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Part 2: Rotten Tomatoes Game + News (ACS June 14)

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Part 2: Rotten Tomatoes Game + News (ACS June 14)

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How'd you make this has been a life tip from since a adam dalvin. Ac is must've been guest on you. Look at you jump at that. Bamboo stick Yeah he's to have hops like eric. Stromer son eric. Stromer son is like touring with the national. Mcdonald's all star basketball whatever he is and he's like six seven and he's got a forty inch vertical and he's been dunking so like the Even dunking since like the seventh or eighth grade. And now i mean when you're sick seven and you got hops. He said oh is heads at the rim head kids up to the rim. that's insane. Oh yeah so now strimmers doing this thing which you have to do now. Which is you have to essentially quit your job for and then go to our with him tour. I just dropped the talian italian. Has they have to three practices a day for volleyball. Like you gotta drive us. Then you've got to pick us up. Then we come home for an hour. Then you gotta go drivers again. Pick us up. I mean this is when they're not in vegas and then there's a whole thing tomorrow about colleges coming out this this whole. It's a whole thing. Where they they get them young now. They start rookie. I mean stromer son was like being recruited. I don't know how much you know. Max better but i mean probably about the eighth or ninth grade. I think he was being recruited to play colleges. Is that allowed. Yeah i guess so it all. It all feels a little. Michael jackson estimate but the that's the new world order like contracts and sneakers and colleges and groups and scouts and stuff in early so. Somebody's committed chitchat with natalia. They're having some sort of group is a college recruiters are watching volleyball. I don't know how much how it goes past that Yeah i was talking about the man show. So i had to stop. And then kind of reboot. How recruitment most you got to live in the past the glorious past all right we got the game dawson place and the gang makes that technology. What's that you're saying last week's lgbtq. I a. plus themed rotten. Tomatoes game wasn't gay enough for you. Oh well we're not. It's still pride month so this week. We're doing an even gayer list of movies. Hey we have days and we have months could. Does anyone get a week or ten days. I mean interesting. Because i am. I can do the pride thing for about a week for shark week. Oh yeah right. If they add more letters everybody get a day. Oh that's true yeah. It doesn't get much better than our first film which tells the story of a gay austrian fashion reporter his way across america. Of course the film stars. Sasha baron cohen features a giant swinging cock and climaxes with two dudes stripping and making out in a cage fight in arkansas after featuring cameos from the likes of elton john paula abdul and ron paul re also featuring sorry it was released in two thousand nine and it's called bruno is kind of gets lost. Ron paul's kamio. Kamio you willing. Does he was angry. I enjoyed this movie. I i didn't like it as much as i like. bore nolanda Yes as a reminder from chris. For gay pride month i told preempt built Pre op board up bill. That cost so weird thing about jokes that makes everyone laugh. I said call your dad and tell them you're gay and he's like i told him i call him and tell him your hair and it makes everyone laugh every time but i didn't really know why it's not really a joke but there's something about it that makes everyone laugh and also to tell them you're care i saw this. I don't think i saw it in the theater. Got a little homoerotic for me a little a little. Well borat got a little homoerotic too but it was all in good fun. All right a focus group scene where. He's trying out his new tv show. It doesn't go well. Oh that's the greatest even with the little kid. That's the that's like the oprah type gene talking about where he's like interviewed harrison ford harrison. Ford the critics are one a like a movie like this. But it's gonna kinda get compared to borat i would. I'd kinda like to watch alex myself and chin. Yeah that was. His first car came here. I say that like did because of the theme of it. But they didn't love it at seventy one seventy one also. I could be way off here. I thought this is a big dip from borat. And i think it would be reflected in the score fifty five Bruno's fresh at sixty seven point. The audience has it a forty one. Yeah my critic thing next week of an epic featuring to cowboys who share tortured secret. Love affair directed by ang. Lee and starring jason and heath ledger from two thousand five. A wish i knew how to quit. You broke back mountain if you can believe it. I've never seen this in its entirety. I've only seen scenes from it. I've never seen it either. This is good. It's good it's overrated. But it's still good. There's a great moments was this pre or post behind the candelabra. I think pre well. That's why everyone was. Oh up up in arms. My two huge home. You know box office. Celebrities get All right well this is nominated. And it's kinda fucked critics. Love this shit. They're gonna love this. Shit i will. I will guarantee that. The critic scores fair clip higher than the people score. And this one. That would be my prediction. Was all people talked about. big