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"hickey okajima" Discussed on SPORTS GOOFS

"They've won three championships. There last one was back in twenty sixteen and their notable alumni. Shohei ohtani twenty thirteen through twenty seventeen. Then he went off to die in. Anaheim should've stayed in all. Yeah the angels at the draft. They drafted all pitchers pitchers. They drafted by all pitchers. But you know how good 'cause they're not like detroit who the twitter world like. I guess that's where every choi tiger fan congregates hated everything of who they drive. Ury forgotten. Jack lighter glider west texas. I was very sad. We gotta shortstop needed. And the mets gotta fricken the rocker more. And i'm just like yeah. How many more great pitchers do need man. Because he's going to be a tunnel year project and then he's going to be playing in the big leagues this. This competent mets team is gonna ask me because there are division. And they're the tea that you guys face every season so can't do. I mean if the mets are better than the yankees for decades. I mean i think that was the eighties right. That was the mets. Were better than the eight be fairly. What's the world series at twenty fifteen and nod memorable theories out there so it's yeah well remember. Everybody remembers our world series even only lose. No-one really remembers the sango fish. All right so Let's so yeah. So the nippon ham fighters soc otani yu darvish nother alumni. That's currently playing out in san diego. We are yara. He's also another curve ball player in major league baseball. That played for them. And pass one here. Hickey okajima if you remember that and that's a play remember. forget boston. Red sox seven world series where he won there and As far as manager trey hillman was the marlins current third base coach buddy-buddies with don mattingly used to manage the royals as well before agnete ios took over the job and then they won the world series a few years later and but he managed that team back in two thousand six and they won the japan series championship. So he's he's had. He had success back japan. So yeah nippon. Ham is actually a meat packing company so it is a sponsor team so they other leagues in in international markets have already sold out folks. Okay but but call them. Ham fighters makes me think that resistant towards ham. Just imagine water. Vegans just punching pigs. Man i bet you that would sell someplace. I listen i. I can get down for that animal cruelty of. I'm just talking about like punching packets of beating butcher's. Oh yes so yeah. There's there's that and they moved to sapporo in hokkaido in two thousand and four. Which is the northernmost island in japan. And they guess they used to play out in tokyo and they..

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