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Spooktator Presents: Hellier (Haylier)


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Spooktator Presents: Hellier (Haylier)

"Hey there folks. Here's the little bonus listening monster talk repeat guest Hayley Stevens runs a show called the spook. Tater she recently asked me Jeb card on to talk about the paranormal series Hellier. You may know JEB from the Monster House. Show in research out. That's the show. Where Jeb I re watched the old TV show in search of and deliver the facts that the producers sometimes left out. The three of US watched the series Hellier and then we made a valiant effort to contextualized huge number of topics that are covered in that series. So far I think this is a great episode with the slight complaint which is my own fault that he didn't think too big Haley. Call Her hellier episode failure. My deepest apologies. You can find the rest of the Spook tater on Itunes or your podcast aggregate of choice and you can check the show notes. If you need a link. Hope you enjoy it. News Network podcast. A My name is Hayley Stevens Ama- scientific paranormal researcher based in the UK. And the host of the spectator podcast which examines strange elements of Life Society International Culture in the media in this episode armed joined by Blake Smith and JEB COD. And we're aim to be discussing hellier. The series produced by planet with Blake. Smith is a writer researcher. Impo Kosta with an incurable condition. Just ignore that bit and you'll be fine. Your name him from such shows as monster talk and in research of the last year of which he co host with Jeb cod archaeologist and make a report choices in regards to studying the paranormal last year when I decided to watch hellier season one. I didn't know what I was letting myself. In for two seasons of Hellier in total which will take you on a journey free cricketers while iggy Ufology the account. Ciphers the philosophy of synchronicity psychic abilities. Parapsychology astrology high strangeness and Much More Available on Amazon prime off a free to watch on youtube the hellier investigation spans fifteen episodes across two seasons and other UK listeners. May Not be familiar with it. It's quite a big deal in the states. Research indicates after watching left me feeling baffled so I got in touch with Jabeen Blake and began to learn more about the ideas behind the season which had been brought together by the Hellier cast to try and make sense of their mystery. The problem is that the mystery. They're trying to investigate is one of their own making in this episode of The Spectator. We're going to attempt to pick apart those ideas and the mystery at the heart of heavier. A good place to start is at the beginning so without five ready we be mentioning the idea of synchronicity law throughout this episode. So anyone to explain this now for listeners. Human what is Oh boy. That's that's a order. That's that's fairly tall blake. Do you have thoughts? I have a few but let me throw a thing or two out there. So the word itself comes from Jungian Psychology. Carl young and it has to do with the big hit in paranormal circles. He is in that. That's there's a lot of reasons among which that he wrote about. Ufo's contemporaneous to the first Ufo Flop he His idea is that that this idea of what they call meaningful coincidences. So when you see something and later on in a different context see the same thing that it starts to tie together and have a special meaning for you. He's changed the definition over the course of his career and he's not with US anymore But in the context of this show it's about finding coincidences and then attributing bat to have special significance Now there's this medical condition called apathy. Neha win some or just description of how the human mind works. I'm not sure I called a medical condition. Well it's going to say there's a concept of pathological APP Athena which is really It can contribute to conspiratorial thinking. And then there's just general of Athenian when you see patterns where there aren't any are maybe mixed festival significant you see That that kind of thing in the people who see Jesus at a piece of toast And Hera goalie the sort of it dies subset about Fania whereas if you were to say I don't know make a whiteboard full of lots of numbers and then find the Great God pan in it that more numerous logical APP FINA which I call crappy. Yes I love it. I want this out right here. We're going to be talking about all of this. I am going to try to be on my charitable best as a cultural server. There's a lot of things that are going to happen. If you're not ready for an initiation I don't know maybe be careful listening to this so just putting that out there no if you have have only the Vegas interest in the paranormal and the way it overlaps with the magical this is like drinking a smoothie made of like twenty or thirty paranormal concept so yeah so hellier begins out with Gregg. Indiana newkirk receiving an email from a man could David Christie who claims to have goblins coming out of a cave on his property in Hellier Kentucky. Greg Dana are married. Couple who ghost hunters and they run the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal The occult. I think it's called. This isn't the first report of caped wedding. Goblins to come out of Kentucky. Is it though? Blake? You've done a little bit of research on this. Yeah the background research. But you've done experimental. I have the mental. Yeah so this comes out of the Kelly Hopkinsville goblins case Which is fifty five. I think August nineteen fifty five. Yeah and that is It's a famous case way more than we need to go into here. But the the general idea was that there was a family living in Rural Kentucky and one night they were besieged by a little green men. little Pointing or goblins points necessarily green. They're sort of say. We're not lowy. Yeah they were glowing and the skeptical. Take on that it was. It was probably owls but whatever it was it really happened. They really saw something. They were really scared. They went to the cops and state police in Lots of people came to investigate. They didn't find anything they left. The gobs came back and then when the sun came up that was over and nothing else ever happened. Our did it. I don't know they seem to imply here. There's more goblins in Kentucky and we might be able to throw this into the show notes but in in the Nineteen Seventies Kufo center logical or UFO studies founded by J Allen. Hynek who's very famous for his suspicion of Blue Book. They did an extensive study of the Kelley case and other ones in Nineteen fifty-five associated with ufologists Leonard. String field from the Cincinnati area which I'm north of and the new kirks are part of and my interest in this is partly due to my interest in the Loveland Frog case Which is in sort of the northern edge of of the Cincinnati area. This is all happening in the same summer. Well and the very first level frogs actually march. It's all happening the same year. And it's all tied the Leonard String field. So there's this whole thing then of weird humanoids Goblins as I think. We're going to talk about the idea of strange. Humanoids is not unusual in the Appalachian area of the eastern United States. Exactly and the Loughlin. We've actually Kate we discussed that before on this tighter Because these were humanoid creatures that had once one day and they they held the ones up towards people who had seen them driving on the road in the nineteen fifty five case. And there's a couple of versions of this and we're not going to get deep into this because I haven't looking into this and again look at that. Kufo report that we can link to has all along the details. It does mention frog faced humanoids that have a sparking wand or something in nineteen fifty five and that's taken by Leonard Springfield who is at the time up sort of premier flying saucer investigator because the term ufo is only starting to come into common use. A So he was talking about flying saucers in the seventies it becomes more frog man like Whereas earlier told me out so early on it gets not unlike the Chew Picabo era in Nineteen Ninety five because it was I talked to ufo. Investigators it gets tied to UFO's and then later becomes stranger. You see something similar. Ones and strong winds are gonNA show up in the hell your narrative. This is not unusual because frogs do metamorphose to say. Oh Yeah Yep now. So the case that the crew of Hedda investigate happens in twenty twelve did she say that's when they get the email and it appears to be in relative real time where we have an individual a doctor David Christie who. I'm just going. We'll spoil this because it's for season. They eventually realized there's a decent chance at this person may not have existed or or maybe they did and they do some research and then later some research but they're getting emails about strange small little gray as in grey alien looking creatures sort of assault. Nice salting but almost like playing tricks or being inquisitive about the the household in in Kentucky. And there's a nearby cave and bad things happen to Dr Christie's dog and they spirit him away F- away. Yeah there's photographs of footprints and actually of them and I will. I will just simply put this out here. I noticed this when this came out in two thousand twelve I was. I was aware of planet weird. I think at that time it was it was maybe who forwarded I forget? They changed the name of it and it sounded quite a bit low and and I've seen them speak about this. It sounded quite a bit like Some stories by people that are very similar that have been that while they were fiction. Were very influential on the creation of UFO and paranormal lore like HP lovecraft the whisper in darkness for example about a hermit in in in Vermont. Who sends letters instead of emails to people about strange creatures that leave footprints messing with their dog. And there's a nearby cave in a hill and they're worried that they're aliens etc etc etc. This I would say in general the very nature of the stuff that drives this. Hold this documentary or whatever you WANNA call this. I'm not sure what to call this series. I don't know it probably wouldn't serve us. Well are you as an audience for us to do it? You know point-by-point take down of the various claims. But it's more interesting to say if you did if you do. The is it a high high. I think it's high winds appeared. Says before you go investigative thing make sure it actually happened at all right it. Yeah and fair. They eventually do. Yeah but they've already gone to the location at that point late. They've traveled in a cabin in the place. They've they're doing this until tax. Write off -able right but but yeah. It's at any point being that we'll do better to talk about the content. I think and how it relates to the whole field. Overlap large paranormal. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. I was actually going to discuss next the fact that we have this case it's happening in two thousand twelve this guy while somebody claimed this David Christie sending photographs goblins and foot at Princeton. Things like that. It is worth noting and they talk about this in the in in the show that it is sent to the old defunct email of win. They were baby. Ghost hunters like in their late teens. Early Twenties and they had moved on and so this is it comes to them from straight to from a strange place to a strange place. We can maybe talk about that. But it's Weird. It also very quickly in this series is starts to shift because at the beginning of you think it's going to be this investigation of these creatures and equipped to investigation perhaps a strange creature and then it shifts very quickly and suddenly it's getting linked to all sorts of things such as the flatwoods. Monster in the Mothman case from point pleasant. Why is this wettest? This'll come from so very quickly for for the listeners. In case you're not aware when we say Mothman we're both talking about a thing that was seen in the late nineteen sixty S. But what we're really talking about is paranormal author and I I would say philosopher John Keel John Alva Keel. Who wrote a number of books that in the late sixties and early seventies were part of I would say the first kind of conscious? Paranormal psychical research turn in study of. Ufo's where people like. Jacques Valet are noticing All these stories of little men coming out of saucers and collected argest like fairy stories and John Keel instead of saying they are from Zeta to outer space and space. Travelers starts to point out that they are like creatures of old and like myths of old. And there's a lot of sort of magical occult things and this is where the notion of a window area emerges this has become sort of commonplace notion if you if you recognize the words Skin Walker ranch which is now a TV show. Or it's going to be. I don't I'm not sure which you know. The idea of a window area This emerges around point pleasant West Virginia which is right on the border with Ohio and in his near. Kentucky's it's not on the border continues. Close this starts to get I think that there has been relevant of an Apple Lakey in Appalachia. I always say Appalachian and I know that's wrong sort of so hail hail you're you're in the UK and your your england-based right. That's right Yup. And while there's this whole notion that the British isles have all these haunting and whatnot. There are certain areas like Cornwall like the quote Unquote Celtic fringe. That in the nineteenth to twentieth century there is a huge amount of interest in documenting them folkloric because they are considered to be maybe different than England and there's a lot of ideas of spirits and folklore and ferries with without Appalachia. Kind of has that in the. Us cultural context. Okay and I would say that the fact in fact if you go watch so one of the things about Hellier. This was not on the discovery channel. This was not on history. This was not on any any corporate channel. They put this out on Youtube and on Amazon prime for a little bit but then on Youtube in other words they've been doing this independently which I think is very interesting. We may come back to that if you go to the youtube videos and we can link to these can easily find them yourself and you look at the comments so many of the comments here are. I am from this area. This area is weird. This area is where the veil is thin. This is an area where strange things happen. Unlike the rest of the country. Yeah and I think that is something that has specially developed sense the Mothman Prophecies. They they a movie. They adapted the book by John Keel into a fictional film. I think two thousand and two starring Richard Gere and Laura Linney and Blake. You've you've interviewed the screenwriter. For The Mothman. Prophecies fell yes. Yes that's Richard Hatem and not only have I interviewed him. We've also had drinks together of fun Guy But yeah he actually got to meet John Keel and he. He found the the book I believe if I remember correctly like just in the used bookstore and picked it up and read it was like Oh Wow. This is great and it is a great book. It is I I've heard I mean it's just a really enjoyable read it. I think I've learned since reading it that it's less of a true and factual accounting of what happened in the Ohio Valley at time and his own peers have called it In cold blood in cold blood of the paranormal but I would call a Gonzo journalism. Yeah but so lightly fictionalized but then a lot of his life wise. I mean like we talk about him as a paranormal investigator. Some people think of him as Ufo investigator but really his whole life. He was researching in searching for magic and called himself a demon knowledge EST so kills First Book. Je do or Jay do is is his search in the Orient as he would have put it at maybe at that time Going to Asia. Look for the last places where magic might still exist which we're talking about disenchantment Max Vaber the idea that the industrialization and rationalization as white magic from the world by so first off Keel centering on point pleasant West Virginia although he groped a lot of things from the New York area in nineteen sixty seven creates what becomes this notion that many