cultural phenomenon. Hate crime to give it a thumbs down so for that. I go eighty eight little higher ninety two. This was the favourite to win best picture until crash kinda snuck up and dug it. Which was i. That's one never seen really lost the picture wondering how i got. It must be jaded this week. Eighty four broke back. Mountain is certified fresh at eighty seven. Percents right on people have just a little lower that eighty two all right next. We have a film adapted from a pulitzer prize winning musical setting the early nineteen nineties. The story features a group of impoverished young artists. Struggling to survive admits the growing aids epidemic. The film stars rosario dawson tate. Eggs and many original broadway cast members including adina menzel and anthony rapp from two thousand five rent. There's a great joker there's going around the internet is something like you're not really gay if you don't know how many minutes are in a year and you guys don't do all right. Well now. critics love this yet on the other hand. Sometimes when they go from broadway to the silver screen they get punished. Gina was so. Have you seen this more more fewer than love it. Enough times fewer Including the play more. Would you think of it this story in general or this particular film this film for anyone. Okay i know you love when i do this. And it's totally true. The stage show up billion times better than this movie and people who truly loved the theatrical production were wildly disappointed in the movie. And but but you know for the masses. Maybe it was good enough So here's an interesting thing. If a movie like this just came out as just a movie with no musical before it. It probably get some good that boy points house by if it's coming off something we've already celebrate and we don't really need to celebrate it because of its theme right. Why hamilton was brilliant. Because that was we were watching the stage show like we were an audience member and that was beautiful by the way. This story doesn't age. Well the premise. Like a bunch of entitled white kids wanna you know. They don't want to work and their their lights get shut off and so they gotta stick it to the landlord. Who's just trying to keep afloat. I'm going to say they didn't like it that much but ago. Barely rotten at fifty. Six fifty eight sixty to rent is rotten at forty six percent is the audience has it'd three unbeliev is a terrible movie All right the next on our next film stars. Patrick swayze wesley snipes and john leguizamo as you've never seen them three manhattan drag queens on a madcap road trip across america from nineteen ninety-five to wong fu. Thanks for everything julie newmar. This is a great example of a movie that i have no idea what it's really like because i saw this at like prime gino like forum. So i love this movie but wasn't good or were we just it so i don't think it was good. We were so excited that this movie existed. It's gotta get some points to have you know swayze and snipes and hide their action. Whatever going full drag don't think it was considered and i don't know what to wong fu is you'll have to move also pointed. This way is on the downslope of his nineteen ninety five but this came out right after priscilla queen of the desert. So there was some hype for this type of genre I don't remember hearing. This is a great movie. The other than the title sort of got caught everyone going in the novelty of it. Thank god. I don't know this fresher. Not i okay. Okay i'm gonna go rotten at forty nine barely fresh and sixty one barely rotten at fifty eight too long food. Thanks for everything. Julie newmar is rotten at thirty nine percents but the people seventy one. Yeah this hurts. Our final film Pity misers the term cult classic initially panned by the critics film has since taken on a life of its own has a midnight movie and live. Show where airing shadow cast acquit minds. The actions on the screen. Come for the time warp. Stay for the transsexual. Alien finale ought the room ten. Juries susan sarandon and meatloaf star in one thousand nine hundred ninety five's the rocky horror picture show aunts overdose. Susan serandon singing heart out. The first movie ever hated dare you. I think i saw this in a midnight showing at the u. A six in north hollywood. That have talked about for the first multiplex and went to the midnight showing and they had a handful of people like singing and doing the whole participation at the screen and then there was a dude who sat in front of us who were just angry at them. Like the sanctity of the film. He treated as if he just went to moving unaware of all the cold stuff. This party broke out. And there's a whole thing. I mean there must be bootleg films of the people react. Doing iraq did wasn't just doing the dance very interactive screens or something. Yeah yeah so cult. Classic that kind of thing that the critics would like because of the theme and stuff was any times good. I mean what was it a good movie. I think i have a slight lead here. I can't imagine the critic shitting all over it. But i would not be surprised if this thing was somewhere in the low fifties and i wouldn't be surprised if it was in the mid eighties. Lot of room of room. And is it. Just a really shitty b-film that but with with a lot of music. Good skill. Call campy over the frankenstein delays. Nobody such a touchy touchy turn. Any songs from the silver platter. It's time to change to be shallow mushroom. I just algebra terrible things. Yeah all right. