'm going to do about shameless. At the handful of friends are all about that lip so the question was weird and I felt very put on the spot. Didn't really know how to answer and I was like okay. Heard one person say when they're like ask well. How are you seeing there there? Are you saying it was not married. Literal definition I suppose and then at one point yeah. It'd probably climb that tree. Yeah yeah except for a short though. That's fine we're going for the six nine tree right back so I don't know it's quite the three but first at some point in the very short date we also got. We also got on the topic of finances somehow. What you should never talk about finances? I as as I don't know how we got there but it happened to say what's your yeah. This is thankful he's he's also he's also younger than me and he told me like. Oh Yeah I just moved into my own place with a roommate recently and I'm sitting over here like oh I've been living on my own on for more years than that so I'm like you know you're kind of behind me and life anyways like and then he was the one that was critiquing my finances. Sorry I made a comment about about like how I'm not paying on my student loans right now because I'm sorry. We all know student loans do bed. There are scams. They're not going anywhere. Like I have way more important. You know bills to cover learned about how you guys can into finance we did. It was released their profession. Like yeah no I get this. This was the first day he he works dietary at a nursing home. Microwaves the food. Good this one of Chelsea's last. How many kids do you want? That's unlike is this the new thing where we just like go straight for the person right down to brass attorney in our mid thirties. So I do kind of get that. Yeah well he's twenty five right. That was kind of weird because Google Google like. He's probably a Colt. You might adopt any order kool-aid now I don't think they have that restaurant in this store packets and ended up pound of sugar. I don't I don't think he liked my answer about like you know not not paying on my student loans. Because I was just like well I have other bills. I have listened to your Canada. I was having a car I have. I live alone. I'm an independent woman right like and he just didn't seem to get that so I think like at that point I think he was just like kind of dying and I think that's why the date would show so short honestly but I'm just like okay. Twenty ninety five year old. My home is to go. Oh really tall miss so is my boss. He's Arabic and like it's just a whole new experience when he says the words. What can you order food job? Can you say this home. It's it's great I love it. I love it they Meanwhile I call him. I want that garlic stuff that stuff that you put on the side for free but I want it so good that garlic paste whatever people in the office start getting L.. I eat more of that garlic paste. I know but I swear by my body at least so good for which body might Ati biting by choice. I tell you that okay so this is a very. We'd we do this. I know it's so my niece's five and I'm very much like I'm teaching her like my body my choice your body is yours. Nobody touches but you like that's not like this. Is You know what he just goes and helps you to the bathroom. Like you're an independent woman. You can do the stuff we're talking About who's okay as good for you like who. Is it okay to cheat like for you to be in the House with like or take about with. And she's like well like my brother. Yes yes your four year old brother and you can take a bath together. Yes does it buy. That's where the list so so she's beautiful long hair and her mom so we went outside and we've been practicing because he's very shy practicing screaming like if somebody tried to take you in terms of touching you just scream is my body. It's my choice because some five year olds screaming my body my choice. I'm going to look like oh so because brilliance so my come to find out yeah right. It's Martin you don't have to do this with your kids. I don't have any kids and already backfired on me so here. Let me tell you how so my My niece was at her mom's house and she her mom was like Hey let's go trim your hair now. I've told her a million times over. don't trim her hair. My shirt Sylvia is not a hairstylist. But she thinks she is and she's very good at doing the bangs two ears. Here's then like my poor. Her older daughter had a mullet for like a really long time like well. Yeah she wouldn't she wouldn't put her hair up so I just wanted to out of her face and it was like Z.. gave her bangs a mullet forever so the first time the first time she did it to my niece I was like no no I work at a salon. I'm telling you right now. Maybe he will go to this. Stop so I very nice of you. And we haven't ATM issue but I guess she was like I just want with each. We're GONNA give your hair a little trim and lily was like no no. I don't WanNA come a hair. Chelsea takes me to the salon like we make a big deal out of it. You're going to the Salon unexperienced and you realize Ulta did children's that's amazing. And so she's like. Oh Yeah and then I'll go get her like a little gloss eyepatches honor and shows you what eyepatches chill just like the little moisturizing eyepatches laissez. I'd say so. She's in patches. Just like and then I'm thinking like Nelly with the band I'm like what are you talking about but also someone one who's just now getting hip to make I'll even though my dearest friend has been an expert in it for years now I'm just like no. It's called shadow right. Because uh-huh she gets herself pampered and then Sylvia was like just getting the kitchen. And we'RE GONNA do get here now we're GONNA cut your hair and she stood and she's stomped on her foot on the floor and she was like it's they don't let anybody cut your hair. She's smart trust anyone to call even your own mother just trying to figure out who taught her that the monster with she's sleek hey. Could you not tell my kids that like she decides when we get her hair to God and all this I was like well. We've a deal. So why were you cutting her hair. Secondly it is her body honey and it's her choice she's like she's five and I'm like and but really Sit there while she's crying. Cut Her hair leagues sheep. It's her body your choice. Plus I got really fifteen headbands for Christmas so how I would react to that you were like come here. We're GONNA your hair and your kids was like it's my body. I mean either a fit as a kidman. It was time to get my hair wash because it's the whole thing. It's a whole process so when it was time I would usually hide my mom's just like your get this out of your system that we're going to wash your hair because I feel like I would do the same thing as her like. Listen we don't have time and it has to happen every two weeks suck it up right but then again. She was always the one that did my hair right. I don't know I really don't know I'm I'm stumped anyway I I write and I get it but also this is her body so choice right like I get that but at the same as doing it would be one thing if she didn't brush her hair and she didn't do all that stuff like if it was just ratted ball mess. But she brushes her hair like frigging Mercer Brady. Okay who does Lilly. She literally Walker with hairbrush. Oh I didn't know if you've seen the mom don't know she doesn't have to anything right and she puts her hearing a headband. She's ready for school. She herself has five so it is choice absolutely. Yeah I'm on the kid side there he don't let just anybody cut. Your hair are so right choice. I've seen some moms give some really bad bowl cuts and whatnot so mullen conflict. You said one of my friends kids her. She's got her daughter's got a weird haircut right. Mount to kind of looks like a mullet so I just don't understand why banks have to go all the way back to the years. That doesn't make us here at one time. It was awful. I said I wanted layers. The men didn't know he was doing just went snip so it was like a grown out. mullets I like Bob and the front and the shoulder. Shockingly does is not work on women of colors hair. So that's why I always end so I got my hair like relax at the time since like you straighten it and then he cut it so it was just like snips. That's why I always had my hair in a hi pony tail. The only way you couldn't tell monster. So Ma new years. Have you ever been on a fabulous new year to have fabulous new two years kids story or a bad one several not really because the I'm usually just with my friends so I see that's fun. Yeah Yeah I mean. There's been years that I've had to work when I used to be a waitress And I'm just kind of grabbed one of the other servers just friends you know what. I'm absolutely absolutely yeah. Nothing really comes to mind I mean there was a there was a time that Several years ago when I was dating somebody he He was getting tame His name was will call him Merton so Martin decided to get into newburgh lifting so he decided to do that for many years to make money which was good. A lot of respect respect the hustle. Line the inside of my car with trash back. I'm actually assigned to Dr Rubin left so it's I don't do it very often. It's kind of just on a need to basis but my brother does it too. Yeah but anyway. So he he he. He made sure to stop in to the restaurant that my friends and I were at so that he could kiss me tonight the guidelines so yeah. It's New Year's kiss much better than any other. Here's Kiss I have. There was the one when we were in when we were in Florida with band. I can go find your brother and then there was a there was a bit my upper lip so bad that I had scabs on the lead. Bob I'll be inside poor people who listen to this. Every New Year's I'm like let me tell you about. Maybe that's the title favorite game that we played several segments. But this is just so literally. This guy was like chewing on my bottom lip while we were doing and I it was. It was like at that point. I don't remember what it was. It was like at that time where the biting of the bottom lip was a very big thing. I remember hearing about that and I didn't understand. Oh Oh and I was wearing this dress that I literally had to get sewn into because it was backless satin dress. All the stress weren't black. I wore no oh bra because yourself into it like I got from love culture. It was like forty bucks and it looked so bomb dot com on me and the back came to a little thing and it was backlist but but because it was only held the whole dress was well together with two Hook and eyes. My mom was like you can't leave this. How I'm I'M GONNA show you into the stress but then make when I got home? It was like to address. Look the one hundred percent woody over the Obama under the dress. I came downstairs and it was like morning morning noon. And she's like why are you still drove losing. Because he's known me but I made my we start making out. Now that I was drunk it was fun and we and I'll do the scam story. Okay all right and a priest well gave him the time of his life the first time in his life making an. I really bit my bottom lip a lot like I must look like occur dashing gene at this point because there's just swollen so then the next day I wake up and I'm just like why does my mouth hurt. I know Mike and I like reach under under my upper lip and I was like what is that. So I flip it up. And there's like four Omar clearly teeth marks in which means meantime made me bleed scabbed his mouth. I never thought a lot of it. The first thing I thought of scarab. That's so you were drunk. So maybe oh no no drug but also what drug is like upper lip. There does seem like he may have been into like biting or nibbling but he didn't realize how hard he was doing without you even like nine physics in front of your teeth and I in the front of your flick. You're up the out. I don't understand how he was even even able to do that. I mean neither do I. I Remember I went to go pee after we were making out on the dance floor and the girls that I was there with. which is this really wasn't my mo to like be on and with a guy at any point we were on the dance floor but it was just that candy girl mode or the girls wear Chelsea is but like I? I hope she doesn't think we're like stick around for it wasn't even midnight club. Fifty four on Forbe's memory to memory. Yeah came out with the duck. I was GONNA say man but that I wanted to save memories and it came out Marine Miami Memories. Cats movie came out and they blurt out all of the men's like stuff but they didn't blur wrote the human boobs on the women. So there's a bunch of cats running around with human boobs I don't this is not the reason people aren't GonNa go see cats movie It's GonNa hear Jason Derulo saying I'll go with you. I just laugh at it. Jason Derulo did anybody see that picture he. I know I didn't see the fall the Mecca. We're talking about the snake. No it was so funny. Let me see if I can find. It was look real quick. Audrey posted a picture of him in underwear and it is him underwear and he has a trouser. Snake that is the size of Texas penises huge. I was trying to tell you know. He's being coy for your delicate sensibilities. Sound like a snake in my boot Fatso instagram. Flagged it as nudity and took it down because you can see everything and he went online and was like it is not it is unreasonable. He's like like all. These women are out there in bikinis. You see every single curve. Because I can't help out big I am so that's what I thought we were talking about. I will look at that picture I'm looking for my face. So when did he fol down. It was whenever the met gala was kicks to end. I don't know if this was if it was photo shopped or not but the picture was hilarious. I mean I'm just I don't care if it was if it was photoshopped or not funny right Oh dear like I mean that's his. Oh Oh my yeah you can see everything. It's like ooh behind. You see it on the big big nod adver Mellon live in well. There's the picture of him. Supposedly humble heart really tawny the person underneath Jason Derulo Derulo. Yeah you want to see it again. I was. I'm looking at US necklace. I was like Oh is that across. Is he got being. I'm sure whoever's been near the nest. Him Is all about the Lord there at least for that they're like. Oh sweet. Jesus I think I believe it is across there. You go okay. I couldn't tell I really couldn't see I look at the things at matter most to me I mean to me. Listen that's virgin for you. Must but listen. I'm sorry it doesn't matter what it. It doesn't matter the size of the boat. You gotta you gotTa know how to turn the engine. It's the size of the boat. It's the motion and the motion. The because it's not the most of the because then the ownership would be like a waterbed. What phase out waterbeds leaks messy? Yeah my parents had a waterbed. Oh conceived by Water Patch. Doll I the Kid and you have a nightmare. Yeah waterbed come did have a legal. Oh my God got it just. Every time anybody had a waterbed too young for waterbeds. No so I was. I was a kid though when they were popular. Yeah I've never never ever had real bad never done. Never done it in a waterbed either. But don't you feel to be hard. It would absorb all of the energy. You're putting forward so then. I feel like it would just be like moving much between the frame and the mattress for like my man. This is where I die. They just had a nightmare. You know. That's a lot. You're already disoriented from the nightmare. Your dream like wait. Am I still have this. This whole thing where it was like. It's going to support your back because it's like it conforms to your body now. In theory somebody could take the create like a water by layer. So it's not the whole thing. They're still the support of mattress under needs. But you got like three inches and that I'd be on board for that interesting if you like Nascar. Hydro Patent has like the the fancy aerodynamic beds. My friend has went next set of credit card to get one down the sped. I'm like okay but no it really does feel like you're floating is like a button you push and it like position your. It's hard to do my taxes because man you might be able to write it off if you're like oh find a way to relate it to work like the show management. It doesn't come with a Jason. Derulo Russillo Jason Derulo days. I also love Rollo's so it was so good I think at one point. McDonald's has had a role. Oh mcflurry if I remember correctly yes yeah very good. They know that you can over in London. You can get a cadbury egg one hall. I don't like cadbury eggs. I wish I did I do like them. Don't I was always amused that they have the two colors like the two colors in for like when you open the cadbury egg they had the little bit of it. Looks like an egg okay. Colors might chocolate burgers right. It did look like it looks so listen we're at the end. You guys. This was so fine in Melissa. Do you have anything going on that. You'd like to plug you just hanging out with that. I mean if you this is your moment I just actually. Yeah I've got I've got. I've got a really good like hopeful situation for the first time I am in a while so I'm actually kind of nervous. I'm like what am I going to do to mess it up the show and tell us I I would love to come back on this show definitely but let's call him Let's call him. Jake Dr J.. No He's wonderful. Oh I haven't felt like that in a while so He I don't know how much if anybody believes in the strategy. Oh Gee but I very much do and we my number one match. I'm a capricorn. He's a Taurus. He's a perfect age. He does not want children. Neither do is so. Yeah so we. We haven't even tried to kiss. But so we're going slow but hopefully hopefully by the time this episode airs. Maybe we has ashby way. I'M GONNA I might invite him to New Year's pass now definitely come back on your show. Oh in an update so this was so much fun ellen. Thank you so much for doing what you do. As broken brocade taking aback. Ah Back physically. Usually she needs a moment after Jason. derulo listen listen hollowed shoe. The I mean he was wearing a white suit lake. Morgan Freeman and Bruce Almighty so that's pretty good like oh I just heard that and I don't know list you guys so much for being in here. Happy New Year rights go win an engine. WE'RE GONNA body raw right now. The Bone Solo over the plate on Jason Derulo. 'cause we're known well well well. Wow Wow I'm Chelsea. I'm single so you guys next week. Okay bye bye

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Help, I'm in Love with My Best Friend

Pretty Basic with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz

52:09 min | 2 months ago

Help, I'm in Love with My Best Friend

"The rambles this episode of pretty basic is brought to you by door dash use code pretty for twenty five percents off your order of fifty dollars or more. Hi guys welcome back to pretty basic. I am a little nervous about spilling this coffee on this couch. I'm not gonna lie. It's okay if you do. we have remover. it's okay. I forgot your here. Yeah you can watch my favorite and was on products video and you can use. Language isn't going. That i already bought because yes yes have used yet yes. It's so good. I'm so excited to be sitting here in studio our second episode here. Just you and i know what's funny is. After the episode went up. It reminded me of when we first launched the podcast like i was reading the comments. I it was so cool to be able to actually have a place where we can say comment below people's thoughts on the episodes or even how funny parts to us was that funny and then hearing people laugh about like it's been so cool seeing your guys's responses obviously to everything and we're so happy that you're loving these video foreign podcast as well and if you're still listening on spotify or apple cake to what well today. I'm very excited. Because i've been begging one of these episodes for so so long and we finally set up an email. Where if you ever have any sort of questions if you've got sir a concern. Yeah if something is going on your life and you need some advice from people who might not be the most qualified to give advice. Let us know what's the you can email. Hello a pretty basic dot com and we will read your questions or comments or concerns. Give you some unsolicited advice. Oh amazing plus big shout out. Big shoutout to my sister ashley and other roommate taryn rene. They have podcast called unsolicited advice. Where basically do this format where people send in letters and stuff so we are copying them and you know what we may do another episode like this way. Go subscribe ign really excited okay. Let's get into it. I think we should. I think the whole point of this is a lot of people look to us as big sisters or the test for advice and sometimes i'm nervous to give advice because i don't wanna the wrong thing. I think that we should tell everyone to take our advice at the grain of salt. And if you know you take our advice though and it works out for you in a great way in a horrible way let us know is it works out great us and if it doesn't work out it was actually you got it from an unsolicited vice versa episode. We obviously had to come glam. We'd just sit very uncomfortably on these couches. Also were i wore address. I did too. I was very aware that. I probably have worn shorts underneath my dress so i was very much like. Don't move otherwise literally see everything. I did wear shorts. But i have chunky legs and have short chunky legs and i have little legs so like trying to not move the entire time. Also because i just don't know how to cross my legs so now. I get to sit like this today. So we're just and you know what this is. Actually this is how we to always record our episodes. Oh absolutely just make direct contact sitting on opposite sides of couches and just look at each other and fall in love boyfriend. I think we need to tackle that in a later episode me do. I always like to brag that. I'm a great third wheel. Yeah you can just lay on the couch and cal come here and we can be like so what. What can we do better. Did you hear that we're doing one tomorrow i did. I may or may not have submitted if you question. I haven't heard any yet. Okay can you give us a little taste. Maybe just one. Yeah i was just thinking back to your first main outing as a couple. My first time meeting him on a red carpet. And i remember purposely like kind of being like. I'm gonna stare him the whole time. He walks down this long carpet. Do you think he noticed did you. Did you like make eye contact. Like oh nice to meet you like i remember. Msci lets you love being bitchy to new people. I don't understand what's funny is like. It's it's just guys at my friend's sister specifically are dating. But why why do we feel the need to be mean. Because i get protective and i know that. That's that's cute. I'm just like are you using her to get to a spiderman premier. Were you planning on even going on another date with her. We that's sweet. Because i love goggles on so i'm not going to be able to see so that is that's it didn't look like the love goggles. While you were strutting your stuff on the red carpet. He was walking behind so he wasn't in the way was iconic. We'll give me a taste. What was the question. So how you know when you're first dates remmy invited you to a spiderman premier. You initially had to work where you willing to get fired to go to this premier. 'cause i think he was i think so too. I really do think. Go watch the truth of drink coming out. I don't know we'll see maybe in a couple of weeks go check. Maybe our truth drink. That never saw the light of day. I know i forgot about that. Yeah when are we going to do our to drink. You know even tweeted about doing a truth or drink with someone all the comments were basically not before you remedy one. And i understand that i get it. I get it. It's been almost a year. I think honestly took me months to recover of the fact that we filmed a whole one and then the audio isn't working so we got drunk for nothing and it was a great time. Oh my god that night. We were doing karaoke. Remember yes and my blog went up the next day. And it got copyrighted. Were such goods. We are best singers clearly. They thought we were lady gaga. Youtube was like lady gaga. This is copyrighted. You can't upload this because you're so good and fix it. We don't have a reason why we've never done the to drink. No we don't that's coming. I now i feel pressure has to be so good. No i know. I think that's why we've gotten scared to do it. That's our problem we need to do it. It'll be amazing because we're a great time. We're also there are so many comments about people saying how they love seeing our dynamic. Do you remember when we first started the podcast Everyone hated us together as friends. Same thank you for triggering my trauma. Yes yes yes yes no problem it made me realize how if we came out with video in the beginning people probably would have been able to see our dynamic and that's on us that is on us for not being smart business. What this should is expensive and we saved money. We did at the cost of our friendship. We actually at the cost of you coming i. let's move on because my traumas triggered again. Okay well how've you been. I've been great. The only thing is that last night. I was so lucky and fortunate to have been able to fill in for miss lordy. I y on wild tunein just gerbera extraordinary nine. He said he didn't like that. So before i went i was like i need to be on. He has a normal nine to five. So i had to go late to go record and i was like i gotta be on. I drink cups of tea. Sure half an energy drink. Up 'em bitch. I was up till three thirty. Am in my bed this running and so now. I'm extremely tired. Please go send some love over on the wild nine episode. Because i don't know if. I did a good job i talked about kinky and daisy the tire of but i had a wonderful time. Everybody was probably like oh. He did it a few times. Say they're either gonna love this on either way i'm here. What in your misery ashton. They're going to love it. Thank you so much. Please go send some love. Because i am a little more right now. Sound effects of like burn. We're looking at you. Go wash that episode and comment. Misery ash needs to host again case. I will force you to thank you. Want gerbera dooby shucked whole. Oh yeah exactly a- pressures. I felt the pressure. He also came for you a little bit. Of course he he did say he listened to our first episode and he was a little upset because we did talk about our dream guests in the studio. Oh you didn't mention them so you can address the beef now. I'm sure he'll be watching. Let them know why. I did stick up for you i did. I know you stick up for me and this probably won't help but i stand by what i said hillary duff i'll till nine there so close but hillary duff is barely barely over. I don't agree with that. I think we're all equal. And i did say that it's just because you know we're such good friends. It goes without saying it's implied without needing to. Obviously they were my first dream gas but we've already heard he had them exactly so my next dream guess clearly is most hillary hillary side no actually saw her the other day and i looked at her. And i said you didn't tell her to come pretty basic. I'm kidding i did obviously. But yeah what was she wearing. What was she doing. She was at the gym. How is that creepy creepy. Oh my gosh she's never gonna wanna come. No she's a healthy queenie. Loves working out. we love that. That's great for her ashley. Wow that's really fucking. That's like the one person i'd wanna see. I know well. how have you been. Oh i've been pretty good. I feel like this week completely flew by. There's been a lot of parallel apparel stuff. The restock is tomorrow so we've been trying to get so much done with that. I feel like. I've been uploading so many logs lately and i even talked about this on my blog channel. How i don't know what clicked. I don't know if i've just allowed myself to let go a little bit. Because i've been so busy with other things i noticed my blogs we're starting to go on the back burner like really bad. You know this was a few months ago. And i finally said you know what i've always had my blogs be in a day sequence. I wake up good morning and get my coffee. Go to bed. Like that's log. And i finally just said you know what i'm gonna film random shit. Put it together and make these logs because it's better than not uploading. Tell me why. I haven't done that sooner. Not only is everyone loving it. Everyone's like wow. You actually seem happy. And because i don't have the pressure like something also. I don't know if you noticed because obviously you watch every single vagas mind because he missed me so much like her mere bitch here for the premiere. I watch every time. I even got rid of the specific date that the video was. And i know. I have always loved when people do that. And blogs but the pressure of getting comments of people saying this is so old blah blah blah like just affects me and gets me so i finally started putting the month of july two thousand twenty one. 'cause i still want to be able to look back one day and easily see what day that was or what time in my life. That was ten years you know when it switches days it just goes another day. I like that. I actually did have logged recently to and i know you watched it because you watch. I love her blogs. I'm not kidding you actually yes. I do. Think you not every single one i. I can't lie sorry recently in a blog. I talked about how i also been doing. Just like the highlights of every day just because most of our lives is just mundane shit. Which is normal in. it's fine. I always want to show the lives kind of mundane. Oh yeah i mean. Sometimes i like to really focus on the monday and stuff so i just did wagner laundry and cleaning the kitchen but if you you know what you're if you watch yes otherwise i love the highlights like showing the fun things and people seem to resonate with it too. I also feel like since we've been doing it for so long. I don't want my viewers to ever feel like they know what to expect too much like. It's the same exact dog for years you know. So for instance. I didn't bring my camera today. 'cause i was like oh i just recently showed the studio and maybe the next of like won't show that them on their toes. You never know what to expect. Oh my god okay. Remember i told you what my period two weeks. After i had it. Yeah i feel. I feel it coming and i realize it's the spirit of lactone that because i looked it up and apparently when you're on a high dose of that it like one makes you spot like no other to it also like makes your boobs all sensitive and shit and i like why do i spill speier lactone. It's we're acting beyond it and my endocrinologist put me on it. So it's actually doing like a few different things and then also for the mild. 'cause i tried met and i blew up like a balloon. I'm not kidding. It hurts so bad i was so bloated like i was like this is not good so then switched and got on this and i was like. Oh that's perfect dermatologist. Was recommending it to me but i was kind of if about it. Let's just do it anyways. Long story short. My boobs are sore. My periods feels like it's coming down. What the hell do i do. I hate how there's always side effects every birth canal everything. It's so crazy. And then yesterday. I was like what the hell are even tweeted. And how do you deal with. Young people said they were but they're also on birth control to help combat like all the spotting any regular am i crazy of always been regular why period two weeks ago. Now i feel like it's coming again. Like what the fox so anyways. That's that was me this week. Uk i'm okay and then yesterday i was just down and not motivated and feeling blah and i was like that's not fine. It just happens in life. It's okay we've been great. Say it's okay. it's okay it's okay. It's okay it's normal. Oh my god the was so snacky. And then i was craving pasta so we went and got pasta. So good if you're ever. La you have to go to a stereo buca. So i do love stereo good. I like it better than any. I've never had john vinnie's. I think you would like it. Better than a mini. i think so too. It's more authentic well on that note today. I'm very excited to get into our topic. That actually you talking about birth control. We do have a question that kind of leads into that. But i've been begging to do this episode for so so long we are doing hashtag. Ask if you have any sort of predicaments that you're in question that you may have that you just want some advice on. We are here to give you advice. Good advice we're not sure but we will give you some honest answers. You are free to take it re to not and if you have any sort of questions and things you wanna ask us maybe appear on a later episode you can email us at hello at pretty basic dot com. It'll be linked the description. And let's get into it shall we. I'm living my childhood dream because this reminds me of the amanda show and she would read letters. Only god. you're talking about. I love that pretty basic dinner. Check shampoo check morning. Coffee check check. Check get everything you need whenever you need it with. Jordache jordache connects you with restaurants. You'll love right now and right to your door. And now you can get the grocery essentials you need with jordache to get drinks snacks and other household items delivered in under an hour ordering his literally so easy. All you have to do is open. The door dash app. Choose whatever you want. Wherever you want any items will be left safely outside. Your door with the contact lists delivery. Drop off setting. They have over three hundred thousand partners in the us. Puerto rico canada and australia. You can support your neighborhoods. Go to's or choose from your favorite national restaurants like aaa cheesecake factory or popeye's and for a limited time you guys can get twenty five percents off and zero delivery fees on your first order fifteen dollars or more when you download the door dash app and enter code pretty again. That's twenty five percent off up to a ten dollar value in zero delivery fees on your first order when you download the door dash app and app store and enter code pretty. Don't forget that's code pretty for twenty five percent off your first order with jordache subject to change terms. Apply if you're looking for a new apparel brand. That's all about comfort fund and living life to the absolute fullest. You need a checkup beata. Let me just say if you're looking for artisan made accessories. That are super comfortable. Casual and eco friendly. Just something you kinda dress up or down but also has that really wow factor. You definitely need a pure evita. Let me tell you their apparel amazing close so soft. They have so many amazing options for yourself or gifts but they're really well known for the string bracelets because they're unisex fully adjustable and wax coated so they one hundred percent waterproof whether you're swimming hiking going in the ocean surfing whatever. You don't have to worry about them. Getting ruined also. There and hoodies are so soft. They're one hundred percent cotton and they're so buttery and just so comfortable to wear also if you are looking for a backpack maybe you're going back to school. They have so many backpacks including ties leprince and so much more also. Did i mention hassle. Free returns on clothing. Yes please pure vida look good and do good to get twenty percent off pure vida apparel text basic two three eight eight one seven. That's basic two three eight one seven to get twenty percents off apparel up here. Vida terms apply available at pure evita bracelets dot com slash terms text basic two three eight eight one seven. Okay first letter dear remmy and alicia first of all. hi hey i want to stay a nominee. That was so. Amanda bines of you. That's what she would do right. I wanna stay anonymous. Because i'm slightly embarrassed about my dreams and goals. I want to achieve. Ll i am fourteen years old. And i'm from hong kong china. I used to watch school leash law as a five year old. And i rediscovered your guys channels and quarantine and stan ever since. Oh my god that's crazy. So here's my problem. I wanna be a popstar. I want to go to create and train as a cake. Pop idol then succeed and debut and only all however the chance of getting and doing is really slim although i think i can do it because i will work hard to achieve my goals. I still have other things bothering me. For example i am a national team. Rhythmic gymnast and it would be insane to drop the spot just to go to korea for a couple of months and get disqualified. Also if i do make to create and they don't choose me to debut i have nothing to fall back on and what if i did debut but k pop will be over by the time i debut. Everything is out of my control and i hate that. I'm not sure if. I should risk this or just grounded once again. Thank you so much for all the mental support you guys have given me. Whenever i'm sad. I listen to pretty basic and make me smile xbox anonymous. Ps i'm any aggressive type three wing to if you're wondering what a cutie. Oh my god you to go. I i mean i think we need to hash this out together. That's a really tough predicament. One thing that stood out to me and this was how she said at the very everything is out of my control. And i hate that and i actually think that's something to really focus on because wanting control a something so me where i'm like. Oh my god. I want to have control of the situation. And that's kind of just life to not have control over things so i think it will actually be easier to kind of come to a conclusion for yourself when you let go of feeling like i have to control this. Oh my god. What's the outcome gonna be relaxing join. How fun like you're fourteen years old like you have the world at your fingertips you have so much time in your life and you can do it all and i know it sounds scary to drop something and be cape star. Maybe you've said that to friends or family and they laugh or make a comment and honestly go for your dreams. That's my advice with that or at least start training or doing things to see. If you like it you know. I thought i wanted to do acting and then i took an acting class and quickly realized i don't want do acting like i. You know maybe a little bit decent atta in some situations however that's not my calling and that changed everything for me and i think if if there's a way you can do some dance classes i know you're already doing gymnastics but just to kind of get you in the way before dropping everything and buying a plane ticket and going to korea and just seeing. If that's something you really really still wanna do. I feel like. I'm going to be very realistic. Being a k pop. Trainy is balking insane. Have you heard or like watched. I've heard a little bit. And yes i think it's insane. It's gonna be really really really hard. I of course hope that it works out for you. I do think. I'm a big fan of pros and cons lasts so i think the unions sit down again. You're fourteen or so so young also. I think it's really cool that you have all these aspirations at such a young age. But i do think you need to sit down. Also talked to your parents. Talk to sibling. Someone older in your life who has had a little bit more life experiences. They can build a bit more realistic with you too. I think really weigh all your options and figure out whatever outcome it may happen and whatever route that you do choose. You have to be ready for the worst outcome from that. You know if you do go become a trainee and you don't have anything to fall back on. You have to think about okay. Well what am i going to do. Am i going to go back home. I going to go back to school. I'm gonna do whatever if you're okay with that. Then i think hell yeah go do it. That's amazing but also. I do think that popstars are if you do make it completely overworked. And they seem so tired. And it's just like that's amazing. It's going to be so cool but also butterflies. Yeah exactly. I think another interesting thing too is. I know it's. It's not like this but the way that you kinda presented it reminded me of old. La hollywood where you had to move from louisiana and come to la and do these shows and and the way that the space is changing so much here like maybe you'll still be doing something with dancing performing that you love but maybe it's not the road you think it's going to be and i think that's something that's really interesting because the space is changing so much and who knows maybe even the k pop industry will slightly change and you don't have to do it the traditional way. That is happening right now reading this. I think you're very self aware and you're you know pretty much all the outcomes already. I think it's just making sure that you yourself are emotionally prepared for whatever it is that you choose but i really do think it'd be cool to go become a train and know the work that you're signing up for but also you're really great. It already obviously rhythmic gymnastics. It can change like in a year like take some classes. Do whatever you need to do and then in a year you may be like. Wow i'm so glad i didn't do that but you might as well try like your fourteen. You have so much time at so young. But i do agree like the k pop industry. It's so much like it's so the block pink documentary. No i really should janney in lisa. I think we're training together like six years six years just before they even got put in the group. Wow not just the start of the group retreating since they were full. I with that in mind. Like i see why you have pressure because you're like oh my god i'm fourteen and even though we're like oh that's so young i feel like in your head you're probably thinking i'm so behind totally well. I'm excited to hear what you do. You sound very talented regardless so keep us updated. Okay dear remain alicia. So this guy. I've been friends with since kindergarten. We are both twenty four now. Just recently. Got out of a serious five year relationship. I've always loved his company and kind of seen him as a bro. Once i found out through social media he was no longer in a relationship. I was thinking more of him so many little things reminded me of him. We weren't as close starting college and all student him being in a relationship. I kept my distance but we would still run into each other which happy birthday merry christmas etc. That was the extent of our conversation a few months after he got out of his relationship. He rented texted me that he wanted to take me out on a day. At the time. I was newly talking to someone else long distance but wasn't really feeling great about it. I really wanted to catch up with him. So i told him yes and my plan was just to tell him about the other guy. I was talking to and just figure my thoughts out but then a few hours before meeting up. He texted me saying he doesn't wanna lose a friend in admires me too much to ruin it. He said he didn't have the best intentions when he asked to meet up and still feeling sad he would just rather hold off and said maybe in the future we can hopefully meet up. He just started medical school in another state. And i cannot stop thinking about him but i've also never really had a true relationships. I don't think. I want to long distance on top of that. I'm friends the few guy friends who i hang out with and somewhat have a little bit of history with t- i've never had a relationship before and people say i'm too picky all the time but with him it feels right in my head about what should i do. Ooh this is honestly. I had a few random blocks like throughout this entire thing wine. I feel like that's such a dude thing to do to like like your chilin your mind in your own business and then he like hits you up and like detours you and you're like well. I never thought of you that way. But now i'm really thinking about you. Now i'm in my head. Then he like drops it which i respect him for saying my intentions were basically just to hook up and i don't to lose the friendship but now he's like okay piece by and now you're like wait. I'm still down this detour. And now i'm like what the hell i was doing. So fine like. I feel your pain on that. I think for for females more so dating and love is so much more mental the amount of fake relationships. I've i've literally in my head. Where i think i'm dating someone and i act as if i know them and i'm like they've given. I don't know anything about them with alan. Hey yeah. I don't know if it's just a me thing a girl thing a guy thing but i feel like guys are so much more. Just focus on one thing at a time like he was just like to hook someone. I'm going to hit her up. Where like now. You're thinking of him in a relationship and you're like we're so good together. We soulmates. It's hard because in reality even though you were friends you haven't had that romantic relationship yet so you don't even know if you are soulmates. But why do girls do that. I feel your pain. That's basically all. I'm saying so i don't know i will say i think the best thing you can do is just keep doing what you're doing. You know seeing other people dating other people like keep that in mind too if he was so wishy washy being like. Let's do this. Let's not like he's propaganda that again in the future and you don't want to be your beck and call for him. No i know. I don't know why but i'm my brain and my god is like you should go for it. I don't know how we may. Maybe they are soulmates. And she's going to be like remmy. We're married now. I don't know. I just feel like she should go. I feel like you should have a conversation with him and then that can help you either move on. I don't like how now you're you're going to look. Well what if you know. No exactly that's if you've also never had a relationship before. I will say don't think that this is the only chance you're gonna get like your. I'm talking to the girl. This isn't the only chance she's going to get. I think that's important for her to realize too. I think i agree again with pros and cons list. I think you should wear your options. But you're comfortable with someone. It's so easy. It's so easy. I thought i do respect him for at least being honest intentions were and that means he at some point sat down with himself and was like you know what not the best idea. I don't think you should like absolutely jump in with relationship already. I think also thinking is he my soul already like i do that often a lot. I feel like that is a bad way of thinking because that gets you way more invested than you need to be. I think just think. Could this be a fun time. If you're down for a fun time figure out what you want. I also are you guys even like friends friends like i feel like a lot of people like i. Don't wanna ruin the relationship. But i'm like okay but like are you actually like close friends. Were you genuinely. Don't wanna ruin that. That's true also if you're only saying like happy birthday merry christmas up like maybe if you're willing to take a chance and like i think right now he's saying never mind so now she's stuck in this situation where she's like wall shoot. Oh now she wants to get. You can't have. Everyone wants what they can't have honestly guys are a little smarter than we think. This also could have been him like like now like you're obsessed with it. I don't think so. I think he's i think guys are not that smart to be that manipulative. Maybe like some. But most i i mean he sounds like a decent guy. I am glad he kind of stopped things. But i get now. You're just like well. I'm having dreams about him now. We're married in my head and now he can't stop thinking about him. If it were me. I would all my feelings out there personally. I think a combo needs to happen. If i get rejected. Who care even being like. Hey like where did that. Come from you know what i mean like. It doesn't have to be like. Hey i wanna be your soulmate or like hey like what are we blah blah because obviously can just be a lot. I feel like it's so fun to be like. Hey before we can continue being needed to kind of like where did that come from just such. He doesn't wanna do long distance. I do understand that as well. Yeah taking langley. You don't have to worry. Is your soul mate or not. Just worry the best way to have that kind of awkward conversation is planned to be the one asking all the questions so then that way. You're not sitting there like. Oh well i have feelings for you just be like. Hey where did that come from. If felt kinda random. So i was just trying to get in your head. That's the best way to be not in an awkward situation is realizing the power with the questions you ask then. He didn't have time to ask you questions. That's a really good point so right some rain and they can be light. You know like. Tell me where that came from. That's so it's so chill. It doesn't mean you're obsessed with them. You don't need to be like aggressive. You don't need to be like hi. Can we sit down and talk about our feelings and talk. And then i guarantee he's going to be all about unanimous. This is fucking game. Sorry notes true. It's true figure out what you on girl and get after it. If you don't long distance then that makes the choice easy for you. But i feel like you're very inbetween personally for me. I'd go after it just to figure it out. Ask some questions. Keep asking questions keeping curious. You are in the driver's seat lady. Yeah okay lady next one. I know you didn't have a name. So i don't know what's okay next one. I recently went through a break-up anna friendship break up at the same time. Oh no hard my car. I also move states in the midst of the pandemic. So i haven't had a chance to make many friends. My circle literally only consisted of my now ex boyfriend and my ex best friend. So it's literally just me now. I'm trying to find the positives. But a bitch has had her days where she feel so defeated. Please help me find that. Enter bad bitch. That knows she don't need no man or toxic fran. Ps love you guys so much. That's so hard poor girl so you had a friendship break-up a boyfriend break-up and then you moved and now you don't really know anyone where you are. I think first of all get on bumblebee f. I think that's a great way to find. I have friends who've met friends that way. Same it seems like a great place. Also i think just a little advice moving forward make sure that your circle is not only whoever you're dating you're one best friend. Yeah i think it's important to obviously. And i understand circumstances maybe you just had moved to that new place and then that but i think the fact that i'm saying i think that it's important to obviously have a larger than just to immediate people. Yeah i think that's one of the downsides to doing that and even though you wanna hang out with your boyfriend twenty four seven like that you just have to factor that in but obviously you can't go back so i think just putting yourself out there and making new friends. I'm not kidding. Like one of my favorite things about breakups whether it's a friendship or romantic one. Is you get this sense of confidence realizing that your life is still going on like you thought your life was over on everything. Like how will i ever be happy again and data and then slowly but surely it does definitely take time. So i think that's the biggest thing but slowly but surely you realize oh. I didn't need them in my life. I really thought i did. I thought i couldn't be a human without them. I thought couldn't be my own person and now's the time to start fresh. Be like you know what. What can i learn from the last two. Obviously there's two sides to every story you know it's so good to have that self reflection time but also realize that you can't change it. Let's move on make new friends and you would rather have this time. You're gonna look back in your life and be so grateful for because you're going to be like wow i got to know my true self. I grew so much. I learned that. I actually don't like going bowling and that's all we ever would do all the time and i hate that. I remember doing it again or whatever it is and i think that's a really special time that you're in right now. It's really hard but try to see the positives like you already are. I totally agree. We sound like broken records on this podcast because we say the same thing but we've learned from true personal experience that i'm sure you're going to have this moment where it's gonna come to you when you're all alone. You're like super sad about everything the happen which obviously totally understood. You're gonna have this moment where you come to this epiphany and you're like oh my gosh. I'm okay yes i've gone here by myself. I'm going to be fine. You've already endured some amount of time without the expert without the ex best friend. You've made it. You're gonna be okay. People come into your life to teach you a lesson. Think about the lessons that you learned from these and think about those great times. Think about the things that you didn't like about them. Think about that in the future when you meet new friends when you start dating around attributes that you don't want a future partner your friend whatever it is and just really start dating yourself and have fun with your cell. It's so much harder to do than it sounds. But i think you're gonna be super super happy also like if not bumble bee social media for answers so much fun. Oh my god yeah instagram. Checkout people in your area in a not creepy way. People that have similar interests love to workout classes. Something out classes. I just i went to a dentist appointment and the reception girl. I like hit it off with and we were talking for such a long time. And i literally i would hang out with you. Go get your teeth cleaned joking. You never know you might mean a new best next one dear amelie shop. I'm twenty two and love listening to the pod. Thanks girl especially the big sister chat style ones lately. Thank you so much. I think a great topic for you guys where you reach. Such a large audience of young women would be. Std's not sure about you guys but growing up. I was taught how to avoid them. But not what to do if you caught one. There's a lot of shame. Fear and stigma around. Std's come from a lot of misinformation totally agreed. Two years ago i had my own experience with. Sat that i thought was incredibly unlucky. Come to find out. It is incredibly common and people. Just don't talk about it. I struggled for awhile to love myself again and went through a lot of therapy. I don't think would have taken it so hard. If there was less stigma and fear around it which comes from work conversation. I've been working with a doctor who specializes in women's reproductive health for the past year. And i've learned so much. I would love to share my story with you and honestly and some advice to hopefully share with your listeners. So young women and men don't feel alone as i did. Thanks again for being such a great platform for laughs advice and not being afraid to be vulnerable. Love the pod and all your kids. That was so nice. Thank you so much. I completely agree. A few years ago actually did a campaign with the american sexual health association and it was called. Yes means test and i will be fully honest. I when i got the deal. I was really excited because it is something that i feel passionately about and at the time i was casually dating casually hooking up and it's something that obviously i think that we need to be aware of and i wanted to spread and i was but at the same time i was a little hesitant because it is something that people don't speak out about a bunch from the creator standpoint. You're like oh i'm nervous. That stigmas there. So you're like nervous. But you're like what i want to talk about this. I don't know how people accept it. And i also hate that. Yeah i will say. It was super empowering and the response was so great and that honestly has stuck with me. The entire time whole point of the campaign was to encourage people to get tested after having sex but also sharing the idea that if you do has positive for any sort of std it's okay. It's way more common than you think. Oh my god this girl said and there's so many different kinds. So i think the stigma you know people are like. Oh my god. they're slot. There are horrible blah blah and. I'm like fuck that the reason why this needs to be talked about more because people don't know what to do. I think the first thing that needs to go away the judgment around and the stigma. It's so easy to catch it so like more common. I have so many friends who have struggled with different forms of kinds. And i think that's like there shouldn't be judgment around it and i think the number one way to honestly start that whole process is just by talking about more and realizing like oh. I don't need to be embarrassed by this or it's one of those things to where it doesn't matter how you got it if you have it now. You're like well now. I can't focus on. I shouldn't have slept with them. Or i also can't like make someone feel bad about like no. That's their own personal sex life. Like let them do whatever they want to do. Not what do i do too now. We're here and what are we talk. This what do i do. What can i do. I am a pig fan of researching shit like literally. I'm so thankful that now. There's a lot of youtube videos out. There of people talking about things obviously like finding a guy now who you love and trust is very very important like no one should ever make you feel weird about that. I agree. I think also i feel like i don't really have much advice to give other than just talk about it with people. You try research it like. Don't you shouldn't feel ashamed. I think that's my. I mean being with this one. I also am very aware that i'm not a doctor. Know actual advice about it. I can give but we'll definitely have some things linked in the description and in the show notes all of that because safe sex is a thing i know. It's very cliche and no one wants to hear about it. But it's very important like it's very very important and there's some people who now they have a disease that's with them forever. And i'm so glad those people are speaking up about things now but i can't ignore it and i hate hate hate how there are so many people who think ignorance is bliss when it comes to this stuff. Because it's not you need to know what you're doing especially if you're super young and you're exploring all of that like holy shit. There's so much not not just getting pregnant. All of the health and safety around all of it is huge so i talked to someone who tries to look it up. Research find video. I think what makes me really sad is that. She's struggled to love herself again. As she said after she found out that she tested positive for whatever oecd it may be and she ended going therapy for it. And i think that it's not something to be shamed. It's i keep saying it's super common but also you had no control over that situation if the person that you audit from new and didn't tell you that's really fucked up but maybe didn't know in that goes into the importance of getting tested regularly. I think after every person that you sleep with you should get tested whether you use protection or not just to be safe. There's also other forms of contraception obviously not for std's but birth control things like that. So i think it's just important save sex great sex but you know you're not always the best happened exactly. No one and i know that. And i get it. I think there's so much shame around it when there shouldn't be at all it's nothing we can control so like. Why are we and a big deal. Yeah i think that's the main thing with the story is shame can have such a toxic hold on you that last year lifetime if you let it and i think there's nothing wrong with you. There's no difference or anything about you like literally. It's not like you change or there's something different or your flawed or your dirty. Our anything like that and i know it's so hard to like actually believe that than just telling yourself but i hope you really hear that when like we don't see you any differently and no one else should either like. There's so many things that are out of our control. And yeah i think focusing on that. I'm so glad you're to therapy about it milano and i think also at one point in my life i think that had i had inclination that maybe something might be going on. I would have been scared to go to the doctor which i understand. It is scary thing but as we said it's something that is most likely going to stay with you for a period of time. Sometimes you your life depending on what it is. So it's better to nip it in the bud. Now get the help that you need. most are treatable easy untreatable. Yes i have a friend that just recently was diagnosed with one and it's going to go away in a few months but she got right on it really quickly and that's all that it took and again no shame. Yeah exactly like just like a cold before. It gets to pneumonia like treated earlier. I think that's the girl. Talk man prouty you though we love you so much. Thank you for listening pretty basic so excited. Okay you guys. I can't believe we got the sponsor i live. Breathe laugh love. Apartments dot com. If you guys have not heard of apartments dot com it is the most popular place to find a place. I indeed have used it for literally every other apartment in my life up until i moved to this house. I've also used it without planning on moving. Because it's just i'm not kidding. I love looking up places or anytime. My friends are stressed about moving. I always volunteer to help the move. And i'm not kidding. I literally us apartment dot com search in the area. Whatever i am obsessed so if you are looking to move or if you just wanted to window shop like me. 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And i would love to have a change of scenery it be independent and explore. How do i explain this to my mom. She thinks i want to go. Because i want to leave her any advice. Oh my gosh. that's really hard. That's hard bringing it back to square one. I go to the college that you truly believe is best for you and your career and your life and then of course obviously these other factors do come into play. Your culture has a huge play in this to of wanting to be close to your parents and supporting them. And i think i think the number one thing is just having an open conversation with her and don't have it be screaming or yelling match because nothing will actually go through like whenever anytime at trying to have a serious conversation with someone. I feel like you have to kind of that to them and say hey this is something really near and dear to my heart and i hope you hear me when i talk. Maybe even write a letter. So that way everything's written before i'd conversations get fumbled into it and it's getting off topic instead i think sitting down and saying hey this is where i truly truly want to be and also you know you're wanting independence and i think that is something that's so so important. I stayed pretty close to home work community college. And then i didn't move out. I was probably nineteen or twenty. And i remember thinking that it was so old and honestly i actually loved my situation. I don't think you need to have any shame for thinking on eighteen. Now now i have to get out of the house. That's not it at all. Really just do what's best for you. If you think that both colleges would be great for you then they really just try to focus on the college. That's best for you and if it is the close one great if it's the far one have that conversation either way. Honestly have that conversation with your mom and say okay. I'm really trying to independence and have a change of scenery you know. I'm not going to be around as much. I'm still here for you. i still love you. I know i'm getting older. Because i'm resonating more than i am the daughter which i totally understand the predicament that you are in. I think when. I hear this. I think that your mom is scared that she's losing. Yeah and that's you know. That goes without saying i totally understand where she's coming from and i've done this a lot with my mom growing up and i'm sorry i when i wanted to do things i wanted to grow up like takes. I'm adult. I don't wanna do this. I don't wanna do that. My mom always wanted to support me and do whatever is best for me. And i'm sure your mom wants the same for you. I think her own personal feelings just getting in the way which she's human and it's totally normal. If you can basically take your mom to the school that you wanna go to show her physically this wanna here. So i mean women are so visual tuba moms. I feel like anytime. i show my mom something. She'll be like oh no. I can picture you here. And she loves that. yeah. I think that taking her. They're showing her explaining. Like oh well. I would love to study in this school. This is where i'd be doing like my study hall. Whatever it is and maybe she'll understand a little bit more and see the excitement that you have for the school. And i think maybe it could take her back to when she was your age and she was going through a similar time in her life or she also was kind of split between like her parents and school. Whatever it may be. Maybe he'll be able to understand you a little bit more but regardless. I do think that you should do what's best for you. And hopefully your parents will understand. And i also think it is important to not just pick a school. That's the furthest from your family. I think it really is important to find a school. That like you love that you want to go to because you can still have that independence that you want to a closer to your family. I think that's something that sometimes distance doesn't change anything. Does that make sense. Like i went to the school. That was farther from my family. Because i wanted to get farther away. Granted it was thirty minutes versus the twenty minute school but it was. There are a lot of things i was eighteen. I wanted to be independent. I wanna do my own thing. I want to go off my own. I went to the school and i was farther which was significantly more expensive about twice the amount of tuition dorm. Everything that i had to pay for in the end and i came home every weekend every weekend coming home. You're not paying to come home every weekend to this day. They still like to make fun of me. But i really think figure out why it is that you wanna to go farther away because you do truly love love love the school or you just want to be away from your family because you can still be five minutes away and have your own independent. I feel like find that independence for you and yeah. There are definitely pros to being close to home. You can do your laundry you can have home cooked meals. Yeah but i think having that conversation with her and really doing some self-reflection for yourself of why he want to go in which haji wanna go to. If you can't basically travel there nothing works better than a powerpoint presentation we love at your heart and soul into it also see first loggers there and see if you can see from their perspective. What those schools like. Oh that's a good. Yeah that's a really good idea last night at least oh perfect period struggles high love this. This is a question for any pillow. So i'm sixteen. And i've struggled with my period forever and having gotten it for over a year. I went to the doctor like two weeks ago and got my blood drawn. I don't know what's next. I know you had some similar experiences. And i would honestly appreciate if you could walk me through. What actually happened like when you had to go to more specialized doctors what they did to help. Honestly the only person i've ever heard openly talked about it. So i'm really curious to hear your thoughts and experience before dude it on my own. Love you honestly. This is another thing that i i'm surprised that people don't talk about because it is a normal bodily function and nothing to be shameful. I'm an open book here for you. So i personally. I think we've talked about this before. But i started my period in sixth grade. And when you start initially it is irregular cracked right off the bat for the first few years isn't it when you first start period. I think mine was pretty rare. Do people start your automatically regular. Oh so. I haven't been normal ever le. I thought i was normal in that regard. So i've always been super irregular and i think it was when i was about sixteen or so and it became very irregular. I was only getting about once every nine months which pretty much equivalent to like a year or so. My mom took me to the doctor at sixteen. And i talked to them and i let them know what was going on. They run my blood. I think they gave me the statistic of forty percent of women have irregular period Fact check me on that. I'm pretty sure it's that high though. So they said you know what. It's super normal. you're sixteen. I wasn't sexually active at the time. I didn't become sexually active for a very long time after that. So they kind of just like you can be put on birth control right now you want to regulate it which you have that option of course if you have your parents consent if you're under eighteen or depending where you live if you want to regulate it you totally can i decided honestly. I didn't want to be on birth control. Actually to be honest my mom decided for me. She was like. I don't wanna pompey with hormones. If you don't need to yet the doctor's not saying so. I do think also it's important to get at least a couple of doctors different perspectives. So i mean. I only went to one at the time. I kind of wish i had seen too. I just didn't know at the time and sixteen. It's it's fine and cool to see two people so yeah i think it just varies. Based on the person i think gets doctors perspectives. If you and your parents are cool with it and you wanna have a regular period. You can go on birth control. I also think that beyond birth control for a very long time in your life also has negative is going to say. I think that's something that's also not talked about too much is like the negative side of you know medications in any way or a birth control because even though it's great you know obviously a great thing and we want to encourage people to have it it also if especially if it's the wrong one for you. I think my biggest advice in this situation is trust your gut. And don't just take whatever a doctor gives you. Because i've had plenty of instances like i said earlier where things didn't mix well with me and i wish i spoke up sooner being like my body does not like this. I need something else like you have that power like they're there to serve you and help you with your problems so i think just like have that power to be like. Hey i'm not feeling well on this and even if they kind of dumb it down and are like oh no you need to give it time. You can literally say like no this. I'm telling you something's wrong with my body like the amount of time that motivated me to go get something done. We're like someone was telling me something. And i was like no like i am not normal. I'm sure same with you. I had a birth control experience in quarantine where i was on birth control and it made me absolutely depressed. I was having mood swings. I was having brain fog and it just wasn't working out. I really like. I know. I everything in me. This is not right. it's not. It's not normal. Because i know what i'm not on birth control and not sh- it's not happening and i told the doctor and she laughed and was like. Oh you're just really stressed about code. And i was like girl ya i am. But it's not making me depressed having brain fog. I know that for sure. And then i went to another doctor a couple months and when i told her with doctor said she couldn't believe it she was like what doctor would say. I was like crime. Thank you obviously. You've got your blood work done. I think that's an amazing first. Step what they're going to do next is probably put you on a medication. And then they're going to want you on it for three to six months and then get more blood drawn to see the comparison between the two. Apparently my last appointment. I was supposed to have more blood drawn and i didn't. I didn't know i was like so have to wait for my ex period. Which is coming in. But i'm excited to see if this new medication is actually making a difference or not. It's so much time. I hate it. I hate how you have to wait like three months for anything to like. See if it works bushes all kind of part of it. Also i will say if you are looking for more of a holistic way like the amount of holistic things out there like food literally as medicine like the amount of things that help with all of that like i haven't dovan to heart into it but food really can like help and especially if you have. Ibs or something like that. There are things to stay away from and things to gravitate toward stuff like that's a very interesting perspective to if you want to take that route. Yeah i think that i immediately just go to birth control my head because that's what doctors have told me before but if you don't wanna take birth control of your parents are deterred away from the idea of birth control. I think whether you wanna do birth control or any sort of other maybe there's vitamins or supplements you can incorporate into your daily region again. Not a doctor but talk to your doctor and figure out what they think might be right for you and maybe there's way to regulate it so i called my endocrinologist about a week ago and i had said like. Oh my god. I'm having a regular period dying pregnant. Like what the heck is going on. Because i researched it and everything led to being pregnant. I was like. I know that's not true. Was like but is that happening anyways. She had said if at least nine of your periods and the year our regular. It's nothing to worry about. So you have wiggle room of three periods or so. Because i was like okay. That's good to know again relate but for me i was like i've never had this but it was interesting but again take it or leave it. We're not doctors. We will have things cited below but talk to a doctor also have other opinions on shit supplements like two years ago and not give me more anxiety. And i had no idea that could even be correlated. They're giving me way too much tharus. All and i was having heart palpitations. I thought it was dying. I literally thought. I was having a heart attack and then i went to an endocrinologist and she was like whoa like they misdiagnosed you. You need to get off of that and it was game changing so second. Opinions are amazing but with that get to email us at hello app. Pretty basic dot com. If you want to be featured on one of the next ones you can leave your name or can be anonymous either one. Thank you so much for watching blessing to us on apple. Podcast about if i were every listen to your podcast and sure to check out the video form on pretty basic podcast on youtube. Check it out if you haven't already and we'll catch next time.

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Demi Lovato's BF Max Ehrich Predicted Their Romance, Jana & Mike's New Book & Summer Dating Terms You Need to Know!  Daily Pop 05/26/2020

Daily Pop

21:02 min | 1 year ago

Demi Lovato's BF Max Ehrich Predicted Their Romance, Jana & Mike's New Book & Summer Dating Terms You Need to Know! Daily Pop 05/26/2020

"In the unofficial start of summer. So that's celebrate eight okay. If anyone is living her best life aside from us it's definitely Demi lovato shooter. Man's Max Eric are still going strong and she recently posted a bunch of cute photos of them quarantining together. Is this the right guy for her because I love him for her are all about the God locking the go more gripe formula in any relationship and I feel for me right. Now he's perfect. I think that that's very well said I that I like that you know. He seems very into her. She seems very calm and very happy but I also I'm always a little bit iffy when people put the show which of their relationship on instagram and make. It seem so perfect. That's what I have my own personal doubts about the choices. What should be doing air and you got to agree with me right. Well he's been chasing her since two thousand and eleven you guys. He tweeted all I want for Christmas. Was Demi Levato. In addition to a bunch of other tweets been tweeting her nonstop free years and now he finally gets his girl and they've been dating for about two months maybe even longer but that's when they came onto the radar. I think that she's just being able to celebrate true love. Finally she's been through so much. This is someone who has undoubtedly been there for her wanted. Her has wanted her before. She is who she is right now. So I don't know I think that I don't have any doubts with them right now. I've got something to say when I started dating my now girlfriend or had been chasing her for quite a long time so much so when I heard DMC about a year and a half ago she that we it's a text message and my sending and they sending she blocked me. How creepy were you for? Six years that she had to block you. I do not understand how that happens. That's a measure to take a massive sit her luck a you opt of text. It's rare in the morning after drinking. No no no. I'm sorry I've got a million of those. So has arid I've never needed to walk somebody so unless think seventy two you up tax. This does not it definitely would have been you up you up you getting my checks. Can you hear me what you out? Why with come on? Let's go out so when you finally decide that she wanted to give you a chance. That was my question. See we a year ago. Which want to lock in the date on the text and I'm sending you text you getting them and she's like you're not sending any tax and I'm I guess I am. She checked blocked and she's like. Oh my goodness I blocked you. Why okay Jana Kramer and her husband? Mike Aren't afraid to talk about their troubled marriage. He's admitted to being unfaithful and having sex addiction and now the two of them are releasing a relationship. Self help book genitals people that they hope. Whoever reads the good fight will walk away with some helpful tools? Are you guys? Would you take relationship advice from a couple who has been through it like this? I'm sorry I can't I I listen. There is no relationship that perfect everybody struggles in their own way. I believe that you can work for things when they happen. But when it is so consistent and it's just it's disrespect and the vitriol. I mean I don't know I mean I one side of me is like my. Hat's off to her. She's really a strong lady to make it through all of that work through no matter what. I just couldn't do it and I also just don't want their advice like there's something about it that makes me feel like I don't WanNa say growth because that's extreme but just like the like no. Thank you spend a sense on this book. But I'm not really a book person anyways and I'm not reading books for relationship with boss if they WANNA step it up when they're having arguments going to instagram live right now because no couples out there fighting live and I think Isis views. V Very entertaining. I would read this book you guys. I was in a situation like that where I am married to the person who is the father of my children and I want to work it out and I WANNA see these vows through and I see that they have these highs and a beautiful life. I don't and I'm trying to work through those lows. I would. I would listen to them because in couldn't read the to walk away. I read it when you disagree with the morals and the values Aaron. I'm sure seem top ago. If anything happens to your relationship especially if someone cheats on you you kick them out straightaways. Could you agree with this? Well the thing is kids are involved at this point. Yeah I mean I'm not judging her for staying with him after infidelity I think everybody has issues in their relationship. I just think when it's such a theme in your relationship that's when it becomes a different issue. I think people can work through an isolated incident. Everybody has something at one point in their life. Even if it's not infidelity where your relationship is tested and strange but when it's constantly happening I just think at some point you're like look this is who you are. I can't keep you know tolerating this not sent. Mike is trying to help himself help the relationship do it. He needs to do to overcome it and I think there are a lot of people out there for in that same position. Who knew he doesn't want to be right now? He doesn't want this book. He's doing this to keep you happy moving on if you're looking for love this summer you need to be up to date on the dating terms. Okay I up. We've got Zombie. This is someone who comes back from the dead to haunt you on social media. This is happening a lot right now. Has This happened to you? Guys I don't know if it's if it's on social media but I've definitely had somebody. Who Like wasn't that interested then. All of a sudden has become extremely interested. Not like a few months ago but So I guess I'd had like a version of Zombie being happened but I was like where were you had much go really interested in now like I've moved. All of my life sucks. A man is not a camel. Ladies Tough Times out there so you need to do whatever you can to try and reach out to flames x flames. Whatever flying out there are hunting right now becoming. What does it zombies hunt we? He thinks we're in. This is not happening to me is not having to me. And I'm very grateful for that. Okay the next dating term is getting them is when you get dumped over. Zoom canoe amassed pumping. We live in a world where you can actually getting dumped on tax in emails like was the earlier days of of dumping right. Yeah but I guess if you're in a relationship and you guys have to talk over zoom than your your relationships already. Doomed you zooms. Don't you know Dumping Each Other? I would if I had to dump. Somebody owns double quadruple. Check your Wifi link signal because of glitches and breaks up at the wrong point. The next one is kitten fishing. It's like cat fishing except instead of bending a whole new personality the person highlights their best characteristics and leaves out the bad ones. We all do this already though. Yeah it's like when you're looking at houses and they staged the furniture and it's like you know or they're trying to angle the rooms to be bigger twenty percent the everyone's putting now. Everyone knows that filter. I if you're talking to somebody they going to look twenty percent less than what they're putting out in. That fight is the opposite. Though I the more I think about an I like put out. All of the crazy like neurotic into secrecy that I have so that I can see who can keep up at hold on like on the promise over deliver old Stewart. That's what I ask them six hundred times if I look back and see. How would they crack? Okay all right I definitely wanted the first week. Seven to a little deer daily pop. Have you ever had that friend? Who needs a temporary place to stay but then they never leave. A young woman says our friends two weeks day has gone to six and there are endless. Excuses as to why she can't leave but the woman wants her friend out. So what did she do? I've actually never had. This happened to me but I have done this to someone I have to say. I had a friend that was living in New York. I lived in New York for four. She had moved there with my best friend at the time and then I wanted to come visit and I had really nothing going on. It was a really Turkey dark time in my life and I really overstayed my welcome and he knew it and just for some reason didn't WanNa go back it was. I was a completely different person. I was just so messed up in the head but do not do that to people and I think the best case scenario you need to be honest with your friends. I love you I need. I need to resume my life and I need some space so I love your kick you out. Your friend gave you the it got to the point where it was so. I knew that I had stayed there for nearly a week and a half longer than I should have. And we both just like this has gotta write like fat off the mortgage people so annoying a friend struggling actors and actresses out there between gigs for worse. They cannot stay on your couch on doing some auditions happen to me with a friend and I told him on my unfortunately I'm GonNa housemate August living with me. You can't stay awake and he hasn't spoken to me since we wait. So something you guys. Okay Morgan said my best friend at the time with the prison. She was staying with and Scott saying he hasn't talked to. This guy sits so clearly. This does not work for friendships. Crashing on the couch is. It's no I'll talk to him anytime. He was so offended by me telling him he couldn't say on my couch anymore and I was like care but he's going to get out of here like we're still friends but he was very offended by it has up next bike shorts under boob and press on nails. They are the current trends. But will you try them or you bringing trash them? That's next. I WANNA dance here. Those see this is. This is the calm before the storm the J. Lo is back with world of dance. Tonight on NBC. And I gotTa know what's your go to dance moves. You guys have wide kick. Scott got no you. Greg dance up but when it comes to this what is happening. No NO SCOTT. Honestly thought that face of yours could save you. Just totally on her. No seventy years old and I'll never forget that from. It's either literally the entire Joe. I've done this like six times to try to make my arms firmer because they're jailing so much like can't move around having a really rough day guys against Margaret new. Okay I think is a little Shimmy saw. We're learning? There's a very very promiscuous sides Aaron. Is it my shoulders? That is telling you that I love the shirt. Love it okay. Hey guys. Is that for some Tuesday's trends. We'll grow through some of the top dials running away in try or trash. It bugs shorts. Are They David going? I Love Them. I will never trash my bike shorts. I'm I think stay and I'm coming out with new ones sooner and so gay for. Oh Yeah Go. Because they're the wrong name because none of you ladies actually wrought a block in these shorts you walk and you talk plus looking ally. They're very camel. Totally not at hide. Waste it okay. So then they're saying I've been creeping up flipped so drive for more than a trash for sky. Right thank you. Let's move onto the next one. I'm to do also try. Another talk shows no signs of stopping the Bikini. That's right the sleds Nina doll reader. Aura. They have rocked this look. Try it or trash riot. I guess it's a little. It's a little yet riot whatever fine. I can't wait till I'm undergo Detroit to hold up always wearing support so I support something. The doesn't support you try. Oh how well SAM? I'm going to go for trash because if I show any under. That's my entire boobs. So that's a no and the trash for me all right. Some celebs are in desperate need of a manicure like me. They're doing press on nails. Chrissy Teigen Guerande. They have shared their secret on social. Tried or trash it. I am a must try for this trash. It reminds me of when I had to go to like when I went skiing as child and like them from the route and like greed. That not strong. I you guys. I need every other day and painting. My nails are constantly chipping more. Why the fact that I am this mediocre looking today. The core has gotten to me. So we're all about Sean or not. You are not as ours with those. Now's with any now's when you go trying to ticks and you've got your phone here and you start doing this style that's when it gets for God I Let's get to Hairdos. Everyone is in need of an easy hairdo during quarantine. So what's better than one to buns. We're talking space funds coy crashing. Mlb they're both of these styles. Would you try it or would you trash it? I am into trashing it. I don't know I think they look really cute on those ladies but for me. I'm just not a face. Kinda girl lock it. I'm into it. I think it's fun. I think it's different a lot of people on doing it so if you try it. I think it's fun. Yes shrive wet. I haven't rocked them since two thousand fifteen and I think I'm going to try it again because I am in need of hair styles on that girl on the next show with two buns so just look out for it and you look good in the funds. Okay this one. I know Morgan. I can relate to or letting these eyebrows grow tweezers and you don't WanNa do anything you just gotta you. Just gotTa let them grow. We're doing the bushy eyebrows. The Bella Twins Nikki Bella she said in quarantine it reminded her about how her wild eyebrows are so she just let him go. Try To. This is a problem when I look at girls. Audits thought you always had really nice eyebrows. Search for me. I'll try it and then just see what the feedbacks locked but once again you goes do things for girls. You didn't really care about what guys so that is a very that is a very smart thing that you said a few times and I really appreciate that I am such A. I'm a girl who who does for other girls. Not For guys all about try it. I my biggest regret ever messing with my eyebrows. I wish I never wacked and like I should have listened to my mother in seventh grade. Are you that guy who wants to tweet your eyebrows because this happened to my girlfriend one of my close friends? She woke up one day with completely different eyebrows took. She was dating sweetser eyebrows nurse. Leave that's assault. That's a that's a deeper problem. Then eyebrows to be awake. You're that's a different issue that we should talk about later because Batman Yeah I'm crying thinking about it. All right so bushy eyebrows and coming baking binging and babies where breaking down the best thing to come out of quarantine so that was rain on me by Lady Gaga. Arianna Guerande is this. The song of summer I know because no one was dancing. I was just looked by the like it. Takes me like song right away? I can't love a song. I have to hear a few times but I love both of these ladies so I think there's a high chance that it's going to. It's going to be the song of the summer. Yup It's to how for pop princesses in the clip. I think yes. It will be a some bang. But you're right Morgan. It's all about the experience you share when this song is plying buying up there you go. Are you guys? The last few months have been hard on all of us but we wanted to celebrate some big wins. Some big moments in pop culture are what was the. Hollywood headline that surprised. You guys the most for me. It was drake showing photos of his child. I never expected that we would get those. I thought it was really sweet. Was FG design. Because that's did shopping. Surprise me I lost when the two of them came out and announced that they're having a baby. We were speculating for twenty four hours and they backed it up right away. So that for me is going to be a very very interesting law flock. What Genetically Blessed Child Water cooled off live? I they get married and has a heavily awesome. Yes I agree with. That headline flew me away. It was not. I was so unexpected and shocking. No one expected that during warranty and I'm really excited to see that maybe it was. The headline that Christine Cavalieri needed and that off the Hawk she was A. Oh thank goodness. What's the best new activity you discovered since going on lockdown for me? I just love watching. All of my friends become teachers and I love watching. Celebs become teachers. I feel like highly entertaining. I locked the handstand challenge. Abraham was getting shirts off and inputting shirts on because a lot of people especially Jim enthusiasts at having their shirts off so I looked at for once where people were getting dressed while slowed down. I been very into the baking is really just become my new favorite thing to do. I feel like a lot of other people are doing it. I've gotten recipes from people. I've been experimenting becoming one with my domesticated side. So faking for me. What about the best new binge? I have been watching billions obviously watch tiger king and I watched it in seven hours. Straight did not leave the SOFA. That's how much of a disgusting person I was that day. What about you guys all loved it? We all love it but then we go very quickly walk wise too hot to handle I. What should on a very cold rainy Saturday here? In New York City Authority was brilliant. Because it was so trashy I am. I have kind of like a late. But the I've I've been binging veep. I didn't realize that that was funnier. Show that ever existed. Somebody got onto that. And then obviously and era. I didn't say this the last dance. Oh Yeah Duh wasn't a binge for me that was like a weekly tune in a prime time event every week. Cool thanks for calling me out. Did you say you watched all of them at once? Because you didn't watch it. No I did watch them all at I watch them the way you explain them but the I messed up the wasn't been anyway. I said V. I. Okay all right. What about the best new makeover? I think hands down Adele like did anyone else even have a makeover. Transformation like Adele. Shut down for me to know that I liked the judge. I see Y. Lost the bow out of a hair and I think she's trying to transition now during the whole molly saw with Hannah Montana. She's got a long way to go to be at that status for. I think she's ready to give up the by going back to my first answer G E. I think her and her growing buff. I think that's going to be the makeover that keeps on giving so. I'm excited to see that likes grow literally. Yeah that's going to be a nine month long makeup and finally who has the best home haircut aside from Pearl here? I had to cut her bangs off. Well I'm going to stop with Molly's Moulet only because I wanNA see moments shoe at genuinely do this. I think we can all agree Morgan. You give ten ten go on Stolid chipper. Didn't it okay? I should someone at some outlet in in America or whatever no big deal Lula fancy mouth. Oh you'd have a branch right. Sounds like a for me. I think it was Kylie in the light hair. That's sort of like vintage early nineties. Like almost a little stripy. Like I think I'm I've been variant of that. Oh I also loved Hillary Duff and the color. I wish I could kind of do that to my hair but it would take a lot of work and a lot of patients that I just don't have all right you guys that ETF rest today and tomorrow we've got Jamila Djamil clubs. What should you do? If you're man won't let you see his phone. We'll discuss your biggest dating dilemmas goodbye.

