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"heritage hall lobby" Discussed on College Football Live

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"heritage hall lobby" Discussed on College Football Live

"We know everything changed the body of thirty four year. Old Nicole Brown Simpson ex-wife of OJ Simpson was found after midnight the sidewalk outside her in West Los Angeles home next to the body of an unidentified twenty six year old man both had apparently been stabbed Simpson told releasing with So five days after the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. There is the now infamous Bronco Chase the cars heading north. The vehicle is registered to Al Calla. The former teammate close friend of Oj. Simpson's who has been a fugitive from justice now. Almost twelve hour crowd growing on every Overpass that we see. Everyone remembers every overpass on the side of every high way in anywhere that people thought. OJ might go just people. We're just crowded through just lined up and so the LAPD wisely went to heritage all at USC and said you might want to get this trophy. This heisman trophy and whatever other. OJ Simpson artifacts are here. You need to get these out of this lobby and so there was one graduate assistant coach. Who was in the office that night it was? It's a Friday evening in the middle of the summer and he grabbed those out of the case and stuck them in a football office. So come Monday. The Bronco Chase is is over. OJ is now been arrested and everybody. USC believes okay. The crowds die down. We can put these items. The heisman has been in the Jersey back in this plexiglass case in the Heritage Hall Lobby. So that's where they put it and eight days later early in the morning. A custodian hair tall came into work and he noticed that one of the heisman trophy cases was empty. OJ's Jersey and nineteen sixty. Eight heisman has been trophy and the plaque that was there was gone given everything that was happening around. OJ At the time was a huge story. No it was not. It was was on campus but it really wasn't outside of Los Angeles because obviously everyone in the world this point just a few miles up the road and downtown they. They were so focused on what was happening in every single moment in every single development. Right or wrong In the Simpson murder case that no one noticed and that was good news. Just for one man in particular that Louis..

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