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do either. Okay go home. Wash candidates ballots going to try to protect lead at sixty five okay. I went broke. Because i think i know movies or reviewed at the time. Sure good come in. Since then. So i went thirty nine own in honor of the film. Because i truly don't know what the score is. I went sixty nine sixty in the rocky. horror picture. show is certified. Fresh look at seventy nine. The people have it at eighty five almost a game cina grass. I love the genera. Congratulations to you. You are on the podium bald bryan also on the podium barely and falling off a stiff breeze would push you off. You got an eighty three man. Rough adam corolla coming in with a score of thirty nine really crushing bald one leaving us gina grad firmly on the podium gatien gina grad. Congratulations to adam corolla. Because you got second place at sixty. Wow quite lead. Wish you kick us points roll over to the next game. Don't ya love that. I love that in baseball right through. Tend to ten when they went remorseful saying that. Oh yeah all right. Let me tell you about Stamps dot com. Why we still go into the post office and paying full postage stamps dot com. You can mail and ship anytime anywhere right from your computer. I've used stamps. Dot com for over eleven years. Here we send out merch within them. We send out paperwork. We use it all. We have the scale and everything whether small business sending out invoices or an se shop shipping orders or just navigating hybrid work life. Stamps dot com can handle it over one million businesses. Choose stamps dot com print. Us posted for any letter any package. Any class of male twenty four seven at home plus a forty percent off post office rates and up to sixty six percent off of ups shipping rates. Got to no risk trial offer four week. Trial plus free postage and a digital scale which i think goes up to like pounds. No long term commitment. Just go to stamps. Dot com. Click on the microphone top of the homepage type in adam that has stamps dot com enter. Take a quick break. Come back and the news with gene grad. Right after this break being filed. We're crying protest. Crass stuffing saw joel by the news with gene grad. The benjamin netanyahu era is over in israel and bbc news reports that after twelve consecutive years in power and another three before that the country's longest serving prime minister will no longer be its leader. The new government will now be sworn in led by naftali bennett. Interestingly netanyahu's former protege and right wing leader he will serve as the next prime minister holding office for two years Then they will hand the role two year lapierre. He is a centrist of the yes. Eighteen party benjamin been power. I don't know that much. What do you think of him. You like israel. Well he's very very conservative and a lot of people who have thoughts about a two state solution or at least who feel that. The israeli settlers are taking a displacing these poor people who have no reason to be displaced hate this guy. Because he's he's very he is the ultimate you know. Pro israel sorta screw everybody else. There's a lot of people are going to miss him. I feel like like when your neighbor is canada and mexico. Nice guy sky but when your neighbors are everyone in the middle east. i don't know. I like the guys like a little more. Giuliani little Little less cuomo or little less Garcetti are a little bit of a hard ass in there. And a lot of people who were very pro israel Weren't huge fans of obama. I can tell you that much. A lot of jewish people i know and do really because of that specifically was just like whoa. Whoa whoa. you're not you're not. You don't sound like a friend of israel when you talk like that. Well we do have a thing where we have. This thought that does work if you live next to canadians. Which is hey you be nice to them and that they be nice to you and then guys have a good neighborly situation going on over there some of that mexico to so we kind of in a weird way. We're sort of geographically spoiled. Which is we get along with. Can we gotta be. Is the alex keaton over having friendly which is a good thought because it's diplomacy right. But if everyone is fucking nut job killer bloodthirsty killers and then you gotta get the iron dome going right and let's pretend for a minute that that's happening in the united states yet. The united states is the size of rhode island the entire country. My thing is i would like jus. I don't feel like israel's the problem in that region. And i feel like all they want is a very little postage stamp land even be. It's a matter of square so the guy who's gonna take overs. Essentially it sounds like netanyahu two point. Oh and then. The rains are being given to a centrist. So it sounds like the politics are going to remain the same but it'll be interesting from afar anyway. A delta airlines flight from l. a. To atlanta was diverted to oklahoma city friday night due to an unruly passenger who ended up being subdued by other passengers. And there's a twist. And i will show you. The video. video shows passengers piling on top of this dude and apparently holding him down. The captain even reportedly said all strong males. Come to the front of the aircraft to handle a problem passenger. Apparently the suspect