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"high school speech association" Discussed on The Frame

"This is the frame weekend. I'm John Horn. If you watch the NETFLIX series Mr Iglesias with Comedian Gabriel Iglesias. You may not know that there are some true life going on in their. He plays a high school teacher who fights for students who are struggling so many people have turned their backs on these kids. And I don't want to be one of those people. We're not turning our backs on them. It's turning turning our faces to the good students look Hernandez may think that these kids are invisible. But I see them all of them. The show is set at Wilson high in Long Long Beach which happens to be where glaciers attended school in the nineteen nineties. He dedicated the first episode of Mr Lacey as to his real life high school speech teacher feature June Garner writing. Thank you for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself. As part of our ongoing series that reunites nights creative types with teachers who changed their lives. KPCC Arts Education reporter Carla Heavier Tag along with Gabriel Iglesias. When he recently met up with June Gardner I John they want me to walk? Gain all surprised. Okay so you can evaluate my acting. They began with how a glacier has I ended up in June Garner's speech class. I got kicked off the football team for For Vocal I was out and then next thing. I know I'm looking looking ceiling. Well what can I get into speech. I got kicked off. We're talking too much. Maybe maybe maybe it'll be celebrated in this in this area and you were is when you first started doing class. You spoke like a rocket you you do it all really fast and we had to work on you slowing and yeah slow down. But I'll tell you you're the most successful person I can think of. That ever came out of the counselor in High School Speech Association. And you were cutting edge because you were one of the very first people to incorporate Spanish and English and I was so proud of you for that. You know because that that wasn't done I mean and you really started the trend of doing total humor. In that event it was a routine a bunch of characters and thrown into a blender. A lot of the characters and stuff is is what I used the very first time I went onstage and called myself a comic figure from the time that I finished high school ninety. Four I went up on stage April tenth of ninety seven. My Act was my speech from high school and I would only go for like five minutes five minutes at a time and build it up. Build it up build it up build it up and I was fast into people awesome. Dude you slow down. It was all nervous energy. Remember when I I used to always say about nervousness nervousness as just excitement misunderstood. You know people always ask you know. So what is it that you learn. What what did I learn? You've probably the only class that I really focused paid attention. And just because and not that I was a difficult student about. I was easily Distracted or annoyed by most teachers. You're fearless as far as just people walking in you had no problem calling like you saw it. And he's saying hey this is. This is what we're GONNA do and if you're into it you're into it. Wouldn't take them and then this netflix thing. They've only watched your first season probably about twelve times. I needed something to give me joy in my life at this point. Have Not GonNa cry but you know it's just so proud of you gave we are public. School are funding depends on meeting certain standards grades discipline attendance levels and the easiest way to improve. Those averages is the council at the kids who are hurting numbers. What do you call this program? Some children left behind. I don't hate it. This program could make our school the Educational Pearl of the district. Swipe left on a bunch of kids. I thought well this is really good. Believe it or not this is not the first time I dedicate something to you. My first comedy central half hour special show that I did in New York and written dedication to you on it. I know it's there and if you pause it you can catch it. We lost touch and you know it was the least I could do was at least acknowledged the fact that the you you were that influential at your premier. This one man came up to me and he said I just want to thank you for giving Gabriel to the world and said I didn't get Gabriel to the world. He he gave himself to the world. And isn't it great. You know and he said no but I saw the dedication and I said he would have done it anyway. Whether I was there or someone else was lucky enough to walk into the classroom. You know I just always felt so lucky to work with you and I. I feel that way about a lot of people but it's just so extraordinary ordinary known around the whole world scary. You know to get over there to the studio on your names on everything. Parking spot isn't as you pull has got my name on. Its all cool clues a security officer there to toe someone if somebody yeah You're GONNA have services. You're name's all over everything. What do you want whatever you need? We'll get it fun to hear about all this because I you know I'm just just your regular run of the mill retired teacher and but to see him to come to the tapings right. I would love La. I would kill to do that. You don't have to kill us you don't have to now. I know a guy okay up next on the frame weekend. They're funny but they're not famous and they do stand up in front of a live audience. Every day warming up a crowd. That's next on the frame weekend..

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