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After The Show 584: The Haunting Of Sharon Tate Podcast

After The Show Movie Podcast

1:04:34 hr | 2 years ago

After The Show 584: The Haunting Of Sharon Tate Podcast

"The. You're listening to the after the show movie podcast from Moscow dot com. Confined, this podcast on the I choose music. Still Google play. You choose voice assistance. Just say listen to the show, maybe PO cast, and you can also find as an ace Galeta come where we post written reviews without the way area hosts, hey, Scully hand sits. Hello said yellow Hello listeners. Hello. I would that cow gives the impression we're just going to wait for them to say Hello back. Hello. They're all just far and avoid is still hear them. Fascinating. Vogue on the internet works a lot different than I thought it did. It's like space. Oh, love students. Squat was the before they have to the show discussion, lots of things including this movie and that you life about the movie, two story, also your sound. What else do we talk about? Oh, how I hate it. When people look at me constantly, when they're talking to me controversial, it's going to be controversial people who like you claim, it's normal behavior. I claim it's just weird an unsettling. So everybody that don't look people when you talk not saying that, I told you very explicitly. It's not at all or nothing situation. It is, if I'm sitting across the table, fume you having a meal, and we're already engaged in a conversation then yes, you just look at each other and you laugh and have a normal if we're gonna call it normal conversation if I am across the room from you, as I am now, at what would be considered a Mandy degree angle. We face away from one another. I'm looking at my computer look in yours. We're only about eight feet apart. I can hear every word that comes out of your mouth. And yet, when I'm looking at my computer I can see turn around to face me to say a sentence. And I'm like, why, why is he looking at me? I'm not engaging with the is. I'm refusing. I don't know what it is. I'm boiling it down to certain things ego. I'm dismissive you're needy. You know what I'm trying to label everything the rules to this. There are one rule. Don't look at me every single time you talked, don't keep hold the rules, straighten one. There's only one. I know even keep the one rule straighten you don't have to do what I say, just know of already forgot. That's fine. But you are aware of this thing this, you know, it's me, it's a me thing. You think I accept that marriage is all about going take? All right. Is. Saturday june. No, it's not. No, it's not why did a June twenty fifth, and this is Sunday June second. Your way, well, because it was made twenty fifth when we did the last one and you just dune part, I June the twenty second it isn't. It's June strangling. Second sunday. It's the end e and the t h on the very nice I've done that on posters at work. I've said snack day will be on second. To TH second side. Anyway. It's subsidy June. The second it is June. The second it is. This day and also see. Sunday, june. The second for us but not for anyone else listening to this, obviously getting the date. Right. Is very hard for me. It's after the show, number five hundred eighty four are usually get that number right? We're pub- cast review movies this week. We're looking at the haunting of Sharon Tate. So twenty eighteen movie releases on Blu Ray this week. It's rated, and it's from our friends at Lionsgate is sent a couple of the blue right for review. Sits all the synopsis of the haunting of Sharon Tate, usually resist the synopsis 'cause I think it's kind of silly, but I understand the concept. But this, I'm gonna say. Nothing about the title or the story or the intention of the story seem to go together. So this is not haunting of anyone or by anyone know. And this is not really about Sharon Tate. It isn't it isn't about her as a human being in the horrible tragedy that of the criminals who ended her life. It isn't about that it is someone wanting to empower people to want to pretend that horrible, things don't happen, or when they do you can pretend that's not what happened. So it is a will do. What's a pop culture, way to call it alternate universe Titus situation, mixed with the real situation mixed with. Questionable motives. So let me start by saying the spoilers in this review. If you don't want to be spoiled when you want to see this movie go and see it come back, and then listen to what we have to say or if you don't care about this movie, just listen to what we have to say. Anyway, because we are very entertaining, because it's the allusion is that it's about Sharon Tate in about maybe what happened to her. Maybe you don't show and say is true. Just sounds like a movie about some random. Yeah. If this was a completely fictional story, I would have a completely different perspective on it. Trust me, but it is sounding more like a review a synopsis. So let's get into the review. So the home team of Sharon Tate is a movie. Let me read Esther. Let me read off the cover. Yeah. Is a movie. Let's read up the cover. I'll give you like that version of the snaps this based on the story of Sharon Tate's dreams, on the Munson, funnily nightmare. Is this an ops? Okay, let's turn their let me start with this. There is an interview with Sharon Tate. I'll explain new Sharon Tate is because some of, you know, she was one of the people who was murdered by the Munson, not by Charles Manson, but by his fam- crew from Z, call them. Yeah. She that. That's a true life incident. Now, this movie kind of covers the incident salt of booked about a year before her death. She was in an interview because she was a famous actress she was in the movie valley of the dolls, which I really enjoyed sort of an up and coming actress that movies, awesome valley of the dolls, by the way, I should have recommended this week, only bolt. She had an interview where she said, interviews included in this movie. She while the word she says, I don't want to misquote. Oh, I don't know the whole story, but she dreamed that she, she had a dream that something terrible. What happened to her? Yeah, that's pretty much exactly what happened to happen to. Now, some people say who she was a psychic Kara. But as we said, the first thing that comes to my mind is no Charles Manson saw her interview and then decided to do it that way, right? Exactly. That's what I mean. I don't know. I'm not there. I'm not I wasn't there, not of any of the people. But yeah, it's like it's so obvious that if he was, you know, let's be honest, he was mentally disturbed person. He was a mentally ill person his perception of the world. If you listen to him enough and him enough, not the people followed him. But I mean his words and Calloway's mind seemed to work at least from what came out of mouth. His perception of things if you saw that, and then if you learn more about the motives, which aren't even touched on all the movie, which is fair enough. It's not telling of the story of that night not reality, but it kind of makes sense that he or someone else would have seen her hear her say that. And then target that, so this movie it takes place over three days. Two days before something's on the day of its the day of the motives, and it goes from Sharon Tate's perspective like she's pregnant with the child. She was she married to yes. She was married to famous director Roman Polanski at the time who has a whole other set of reality that you, we don't want to go into right? And he is not in this. I mean his does in this movie because the she he was away at the time, and she making a movie, and she was on her own. Well, kind of. Yeah. So. It takes place over this time. And this movie, I didn't know what to think of it, because it is called the haunting of Sharon Tate. And let me tell you the first twenty minutes of it the way it sets up. You think you watching just some generic horror movie is so generic, it's like here are the people. Okay. It's nighttime now it's time to go to bed this couple of bumps in the night, right? Yep. The music even the musical cues, if you're Washington of movies are implying. You're watching this horror film, because it's like. You know all that stuff, too scared, but then nothing really up like it's just like a noise down the hole is a window close in a radio turned on its own on did it. You know, and you like we watching, like the new James one movie here, or is this, a psychological thing? Turns always like, really not anything. Right. No. You just it's got like the wrapping of this horror movie to make scared and stuff. But then, actually because, you know what's coming the boobs already been exposed to you? You know what it is? You mean because you already know the story store. Okay. I'm assuming you do when you go into this, but like you said, you even said it may some people won't even know who share in Tate is it's not one hundred percent guaranteed that you'd know the opening scenes do show the mole dead on the flow. Yeah. Yes. So in the movie it's establishing. Yeah. Something has Tabarly happened. So you know what, you know something's come in. And, you know, these people are going to be dead. Right. So they try and wrap it open this horror movie style, and I'm like, well, it's cold the haunting Sharon Tate. And it does sound like this could turn out to be like something like the conjuring because it seems like there's noise down, the hall is there a ghost in this house. Is it something like that? And then I was like that sounds pretty disrespectful if that's all the doing right. But that's not what they do in. That's all like, even though they're trying to make you think this, something like that. Let me say the haunting of Sharon as the most misleading title ever anyway, yet, because there is. Spoilers. There is no home of Sharon's eight. There is no haunting. There are some real life. Motorists were coming to kill them, as you know, the Monson family and these people are holed up in their in not hold up there in the house, in the house weather, live these people are kind of come in around and it speed is a bit weird didn't. It's conceptual the idea of the haunting that were saying she's haunted by her choices that she may or may not make yes, she talks about faith in the movie, and can you change your fate, all advocated, by the way on, after say those scenes, whenever they mentioned fates, and can you change the so like. It feels like fasted. Yeah, exactly. I agree. Because like people talking to each other, and then she'll look, look at that guy, and she'll go, do you think we could change? Destinies. Yeah. Always our book already pre written. I'm like, why? Are you saying that a second ago you were talking about making some wages like all seems very phoney baloney sandwich part? I don't think I don't think that's correct. You know what I'm saying? It was a day in conversation. Elvis, sudden you like is destiny already pre written. And she says it in this all if you want to get me started on how horrible the dialogue in the love the performances and the story itself are wearing go down that track. Or we just going to say, I think they're all horrible. Now I would say to you, I don't know if I'm wrong. All right. I don't know because there's not really much. I even look this movie. And there's not many people talking about. So you said I don't really like the Acton, right? Correct. Overall? Yeah. And I said, I think they're going for that seventies acting style that we know is different to today's I style, like if you watch any movies from the seventies, the Acton does seem different to today. It's not quite as not true. I don't give him that much credit CEO up. That's what I don't know if I'm right? Or wrong. But that's what I thought that there wasn't a problem because that's going that would elevate their intention, they. I don't think there's any. Artistic creative intention, here other than it is what it is where we found out later that this guy who does these movies is doing this with other stories, as well. Let's say the sky's neck, this guy's next movie, the mud of Nicole Brown. Yeah. Yeah. And always doing is applying. Fictional elements to real people tragedies. And I'm told you since the day, Titanic came out. It is really dumb to add fictional people to a real thing. I've always said that, if you wanna make up another ship that crashes or make up other murders that have had that are fictional. And then you add all these elements and if you want to put clues in there that this might hint to be a Charles Manson type of thing or whatever, like, you know, art is borrowed. It's, it's just the way it is. But to take the real events and then a pretentious self righteous up your own ask kind of a way splice it together. So rewrite the truth. I don't like that. Appreciate so you wouldn't alight. Don cook, then, because those people went real either that would it was they were based on. I think we mentioned as well that the event itself could be done just fine without making up fake people or combining people. Yeah. We I understand even though don't was just sticks. Yeah. Because of the event and understanding the event itself how it occurred or you know that it occurred at all. But then to find out that half of its fictional. It's like a humongous letdown. Because unless you wanna tell me a fictional story about fictional people that reminds me of heroism. That makes me understand patriotism. That's cool. But combining an overwhelming amount of fictional. Which is ally fiction is ally. It's fake. It's pretend on top of like, grafting it to real life, people, basically because A you're lazy, and you wanna make the real story really, really work for you, or you're not create. Enough or you're, you're not impressed enough with this horrific crime that happened. So you have to dull it up. That's just rude. Well, let me say you'll not find another review of the haunting of Sharon Tate that will include the woods, don't the will include comparisons. About. Yeah. E one. Is that? Prideful you sleaze saying. We're very different are we? So let me say this movie here. I didn't like it very much, okay? All the way through. Or did you decide that partway through because me was like I was like, okay sided it pot way through. I can get into this. I can see where we're going with this kind of sort of. And then I was like a CFO we would go in the haunting angle, which the, which the title gives you a thought, okay? We'd go in really about shit notes. We're doing this haunting thing is going to be a ghost is going to be that kind of movie, he'll it, then can you even could you even rationalize in your mind? What does that mean what kind of movie was I was kind of, on board for that? But then it started revealing itself, this movie it was not it was more the strangers than the jury, you imagine if we were to take the title and make an actual movie what would who would be hunting, who I have no idea. And that was why was interested in how was is into play because I thought, okay, we're gonna tell the story of her being murdered horrible. And her baby. And these other people forget, she was pregnant. Yeah. And then now our story picks up where she is. Now, a ghost haunting other people for some reason, which I would also find really weird. But I was in for some bizarre thing that I thought was coming, but never came because styles off 'cause I twenty minutes of this could be the conjuring that trying to movie then at that at all, but I know what you're saying, but then into into like, a, a fairly lame home invasion movie, like it's not actually interesting either. Like you know what's going to happen? They'll going to get moded and stopped. Yeah. Happens really quickly in the scene that it happens in. And it's not actually that interested in, you know, there's no, there's no tension drama to it. They just turn up. They do it like a cheap horror movie. Sadly, they diminish. The terrible thing that happened to these people to this, like, Henry, Jason flicky candidates really embarrassing loss of stopping if that have been my sister, or my daughter being depicted in that way, her death, I would have been pissed. So then yeah. Then it does that you see you see the incident how it supposedly happened in real life. But the that's also you can't because the only people to tell you where the people did the murdering. So whatever they've said. Based on the fleece repose all that kind of see that version of it. And then I went, and then I was thinking this movie is not over. It seems like it's only been on my minutes, so up in here like I'm still a bit lost to where this is going. And then, guess what she wakes up from a dream not once twice but three times yet, and that is so basically, we're being haunted by bad writing being on it by the waking from a dream multiple times. Yeah. Who's that guy that you just watched by girth about that? If really lame trope. This three at least three instances of why can offer a dream from dream. So you so you get to see the actually the only reason they do it is. So you can see the incident modem wants, but different. They every time. Yeah, then. A said to be spoilers, get into the clothes in act of the movie, and we, it turns into just remember the strangest to we reviewed it lost. You. It turns into that trope trope of a horror movie is like you, being stalked. You, you might get away. You might not. You might kill them. You might not toes into that. And I was like okay well up in now. Okay. We see in it again. The comb they're gonna stop. No, they're I'm going to start. Oh, they're gonna get away. Will they're gonna kill them. So it goes the other way round light, the, the happy end inversion of the Munson killings, which is like I was I was a bit stoned by was like, really this is what it is. So, but he pull it off like an actual alternative happy ending either. It co it's like Bono. We still need to pretend like we're honoring the events that really happened, but also tag in this, like denial emotional lack of coping version. So less twenty minutes is like Friday, the thirteenth or something like that, pursuing them that getting away from them. Yeah. Maybe so again, kill maybe some light some of the guys again cold it's like. It's like a reminded me of the strangest to which we watch, which was in that, like, yeah, trailer parks, Raila pot. And it was like, oh, they just made light amongst Modi's into some generic slasher movie. And, you know the real life outcome of the month Motors. Yo will we're not gonna have that either. Now we're gonna did. But we but we aren't there's actually going to be happy ending, but it's also makes the set ended with the real ended, and it's really like necessary is what I think is disappointing. Yeah. Because I was expecting maybe something clever like of. We, we've gone to the trouble of using Sharon Tate's name on the Munson motives as the backdrop. So maybe something interesting will happen. I can't think of it just pegged at though, because that's all you have to do isn't it to get a tension? Yes. She is a horrible tragedy. I get that established. And then just do what you want with it. I'm not a fan. No. On the way the movie plays out the sections of it worth. Oh, this could be interesting. Something interesting might be up in. But then it never did like it was it was kind of weird. Yes. You know that seeing inside this is the worst scene for me. I really hated it hated it as a scene inside that, like nerdy, dude, trait yet. And he's talking to Sharon Tate. She's a nutty, do lives on property, and she had no idea. He lives on the property. That's another story actually explained very small tiny little dialogue, but she sat talking to him and the dialogue between him and her is awful. It's like some student film really awful. And I'm like this. Why is this going on so long to like nothing to it? Like she's asking him stuff in east. And I just hated the whole scene. I'm there, although scenes light that too. Boot something, my phone VERA, the scenes like that. Also, that just talking like a like the two peop-. Let's explain Sharon Tate lives in this house is her Rome implant skin, her own this house. They live that bolt while Roman Polanski's away. There are two people. Would you call them housekeepers friends friends who were there to look after Sharon because she's pregnant, make sure she has everything she needs. And, you know, if the pregnancy, if she get these, the house, Bill, they'll salt all out bolt the way they pull off, those to the way, the script is written there, like shysters that kind of Yucel that, yeah, they're just there to, like, because they want somewhere to live for free like it. That's what it seemed like to me. But then when the girl who plays. Abigail Foale Joe was talking in the extras. She was. Like, oh, yeah, this woman was so inspiring I hope I get pulled off in the movie. I was like, you'll never get in, because they like an Sola. There's nothing yet the families of those people to be like, what you made them sound like total even called him in the script, he called them. What do you call them when they squatters? Yeah, they felt like freeload like they were to people who just like they kind of drift in a bit. And they just went, oh, I'll be cool to stay that also the noti guy in another one. I mean, I don't think we can say bad things about this movie. It shows like disrespect too real stove tracked. That's I think those this portions of the movie where they cook to like newspaper, photographs of Roman Polanski, and Sharon Tate, now, those actual footage footage, also that newspaper, I was thinking, specifically of that newspaper with a picture of the money. You know, an obviously Roman Polanski looks like, but Sharon Tate, doesn't really like Hillary. Duff is is just some old Mike. It's just weirdness like, and you get the sometimes in a movie based on a true event at the end when things have resolved. And then they flash the real footage of the real people say works that works. Yeah. And I'm not saying you have to do everything everybody does a certain way. However, if this movie had been trying to depict another angle of the truth of this story and mixing in the real footage would have had a different vibe. I think as far as like special effects blood and goal all that stuff's in. It was so bad his particularly well done. It was so bad like the bathtub filling up. Yeah. That looked like I did it it was awful. Yeah. I mean, the stub in bits kinda let it will being stopped. There was some interest in the energy. A lot of Walking Dead blood fling. Graphic. Like trying to be real graphic. Yeah. But as a horrifying, even if you just trying to go. Well should've watch this because I like watching go and stuff. No, you've seen it way better in many, many different. Yeah. So I'm trying to think of to take the positive or the negative with things. Have you got any positives like I like Hillary Duff about? She was the best thing in the movie. I don't care what anybody says. She had moments of since like either just been her. You know, like what's the one with what's your face Blythe? Whatever on the rock with the shark, right? It's just her having to react and do stuff. And while that way, get liberally. Yes, Blake shallow Blyth. That if this was about her reacting and having to portray fear and confusion. And then the moments when she's actually laying down the, the deal for these people. Like what, why are you not listening to me? I was totally buying her. Right. And then they would start to talk and I'm like, oh, you just suck the air out of it. So maybe I was just grasping for something good. But I thought I would like to see her in a movie that's equal to what she could do. Now the thing guy positive that I've just thoughts of grease. I was quite impressed with her pregnancy, even when she was in a belly shoot. Like I was like, wow. That looks like it doesn't like a rubber stomachs to come look like a river stomach now to me, as not an expert never really seen. It looked like total Rover actually thought it looked. All right. But hey, that's what I picked up because. Yes, she is pregnant throughout the whole movie, quite. Eight months pregnant actually yet. So, yeah, you know the happy end in par with literally, I mean, we're or selling that it's not a happy ending there, too. I was yes. But this two pots to the end, there's the viz the whole slush movie pot, where the good guys win on the Manson, family are all dead on the flow pot from Munson himself because he doesn't come here. And they're all walk the police that seem that you've seen in a billion movies where the police are at the crime scene, and they take their about to tape off. So nobody can go through and all the people and that they heroes are just walking out out of the unto the lane. Just all it looks really cheap. And yeah there's also like it that's about it. And then the camera pans over, and you see the reality of the situation, which is they're all dead lined up on, buddy bikes. So, when you when I say, happy end is a happy ended on the reality. But then it goes to an interview with Sharon Tate, where she saying, I suppose I always see things through rose tinted glasses. She even says that, and I'm like it's nice to think that you what, like that you can survive and take on the whole months and family and live, and that could been about, like the theme of when. You make different choices any little thing in happen. But you she, you can't change your choice where someone else's path is directly pointed at you like without Randy's when she said that I said to you immediately, you can't change the psycho comes and kills you correct. 'cause you don't always come in and no one can change it after. I think this, let's most bothersome is that it'd be like, if you made the Titanic. But then had the alternate ending where it doesn't sink. It's very bad ended is I thought I actually like a lot, but you get you get what I'm saying. Yeah. And I love you counsel anything about about. I just wanted to. In this movie. Again, I'm giving too much credit while the marching, I'm like, okay we this, this low motion seen to the end west some stuff's happening, and I'm like, this is this going to be like, a clever cool end in light of twilight zone, all the black mirror or something where I go. Well, this was awesome. But no, it was not that none of that. There was nothing clever. Nope. It was like, Walter if the Munson family didn't kill these people. And these kill these people killed the family. What if that happened hair, it is it's upland, but it doesn't? What if your goal is to give people watching the sense of like us? Over them. Yeah. But you can't we didn't he didn't. Yeah. So it's pointless is what I say the movie spineless, you have little reason is pointless. If it's a true story, it's pointless. I said to you. So what's next? What's next is the is the next one, like, hey, drew member nine eleven. What happens if it didn't happen is everybody just went on his novel. Isn't there show where Hitler wins the war or something? Yeah. Yeah. What happens if what happens if Hitler does a win? Does win what if he does it didn't? Yeah. While Hitler does win all then like. Yeah. There is a show in the money in the Hightower or something like that. They are now. Anyway, histories history. And yes, you can I do like some alternate history things, where it's like, ooh that'd be cool. But this is like this field different the, that's the question like a we sensitive, because it seems a think because it feels exploitative the entire time it feels like they're just the name of Sharon Tate, people know it as people know the Munson thing in the Rivera in a way moving. And even if you're a Munson fan show, there are people who, like, Munson would claim that. Yeah. You know, they're intrigued by the whole thing, this doesn't tell anything new and actually the even though Charles Manson carried to resent it. He's Bali in it, you might as well just like in the shadows. I guess you could claim if you're really trying to give him credit because when you see him, he's always just sort of immature to the side. He never speaks to my knowledge that once the door a. Early, but he could be the haunting. But I don't think so. Now, I don't think so either. So, yeah, let's move onto the cast anyway, Hillary doth play, Sharon Tate. And I agree. I think she was quite good in it. I think she with what she had. She was pretty good. And I'm an actress to be honest. I've not seen Lizzy McGuire, maybe when she was acquitted kid Mela. Oh, really? I don't really know. Good nitra. She has not really seen anything, but she was finding this. And I've seen people saying the worst thing about this movie is Hillary Doshi was awful. But I would say Jonathan Bennett who plays. J C bring was awful. I agree. Sadly, I don't know what he was going for with his depiction of this guy in, in the extras. He said he researched it quite a lot. Is it just the because of the dialogue is so bad? Maybe it's not him. Maybe it's just the script his combination obviously. But still, it's and weird when he's getting out of the couch. Sharon say at the beginning the scene that the show in the embarrassed. Yeah. And it's like exposition dialogue. Also, telling everything that they say is just telling us what's also telling us who he is accelerate spend this through, like one line of dialogue. But they're happy happy when Roman Polanski is all about stuff. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I didn't lie Jonathan Bennett. That's all. You know, when Jonathan Bennett was in, you know, this year's celebrity big brother where Tom green was in. He was one of the contestants on didn't like him in that either. It was the scheme in one, right? Lydia host, who I read is a supermodel, actually, she's not actually a actress as a profession. And it said supermodel not just model. So it was does that mean she has special powers messed me special power for me? Never to have heard about her to be rude. But anyway, host plays IB Gail folder. And yes, that is the folger's from the coffee which I wasn't aware of until it's in this movie. So maybe I did learn from this movie, the Abigail Bolger was the. To the vultures coffee empire, which is also horrible said story like that is these other people. I mean everyone who died. It's horrible on. She is portrayed like like an spike, she's really bad. I didn't like I mean, she was she was friendly with Sharon Tate. And she tried to but then she get telling own props. You just sit any like her performance, not, really not even the character her personally, I didn't like how she did any of it. Which, again it could have been the person she was playing. I don't know this guy. Pa-. Well, Susko, I'm sorry. I butchered that. He plays woke chevik fry off sqi, and he's the guy at her boyfriend. I'm assuming these Russia know something I don't know. He kept reminding me of Crispin Glover, like is this Christmas Glovas. Brother. What do you think of him? Not good. No es. Like. In from him, reminded me of, like Paul Acton. Like, yes. Like, if somebody who just doesn't actually act, but they after today, like come on just say a few lines, you'll be all right. That's what I felt like I was only God like who is this guy, and then put down Bella Papa? She buys Sadie. Phil Stewart plays yellow and Tyler Johnson place. Techs that the three months and family ones. They focus on and then Mellish plays Munson. You can't say anything about the months and got literally just stunned and kind of looks like gel, the three creepy wounds tech Sadie in yellow. They didn't do a very good job either. No. You know, the guy Tex, it was supposed to be real suppo supposed to be scared of him. I didn't I wasn't particularly scared of impale his like some of the cheapest horror movies of ever seen in hell. It's like they've got a cast together and the like we have five minutes to make this whole fucking movie. So here's, here's what you want you to say of a okay? Blah, blah, blah. Cut put it in the canned. Like just like that was horrible. Didn't you like the Sadie in text characters will like the strangers doubts too much too much? They're doing that. Phony wall collect that over exaggerate Hora, walk. Yeah. There was one scene. One of the goals was walking towards the gate and I was like, why she woke in light that is, she just like pretending that she's in a horror movie, though. Like it's really weird. So this is directed by Daniel barons, who V look at his I actually seen one of his documentaries emitted documentary on Friday. The thirteenth the come crystal chronicles it takes you through the making and the funding of Friday, the thirteenth news, quite good. I think you should stick to that stuff. Because like we say his next film is the murder of Nicole Brown Smith and didn't he do? Another eight did an Ville movie before this, which has, we know the Mitzi Ville, horror spaced on a real thing? Kind of. So Mr. Daniel farms. You don't really wanna be the guy like capitalizes on. Real things. I mean, people do all the time and this out there as a sign of Ed Murray of any kind. However, one of the things Charles Manson liked to rant about was that, that, when you create chaos and destruction everyone everyone prophets except the one who suffers at the hands of the chaos. And the destruction everyone, it's a business. They're all creating a business to make money off of everyone's suffering. So there you go. So I mean you know, I agree with that. That idea he'd make it up. But I'm just saying. Right. So let me. I'm go onto the one star reviews of this movie. Unlike last week when we watched vigilante vigilante, and there wasn't many bad reviews this one, they're all bad reviews. But this thing does your reputation of the bad reviews change, when you also think the movie is bad. I don't know you know what I'm saying they give more validity. But most of these people gave this movie three ten. Which I don't necessarily disagree with. Yeah, I wouldn't give it a one because there is something about it. But, you know, so let's look at these reviews, fifty eight fifty eight uses of gone, I am debates review. This only fifty eight on twenty four of them are one stop. So here we go from und-. Read me nine eight to eight says stunningly disrespectful. This was horribly distasteful and disrespectful. It was an exploitative movie about one of the most horrific motives in American history. Don't they device works when you agree with us? Shame on everyone out, you know, I agree on this. I mean, what really everyone involved in the sick travesty including Hillary. May you all learn from the arrows of your ways that's pretty day. But yeah, that sounds like some psycho thing too. As an other one. I'll read it in a genuine voice. Okay. How day how day you use a person that was brutally moded to make cash. If the story was not horrible enough. They changed the story to fantasy because the real story would not sell enough. This is a big no no. I mean, yeah, yes. I agree. This one from McGregor horrible. Script meets horrible costing we predictively horrible results. Avoid. Again, I have I can't defend the content just because I agree with the vibe in the sentiment because they're not giving any reasons for how bad it is, this will this will. Being a ghost onto fun. I figured haunting movie will be great. So I stupidly agreed to watch this with my wife, I was then trapped for two hours, which is weird because it was ninety minutes. But. Do they keep housing it? The best thing about the movie is the night shot time lapse over the city, it was also. I actually did I say to you. Yes is funny. This guy says I couldn't even watch all a maybe about off way through fell the producers of the steaming pile of crop should pay me for the time wasted irate, this fiasco, a minus ten styles minus Tenny, my sense. There's no minus. Unfortunately. Yeah. Changes your hell, you hear a bad review when you agree with it. Nice garbage. Let's change all the facts and make something up and Hillary dope should stop acting. She never had any talent terrible. I guess she's already aplomb. So she can play a pregnant woman. Just fine. Food as is Louise j f h seventy three two oh, you should be ashamed of yourself are rude. Let's do I'm really tough. I was tricked into see this the title sounded interest in. I thought it was supernatural, but it's just a murder film. So the title is very misleading. Yeah. Absolutely. So. Yeah. There you one-star reviews of this movie, and I would give it a three star review. Not one style. It is well made as production is fine. Things looked good. I don't know what they're actually house look like. But I soon they did some research give him a little credit for that. It had a fine pace in the head good. I didn't even mind like the music, although the looping really shitty like it sounded like a really one of the earliest episodes of an old crappy TV show, where they filmed, all the audio in a separate studio and then had to loop it by putting it over the top of their moving Maoz sounded that. Well, no. You mentioned that let me, explain something, Lydia host, who plays ABI go folder. I was like, I don't know. Her like going look, up some other stuff, she's done and led me down the internet rabbit hole that you do. Yeah, I ended up on Instagram and there was a post from her saying, I'm doing the AD, our re-recording of the haunting Sharon Tate. And she stood in front of a microphone. Yeah, they definitely eighty eighty hour. If you don't know is that what you just said. They. The going, you can never. If you do eighty hour on a movie, and you do it, properly, it should sound like you actually just then nets. It's like cutting and pasting someone's head off and putting it in on another photograph. Right. If you combine the correct quality of the amid contrast is correct the light and dark. Nece is all correct the size fits then you wouldn't know right? If even one of those things is off to pale. And the rest of the picture is something else or color. Great is wrong. Then your brain is like that ain't right? That's out is when the looping is wrong, even if even if their mouth is moving with the words if there's a disconnect like there's no ambient sound pay over the top of it. There's no like Burj chirping in the background when you talk in real life, these some REBA from the room when re recalled it they do it in some booth. So some soft dead dead. Yes. Yes. You can definitely hear that in this movie, a lot, especially when like you listen to it. And like Dobie. Hey day the our receive a those sort makes it sound really good. But then you like, oh, maybe that sounds too good because Hillary Dover. That sounds like she's in a booth all of a sudden. So extras just well. There's two there's an audio country with the director. I am heavily interested in listening to that this. I really am. I wanna know where he was coming from choosing this project, and, like, money, money, funnily enough. There's a whole audio commentary with director. I will listen to that. But there's also a making thing called premonitions the haunting of Sharon Tate. The director is not in that documentary. If you know it doesn't say a word and who did the microphones for that documentary. Again the sound. Right. Okay. So this is actually the it's like the making of this movie. Here's out sound like if I were to go way back here and talk like this, and then you record the whole podcast like this. I'm that on you can win trees. It's really borrowed. Like I was like, wow. Did this crew? I mean it was like nobody at a lapel Mike. It's all it was just like we'll use a cellphone, to recall these people. So you really struggling to them, it's weird. And what did you think of it, as a making of the movie Nasr, digital or anything? No. I mean whatever didn't know. But I didn't care. I liked was into Hillary Duff talk about it, and she seemed very serious about it. I think she was sincere in her efforts, but I don't know. So, yeah, that's the I was going to say the haunting of Hillary dove. That's pretty much what it is right. So the haunting of Hillary Duff give it three stars. Now I recommend this one. I'm afraid and I tried to find good in most things as you know. But this one was a real mess for me. I'd watch a vigilante again ally that what much about I'm what about you? What I think I've said everything needs say. All right. So. Right. So really disappointing in crappy in disrespectful might get mega fictional story of probably have a completely different attitude. So thanks to Lionsgate polite review, this next week, we're gonna look totally different movie Marvel's captain marvel models. So going look up to model next week. You know, I always looking forward to Star Wars or marvel. That's pretty much all vote in movies. What do you think of captain marvel? Don't know anything about whatsoever. We'll have to say this the next in the MC. Let's not radiate. You know, the story is that we marvel cinema to Unibank. We just watched the last one we watched was unknown on the wasp. And right. The very end. Captain, Marvel's pages showed up. Nia may have a barely. Nick, fury's about Nick spoilers, Nick fury looks at his pager have to model is on the spoil then. Well, that's not this movie. That's the one we've already watched you saw now that people might not have seen it, it was called avengers Infinity wall. I know. But that's about a year. About a year ago seen it. So, yeah, we'll be watching the continuation of thunnus story. Let's say. So maybe recommendations, I am going with the fit on the theme of the haunting of Sharon Tate the strangers. The original one we live Tyler, I think that's a really good home invasion. Type movie is a horror movie. It's not is it based on real things that it isn't it in someway, the strangers. Those people with weird masks, Tom, I don't know. It's actually based on something real, but not this didn't happen. Exactly light up. But it was some people with Massa turned up people's houses of moded them anyway, the strangers would lift tile. So we have a good Senan saying that that was good. But this is not. I really liked it. And my other one is a piece of alternate history. And they said Quentin. Tarantino's inglorious, bustards, funnily enough Clinton's, new movie once upon a time in Hollywood has Sharon Tate, in not the real show date, obviously, Margot Robie, Sharon Tate, and it does cover this period of time. And Quincy might if I know Quentin induce a similar thing to this movie is done. But I bet you won't get as shit Willie. Well, you're gonna have to be honest. And if it seems as creepy you gotta go with that. Yup. So inglorious bustards, which is an ultimate history, which I didn't mind, you know, it's like a what if scenario? So why is your mine are? Because my whole thing is let's just make up new things. If we can, you know, like I said, art is borrowed. You. There's really nothing brand new under the sun for us to come up with except for new ways of telling similar stories. So to me, a couple of franchises, which, I don't normally recommend, but that came from the there aren't retelling of old stories that I'm aware of. Although now that I think about it. It's child's play. You know, Cecchi not great. I guess what? But as a new child's play movie this define fine this what I'm saying they're starting over. The aren't they? Yeah. Yeah. What I'm saying, though, is that idea didn't necessarily exist. It's not about true people. It's just taking that story, which I think about it now. Yes, there was. A twilight zone outer limits and old radio stories that had Dole's or mannequins meme in dummies dolls whatever that or possess or something. So it's not a brand new idea, but is not based on real person or anything, so child's play not great not high quality. But if you just want horror, and sort of cheek, and like get scared and weirded out grossed out for the sake of it without at the at the expense of somebody's real story. There you go. And hostile hostels just fucked up. I don't think they're all good. The concept is there was three horrib-. It's extra terrifying. When you think about it that you could end up going anywhere on vacation, and you're actually, you know, it's a trap to be ushered somewhere else for something really horrible at the hands of really horrible. People also something I had not seen before, or you know. It's not about anybody. So, yeah, they're, they're horror movies that are better than this one. Nothing. No. Who's? But there they didn't exist there to somebody picked up an idea and Ryan with it, you know. All right. So games an ice stove. I've been playing two games won't called void bustards and what this game is essentially really cool. It's one of those robe-like gains, do you know, a rogue like games. You should mention them so many times they are kinda game designed to play more than once. So you for instance in this game robust, you are you're lost in space, your dude. Well, it's explained to the beginning, you're kind of like eight Android of some kind, and you are exploring space for gathering. Stuff to further your adventures. So you go into a spaceship. You don't know. What's in it? It's like a few spaceship in the middle of space. You know, like just hanging out you go in going around the spaceship collecting, valuable resources you bring them back to your own ship Europe. Grading your own ship. Your grading new weapons crafting, new items, everything you do makes you a little bit stronger in a little bit more able to venture further into the galaxy, and you will die and you'll die quite a lot because on these spaceships are things. They'll try and kill you. When you die, your consciousness is injected back into another version of you, and then you get to keep all the stuff you, you got the, the first time through right? So every time it's like a little bit more a little bit more. I'm a little bit more powerful and eventually, you'll get through. Now. What's cool about this is every time you die, and you consciousness is injected into another body thought body comes with a defect of some kind like all buddies, do and the defect. That mine was God. The moment is as a cough. So it's really terrible. This version of me 'cause it is going through spaceship. And might be 'Lions on it or something that's going to kill you. And my guy counts, you'll just call frontally and everything will look at him and go, hey, coffee, and it will get really about. So I'm hoping my Kaufman Dyson. I'm not killing him. I'm going to try and get as far as. But the father, he's gonna cough really soaks because there's no hiding from anything. But there again, the guy I'd before him had cataracts. So I could barely see. So you know what I mean? There's always a is always something wrong with the version of you, it might be very little in my just be like always go limp. So he might not move as fast. The cats are swollen. I could it was like looking through vaseline as it was walking on the cuff one you just everybody that is around. 'cause you can't stop the coffees. Just gonna cough. So that's void busters. It's like a cool. The actual way it looks, it's cell shaded, you know. Is an indie game. So it's like a it's fairly low budget. But it's really fun to play on the perspective is first person. So it's like a it's like a shooter going around shoots neglecting stuff, and you hope and you don't cough. And the other one I've been playing is American fugitive, which is a game like the old grand theft, auto's where it used to be from the above perspective, where you're looking down on the world, but it's new, and it's got like next gen graphics and it's the story of this guy and starts off. And you you're that gives you a call in the middle of the night go over there. And you find you. That is dead on the floor in his been murdered. And the next thing is the cups, turn up and they instantly like take you murdered him a meal. I why did a modem about? I don't know you end up in prison spend some time in prison, eventually you after escape prison a now of escape prison on the road. I'm doing like jobs. Like we does, and it's slight Grun theft auto, but it's like old grand theft auto that you remember from like fifteen years ago, but they give it a fresh go a pain. But it still that top down perspective where you can see the car from above, but it looks gorgeous. It's like white screen espeically some individual wanted to make the old grand theft auto. But make it now feels when you play in it. So those are the games have been playing this week. What's for dinner said tonight for disconnect, sandwiches and fries sandwich fries. I know what a summer Jisr we had the sandwich before. That was pretty good that that'd be really good with French fry here would. Hi either. Now, we're vegetarian if you wonder why we're telling you what we have for supper is because maybe you've never heard of a vegetarian eating a sandwich. I know it's shocking, but what we get our vegetable based or plant based things like deli slices and we have three different types. Now, did you like that one? Calin red pepper flavored from white life. I don't mind you know, all the fake meets you can buy, like they make all you meet teaches you by Boyle, how molest of put on a some witch well for those people they make fake fake version. It's plant based on based versions, yeah. On that they're all fine could be like plus elegant, even the ones that you say, you don't lie detection, I know he doesn't bother me. I didn't let one was like, because right now, I have this thing where I can't taste really or smell anything. So textures very important. So. So that's why we're telling me what we're him for to wash your advice in them will blow up. Off five skews you on, don't take it personally. I'm taking it very personally family reunion. I didn't sleep well my mother's I didn't sleep last night. While why crack ri- moreover. But I'm tired. Think that this movie sparked this also just watching people in life. Not coping. Well with actual events in life. I cannot speak to some horrible things that can happen in people's lives. I can't I've never experienced them only my own things in the whatever human sympathy slash empathy. I can offer for other things. You know, like my aunt has lost her grandchild, or granddaughter in the past nine years old. I do not know what that's like, but I can somehow dig inside my heart and be like, oh my God. That's just it's awful awful. However, this movie promotes an idea where if you just wish hard enough that it was different then we can cope with it better like pretend. That's not how her life ended, you know, like her life, ending Sharon Tate's life. Ending everyone who dies. Said your mother pathway many years ago. My father has passed away. That's a change in our lives. Those jury difficult to cope with not only that, but the change in their lives, as they were ill or go facing their death. Change is. Life. It's existence. There is no existing without everything, changing constantly, every cell in your body is replaced, every few years to the best of my knowledge from watching scientic videos and reading about it like this concept that you're not the same lump of cells, you were when you were born, you're constantly changing, if that stops you're dead. It's because you're dead. Right. And then MO sills become something else and whatnot. Sometimes people like to sell you on the idea of this thing like this movie, if we just, you know, pretend like ended different than we can, then convince ourselves there are things like multiple universes, and fates that different lines of our existence are happening in different ways in another place in another time not suffering right now. It's just smoke in mirrors. It's a lie. It's a distraction from the truth. And however you cope with the truth. Cannot argue it, but pretending the truth doesn't exist or that it has happened for some reason that you have no basis in reality for you might as well not exist. You're making up a reality that doesn't isn't there in. This is reality, this desk, this coaster, this microwave, microwave, and this microphone conscien- here that so really this might question the existence of it. You can't see it, and I, I get that you can argue me or with me on this all day long. I get it. But if things aren't changing, and unfortunately, that comes with bad changes, as well, painful changes daily changes moment to moment things can change in your life. Thoughts can change in your mind. The things you choose to do the things people do around you or to you caused changes in your life that you do not have control over often. And then you cope. With it. You don't pretend it didn't happen because that's when you stop existing if you're not accepting the change, you know, and part of changes yesterday I felt happy ninety nine percent of the time because this that and the other today I feel very, very heavily depressed, in said because someone died or someone's ill or something that happened or lost my job, or my wife left me or my kid has a problem. Right. So that change in a motion and everything it's still is real. It means you exist in the world as you are. If you tried to deny it or pretended isn't happening someone sell, you snake oil to like live in a dream world, then that's it. You're in a dream, you're not real, you not live in your life. So true. They don't let advices in there. But existence means change, and just, you know, copen and move forward. If you can on, if you wanna know why we're not biking. We really wanna bike I wanna bike, so Beth, we didn't mention that we're not, biking bikes was, we told you about the tornado came over here, not our house. Again, chain big changes in people's lives that are being coped with you can't pretend that tornado didn't rip up people's houses then there was a law rain and now the rivers put it some of the town and the will trail that we go riding on is under Altman, but's. It's im- KT or the Katy trail, which goes for us from Saint Louis. Kansas City across Missouri. It's two hundred sixty six miles, and I think right now almost all of it is either blocked off because the potential for flooding or the hazards of letting people even try to get out there because what it was was the old train track until the train would have. Dan, a lot of the time, right with the river because a lot of the big train stops would have been for cargo coming in and out near the river to drop off, two boats people and whatnot. Right. So when the river goes up guess what gets covered? Verse the track. So we're open. It's nice and sunny for a week, and then we can go, biking, not that we're selfish, and we think it's more important for survived. Our bikes, while people are suffering the loss of huge amounts of property. But still we would like to go on our bikes on the Katie drill. We just bought new bikes. Yeah. But you haven't actually I drove past the flooding today. It's like, whoa, it's unrecognizable. And the water is almost up to the highway in, if anyone's ever driven across the causeway, which is the road, that basically, is barely poked out of a very long stretch of water. It's like a bridge but not a over the water. That's what it's like driving on the regular highway where you're usually surrounded by long fields of green. In fact, there's a turf farm out there like a grass turf farm completely underwater like it's like that's the river. Unsettling. All right. So you can catch on school dot com. With Facebook cash this podcast. Just go to school dot com. Click on the web guest. I explained it all at the beginning of the show. If you went listening, I wasn't Email, fake, to me, a Skillet Escalade dot com. Email sit tall. Kinda I wanna say who? Stay classy movies in general. Well, that's broad. But they actually Odem I like to watch a good movie, and I also like to watch about movie. If you know is our puck has will probably is usually longer. If we watch a bud MS to, because his motivation, always always more to say about something I don't like them. There is about things to do like, and I will say, thank for yourself because if you don't someone will do it for you.