who may have been an off-duty flight attendant was going up and down the aisle telling people to sit down he got on the intercom to tell everyone to put on their oxygen masks. the plane was met by law enforcement and oklahoma not immediately clear where You know whether he was arrested or not. Here's some video from the inside of the plane with a man yelling as he's subdued got to get that cage from conair in the back of the plane. Now man dishes boy. That's right screaming police scream. What is going on. That's my favorite and look at that able bodied gentlemen. That just wants to put it on tiktok. Well somebody's gotta hold the seats. Everyone needs to take their seats with the exception of this group right here because they want to put restraints on this guy but this is i mean. How many times are we gonna report this in a typical year. They see one hundred to one hundred and fifty formal cases of bad passenger behavior. But since the start of this year through early may They said that has jumped to thirteen hundred and even more remarkable number since the number of passengers has been so low. Since the panics of people are coming unglued maybe people need to fly like they need to sort of exercise or practice the piano or something. I can't sit them home for fifteen minutes and then tell the fly again. Maybe certain percentage freaks out. Yeah can't you. I have no idea what's on i. There's people slapping flight attendants just about all the pharmaceuticals that are currently in production and being distributed like feel like everyone's got something in their feigns and then my mind we're gonna have to have some sort of field sobriety test before people get on airplanes. Now i don't even mean for like alcohol like i think i don't know i'm trying to think like i think think we have to have a like getting on the plane and the person checking the ticket needs to step on their foot and see how they react. Fucking hands fly up fuck and take your shirt off. Go you want some bitch or something or they go to the airport or crying start throwing down the can't get on the plane to do something or are get some kind of crazy drug sniffing dogs. That can smell out crazy crazy. You weird out now. I don't know if dr drew would agree with this but you know there's so many things rituals we have to do. Is we get on a plane. Maybe everybody gets a benz. Oh you tickets. Hampton anyone gets zanex. Yeah love shit everyone's asleep. Yeah not a bad way to travel. Speaking of not a bad way to travel we talked about the The bazo blue origin. New shepard rocket. That's going to space. And he invited his brother marco with them and we said there's still an opening bid for a third person. Twenty seven million bucks. You're way off. Twenty eight oh my maybe. The vague eight million one the auction for that seat The highest bidder in the month-long auction. We'll be joined by jeff bezos and his brother for the ride that scheduled on july twentieth unclear who the winner is. He's he's low profile right now if you spent twenty eight million bucks and you're launching and they're like would you like the hamas box okay. That'd be seven dollars. Twenty million in its box charts. It's an eleven minute flight. Wow that's it lucia now from soup-to-nuts from top to bottom. I heard it was an eleven minute flight. Now because they're going they're sort of getting out of the atmosphere and then they're coming back down right boy. Do you get space travel. Yeah going up for a minute. That's what i heard hers. Twenty seven twenty eight million bucks by a couple things doesn't it seem like every third one of these rockets blows up on the pad. The batting average doesn't seem great. I mean maybe. I'm thinking about space x but there's a lot of failures. There's practical nasa. No i'm thinking i'm thinking space x. But maybe they're not trying they're trying to go and launch satellites and maybe this isn't as ambitious farther understand a lot of problems with re entry and landing and number two. I think they're trying out new technologies and ones that. Look at the pretty good with the ones there. So this is a six person rocket capsule but there will be four people they also have announced. It's going to be the bid. Money goes to blue origins nonprofit club for the future that aims to teach children about space and careers in science technology airport lounge. I couldn't get into my back. Amex this cherian guy said i could not club for the future so five year pay grade. I is now. Here's a question. They we say you have to go through training right. They've got a train to be astronauts. But aren't you kind of luggage at this point like you just strap in i think a lot your ears pop. You come back down with think. Literally the training is based on nothing. But like just make sure you don't puke all over your your facts. You're fucked talking putting right. Vw square back. I booted into when i was in high school in the backseat on john. Tyler sweater we roll the window. I you can't do that. Well you can doubt did. Where do they take off from french. Ganor somewhere around the equator down over there they tried to get launched try to launch somewhere around the equator because they get a little extra boost rotation. Did we talk about that at some point with tyson. Yeah i'm somebody that They're launching from a company test facility near van horn texas. Now what are we listened to. We listen doing some