things are connected where you have bigfoot sightings and UFO's and Weird Birds and Mothman in men in black and all of that so first of all there's that aspect that he is a philosopher of the paranormal that becomes incredibly influential in the two thousands but secondly his book screen adapted by Richard. Hatem is turned into a two thousand two film that I think is pretty good. It feels like a long and somewhat philosophical episode of the x files. But I recommend it that kind of kicks off a whole micro community or or maybe not micro around point pleasant and around the moth man to wear now you have and I have tried to go the last couple of years. And just things like booked a hotel booked things and I've had to cancel last couple of years in early September. The Mothman Festival in town of I think point three to four thousand people attracts fifteen thousand people for. It's absolutely huge festival every year. Like this is this is Roswell level or bigger and when Blake and I have gone to cryptic con the last few years in the Kentucky area. Were you see a lot of these people including the new irks? It is clear that Mothman is a huge deal. In fact we literally see that in some of the visual evidence in the film or whatever in the series. It started out the whole thing. Isn't it every episode as some kind of ICONOGRAPHY relating to kill but specifically relating to the Mothman creature all over it and they mentioned it they mentioned? No I met this person there is become sort of a regional thing and I think it has become the sort of the high ground of this notion of a an enchanted in haunted Appalachia and especially West Virginia. And this has only been exacerbated by pop culture in the last few years with the video. Game I think it's fallout seventy six. Which is an open world video game which is set after one thousand? Nine hundred fifties nuclear apocalypse. Which doesn't resonate at all right now. And and in it The moth man point pleasant the flatwoods monster and other sorts of folklore of West Virginia are prominent and this has attracted a whole bunch of young people to a lot of these ideas. And I think that that is part of the cultural background of Hellier. Sea mentioned that this idea from Kale Lots of different kind of Sa- phenomena can interconnected is that the paranormal unified field. Theory comes from so I created the the acronym puffed for three. I'm absolutely not the first person to talk about the idea of the unified field theory or unified something in fact it even mentioned in healthier so I'm not I'm not claiming that but it's a thing I've been working on and I and I have put some definitional and inbetween putting classes online and you know one of the horsemen riding. I've been a little busy recently as we all have. But it's something I'm working on and and I can't get into all of this but I personally and I've talked about this elsewhere like this is not the first time I've talked about this and I also have an imprint. To some degree that there has been a movement started by people like John Keel like Jok Valet at one point although now is not a fan of it drome Clark Loren Coleman of these other people that have since moved away from this in some degree. An owner Stan Gordon western Pennsylvania a nineteen seventy-three and whatnot. Basically pointing out that. If you start to talk to people about UFO's if you don't limit your questions to oh well. What did you see in the sky that you thought was an alien? You will also get. Oh also I saw. Bigfoot also saw an orb. Oh Yeah I was abducted by aliens but also my deceased relative was there and they were part of this in the spirit. World was part of it. All these things overlap dramatically when you start talking to people and that has only grown and yeah and this might be a good point. Let me let me inject that. This may have always been the case but the people who are researching Vo Stories might have omitted this part of the story. That didn't comport. Yeah so I would say they purposely. Have I mean it? Was it for quite a while in abduction communities that you know there was there was a lord that if you did religious rights while you thought you were being abducted would end which suggests that sort of a demon -nology and we know that there are abduction est who did not include that in their books right. That's that's it's that filtering that I think is we. What we don't know is how many of them left out. What and so by doing so they give you the what you might think of the nuts and bolts view of you. Ufo's back at the time but at the same time that that was going on we had like the the contact ease which were much more of a spiritual kind of view and so. I think what we're seeing. Here is a a more intentional break down those barriers maybe the barriers only artificial in the first place but Hellier is just blowing them all away by mixing every Artif- icial of one of the things I find fascinating. Is this notion of Window Areas. Like point pleasant like a San Luis valley like a skin Walker ranch where you have all of these things together. The thing that seems to join them all is oh. An investigator goes out there and is willing to listen to bigfoot. Ufo PSYCHICAL WEIRD ARCHAEOLOGY GO. S- whatever and once they're willing to listen to all of that all of a sudden the the reports flood in I am personally of the opinion that a window area is a roughly blank number of miles radius around investigator. Yes I was GONNA say. I think it's is quite interesting when these things are reported because it does depend only investigates a witch phenomenon is anchored to which so I was conference a few months ago where somebody spike about Jim Big fit and mentioned how old phenomena is often seen when bigfoot surround. But that may be a grocery satcher someone who's more Drawn to doing garage search would say that all phenomena is the main phenomena and it attracts other things too so even then the way that it's reported by that investigate Massively influence how is recorded in Pasta. Oh absolutely there's a fantastic book and I'd have to go look up the name of the author it's A. I think it's Matheson could be wrong about that. But we can fix on the show notes in the late. Nineteen Ninety S. I think nineteen ninety that pointed out that depending on which of the major alien abduction people like the researchers you talked to. The abductions came out differently. Like if you talk to John Mack. The aliens were all warning about ecological apocalypse and they were from the imaginable realm. But if you talk to Budd Hopkins they were Clo- they were cold clinical medical experimenting cloning aliens but if you went to and so on that no I it is. It is very much through Lens. Yeah I don't really have much to add to that extent. I kept thinking the whole time. That hellier takes these windows to the Max. Surf route the series series. One end to there are a number of characters not characters people. I think that some of the are real people in someone's story but in Hallier there are a number of people who are mentioned a lot. So Terry wrist is mentioned a lot and injured code for people who might not be familiar with them. Does anybody want to break down who they are and how they might be connected to this? Blake? Do you WanNa take injury cold. I do WanNa pick him hard. I WanNa take him often. No this took a turn been stuck at home to long okay. No seriously lockdown so injured colds really interesting to me so I had not read the Mothman Prophecies when I watched the Movie Really Really Mothman prophesies. The book is the thing that like in my teens. Sort of like I have been interested in paranormal stuff for a long while. And then I was like It was the thing that revived me. A lot of ways weirdly muffins covered in so many paranormal and crypto zoological books. I felt like I knew the character are the monster or the story and so when I watched the movie. Oh my gosh injured. Cold appears in the film as this dark and mysterious cosmic figure it's really notre terrestrial on terrestrial and I love the way it's presented. It's so well done. I really like a lot and then I read the book in. I was like This doesn't sound like the same thing. And that's when I discovered that injured cold fits much more into the sort of contact e world of friendly humanoid aliens who are going to tell us how to save the planet. He's a loss guy from Liangelo so if I remember yeah a planet where clothing is optional. And it's like the it's technically that's the same one that could be Panera. Craving technically is optional. Head to technically. But we do have laws about it I mean the idea's there above all that so it's It might. It feels like a so. There's a book written by Woody Durenberger. The Guy who's at the heart of the that story and remember who there is an XP of in the Mothman Prophecies movie. Yeah exactly and they talk to his daughter in Hiliary so injured cold comes up a lot and I get the feeling that the cold that they're they're alluding to is more like the one in the movie but they do talk about the the sort of primary source which is visitors from landing yellows in. It's the it's this narrative about the burgers contact the experience and it's a really really interesting story. It feels very much like a nineteen fifties staying. It feels like a optimistic and a planet full of hope and Utopia and so did the disparity between the Muslim prophecies. Movie version and the sort of historical. What did he actually claim to have? Experienced is really a huge gap. But they're definitely leaning into the Spooky version For the series. Even though they definitely talk about it as a contact he'd type thing so you talk about the contact he that he has family and that he had a house and he might have actually been a something person but they're also leaning heavily into as you said entered cold the spooky from the movie who Kinda get mixed with this whole notion that Keel talks about of the grinning man. Yes yes sort of a pro slender man very much. So yeah yes absolutely. And so in that sense. He knows things he shouldn't be able to know he can appear. He apparently could just walk past security. Show up in your house and talk to you. What surprises me is in addition to throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks within Hellier Bay. This doesn't stop even like a disco in in this version of injured. Cold that they present they give you the it's real. It might still be going on and also they actually show footage of John. Kill saying that. He thinks what he. Dan Berger was a pathological liar. So it's like they're they're covering every spectrum of the of how you might Turpin this. It's absolutely made up. It's absolutely real. It's paranormal supernatural. It they they throw it all out there and they never really they throw it all out there without pygmy. Were actually sort of joking when we were. We were discussing this. That and I don't mean this in a negative sense I maybe. I don't know that this is almost an anti investigation. Where if an investigation is meant to narrow down options until you only? Have you know the wet when you eliminate the impossible whatever remains however improbable is true? If you're doing that as it goes everything becomes increasingly possible. Have you guys ever read Gently Soliciting Detective Agency? I have no absolute connectedness. Things every this is this is like somebody is lar- ping that without the comedy. Yeah Yeah Yeah I actually I wrote. I wrote reviews season one of my blog when it first came out and I actually basically the main criticism was that it was just a brady bad investigation because it didn't actually reach any conclusions. They just created more kind of Mo- mystery by which I would almost say this is almost the purpose right. Exactly what we thought was a bug is the feature. Yeah Yeah so you asked about injured cold. You also asked about Terry wrist. Which yes. That's what it sounds like ladies and gentlemen so in the documentary. They do say that somebody who claims to have known this Terry says it's it's pronounced right least Terry biased coaching job. At I think I would agree with you. That's coming from. I'm holding my copy. It's very thin. The secret cipher of the nuts revised edition by Alan Greenfield ways in. I think this is literally. And there's Cleveland Stuff added. It's ninety two pages and at the end. Chapter Twelve interview with Terry are wrist or rice but in Nineteen ninety-four. It feels very difficult to believe that is not a pseudonym where Alan Greenfield so most of this book and I have tried to understand it and I will point now that people like Aaron Gulia have recently said who are far more contact d. And An occult than I am maybe Sorta like I am trying to understand it myself so I feel comfortable saying Whoa. Whoa WHY is happening? So it the secret. Cipher has numerology. It has it's a lot of numerology. Kabbalah and other aspects of the Western culture dish in an Giang Keel and contact. He's but at the end. There's an interview June. Twenty th okay. I just realized this June twenty four. I literally just realized this. Today's not June twenty four but this interview is with Terry Wrist on June twenty four which is Saint John the Baptist Day but it is also the day that Kenneth Arnold saw flying saucers styles. Music did sorry. No no no I think. That's very appropriate. Oh Yeah Haley you have a lovely TV theme voice and also John Keel said. It was the day of the year most likely that you would see things like the. He's statistically broke that down and it's this it's this it's this let's see one about five page or four page interview with Terry. Our risk the law the Battle of conquest section presented previously which is again getting into the LAIMA and whatnot Alister Crowley. Oh you mentioned. You mentioned numerology Could so my understanding. That's where you take each letter the alphabet and assign a value to it. So you can like then numerically. Figure out the value of words and use that for divination purposes or or other things it also involves diagonals and Kamala and early. Modern alchemy shore. Who put the alphabet order? I deny it always seem weird to me. It's like people who say at a certain time midnight's witching hour three. Am which will. What time zone are you in? How this an arbitrary human system? I don't understand why anyway. Okay sorry May I don't Know Golf. That's an that's an American. Wow you know what I'm talking about. Blake right. I isn't that like the Sunday morning. Nation yes yes. Yeah yes and Goliath eighteen sixties and seventies claymation with gum. Yeah you like even or wasn't evangelical methodist but yeah yeah it might have been Lutheran. I'm not sure I think you may be right. I think you may be right but anyway this interview with Terry Wrist talks about basically it is is Allen Greenfield going back and forth and this is textual it says it is recorded in our most recent encounter June twenty-fourth nineteen ninety four but it's all about. Ufo's and things under the ground and Brown Mountain North Carolina. Which shows up repeatedly in Hellier. And this Terry wrist figure so I'm going to read a section on before you do. I just want because people desperately trying to know yes. It was Lutheran. Okay you may continue Terry wrist and exactly I gather as we were by then. We were in a kind of cavern. Only I'd say artificially hollowed out illuminated by a greenish glow. Diffuse not from a single identifiable source. Anyhow the whole area resembled shavers will come back to that. Less exotic subterranean story descriptions and in more recent terms some of the modern alien base stories. We were confronted by these small. Greyish beings humanoid only in the technical sense one of our guys said Darrow and started shooting. He had an m one rifle. If I recall one shot and the little grey beam was illuminated in blue and was just gone then there was a sound and I felt my own gun an M16 get unbearably hot. As I dropped it turned to run and was confronted by two of these little gray skin guys with a net. Whatever had convinced me my rifle was had apparently not my focused on my pistol a vintage Luger and one of the net holders receive the last surprise of its life it kind of exploded and the other one dropped the net and ran up the slope with me suddenly in pursue when we got behind the area