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"hiro tanaka" Discussed on Arch City Foot & Ankle

"Welcome back New York Yankees of the old and we stormed in Again song made a big big. Purchase today this morning is everybody knows I'm a big Yankees fan. And I know I'm living here in St. Louis, but I'm from the east coast and I had to kind of mention this morning New York Yankees anybody out there in East Coast listening to me did sign the Japanese free agent Marcia Hiro Tanaka off this morning 7 years $155 million, one of the highest free-agent signings from Japan. Actually the it is the highest a lot more effort than Yu Darvish got a few years ago by the Texas Rangers and so as I talked about him in my previous podcast about a month ago. I was against the Yankees signing him and I still feel the same way. However, I think he'll have a couple good years, but I think he'll break down probably in the second or third gear. So if they can win loss Here do some damage this year with all the signings. They made I think they signed about five new guys this year spent about four hundred and fifty four million dollar shopping spree off and hopefully they didn't enjoy the losing last year and this will put them over the edge and maybe get a Yankees Cardinals World Series next year thought I might be able to afford. But anyway this Japanese pitcher known as maken in Japan what bothers me is that I thought he pitched a lot of pitches and innings over the last seven season. He averaged about a hundred eighty eight Innings per year, which is not horrible. But what about prior to his professional career there was talking that in his high school and younger days that he threw a lot of pitches which is not a good idea dog. No with my little boy. He's only six months old and I keep telling my wife and my his grandparents that he's going to play baseball. Yeah, he's from a soccer background too long and you know being married to a Bosnian woman your opinions love their soccer. So we'll get them involved in soccer. But but baseball is my passion. I want to get my little guy off and some baseball and let him decide what he likes best. But if he does pitch he is not going to pitch a lot of innings and most likely I will not let him pitch when he's younger if he did not even want to pitch. But anyway, you know, he through this Masahiro Tanaka guy through a hundred sixty pitches in one game back in November 3rd birthday this past year in the Japanese World Series, and then he came out again in the next game, which was Game 7 to close out the game. And through a few more pictures which is kind of mind-boggling which you would never see that happen here in American in the US, but the difference is a Yankee now. Hopefully he does. Well, hopefully last he was twenty-four and O last year with the Japanese team. His era was 1.27 which it was amazing. But Japanese hitters are a lot different than American hitters. He's also known as being good under pressure plate for a expansion Japanese team, but he did play in the World Series last year for Japan against the JAMA Yuri Giants, which is the New York Yankees supposedly of the Japanese League. Anyway, he does have one of the best pitches called the splitter in the game. He doesn't throw really fast..

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