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349: MEGACAST | Part 2

The Confessionals

2:36:03 hr | 4 months ago

349: MEGACAST | Part 2

"S all right today. We got these scott walker man. How you doing good. Tony how you doing man. I'm doing good doing good so Listen before we get into your paranormal experiences and things like that. Let's talk about beard oils. Because you are the voice behind the sense that we have on our beard oils and beer bombs and and the waxes and all that stuff man right. that is absolutely correct jess. Listen man first of all. I want to say again for the time to you and everybody else though sense. That you make are top-notch okay every time like so when you make a new sent for me you're like hey. I made new sent. I'll send you winds. you can check it out. Let me know what you're thinking like bro. You don't need to do that because already know it's killer like and then sometimes you like here's two cents to to smell. Tell me which one you like. More for like for the hat man. I smelled them. I was like how. How am i supposed to choose. I let other people make those decisions for me. Because i'm like i i want it all i want it all so yeah man bravo to you. What's the name of your company. So anointed ak and appreciate that matama glasslike everything. Yeah man today k. And that company. Bro is something that everybody who has a beard to be checking out so the website is anointed aka dot com right. Yes all right man. So listen friends if you like the beard oils on my website. I people tell me. I'm really bad at promoting my store. But i do have a store on the website you can get a payroll and things like that. And they're also beard oils If you if anybody who has bought the beard oils and enjoys them that promise you just go to a mid ak dot com and check out all the sense. Because how many do you have there. You have to have close to one hundred. it's insane available right now probably upwards light eighty i think but over the last couple of years up by two hundred or so. Yeah i mean every time. I look at your website. You've got something different stuff and some of those sense that you because you have a background in marketing right like you like digital design and stuff. Yeah i mean it's mainly a graphic design and then everything i do. Marketing wise is kind of just playing around like trying to see how it works. So i can make everything really nice and then it's just a matter of figuring out the marketing on top of that. Yeah because some some of the stuff that you make on that website as far as visuals go i mean. I like wind up wanting like an oreo cookie. 'sometimes announce frigging hungry so bravo to you man. And before i forget. Let's talk about your podcasts. Because you have started a podcast recently as well. Yeah. it's actually some. I've wanted to do for got another last three years. And every time i got close to starting one with someone it just kinda like fizzled out before we even got gone. And so Yeah it's called the freaky dicky it's pretty much You know paranormal conspiracy. Pretty much anything. That's outside of the norm but the entire premise behind. It is my father-in-law. And i used to go out in the garage. And just talk. Like he's kind of a skeptic very much accepted and a believer in science and all that stuff and so. It's kinda like just to have a good time. I'd try to convince him about weird things that i'm always hearing about. You know like dog man. Bigfoot and all this and bhagwat heard this one story and a lotta times at reference your show because a lot of stories came from his show. You know and. I'm an avid listener. Tony in case you were wondering appreciate it pre but we had so many discussions about this south may trying to convince them of the. You know other worldly paranormal conspiracies any of this and him just constantly batting inbound left. And right that was like this should just be a podcast and So we just kinda started from there but the the beautiful thing about it is you know. It's twenty twenty one right now. And i feel like maybe you can relate a little bit like everyone kind of lives within their own personal bubble their own opinions and all that stuff anyone goes against their opinions or their beliefs. They just kind of like lash out back. No that's not right. You're lying but So i thought it'd be a good idea to have a podcast where we talk about the weird stuff weird stories phenomena all that stuff but you get all perspectives from it instead of just me saying oh i one hundred percent believe this thing and it has to be true because that's not really how we grow society. It's not really how we learn anything that you know and so i want to hear other opinions. I wanna hear people say well. It doesn't have to be paranormal activity. This and so. That's kind of what my father-in-law christian does is a lot of times. He'll sit there and talk about. Oh it's your brain or is a natural phenomenon And so we go back and forth without rim each others heads off with a good time. Like overall comedy podcast. So we don't take anything super seriously but we talk about all the crazy topics that And men are our friend heather's third host and she's kind of new to the genre of everything so she's finding out all this crazy stuff we're talking about and just kind of giving her input as we go along and so it's just a really a nice place where you you just don't get there's no judgment power deal however you land on the subject if you don't believe it if you do believe it cool like all three of us feel entirely different things about the subjects talk about but nevertheless we still maintain relationships and friendships Screw people you don't have to you know people don't have the share your opinions just to be in your circle you know it's okay to think differently is essentially the same but yeah And every time. I explained this podcast to be expanded different ways. So that's unfortunate but overall it's just a fun time it's more comedy podcasts Than it is taking anything seriously. You know so well it's I tell you man. I'm not a fan of people walking away being friends after disagreeing. Listen i think if you don't agree with me then you are just a bad person and you should not be allowed to speak your mind and so i definitely not a fan of this. Whole idea of your podcast. Why relationship works tony. Because i agree with that. You believe in the same things and it's driving me nuts because you keep agreeing with me and i keep trying to distance myself from you as a friend you keep getting closer and it's like freaking a-man likely be alone. I don't like people who don't agree with me. You know. I just know but in all seriousness man. That sounds like a fun. Podcast and People should definitely check it out. What's again the freaky deke. And it's Instagram and all stugotz at freebie biki pods. Okay and it's on apple podcasts. Spotify all that stuff all yet man pretty much anywhere anywhere and everywhere he can find podcasts. There okay Yeah man now. you're in alaska. So i was kinda surprised. Had out there. So he's one of those things man now. just play with. You actually step outside my igloo for a second to get the audience will decide that. I just got an email from Some people up in alaska. And they're they're talking about starting. I guess they're the first like real cryptic conference in alaska and they invited me to come up and i think that they gave me pretty much option to do anything like hosted speaker whatever I just don't know if i can afford that so i interested yes. But i'm just not serve. I can swing that That's a long long way from philadelphia. Man you place to say you're anywhere near lost still anchorage. Yeah yeah well you know. Maybe that would be an option. We'll see what happens. We'll see what happens. But i got your number off. I land in alaska. Have i'll be giving you a call nearly bro. That's like sixteen hours for me Well get down here so quite the track. It's a big place. yeah it is. It is alright. We wasted ten minutes people's times talking about nonsense so let's get into the paranormal man I hear you've had a paranormal experiences in several different locations Feel free to start from the beginning and walks through the stuff men. yeah pretty much entire life man. i. I can't remember a time when i didn't see staus but the earliest thing i can actually remember seeing. If that makes sense was i had have been twelve. Thirteen somewhere in that range Our church youth group went to like some. You know those big rage in christian concerts does I want to say the the closing act was like news boys or something bad former them shine. They probably nine as their closing song. Probably man. I wish i could. I don't know anything about the concert. I just remember. I came home from a concert. And i was like super nervous because i just had this weird feeling that i was gonna see something and so as soon as i plopped down on my bed. I actually remember praying. And i was like a god If i'm gonna see something just make it quick because boy is tired and literally like ten seconds later. I'm sitting there staring on my wall. Just laying on a bed and I see like a snake. Consular up half of it and i. This is one of the few times that i saw something. That actually didn't give freaked out most of the time. It's not very masculine. I react a very specific way and It wasn't one of those times. Luckily i just watched it go halfway up and then at college lost its grip or whatever i guess just kind of fell back on the floor and as leader in bed knows well all right as rolled-over went to bed because i knew that i was going to see some of that night but ironically i don't remember before that i don't remember seeing anything before that but i know that i must have be remembered being nervous. 'cause i knew i was nessie sample if that makes sense But yeah i was just. I don't know i've my entire childhood man. I was terrified of my parents house. And there's no particular reason for it you know like i had a great family great parents and the house that we moved into the house we lived. I should say was brand new when we moved in yet. And that's not to say nothing could happen there. 'cause you're freshly bill but still it didn't make any was no cemetery are crazy land. The people shouldn't live honors like that. But i also found out pretty quickly that i was the only person mitzi stuff because i would occasionally the s my brother and my sister i beg you guys ever seen anything weird around here and it was. I was always met with. The same thing is always now. I guess must be made that. That's fine and So i kinda felt weird and part of the reason is not only seeing stuff constantly but it was just like it had a weird layouts to the hallway and i was felt super creeped out in the hallway. She's kind of one of those l-shaped hallways where it kinda opens up six feet and then you turn right in the rest of the hallways right there but at night. That hallway was super dark and as a kid who is terrified of just about everything under the sun When i went down that hallway fell creep allegation felt like something was watching me and trying to scare me all that fun stuff. And so you deal with that for about ten or fifteen years and eventually you just get sick of his so Where was this what state. This is california city california california city california's at like north central south california. Now is the high desert man. It is like fifteen minutes from hobby. Bakersfield edwards air force base on stuff. What's the Like what's the chances of a real snake actually going trying to crawl up your wall there. I mean pretty high. It is the desert but at the same time. Like we've never had made them al's so i am like again since i felt like i was something. That's the only reason i wasn't freaked out by was like this. Must be it but it was the desert so snakes were definitely nearby. i got gotcha. I just wanted to ask. Because i wasn't sure i knew around a lot and I knew the snake couldn't be up in alaska or maybe they cook snakes. Alaska got it. I i hope not tony places. Gotta have a few perks. Yeah yeah. I mean no snakes but probably plenty of Other nasty creatures out there. That's for sure you could say that but yes so. There's i mean there's a few note where the things that i saw throughout my childhood and i remember this one time actually probably teenager. Some sort of it happened in my teens. But i had to have been probably fifteen sixteen and you know in those years. I was learning bizarre. So i could impresses the ladies as you do and And so it was one night. My my parents had gone to bed and i was sitting there like writing. Probably sappy love songs that no one will ever read or hear and i to go the bathroom so i kind of put up with my down But my pen and my by pat down on the coffee table went to the bathroom. I wanna came back. There was a small black feather underneath my pen and again like an idol explains to christian. 'cause i told him about it but i was like my parents aren't practical jokesters or anything like that you know. So they're not gonna wake up like oh this will show him and and so there's really no explanation for how a black feather underneath my pen but i remember it freaking me out Of course and just kind of like sitting there silent living room holding this small and again it was super small two inches by maybe a half inch wider some tiny black feather but just holding it and wondering like did i put this. There's there's some reason this thing got here but eventually i just decided might now. It's bedtime and so. I went to the kitchen to get the heat up some leftovers. Because i was hungry from you. Know all of the songwriting. that and And but as soon there at the microwave. He'd nut he's leftovers. I glanced the reflection of it and in the reflection of the microwave. I just see this gigantic. Like black figure that took up the entire entry way to the kitchen and it was a tall entryway not massive. But i mean probably a a half feet high four feet wide or something like that but the figure took up the entire entry but i remember i saw that. I looked away. Because i was not going to deal with that in that moment as i know that wasn't a real thing everything's fine I took my food out. Probably a few seconds early for obvious reasons. And i just i remember turning around and just staring at a blank entry way kitchen and just saying allowed to a roomful. Nobody please don't hurt me. I am just gonna take food when i go to bed. This is audrey behind us. Fine and as i was walking through the by denture weight of the kitchen or exiting. The said it. It didn't feel like air. If that makes any sense at all like it was thick walking through something tangible they don't get almost felt like a knights play. As like i like i was walking through jello or something like that and amazon on fun but i know i couldn't see anything. Nothing was physically there in front of my eyes but sell heavy as i was walking through it and so as soon as i got past that is ran back to my room slam. The door. eight went sped. You know so. Like i mean you. So you're saying that it wasn't just like a heavy feeling like it was a physical like you could feel like that. You're walking through something physically. Yeah it was a it was straight up visible like i felt it go all over my boss interesting okay. When when i was i was thinking more of like the like a heavy feeling more than anything. Yeah so you see this. This black feather underneath a pen. Then you go out to the kitchen. 'cause you got the munchies from from writing music classic in stony i guess music but You see that reflection in in the the microwave. Could you tell the shape of it. I mean was it like a giant like like almost like a figure of a man or was like a giant perritt or what wasn't definitely wasn't a parent. Yeah it It looked just like it pretty much like an oversized shadow person by it was definitely a shape of a man or a humanoid in nature. Okay okay and Was that the first time you ever saw something like that in the house. Probably not now i. I saw a lot like something like that shirt like. I'd never seen anything that big in the house for sure but I was definitely used to seeing stuff. In general okay. So this kind of like the environment of the house to me. Yeah the apparently just to me like no. No wheels ever like my brother. I think maybe saw one or two things that i young got out of them throughout the course of his life but ghazi on one that saw stuff regularly. That's interesting i mean. Do you think that there is anything. There's anything about you that you are getting this these experiences. I mean like you approach it as the idea of you know you're being targeted or maybe that you have the ability to maybe you're more sensitive than other people. Yeah i mean. I've always thought that. I'm kind of like an impasse if that makes sense like i feel people's emotions and i can sense when y'all kinda like the same thing you you've talked about where you know who's gonna call before the call and all this crazy stuff I've said it before somewhere. Probably a million times this point. I've like i vote the probably the most ridiculous superpower ball time where i kinda see the future but in like really short meaningless increments like i can see what's going to happen like thirty seconds from now or ten seconds from our something like that. How was that how often i'll probably at least a handful of times a year like it's just a feeling i'll get and then this one example. I was bad when i lived in vegas. I was driving on the to fifteen think and it was pouring down rain and going down the highway. I had to get off. 'cause i i was my offramp says go right and as i was headed towards the offramp. I had like visual in my head and beth. Aw along with that vigilant. Said what if you like fish tale. When you're going up this on ramp for offramp and i was like i've never done that before so that'd be a first and then literally ten seconds later going up the off ramp and Sr deficient bill. But exactly how at seen it then same was like i got held up in vegas once and it was the same type of feeling. I didn't have a thought that was accompanied with that. But it's the same type of feeling where as soon as i saw these three guys walking towards me. I knew exactly what was about to go down to the point. Where as soon as he pulled a gun like dude dropped it. And i grabbed him in or or guys took off running and And so it's just like this kind of like six cents. Almost where like. Sometimes it's phone calls. Sometimes it's being physical events like in my head for a brief moment and then it but it's always accompanied is like a like what if this happens or what if this happens like it's always is never like a definitive like hey watch out. This is definitely going to happen. If that makes any sense not doesn't make sense. I i should say it does make sense. I think it might. I think i think i might. It doesn't make sense. It's fine but it doesn't words. Got jumbled no but it does make sense and yeah. I've mentioned that on the show before the most distinct time That that's happened to me. I remember it was. When i was a child and i 'cause i literally physically acted out in a way where i knew this was going to happen. I remember sitting in a liberal in my beat up. Broken down trailer with my me and my family. My mom was in the kitchen. My dad was sitting in the living room with me. I literally got up. I went around. The couch. walked over the counter. This is when we had home phones. Landlines and i reached my hand out to pick up the phone and just before my hand touched the phone. It rang wants. I picked it up. I answered i think from my mom. I gave it to her at around. Started walking back in the living room and my dad is like stay there. I should talk to him about this on heavily. Ledges he was looking at me like that was going to ring. I'm just like i think that's the way i remember. I remember it me saying a hobby. I told him no. I don't remember. But i should ask him about that on the show and see if he but that was like the most distinct time. Because i remember. When i was a kid who had happened to me. And i'm like oh dang i i knew that was gonna happen so i actually acted it out but it doesn't happen to me at time but i know that that feeling i mean it's what you described as p. Which is a sixth sense that you know people talk about. I think it was first discussed. An i forget what university it was and stuff but I think it's a real phenomenon. I think it's a real phenomenon and I think a lot of people have that ability and know. Do you think that it's something that That you could ever get to the point where it's more controllable or maybe y- controllable in the sense that you you would get How do i say this. So it's just like. I mean i shoot fish tailing getting job. I mean that's pretty serious but like you know could do you think that's a possibility that and not just saying you but just in general the idea. Do you think it's something that you can control where you know. Maybe you could. Just i guess that's just called Being psychic then like holiday On like command us. Yeah but i guess that's being more psychic than anything that really this. I mean if we call the anything else. I'd be for it but i just. I've never been a psychic. No one will ever take me seriously. If you were one of those fancy hats mood they believe you then. She told me twice. Now there there you go there you go So yeah man. That's interesting that's interesting and that was. How old were you when you when you you were in vegas. So you're an adult at that point right yes was probably like i'll probably twenty two. I'm thirty now so it had been like two thousand twelve two thousand thirteen but yeah. I don't know i've always end up. Just a touch on what you kind of mentioned before like i've always thought about it too like is there any way for me to make this better or or like hone it a little bit to where it's more controllable or anything like that as as strange as it sounds but the only thing i've actually tried doing is being more. I guess positive with the way i speak like. If i don't know if that sounds like it lines up in my head it does but six like like you control the world around you with your words you have the power of life and death. Tom or whatever you wanna call it like. I feel like when. I'm more positive. And i believe in that things are going to happen that they actually happened. But if i'm negative. And i believe bad things are gonna happen. Those happen yellow is. I don't know if that's just the perspective shifts or whatever like like. I mean fair warning. I'm probably the salty. Chris in that walks Spray like a sailor and and all stuff from super negative all the time. But like i found when i do try to actually be positive that it does help and it helps like i feel like i can make better things happen if i have a positive mindset of. I don't know if that ties in. But we're talking about if i went on a crazy tangent there but made my head no. It's it's almost like what people talk about with the law. The law of attraction right. I mean a little bit to thinking what you say. can manifest and You know it. Like i. I know i sound like a broken record on this show but i when i say things i mean i mean it it really all depends on how you of view the world around you as to how you're gonna perceive certain philosophies and things like that i mean what i with what i just said there are people out there that here that unlike. Yeah absolutely you your own destiny this that and the other and then there's other people out there that would say well. Yeah it's like you speaking it out. God hearing you in blessing you like this. You know what i mean. There's so many different ways to go about it. I mean. I mean maybe if you're speaking out negatively and you're saying i want this person diana happens not god so yeah that's that's more like voodoo stuff but I don't think so. I mean i. I hope not be kind of like claims you if you are. I just want to address that we are oppressed. We are friends as true. Yeah all right cool man. So where do we go now. let me think there's a. There's a few instances similar like when i got held up. I told you the the guy dropped his gun but the way he dropped. It looked like someone pushed out of his hand. And so i have a few stories that i feel are like almost define intervention or like angelic intervention. Or something like that But that was one of them. But there was one time when i was at my parents house and it was the craziest thing that's ever happened. As far as like a the feeling that came over me when it was going on Yeah so i. I should preface this. I really don't want this out in the world. But i it's the story so people have to now When i was a teenage boy there. I have like this odd fascination with what. Stay hillary duff. All right let's just give it every day. Everyone is aware the Now is i'm past it Was wanted but Yes i had like several like hillary duff posters on my walls grandma and it started out as a joke. If i like. My guy friends will come over what's doing along then. Eventually me on my will. Now have to add. As many as and so i have i think at the most four but one on each wall and and i thought it was hilarious but i people price is weird and i'm okay with that but there was this one night i I woke up in my hillary duff bedroom and at the foot of my bed figure staring there and kind of like illuminated. Guess and i'm trying to figure out the best never described the appearance of figure because it's super hard to detail but it's It's like at first. It was my pastor but the the shape or that the face was constantly shifting into other leaders from my life like it was my mom at one. Point was the pastor was like just different people to had spiritual influence on me throughout my childhood and all that and i just remember feeling super peaceful. I wasn't creeped out as kind of like sat up and like look at this thing and though the being looked over to my wall and saw one of the hillary duff posters above my bed and then looked back at me and was like you know. You gotta take this down right. And and i'll just kinda like i'm tired first of all so at how. How did you stuck me to do that. And this look of confusion over. The i'm i'm just going to call it angel. I have no idea what it was but over the angels face. Just look at me. Like i'm an idiot for a second and it was like well. How do you normally take them down. And these are just little posters on the wall man like fun. Tat's all right best taken down but and so i just look over at at the wall where the oster is and i've ripped the corners of it instead of going to thumb tacks out weird flex i know but for whatever reason that's high took the poster down i remember holding onto and looking at it. I said in an tossing it on the floor or am i looked back up at the angel. She had like a smile on her face and she is kind of tapped my forehead and then i went back to sleep by and so i go the next morning i was like that was the strangest dream in my life and i look down the ground. And there's the poster. I look up on the wall. And there's the four corners the poster. Oh okay maybe that actually happened. I have no idea what it was but it was weird nonetheless and again i just felt like super calm feeling like i've never been more at peace in my life is what i say because it was kinda just most people. You wave w. See something room you're going back. Whoa that's not supposed to be there. Hold on but but for menages give super peaceful reminds me of man. I don't remember what episode it was. It was like within the first twenty. I wanna say episode seventeen. I think i had a guy named jason on the show. And i've heard several times throughout the show but this is the first time i heard it. That's why it sticks out in my head all the time and He he he's actually in the intro. He's the one that says that looks bush. And there's a monster then he was gonna monster at the end of the intro and But he talked about living in an old farmhouse as a kid growing up and he woke up and saw alan say welcomes remember few super now but he saw this entity or something and it was flashing images to him. Recognizable images And are distinctly. Remember him saying the one image. It flashed him was Was fred flintstone and And he talked about that. And that is so bizarre to me. Especially as an podcast as somebody who is just trying to understand how to hold these conversations with people and you know i still i was you know. Wet behind the ears I heard that. And i was like i don't even know what to say to that. Like i have no. I have no idea i. I know i've i've i've heard it's since on the show because i remember talking to other people about this and i think we were in on in those conversations. We were talking about the idea of. Et doing this. I think if i remember correctly And it's just an interesting thing makes you wonder what e is it makes. You wonder what you saw. What that is. I mean you said that you had this sense that it was like angelic You know why. I don't know like what what i mean. You've had time to think about it. What why do you think that that instance happened to you. I mean honestly your guess is minded it was i i hold onto it mainly because there was one of the few things that i actually saw. That didn't terrify me and But you thought about the. I thought about the significance of it. Just like almost like shape shifting indigents just spiritual leaders in my life up until that point like if there is significant that or what but like i explained it. I don't know. I don't know how many people out there have seen the movie but it was similar like i saw this movie later on in life nonstop. Oh crap that's kind of how that one thing leads but it was Unless the movie's called like a darkly some cel shaded kiana reeves movie. But there's like these weird like skin suits. Don't spoilers i guess. I'm thinking like two thousand three but i mean you said you said the name of the show or the movie said kiana reeves and it sounds rate movie to me. So don't worry about it. Won't it's a. There's i don't remember what they were executive as pretty much lake people were these suits. That were constantly shifting in a different like phases in looks and stuff like that. And that's just the only way. I could ever describe what i saw. Because that's the only thing i've ever seen in my life since that time that actually kinda connected to it in a way that was reliable like oh maybe that's what it was but definitely wasn't a cartoon that i saw so i don't really now that's interesting that's interesting And the fact that you weren't scared did you ever relate stored anybody after that happened or did you kinda hold onto that one. I i think we had just come back from redding california or something like that and And we were visiting people that were also took a what vessel church in all that stuff so we were like i. I remember emailing one of our friends of their counseling. Her about it the next morning and her i think response was something along. The lines of that was an angel telling you to stop obsessing over hillary duffers high dude. I have no idea. Like like that's about as close as i get i guess is don't obsess over hillary duff k. There you go disney channel. Turn it off work. You mentioned bethel church now. That church sounds really familiar to me. Why do i feel like if i know a church in california. It's probably because it's known for something not good. What what is up with beth. Yeah i think the pastor. Chris ballots and bill johnston his sons. Now i haven't really kept up too much on it. They're pretty big church. i think I think bethel music is what it's called as a ton of worship albums and stuff that they release. So that's probably. That's probably yes probably. I was just making sure you weren't part of a cold or something. I bet they. So i'm gonna you know we're flying solo on the church front right now so still still browsing team. Jesus that's all you need so All right man so those are some of your experiences now that was california and you got jumped in vegas. You had that angelic thing. I mean it seems like a recurring situation here. Where you believe you had I guess angels looking out for you one way or another. Yeah i think the only the only one that is still kind of weirds matt this day like the out. End the parents house stuff on this one Well there's a couple more but There was one time. I woke up and i remember like visually everything because my bed was in the middle of room. We were painting my room. So i remember sitting up in the middle of room on my bed to my mom like you know kind of check nicol nicolson face through the door typos at five. Am and she looks over. May she starts talking. I'm trying to like wake up. Non white supremacy is and and she's talking. She was really excited by cantor. Stand a single word that she sang and And so i'll start like wait. What and she starts talking against so smiling ear like enjoying whatever the heck it is. She's telling me and then she says it again. I can't hear a word of it or understanding a word of it. And so i'm like okay. Whatever i'll just ask you. When i wake up and went back to sleep and she kinda left my door slightly open so i will go up a eight thirty or something like that and i went down to my mom's room and she was reading in bed and i remember walking up to a man like okay. What were you trying to tell me this morning. And she is not looked at me and she's what he's talking about. I said well you like busted through my door this morning. Super excited about some didn't understand a word he said was like nah a didn't go in your room this morning and And her. I don't know her thought behind it was. It must've been her guardian angel. Got the wrong room and your house like i love. How conceited are you using your guardian angel. Just like you come on but But yeah it was. It was the strangest thing. Like d'appel ganger but there is no sinister intent behind. It actually looks pretty happy. So i have no idea what that was either but it looks exactly like my mom interesting interesting. What happens in vegas man. I know you've got mugged. Is there anything else that happened in vegas. Yeah some actually though the weirdest one. And i talked to a little bit about it where i don't know. I can't differentiate between hallucinations with a few stories. I have that there is no explainable. Way for me to stay This was just my brain and one of those stories was when i was living by myself. Fight a one bedroom apartment off sunset and my you know my posse of gay. Best friends shutout daniel. Marcus went karaoke king every every week. Then they drag their their favorite straight guy with them and One of these nights. Where at the bar was paul strang aware at east string and there was this girl there and i'm the type of guy that never approaches when a man like i just do not have that game and but for whatever reason i got talked into doing and i walked up so i just kind of like played smooth. I'm gonna be honest with you completely. Smooth one or over somehow and cut to the following weekend. She comes over to my place and i mean let's just say we're reading scripture. She leaves right but the embiid she comes over four days after that. And that's what the focus of the story is is the four days between her right so she comes over. She leaves the next day. I'm going to sleep. And i wake up at look at the end of my hallway and there's just like a small shadow person standing at the end of the hallway staring at me and so i jump up journal and low and there's nothing there and so mike okay I go to sleep. Forget ever happens and then the following night the second i i the same thing happens except the up. And there's a shadow person standing in my doorway. And as soon as i see it. He kinda photography gear up like some of those big umbrella lights. And as soon as i see it he dashes behind those umbrella lights. I jump up. Turn on the light. Nothing there slap okay we. You're at then the following night night number three. I wake up to a crash. And it's my like one of those tall lance next to my bed. And so i wake up to the side of this thing crashed into the brown and i remember yelling at my cat at the time because i thought of course her three am shannon's she's not over my land but as i'm yelling i like turn trying to find my cat. And she's lights freaked out on the bed next laying down looking as if she had just woken up to as a super freaked out by all this stuff. And i'm like why does it keep happening like night after night. After night men the fourth night she comes over. And i think we made dinner or something like that and we're on the couch watching a movie. I remember it was. It was crazy the way she said. It's me because it's super nonchalant but she is kind of rests her head on my shoulder as she just like. Oh by the way. I get followed around by six year. Old daemon boy named zack. And well i mean yeah What exactly and so. She explains to me that her friends were playing around with a ouija boards like a couple years prior to this moment and she said that after that like something attached to her as she said that all of her friends can see it but she's never seen it once but if pretty much follows her around and As she said she gave one example. She said one of her friends. I think They were like a second second floor of a building house presumably and and the girl looks out the window. And there's a shadowy figures standing outside the window the second floor billing or second storey building and and then so like well that's an interesting development because for the last few days here i've been terrified and you've been sparing both me and my cat equally And her reaction to when. I kind of explain what had happened to reaction to. It was like almost jealousy like she was super upset that i got to see it. She didn't and so that was yet. Let's just say. That was the last time i saw her. I was like you know this is fun. You're super great but you can't have. That can't be around that forever. Because i'm the one that sees stuff i can't take you in my life and But it took me. I wanna say like roughly months actually feel comfortable in that apartment like you know the blessing in this aging and the praying and all that stuff. It's like a month for me to be okay with the lights off. They're all kinds of stuff just because it felt super creepy ever since she walked in and so. That's one of the few stories that i have that i actually have zero explanations for like there's no or there's no way for me to save. It was just my head or loosening or you know dreaming or wherever you on college christian if you're listening But yeah so there. There's no explanation for like what i dunno. Johnny what would you call that. Is that a shadow. Beast demon daemon. Boy i don't know i call it. Get out of my house. They yeah that. I'm the i hear that i'm like get out. Get out now. It's been real but it hasn't been real good. Get out you know. So it's time to roll baby Yeah now i would have done the same thing. I would have kicked her out and said you're done see you later. Enjoy your life and You know if you're that if you if you wanna see the kid that much then wish you luck in your endeavors. That's for sure. And so. And i remember i let it go after that point because i want to think about it. Talk by nothing but a few years down the road. Remember just kind of looking up But ouija board stories. And i remember searching specifically for zach the ouija board demon because i guess i don't know i have no idea why bud apparently like people are linking that with Exaud ariza mama. Whatever the the random the main ouija board demon is people talk to allegedly and further than that like people were saying that there is a reference to a ziesel or something like that. And i remember that striking's may curiously. Because i isn't that. I mean not only from the tv show supernatural but also like the booker. If i'm not mistaken ryan yeah. Yeah sorry. I forgot heading into that. Yeah no you're absolutely right in fact. Continue your story. I'm going to grab my book and start looking for. Yeah so i just. I don't know it was weird. I mean do. I think that the one of the oldest demons of all time was hanging out in my one story or one bedroom apartment. Las vegas i not necessarily. But i think it's interesting that there is that people are making connections to that demon in particular just through a like us a week or stuff like that so i don't know like i i don't i don't know anything man like every time i think i understand stopping my mind is blown the following week because someone presents some thing else that as at it's hard to keep up at some point you know yes. So i got the list of these fallen. Angels in the in iraq. I'm sorry man. I'm spacing here. I'm spacing and i'm not gonna go reading through it all and stuff but If you want chapter eight it says and azazel taught men to make swords and knives and shields breastplates and make known to them the medals of the earth and the art of working them and bracelets and ornaments and the use of anatomy and the beautifying of eyelids and all kinds of costly stones and all coloring. A don't know what that word is quite The fact is is azel is the reason why a women look so beautiful as true so showers as well but also how dare you. The art of the eyelids. He's gotta youtube channel summer. I'm sure i'm sur- oh man. Yeah no. that's that's a very interesting point and when you said that name was like yeah. You're absolutely right. I have heard that before so There's that man there's that yeah so again a. I don't like wholeheartedly believe that as as was hanging out in my apartment bachelor style. But i mean is it a possibility. Sure 'cause literally everything else is so i have to out there I mean listen. If you had as as well hanging out your apartment. I think you have some some pretty gnarly stories. You know like he wasn't a nice dude. You know he back doing my makeup and stops that. Thanks man appreciate looking fly. Yeah i mean. I it dude. I'm telling you man like he's mentioned a lot in this book. And i wouldn't i wouldn't want to. I mean any of the characters bro. Like i'll pass you know. I heard a story years ago about A guy who He he was put in a mental institution because they thought he was crazy but he was talking about how he was here. In these conversations of these Forget i forget how he said i think he he called it and i think he said that they call themselves the fallen ones and They were talking and like these like different language and stuff back and forth and referencing like the The arc no noah's ark. And they were talking about the happened in the pre diluvian era. And i i really wish i could have had this guy on the show It just wasn't possible and But i don't think he was crazy and he didn't think he was crazy either. I don't think he was crazy. Because he was saying things that he he was like. You know relaying the story. And he's like you know you ever hear such a thing The person who's telling me the star. It was like yeah. I heard that before. It's like the guy had no idea what he was talking about. But he was spitting game. That people are like There's only one way that you could possibly know what you're talking about if you now if you never studied this stuff and it's it's because whatever it is has been there and his part of his story was Hughes being stopped like. I don't want to say. I guess haunted But like he was literally picked up by his neck and slammed against the wall and and like you know the theoretically nothing was there but this did to him so interesting convincing him that yeah exactly. He's he's got the scars to prove it. I don't know man there's There's a lot of stuff out there anytime that people hear stuff that has historically accurate or lines up with something that they had no idea existed. I mean how can you not believe in paranormal. How can you not believe in crazy stuff. That happens when their stories like this floating around out there. Yeah yeah and i just re like recently. My dad was talking about writing a book. And i don't wanna talk about what the topics are going to be in stuff. If i even do it. I told him i said i'm not a writer man and he's like you should do it but In went about to say isn't the book. But i well the concept The kind of blurred together. And and they the crossover and i. I just don't think it's as easy as i believe this or this is true or this is true so i have to believe this i. It's a. I think that there's a lot more complexity to these things and And i'm not gonna go too deep on it. Because i'm going to save for the book by my book. What it being released. I don't know about ten fifteen years while you're on the topic. Why don't you tell us a little rock. Yeah just dive into those chapters real quick on listening. It's fine i have. I have no idea how to write a book but my dad's like telling me he's talking about it this past sunday and he's like you should really write a book about this and i'm like i don't know it sounds like a lot of work it is but if you do a piece by piece over time i think i. I'm on board your dad. I'm game do it. It's probably not going to happen. So it'll happen does talk and not right. It's easier to talk true. So talk throughout alaska man. Let's jump in alaska. What has happened in alaska yet. Both of these are gonna be the alaska. Stories is relatively short and both of them are like next to my wife who's sleeping When we lived in eagle river we recently moved up to us still got a house and so we're about thirty minutes away from battled house but in the old house we were. Yeah i remember okay. I woke up to the boys saying to to hearing a voice. Say is that bam and so. I always face the wall when i fall asleep. Because you know when you see enough stuff in your life. I can't see if i'm facing the wall. And so i woke up facing the wall and i hear something say is that them and that piques. My curiosity obviously a kind of like do like a half roll like turn around and look and there's this clogged kind of shadow person standing next to our bed. And as i'm staring at it. And you know spoiler alert. I didn't jump up and fight the thing that was kind of moving in and my wife. I know i should've sorry world but when you see something like that in the flesh frees up this but it starts kind of like leaning closer to my wife with finger extended like it's going to touch her on the head and as soon as it gets close to her head and it's fingers like right next to her forehead he just kind of dissipates disappears. And now's the end of it. But i i tell people. He disappeared in the army explain. It wasn't just like a fade out or something like that. It looked like if you're gonna take a match to a piece of paper and you watch the flame kind of eat away that piece of paper. That's how disappeared like almost like a burned out of existence or something like that slowly and silently fuss so yeah those one one event in eagle river and then out here recently probably just a handful weeks ago i woke up and Just kind of like wiping sleep from is again. And i'm like looking at my wife. And she's asleep facing me but directly behind her shoulder To the right is another face. And it's just pound looking at him and it's a creepy looking face and it's not a nice looking face and i remember thinking back on the incidents that i hadn eagle river like. I didn't do anything when that happened. So what. I should do such punch this thing in the face and but i also remember thinking well. You can't punch it if you swing your probably gonna hit your wife square in the face. And she's not appreciate that no one's gonna believe that it was an accident all kinds of fun stuff and so i remember like having this weird debate with myself my head as i'm staring at this creepy looking face my wife and i i guess i landed on the option of like slowly. Move my backhand towards her face. Like i was just going to see if i could touch it and so i just kind of like slowly move the back of my hand towards this evil creature looking face thing and i remember swatting. It with my fingers backhanded style. We're choice i now but i just didn't wanna punch my wife in the face and as soon as as soon as i flipped my fingers when gino it i ended up flicking my wife in the face and and so she wakes up like goodness. I'm so sorry. That was as i saw something as trying to get rid of it but apparently i just hit you instead and as soon as i made contact with her like the thing kind of morphed into her more back into her like the face moved into her. I don't know how to explain it. Sounds weird are you saying like there. You're looking at a face separate from your body and then moved. It's the this face moved into your wife. Yelich the two of them merged together is your like does that. Not freak you out bro. I mean you know it is what it is but Yeah i don't know. Because because i don't how to explain it like what if that was just a loose nation with allen was just weird i maybe that's me taking the easy way out feeling. That one wasn't real right but but yeah at at the same time. Did you tell your wife about this. Did you tell her exactly what you told me. Yeah what she's like. My wife woke me up and as she told me a face. A creepy face merged into my body. But like using my possessed like what. We're going to start. Maybe your demon got ahead. Miss can't do it battle. She doesn't usually lights. May telling her the stuff that i see because she gets freaked out paisley but i felt obligated to tell her that she that assault with her. I have to. What am i a monster. And so i told her. Both love 'em. She was oddly unfazed by a bike. She of of course wasn't like be you know but but she was. You know she didn't react the way. I would assume that she would ragged a hearing that there was. We're demons hanging around her poker face or or whatever so out to noser she is. She's a strong lady. So so shut up to china not the country. My wife much better than the country. So oh man. Scott that's interesting that's really interesting and I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. Because i think i'd be freaked out to go to sleep every night knowing that that happened to me to me. My wife and that just happened not long ago. A few weeks i can. I can share one more. We're like i told you off the air. I have cat stories. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah so this is the most business. The one cat story ended evolves my brother in vegas when we live together. there was Have you ever heard of the documentary nightmare now. You should check it out. It's not only my childhood but also it's It's just about like sleep paralysis. And these people telling stories of stuff that they saw when they're growing up when all this so when i watched that it literally scared grab enemy like it's really well done but i sent to my entire family as just a hey should probably check this out. See no my childhood was like and I watched it with my brother. And our vegas apartment and i remember him being freaked out by it and afterwards went to bed i went to my. My room was my cat He went to his room. And you know. I'm tv in my room about you. Know fifteen twenty. Maybe thirty minutes later my cat is good was laying on my bed stands up jumps off the bed and then like kinda looks below the door like we're the crevices and just start growling and i'm looking at like a jc. Definitely not the time Let's not do that. Everything's fine and she wouldn't. She wouldn't be buzzed but she litters sat there growling at the door for like a solid minute and a half and then just stopped jump back up on the bed weird and so like five minutes later. My brother comes or there's a knock at the door. I should say spoiler. It was my brother. But i opened the door is i. Do you mind if i hang out here with you for a couple minutes. Might use everything. Okay and he proceeds to tell me that. He saw my cat in his room like four times the size that she actually is but that she can't keep this clean. The story itself is relatively strange and bizarre but For the sake of the story let me just say. She jumped up on his chest and he was having sleep prowse's and he couldn't move obviously and my cat was trying to seduce him. Holy crap yeah so so obviously. He's he's panicky right as anyone would-be i hope As he's just like explain this to me. I'm like wait till via walk it through one more time for me i. I'm not a hundred percent. Understanding your cap was trying to you. Know okay off and it got like where eventually she just left but it was during that same period where my cat was literally growling at my door that he was experiencing this. And so i'll say a hundred million times cats are crazy protectors. And that's why i love cats dome odds cats dogs all day long grow. That's a weird story. That's that's crazy. I mean i've heard of incubus oculus and all that. I've never heard of any of them. Come into somebody in the middle of the night in the form of a cat. That's weird weird weird that they thought it would work like others. Look get him. Was that saved my brother. They know something. You don't know how o- on that note scott tell me Tell the audience again where they can get your podcast. Yeah it's the freaky d you can find it. Spotify at podcasts. Pretty much anywhere. Podcasts are social. Media's are at freaky dicky pod the freaky podcasts on facebook and we just launched a website. The freaky dot com again if you're easily triggered by Swearing or people having different opinions than you probably not the show for you but at the end of the day were having a good time and we enjoyed stories that we read at is a good way to talk a lot which we all love to do. So and also the beard company bro. Listen listen i want you to tell people give him something man. What what are you got working right now in the In the lab. Because i know you've got some concoctions going. I'm sure oh yeah A ton. that's actually launching next week. So i don't know. I don't know in the airspace when this is releasing. But if you're hearing this odds are it's just released so yes when i'm by don't catch something out and actually i should say that i've been getting a lot of requests for not only re stocks of confessionals oils. That are out of out of stock at the moment. The issue that is suppliers like the whole covert thing. It's hard for me to find certain supplies. And that. When i do find them a take forever gets alaska. Wouldn't you believe but not only. Am i gonna be Restocking a few yeti. And bob a sealer one-star dog man stock those but i'm also i wanna work on a couple of new ones when we talk about it a couple of weeks ago but but yeah so stuff's in the works and it will definitely be a couple of cents coming out just for the confessional series and all that fun stuff but tony. You're obviously going to be the first one again on my half. Do you tell me not to but the half. it's it's a nosy. Be type you keep them coming man because freeze for me. I like i like getting the veered oils. The male Yeah during the christmas time. We came out with. Cramp is at a seasonal thing. It is yeah. I do have some labels. Leftover though so i might at some point. I do On the instagram. I do like throwbacks every once in a while and so throughout the year olds pickled oils. That are kind of out of stock. And i'll just reintroduce begay you get ten bucks right here for the four hours of thursday on so i might do that with. Grampus aren't much is honestly bring it back. Full-time for whatever's left as far as labels go probably not do the bombs and the wax melts again. Because i'm pretty sure. I ran out those but the oil's might be back for sure. Yeah man my favorite sent you made. So far was the ufo. Sent dow is my favorite by far. And i'm right there with you. When i when i smelled the sasquatch odds amazing right and then i smelled. The dog matters. That's my favorite a why you come out with row like it's like. Oh that's my favorite by seriously ufo. That's my favorite like that age of smell so smooth bro. A love it anyways. Listen i appreciate coming on. Show talking about some of your stories and Everybody should definitely go. Check out the freaky dicky podcast and leave him a five star rating review on i tune. Give him some love. Please do please that especially Can i mention just the one. Sorry i want calls. Doodo look okay someone. Someone said that we have a far left political agenda. And that's just the furthest thing matured. So i i have no idea where that came from or why but i don't think they listen to our podcast bro. That's why he got that breeding the reviews like that man they they people put stuff up there and they don't like there's no way you can delete it. There's no way you report it. There's none of that and so people who just hate you. They can put that up there and there's nothing you can do about it. So why would you subject yourself to the mental anguish of knowing that somebody said something crazy about not true. And there's nothing you can do about it. They don't don't don't even bother like don't waste your time with it like just when you get emails from people that love on you love on them back when you get comments from people that love on you love on back. But don't subject yourself to the randomness of the i tunes wine star reviews. Probably some probably the best advice for her. So yeah i will try to take that but i'm also glutton for punishment so we'll find out yes why you call yourself broadcast your bunch of freaks over there all right. Thanks for coming on. Appreciate service all right today. We got bow on the show. How you doing bo will get tony. How you doing good so bo you are the host of the bump. Podcast man it. Well the bump podcast bump stands for the believers of the unexplained monsters and paranormal It was the name of my little goes. Hunting grew by having in the air force. And i just. I like the names brought over written when i started to do this podcast. I got started due to the the whole. Kobe shutdown thing. I'm a teacher and i was working from home. I love podcast. I listen to your show for years of dwis show. And i started taking swing at it myself as a head. Extra downtown in this kind of just grown little as times went off. That's awesome man. Yeah a lot of people started podcasting during the covid. Shut down at least the first one I remember during that shutdown. I was building the studio and You know with in the studio. I upgraded the microphone. Well this microphone. I'm using now. But i wanted to get a matching one in here so that when i have my dad or guessing here it's the same microphone and so i go to the audio store and i'm like hey i'm looking for a sure. Sm seven be and they said we don't got any what do you mean you got any fresh out. Why because everybody. Everybody starting podcast. I was like well. I'm actually a podcast. Or i need the microphone like i told him. I said you know you you understand in a year from now. Those people are going to touch their mike. Von me twice and they're gonna wind up selling them for half the price on facebook marketplace. And i'm gonna make out like a bandit they i'm gonna i'm gonna buy them all up and hold onto them for the next shutdown. A pedal amounts of people who are trying to start podcasts. Again so But yeah i mean i. It's a lot of people started doing with the whole pie casting thing. And i think podcasting one from seven hundred. The other is about seven hundred thousand podcasts worldwide before the shutdown in about a month later there's eight hundred thousand so that means about one hundred thousand people started podcasting and you know it makes sense though. I mean there's a lot of people listen to podcasts. And they all of a sudden have all his new found time and they listen to podcasts. And they're like well you know what. Let me get a shot and see how it works out and It it's it's actually encouraging for me. Because i i like seeing the industry grow. Obviously i mean The more the industry grows means more people are listening to podcasts. Which means more people can come and find my podcast so It's a win win win. So yes yeah. I mean there's what seven billion people on the earth. You know there's plenty people to share so you have paranormal experiences. You went through anything from a haunted house you grew up in to seeing you vo possible sasquatch. You mentioned your paranormal investigator. We're going to start off chronological though as in your in your childhood the house you grew up in and go ahead and feel free to share some stories that you guys went through in that house. But let's start off with the craziest thing you're gonna say on the show today talking cat bro. What are we talking about. You're talking cat yet. Johnston get this is the one that was holding off until i got on your show tony. This one's just for you. Because now no i don't think Can talked about it on zest. Watch chronicles reignite that On a house okay. I grew up in the eighties and we were pretty much pours dirt so we were allowed to live in his house. That was the belong to a family. Friend It was about one hundred years old already at that time it was a big two story stone house and You know story goes. Several people had died in the home. it was an old house We would have things. Go on like the rocking chair. Start rocking on his own or down to go to bed at night and my tape player would start. Start playing in. i'd get up to turn it off before i could touch it. It would stop playing. It would do me like that two or three times back and forth. United lay down. It would start. Get back up. It would stop things that wouldn't hurt anybody but you definitely know that you're not alone that kind of stuff but tom goes on around. Ninety one. Ninety two were moving out of the house. You know we got a place to go to mom remarries all that good stuff and we're leaving. We're packing up everything. I've had this cat for years The whole we had this cat he would jump up on this old buffet that we had in front of the window and look out the window and catch make weird noises. You know you kind of mon or whatever. And he would not like he was saying. Oh no you know but like a cab or long drawn out ono kind of noise odd but you know whatever is a weird cat well. I would go to dad's house for the weekend a while. i'm gone imam was home alone and she said the cat would walk through the house in his essay ono. She thought this is so weird. But it's not like the cat was saying where's bo. So maybe it's a cat making weird noises. Ono wears bo kind of similar. Okay but moms wore out happen every time. I would go away while we're getting closer. Tom frost move out. I'm trying to make sure with me. And i found the cat outside a pig him up and bring him in the house and tony. I'll promise you man brought the cat in the saw the house and the cat straight up to said put me down there. There's nobody else around me. It was just put me down. So i drop the cat and i took off running up to my mom. And she's like. Oh it's okay you know my mom's open to everything under the sun you know she's like whatever no big deal and it was only time he anything that different than the os sound you know but we go to move and this is a big lazy cat just like any other tabby We go to the move up. Pick the cat up. We're all outside. We're getting to the car. And he flips out like a dog night scratch and claw flipping out of my hands Hours eleven year old boy his legs holding he's doing flips like he don't care her him he's getting away from me all set and he would leave that house he wouldn't leave the property and for about two years you know we would pass the house that he would still be sitting outside the house. Nobody else moved in and he just refused to leave. So i don't know if something attached to that cat or something with speaking through it. I knows crazy as as we went straight into weird but know that that's how i was. I was about eleven years old at the time when we moved out. So were you on drugs at eleven kidding. It would be believable. Good boy a good kid. That's good is just a wild cat. I don't understand how we found him as a stray but that stuff started happening when he was you know we had him for two or three years in the house so he he was a house cat the entire time you had them and then you go to move and he basically runs away and doesn't want anything to do with you. Yeah he would not leave that property and you found him on the property. Nope i found him actually a state park. It had been dropped off. That's weird man that's weird. I've heard i've heard I've seen those videos of dogs. That are crying and it sounds like they're saying i love some. You know. I love whatever so when you're did you actually see its mouth move. He sounds dumb too but he always looked away he would look out the window and just repeat of no and it sounded like perfect english. It didn't sound like you know a dog war blend or whatever it is just oh no ono and when i was carried him and he said put me down what looked as now so look at the back of his head. You know running freaked me out. Would freak me out to That's not supposed to happen. I think the only the talking cat i've ever seen with sabrina. The witch or whatever that Ship with her her cat that talked. that's related. Now is this the property that you had that was the haunted house yet ios all all that same property the house that we were. You know that is live in for a while I never heard any any voices inside the home Just real innocent kind of activity. You know the rocking chairs. The tape players had some recurring dreams of somebody. You know some white figure staring through doors and stuff but you know have that you can just chalk up through imagination But yeah the talking cat was definitely the first time i've had that happened. Forty years man. Hopefully the last man did your mom here to like. She heard this cat talking. I yes she did because she told you that it was asking for you. Yeah yes you say it. Every time i believe it would say where's bo. i don't know it. It takes all credibility away from anything else. I to say bad. But that's why that's why that's why we started off right there to tear it down. And we're going to rebuild the house on this podcast crazy. You're crazy stories over there. Yeah no but it's interesting man. And i i don't know i don't know that it's really weird and you know. Be to say that the cat was possessed by something. I don't know i don't know it's it's very weird though. So what else happened in that house. in the house there wasn't much Like i said my mom is real open to anything that went on anyway. So with iraq would start rocking on home. She would just talk to whoever had died in the house before there was an old lady by the name of tech t e k She had she had lived there in the home. You know back in the early nineteen hundreds or whatever and mom's assumed it was her so she would just start talking to her. Hey tech you wanna cup of coffee bomb. Go onto the kitchen She never really freaked out about this kind of stuff. You know she Jedi couple of ouija board experiences when she was a kid. I guess might anything less than that. Not too bad so so your mom mess with ouija board when she kid a couple of times change. She got away from it. Somebody's or she was with somebody when they saw somebody sitting kitchen power. That wasn't supposed to be there. The yeah i would do the same. I would do the same not really interested in and seeing people sitting on the counter that aren't supposed to be there stairway. yep me too so You moved from that house what what happens next in your life i mean. Are you moving to another haunted house. Or is that kind of the the the end of the haunted house scenario for you As far as haunted houses go that was about it. se like in our area by anywhere. You go in southern west virginia. Somebody's got a story. So weird stuff happens no matter where you are or who you're around I had a couple of little things happen down the down the line before i joined the military that you know kind of stood out When we moved to our new location It was still all down. We had a out go hunting but my stepfather and we had a year we were on. We had a weird spring that we are in the woods at the time. I had no clue what it was. But after talking about bigfoot and listen to hundreds hundreds of shares about big. I think that's what that was I talked about on west show. Believe where you know. We're going into the woods we get right to would lot and you hear something spring Sound like grown man trimming talk about three or four times in a row but in between each screen. There's just really weird like it was in pain just than it was screaming getting yet said that chills your jerry and shotguns. The woods be stopped at our tracks. He hasn't laid agree. We walk out. It was Little things like that you know is i've had having your anywhere went on to be honest It's hard to break it all down. I guess i said you last night. I got this list. But the more i told or more i think about you know. Yeah and feel free to share. Whatever i now you you at one time had a paranormal investigative group and was that something that was spawned because your experiences as a kid. Or were you were. You just always fascinated by the paranormal decided to start investigating. I've always been into all things. We're you know It wasn't so much like something something triggered this and made me want to join a group or make it grew. It was a lot of just fascinated with what is on the other side. Are you know what is the other side What's the difference point spirits near seoul or or whatever and so. Maybe buddies that. I worked with when i was stationed in louisiana. We decided we'd go out and just scare. Sounds the desk going to cemeteries now on occasions. I had the you know the electronic recorders night vision camera. Everything i was. I was trying to actually document things and not a lot happened. You know Mostly things that could just be explained away. We don't want anyone on but it was definitely son we We have one instance in a cemetery that went to actually i'd sampling looking texas. They come over. Visit not decided i was going to take because down scare. Them death John legend cemetery and we had you know everything. Setup were walking out there. And i'm talking to me was the show itself. You know you know the usual spiel. You get from dose honors or whatever and through the cameras useful light honor tweet long and all of this ray so me and my youngest cousin take over there with me and when we get there it was actually the headstone of a girl. The had dot at the age of thirteen and my cost was thirteen. So that freaked. Her out could have been incidence. Might not a band but it may be a really good night than staying at all so it was good time. Yeah what do you think about that. I mean as far as the light goes. Do you think that was some kind of spirit like an orb or something Personally yeah i. I'm really. I'm really open. And i don't think there's any panic west office planet so i think that maybe it was a little knowledge of something Maybe just a hello in our. I don't hold lot of stock into orbs typically but it wasn't like around dusk parkway it was like no light slager so that that was. Yeah i you know. Orbs is an interesting topic because I've i've seen orbs A lot of seen orbs you know They've seen different lights and things like that and for me. It's something that i know. There's a lot of people that really fascinated by topic of orbs It doesn't really. It really doesn't Scare me like apparently scares some people. And maybe it's just because it's to me. It's just like well you know it's a light it's with. What am i supposed to do about it. You know right. i don't know what it is. But you know people see see these orbs these these these lights and everything. And i'm assuming didn't scare you terribly or else he wouldn't gone over to the the grave. Oh no now it's fair me or anything like that And all the topic of these orbs Just think kind of like a bigger scale i. there's a lot of confusion for some people between ores in. Ufo's you know we'll see these lights in the sky and they thank you vote and i've been watching a lot of documentaries lately. Where people seeming might they could conjure. Ufo's to show up for being but camera. Whatever they want with their engineering youtube. Or whatever else i'll i'm of the camp where i'm starting to think that they're not communicating with extraterrestrial life. You know they're they're getting to see lines. They're getting to see something in the sky. But i don't think it's easy. You know these sperry lights and stuff like that forever. But whatever these orbs yards interview as manifested People talk about getting in a group and applying there in chance to talk to you or whatever it is out a lot like conjuring something I think that they might be magic. But they don't know even or or yeah. There's a lot of levels to it. I mean and it all stems from personal belief as to what you think think. Certain things are Because i mean some people believe that aliens are spiritual entities and so if they are that kinda would fall in line with what you're talking about. And that's where i i i talk about how it's like. The categories of our conversations sometimes emerge. And you start seeing and hearing similar things like somebody will say something. They're talking about bigfoot but then you heard them talk about somebody else talk about very similar characteristic and they were talking about An alien or they were talking about ghost and it's it's interesting and it all stems from people's you know their belief system and what they actually believe things to be as to how they view it There's people that there's people that will You know they say can summon. Ufo's whatever and there's a guy. Let me just rewind. Say this way there's a guy had on the show. I can't remember what episode it was called. But i think i called. I think called the episode. Ufo's over new york city or something like that and it was a while ago. His name is jason and he practices summoning. Ufo's and he says he's very successful doing it. He shot me a video one time of. He's out in the street in new york city and he goes to a random person and he points at a single cloud in the sky and he shows the cloud on video and the he says that person i'm gonna make that cloud disappear and they're like what he's like just watch and within thirty seconds you literally see this cloud just dissipating to nothing and It was very interesting But he he practises not just something. Ufo's but making things happen with telekinesis and And so i don't know it's it's really interesting though the idea of summoning ufo's or summoning spirits Are the same thing. I don't know i don't know. I think we are stronger than what we realized. you know. our intent Are will. I think we apply it. We'll be amazed at what we can do. The taps into that. But i tell people all the time. The reality is you know what i'll believes. You don't have to believe that doesn't make it untrue. Be careful talk. Who gets you cancelled these days anyway. Okay i'm not gonna go down that road but yeah man. We'll tell me about this ufo that you saw what was that like Something that was just a light in the sky or you think it was something more. Very physical I believe it was pretty says All saw was the light. But i'll be more than happy to talk about this because it it. It took everything that i believe and made me know beyond a shadow of a doubt. You know somebody is out there. It was the last day of this. I was leaving the air force. Now it's coming back home. My dad had came down to louisiana to help you pack up so we're headed back home we're out. We're outside louisiana. Between that and the arkansas board there's little towns but arkadelphia and i remember that because after this bent i started looking around for barker knows the water tower there To molest within a couple miles that. So i know where i was at and i know it was around one o'clock in the morning I've got the date so i looked up things. Try to respond by having Reporting siding and that same common area haven't seen anything but anyway mandatory in his car. We're we're coming down twenty super straight road and out of passenger window a spa a white light and it's pretty far off. There's no mountains. I never break you on it. And it's moving at a good so it's it's going the same direction. We're go running parallel jewelers but as best noteworthy. It gets in front of us. Zeke for were windshield and once it gets into the rancher. My dad was driving job. He's too and you know we're just talking what that is. I don't know and this light continues to move forward until where it is dead center in front of the in front of us in the windshield. So it's over top of odd twenty ahmed but a good pace away and this light only it just explodes out just fills the whole scoffield. The whole windshield wipers. Bright green light a funky green renault any other shade of green. I haven't seen it before it. Just a a brilliant green light and then as fast as it flashed out that light sucked back in that dot and it was just gone is completely vanished. That's interesting. I don't think i've ever heard something like that happening before. So what if. I'm if i'm hearing you correctly. It was a white light at first. Yes of this. All white light saw the solid light white light hovering over. Id eighty right in front of you. And then all of a sudden it explodes agreeing like just a like this birsh big bright flash of light you know there wasn't like spark spas now explosion. You is just a it just hop during you notice was flashed out like the flashing damn but you see the lights back and like you went into another dimension or a hit on space by. They've gone plaid. You know it was like just feel the sky and sucking in gone. Jeez and the thing is i in the air force. Our jets I was achieved metal gago structural maintenance so i was around a lot of jets of seeing a lot of after barnardo's of seen near the trail jets labor. Whatever i've never seen in like that I don't know of anything we have that. Do the added secrecy. Already clarence Around a lotta jets. But i've never seen that form allies. Neither had my day. But i was in the airforce he actually works for the nsa for awhile in tam and saw It was it was a good time. It took away any kind of doubt or hesitation her head but yeah i. It's it's really interesting. I mean. I'm trying to picture it in my head what you saw and what i keep picturing is is amazing. So i i. It's like one of those things where how does that even had even possible. How does that work what happened. What was it You know was it ours. Is this some kind of secret technology that you got to witness there because if if you look back at history you know that you know especially back in the eighties. I think it was There was a lot of people experiencing. Ufo's and it literally by definition ufo Unidentified flying object and earn the military people within the government basically caught wind that you know they're these people are seeing this stuff but it wasn't extraterrestrial. It was secret military operations. They're working on new technologies and stuff and so There's like what's his name Richard dowdy he is a guy who was disinformation specialist and he would be sent into these people's lives and he basically tell them what you're seeing is real. It's alien it's it's from another world and we need you to keep tabs on it or you know. Could you send us the footage of it as you get it so we can understand more and basically feed. This lied to them that it was. Actually you know aliens and stop. When it wasn't it was just the military working on things that could have leaked out to russia or china so instead of having that as a possibility they fed this idea. That was aliens so that people would get caught up in this conspiratorial mindset and also from the outside looking at people who aren't into the topic which back then hardly anybody was would just think they're crazy. You know oh. Yeah the government's coming to talk to you about aliens. Sure right pal that makes lot of sense and so it's one of those things where maybe it's some kind of technology that we have that you got to experience and now that you have talked about publicly you know. They're going to pay a visit and tell you as aliens w alright. I've heard i haven't heard anybody The exact experience. But i've heard people talk about that green light of being hurt. There is a serb squadron. Out there that would use the code. Bhave grey nor Hanoch that you know. This brand light is actually that actually years a window the Dimension of out if it was your show but there was a there was a guy that had an episode. It's always my show. I think it was known. He is It's called light. Ufo were the alien. Maybe there's episode to thirty one of whoever show who show it was okay but episode to wanna. Somebody's show visit from oklahoma and he's talking about this. Bring light In a ufo. So i stuck out to me. There's something about that caller. I will know it's just it doesn't with you know spectral we can see but i think there's a wasn't alone in seeing that we're that we're like episode that i'm thinking of is called the green light alien episode one fifty eight that i did Which you know Interestingly enough is similar to what you are describing this guy came on the show. And i think his name was john and i. And if i remember correctly he actually saw an entity walking outside In the grass or something and there it was like this green light being emitted on it like he could see this green light and so Yeah it's interesting very interesting as weird man so What do you think is the all right so let me we want here. You mentioned about your military experience. And having the the secret security clearance. Why did you have. Secret security clearance. What were you doing that you had to have a secret security clearance and you have to tell me you can't be asked me the the actual purpose of the arazi security clearance is 'cause i worked on abuses you to The number one bar in the history of the world And there's still some secrets about the jet. I guess they didn't want anything getting out. And i worked on nuclear base. You know Work we had nukes on base. So if you're going to be out there and you're gonna be on the flight working around these jets then you had to go through a check you know they got. Can't take a take antigone chances. So what anything super mysterious. It was just a national security reasons. You know what like. I wasn't privy to the good stuff while i find it interesting. Have you ever been like in the presence of nuclear bomb. Like how close have you ever gotten something like that. Yes i yeah. I'll want to tom's judah. Once i actually got got called out to job on the housing of a new gordon whether you know the new into we got caught out to job is change out enough. Played on and burn different checks. Your lawn bad your. Id have guns on. You other verified as you go down to the next block. They go through it again and did your escorted down to where you're going to do the job not begging you. Nervous enough When i get in there they Warheads in the room so they kind of be no. That's it and i in the about box you'd enter the job and i found out that it wasn't actually adult for me. It was a johnson. The next shot recall the wrong people that you get close we but there was one other time and it was a it was on the news. A major major event where there is a nuclear flat. They had they try to cover it up on a vital will now or not. But there's to beefy. Two basis in the us is a manatt or dakota and barksdale air force base in louisiana. And i was. I was at barksdale We had an incident about twelve fifteen years ago. I guess where we're doing an exercise and they flew from mina down to barksdale bergnes. a jet and They had armed with a nuke wasn't supposed to and that's actually a declaration of war you can't you can't fly over with an armed nuke but they did it and the come down to me We had a certain hanger that we would break jets into the brought the jet me and they told me to choose the tail stripe on the jet converted at j. immediately from about not yet barksdale jet. I don't know that was part of some kind of cover up. I don't know if it was just adopted the jet. They just told me to go in there and paint and i did. That was the second time if you know the ufo story. Don't get a knock on my door of that probably'll well we've had people that get knock on knocks on their door after they've been on the show that's for sure it's a Well i'll say i'll say this. The this episode is going to re release has to be a members only episode because of the content covered Has to be more of a private kinda thing but Episode one twenty two with charlie the secret military knocking technology after that episode air. Now he's in a different country like after his experiences. He didn't feel safe being around here. And he moved to a different country and he got he got a visit by our government after that aired. Yeah and their their school. They questioned him hard man they questioned. But there's a lot of it is what it is you listen remember that nondisclosure agreement that you signed right but yeah i mean so he he and i did an interview man. It's almost a year ago. Now i've been holding onto it and He we talked about this and his experience after the show what had happened. And you know lot of crazy stuff. Lot of crazy stuff happened. After the episode aired that episode went viral. I mean it it it. Just i mean it went everywhere and That's probably why. I don't think the government's Particularly listening to my show. But i think it went viral They they found it later like. Oh what's this. No some guys daughters listening to it on her school bus. She comes home and tells daddy who's in the fbi or something it kinda works chain of command there But yeah man i. It's interesting your dad. Worked for the nsa with them. Yeah he He didn't jail. And actually i got him to talk about that on episode seven six or seven of of show me and dad sat down had a few beers or rather the the firepit outback and he told some good stories. Name he He had back had like a teletype machine. They've come out on print and he got message that there was a a ufo down and where it was at and all this stuff and you got to take that report to higher ups and you know they they do the the hollywood crumpled up. You've never seen this. Jeez delaware ellen from that kind of thing so yeah he. He shared All those kind of stories you know and Trying to break into a room that was label project blue book. Guess you've heard of that one hundred dach- breaking into a room house labeled project bluebird a according to him. According to was what he said he got he only worked at and that there was a it was a few doors down from his office and he stayed late trying to enter the cell flooring of the building dreaded crawl into the room and a wild manage. It's a good story. What was he successful. Tony they might have turned into macho and listened to see if he was. I'm trying i'm trying to you. Know work up the bump podcast episode. Seven right yes. It's six or seventy. I think it's one of the earlier episodes bids. It's definitely one of my favorites man. Heck my dad comes on the show. All the time and pitches in. He's while that's crazy man that's crazy One more question about that stuff. Your dad getting the message of down your foe. What year was this. It was mid seventies. He was in the air force From like seventy four to seventy through there you know about your window there so it was during those years. I didn't ask specifically which which your was. He was in that happened while that's really interesting And the the message that he got. It didn't come from civilian who to come from. It wasn't civilian it was It was higher. Ups are that's interesting. That's interesting long to have to check that out to myself. Six or seven episodes six or seven. The bump podcasts people. The bump dot cast check it out. That's interesting that's very interesting. I love that kind of stuff it gets. It gets gears turning and stuff and you know that is not supposed to exist. The your dad's saying all it was there was saying i. He was stationed in maryland. And i told him. I said dead because i'm always afraid. He's yang johnny. You know i'm like. I know what years you were in project. Blue book supposed to been shut down before you know the time frame that you were up there. He was like yeah. I know he's. I was trying to get into the damn place so i don't know i mean everybody's word. Yeah i mean it's your dad and that's a very common thing that people talk about is the fact that when these certain programs get exposed publicly and stuff a lot of time sale. That's been shut down or were shut it down but just because they say they shut. Something down doesn't mean they shut it down they just rebrand brings you know so they'll give it a new name. You know new paint job and and put back out there and it's the same old machine man. That's that's why. I tell me about the stuff i mean you know yes. They the government like our president apologizing for it doesn't mean they stopped though. It doesn't mean they stopped you know they got caught so they had a rebranded and find a new house for it. That's exac especially something's being fruitful for them. So i mean if they're doing something that's fruitful for their Their mission at hand Doesn't the your knowledge of it doesn't dissuade them from pursuing just they just you know they make a u-turn the go a different direction with it exactly because it is because they announce it. We're not doing anything to even try to stop it or we're gonna do go Want facebook and we're going to the capital man we're going to raid the capital far. I'm kidding i'm kidding. Okay i might have to edit that out you never know these days all right man so let's get to This experience you had maybe multiple experiences that you know you said you. You've experienced like small miracles. What are we talking about here. I mean are they. Just i mean i. I don't know it's almost like when you say the phrase small miracle nyc. Well i'll take a small miracle over any for no miracles so it doesn't seem very small if you experience a miracle. Yeah it's kind of like a unspoken prayers coming true kind of thing or spoken prayer coming through just things that you feel like god hooked you up. You automate those kind of miracles. When i was younger there'd be there was three real quick real quick. And they they might seem like not even worth mentioning kind of stuff. But like i was trying to make it in life before i joined the military after high school. I had a couple of years. Rouses trying to get out there and make it in the real world and absolutely poor trying to work. I didn't have enough gas to make it to work like my gas hand was in the red beep in the and i'm sitting there and pray while is stuck in traffic a pray to god. Let me have enough get the station. You know the gas station and watch the gas hand. Come up and i had enough to sit through. A couple of red lights and to the gas station is something small like that. I call that a little miracle. There's one that completely inexplicable again. I was in louisiana. Was having an argument with my ex Over finances we were both in the military trying to make ends meet. I shouting match in the vehicle driving down the road. it was on barksdale boulevard. If anybody lives around there around shreveport they know where. I'm talking about going down the road and a it sounds weird but a ball of money manifest in front of windshield and smack makar Ah pull off the road. And i'm literally picking up fives and tens and twenties off the side of the street It wasn't a huge amount of money. He was like seventy or eighty bucks altogether. I guess that. I picked up because other cars pulled off to use. Ucla bills through the sky so as soon as they hear what in the hell you know but it's just like something like that and it was enough to get me by till payday. It's just a small miracle. There is a a time where i say i had a possible. Angel encounter where. I was between west virginia and tennessee and it was back in the nineties. So you try to roadmap. And i got lost and i'll pull off the road and i had a big eighty nine ford taurus. Back the a ugly maroon car and a pulled out a map. And i laid it down on my lap laptop trying to read it and this car with his older man pulls up to me with his window down and immediately asked me if i was lost. You couldn't see the map. I had only been there for a couple of minutes. Just he poured into the parking lot of this gas station and he asked me if i was lost. I said yes and He has more. I was trying to get to anna. Told him and he told me to follow him. And now i had just gotten dedicated to church. Had my bible sitting in the back window mccarthy knows good christian life and he told me he looked looked at the car when he pulled up. He said that book that you have in the back window needs to be front with you and a out of my head respect Bob will put it up front and he told me to follow him so we go through this little two lane road and it kind of expands toward. There's an offer him and he gets into that right language and expanded in oslo down the road window down to thanking and he you know he nodded at me and i i yelled across him. We're only going like thirty five forty miles an hour i said how did you know loss. And he pointed up. He's a. I listen to him and he pulled off the offramp and i'm on the road to the house could have been just a a really nice stranger. That has intuition year. Maybe but it's just the way things went the way the way it makes you feel when something happens. You know what. I mean you get that other worldly kind of feeling wash over you that kind of like a a visual yeah. I had similar experiences like that as well. Where you know somebody just interjects in situation that you know. It's almost impossible for them to understand what was going on. And kind of come through and really just help you out. Big time Like you know my life was an my wife. And i think there's two or three other girls. Our lives were spared Because somebody showed up just randomly and seem to understand the situation that we were in I it's crazy man it's crazy But yet you know you mentioned about the the the the wad of money hitting the windshield and everybody start pulling over. You know what the that made me think of the batman movie with jack. Nicholson when he's throwing money out to the people like i always wanted to play. The song they were dancing over was nowhere in sight in good. Good good you know it depends on which drug you're getting easy to throwing money out to the people he's stacking it up and burning it but Yeah bowman listen. It's been a pleasure talking the having some of these stories and you kinda threw me a curve ball with your your secret security clearance. My ears. Perked up on that i was like. Oh i gotta dig on this and see how far i can talk but we got to see what we can do here. i'll tell you what man i appreciate your show and You know people that are listening. Should definitely check out the bump podcast and Go through the episodes and look for Certain ones that you like Definitely check out the episode with you. Know pose dad talking about the His experience is stop. Because that's that sounds real intriguing. And i'm gonna be definitely checking that out. Man thanks. i appreciate it yet. I got something for everybody on. That show got big Ufo's alien abductions. They nitwits The the reboot of unsolved mysteries. I got tom reed. Mountie kirchdorf for and tom Time warner again. All of them on the show talking about their abduction experiences and stuff like that I've had a lot of good shows like good guests. So albert michael jackson out. And i appreciate you. Let me have this platform to to share my show all right today. We got oscar on the show oscar. How you doing man. I am doing good. How about yourself tony man. I'm doing good. Thanks for hanging in there with me. My son Came down in interrupted the beginning and i had to go take care him. Put him back to bed so You know kids stuff. It's that kid stuff man. So oscar you email the show and you have these The shadow the shadow man. That it's like an evolving story for you where it kinda starts off in your childhood in the kind of follows you periodically throughout your life getting worse and worse as time goes on so Traditionally the way we do it on the show is we start from the earliest work away through it so that the audience and myself can hear the progression of things and be helped to Help us to kind of understand what you're feeling with all this stuff. So i know you mentioned there is a pretty dramatic thing that happened to you as a kid and of that might have launched off so feel free to take it off from wherever you want to start in. Yeah so when. I was about seven. My dad passed away in a car accident and that was a really like time. Especially because it was just me and my brother and my mom so i had to step up in you. Know being a man of the house type thing quote unquote. I got to a point where i was just Begging kind of like just let me let me see my dad. One more time and then at one point because i was begging to god and one point i just said anything anything there if i can just see my dad one more time i would love it. I started to see like by the following year starting to see a shadow person kind of in the distance like as far end of a room and i was putting my head as in right the god or something is leading me. See my dad again. And i just kind accepted at that point but then i started seeing this shadow creature get closer and closer and then it turned into a sleep paralysis thing and i would hear something walking towards my bed and as soon as i would open my eyes there was a shadow standing over me. And then i would completely freeze couldn't move bidding yellows trying to yell for my mom didn't do any of that. Even my brother was. We shared a room at the time and he was knocked out asleep and i was trying to get his attention and went the first time when that happened. It really freaked me out. Woke up as gasping for air. I just sat at the edge of the bed and turn on the. Tv was just static on it. So i had a light on in the room. And i didn't tell anybody about it at that time and then it just would happen every couple of months. A shadow at comeback I wouldn't be able to move. And then when i hit about eating is when things kind of changed and it would come by every year but it was now like saying something but i couldn't really make out what it was saying to me. It was just a really quick whisper and right tried to figure out what this shadow being was saying. But i can never make it out And that's when it got scarier. I could now feel the room. Evie and also static noise. Like i don't know if it's like the sound of sadeq or just. The sound of silence starts to become overwhelming and in the room feels heavy. And then that's how. I know that this is going to be in the room. And i'm going to slip into sleep paralysis again and being so scared i think around like eighteen fourteen. I was just like mom. And i go and sleep with you and as a thirteen or fourteen year old. You don't wanna be leaving in your mom's room because you're afraid of the dark bill. I tried toughing it out. I would even go so far as to lever recorder on in my room to see if i can actually hear something And i left record in my room as i slept and i even put paper along the floor meaning mine and my brother's bed and you can't hear any talking you can't hear me struggling but you can hear some what sounds like somebody walking on the papers in the room with those creepy. I started to kind of make myself believe this wasn't anything like paranormal. So i started studying sleep dallas in what causes it and how to prevent it from happening so i learned that stress sleep paralysis and so i tried to reduce my stress levels Sleeping on your back. Positive started sleeping on my side. It sucks because i was always more comfortable laying on my back. That seem to work for the time being but then every so often was just this random event that would happen. I would wake up in the middle of the night to have the feeling and hearing bound of silence. And i can hear this thing walking over me. It wasn't your normal statal man. It wasn't batman the guy with the trench coat in that it was fine of this lanky that was about as tall as the room and it would kind of folded down. It wouldn't just be frozen. I was being held down. While i couldn't read anything but i was only i would always feel that pressure on my shoulders. Bring me down. And then for a while we went from california to arizona than back to california Most of the incidents happened only in california which was weird. I only had one week browsers episode in arizona. And i was there for a couple years but then back in california. I'm out of high school at this time. And rouses comes back and now just getting weirder. I can now almost make out a face of what this thing looks like. And it just kind of looks like a like a bobbling. I don't even know how to describe it and scare me now. I feel like as the years go on. It went from just a shadow in a corner to getting closer and closer to the bed to actually it speak hearing what steps and now being able to almost make out this thing's face and i remember being home one day and this was during the day i wasn't asleep or anything and i thought to myself. I wonder i wonder if me begging for anything to like. Give me a glimpse of my dad just called in something negative and i can't believe it took me that long to kind of piece things together but then i did something else to bit i started looking up demonic names and things like that and stay in these names and asking. Is this one. You is this you. Are you the one messing with me and when i asked one name i don't remember what it was. I probably wouldn't even want to say it. If i remembered it but i asked the name and then i started to hear music on in another room which is weird because i was home alone. Oddly enough. I decided to stay home from from church and start saying demonic names alone in the house very smart and a hear this music go check. That room is nobody in their. The music stopped. As soon as i opened the door I walked ademir. And i looked at myself in another weird thing happened. I said you handle it. Well for no reason and i told myself in a mirror you had bill it well and i went back downstairs and i had been recording audio at that. I'm listening back in after. I said that name. You can hear a growl. And that's when the music started. And i walked estimate and talk to myself and that's when i it will looking ahead okay. This is something evil novoye no I got better at rural Praying regularly and illeana better relationship with god and he started to slow everything down which was awesome and then dumped the time a couple years. Later where I met a girl. Online moved to new york with her weighted it there so we decided to come out here who colorado and by that time i had fallen off of spiritual path again and it's a stressful time. We're moving into this whole new area. i remember fine her falling asleep in the bed in one of the other rooms. And i'm on the couch watching tv. And i see her get up. I hear the door open. I see her walk through the hall. And then just turn around and walk back into the room and i got it really quick of she was okay and i wasn't even like a second behind her. I opened the door following her back into the room and she's knocked out asleep in the bed. I just kind of brushed it off like okay. She was sleepwalking and just went to bed really fast. And then i go in it back down on the couch. I'm starting to fall asleep on the couch. And i'm looking at my phone. And i start hearing what steps i'm stopping or as me and i thought that's her walking walking out in coming towards me so i put my phone down really quick and there it is this lanky tall shadow any straight towards me and as soon as i lay eyes on it. I'm frozen and i can't move. I'm trying to yell for my girlfriend. Her name is katie. I'm trying to yell for katie. And i can't grind movie. Can't i tried doing the little tips. They give you when you're in sleep Browsers like try to wiggle a finger. Try to wiggle a toe. No that was working and my heart pounding. And i decided to just kind of you know. Say a prayer thing. Help me god like this. Is something different. I've never experienced. It's never never taking the shape of somebody before it was weird. Now it's now it's adolfo. Ganger is having more confused in. What's going on. And then i i just remembered his napping out of it and just breathing really hard trying to catch my breath taking a big drink of water trying to calm myself down asking like what what the heck is this thing. Why did it come back. And i haven't had very much sleep paralysis lately. I can kind of feel it coming on in out. I'll just say a prayer to myself And stop it from happening. Once i start hearing the sound of nothing. I say a prayer and stopped. It happens now. I think doing that and just strengthening my faith. Even more being gear has really helped but every once in a while there weird things will happen. We have a cat so ran and you'll hear one of his toys roll across the ground and he's nowhere near the toy That's that's pretty much where that now mma comes to the shadow creature. Do you think that this Whatever this is done now or like you weren't sure why it showed up again and feel like this is going to be something that happens again or did you ever come to conclusion as to why it showed up now now i thought it was the fact that maybe that maybe i was just stressed out again about a whole new era bean in a whole new place. Not near any family or anything like that. I thought that's what brought it. All on. And then i also thought it was because maybe i've gotten more into the paranormal. So i'm listening to podcasts. And things like that and maybe it just made me overactive imagination type of thing. But i'm not really sure why it came back and why little things tend to happen every now and then interesting and you're looking at the Looking for names of demons and stuff and then rattling off names right. Yeah do you think that. I think that kinda i you know intensified things like as soon as i said the name. That's when things got real weird. Yeah i don't even. I don't even try to like do that again to see if things will happen if i said the name again just started with once. I said that. Name a grou- willie intense growl happened. And it was only caught in the audio. I wish i had it. And then music played and i talked to myself in the mirror and super weird man so the last time you had an encounter with a it got intensified and it it it sounded like it was the most threatening. It's ever been towards you I mean have you put thought into this moving forward as far as you know. It seems like it's been evolving over time and where this might lead. Yeah i thought because this time was the last time it happened. It was like stomping towards me really almost like it was running at me. And i think i just i thought okay if i just put you know full force into my face and resting in god and doing some type of richer reading by myself and really strengthening that relationship. Maybe it'll help me spend off whatever this thing is so one more question about this You told me an email that you haven't told your girlfriend about this. Is that still the case. Now i've recently actually just before we started recording. I i started telling her about it this way. It's the last minute to come clean Yeah because she's scared of everything she is scared of every everything so Asking me what do you. What are you gonna talk about. I'd i don't wanna tell you because then you'll be scared. And she got bugging in bugging alma. Tell you but you're going to be you're going to be scared and it has quote unquote has something to do with you. And i told her and she stops me right after. I said that it looked like her. And she didn't wanna hear anymore. So she's she's like i choose ignorance. Yeah yeah she doesn't want anything to do with it. Yeah well i guess You know. I guess it makes sense. Hopefully it doesn't happen again. I mean if it happens again like that. Would you tell her. Probably not get scared. When i'm when i'm driving around for work. She joked x. Me saying that. She heard a noise and she scared. So i wouldn't want her to freak out even more. Yeah i understand that so you also have these. Ufo experiences that you've been through. I'm interested to hear about them. Okay i'll go with the kind of lighter ones eh. I all of my. My ufo experiences happened in arizona A fairly bay spot for them. This was mean high school. And i'm standing outside with my mom and we're kind of just looking out at the stars because you can see the stars really good in arizona and we end up seeing this really bright light. Shoot across the sky and then stopping Bath and it seemed like it got brighter as shot back the other way and it was just a weird like a meteor which is be going. One way i don't think media or whatever shooting star would be shooting across one way and then stop in and shoot act the other way. I'm no expert in that play. I don't think that's how they work Another time was mean of mean a few friends driving in a car and we start seeing a bright light in the sky. And it's kind of bouncing all around and we're trying to figure out what it was because it would bounce all around the shut off the light and then pop up in a different spot in the sky in bounce around again and this time before drones were like a really big thing and we decide kind of follow this light and we're driving in the middle of nowhere really and driving down his dirt road following this light and it's we end up not being able to see the main road anymore any lights. It's just nothing but dark in the desert and it started to kind of freaks out so now we we throw in a goal Okay who wants to keep going forward following the slight and wants to stop and turn around votes to stop turn around because it felt like this light was leading us in the middle of nowhere in the desert and we didn't know what was gonna happen now. I don't know if it was extra terrestrial. But i know was unidentified and it was flying in the sky And then this this one happened. I wanna say a in when he fourteen I was in california. But i had went to go visit france in arizona. Me and my brother were driving back home and again. It's in the middle of nowhere. This kind of empty desert between airasia in california. I start seeing a light again bouncing around. It's bouncing around in the sky and at that point on a little bit older. So i'm like it's just a helicopter but the way it's moving isn't what helicopter does it's just dipping around and i try to wake up my brother. He's not waking up which is funny because he he had to be awake to keep me awake thing and he was just knocked out and i'm trying to shake him. He's kind of grunting telling me to leave him alone. And as i'm trying to wake him up and just just to get some conflict confirmation that this is just a helicopter right nothing else i see the light swoop down from the sky and head break boards my car. The point where. I had to swerve really hard. Luckily wasn't a car next to me in the rain because the lanes are set up where you have two lanes heading one way a giant dirt median in the middle and then lanes going the opposite way. so i swerved to get out of the way barely missing and that's what my bur rather wakes up He's like are you okay. What's going on where you falling asleep. And i was like no you didn't you didn't see the light. It didn't see that light and he's just like what light wouldn't talking about. Are you sure. You're okay. And i was like you didn't see the light that from the sky straight up a car like no and turn around. This is happening within a matter of seconds. Then i turn around. And i see no tail lights as i tried to see if it was another car. I don't even see that light behind us. And that's like one thing that kind of rattles my brain. The most out of the three kind of experiences is like this one shot towards the car. The point where i had to dodge annals went off the road. And i'm still to this day. I can't figure out what what that was. It got closer. It didn't seem like two headlights. It was just one giant giant light. It's scary man that that that's freaky. Yeah that's the one that weird to me out the most we'd be out to and stuff. I mean it's just a bizarre nature of stuff and not having real i mean i almost. I almost wish you had like. And then i was abducted kinda part of it that way. I'm the oh it makes sense. Yeah now i. I think that would have scarred me even more. Yeah for sure for sure. I say tongue in cheek. I'd say tongue and now but Yemen that's that's very interesting. I you know. I picture like almost like a movie poster. When your tone that story of like dislike coming right at at you and Date i wouldn't want to go through that. Nothing's why does all the interesting stuff happened. Other people like. I don't ever have anything interesting. Happened to me. Drives me nuts. I don't even. I'm even a skeptic at you know when i look up things i'm skeptical i'm like okay. This is that this is a and with. These are just the things that i can't ever explain away and i think it bothers me that i can't explain them away. Oh for sure. Yeah i mean. I think the people who go through these things would love to explain things away and just like oh i know that was you know like if even down to like haunting i mean you hear the footsteps. You're like yeah. But i know what that was like. I say you have somebody your house in the hear the footsteps and they're like oh my gosh you hear that you like. Don't worry about it. The house settling know something simple you know. Just give me something simple explanation you know and we're good but When it comes down to things that you know you saw this giant light coming at you like that. I mean. I don't know what to tell you. I mean it sounds like it's be honest with you. I get the sense just from hearing you. That there is probably. There's probably some kind of. I don't know i don't know i want like part of me. Wants to say it was some kind of like craft. You just didn't recognize as far as like. Maybe it's governmental or something. But i some point i i feel like we can't just say governmental just to I mean most ease the mind. What's the point. i mean what. What's the point of a governmental craft of some sort buzzing new like that. I mean I it doesn't make sense to me. I know that there. I forget who. It was one of these pilots. They used to fly While this is really bad. 'cause i don't even know the name of the pilot or the plane but he used to fly one of these planes that were thought to not exist and they did exist and he said that they would buzz people to scare the hell out of them and then they think they had a ufo citing. But i don't know. Does that happen all the time. I doubt it. I think the thing with this one too. Is it flying like straight towards me almost gave me within almost but it gave me the feeling that it knew. I was looking at it and kind of singled me out in that moment. That's that's what scared me. Yeah i mean when you feel like it's singling you out like that i mean. Yeah it's kinda freaky but man so the shadow figure during sleep paralysis. The shadow man. And then the ufo's and have you ever thought that those two things might be connected somehow on a spiritual level. Yeah i don't. I mean now it's in my head. They kind of said town thinking. I never saw like what seemed like minecraft. It just seemed like a bright light it could it be actually that he just kind of triggered something in my mind like another another kind of experience. You want to hear our no. I'm not here to hear experience man. Come on yeah. This one is. When i was younger i was wanna say emmer. Eleven and i remember driving down the road. It's always surrounded by nothingness. And i remember looking up in the sky and i could see the clouds kind of opened up in a circle and what looks like something kind of go into that circle in the clouds closed back up and in my head. I'm remembering like when i was little. I thought i just see him angel or something going into the clouds and now with both of these kind of now thinking of both of these acts of experiences. I flipped off now. Yeah i mean. I bring that up because i know there's a lot of people out there that believe that there's a spiritual aspect of these ufo sightings totally sure on that. I mean i go either way. I mean i hear all people's arguments and You know consume all content. You know but the idea of it. You know just thinking about your two experiences of stuff. Just thought i'd ask you see if you ever thought about that angle. If things will now i am. Now i am well there you go on that. Don't don't take my word for scripts young just no. I think i'm just gonna look into it to see if there is something between the two there you go. Yeah because i mean just like that. Goofball said a question than i thought might be relevant. I'll look into it. That's all but man listen before we roll out of here. I know you're a podcast expiring podcasts. Or wasn't of your show and working people. Find it yeah. My show is an induced fear in these fear. Podcast you can find it anywhere Spotify podcasts google podcasts. All the podcasters We have youtube channel at has a little unboxing for people at checkout which is also under induced fear. The instagram handle is induced. fear podcast and there's also a tiktok unfortunately and that's under under induced fears. Well hey man listen the kids are on tiktok and so you know people should be on tiktok as well. I actually have tiktok account. And i tried to uploading videos like just like short clips of the show on there and I think i put like to up. And i should probably check and see how that's doing but oh it's not of you doing tick tock dancers. No no no i. I don't really shake the booty whole lot. You know but Yeah i it's just tiktok. I mean it's not. It's not my my cup of tea. I guess i'm just. I'm just too old for you. Know they like so many. I see i see grow full grown women on their dancing around to camera. And i'm just like i don't know. I always like your. Somebody's grandma. yeah yeah. It's just the one i'm not gonna say up his people off so i just i i'm very cynical and i see some of the stuff that goes on. Social media dislike while the question. You're asking i can answer. If you want the honest to god answer you know. Why am i single You're you're dancing on tiktok. Listen oscar said it not me so you know. There's a i say that now but next week i'll have a video of me dancing on tiktok. Probably your friend reviews. Well look my funky to- oscar man. I appreciate you joining us. Thanks for having me. It was it was a lot of fun. Well if you made it this far in show means you listen to all the interviews and congratulations. You have some serious endurance. And i appreciate you listening to show. That was hours and hours and hours of content. Never done it before. But i hope you guys enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments. Section of the post on social media. Instagram is where i'm active most. Let us know if you enjoyed this experience and until next week friends stay. Say take care and remember. The truth will set you free. But i you'll piss you off back juice feeling restricts bradley reckless all the or why did we smell outward behavior. The house the slow hard to behave silence is to everybody wanna preach a happy medium. Dopamine fixed come from media spirit and booked on expedia so along. The media been through light beer wolkanczik. There should have been trying to nas on. ask service. All this law was hard as the off. Masking from leaks goddess attaching. Freeze needs for us saw when fasting from believed spanish sharpies right streets. Looting days just called atomic said on the i keep a slot for the felony. Time was really. We're just supposed to follow like the rest of ood. The disclose hard brad. Hang side doll dissolved the boss s.

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Should You Share Phone Passwords?

The Date Podcast

44:42 min | 2 years ago

Should You Share Phone Passwords?