though it was just gone. I heard gunfire and explosions behind me and that godawful home and then I continued pistol in hand looking around wildly to go back the way I came only three of us ever made it back to the surface. One of them died a year or so later of leukemia. I think it was only about twenty four twenty five. So maybe there's a connection. I think there's always this. How far does JEB go before he turns it Alex Jones? That's true that's us. I've ever heard any of that. And that's just that's ridiculous. Yep these guys are going on about Fighting Antediluvian. Civilization under the earth with their with their late nineteen seventies eighties weapons. You say ridiculous but that's just because you weren't in the Shit Haley. You weren't the shit you don't know if you were in the NAM you just don't know. Oh yeah okay. I'll remember that Allah real my criticism back in. I just have this picture of like a Butterfly Net. This thing running around with like a butterfly and is trying to catch a human short jump up in the air. Yeah exactly I love that image. I think it's also crossing over with your recent animal crossing interests. Oh my gosh yes. This is really weird for this news. We've been talking outside of the podcast about this episode recording it whilst we've been watching Hellier and I've got the new animal crossing game and there have been several parallels in animal crossing and researching Hallier including catching things women that I met Like an elemental last night and I've been fishing out. Tin Cans from the sea and tin cans are actually huge feature in Hellier. Let me also add that while reading your post about finding a tin cans in animal crossing listening to an unrelated show from twenty fourteen. The people on the show said the words animal crossing in the completely landlady contact. So yeah synchronicity is is where you find it the better. Your brain is finding relations between things and remembering those things the better in the more likely origin fall into synchronicity. Blake. That's a sink. Yeah Yeah exactly. Across both seasons of Hellier they use like a really weird array of different techniques. Tarik hard readings to determine the course of their investigation free to something called the SS method. Which is of the room to Against vowed meets the ghost box so methodology they rocky mountain hands filled right or is that what we were with Yasser. Do we want to talk about sort of the division that there's kind of two groups meeting in their team one from one place one from the other? Yes so you've got overstate Greg and Dana. And then they meet up with I think his Carl and Kana right and then they added Tyler season two right. He wasn't unseasonal flea season one. But he's he's not as prominent as isn't season to know exactly and I think it's the guys that came from. What's the her tackled stunning hotel? Stanley Stanley yes. They used to run the ghost events. That didn't I and they are the ones who devised the estes method. It's from estes Colorado. If I remember correctly it is part. Yeah and it's basically like a ghost box device which scans the frequencies picks up random noises from different broke costs and But the difference is that you have someone who's a blindfolded and noise cancelling headphones on and the device the skipping through the channel is being played into that is at the they are just saying out loud. What they hit but not hearing questions that the people are asking so light someone might say. What's your name? And they wouldn't hit them say that but then maybe on the device it would say Michael Seven. Let that go sox now. I used to have a go spokes but I got really bad radio signal. Where live so? I just throw away because it just never picked up anything. I had a broke. I had broken radio in my truck but are replaced it I I bought. I bought a ghost box last year for a course on investigating the paranormal that I teach and it's loud and it gives a lot of information so I cannot imagine being hooked up to it for forty minutes with sensory deprivation and yet that is what we see on screen. It'd be known. Isn't that if you listen to the ghosts at night they speak more Spanish just interesting. I guess that's an American thing it is it is we have a lot of Am radio bleed over from Benesch speaking stations at night? I Dunno style Blondeau Sobre Senor George Noory. Well they use this method for the season to kind of get information about what they they think. They're investigating whether they should go on. One of the things that comes out. This is this. Tin Can disintegrate. You want to write. Consider how you make a show like this like like any reality. Tv show is is a basis of you film. Everything and then you structure narrative in the editing room right so the emergent narrative in season one of Hellier is that there is a ten cannon cave and it's significant. I was unable to call it I don't know what you want to call you. People that the suspension of disbelief. I don't know what the right term is for this but I was unable to find it within my heart to accept the that the Tim Caine was important but I think that was supposed to happen. I'll I will say this so we've talked about there. Being two two seasons. There's a season one of five episodes and a season two of ten and they actually re number them as so season or episode seven of season. Two is chapter twelve. So it's it's a little bit of a George Lucas thing. But where the season one I found. I'm just gonNA say the strata. I found it maddening because it was very interested in the beginning and then it just became this almost meditative something that ended with their encountering spirits. In a once it becomes season two it becomes this very different thing but the point I'm making here is the Tin Cam is a thing for a while. And then there's another thing and they follow that and then there's another thing and there's a balloon and then there's amy and then there's Somerset and then there's in other words it's just thing after thing after thing after thing that continues a stain what's going on. It's like it's almost like a mess. That just swallowed up. Things free suggestions. Something is suggested to be connected to the case and rather than analyzing it critically that just like yet. That's another indication that we're on the right path and Adam Greenford. She saw encourages them when they into him in the season two. He encourages them to keep following these signs and so they start finding. I think they found liked to deflate two balloons in different places on then but one of those places was coordinates that they got from the decipher from Terry wrist. Rice stay then suggest they kind of forget that but the balloons does significantly deflated. They find though that title finds there is still significant because they then find a billion elsewhere and then like this is a sign that we need to just keep following the pathway. Going on a can't quite do verner Hertzog but the balloon reflects my own sense of deflation balloons society. I can't be but you know what I mean. It's it's okay. Look here's a piece of evidence for you. They found this can at the end of season one. The can in the cave is a significant part of the narrative goes ahead been seen earlier in. Connor's estes method imagery right right now seeing a ten cam while they went to. Hell your God like BNB or wherever they were cabin and and and did this century deprivation thing. He's like there's an image of a tin can then go to a tunnel where there may be goblins but but season to season to where is the can they left it in the cave and the reason they left in the cave they're like I don't know why we left. I know why it's because the narrative was constructed in the editing booth and the can was not significant to them as much as it seemed to be when they actually filmed it. That's my belief as a field archaeologist. Who's done a lot of work in parts of the eastern U. S? You find a lot of random shit everywhere. They also left it because this is what you find in frigging a former tunnels in mining places. You find crap. Yeah Right Right. I know I know obviously real life. It's crab just saying within the context of the story. Why why did they say it was important but leded behind I'm saying is because the importance of arose later? I have to go back. They needed to be able to go back and refined it and then do they did this. Oh what actually this comes onto the next bit. I watch talk. They do this session where they use a helmet so Dana is holding data. New York's holding the tin can in her hand. You've got Is it Connor? Doing the ESTES methods. So he's got. He's got the noise cancelling headphones on his blindfolded. Can't hear anything that's being said. She accepted provides. And the other one's not but in an altered state because of electro magnets. That's the thing so she's using God. Helmet has been made apparently with permission in the help of Michael passing for those who don't know God helmet is a device that was created basically study religious experiences and the effects of stimulation of the temporal Lopes and it goes over the head and it uses weak magnetic fields which are to the head to save if religious experiences of what you flora and visions and so be stimulated in crated. And they've got this helmet which is being apparently created with the help with the permission of Michael Passing. Who did that research? And they use it to try and amplify Dana newkirk psychic abilities so that she can kind of guess bring in whatever that communicating with and then the entity. The whatever is communicating through the ghost box which is being fed into corners airs. And he's trying out onces or statements in response to the questions that dinner is asking. And what's really crazy about? That is the God helmet. There is no evidence that it can amplify likeability and in the actual segment. We're talking about this and about doing it. Dana says the one when she used the God Helmet. They only use it for fifty minutes. Sorry and up to ten days afterwards. She feels completely out of sync. And so on and I've got a friend WHO's neurologist. As contacted him I was. Hey if someone was using these weak magnetic fields on their brain would it make them feel wit up to ten days will soon afterwards and I? He was at the idea that people would be applying electric fields that are in temporal lobes it. Non Clinical Setting. He was not yet. Don't don't do that. He was pointed out that Trans Cranial magnetic stimulation or tms which is used in a clinical situation. It has some therapy to benefits. It can be used in the treatment of mental health. There is still research on. Go into its effectiveness but it is used to treat people that uses frustrating electric fields which are fed for coiled credit magnetic field and is used on talk to regions of the brain depending on which part of the Brain. They're trying to stimulate uncosted. Change in it has some rest effects including seizures and fainting. And if people have like a pacemaker. It can screw that up. But the God helmet uses really weak magnetic fields which are applied just to the temporal lobes and the fields in those are one million times weaker than those using tear mass. So if Dana New car is having an adverse side effect of wearing their version of the God helmet which isn't like the official was be made. I guess in line with the blueprints then either something wrong with it and it it could potentially be causing damage or I mean skeptic and maybe I'm just closed minded but maybe we're dealing with people who have a tendency to see connections went on exist. I just throwing out look. That's interesting idea. No I would agree that the I will say that. The I've heard Greg and others from the hell. Your project talk about their protocols and how their people have jury rigged God helmets that sound a lot stronger and a lot scarier to your your neurons. So there's that I wanna point out two things so first off and they do discuss this in the show. Michael Persinger was attempting to amplify psychic abilities. As you said Haley he was trying to study religious experiences. And I think a lot of paranormal ISTS learned about this because he expanded that to alien abduction and I think it's a lot of paranormal S. Learn about it so they do say in the show. Oh this was not the initial intention but it got used for that but I want to say something else. So Pan is a significant part of season two hellier and yet the primary part of season one is about little goblins under the earth. This all starts to bring the mind. Arthur machen Arthur. Machen was a Welsh author in the late nineteenth early twentieth century. Incredibly important for it gets called weird fiction. He wrote other sorts of things. A number of his stories. Were about the idea that was actually a quasi-legitimate notion in folklore and anthropology. At the time that fairy lore stories of ferry people were actually remembrances of ancient prehistoric races. This is back when anthropologists and anatomist were just beginning to figure out human evolution and archaeology. So there was the idea that. Oh well maybe there were other people in the past and like neanderthals and whatnot. That were an and I can't remember Homo Sony. Basically the piltdown man that were The or a therapist thus owning don man that were the inspiration for fairy stories. And so- machen wrote a series of fictional tales but heavily based on those ideas that there were these ancient people that were still living in caves and that we're responsible for ferries which sounds a lot like some of the more material aspects of Hellier it also inspires. We mentioned earlier. Lovecraft the whisper in darkness which is a direct lift from that but the other story that Machen is very famous for is a story. He writes in the early twentieth century. I'd have to make sure that's the date not late. Nineteenth twentieth either way you had wordy period the great God Pan Pan In the early twentieth century in the period and the British empire sort of stood in like it does in Hell. You're for nature. So they mix the green man and pan and Kerr new nose and all these other things which you do see some of that in the western culture tradition. But they're mixing a lot in the story. The Great God Pan. Eight eight thousand nine hundred eighty four because very late nineteenth century. Thank you tell me if this sounds familiar. In the Great God Pan a series of investigators interested in the cycle realm. They want to pierce the veil of reality to go to the other world to understand it so they do a medical technological procedure on a young woman. There's a lot of cringe things. Some Aachen's writing so just be aware of that k where she is allowed to see the great God pan the essence of nature that we cannot see and they do this experiment on her and she sees it and all hell breaks loose and all sorts of you know in other words the world are expanded in bad things happen all of a sudden weird things and I'm like I'm watching them strapping people in to estes method and God helmet things a cave trying to talk to Pan and I'm like they were talking to goblins now. They're talking to pan through weird medical experiments using strange. This seems awful familiar. That's all I'm saying. He's almost like a coincidence. I believe the word looking for his. A synchronicity my God yes. Yeah it's It it kind of this point split. You wonder if you'll being as a viewer. You wonder if you'll be mocked low bit in the asking you to believe that being sincere but it they are saying they're mocking about Machen. Oh Oh my God I'm just asking I didn't say my hands on my forehead. Yep same did exactly the same. I actually think this is very sincere. In a number of ways I think there are parts are part of a larger parable media ecology But I had some really big even if they are being sincere which I kind of lanes wasn't being sincere but it's still something it just isn't quite Jaaz open but one of my biggest concerns about the whole thing. Both seasons was just kind of like the lack of ethics involved. I mean in season. Tae For example. They they were contacted by women could ame solve at the beginning of the season by email. Very much reflects the Ho- David Christie email about the goblins but this woman is is traceable and she says there are creatures