surveys editing. A drop a little bleed. Yeah a little bit so tomorrow as you hear this. California is moving beyond the blueprint allowing businesses to ditch the social distancing requirement georgia territory capacity limits that establishments have been forced to follow for fifteen months. So let me give you. A couple of highlights is from patrick michigan. The land the coups. Who is the last day to think we're last and everything but michigan's got gretchen. Whitmer over there though. Johnstown of some sombre not so level of trying to think who's she's just unlock donkey. She wanna get kidnapped again. I remember when she was talking about. No boating boating. Tennis boating okay. And didn't she ask down to florida with her daughter for spring break. She went down to florida but she she did this thing. Which is all politicians. Do with their haircuts. Going to florida and stuff like hey. I had stuff to do in florida like okay. That's what the rest of us have to do. So here's a couple of highlights Those who are fully vaccinated. We'll be able to go maskless and most spaces except indoor events with more than five thousand people and outdoor with more than ten thousand people but for those who work indoors and especially for those who are unvaccinated. They'll be masked up a while longer. So whether i don't know go in. I sub a fast food place or something Employees be masked. I'm sort of you know. I'm gonna fly in the face mon ethos here. But i liked this separation inside the restaurants. I hate it when they sit you right in between couples. Four top with a sliver in between bankhead on one side. Taylor barely gone to that sushi. Place where the shit you in the middle between the two tables essentially the foursome here now. Six. i'm. Like i can hear everything you're saying you can hear everything i'm saying. I do like the la. Belle ran out a little little elbow hemorrhaging money. That way so new mexico has no date by the new mexico michigan july first first new mexico that they said once sixty percent of residents are fully vaccinated organs wants seventy percent of residents are vashon king and then Vermont is july. Fourth and washington is to june thirtieth. If you pick two states that aren't open yet would you pick new mexico and washington washington state. That's very like probably. That's i mean that's not all seattle. That's like some. That's a rural folk. I think politically. it's all seattle. I think liberal state the must be. Everyone must be democrat right. Plus that's where the outbreak in the us. Pretty much started with kovic. you're right. that's a nursing home and finally oh two more. Dozens of emergency executive orders will remain in place for a while but for the most part they want. Impact businesses workplaces reopening and finally indoor areas. What are we. What's wrong with monday. Thing my kids schools come back from summer. Break up on tuesday on tuesday. Monday feels traditionally like the end of the thing. And then we're gonna start army jerry. I feel like i feel like the tuesday. Just means we're thinking about it or it's the fifteenth or better than the fourteenth. That's halfway into the month. What's the math. Why not just go monday. How they're really into doing things. That are weird so they look more specific so we trust them more. And do you know how when you go to the doctor. You don't have to get on the scale. You could technically just tell them what you weighed when you Were unskilled morning. Fourteen you always want to throw a decimal in there you know. Just want to say one one fifty one fifty point Yeah so. I think this this situation. It's like they're thinking about. Yeah i heard in the news. And i'm not sure if it was just california somewhere else But i heard in some story that there are only two days left in the school year. And if that's true in california that would mean tuesday schools over And that may have something to do with it. Because they can't open up the economy and still have kids in masks. I thought was over. Should be overrun. Maybe not everywhere. It to dawson's point. Indoor areas of airports train depots seaports bus varies. Those all. you'll still have to wear a mask. Also california's mask mandate will not be lifted on june fifteenth at k. Through twelve schools when students and staff are together indoors so we under unclear if what september look like a lot of demands about coming back after the summer. Break about Oh god more rules. More unions more shed. When do the kids go back to school because it seems early. The our little guy in the middle of august. Here's here's so the way it used to work is. You'd get into june like the middle of june right about now this one summer start and then school would start in september bar and they somehow slid at all over to may and august But it's kinda dumb because it's the summer break and it's august as summary as it gets june gloom dear advantage. It's weird going back in the middle and also the schools i wanted. Were built like the twenties and thirties. We didn't have central air. Were brutally hot classrooms however as rough s- offenders rough august is rough. I mean you know and also My only other thinking about this is just a theory that they're having back a little early to make up for all the sitting around on the couch zoom school. I don't know i'm done participating in education spending time with my well. We have a rich history after years of diligence. We have some meghan and harry news. But it's because we have some hot Meghan markle's dad's video. School is not what it was because of the smartphone. Which is if you're if you're interested in something. You'll just devour that subject. you know. Sons walking around spitting out stats all the time basketball players and stats and things and stuff. 