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"hillary brooke obama" Discussed on The Dan Bongino Show

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"hillary brooke obama" Discussed on The Dan Bongino Show

"Sarah Carter has up is very good and indicates at Baker knows exactly what I'm telling you. So the takeaways again, the FBI knew Hillary was guilty. The lawyer at the FBI knew Hillary was guilty. They would she was guilty. But Obama was had a role in this because he was one of the people getting the emails and clearly that Email had been preapproved. In other words, people at the White House knew about Hillary's Email despite Hillary Brooke Obama's denials that he knew anything about it. And he learned about it from the press, ladies and gentlemen, that is a lie. Now, I want to just add on this story because nothing they're telling you right now is true. The medias in a full blown Pravda life like effort to propagandizing gas. Like, you know, the like nothing they're telling you right now is true. I genuinely sorry that you're forced to come here and in other places and people you can trust exclusively for the news. I mean that I love that you listen to my show. But it does us all no good that you can't just casually turn on a new station and get the truth and verify what I'm telling you. But you are being lied to whether you being lied to as they covered yesterday about the breaking news that Andy MacKay brief congress, despite the fact that I already read to you a snippet from the New York Times from back in may that they briefed congress. I already told you that here's here it is again, Andrew McCabe where briefing the leaders of the Senate and house and the heads of the congressional intelligence committees lawmaker said nothing after the New York Times already reported this. Back in may. There's nothing new everything you're being told us ally. That Hillary Clinton's Email story was a nothing burger. It was a huge story foreign actors at hacked her Email system, and we're likely reading communications between her and the president of the United States who lied about knowing about the existence of our private Email Baker knew it the FBI knew it Jim Komi it, and they covered it up. Now. Here's this interesting. Fork in the road here to show you that effectively the department of Justice and FBI at the upper levels have been entirely compromised. Folks, I'm sorry. They were compromised the their actions during this shift from the hime Hillary Email investigation, and the sidelining of it and the covering up of it to an active investigation of the Trump team for no crimes at all. For phantom made up crimes generated by fake dossier is the biggest scandal in American history. But I bring up this Baker story because in light of what happened with McCabe and all the new stuff, we're finding out. Don't you find this interesting Joe that the league lawyer in the FBI believe Clinton should be charged? And despite mounds of evidence that she was in fact, guilty of exchanging classified information knowingly over a private service. He was authorized to have Hillary Clinton and her entire team have skated yet on the other hand. Despite anti evidence. In other words, evidence to the contrary that the Trump team is guilty of anything anything at all obstruction or collusion. This investigation continues to this day into the Trump team almost unabated whatsoever. Muller's become the most powerful man in America investigating obstruction crime that never happened. This is important. I want a pile on a bit yesterday. I covered this shift. They are going to shift now from ABS from collusion, which is gone. It's they don't have anything on collusion. That's over. They are going to shift now to obstruction and McCabe is going to play a key role in this as the new left-wing media, darling as the deputy, and at one point acting director of the FBI who was there while Trump allegedly tried to obstruct the investigation keep in mind, the lead here hard evidence against Clinton the FBI knew about including their lawyer. They sidelined that they make that case go away while they move on the Trump team on a phantom collusion charge. And now an obstruction charge for obstruction that never existed. You've you track me Joe would've tangled web, we weave brother it. This is the the complete collapse of impartiality and our department of Justice in the FBI the guys on the record acknowledging Hillary's guilty..

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