selecting taking people underground in Somerset in Kentucky. She says life is in danger by the way. That's a huge kind of synchronicity. I live in Wiltshire and I live on the Wiltshire Somerset border. They named check Somerset England so many times But she says her life is in danger that she's doing these investigations into these people underground. Who are taking people in but torturing them she has woman screaming and then she gets arrested and she's in jail and later in the series Greg newkirk talking to her on video fine from the prison and they have this exchange and like what she is saying to me. What Ching is someone who is a paranormal researcher? It's more it becomes increasingly more and more concerning and she basically ends up telling Greg the what. She's trying to tell him. The area fifty one isn't where we think it is is in Somerset County and then the end the cool following that Greg says and I quite she sounds. I don't know I don't know if I can trust what she's telling me. Look into an it was just up smacking to me. Because my gut reaction to what this woman was saying that she's unwell and I didn't want to diagnose people talk about her as vulnerable yet and I didn't like to diagnose people who's mentally. It's not my place to do that. But as Parliament of such have occurred ethics in if people who I talked to you start to give me any indication and there might be an underlying mental health issue or physical health issue or something going on at home. You know my annoyed about wherever I can trust the information they gave me. It's about stopping the research so that I don't harm that Passan or do anything that would encourage them to do something dangerous. That goes against the hassle safety and it really struck me. That didn't even seem to cross their mind when they were talking about what she had said about area fifty one and so on and then. I think someone mentioned before they visited Would DAMAGES DOLE TAB? And she goes home. Yeah and she's in a wheelchair and it just felt so exploitative. She thinks that injured codes. Children visit her for Christmas and Mother's Day in eastern so on on there that it's almost like they were there Anna. Maybe I'm being harsh. But it felt like they were kind of cultures dis- feeding take him what they could from her. And then going to leaving caramel their journey with this new breadcrumbs trial and that that breadcrumbs somebody who is in a vulnerable place. I don't know maybe I'm reading. I think you're reading exactly right the I if you think. I'm reminded of the found that very uncomfortable the Jon Ronson Book. The psychopath test has a chapter in it. Called the right sort of madness and it's about a woman who is a recruiter for reality. Tv shows and how her job is to go out and find people who are border. They're they're mentally ill but they're borderline. They could pass right or functional functional. They're getting by. They're just crazy enough to be interesting and entertaining without being literally. Dangerous to the crew are to the other people in their lives and that guy in the rocket. Oh yeah the guy who yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah the flood Earth Guy. Yeah I mean although obviously he was a stuntman exploiting the situation but but I'm thinking more about The entire TV series hoarders which is around people with on issues. I mean it's that's what the show is is mentally ill people and they come in and do a two day intervention and that's not ethical. Okay and then how I mean and so so many of these reality. Tv shows are based on that model of finding people who are delightfully whack. A doodle or whatever. Yeah and Cana's talked about Ken. Feder has talked about how they want him as a character. Because he's got the weird doc brown hair and he's got you know he's a character. It's like yeah he's frigging professor. Yeah it is those things. It's it's too. I think I'd out those. Tv shows have an ethics department. They have to deal with right. They and so I think the newkirk here and Planet Weird have put together a show. That's following a model. They can find again and again on regular television and so I I I think it has the same exact ethical problems i. It's not something I would feel comfortable doing Haley. Did you have thoughts about the abduction experiment? Yes so impact of series two they show footage of one of their friends being hypnotized and lead fruit abduction experience alien abduction experience and he looks to be physically upset by what he experiences and they and they discuss him like having no concern about aliens after hypnotism and doing this being very concerned and afraid of aliens yeah and they do actually say though when discussing it is unethical. Somebody SAYS DOTS on Africa. And then I yeah yeah. Greenfield throws a lot of shade on them as a either. This is real or you. Did something terribly unethical yet. That's right that's him. That says that and I'd like yeah. Yeah and they seem to kind of accept that within shore go off because I guess in in the scheme of things it's the bread crumbs for them so it doesn't really it matters but is a means to an end and yeah. That's the impression I got and I remember the CHAP's name he goes through that experience but I actually interviewed him along time ago with Gregg when they did that. That bigfoot documentary they did a bigfoot documentary about scanning. Also yes so. I interviewed him alongside Greg about the bigfoot documentary years and years and years and years back when it was who floated before it became planet. Where and so on and I. I'm inclined to believe that he okay. I I don't believe that hypnotism makes people whoever by dimensional beings. Eleven was really being claims that but I think to him up as a real experience and I think he he was probably be if he says he was. Traumatized found it traumatic than I believe that I mean I'm inclined to believe that he didn't lie. Hypnotism certainly seems to be able to make you focus on certain interpretations. I mean that's that's I think what Susan Clancy's book was about There's there's definitely a confabulation element and we have seen where it can. It can really make people think or have lots of thoughts. Yeah absolutely and they yes. They got caught out by an Greenfield Greenman Allen Greenfield. There's a lot of green men in the show. Yes exactly. It was quite uncomfortable to watch ready. And then they did the same thing again with Connor in in Somerset and it just felt like okay. You've been criticized Unethical Nigerian again. I guess the the question that Kinda ties to an end because we've come over so many different subjects hair and cover quite low ground and not just so complex. Yeah but what do you think? The coach will impact of Hellier season one and season two and tench Vani future seasons. What do you think the impact of this going to be? All what has it already been. Well I think there's two ways to think about this I think there's it's impact and also looking at it as sort of a sample of what's already going on so first off as they point out there's a there's a montage and I think it's episode six or seven. I think it's six of season two of the reviews of season one and they are within paranormal world. Actually quite glowing the term breath of fresh air new approach. These get repeated several times. And I've been banging on about how this the Panama Unified Field. Theory approach is has been growing what others have called supernatural. Sharon hill called supernatural creep. And other there's a couple of different ways of discussing this and it's been growing. It's been growing in intensity and even the most high profile. Where like you look at say Tom? Delong and his. Tsa is to the stars looking at ufo's also involves poltergeist stuff and ancient alien stuff and all these things that's kind of coalescing so on the one hand they got a really good response from this and they specifically talk in season two about a kind of the the the occult people the People Interested in magical teachings in hermetic teachings and ceremonial magic started talking about the show as a ritual and initiation is well yes initiation a magical initiation I will also say from the limited experience. I've been seeing those sorts of notions especially with younger people with a few kind of elders like tenny and others sort of leading. The way has been growing dramatically within paranormal. The paranormal subculture. I think that this has been successful and has had a lot of people interested in it because it's actually fitting the moment that we are in where you're seeing this huge interest and this melding of you're seeing the opportunities of crypto. Zoology and Ufology all going away. Where you're seeing people that are talking about consciousness and talking about non human entities and talking about time slips and quantum all are talking to each other much more than they were even five years ago and certainly much more than they were fifteen years ago and I suspect it's not so much Hallier's cultural impact though I do think it's having some but more. This is a really really rich example of what I think is going on in a larger sense with notions of. Let's use the word esoteric to cover all of it. Huge thanks thanks to Blake Smith and JEB card for joining me for this episode. Be Short to help that. Poor cost monster talk and in research off. You can find more mation about the spectator. Podcast at spooked. Tater Dacuda UK where you'll also find episode notes and links to all the things that we have discussed in the show. We'll be back soon. Women ever episode until then remember. Spooky is in the eye of the beholder spectator theme music is by Jason. Show introduction music by Partington used under a creative Commons license.

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Mysterious Universe

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22.25 MU Podcast

"Attorney Greg idea into a reality with squarespace squarespace makes it easier than ever to launch a passion project whether you're showcasing your work or selling products of any kind with beautiful templates and the ability to customized just about anything you can easily make a beautiful website all by yourself and if you do get stuck square spicy twenty four seven winning customer support. Is that help head. This quest by DOT COM Slash Mu for a free trial when ready to launch. Use The code. Mu To save ten percent off your first purchase of a website Alderman. The greatest mystery of all might be why people. Don't call Morgan Morgan and Morgan. After a car crash or injury moga Morgan has recovered. Billions of dollars for people and hiring them is one hundred percent free unless you win. If you've been injured visit full all the people dot com forward slash universe for a free consultation. Mysterious Universe cease a twenty two episode. Twenty five breath coming up on this show. We've got the alien death. MOSK KEPA you abduction. The proof is in the Nipple and Greg and Dana newkirk join us to discuss the new season of Eliot. I'm Benjamin Benjamin Grundy. Joining me is Aaron. Right as Lockhart has that story may seem the proof actually is in the nipple when it comes to this particular alien abduction story Nas one for the loss episode aside all the well it was reluctant to include Nipples to the last episode. But I couldn't avoid it. It was completely avoidable. I'm show Greg Dana really appreciate that headline the full their names. I'm sure they absolutely would. And Greg Dana Ara features of calls on this show many of you have been screaming for us to get them on the show to talk about the new season of Helio and we have watched it in a compressed and yes I will explain in a moment entities as there's a lot a lot going on in season two and we really enjoyed it. We're GONNA go straight into this because it's quite a big chat with two favorite guests. This is Greg Dinu Kirk he can catch hellier at Elliot Dot TV but it's also streaming now on Amazon prime as well. We hope you enjoyed the interview welcome back to the show to friends. Greg Greg and Deena newkirk on Helio the brand new season two. Congratulations guys on this. This new series and welcome back to the show man. Thank you thank thank you for having us. It's always great to be here. We love talking to you guys and steely paint a year now. Since season one dropped it was January middle January you put it out for free on youtube brought. It's been almost two years crazy. Put Two seasons of a show out in a year nuts. Yeah and the response to season one was incredible and I think it's just blowing up up to a whole new level with season. Two we seeing so much. Love you guys so much love for this season. And it's just really incredible to say we both just ecstatic foia blown away to it. It means a lot and like I said before we went on the air. You guys are really big part of people finding it so we really appreciate you guys is Giving a signal boost because we hear all the time. Oh we know you guys from mysterious universe. We heard that mysterious universe episode. That's why you watch hellier. That's great. Well I I've Bane Cienfuegos affair before we started. Just how unprepared I am for the interview. I want to explain to you why so yesterday because we've been so busy. Yesterday was my window. It was my window to sit down. I I'm going to binge this thing I'm GonNa Watch old. It was a ten if I'm going to sit down and watch ten episodes of of Halio And also set I had my I pat out had like a little cocoon of cookies and things to eight. My my wife was making sandwiches because she knew this was the toss like I had to watch the whole thing and this one window of a day and as soon as I sit down I get through episode. One I'm like great I mean and then the sky outside changes changes that goes to this deep orange and it's the middle of the diets like midday on watching the sky goes deep orange and Theresa's my wife says to me It's pretty pretty smoking outside. And within two hours I'd completely forgotten about Halio I had firemen's hoses on my property. hosing down my house house. My street gets evacuated. I'm yelling at Arran. He's now my evacuation center for the night. I'm putting my kid in the car. I'm loading the car with valuables. I'm trying refund my passport. My birth certificate. I'm trying to run this generator to fire sprinklers. Over my house. There's the fire bearing down on my street like this. He's huge bushfire just overtook our neighborhood. All of yesterday afternoon. So thank God. Everything's okay like we got out. We go out on time Firefighters didn't amazing job. They saved our home. They saved our street and it gets to the end of the night. I'm lacking I've had like three hours late the night before. I'm so exhausted dude. I've been breathing smoking all day. And it's like midnight off. Go to hell. No I'm really disappointed at your unprofessional. Professional season to have hell you so I stopped watching for midnight and eventually I fall asleep. Maybe episode three I fell asleep. I'll go out really early early this morning. And this is how guys and I. I hope you're not offended by this but this is how I watched it all put on double speed. I know it's brilliant and worked perfectly. I got the whole story I got all the episodes and I got them in about ten minutes before we just sat down to my God so I'm glad I got it all in all I have in front of me in terms of questions for you. Guys is just like a lot of exclamation nation points and woods questionings a little bit off on this episode. That's why because I we nearly died in affiars today and recovered and I watched you in like chipmunk voice. I cannot believe you watched it. You're a maniac on glad you're okay and I'm glad had the ear your home in your family and everyone's okay. Thanks guys thank you so much and it's it was really a fantastic follow up to the first season. I mean what what I took away from the first season. And when we had you guys on the first time I remember we'd watch only two episodes right and we hadn't seen the rest of the season and I I was so pumped on that show about the rest of the season and my honest takeaway was that my heart wasn't matched by the rest of the episodes. Like I felt the rest of the episodes off to that second episode. Were very slow. Burn for and I really enjoyed the