'cause he's into it the stuff you ain't into is going to end up like your mom trying to force you to play the violin when you're thirteen or something like you might pick it up. You might do it but it's gone by the time you're you don't you know i mean i like this. I like the notion of learning things. And i like the notion of learning things. You may not be interested in. But i don't know i mean the the sink about the phone. Think about the computer. Just think about the information that we have access to i. it's not the same paradigm as it was when we were young. Like this is the place. This is a book. That's where you get your info. That person knows the subject. i mean. Think about all the youtube videos and all the podcasts. And all this stuff. Like when i was young you know miss coma sar the history teacher. She was the expert in history and the entire land. Rhoda her head everything about history and we had to get knowledge from her book. Those only two places. We're going to figure out about history. You know it's funny. You should say that because there's been a lot of talk about critical race theory and who's for it. Who's against it and it's funny because in i i think about this. All the time in our textbooks they were so whitewashed that there are things. I didn't learn about to- college or to like a couple of years ago. So they can charge but think about this year. Kid my kids anyone's kids grown up now are going to have masters in critical race theory simply by being in our society. I mean every time you turn on the news. Every there's a discussion on race if the turn on bill maher you turn on. Cnn you turn whoever pro con very educated in the middle of a critical race theory tornado. That's the twenty four seven. It never takes a day off now. So they're all they're all well aware of everything. You're right that's true. Let's let's cleanse our palate with a little bit of meghan markle's dad. Tmz reports at thomas markle says he and prince charles have one thing in common. They both been ghosted by. Meghan harry and He's not a fan of oprah and he kinda like kinda calls harry a cock in his own way. Here's a clip from his recent sixty minutes australia interview. I think oprah. Winfrey is playing harry and meghan to go. She's using them to build her network and build. A new show. Needs all the help. i think she's taking advantage of very weakened man and getting him to say things that you just shouldn't be saying on television. So you think are saying i guess the frailties of harry and meghan it and decided to cash in on that i think so. Now she'll she'll disagree of course and she might even assuming i don't care but the bottom line is it seems to me. She's working harry. Is there really bad green green. Maybe with australia sixty minutes australia. Max padded we have harry with with the oprah that old clip calling. Everyone a racist. Remember what he worked to halloween that year. Oh what s uniform. I'm glad that everyone's done something. So this is from Heyman oprah couple of weeks ago apple. tv show together. The feeling of being trapped within the family is. There was no option to leave eventually. When i made that decision for my family i restored. You can't do this as well. How 'bout is after. Get until i am able to do this. She was going to end their life. Should have to get to that. I have any regrets. Yeah my biggest regret is not making more of a stance earlier on in my relationship with my wife. According to the racist. And when i did. History was repeating. My mother was chased to death while she was in a relationship with someone who wasn't white and now look what's happened. You were talking about history itself. Then i'm going to stop until she dines and other fuck and you go through life this way. Look you're fucking royal. You're a royal against your question right there detached from reality. I guess what a way to to couch what happened to diana. They were chased until they were killed because he wasn't white rich one of the richest men on the planet and she was the most famous woman on the planet. Everybody wanted a picture. i know. By the way she would chased if she was with john. Lithgow snowden maybe even hard maybe with more vigor. She was with john just trying to think of a white guy contemporary way. Good right guy. Call vary all right. Yeah so so now. We're living in a weird time when you just play that music and then you have people that are room. Royalty talked to oprah about how scared they are about how bad their life well and it's funny because you know the royal family made no secret about how much mr markle was not invited to be a part of their family. The wedding anything and now. He's he's trying to buddy up to them he's agreeing with them saying basically carries a cock and sold out his family. We get together with randy quaid. Start a podcast. Because i'd like to produce that that would be awesome. That's a great idea. We'd call it. Maybe from canada and just all i would do is open the usa today and just shout out. Hey here's what's going