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"Night, Trump returned home from his trip to Finland have Trump walked into the White House. And immediately texted Putin that he got home safe Steve Colbert mentioned Trump's Trump officials and the Helsinki summit Solomon. Even Trump officials are embarrassed by his Putin show now, they're embarrass was with them with the Nazis and imprisoning children but siding with the Russkies They killed Apollo creed Seth Meyers, joked about. President Trump, walking back his comments President Trump claims that, he meant to say I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be Russia who. Meddle in our election and Milan is now saying, that at their wedding, she meant. To say I don't Myers then brought, up the ghost of, Ronald Reagan President, sounds press conference with, Russian, President Vladimir Putin yesterday a House Republicans said quote. The ghost of Reagan is probably mad as, hell while the ghost of Trump is probably slammer And that's the road late night mash up It's, six fifty one at k s our oh let's get you up to speed and on the news this morning and in the news to President Trump clarifying statements, now that have sparked outrage across the nation a US. Senator recommending a measure to instantly punish Russia if it interferes with our elections again and the boys. Trapped, in that tight cave for, two weeks finally heading home from the hospital they gave a press conference this morning along. With the navy seal divers who rescued them. Let's recap the top local stories for. You PGE sets launch new high-tech weather system it's designed to predict wildfires..

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