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"henna lincoln" Discussed on The Cincinnati and Dayton Sports Podcast

"That it's supposed to be was supposed to be negative six on sunday but let's carry on. I want to talk about first up these southwest ohio high school hockey league varsity tournament now this year. There's no central elks. The elks can feel the team. Which that stunk. The taboada brave decided to go into painted for the year. So that's two teams out meaning. They're six varsity teams in the national. We'll talk about. The tournament will be primarily held itself metro. Sports in fact tonight tomorrow and valentine's day is your entire bracket breakdown. We'll start off with the game already in the books. The mason comets who've picked up the three seed in the swath tournament a takedown elder with force nine three comets win and the other quarter-final game because tomorrow's supposed to be semi-final games of that championship. Valentine's day we'll be beaver. Creek the topsy to beavers winning the regular season title in the southwest. Ohio high school hockey league. We'll take on either number. Four troy or number five. Sycamore be played on the twelfth. At seven tonight at south metro. Let's tell you about how the standings broke down in the south west beaver creek. They won all but one conference game. In fact they went undefeated in swat show play with nine wins and a tie. Second-place the alternates. Eight one and one. Three quarters of a game back of beaver creek. I tell you coach. Barry and coach government. Those are two coaches do wonderful jobs with their schools and they do their best to grow. The sport around here is beaver creek. Coach government being a forber air force. You know air force member you know. E makes the beavers practice more. This is rob. Thomas bush one of the top players on the beavers. It just you know it means a little bit more in terms of working out and you know a fiscal regimen and everything like that. That's why i've been told. But you know alters got deep bench. These teams could give the opponents in the state. Playoffs fits but libor that later mason. What five and five in league. Play four and a half back of beaver creek. They scored thirty six allowed. Forty four whereas beaver creek scored the second most about a goal sixty to alter went top. Seventy three nights also gave up one less school. That beaver creek twelve to thirteen. But you know if i at twelve or thirteen goals give it up. I wouldn't complain about that number at all. Four place detroit. Trojans they went four and six newcomers on their team got to build the trojan army back up. and you know what i think codes. Zappa's doing a nice job troy said they're doing a great job as well. They're building up. They start off as club teams. That became a varsity team a few years back. Singapore three and seven of the year and owen ten. And that's how the southwest. Ohio broke down so again beaver creek. They'll play tomorrow at noon. They'll take on either. Troy or sycamore fourth seeded trojans against the fifth seeded aves and mason. It already punch their ticket in to take on alter tomorrow at two. it will be the comets. The three cd comets gets number to alter and that whoever wins the semi final game skits the plate nude valentine's day against well the winters. So if you go by the highest seed beaver creek alter should be played for the cup. But that's why you don't just look at a screen it's like. Oh yeah that's going to happen. That's why you play the games on the ice. So that's what the southwest. Ohio high school hockey league tournament looks like before state playoffs begin. What is the capital hockey conference. Look like well remember. It's called the blue jackets cup. Which i think is an awesome thing. I was nice. Cyclones were named the southwest. Ohio high school hockey league tournament and hold it at heritage bank. But that's another topic for another type. What i like to talk about there is a varsity. there's a championship side and a constellation site. There's also a jv cup as well. We'll talk about the jv cup. I actually because there are two since nineteen on top of the junior varsity division. The saint xavier bobbers have the number one seed overall and muller not too far behind as the two seed. So the junior varsity game. The judy varsity blue jackets brother. The first game of the books number eight olatunji. Orange defeated diageo lincoln. Seventy-five believe this is the first time at a while. Henna lincoln has fielded a jv team which is nice to seep so olatunji orange. We'll get a date. Friday at eight ten at the dublin chiller rink to against number one. Say next what else is happening. Well at the dublin. One rink remember. The chillers have multiple rings except the springfield. One the chiller. Rfs three sheets of ice. And i think the rest of columbus have to accept is works but is works is just one so there you go anyway. Upper arlington four bears. Get number five. saint charles that's at the dublin. One on saturday at noon. Monday on the eighth at nine thirty which has already happened. Wow i did not catch that silly me. It was the olatunji liberty patriots. Jv squat knocking off double jerome. The three and six battle and liberty winds at eight to two at bowler took down ola teigen berlin and the bears five to to take him down seven so he got number two baller against number three liberty. That should be a good showdown saturday. Five at dublin. One so the winner of liberty bowler will get the winner of saint ex orange against the winner of upper arlington in saint charles. Which will be played saturday the thirteenth at six thirty at dublin. One for the junior varsity blue jackets cup champion. it'll be played at the dublin. The fourteenth thirty will determine who went c. jv cup let's tell you about these standings and jv. I mentioned had the top seed. The bobbers went night. One into scoring seventy goals and allowing twenty two very good year for saint ex also molar not too shabby. They play two more games and their web percentages zero point zero one worse than say so. That's why you know molar. Got the second seed sadiq. Scott the top seed but the crusaders went eleven to a one while scoring seventy seven goals. If you think that's the most nope olatunji. Liberties scored ninety of the goals. At least about was upper arlington. Giving up eighteen goals. The bears went six three and three saint charles. Six five and three double zero three ten into a latino related three ten and one olatunji. Orange went to in six and eight games. And by the way the pioneers played the least amount of games on the jv rakes. And got hailing one twelve and one. So that's jv standings as we move back to the blue jackets cup varsity. We'll talk about the standings. I actually because that is an important piece. Do talk about in the red division which is considered the toughest division in the capital hockey conference saint charles twelve to at one. That one's a tie by the way. What the cards. And they clinched the top spot in the red division. They finished a point better. And how what is that. Eight percent ditch points better than upper arlington. The goal bears went eleven three into overtime losses. Olatunji liberty ten three wanted one olatunji orange ted four and one overtime loss. Wwj rogue four one one nine two one. This is coming off new albanese..

Henna lincoln saturday Eight percent Barry Friday twelve Scott tonight saint charles eighteen goals six newcomers Eight twelfth eight games eleven Zappa Olatunji liberty this year first game seventy goals