on with biden's economic go to costco college shoutout. We'll take to step back. I don't know if you've seen this video but four people for women were rescued out of a boat that got caught hanging over a dam in texas on thursday. Ooh i love these video. This is crazy can play while while i talk about austin. Police said an electrical powered boat rented by the four passengers. Got stuck near the dam without enough power to get out and it is teetering over the side adding to the drama. The spillway was open because of a recent report fall. The voters initially contacted the rental company but the company sent a rescue boat. Instead of like we can help you so we got to come back with more powerful. A helicopter crew lowered life vest down and then attach the boat to a police boat with a rope to pull the boat back into the open water and none of the occupants were hurt they probably would have made about a five foot drop by bigger than that the drop. Let's see again kind of tough-angle. But i think i would never fall. They wouldn't have fallen out of the boat and got fucked sucks. Yeah yeah about ten feet either way to after the jitter hot. Should that by the way. If you got on the squawk box the person who was dropping the life preservers off via the helicopter which you have a couple of extra words. Abou- really take the fucking life fast before you leave the peer count on my helicopters. It's clearly posted throughout the doc. I'm shocked that. I didn't even know why they let you rent the boat or get on the boat. I maybe it's a california versus texas thing. But they were no way there'd be an optional. They'd have to be on the boat. Deregulation dad have to have to talk to you about it. Well that's not really freedom if you can't get on the boat until the vest is on. Well listen i'm i'm darwinian. You wanna do it. But then we're not saving as well we'll save you. We're not dropping you down something you should've had on before you before you left. Yeah you can take the zip and then we'll get you. It's interesting yeah. I wonder if they just ditched it or they just one fuck it. I mean it's like i five down a million things go. You gotta wear your life. But you don't wait. Just tell you got it. You gotta do monster on the cruise. Yeah johnson but if they they didn't even have them on the boat that's what i'm saying. That seem weird. And like i said if i was on the squawk box of the helicopter on the choice words dropping lifejackets down by the way this is a little bit of a non sequitur. But have you noticed that now. It is official when we talk about signs and signs at beaches pools. There is no pool that doesn't have the sign about active diarrhea. That is weird. Yeah it's like it's universal. Now yeah i've heard it with standups only 'cause because you imagine. Imagine a stand up staying in a hotel doing set on a friday night then saturday going and walk around hanging out by the pool seeing the diarrhea on the sign and not having that work into that night impossible right first place. I saw it. Unless i'm going insane. I think the first place i saw. It was in costa rica. Yeah that's i was like. Oh this is. Larry if you don't have active gown pool. But that's i mean how many parasites have claimed people in pools that we've had to put that sign. Gina be prepared to be correct kris seeing that the damage. Thirty six feet. No oh you're seeing is a five foot drop and then the big big after that which wasn't in the shot. Oh i do feel better now. That is scary and there from out of town like they didn't know the locals drift that far whatever but that is a pretty terrifying picture. Yeah got him. The saved them. Two of them were hot right. Sure we bring it home. Let's do it. I'm gina grad and. That's the news. Now give us your opinion. But you know. Mr chronic masturbaters the news with gina grad last sunday tucson. Every inch of that new tucson's completely reimagined result thing in an suv with innovation inside and out even learn more at hyundai dot com. That's hyundai dot com all right golden colorado. Buffalo rose coming up this friday saturday. Maybe a couple of tickets left kyle. Dunnigan is going to be on Saturday locks he's going to be performing is well the pre cocktail party so Sonny's making the trip. Come say hi to him in the Merch department he's like i made you next year. Forty dollars in the merch department. And i was like eight tickets. Eight hundred bucks kinda data and right. It's good some only seven sixty in the whole. Thank you very much. Try also Anchorage alaska coots. That'll be july third. Be this stand up there and go to amazon dot com for all the live shows until next time. Krav gina grad bald ryan. Say mahalo when it's time to change the radio range who you are and what you gonna be gentler. Follow the adam. Corolla show twitter and adam. Corolla she'll follow us on twitter. Adam early voicemail at eight eight six three four one seven four four j. gina grad and the podcast easy listening bald bryan on the film. The rest of us on the water cooler get for tickets as man get them. Now that parola dot com. Hey geiko own rent you do one or the other right you know. It's hard work out their own in. Renton you want to save some money. How about you bundle. Bundle your policies at geico. Geico makes it easy to bundle the homeownership renter's insurance along with your auto policy. 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