series but I could tell you guys was setting up for something like there was some man brewing. Well that's the thing. Is that interesting. Most people won't realize until they see the second season is we started shooting the second season the long before the first season was even out yes and people we kept trying to tell people like listen. This is just a prologue. Yeah it's only five episodes. This is the start of something something and I think. A lot of people missed that. There are some people who are upset that they weren't goblins. But you might set your expectations. A little high on my experience for season season two though was the opposite of that so for me watching season two was a slow burn in and getting towards the final episodes as I was watching them just moments ago. I was right in there. Like you guys had me just on the edge of my seat watching all these different Kind of take these. Yeah these folks in the road of where you guys end up. It is so bizarre and we you know we were saying before we had you on the line that some of our research research on the show. Recently in a bizarre way his dovetailed with some of those final episodes in your in you'll series so I want to get to some of that in the moment because we've just been stumbling across his research which is coming up in in season two bought for the audience. Who you know? It's been awhile since we've had Cezanne's neely now now and This obviously some people might not have seen it. Let's go back to season one and Greg Diner if you can give us some of the highlights give us a previously on. Hilly mocks quick ramp up so we can start talking about season to season. One is is a five episode Prologue log to season two and really what it covers is Back in two thousand twelve. I got a series of emails from this guy who said his name was David M Christie and he. He said he was a doctor. That lived in this rural Kentucky town of Hellier and he claimed that they were little creatures coming out of a mine shaft on the edge of his property. They were knocking on his kids windows at night. They stole his dog a scary stuff and he wanted help and he was told the contact. Me Me by a quote unquote friend by the name of Terry are wrist and He said I. I was well equipped to handle these problems. which is really strange strange because he emailed my very old ghost hunting teams website? That's right and like the Front Wheels Ghost Hunters Inc and it was a bunch of teenage age kids in like bowling shirts holding like medieval axes and bb guns and things like that very professional very professional. Yeah so It none of that ever early made any sense to me and Dana and I did a little bit of digging and said you know. Probably somebody pulling our leg so the guy I emailed him back like I. We get weird. Emails smells quite often. You guys know what that's like and I just said Hey You gotta give me some proof if this is actually happening. Because I'm not just going to roll down to Kentucky and a couple of days later. He sent photographs of these three toed footprints. And what he said were photos of the creatures themselves and they were so striking we showed them to our crypto zoologist friends. Because they're the only people we knew knew much about footprints and they said well these look like they have dermal ridges you. You should probably take a little more seriously and so we said okay. We're in. Let's go in this guy just disappeared and we didn't really think much of of it until we moved to Cincinnati a few years later and then Decided to test our car one day. We just got a new car and said well you know this hellier towns only a couple of hours away away. Let's drive through and see if we can televise this actually happened and It looked ripe like it looked like it was the place and then We just got super busy. We were working for a start up and we didn't have any time to really Continue with this case and so we just let it sit and then a year turns into another year and then eventually the our friend Carl Pfeiffer He heard of he heard me talk about it on a podcast and had this string of crazy synchronicity. That just shouldn't have happened. Spend He was seeing certain words and and he was seeing articles about the the Goblin encounter in Kentucky. Come at him at such a a pace that he said. There's there's a reason I'm seeing this. We need to go do this. We need to follow this up and Season one is just us going to the town of Hellier to try and Find Guy David Christie and see what happened with the story and then finding out David Christie never existed anywhere in that broader rotter Pike County area and we were on to something a little bit stranger an older and it certainly seemed to feel like there was some force force that was pushing us in a direction. I remember the first roadblock you had enough I season was you couldn't locate. He's house you couldn't. You couldn't confirm that David Christie had even lived in Hilla. The I was one of the most frustrating things I mean we when we first Took that initial drive to hell. You're we we thought we had found what looked a lot. Like what could have been David House. And we're really excited about it so when we went back You know years hitter with Carl and the rest of the group. We drove. That might like all over that mountain looking for this house. We could not find it. Gregory at the time thinking these people are going to think we're insane same like we can't should be very simple to find a house in this place. Look it's a really small little hauling like Hallier's only maybe a mile radius and it was the most frustrating trading experience for us. The and there was a lot about that. You know we were. We were talking to people who The first time around would tell us a UFO. The size of a football field hovered above hellier. And then when we come back we we couldn't find the right people or they they wouldn't WanNa talk to us. It was very frustrating. Experience Louis had talked to a day before. Wouldn't remember us the next day early weird stuff like that that we really kind of barked all of our plans for what we were trying to do. But I think there's a reason for that and we start to get a little closer to that. In season two and one of the economy culminating seines and one of the key aspects of season one on was the use of the name suddenly escaped me in the kind of short amount of time. I had to look it up before we spoke t the ads this method probably. That's exactly right. The estes method You know this was really fascinating how this worked so essentially to rehash that that is A device that he's skipping through the is it the FM badly. I am band. Yeah it's picking out little pockets of bits from radio and the idea. Is that the receiver of the person has had funds on so all they can hear those little snippets in there kind of saying them as they hear them. And you guys are asking that person questions all that they can't hear what's what's really it's an interesting thing because I it's based on a thing called an espy. Seven goes box which you see on a lot of the paranormal shows like ghost hunting shows and the in the it stuff. I'm really iffy on and I really hate ghost boxes. They have a really like aggressive. Sound which I think is bad for the environment when you're trying to connect act with something and so what what Carlin Connor developed was this way of using the SP seven where you are double blind to it. So the the people people in the room don't hear the radio going so that there's no real group think there no one can say. I think I heard this and say. Oh yeah did. You're relying on this person. Almost as a a technologically assisted medium. Basically channeling which I think is it's blow me away so many times the way that people are you can have a full on conversation with somebody who has no idea what you're saying. It's bizarre will that reappears in season two and you you won't have one of francs boxes being used. Yeah and personages God helmet now before we go into that how on earth did you get a replica. Replica of passengers got helmet. We talked to the parapsychologists. He worked with them honestly. It's funny we we run into this a lot particularly in season to where we all are laughing about. How people don't know how we're doing what we're doing or getting the access we're getting these people were just asking on time? It's going to be more to it. It's going to be on the money under the table of summer. Here's the thing. There's a guy by the name of Todd Murphy. Who was one person? GERS offers Colleagues and he developed this. This home version is the only non laboratory version of passengers. God Helmet and it uses the same exact patented chirp signals which is very important for it to work and you can buy from him and we so we bought one from we talked to him and said Hey we want to use this for some experiments events and so we bought one. And they're I mean they're little on the pricey side but you're mostly paying for those chirp signals that were developed in Persons Laboratory at Laurentian University. And it is heightened heightened so it's not like someone can just reproduce it until it on Ebay. Yeah there's a lot of folks out there who say they're using God helmets but the really using electromagnet strapped strapped into like Batman masks and to give someone a brain tumor like the God helmet is not electromagnet. They're literally they just low magnets that Circa they just go around the brain in in complex patterns patented patterns. So yeah it's the only place you can get at one of those. Well I want to question you about your experience with in a Moment Dana but before we go into that. Let's kind of backpedal a bit. And maybe we can talk about the the first couple of episodes episodes Really set a sane season two and y you guys end up going one of the you know. Memories for my being session was mostly of Tyler title Strand and he's kind of infectious curiosity like the guy it's almost like the part of You know the pot of someone's brain that tells them to stop hang on a second this might be about ideal. It's designed a lot of the time he doesn't have that it's gone. Here's disabled disabled. Brian was yeah. He's just going out like there was a scene later on where you guys are in a cave and the possibility of hearing horrible things a horrible things going on in this case and he says this look on his face like a little kid in derain mile across his face. While I'm shitting my pants. That's I think he he literally would love nothing more than to see the most terrifying things you could possibly imagine. It's what drives him. He's he will. I think Greg describes it in the second season as if he's the most enthusiastic dog in a of Breast uh-huh yeah he he's he's insane and he's the most curious person I've ever met and possibly the most dangerous I it it was really infectious. I'm glad he was a big part of this season. And in some of these early episodes he's see I wanNA understand and why he's going where he's going so maybe you can explain where he goes off to these first couple of episodes and and why he's going out there so there's a few threads that were left hanging in the first season and one of them was one of the emails that I got from the sky. Claims he's Terry are wrist had a very very Very cryptic email. That said you know. Why did you stop when you were so close? And then a week later he emails me a set of numbers and these. The numbers were at the time. We thought coordinate points to Brown mountain which was a place that we had just been not too long before we got this email Trying being to to do an alien abduction experiment trying to get adopted by aliens and so we thought okay. We need to go back here. There's something that we missed and we we weren't able to get their Quick enough because we need the second season was coming out and we didn't want we want to see what was there before the second season came out before we boosted the attention or before the first season came out. I'm sorry hand Tyler said I'll go. I'll go check these coordinate points and so we gave vim the coordinates and he went off by himself Took like an all night drive down to North Carolina and went to go. See what what was at this spot. Thought so a lot of what tyler does for us in the series as he's sort of a recon man the places that we can't get to he goes and he just goes to check and see like is there something weird about this place is a place. That's that's interesting and he typically goes by himself which is probably not the greatest idea but as you see. There's hardly any stopping tyler. Yeah I mean he's just he's out there and sometimes he seems like he doesn't always think through as well because I think we should have to drop some spoilers La's in throughout this show so if anyone has seen the the full series yet And he'd done one any spoilers at all we'll turn on spoil the whole thing Stop listening thing now and go and watch season two. It's all available on Youtube and The website is healthy adult TV. But I want to talk about what he discovered when he went went into the woods because immediately he sang ruled as there's really nothing here But then he got strange activity didn't he. He saw something that kind out of tragedies minded a little bit yeah I mean so he's he treks out into the middle of nowhere with compass and Is Searching for this coordinate point and he's walking towards it he notices. He notices two different things. The first thing that he notices is an unmarked black helicopter. are that randomly flies directly over top of where he is and it's in the moment. I think it's creepy but you also have to remember. He's literally in the middle of nowhere. There's there's no reason that an unmarked black helicopters should be flying directly over top. So that is alarming enough. And then he finds at the center of the Cornet. ornette points. MT mylar balloon. The says happy birthday on it. And it kind of is like the most frustrating confusing Experience you experience through him in that moment where you're just like I think for him. He was expecting to find the entrance to a base. Were just something other than just a happy birthday balloon in the middle of nowhere sitting on the ground the exact spot where the court implants were will. Then he's He's often battery started to go and he lost his is cheap. Es Coordinates so. Those are very real possibility in this same that that was going to be the lost. We would see if tyler for a while because it was going to get lost. I thought he was dead. Yeah Yeah I was scared for him because he we were on the phone with him. You don't see most of this. But we were on the phone with him until his battery died. And I'm looking at maps APPs Saying do not go north. You'RE GONNA go further into the national forest and at the time we were like reading all the missing four one one stuff and I was like no. He's going to be a statistic mystic And he's like no no. I think I can get there if I just follow this pass. And he had no idea where the path was going so I was genuinely concerned because the John was going down you know it was Gosh it was like what December you had December December and it was going to rain and and I was like oh no my friend is in trouble and I was preparing for the worst. So how did he get out of there. He luckily in the moment I think he knew. Wall enough to try to find the highest possible Place that he could and he hiked to the top of the mountain and just finally like made his way through the trees and could see a couple miles out Cars and he knew as long as I walk in a straight line towards that I will pop out on the highway somewhere there and I can start making my way back to my car and he. He thankfully didn't walk in the opposite direction and headed right towards His his where his car car was but it was just the most terrifying experience. I mean we were like Greg said I think we all of us were looking at maps. We were trying to guide him without really knowing only exactly where he was. And knowing again you know the other thing about Tyler's Yes oh cool. All the time so clearly didn't wear like a proper winter coat or anything. Eh Tactical singlet yeah and so thankfully after our of us being terrified and I'm sure Obviously him being terrified he finally made it back to his car. While our paranoia too should preface