"We know you love us but the information on our podcast is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only it is not intended as a substitute for professional l. advice of any kind. If you or anyone you know needs professional help. Please seek mental health services. Welcome to the dave podcast the show for anyone navigating eating dating and relationship world we interview celebrities talk talk news disgusting do's and don'ts and debate relationship topics. We are available on itunes. Google the play spotify or wherever you get your podcasts please subscribing review. If you like what you hear check out our website podcast dot com for more information follow us on on facebook instagram and twitter now. Let's get on with the show the the sorek of the day podcast and we are very excited to have this show because it's going to give me his phone and he is going to give me the a pass word to his phone and he's just gonna let me do whatever i want on it. I agree with that. Oh i too because i think that you need to be transparent in a relationship dillion mind if you need my pin so be it all right okay. Are you gonna do it now not right now but later delete theft before you give me down. Let me clear walls so as if you had noticed going to talk about drum roll please. How long do you wait before exchanging phone passwords. I say never miniver never talk about this. We well okay because well well. I think it's a hot topic not just like dating relationships but like committed relationships so we can talk about we will talk about that. Yes we we well and i'll ask some questions about dating topics and she will give our her experts or not expert opinion on a couple of things things and then we will talk about the <hes> the pin thing but i was are we the week was good anything interesting any man. Any boys know now. Why not <hes> are you back on the apps. Nope the tender delete your account yep officially. Why wasn't accusing a year. I already told you i'll get back on it. If you do all work i will i will so i'm not paying you though no just just buy me a couple of drinks no okay what do you you have as far as news that so many things you guys roll really this is all on going to be about not like the disney plus this this service that has come distribute service at disney putting out because this these putting out this service like they are does the rolling all these shows that so the disney service will compete with then prime prime any no apple's also having a service service to like they also have like their t._v. and they're they're putting shows too so that's gonna be another competition. Oh wow i didn't know apple was going to do that uncalled like apple t._v. Plus have you. You have oh so so apple t._v. Showed this trailer for a show with <hes> with my favorite steve carell jennifer aniston and reese witherspoon their kid no the big ass she and what was funny about that teaser for that show that c prell is in is that they use the song from the show where he's goodbye toby. I don't know what the song is actually call. I should know michael scott things as a character. That seems like a good the show but what's the purpose of the show after matt lauer today show. I like him in drama look. It's a dramatic show comedic show. I mean there's a little bit of comedy like there's like an f. committee whatever but it looks like it's a very serious yeah like a drama except he's kind of like a side character. That's what it seems like. We watched that movie. Welcome tomorrow on good. It wasn't it wasn't funny. It was more like a trauma yeah the thing worse for that movie. I don't think i like him in the drama but maybe it's good. Maybe jennifer aniston too like she's also a comedic in a carriage. Okay show is going to be bad shows going to be bad. Is that what you're saying. I think scientists found it's like it's like putting dirk nowitzki in a cowboys you the forum in having him play football like you can't put a comedic actor in dramatic shows but reese witherspoon. I feel is a great actress and can do it aw and so it really revolves around her incentive for anniston. Reese witherspoon is not competed comedic actress. She's drama and that's what i'm saying. Okay so you got to comedy peeps right. Whatever innocent can be drama. You think soup carell does a good job in the drama. I just don't thank you like him. Dramatic sima bottling yeah. I don't know if i agree with this apple but we'll watch the first episode and see what what does it coming out. You know why do i so disney. I can't wait for my sister to pay because i pay for everything else. It's harder to it's going to be like what probably like nine bucks. It looks like at seven bucks. We'll take it we'll take so so <hes> that means like all these disney movies are going to be streamed on their. They're also leeann and <music>. Mcgregor is going to be in this obi-wan-kenobi series. I really don't care about sours but people do so there. You go <hes> when one of my favorites that i also coming back lizzy mcguire ooh what's her name hillary hillary duff. She was a singer for the houghton actually kinda cute. She's coming coming back and i really love it that they're gonna be like. The show is gonna like what being a millennial is really. Yes you sleep anyone who she history so you know it definitely up our ashley old yeah no. It seems like everybody's coming back so it's really exciting to kind of the everyone and i'm like seeing their pictures side by side of what they look like to what they look like now yeah age now. Well and some people have h oh okay. It's also disney plus related. It's only gonna touch on a little bit a- and it's only because kit harrington who played jon snow and portrait madden who played robb stark are going to be together again. This film called the turtles that is also going to lake streaming on the disney clause so disney hat this expo call d twenty three expo on saturday and said they were announcing everything so oh richard madden was there kit harrington muslim but i think i think disney has a ton of dough. I mean they ayla stars here and <hes> and i just hope that producers and writers they would say the reason. I was gonna watch because angelina jolie isn't it show just lips except now john harrington ambra dramatic. I gotta support awesome. What kind of show is it. I don't know it's about like it's called the eternal. Some assuming is probably something about god's i i think if if i can mortals if kit harrington is is not holding a sword i probably wouldn't like the show because he kind of like made his break in in the whole like fantasy medieval type stuff and okay i think i think the eternal is anymore. I think that's that's another. I think that's a sequel to three hundred no no it says this centers on a raise of never aging narrating seniors the turnover created by the powerful god like creatures known as the less steel and they've kept watch over the earth throughout human history ah well. Let's watch it and we'll see we'll see what some yeah. I'll give it an hour before. Policy impact impact my last story <hes> who the o._j. From the o._c. is or don't are you serious no. I didn't really watch faces okay so they can tumble said is the o._j. From the o._c. That's what andy cohen calls her okay. She's the original one gangster from orange county. I watched that with my ex. I remember those days you know talking and <hes> she does. She was freaking crazy. I know i love it. Was the handle her. I love her and then she she also ooh. She does real estate or something like that. That's only insurance. Oh okay maybe everything about gina jenna <hes> so what about her so. She's not a housewife anymore. She was at i think she asked to be demoted to a friend of the housewife. Why because that is your claimed. Here's my thing. That's your claim to fame. Let me go ahead what but she. I guess she has money already so maybe she doesn't need the housewives because they only pair what will not only but it's like. I'm sure it's like two or three hundred thousand dollars but maybe she's. She's a little bit long in the tooth. You know what i mean. She's a little bit older to maybe she's ready to kinda to get out of there. Maybe no okay because what was my point. My point is has your claim to fame is one thing why would you ban in it like there. There is some actors and actresses that are known for a certain role but they choose to quit the certain role else. Dan stevens in downton abbey. Who's only they got killed right. Yes so angry and civil to civil my question to you is where are they now now exactly was beasts and beauty and the beast and for a hot second like i forgave him and then watch downton abbey again and when i saw him dying super supercar crash i got super angry again and it just makes me so angry so that's my point like you're known for this system for like leading break your contract contract whenever you want so anyways so what why is she quitting or being demoted boy. Oh mike so ridiculous. Join us on the show. Here's here's the thing you you hoes a dating podcast uh-huh and feel like we switch row. I'm just telling the truth here. Because who is this dude the renault. He's on this show a few times this name seib lodge. He needs to like this lodge himself from her life literally because it's going to last for a month breath and then she's going to jump back on the show. They been together for a while actually came like a hollywood while like three months no like i lease like a year and a half happening honestly like i wished to to this day that she would get back with dawn. I don't think it's going to happen like duh. The a little aloof i love donovan houston houston balding and everyone thought that was the the biggest mistake when she decided to divorce him. Everyone did all her friends said he was. He was like a womanizer or something like that. You're thinking of brooks. Approach stays brooks brooks. We don't like bronx was still done. Don was her husband on the show. Oh yeah and then and then i think what hap- okay they've never really outright set at i think though that she was cheating on brooks folks with no don with brooks oh goodness i know and then she paid for his teeth and everything yeah she paid for his see you oh and now she's like he owes me money. I wonder what the conversation is. Excuse me babe your teeth your teeth or jacked. I think you need to get <hes> yes. He had really bad teeth. I wonder if it was his idea or her idea. I think it was his idea and then she presented her idea. He was very manipulative like he knew he knew how to get it was horrible. I didn't i didn't know from the beginning. He was a bad guy and then all of the things happening happening in vicky was like no i love him. I love him. I love perks brook hills up my love tank and it's like you should have stayed with don. Don like you want allowing dr phil your love tank. I think that's what was happening. So who is who is the baby daddy or the the debt of the kids the complicated and this is what this will will be her third marriage okay fine. It's not like seven for example a jaylo or something yeah so ooh over the weekend tamra judge and shannon madore. They're known as the trace their name yeah. They have a little like dance they do. They threw vicki and steve a engagement party so you say you you didn't say they were getting engaged while i was getting to that sorry i got sidetracked spoiled the the thing anyway so they are anger gauge and so okay so that's the reason why i think vicky decided to become a friend of the housewife. Instead of a housewife is because steve did not like the spotlight and vacated and then like this was kind one of like this was like a peace between tamra and either they argued a little bit because see was like steve would always be like novicki leaky like that's not like in public. Maybe like don't react that way <hes> he would want vicki too so we're from the drama and i'm like i get that i am at the same time like biggie is the drama vicky stirs the pot. Why is it red flag because it's controlling yeah because i don't get away from this show that you've been doing for like ten years. It was also like a police officer or detective or something so like the limelight is like just not for him. I don't i'm not defending him. I'm just like saying the factors of like what shapes him to react this way. I think the only reason why it'd be okay if she is done with the show. If she's done with the show she has no regrets on backing off then that's fine but if he's making her back off there's a problem there yeah i would say vicki. Don't give them a rose. Just move on all right. Well thank you just wanted to be married and she just wants her. Love tank to be filled goodness so let her have. Her love tank tailed what sex that's all. I have oh great. Here's some good ones. Thank you brought back some memories on some some stiffs shoes uh-huh see i forgot i was i was thinking that you were talking about the other show <hes> the m._t._v. show orange county something the jersey shore a different show with cavalry and the hill osi was actually like a teenage drama show that i watched in my high school years like two years ago or three yasser all right okay so i'm gonna ask m._s._n. Questions us some answers. These aren't so dramatic uh-huh week. We'll maybe the <hes>. This is something that really probably pretends to you. Emma okay the thing i find that i the thing that i find the most annoying about people being single. I can't read this. The thing that i find that most annoying knowing about being single is holiday. The holiday rinaldi either way okay. I traveled once alone a few years back and i really enjoyed it. All my friends are in relationships so no holiday possible with them. I trouble sometimes with my mom sometimes with my brother but it's starting starting to get annoying. I feel like people to come with me on holiday guys. How do i handle this okay so she's british. Not american thought it <hes> no. I tend to always be able to find someone that wants to go with me whether they're married or not so they can be single or married and they find someone to travel with me so i have noticed that okay by myself. We're not talking about her. She needs to get over it then so she so oh friends and relationships and she she probably should find new friends. Probably what about traveling alone should she. I it up to her and how comfortable she feels comfortable traveling alone so i don't i have people that troubled alone. I've trouble for business which is fine but like if you wanna do this. I think it's it's a way to find yourself to. Maybe she should join. Mike mike traveling grips events ventures remember we met this couple last week or so and they're mentioning about how they met but they amen oh they met traveling alone or she was traveling alone half alone or he he was with his parents his parents. She was telling upload group with one of those events groups right. I think they did like a group who are thing at on but she was alone though because you alone because our friend was working franken go with her yeah so the point is if you travel alone you might be able meet somebody and somewhere tropical like london or suddenly prepaids so so what so bottom line for her what what are you what he say. What's her. What's her question again. So how do you handle your friends being in relationships and you wanting to ask them to go out with you like treble them okay <hes>. I the friend that i am like we're planning a trip so you say ask them. Yes i say if they say no new friends. Exactly what about i travelling alone said she'd do that or not. Sure okay fair enough right. That's like the worst first world problem the here's a question here the the quickest. You've said i love you. Go once the quickest. I probably in middle school oh but like so you started dating somebody knows him. You said i love you like maybe within like a week or two holy shit. That's quick fast in middle school. Is that before sex or after six metal schools oriented just knows this having sex and medals. I i hope not having sex okay so you have set. We'll have in your professional adult life. What's the quickest like a year so you so. I think that's correct but anyway so the question here is <hes>. She just wants to know the quickest. You've said i love you. She's been with somebody for nearly a month now. I feel like it's way to say yet but i do love this person now. I'm not i'm taking the stance of no harm in people wanted to say at this point because i know once. It's been said he cannot be right right. It's like you can't agrawal well. You're not in love your infatuated learn their friends and then and then probably not does not love so it says that yeah i have o._c._d. So over analyzing doubting and worrying about this kind of kind of thing is my jam. Anti-terror therapists wish. I was more of a screw. It just say how you feel type kind of thoughts one month now one everyone now one month it this way to maybe six months to year yeah definitely six months to year therapist. I talk to your therapist but if if it's after year and you can't sale of you there's a problem then you don't need to be in that relationship yeah yeah <hes> so those are the two things so so wait till you're sure to say i love you. Don't say during sex don't say during sex okay so let's talk about this yeah. Have you ever done this before. Nope i haven't either but i haven't in the position. I haven't been in a position to do it. I so here's a question that i have actually i have but i don't know i. I just think it's never came up but if it was it was brought up. I wouldn't be opposed to it. I mean like for show fine. Check my stuff. No i have. I gave my ex my pin and she just never looked at it so <hes> i have done that before. It was more of like. Do you trust me enough to give give me the information and now that i have it. It's like i trust you. Whip it almost maybe she was testing me. You know what i'm talking about. Go so the question here on your facebook facebook all the time well she did. She didn't go. She didn't get on my facebook seen ed. Oh maybe that's news to me. Ah facebook account no. She didn't use my facebook. She did you know that because he told me that you and i became friends ends was because she's like yeah. Just add him because i'm monitor his account. She said yes recording. I'm not gonna say you you serious. Oh my boy. I did not know that i probably l._b._j.'s bypass route bomb yeah 'cause she has passed. That password is linked to our stuff. Oh jeez. You're dumb. You're stupid. I bet well that's just a revelation because i did not know that so apparently my ex girlfriend told emma that she's my facebook account and i haven't changed my anymore says she would use yours. Oh yeah that's how you became friends with. All her friends is because she was okay with it because she was using the accounts weird. I didn't know that anyways okay news to me okay. How do you feel i don't know i feel i feel a little bit violated. You know i feel like i i should tickets bad joke but yeah i feel violated and that's why i'm kind of moving on to edge for you to process a little bit too much. I feel a little dirty right now. Okay so the question here is down for zora need-we. There's no good sound for me right lose elo. I have have decided okay it. Drunkenly one can pull on youtube on my phone. Okay well here. We go all right. How long should you date before exchanging phone. Passwords experts say it depends season beautiful therapeutic answer so emma is an expert. What do you you say no. No never never what if what if he was like emma i need your password. Okay and i'll keep you gift wbt every day now. I knew that was going to get you know what if you said i will cook you dinner and it's not like i take like any like like bad pictures of myself. It's not like i have anything to hide like because i will let you use my phone but i'm not going to give you the password to my phone. Why but if there's nothing to hide uh-huh why not give me your password to this is my password for you. I mean we're we're in a committed relationship. Unlock the phone for you and you can look through it it but why can't i think is a little too much. War can't look through it like at my own time because it's not convenient for me like i don't care. Put it being well. You don't care you're saying you don't care. I don't care but you trust me yeah. Am i asking you for your passport. I'll give it to you but i have no desire so that's the point is like i have no desire so like. I don't like i don't care. I feel like the pen of your dreams. Emma is going to be like. I need your password going to be like the hemsworth work the universe but probably need like very expensive gifts every very expensive gifts. Maybe disneyland every if month world world what if you said i'll go to trivia every day with you know <hes> so so. What does this article article say so it starts off by stating that if you do exchange password it's sort of a sign of trust because you are so committed to each other that you have nothing to hide. I get that and at the same time it's like what purpose it served like in all honesty. I think some people to symbol okay okay so maybe people are like let me see how far i can go because today you know th this whole password on your phone is very intimate. It's like it's a portal into things because we check these things like at least one hundred times a day so it has oliver personal information formation running all the time and it's crazy how we're so attached these phones but it's like maybe you're invading my space because you're in the phone. Maybe that's why people are against it and and since it's so private maybe couples or people in a relationship say. Let's see if he trusts me but that's very religious to like a test just testing somebody so it makes me feel like the president self. It isn't feel like there's trust in it because it's like if there was awesome. There wouldn't be any reason to ask for it but if there was trust there would be no reason not to give it to you or give it to me or see that point and i'm gonna give it to you like i think maybe my sister sister knows my password speaking of phones going off but and that's only because i'm like if i ever die. You guys need to look at my phone. I get your phone information dorm but in a relationship you're right okay so let's go back to trust okay right so if you trust somebody one hundred percent that i think you can give out their password but i think you think why. Why should they even have your password because you both trustees so it's like i don't know because i think marvin like more of a personal note because i i know this about myself i. I'm not a person who should have power. I will abuse the power. I'm burying fully aware of it and i will start looking at probably should find aw that was a very serious like open like vulnerable to set a you just mocked me for doing that but how dare you so with the power comes great responsibility exactly and so you don't think you'd be able to handle that because you would would you snoop all the time <music> okay we're dating and my phone is on the table and you see a text message from not cut j._j. But say josephina and you say who's that and i say oh just fina from i don't know from from your jab. Youth group and you happen to have my password would you if you saw my phone like ring again with a text message notification. Would you check it this. That is why now i see and i i see that because maybe it could be sitting saying okay. We'll just wanna see what she said because i could convey the message to you because maybe you're out doing doing laundry or doing something else so you're but maliciously and what's not but okay so i see that i see how that can calcium problems yeah yeah and that's why i'm like no i don't want to have because has i don't want to know rather not know than to go find information that a probably shouldn't making that i either i'm looking for like will find so so the the article talks about trust right is essential but you emma with snoop right. That's my view the password if you had an f. i trust you and i'm not asking you for your past but it's because i really trust you and what does it mean for the other person it means their freedom is gone. Yes i'm taking away something valuable in precious to them. It's a it's a right that we have freedom yeah. I guess if that even makes sense life liberty and the pursuit of happiness freedom is not in that sentence but and life life liberty liberty can be freedom. The pursuit of happiness can be freedom that is true so they also talk about the the issue of transparency versus privacy. That's what one of one of the other experts talks about and so what's more important to you emma transparency or privacy. If you had to choose one okay okay. Don't be therapist right now. What's what's more important to you for me. I don't see that i think it's hard because i feel like i can you can be transparent and i can still give you your privacy and but if you're not being transparent like why do i wanna give you your privacy because if you're violating alienating this trust i shouldn't then it doesn't work out that way then you're no longer transparent with me. So why should i give you like your her like what's the purpose of privacy then at that point well what does transparency mean to you like the honesty like being honest and actually like josefina text messages coming up and it's like no she someone that i met a youth group and be like okay. That's fine okay like being like being honest about that sir lying to me and not telling me that it's actually the girl that you've been working out with but let's say but if it but if he was defensive like oh why do you even care. I'd be like okay like what are you have to hide the longer being transparent with me. You're hiding. Something and i don't want to give me your privacy at that point. <hes> i think transparency also it's just talking about everything to your partner her like who you meet who you hang with your friends and this and that and that can kind of you know and if they see that name they'll be like oh. She asked telling me about josefina. Oh because of something that's misconception that i i don't feel like you have to tell each other everything either yeah and that's i've been in therapy and they told him not to like. I ah for me although i am an extrovert. I like my own alone time. Yeah like saturday night. I my friends going out. Some people going out and then on saturday. No i'm staying home and i stayed home and watched some t._v. Nice so to me. I value privacy but maybe that's more of a lone time than anything but privacy over transparency i think but they're very important and i you know. Transparency is very important to miami. Yeah don't lie so the question. Then is about you talk about this a lot boundaries yeah yeah so for you very it clear boundaries boundaries those don't don't snoop through my phone right and i won't sneak through yours so that's your boundary and and i won't give you my pet this. Here's the thing though is that like i have like my text. Messages are preview. You can read my text messages on my phone because i don't have anything hi. I just don't need you going into my phone whenever you want without my permission. What is what's in your phone that i should be looking nothing. I think it's all about like the permission russian for me like don't go into something without my permission without my knowing because it feels like it violates our trust if you're going through my phone or trying to find a way to go through my phone so do you think if you're dating somebody like your ex and he said emma. What's your password. Do you think he would be but if he asked you that. What do you think he would be using it for malicious a malicious intent now okay for that okay. I'm just trying to make an example here. Talk shit about him but yeah. I think maybe maybe when you get together there. There are things that you and your partner should should agree to like date night friend sarah passwords. I don't think we're no. We have not yeah but i think we talk. If we talked about it i would say i wouldn't say no. Delete my message yeah so i i wouldn't say it's never came up but we're always going is. I think it's just something that you and your partner should talk about like okay. We we're okay with having separate friends. Okay with having sharing passwords on our phones. Were okay with dayton on friday. Nights are not you know. I think it's something that i think couples couples should kind of establish beforehand trying to think a yeah. I think that's it. I like the appointed they make is that you don't need to feel any pressure to have your partner's phone password by a certain time y- okay so what if i dating you and i said what's your password on your phone now so that's the response so if we're telling the audience it'd be like what why do you need that for and i said well. I just just just in case. I wanted to get your phone to check something. That sounds bad. See this like no real reason for someone to ask for in your switch site. No no allow you to switch sides. Ask me can i have the password to your phone sure oh. I didn't switch size. I just don't think i don't think there's a good reason to ask ask for say what would happen if like you kept pushing on it then i'd be like no. I'm not giving you my part. I'm definitely not going to give it to visit during this problem he or me me were a maybe. I'm suspecting that you're doing something. Maybe it's just something you just don't do yeah. I think it's something that i think it's something you should not ask for but if you're not okay with giving it like emma than don't give it but if you're okay with giving wing it like me give it but i feel like it could cause my shoes yup because because i can see someone ask me further my pin and i say okay sure and then she's like. I don't want it. I'm kidding. I don't want it you know but you probably really wants it. It's fucking mind games right and then your end if you say no. You're gonna piss me off right like you don't win. You can't win. This battle is a battle he cannot win. <hes> tell me yep. What are your true feelings about this summit l. up. I do not think it's a good idea to exchange your passwords with whoever you're dating even if you don't have anything to highlight me anything to hide. I just don't think it's a good idea yeah. What if you're married great. Even if you're married okay so even answer the question now <music> you're in a committed married legal of kids <hes> and you still say no right but why because your share everything. Can you share bank accounts. You've obviously had sex you've had kids. You've been through saying more than happy to give you my phone. Unlock it for you more than happy to do that for me. It's just about like you don't know what that is. I think so. I think when you're married i think it's okay okay and i think if you're in a committed relationship. It's okay but then again that's when i get into a committed relationship. Let's see how this game you like. Okay here's my best. I love him so much. <hes> checking everything all time then he's going to be all up in your facebook and messaging pitching me probably like my ex. We've had look him up anyways. What are your thoughts zoric my thoughts again for but my personal preference is it's. It's okay. I'll give it up but i want to ask for it because it just causes more issues in the relationship. I think mhm because it's i feel like when you ask for someone's pan. It's like you're trying to look for a reason to fire somebody or the rid of somebody yeah. It doesn't have a good. It hasn't happened to me knock on wood and i think that if it did like it just would like i i question everything about it probably gonna shannon. It'd be like shannon like what the crap is this like he's asking me for his passcode and the thing is is like if shannon boorda asked me for my phone like i would. I would be like here's here's how to unlock it like i tell her to unlock it like like you give her the pin yeah or or sister my mom yeah like but not your significant no. I just think that there's something violating about that. I don't know maybe it's my own trust issues. Maybe i need to work this out there. Please let me know yeah. I think i think for the audience out there. If you guys have a preference or or if you guys have a belief about it please <hes> citizen note or replied to our instagram posting for for this episode and let us know what you think yeah because i i'm indifferent. I say give it but don't ask for it. That's my record. Give it if they ask for it so hold on so like here's a pass code to my phone. That'd be okay yeah yeah yeah. I'm never going to do that okay or if if <hes> also here's the thing too. If you don't see a future with this person don't give it. Don't give them more. You can't change the past later yeah <hes> so i say don't ask for it and if you but then what if they ask you for it and he's even if you say why is my complicated complicated. I'm making this really complicated but if you ask me for this pin and i say why then it's really already what exactly okay bye yeah. What do you want the it's like. You're like defensive l. o. market for ya yeah here through it. You know oh it's crazy so i am making this complicated because it's a complicated. It is a calibrated sub- subject because talk about it. It's just i think it's doom for for your relationship. I'd say just leave it alone right agree or not agree here. Okay all right. So so. What else do we anything else we have. We have okay all right well. Thanks for hanging with us again. We will have have more topics in the future more guests and some sketch comedy improv peeps soon jeez so so have a great week. Everyone and we will talk to you next time but a thanks for listening to the date podcast. Please subscribe in review review. If you liked what you hear send us an email at hello at date podcast dot com for any questions comments or show topics. You'd like for us to discuss follow us on facebook instagram and twitter most importantly. Tell your friends about our show <music>.

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Acceptance after loss: Guest  Chris Ruden

James Miller | Lifeology

27:04 min | 1 year ago

Acceptance after loss: Guest Chris Ruden

"Welcome to life. Algae I James Miller your house and a licensed psychotherapist purpose. I'm looking forward to spending this time with you as balloon some pretty amazing life lessons. Let's get started. Thank you so much for or listening to life. I would love to connect with you be sure to follow me on all social media platforms under the name James Miller folly except for twitter. which is james m life algae edgy? I am also very active on instagram and create mini videos with quick tips and tools that you can immediately implement. Be Sure to say hello and follow me there and I've agree show few today. I'm going to help you. Find Acceptance. After loss also be interviewing powerlifter and motivational speaker. Chris Rudin he shares. It was his inspirational story of being born with congenital birth defect but if you hard work and dedication he turned what could have been a stumbling block and created steppingstone. For more information about Chris. Please visit is it. Chris Rudin DOT COM or follow him on Instagram at Chris. Rudin that's R. U. D. E. N.. I have some exciting news. Did you know that I'm on the radio three times a week. You may be on the same station on Tuesdays at one thirty PM. Friday's at nine thirty A.. M. and Saturday at twelve thirty pm you may also hear me anytime an Iheartradio as well as an all the other major pod casting platforms including itunes spotify five Google play stitcher and many others simply search for the show name James Miller life algae or simply go to James Miller life algae dot com. If you're anything like me you'll love to read folly and audible dot com have partnered to offer you an incredible credible opportunity audible is offering you one free book download with a Free Thirty Day trial. This is perfect for those of you. Who love to read but often don't have time to enjoy your your favorite pastime? Go to James Miller I follow dot com forward slash audible to start your free trial. They have over one hundred eighty thousand books from all genres. So I'm pretty confident. Your favorite author's books will be there go to James Miller followed dot com forward slash audible. And start listening to your favorite book today. Once again go to James Miller life dot com forward slash audible to get started today acceptance after loss. Life happens to all of us in my field. We have a fancy term those called radical acceptance radical acceptance. Basically means you create a snapshot of Your Life Right this minute and you accept the facts as they are you remove the emotion from it but you create eight the facts of your life at this moment at the end of this interview. You're going to hear me speak a little bit about this with my guest but I wanted to create a segment around this. Because I think it's really really important for each one of us to understand how to move beyond what was versus. What is each one of us has experienced extreme loss before that can be through heartache? That can be from the loss of a job. A health issues bankruptcy the loss of someone. We've all experienced something in our life and after the appropriate time of grieving it's important and then accept the facts as they are. One thing I really wanted to understand is if something dramatic has happened in our life doesn't mean that if someone did something to us that that we say it's okay that they did. This causes them not to take responsibility or minimizes. The situation in any way. It's simply taking stock of your life right this minute. The difference is is when people unfortunately get caught up in everything that they've lost their future looks very bleak they think of all the things that could do all the things they've experienced in their past and that's what they focus on with radical acceptance. You focus on the facts as they are and what do you do with those facts. Many Times people can focus on the way the situation currently is but they don't focus on what they can do. They focus on what they lost and went to bypass was good. My current situation is bad. You cannot compare the two because they are essentially different different. That person you were during that time prior to the event is not who you are today. Traumatic events change us we can either evolve or become stagnant and resentful awful and bitter now once again. This is not minimize. Anything you've experienced it just simply allows you to determine what you're going to do now. Radical acceptance is not a one and done and essentially you wake up one day and say okay. What is different? How do I accept life as it is now and I moved beyond us? This is a lifestyle because what is always he's had the opportunity to remind you of what was the mindset that you create with this radical acceptance continually move forward continually move in the direction of things. You can new versus things you cannot do redefining who you are. Today is the most important step because if you create your snapshot of her life based on who you were they'll never fully embrace who you are today. Remember to remove the concept of good and bad. Today's worse than yesterday or I'll never be able to do this again. Those concepts you do you. Have you focused on what was and not and what is I often help. People think of their current situation like a Rubik's cube the Rubik's cube has six different sides. If you look at your past through one side of the Rubik's cube then yes that is all you're going to see at this time of your life. You have another version another side which to spend that cube to see what your new life life looks like not. You're better life your new life a question to ask yourself anytime you go through trauma and after the grieving process has ended is. What are you learning about yourself? What have have you learned about yourself? Did you realize you had resilience. Did you realize you have tenacity. Did you realize that you have the will to live even. Perhaps you didn't think you could or wanted to. Did you realize that you overcame adversity. Did you realize that you have more strength than you thought on the other side of the your experience with continual radical acceptance. Your story is going to help. Someone announce move beyond their trauma their event to their loss. So I really want to encourage you that regardless of where you were versus where you are today do not compare those two. They will always always be different. Different is not good or bad. It's just simply different. What was never be but what will be is what you decide? It will be I wanted to take just a quick moment to thank you. All who continued support and listen to James Miller life allergy. I am so blessed and honored by your continual supports however. I want to make sure that you don't miss out anything exciting. That's happening over here. So Good James Miller follow dot com or DOT TV the and sign up for the free weekly recap each week. I will send you an email. which has all the latest radio episodes youtube episodes magazine articles and self help products specifically specifically for you once again go James Miller lifelock dot com or a life algae DOT TV and sign up for the free weekly recap my guest today? Is Chris Rudin. who was born with a congenital birth defects manifested in a short arm and only two fingers on one hand growing up? He was bullied and embarrassed. But Chris powerlifting lifting and fitness to become the elite athletes. Yesterday he regularly speaks to youth with disabilities. In order to motivate them to recognize every stumbling block can be a stepping stone. Welcome I show Chris Chris. Thank you primarily. She'd time looking forward to this interview. You have so many major league that you've overcome and so many things you've done are no. You're definitely going to inspire my listeners. Today now born with a congenital birth defects that. Is You know. Obviously there's a difference if someone's diagnosis something later on in life but you started out in life as society or people perceiving certain way. Can you walk us through that. What was growing up like for you absolutely so I was born with two fingers on my left hand shorter left arm and you know I grew up vinegar very poor area? You know we went to the church to get food around welfare and that on top of growing up with a disability. I knew immediately that was different. uh-huh I went through a lot from bullying to depression to later in life. You know getting into the wrong thing and hanging with the wrong people but I always tried to hide it from my parents. You know. We wanted them to know because embarrassed. I was embarrassed that they that their kid. I was getting made fun of those embarrassed. That like I wasn't good enough. We wanted them to know until you know finally one day I just had enough when I told Damn there reaction Kinda just like changed the way I viewed my disability. What way so I always always used to come home after school. In whether a bad day you know getting made fun of or no people call me like a monster. Because I look different and they wouldn't pick me for certain sports on his younger so one day. Just this one kid. Skip named Patrick has got to me and I remember going home and like running in the bathroom. Bathroom Tears Rolling Down My face and I looked at myself in the mirror. And I'm like you are a monster like I was just so down on myself. I couldn't hide it from my mom. Any MARZAK MOM. I don't want this. You're a nurse fixes. I don't WanNa be disabled. I don't WANNA be. I don't have this gross arm. I'm tired of being the monster. And then just seeing my mom break down and cry and all she could really say was. I'm sorry you know workers to do of course exactly there's nothing you can do as a parent you know. And she's a nurse too so to be in the medical field. It's like man. I can't imagine what that would be like so it was like in that moment I was like okay. May I have to do something else complaining about it. It's not gonNA work not to say that was my ultra defining moment where I decided what do I want to do with my life. But that was is one of the many moments that I was a mind shift. Of course I had to. I had to do something different but I think also just from a child. Senior parents feel so helpless on these. Are My words not yours but to see a sea just hurting so much it it helps you realize that it's not just you. Who's struggling just you? Who has that that quote disability stability? It's your your parents they want to give you. Your mom wanted to give you everything. And she wasn't able to and this is one thing she could not do everything else she would you her best to do. Sounds like she's an amazing woman in but this is one thing she couldn't do and so I think with you that awareness epiphany that wow there are other people who are hurting were close to me. And what can I do to be protective of them as well exactly Ackley so it started to lead me to think like all right. If I can't change my situation what can I change. What can't do there has to be something I can? Do you know instead of living this life of you know. I can't do anything about it. The ball is in in my court. I was like how can I kind of you know. Get some control over my life and it turns out I I did have control is just over my thoughts my behaviors in my reactions to situations that I found myself in so that was kind of like the starting point for everything that are built today when you look at your perception how started to shift. Where did it come from a place of disability or deficit to place of once again like you said I and I can't control this? There's multiple moment's you know. That was like okay emotional moment. I know something to change but I'm not sure what going to high the school. I was very competitive because of my disability because of my reaction my disability. I'd say I did all kinds of weird stuff I play drums. I wore a glove for seventeen years. I hid my hand to those embarrassed but I hit my hand instill did things that I was out in the spotlight. You know I always want us lot line kind of perform so I played drums with a drumstick through the finger. Hole added martial arts. I was the captain. It didn't starter of the dance team at my high school. I was never like the conventional blades. Sports this funny ended up getting a degree in exercise science. But I still to this day. Don't like sports so it's just not my thing being competitive definitely pushed me to see what I could do the abilities you know but in healthy way it wasn't until I got diagnosed with type one diabetes that they huge mental shift happened in. Turn that whole obstacle into an opportunity and tried to create my adversity as business. You know translate what can I do to help other people my struggle you know. I know that I teach best what I need to learn most so for me to help myself. I have to help other people. That's just hell. I learned that's how I grow and you know once once I kind of was serious of myself in level myself like this is what you have to do. I love helping people and I took it seriously. Took it as a job Aubin. That's great when you were diagnosed with type one diabetes and obviously. That's no one's expecting that. So you have this way started life this yes this feeling a certain way by yourself and being diagnosed with something else how is that for you. I honestly think the only reason I was able to deal with you know getting diagnosed with the lifelong condition. You know in a lifelong autoimmune disease. It was because I had been battling the mental struggle of living with the disability and I had finally learned how to kind of be okay with myself I still had my hand but I was okay with myself. You know before I really was not okay with any part of myself and at this point Doing allowed medic so when the diabetes came and I was like okay. You GotTa do the best with what you got where you're at Read that quote somewhere and I'm like okay. What can I do this? What how can I use this as momentum? At the time I was studying law in college I wanted to be a lawyer mostly because I just like to argue with be lawyer lot more than that now. If that was was the job description I one hundred percent would be amazing at it but I. I ended up deciding to switch to exercise science because at the time that was my biggest goal in Hong and drums. And all this other stuff but bodybuilding in lifting. I was told by so many people I couldn't just because I wasn't symmetrical in seminary what they judge after so I was like okay. I'm stubborn I'm competitive. I'm GonNa take that as a challenge. I got into exercise and I was. I was like maybe I could start. You know working with other people with exercises that teach best which nearly ended up finding a client they found me in eleven year old with cerebral palsy. I'm reached out to me and she's like I think you would inspire him at this point. I'm against fire on underneath regime. Sure she's like I think you would inspire him and you could really help him and I would love to work my son. I was like let me let me give it a shot. I went out and bought a bunch of equipment and went over to her house and mean this Kid David it connected like on Razi level like I worked with him every single week for six months and we had so much fun and this kid taught me more about life than I ever learned on any tedtalk or podcast. Kids were making fun of them because he could barely walk and kids are making fun of Ms. He told me that I'm ready to rip the throats out the story right now. I'll go now. I can train you from jail. We're good mad. Had He stopped. But it's okay Chris. They don't tell me who I am and I was like Gosh this eleven year. Old touch this lesson exactly. I'm like I I just learned the lesson. He talked about last year and I worked with eight years ago. You know what I'm saying after working with this kid. He ended up running being on the beach for the first time. That's amazing. Wow you exercise. Fitness working with people was my goal that I was on the right path latte diabetes now. I'm an extra science. My whole business is based on exercise. Blue things were starting to move. And that's that's when I really started feeling okay. Maybe I can and do a little bit more with my life than just be that disabled kids. And you transitioned into multiple things. I mean we're going to talk just a few minutes about I know you're on NBC Titan game which is amazing show but you also have a prosthetic. Walk us through that so a after getting an extra science and all that I ended up starting competing in powerlifting because they found out strong but wasn't big enough to do bodybuilding it. I did my first tower thing need and I won. Congratulations seven meets after that and then a broke broke floor state records in one unofficial world record for the strongest disabled diabetic power in the world. So I was like okay. I like powerlifting. Palestine's good I like lifting heavy rate. This is fine but at the time I was still hiding my hand. You know it wasn't until I got a prostate or Garm that I took my global. I hid my name from my girlfriend from my friends. It wasn't until November of two thousand eighteen. That finally took my gloves off after seventeen in years of wearing it. How was that for you? That was I mean that moment was insane and of course I do everything on such ridiculous scale. I was like let me just make a video video of me taking my glove and posted to the Internet because I'm scared for one person to see let's lake and a bunch of people. That video went so so viral. I hit two point eight million. Gosh Wow at this point you know. It was a little bigger than showing one person. So that was it made it easy for me to kind of be open because people are celebrating. They weren't they weren't seeing it as the deficit. There are seeing this as a milestone so I think just that re frame for you that support you got from all those views on those people saying those things and also solidified with them at for you. It was absolutely saying these people were messaging me. I've been hiding my disability from my wife for twenty years. I'm like the messages I got support was it was crazy you know so. The prosthetic arm helped me a lot with the mental state of being okay with myself and I'm disabled. Some people are outright really cool. His some people aren't and as guy. We struggle with the stigma of. Oh you're not supposed to be self conscious you know you're not supposed to have any emotions Russian. You're not supposed to do anything like strong. No no we're we're allowed to human you know and that prosthetic helped me. With that. Huge mental hurdle not to mention I started developing carpal. Tunnel my right hand which is just from overuse on having and so the prosthetic helps daily life functions and it looks suber super goal. I know that's really like a superhero. which led me today? Now travel the country and the world speaking speaking to kids whether they give antidotes whether they have disability diabetes or even at conferences and sales meetings about overcoming adversity and my message witches urges limitations imposed. That's Moses which is very true. I mean everybody has some type of I. Don't WANNA use the word deficit. But there's there's something to each of our lives that that is a stumbling block and sometimes we don't realize that for one we. We haven't identified that it is a stumbling block. We allow life to just how kind of decide that you can't do anything about it. But that's not decision to lie to ourselves nasty to me all the time and they say oh man. I would look to help people to do what you do. But my story isn't as cool as yours. Listen every single person listening to this podcast right now including you has the same story as I went through some crap you got over some crap and more crap coming that in a way that can tell someone how to help themselves get better. You'RE GONNA make a huge impact the whole aspect as well as if you've overcome something before the situation today may be different but the mindset in the feelings that you experienced Dan Dan you. You've are now currently feel them so if you did it before you can do it again and I think so. Many times people realize there's so much data in each person's past which gives us so much fuel to overcome over currently facing today is crazy if you think about what's the hardest thing you've ever had to go through in your life and you're here now you did it. You made it. You won another breath yes exactly. You're here if even if it didn't go the way you wanted to. You're still here so keeping in through that. I promise you can get everything else. I like to teach people that everything ever every six weeks in. Our life is like a jigsaw puzzle piece and with when you continually look at your life because there are many things that just don't make sense it will never make sense and we'll never know why but when and you see what the outcome was or perhaps closed or opened up another door for somebody else we can then start to see how the jigsaw puzzle pieces kind of linked together to form. I'm this tapestry. This picture of we are today and so the more awareness that we have like. I said before if we take us a stumbling block and turn it into a stepping-stone the lessons we learned from that event. Create the opportunity for another opportunity. That's even greater that we're now proactively. A part of that were choosing how we're going to respond word choosing the outcome from. That's going to happen. So I think when people really isolate and event and say this happened to me or this happened to me. We don't step back enough to look at the perspective because perspective always always gives us understanding and awareness. Say Okay. I don't understand that and I'll never understand it. But what came out of that and what perhaps out years later has allowed me now to be the person I am today for example for me. I'm no different than anybody else. Multiple things have happened in my own life. But I love who I am today. It took me a long time to say that. But I love William Today and so each thing to win I went through other. I put myself through or a life happened and now make sense of who I am today. Once again we can find that I love William today it it then blinks together like I said beautiful puzzle picture. That picture of who we are today. I love right and you know to add that. It's a great way to conceptualize like what what what it is to go through life and hit these roadblocks. Sometimes those puzzle pieces. Seem like you'll never fit. All you spend the puzzle round until you change the perspective of how you look at the entire puzzle change in perspective of how to use that one piece that one event in your life. That doesn't make sense ends and honestly sometimes in life. I've found that we we try and make sense of everything when something's just simply we we need a reason. We need to apply a reason why something happens. Sometimes you just do tow. Because you stub do tell duck trying to make it like because I'm a libra Abra. Let's move importance. That have looking back. Where you're you know? Ashi skin has left on the sidewalk. Yeah Yeah I think it also goes back to this place of we. Many Times conceptualize the outcome event. As there's something wrong with us there's a deficit within US There's tractor with zero promotion. Yes exactly and so. When we create that were the fault of the reason why and then it creates earlier that limiting belief and then events then becomes who we are as opposed to just an event in event can never become who we are without your permission exactly something I do want to add though that I actually got? It was really weird as the first time I've ever had. I got backlash on something. I was talking about about Changing in perspective as a person with the disability. And someone's like no amount of positivity ever give me my leg back or give me my arm back. Let me clarify. No amount of positivity or most likely medication will give you your leg or make condition better. You know when we can learn to treat it but I don't think positively cures anything but I do think it treats a bad mindset and that's the the main thing we have to live off of our body but the way we think and clear for that. Yeah and I think that's a great clarification let me piggyback off that as well as when we compare was versus. What is there's always going to be less than because when we get stuck in perhaps this for example the mobility of something for someone to lose their mobility yes? That's not going to be better. It's going to be different so we have to remove what was and keep that suffer because it will never be today so now we have to take the new framework work to say. Okay what can I do. What is as opposed to what was when we have that grief get lost in that? And that's when people compare and that's where that quote positively that he will never be. We'll never fix it. We're not trying to fix it. We're looking at what is not a positivist hippie. Like if the burning building is on fire. I'm not going to stand in there and chant can't myself out of the Hillary Duff seriously. Don't if something happens if I were to lose my legs and I couldn't walk anymore it would change my life would change message in my vision in my purpose. 'cause my purpose is to help other people regardless of my limbs or digits or what. I'm going through. My purpose is to help other people. You know that to me when I that's my personal thing. I will always be driven to do that. Regardless as long as a heart heart is still beating. I will find a way to do that. Well it's it's the augmentation of the changes of what we can do versus what we cannot and I think once again people get stuck in that the biggest stuck in what they can't do and tell us drill what they can't do in I don't need a reminder of what I can't do because I'm well aware you know I need a reminder under what I can do and I posted a little yesterday Only people who can see the invisible. Do the impossible when you think about stuff like that. Like your vision has to be bigger than what you went through if it is in. You're only going to have the past as your future and that's not going to get you anywhere exactly especially if you feel it. It comes from place of feeling less than yes and your perception. What would we call my field emotional? Forecasting what I feel today forecast to my future if I feel it stay that means I will always feel it. Fortunately causes us to get stuck and not being able to become fully could become we get stuck in what we cannot be. That's also have you show today if my listeners like to find out more for you to follow me on Instagram to watch you on. NBC The Titan Game. Where would they find all information online? My name is Chris Rudin. So everything at Chris Rudin. You can find me on instagram youtube or my website Chris Dot Com you can catch me on Titan Games with Dwayne the Rock Doc Johnson on NBC on Thursday nights excellent. Chris thank you so much for being an fantastic estimates so today I really appreciate your time. Thank you grabbing me. I also want to thank you you my listeners for tuning in today please subscribe to this radio. Show whichever portal you. Join me today. Also please go to say were you may sign up for the free weekly Recap Watch. My a youtube episodes read the articles written specifically for you and purchase my previous guests self-help products. If you'd like to work with me. Be a guest on or advertise on this show visit James Miller lite policy dot com. Be Sure to follow me on all social media platforms under the name James Miller lite policy except for twitter. which is James M life? Algae once again. Thank you so much for your support and I'll talk to you soon.

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An Introduction to Purity Culture

Making Love and Growing Up

48:20 min | 2 years ago

An Introduction to Purity Culture

"Alleluia D._C.. This piece of tape to see the only take this piece of tape and I want you to put it on your body all my put it on your body. I'm going to take the tape off. Okay okay now. I'm GONNA put the tape on onto aiden okay. I'm GONNA put the tape onto aiden. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA RIP it off. Okay K. K. Lerna put this tape on you. Okay Nolan and put the Olivia. Do you want this tape is gonNA stick to announce stays even Kennedy even stick to stick in the are exactly and that's what it's like if you have sex if you have sex with everyone in this room so when outside of this room does not want to have sex with emily spit into this don't actually demand like hot only spend to that one glass and I want you to do pass killer cure spin to this. Will you please spit into this wine glass. Spin the wine glass. You don't want you don't even want you don't even spin into it. Would you like to spit into this wine glass. No myself the question. Do I wanNA drink this wine now that you've spit into it. I don't think I do yeah and that's what happens when you have sex with so many people so many and you know what but what I'll do you have to ask yourself. Do people even sexy. We know Spain your APPS. When I say I liked ric Google talk about Christian if you do these people are have you heard about that? Stories died two steps waiver. Don't have sexy going on to get it on selling your learning like sexual. Partner is the respected. It's a hard journey on which we had orioles. That's another one oreos where you look the Oreo and pass it around in the last person with the Oreo at that oriented silly silly at the peanut butter on that oo alright today. What are we talking about purity culture? We're giving an introduction just an introduction to purity droppings wine glass. I style spin think giving an introduction period culture because it is a very loaded and long standing thing that we could say so much about but if people have never even heard of purity culture yeah what would you like. What is that Libya? What is it if someone asked me? What period culture is oh? My Gosh so much comes up with my brain. I would say that it is a system that stemmed from Evangelical Banjul Christianity trying to make people not have sex with each other before marriage to stay holy and pure in the eyes of God but there's so much more than the other is. There's so much more than that. I want to go back back to the beginning. I think I'm going to keep quoting the Hillary Duff Song every time we go into history. Go back back to the beginning of purity culture which actually doesn't quite start at the Christian evangelical sort of thinking it actually stems more from the system of prohibition. Do we remember prohibition yeah. That's when we weren't allowed to drink yeah except during the war that was America Day that was in America yes in America back in the day where people were not allowed to drink because it was a constitutional law for you to not be able to drink while we're going to actually see some serious parallels else between the prohibition and purely culture and the way that it ties into our lives today this is this is super bowl as we drink. I love this. I'd like to drink to that. If you remember your history prohibition was in the one thousand nine hundred it went into the nineteen thirties. I'd like to say from what I know of history from my English degree and my study of literature the Modernist Movement that was post post World War One people went to war they came back a little fucked up so they had a lot of trauma postwar dealing with killing people and coming back and just trying to live normal life as an American was very difficult for men and so the response to that was books like the great gatsby where we see like people looking at the American dream and deconstructing dare I say away from the war we get a problem which is men dealing with their traumas through alcohol yet. I mean there's no therapy for like P._T._S._D.. They don't know what P._T._S._D. is. They don't even know what emotion is now if women get horny they're like you need to lie down. You crazy woman. You go sit in an attic with a bunch of yellow wallpaper. fucking nuts do art. We could create every time we got horny. We've got locked in a yellow room. Dude I would be so rich because I climbed the wall with our fingernails. There was a lot of belligerent drunks just being turds. ooh That was the term. They say it's in the papers prohibition happened. There's a lot of the mention of the word. Look it up Gogo at go usually. Would you say that it's almost like as crazy as opium. Movement is now like Oh yeah. It doesn't sound that crazy drunk man on the street. It's like we've all gone out to be probably actual societal pry. They're like Oh shit. There are so many people getting so drunk and and being so stupid stupid yeah we need to do something about so there is a difference between distraction from men alleviation of so that's a good difference too. I know that's a good difference to hold onto as we go through. This movement of has distraction from is alcohol. I'm going to distract my mind from all the trauma of war alleviation of would probably be therapy because that's going to actually deal with the root of the problem so pulled onto that now we have a problem. What is our solution? There are people who want to moderate alcohol. WHO's like well? Let's just kind of like chill it out. Let's let's lesson. Let's try to beat B B a little wise about it. Mostly what happened now is extremist and that's a buzzword extremist views of is this a problem and I don't even know how to deal with it. So you know what why. Why don't we just take out? What's clearly the problem is just alcohol? Alcohol is the problem not their P._T._S._D.. Alcohols the problem so let's eradicate completely it started in small social groups oops of mainly like churchgoers who saw problems society and they started in their own communities lessening their use of alcohol to the point of. Let's not even have alcohol at all. Let's be a different. Let's be different. Let's be different society. We're going to respect that so far media yeah me too I respect but then it sort of started to ignite into this is a problem. We need to go war against this problem problem so let's try to get everyone everywhere to prohibit alcohol so slowly overtime the movement gain traction and eventually in nineteen twenty alcohol Kahal was prohibited by Law in America man person on that because that's like some good visable stuff in from the woman in this behind. That's not factual just making a like this. I have to say woman named in or Sue Kathy Yeah someone like that. It's just like this that you just wait. uh-huh really angry anger. She just took it out the noise of constipation anger. If my husband just constipation religion. My husband was getting dragging them naturally every night. I wish I had the balls did go go to the government and be like I have to be with this man every day. You get rid of this or I'm sitting here with me and N._B.. Johnson I don't know who was president. Okay anyways so this this brought about total absence. Let's take that total absence say it again total absence so the also by the way I'm going to plug this book now because I'm going to be using a lot of ideas from this book it's called shameless by naughty ables Weber just sitting around me Nadia you queen. She says the religiosity of the prohibition movement was stoked by genuine desire to lead holy lives pleasing to God but purity is easier to regulate than holiness. They actually spend a lot of time trying to explain purity poultry is because I'm studying <unk> here in the U._k.. Where very few people experience anything even remotely similar culture? This is Alissa Lucero a Grad student at the University of Glasgow. She's currently writing her dissertation on Purity Culture in the U._S.. Sexwale will lasting on my minded many of my participants. My interviews said similar things precisely conceptual Boston feelings were so demonized impurity culture girls here to culture really concerned about modesty and whether they're covering nothing for their skin boy really concerned about last ditch can often be a code word for pornography in overall just in the sense that author dangerous and that need to be very careful to not accidentally fall into a simple lifestyle. I would say that purity appeared movement is a lifestyle in a way of being for many people I would also say that culture emerges from specific interpretations Majolica Lizama Biblical Tax then connect sexuality so strongly only to sin or the possibility for sin my interview participants also without prompting them reflected on some good things experience growing up in period culture. They talked about like they were talked to take their bodies and sexuality seriously in that list of pride and it felt good they also talked about the appreciated they got different message about sex than they were already getting online from foreign appreciating learning about boundaries and they also talked about developing empathy for their parents parents ago is about challenging it is raising a child wafer century. Some of the extreme measures taken to scare people away from alcohol schoolbooks started to teach abstinence from alcohol with extreme fear toxic tactics. I E even one drop will burn your throat and deteriorate the lining of your stomach. It could cause deafness it could. It 'cause lunacy and of course it could cause spontaneous combustion. Do that's what they say about calm. I could spun the telling your daughter that to prevent blowjob honey. One drop will destroy the lining of your stomach throat. You will become death. CAIRN cured Susan's Americares Susan Kathy Kathy One blowjob marriage get here any he's like wine. Can we do that again and she's like I can you. I'm mine is Zevon okay so the extremist fearmongering and more and more communities popping up that adhere into this sort of power of fear mongering meaning like more and more communities are like prohibit alcohol and they're like okay sounds like a good idea onboard but speak easies started erupting. There were these literal criminal Empires Popping Ping up because of the Prohibition of alcohol which didn't fix the problem at all it. Maybe even made it worse like an here. Here is the main point that I want to get people started hiding it. They start hiding when you make rules to ban it. They just start hiding yeah so prohibition ends in Nineteen thirty three because the governments are realizing like Oh. We're losing so much money because this because all of the mobsters are making all the money and we should probably probably end this because it's not actually really helping people are just doing it. anyways point is prohibition doesn't work doesn't work well. Maybe that's <hes> fear tactics. Don't work to be maybe fear is a great way to get someone to agree to you you quickly fear is a great way. You know to get people on board. Let's get rid of this thing but then once the fear wears off and logic comes in and reasoning comes also what are you said French Omaha wait I spill myself French wine on you and suddenly you're regs so Okeydokey so nineteen thirty-three prohibition ends now next big milestone I want to get into is world. War Two happens in nineteen forty five hundred forty five when men went off to war in World War. Two women were taking their places in jobs yeah so when more like Oh we got to step up in do the man's job now war ends men then come back for more women are disappointed to kind of go back into what they were doing being housewives and that's pretty much it but I think they got a taste of wildlife could be like hung on the slug it wait Hong all packets pockets gets dressed pockets pants pockets like pram. They were like I'll put address back on Baca Palm Pints on his pockets almost talking myself abroad fire because I'm missing pocket ooh Nineteen Nineteen fifties brought in like American Dream Baby boomers everyone's having babies because back from war but there was that still small voice in the back of their heads that was like enter the nineteen sixties and that brought about full force of this rebellion in sexual revolution women were freeing themselves in their bodies and men weren't exactly mad about it but untethered sexual activity with no sort of guidance while like alcohol there were some consequences to this behavior <hes> now enter emily the Jesus Move Man Okay Okay so the Jesus Movement began in nineteen sixty seven in Haight Ashbury which is interesting because this is where the district with the wet that'd be district. Oh right exactly so it's like so many generations are lead generation. The Beatrice direct is a place in San Francisco. Were Basically Jack Hung out. Yeah Allen Ginsberg was on the street corner like how that's where this that so it's interesting that where the rebellion began a new rebellion against the rebellion also okay so the Jesus movement was just a bunch of hippies who are over l._S._D.. And needed a way out there over the orgies they were. You can only do so much acid where you're like. I only one room yeah before you're like. I don't WanNa put it anywhere. Yeah believe them on that. I say on a couple guys. We'll be right back. Okay Jesus Movement and they were dogmatic the same way they were dogmatic against like right against rallying in the streets streets to fight against like the politicians who are sending our troops over to Vietnam with that same dogma they were in the streets promoting Jesus. They were called the Jesus Jesus freaks and that's where we got our Jesus Flyers and people people preaching on the streets except then that's what you did. There wasn't a social media like preachy preaching on the streets guys this used to be popular and the Jesus whom it was cool like to sing to they also then took on the rock and roll of that age. Oh Martin Luther bring it back He. He has a quote saying what is it. Why should the devil have all the good music but in the Jesus was just super cool they they serve mimicking what the newspapers were doing doing? The same was just like really good p._R.. And A._M.. Billy early Graham you got the radio you got chuck was named Chuck Smith the Jaguars Chuck. No there was a lot of trucks going on but basically might my dad came out of the hit me movement. He was in all started on the west coast mainly. Yes mainly Costa Mesa Costa Masa it just cover Temple Yeah Yeah Zach do there's so many average apple now just sitting one where they would bat ties in the ocean like good. Oh Yeah all about and my dad was a seal beach cow pasture. What was really cool about that? Movement is a bunch of people who had done the drug life had been very promiscuous sexually ends all the problems or the consequences of that behavior yeah like articles were being written about it in on the news in the rolling stone like they gained. They digging traction of the whole U._s. of just people going what's going on. It's Kinda cool but then once Nixon got like Watergate happened it started it kind of made everybody kind of suspicious in society now right so ah they got really cynical and suddenly started like Jesus Movement it was like maybe you're a colt. Are you brainwashing. These kids parents started kind of being like why I never see my kid anymore like in the what is it that the children of God or that was one of movements. There's there's speculation that got a little colty their assembly there is some accounts of abuses of anyway but the parents are that started filing suits being like hey. I don't see my kid anymore there. In this movement what's going on so even though some of the movements were we're good some of them kind of fell apart or some of the moved out of the United States and like fled to Europe which children of God did but some of these movements settled down off the streets and just establish themselves as churches so they kind of reformed and became like a normal denomination the nomination by the way as I move forward. I'm GonNa mainly talk about the Evangelical Christian Church because that's the one that I know even though there's over thirty two thousand denominations of Christianity some churches allow female passers. Some churches don't allow women to being leadership. Some churches are gay friendly. Some believe that it's a habitual sin in their life basically then so once he's churches calmed down a little bit what really fueled their fire again is when when everything thing happened with AIDS you know so late seventies early eighties and they took it to Reagan and Reagan gave them so much money they gave fun. They funded to absence only absence only like education Croatian programs because of AIDS like contrast eight yeah because they were scared they were terrified. They didn't know AIDS was and what's a great solution. When there's a crazy problem that we learned in prohibition prohibit get rid of it abstinence only yeah so I mean and that makes sense guys walk into the street beating their wives? We AIDS people are dying for like no reason. We don't know what's going on at all because that's what's causing and then the churches see. We told you we've been telling you we've been telling and look at people are dying diet also worse because the church saw the gays and they also said some of them said that God was punishing them for their homosexuality which is a terrible thing. NADO churches would say that but guess what did then so. I'm GonNa talk about some modern day tactics to that that the churches used to help their youth avoid sex so I'm calling them avoiding tactics so we have purity rings right so the government with two billion dollars in nineteen eighty-one has created some good absence merch. Let's purity rings I on one. It was a thumb ring okay. Not I actually wanted my period. I asked for it for my fifteenth birthday. Absolutely do you still have some random like secondhand. Jeweler is where we got to pick out. My Diamond Ring Warren my wedding ring dude. I got mine from anyway. You Remember See two-way Christian merch store right. We got T. shirts. We got keeping wish I knew about it. I didn't know I was like stands for like Corinthians to eight. I'd on and I don't know the very cool but okay so we got like period rings. You Got Keychains as you got shirts. You've got men's that say marriage is meant for for wait. No sexist meant for marriage mint. Explain meant to me what you mean by mentally ready. It's like when you go to sexuality of sex mints you go to a Christian lyrics dockery breath meant these are breadth man. This is absent Smerch and then they also engineer breath to AAC out exactly so they have this there was this company called the silver ring thing and they promoted things like only horizontal. Keep your clothes on zipped in button tactics next to keep you sexually pure and they used to host events that culminated an invitation for adolescents to sign purity pledge and give their life to Christ as essentially at essentially the same time again connecting this the concepts of salvation Russian with <unk> purity. I can't tell you how many times have signed one of those. Oh No way so many times but like you're going strong. Now I know so this idea of connecting the concepts of salvation with purity so the <unk> the more dogma we have the more money thrown into this abstinence only programs in and really stressing this for teens and like children and just pushing this pushing this we somehow on the same level put salvation Chen with sexual purity somehow along the way a put on the same level and that's when we developed some issues I would say statistics show that just as many people outside the purity culture raised in the movement movement movement continued to go on to have sex outside of marriage with severe repercussions of shame surrounding sex that only gets worse into adulthood. There's also then the guarding your heart. That was very stress when I was younger guard your Oh yeah what does that mean for you. Got Your heart meant like pay attention to your feelings. Yes when someone is telling you something. That's a little too affectionate or or like. Don't look at things that you shouldn't look at. We needed guard your heart. 'cause you gotta keep your heart kind. Check so don't don't watch those scenes movie better skip it and I mean I can't relate to the whole boyfriend on the couch thing but like be careful you boyfriends Nasu on your couch you better. Or not such as knee you don't know better God your heart and they told boys to guard her heart yeah the heart for them better guard her heart. What Oh my God what about like what is he god now such such a big responsibility to take care another person? Do you do in broke heart-to-heart hard her heart yet you take this whole Garter Damart well this will this goes you nicely into gender roles. How gender roles plays a part in this interview and culture? Yes so I'm going talk about <hes> complimented. Complimentary is what we're going there. Just here I mean you could dedicate a whole podcast but if this was the <unk> primary gender roles within the religion that I grew up in and I think you did to absolutely yeah okay so this is the idea that there are two distinct genders that have equal worth in God's is all that's so sweet. Oh wait there's more but they are white but there are very different roles responsibilities in expectations on earth okay so the man on is to be undeniably mask masculine as he practices patients and understanding as a leader okay whereas the women is to be irrefutably feminine and to Lovingly Consent to in support the leadership of a man. Yes yes yeah no it was what was appreciate and how does that make you before I I was told that it was an honor to submit to my husband and whatever like at the end like you can fight about it but at the end of the day his word goes and you just go with him and you trust him because he's being led by God yeah. Apparently I'm don't know anything but he's the head of household so by God. I'm supposed to buy God I'm supposed to follow whatever he the wider of the household the leader of us this in like yet. We're told that God speaks to US equally yet. We are told that we are equal but is as a child. I had this huge desire to lead at this huge desire to teach in. I was told that I could not be a pastor right so I just you know and I just accepted that. I was just like absolutely and I remember being like wait could be college professor though and be guest speaker at a church I was trying to find loopholes and then became a standup comedian now that we're and then that kind of works too so also this goes into the a really important role for a woman is to not be a stumbling block right. Let's talk about this. I love this a stumbling block. Yes something rests your stumbling block. I know no absolutely sure what are what do you do hire you little slutty grind little slutty ten year old where a better shirt may wear longer shorts okay but I would like to quote. I Romans fourteen thirteen based on what I'm a Bible major like I have to this major me new you know I wasn't minor billable funk's earned it here I monitor and bills. I use this one verse that I'm legit. Romans fourteen thirteen therefore let us not judge one another anymore but rather determine this not to put an obstacle or a stumbling block in a brothers way God the convoluted my show. I love the idea the two of calling someone I'm attracted to my brother Miss that like you like a good way to try to be cool. Somebody you're like like the tensions building. You're like so horny and you're like I love you my brother and Christ and you're like but what's interesting is the real interpretation of a stumbling block for this verse is a true reference to living in non-judgmental life. Okay the verse before it is let us then pursue or after it forgive me so let us then pursue what makes for apiece and for mutual <unk> up building do not for the sake of food destroy the work of God. Everything is indeed clean but it is wrong for you to make others fall by what you eat. It is good not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything that makes your brother or sister stumbled now. I don't know exactly what this means. I think it's about if you go to someone's house and they offer you unclean food something which would have gone like happened against their tradition because they had a special diet of like kosher like clean and unclean clean food but I do believe that this has nothing to do with wearing a push abroad the age of thirteen I can't I feel feel clothing at the lake suck one. We believe that this verse written by Paul The Apostle was not about wearing short summer camp. There was a lack of depth to the sort of application of like period culture just like sexist bad don't do it and then there wasn't a whole lot of follow up and it was also a little contradictory because we play really weird games in youth group. I played this game called the winking game which was literally like the sound so bad now that I'm you're saying it like a circle of dude like this chairs and their students standing around the chairs in this girl sitting on the inside but one do doesn't have a girl in his chair and all the girls have to look at the one guy without a chair and he has two week at them and if you wait you you have to get up and over to his chair but it's up to the guy behind you to keep you in your hair. My first boyfriend was sixteen and I I taught so bad about it because it wasn't guarding my heart right yeah the morning I was like I remember out at the kitchen day one and copper very mom and I was like I committed. She was like no didn't he didn't do anything wrong then. I told him that didn't think we should have held hands. I thought it was wrong and we only for a couple of weeks and then he stopped the the sign of purity cultures speak of that I can in who was like girls winglike purity rings and like Oh word for saving ourselves for near Geneva's literally like on the one hand the same thing saving myself itself for Jesus a lot of the wings had that on this most of them weren't even really to about those more so just a just an image. Oh we're going to say this girl's underwear till like please their parents sanctum guys but like we're enrolled blowing up don't puberty and links no from the church they say girls have ninety two percent more likely <music> a chance to experience sexual shame than boys in church. That's interesting because like I get that but also with what I my experience was boys. Were always just assumed that they were watching porn assumed that yeah viewing porn and so for us girls we had to like hold them up and be like we can't tempt them yeah to like porn our bodies so we have like shelter our bodies yeah so they they don't get tempted to look like porn. I don't know and so like it was sort of like I mean and they told them not to obviously they're like this is a big struggle for you gentlemen but you ladies you innocent. Beautiful ladies like based say that you're you're you're not you're not thinking about any of that so protect yourselves. Ask Him to guard your heart my heart yeah owing as I'm shoving like toothbrushes in my vagina. Have you heard about that story of the girl that sat on a broom and die two steps away from doing that. You don't even want to know because every time I accidentally tell someone exactly the objects that have been in there. They just don't talk to me anymore anymore. This is not a safe-space realistic. Everything okay what we say. What I'm saying is your so much shame in that and no one was saying like well? It's the it's it's the thing where it's like. Oh boys are assumed the like okay. It's almost like it's not okay until not okay but like we stumbled a gun. Yeah just get back girls like that's not even an option might. Do you think you don't even think yeah I think we almost two. It's so interesting I almost thought I wasn't attracted that guy's bodies because why are they allowed to wear like mini shorts in it's hilarious I have to wear this giant t shirt and board shorts so shit so men's bodies aren't like sexually factually attractive. Yes almost like a started developing this weird Masan plex complex being like drawn and found women's bodies really mysterious like all at his dishes that way yeah I mean sometimes I'm still very confused like identifies bisexual but sometimes I go is it condition is it because of media in the way I watch <unk> like Carl's junior commercial or because of the shame around men so I just pushed them away in Zych well. If I love a woman I don't feel guilty in women don't count so which is obviously tragic. It's kind of like that that mindset of I dated a guy and he said Yeah I could date women because they don't count and then I don't count this idea was gay male. Okay straight male didn't mind me like dating other women. He actually encouraged urged it because it takes off him taught yeah so he'd have less responsibility and then we'll keep but and then and then I'm like what about other guys and he'd be and he would get show upset. He'd be like absolutely not so. I'm just like Oh wow you you don't even take women's sexuality with each other seriously okay so I have found something very interesting that was very popular talk through the abstinence only until marriage kind of educational system that was looping around the U._S.. It's called the knight in shining armor and it's a story that reached over four million students in forty seven states. I would also like to say that I got this story from the book pure by Linda Kate Klein and she is genius. I got a lot of everything I'm saying basically right now. From this book called pure inside the Evangelical Movement that Shame Degeneration of young women and how I broke free if you want to check that book out if you like anything I'm saying read the book she has way more than ideal pureplays shameless pure okay so we have the knight in Shining Shining Armor and it's beautiful tail. I'm going to try to not laugh as I say spy again even heard it from formula four million students okay so there's this night and he's an these with the princess and there's they're being attacked by dragon and the night has a sword but the princess says no you should loop a rope around the dragons neck and choke him and that's how you should kill him and the night doesn't really want to do that. He wants a sword but he listens to the princess so uses a rope puts around the dragon kills the dragon and he's kind kind of unsatisfied that he didn't get to use his sword but it worked so everything's good to save the Princess for condom. No absolutely not I like the idea that everything is a metaphor for a condom so then a second dragon attacks them and the princess this is I think you should use a bow and Arrow and the and the princess like man I really wanted us my sword but I guess usable in there so he kills the dragon again the great like they succeeded but he's not feeling very satisfied so so then one day he's walking in a maiden gets attacked by dragon and he and she goes. I don't know what to do. I don't know how you should kill the dragon and the night comes in with his sword sleighs the dragon and the. The moral is that men like occasional suggestions but at the end of the day you just have to let them do they want to do so they can feel like a man. Oh and now taught two children or million children like any woman like occasional suggestions are allowed but at the end of the day just let them use his sword like just let me is just let adding bills like almost like don't because he's going to be unsatisfied if you don't let him sway in the any he's GonNa get annoyed with you. Oh that is a great summary of purity culture in like where it came from what it did how it used different methods to shame generation of people into a not having sex in if they even touched something that it was even close to sex they would feel utter dread and mortification so with all that being said in regards to purity culture. Where are you out now? Where am I at right in this moment? It's been on like a very long journey purity culture and it's only very recently that I've actually had to do the self work to no attempt. It's just attempt to overcome the shame wounds that are really deep inside me of like the insecurities that I gained from you know being in a culture that tells you that your holy image bearer of God but at the same time inadvertently shames your body for what it naturally would like to be doing and so it's been like it's been a long road but today okay I have come to love and appreciate my sensual self which is also part of my like holistic self like that is that is part of me and it's not something that I need to be ashamed about but I can't help but you know be aware of the fact that I also have you know traumas. That aren't the have yet to surface so I have this strange part of me that is totally unknown when it comes to relationships relationships because I haven't been in one and and dating is so weird that I have a lot of fear there in approaching things and I know a lot of people I've talked to so many friends who are in this now who are finally getting into relationships where they've come out of purity culture culture and they're finally like oh I I think I want to have sex with my boyfriend and they have to have such trusting respectful loving partners to go through that slowly and patiently in order for them to be able to feel comfortable comfortable in that space so for me. I've come up with a sexual ethic for myself. I've had to place boundaries on myself knowing that there are things that I don't know about inside me that could be potentially triggered by a partner and so oh I'm not having casual sex like I've never I've never been kissed somebody and so for me. It's wise to approach these things slowly knowing that like their responses within my body mind spirit that you could cause me anxiety and so like that's that's strange because it comes back to you know in the Christian culture and the purity culture I mean we're supposed to wait till marriage to have sex marriage equals. Love and marriage equals commitment but for me I still I still desire that but like if I'm going to have sex it's not it's doesn't need to be with like a ring an American ceremony but if I we feel that I'm gonNA relationship. That's loving that I trust the person that I that this person knows me and that's why identifies Demi and sapio sexual because I honestly don't think I can get fully aroused and comfortable with someone unless we're intellectually we feel intellectually connected. I feel emotionally connected. I feel like you know me and I know you and that like the fears insecurities from High School of rejection and instability fear of men hurting me I guess that's still lingers and so I really need to be in a trusting committed space in order to do that but that's just me you know low. I love that you like. I love the idea to of you waiting. You're like Bro not a prude. You just don't know my kink in my cake is like intellectual stimulation and you don't have it like I Andre I've had partners. You make me feel guilty that like I didn't WanNa do certain things. Oh and it's like who said that that that participating in physical hands on sexual act is the sexier route like whereas you you're like putting him by fireplace and let's talk about Plato uh-huh and then like be my best friend for seven months and then let's do it in my bed yeah yes I yeah so I am a sexual person despite spite my background with purity culture and I've come into that and loved that but I know there are some wounds there and like abstinence until marriage is fine if that's your choice if your actions are aligning with your values that's great and so that's what I'm trying to do is have values of myself. Wow that I've discovered and have my actions line with so that's that's me but I wanNA know for you. Coming out of purity culture indoctrinated in that for a long time living life that you live now. Where are you at with all of that? I think I'm definitely in a less bitter place I think before I was really angry and I was having sex with whomever because it's my body and I can do whatever ever I want and just because I felt that certain men took something from me within the realms of sex that I was kind of like rebelling against men who had hurt me and I was rebelling against the term just rebelling against everyone screaming. You know just like this is my buddy and I realized I don't have to be angry at anyone. I just have to just actually look at myself and be even like what you see and then do you even like the person in front of you so I'm in a state of forgiveness forgiving the Church forgiving my parents for and they even now they're like did reteach that about sex really and I'm like Yes yes mom you did and she's like. I'm so sorry my mom's like I literally going to get a boyfriend and figure it out. I was like that's not what you told me and that didn't tell me my mom was like donut sex before marriage edge don't date and emily. Why aren't you dating you told me dating was bad and then she's I mean it? Oh my new do right. My mom was like Oh and so I'm just forgiving the church forgiving. My parents forgiving giving even even boyfriends who just didn't know that what they were doing was triggering for me like you know because I'm like I used to think like if I had bad sex I would literally break up with a guy 'cause I'm just like your tat. Rub All and it's like no sex is going to be awkward and like you just have to communicate so and muzzle forgiving myself because though I am sex positive I definitely changing my ethics of what how casual sex gets for me right like I tell my friends. I'm like I feel celebrate right now because I am and choosing to not have sex with people. I don't like I will say this. I realized that pretty culture sent me on a whirlwind of finding my own rules in sometimes it's been rebellious. Oh yes and sometimes it's been in a a genuine truth seeking manner and now my ethics are slightly changing as I discover more of my self worth and what turns me on and like what I actually want and sometimes you know a year ago I was not ready for monogamous relationship and now I am so that's it's not saying I was in a wrong place but just it's easy to look back at people. You've slept with him in like Oh so wrong. That was a mistake and just just really letting go of of that guilt and shame in just because that's what purity culture kind of like. It's basically like if you're not a virgin you messed up and you carry that baggage and it's like that's such a fear tactic so so really really being like you know it's a part I live my life in when I meet a person I want a partner within this life. We will share our story and make new stories purity culture. It's interesting because purity culture. There's nothing wrong with like the Christian idea of love and and as far as I know because I'm still a Christian or call myself a Christian still I might look a little different than some others but purity culture kind of like warped a lot of things in took us tools and tactics that seemed to me to be fear based and trying to control people and trying to have power over people's bodies in their choices. I don't know why you would WanNa do that but you know it seems like sex was just something that was so uncontrollable I guess in so enticing it was getting people away from God when really like if you have a healthy sexual mindset about yourself like people see God you know I would encourage us to have you dove into yourself and seen seen how the how you were trained as a child like what roles meant like for men and women and do you really believe believe in your worth of is just like just self self reflection and realize like what you value in. Do you actually believe that your opinion is valid and you are worth the fight of finding being your own ethics right. I think the inherent value is so crucial having that be the center when you approach things with your body with your mind spirit whatever it is yes no. You're worth get beautiful creature beautiful auto creature now you worth okay. Oh my God i. I didn't know you're such an actress. I used to double okay guys. We love you also much. Make good love you know and grow up and try your best grow try. We're all trying. That's how you kiss Olympia. Thanks so much everyone for listening to making love and growing up <hes>. If you like what you hear pleas we subscribe rate and review on Apple podcasts this helps us out a lot and lots of snow e think also if you don't already follow us on Instagram at Amazon Dot podcast and finally we I want to hear from you how his sex ED gone wrong. We're right for you. Email US making love and growing up gmail.com with any and all of your experiences whether they're good or bad or funny or sad.

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Episode 34: D23 and The Conclusion of our Trip Report Trilogy!

Never Growing Up - The Disney Parks Podcast for Adults

1:10:44 hr | 2 years ago

Episode 34: D23 and The Conclusion of our Trip Report Trilogy!

