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"henry kraus" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

"If nothing else that she's going to get a big spot in a big payday before she's able to call it quits on her career. I don't know that. I would go out and pick her to win this fight. Obviously but i think she's earned it. And i think it's a good matchup casey. Is there any other. Fight for lauren murphy. To take next. I can think of one. And it's a big. Maybe but is there any other. Fight for lauren murphy. After unless it's valentina there's no reason she should take another fight The whole premise. I think there's a lot this out there. Oh gonna get smashed rebounding tina whatever she wants to fight bound him with up say care. It doesn't matter the champ. The champ champions the best for a reason why the champ everyone should be an underdog fighting the champ. i mean just because you're going to get by champ. Lauren murphy has earned her opportunity to get your ass kicked by balancing shevchenko. It is an honor to get your ass. Kicked the bounty shevchenko. That's that's what you do in the sport you you work your way up to get eventually beat up bouncing valentina shevchenko. That's how it works. I don't understand that she's not ready. She's working she earned the spot did she actual question. She's she's she's thirty seven like she's not ready. She's ready now than she's ever going to be like his valentina shevchenko just not supposed to fight until we find somebody who's actually actually like this is just how it happens. Dj was out here. This dj racked up the most title defenses. You'll see history like you. Just give the next person in line the opportunity and maybe sometimes you'll get a t. j. dillashaw and barral out of that. Oh my god. We don't see nobody's ready 'till they are say like chris. Widen wasn't ready for aniston silva you know holly home wasn't ready for the rally. Then she won. There's i can. You can do this over and over forever but yeah i just think it's at least that premise but the literally there literally is no other option. Like here's the top five right here jessica garage caitlyn kagan laura murphy jennifer. Maya and valentina. Shift jangle obviously like everybody. Else has fought lauren. Murphy is the person she had. There's no one left would would. Would anyone be surprised if the ufc booked hurts. Welcome tatiana suarez to the flyweight division. I'll be disappointed. I i would be disappointed. But i wouldn't be surprised i wouldn't into a i i i want like lauren should fight. Valentine next. Hundred percent agree with that. But tatiana suarez has said she she wants to come comeback one twenty. Everyone kind of assumed it would be against count. Uk again because she's been kind of the ones who welcome The the straits coming up to flyway but if dana white for whatever reason doesn't want lauren murphy to fight valentin next and he wants tatiana suarez to fire next. Because he wants her. He views her as a way. It's a more marketable fighter. Give her the number one contender and lauren. Murphy beats jonah. dan. Valentine beat murphy than for valentine valentine whatever. Don't think should happen. But i wouldn't be surprised. I'll tell you why it's not going to happen. It's not going to happen because the you've seen title fights and right now. Every valentina title fight is at least a title fight on the card that they can throw up there. They're not gonna just sit around with valentino. She's ready to go. She's ready to go fight if if she wants to get on a card. They're going to just throw her against the best possible option is right now. That's lauren murphy. They're not gonna wait you know. Hey valentina i. We're gonna have a contender for you in in five months. Just chill out. Now that you've seen operates they're just gonna keep the train movement in the source thing. I don't think works either because we had the injury. Possibility tatyana absolutely competed so what they build up this big fight and then tatyana gets injured. You know her net goes out again murphy again on short notice to me. She ain't radio. Whatever marvin vittori wasn't ready for israel. Donya we didn't have an issue with native inning glendow last week. That was fine. Murphy's undershot i don't get it. Yeah it is what it is. She's earn. And yeah. I don't i don't i mean we can talk. And who's going to win blah blah blah blah. That you know. Of course. Valentine is going to be the heavy favorite but you know what no one's roll through. People have been warren through her. No one's lauren. murphy. Lauren murphy looks her opponents. Look real bad. And i think that's a skill. And and that's the kind of laura murphy is dyke in our fights i know one either. No one looks really good or really bad. Because he's just kind of happened. Joe didn't get exposed or didn't get you know didn't look great and robbed or anything. It's just you know we kinda come out filling the same about him. Essentially kind issue of laura murphy. It's not her fault but she just hasn't you know just you know if you wanna finish joe joe and forty five seconds on the ground and pound or whatever. Our does our opinions change at all. Just we're we're in the same situation you know. Someone has tina nor murphy. Got the judge's decision so she's not gonna happen next question. Tristen dan pompilio on twitter about people. Killing it in in bella or looks like poker's not trying to ruined him anymore. One won't be ready for the top five. And what do you think about colonials debut. Pf l. so two questions. Peak of course emerged victorious This ballot or to sixty correct number on friday How many wins in a row. Is that for hour pico. That is four a row now. Four or five four in a row since his most recent was his knockout loss to board large right board. Who is who in turn has emerged as one of the best featherweights on planet earth so and then before that it was a knockout loss to henry. Kraus again and who's now one thirty five. I remember correctly. Art hidden guy and pico was winning that fight until you got punched in the face really hard. So case you'll start with you what do you make. Aaron peco's chances at iran at the title. I know that the titles kind of a up in the air right now with the pit bull mckee fight. That still has to happen. But what do you make a run. Balladur errands interviews. He kinda he lays it out pretty well when he came into this sport. He was a great wrestler. He was a great striker. He did not know how to fight mixed martial arts. That's all i mean that's about it. He took his losses. He learned from them. He actually so after the ira's loss Which i think was as being second loss of his career. Yeah i his first fight in bella. Tour was as i lost. That was this first. One forty five loss and He he changed management..

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