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"henry ben randall" Discussed on The Jordan Harbinger Show

"If you're listening to us on the overcast overcast player. Please click that little star next to the episode. We really appreciate it and now for the conclusion of part one with Jack Barsky you mentioned in the book deep undercover. That caution is a spies. Best Friend and paranoia is his enemy. What does that mean that's well put? Isn't it unlock that well. Obviously you have to be cautionary but if you take this to an extreme at any point in time in my career so to speak. I couldn't come up with fifty to a hundred reasons why I shouldn't be doing this by. Yeah there's danger lurking around every corner and if you can put this out of your mind then you will freeze freeze because then you just being your pants out of fear as almost like performance anxiety you. I'm sure you're familiar with that. Any good performer has a certain level of performance anxiety. If you go too far you can't perform but if you don't have it your entire being will not be ready to do. Its very best. I I think that's what I meant by saying. Don't be afraid to be scared but don't be scared to a point where you can't operate any more than you might as well Arkadi go home. How do you keep those things straight? Because caution and paranoia are basically on the same spectrum because I think you can do that only in the realm home of reason when you allow you emotions to take over. That question very quickly turned into fear that cannot be managed. It's reason reason you reason with yourself. You know this can't happen this can happen. It doesn't make any sense that the probabilities of something going bad are very low. Put this out of your mind. That's it's fascinating right so you have to control your emotional response to things otherwise you will start to become paranoid. which is the far end of the spectrum? When it comes to the caution so in other words you can become so cautious that you become ineffective? Yeah and I think my scientific training that a lot to do with is when I said. I studied chemistry. Mr Yeah. There was a lot of math in there and always been a numbers person. So when you go into a particular situation when you go into a new endeavour and you figured the probabilities are reasonably in your favor. Then you stop thinking about it you just do it so finally the KGB sends you to Canada. You're ready for almost prime time. I'm you're watching a ton of TV. You mentioned the price is right and you will good times with JJ and Dino yes sir and you you said he had trouble understanding him is that because he spoke essentially an urban dialect of English. That you wouldn't have learned from your teacher Jive right. I could not understand it. I mean it was so oh foreign to me and nowadays you know. I don't even know why I didn't understand it but I had learned what you call high American so to speak. It's not the doesn't doesn't exist. But you know the midwestern brand of the American accent and I could not understand No way I barely managed to understand the flow person out of the diner episode because she had a southern accent. I managed to understand her. You know in in it showed me that I was far away away from actually being an American. That test trip was actually a real good thing. That helped me a lot to understand a to make sure that I don't go into the real game cocky. That's like when you have a good practice. Game in the new coach will tell you all the bad things that you did. You know in my case I just notice that all myself right so you had to pick up so so many different things you mentioned flow from the diner. She's the kiss my grits. That's a Sir that type of thing I watched a lot of TV as a kid. Can you tell we watch the same. MM stuff but what. You probably didn't watch the friendly giant from Canadian broadcasting. I did and I'll tell you why I grew up in Detroit so I was right across from Windsor. And you mentioned going to win the book and you nailed the American common here. You say it's always worth the trip across the river your beer so much better than ours. That is something that everybody Eddie from Detroit says when they go to Windsor which we do all the time. Oh that was a good guess. I had no clue but I knew that the beer was better. I don't know how I knew this because I hadn't had any American beer but I knew it was by law was weaker. Maybe while I was in Montreal people were bragging about well. You know cow beer so much better than you know because the Canadians have a chip on the shoulder and anytime they can say something. We'll talk about something where they're better superior to the southern neighbor they they will rub it in your face. He of course that definitely makes accents. Maybe a little bit of a complex. They're now they're just glad they don't have to deal with the same politicians we do but back then definitely there was a little bit of. Hey you know we're different in this way no offense. I love Canadian brothers and the majority of really good comedians in the United States. So we'll come from Canada so thank you very much for that court. Of course that look you had to acquire choir your identity in Canada. Can you tell us how you tried to get the birth certificate and become essentially American or at that point by what you're doing there. There was a failure. Actually besides this being practice trip I was also instructed to get a copy of birth certificate of a young person who had passed at the early age. I don't know how they found out. I have no idea how they actually found that information. Because the county where the person was born was someplace in California. Nia and the only place in California where the Soviets had folks operating out of San Francisco no idea so anyway. They gave me a name. They gave me basic information and in those days at least it was possible to that you can get a copy of her birth certificate by May also I sat down. I wrote a little letters as I'm Henry Ben Randall. which is the real name that this person had? I remember that one and this is my father's name is my mother's name was born on this date in this place. I'd like to have a copy of my birth certificate and closes the amount of you know there was a fee attached to it and I mailed a letter and then I waited and I waited instead of taking the week or two weeks as we had thought after like five or six weeks. I decided I gotta do something about it. I'm actually called the registrar's Office of the county and I sorta pretended to be angry. I yelled at them as is. Hey listen what happened to my