"Hey everybody welcome to episode thirty four of the never growing up podcast and while we still have a lot of our trip report to cover we the very remiss in not talking about some of the highlights of this weekend's de twenty-three amusing announcing so we'll definitely be touching a little bit on that and then we'll be finishing up our joint parts of our trip. Although we did a lot of solos so work sounds weird dude on sunday and then <hes> brady did some amazing things hint hint it has something to do with galaxy says while he was out there because he you stayed longer than i did so we will definitely touch on that to some time today. If not we will dedicate more time to it next time but y'all we got lots about muskets charted <music> <music> this this episode is a testament to how much we love you because because neither of us are doing our best. We are surviving not thriving survivors of the weekend we i just i went to the zoo with a two year old. Which is the whole thing god. I mean i love my nephew. He's the cutest thing in the world and there's some really funny stories. If if you happen to look at my stories today and i'll say some of them for y'all but like i am an weld sabo east and then you had a par terry. That's it was my going away party. He's not leaving us guys. No-no just leaving florida all this stuff will title. I'm not leaving us but he's you're going to theme parks with children now. What is like one is upon on cavs. Turn into yeah so <hes> it's so funny because i even posted about it on my on my feet today <hes> if you by the way i'm anne at w. W. collective <hes> in my level. My lovely fantastic gorgeous co host is a hi guys. This is brady mccleary also known as already cam on instagram and and i've got my like super super low literally just woke up voice like i woke up to the sounds of of your texting has finally why didn't realize that i took a nap three and i only meant the fall asleep like a half an hour yeah but you know how naps work yeah so. It's like six thirty. You know it's getting later on in the summer so like the sun is a little different outside right so my shit is at six thirty in the morning or six thirty leaving would've <unk>. Where's my life yet yeah so we ended up hanging <music> out a little bit longer than i anticipated which totally fine. I don't get to see my nephew this particular nephew too much <hes> so it was totally but it's it's always an adventure going a theme park quote unquote zoo. The cleveland zale zoo out there saying is and it's so funny because i you know obviously several weeks ago just went to animal kingdom and even though they call it not zoo it makes any actual zoo look like a trump says ah like busy slave but it's over my mom my mom. My sister loved that cleveland zoo. The you're there all the time no actually no. I think they're going to columbus. Orbis columbus is super nice. We my sister living here columbus so <hes> we do go to that one and that one is really nice <hes> it's it's very much like the park work in the not too like shit on the cleveland zoo. It's very it's fine and it's actually nice because it's smaller so you don't. You're not like you can actually do it. All at one day i think the <hes> but it was when i got defeated giraffe by hand which was a highlight of day our love but <hes> you're seeing a bunch of party. I'm sorry i don't remember i don't know so i'm i'm like on feelings at the moment. I had a very rough week. We're gonna record on friday. I couldn't record on friday because my job is is literally killing me softly with its song. I was like oh god okay. I was like we'll be home in time in the evening now that i don't want my job saw us on saying but it's it's it's been a little stressful lately and so right. Now i just finished a bourbon because we're having suburban with my brother in law my dad before they left and now having truly because can't stop stop. Stop me now. I i love that song so so we have a lot to cover today and even though we had a lot to cover even prior to all the d. twenty-three twenty-three announcements and we're not gonna like berate you guys. We're not going to spend a ton of time on twenty three. There are so many different outlets you could get the information from including de twenty-three itself <hes>. I'm a gold member so i was like like following loggins staff. <hes> and there's a lot of really cool announced so we'll talk about with apple we all met of course he wanted to finish up at least our joint part or the majority of our joint part of our report and then brady did some really really really really really the cool stuff. Once i got the hell out of there it had to go to work so talk to the great. Yeah i mean it's so it's so funny if you haven't seen going to food and wine and middle of october purely because disneyland for addison everyone who was with us on that trip trip. We have another trip in florida so if we have a workshop in florida we automatically dizzy <hes> at any time. You can assume anytime that i'm in disney has nothing nothing to do with the work trim. I'd have to pay for my flights. Do like that's like half the battle right there you know and she's coming from california so mean like like that's a huge huge money sega yeah so so let's hit up on the twenty three. I've seen quite a few awesome things some things. I'm jealous about because they're <hes> <hes> disneyland base like a parade. That's going to be there. It's got like a cocoa flow really pretty sleeping. Beauty flow flow flow. I was was like <hes> cocoa vibe. It's cocoa moment yeah. It's the parade that is coming to disneyland. It's called magic happens. That's coming in two thousand twenty and they're they're bringing some brainy fluids because there really hasn't been any <hes> new movie centric floats in a while. I mean at either park rather disneyland disneyworld so it's it looks it's look super coal <hes> the first the first sister obviously three days of de twenty three's at the anaheim convention center. I don't need if i even had the chance. I actually wanted to go to twenty three this year <hes> but i i was in europe and then i was in disney and so so i was like i can't i can't take anymore and that really like would cause me to have to take two extra days for travel monday or friday and monday <hes> so. I just didn't have time to do that but the first day friday was all disney plus <hes> information so is it coming now. I probably need to look this up is cutting out november twelfth or the twenty-first because i don't know how this dyslexic moment in like wasn't sure an the numbers back year i couldn't tell you he's coming in november so disney. Plus is going to literally bury any other streaming service. Will i mean did you see they're they're giving the people did twenty three late of founders of hours. It's going to be offered to everybody decide today to like vises <unk>. I'm gold number of d. Twenty-three like <hes> <hes> yeah so people who are able to register or soc- get their subscription now they got some. I don't think a difference. I noticed going to be introductory price for like the first first year counted but they i think they had to pay three years in advance. Yes they did have to pay for three years. You're absolutely right and they caught a co-founders founders pen and i was like man i wanna pin. I would have paid for that. I would have paid out about it matt when i know my mom's a gold the golden number that was a gift we are her for for christmas is nice. I love i love it. It's really cool membership. If you get into into the disney memorabilia but <hes> yeah so d- the entire volt i mean there's other suffering but the majority of the day with a big focus was on on disney plus so for those of you who don't know the night with lizzie mcguire returning disney plus where i can give uh-huh mcguire no because it's not that i didn't like it. It's just i was older so like for me. I even put this on my story the and i i did a survey one of those polls and i was like if any of you guys are in your mid thirties like me and above who are just like who cares because the whole the internet internet like literally broke when they than there was when they announced that there was going to be a lizzie mcguire reboot and i was like kay like i could care less uh-huh and like everyone was just losing their damn minds and i was just like i i get it. I mean brands early example of that like bay. She grew up lizzy. Where so like i just didn't i was older. I'm older than she is so it's just like i just think the great thing about lizzie mcguire was like yes. She played like the ditsy blonde you know here and eh but they they touched on like real teenage girls light when she was getting older and she she noticed everybody had abroad. She's like i want a mom but it was like real stuff like that for genie's girls a bunch of your super iot enemy hilary. Duff is the only child dizzy star that didn't lose their shit. Yes well yeah for the for the most does part. I think that's right. I think yeah who who i don't exclude the gomez lost shit. She's made so no choices. I would say with like justin and bieber. I think she's generally okay in mind moves a lot and who else is. I mean christina seena kite. No justin timberlake didn't leadership. That's my concern. That's who and they had a mickey mouse like the nineties mickey mouse. They had a big reunion <hes> at the at the thing at the early on their reunion when there was it's like some people were posting about even like the former mousketeers riposting about and they were posting pictures like commented under one of those like i had that poster sir my wall to the original mascot here's liked it and i back freaked out. Oh my god for me no big deal. That'd be like if hillary duff liked your picture. <hes> <hes> not are like i watched. I watched <hes> mickey mouse club too. Yeah it was okay but the schedule <music> secrecy ninety three hour long edition of reflection you know i haven't watched it because her voice bothers me. Her singing as she's gotten older older rally bothers me yeah i think she's super talented and i mean singing wise like she sing circles around britney spears and she's and she's so talented with like her range that she has but she doesn't need to put a whole range in one fucking song now like i was listening to just like a little snippet of it and i was like oh my god. What song is this even much this year girl do you don't you don't need you know the player. Companies is like back. They're going like she's price. Where are we in this all. He's like i'm just gonna play these chords and we'll just go from here so that's the thing like ashura voices age and i don't know if it's like just 'cause she. She sings in a really weird place like in her in her like inner throw. It sounds like she thinks in the back of throat. That's what it sounds like. I don't know if it's necessarily what has happening vessel anne which is a very dangerous dangerous dangerous place to sing from and i'm amazed she's been i think her voice is probably freak nature that she's been able to sustain this long and i think she does all those riffs so that she doesn't have to do these big notes to save herself. She has really great breath control and you need really great breath control able to do these risk so i think that's what's happening and it just annoys living hell. I'm like girl you. You don't gotta be gotta make this big john but regardless so she was named a disney legend among among many launch were yeah yeah we talked about disney legends size watching quite a few of them withdrew really cute or if you're really great yeah so that was also on the first day <hes> but in the went through all of the different <hes> programming that's coming to disney plus original movies like the live action lady and the tramp which looks really cute amtrak. Nobody died animals dying movie. I can watch that movie right. He's gonna watch that one. I ah i saw the trailer and i don't like the the half animated half real dog phases is like i get it. They're not going to get dogs to o- eat pasta and make out you know like. Did you see the live action lion king i didn't. I haven't seen either this house wondering if it's have i don't know if it's like a similar thing because they're sort of a meeting their faces but like not so i do. They're not yeah. I don't know and so another thing that's caused. A lot of turmoil was the new <hes> <hes>. It's the high school musical. The series people are so apparently so people a lot of people thought it was kind of a reboot of high school musical is not it's actually ashley about a high school. That's putting on high school musical in it's a c._b._s. Score my high school put on high school musical. Oh yeah i mean it was ryan. Yeah a a lot of people have done that and so that's marriage to be yoyo. People see that show they just did it. At my old high school like two years ago i think cut my students ran it and then there's this huge of moral series that are coming to disney plus like juan on division which i'm excited about so it's wanda <hes> <hes> scarlet and envision falcon in the in the winter soldier one. There's just a lot a lot of marvel series that are coming out. Also oh like you regret came out and confirmed that he's doing and it'll be one series which i was threw out about. I'm very excited. He's one of the best characters deck ever came out of the brick walls <hes> and also <hes> the main delorean which is yeah so i just and then the apparently the entire disney bolt is going to be available. They also announced that they're not going to make these series benjamin so they are going to be weekly series which i'm actually excited about. I'm kinda glad for it because i think it's retaining kind of suspense television i. I don't know if that's going to be the case for all of them for a lot of them. There are still going to be like weekly. Installments enzyme excited about that so yeah disney plus your own. Wow binge watchers are not going to be happy. I you know i it's not a healthy lifestyle. Just sit on your ass and watch and i do it too. I have no one saying guilty of his to sit in your ass for like twelve hours and just watching our series like y'all go outside and do something so. I think maybe they're trying to do that too. I really curious to see what t._v. Shows they're gonna have from the law irv from like old. This was to have like the whole gamut of everything some carry us about the t._v. Shows yeah. I know the proud family is getting a reboot to hear that i hear that <hes> i don't know i'm more excited about all this stuff coming to epcot nellie the mwana pavilion or i don't know if it's villian. It's like a walk through experience and then it's gonna look really pretty. If anything been just all that there's a new walt disney statue the statue going to be placed in epcot it looks it looks at the new statue that's going to be. I'm assuming near space overlooks. It looks like from the models is he's just stunning and i kinda because we'll we'll. He never got to see walt disneyworld at all but i think it's like it it. It looks like he's just a sitting there and as an event and obviously like the majority of the parks announcements were centered around epcot recovering things coming to some of the obviously the vendors canvas coming to disney land or d._c. A really disney california adventure looks amazing. I think that's going to be so much fun but this this this is really about all the changes ages that were coming to epcot starting with the modules. Do oh man so yeah. I agree with you. I think there there didn't need to be some overhaul with some of it. I was very nervous because i i didn't want them to lose the integrity of epcot and our biggest fear is that what was going to happen and they're now dividing epcot or they will oh be in two four what they call neighborhoods so there is world of discovery world of nature world celebration and then of world showcase <hes> <hes>. Everyone thought there was going to be another country announce. There wasn't <hes> but they did have a really big announcement for the u._k. Pavilion which is that there's going to be a mary. Poppins happens ride which is so exciting. <hes> and they're going to extend the u._k. Pavilion include cherry tree lane which is so cool. I'm very i'm very excited about that. They talked about some of the additions that they kind of talked about. Every time they talk about that play pavilion they kind of talked about like what's going to be an like which world <hes> they talked they they finally gave a name to the new space restaurant which we've talked about in previous episodes going to be called space to twenty which which means the two twenty kind of signifies the <hes> that the view that you're gonna be able to see is like two hundred twenty feet you know from space i guess or whatever number i don't know if i'm gonna go to it but here we are <hes> they also talked about. The new galaxies guards the galaxy ride. That's coming near <hes> <hes> kind of like the whole universe energy area <hes> and they also talked about a new three level pavilion. That's coming to the front front. The front ish behind ship earth. That's going to be the focus of a for the festivals the only thing i garden garden that the alexey at <hes> at epcot the guardians of the galaxy right at like i i can totally see the futuristic futurist <unk> space living aspect of it like as far as the epcot vision would go you know the world of tomorrow or supposed was supposed is to be as of late. It's been the world of thirty years ago <hes> but like i don't like that. It's a movie based ride about space space. Yeah i hear you so like i don't know i kind of agree that in hollywood studios yeah i agree. I think <hes> <hes>. I think there is a little bit too much. P that is creeping into epcot and believe me. I love wanna. Don't get me wrong but like oh gosh so the interesting thing so i'm actually glad you brought that up because it kind of brings up a debate too so they talked about the night shows right so the one have the temporary everyone that's going to be coming between <hes> eliminations ending at the end of september and the next one coming to give a name to it and i'll i'll make you wait for it but <hes> <hes> caught forever is going to be kind of the image between and it is music to me that is very specific reminds me so much which of wishes you didn't like the one child singing and then there's like a children's choir. It's it's absolutely stunning. I really encourage you guys to. I listed on my highlights if you shaw there now if you haven't seen them go watch them because a lot of people videotape that section i'm sure twenty-three in disney will post it soon or the disney parks blog seal see there to oh. The music is absolutely stunning. I cannot wait to see it in october but the next the permanent show is going to be called harmonious with us as capital letters meetings eating so so the the description is that it's going to be how disney music inspires us throughout the world and i'm like okay they're saying needs to be the most spectacular disney night show that ever was with us in okay cool but like also like i loved the <hes> epcot show all eliminations for the longest it has been for years because it was so unique to epcot and he was very specific about talking about the world. We live in and i almost like this. This is another example of the i. p. Crap erlich crowding into what epcot is do. We mean like i'm i root. You're see how they're gonna. Put this because i'm like i don't need to come. I don't need to come to epcot. I understand what they're doing but i wanna come out cotton here disney music. I really don't because this is totally different experience rian. It's not what i want to hear here <hes> but that's just me which later we'll see now i i. I'm hopeful because of the whole thing you know like hopefully it. I really i just loved. We are still. I'm so sad and i mean you saw me like i got to see your mind. I was like partly like a drunk emotion where i was just in my face off like i don't like to cry and so for me to cry like holding so i was very emotional during the last time i ever saw eliminations. I'm sure we'll watch it on the last day like i know i know disney'll livestream. They always do that. Kinda shit. They do that for her wishes. For its last one and plenty of other sites will livestream into so i'll watch it there but like just very stressed about it <hes> salamat this weekend like it really sucks knowing that when i die i'm going to be a ghost because i'm never going to be able to move john. I'm never going to be ready and i'm never ready for limitations to go. You're going to haunt this world world showcase drunk and ghost. You definitely gonna be one of the nine hundred ninety nine happy. You're going to be number one thousand bitches. I can imagine margaritas so those are just like there's so many different outlets. I mean you're definitely gonna get probably hardly a much more comprehensive and we're not trying to say like we were there. This is all just like stuff that we've learned over the past over the weekend. I encourage you not disney. Parks blog on instagram has had so many leaks yeah their stuff and i called out quite a few accounts this week instead doing kinda like my weekend shout outs. I wanted to call the concert. I thought we're giving the best coverage so <hes> you know. Follow those folks if you haven't already not trying to to to to similar thunder from actually being there but we need we need to finish the trip report. You need to finish sunday sunday sunday sunday and recruiting on his own recording a so are lasting guys were just if you haven't listened to parts one and two of this epic trip report we highly recommend highly recommend that you do because it was an epic epic trip and for those one the books books and for those of you who are just starting to listen to us brady and i never met in person until this trip and we been recording for almost a year so that's yeah is it was it was just so we talked about a lot in the we had such a great time disagree disagree time and so sunday. We wanted to have a bit more of a chill day because we knew we were going to end our evening at jelly rolls which was vetoed. No general's is the dueling piano bar at on the boardwalk at disney's boardwalk and we had <hes> an evening schedule around that but before or that <hes> we kinda did like we kinda like all kind of dispersed kind of our own things brandon. I just decided we were just exhausted and i knew i had a very busy week full all of testing and negotiation skills <hes> in my job so i was like i just need it. I just needed morning to just kinda chill so we decided to stay back at the swan dolphin and just hung out at the pool all afternoon. There's nothing you really <hes>. Can i go over there other than we. I love that pool. It's a much more quote unquote adult pool because one and dolphin is not so dizzy fide. I guess you could say so. Um we hung out at the pool or just had some drinks hung out in the water and just chills that i could get a nap and then we get ready to go on the rest of the day so you guys had a super fun time at wide bar george yeah we went to so so we started the day off at disease brings went to wind burt wine bar george one and we we got to we were we were treated with a for scotto now. When when i was first here now at this scotto at never had one and and i was thinking he was gonna be kinda like an icy drink but it was so creamy and delicious delicious and then she's like you wanna add some for seco- scotto as i do i ever and so she she added some perspective on top and i gotta tell you guys like that was probably one of my top three favorite drinks i've ever had at walt disneyworld lice. It was rash. Rush is so good. I've had it before <hes> when nick and i went back in april my neck it is for assegaf shaded soga about so good so so good and then <hes> we decided we'd actually eat brunch there in so inside and it was a pretty a good group of us as most of the people that were there at animal kingdom day and so really we're hanging out like guys. The prices were pretty up there george. It's like it's done disney's springs so you're expecting that but the portion size was insane. Laid society food was huge and i can pretend to remember what i got. It just had some top with avocado. Okay who let the the barada with the avocado saga so good and i was like expecting a couple pieces of tokes but no this thing was massive and so i don't know the portions are just great. You know if you're gonna wanna spend some money. Get some good food all the food. There is relatively healthy. Yeah dan point yeah. They got like a healthier option and <hes> you know one bartered started following my instagram. The grammy's there's such great it was it was just a really good time but then after that we're all like okay we'll we'll meeting your meeting at jelly failure roles at seven and then so i yeah so average have i was running tardy but tune in so. We're like okay well. I'm gonna go to the magic kingdom because that's one one place haven't been yet this trip so c is there and then it startling nikki. I'll come with you so actually it's certainly nikki nice just spent the whole life in any other yeah it was. It was a whole lot of fun. We just walked around it was started storming so he would get little snacks here and there and <hes> it was just a lot of fun and and we got some photos and a good time nice yeah and we we knew we weren't meeting you guys until around seven at abracadabra before we went to jelly rolls which beef before we get into like kinda what brandon i did but if if you're if you're gonna go to jelly rolls on sunday sunday is when cast members get in free and so the <hes> tip that we received was was you know if you wanna get a table. You need to get there at eight which is like basically when the doors open <hes> and it's dead. It's really dead until about ten o'clock on sundays ed jelly rolls but like if y'all wanna table and you're grown folk like you don't wanna be like surrounded and standing with a bunch of college kids get there in asia it just just f._y._i. <hes> but yes before that like we were kind of <hes> what we're doing for dinner because you've got brunch so you probably didn't really need a whole meal of food and <hes> brand. I have a feeling for one. We're like you know we. It's we always go to the go to epcot when there's a festival going on. We never ever really get to go when like just to go to eat dinner there and actually said it when it's been ages since i've gone to a sit down restaurant at epcot so we decided two two all done we decided to go to to kuhn's hey which is a the beret a brand new sit down restaurant in the japan pavilion. I we talked about in previous episodes so i was super super excited to go there specifically because they have have a tasting menu and bitchy tasting menu because several courses like you really get to experience the best of what <hes> what a restaurant offers in my opinion and so i i think the the only other place well. I'm trying to think if there's any other places that i've tasting menus and there probably is i just can't i was just thinking more along. The lines of return hours so to kim tae is like kind of hidden so when you come up to the japan japan definitely so mighty. We were saying it's wanted dolphins. Kinda came back through like like france morocco and then so it's it's literally like in this hidden corner before you become you come come into the huge like main thoroughfare of the japan pavilion it. I stumbled upon it <hes> when i was walking around day workers is pretty hidden in there is a beautiful girl who's dressed not like completely education but just like like very formal classic japanese attire and you check in and each of the tomb tay i believe actually means the either beans the artist poet but it is like as soon as you walk in. I mean like the level of service. I cannot tell you. I've never had this zola service that i did that i did there. It was just it an asian cultures just known for its hospitality and this was just literally next level. I i mean as soon as you walk in. They explain to you like why <hes> this restaurant came to be. They explain to you that that <hes> japanese artistry a. and <unk> japanese culture can be on these elements so it's like earth paper water <hes> other stuff stuff to i can't remember crap <unk> down anyways but they explain to you what each means and each of the rooms into tae are based off of one of these elements so we were sat in the room <hes> and it was it was not busy which i'm not surprised because everyone who's kind of bid to kunti already has already very talked about like kind of like how expensive is a lot of people just think of the tasting menu <hes> when they think of that the cheap menu if you were to get that it's one hundred and thirty percents then <hes> and it comes with kuwait a few courses and you can see them there. I saved them in. I highlight not going to go through every single one of the courses because running earning thirty minutes in but let's talk about two and so <hes> we were sat in there in we were kind of going through the menu they they are wonderful. They explained manage. You kind of like what you can do you can order all car. <hes> i adjust watched like a few days before at many maria mouse she was there and they ordered ala carte <hes> so the funny thing about the tasting menu is that like when you certainly can't get sued not cheap guy them very honestly. This is one of the higher priced in all of walt disneyworld world. Even just the outlook hartman you so when you start thinking like okay if you're gonna get a lot it they really feature a lot of way goo beef so if you're going to get that anyways like some there's the way google chiefs like meals. Were like in the eighties surfaces like at that point. You're like shit like that's. That's how he and i were like. We might as well just get the tasting menu at this point because because you get to try different types away beef in the tasting menu so we were just like let's just say that <hes> it was great <hes> so you know it was so so 'cause when you choose like whatever you're drinking south yellow sake we drink sake when we are at kimonos in the first part of this episode and you get to choose your sake top that you're going to drink from it was crazy. Each one has a meaning in the explain it to and has this fancy and eh and all of their cocktails which brand got a cocktail is on inspired by one of the rooms to her room was inspired by the paper room. It was just it was. I will say this and you can look at. I'm not going to go through the jury's whatever take a look at my house highlights at w. Collective you'll see the entire meal from front to back. I would absolutely say this place. Rivals victorian albert's in terms of quality a food indefinitely in service and it's not so here's the finding of turnovers between can be a little stuffy and while the service service here is just so stellar and very very fancy and very traditionally japanese you don't feel steffi does that make sense right and it was interesting too because so brands birthday was going on while we were there and so the general manager of the of the restaurant kinda came out. It kind of <unk> actually came out. He came out brought her some sparkling saga he was like oh. How did you guys know about us and i had mentioned that i had mentioned that we had our podcast and that i had done research previously talked about your opening on our show and so he said he was like oh. I'm so excited to listen to you guys. You know that sounds amazing. We've had quite a few media people come in. He's like it's been wonderful and i. I really don't like to warn people that are coming in. I'd rather just have a very real experience. I don't want anyone to like show off. Just because i'm there and i have this podcast like i would never want that to be. I wanna have like a real experience so so he's like yeah definitely definitely listen out for review and it so artfully knees hearing this and and he was wonderful south was absolutely amazing at the end of the tasting menu. They do a very us. Not i don't want to say it's like a hyphenated version of the traditional japanese ceremony tea ceremony which is absolutely stunning. That's the one thing i didn't <hes> videotape because it's they're telling you the story of of the japanese tea ceremony they walk you through every step how they prepare the tea why why they do it this way. How you have to receive the cup how you have to turn it in your hand. It was stunning absolutely stunning <hes> for those of you who are who drink much much as the actual t- that they do serve in a in a traditional japanese tea ceremonies that they prepare you either prepare for you a macho and <hes> and it was just one of the most stunning dining experiences i've ever had the quality food was insane <hes> the the equality and the thought in preparation and just the service that we received was just unparalleled. I think not that i i mean return hours amazing. I felt felt like this is next level in my opinion. That's how does so we suggest. I wish i could have gone to something like that. It was stunning. It was kind of less we made a very last minute. Like kind of decisions are just like oh. This is due any so that made us late abracadabra and i was texting. I felt so battles like <hes>. This is taking a little bit it actually so if you are doing the tasting menu aptitude. It's gonna take over two hours. <hes> which shh is fine <hes>. It's it would be difficult. I think it would be difficult if you had a very tight schedule. If this during a festival i wouldn't do it this was it's like a very good time to do it because there's nothing really going on in app. There's no festival is nothing anything special stuff like this is the time to go to to kim tae because as you're not missing out on anything really so can't recommend it enough. The sushi was also on the label then we we all headed over to abracadabra because we had some business take care of. We had some some final on marathon things to do so whenever over to america jabaar and i didn't drink anything there because i was like i knew i was going to drink over. A jelly roll sells like just like how some water like. I think brian got something and we just kind of hung out there until we had to go over generals yeah which i gotta be honest i hate doing. I think they're so fun. I just think they're so annoying but but i am fascinated by the fact that like how do they know all of the songs he's literally people. Take a napkin in right. They wanna hear and they sing it. Like how did they know holy songs for so many the world or maybe like there are so many requests at the only pick the ones you know in that tricks unit thinking they know so many songs but i don't know but i mean it was good. It was a lot of fun. It was very dead. The i like our and i was like this is the most boring thing i've ever done yeah i mean that's so so we <hes> we are huge fans at piano rob. Who's <hes> at short. Alka is jordan a music sotoudeh kind of the most well known <hes> pe- piano players flash singers ads ellie rolls all rick vans and a lot of big jake dizzy influencers are huge fans of there's two which is kinda why i also wanted to go and check out what the whole stink was about about zaid never been there before and it's such a huge thing on instagram instagram these days to go to jelly rolls that i was like we gotta go we got we got to check this out and <hes> near the like they're so all of them are so ridiculously sleet talented a because they're just incredible knowledge and just being able to play the piano. They're also playing like rhythm instruments like having to their knowledge of whatever songs there it. It's just so impressive to me and i thought they were fantastic. Doc and then it got real crowded like around ten o'clock right but before that they sang seasons of love in jordan jordan m._p. Underscore music was like he he was in <hes> the the the big big notes in big notes okay like he's hitting these notes but where's he gonna go. It only goes up from here and bitch did do it like i was. We were all orndorff use. Oh i got chills thinking about it. It's gotta fall seto like nothing else. He also saying and telling you from dreamgirls. Oh my god <music> lake seriously insane insane when i hear people seem that song because there's soon that song and there's people who perform that you perform that talking point and <hes> people losing it they sing it well and i get just as chills like listening to it because i love that song but when you see it in taste and they're just like give you that nasty like uk and i am a face in everything blows me away and he he just <hes> he was so good. He's one of the few people i only follow seventeen people that don't follow me back and i made that a point because any my katie right ratio to be up there and he's one of the seventeen people that i follow without expecting to be followed that he is he is tremendous. I mean like they're all. I'll just like ridiculously talented all of them that all of the piano guys that are out there and it's it was a really fun time and so it is in the paddock warmest ms free. I will always take reebok wearing what i will say. Though is that the drink sucked. They have not really not good. They were weak af i think i had four vodka sodas and i felt nothing and i couldn't even taste the vodka i slammed that bucket was like okay like i mean it was tasty but yeah it was tasty <unk>. Each one is expecting to be after a bucket of liquor owes expecting to feel something and i had <hes> three <hes>. What's it called <hes> cranberry kids before that i will say the prices of the drink are probably the most fair in the park pat all surprisingly but same time you know what you pay for yeah that was like the one thing that kind of bum me out although like brand i had to get get up at like three mornings so for flights so it wasn't like the worst thing ever that those drinks weren't strong because i other than just being like ridiculously tired tired in the morning. I wasn't like over in any in any way so that was good. It was a blessing in disguise but things got rowdy around ten o'clock. It got all the people just happened because obviously we're sitting in the front where there's all the c._d. And the tables and and like really enjoying it in the show then freaking bo bice was out there killing life and you turnaround or go to use the bathroom and it's just like a sea of people and you're like wait may sneak in here. They got nuts and like i said before sunday were cast. Members is getting free. It's a it's fifteen dollars. I think is dollars. I think <hes> with our passes to get to remember number say that there was no annual discount so yeah so it was just fifteen dollars and to get in but <unk> free and keep in mind a lot of the castle passengers that are going to be going out to party are probably those kids in the college program and it was like every twenty one to twenty three year old that works at walt. All disney world was in that room and it got your audi. I wish i didn't realize that they had white claws and i probably should just started drinking knows and probably would've felt something because then like more into it but otherwise it was really fun. I don't like when it gets really really crowded like that. So near the end. I like i wanted to like see like pena rob comeback out again but like after that i was like okay it's africa like it was just too crowded pumping into us kawata people it was it was over for for for me at that point long weekend of walking around doing <music> often and i was starting to get really really stressed about my upcoming week. 'cause i knew it was gonna very very stressful week and so i was just like at that point i was just done. I want to go back to jelly roll stunning nine sunday just because that was that was like a bit much judge 'cause it was just so maybe just because i'm older and i was just not here for that level of crowd in for the level of young kids. I was like all right but it's so much fun. The hype is real. <hes> you now go jelly time. If you don't like the only piano bars you obviously not joyce sir the after it started getting a little bit more crowded. There's a little bit more vibe from the from the audience and everything then frigging bo bice ice killed. You know just kill them. He might anymore of the guy from of jonathan venice actually if you watch it sounds like holy oh my god he was wild and for some reason my husband thinks that that was the the one guy who's in british solution the band that plays in the u._k. Pavilion he was convinced. I don't know if it is but if it is that's awesome. I couldn't tell you i can't remember off to go back and look at other pictures. He thinks it's like i revamp jerking bathes. That's the end of annie's part of this trip but you got to do something that is it really opened to the public until this week i died okay so as you know <hes> <hes> i was staying with you for part of my trip and then sunday evening after the doing pianos i wince started saying with my cousins because they live like literally you have to drive to the back or to the front entrance of disney magic kingdom to get to their apartment limit and they live in disneyworld and i would say with them and mike one of my cousins vanessa she was is she was out with with her boyfriend for the evening <hes> and so it's just me and jessica we had a good time she showed up to dueling piano bars and then like i a home there and then we just sat up forever like just reminiscing talking about my previous trips talking about what i'm gonna do in mexico this net and then the next day we get up and i was like well. Let's go to hollywood studios because i haven't been there <hes> for more than a couple of minutes and i need to see phantasmagoric tasma so she's like oh good because i have something going on today and i need. I need to get over there but i mean it's my if vanessa doesn't come home like i you know i managed to come with me and like okay getting ready to go to the doctor. I know right. It has like okay whatever we need to go. We can see fan fantasma so we we get to like. We're like three three hours or like an hour from going three hours from like showtime and she's like all right brady well. Here's the thing vanessa was my plus one for for my my sneak my cass peak at galaxy's edge <hes> but if she responding she's not going to show up then you're coming to galaxies. Take me. I'm going where we look like. As much as i would love vanessa to show up like i 'cause i i i love her and i want to hang out with their like whatever she's doing. Stay doing it because i'm trying to see galaxies then <hes> but turns out she wasn't feeling very well and so <unk> <hes> she slept through the through the day really <hes> but yeah so i got to go to galaxy's edge with my with my cousin and and let me tell you when you walk in it's kind of like when you first walk in the pandora how it's like. It's like a little trail. Then it opens up into pandora you you know like you start hearing the like the sounds of pandora and you see some of the plantation of dora then you go in and then boom there's door s kind of how what is when i go into <hes> galaxy's edge and you it's just mind air and there's just so much i see and i got to tell you. It took us almost three hours to just see everything that was in just our it's even fully open yet like it when i tell you it's huge that place is matt at know going into into it. I've talked about in previous episodes. How nervous i was because we all know how much i don't like toy story land so i was like not shorts expect but going into it. I was floored lake like just the divide the cast member costumes. If i could work anywhere out work there they they are so cool. 'cause it's definitely got that republic like stars nice little republic so cool and then they have a whole bunch of merchandise and when you're inside they have like basically like an alleyway of shots like a a merchant town or whatever seagoing there and like they have <hes> auctioning you can hear auctioning over the speaker so it's like an auction house somewhere you hear awesome familiar star wars episode one voices <hes> in there and just the when when you start walking over to like the food area. There's this massive. <hes> rotisserie me is not real but it's okay this giant rotisserie me and it's being cooked by a pod racer engine and like it's got these little robots just like cranking cranking it over role in the rotisserie around and everything about it was so cool so we're like all right. Let's get something to eat and and <hes> we went into one of the restaurants. I can't remember the name of it. <hes> not not the cantina. We didn't get reservations for that but we we win in in like the food is good. I wouldn't say it's as good as pandora's food but the portions are huge so <hes> mm-hmm. It was worth worth the price of call then we tried. She got the blue milk. I got the green mill well. They both basically taste like smells. You smell on soren like the green one was very very floral and it just tasted like flour. Milk just wasn't alec look. I don't know just like it tasted like milk like gnocchi flower sent okay so then <hes> <hes> but the blue on the ball is better than agreement but again like i would not be able to just buy one injuring fund by myself and i think anybody who is saying they could is doing it for the graham. They're trying to hype it up for the gram and not and they're not being truly honest about it and it's good but it's like okay like i'm not going to this whole thing so we shared it. <hes> then we went on smuggler's run which i'm gonna tell you now now. If you get motion sickness this isn't the one really interesting because so much going on and like i don't want to give away like spoilers or anything but as you've all seen on <hes> instagram by now i'm sure there are different jobs that you can do on this on this right so it's kind of like that one right in epcot mission space <hes> where you have like like a job to do and it's also like star tours so there's so much happening in like there's so much going on and you got to. It's like a game you know like when you finish it like you get a certain amount of points. I don't mean points <hes> <hes> for for certain things and it made me a little sick so so here's a question so you have you been on star. Tours is it. Who is it more motion sickie type thing than star tours. 'cause i feel like that one's a little funky. I i think the visuals and everything are better than star tours and you don't have to wear glasses of any sort so that makes it a little bit better three year anything but because you have your job to do in your in your in the millennium linnea falcon and all your buttons are to your side so you're like looking at the screen trying to drive the ryan jarman ear so you're gonna make you look over and <hes> you know press your your buttons events really really it's like jarring moves you around okay and so then zeolite like keeping your head back and forth back and forth and you're trying to watch the show which are also trying to play your game or whatever it just wasn't my favorite ride in the world. Tell you that but it was still fine like the line was super cool like everything so is it better than fighter path fishline. Oh shit. I'm asking questions less. P listened listen to last week. I don't know it's no i don't. I don't think anyone is better than the the other is. Just it's more doors from where we were though you know. I don't know what the other half. The land looks like when you know it's going to be a four hour line but <hes> and i it's just different. You know it's it's. I don't know yeah. They're very impressive lines. That's yeah that's. That's just so cool eight. You know me i will not wait in line and even though husband and i really come up devore's when he made me wait for passage <hes> so i this thing gives me like a million dollars of not gonna sit there and wait but i so so i didn't plan plan and they're talking about in the previous plan to go to galaxies. Ed galaxy's edge opens on august twenty ninth. Which is this coming week here and in a photo there's macer you hashtag in a regular tag edge of the galaxy wall. Oh i that instagram for the all the walls that are going to be at <hes> a galaxies with them so the whole michigan and tag that when you take your the wall photos that's very cool guys. Make sure you do that so i didn't plan ongoing for a while because it took me like two years to go to pandora but <hes> as of right now i have reservations to go to the cantina. Uh when we're in october i'm still we're still kind of on the fence because we had a plan we were gonna like chill on friday and then departs on saturday and sunday but i was just i was looking up happening. What happened was i was looking for dinner reservations for friday night and then a reservation popped up for yuga and i was like shit like i can't like. I didn't want to walk away from it so now i think we're doing doing a crazy park day with potentially no breaks so we all know how anfield's met this damn thing. I don't know even if we're gonna ride anything honestly salihi but still on the is like <unk> visited the giants the reds he'd because i think it takes take some of the pressure of needing to see everything off unless you're like me and you need to see everything but it's more like okay. You're gonna be there and you have a place to chill. That is crowd controlled by reservations so i think especially for you. You got to kind of step away. It's going to be crowded so you guys kind of have a retreat. I think that's gonna be cool for you. Yes so so we'll see if we actually do keep it as of right. Now i think we are planning on keeping in figuring out somehow 'cause we plan on going to magic kingdom's taking a break and then going up you know i firmly believe in doing two days at least if you're going to any of the festival's enough caught so we were gonna do an evening what she evenings in a row so i think now we might do early morning because we're staying at the waldorf astoria because we can't get into any disney resorts mind you and it was like four hundred dollars a night to stay at the sauna dolphin her pass. I'm not that place not worth that much so <hes> i was like no. We're actually going to stay at the waldorf which is considered like disney his knee friendly neighbor so we get extra magic hours. We get the sixty days to make fast passes so it's it's it's gonna i dunno. It's going to be a game any time decision. I think we have until the middle of september decide if we are going to go ahead and and still keep the reservation but i just really want to go to the cantina but i don't. I don't want to deal with the crowds. I really grinded like situation. So stay tuned if i do end up doing that but i'm just so jealous. I'm so jealous. You've got to go when there was no crowds out. I mean it was it was crazy. It was raining in like. I got a lot of cool. Pictures of the millennium falcon rain ends yeah and it was just the the experiences experiences just so great and i'm so grateful to my cousin <hes> who was able to take me to do that like i didn't think when i i am platinum pass older her and when that <unk> amalfi your sneak peek reservation i missed it. I got to email day but it was already booked and and i think talking past episodes matinee goes to the sneak peak for pandora so i was like it'd be so cool to be able to do something like that again and i was able to to my cousin that was anti snagged <unk> cast member merchandise lower your offense. They didn't even check for an idea. I just wanted to have it was just a pin little pin in <hes>. Oh and i got mad that <hes> galaxies as exclusive lounge fly <unk> r. two d. two back back in it's beautiful. It's like a blue gray and rose gold and pink. I love it. It's like probably the most pretty bag i've ever seen but it's still like super. It's like masculine but like really just elegant. I love it yeah and then got a couple pens as i got some <hes> opening. Yeah i got opening exclusive pin so hopefully those are still there. When you get their the home and then i also got the they were cast member exclusive pins but i'm a hundred percent confident that win. It's opened a pass holders others in <hes> the the the general audience. I'm pretty sure it's what the pass holder merchandise is. Gonna be yeah so but yeah that was basically galaxy's edge in a nutshell literally three hours to get through it in like have a snack and it was raining eighteen hours now if forever yeah and that's just blew my mind. That's just the first half of alexy's so i am but we went into every shop <hes> mine. We went where you can see them where they build their <hes> lightsabres that we didn't have a reservation for that. I am nothing. You don't need that but i'm just saying like that's more a kid thing. I think will note because it's not like the <hes>. The plastic collided strobe lights yeah. It's like a like a fluorescent light when when i go with matt he's i'm going to buy. I want for him so he can make his legit. Yeah like it's metal yeah. They're like one hundred yes it varies on which one you get because they have all the different hilts for all the different characters and then you. Can you know your stone to it to make it like whatever color her oh like the what's called the stones like they talk about that rogue one danot loria the hell not much stars as public where you build your own lancy reason that you and i can't remember what it's called but it was just the experience was like nothing else like it was so cool who was just. I'm excited about what they did with it. You know it's still lacking some shade in where the millennium falcon canoes that area like not super shady but there are places in that area with shade. It blows toy story land. It's like a speed bump to get the galaxy's edge. I eat and you're not a fan. You're not a fan of toy story land and i love toys theresa brace my heart but i tell you what hot and then after that we went to <hes> <hes> we continued walking around magic or not michigan. Sorry hollywood studios like honestly guys. I gotta tell you i forgot where i was like going <unk> through galaxy's edge. I forgot that i was in hollywood studios. You'll think ends up like his own land yeah so like when people call it stars land like legit it digitally on another planet. Legitimately i had no idea was where i wasn't even more so when we left it as oh that's right. That is the baseline brewery. That's also that's amazing in <hes>. I paid as a thank you for letting me stay with them. I paid for all of us to <hes>. Get the desert package with baby. They'll cheese. <hes> <music> at fantasma can learn something new though heads up if you're doing the desert package <hes> you can get there as early as <music> seven to sit down and get your see each snacks. Get your drinks. Those drinks are refillable for free. Oh really really big pitch. Rita's you get is refillable. Heading shows for nine o'clock hat damn. Y'all got taken advantage. Joe seventy-nine free refill their little sweet and sweet and sour mix does not a cheapo margarita. <hes> you know obviously they're making it in droves share so of like a classic <hes> quattro in lime juice kind of thing but take conveyance of a free re phony freaking get at disney guy that does not happen. That's amazing. I think we had we had such a termendous trip one for the bucks seriously. I'm so sad. I don't think i can go to the one in march. I just don't have and i'm going to be starting a new avenue base and also be in training on a whole new aircrafts models so i don't know well <hes> file be able to go either just because that is the heat of competition season for us dancers singers so <hes> march is kind of a a real up in the air month on for me so i literally will know well. We are we go back. We go back to classes not this weekend but the following this coming up weekend the following weekend he coughing diana know what's happening so i hopefully will know soon what my competition schedule looks like but usually march like we in the thick of it so. I honestly don't if i'm able to go either it. If it's a weekend where we don't have competition. I'm getting the kids ready for competition so the gray we shall see. I can't wait until you and i wayne grouped together and obviously disneyland for one needs to come to us us so fun well. I think that pretty much wraps up our trips at yeah. I like one more day at magic kingdom but it was just another day at the magic kingdom then. I went home the day after yeah. We definitely talk about it next week to this anything touch auto attach on it and then we'll go back to a regular regularly scheduled programing where we just give you dizzy news in disney gas hot away the hot tea guys. We hope you enjoyed our three par are trilogy if you will of our epic nick trilogy of our epic a church together and also <hes> some of the stuff that we talk about the twenty three will probably touch a little bit more on it next week if there's any like additional information that comes out but there's so many more outlets around everything all the big hitters episode that didn't have an agenda. It was purely by memory because we both had very busy weekends. We wanted to make sure we got out to you. Guys so bless you know it was still well over an hour of material. We did it you did it. We did it all right. Ed's i have to go to nashville royal to go pack right now. Yes all all right so i think we're going to miss a week this following again. Write record not record friday. It'll be the one after that chat. I will try my hardest. I don't know what internet providers us up there and i think there's three so i need to figure out which one is the best one and so that i can but i don't know how long it'll take them to set it. Up is my problem. I get there <hes> how's <unk> monday tuesday wednesday thursday but monday labor day in <hes>. We'll see so yeah so there so we will have a new episode next to this one then the next week and then we'll have probably week off. Sabrina can get settled and then we'll be back. We'll be there year so guys have a lovely week this probably we'll come out till monday monday mid morning. 'cause it's not a clock so for tomorrow so i could travel but so we'll probably have something morning any on monday but yala joya evening we will taxi. You're next <music>.

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Pop-Punk & Pizza #150: Maggie Schneider of Glimmers

Pop-Punk & Pizza

1:07:32 hr | 9 months ago

Pop-Punk & Pizza #150: Maggie Schneider of Glimmers

"This episode of pop punk pizza is sponsored by its record time. It's a new podcast. Where your host. Alex is joined by a different guest from the punks sky. Alternative music world to discuss the albums. They love the band's they listened to artists then inspire them so while you're waiting for new episodes of pop punk and pizza drop. Listen to its record time. The podcast is available now on all streaming platforms just search. It's record time or go to its record. Time dot buzz sprout dot com. I gotta go earring on the radio home. Tim being command. Listen to pop pocket pizza. You know it just occurred to me that this coming sunday has our tines day and that's certainly came up quickly. I just wanna let you know that. I truly do love you and appreciate you for your continued support of pop punk in pizza. I'm literally sending all my love and hope you a great valentine's day and a something. I always say every year is. Let's remember that. Valentine's day is not just all about romantic love. That's what commercialism wants you to think but it's not it's about all types of love like love for your mom or your dead or maybe your dog or your cats and i mean let's be honest here maybe it's just about all the love you have for pizza. It's okay to admit we're all pizza addicts here right or maybe it's just me a speaking of love though we dive into some relationship topics on this episode. Today we're joined by the lovely and talented maggie schneider. Who is the front woman of a band called glimmers. Now several of us. We know maggie through her watching videos online of her unique covers. And a or. I guess i should say maybe. Just know her from her solo career before glimmers became a thing because glimmers is literally a brand new band they happened. Been around that long so it was a real. Treat to be able to talk with maggie about the formation of glimmers and their laya single. Not good at goodbyes here. We go gosh pull so. I guess i should start by saying happy. Belated birthday yanni to taylor swift. Know fun fact. This is how old i am. Not that i'm that old. I'm i'm really not but i was actual. I turned twenty two when that song came out. Yeah i know so like any like i still. I've loved that song. I don't know what it is but yeah it's good to jam out to anytime. Someone turns twenty two. I don i. I wish you a happy birthday but i don't think i i. I always post like a lotta times. I'll post that song on the person's timeline. Because anytime someone turns twenty two. You know here no one will like you went twenty three and this the thing like those than what happens like the nothing happens after that. There's no like songs to link it. Numbers to twenty two twenty three. I can't think of anything for twenty four or yeah so enjoy the twenty two twenty three. Yeah hopefully he will be next year all they will. They will i. I told someone the other day that turned twenty three. They said yeah. No one likes me now. And i said actually people just love you more. When you're twenty three is is what happens but so did you do anything fun for your birthday. Yeah so my friends and my mom. My mom is a huge birthday person year. She held with my friends. A big surprise party for me which. I didn't expect it all in this year because kobe. Obviously two goanywhere do anything. But she had a little group of my friends in my bandmates get tested mural negative And we have pajama party at my school. So listened to music in deter. Es just like refreshing to see everybody safe about it what did what did you guys karaoke to. What did you carry okay too. I did the lizzie. Mcguire saw her. I did high school musical two and then there was three three act like my first kiss or trying to think of. Don't trust me. Don't trust me okay. Monae hits in there too. I remember like i. Learning about three zero. Three at vans warped tour years ago. And i'm like an all the kids were obsessing over three. Oh three. I'm like who the hell is three three. I never thought. I guess when i was going to work toward the they were as big of a band is they. Were now irina I am everyone knows. he's three. Oh three s. And i thought it was more of each artist. That's what i thought too. I don't think i realized until i started working at a pop radio station. How big of a deal. Though they were that they actually had you know top forty plays or hits and so i thought yeah i thought it was like you said i thought it was just like this little niche thing that all the kids at warped tour freaked out about no choice. I would say yeah. I mean three. Oh threes usually pretty thick. That's awesome lizzy mcguire. You must be bummed that there's not going to be the reboot like hillary duck. That was my first concert you i ever went to. I did see you post the the other day. Maybe that was yesterday. Yeah like i loved her. She was like one of my favorites of the disney channel stars. I was so sad. And i really wish that they let that happen. Because i know that. Hillary duff wanted to be like an adult lizzy. Mcguire like how they wrote up would've been cool. I'm trying to remember what the things were. All set to go. Did one of them pass away or something happened. Someone laughed or writer or someone left. And then hillary was trying to get it on hulu i think instead of disney plus so that it could be more adult like pg thirteen show rob inches g. rated disney and they didn't do it and i wonder why. Yeah i hope maybe the p the pieces all fall into place ahead of time. Do you like her show younger. Is that still on or did finished on. It was good though. I did like that. Yeah i the weirdest thing. One of my when my ex girlfriend and i had an apartment together. We let one of her friends. Stay at our house for awhile. And he was a guy and he was like super into the show and he was like one of those guys that you would think that's like the furthest thing from that he would be interested in was younger so he would sit and watch the show in the living room. I'm like man. This is weird but it is interesting that that's completely off topic. But i guess i guess anytime i think of younger i think of that but yeah i i saw i saw a couple episodes of younger and i thought it was pretty decent and it was also funny seeing. I don't know the guy's name. But i recognize him right away because he was a lawyer and law and order. Svu the main guy. Yeah i think the main guy. But i'm like. Hey that's the lawyer from you. Cool role yeah but you know bringing up hillary duff she really had such a different career versus like all the other disney kids. It seemed more normal. Everyone else had won't maybe christina. Aguilera would be the next level. I guess but his brothers. I mean may be chill values. True your loved her because she was very much she still is but like the girl next door and just like did acting saying like did another. Cinderella story like did so many of my favorite release. Bro i not. And so she was my favorite up until like demi lovato in the jonas brothers came into the mix because those artists like made me want to pick up guitar and try and write my own sobs super influential for me so i was trying to so going back to hillary. Duff was your first concert i remember. Of course. I remember this one. Because i'm a green bay fan. I saw that green day was your loudest concert. What made it so loud. What what tour was it. It was i think it was one of their most recent Obviously hella megastore toward happened. That i had tickets for that only two. I still have them waiting. Luckily i'll have them for what it comes back but it was it was i think the most recent were they did and it was at in arena right. I had always wanted to see green day. Because i grew up listening to dookie in american idiot. those some of my favorite songs ever And so i went. Finally they never come to the south like they never play the south. I mean you're close to atlanta right. I mean it's a major city. I know in like they skipped five years on us and i was like really kinda surprising so when they finally announced going back i was like mob. We need to go because we don't know what we're going to see them again because they never come here anyway But it was so like there were probably like twelve thousand people in. I wasn't in the pit. There's a whole hit on the floor and like you could hear at what singing songs and it just made me so happy especially when he played. Good riddance the end. Oh yeah so what was what was your take on on green bay live. Then where you into it or islas totally. Yeah i loved it in against me opened an okay. That's awesome that. That would have been a good good show. I don't the last time i saw them was against made it and open up for him. It was actually a band called dog party. I think is their name and two two girls just a guitarist and a drummer and it's just like straight up punk rock. It was really cool. It was very it was very interesting. But yeah i've i've always been partial to green day. I think they put on one of the best shows of anyone in the in. The industry like billie joe. Armstrong doesn't eight to me. He's showing age. And i think they're all starting to show age at this point considering like forty eight. Forty nine ish now. I guess through like doogie through twenty first century breakdown. It was like he did. Eight does like is like is he like he writes. These great songs played the eyeliner. Knows i mean that the makeup has to help you know. I remember my mom making comments win. A when they were in the american idiot era and i was literally watching like every one of their tv appearances at that time and so i was. I was watching them. Perform at the grammys that year. And she and i remember. I taped it on vhs. And i'd watch it over and over again and my my mom made a comment. Like how old is he and at that point. He was in his thirties. And my mom's like wow he's like like you said that's been ages. Ben good to billy i guess. Do you have a favorite record or song. I'm it changes. i mean. I'm pretty harsh all to american idiot. I really am. I love the musical than okay. I got to see it when it toward atlanta. But i love alleged novacaine. That's one of my favorites of jesus of suburbia. Was one that like advocate. When i was learning how to play guitar that was like my challenge. And i just can't say i had to learn wholesome. It's ten minutes. I have to do eventually got back down but i think like give me. Novacaine is a big one basket case. Obviously was my mom's favorite on my way to preschool. She would play that song awesome. That's probably. I'm assuming maybe what she grew up with. Yeah that's awesome cool. Yeah i remember. Learning all of american idiot like the whole record. I'm not just the song. Like i learned the whole. Was that obsessed with so but anyway Getting back to more about you though. Because that's why we're here. We're here to talk about you and glimmers. Which it's really been great to watch the the beginning of glimmers which what been a year year and a half than a year or less than a year Crazy and just how well people are responding and picking up the attention. You're getting it's well deserved. You're welcome so you know originally glimmers was your backing band as as your your solo name. You know maggie schneider maggie rose and then you decided everyone decided. Let's make this a band. What what what was the decision behind that. What at what point were you like. Why don't we just do this. When did that idea pop into your head. yes l. I the solo act for five or six years and i have been in bands in different. You'll projects in the past but it's hard to connect with people musically personally in when you're in a band with people you have to have both in so for me. Throughout that time. I was like well at least like being solo act. I can have that creative power. And like i have an idea why what to do if i find a mate Love that but you know. I don't necessarily need it right now. We'll so then throughout playing acoustic louis as dam life. I would love to have friends playing with me. And it became lay just playing my to seek guitar opening for acts when my favorite thing to do is just pick up the mic and just be in the crowd and have that energy that you know being an acoustic act as -essarily how a time and so i auditioned to people for my backing band did played with a bunch of great musicians. But all of the guys in glimmers. We started playing together officially in july of twenty nineteen nine hundred and still undermining maggie schneider but we had a gig in new orleans and it was a special pair cover show. We were invited by friends of ours. Who are doing a great day. Cover set in a bully cover set to travel do appear worse that and so we thought why not. It's a trip to allow of nola. We get to play like fifteen paramore songs like it was a pretty big shot. Why not just do it will be So that was the first time we all play together. As the line of glimmers is in after that it just felt so perfect in just felt so happy. Had a feeling that i hadn't had previously with other bands situations And so through. The course of that you know i had music Like i was trying to think about the best way to release it in an march when the quarantine started that was when i zoom call with the guys and i said hey how would you feel about making this abandoned in changing this for maggie. Schneider tomorrow a collective all of us not to the point where it didn't feel like just me anymore like everyone was bringing something to the table and i didn't feel like it was just me like it. It just didn't feel just like a solo project anymore And so that was one in march. We all got really excited. We're like okay. We're gonna spend this year the next two three months rebranding getting uses together and like shit dig into the band. And i'm really happy that we did so going from. It's so interesting hearing that because usually it's the opposite for people like they've been in bands and well. Of course you were actually in a band or two before you just did maggie and so i guess you you've kind of experienced that and you you did say that it was hard to connect with other people so yeah it's usually like i am sick of the whole thing i'm just gonna go solo so i don't have to deal with anybody else you know and just do my own thing but here you are. You're like no it's just it's it's it's unique and it's refreshing actually to hear the opposite in it's just feels like family and like we post a lot about this like we all are so happy whenever we see each other and we talk things out really well too like we're very communicate sounds in collaborative we each bring different ways and so it's nice to have other people around me that have ideas we give out because we're all thinking about what's best for the collective there isn't really an ego contest this like what's best for the collective. Let's make these songs. The best they can be like. How do we put on the best show possible. And before i could connect with previous bandmates so i sell lucky. I you have these guys. That's great. I'm happy for you. That know the the stars finally aligned for you and so when that decision came everyone was on board with okay. Let's be a band. Let's be glimmers. Did you bring songs that you had previously intended to release and then say okay. Let's make these banned songs or were you like okay. Let's just start from scratch. So luckily what was interesting about it. Was i already had a lot of songs ray to go like mixed needed to be mastered but all of us hit already collaborated on these songs. So since you know. Most of the members were in the backing band previously to track. Be songs with me already and then outs downtown. Our lead guitarist t produced all these songs. Okay yeah so it was a really really easy transition because we all already like given our notes on the songs and collaborated with each of our instruments so then they were already to go. We could just get a master so those just like i was already done that made it just made it even easier for you i i. I can't tell you how many times the first thing the song the first thing has been stuck in my head like all the time like before before we were doing zoom call. I just kept singing it to myself and good kept humming it to myself just aren't favorites to play alive tonsure. That's a lot of fun. There's a lot of energy in that So let's i'm curious to know more about Before glimmers and even before like your are during the time that you were a solo artist. I know that you were able to play on the vans. Warped tour and work with ryan from all time low so hard war tour. Come into play for you. Did you actually play a good length of the tour or did you just play one of stops or so. I just played the atlanta date. I was so happy. Because i always wanted to play work to our ideal. That's that was everyone's like seen band dream was to do that In so they were doing had a special stage. I think called like the cruel supply stage in you could submit your music to be considered. They only chose like to feel like two or three per city. And so i sent it in a couple of months later. I got the email and it was like congratulations. You get to perform work tour. That was so surreal to me because i just remember going to work toward twenty twelve and seeing all time low. Which is my favorite band as you probably in seeing them perform in being in that atmosphere like in the scene for the first time. I'm super young. But i was watching the set. I had to do this. Like i really wanna do this. And so that just happened unexpectedly. And i played a thirty minute set. Many people that was that was one of my favorite moments. I would imagine so did. Did you get a chance to kind of scope things out behind the scenes a little bit. Did you get a peek into the crazy world. That were tour is a little bit. Yeah i had. There is like a wristband. Snafu towards the end of the day that i didn't get one of the ones that i would need to like. Go all the way back but it was a super rainy day and everyone was in a bad mood which i felt that i think all the bands play like fourteen days in a row like fourteen day and everyone was like. Oh my god. Like i want to die but yet it's crazy like seeing all of the production that that went into that i can't imagine ed. Yeah it's the the the one time. I got to play a warped tour day to is just very eye-opening just to get get a chance to like soak in you know the day today of of doing that tour you know. I was just curious to hear like what you were. Your experience was with it and if there was any interesting stories or takeaways from from that day i think the one thing because it was one of the days were it was pouring and i feel like it was like every year in atlanta for five years it was just pouring down rain and like the amount of work that goes into that and just also just like getting through a crappy. Rainy day like that can still rocking out. And like putting your best foot forward as a band and i remember knuckle puck. They had a surprise set on the stage that i played at that day and it was barely covered like that stage was barely covered pouring down rain. And they're performing to a pretty big crowd where literally chaos and like everyone's freezing wet in and they literally put their best foot forward. They didn't change her in a just went out. There did And so that was super inspiring to see. Because you know. I do the same thing. It's worked tour. You just have to keep going. Yeah it's good to hear that that knuckle puck kept it in the spirit of warped tour because as you said like. That's like that's what they're known for. Is things like that like when it's pouring rain and let's say you don't. You're not even covered like you'll probably just keep playing like you know. So that's awesome. That's really cool to hear. Now i know ryan dawson from all time low. A lot of people know that you know. He's a he's a producer. An engineer outside of all time low. And i've talked to a handful of artists that have worked with him. What's your story with him. How did you was that another thing where you like. I love all time low. I know ryan records. I should hit them up kind of thing. Is that how that came into play sell. It happened a little bit differently. i worked with a band called the every day in the lead singer. Nick is one of my best friends and he actually sinks on our most recent single as loss by so. That's okay. I was wondering who the heck is loss body was like. I want to know more about this guy. He's one of my best friends. He has more music coming. Soon is the lead singer of the everyday in thumb and co wrote a song for their record in. They had a whole month's recording with ryan in nashville and so he invited me up. Its national for the weekend to play keys for the song and to sing. My part of it was it was a duet as well And so i was seventeen. I was freaking out literally. Might i tell everyone everyone laughs at me. They introduced me to ryan like at this point. Gone to like ten all time low concerts. How many have you gone to by the way told you. I've gone to. I think like twelve or thirteen at this point okay. I was expecting the most recent one i went to. And i'm so glad i did. It was the all time low. Nothing personal ten year anniversary show. You went to the ones in chicago right. Yeah very jealous. I tried to get tickets for that. And you know as you know. Sold out very quickly. And i tried multiple times and did not align so it was a dream one of my best friends and i were huge le'veon's and so we waited for a while. We're in just had a dream culture. But i remember nick introduce meet ryan. Hey ryan maggie. She's going to be seen on the tracking tracking this weekend and so he reaches his hand out to give me a handshake. And i go in for the h- this was my my impulse also met him in meeting group settings you don't like. He hugs bands a meet and greet in so he laughed. The acting is very very nice. Damn it i need to play it cool but so we tracked in. It was a great It was a great weekend. I remember being in the booze. And i could hear kim might headphones. And he was talking to the guy he was like holy shit like you guys were ride. She can sing and so it was the last day of tracking them where i think him not been such a great time like i really appreciate you guys. Vying the in ryan said will you should come up and record your stuff with me. You wanted and i had no idea that was an option. I no idea. And i was like really like i would love that. He said yeah. Like here's my studio managers. Email reach out to him. I'll tell him that. I love to work with you in. We can set something up and so that next summer was when i went up there to work on my soul of stop with. He is such a supportive person. And i won't forget like at the end of recording We had dinner with him. Me and high bandmates and he told me you were like you can do this. It's just about like the building is like you take little steps that you can't expect you. You know source super super high as a abandoned famous right away. It don't take steps to building blocks. But i believe in you can do this and so that really stuck with me. And he is so great. That is is a great advice. It sounds it may sound to the average person kinda simple and and very generic and very but in the grand scheme of things. That's you're you're simple roadmap is and i. That's something. I just did. Not get in my brain when i was in a band trying to quote unquote make it. Was you know like. I thought it was like. Oh we need to land that one big gig and then the nets it baby. You know wish but it's so true and thinking about how long you been doing this as well like i started. Solo shows six years ago officially like playing more like club. Gigs ever through them like every year. I've just like mayuge bigger and bigger shrines in broken. Were records with the band in everything so it just takes time but it's cool to see like how far you can. You can go from efforts. I hope you enjoy my conversation with maggie schneider of glimmer so far. Now when you're finished listening to this episode of pop punk in pizza you should check out. A brand new podcast. That just started up this year called its record time. I don't know about you. But i'm always curious as to what my favorite artists are listening to and like. What albums do they love. What bands inspire them. And it's record time. Podcast answers all of those questions for us each week. Alex alex's joined by a different guest from the world of punk sky and alternative music to discuss the albums. They love the band's they listen to and the artists that inspire them. So do you want to know what the bomb pops listen to on tour done. It's record time. Podcast episode one with jen of the bomb pops. Here call me. Malcolm argue about what the best movie soundtrack is done. It's record time podcast number four so if you want to find out more about an artist you love or just pick up some great recommendations of new music to listen to this. Is the podcast for you. It's available now on all streaming platforms. Just search it's record time or go to its record. Time dot buzz sprout dot com. Let's get back to maggie schneider of glamorous one of the big things that really helped boost you. I'm sure people listening. And i'm sure people that actually reach out to fans and stuff a lot of them discovered you just through the cover video that you've posted online for the last quite quite a few years like before like before doing them on tiktok. I remember i remember seeing your videos pop up on my twitter feed all the time you know and i'm like who. Who is this maggie. Like you know. And i kept wondering is she. Someone like famous. That i needed. You know like. I just like and so all the sudden like everybody knows who who maggie schneider or making rose is from you know from these covers because obviously you've got a beautiful voice. You're welcome and you're extremely talented. And you're creative. To like for example. Like one of your. Most recent tiktok talks was taking dear maria and making it from the female back doing those in for me. I love covers. Like i am a musical theater. Can't like i said. So when i usually try and cover a pop punk band or wherever seen song i try to think of it through a musical theater lands or just thinking about it like how i would have performed the song and So like a lot of my covers. That i've done are more balanced versions or piano versions of these like pop punk bands like all time low media parade and i love doing it. It's fun for me. It's always you know even more fun when the ban re it or shares editor tells me debut like day 'cause like i just love music in i've been doing these covers just like for fun and so it's nice. Whenever i hear people that they really liked them. Rely kauai reinterpreted a song that they like. It was really cool when you did Day parade and then. I think you did fall up boy to where you took like all of their records kind of mash them into a medley which was really cool. Like to me. Like medleys or cool. But i can't imagine like writing one. I would have to imagine like. Maybe it's just. Because i'm kind of musically i don't have a lot of the what's the word i'm looking for. You know musical background to write such things. But i would think it's to me. It sounds hard. Ami one of the first things i did performing solo. Like i would sing original songs but then i would usually have one ash up in my shoe stick set in the one that i put up on tiktok. That was my email night in sixty separates. That was what. I typically played as my up. So then if you didn't know my music than maybe you could like tonight play relate to that and then maybe that get you excited for what makes sense. Yeah it's a good way to real people in for sure you know especially now with glimmers. It's it's a. It's a perfect tool to to get to get new listeners. New people interested in what you're doing so talking about we. We should probably talk about your new single which. I was watching so as watching the video for not good at goodbyes. And i won't lie. I did get a little like sad or a little teary eyed success. I was. I was getting kind of like just a tinge of emotion when because like what the the first part of the music video they're going you're going through the motions of a first date right. Yeah so it's it's very much like a buying at the beginning right Enact sets it up to them. I'm having like of flashback in my head of like the good times and the times of the relationship Yeah it's it's very wrong commie and i love it. It is so funny. And what's even better is that i loved how your well you just said his name a minute ago. Nick yes is nick. Nick is the one in the video with he. Right nixon's on it. But jake is one of my friends at okay. So i wasn't sure his name was actually jake like in your life or not but it was kind of funny because jake is. My legal name was like. You're swearing at me. I'm like god. This is great. She's she's yelling at me right now so it was. It was kind of that made me chuckle at first but now like when it when the song kicks in and then it goes to the the happy times of like when you're relationship in this music video started like watching those scenes of like a first date. Yeah that that's where. I started to get like a little emotional because obviously i know where the song is is heading. It's heading to. it's you know it's heading to a break up a bad bad break up and so it made me think of like the the first dates i had and the relationship. The relationship didn't last and you're just like oh man like so you totally like put me back in that you know so if i mean i'm glad i made you said that you with i did no connected well with it so i just wanted to let you know that you know success you you achieve that but you have some some powerful lines written in this song about relationships and how you going along along the theme of like well. It was better than i tried the not trying and then then like in the the next part of the song you go to well. It's better to just leave this than ignore it. You know so. It's it's cool like that. You recognize both of those things his. I feel like a lot of times. We we as humans when we're in relationships. We a lot of times. We don't put those two things together. It's usually like i feel like it's one or the other it's like usually like i'm gonna try this if it doesn't work out then we'll at least i say i can try and but then then the thing is you you get there. It's not working out. You need to leave. But you know it's fine. Just i been there. I was gonna say i'm sure it comes from a personal real life story does and like for me. Music is how i best express my emotions and it's hard for me to open up verbally like when it's not writing the song so with this song like this was the way for me where i could express how thoughts about somebody and also like me not regretting confessing these feelings because at least they're out in the open like whatever happens at least the person knows And so that was what i was seeking writing saw until it was very sorry for me. Because i'm someone i like. Keep my feelings to buy sell trash you i. I don't want to burden. People are tell him going through something and like the people around me are very intimidated. Day now and they're there or ben and jerry's ice cream and he yet like whenever i write songs especially this one i'm trying to say all things on my mind That are hard for me to put just verbally and so yeah for me. The song is very much about me expressing myself just leading whatever is supposed to happen happen But also like the video suggests it's like you you shouldn't be in something talk sic Even even if like you're china look on the road side event of side of things like aid to make sure that you're happy in it to that. Yeah that's that's the tough part bull will both of those those themes there are tough. But i think i think the way you have written in the song is is very it. I would hope it would make something. Click in someone's brain like. Oh yeah she's she's right. I should remember that you know next time or so. Wh so what type of person are you in a relationship. Are you like the super affectionate or are you like kimmy. The space like what kind of. Yeah how do you describe yourself in a in a relationship question. I mean i can be kind of a major. I mean because of my ear sometimes to express myself. i tend to be at the beginning of it more standoffish. Because i don't wanna be hurt and it's it's the aquarius in me choice. Go person but i was talking about it with our basis are the other day. He is like you love horoscopes. And he was telling me he was like this makes sense. Because you're very creative person in your very emotional in your work and what you like but with relationships are gonna be hard for you to go up because you don't want to feel rejected or like your coming across as too much and so for me. That's always my issue. Is like trying to open up in like be or expressed more feelings than i do in my song so only But i have in this year and it was new year's resolution for me too. I feel like i have gotten more about my feelings. Just taking those chances of you know expressing hey island you. I think you really cool. Do you wanna go out. Let's see what happens you. I've gotten better where that's concerned. I don't wanna get then. None of us right. So is it one of those situations where like. Let's say someone approaches you. And they're either verbally expressing interest like flat out or they're just kinda like dropping little hints. And are you very like act like you're not interested even act a little mean to them. I'm not. I'm not the means using tie okay. No i can't do that. I really like riding. How i feel so even if it's like in a note or something i'm more apt to like messaging someone sending voice message like saying how i feel because i get more nervous person i have. I've had multiple people. Tell me before that they hate being asked out via message. Any in any form. And i don't know like i. I guess i get that. But i guess with the pandemic a lot of that can be different now. I don't mind jets. I think it depends like it depends on what it is like. Obviously like i really enjoy like getting to know someone as a friend. I in then seeing what can go for there So like if someone reaches out in. They're like hey. I wanted to see if you wanted to grab coffee with me some time like in a more casual environment. I and i think that's totally aligned in especially with the pandemic. it's. I'm not going out very much is so like yeah right right. Exactly like everyone like dating has just skyrocketed. You know awesome. Yeah i mean it's it's like what do you do at this point. I mean i guess you just don't do much and just kind of wait it out but it's It's really crazy how it's the pandemic has affected the whole online dating thing so but I was just curious to hear you know you were talking about how your emotions work. So have you ever like i. I don't. I don't obviously know your relationship history but like let's say in the past if you were in a previous relationship you didn't know actually verbally speaking like how to get your emotions across. Would you like literally write a song and then be like okay here. This is what i done that. Yeah i've done that. I've also written letters. I've had people like ryan me letters. And i was like i like this. I'm like this is just allows me to get all of my words out and not be scared about doing it right in the moment because i read it and i can just make sure exactly what i want to say but yeah like i definitely written songs have been like this is what i. This is what i was trying to say like two days ago. Listen to this song. That's exactly the way i express myself. And i mean if i'm even just going through something like whether it's a happy thing like a ban staying or like more of an emotional thing i listened to music that reflects my mood so like listening to music is a very cathartic way or be to process things and i'm like okay young little bit better now. I feel more understood right. Yes yes of course. I don't lighter note talking about the the new single and video to go along with it for not going to get buys. There's a scene where you're at sonic and are you a fan of sonic. Yes what do you what do you get from. Sonic what's the best thing to eat. 'cause i mean some people don't have sonic in their area and maybe they're traveling and they happened to come up on one they're like. Oh what do i get like. What's the best thing at sonic. Talks are a must dip them in anything like cheese or any kind of sauce or you just eat cheese. I mean usually. I'm like am either at catcher mustard person. Okay so it's one of those and then they're cherry live. Eight is so yeah. They're they're known for their their lie maids or lemonade their shakes of course so I was just curious to know because it's it's been a while since i've been to a sonic idea. His all of my guys played here muse in the video. The ice trucker the snow cone truck thing. That was that made me laugh. Unexpected alison royal one of our guitarists. His net you run a truck and so he did as a solid. Let us borrow it for today. The is so we like had that perfectly big out for the alex is in the band but it was so funny. 'cause with the sonic seen ari basis. He's the one on. Roller skates is. What was funny is when we were talking about cameos. He told us he was a great skater. You was like i'm so good bye. Please let me be on roller skates. We were like perfect. We'll have a a'drive-through through sonic thing. Whatever so obviously that he's actually a horrible studer and we met at one of the guys who works there. There was only one guy who was on skates in nailed. It like he was doing all. These schools spins intern them stuff instead. We decided to make funny and had him be ariz stunt double so clearly you could tell because the cut is so bad why it's meant to be that he's his stunt double when our ages sucks. God that's great. Yeah i'm amazing. It's skating i can do this. I'll be i'll be is so sweet. We hadn't been roller skates for a photo. Shoot we just did to do this again. The lease it's gonna going to be a signature thing. He's always going to be wearing roller skates now. Gosh let's see. I can't even tell you the last time. I roller skated. It's been forever. I mean when i was a kid. Rollerblading was still a popular thing like everybody had roller skates r rollerblades and they were actually still roller rinks too like but now i never see anyone with with them bailey. Yeah now everyone has the the hover boards. Right the i i'm not coordinated for any of other like. I wish i could roller skate. But i was the kid when i went to try ice skating. I couldn't even do it without holding onto the really yes. I'm that kid. i hear you. i wasn't the best either. So yeah ice skating being even a little trickier. I hope this doesn't sound that. But you know it's interesting. You're you're from georgia. I'm from atlanta. The atlanta area. I you don't have any twinge of an accent like just usually there's like a little bit you know even if it's just a tad but like i can't tell of my band. Mates do awesome. Because my dad is from new orleans. Madonna new. I mean new orleans this show in the deep south there. Yeah it's weird. Sometimes with some words. I think i haven't. Someone mentioned any one time. I was doing theater. There were a couple words the head a little bit twain you so when you were doing theater What was some of the productions you are and what were some of your favorite roles on. I was in into the woods than i was the bakers. Why so i love. That are the favourite show that i was in with spring awakening l. Heard of that show. I have not seen it. I just know the guy. The director from spring awakening also did american idiot right but yeah that show is so good. It's very dark. it's very sad but it's all like very punk rock influenced music in. It's about teenagers in. I think it is like nineteen century. Germany in like growing been leg going through you like puberty like all crazy stuff but i played martin in that show. That was my favorite show. I've been and then like i was in the beast. I was mrs potts. I loved it had to wear. I had a teapot on suspenders. Great so is one of my shows. bylaws theater. Like i love it so much. I miss it sometimes. But i had to make the choice between music. Theater is boasting like full-time are you. To commit to one. And i just wanted to write my own songs for the play the part of someone else all the time so that was why i went with. Yeah and we know that you're yelling in the latest music. Video is really maggie. Like don't don't mess with he's he what's funny is. I never get angry like the times that i am angry at more has to do with if a friend his been wronged like i'm very loyal to my friends and like if a friend is heard in like let's go for your honor. I never yell like so it was fun to act out. That seed got a great time. So how many times did you like laugh and have to retake it or reshi now when a lot. There were a few scenes in future videos. Okay sure where. We had to improv. Conversation sometimes which we did like laugh about lakes surround. We'll be talking about something that we should talk you. It was super super funny. Like acting out anger. Yeah yeah i think so. I especially when like it's something you're not used to something normally do you know so but a obviously you pulled it off. Well you're you're theater background. You know came came through for you so so besides not Good at goodbyes. Is there anything else with glimmers that you can share with us or i guess tease with so we have a new. He coming out. You guys do sleep. But my bandmates. I like i was like hey so make more content. Like let's do this like we. We call it a lot of ideas. But our new. Ep drops april twenty third. So we have a bunch of singles dropping until then and a lot more videos Basically the not gonna goodbye. Video is the first chapter of a bigger story which the so. It's kind of a concept very much. My theater background coming into play here on going gonna say here. We go and and i mean also with your theater background. Like i'm expecting at some point for you to write a musical filled with nothing but all time low songs like i'm counting on you adri like i just hit up ryan right now. He likes to you. give me the right. I mean is there. Is there a. Is that something you've ever thought of an all time. Low like an so okay so if you could take an all time low album and turn it into a musical. Would you choose one album in particular if you had to know. That's a hard. I think there's two that. I think if it was just like american idiot where it followed one album would be strong. I think nothing personal would be really cool as a musical or Agay because that was a concept record the thing either one would work well to just follow egypt songs like figuring out a story for just one album But yeah it was so hard exalts. Yeah it really wouldn't be wouldn't it so many good. Yeah because even like american idiot. Yeah they use all the songs from american idiot but then they also added to that. There's actually some songs from twenty first century breakdown and you know so like that even borrows essentially. It's not just the one album but i always. I'm still waiting on someone to do. I always thought my chemical romance black parade would make an amazing musical. A movie like there's just because that's another concept record. And i just every time i listened to. That album is just so theatrical. Like it's already there it's like. Why hasn't anyone done something. That was like album personal. Were like the two albums that got me into the scene of music besides american idiot but more intellect the new were Peng type stuff I would trees all. I think that would be. I'll i'll work on that one and you can work on whole time on although you have a head start on me because you kind of have your foot in the door with all time low. I have no foot in the door. Anyone from my uncle romance so goal life. I will be at my key. When i'm written a song with alex gas cards like that is my jury so literally doing the tiktok. Doing the covers working with ryan. I'm like i'm just trying to work my main there know you've said you've got your foot in the door a little bit already. So hey i mean who knows. End with the way members going. I mean echoed easily happen in the next couple years and fingers crossed alex. He's probably not listening but alex if you are listening. Let's make this happen. Well this has been a lot of fun maggie. I hope you enjoyed yourself of course any anything else. glimmers related. You wanna touch on. Yes keep streaming. It's in the music video is out but new ep. Twenty-third got singles up until then with music videos and then we have new merge as well. So you want tie-dyed mini you. Get one i was going to say. Was that a hoodie and shirt. You shared that. That hoodie was tied. I because i couldn't quite tell. I've never seen a tie-dyed quite like that. It's like a black and grey like acid. Wash type of tie literally my guys. I ever geeking out when we got that design because we love goodies. We're gonna wear these all the time. Hey why not yeah. Awesome well I'm really excited to hear this new. Ep wants it drops. And i mean you're you're welcome back on the podcast around that time if you know it's february so it's still quite a ways from now so yeah yeah me too. That'd be great and then we can. We can see how we can get a progress report on that all time. Low people keep tagging. Keep doing it. Keep tagging on tiktok so awesome. Well maggie. you have a great rest of the night. thank you so much thank you bye. I say draw a key. A i you know that was a lot of fun and kind of fitting conversation for valentine's day coming up although i truly hope your special day. The end up like glimmers new breakup song not good at goodbyes. The song is out now via common ground collective and there's also an acoustic version of the song dropping this friday february twelfth. Maybe you're listening to this and the song is already out so go ahead and give that a listen to where it wherever it is that you string music and thank you for talking with me today. Maggie that was super fun. You were super easy to talk to. And i really appreciate that. I'm looking forward to hearing that. Epa and full once. It's dropped in april. You can find about all things glimmers like they're streaming links social media links merch all that fun stuff and glimmers. Band dot com. This episode of popcorn chicken pizza has been sponsored by a new podcast. It's record time. If you wanna find out what Albums your favorite artists are listening to. Then give its record time a listen it's available now on all streaming platforms just search. It's record time or go to its record. Time dot buzz sprout dot com. And that's going to do it for me today. I'm jack l'amour. I love you for everything that you are. And don't you forget about it all right especially for listening to this episode of pop punk and pizza if you want to further support the podcast to be sure to subscribe and give us a positive rating and review on apple podcasts. It really does go a long way and it does not cost you a thing you can also catch up on previous episodes. Sign up for our mailing list by merch. Submit your bands of music. Four pop pumpkin pizza at pop punk pizza pie dot com. You can do all that stuff on our website. You can also follow us on facebook. Instagram twitter at pop punk pizza pod. And if you've already done all those things you to bomb dot com as the cool kids used to say. I'm not sure if they still say that or not but i'm getting old so why not have a wonderful valentine's day and when we get back together next week we're going to be talking with singer songwriter. Bj jez beira. That'll be on tuesday february sixteenth and looking forward to having a slice with you then right commanded come in.

