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"herb chasing" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Begin next Monday, provide administration renewing a push to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. Driver in a Belmont Road Rage case now been charged with murder students in the King Philip Regional School district. They're going to be learning remotely for the rest of the week. A robo call was sent out today to community members to close consideration with the boards of health from ransom. Plainville in North Walk, the district has decided to transition to a fully remote learning model. For the remainder of the week As we investigate multiple positive confirmed cases of covert 19 within the district, the message goes on to say only custodial staff will be the buildings for the rest of this week do deep cleanings. The school district says. This is being done in about 11 abundance of caution, and we'll be in touch with local health boards to reassess in the coming days. As Americans continue to get vaccinated against covert 19. There was word on progress from Johnson and Johnson, ABC medical contributor and infectious disease experts themselves for medical Doc Todd Ellery. This is a single dose vaccine and with a single dose vaccine. If it's effective, you can imagine that's going to really change the landscape of logistics and make it much easier to give. More vaccine. Maternal, meantime, says new research shows it's covert 19 vaccine does work on variants of the virus from the UK and South Africa. However, the company says out of an abundance of caution, they will develop a booster shot. For the South African strain. Voting machine Manufacturers. Dominion Voting systems is suing former President Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, saying it wanted to set the record straight and recover more than a billion dollars in damages. The company alleges Giuliani was behind a lie that Dominion had stolen votes and fixed the election for now. President Joe Biden Dominions lawyers, Tom Claire Million put him on formal written notice of these fax weeks ago. And yet he has continued to lie about Dominion over and over again. Even after the events last weekend in Washington, D C and right up to and including the filing of this lawsuit, Dominion is suing for defamation. In response, Giuliani says he will investigate a counter suit. Dozens of people needed hospital treatment following weekend protests in Russia. More than 40. People had to seek medical attention after thousands gathered in Moscow and other major cities to support Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. Navalny recently returned to Russia and was immediately detained. Police estimated about 4000 protesters gathered in Moscow alone with one human rights organization reporting over 1000 people had been detained by police. I'm Bill's him for after being trapped for two weeks in China, 11 miners have been found alive. The news is not all good, though nearly half of the trapped miners Didn't survive just to the mine in Shandong Province in the far east of the country had collapsed after an explosion January 10th, leaving the men stranded under 70 tons of debris. Rescuers mentioned to make contact with the trapped men who'd ask for pickles and porridge to be sent down to trying to stave off hunger. China's minds, of course are among the world's deadliest and Sadly, officials just announcing that despite the rescue 10 miners have bean found dead that is a B C's. He empanel a shooting in Salem, Lisa Man and a woman injured. This happened just before 8 30 last night on Perkins Street north of the victim's conditions. Their injuries are believed to be serious. Both protecting a mass general hospital. No word on any arrest. Nonprofit in Metro West is expanding one of two locations, so we conserve more low income families during the pandemic. Hoops and homework was started in 2012 by founder Herb Chasing as a way to get kids in low income neighborhoods and framing him off the streets after school. The nonprofit provides tutoring and activities for Children at its two centers, Jason says They've expanded their hours during the pandemic so that kids can actually come into the center in the morning and do their online learning there. We make stood there on line. The teacher and ask questions answered. Questions process stayed at home with these crowded departments and the parents struggling to help them with the limited English that stuff the kids are fed While they're at the center, Jason says. Their meal at 5 P.m. is often the last meal. A lot.

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