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"higgins jones" Discussed on KDWN 720AM

"In a bob sexpot. Nothing big, but, uh, ham sandwich on the bulldozers. Stanford at Vandy Vandy off the come from behind win over Colorado State and Stanford. The big time win over as seen now the cardinal going back on the road minus 12.5 in Nashville. Total 48 a half Tanner McKee has taken over for West Eric quarterback and they've got some playmakers, so we'll see how things all pan out there. Pete on the ground. Higgins Jones, Tremaine, pretty good receivers and good to see Stanford. Playing good box. I really thought this program was going the wrong way. They got going the right way against my SC Trojan seal seals. Therefore, Vandy the quarterback. Not bad. Raymond Davis, the workhorse. The problem for Vandy. They've got to get some pressure on the quarterback. They have yet to get a sack this year, and their mind is trying to turn over department you take on this one against Stanford minus 12.5 48 a half Thank Stanford. I think it started the wrong quarterback to start the season machine that from coaches in the past, and I think I was case with Stanford. They found their guy last week. I think I'll play with confidence. Vanderbilt Look, they beat Sarah. Think, Katie. But I wasn't impressed again. Our game by more than 100 yards. Continously messed up. Google get stopped on down inside the five yard line. So Stanford for me. Rice at Texas, and it's a rice team that looks very pedestrian against Houston. They couldn't even move the football at all. After they actually played much better game against Arkansas in the opener McCaffrey in green at both played quarterback. They both have one touchdown pass, both three interceptions. Griffin and Petri. The third actually could miss this game. He's banged up as well for the hours Texas to try and bounce back there, making the quarterback switch to Casey Thompson over Hudson Card. Your take on this one will probably work by John Robinson. Big time. And, uh, look for Whittington and the receiving corps to do something to Sark. Is he able to open it up? It's minus 26 52. I know it's still Rice will get up for the game. Texas got to be to where their heads are down, but starts got to get that program back. And with the quarterback change, maybe Texas roles in this one you take I had better, but I would if I had to play and I would lean that way. I think, Hobson but his legs gives that offensive boost. So I think they bounced back here and rice man look pathetic. That's where you against Houston, man. Yeah, I agree with you 100%, 2 Lane and old Miss Lane Kiffin's boys going to lay 14 76 the total look, Pratt Pretty good quarterback for two lane and I know they're getting a lot of attention because they nearly went into OU in the opener and beat the Sumer Sooners lost. Just 42 35. I don't know how good this two lane team is, but I know they're well coached. There's no question about that. Celestine pretty solid running back all missed, though, Matt Correll Uh, corral. He's been very solid. 6. 62 6 touchdowns, no picks. He's rushed for another touchdown. They've got parish and Ely. They've got players. Mingo. I like this on this team a lot. And I think all this could cover that number. I'll stay away because I respect to lane and I don't know it's the total hits. I would think all miss covers his game. I bet the over but that was you know, several points ago. Uh, I wouldn't. I wouldn't necessarily bet it now It's 76. You're right, Katie. I'm surprised this isn't how I was expecting that number to be 16. Many, if not 17. So if I had to play the side, it actually did pay them. Oklahoma State's at Boise State. You talked about some wind there, Hank back Meyer leading the way. Therefore Boise State they have a Lanie back Van Buren decent running backs on paper, but both those guys have struggled. Colony missed the game, but Van Buren 15 carries only 29 yards. He has hit Peter three times. They have one of the best receivers not only in the mountain West, but in the country and clear Shakir. High school already, 12 catches 2 57 and then wimpy. That guy still there that linebacker he and jail Skinner. Those guys doing a great job. 41 tackles between them for Boise straight trace forward out for the year defensive end there for Okie State. Spencer Sanders back Shane Ellingwood started The first game. I just don't know about this running game for ST Brown and Warren. They've struggled. They only have 44 carries for 102 yards. Brad, that is pathetic. For Big 12 team. Sanders may change things there, but I'm not going to touch this game. Initially, I looked at Oklahoma State. Then I looked at Boise State, so I'm just going to stay away. Where are you? Come on Oklahoma State, although it's more of a play against Boise State, and I think it's overrated from both of their performances. They shouldn't cover against Central Florida because they got massively on game 100 Yard, Pick six. Then you know that the wonders form in that game. Then last week. I mean, they had 31 points on the border. Three minutes of time of possession against you because there are plus five in turnovers, so I just I'm not buying Boise State. So that's why I played against him with the Cowboys and I do like the under 257 a half They ask you, Herm, Uh, Edwards going to go up there to Provo. And, of course, the boys in Provo stayed home after their win in the Holy War against Utah. Jaren Hall finding a way to get it done. He's strong five touchdowns, No interceptions. Algiers been solid. Powell. Pretty good receiver and P Leah tackling machine there for the Cougars. 24 tackles already. Meanwhile, they take on ASU and I like Ricky Pierce saw this guy is like a triple threat there for the Sun Devils were shot. Wait at the back field..

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