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The TV & Movies That F*cked Up Our Body Image (Part 1 of 4)

Diet Starts Tomorrow

41:54 min | 2 months ago

The TV & Movies That F*cked Up Our Body Image (Part 1 of 4)

"Batches media presents diet. Starts tomorrow with hosts sammy sage having a relationship with be an alien drexler. I'm gonna make you girls hump day three in a world where wellness looks perfect on instagram tuesdays on back the fields anything but in real life butter a carp yes. This is the podcast exploring emotional side of wellbeing powered be proud heart. Thank you can buy from people who understand the struggle. I am on the third day cleanse diet. How welcome back to diet starts tomorrow. I'm sammy and i may lean and we're starting something a little bit different today. Right alien right. Oh sammy so to be honest. I am on vacation. Lena's in the throes of Pregnancy and possibly will have given birth by the time. This comes out so we wanted to prepare like a four-part series but basically the theme of it is sort of like an examination over four episodes of how like tv and movies and pop culture have affected our like the way we see ourselves. Our bodies like how we are self image and self esteem so for the first episode. We're gonna talk about like specific specific clips and movies and scenes that really like made a mark on us and then in the next episode us per the two of us. Yeah and then in the next episode you all submitted some some of those for yourself. So we're gonna talk about those and then in episode three we're gonna we're gonna talk about how like the tv and movie landscape is now. Has it improved. Has it helped us. Reckon with our bodies and our eating issues in a new way our fourth episode the creator of the show. Physical anne weisman is. We interviewed her and had a really amazing conversation. Just sort of like fit in with all of this. So are you ready lean. I am ready. Also a lot of these things i feel like. We didn't know that they were affecting us or like the ones that some of you submitted you aren't cognizant of the fact that it was affecting you but looking back now you realize oh shit like i kind of remember that and it's weird that i remember that and the fact that i remember it means it affected me so yeah right like otherwise you forget it. So how should we get started. She we just sammy. Do you wanna go with your first one. Yeah this isn't the first thing that affected me. But it was very pivotal one in that it glamorized eating disorders particularly believe me up to me in like a way that like actually caused me to try to act on it when that had never happened because of something. I saw it in media before like the rest of the examples. I'll give like they didn't actually affect my actions and this one did and it is the thanksgiving episode from gossip. Girl where blair throws up her pie. And sean is going to play a clip event. What is so her. Mom says that to her and then she goes into the kit. She leaves the table. She goes into the kitchen. She stops a whole pie in her face. And then she goes. Up and serena comes in like rescues her. Okay not only the way that it was like glamorized but because she looks beautiful and her hair was perfect while doing it and she looked like healthy it also like was solved. You know what i mean like. It was never an ongoing problem again. That was referenced. And it wasn't like but i think if you have really severe bulimia like you're not functioning and they made a casual very casual right. Yeah like a severe disorder like got really takes over your life in a way that they make it seem like is so extraneous to her. It's just like a casual thing. She did in one episode in one episode. Which i don't know like do you think that affected more people i must have. I mean you said you tried it after like i. I told you like. I like in college. I like tried to like make myself throw up. And i think that i don't think it was like partially like given like you know the green light by like i love gossip girl like blair waldorf and her headbands like i feel like the glamour of it made me feel like oh like we didn't address it. They didn't address that it was bad not at they address that it was bad but not as bad as it was like they made. It seem like silly. cute issue. Not like militating mental disorder. Will that brings me to one of my examples Similar topic centre stage. I feel like you also agree with this. One centerstage was an amazing movie. First of all but seeing as a young girl and like the way that it sort of glamorized Dancing at the end of that movie. I remember being like. I wanna do sir. I wanna dance at the ballet. But i was like. I'm not thin enough to do that. But the the that was like always like i'm not thin enough. I mean i could picture myself. But even though i did dance when i was younger like i pictures of a of it and i was like i just am not thin enough for this. Because in the movie they make it such a thing about their weight and one of the main characters. Maureen has an eating disorder at it sort of comes out throughout the movie and it's like the mom who sort of making it that she has one right like. That's that's the pressure of of her bulimia and she does drop out at the end so i like that. They sort of showed that it was unhealthy and she recognized that it was unhealthy. That said i've never s- i remember watching and being very confused about what she was doing. I was like what is this mean like. Why what is she doing in the bathroom. And why and. And i was like she's throwing up. I'm like why and it's sort of explained eating disorders me. I've never knew about believe me until like got us. Always movie right. Yes but but also okay. The they did this they gave they also glade gave it like the blair waldorf treatment where it's just like a quick moment and then you're fine because even when she quits ballet at the end. Sorry if we spoiler free guys when she she doesn't say i'm quitting because this is giving me ease or she says i'm quitting because this is not my dri mom it's your dream and it means more to you ever did to me so it never had. He didn't say like this is giving me any disorder. I can't like you know what i mean. She didn't make it about the real mental health issue. She was like. I actually just don't wanna pursue your dream right but her dream but but it was connected because she was pursuing her mom's dream at the dunk of her own health because she was making herself thinner as a way of like pursuing the dream. right right. should we play the clip. Let's play the clip of fruit tart for the road. It's practically all faddem. Hello emily on jim gordon. He does what work here do you remember that girl. Emily got kicked out 'cause she had like gained weight. Yes yes yes. maureen say. It's practically all fat and then. Emily has to leave in the middle of the movie and they imply it's because she like gained weight and like wasn't good enough anymore and also all throughout this whole thing is that jodi character doesn't like have the ideal body for dancing like that was the whole thing and that's why in the and it was such a rebellion of the way that she goes about like the dance. She does like the sexy dance on the bed and then she doesn't go to or she goes to cooper's dance company. Speaking of this movie. I remember walking to work when back in the day when we would go to work in an office is saw. Charlie oh my why you search on my way and i saw whose arizona's like that's try from center stage and he looks almost the same. Charlie's like the good boy ballet dancer. Yeah cooper was the bad boy. Yeah totally yes so much in that movie so much in that movie so much especially because it made dancing like glad you're young girl you're like i want to be when she goes to that. That student the suit shady studio and they she does the dance to higher grounds. Like i can't tell you the number times. I've tried to do that. Dance if my life stupid. Like i could not though again the message i did get from that was you must very thin or it doesn't look good or does she. Does she reject cooper. Which one does he rejected us. She rejects cooper and she goes with the no. No she rejects the the main american ballet company but she goes to work with cooper but she she does. She does eight kuba with charlie. Yeah which i think is a great lesson right. That was a good lesson in the career in love. When you feel competent you feel like you can do it all. And who says you can't whether you're running biking doing yoga swimming or sitting on your couch girlfriend. Collective has closed. You feel your best in no matter what you're doing girlfriend. Collective sustainable ethically made active. Wear for everyone. They may cute and comfortable bras. Leggings shorts tanks tease swimsuits and more and they're sizing is inclusive ranging from extra extra small to six xl. Whether you're working out running errands or doing nothing at all grown collective heads functional fabrics colors and styles for any activity. Their bestselling leggings are squat. Proof come with pockets and have different levels of support whether you need compression or comfort these recycled materials to make their clothing and their shipping is at one hundred percent. Recyclable and girlfriend collective also has garment take back program called re girlfriend so once you're done loving your pieces longtime from now of course send them back to be up. Cycled into new girlfriend. Gear joined the collective today and of course we have an offer for listeners of this show girlfriend collective is offering first time customers twenty five dollars off purchases one hundred dollars or more when you go to girlfriend dot com slash. Dst that's twenty dollars off one hundred dollars or more serious free money here so twenty five dollars one hundred dollars or more when you go to girlfriend dot com slash gs. That's girlfriend dot com slash. Dst do you remember a vanity fair magazine spread from. I don't know what year was must have been like two thousand one or two thousand and two and the people on the front of it were a man to binds the olsen twins mandy bore. Hilary duff alexis play. Dial girl editor. Rachel would remain simone and lindsay lohan. And they're wearing like blush neutral colors mostly and they all every single one of them is like beautiful like there's not a single larger body there they all just look so chic for the time they don't except for now but like they like the homogeneously of like the perfect hair and the perfect body in the thin arms and the thin legs. Like i remember just thinking like this is where i need. This is what i need to look like like. This is the mac and the two things that stuck out to me in particular was amanda bines outfit. She's wearing this like cute s- She's wearing a skirt and a t-shirt her stomach is showing. And i was like i need like that's all i need to be able to wear. That was such a thing also. I'm looking at this. I don't remember this. But i'm looking at now. It's our at line like hills do f- also has that little midriff showing and it was such a thing to have like low rise pants and like slight midriff showing below your shirt and it was almost like and then i always i remember feeling bad that i i had to put my shirt all the way. Yeah right lower stomach areas. Never been my best. So i remember in high school i would like. I loved crump abercrombie jeans and i wear. I wear them even the low where because like the area sort of below my stomach was flattered the area on so i would wear my leg juicy jagged like to. It met that and i was like oh cool. Have the midriff who really. This was like very close to my garage. It's it was bad but anyway. So how did this affect you. I just think that like this was sort of like burned in my brain as the goal like look like them be their size have their straight hair. I mean remember when. Hillary duff had anorexia. Yeah she was like very anorexic and like people were sort of like saying how they say like good job. Yeah because she was. There's another and maybe i'll Just combine my this with my next one. Which is bridget. Jones being considered fat. There's much wrapped up in. Not only what was like considered what you should be but what was not okay and knowing that like hillary duff was considered bigger. When she was in lizzy mcguire and that like bridget jones was like a fat considered like the stereotype of fat loser. Like just eating her emotional eating ben and jerry's right those messages does of like. Don't go so combine the message of like. Don't go above this with this. This magazine spread which is like a map of what you should look like like. That showed me. I need to be in a very specific place. weightwise right. I mean these. Are these all these girls on this son. Cover are like conic right. You had mandy moore Not only was she like singing at the time she was also like she was at the society and the princess diaries in a walk to remember speak. Up lindsay lohan. That's so raven. Obviously americade in ashley. And ashley were also. I was obsessed with full house as a very young girl and so much so that i gave myself the middle name. Michelle after michelle. Tanner's when i i don't have a middle name or didn't i was obsessive and also remember when m. k. was very anorexic. Yes that was also what people were saying. She looks great. And then like i think i think people were concerned about her because she reached what society like that level. That you get to where you're allowed to be concerned back in the was a look. It was a look and everyone was talking about the fact that everybody was talking about it. Brought attention to it and it was like that positive of away. no. I don't like not at all. They were talking about it then she was regardless of whether or not they were saying she was healthy or unhealthy. They were just saying how thin us right. Yeah i don't know. I just i remember like these. People were amanda binds. She was all the classic movies. And she's like all these people were. I guess maybe we idolize them without really knowing we idolize them. Yeah and other. And i did. And i'm sure they were really really pressured. Like in the o c remember like nisha barton was very very thin and she later talks about when she was on the hills. This past couple years ago talks about how fucked up like people like perez hilton and all the magazines made her feel about her size. And that's what sort of setter off off when she kind of lost a little a little bit. Yeah her a lot of these ability. This is not this magazine. Spread is not a picture of like mental health. Necessarily no no no. It's just some like girls and muggy made it out well. You ended up like mattie more hillary duff. Just basically like normal even. Yeah raven. rachel. Evan i don't know what she's up to. We mean rachel evans in west. Wow does grab that. But she did recently come out about her relationship with marilyn manson about how sexually abusing her and all this shit rice alexa play. Del also seems like okay. She's married to p campbell and she's all sides of. Do you ever wonder what the hype is all about when people talk about. How amazing day is well. It's hard to believe that when we go to the bathroom in this country most of us wipe instead of wash for years but days have been available but hideously expensive costing thousands of dollars the hello toshi. Modern day attachment is here to democratize the blessings bestowed by days. Offer clean to everyone. Hello to she cleans your but with a precise stream of freshwater for just seventy nine dollars. 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All of the girls were so glamorous and like they were fighting over this boy and even them. I remember thinking like even them like at this fin weight. They still couldn't get the boy right and it was just like to me. That was like saying like. Oh well if they can't i definitely can't but i'm still gonna like and they were also so rich and they also the midriff showing all the time and it was just like it was while it was so fun to watch. I think it affected me without realizing. Like looking at the reason why. I don't think i even knew that it affected me until we did this exercise when we were thinking about it and i'm like laguna beach because it was like this friend group and there was a lot of boy stuff you know. I was crazy so that were boys opinions really matter to me so it was just like a lot of that tied up in also like how they that's why appeared and maybe somebody his body. Diversity and representation are important body insecure. But he said it's interesting. Something like i will be very diverse but also like i'm sure everybody has it which is like well they can't get the guy then like how will i that i think is like a big driver for women at a young age. They're comparing themselves to their other peer. Like let's say it's a heterosexual situation. They're comparing themselves to their on their other female peers and their ranking their appearance and looks attractiveness next to those other people who are quote unquote competition and they think. Well if this person only gets this then i only will get this. You know but but but what is missing from that message. Is that like. We're actually human beings with characters and it doesn't just come down to like how blonde your hair is and like all this other stuff and there's like personalities and compatibility and you have value outside of your looks but that was never really conveyed. Yeah no told us no one said that no. No one told us all right. What's your so. I already did bridget. Jones being considered fat but and this is also a later like crying into her ice cream. Yeah this is this is. This is an older. One yolanda foster telling gee-gee not to eat her birthday cake. This came at like post college height of just like disordered eating and yolanda gee-gee heater cake. Let's play the clip. I'm so there for the food pretty much all the food that we're eating like a heart attack in a meal it's like but it's going to be so good you can have one one night of being bad this week. Yeah and then you gotta get back from your diet though. Yeah oh god. I also remember okay. Yolanda also promoting the master cleanse for like you'll on a lot of really she also told g gee us at a modeling shoot and they told her like not to make her eyes look asian. They gee-gee told her workers in her house. Not like they had to learn to speak english. Like you live in america like and then and she the at the birthday party. She actually like gee-gee like she told her not to eat the cake. The all this like your mom has some pretty fucked up thing the almonds remember. The almonds. don't was it. Wasn't that like donate tony. I think so. She tells you not to wear basketball shorts because she'll look like or not to play volleyball because she'll look like a lesbian like you'll want to really said some badge shed upset. You'll lonzo is kind of like if you want to hear everything. Everyone was complaining about like be out during like june of last year. She watch you alone to foster like moved through the world like they're like she was probably so. Yeah that that. That was an older thing by. I at the height of like victoria's secret fashion show glory. That was like what. I was hearing the thing about that and like listening to sort of us listening to hearing that back and they trying to put myself in that position of watching it i remember like out of very very vulnerable right watching it. We don't have the like the mental strength to say this is fucked up or even if we say it's fucked up we're sort of thinking that it's true so i my i remember like even watching it. My fear is like everyone thinks that. Like but yolanda is just saying it and and that's like oh this is true. I shouldn't eat my birthday cake either. But i look fat ass like even though maybe wasn't you know like that. I think that is also a part of all of it. Is that everybody watching even though it is kind of ridiculous. And but then you watch gee-gee take it and she's like an and then you'll want us occur. Mom skip telling her you shouldn't yeah. They like them a little on skating milan. And then you you think about your own relationship with your mom and like you know you're like you know everybody thinks this about. Maybe everybody thinks this about me when i eat up. You know that's that's really fucked up part booking you'll want fucking yeah. This was a bad one. Watch that again. 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And if you don't love ritual within your first month that will refund your first order so get your key nutrients it without the originals offering our listeners. Ten percent during your first three months visit ritual dot com slash gs t to start your ritual today my next one. I think everyone knows this one is from friends. Monica monica is when she is quote unquote fat. Like the whole thing about monica's personality that she used to be fat and she lost a lot of weight even though that really makes sense for her character when they do the flashbacks and even though the script so funny like it is really funny they just refer to her as like monica's fat sister. They refer to her as like with the way that her mom lake sorta own honey. No like sort of refer like the parents and flashbacks while they are very funny. It's really fucked up the way that they're like. Oh no like she. They pushed her to the side. Like oh they. They make a lot of fat jokes about her being fat. And you the more you hear it in the more you hear the laugh track about it and the more that you're just like everyone thinking this also like they only put that in so they could make jokes about it like they did like that. That was the purpose of that device is so that they could make fat jokes because fat jokes were funny like they were widely considered funny. I'm i'm i laughed. I thought it was funny. Like even though. I didn't know what it was doing to me time and i get why it's not no longer okay but i still thought it was funny. But it's like it's so joke also talk about how they the unreality of That she would have gone from that sized her current size to lie. It really makes so much for her personality. Like the super type a. Like like goes goes on this like intense diet and loses a lot of weight and then her parents are proud of her. Yeah like that's a big part of it. Chandler was into her though at first they were saying. Oh he's also he's kind of a loser with his walk of seagulls haircut. You and he what he did get into her and then he likes. She like chopped his toe off remember like accidentally like she's trying to do. Oh no that's when she was skinny yes he didn't get till she was getting wasn't into her then she lost weight and then she now she was like. I lost all this weight. Now i'm gonna try to seduce him and how what's what exac- is very direct to me that it one one one i was like. Oh shit well. I guess i got to lose weight if i want chandler with siegler haircut which is ridiculous to begin with and then like he deserved his tobin cut off but i that was. I watched friends like with my eyes. Wide open. didn't blink. I loved it so much. I also really admired the writing because it was really good writing but then you know you just the fact jokes cheap jokes that was like a thing of the totally so it wasn't just friends and i'm not what blaming friends for it but that as a character like monica As like was is burned in another funny scene though was when she comes. She's like they're like. oh monica. Did you lose weight just like as a key yet do pounds. Can you remember that. I thought that was hilarious Very very accurate. All right. what's your okay next. Watch just a pause. I'm going to skip mary. Kate nationally and so little time because i literally just talked about them on this magazine cover and there's not a specific thing so i'm just going to skip to disney. Okay my next thing. We're going back to really really young and we're gonna talk about disney for a little bit. I was especially thinking about this. Because in when i interviewed malcolm glad well he was his whole thing is like recreating the little mermaid for a number of reasons but then i started thinking about it from like a weight and appearance perspective. And when you think about like the disney princesses they all look like fucking ridiculous. Like they look like. They're wearing a victorian course it under their animated dress and they're like like basically the way that disney princesses are animated their animated to look like impossibly. Beautiful like yeah like a man drew like this. Yeah completely like that. That is how they're they're animated and then they're also like young like thirteen. Yeah bugging creepy do. But they're not old but then more on the flip side the villains like let's say ursula fat ugly another color same with like even like the villains are always ugly. And we're looking and deformed even if they're not fat like then you have Yeah yeah and. I think that there was like this equivalence and basically like reinforced that moral equivalence of like the pro. The good protagonist is beautiful and thin and look has these dimensions and her eyes are gonna pop out of her fucking had and she looked like kim kardashian before the surgery or after surgery like as jasmine. Let's say 'cause like whatever and then you see the villains who are quoted as being like bad morally evil and they look fat and ugly. And it's just like when you're a kid and you're taking that message in over and over and over again from different disney movies. It definitely is sending you a message about like what. The reflection of someone's exterior is on their interior. And i just think. Yeah the witch. Yeah the which the beast his punishment for being an asshole is he gets turned ugly like and fat or obese. Like i don't know and yet he still gets the girl dad manner much. Yeah like right so yeah. That's that's what i got to say about that. What's your next one that's So i have to one is. I don't know if this that obvious but i. It was one of the first things that i thought of when we were discussing this the movie. Shallow hal. He finally so annoying What i appreciate about the movies. At least they call out jack black for being a loser like that's how that's the premise. Based on the premises that. He's this kind of big loser. And he he meets tony robbins and he's really superficial. He shall ow. And how has how. And tony robbins. Like put a hex on him and he now only sees he only sees beauty from the inside so basically the movie then goes on and he meets all these women who are not perfect and he's in love with him and he's obsessed with them because he sees them as perfect and my perfect. The biggest example is like but then everybody else like jason alexander is like the side kick sees them in real life. So what happens is he meets with paltrow and gwyneth he sees her as gwyneth gwyneth. We know but in what jason alexander in the rest of the world season you see. Also gwen athena fat suit. And that's kind of it. There's other characters. Also i would not fly in two thousand twenty one. Also jason alexander has a has a tail. Like i found funny but the idea like i get the idea like the premise. Like it makes fucking annoying. But it's just like the fact that went it. He can only her. Beauty is only from the inside when he sees her as been yes is is the fucked up part and that also burned in my brain because when in reality he would never see her and i mean maybe it's a lesson in that like a lot of men are superficial and that they don't see beauty from within which tony robbins. Good job but the fact that they're older using examples of were women who are overweight. Or just not. Don't look like when paltrow was really just like hunt knowing movie. It's one of those movies that like you just wish. A lot of men didn't well. Yeah 'cause it's like they made probably thought okay. Yeah same like i. It's they're validating. Well what what's what's the message. What's the moral of this. Or oh maybe i should give ugly women a chance. That's that's basically what they're saying because there was like other remember like the hot girls he meets up the club and then she's now kidding me. Do you remember the zone really. I implore people to watch this. I wa- i watched this okay. I don't really remember like any details. I don't like jack black yeah. I don't find him entertaining anyway. We have the clip. There she is there's rosemary we're right there. She behind the rhino that was in the commercial. Who'll yes that's when. I can picture her walking in the commercial in her and ross. I know that just really weren't i. Don't remember the movie. Here's the thing. I don't actually remember a single thing movie. All i remember is that commercial where she's walking and she and yeah. This movie was definitely burned in my brain i was i remember watching it thinking. Oh i should find this funny but somehow there's something fucked up about quite finger. I have one more. I want to share and i feel like this is more recent. It was more in college and it is snooky just snooky general presence on jersey shore. Fast forward to ch- snooky when she has a baby then loses all her weight and then becomes respected in society so snooky even though in my head i was thinking oh snook. He's not respected because she's overweight and they look color a gremlin things like that or like i liked. She had a lot of confidence but she also drinks so much. So that's part of why i think a lot of people didn't respect snooky. The show was like it's on like respect for the characters. I know but like she was sort of seen as a joke even though jay. Wow like also got really drunk. She was the prime joke right. She was the joke because of her appearance but she also got messier than than gaoyao But in my head the way that i interpreted it is was again because of my perspective is or my own insecurities as projecting because she wasn't respected because she was overweight not because she was a messy drunk. Because i was in college. I everybody was well. At least i definitely but that really affected me because i was like i'm short and now to people see me like that too and it just it was like such a point for me of just this is. This is now a relatable character. But one that i'm not sure i should be relating to because of the way that others treat her right fast forward again she quote unquote gets our live together because she gets pregnant with. What's his face. Jay vowel her now husband and she loses a lot of weight. She like works with his trainer. Lose a lot of weight is this mother and now she's so totally then. They're like businesswoman and they put her on the cover of things. Her weight loss is like constantly a thing. I remember wanting to find out the cost of how much her trainer michael. Yeah charges Yeah it was a big thing like that's how you turn your life around you lose weight and people start to like you again so even though she really stops drinking as much but now in jersey shore drinks as much but snooky to me was she was like i loved the show but had like this love hate relationship with her character and just because it was a lot of mine are reality like laguna. Yeah because you're seeing producers turn a real person into a caricature based and often. That's based on appearance. And so there's something more real about it than just like a disney. A man drawing lake hot disney character because he would be attracted to it right. Yeah and just like the relationship that the way that men treated her and like the way that she was sort of rejected and she was like well thought bad. I'm just going to get drunk. Earn just get with whoever i want and like she tries to hook up with all the guys in the house and they like sort of laugh it off and then they're embarrassed by these sends a lot of messages like two guys to about like you can laugh at completely all right. Thank you for listening to all the things that have fucked us up. Psychologically for our next for next week's episode you all scientists in what fucked up you. Psychologically so we're going to go through those and talk about like more instances of this and like we've lots of ready to interpret those so that'll be our next episode and yeah in the meantime be sure to sign up for ds back for seconds Where we give even more personal details about our our lives and you got two exclusive bonus episodes a month where we dive a little deeper into more personal things. A plus you get all the existing episodes a day early and ad free. But if you don't be a subscriber tobacco seconds and you want to say regular fan you will still be getting all the things that you're used to and we would really appreciate it. If you would rate review subscribe and follow us on apple and spotify email us. A dsp dot com. Follow us on our social media's ahmat sammy lena's eddie lean and wow we're always with you through thick and been diet starts. Tomorrow is produced by. Sean kilby and whore. Hey morales pico editing. By stacey long. And sean kilby. Social media by sydney rafe guests booking nicole pellegrino be sure to follow at diet starts tomorrow on instagram twitter and facebook. And send us your emails to dsp at fetches dot com betcha.

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Corey Gamble Calls Kendall Jenner an "A--hole," Jennifer Lopez Fiercely Defends Rom-Coms - Daily Pop 10/16/20

Daily Pop

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Corey Gamble Calls Kendall Jenner an "A--hole," Jennifer Lopez Fiercely Defends Rom-Coms - Daily Pop 10/16/20

"The last time we're talking about the insane a new twist in the NASCAR DASH fight Wilmington one thing just so you understand counter you rule person says for years man you all your when you feel like it, you get round up no reason. Wow. Was it okay for him to say that I did see this all over social media plus don't mess with J. Lo she's taking on the haters and looking Tam good doing. Good. We also. Friday. Everyone. We know the Kardashians are very tight knit family but man when they fight they fight dirty today. Between Kendall and Kylie, just with next level. Now, Chris Jenner's Boyfriend Cory Gamble is calling kindle in a whole. Then Okay So. Here's a little backstory Kendall at ask Kylie, to give her a ride home after a family weekend in Palm Springs Kylie reviews and then all hell broke loose corey got caught in the middle and when he reached out to kindle afterwards to talk things over they only got worse. What's happening? Lives. They. Go What happened Kylie? Car WanNA. Kenner. You've been ruled person. For years you all you. Feel like you. Get up with no reason. She. Soon. It's very clear from this conversation between core. Kendall. I don't think Corey's Corey's kindles biggest fan. By the way. It's a numbers game. If you have six children. One of them is bound to not like the MOM's new boyfriend. It just is the way it is especially because their dad was also the last you know husband of Chris I think Kendall is truly loyal to the Jenner's I will say a lot of people are having an issue with him calling her an Aso it I've been with your mom for six years and I know that corey loves these girls. This has been something that has been building up for a long time and if you being an asshole I can say, Hey, I, love you but you're being an asshole. Well, that's the thing here though that's those two things that you said number one new boyfriend he is not Chris's. New Boyfriend he has been with her as you said, for six years. He has been with these women. He has seen enough to now form an opinion of his own. He didn't say Kendall your national. He said, sometimes, you can be an asshole which I don't think that offensive and I think that Kendall just from an outsider looking in she seems to be the most reserved and the most closed off and she's not going to F- with you unless you she really vibe with you. It feels like you're a good person and really wants to open herself up. So I think she probably makes it a little bit harder for Corey to get comfortable and he just feels bikes you don't have say. Is Third. Party right. I mean even the beginning of this episode Kylie eating and Corey definitely have a very good relationship. Shots together like let's party do all these things and kindle is just like Yeah of course cool and all, but I don't think they have that kind of relationship and that by right be real. So the whole light dropping people off in La thing, you know it sounds so simple like just drop them off but. It's a mission. Mission like what moves in Beverly Hills and one lives although in Calabasas that's that's like an hour drive. Not exactly like Oh, just dropping off ten minutes out of your way nonetheless still like I felt like it was clear even through the episode they kindle talked about how much he wanted to go home six times. So I I'm not really sure where the confusion was. Like she. Figured out before he's also like stereotypical Hollywood in the sense that when you have two sisters, two siblings that are both Hollywood figures like if you need the Hilton Sisters, Paris will. Come in and get a drink. Gosh live and Nikki's like, no, no, no no. No. Home, you're not invited. Same with Hillary and Haley like there's always one sister that's a lot more welcoming and one. That's a little bit more protective because sisters. So Willy Nilly. What they out yeah. I have to say though I would not be very happy with Corey if I were Chris because this conversation with Kendall where kindle call Corey to talk things over to explain things out. And it ended up becoming worse because they didn't make up at all corey didn't apologize for anything because he felt like he wasn't his fight. He felt like those between Kendall and Kylie he should have been left out of it but he was in the situation. Situation, you have calm down the situation or could have fueled the situation. So he clearly fueled it especially in Kendall's is, and if it was my partner and it was my son or my daughter I would say. Say. You're sorry and make peace this. Yeah this is ud. Fuel to the Fire No, you bring the drama down your. Daughter. Had had enough though if it felt like this was also for some reason like his fight as well where he was like I've played the game I've been super cool. I've tried my best. But now it's like you always act like this and I've hit my limit is kind of how I okay and also like as you're. Supposed to do if the Youtube never if you're Chris and then now and kindle, just do not see that and they don't like each other. If I'm your partner and we are doing this together. What you're not going to do is let your kids run all over me or expect me to not defend myself and he's the man. Chris did the right thing, which is I'm GonNa take a step back and I'm GonNa let you to adult adult figure this out because you are a dull right and you are my partner and I love you and your child and I love you and I would really love for you guys to meet in the middle somewhere and we saw that happen a few seasons back with chloe. And Corey. They weren't seeing eye to eye and what Chris it was the right thing take a step back you record you thirty-seven speaker. Let them figure it out however if you look back of that conversation I, don't feel it was giving an inch. I think he was standing has grown so hard against death set right? He wasn't really making an effort to make things right with her. The. Build up right just we just talked about this the other day it's the build up when something when you are so irritated with somebody for show long you don't WanNa back down on the thing that maybe you're not the most mad about because you just feel like I've been putting up with your bs for so long like I'm not doing it this time like you need to check yourself. That's what I felt. Comedy terms. Have you checked your sister-in-law at a family gathering? Thank God I needed. To get out the way and you guys check each other and then we actually don't fight like she told. But see, but here's but back to that, let's say I did. My sister-in-law got into it one hundred percent we would figure it out. But out of respect to my brother, I would make sure that I made amends with her because this is his wife. This is family. There's I'm not gonNA have this. I'm not going to have this. Fight between US fuelled for long periods of time I'm GonNa make sure that we figured out because I love my brother because he loves her I. Guess what sometimes you gotTa pull a beyond saying that elevator step to the left and let your sister and your man fight it out. So they can finally come together and they come. Together to come together. Okay. We'll. Talk? While we're invested. Okay. This is why they make good reality television because I'm like this is so dramatic look out. If you slam romantic comedies, Jennifer Lopez is going to come for US looking extremely hot on the cover of billboard with me the two are set to co star in a Robin called Ram come next year called Mary me, and in the article Jaylo says they're necessary beautiful movies and I don't know why people feel like they have to put them down when everybody enjoys them so much. So question you guys. Do you respect broadcom's comps as much as dramas? Rom Com. More than dramas I feel because I often can watch from comes over and over again. But I think the industry doesn't give Rom coms the recognition that they deserve. I think when you look at Dusk Irs and you look at the amount of money Rom coms pull in why are we giving Ron? Actors Producers Directors there do when they're pulling in Hanover foot what some of these dramas are nominated for. Craft in the Arctic the Oscars are really I feel like they're about range and how much a person can push themselves outside of themselves. We're wrong calms. It's like there's like a slightly heightened version of the person and it's an easier role to play for say like I'm not knocking wrong comes I. Love Them I agree with Jennifer Lopez I think they are completely necessary. They're Super Fun. They're an instant mood lifter, but in terms of the academy they WANNA see your range they wanna see how far out of your comfort zone you go how much you're convincing audience that you have taken on this basically other person so I don't comedy money. Comedy in general never gets the respect it deserves whenever so many actors and actresses we'll tell you what's the most difficult thing to do to be funny and not be weird or cheesy to feel right the situation is very challenging one, hundred, zero as we try to crack jokes all the time that don't land here but I think it's also the other actors that she's surrounded by a lot of times astor's won't do ROM coms because. They've made it or they're over that like Matthew mcconaughey was like the ROM com king all of a sudden. He got that Oscar and he won't go back to ROM coms. No but it's the same thing that happened with TV for so many years. All right. Let me give you guys a little bit of history for years. You were a movie star you were not caught dead near a TV star ninety I even if you were dating. But. Now in twenty twenty, you see Merrill GonNa Hbo You have all of these movie stars going to TV because that's where the money is and that's where they can push the boundary. So all that crap they talked back in the ninety th and the early two thousands have now come back to haunt them. So I think that's going to happen with wrong calms once people see that you're not making the money that you used to make on these movies, they're going to go to Rome for these big box offices Yeah I love Rom Coms I. They've always been the biggest thing. They're my favorite genre of movies. was built. Around Is the king of Ronco Okay keep going I. Love It. I can't wait to see a Luma Jalen work. It's going to be hot. It's going to be like very true. sexiness just oozing out of this. Coming up has been Affleck's new girlfriend been a very good influence on him. We're going to show you been like you've never seen him before and still to come DJ calendar making hits, money movies, and maybe more babies you don't want to miss our interview with him coming up eight. Welcome back to daily pop how fun would it be to have lunch with Ben, Affleck and Matt Damon. The best friends are offering that up as part of an old maze fundraiser and their Promo is pretty hilarious. You. Very daymond not you don't act to be said his name's don't. Waste they're interesting. When Jason More ADS is not generally. Expanded the. Pads and took a job. Love that one hundred, it looks fun. They're so great together and okay. Ben Can we just talk about? Ben For second by Guy Yeah he's looking. He's looking good. He's looking I don't know if I were to have. A the. Bang. So good. He looks very thin. And I'm just happy I think he's doing really well seems like his girlfriend on a day are mass and him have been doing great. You can see some new photos. This guy looks like he could not be happier. He looks at a healthy shirt by the way means Bro Stop Thank you. You know I don't really know if it's her in particular but I will say when you get into renew late relationship, you have a chance to redefine yourself as. A partner and I've always said this about his last relationship is that this woman was complicit in what he was Kinda sorta doing and Kinda swept it under the rug a little bit. But I feel like with this new young blood new fresh relationship, you can really have a new life a new start. Free. Oh. KIP. And I WANNA I WANNA go on a lunch date with him and Matt Damon and maybe on a to. I want to go on. To maybe if she wants if she's available, she's around she has to. That's right if she to. That's fine but otherwise Matt embiid and means good. Okay. Moving on keeping with relationships would you use technology to determine the love of your life? Is the idea for AMC's new show called soulmates in the series people take a test to discover their life partner and find that the test makes them rethink what real what it really means to be in love if this soul mate test existed. Would you take it? Would you trust it more now? No, I would not take it. I have watched three episodes of this show and let me tell you it is complicated from day one. It just causes all sorts of things that you don't want. especially if you were in a happy relationship, don't take a bite of the apple. A just messes things up if you're unhappy and you want to get out of the relationship, take the if you WanNa stay your relationship, don't pull yourself. It's very. Tricky single and you just want. -solutely person. That's that's fine. That causes no drama no complications like there's no stress in that I would take. It says is your soulmate is married to someone else then with. You risk it I would do it because I've Siegel and got it. But I would need you drop. To where he is on a map, so I can find this asset at the same time. Don't you show me the face but I have an issue with the fact that I think people pretend people think and have this idea that you have to marry your soulmate in every lifetime I don't think that's actually the case also thing that every relationship that you've had whether good or bad and get you ready for when you do find that. So me. I think multiple soul mates one hundred percent in my soul mate at the time having a fifty, four year old woman and we are definitely not doing anything like regular. told me. But. I just feel like sometimes we have this false sense of like we have to marry are so mates. Yeah. There's. It's definitely a ROM com idea right that you get stuck on but the reason why I used to believe in soulmates and then now I don't. act. Tim Kids I'm saying, no, it's because I know people who had their soulmate and you could see it and you and you felt it and and it was beautiful and then sadly one passed and then they found. And then you see it and feel it and you're like, but they're both perfect for you. They're different. It's different relationships in different ways but these were both meant for you. Both of these men are both of these women and so that's changed my way of thinking when it comes to soulmates I don't feel like you have one Person Min for you I thought you were gonNA say. She found her soul mate you saw and he passed and then she other soulmate and you saw it in, he passed I think you're is a serial killer. GRANDMA'S A serial killer check. The black widow there a. Divorce case scenario ever Oh. My God? Okay. Next. We are celebrating ten years of the real housewives of Beverly Hills with the original cast. How did they get along before all the catfights and cat means we'll find out. You guys went up believe this, but the real housewives of Beverly Hills has been on Bravo for ten years. Let's take a look back at the original cast right before they became household names. I think they saved the best. Disappointed a few sleepless nights at filming right from the beginning. There was serious drama on the real housewives of Beverly Hills. Oh. Excuse me. Can you do me a favor stay away from me after everything that I have done for you every being done for me yeah. We were all obsessed with these women. Taylor Armstrong spent three years with the lady who had been much easier not to have such enormous aspirations. It's a lot of pressure and we all know how that turned out myself into the wonder Kyle you for this and while we're on kyle pumping by. Beverly. Hills quickly found out that cute innocent child star was no more. Favor docker big sister. Kim. Left the series after five years. Here's what she told us about meshing with the ladies. Businesswoman Adrienne molested three full seasons and she had some great advice to take yourself. So seriously and and roll with the Punches Camille grammer certainly did it out one more time Camille Yep that's how they did it up in the club in the nineties Camille did three seasons. I was spent an ugly divorce with actor Kelsey grammer. Very hard walking down the red carpet knowing that my marriage was almost over. But Mirror Mirror on the wall who remains possibly the most beverly hills of them. All know chain wakeup shall we show them bedroom? Come up says nine season. Vet Lisa Vander pump was the first house by to take us on a tour of her mansion back in two thousand ten from its top Tauch floor to this scary staircase that letter crew to the depths of this is the wine cellar I used to live in from Lisa remains. One of the greatest beverly. Hills Moods of all time. Yeah. Wow okay. In case you forgot that me up Taylor, Armstrong Kyle and the cat is one of the most viral things to come out of any of the franchise's the pick on the left. It's from an episode where Taylor and Camille got into a really huge fighting. Kyle was trying to calm the situation down the cat photo is from guy on Tumbler who said his cat didn't like vegetables simone put them together and the thing just took off. Look back. Jeez. Oh my God season one was so much fun season. One Camille grammer. Far My favorite person ever to join a reality show right here. Did you start working with Kyle? I started her first day of filming was my working. There from the beginning from the beginning and when I tell you I hope that one day Bravo has so many housewives and so many iterations at one day. They just go back to the Oh Jeez and have the new crew and have two. Seasons per city. Would do it. I would love to know what everybody was up to. Get all the Geez back. Oh. That'd be fun. The real housewives are not afraid of a little plastic surgery and a little filler here and there but you know what? Stevie. Nicks says Bo tax makes you look like a Satan Satan Nick. Annex. That's not coming out, right satanic. Cults. The Guardian in The Guardian Ad, the seventy two year fleetwood MAC. Singer admitted that she tried the wrinkle. Eraser. But she destroyed her face with it. I would look in the mirror and try and left eyebrow and go there you are Satan's angry daughter. She. Say she thinks a lot of newscasters also look like Satan, angry daughters Oh she listened she is right I don't. I don't necessarily agree with her but like some uneven vote talks and like when you lift the browse you to look a little weird it's definitely needs to be done. So subtly and so specifically, and in the right place to just sort of help it can look really bad I mean she's not wrong and most of the time it does, but we do it anyway. Talk. Sweet for Yourself Oh police Mr I hate plastic surgery. It right now he hates it he hates women look to done eight are but let me let me be. Quite clear. I'm not mad when people get both talks because I get a little bit. But, the problem is that people often go toward the cheapest are the most popular person and that's not always the best situation like I tell my guy friends to go to different person than I tell my lady friends, I tell my straight friends to go to a different person than I tell my enemies to go to. All of these different people that you have to make sure like you wouldn't get your face done by somebody who specializes boobs, right? Yeah. It's very statistically have never gotten botox but I've been strongly considering it lately I. Think just because I'm so tired all the time with two kids and I feel like maybe would make my face look a little more awake. I should do it for you. Let me do it for you on the show. I'll get certified for. Thank with now. We're going the nurse and we were out you. Get her here is so tell me is that where I should go she. Home is the best she is the best one, hundred percent. But what you need to do is you need to figure out what parts of your face you would like to do. You need to talk to different people about? But she'll have a game plan for you and she'll do a baby filler to which is the best baby fillers that for like after you have a baby. No Xm channel. It's very and you know if you go to nurse Jamie, she will tell you this is what you need and it's never overdone and we are not getting paid to say that I have just been. Well Anyway. I'm thinking about it. We'll see you saved my life. Yes. Very, space is still move. So hit doing a good job, well I hit a a nerve so I needed like. Later for that but after baby and figure out what happened. Controlling. With. The controller. Okay, well, something to consider. Okay. After the Break House Zach Evron went from boy next door to chiseled heartthrobs X. billing the secrets to his glue up next. Jamie Carl you. Happy Birthday to Zach Ron he turned thirty three this weekend and an honor of his big day just treating us to a look back at all the time Zach ahead his fans thirsty for more. Right now is pretty cool. All the fans over there. It's great and so happy. We got our first look at sack. Ephron, almost fourteen years ago when he was just a keyboard next door in high school musical. Tastes. Fast, four to his high school musical graduation. And the glow up was real zach this long hair this weird cutting it off it was it was a sense of weightless this weightless. And hottie was born from then on it was all about. It when I watch I, mean be e. just feels like a whole new chapter since start it over thirty films including the Lucky one neighbors and Oscar snubbed dirty GRANDPA and has given the Internet plenty to talk about by reinventing his looks. Okay. Now, they've all been good. We've Seen Mustache Zach. We've Seen Movie Stars Act but my all time. Favorite. Zach. Out It's it's you eat. Right. And most recently, he transitioned into Hot Fatty Zach trademark pin the thirty-three-year-old gave us all a reason to appreciate Mother Nature went down to Earth hit flicks. What else could you ask? About one more peek at that Shiva Body. Oh my God. Everything, Yeah. My Gosh he's a cutie happy birthday. We have a good weekend. Okay. Kim Kardashian. West in Paris Hilton seemed to be super close once again, the two were just bought it in Los Angeles doing a photo shoot for Kim's skims velour line. So they went through a rough patch for sure but it's definitely great seeing them together again recently. some people are wondering you think there is a reality show happening here. I don't see this I. think that that think that Kim is very comfortable giving Paris her prop, she obviously knows that like she would not have the career. That she has without hanging out with Peres but I don't think I think she likes to play into the nostalgia because now it's been a long time since they've started but I don't think they're going to do a show together. I don't I don't see those personalities on a show. I, Paris goes to bed at five. PM and Kim wakes up and five eighty. Two ships in the night I don't know how that will work out. You know timing wise but I. would be good though if they were trying to meet in the middle right like they expose Peres to Kim's more traditional mom role and then Kim try to still be a party girl with. No. We'll see. Okay. Adam sandlers new NETFLIX's move movie. Huby Halloween caused an unexpected scare for a Boston area reporter a layup Pinto tweeted yesterday that she was fired after making a cameo in the movie she says in doing so I mistakenly violated my contract with the station and understand why management unfortunately chose to terminate me I am deeply disappointed and saddened and I hoped this would not be how things evolve now out for her comment. Comment from her station but have not heard back yet. LAUGHING BECAUSE We I feel you. I know the feelings. Sometimes contracts can be very limiting to what you're allowed to do outside of. Work Yup Yup. Yup but we also very clear on that right like there's no grey area for us. We know we do something we're not supposed to do. We know there's GonNa be a call from someone you know the call so I just don't know how she didn't know that do. She probably knew, but it's probably worth the risk listen. Let's. Story here I worked at another company before worked at e to audition to e I lost my job. Thank gone and work down. They got it worked but it Those risky moments where they said if you go and you work for E. for one week, it was just an audition at no clue going to get the job or not. You have no job to come back to and you're GONNA lose everything stock in the company, all of it and I was like. Okay. Wrist it. It's funny sometimes companies. Remind you that you know. Passing. Sometimes. They also nudge the contract with you. So what I like to do because I've learned this, you know careful out company I'm just saying in general and in working at a company and they nudged line a little bit. I like to be like Oh that's a little. Yeah. But you know what? I'll do it and then when you need. When you need a national line a little bit you ask for the favor in the same email chain that they ask for the. saw. Did this for you. Nine Times out of ten, they normally go with it. I found it hard to work at a place where they're different rooster different people. But wow you realize like that happens at every workplace you kind of get over it and you can't get crafty would have the rooms. Does happen everywhere I just plain out loud before the show about monitor anyway. Your Monitor looks great. No this what I love she's a different person. Horizontal Monitor for. Just, going to put it out there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Okay Next is DJ CAL, buying a yacht for his sons. Fourth Birthday we've got that and even more crazy confessions from the father of aside be right back. We'll see if that helps. Already we know that DJ calendar would do anything for his family but what about buying yacht for his sons fourth birthday I caught up with him to talk family all star labs and so much more take a look. At another one. Another one you have two sons now. Take me back to that moment where you were sitting with your son and he heard your voice on the radio and he understood it. Do you remember that moment of the day it touched Mahar maybe one on the government with my son and my son was like Dad. I've told my friends that I helped make your thoughts. What are we doing for the fourth birthday Yasser yet? Yes. For PJ mass? Yes. For publicity. You new four wheeler by he wants. Going to get everything he wants I have to ask you this because. Every woman in the world is jealous of your wife. Because you treat your wife lack of queen. Why is it important? For men to treat the mothers of their kids and their wives the way you do well, Nicole I love so much. I've always loved her and she's my best friend. But when I had my two boys. The love gets stronger and you you don't realize that love can actually give Baker. She's my queen and she asked about that and we're not say she has my back. She's the best mother in work. You're saying, I tell her every day the best mother in the world I love her she's incredible and. God bless you and she's mad whale and she's just a tease, my partner in crime since my best friend I love. You GonNa, go for that daughter. You gotta try one more time. I want a girl. No, we gotTA keep. A Queen and a part of the team, another queen and I'd like you know another point like you. And I work in on I'm trying that was the first song for you where you thought man I made it this is it. I would say we taken over. Taking a record we taking over little Wayne, a con. Birdman Joe Ti all on one record Rick Ross. The video was a massive BDO. I, knew I knew I made it at that moment and I knew lack that same time I said I'm in the game. Now never stop collaborations you're the man. But how did you get in bed with the biggest goat of all time Lebron James Yeah they shot the King James and Maverick and Springhill. That's great. That's just right there and to collaborate on this part talk, you've seen this podcast on his 'cause the first one it's it's amazing. We talked about what was the first one that I and that's how the really the pod caucus about the starsoap with a conversation like that. Where we at now in our careers and all that other great stuff in between all, we WANNA talk about greatness and I want to motivate inspire and you know what? Have talking to my friends that are icons. Percent I have to tell you you put out hit after hit after hit after hit. What's the pressure like to put out a single knowing that everybody expects you to put out a hit I mean, it's easy. That's why dropped record call Popstar. Featuring drake and a video featuring Justin Justin Bieber Pasta. That's the freshers called another one. You know what I'm saying and it's call we've been pop Scott I'll be feeling the pressure about cannot make another heat. I think I've I. Think I've accomplished that in the game no, one would cavity coming with one and say you got another one. You know what's to Reno that's who I am part of my brand. That's my confidence level I will have it no other way this fitness thing you got going on you are going hard right now what was the motivation behind that? Well, I mean the fitness thing you know I'm a big boy but what I say a big. I'm a sex symbol. By wealth saying I'm happy with My. Body state and who I am, what I'm saying and when I say that I mean I want to be healthy? Yes. If I can get rid of weight great, you're saying but I I worked out and I eat healthy as much as I can always such a good time talking to you I'm gonNA check out the podcast man make sure. So Amazon Music Right now Is Energy that got we talk in. Well, congratulations on another one. Thank you, brother. I really did Kelly would just adopt me. I wanted another one. The first one podcast is available now and Amazon music it's actually so. Gosh. He's hilarious. He is. Say another one. You know what to expect. It's so true. You know how they say losing an award is nothing personal well, it will be incredibly personal for one Broadway actor because he's the only person nominated in his category the Tony Award nominations just came out and Aaron to from Mulan. Rouge is the musical is the only one up for best performance by an actor in a leading role in a musical so Here's the thing is if he doesn't get sixty percent of the votes a lose like it's literally a choice. Yes or no. So if more people vote no for him, he won't win if you're the only person in the category you lose. Have you ever Seen Brian? ME. It's the best film ever. I WOULD BE KRISTEN WIG. At that bridal shower she's like he'd cookie throwing everything down stealing the puppies I would be so mad this would piss me off so much because people don't realize how much time it takes for you to get ready for an award show the process of finding something tailoring something here and make getting there. It's a lot. It's like whenever you go to your boyfriend's house two hours away when you get bigger breaks up with you, it's like. Oh. Yeah Let me say. That's true but you do WanNa look good in the breakup of that. You're like, well, are you sure? I put on my extra extra tate today. Are you? Okay coming up I want hope he wins. Coming up do you know the definition for flamboozle or caddy? Yep National Dictionary Day, and we're celebrating with our first annual definition be testing vocabulary. This is GonNa be a nightmare play along. Back. Check my vocabulary. All right. We love to talk with you. We always know what we're saying definitely, but we are going to find out as mumble today is National Dictionary Day and to celebrate, we're holding the first annual daily pop definition be I'm so excited. I'm going to read just an Ankara says definitions and they're going to guess which words the definition refers to Chris so pumped. Down burst up, get ready questioned why the word means to confuse or fluster is a bumfuzzles be puzzled C. Flamboozle or D. Flam. Flam bootle you. I'm going to confuse you you flam legally. Go with flam mix of. Our well, it is a fold flamboozle that. I'm GonNa need you do and then so I don't get it wrong to. Your phone. Okay the next what okay. Yeah. All right. Get Chris I. Know You're sweating a little. All right. Next question. The word means to be located diagonally from something is. Kitty Cross cat corner caddy compass or perpendicular. Okay. So the cat corner no, it's definitely it's going to be the first one I Katie. Cross. Cross, it is see caddy compass. So neither of US winning at this point. The fling words. They're in the Sleigh Dick next so. Popular. I got to keep going the word means to spew pretentious nonsense or lie Oh my God. All right. Isn't it diddle Diddley squat terrapin or verity very I. Say Diddley Squat all the time but you know what I feel since it's supposed to be pompous or pretentious I'm going to go pterodactyl. Raked. Is. Right. It is TERI dental. Oh my gosh. All right. The word means to next what the word means to move in the wrong direction is it ripper shins, spinner Shins wicker shins or winner Shins get paid extra I pronouncing these. If you're going in the wrong direction, you need a spent round I was going to. LEAD TO SAY A. See Okay. What was your final answer hurry manner. It's winner shinned. Neither of you. All right. Yeah. You you still win. Paid Guy on this show. This. Surprising way. Lucky couple a former NBA star Dwayne Wade to be part of their engagement are Good Friday's stories are coming. Nicole, wicked, Walker. Let's in the week with some feel good. Friday stories. Let's start with Dwayne Wade was taking a sunset stroll on the beach when he accidentally photo bombed a couple mid proposal. dwayne. reposted the engagement on his instinct saying it was so dope to witness your guys LE. That's amazing. How funny would have been if they didn't know who Dwayne was there like. Right away she's not that lucky because if she would got engaged a few years old earlier Hillary Duff was always on a date on that beach. A good rod for Hillary. Maybe All. Right. Let's move on this little boy who so impressive twelve year old Caleb Anderson is not your average middle schooler fact he's a sophomore in college. Caleb is studying aerospace engineering. Until CBS News I'm not really smart grasped information quickly dude, you're genius plans to attend. Georgia tech or MIT next. Can you even imagine being in? College, at twelve. Out On some things, I couldn't imagine being in college at Twenty three like what are you talking about? Like forget it. I was like, where am I? What's going on and where's the bar? Okay. This is really cute for all of you dog lovers out there and make sure you tell your dog, how much love them a new set of reveals that when you say I love you to your dogs, their heart rate increases. I love you enough to my dog I. DO I have no emotional issues with my dogs it's people the dogs no issue all day every day all day every day. That I looked in the eyes and say, I, love you you need to. Put that dogs toenails has been having. She got them clipped she's at Camp Excelling. Camp Excelling. Here funny. Okay. That's all the time we have today, but we have so much plan next week tomorrow or next week with Nicole Kidman Kevin. Hart. Were Clare Crawley's copy so much more. So have a great weekend and join us for daily pop next week. By. Right. Oh Pyo.

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151: Heat Waves, MegaDroughts, + Wildfires, Oh My


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151: Heat Waves, MegaDroughts, + Wildfires, Oh My

"Today's episode of eco chic is brought to you by aspiration the environmentally friendly debit card. I personally love using aspiration. because there's a little kickback. When you shop with their conscious partners a lot of brand already know and love. I like that they use my spare change to plant a tree and i also like that. They will never use my money to invest in fossil fuel companies checkout aspiration dot com slash. Aeko when you sign up with that link through the show you support me and you also get up to two hundred dollars towards your new account. Aspiration dot com slash echo. Everything you do is making an impact in this world. This is not an elitist. Issue is a quality of life issues. Talk you and i feel like my responsibility as a human being what the world is at stake. You're listening to aeko chic. A podcast about climate sustainability ecoconscious. Lifestyles like it's hard k all. I hope you are well. Welcome back to eco chic. It is so nice to have you here today for another educational climate one. Oh one type episode. I'm really excited because today's episode really hits close to home for me. I really love a lot of these topics. Because i love the southwest. If you're new around here. Ego chic started three years ago. While i was in grad school in arizona and it was a period of my life where i became really passionate about public lands about federal protections on natural areas. I love being outside. I'm a hiker a national park enthusiast. I am not think if not a fan of public lands. But i also think that there's a huge climate discussion to have within those contexts because there is a massive drought currently underway on the western half of the united states. Not just the southwest. But all of the western half of the us is experiencing some level of drought and we are also at a point. Where fire season has started. Wildfires are unfortunately alive and well this summer already and unfortunately i think they're only gonna get worse. That's what the research is showing. That's what my gut is. Unfortunately telling me. Because of what. I'm about to share with y'all today so i hope that you learn a little something today like i said. These are all topics that i'm really passionate about. Because they are what initially got me so motivated to become a climate activist. And now i'm very thankful to work in it day in and day out and i love what i do. I love educating people. I also think though that climate scientists something that we don't talk a whole lot about in the world outside of this podcast. I think a lot of people have climate conversations in silos where it is a discussion. People are concerned about climate change but then they move on with their life and the whole point of the show is to tie climate. Change into just about every facet of your lifestyle. I'm already getting kind of excited about talking with you about this. So i wanna just jump in to my notes today. A lot of this has also been fueled by last week's conversation around the arctic around polar amplification why is the arctic melting. So quickly and i want to make sure that we're on the same page that again. Ground isn't climate science. I would consider myself a climate scientists. And i enjoy working in climate policy and climate advocacy. But i'm not a meteorologist. I'm not a weathergirl. I can't tell you day in and day out what's happening. A lot of the information that is being sent to me email via instagram. Dm from y'all or that. I am reading in my own. Inbox is from meteorologist. But also hydrologist and geologists and there are a lot of very very educated specialized people that make careers out of studying this. So i'm going to share as much as i can with you today so that it's useful to you but if you want any more research. I'm going to link some articles in the show notes. I'm not linking any academic papers today but there are plenty of those if you're looking for them and these headlines are coming out every single day so i bet after you hear this. You're now going to be hyper focused when you do see a headline about the drought about a wildfire. Maybe about water in general. There's a lot going on in the western united states day in and day out every single day. And i want to give you a little bit of context. So i wanted to just start off by acknowledging what a lot of us are experiencing especially if you are a listener. Either in the south west or the western. Us in general it is summertime and we are currently experiencing some heat waves across the country. Not even just in the western. Us heat waves are period of excessively hot weather way higher temperatures than the average. And it's a few days at a time that they sit. It's usually a little stickier when there's a heatwave because it's humid air. I want us to make sure that we're all on the same package with just. What a heatwave is. This is kind of a gross metaphor. I a blister like. I've been walking in uncomfortable shoes. And when i take them off i notice a little patch of wrinkly skin and then that wrinkly skin starts to bubble eventually. Have to pop it open. He waves form when high pressure. Settles high in the air higher in the atmosphere higher above land and that high pressure air causes hot air to sink down. The hot air sinking creates a bubble. That acts like a seal and it traps he near the ground so he weighs while we normally imagine them on. Tv on meteorology forecast as a wave actually coming overland. It kind of happens like that but more often than not. It is a bubble of hot air sitting over a region. I also want to talk about droughts because there have been a lot of headlines lately about droughts especially again in the american southwest. The new york times had an article published last week. Titled the western. Drought is bad. Here's what you should know about it. And i will link that one in the show notes. It also came out as part of their climate forward newsletter last week. If you received that with some really great geographic maps am such a sucker for a good map so just the first set. The scene again droughts are normal climate occurrences we have geological and climate records showing that historically the southwest has experienced sustained drought so droughts last for decades at a time they come and go and water levels also fluctuate over time but the difference now with the current drought is that the current drought is not just long but it's especially intense. The southwest is experiencing a really prolonged drying period and started twenty years ago. They say and it's being exacerbated by are rapidly warming. Climate current research shows that states. Currently in the droughts are california oregon nevada arizona new mexico utah and north dakota. Large areas of those states are considered in severe or exceptional condition. We also have some level of drought in colorado idaho. Washington montana south dakota and south western texas. So i feel like i just listed off a lot of states and i hope that helps you paint the picture for just how widespread and serious. This problem is of heat and of lack of water. The drummer saying today in the western. Us has persisted for so long that scientists are calling it. A mega drought or at least the beginnings of a mega drought. A mega drought is exactly what it sounds like. It is a drought worse than all. Other droughts scientists are saying that the one comparible drought happened. Perhaps twelve hundred years ago lasted forty years and the current drought might actually be worse than that one. So i said droughts happened but why is this one being so felt econo- one supply and demand population in all of those states. I mentioned have grown pretty significantly so the demand for water has also seriously increased over the decades we also know that farming and animal. Agriculture put additional strains on water resources. So we're in a drought. Because droughts happened they are a natural occurrences unnatural thing that the earth is going through however it is so so bad because it is really hot and we're also using a lot more water than we can actually replenish into our systems based on the natural cycles. I also wanna briefly talk about something that i'm really passionate about because it just mentioned supply and demand econ one water. Subsidies water is very heavily subsidized by the federal government in america which should be an effort that supports farmers. I wanna make it really clear that we should all support farmers. I love the american farmer. The problem with water being heavily subsidised is that it becomes artificially. Inexpensive water is so cheap that you can grow water. Intensive crops like strawberries in drought ridden areas like california. Think about your own water bill. It's definitely lower than your power. Bill and i bet the first time you got your water bill. You were at least a little bit surprised at how inexpensive it was because water costs so little there is little to no incentive to conservative. So we know. There's a drought. We know water is being used faster than it can be replenished. We know that the average american is probably pretty far mentally removed from their impact on the water crisis however the west is normally hotter and drier than other parts of the country drought or not. It's really hard to stress. The impact of the climate crisis on the western. Us because it's already so hot. So what's another degree. Well my friends. Let's talk about wildfires. Most wildfires in the us are actually started by human activity. If you are already in a super dry air it place. Maybe we didn't get that much snow over the winter to adequately moisturised quote unquote the ground. A single spark can start a fire. Also i don't know if we all realize this but anything can be fuel for a fire dry grass brush trees. Those are all fire starters. All you need to start a fire is oxygen some fuel and spark again. In this case we're living in a really dry drought. rin environment. fuel can be grass trees anything laying on the ground. Anything also dry weather can also make a fire. Worse if you're seeing a drought for instance or heavy winds or extreme heat that human started fire can become bigger. It can spread faster and of course it can be more dangerous. Human activity doesn't even mean like you and your friends or your family at campsite over the summer roy moore's roasting marshmallows for s'mores and there's an accident and your fire gets out of control in the right dry conditions. Throwing a cigarette out of a car window along road can start what becomes a huge massive fire. Now i'm going to pause for a second go back. I mentioned briefly. Snow melt or heavy rains and that all impacts the moisture of oil in the ground that can help prevent or minimize wildfires to some extent. So maybe we just pray for some rain. It would take several wet years in a row to banish the drought that we're currently seeing completely however this is theoretically possible. We know that climate comes in waves. We know that climate is variable. No year is exactly the same but again because we know there is already less water being cycled through natural systems. We know temperatures are rising. Evaporation rates arising human. Activity doesn't really seem to be slowing down all that much. We are still absolutely experiencing climate change and making any regular return to wet. Years is much less likely on a closing no this summer please. Respect fire restrictions. Please pay attention to the signs at campsites check in with your local. Blm office the bureau of land management. If you're not on federal public lands whoever is managing your area come prepared do your research on the area put out your fires be smart. Also it's twenty twenty one. I really hope your not smoking cigarettes. But if you are put them out responsibly. Last little point obviously conserve water on your own but also talk about water. Subsidies check in with your local government officials about their drought resistant. Landscaping policies support a native garden. Stop trying for your bright green manicured lawn in the middle of the summer. We are very much in a drought. Your lawn can wait all right. That's it for my soapbox today. Also quick side note. I am imagining that scene from another cinderella story with hilary duff and chad michael. Murray where the camera. Zooms out. After hilary duff is told to water the lawn and she turns to her stepmother and she goes. We're in a drought fiona and they have the only green line in a huge c of brown lawns. A camera continues zooming out. Be a brown lan in the neighborhood of life. Please be brown lawn better yet. Be the hillary duff advocating for the browns of life okay. That's the energy that we all need to be bringing this summer and that's the level of education and advocacy that. I expect of all of us all right all right. That's it for real for me if you enjoyed this episode. Don't forget to rate and review the podcast on apple podcasts. Make sure you are subscribed wherever you listen to podcasts. Follow me on spotify and then you can also connect with me on socials at eko. Chic podcast all. My links are always in the show notes. And i look at hearing your thoughts and i hope you share it with your friends. Share it in your family group chat. Say hello to your mom for me. Say laura really wanted you to listen to this episode. I appreciate you being here. Thanks for hanging out. And i look for chatting with you next week. Bye don't forget to check out. Aspiration dot com slash echo to learn how you can be more environmentally conscious with your money. Aspirated is the environmentally friendly debit card. And i feel like if you've heard me talk about it before you've definitely started thinking about what your big bank is doing with your money when you're not using it it's being invested and chances are big. Banks are investigate in fossil fuel projects. So if you really want to be conscious consumer thing about what your money's doing when you're not the one spending it. Check out aspiration dot com for up to two hundred dollars towards your account. I really cannot stress enough. Even the benefits are worth it. Let's say you didn't care at all about the environmental benefits the idea that you can check out from any. Atm across the country almost with no atm. Fees is a huge huge. Help for me personally. There's a lot of benefits. I encourage you to check it out. Aspiration dot com slash. Aeko when you support our partners you support the show. And who doesn't two hundred dollars towards their new account. Check it out always in the show notes. One last time aspiration dot com slash echo.