this by saying our paranoia was at an all time high because the night eight that he was leaving for Brown Mountain. We got a new email. That was almost exactly the same as the one we got from David Years Prior that started this whole mess in the in the first place and it was very suspicious that it happened right before tyler was going down to where it was going. This one was even scarier than the original ones. I'm so glad you brought this up and and some of my questions. That are down while I was watching. The series was ease. The email from the same person is is This person whose name is amy. Use the name. Amy and the show is at David Christie other the same person so. I'm glad you brought that up because this is really Kind of a dark side to the whole show and this ends up going quite terrifying direction so if want what was in this email and wanted to get you so worried alright. So the original emails that came in from David were the you know the subject line was something to the effect of you know. Urgent Please respond And then this one on said basically the same thing Need help urgent. Please respond life or death life or death. Yeah was in the subject heading and it was from someone on who she said that her name is amy and she laid out this whole story about how she had stumbled upon some big conspiracy that involved She dropped a few key words from the original emails and at this point Hellier was not live so no-one no-one should have known anything we they were doing or what we were onto and she uses the word Eufor knots which was something that was a extremely important to the first case and then in particular she uses the awards slough which was an old like derogatory term. That was used in Vietnam which was applied to the so-called goblins blends by Terry wrist. And so she said she was sent to me by an unnamed source. Someone someone that she knew I could help her with this problem. There are all these mirrors but there was this whole darker side of the emails as time where it wasn't just little green men coming out of a mineshaft mineshaft stealing people's dogs it was people are dying. People are being murdered. There's an underground cave system where these these the people in hooded robes doing rituals I found evidence of this stuff. I'm endanger Now your on their radar because of emails tells you And I I've flipped out the because I originally thought somebody saw hellier. Yes those to be out. Somebody Buddy had seen a leak and somebody's trying to insert themselves with the story. Somebody's just messing with us. And that was. That was something that I think we would all be prepared for. If hellier had already he been released but again at this time it hadn't so definitely I think tail spin US each of us into a A state of paranoia and then the scarier side is you know. What if this is that you know Terry all over again right before tyler is going to this place by himself? The timing was very suspicious officious and we were really really scared about. I mean Tyler was putting weird marks on his body and telling us you know if if they find my body. Look for these marks. So you know that it's actually actually me content of the email. I mean it sounded crazy. Are Walsh watching. This is actually kind of laughing at the absurdity of it like I didn't. I didn't think this person existed. You know this is the title of Some kind of secret societies rubbed salt. Pedophilia cult the killings. The in some kind of underground like it is just madness own but when tiles out in the woods and he finds his way way back to his car. This seemed to be some kind of suggestion. The at least that area was being watched. Yeah he had an entire undercover police force like four or five cars Surrounding him and the police chief basically escorted him out of town Exactly why the police there. What's going on? I mean tyler has a habit of attracting the law he gives off a bit of a sketchy vibe but not that sketch yeah like that was I mean we were on the phone within the whole time and When somebody came and knocked on his door like the guy was playing? Close lows He he was like stay on the line. Stay on line. There's somebody here and that's when he saw there were like four or five other undercover police around him. Do they anything to him. They ran his stuff They said you know. What are you doing here? And he just kind of quickly said I'm geocaching which You know I guess he sort of was he. The guy didn't know he goes like it was like bitcoin. He didn't know what was fair enough. And then just said that you know we pay attention when strange men come around these parts. You're leaving right in Tyler. Said Yeah I was just leaving in the followed him out of the county will. It was extremely odd that a helicopter just suddenly showed up in this out of the middle of nowhere place a black unmarked helicopter Ben. Well that was the first synchronicity. Because just a few weeks ago. Aaron did a deep dive into black helicopter madness kind of an out of the blue things so that was the first thing where and it was around the same. I'm Tom Greg that you would send all the episodes to Asta Wash. And we haven't seen him until until this week I hadn't watched them so I had no idea. And for some reason this book just kind of popped up when I'm going to do a show on this and then all of a sudden Elliot's got in its way and there's more if it was just that one isolated thing ago all what's a coincidence but there's more all but we'll get to that. We'll I wanted to kind of speaking of the coincidences that we had with recent research in season. Two of Elliott. I wanted to skip ahead a little bit and ask you about Somerset in Kentucky and why. That location was important How you will lead there in the first place? What is the big deal about Somerset Kentucky talking so somerset is where these emails came from so this woman eighteen said that all this stuff was happening in Somerset? Kentucky and We we were surprised at first. Because it's totally different part of Kentucky than Hellier. We expected we were going to be going back to hell ear But this this place in Kentucky is really interesting because has as we started to look more into what we're actually doing. You know what this phenomenon might be. What could be causing all this stuff? We're constantly drawn back to the old Fairy Lore things like that and then one day I had this massive synchronicity before we went to Somerset where everything that was tossed at me was all related to Somerset England which is considered to most you know one of the birthplaces of some of the most important fairy lore like like a secret Commonwealth which was written by Robert Kirk which laid out all the secrets of the FE and how they operated and what they were like. That's right it was your twitter feed. They do just woken up and check your twitter fade and you just soul Somerset and fairies in some say on and on and on and on and that was very much the same way that Carl was even drawn into this case was because of his twitter feed and so that again was another weird little. Synchronicity that happened that made us go. Okay we go to Somerset but this woman amy was cleaning cleaning. All of this stuff was happening in Somerset that we needed to go to Somerset and one of the things that we had been working on since the first season is are we have like straight up murder later boards all over our offices so I have really six big pin boards in my on my office staring on right now and four of them are maps. I've I have a map of the US and all of the places that seem important to this case. And then I have three maps of Kentucky. One of them is a cave density map. Another one. His a geomagnetic anomaly map and another one is a map of old mines. Enquiries and Like iron deposits and things like that and when I over laid them on top of each other There hot spots for everything right around Somerset so obvious that there was something strange going on in Somerset according to the maps that we've you've been able to put together after sees one so we ended up going. That was the first place that we went with Tyler. That's when he went went into the cave for the first time and we found we found bones from something large. That was dragging stuff around there. That's when we we heard the voices further down into the cave. Amy talked about how that was where they were doing. All these weird rituals and There are so many news articles about unexplained deaths in this case Yup so privately one of the things that we were doing before an in and around the first time. That Greg and Tyler went to Somerset is we were just basically looking into like any sort of strange reports in that area area and we were absolutely blown away with the amount of mysterious deaths and missing people and people having all sorts sorts of strange experiences and a lot of them. Kinda were on the darker side a lot of them. Did you know revolve around people being murdered or people going missing and it has napped napped kidnapping yeah. It started to paint this really disturbing image of what was going on in this town and it was equally disturbing because you know again what in initially felt out as if it was an email from a crazy person full of just insanity started to actually feel unfortunately like we had to start taking a lot of what was in that email seriously because they're all of these new stories and all of these people that live in the area who are validating and backing up everything that she had said so it all sort out of started to come together and really paint this place. You know definitely somewhere that we needed to focus on a needed to go to the. I think the season really kind of ox up in its intensity sensitive when you reach Somerset and calm to add to what you guys are saying in terms of the stuff that happens there. This is almost like a exemplified by the existence of a Paranormal Museum and Research Center in Somerset and this great In a section of the film where you speaking to is at the. I don't have his name in my notes but the owner all the caretaker of the museum. Let's Kyle Kyle. That was great. Especially when you guys I think Greg you were questioning him about the existence of possible secret societies and the in Somerset and his attitude. It's a subtle shift left. There's a certain Scott branch in that comes in comes in. It's like there's names I won't even say on camera. Yeah where he just goes a bit mom and doesn't want to sign it so it was as creepy. What else what else did he have to say about Somerset? In terms of what goes on there well I mean number one. It's weird that there's a paranormal museum in Somerset. Where it's Rural Kentucky ocoee? There's not a whole lot going on there But he talked about how there are a lots of UFO sightings lots of weird stuff going around the lakes particularly there's a highway out there. Highway thirty nine. which is kind of interesting? Is the number ninety. Three up it becomes very important in the series Any threes nine or something that we become fixated on weirdly highway thirty nine in particular. They talk about how there's hope they call them interlopers and they just seem to kind of pop into existence and they are all manner of things anywhere from like giant leathery Bat. Like Things Sound a lot like Mothman to You know people in robes too little tiny men All these things sort of pop up around this area and there's a really high density of Strangeness That We Start To get into after nate or after kyle introduces us to nate. WHO's another guy in town who is sort of like a collector of local folklore in history? And he's a filmmaker himself. This guy unloads all of this crazy stuff about how there's one of the largest courts deposits in the world right under Somerset. Plus there's one of the highest geomagnetic anomalies under Somerset. So there was another guy who is looking into the same type of stuff we were with like mineral mineral deposits and geomagnetic anomalies independently of knowing any of this. Because these guys didn't know what we are actually in Somerset four they just thought we were making a series about weird stuff. The Sakon when night is unloading everything he's discovered on a about Somerset where he's revealing this to you. This was really incredible especially for us because this goes back to oust. Synchronicity with you'll erase insane so around again around the time you've sent all the episodes to Aaron. He he starts. I don't even know how you he starts going into album. Baden's book which is UFO's sock close encounters the electromagnetic indictment argument and he's argument is essentially on is that these electro magnetic Hot spots causing causing this paranormal activity of his argument was more that it was in juicing people to see these things well. That's exactly what we were onto with the God helmet comet. That's part of the reason we were using the God helmet because Michael Persinger believes the same thing and he started to look even wrote a big paper in the as about how faultlines were causing UFO sightings and it was strange to see if there's places get tied in so interestingly that we were using the God how much to try and induce contact. What with some the`real spirits? Some beings aliens ultra dress rules. Whatever the phenomena whatever you WANNA call it and yet there were fighting there are places zits where it's almost like the whole place? Is God. Well this kind of topic this Focus of research has just been thrust upon us in some weird way in the last two wakes because last week I had Patty Gray on the show. WHO's a crop circle? Research Ole filmmaker rather and she In Hawaii she mentioned Levin good who did. WC living good. Who did scientific research on the nodes of the wheat in crop circles right and he started to notice that this strange they must be some kind of Plasma or some kind of hate laces some kind of energy that is applied to the stalks. That lengthens the node in the weight and when I started looking into his research I came across someone who had kind of teamed up with him almost as a business venture. He's I'm with John Burke and he wrote this book called seed of Knowledge Stone of Plenty we spoke about this on the lost plus show of Mysterious Universe and essentially John Birkin Kaj Halbrook. He's research Colleague they traveled all around the world due to Make this too Ancient Pyramids to Stonehenge to I've bree to thoughts and Central America and I started to discover. Cover that each of these sites has incredibly strange electra electromagnetic signature. Yeah right and as his whole theory. Is that the reason season. These ancient sites were built in those places is these ancient people understood these energies and they would build. These temples. Pyramids will stone circles to kind of amplify these technologies to enhance seed to enhance the seeds and essentially would give them a Increase in their yield from the crops. That's his whole argument but throughout this book along the way as the going to always places he's dropping in experiences of seeing go slights stories of Strange figures being seen He has experiences where he he goes up to a rock and he's overcome with emotion. He feels like he's is consciousness. Has Shifted completely and as he shifts around the rockies. magnometer is going crazy as this line of I think it was magnetized. Authorize imports running through it and so he started a notice. All these strange things going on wherever there was this You know high focus of this magnetic Nettie CROC or courts or whatever was electromagnetic frequencies and he wa with this guy. Who's basically unloading what we've been researching here mysterious universe and what we've been searching before? He newly researching either. There's all these people who are coming to the same weird. It's almost like something is happening. Where people are being tweaked into the the same information at the same time because this isn't the first time we've heard this? You know since Hellier twos come out. It's been out two weeks now. There have been people all over the place who have emailed us to tell us. You guys are doing something that I've been doing. I've been looking into this and I don't know why it's so weird. I mean it's the people listening might be like. Oh you know that's kind of odd. But when during the thick of it though he