birth certificate. You got my money so can can. I please have what I paid for. And so there was a back and forth and eventually the lady at the other end or whoever was could have been a guy but I think it was a lady I said okay. We'll take care of it and with a week's time I get a letter in the mail. It's addressed to end remand Randall at the address where I lived. I amassed the address was a small hotel so it wasn't visible. There was a hotel and it was from California. Say who in I collect downstairs. Go Up to my room and in anticipation nation of this great success. I opened the letter and I pull this thing out and I was one of the biggest disappointments in my entire life. I mean it ranks only second into being dumped by. My first girlfriend was a bold red letters stamped across from bottom left to top right deceased so this is what I was thinking. Oh Shit because you know immediately you understand that here is a ours Lewis says send me a copy of my birth certificate but the I died something is wrong so you know I packed up. I left Montreal in a went on the rest of my trip. You know from town to town until till I wound up in Windsor and later on I found out that actually law enforcement was on my tail but never really caught up with me as a matter of fact the F. B. I. During my debriefing process or you'll recall it interrogation whatever you WANNA call it. But they showed me a police sketch of me. Wow that was taken based on the folks who were running the hotel giving them a description of what I looked like I mean I escaped by heads breath of being caught at doc point noble undercover career. You know they would have put me in jail. I would've told him you know. I WANNA talk with East German Embassy and eventually you know they could have kept in jail for a while and then I would have been exchanged. I have no idea what the Russians would have done with me but certainly I was off the market for an undercover career case. That's insane. How did you become Jack Barsky and realized this in the book is quite the Saga but how did you become Barsky? who was this person because it's easier for us to say it's the person you're talking to you now but that wasn't always the case? Well after this failure to acquire the birth certificate of Mr Van. Randall the Soviets decided that maybe maybe we will do something different. They sent me back to Berlin for a while with the instructions to learn Portuguese. All idea that somehow Brazil was in the picture they never disclosed whether Brazil was going to be a waystation into the United States which would have been quite normal what they did very often. The goal to the United States by the from country or with a Brazil was going to be the final stop for me but anyway but after about six months I got a call from my handler. Oh listen pack bags OCTA Moscow. We got a birth certificate for you to some diplomat in Washington. DC was wondering around in cemeteries and he found on the gravestone that was engraved with the name of Jack. Barsky born in nineteen forty four best away in nineteen fifty four. I know that now but I didn't know it. Then but he posed as the father of the deceased I acquired a debt certificate. And would that actually was able to get a copy of the original birth certificate then sent it to Moscow and it was added to me and that's how it became Jack. Barsky what do you think of that whole thing. Now I mean is there any sort of at any level in your head. Is there sort of any identity issues that look you've been living under the name of a dead kid for a long time but at the same time that's you also now. Two answers possibly be with three but two primary answers to the question eight. It was standard operating procedure. By Soviet intelligence to steal people's identities particularly individuals would passed the way at younger ages. They did this to out in the thirties and forties at into the fifties number two. I don't feel good about it and I had plans to change the name back to my at least last name back to my German name. which would do well in American English as I could be pronounced the dietrich but I couldn't at the time because I was involved in some civil proceedings in court and you're not allowed to change your name then was caught by sixty minutes and before you know it you know I now have a brand name that says Jack Barsky? I can't get out of it and continue to function in the way I'm functioning now now as an author public speaker all that heat I just. Can't you know eventually I have to find my daughter by the way Chelsea the one who plays a big role in my life she changed her last name back to the German last name. One of those days. I'll find a way to at least shed part of that name because this is one of the things that I don't feel good about. There's not too many things whereas said I was absolutely fundamentally morally wrong but this is one of them every time somebody asks me that question what I think about it you know I just want us to go away with it's hard. Yeah I can imagine and I understand the tough spot that you're in. I don't know if I would have done anything differently. It seems very tough to be able to change something like that after so many years in it to a certain extent rent. You've had the name Jack Barsky longer than the person who originally had it and so I don't know it's tricky. I had it longer than the German named and think about this one. I got a six searle. You ask her. What's your name Kennedy? Barsky Oh yeah okay. So it's a good Jewish Polish name. A lot of people attach your motions to names James. I don't because I carried a lot of them particularly when I travelled illegally but you have to respect for other people look at names of very often people attached their own self to a particular name that they carry. Yeah well again. You didn't so and I think it's more your choice now. The original Jack Barsky has nothing to say about it. In fact in many ways lift fuller life than than he ever had of course so I definitely understand both sides of the equation. Tell us about your arrival in the United States. Now you're finally ready for Primetime wasn't what you can't make that up tenue and that's indicative. How poorly prepared I was the Russians? Didn't have anybody in Chicago ago. So they couldn't prepare me for what to look out for Chicago in what areas to avoid so when I arrived late in the evening when I e planes blamed got through customs the first thing is the place to sleep so I look up the yellow pages. Look up the hotel I call them up a major organization..

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