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90 Day Fiance Update, Vanderpump Rules, RHOP, RHONY, Kristin Cavallari, Selling Sunset And More

On This Day Entertainment

46:32 min | 1 year ago

90 Day Fiance Update, Vanderpump Rules, RHOP, RHONY, Kristin Cavallari, Selling Sunset And More

"Jonathan. Nov Places Actually, Hoover Baker tastes reality, dot com gossip guru, self-proclaimed fan girl, and pop culture enthusiasts with a sweet spot for nostalgia you're listening to this day entertainment a podcast all about the greatest reality TV and pop culture happenings from today yesterday and tomorrow. Welcome to the fanny pack in the words of Bethany Frankel. It's time to mention it all without further ado for this week in reality TV and celebrity news we have to begin with an update about Paulin Karimi from ninety day. Fiance. This has just been horrifying last week. I reported that creamy and baby Pieri were missing faithfully they are both. Okay. Paul. Reported them missing but in reality Greenie took the baby and went to find some safety it's extremely terrifying she. A and it was translated she with the help of a translator wrote a letter to her fans and followers explaining that she and the baby are doing well, and it said a lot of really damning things about Paul, there was also, which is strange. Paul is the one who published the copy of their restraining order that Corinne had gotten against him, which trigger alert trigger, alert trigger, trigger, alert It seems that he sexually assaulted her and rumor has it that she's pregnant again, and all of that is just fucking terrifying and disgusting I mean we knew he was scary dangerous and creepy, but this is be on and. Some of the things that I wanted to note from creamy statement she said quote all this and of course, with translator, there's a lot lost in translation. So bear with me quote all this past as I had a going on as the media showed had issues where the police was called because I feared for my life and my son's life which led me to ask for help old. Rescued from an environment that no longer was healthy for none of us involved in this situation and getting the best help, I could ever get and I'm really think for all the people involved in it I also thank all the people that worry about me for the support I have had. It have been a big part of my recovery relationships are hard and sometimes I just can't be fixed anymore I need this time to organize my thoughts work on myself and care for my son after everything we have been through in the last year and a half. And she said, thanks again and she explained. This is important. She said I would also like to state that I'm not missing the police knows where to find me if they need be this is a legal matter not a quote media matter that being said, it's the first and last time I will speak about it. Thank you all again, Carini. Oh. My I mean honestly at this point just thank goodness. She's okay. Thank goodness that baby safe and they are away from that crazy man. Who Well let's move on also over the weekend, I was really happy to hear this and I know a lot of people are tired of hearing about starchy and Kristen formerly of Andhra pump rules but this was actually some news kerner regarding them. So of course, the two of them were fired a few months ago after it came out that they had called the police on an ex black co-star totally falsely accusing her and then bragged about it laughed about it made a joke of it. Anyway I'm still really having hard time because I love Vander pump rules. I Love Starsky Kristen's also a favorite but especially Honestly. It was really bad of course what they did was disgusting but then just as bad was the way that they handled it afterwards, neither one of them ever apologized to faith not publicly and they had their publicists rates and really generic statements that they posted and it was too little too late didn't feel real. It was honestly just as poorly handled is it could be. I'm going to say Kristen is trying to right some wrongs and is making an effort. So you know that service cameo where you hire a celebrity do like a minute long video birthdays, anniversaries, deaths, whatever the case may be my amazing Michelle after my dog tippy passed away. Got Me Bethany, Frankel Cameo I mean seriously that happened Bethany knows my name and she was so sweet about my tippy but I digress. Kristen, what I was so excited to hear is that she's actually using her celebrity and putting her money where her mouth is. The last learned that the x server is donating a portion of profits from doing cameo videos to the ACLU and sure it's literally putting money on a problem, but it's better than nothing seriously what have we seen or heard Stasi do? Exactly. Well, let's talk about Monday's news I. Did some digging because as you know, I'm new to Potomac, which is amazing if you're not watching real housewives of Potomac like seriously. There has been of course in the media cycle ever since this physical fight between Monique Samuels candice. DILLARD. Bassett ever since that happened in two thousand nineteen, there's been talk in the media about it. There had been lawsuits filed against each woman by the other woman that eventually ended up getting. But I did a really deep look into this case because since I'm new to the show I was kind of in the dark about some of these things. I'm not sure how credible one of the sources is, but I thought this was really interesting. So from the show from the preview at least we can see Muni grab canvas by the hair pulling her down and Bravo's camera caught the whole thing. But as I did some Internet Research there was a source from. Cheat Cheat Dot com that provided some more details saying that candace had thrown a glass of red wine at Monique and apparently the glass broker something because she bled. That's when monique grabbed candice by the hair and punched her three times in the head which we never saw the wine incident that allegedly happened and we never saw candice get punched in the had. So who knows if that happens we're going to have to wait and see but I thought that was really interesting. Fans at this point from what I've seen are totally team on me but it's interesting because the ladies on Potomac seemed to be on team candice and honestly nobody's team candidates because Tan candice is crazy. Love Her on TV but seriously Kansas is. She makes him real decisions and I'm saying this when she had a physical fight with MONUC samuels who now has a pet bird in addition to the three children that she's raising 'em potty training all of them, I mean it's really remarkable. Let's go back on back to Andrew pump rules. Also, a Monday we learned that Danika Dow from the most recent season of Andrew pump rules. She's the woman who was the manager at Sir, and she didn't get along with the little guy that was new that got fired for being racist. Anyway, she's had some problems with physical violence in the workplace. Before one of the reasons I love watching her on television. She seems fairy very temperamental I. Think is a good word. We had seen her just return when actually we met her, she had just returned from being. Suspended for a while because she punched her ex boyfriend while at work. Well, it looks like she was just granted a restraining order against the same ex-boyfriend I forget his last name but his first name is Brett or brand Brett and. Apparently he had broken into her home in the middle of the night brought scissors and cut all of the clothes in her closet up. I would die like I would litter I I mean when I first heard the scissors going into somebody's house, it's like if he cuts her hair and I think like cutting close is like is in obviously breaking into somebody's house like all of this is a violation but a woman in her clothes is like a woman in hair I it's it's too much. It's too much and please can we have them back on the show? ooh It's so messy. I can't help it. It is what it is I. I can't help who I am. Moving onto Tuesday's news, there was a social media frenzy. Cavalieri posted a photo of her and her ex boyfriend slash co star of Laguna Beach. Stephen. Stephen Colletti to her instagram and she was like sitting on his lap and he's single and she's Nelson Gle. She and Jay Cutler. The football player guy have decided to separate. They have three kids together. That was called off a few. Feet go earlier in isolation and Stephen Colletti Kristin. CAVALIERI coming back together getting back together after all of these years would be exactly the twists that twenty twenty meted. Gosh. If Stephen and cake have got back together, I feel like the rain would fall down in wake my dreams and it would wash away my sanity. Gosh, you know those are some really good theme song I. Always Talk About how amazing and it's true unwritten for the hills is and how it's like one of the best the songs of all time which I stand by but come clean for Laguna. Beach Oh my God it was so good Hillary Duff at her best. I'll actually be talking about Hillary Duff later in the stall just section of the podcasts is stay tuned for that some really cool news update I mean the best news. Is that they would finally arrest the police officers, Sergeant Jonathan Mattingly Officers Brett Hankinson in miles, cosgrove I, mean these people already but something good that a celebrity is doing to bring awareness and hopefully justice to Brianna Taylor what. Oprah. Did is that she bought billboards demanding justice for Briana in Kentucky in the billboard handed that the police involved in the murder be arrested and charged and good at Ya, Oprah. This is exactly what people should be doing. This should be something that is in the forefront. Of our priorities as a nation. On Wednesday I released in exclusive interview that I did with Elliot's Sherry. He joined me again on the podcast I talked to him earlier this year and we continued our Shahs of sunset. Conversation, we've talked about what happened at the end of the season. The reunion we wrapped up. We talked about all the cast members where they stand now lots of questions answered. I warn you it is triple X. definitely not suitable if you are going back to work physically. But if you're shahs of Sunset Fan, it's interesting to hear his take. He talks so much trash. It's unbelievable and Oh, you could also watch it on. Youtube have a youtube channel. Now if you go to on this day entertainment I'm brand new guys like it's not very searchable. And dislike the descriptions or not great yet. But I have three videos on their the alley sheree video. You can actually see us talking through We had done a zoom and yeah check it out. It's on Youtube at on this day entertainment dot com or you can read the article or listen to the podcast at on this danger teammate dot com as always. Let's talk about what else happened on Wednesday going back to the housewives of Potomac I thought it was really cool to hear that candace dillard facet is going back to school. She already has one masters degree, but she's going back to Howard University to earn a Master's in business administration so good for her love seeing people do things to better improve themselves and do things. ooh, I, love some gossip I. Hope There's something here they've denied everything but the hunk Bradley Cooper. So delicious he was out on the beach with Jennifer Garner just hanging out just the two of them and that happened the timing was just so weird because it happened hours before the news of her break-up. So she had been dating somebody that wasn't Bradley Cooper. So who cares and then the next thing you know she's on a beach with Mr Bradley Cooper. Oh, she deserves that Jennifer Garner seems like a really nice person and we all know that ban AFLAC has been nothing but a disappointment and somebody who's always loved Ben Affleck like growing up and just not really growing up 'cause he's not much older than me but I guess I'm just trying say like I've been a fan of his for so long it's kind of sake to see who he is and has become or maybe his always been it can talk about that back. Tattoo. I think about that back. Tattoo at least once or twice a week and it's not something I want to think about. Something that kind of Hans me you know when you're in that lake half sleep where you're not really asleep, you're not really awake and you start thinking about things that have nothing to do with anything. That back to that Phoenix at colorful phoenix it haunts me. Speaking of things that haunt me Oh, my God did you guys see the outfits for the real housewives of New York Reunion? The woman look stunning. But Ramona photographed herself wearing this late clear facemask. Zach shape as Hannibal actors, it was so creepy and so amazing. Oh my gosh. Well, those women looked amazing. Tinsley. Comes back. She's in a ballgown. Of course, the women are all wearing black llewellyn looks stunning. Her body is beautiful. She's got these gorgeous diamond accents on her straps, Spaghetti straps and up the sliver dress Ramona does look beautiful very simple dress. Amazing. Sonia looks stunning. She got a great new haircut, very elaborate mask which I love the winner though a has to be Queen Leah McSweeney the freshman housewife looked banging af she's wearing this sheer mask these sheer fingerless gloves that go pretty high her arm like definitely past her elbows. Stunt Ning honestly, all the Women Look Gory derivatives. Dress was definitely amiss. She's the only one who I didn't think looked great. I mean she's a very woman I mean she looked greed but just the outfit was great but I can't wait there the first show on Bravo to film in person again well, at least a reunion this is our first in person reunion in. Some. Other shows are filming and I guess they have a ton of protocol. So hopefully, everybody stays healthy. Let's go onto Friday I. thought this was really good news the MTV VM as. They're usually in September and rather than them just being canceled as so many things are which is understandable. I. Think this was a really good choice. The VM. As are not going to be held at the Barclays Center as. Originally planned but instead, there are various locations around Los, Angeles, where the show will happen. So I'm not sure exactly what that's going to look like but I remember for years they've been doing these remote concerts for the via maze where they'll have a band play at a rooftop of another building and they'll just video them there and they'll have several different performance st that so. I think we all realise whether we want to or not. But this isn't ending any time soon, and we are just figuring out how we're going to keep on living our lives because. We don't really have a choice. Oh wow selling sunset came out. Friday morning at midnight. I woke up in the middle of the night and like could not go back to bed knowing selling sunset was on silica I turned it on and watch league two hours in the middle of the night totally normal it was fast first of all the season. Amazing. Of course but we found out exactly well, not exactly what happened between Chris And Justin Hartley but we did learn that he broke up with her not like broke up with her is in link dating they were married for two years and had been together for six years total. She found out about their divorce forty five minutes before it was in TMZ and it was via frigging tax message I'm shock I. First Thing I thought of was Jack Berger, broke up with Carrie Bradshaw on sex and the city via fucking post it note this is worse. And I also thought after a little bit more reflection about really bad celebrity breakups remember. This was so. Do you remember when. Carson. Daley. was on the Howard Stern show and I believe it was robin who is doing the nails who is getting a shout out later on this episode also, Robin Quivers was doing the news and had announced that Oh looks like Jon for Love Hewitt had his broken up with you. Let's talk about that or Howard mentioned it whatever the case may be, and that was the first that Carson and heard about it. He heard about his girlfriend maybe fiance even dumping him while on the Howard Stern show. WHO This is something that drives me crazy. To things about Selena, Gomez one of them drives me crazy because like whatever she's going to be on a cooking show I guess and like people who are actual shafts talker and walk her through recipes. So I guess it's like cooking for I. Don't WanNa call her a dummy because she's not a dummy. I'm sure. Very intelligent woman very accomplished woman, but I'm just saying she's chef. Has An experience. That's why the shops are coaching your through. Maybe it'll be helpful for somebody like me. But what I am excited about is that Selena Gomez is joining the Hulu series only murders in the building. She's GonNa Start Opposite Steve Martin and Martin Short. It's actually a comedy series and it follows these three strangers who share an obsession with true crime who Find themselves entangled in one of them, Oh my God I just love the word entangled entanglement. Thank you will in Jada. But yeah, I thought only murderers in the building sounds really interesting. Definitely not expecting that to be a comedy when I heard the title. But what can you expect from Steve Martin and Martin Short seems cool to me I'm here for it. Well. That does it for this week's on this day entertainment news head on over to on this day entertainment dot com to read the full articles for this piping hot tea and more I'll be right back with this week's nostalgic look back in entertainment history. So state too. Welcome that fanny pack. It's always been fascinating for me to see how the world of entertainment has evolved over the years. But before we do I want to remind you of the amazing deal. You can get thanks to Curl Bible I have been using their acne bards and anti acne bar I mean, why would I buy a bar that would give me acne? That's insane. Curl Bible has an amazing anti acne bar that I've been using for at least a month now in my skin feels so much better. I've had so many Agni issues over the years. They've not really gone away even at forty, but it's definitely calmed down and I would definitely say there's a lot less inflammation and redness on my face, and at this point, I'm going to take anything very can get so. Very excited to start incorporating more products from Coral Bible Dot com into my regimen. If you're looking to support a small black woman owned business, here's a wonderful opportunity and you'll get ten percent off with the code that I'll provide check how curl Bible Dot Com they have a lot of amazing products, organic, natural responsible ingredients. Of course, they have things for curly hair specialize in black hair but there are products for everybody and you can get ten percent off of your order with the Code Ot D. E. Ten. That's because it's the code for on this day entertainment and it Stem Percent Off Utd ten. Got It. Awesome. Checkout Curl Bible Dot Com, and keep you posted on what you think. Let's get to our weekly walk down memory lane reminiscing on some of the juiciest and most monumental on this day events from this week in pop culture history starting all the way back in one thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, the La Premiere of the movie psycho starring Anthony Perkins and Janet. Lee. Of course. Alfred. Hitchcock movie. This is the day it was released and it was a total game changer for the horror genre I mean the shower scene is just one of the most classic when people think of horror that's probably in their top five. Moments as far as imagery in a horror film. So Classic, I've even seen only guy should so good. Have you guys seen the shower curtains? It looks like a shower curtain, but it has a hand with of blood like trying to grab the way out blood splatter everywhere. Amazing. Another horror movie maybe not the same genre of horror per se but in the year nineteen, seventy, five. So turning forty five, this year is the movie version of rocky horror picture show a personal favorite of mine I mean, it's like one. Of those things, you can't go through Halloween without watching rocky horror I used to actually dye my hair with Kool aid in school and go to the local movie theater and watch rocky horror picture show dressed as Magenta because I was a theater kid and that's what Peter Kids did back in those days there was no internet or maybe there was Internet like this is late nineties. So the Internet was a thing but people having it in their house was still maybe not a thing yet or at least not like. A mainstream thing or at least there was nothing to do on the Internet. Yeah. Like there weren't any obviously no social media I could go on again I digress let's jump to nine hundred, ninety two. This is crazy. Do you remember when James from Metallica got those horrible second and third degree Burns during a show in Montreal, he had walked into the pyro so he literally walked into fire during an explosion on stage that was something that apparently had been practiced or whatnot I'm not exactly sure what happened but they Were twelve songs into their set win James Stepped into a twelve foot high torture fire. What I think is bad ass. Is that seventeen days after the accident metallica resumed on its tour they had a stand in guitarist named John Marshall but James Field did appear vocals only and was back onstage in Phoenix and I love that about James Hatfield, how freaking awesome and just like getting back onstage after like that after like some sort of that sort of trauma, he was watching his skin boil off of his bones, oh horrible. In one, thousand, nine, ninety, nine, Shakira recorded her first live album, and this is going to be a fun throwback. Do you remember? MTV unplugged it gets it started off bands like allison chains Nirvana but eventually or maybe you did start off with more variety of music maybe that's just kind of what I listened to at the time I don't know but in ninety nine, Shakira recorded her MTV unplugged and from what I. Remember. I just looked at the song tracks that were recorded on this unplugged special and they were all in. Spanish. So I didn't know any of them, but maybe I would if I heard them I thought that was really cool and I forgot how long secure has been around for it's crazy I? Think we're about the same age I think she's about my age about forty I might be wrong well in two thousand one. I definitely remember this. After ten years of marriage Tom, cruise and Nicole Kidman divorced. It was one of those weird marriages that never really made sense. This is before we'd really known how deeply into Scientology Tom Cruise was maybe we did. Maybe of getting things mixed up but. They have some adopted children actually I think Gosh I really should've read more about them. I don't know why ever really paid attention to Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. I think she's stunning and so talented and I've love Tom Cruise's movies but I just never really gotten into him as a he's always giving me really weird vibe. So I guess that's why definitely not up to speed on this. But of course that went ended in divorce and Coal Kidman is, of course, moved on with that Lake Country Singer guy who I can't think of his name right now and Tom Cruise has been with. Penelope Cruz of course Katie Holmes. What can you do? Speaking, of this is a crazy Hollywood marriage two thousand two is the year that Nicholas Cage married Lisa Marie Presley of course Elvis's daughter and they were married on the Big Island of Hawaii they were married for a grand total of three and a half months before Lisa, Marie filed for divorce again only in Hollywood but here we go I'm going for the three in a row three breakups in a row. I don't make the news in two, thousand, seven Christina. Oh, my God. So amazing if you guys have not watched to me on. Netflix. Get it together it's two seasons it goes really fast. They're only like thirty minute episodes I think there's only ten episodes for season. It is one of the better like Sitcom drama type things that I've watched in a really long time. Loved it. Christina applegate. Amazing Anyway in two thousand seven when she divorced from that really cute actor Jonathan Shays he was in the movie that thing you do. He's like the really dark handsome guy think he was maybe the lead singer it's been a while. and. He was actually in that movie that Christina applegate starred in with Cameron Diaz in Selma Blair called the sweetest thing. He was the guy who hit on Christina applegate at the beginning of the movie in the nightclub thing I'll yeah that ended up being her husband or I think that actually was filmed while they were married anyway their marriage lasted an entire four years and they split due to irreconcilable differences. It's a lot of divorce a lot of divorce. This. One was really sad in two, thousand, eight Isaak's died. He was the composer, the musician from shaft I really know him as chef from south, park he was sixty five years old died of a stroke and it was crazy because this is win south on I. Guess South Park is still on if I'm not mistaken, but it was still really really popular in two thousand eight. So to have one of the more important characters die was really unfortunate and I know he's contributed a lot over the years. So rest in peace Isaak's. This it feels icky but it's just what it is. In two thousand ten. It would be the tenth year anniversary of Hillary Duff and the retired Canadian ice hockey player Mike Comrie think is his name they had gotten married in Montecito California, which is like the fanciest place ever I went to Montecito probably like a decade ago I had a friend rental house. There oh my gosh. Like Oprah lives there the criminal cram I mean it is boozy a F-. Definitely not a place could afford on a regular basis not for people like me like we drove like in our like Saturn or something at the time definitely stuck out anyway they were married in Montecito. But sadly after six years of marriage, they divorced Hillary is. Again. And I'm not sure about the sports guy 'cause I don't even know who he is anyway. In two thousand eleven Brooke Brooke got, married to Oh and Brooke Burke. If you guys don't know who Brooke Burke is Oh, my Gosh, you guys missed out in the late nineties early two thousand I remember watching wild on on e all the time. This was the host Brooke Burke is Beautiful Burnett who would go and travel to these exotic places and you would see her leg doing these adventures going nightclubbing doing fishing physical activities just anything that you would do on this destination she was there I loved. Wild on so much well, when she was forty, she married David Charvet I think is how you say it he was on Baywatch they got married. But unfortunately here we are again the couple shares to kids sadly divorced they agreed to joint physical and legal custody of the twelve year old and thirteen year old at the time neither one of them are not legally pay child support or spousal support. So apparently, that was in the prenup or there was no pre nup either way probably better off that way. Clean Cut. I guess except for the fact that they share children. So I guess it's that clean but hopefully they get along because that makes a big ass difference kids life and somebody who was a former teacher it makes a big difference in their teachers lives to because that really fucking sucks. Two thousand twelve. Oh my gosh. This has been a really dark week. This has been a lot of divorces, but here's another one, two, thousand, twelve basketball wives have you guys ever watched basketball wives? This isn't one of my reality shows several people who are really respect their reality TV show judgment have highly recommended basketball wives well, Evelyn Lozada and her NFL wide receiver husband. Chad Johnson got a divorce due to irretrievably broken marriage only forty one days after they tied the knot forty one days. That's crazy. Oh. So speaking of dark this thankfully isn't a divorce but oh my gosh, I I don't think any of us really got over this one in two thousand, fourteen, six years ago is when we learned that Robin Williams had unfortunately committed suicide by hanging himself at sixty three years old. You would never know that he suffered depression many people wouldn't know. So many people have depression are battling that on a daily basis try their best or doing everything they know and you never know what people are going through. You never know what happens behind closed doors. You never know what's happening in somebody's head. It was a huge shock and a huge loss to entertain meant he is one of the best movie actors had an amazing career in television mork and Mindy is iconic. You just wouldn't think somebody like Robin Williams would be battling so many demons and here we are six years later talking about his suicide. So that just reminds us to all checking on your family and even the people that you don't necessarily think you might need to check in on maybe they need to check in on also I'm telling this to myself. I am the worst about stuff. I was really proud of Miss Taylor swift in two thousand seventeen with this happened she had gone to court and testified that DJ David Mueller Muller, Muller Mueller, whatever he had groped her and. If I'm not mistaken. I remember correctly he had like grabbed her back side after an interview I think it happened in Colorado and what I love is that When she took him to court. There had to be some sort of monetary value of like representing the damage done to her and to prove that she was just really doing fighting the good fight for what she thought is right and to stop him hopefully from doing something like this in the future she went to court over a dollar she sued him did whatever I forget exactly what the wording would be. took him to court for a dollar, but just to prove a point that it is not okay to grab women under any circumstance. So thank you, Taylor. Also in two thousand seventeen. Walt Disney Company announced their plan to create its own streaming service and that meant they had to cancel their ties with Netflix. Seemed like a really bad idea at the time. But Hey, we have Disney plus in it's amazing. I was just thinking we have beyond as black is King Hilton is on Disney plus and all of the mighty ducks movies I mean in addition to everything like Lindsay Lohan all of her movies, lots of Hannah Montana in those archives don't get me started on high school musical and of course, like all the movies that we grew up with like Disney. Wise. Those maybe aren't my favorites to go back and revisit, but I totally freaking get the nostalgia whatever is your flavor I am totally here for. Twenty Twenty Disney plus one of the things I'm actually happy about in twenty twenty it's it's been diet has been dire- for all of us. Well just last year we learned that Miley Cyrus and her hunk Hottie hot. Boyfriend I'm sorry husband Liam Hemsworth, my favorite Hemsworth a little aside announced their separation and intention to divorce. If you think about that since then Miley his dated Caitlin. Carter the ex of brody. Jenner. That was like a really hot story for awhile, brody ended up dating. Some actors daughter and I can't think who he is but she's stunningly beautiful maybe like a wrestler or something like that. I don't recall. But they both had really really public relationships right after. Well that does it for this week's nostalgic look back in entertainment history four of this week's birthdays. We mentioned the movie psycho earlier I wanted to give a shoutout to Alfred Hitchcock who was born in eighteen, ninety nine in addition to Saco he it did the birds rear window. Amazing. Amazing talent who we last sadly in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty. Robin quivers. Clean Robin quivers May I add the CO host of the Howard Stern show she's the one who provides all the hot news on the Howard Stern show. I've always loved Robin have always wanted to be Robin Oh. My Gosh. She has just delivered it for me. So hardcore so many amazing memories she is sixty eight years old so happy birthday Robin. Rosanna arquette turns fifty one and Donio Bundy Orissa turn sixty this year happy birthday John slattery do you guys know him? He was on mad men he played Roger and if you remember on sex and the city he played The politician who wanted to pee on Kerry I. Think he's so hot like he's like obviously I have daddy issues I am so into this guy, he's got the the old man like white hair delicious. Well, he turns fifty eight and I'll be honest I thought he was way older than that but that's all good. Whitney. Houston would have had a birthday this week. Unfortunately, she passed in two, thousand, twelve probably the best singer of all time I mean there are a lot of people who people would say are amazing talents. Mariah Carey. The list goes on and on but Whitney Houston has one of those just perfect sounds. Her tone was just absolutely perfection. Some of my favorite songs one of my favorite movies of all time the bodyguard I've been lucky enough to see it on stage twice anyway, Whitney Houston was born in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, three, the same year as sir mix a lot who is fifty seven this year. Another haughty that I'm very into I. Don't know how popular of an opinion that is I know Leah from real housewives of New York into Joe Rogan turns fifty three. He of course is the host of the Joe. Rogan experience like the most popular podcast in the world and I remember him from being on fear factor. Did anybody else watched show anti stand up comedian of CNN few times at the comedy store in La He is amazing. Justin, theroux and. Hunk Hoti hotson dot made no sense but I'm going to go with it. Anyway he turns forty nine Rebecca Gay Heart who I just love so much. She was born in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, two, she turns forty eight. Do you remember the nut? Zima girl from the nausea commercials in the Eighties Oh my God love her she was in the movie John. Breaker. But I am a huge superfan of her from her days on Beverly Hills Nine, o. two and now after Dylan. Dated Brenda after Dylan dated Kelly he ended up dating a girl. He met at the Fictional C. U. The college California University that most of the gang went to actually all of the game went to Brenda ended up there. Oh my gosh I'm getting off track again, but she ended up marrying Dylan and her dad went to have dylan killed the night of their wedding and accidentally had her killed instead all because she lost her cat so sad anyway Rebecca Gerhard. Turns forty eight happy birthday. This was weird on the same day these three music birthdays to bandres in one thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, three, Scott stapp was born he was the singer of creed he's forty seven and turning forty four are in sinker Jaycees say and drooling Shea from ninety eight degrees. So Happy Birthday Queen Tinsley Mortimer turns forty four this year of course from High Society Real Housewives of New York just an absolute delight of a socialite who knew social AIDS could be that. Sweet. Love you Tinsley. Real housewives of New Jersey's Amber Markes Markazi. I don't love. Jersey I. Know that's a very unpopular opinion. I. Don't know this cast as well as I should but amber turns forty three. So happy birthday to amber. Oh my gosh, another Hemsworth. Chris Hemsworth is time for the Hemsworth from the avengers. He turns thirty seven Anna Kendrick from pitch perfect turns thirty five. Carried de Levin Turns Twenty eight I felt so old when I did the math and figured out that Kylie Jenner who was born in one, thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety, seven, turns twenty three, which is crazy and Shawn Mendez turns twenty two. So happy birthday to all of you. And thank you for tuning into on this danger payment the podcast for all your TV in pop culture nostalgia, news from today and yesterday if you. WanNa stay in the know subscribe to on This Day entertainment wherever you get your podcasts. A remember to follow on this day entertainment on instagram twitter and facebook while you're there, make sure to join the Fanny Pack Group and you could always deep dive articles at on this day entertainment dot com, and that's where he can find merch including fanny packs, t shirts, tote bags, coffee cups, there are. Some. New Real housewives of work merch in there. Also live events of doing and instagram live taking over taste of realities instagram live on Wednesday from five to five, forty, five PM Pacific with Bravo breakdown we are deep diving real housewives of Potomac. So hopefully, I'll see there and you can also see me on youtube search on the entertainment I a few videos up and a couple of them are just audio and there's one. If you're a shahs of sunset fan, you might WanNa watch the interview I did resume with Alli Sherry it was fascinating. Well until next time, you are too cool to be forgotten latest cater.

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107 Goodbye 2019

Who Invited Her?

1:09:55 hr | 1 year ago

107 Goodbye 2019

"And everybody and welcome to another episode of who invited her we are sending he goes. LGBTQ pub broadcast. I am your host. Tony I'm here with the hose dash and I'm again again. Yes Megan's hair. The Mariam T isn't here this week. 'cause she has tea party so she is a busy busy lady today. But we Mexican Eric on research today on our cocktail Tabei everyone. That's it hi. Everyone quiet him year. Don't sound Amir we can see your nipple. I know half make it today to like. She's dressing apple or four ball. What today's Today's thank God? I'm taking requests and robs on sound. Hey everybody I'm here also and you guys on in the border if I could find her themes I am into Ladas here. You got no and our other audience member we have. Eric how are you guys. How's everybody's been allowed it's over? Yeah Yeah Yeah definitely get the fuck out of here. Yeah Oh this when this comes out for everybody that's listening. We will be in London when this comes out. So this is we're recording a couple episodes beforehand so our our audience audience members. Don't miss a day. They don't miss they. Don't get a break from us. So yeah this when this comes out we'll be in London so I'm excited to go. I'm really looking forward to the trip. It's going to be a lot of fun and Linda needs more Queens. Yes actually asked you mentioned a lot. Have you watched dre Chris dry craze. Yes I did I is. It could be a spoiler for like say who. The winner is spoiler alert spoiler. I can remember fucking name a bag of chips. No no she was a runner up but she did it when it was the Vivienne. Vivian Oh she just got married to heaven in them. Lisa G I think Jay one of them Michael was there really was invited to the wedding. I share Chad Michael Magin. That'd be fun. I should ask Mary the way. No you guys are not married. You Guys GonNa be no ninety nine soon because he's so needs to get divorced from his wife. What are the other woman Ham Bitch? How do you feel about that? Play this role thirty little secret. I I just want to go to some kind of event where she's there in your there but you're trapped. It's so funny 'cause like it was her birthday and you guys know her we do. You know who's best friend. Oh that's right So it was a year ago was her birthday. And everyone's like. Oh Hi. How do you know Danielle mccollum our husbands boyfriend? They know it takes a second to like when you put it that way. Yeah that's cool. Everybody gets along though. Yeah that's great. That's that's a little weird. It's so funny because we've fight over who gets to pick them up at the airport and stuff like you do. She's like bitch. I'm I'm his wife. I'm like bitch. I sucked his trump's trump's life. I'm sorry Louis dirty little secret. What about you you as going on with you lately? Oh you know unless pit of Hell and work and you had a minor nervous breakdown on Tuesday. Why would happen? Oh there's just too much going on and I had to go to L. A.. On Thursday I had to be at me. La At five am. Guess what time I woke up for. Yeah Yeah you're not gonna not happy at all. I actually was super late for the train. Iran Iran look like maybe six red lights on Pacific Coast highway. Because I was just like I don't even care if somebody T.. Bones me it'll get me out of this trip. I thought you were going to say you ran ran and I just had this picture you know how about you miss megs. You've been gone for a while it's happening. You know. Just running around San Maniego. But now I've been binge watching shows I've been trying to be a good girl in you. Got Other brains. Yeah well finished the crown so good yeah and then Marvelous Mrs Mazel. I'm halfway through. Its I I think this season three right. Anything is the best season so to the guy that plays Lenny Bruce in real life I forget. The actor's name Oh he's so awkward and Weird in my yeah I saw. He was on the view because they were on this weekend. Promoting the new season and he's just a awkward guy. He seems like the worst possibly put on the view life promote that she was great. What's her name the lead actress? Yeah Yeah but he was just my favorite. This season is out exporting though her like oh I've been fucking so funny little age manager Dave what they've done with her character especially this season last season. Oh she's just like she's my favorite part of the show. I watch it like I love what they've done with her. Yeah Yeah my my favorite role. Alex Boise's ever played was the principal and the Lizzie. McGuire movie I. I'm bringing back. Yes they are going to accept Hillary Duff because of all the way into the original cast coming back. Yeah Yeah Yeah is WYNC's even like the guy that played her best friend. Gordo who I thought. They should have like developed him into a gay character and that would've made them more like appealing. Yeah no and he's so creepy looking he was really cute. Younger benign anymore. He ain't girl. I don't understand the obsession with Hilary Duff people. I think it's a great realistic depiction of what it's like to go back to your high school friends if they're all like kind of haggard and they're like we never left Calabasas Calabasas. Hilary Duff live. Have you guys been year high school reunion. Since you've left and you know the why what ours like ours like the students had to put together a no one can get together. It's like nobody was like we see each each other like down the street. I see them at Costco. When they're checking me out? I thought I was. I lived in New Zealand for tenure. And then that's an awesome. Excuse to take globe-trotting I thank you to be honest. Yes it's really. I don't talk to anyone from my high school me neither like no not one person either I I do. I talked to my own friends from maybe like four people now either now. One person always feel comfortable getting back with that group because we were all just like the over highschool the second we got in it so I'm fine with them but I did go to my to tenure tenure ten year old and all all of these people kept coming up to me and they're like bashed. How are you how you been and I was like who the fuck I had? No idea who any of these people were. I was looking at my remain friends at school. I wonder how high school same a living Doria. Yeah I know. How are you in highschool so someone at work the other day was this co worker? And she's all like Oh my God. It was such a Geek. I'm like Oh yeah me too. Are you like Star Wars Geek. And I'm like no. I was like the Weird Keith. That was into like science animals nerd. I was in Newark Sackler. Cler I step outside and listen to whatever bursting into a species of bird avid ornithologist. The popular now is yes homecoming court. Oh Cool No. You're volleyball weren't you did well. I did up until my junior year. He did three and then I had to pick like what I was going to do after high school. Well and then. I did volleyball but I always like my boyfriend was like Football Jersey. I was like the stereotypical white I could wear leader Hawk friends with all of them though correct. Did any of you get bullied in high. Go like really bullied. I DIDN'T I. I got lucky because all of my cousins had just we're like a great above me and everyone thought that we were in the mafia because my cousins like perpetuated this rumor King and that it was fun. I remember in grade school like I've witnessed a lot of like watching other kids. Bully like I remember and now I see them on Lake Social Media Instagram and no. They're not they're in their own little world as expected but I just go back to like eighth grade when I remember like the cool kids were making fun of weight. The believes these are the kids who got bullied that the kids I got bullied. Remember that pulled. Kids would bully this guy or you know this kid and now I see him all grown up on facebook or instagram and unsocial. Yeah he's just doing his own thing. Same with females. I used to do. There was a girl in our eighth grade in class. And she I mean she was huge and people would just make fun of Kim joined in on. It was named man. I I could tell you. Picture Meg to quote a diarrhea president at the screen. We only one boyfriend. I mean I was a great show great but if you think about it I mean bullying. It's not you know now. But what about me and high high school was weird because we you grew up in the South Bay so Allah in junior high. We went to In the South Bay then we moved to these county in whole none of like people. We grew up where were were there was just me and my brother But in junior high remember got being made fun of somebody wrote Faggot all over my locker in the gym and I remember walking in and seeing and I was like ooh fuck did this. Yeah and then when we moved out to these county the new kids and Manning was much more feminine than me. Let's just say hey you got a mouth on him so manny would always start like a fight Komo with his mouth and then okay Tony Take. That's how but never like high school freshman year. I think I mouthed off and probably probably got in some kind of fight with one person and then everybody kind of I think people were scared of me to once. 'cause once in middle school some push me while I was getting off the bust but he like push me turn around and punch him in the face. That was it. I remember I pushed him. I haven't I and I remember I would say fuck. You need people and be like your mom's a whore now people like your mom and like whatever I fucked your dad like you just. I said I'm like yeah. What's the point? I just played the long game. Like I never got into physical altercations. It'd be it'd be more systematic like. Oh you piss me off. I'm GonNa fuck with you for the next six years until you have a mental breakdown and as much let me really prepared prepared for the world kind of minor. She stressed out. My mom was a teacher at my high school. I went to high school although I made her change her last name. Are you serious yes no you didn't. Why did you change it to her maiden name? They changed that name back so we don't have the same names. James Number One people eventually figured it out for the most part but it was great because like by senior year. I took her pad of like you know like if you show up late to class class you'd have to give a slip or whatever I'd signed her name I'd give them to my friendly and then my senior year I had two periods that she was my quote unquote teacher and do shit. I didn't do shit I got as in two classes. I would homesick period because it was athletics. My second period. I went to Jack in the box with my girlfriend friend and we get sandwiches. I mean Shit. It was great. Yeah I was the popular I the homecoming was rigged turning. But you will be shocked to hear this. I was an absolute prude food. I don't believe for Shit. Yeah Yeah I went. I didn't read them. I didn't let anyone touch this until like talk while taste never varied day. Hey I'm not pregnant. Only bloomers makeup for low. Yeah Oh yes I know I did. 'cause we know a Jehovah witness and then we left the religion after when we were eighteen eighteen in. Oh my God my brother and I we buck wild did everything you weren't supposedly would i. Yeah that's a nightmare over there. What bashing she no but like when the kids got out of college and then just experimented a lot afterwards like we? We're still having fun. Yeah you had sex in highschool. Now you gotTa fucking doc in baby exactly and you're still married you know like you're you're happy and now you're looking at a mini windows looking the he's getting into so since the years it's nineteen in the air is like wait year. Where are we Years coming to an end when this comes out already been years so ask me about my fucking shit the fuck up I was gonNA. That's how you guys. There was an article that came out that listed the top forty greatest Mo- pop culture moments nineteen so some of these idea remember and I was wondering if you guys remembered them in like your takes on them. I love less tickles. But who is the publisher. Now this one is well one is from spin spin one is from good good housekeeping. So there's a mixed thing rapin. Shut up Debbie Downer dot twitter dot Debbie Downer January wary Do you guys remember this. The world record egg domination on instagram. There is a photo stock photo. Vin Aig that went viral. Oh Yeah Kylie Jenner. Do you remember that yeah. I barely remember that now. Some of it just killer already. I don't get that makes her popular. I don't understand the fascination with her lip kit is it. I don't know but the other one this year was a big thing. The ten year challenge people taking a picture of them from ten years ago. That I didn't know I didn't either. No because I'll tell you what the difference I'm fat now I was like now my face looks like a roadmap no no no I think I'm I had my own nose in the old picks. That'd yeah I remember the challenge or the ten year challenge. He makes those up. Yeah I did the other one. The other big thing was the mass singer. Launched launched in the US and everybody thought it was going to be the stupidest show and now it was gonna just bomb but surprisingly it was a runaway hit and it just grew in popularity and they just had their second season and they had big stars on the second season way bigger than the first one. But I'm with that show. It's I get to Ansi like I just want to afford it. And then see who wins or who see or see. WHO's under the mask for that episode? I don't WanNa Watch the whole show and you have to say the costumes in the show are ridiculous. Like the amount of work that goes into these celebrities costumes. I'm like what but this season they spoil alert for anybody who hasn't watched it that some really big like Patty. Patty Liebau was one of them. Michelle Williams from destiny's child. She was the best one I had. No idea was her raven. Simone own daughtry was one who wanted and nobody knew it was daughtry mean rob bigger now. We are like nope. That's his voice. I recognize the voice but it was really good this season. It seems Z beginning bigger. So that was a big one. This year anybody was watching it. The other one was lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's performance of shallow at the Oscars was a big pop. Oh cultures as everyone thought. They were boning and didn't he get divorced right after that him and his wife but she's engaged engaged to someone new fare. Now Yeah for now. Can we just pause for a second. Here's my ran on celebrities. It pisses me off because like you follow their lives right and they go through a divorce. I and you're like okay. They're divorced as they go through. The voice may go through a break up or whatever and then cut to like six months later even a year even two years. They're engaged already. They've already dated three people. I can't even find one fucking SCHMUCK and they're already on like their third marriage by the time I've only broken up with like one I don. I'M NOT ANTI CITY Marta. The job it's like fuck like well also with all this money. I mean parties. Every five seconds. Don't you think it'd be harder for them to find someone because everybody wants your fucking money inside. The Lakers celebrity can tell local local to this room. The other big one was the college admissions scandal happen this year so that was a great. Yeah Becky back on Fuller House They didn't bring her back. I think Roseanne. Yeah or they like but did you see how the daughter water did A. What is it like an instagram video? Or she would on twitter and she was like. Don't take it out on me like I'm like girl. Girls Shut up. You know that she was in her bedroom. Ten JILLIAN million dollar however having to worry about being alive the other thing this year the vendors saga ended within game name nomar vendor movies. That's not true while no their spin offs but in actual vendor movie. There's not going to be another one. They're actually marvels like coming up with a new master plan plan for the next ten years. I know marvel has a Shitload of movies in the pipe coming out soon but as far as the vendors themselves then game was Obasanjo. Wait isn't game of thrones having a spinoff. Suppose there's opposed to but that so they're already filmed a pilot with Naomi Watts and it was supposed to come out next year but did away with it like yeah. There's no trust this anymore. Why don't I just don't I'm not? I'm not getting into another game of Thrones I. I'm good with pistol. Yeah why why get over damn in it was. Ten Shit thrones game. I want to throw a monkey. Thank you Rachel. Has Anybody tried watching the witcher yet on netflix scheming thrown. And don't tell me. Is it bad it boring so bad why. It's just terrible. The ad the trailer looked great. Mr Adams trade watching it and I was like oh I was watching five minutes of it but I wasn't paying attention. Oh I'll start right and then five minutes later. He's like it's bad. Oh that's disappointing. Well Henry Cavill is in it so I wanted to get a tissue Lucien could also or just google and not have to have saved much thirty minutes also the issue. He has a wig. Oh no it ain't a good league. Oh no party city like Christie Line Got Yolanda swigs the other a big being snapped the thing that hit for two thousand nineteen with snapchat. Release of its baby-faced filter remember that that was creepy has why who leukocyte. Who thought that would be a good idea pedophile? And the other on. Just got the visual all. Can you imagine like having sexist win. And then they use the filter which I like. I remember when you enter the other. One was the rebirth Kiana reeves. This year I didn't know he died. His career career like John Wick almost always be my. Maybe he was in that he played a cameo when he walks into into the restaurant. And it was the guy that was in it. But that Kinda lie and there was a ton of means that when all that Shit. He's on he's number one on my celebrity cheap cheap list. Actually I bet. He's a freaking bed. Oh you know he is. I think I probably be like. I think it'd be very vanilla. Yeah Wall like you won't even take his shirt off. You know he'd be so into himself. It'd be redick. I don't think so. I don't know I thought he was hunting speed and that was it. Yeah back in the day agreed era. Do you do you maxine. Oh Shit I I agree with that. I think he'd be like fucking dirty and You guys just have like this fantasy in your head that you want and watch it. He's like super super boring and bad temper. That use the baby filter. We talk about metrics. Put on this blindfold can hi- take the red or the Blue Pill. GHB and the other one's Viagra. The other big thing is the bang. Larry the end this year. Thank fucking God. G hated that show. I never got into I. Do I love that show did you. Yes never purposely bursley watch it I never said was on. I'd watch it and get a chuckle. Ah It's so funny I was dead. Silence what I just said was the other one. Was the bottle. Cap Challenge getting kicked off to remember that when people are kicking off the bottle the the top of a bottle the bottle cap. They would try to kick Dixon line that one. Yeah Oh the reboot of Beverly Hills. Ninety one of this year which nobody watched the first episode. That was it. Yeah I was a kid. Yeah I saw the first episode and that was Oh and another big one when Jennifer Lopez reprised her via the Address the Green Dress when she we reward it this this year in the fashion show and she's like how old now fifty and she wore it when she was already out. The two thousand Grammy's again we've asked this amazing amazing. We've talked about this if we don't drink well exactly like that. We work out every day and we have a personal chef and our and look at husband boyfriend life life partner is we would we would try to say to her. Six can life partner John but I would. I would try not to have anybody that action. She's pulling some kind of in. Oh yeah way or the other big thing saying that I was really excited. No Puerto Rican the most like like a lot of black jeans black. Don't crack get blowed so I I was excited about is. The world got introduced Eliza. Well this year it blows me away. It was it was on. Can we just pay like well. No respect to her because she was on good morning. Good Morning America. It doesn't matter one of the morning talk shows and I didn't know a lot about her like she was trying to make it as like A. She plays the flu. Do you know she's so our life is so fascinating on how she tried to make it and I guess who pushed her over the edge to make it because she was like living in her car to and all that install. She had some music for a few years. You know who made her. I guess there's a difference between a singer and then you've got to be an artist. Push her over the edge edge. Who are mentor was Prince? Yeah he basically gave her you know the direction and yeah so Princes confusing to me though. Yeah we're why he was a Jehovah's Witness. How are you like Pan Sexual in a Jehovah's wit while he he was inactive Jehovah? Windsor was at one point. And it's just like Michael Jackson's family. Their job a witness was something he was below. Oh the waste. That's the five hundred. That's the other thing that I wasn't aware of that happened. This year was Jennifer Aniston Joint INSTAGRAM and set the world record for the most followers in the shortest amount of time she hit a million followers within five hours. They didn't have. I didn't natter Jennifer. Aniston yeah I ever GonNa do a friend reboot. She's like there's talking about this instrument thing I have a million followers. There's also the other big. The other big thing that happened. That was a big disappointment was a revival of Charlie's angels. That had a lot of hype in new in I like the other two with Cameron Diaz that and Drew Barrymore those the only the two of those those are so good Hogan because there was so camping stupid in just fine. Yeah bring that back to Redo we do and do it serious like oh whatever. No and the other. The last thing is cats I get out way to see the trainwreck. I was really thinking about taking mushrooms before you go see. Have you read so the big thing. That's been happening with cats. That I find interesting that all the reviews and all the reviewers reviewers in the reports and all of that all of them are going insanely crazy. How this movie is like the third third is open it is beyond crazy and in just over the top and creepy makes you horny all the lights? Yeah there was. One of the reporters quarters their review as it is so horrifyingly horny because it was like Oliver Twitter and stuff. Do you guys not look at Social Media Reviews on rotten rebel Wilson. Is that her name. And she's in it and she posts a lot of behind the scenes photos and all. This folding auditing that I find funniest people are like. This story doesn't make any sense. I'm like the musical makes no sense of anybody looks into it. It's a bunch of poems base up at TC s Eliot. What I don't understand is why movie was made I gosh on that? I don't understand why you took you spend all this money on the most obscure weirdest musical until movie. That's what I'm confused about. Is the fact that you are considering taking mushrooms before going to realize how bad your trip is GonNa be. Oh yeah it'll make great radio going adder. It'll be great. Somebody will eric and I will be behind you just well. Yeah I'm I WANNA see. The train wreck that. Because you know it's going to be bad if you guys have seen any of. The videos was on youtube really creepy. Just they have human hand. We talked about Human Valley. It's but when you after we had had done that episode with the Uncanny Valley and you re watch it. You're like this really creepy. It's really weird. There's a very long history of Hollywood failing failing at that. Yeah I think the other one was the floor. Express the polar rat we saw the previous saying. We're we're going to watch an on and it's like Oh. Let's look at the preview. I think it was like Eriksson. fucking video game where. They tried to make Tom Hanks cartoon. It's weird yeah but cats has the same thing with cats as I do. Love the music but H. Just Shinhan animated into movie with all the other great musicals out there why that one wicked no counterweight to but Y dad. One Who's new gave the green light. That's what I want to know. We're down with cats but yeah those are some of the top pop culture moments in two thousand nineteen guys. What a cultural year? Really take over all of that like if you had to pick one that you were like excited about out minus Lonzo I mean for you guys individually what were some of the highlights for you this year that maybe didn't make that list that pop culture even just in general is gonNA feeling. I didn't get pregnant. Thank God for next year. Listen we're not in twenty to twenty what's GonNa Happen in London Doc. What about you bashing this year? Who I'd I mean the the impeachment of trump? Everything's GonNa fuck them so you know we should touch on the impeachment for just a little bit because it it is historic moment in. US history so go ahead Mitchell Outta so. It's so funny because ever. Since he got elected I always start all my shows like all right everyone. Let's get energy up. And then like they cut them like come on you guys cheer here like you just found out trump card impeach and everyone goes crazy in the last night was my first show since that. And they'll say okay. I'm sorry but I was the first pitch to always say this every night and now he's finally fucking impeached. Yeah where's it. All that and everyone went wild and so much. It's so much fun you know what made me realize that things that I say. Come true you all the way burner. She the wedge pillow I felt like targeting. I'm the woman who dreams come. Untrue might become reality okay. Raven talk about the impeachment because they know you have a lot of no. I don't. I don't think anything's going to happen. I don't either but I do think it need impeachment needed to happen to set an example that you know what I mean. Even though I think the Democrats knew nothing's GonNa come of it. He's still going to be in the whatever the White House but it needed to happen. Yeah is how I feel about it. But I don't know we'll just bug out locations because we don't know what's going to happen we have. Jesus fucking Christ so quiet. Not Not sorry I'm visualizing myself skinny and future out twenty years from now eh bone guys. We're GONNA take a quick break when we come back. I have an update about Claude that I was telling Mexican Erica about yeah this time Heim clot scared the shit out of me legit scared the shit out of me which hasn't happened yet. Young and old. Yeah so we're going to have an update about cloud and we're going to get to some of the week and some other stuff so we'll be right back you guys movin everyone. It's San Diego shorter. Stay Person Bash. And I'm being forced to create an APP by Tony. He's he's not paying me but I just WanNa make sure you follow us on facebook and twitter at who invited her. SSD and girl. She heard me Miss Mary. M. T. and I don't what about you but I'm getting paid and you can follow the podcast on instagram. And who invited her underscore pop wait. You're getting paid they buddy and we're back from free refill drake's ear impression over freaks. The Guy I was GONNA ask. Oh before we get into. I have an update on Claude. God was active. This bitch do now versus Music Club music. So yes filler on the roof and clerk out there so God was very activists. 'cause he hasn't been for a while right. We haven't had a cloud story so the other night I was here doing laundry rob was doing computer stuff with his friends and whatnot and we have these Christmas bells that hang near the door front door. I already know what you're GONNA say. Yes he came in and was like easer. There's like oh I thought you were somebody else so we have these bows and I have the ballots here right here so when I walked in from doing laundry actually hit the bows and they were it like that right so I go in the room and none of the TV's or anything wrong to fold laundry and it had been good like probably twenty minutes sir. So I'm just in their folding clothes minding my business and I just hear that randomly it so I was like rob. Yeah because they thought maybe rob came home and he actually hit the bows and nothing and I was like okay. I'm not going to go out into your gets terrified and then and I was like Rob and nothing and then I was like okay and I was like Clod and then I just heard one little bows go like that and I was like. Oh my God yes. I got chills all the way down my body and I was like Oh God oh God and then I went to the hallway turned on the light turned on in the bathroom. Late turned on the lights and then I walked to where the bows were and they were just swinging back and forth very slowly like somebody had just hit him. And I like and I was telling you Mexican and Eric. We have the sage right near the door. In this age limit inserted burning. The area was like fuck this shit. ooh And I turned on all the lights all the TV's like made it really Brighton here and then it like nothing after that you realize when you do this age. He's probably standing in the corner laughing. The clods probably like you fucking this. I have a feeling because I was only Mexican. Eric this I'm like he's pretty pissed. 'cause we talked about him in Hawaii he's like bringing me up on the show. Do you ever think that it might be a more serious problem. Like I don't Wanna I don't WanNa ah I don't WanNa maybe he's just not your average poltergeist but a demon from hell like the none. He moved to New York Dark. My Bra do. This reminds me of Catholic Church. Wait really manny move to say if you go their spirits Davey. He was a priest. The Catholic grease in in another Catholic sense where he wanted to queen close enough. uh-huh yeah that's my clot update. He he was in this. This is weird because this is Eric this. This is the first time I actually got scared because before I never got creeped out or anything I just like an whatever but this was the first time that like I was like like like scared scared like I was saying. Oh have you ever thought like the cameras out in your living room. Maybe I don't know that no because I don't want to see if anything's things like caught if we catch him you know now it's here. Catch him tacking on. That's where that's in I. I just think it's ridiculous. Your have had my ghost exercise long ago. I thought about added I. You know what I really wanted to bring in a medium. Well I mean I wouldn't have a ghost because I don't believe in ghosts do okay. Jen Jedi originally originally said that I wanted so I wanted to ask you. We were talking a little bit about this before the break. But what have been some of your favorite moments of the podcast asked in two thousand nine hundred because we had a lot happen this year in a lot of really guess I was wondering this Eric. And Robbie to Samir favorite parts of the PODCAST. This year was March in Ayrshire and twenty. Then my nice nap in the middle of the PODCAST. Twenty nine got yeah. That's it for people who don't know we did episode with a local dispensary here in San Diego March and ask and it was -Tarian Saxton had brought over over lots of samples for us to do of their products from genetic. And then Jenny got like the fun Dab with just an Indika. Yeah and then I got the like demons from Hell. Dad were flying out my my soul. Oh bashing focus on the North Park Water Tower so that the world didn't crumble around me at any given. Yeah you just were quiet up there and it was funny because after we were done recording bashes like are you guys GonNa take a nap and like went into her. Spare Room grabbed the blanket. Laid on the bed. You know position yeah you you don't position with his phone watching Youtube just cracking up at himself. Yeah well we were like are you okay then Robbie and I were like we gotta go just locked. Locked the door by a head of several times and it is a very love. That store One of my favorite favored memories this year from the podcast which strike on. We had a great time at Drake. On this yeah I like until I was worried about our AIRBNB being be getting up charge because Mariam eating out there on the right fuck glitter everywhere. Places like covered in glitter looked like tinkerbell had like like a gang bang. She probably did wade. Who would gang that tinkerbell kidding Janet? Yeah no drag con was great. We had a great time this year. And it's coming up twenty twenty and we'll be drake again. Hopefully so that was one of my favorite parts of the show this season. How you thanks to the first one is when you and I interviewed? Delina d'alene Bennett at the heart. iheartradio before in your local radio station here. She's great I mean. Oh my gosh find interviews used to be on like Jesse Lozano in the mornings or whatever and now she moved so avenue. Yeah so she she was just great super fascinating on how she came to who she was and what I personally her life too so and then my second was readdress party. Oh Yeah readdress party house. Here we talked about okay fine. We were all virgins until just recently and it was just a blast announcer bashes going. I'm getting markets to come from. Oh so it's like I mean all these people who are like just I'm not doing it because because it's to quote unquote feminine. Where bathrobe where a kilt where whatever you think? I would wear robes to be honest if I was didn't want to be feminine. which over red room a cafe girl? Julius Caesar wordpress true very true I Komo. It's meant you Lada. You've been here. Your first appearance was our first season so for this last season and I know you listen to this show. What some of your favorites favorite's One of my favorites were talking to Bernardo puts. That was really by that way. So you whether character crazy episode where I was like. What the fuck did they do and I was gone? It was really like enthralled with that one. Yeah that was he was a fascinating. He was fascinated fascinated with himself and that was fascinated with that. I wish I did my own. Pr Like what AM I. Other ones was a new one. We just did the interview with Jason Ellis because unexpectedly these guys. I was really nervous about that. Because he's a big name for within the radio business and just interview somebody that professional on that level was a little nerve wrecking but he was one of the best interviews one of the sweetest guys. Yeah that was one of my favorites. What about you Robbie? I liked the episode where some of our biggest fan listeners called in and got to say high end and beyond the shows that was kind of exciting that they took the time to to say. How did you that again? Yeah so that was another one was when we had our hundred episode. And we actually out to Moses and the you know Mos- let us take over that one area and we had all the people that have been supportive of the show in friends of the podcast. We're all out which was really cool. You came came in support. Yeah and and they're so much. So I also like the dre Congressman Drake on. What about you maxine? Eric so because I'm self centered. I'm going to say that my favorite episode was my first episode in which I realized I was going to talk about fifteen talk about that. Also have a story update with that from you got fisted there. There was a guy that was on my grinder and that's how it came up because Meghan asked what Matt I'm fisted him in the last week so wait the same guy. Same Guy from that episode. There you were talking about that you were potentially going well. I was just looking at his profile that week so bagged. We'd never tell strong. How was it was their moment? Went in when it was happening. Your like my hands up this guy's ass on the muppet you're like okay. Yeah reminiscent of that. When I was baking the Thanksgiving Turkey and I was cleaning? Don't talk about why Eric and I'm like no. I know I mean same skin tone but no it was like I was like elbow deep into this fucking Turkey and I'm like. Oh Oh yeah. This is what it's like that would freak me out is the section. The second that'd be. Are you afraid to like pull out because everything with just bass way they're special lube for like a plug. Did anybody see that like when aliens more view Sigourney Weaver were ailing get sucked out of like a pinhole on the spaceship no. I think it's like aliens literally called Aliens. Okay Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah that's what it reminds great. Great Movie Watch it. A lot about alien happened what it's been some of your favorite moments remember. Oh my God. CBD's Marching Nash. That's right still love them. Yeah we had a lot of guests this this season which was really exciting. A lot of local people to which I was really happy about I like Naomi's episode Niamey's episode was. It was one of our more serious topics that I it would be able to shut up and listen for once. Yeah and she had a great shoot. I the one thing I really liked about her. was she the way she told the story. Like it was very engaging and your friends friends that were here that filled in for Natalie. Yeah they were like all enthralled with her it was that was a really fun episode to she. Was I remember when I think we started started performing around the same time because right around when I started coming to the scene sorted and one thing I will remember and she knows as we've talked about this many times but on the back in the day I used to host a show called Notice Kellyanne tests on coffee grill until Vista Ave. Yes yes until eleven so it was on the Thursday night and it was usually like early like we'd be done like out. We were the only thing happening there and we'd get like a lot like straight people that were going going like enjoy the show so then afterwards Naomi used to have she used to host a show at the flame is how long claim. I used to love the flame the flame and I'm like I'm there with all these other queens and there's this guy there and so This guy I had talked to maybe like for a couple of weeks and I just saw him. I wasn't interested anymore. Yeah so I ran into him there at the bar and he's like oh I really like him like okay. That's nice. Well let's get you a drink and have a good time grabs. Ah a chunk like he grabs my way about to pull it off. And he's like no you don't understand and I'm like I was grabbing a bottle head of it and then Naomi's like on the fucking like in the middle of a performance stops and grabs. You'd better let her go. Honey certainly like tall fucks bucks. Can you imagine seven. She's wearing these giant platform shoes. And like can you imagine like seven feet of Naomi walking toward and she's like is he bothering you honey and I'm like Yep I almost went to Joe Thank you can save even jail that I grabbed her grow. He grabbed my weight. Yes and you won't even worse well back in the day he used to do drag to he should know how how that's why that's what I was about to break this bottle over this. Oh no you don't like like gang up. He grabbed on like like grab onto. It's like a big chunk of it. I'm like Oh oh retrospect seem like it took so long but it was like in a matter of seconds like like I remember just like in my mind I grab for like the coast things. I'm like no happening. And so no she. She's she saw all this happening in the middle of a performed biology. Wow so crazy yes jeez. That's a good for her. I hate it when people grab anybody in a bar are you. You Bash. Do not like being touched by strangers in a bar. Give me a reason. I'll get kicked out of MOS for the first time if you try to touch. The I kicked out of a bar consciously. He's never been. I've never been kicked out of a gay bar up there you. He got kicked out a monkey pot. Once okay why would you do. Would you say okay speaking of that for once in your life shut you down now. Who has a carol this week? Me Go ahead Obasi. Have anybody had somebody backing up and you realize about about driving again always always about driving. She'll must hit me ways. You hit it or your car. I was trying to go to the whole foods parking lot and she tried backing out the fucking whole foods parking lot fifty percent of the accidents in San Diego happen would any food. I wanted a good sandwich Eh. She's just backed out and then almost take all over the place. It's like you dumb idiot. Don't you show. I had to honk. Think she almost rear. I don't even know what you call that. I'd be called a whole foods you accident. Sob backs up into you. Did you give her the bird. He gave a lot of my horn for like nine minutes. Because because like what's that noise fuck is wrong with people it's like they go through like a barrier change in that parking lot. Corrupt cerebrum just shuts down. It's so true you don't know you in driving. You should not be allowed in a car. Nobody else should be allowed to no. You should not be allowed out in a car driver. Drive year round people in San Diego will be a lot safer. It's okay I'm going to have this conversation with wants. Wants and wants one time. Only it is not seen Geoghegan's that are bad drivers. It's just you know it's people from all over the fuck else that don't know how to drive and say well. Maybe I the only common factor with this out third. Here's a common factor has to do with me. I wonder lines all over the every anybody else's like who is this kid who is imposed Tina. That goes to San Diego State. Who's never been outside Orange County? Who doesn't know where the bucks she's going? She's on the backs. Usually Kim. Kim Cheryl Good Sandwich. Don't go to whole foods scored. What a big city Bagel there? You go that parking. Let's just as bad but they don't hit you know I. I wish I keep dropping their name big city Bagel so we can get them there. No Big Citibank. So he can sponsor a sandwiches provide lunch during our show. I love you and it's so damn busy in them for lunch yesterday. Thanks to Eric who brought me lunch. It was the queen's on everything Bagel so Turkey is basically like Turkey Bacon lettuce tomato all that all that good shit on an everything Bagel on really punchy. Does this MOU oh punches so guys in Mexican Bakery did UH Megan. Do you ever Carol sees you. What is it? It's the Mexican food place that I got food from last night and share bear shifts. How in and Out Combined I've talked about. Well no okay listen already know go. The giant theorem super excited gets Mexican food. Because I'm skinny and delivered one joke off awesome so our enchiladas ain't it ain't GonNa get funnier than that before yeah. I was so rudely interrupted so anyways very long story short short go through drive thru. Get my food Bring back so I basically I order potato Roy Talk Os and Cherbourg gets chicken rolled tacos so we go back to the house. I she eats I because she just isla the What did you do that? You need to sit here and watch watch me. No but she gets her food and I'm doing some other shit whatever anyway come back down to get my food and I get my role Tacos and like some cheesecake city. Or whatever and I'm eating your home I don't see okay wait sidebar eating with me you know for a fact revenue thing up seven things on the menu because just to try like I. I don't like to jog one day. Thank you Mexican Eric. Carr's most show order like dip and right yeah Dan nibbles on all of it like a boat and then she will order rap to go arrive. You know on my plate. I don't eat the whole thing. I literally like two bites and I'm like everyone else's food anyway. Okay so my point is it. There's no point he has going back to my care all serious already eating her food so I take a bite force will talk. Oh and I'm like shit chicken like okay and I already know. She's already eaten two out of the three-year-old Taco. Her mother fucker. So go back downstairs early I'm like eight to potato rolled tacos eight my role Tacos and she's like I didn't know there was so much stuff on top right Manu. And then she goes she goes and the okay so first of all share. He's my carol because she ate my potato chicken or potato number number two shaking fish fan. She goes well. The other ones are labeled chicken again. And I'm like you know so I go to look and on mine quote unquote that are supposed to be potato or chicken. They say chicken and it's true. The the guy they were so busy he wrote chicken on the potato one series defense. She took the one that didn't say chicken. But also your fucking first bite. You should realized if it's potato or mushy and she her excuse with Like I didn't know what the other stuff on top then we arguing and my next time. We'll get five just potato roll tacos. You don't even know the difference and she's like Megan I could see her. Like roller is aw. We saw over rolled on the side. Now play devil's advocate to one time. I went to dinner with my parents and we're like at this restaurant. Dj and so they're like. Oh I ordered the beef roau goals also seeing them like we're like chitchatting with like really going at it and like I'm like halfway through my meal and then I'm I'm like I'd take the I buy into like the third Taco it just the tip of it and I'm like Oh this is chicken beef and so we were like there. Wouldn't that many overheard me and he's like there's something wrong I'm like oh no no normally I ordered. I ordered the beef tacos but I got chicken. He's like okay but he thought he thought it was like complaining about it where you desi took my two chicken Tacos and brought me for a new one but my parents never lived this remember. Remember when you complained and you finish after meal. Do you have a diva Carro. Mitchell Outta Michael. The week is actually going someone else's Carl someone. Actually he's he's actually A local comic and I'll say his name is Ryan shores. If you guys ever get intense team he's fucking I have. I had him at our comedy show at number one but we constantly work at the same company so he posted something on facebook. That made me like laugh. My ass off like tell me if this is not true so he was like random ladies like Oh my God. It's like an obstacle course in his response to that was like. Yeah Ah I remember on the episode of American Ninja Warrior. When I had to walk on the other side of a wet floor sign? It is so just so like where we work. I'm sorry it's usually old white lease to complain about any during your into healthcare right. Yes Yeah so they love to complain about anything anything so so it's like if there is a wet floor sign they will complain. It's like it's so dangerous in here so somebody because like our front desk staff like they like to write they have a whiteboard and like to write the date and like on you know and so the like. It's so funny because like the girl that comes in like seven thirty in the morning to open so forget two teams that and so we'll have a patient come in. I almost got confused as to what Dale was because it says Friday. It says Friday on your board and it's Monday I thought it was on the wrong family. You stupid bit L. Logo bitches when you're that old you're going to do the same thing the old. I'm not going to the fucking doctor. They're always going to find something wrong. He's GonNa get that W. H. somewhere. Oh God Mike Carroll is not enough. It's really serious or not but I was driving through Hillcrest this morning. And Driving Down Fifth Avenue like our main drag in Hillcrest and it really bothered me. C A table setup like right near number one of Jehovah witnesses with all of their pamphlets and all that just waiting to talk to people and I and I would really bug me about it is I grew up Jehovah witness so I know their viewpoints on homosexuality. It's not it's it's frowned upon within the religion. I get confused about these things because it's always like there in front kind of crossed or they're in front of pride or like who the fuck are you trying to convince 'cause we like but sex and my thing is like why are you coming mean inter community with the viewpoints that you have and being growing up in that. I know exactly what you people are trying to. Don't don't come here here and try to convert or bring your cult following into our community. It really bothered me. I know maybe other people may not but since I grew up in the religion and I know how yeah how they feel about homosexuality and how I was treated in the religion. It really got under my scared. Oh sorry I'm completely on board with you. I just hate being bothers them walking anywhere even if it's donate to save the children children. What about the whales? I'm I didn't stay married. She's on her Harpoon. I'll be the first. Let me throw. This is like carry around. The gas can in a book of matches. Actually did that with this witness table table and just go walk up to them with like magazines old haunt shows like would you like to convert to our Lord and and TV share because you get to share this Dick and share that. I haven't actually. I mean that would be fun. Fine if like the perpetual the perpetual indulgence sisters. Were on call. Oh God yeah you guys need to set up a table and just pass out. dildos and condoms. God did get under my skin seeing that because I've never seen them up in hillcrest before and I first thing I wanted to call my mother and say clear people off the county here. I wanted to say no. I think I think it would be imagine if it were the other way around how much we were to show up in front of these searches. Hey you're different. It's okay here. They probably in their homes. We're all over the clean up clean. Did you hear they see an act of terrorism and we would like literally out of the Church and not even had anything or just just just say. Hey you okay. It's okay we're here. Look at all their parents are all up rage. 'cause the drag drag of the kids. I never forget that woman on my guys that really that was the best The fuck down white lady batch of that hater she was just. It's like you know when you could tell you see so many and they're just so worked up there's nothing you can do wind up wind down and that's it. I wonder if she just took got fat shit that evening. All the all the dating from the nerves pray at least ended up. So we're just pussy just blew out the end of the day. She's like so tense. PUTS PEOPLE LIKE I bet. You haven't gotten a good Dick and in a long time needs to be there. I'm being honest. Some needs to be a steady on those people. Just need I really do. I really did I baked in bad mood. I'm in a bad mood was like fuck. I'm like Oh fuck I haven't had addict mouth when I sex work legal could prescribe. They're like look. I realize it gets going to help. If you just get funked prostitutes gonNA take Molina Healthcare. I think having cinnamon look. I don't take kaiser arm when you're you'RE GONNA have to get a rebate later for a nonprofit like like how thin and so one time like these like this girl's like almost almost like fighting with one of the nurses over like she wants to take care of a patient because she had like she thought he was young and I love that other nurses closing that it was like bitch. You're fighting with me over overman that's on medical. Have our God but you guys those cares. Shut your mouth yes you guys. Those are the week. Oh God that was a very intense care. Good the feeling in this week again having me. I'm a great filler Queen. Are you listening. ranked seventeen eighteen in San Diego. You can find me on facebook under Michele auto with L. Michelle. You can also find me on instagram number. So I don't don't have a twitter because I only use that for borne so yeah facebook and instagram Michelle auto with one L.. And your shows and you can actually find me at number one fifth avenue new every third Friday of the month you can also find me also number four Saturday of the month and every Miriam St Bernards. I am one of the official teacups. Yes Bernie's tonight. It's Christmas one but this episode will come out after that but I know she wa- she show now for them tonight for January right. Yes she does Dan. I have a feeling I've heard. Through the grapevine it might beat Disney rule that in the venue bashing I met him underscore bash and you can find me passed out at the attacks right negatives. That's her you'll find her out out of our with the pizza pizza pizza because right now. How do people find new Mexican Eric? You can find me a fist. Deepen someone or dot. Eric Eric and rob never posts. He might pose. Where are you going to post at least once radiant in the area I was GONNA post by new years so I think since I started instagram up to like those ten but I they have a hundred followers one hundred and some followers already waiting for that next post eager for you to drop that? I cannot wait to see how what what is your instagram. It's our our wiessee. Yes you follow Mary. Mt At at the Mariam T. on instagram. You can follow me. It's Tony Underscore Bologna underscore macaroni. You can follow the podcasts at who invited her. SD On instagram. We are Um invited her underscore podcast and scrub who made it her twitter and facebook. You can always email us at the gang at home bite at her dot net. We love hearing from you cleese. He's go on Itunes or wherever you listen to us and give us a five star rating and review. We love hearing from everybody and today you guys. I think we're going to leave because you were talking about the mass singer so today we're going to leave you with a runner up of the mass singer. Daltry who did a version of alive. It was really good the way he did it. So that's it we're gonNA leave you with and you guys will see you next week. Bye Baseball. The thunder storm grew over. Nah Long owned. ooh He'll but Asa van the thing Ah The comes. Land in Vienna needed the place where the gold title with a win Dole chained in the ground. Roll No vote. It's crying you. It was also soon yeah.