noticed these things it is not a strange and said itself night mentioned that yes. It's it has a huge deposit doesn't it has a huge deposit of quartz. It's yeah there's a huge deposit of courts and coupled with the The geomagnetic anomaly. It does. It's such a mass of geomagnetic anomaly that it pulls the van Dan Allen Radiation Belt down to try and touch it. That's how strong it is. It's insane with those two things together. It creates the peasy electric effect which a a lot of prominent parapsychologists have said causes things like haunting it causes people to hallucinate things and see strange things and maybe even affect people's brain activity vity you know the the places that we go to in in season to a lot of them. There's a super insanely high mental illness rate. So so high that they can't even take care of them. In their towns they have to ship them off to another a bigger city so it seems to be that things are pointing that there are a natural tro causes for a lot of the strange stuff and if there are people who are compelled to do strange things. This might have something to do with it. There might be a natural cause to it it. Is this really kind of lead scientific side to this because the the the thing with the work irons been doing. What's that all his name again? I'll the Houghton album button is. He's he's argument again is that it's the these electromagnetic frequencies in juicing hallucinations. Sure and they very well May. Maybe we'll I was GONNA say I don't. I don't actually by that. I don't actually buy that. I feel like they're allowing almost a perception of something is these locations. That's I think what we believe now more than ever. Is that these things you know. We started with with playing with the God helmet and doing research with God helmet. It's it's almost almost exactly what you start to see. In places that are deemed holy sites. They have the same type of thing or places that are haunted houses. They have the same types of effects. the God helmet itself itself induces these types of defects. So it's it's strange to see that now we're finding there are places we we have the maps we have the tools to find these things and we can look at these maps overlay them and now we can go to any of these towns that are hot spots in like four out of five of these things in probably find some insanely weird stuff within minute if there is something interfering with your happiness preventing you from achieving your goals better help. Online counseling can help better help office. Licensed professional counselors who a specialist in issues such as depression anxiety relationships trauma anger family conflicts. LGBT medicine grief self esteem and so much more you connect with you professional counseling also a safe and private online environment and get help at your own time at your own pace. 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I wanted to ask Dana. Won't what the experience is lack of using the God helmet I mean do. Do you actually see things you have visions. Is it an effect just in your mind or do you feel things going on in your body. The lock is so I've probably at this point. I don't know probably about twenty five times twenty five to thirty times. I've tried using the God. How it end it's always It's a it's a little bit of everything so I do have a lot of Visual I guess hallucinations A lot of really strong sensations that come along with it but it's usually in the Three to ten days after mids mostly around the third day. But it's three three to ten days after having a god helmet session you are. You have a lot of physical experience. I mean like I felt pokes and prods and heard things that weren't there or at least I didn't think were there in the moment But they tend to Yeah they tend to happen after the fact so when you're having the experience and sort of Yeah I think I've described it as a bit as if it's a reality shift so you don't feel as if you're in your regular waking state I have a lot of visuals that we'll come to me and and usually when I'm doing obviously when I'm doing at Greg's hair so we keep track of everything that kind of POPs into my mind to see if if any of the you know comes back around and in the long run But yeah and the days follow you do have some really strange experiences. And and I've kind of gotten used to them now. And just sort of document them as much as I possibly can but It can be anything from having a out of nowhere overwhelming feeling of being in the presence of something that feels divine or something that sometimes feels frightening And those are those are pretty regular experiences you know one of the things that I think I mentioned in in. The documentary is the ten days that follow him a bit of a space cadet. Because yes I it's as if I'm living kind of one foot in one foot out and It's hard for me to sort of ground myself and and so it kind of just let everybody know like I'm going to be a little bit loopy for a little you continuing to use it or you louis more apprehensive no I think most of my apprehension was in the beginning when I didn't really know what to expect and I wasn't sure what the experiences we're going to be like But I think more so recently I mean. I don't necessarily use it recreationally but I think we definitely use it in terms of the investigations. Instigations that we do so whenever were or heavily investigating something specifically want were. Were working on Hallier. Work on that case I tend to use the dot helmet a lot more because again. It's this really amazing tool that we can utilize for Everything that we're doing and so yeah. I tend to focus. I tend to use it a lot. More more in around the portable haunted house. Kind of other. That's why I keep bringing it up because I want one you can get one. They just ask just talked to the ask method. Well there's a point I remember. I mentioned earlier. You get these crazy email from amy and I'm questioning and I think you'll questioning and probably most view questioning whether there's actually anyone called amy because of the extreme. It just seems to you know to over the top styles just like the David email and that guy wasn't real. Yes yeah yeah and then we just find you talking to her singing getting a Wi fi hotspot talking to someone in jail. Yeah one of the things that happened was just like the David emails. Another weird parallel was she had disappeared and we had no idea what happened to her but unlike David emails almost as a weird response like an answer her to all the frustration we had with David. David e mails. This woman gave her driver's license to us. When she gave birth her address she gained? She gave us her social title. Like all kinds of information so we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt from the Gecko that this woman was real We could look her up. And that's the first thing we did and it's when she disappeared. We were able to find out that she had gone to jail. And we set up a A. We thought so. It's really the interesting because you have this idea of what a prison interview like. A jail interview is going to be like. And you think you're going to have to go in and it's going to be sitting between glass it you can put a file exactly and we had this whole thing where we had this discussion. Where like well? This is the tough part about about about making a documentary about an active cases. You WanNa do things when there's a camera rolling and we didn't know if we'd be able to do it so we're like how are we going to sneak sneak in Something to record to record this interview like it's going to be all you'll only Carl's going to have to have somebody is GonNa have to have interesting graphics in the background or whatever and and as we're doing this and we're researching what visitation hours are how to get in touch with her. We see which was news to us. There's basically like an Inter prison. Facebook look system where you can give these people you give the inmate who twenty five dollars or whatever and then you can tax them twenty five cents text and they have tablets and you can skype them which seems crazy to me. It was nothing like we expected so it worked out well for us because we could just is plan a time and there was a there is a solid week where we sat there waiting for her to respond to whether or not she was gonNA actually talk to us and Yeah one day. We got the got the the Ding and said the inmate has accepted your request for a video chat. Now this is a shocking king Sequence because she's really reiterating everything she said in the email that there is this group they are very very dangerous involved what in some kind of cult some kind of a cult practice that is killing people. It's using blood. Also worshiping the green man or the Goblins as well was that part job. Yeah one of the things that kept popping up in the first initial email was the fact that she said these people worship the green man which stuck out today. I know you know Dana's a witch. And so she has knowledge of the Green Man as God as a nature spirit and in that same day that we got that email tyler her when he stumbles out of the woods the first thing he sees is carved on this tree is agreement and so. It's one of those synchronicity. We need to pay attention to this. So we we're talking to her. She starts talking about how these people worship the green man but it's almost as if the phenomenon was changing to get us interested trysted in things that were important because by the time we talked to her. She's back to saying they were shut. The little green men dear right which was totally weird twists. We didn't expect so it came all all the way back again to goblins and she said she'd seen them herself. They were lime green. They were short. They look Kinda like Ghalem which sounds a lot lot like what David saw and described in his in some of the photos he sent and that these people go to these caves and they perform these weird ceremonies and worship these strange things things now? This this woman was saying that She had bane. Khan almost set up in a way she was kind of slide in jail slapped with a felony. Now I'm on my memory of this fuzzy because I've just watched so much in the last kind of couple of hours but wasn't this very similarly a to someone else who would started to investigate this. who had had You know they've been hit by a car eventually and they had a night talking about that is that that's the thing is similar case in Somerset. Yeah Nate Nate talked about how there had been severe consequences to people who started looking into this type of stuff. These sort of eyes wide shut parties. That were happening. And all the strange activity one of the things that we cut out of of the documentary because this is the other line that we have to to walk is we have to take all of this stuff from people and just sort of presented as is like we all react to do it differently. We all internalize it in a different way. But we're also very aware that we don't WanNa start like a new satanic panic in this town every town has these strange legends. We don't WanNa start like a pizza gay or anything like that. We we're just presenting what people are telling us and then we have to figure out how much we actually believe but the thing with Somerset is there. There is a lot of strange stuff in that town in all people have to do is start looking into the history of it and they can find the stuff themselves but there was a police chief chief who was looking into this type stuff. Innate said that one day after he decided he was GonNa shut all this type type of stuff down he was going to go after it. This guy a sniper took him out a public barbecue what the hell and that was just we just thought it was too much watch to include because again we don't WanNa lean too hard on that because that's not like we're paranormal. Investigators we want the goats in the goblins and the God helmets. It's we don't necessarily want the the cult murders and we're sort of have to take it in stride now. Yeah and like you mentioned you know. It's all of the information is readily readily available to anyone. Who all you have to do is just google? You know what I mean like. That's we kind of wanted to leave it there. So it was is. If if that's the side of it that you're really interested instead all it would take is just googling you'll find all that information pretty easily but it just felt We felt as if it was something that we kind of wanted to distance ourself from a little bit so these are the problem. was there was precedent if this type of stuff in Somerset Every every small town has. It's it's darker sides in its secrets. It's but most of them are just folklore local legends. But there's definitely some dark stuff that's happened in Somerset and we were scared out of our minds. Yeah I mean this really comes across crosswell in in the film especially Khanna's reaction you know he's really done. He's out of there immediately. Honor ready to get in the car and leave we all like there were there at various moments of season to where every single one of us kind of had that were like. I think I'm done guys. I don't think I wanNA do this anymore. It's not fun but you're right the this shift. It's almost like the phenomena you you being directed in some way and the grain man was really this big kind of clue that sent you off in in a different direction. Maybe if you can you can give us a rundown of the green men archetype and what represents Stay on the green man. I I mean for the most part. It's something that you'll a lot of us actually probably seen it. SPRITZ usually on older buildings specifically in Europe and and the green man is an archetype or dvd a spirit nature spirit that a lot of patrons Work within a lot of pagans. Pay Reverence to you. And he's been around for a long time and he he you know he relieved for the most part of that. archetype embodies the wilds the wilderness. The Hunt And he he has many different faces and sometimes he's referred to as Pan and again he has many different faces but he's he is an archetype he is An embodiment bodyman of nature as as a spirit itself. Just thought of another synchronicity. Because when Helios season one came out. That's when we we would doing Aaron on Mysterious Eunice the the book the Regime Man the Gym Brandon Book. Yeah for sausage. It's like the precise time. Um You guys will probably looking into it. We have found a copy of the book doing it on the shore. We were just listening to the old episode. Oh my God. Such a pivotal evitable book specifically the season. It was so important to everything that came to us at a really weird time a very synchronous time where somebody that we knew. Because 'cause you guys know how hard it is to get a copy of this book. Yeah Yeah they've got a photocopied. PDF version so. Do we need some a friend of ours actually wentz and and and he went to a library. Hit drive like an hour and a half ago this library and he photocopied every page turn it into pdf and then send it to us. Because he thought would be interested in he sent it at just. It's the perfect time in that book. Is I mean it's weird super weird especially as it ties into the healthcare because there's all this stuff about three toed tracks and then power names in the power names ended up becoming one of the maps that we made because he mentioned a couple of specific power names. which are David or he mentioned the name? Parsons Parsons and Pike. Well one of the things spoiler that we find out in season two. Is that this House that we couldn't find that we thought was David's house. Well it it had burned to the ground which is why we signed and then we find out the person who owned it wasn't David Christie. Was David M Parsons. which which is star and so there's a power name there and it's almost like Oh? This is another clue. It's not the destination it's just another signpost on this journey Ernie and so that book cracked open a whole new section. And that's another one of those things to where you know we sort of walk the line with whether we wanted even include that book so much because the the author of it is so notorious in strange you know we were nervous about that too but we just couldn't. There was no way around it again. You he just went off in this Not a completely different direction. But it's almost like another Dole was opened an office guys go and the whole time. I was watching season two because I remember. I don't know if you remember this but when you're on for season one back in January we'll talk to you about the secret cipher of the fine fine arts and I said to you after we we spoke to. I'm going to get a coffee like I'm going to buy all the copies on Amazon John Dive into this because it sounds insane. Yeah I finally tracked down a copy came into the office and I started reading it just going. Why is this seventy numbers in what is going on this? Is it full of fun. Stories calculator greed paper. Dan Points Bizarre and kind of mad. But thankfully you've got the genius of Your Tame I think it was Call who kind of started doing the code himself started fearing coming out of So correct me if I'm wrong. But essentially what Greenfield the author of this book. What his theory is is that the contact taqdees who made these UFO notes make these Space Aliens Yeah then names some kind of code being when you apply. Live this Sipho which he claims he's figured out to the names of people like injured called people like skipping on contacting he people but you apply it to the entities that contact. You see you get the real message. That's behind it. What he has? What do you think of this? Do you think there's is something to it. We've seen inaction enough now that we know that there's something to it and that is that's the weirdest part because the way the cipher works is It uses I uses a book that Crowley channeled which is called the book of the law and it's all channels from this this ultra terrestrial entity this extra normal entity. And you're actually supposed to burn the book after you read it and people figured out years and years later there was some sort of code. 