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Khloe Kardashian Claps Back at Pregnancy Rumors, Cardi B Domesticated, Meghan Trainor Dishes  Daily Pop 11/03/20

Daily Pop

41:10 min | 1 year ago

Khloe Kardashian Claps Back at Pregnancy Rumors, Cardi B Domesticated, Meghan Trainor Dishes Daily Pop 11/03/20

"And let everyone. It is elected day. You've been stress eating. Like hillary duff take a break. Have some fun with us here on daily pop. Let's kick things off with khloe interest in okay. They made their love. Instagram official again with this halloween family photo and some are already speculating that she could be pregnant again. It's just kind of crazy though. Look at that belly. It's flat can be so while like the rumors have been circulating and they heeded backup when chloe share these pictures of her interested and cleopatra and mark antony costumes one thing commented that she's convinced chloe will announce that she's pregnant and a couple of months now. Poco quickly clapped back writing. Well my ads say otherwise babe. I love that club back. What do y'all think is next for these two marriage and that a child why we have to speculate all ways. First of all justin. Let's just take a second the fact that we are back on this khloe interest in train after all the time we put in discussing the end of this relationship and what what a piece of garbage he was and how we are so pro. I mean first of all that just a round of applause us that i just think they're happy. They have found their way back to each other. They have a beautiful daughter that they both love. Quarantine has been good to them. I do not understand what people reunite they are back together. They've already had a trump why we always have to think about the next category or milestone. They have to hit like why. Maybe they don't wanna get married. Maybe another baby like who cares. It's fine it's their decision. Maybe is maybe it's always but it's always us putting that sort of like well win second. Half it's like william shaw seven other arabian three years. What she's been freezing ex. She has talked to him about donating sperm when they weren't together. I think for her. What she did was smart. She got out of the spotlight with him. She figured out her relationship with her. We you know as a co parent and then figure out her relationship with him as a partner. I think for her. She's modern. She didn't need that marriage situation. She did that. With lamar after thirty days of dating courtney are a lot alike. They see people for what they are. And they know their limits. Courtney always knew scott was not the marrying type and the pressure of being married with. Throw him for a loop. I think khloe sees that interest and knows that if they got married it would change the whole dynamic of their relationship so she's happy procreating popping popping and locking it with this man. I think so too. You also get to that age. Where i hear what you're saying morgan. And we do do that. One hundred percent not only on celebrities but even our friends like me i mean. Do you remember this like right. After you got married. Nonsense are we gonna have a baby. And then what do you have one baby when you're gonna have to and then what you have to have the third not having her just putting that out there. Now not having a third. Don't i think now the fact that you know. Her daughter is leading a little bit older. And you're right like her a good space and if she does want have another kid really nice it convenient to have the father be the same kids. I think it's not totally out of rome. That she would have a second child with tristen and sooner than later because not stupid to go to the next question. I again i do. I think it's very possible that she can have another baby. Probably wants to have another baby. I think everyone gets show obsessed with when that's going to happen and it's just like let them do their thing for a little bit. Yeah okay well. She's doesn't look pregnant to me now so no need to just chill out on the conversation. Will she'll tell us eventually. Pregnant the whole nine months she was pregnant. She very well but she being old photo bank photos and then posted kim bank halloween right and it just happened so now that kim's gone through surrogacy and she seen how well it worked out for her. I don't see her not seeing this as an option for herself. Just say okay all right. Yeah def all don't go down. Jo say i think she's gonna carry because she had no problems. Problems came to do. Just so you know trysted cool. She's cool with you. But america is watching so when you get back on the road just know we all going to be like brenda and scary. Movie without cameras out talking about we see you be watching you and i think he's well aware all right. No need to sound the alarm. Britney spears is just fine. y'all and back. She's very very happy. Listen to what she just told fans who were worried about her wellbeing high. So i know that there have been a lot of comments and a lot of people a lot of different things about me but i just want you guys know that i am fine and the happiest i've ever been in my life and i'm sending all of you guys a lot of prayers wishes and a lotta love all right morgan. Do we believe that britney is the happiest. She's ever been listen. I'm going to believe whatever brittany tells me. I definitely feel like this is one of these ongoing conversations where i just don't buy this sort of hysteria that people are like brittany's being held against her will. This is going on without her consent. I just think unfortunately our beloved britney spears is dealing with the mental health issues and sometimes people go through that and you're not in a position to make decisions for yourself and people who love you look out for you and put a conservatorship in place to make sure that you don't harm yourself. I stand by that. I have a brother. He's mentally ill at talked about it a million times. There was a point where my mom had to have a conservative because he had twelve voices in his head it happened. We don't know what she has. Everyone has to leave the idea. Alone that she is being held captive. Her parents are horrible. People there trapping her like give me a break. They're done the best for her. They're doing the best for her. I think sometimes though i will say i truly agree with you on all of the points in the conservative ship but i think britney is much happier now because she feels like her dad looks at her like a little girl and somebody who needs help with a conservative whereas a third party. Who's not part of your family. Would just look at you for the case case in point and i think for her she's getting a tiny bit more freedom. She's able to control social media. She's able to travel with out security around her twenty four seven with her boyfriend. Sam so yes she's happy she's been because when you went to college in the first two weeks and when you and the first two weeks you figure out how to work there george foreman and you learn that like the real way to make a romp noodle and you felt so independent i did not know i make you thought like the baddest bitch in the world. Now feel like you're also on top of that. I think that you know these fans if you love brittany. Don't as much pressure on her. Because a lot of the speculated because she didn't post for a whopping twelve mike offer though it yeah. It's the same to let her breathe. Maybe she wanted a little break vacation and at the same time whenever you hound celebrities and you make them think like oh my gosh all these conspiracy theories and all of these questions about my state of well-being. It's going to go into question. Because i haven't posted on social you guys when you really stop and think about that so messed up. No big created this monster when you wanna post every single day two thousand five hundred eight do beyond say route and post once every three months. No one's asking you the freedom to post wanna post not live up to other people's like expectations of how often you should post. Just because i did it let me teach my mind. Take a two week break. Don't pulse when you want the flat tire retail pos. And when you selling something and then go away for twelve days selling no. That's the thing about britney look people saw tons of listen people. I will say that it is very nice to see how much people love brittany. She is literally our national treasure. Everybody looks out for her. But i think people really need to get educated on this situation. I just don't feel like she is in a position right now where she is being held against her will or something's going on. She just unfortunate dealing with these does no one remember two thousand seven. I mean justin. We talk about this all the time. It's our favorite pop culture. Do you remember when it was two thousand seven. There was no conservative. She was running amok and sam was taking oliver money like people. This is to protect her. We cannot go back there. It's true that allows its that. Let let her live. Okay let's move onto this story. Okay this is kinda. Oh god ex. Max eric just cannot get out of the headline. So there's a new rumor memphis is rumor going around that he's been flirting with girls by introducing himself as damien avodados. If he is this a good way to get. Someone's attention foremost. We all know people want you when they can't have you so what you should be saying is would be levada then. All the thoughts are gonna run to you. That's dating one. I am single af. But if i throw it's complicated on my facebook profile all of a sudden all these demons are coming in people want a little piece of it because they think someone else has it. Are you a fool. Listen when we talked about. When did we talk about this. Die like a few weeks ago or whatever. I don't remember what i said. I don't think. I said idiot. But i said something along those lines where he's such a clown to me. I can't even go there with. This guy is just as a tool what we're going with. So he's the clown i don't bring her up. This is true because somebody said that to me at a club that they were some famous person's ex and that's one of their first lines by risks of wasn't even at the club. This was on the beach. That's the biggest issue like if you're sober in daylight and you're doing that that's another problem. I'm sorry but you know what don't can what's actually really interesting. It's like once one celebrity date. Somebody you notice it. They start dating people start dating. People start dating people. And all these other famous people start coming out the woodwork. Sedate them like everyone was dating. Leo's xs you know what i mean. Once they twenty one. I'm saying that i won. Nba players like you. See them like. Oh my god all of a sudden. He's dating this other mom. It's weird is the union unit. It's like oh she's good with celebrities. Okay i'll dating but like with them for like three months and then she's with someone else. Let me just go ahead and say this. I'm andy cohen anderson cooper's and ricky martin's an every other gay celebrities x. so hopefully somebody will be at work god that group. It's a strong group. Let me just go ahead and give you that whole kagi. Next calling cardi b. layer after she honed off their divorce the video we cannot stop watching plus the big hollywood couple who may have called it quits. That's all coming up. Welcome back carter opposite. Just called off their divorce but now he is calling her layer. Okay one of the lyrics and her song wop is. I don't cook. I don't clean but let me show you how i got this right now. Really good offsets video game. She got it can all right so is cardio domestic person that we just you know miss this about her singers all the time. Okay sweep the bathroom. No be talking about the things that do what they do for their man's over there girls meanwhile be doing all of it all day. It's like beyond say came out partition. Jay z was like. When did this happen out. Because i never me what is going on out of grozny just released the sex thing. It's like issue really that or do they have sex like once a month sonal. it's a persona. everyone plays into it. I mean i feel like every. I mean i- cleaning is one of my favorite things to do if i feel like i'm in the mood for it. It's probably in the mood. That day to clean up right something i go to the nursery at least once every two weeks this plant plant nursery the ask crack of dawn on a sunday so i can get the best plants in the house and once a month i see the most gangster rapper when i tell you gangsta rapper. I think the probably the parental like. What do you call that parental. Yes surprise you probably shut him down a few times in his life. And he's in there talking about plants and doing like succulents and stuff people have this alter ego they believe that the real them like you would never see this guy in a plant we have. You would think of you know. He's big into the The we just totally not into the lead the big into the we'd kind of sooner anyways but he's ocd cleaning like insanely clean and he is the last person you would ever think that as well i was big into the we'd i've happy we talked about that. I'm having we talked about that. Cardi b. so the topic though. That was tough today. That was tough to get through. That was really thank god secretly called it quits. That's what some fans thinking communist telling everyone how he really feels about. Tiffany here is what he said on. Siriusxm secured hundred. Show doing wonderful this. She's like she is a really incredible being. And you don't have more. I get to know. I just see how he is. As a person how intelligence selfless few issues. Also fun so. I like good hearted people. Why do you think people have such a hard time. Believing common tiffany era. I don't know. I love them together though so nice what he said about her like refreshing seems really authentic and really real and that bid to go there for a long time. Now one of the nicest guys in hollywood and stunning so sweet and so kind and so funny like i see them working and she's like you know racy and and not polished which i love that about her and i think that there are good parents. I know right now. If i was doing common they would be. Abc special about it. Okay i would let every body. No but i think for these people. The reason why people speculate is because they don't use their relationship as leverage other celebrities. And i think for her and i've said this before being somebody who's in the foster system you just don't give yourself to somebody that often so when you do you really guarded and i know. A lot of the speculation started because people saw that comment wasn't following. Tiffany haddish on instagram. I will say what. I started dating a dude. The first thing i say is don't follow me on instagram. Get to know me for me. Because what i do on. Instagram is a little outlandish right. I don't want you to judge me by that. I want you to get to know me for me. It's died in my name is hunter ridley. Think and that's part of you too though like your social media. Presence is a reflection of you. Are i mean. You're not. I mean you're not like totally ear. Maybe the more outgoing personality on instagram. But it's still you. That's still part of who you are but if you're intimately involved but if you're intimately involved with somebody that are really need to reference your instagram right like. You're spending time with them every single day. So i feel like the interim is the least important factor like it's nice to follow your man or woman on instagram. But like you like jordan. Start looking at my instagram. what she posting. It's like he can come. Ask me or talk to me about something else to do it. I just don't want like. I don't want to do to get an idea who i am based on what i share with other. Pbs says you should be able to take everything from me. Because i'm willing to show you the real me and you're right. I'm not that far off on instagram. But if you look at it you thirsty thought. It was all about the election which in which reminded but he's not to. He's doesn't mike plastic surgery to have those conversations and we first meet someone. Because i feel like nowadays. That's one of the first things they do is say like i'll i'll dm you. I have a thin style. I have thirsty under the ladies sitter have a whole nother instagram. And you give them smart. And i give them that name because i don't want them to look at the ladies center. The lady sitter is a part of me. Okay it's not you. it's not why. Oh god we're so deep today. Call dr phil can you give me trust. Me was all out. Can you guys. We have to talk about. The talk was forced to leave the show. Plus you won't guess who just dethroned d'esposito as the internet's most watched video. Brace yourself for this one here. In next the streak is over. Just announced. d'esposito is no longer the sites top video. But i gotta warn you. You may not like the new reigning champ with over seven billion views. The new top video on youtube is dinner. Baby baby baby. I'm so sorry parents. I know you've probably heard that twenty five times already today and that was going to be second yet again. I for one. I'm not surprised at all how this didn't happen years ago. I don't know because my son alone watch that at least two hundred thousand times. I'm letting everybody know right now. All the strippers in miami. When i get back to magic city there's not somebody dancing to this. And a g string. I will be sold the days of magic city in miami. Wow so those are over also like this. it's fun it's good wine. After the one hundred thousand times man. I chase really memorized in new all the actions and sorry guys. But yeah fries there. It is okay eva. Saying goodbye to the talk. That's he'd be host announce should we leaving the cbs show at the end of december after four seasons eve currently lives in london and admitted. She doesn't see herself traveling back to the states to do the show because of the pandemic while it was very hard decision build being named or excuse me being home has made her want to focus on expanding her family. Oh i mean this is definitely the right. Move for her right now. I mean. I can't even imagine having to go back and forth from london to the states all the time. That's a lot from new york for work sometimes seems like a lot to me. Covert has done to a lot of people. Especially if you're working all the time if you're doing live tv you're constantly traveling. What this pandemic has really made people including myself is stopped for one minute and really put your life in perspective and i think for eve having all that dial downtime spending time with her husband and his family really got her thinking. Like oh my god. This is probably. I'm ed window where these are the last moments where i could have a child right. I don't have this child. I would regret that as a woman. So i know a lot of people are saying. Oh my god. I can't believe she's walking away from this opportunity but what she's walking away from is not the chance not have a child like she is giving that up to further her life and i think she would regret it if she did. She's like this quarantine as we said earlier. With khloe interest has been really beautiful for a lot of people obviously. It's been very hard and very stressful time for most of us regardless of your financial situation or your work your work situation. But i feel like with eve. She's prioritizing her life now right. it's her time to sit back and be like okay. This is what i want to do. And i feel like it's an amazing thing and she should definitely take full advantage of it. It's not easy to leave your job that you do every single day your security also just her being relevant on television every day like for her to leave. that means. it is truly time for her to go. I mean i'm sure it's not the end of zing eve first person and she can come back you know. Especially since she's proven herself or something in london take a few years off. If you want to. I think like you said like now is the time if you really want to have that child and go for it. Expand your family what you just talked about. How he's for her new. I agree that it's good for her. But when you say that she can come back at anytime i have to disagree with you. These seats these chairs. Don't come up very often. That's israel hard. It is to find a daytime. Talk show in los angeles neil programming. There's so many places that there's new content happy things are going under charissa. Have we been followed. Things aren't lasting. You know it's so. I was last seen by the way category. Hey med extreme and got to work every day thinking is not. You're gonna work today. I know you just never know this. Climate is crazy. I missed us. I think she honestly. I met my mouth. 'cause i'm about to say something real shitty i love it. I love it i. She really honestly took the moment and thought about this and she knows that these opportunities don't come up very often but this is more important to her than the relevancy and the paycheck man has money. Honey he owns the gumbo google by the way i was. I knew you would google it. So i didn't. Who what does this man do you guys after. The break lady gaga awkward momentum. Why she give her standard kenny a shadow in front of her current boyfriend. And how would you feel that happened. We're going to discuss return. Be here when you come back. Yes it will be back welcome back. It's time for love and this one is a little bit awkward lady gaga performed at a rally in pennsylvania and kind give a shout to her ex taylor kinney watch. I was engaged to a man from lancaster. pennsylvania. I know i know. It didn't work out. I was i was so i loved him so much. It just did not work out. I am sweating for her right now. I had to pat dot my forehead awkward nervous that it's really awkward. 'cause they're curve boyfriend. Michael is there at the end of the song. You and i got apologize to her man saying she sorry. She did the whole. I dated a guy here thing and then told them that. She loves him Always a little weird to bring up your ex in front of your current boyfriend. Also that song. You and i should know that. That was the song that she met. Taylor kidney on the video that right music it was bad. It was really bad you guys. But here's the thing. I'm not that shocked by it because i feel like throughout lady has love interests. We've always known taylor was the one that got away. That's like guy. She loved him way. I also love him. And so does justin. He talked to not love him. Like i just think this is the one that she can't it. Did you watch that super bowl special when she cried when sent her flowers. She's never getting over this man emma for her because now we're seeing all the stuff but she's just like i'm trying to live off my life. Y'all date this other guy. And it's real nice. Michael was in that audience like chrissy teigen at the oscars. This you know because this job i think is a man whether you're straight whether you're gay whether you're trades what you're gonna do is talk about another man in front of me but what men will do because if you talk about another girl in front of a woman your ex she will right then and there tell you this is not okay and do is we may do. Is we want to schedule the awkward. Bring up. We want to passively aggressive. Bring it up when you not expecting it so when you began when nine days we will bring it. He's pissed off at us. Like oh and then also remember that time whenever you brought up your ex boyfriend in front of everybody in the middle of the headline about the daily popping embarrass me. Remember that oh i did. We did we hit. Did we hit close to home. I also think that but also when they pretend like nothing's wrong than ask five times and they're like why wasn't gonna say anything body kind of bothered me when you did this. It was like well you might as well as a senate because you're not hiding anything. She did that on a real level but then also to be fair. This boyfriend of hers is brought me. Just happy that he's there like not. He's counting he's not fully. They're gonna break. Hopefully that had big conversations about. I don't know. I don't know how this yikes awkward. Yeah i turn into lauren. Conrad of mike. You know what you did all right. Well we have new reports. Blake shelton and gwen stefani's engagement. Okay a new report on this engagement. According to us weekly blake went the traditional route and asked gwynn's dad for permission before proposing. Is it important to you that you partner asks for permission from your family before marriage. It was important to me. Yes and i would have been upset if you did it now. If i was a person who didn't have a super close relationship with my parents. Maybe not but since. I am so close to my parents. I did expect that she was going to ask you. Guys read percent i agree. I don't have that with my family. But i feel like if i ever had daughters i would run my house like queen elizabeth. Like anita approve of her eats what she's going to wear the ring if she could have garlic if he's in a wear pantyhose like everything about my daughter for myself though i don't i don't ever see marriage in my future. Just stand your tax. You're going to have a relationship. Okay things like this relationship. I've ever get get married. Is the jam. The relationship is the is the hard part. The piece of paper isn't so you'll be healthy. He's gonna get married. Just nine karen and walk around the most i walk around the most exclusive neighborhood in west. Hollywood god guys kendall jenner's revealing a big secret who she credits for her career. Plus floral dresses pleated skirts. And all things pink hot new trends but we'll try it or trash that is next. I don't even care if you do not bring him. that's gorgeous. Look gorgeous beautiful. I love modeling. I've always wanted to do it. We do it for fun just me and my friends my mom just got me really nice cameras and my will take the cameras pictures of me and i love it just really fun. My mom came up to me one day and said like kendall. I got you a job. And i'm like wait. She's like forever twenty one. And i just got so excited for like pretty much. It was my mom. Got me into the show and everything. They look him for like posing advice. Courtney like she said to put my own style kind of into the clothes that i was wearing me. I'm so into fashion. I love fashion. And whenever i come into a store i just wish i could like this could be my line or something. Wow so cure. Kendall jenner is definitely making those dreams. Come true today she is. Now one of the highest payed supermodels and the business. Today kendall celebrates her twenty fifth birthday. Happy birthday kindle. Kris jenner would just answer my calls and my dream. What am i dreams happen for real to. We all need to kris jenner in our life. Do okay it's time for some patrons and if you wanna shop the looks you can head to online dot com slash shop starting with long sleeve floral dresses. They're all the rage right. Now reese witherspoon ashlee simpson. Emma roberts are just a few of the celebrities trying to look rocket or j- rash. Wait try it or trash. Oh i you know what. I'm going to go trash. Listen i understand that it's luck angeles where these women live but like it's fall. This is just not a fall dress in my opinion so trash it for me. But what if it's fall colors. Yes if it's a fall if it's a fall arrangement fine but if it's a summer arrangement i'm not into it. I'd like to pretend we still have seasons even in california okay. I'm going to go try but put a denim jacket over it or some type of blazer to bring it more into fall pattern right now. We'll live everybody's spirits and god knows we need to live a long pleated. Skirts are also trending right now. A libya palermo. America ferrera chrishell. Staus have all been. That's cute Try to trash it. I mean i love that. She's walking her dog. She's like. I am dressed to impress as i walk my dog. Here's the thing with this style that not everybody gets. If you're gonna wear this type of skirt view better cinched that waste for all your life you better on tease this situation. And have something billowing out of it but you have to make sure you have that our glass moment in the middle so crucial bump in its bomb. I love it. I just the other ones. I'm not a fan of like. I don't like dealing with a very like girly skirt. Yeah libya's i think that's cute. There's just i'm going to say trash. The because for some reason. I there's not one ounce of me that wants to wear a skirt like that. I want to get into one. But i like you also to leave your house on a daily basis so this such audience i go out. I have errands to run. Sometimes she goes. She goes to pilates. Yes my health. We've done for checkup. And then i go to the doctor and then thank you. That's a loss. And then i go to dinner sometimes. All right if you're more of a power suit person than we got one for you hot. Pink seems to be the color of the season. Yeary carrie washington. Graham sport in this hot pink suit ryan it all day also crazy. They all have the exact same of pink usually. There's different shades. i love it. I love all of these women in them. I think look beijing all about a power suit loves and i love all those styles whether you do abroad. Let a t-shirt underneath underneath any of those work. That's why a power suits so great. You can create different boosted cock-up. That's it all right. Well remember if you wanna get these looks. You can just go to e. on-line slash shop still ahead we're chatting with meghan trainor about her pregnancy and why she doesn't want to go head to head with mariah carey. We'll be right back like all of us. Meghan trainor has had enough of this year and she is ready to ring in the holidays. Starting right now spoke with her about her christmas album and her ultimate holiday. Gift of baby boy. Are you in the second trimester. Yeah yeah like second half second. I'm doing great question it. But i'm so impatient that i'm on my app every day. Like how busy now what's going on. What's your current vegetable. I'm a pomegranate. Which doesn't make sense last last week. I was bigger grapefruit but this christmas. Things are a little different because megan has a baby boy and a christmas album on the way your first ever like. I don't know what he's along because you in christmas music. Just go like like cheese of wine. I mean it just goes so good together. Yeah it was. It was always meant to be. Everyone knew it was going to happen and they would always like my team was my here person. The sane just didn't know like when it just felt so right this time and being trapped at home when you were like. There's no better time to do it. Louis how some type of joy while the world is collapsing like endless bring joy to family members. But do you edit twenty six years of holiday faves into one track list. I wanted something that. I knew memories that i had growing up like michael blew a white. Christmas is so good and my favorite holiday songs. But i knew. I'm not gonna take on mariah carey i'm not gonna take on. Oh holy night. Because like i can't get out there but i live one day. Hopefully when coronas over. And i just i want to be able to do so many songs have yourself a merry christmas. I really struggled with. I was like i cannot breathe. Also i'm pregnant. So i was like already when did But i was like. Maybe it'll be different when i'm not pregnant of up We're all saying home. This christmas and megan is making hygiene a priority. That's why we have all this amazing hands over my house. Now safeguard hand so they have been heroes throughout this whole pandemic donated ten million dollars in school supplies and educational resources to nonprofit organizations. Like feeding america. Save the children. So they're just feeling really generous sensor simultanously pregnant and birth to a christmas album we are going to play a game called the or baby. Okay which is easier spending nine months in studio prepping an album or spending nine months in the studio wrapping up an animal. I've been lucky to live pregnancies. Nice very nice. Some people struggle way more. I've been super lucky. I'm just getting bigger deal. Mark posting on social your album. Are your baby album. I don't know what we're going to do about like post picks them right away. I'm like i'm like. I wanna share everything. So but it's it's a new human in your family and it's like it doesn't get to say sure mom post that for a million people so i think we're gonna wait. It's weird which gives you wearing society people listening to your album labor thinking about labor. Yeah no advice at that one. Just got a wing in mariah missing human. And i'm ready though. I think he'd get on which connects you more to your inner child enjoying the holidays. That's like fifty fifty. But i think. I'm so excited to have a child and like show hmo awesome christmases and dress them up like a little reindeer. I'm already like ready. The rock with decorations and like finally having a stocking for him like oh my gosh. I am so happy for you. You guys check her christmas album. I wish you the best easiest pregnancy delivery. All the vo wishes calmly any questions. Okay yes thank you. Thank you. Thank you you too your hero. Thank you for having me. And yeah i needed a nap. That's like the true lives real life right. There finally came out with that secret because that was one of the hardest ones to keep everybody every day. She's going to be the best. Mom was very sweet fair. I'm so excited okay. Megan's new album very trainer. Christmas is on sale. Now all right when we come back mariah carey's also getting a jump start on christmas pretty too early. That debate is this year. My the hundred year anniversary that women were given the right to vote. My mother was the first woman in my family to ever vote. Voting is how we take care of each other and it's how we protect the most vulnerable among us so i now more than ever. I'm going to vote. I'm going to vote for change. I vote to honor her legacy and the legacy in particular of the women who came before me and didn't have that option. This really is the most important lesson of our lifetime. We are all together and the only way we're going to get through this as together all right crazy to think it's been one hundred years since women got the right to vote. Today's election day. So make sure you go out and vote Right mariah carey is exercising her right to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year to take a look. I love this song and this whole video may be happy. Where is not the only celebrity getting a jump. Start on christmas. We have january. Jones posted her christmas stockings. An tree on instagram captioning november. I judge you way. Also shared a selfie in front of her christmas tree or she told me she put up a long time ago and richards posted herself out christmas shopping. I think she tagged justin really bad for thanksgiving middle child the feeling of being completely over and you know everybody likes us on the day of the middle child read loves thanksgiving but it doesn't get the recognition to decorate house with turkeys and corey. Do you do festive. you festive flowers. Might thanksgiving flowers. I have today. they're orange. that's what you do. Yeah fun as christmas. No more fun to decorate. And you can love your third child and lisa. Wait until the second child's birthdays over a little going. You don't post siblings kyle. Richards is such a lie by the way. She's pretending mike shoe. We didn't until november i. She's been christmas shopping. System timber. still have your amazon logging kyle. I know you've been by layer all i alone. Everybody should do. You weren't putting like christmas lights up over the summer. I mean it just makes you feel the chris this year cosy blanket we need. There's no rules this year right. I mean if you want to put a reindeer on your roof in august at this point we've all gone through so much shit like do for makes you happy truly percent. I had a christmas candle from me on. What's that other please. Baton bodywork christmas candles. I studied lighting that bitch in august. It made me feel good. I got extra time. Balsam balsamic whatever. It's called bossa wouldn't something like that. It's a tree tree okay. But we're out of time. Tomorrow is going to be a really exciting because mister jefferson is going to be on today with engine and make sure you guys tune in and watch our friend. Yes tomorrow on daily pop. Can you imagine the pressure of playing princess diana on the crown. We're going to talk to the actress who is taking data challenge tomorrow. Make sure you join us. Have a great day. Go vote by by.

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EP 47 - CAROLE BASKIN with Damiana Garcia

Shut Up I Love It

1:00:34 hr | 1 year ago

EP 47 - CAROLE BASKIN with Damiana Garcia

"It hello this is Sasha and this is Joe Kobe Oh this is shut up. I love it where we invite a special guest to talk about something unusual undiscovered which like express a point of view on something that may be popular but the point of view. Itself is Kinda scandalous. That's right yes joining us today. She is a hard hitting. Lady reporter from the Rancho Palos Verdes. Local news affiliate. You can catch on the Rue Paul's drag race finale red carpet each year or in her comedic web series the Damiano files on Youtube in her spare time. She enjoys binging castle on Netflix. While also enjoying a white chocolate FRAPP extra whip please welcome to the show. Damiano Garcia well. I'm thrilled and tickled. Oh you're so lucky to have you here. The Miana is a dummy on or Damian. What is your preference? Good question. It is on. And it's not and I appreciate you asking so often referred to as Damian. Ah which its own connotations gray. Domino's pizza grown dome. Other things you are like to partake in part of larger those are two crucial parts of my paradigm corzine essentials absolutely Donna. We're so lucky to have you here and would love to hear from you. What would you like to talk about today with us? You know everyone and I know we're into the news cycle and things move fast but I you know Tiger King. I just want to do a redemptive work for Carol Basket Okay. I've been thinking about it since show debuted and we're all in quarantine and we're all watching and we've had some time to let it sit with us and I think it's time for a little redemption moment for care. I think that's a really interesting one. Because you don't see a lot of Carol Baskin fans like a lot of people do like Joe. Yes even though you know. He's obviously done bad things I just people don't really like that other guy that bald one jeff rivaled on staff but people definitely don't stand. Carol Baskin's Interesting to see your take here. Well thank you. Yeah what is your take dummy on? I like Carol is obviously. She's like this big cat rights activists and she is sort of the antagonist to Joe Exotic right in the series. And how do you you know? Feel about her. Yeah here's my heartache. Which is you know. Here's this woman. We're all mad at her. Because her husband disappeared and allegedly. She murdered her husband. She she fed him to the Tigers may or may not have I sent him through a Meat Grinder. Might but it might have been involved but was okay. But didn't we also learn this man? He sounded very toxic talk. This is survival story. She was trapped in a toxic marriage with an abusive man with with a horrific temper. Who's controlling things did not begin Very promisingly he picks her up on the side of the street right and he is she has a gun and he and he says you can shoot me in the guns involved in. There was violence from the from the get-go rum right from the right from the kick. So you know this was. This was doomed marriage scenario and cheated out she needed out she needed this story of empowerment and escape. I'm I'm Carol. Can I help frame this? Do you think is it that you think that she is innocent? And our with her or that you'd think she's guilty and that's okay that she did kill the husband. Okay this is a good question because Ya is. She even guilty. That's the question and you know guilty in the Court of public opinion and I'm going to have to rule guilty while we're GONNA scratch the word allegedly altogether on this podcast trash gotten. We're just throwing away. Here's the thing. Yeah no it's true. It's true she needs to a fair trial and due process. Sure but all of the hard evidence I got in that documentary series. I'M GONNA have to say she did it and I say good honor. While it's it's fair to say if there was any real evidence she would have gone to some sort of trial but it seems to be it. Is it something more that the Internet has latched onto as a joke? Rather than something that's founded in any reality will. That's fair because well what's the level of jest because we've seen them memes and we know that everyone sort of has this consensus. She did it anything. You especially you in someone actually me and I'm a big Fan. That's the thing so we're really that she is one of your heroes you might say is that. I wish she's my icon. She's my okay so I don't know who you're icons are but let me just like on your list of top icons but let me just guests with everybody's like what say beyond Say Lady Gaga. Carol Baskin feel free to disagree. Yes the the rating. Let's get into it. Let's get deep. Okay let's you know what? I'm listing the powerful women of the twentieth and Twenty Century Beyond. Say absolutely no question. She's on there. It's beyond say right. Above is it's Gaga Gaga. Got In there and she made herself and then. Saga Madonna is going to have to go one step above because she was I sense that does she sits atop she made the mold. The Mary Evans said Carol Baskin yet. So I'm wondering. Does that mean that Carol Voskan is beyond Madonna? Oh did we skip her? That's a good question of common collateral. It's beyond the absolutely Gaga without a doubt Madonna that we're going to. I lean war notes. Okay I'm sorry. Do I need to know who she heading? I lean who wore knows. Serial killer all portrayed by shortly stare room all right. I'm seeing Oscar winning motion picture. I'm seeing a pattern. I did not know her name but Told absolutely familiar with the stunning work shall historian did on the movie monster so so she this woman. The serial killer is on that list above above Madonna. She's GonNa have to right up there. 'cause she's a renegade she's a rebel. She's I don't condone. Eileen acts. Okay she will put herself out there. That sounds like you're condoning it in a lot of at and maybe I'm condoning well. Then we go one step up and we got Carol. Why Wow who care at the the highest she just the top. She's number one so what? I have a hero of mine like I usually identify in some ways right like with this person like maybe not fully. But I'm like there's something in this person that speaks to me who I thrive to be. Do you sense the similar? Like feelings about Carol Baskin. We'll we'll first of all you know we've gotta give her credit for stunning fashion storyline in every look at the cat prints and the floral the crowns. I mean she's consistent. She got a brand. Do you own Catherine's prints and things as such. I have one pink and Gold leopard-print jumper and that's just one in my just one in my wardrobe. I'm surprised you just have one I. It's I'm ashamed. I I need to work on that. Yeah and it sounds very striking. The it's a real fashion fashion statements. Real peace fashion. Me's would did you get it at a Brenda's jumpers in Burbank. Dj's BJ's as she's known. Well it's interesting that you like. Carol Baskin at the top of that list for those nefarious acts. Because like when I think of the people who I like core problem added who like Kanye West. I really liked. I don't agree with a lot of stuff. He says and thanks. But I like his vibe and like how brazen is things of that nature And I think Joe Exotic I feel as similar. I don't like what he does and I wouldn't want to really be in a room with them or else had become one of his husbands But I I don't feel like he's passed Kanye West. So what is it about Carol Baskin? That has her above Madonna Gaga. Beyond Say I. It's the Greek question because I is a dummy on the you're attracted to the contradiction and this woman like sort of the big cat rights versus the you know the strong choices she may will. We're saying not allegedly. She did. We're saying she did kill. Her husband. Confirmed confirmed at like. Is it the country term but okay is it is it or is it like certain aspects of her or is it the act the Brazen Act itself? What is it we? She's complex? There's layers their two layers upon layers. And I like she's a real. She's a Russian doll of of murderesses. While and you know you just you open and there's another one and you just it's Ad Infinitum you know and the thing is with Carol is that she is also a criminal kingpin by the way. Look at how she swept into Joe Exotics and she is determined to take this man down and destroy him and did and did and he's behind bars and she walks free. So is it safe to say that if she if it got proven that she did not kill her husband would that her fall in your rankings or in your respect level for well? I'd say that would make her more ethically sound but I would be a little disappointed because here. This woman she. She pulled off the crimes of the century arguably in plain in plain view. When she changed there is that details were changed the will with a little loophole so that she would get all the money and get the wool business with some very bizarre wording. I mean she knew how to manipulate the system. I mean she's terrifying. And you admire that quality right. He would meyer that quality in the admire it. I see what an entrepreneur the ultimate entrepeneurship. Well now the we touched upon sort of the qualities of Carol Baskin and how you feel about her which is want to catch up with you. Know you you dummy on what you've been up to. How are you doing well? It sounds like you've been watching quite a bit of the Tiger King. What else is going on with the quarantine within this quarantine. I need a quarantine of myself away from the lane. Bryant website. Okay. I can't stop ordering I open the Pasadena. The Oh the the smart cut suits the Blazers and his dad. I mean is the income still coming in these days for you. You're not able to report. There's no events well because I am. I do work for the rental rental Palos Verdes local news affiliate and I was at the anchor test for all this happened but now courting they have me zooming in from home until last week I was caught in Pani because I didn't. I forgot what was in the frame wasn't I was in me panties you're one of those cases classic classic and I know this just happened to another a newscaster What happened to me as well and everyone saw everyone wrote in and an ice it well first of all. I am going to embrace this. I'm I'm the Carol Baskin of wearing me panties on the morning news. I'm just going to own it. What Pant is if I may ask what you wearing you just any big on fashioned Demiana. So were they lane Bryant. Will you happy with? That's the particular panelists that ended up on the air. Maybe if I couldn't see I have a lot of Victoria's secret in May Wardrobe but this was wearing the knockoff. Jennifer's regret wildland. So never heard of that one is that is that like same price point. It's yeah it's very neat. It's very affordable. How much was it? Owed three ninety nine for three set while school dot. Yeah Take Victoria's secret with your sales. Those disbursed they disposable. Where because that sounds like at that price point they might be disposable they basic they disintegrate off my body while. I'm wearing them very very inexpensive in the matter of how long. How long does it take to Centigrade? Oh I mean you know to be fair. You know you don't go last. You'll go good three to four hours less on a hot day. Oh that's GONNA cut into it that's going to reduce. I wonder if that's a good deal hearing that I mean you know Victoria's secret you can keep on washing and he's still got a good wear out of that. Sounds like probably see the three pack within a day? We'll sure well. Yeah I mean when I was a smoker. I was going through a now. I goes through a three pack of pennies a day about the same. But you say but you do say there is savings because you see detergent. Because I don't need to wash okay. That's a point. That's like the point where people who don't have a car. A An uber everywhere. Valika save on the insurance and gas so I drive and I don't have insurance so I saved there too but another well I mean. That's another wait Miana. Are you okay? Are you okay saying that on the air up Disclaimer parody assume it's all parody legal officials. Right right parodying my own life. How did you lose your license? If if that's okay I mean you know look I. I feel like it's a safe place space for us to talk about this and I feel safe here. Thank you because I feel like I feel safe here to share and it was a Dui It was driving under the influence of a white chocolate. Frapp. 'cause I I'm always knocking those back at. It's the sugar rush with an extra whip. Really no alcohol. I don't need it. Walk through the legality of that Was that A technical charge that they did with you. I technically on paper I. They think I was under the influence of some sort of substance because I was just bouncing off the roof of my Toyota tercel and they wouldn't believe me and what. I refuse the Breathalyzer that was it. Go down might have done it. Yeah 'cause you I if you refuse up. Yeah I made a choice. I made a choice and baskin. Thank thank you my hero. I'd turn to my hero by by the way this was all during quarantine so it wasn't even dice here. Yeah but I said you know look. I don't like foreign objects nearby face if I haven't gone to to sterilize. Wouldn't let me use my parral. It was all it was halted so I refuse that it was also on principle and I like. I'm you know I'm a woman of honor and they wouldn't take my word so I was taking a stand. Will you bring up a good point? I've heard a lot of like the dangers that have come out of this pandemic that people don't realize like deaf blind people not being able to speak but you just brought up the great point of the Breathalyzer tests that's really unsanitary. These not in the era of cove. It we can. You know we've got to change our mindset here people we can't we have using these these these shared objects near our faces. Yeah I didn't. The guy ever liked those. I I do have a theory of why you like Carol Baskin. Would I really think is kind of interesting about Carol? Baskin as that if she was born. You know I don't know how old she is. But you know forty years ago thirty years later she would be Tiktok star or a youtuber and she is but she would be like the big like young star because she has that quality she likes being on camera. She is good on camera She has embraced the technologies and early adopter of log type of technology. Search really interesting seeing like this older person do that But I think you like that like the idea of this woman who's doing blogs being on TV and doing it herself is that true. Oh hundred twenty seven percent she is. She is a blogger. She's a woman of the new of new media and she's being punished for her age. She's being punished for not being the new Arianna Grundy. You know and it's not fair. I think his Grand Day. Thank you now. When you say honest te what do you mean I'm in? What ways does she punished? I think I can kind of see where coming from. But I want to own a suit. You mean block. She's been villain iced we as his villain instead of this. Sassy murderer s killed Watson Lee murdered right in plain sight and got away with it. Scot Free I mean. Is there anything cool? This is cool. You know what I mean. Yeah you think if If one of the like Charlie de Amelia's on Tiktok or something murdered someone how much may be cooler? That would be interesting at the very least really you. My favorite my favorite influence or on Youtube. She's a makeup tutorials. Manila chillier is fabulous. What was that again her name. Yeah what was the? I'm a little different but I repeat it. I believe well I know her name is Melia Pachulia. Let me like I said the first time Mine Melia but she. I just wanted to look it up later. So she'll do plus do she's brilliant. I nothing came up in my search. Just now nothing came up but a may have misspelled it. It'd be it's youtube lead. If you don't have youtube red no she hurt the platforms. She works on our very exclusive Yeah look porn hub. Check her out. She's doing some important work. It's a porn hub makeup tutorial yet. Exactly this this is all her everything you see in. Yeah does that mean it's waterproof? It's it's it's it's moist. It's almost which is important for you know when when I'm reporting in the field or even out my news desk. I can't perspire I. I didn't realize me on that. You spend a good amount of time watching porn or porn hub or is part of your daily activities why I've referred to it as adult central performance work. But it's it's a motivator. You know we all have that. That voice in our ear that tells us to go that pushes US forward for me in one ear. It's Carol Basket and in the other errands media Pachulia. I would love to see a picture of Manila but Chilean but she just won't come up. I guess we'll have to on porn hub the later and rework you'll will astound you. Is it just a phase or she covered the entire body like the work is? She covers her entire body in cosmetics So it's very messy. It's it's it's messy work but it's important work. What about Lizzie Bordon? Are you a fan of hers at all? Or a would lizzy IT I. I am a fan of her work. She asks and she went to town. Yeah and she's one of the most famous murderesses in American history. Now I'm more interested in this new. I've actually been developing. It's funny you should bring her up. Have been developing a project of in shopping. It around town tarred quarantine. It's called Lizzie. And it's Lizzie. Bordon but as portrayed by Lizzie. Mcguire so Lizzie. Mcguire as Lizzie Bordon. So Hilary Duff playing lizzie. Mcguire playing Lizzie borden exact. You got you got it. That's the pitch I was about to say. You should watch out saying the idea that you're pitching around on a podcast but after hearing it. I don't think it's a big problem. Well this is a hot property and and you know I. I'm of the School of just. Put it out there like the Elevator. Pitch. This is just like on the sidewalk pinch. Mcdonald's pitch I tell everyone I can because you don't know when you're speaking to a producer who might WanNa roll with this. Okay yeah in the elevator. Okay picture this. We got lizzie McGuire. She's she's she's she's going one of confessionals and she's talking about her feelings. She travels through time spontaneously. She finds herself in early. America early nineteenth century America in in a small upstate New York. She is set upon the axe. She sees that she picks it up at that moment. She hears her father upstairs and her mother. She creeps up the stairs and then she turns to the camera and she becomes animated character. And you like I don't know isn't trying to figure it all out and then goes to tout hacking away all while delivering relatable yet whimsical Reflections on her own. Inner Life as blood splatters. While in what is the? What are the legs of the show like? What is the engine? That's going to give you a hundred episodes. Yeah right you're not I see I see this is like a five season arc. Okay what okay. After that first initial murder she gets away with it. Carol Style Gun. She's she's she's she's now she's in for the long haul she becomes. This time. Traveler was traveled to different points in time. Championing the different female serial killers throughout history. How many are there aren't many there? I would because you said five seasons so is it like one per season or like one per all five cents. Fair. That's fair. Well you know what would happened and starts happening is it's going gonNA. It's really epic. Because what starts happening is she starts recruiting and and brainwashing into kill until there's secrets. Army of new killers see throughout time. We're talking the far future of the past. Oh it's pretty high concept. It's pretty high-concept. Pretty Hefty Elevator pitch. It's a lot but I will say it's intriguing. It's intriguing John. Where do you see the show live is HBO type of show? Or what is it? Doesn't Disney plus. Yeah Oh without a doubt. Have you had any meetings with them? You know I did. I did have a speaking of Elevator Pitch. I I did meet with Brian. Grazer in an elevator. I hit the emergency. He was trapped traveling for over a good thirty minutes. Because I plus my body to the wall he could not get to that button he was terrified and I had him captive and I gave him the whole. I walked through. I talk with you all five seasons every episode. I'm going to add to be can't be best. You have thirty minutes. Explain Five seasons every episode of of all five seasons. That's your cooking. I am a motor was living. I mean he could barely understand the words saying but was the into. It is the big quo. She was paralyzed. He was like his is bugging out and he was so no. I think I would argue. He was so captivated he couldn't move. He was overwhelmed. Okay well you were there. Thank you thank you. Yep paralyzed could really literally mean anything like you could be paralyzed with any emotion. I guess you could be paralyzed with happiness. To especially the he was very agreeable. He kept reassuring me. It was brilliant. Yeah no I got a lot of great notes. A lot of great notes. Help me please set me free. All of which were applicable to the project in the way. It's almost like you fill the shoes of this characters and you let him be like the victim in that moment and see. How would that human human empathy the connection? Yeah it's giving them the experience of the show. That's must have been why he was so enthralled think because he was he was living it and that moment I was Lizzie. Yeah it almost feels like you should go to Hillary Duff I because it's kind of contingent on her being part of it or not that been you've been able to do is because she's available she's available. Trust me is. That's assumption that I read. I read deadline. She'll do it. Yeah you know. And you might have a point because The new lizzy McGuire reboot She pulled out because they weren't going to let it be. Pg thirteen or are and they needed to do that. Tell the adult stories. They wanted to tell so. This might actually be good timing so the one in the NC's seventeen. I don't know the So the Lizzie. Mcguire REMAKE WITH HILARY DUFF. Now as an older woman would be. Pg could be on Disney plus but she was like now we need it to be like pg thirteen or have some are elements. Because I'm now an adult woman. There's going to be all these other situations that I need to talk about. And if we're not honest about like what? Life is actually like the way we were. Honest with the Lizzie McGuire show. It's not worth this -actly. Yeah what do you think about that do you think your show is a PG kind of political show this is are herod are like a like German or a Spanish pirate are gonNA BE PIRATE GOSSIP? She's to go to pirate times in. Wow Really Buchan near look a real swashbuckler. But that met season three. That's late-season three volt. Will Arc takes into but yet there might be a little. Nc Seventeen to see it's perfect. It's perfect for Hillary. She's GonNa be she's GonNa. It's like I'm dropping this gift in her lap. What is the last thing she's done? I mean I know you followed celebrity news quite a bit of show. Seven seasons on. Tv landers younger okay. She's been really successful in busy from. It's like okay just seen yet but you think she's available right. Sure I mean she's she's see I mean look the her show just fell apart. She's devastated walked away and she's hungry for hit. She's an I got it. This is I but I do have a contingency plan you've got to. I mean Hollywood. You can't be so myopic that you just have hired liked the way you said Hollywood. Is that how you normally pronounce it? You kind of set it like fifties Hollywood or so always. I mean that's I mean that's it just comes naturally to me. I really think you are you from Hollywood. Are you born and raised here? Yes I am. I highly would my Hollywood. I mean San Bernardino which is only forty five minutes on the one on one so I think it's longer when I think about it for a m at four. Am If you're going like ninety one hundred it's a straight shot after couple Frappuccino work three. I'll get there. Do you visit the town quite a bit or used to live there. Where are you where are you? Where are you talking about? I'm Rancho Palos Verdes spaced and and it's. It's just a lovely seaside town here. I kind of got everything I need. I met this little. I've got my very air conditioned condo and I of really nice setup here and unfortunately I don't have a lot of opportunities reasons to come into that city lately. I've got kind of a a question about this serial killers your since. I have to two ladies tansel short. We don't know a lot of women serial killers at you may be too sure and we also don't know a lot of like famous women painters his story and like you think it's working on the same mechanism that we don't know about the female serial killers in that we don't tell their stories or is it that women are of a different agreeable illness or different violence. I don't know about serial killers like the cereal aspect of killing. I feel it is maybe more like an expression of man's psyche. You know Because of what society is probably produced some monsters and there these monsters are man then they probably end up being serial killers now. I don't know Carol. Baskin is a serial killer in -sarily like do we know if there's another murder she committed this. This is true. Carol Baskin Seems Not really like a serial killer. Versa Lizzie. Borden would you call a serial killer? Yes I think Lizzie killed more than her. F- Ferris thinks in the same way. Yeah I think that's to be a serial killer you like doing it in the same way the same type of victim repeatedly in this ritualistic but yet because someone who went to jail several times for like shooting some different people they wouldn't be serial killers. It's all about the methodology. So is it like just women. Don't have that temperament for the methodology generally or is it. Yeah again that we don't tell their stories and we don't WanNa give them credit. Well I don't know because women are emotional creatures. Think Demiana what's interesting. Yeah because I I'd like to think I'd like to think that as women were more in touch with our with our sense of empathy and and yes now of course. My building manager is is a stone cold sociopath. So how are your case saying this on the Air Let's hope it doesn't get back to her but although I might just just as an act of blatant aggression I might send our lake you know. Oh like hi Terry check this out. Jau Okay. Yeah okay gets through thirty short to to get zoo. Well I what is going on? And you mentioned before when I was booking you. It was so hard to like just even reach and so thank you again for finding the time but when we discuss possible topics you did bring up your relationship with your landlady or building manager. Is it still? It's strange? It is strange It's unfortunate in in my in my last building. Janet was my wife Landlady a we just got along famously. Now I've moved into this condo and this do I was hoping to forge the same bond and I said you know. I said I've said Terry. Numerous emails and I said come on over for a marathon sash of castle on Netflix and castle. It's the golden age of television right. There it leaves Italy's breaking bad in the dust basically. Wow so this new lady Terry Sheet. Landlady she's not into spending time with you is that what's going on exactly. I sent her this email Terry. Stop on by. Were DOING CASTLE. A couple of frappes. You know I post made them. They're on their way back very very this email. Where she just says no thank you. I have other engagements tonight. I said that was violent. Sounds like didn't give her a whole lot of time to make that commitment change and it sounded like a big commitment. I think you mentioned hours using one marathon. Sure you know it's GonNa be that's GonNa be a good twenty two. That's going be good twenty two hour run but I mean look I'm all stocked up here. She could. She could make herself very comfortable at post mates. Are you lonely Demiana? Are you lonely no I would say? I'm lonely but I have myself to keep himself company and my company could be kind of a scary lady some but that you know so sometimes I like another voice in my head I can. That whole sentence was terrified. It was it was a journey. It was a little window into. He have a voice in your head. May I ask? What does this voice sound like? What does it tell you? Sure absolutely no will I call her Claudia Claudia. She's based his name you linger. She's not socially separate from very vocal. And sometimes you know I'm trying to get some sleep and Claudia just won't leave me be and she's basically yes. Yes so this cloudy of voice in your head. Does she sound like you or the she sound like a different person? And do you feel like it's just a thought in your head or is it a separate entity like what how does it? I'm using a woman unto herself and she she's she's very consistent in the messaging. She's giving me which is basically I mar beanie babies. She just wants me to buy more by more more more more now. Is the Claudia that gets you to spend a lot of money lane. Bryant right there exactly. I try to hide my credit card from her. She finds it all she has the same access exclusive the inside scoop and the the when she says Moore beanie babies. Is She saying like more than you're already buying of your own volition? Or is she saying like she's demanded you to buy some and now you also need to buy one with each got our shopping cart so I've got mine and you know and dating and let say this there's a lot of beanie babies in here okay. Are you doubling up? Then like let's say there's like a brown bear. You're getting one for you to have our own. I think that's fair. Does clouded till you to do other things that have nothing to do with shopping. Or is that where her rain and Claudia should. She should have her point of view her perspective. And she really. She's sort of taps into my rage is his what it is because Tinson purposes. I'm just a ray of sunshine. I'm just a drop of honey. A company sugar fake you know. Yeah on the other hand. Yikes like Oh all right so was it Claudia. The got upset with Terry that that that was pure Claudia. I was going to just let it go. I said you know what there's a season two three four five six seven time is it seven seasons so when factors age. I think it's been a while. On sorts of my of the cast was signed contracts for a season nine and then it got cancelled so we were promised the night and that it was snatched away from us. So th that's when you say we and us are you talking about bbn priority and our enemies. We always circle up circle up and then we got a little mini frappes for one for me one for Claudia. Then everybody else. The mini froude saw out. What Si- what size are we talking here? Because I didn't know I know. There's the three sizes with a starbucks right. Is there some sort of smaller size? That I'm unaware of well. I just got a bunch of Dixie cups and Order Them. Gal Own and hand-drawn the starbucks logo on each one. It's it's very painstaking. It takes hours. And that's what kept me busy and sauce. Go to apologize because you did you. Were trying to contact me. I'm very busy very. I've got a lot of bookings painting my Dixie Cups with the starbucks logo for my beanie. Baby Yeah you did say that you were a very busy just but then you wanted to talk about how you have little to do during the quarantine so confusing I you know I I you could say I'm walking interdiction. Okay light care sometimes turn to do but it feels like you have nothing to do. Because they're not exactly exactly it's like they say do what you love you work day in. Your Life. Well let's just say A. I have had to work one second making these starbucks cups for my beanie. Babies had a moment of work. But it certainly kept me busy. Does Claudia the voice in your head does she. Has She always been there or is it like a recent development in your life? I would have to say Before she had her name she was there as a child. You know it was just me. And what my mother to as my Angry friend Jimmy Columi- angry it's was like the That MacAulay Culkin film the good such a my life story with the Good Dom Domina short for yes. Yes that was basically my story and you know I sort of the sort of the bad seed. Macaulay Culkin I'd say and here I am. I believe it's MacAulay Culkin and Elisha would that's right And in that Movie Elijah. Wood comes out on top spoilers but Elijah Wood lives and MacAulay. Culkin is allowed to die. His mother allows them to die so in your life and your experiences who won Elijah Wood or mccully Galkin. Well let's okay well. In my scenario the Elijah Wood and my scenario was was my nanny An and let's just put it this way. I'm still here and hasn't been seen since. Nineteen seventy six so interesting That's not I more meant like you. you Damien being Elijah Wood and then cloudy. Yeah but I do just the lot. Yeah you just revealed a lot that I'm interested. Yeah what is wh? What is it you were saying happen to say? I can neither confirm nor deny what happened at and and for for listeners. They won't see see this but there's a there was a wink. Could tick check. Yeah unrelated to this but you know I said we we all are the heroes in our own stories. We all need to be our own heroes and for me. My hero is MacAulay Culkin in the good son. And so it's that's an interesting takeaway shoot a dog with a bolt gun a homemade bolt gun in in my narrative because I would never harm an animal much like my hero Carol but so in my in my story. The Dog was my gym coach. Junior high JIM CO so. Are you saying you shot or hurt your Jim Coach? I would never ever cop to say that I will only say because I feel like you. Just say it though show you got you gotTa Really Parse out the messaging here because it's really subtle and it's really it's really complex not a subtle not. It's pretty I think you said I. I shot my gym teacher the same way. That McCoy Oko can shot a Dog. That was that was Hyperbole that I'll just say that my gym coach was shot and the shooter was never found. Okay was never found and now it's too late to find out until two until today and nor nor I today said that I did it just that it resonated with me does not. Does that make sense if what yeah? And this is no Gotcha. I just Mt. I'm just following the words and the statements you're giving and trying to make inclusions. Yeah we we don't want to push up against the wall much like you put Brian Grazer against the wall and the elevator. We would never do that today. Yes but if we hear something interesting we tend to dig. Do Double Take. Yeah well that's Great Journalism 'cause when you cut that lead you got to and I find that they they sent me a lot of puff pieces thank you. You are an icon of journalism. So I appreciate I appreciate you. Absolutely no no. It's it's great when you get when you when you get a lead got to follow up and and here's the thing we in I speaking of Journal was. We live in a time. It's a really exciting time because truth is so fluid is who needs it. It's you know you can say one thing and as we've seen in the very next breath you can say the exact opposite and ever ran will are enough. People will have onset Amnesia and completely with just heard I get confused. Is it something you've discovered even prior to the tendency that you just mentioned something you discovered in your own work earlier prior to the manifestation of that in the current political state I? It's something I tried and it never. I was always you know when you know teacher would say who took the cookie from the cookie jar? Which was there was a cookie jar in her classroom with these really really good real good shortbread and a so good so good. Just buttery crumbled in me hand and I would have crumbs just in my hair on my on my pullover just everywhere and the teacher asked me. Did you take the cookie? And of course with CRUMP's flying out I'd say absolutely ach by the way this often happened in gym and I'll just say that it led to well I won't say what it led to but I will say that my gym teacher had some permanent injuries. That and the shooter may or may not be connected to everything. We've talked backley. Exactly it may or may not. I can't yeah cannot was. The nanny incident did take place before to this gym teacher. Obviously incident that was prior that was prior and in her case shortbread was for. Some reason shortbread has been a running theme in my life. Shortbread was also involved that and Mysterious violence to the Twain. Did meet shall me and you know it's an and I must say a as alarming as it is to see in the in the world of journalism today and we're seeing what's happening every day. We have this president in the White House just just baldly just just contradicts himself and lies through. Both sides of his face wouldn't exciting time to confess. Whatever you want and have no repercussions. Oh so you feel like behavior from the president is sort of the green light to do whatever you want. You know. It's it's it's so complicated because it's I'm very I'm concerned as as an American citizen and it's alarming to our democracy and our in our journalism at the same time. It's I see a window of opportunity. So it's it's navigating it's navigating these these new waters. I Love Your Soft. T there of thank you. It's you know it's just a Hollywood girl like a wall her. I grew up on the Joan Crawford and and Joan Fontaine only Joan movies women named Joan. Oddly I WANNA get a little back on track to the topic just to keep you from any incriminating further incriminate But I know I can kind of assume the answer. How do you feel about Joe Exotic all will joe public enemy number one primarily because he added in for my Carol. I mean I've I've got I got I got to be there from a lady and I I you know I got her back. Are you able to separate that and see him as a person and if so how do you feel about? It's true that's fair because we know we can appreciate Joe. We can appreciate him as a character. I mean what? Am You know in a as a documentary subject? What a gift to the world. What a treasure you know. That doesn't inconvenient element. He was abusing tigers for decades and really really cruelly mistreating and neglecting animals of all species. What was that? The alligator enclosure was burned to the ground and the indication is he did it. Yeah but all that aside we got you. GotTa Love Joe. You got determine guy charming charming charming guy. Right there with everybody. I'm team Carol. Not Writer die but choosing open line again very open minded attitude to have like you know Carol basking is at the top of your heroes list yet to be able to separate us is impressive if the compartmentalizing and it's tough I would say I'm human and I'm an American second and isn't that so integral to American humans that we were very impressionable and we just flipped on a dime. Who We you know we see on. Tv Show by agreement. I like him. I like it you know. I think that that's how a president became. You say like it's a good thing and I don't know if I think it's it's it's it's the jury's out there is it good is it bad is it. Is it for me to it is is it just is? It's it's rare Buddhist theory Buddhist in while we just touched up on big one. Are you religious? Carol? I'm sorry Carol I called you. Ah Thank you. I mean that's the highest compliment. I imagined that is Donna. You Religious Buddhist or what are you I am I do subscribe to Zen. I do subscribe to expect that. You know it's I I'm a lady of many facets and you know I did all my studying in The Gift Book. I got at funny enough at starbucks. It was called girlfriend guys Zen and it was right nearby register and I picked it up like girlfriends or like girlfriend girlfriend as there's purses two gals shopping a long dogs. Yeah Oh oh yes. Oh yes not like something. They usually sell it starbucks pushing many units of that book. I got it on. Discount might been a pilot program at that store or something like that because you know they had the stack of Taylor swift CDs. Yes I did purchase purchase. It also gives for all my friends on my beanie babies and Claudia But Jesus Christ you bought a we have to assume you have over a hundred beanie babies and that's I'm sure being very conservative. Then you bought them all each their own Taylor appropriate. I think each I think appropriate really the wrong word there now. I think it's maybe sweet as transient extravagant. It's very extravagant. I'm a shopper is. I'm a shop you love to. Everyone's got their hobbies ever. I can't have one shot. That's my hobby. It's my vice. We all got advice for me is what I see something and I gotTa have it. I see it as I would love it. What it gotTa have it. And I can't just stop at one. I imagine you had to go to several different starbucks. Just because they might not all have enough stars per every on. Your baby is greater southland area. I covered it all every every starbucks. At a target a target starbucks I was dating and cleared out their inventory and then I couldn't and then of course I couldn't make rent to move very quickly in the night. So wait so gen ED. The older the friend of yours former landlady that you're so connected to that you ran away without paying the rent. I blew my rents onto many gift. Books and Taylor Swift CDs at starbucks and I had to just take off and break my lease. Where did you go? I showed up? I I cast a cash. It on some bonds that happen to have acquired over a period of time. I had cold hard cash. And I showed up at the Terry's doorstep at seeing the listing on craigslist of course and you know who she turned down of us a stack of bills and I moved in that same day same day. So you've definitely made some money off. Don's that bet if you can live the lifestyle that I'm perceiving you live. Bonds might be a really good. Investment bearer bonds are quite they? I really can really cash and you know and I will say my God bless God rest his soul my you know I am a widow. I mentioned but Diddley Eight. I O thank you. It was it was a it was my own personal emotional trial and also physical trial. There was a trial. I was cleared of all charges. It was it trial. Do you mean it wasn't it was like a something hard you went through or do you mean there was a court trial illegal. You know I'd have to say you know Joe. In this complex. It was both aunt a lot of things that are both. Can't there's not just why side there's not one side to the story. I'm sure they thought you are involved. They they surmise. I might be involved in my husband's disappearance. He hasn't been found. We don't know okay so we don't know if he's just disappeared legally what the cops knows he disappeared. But you said you're a widow. I think of you said you were doing Gotcha. Gotcha I feel a little. I don't mean to really don't mean to bust your chops here because it's fair it's fair it's all fair fair questions but you think you're getting vibes from the universe that he might be dead Ex. Thank you thank you I. That's the I live the life of a we. Don't you know yeah you've moved on it you know. And it's it the fact that it's in sync with the messaging is getting from Claudia. And she was saying this Guy. No good not get out. She was telling me the she ever have positive messages about anybody. Or She's more of the expression of the angrier self. She's a big Carol Fan. Be Carol Fan big. Eileen fan that sense she is positive she is. She's very positive. We're both of course. We both have great love for Kate. Beckett on castle the main love interest on Catholic detective. Kate yes what? Don't you love that show so much? He keeps coming back to castle. And I've never seen it so it's really it's that will they are. Won't they love story because there's a Lo- There's murder there's mayhem but at the end of the day we all want to see is. Richard Castle acclaimed mystery book. Author going end up with hard hitting tough New York City Cop Kate Beckett and we'll his new series of books that he's using her as the Muse for for this new era when Lizzie heat will they be a hit. That's what's that's a great. It's a great name busy. He is a great catchy name. I read that book so that show is finished. The right you said that. That shows no more tragically. Yes tragic at. You know an end really. I mean I think we were all blindsided all of us when you know the cast. They they were given US season nine contract and as my days but yes I have been widowed with. We're not sure I I've had a lot of tragedy in my life but I would have to seek. The greatest tragedy was that we weren't given the season nine. Okay that that we all deserve. I think that's probably an exaggeration. I'm sure disappearance if you husband is probably a bigger tragedy in the alive. If I may very Buddhist. That was from Zen book. Do you practice a lot of meditation or yoga or any of that. I do I do and it's special. It's help in this time you know we're all sequestered at home. Yeah and luckily I have my Then book to work from so the book. Yes I mean. That's my that's my source. What is your favorite saying from it. Like what is the one saying that you keep coming back to all in all the time because it is again it is granted. The book is is a playful Take on ancient lessons if through the art of the Co on and And it's really up to the reader to draw the lesson and my favorite and the book is to Gal Pals go shopping. Only one leaves with Jimmy Choos. That's it well. So they're really targeting it specifically to like the shopping demographic. I think that's brilliant. Like imagine if car guys had their version of a a way to get into Buddhism by that was all car specific so they can relate. That'd be that should be in the series. We know we can all we can all connect to it. It's it's it's it's deep. It's such Christmas getting you a book. Thank you. I'd love to. I'd love to read it. You have a an extra get jobs. You know girl stuff. So it's Joe you can have a look while we'll check busy. I've been already amazing. Is there anything else you'd like to put out there? Wow Gosh you know the platform. I appreciate the platform and I. I just feel a responsibility. I would just say in this time of uncertainty and the soft t again love it. You know it's the Hollywood in me. I'm a Hollywood girl in this time of fear and this time of we don't know what's going to happen next. The one thing we do know and this is the one thing I know for certain of white chocolate FRAPP with extra whip. Go down sweet. Just don't drive your car or you might be accused of being on us on an illegal substance. That's it personal story there K. I. The person is personal truths this much. I know is true. Sip Your frappe at home almost better. Just make copy yourself at home a better one. Thank you will you? Those hashtag safer at home is trending. I actually started it but what I was actually referring to was at hall. I see safer at home. It's safe at home to sip-it and see what happens in the in the media. Things get spun. I can't imagine why that didn't take. That's amazing started that yeah exclusive. This is an exclusive for the for the show. Thank you heard it here. I her to here when you have all your own media yet. She has her own stuff but she decided to share that the keeping that that was. Yeah no I think it's time we say goodbye to you unless unless there's anything else there's anything else a plug. I'll give them. You know media plug please love and every night I be doing a livestream for my beanie. Babies cloudy tonight. We re bedtime stories and Co on from the book to to to to the game. So I invite you all to join on the on the livestream and you'll you'll see you're going to see a lot of sides to me haven't seen it. I go to some places. It gets a little scary but it's real it's raw it's Russell hard to believe because you've given so much already today I said there's more to give a wellspring. Thank you for coming on this podcast and thank you for being so transparent with us and just giving us all the information that we don't really know what to do with in many ways you claudio. She says as she was she's a lot. She's thank you for giving us this. This this this Platform at a space created safe-space. Great will cheers raising my Frapp to you quite my chocolate. Extra thank you Elizabeth Salute for art work. Thank you Charles and Elizabeth for videos. Thank you Andrew. Heyward music and thank you for listening.

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