'cause Crowley had hinted there was a code to to this book so people figure out this code and once they cracked it Greenfield started to realize that if you applied this cipher to what what he calls funny names that pop up in paranormal cases. Something maybe Jim Brennan would consider a power word. you start to get clues in what those clues do. Who is they link? Up to specific passages in the book of the law and one of the things that's noted in the back of secret cipher of the dots in an interview with the guy says says his name is Terry wrist is that he used the secret cipher to find out where injured cold lift and he lays out this whole story. It seems way too good to be true that he uses this cipher. He goes to this town and he meets injured knocks on his door and finds him because of all the clues that he was able to pull out of injured cold name the value of his name. So one of the things that Carl did is Carl goes. If that's true we should be able to do the same thing because he gives enough clues in secret decipher to find out what how to do this yourself. But he doesn't listen to the town. So Carl spend time preening through this this decipher and then looking at maps and finds the town of Ashland Kentucky and we decide lots only a couple hours from us when we're in Cincinnati. Let's go and find wide Ashland and we'll see if we can find injured calls house now if there's anyone listening who doesn't know who injured called is we should point out that this is a famous contact the case from the nineteen sixties. Where Woody Darren Bugah is kind of pulled over by flying salsa a we'd Kinda grinning man knocks on his window and it's this guy introducing himself as injured called a famous case in this fantastic audio Woody Darren Burger describing his his encounter if features brought prominently in in the Mothman prophecies movie in the mouth in prophecy book to which is how I think most people are familiar with it. Brought so we said okay. Hey we should be able to do the same thing. Then if this ciphers for real this story's for real we do same thing so we drive to Ashland which is a very strange place in and of itself we start walking around. We talked to the local police. Police men talks to US and tells us you know. There's a really weird level of mental illness in this area again. Another really strange thing. And there's something weird about Ashland to it felt very sort of similar to the feeling of the feeling of somerset and it's kind of you know for somebody who's done the God helmet enough. It's like you kind of find tuned to the it's it's like a place it's been hit with a tuning fork and it's a sensational vibration. He sort of just pick up on innately. Really pick up onto arrive and you can check it on the map and a massive geomagnetic emily desa signing up so we start poking around and and find the local library and we start going through business records and one of the clues. That's mentioned in in secret cipher. Is that injured. kindreds house was near. A restaurant called the wagon wheel Wagon wheel was another one of the values that he used that popped up so he we we go to this library. We pull out all these business records and sure enough. There was a wagon wheel there in the seventies the same time that this this guy said he met injured cold and we were able to walk down and stand at that site NC the House used to exist but now it's a parking lot and it was the only the thing that had been demolished. There are all of the other original buildings. I mean most of the clues that are in that In that little chapter that little a paragraph that's kind of giving giving hints on where injured live. All of those things are still they're still standing. It's just all's wagon wheel was not standing i. It's bizarre. The injured called spent so much time. Here it's a we thing to consider. He's some kind of extraterrestrial we. If we we use that time and yet you know we he In a series from Wooden Darren Burger's daughter injured called became. I am a family friend. Yeah I mean they talk about how he was one of the things Terry says in the back of secret cipher is. The injured is on the land. He's he's hiding from something and that he chose Ashland specifically because it was close enough to where point pleasant was he said that point pleasant. What happened in point pleasant was a distress signal? Now for something which is very strange because In the email I got from Terry. It said Hellier was just a symptom. Almost like it might've been distress signal of some kind and so there's this this narrative that starts to shape That has been happening for decades and injured allegedly allegedly stuck around in hung out and was a family friend of Tanya's and that's the crazy thing is because we wanted to talk to somebody who met injured Colt. What what was injured cold? Like if this person this person this entity existed in was here on this planet. What would they be like? Well what he burgers gone but Tanya was there she was a kid. She has the story in her book about making a cardboard spaceship with injured and playing like they were going to space together. She met the man and yet. She's just sitting there in Parkersburg West Virginia in no one is paying any attention to her. I found a facebook page today. She's just dropping all these prompts on how she's going to release a book about it. It's been delayed until February next year. Just going to reveal. It's it's a pretty wild story and just the idea that injured called was still around really blew me away. It's still I'm wondering what the again again. This is a question of a bigger picture here. Like what is all this main. Where's the heading I mean? This is the ultimate thing right because egos golf off in so many different folks off this path but what is the main path you know that was a question that we asked Greenfield. Alan Greenfield's one of the big moments of the second season. He's an sitting down with him. You know we wanted to do it in the first season but we didn't really know what we're doing and so we finally get a chance to sit down with Greenfield the author of the secret CIPHERS. It's a guy that's been a figure in so many of the biggest paranormal cases in history. And he's just sort of at the background of them like he wrote the introduction auction to Gray Barker silver bridge the guy's been around he seen stuff and he's he thinks and again. I don't know how much of this I want to believe. I think just the implications of this. I'm uncomfortable with but he says point blank. You're being guided by the secret chiefs to make this project to present this information to the world so that people look at this stuff differently and they can come to a new understanding of the phenomena which may be is the whole reason. You know one of the things that we're constantly being told C.. This show has resonated resonated with a cultist in a way we never anticipated the again. We thought we were going to hang out with GOBLINS BACKYARD US Housing Kentucky. That was what we started but the people picked up on the first season. They said you're doing a Nishikori Journey there's something here that's an initiation and it might not even be for you. It might be for the viewers and really season to is much much more of that. I really do think season two is in and of itself a ritual that the reviewers are taking part in because when you start to look all you have to do is go to the Hellier Hash tag on twitter and you see these responses from people in the way that it's changing their thinking and the feelings it's it's evoking I think hellier in and of itself is some sort of a ritual and we're not even sure where the where the the end point point is. We just know we're doing something that's more important than what we originally thought. What do you think Dana? Because I guess he'll more magically inclined. Can you practice your wiccan practitioner. What are your thoughts on this whole ritual idea? I think one of the most fascinating things has been like Greg. You had mentioned has been the response and I think that for us it is felt like an initiation it without a doubt has felt ign- Initiation Sean. But what's fascinating to me. Is How many people once. They're finished watching once they're finished kind of digesting it and understanding thing it feel as if they've gone through an initiation themselves and are experiencing these massive almost paradigm shifts. They're they're they're looking at the world differently which I think is it's unbelievable and I think that it's incredible to see people that authentically are having these experiences. So Oh yeah I think I think that that is definitely an element of what is going on. I think that when you look at this entire project And again you know we could never have known this going into it but I do think that it is a is a massive ritual and that the people that are watching if they're in the right head space in their meant to be initiated then they are and and Just seeing people's responses to it alone has been enough to make me incredibly confident and and in the fact that that's what I think is actually going on well. Hillier really has become a phenomenon. I mean you guys are a modern phenomenon and you can see how people get excited and get drawn him with this. There's one thing that I want to broach. The topic with you guys on is that there's inherent dangers in interfering on interfering but simply interacting with with this phenomenon and there's something that you talked a little bit earlier that Greg which was you talking about Somerset in the UK and being associated with having faith folk encounters an and similar sorts of activities. But the guy that was involved in writing one of those books I think he's name was cook. You said brought on the book that he wrote detailed stories essentially about the faith folk not liking people exposing them and then dragging them away and the thing is that you'll the new you cook cook. I am fully aware and fully disturbed by it because because It's I mean it's here's the thing the unexplained in and of itself is full of dangers. I mean we're we're we're not people to preach fear but that's the opposite of what we what we preach but when you don't know what you're getting into of course there's going to be dangerous but you don't ever achieve anything if you just stop because you have a fear of the unknown fear of the unknown leads to so many problems even in Arbor Day lives If you can have curiosity about the world and push through that fear you're going to learn more about it and like here's the thing I'm I'm I'm very fortunate. I'm very fortunate. I think we all are that. We have a group group of people that are different enough that none of us all go crazy at the same time we don't all like we all spiral but there's is always someone who's stepping back who doesn't totally buy into everything and they can pull us back out and we can keep each other on the straight narrow so to speak And and we're really lucky because not everybody has that and you start to see it with a lot of researchers particularly solo researchers like John Keel went nuts man one of the things that I did a lot of part of my job in the second season was there's a a website John Keel Dot net. And it's run By Doug Skinner. who was a friend of John Keells? Who got all of his old files when he passed away and he just uploads letters that this guy wrote and you start to read it and you see there are letters others were Keel is writing to the ultra terrestrial pleading with them to leave him alone because they're driving him crazy pleading with him to not do what they're doing in in the world he completely went nuts but I think it was because he was by himself? Unfortunately we don't have that go team go cameras and getting all this attention action going back to the the idea of this being some kind of ritual you mentioned the Greg that Greenfield field said that you were being directed by the secret. She's and I've I've got to ask you a few I. If you're familiar with Akon Blomqvist's work. He's a urologist. The U. apologised a researcher from Sweden. I don't believe I am now so blomqvist He's got a website as you cobstock Dot Com and on that site. He has a free. PDF of his. It's in English. And it's kind of a rundown of his decades and decades of research. I mean the guy's bane from on the contact a period on he's been deep in this and it's really intriguing hearing the God talk about his ultimate conclusions. Because he's very versed in the occult. He's very versed in You will fall ufology in the contact period the whole thing and he's alternate takeaway. What he thinks is is going on? Is that at the contact a period where we seen the sixties and seventies in the fifties actually. We we say George Damp Ski. Billy my Wolf Your Andulucia George King All classic famous contact to you those classic stories. He believes that this was an attempt by some group. I think he actually. We may use the term the secret chiefs to essentially Disgra or to do what you're describing to influence society perform a paradigm shift and they were using the medium of UFO's though using the medium of his contacts to shift people's consciousness pit shift people's understanding ending. Shift the way people think on a mass scale and blunk. I believes they failed. Because if you look at all these contact as in this period they all lost their way. Danske kind of ain't got the Dansk Stilo doing hoax. Because he started running like home at six called. Billy Maya started faking things oilfield. Oh feel Andulucia lost the plot all these guys. They went off the wagon. In some way I couldn't keep it together and it's like the it's almost the when you said that that some kind of ritual some kind of attempts it's being orchestrated by something else. It reeks of what Hasan blackface claims happened opened in the nineteen sixties. Now this group whoever's behind this they haven't given up and the idea that there's a another attempt we made using a different medium using a different way of shaping people's thinking making this chain the new cook the Geez it's fascinating too because one of the things things that we We talk a law about an m some of it's privately but something you know. It is things that we do talk quite a bit about is remaining remote Matt reminding ourselves that this project isn't about us. Yeah if that makes sense that like what we're doing isn't it's not. It has nothing to do with us. It really doesn't doesn't have anything to do with us. We're just sort of facilitating this project. Joke a lot about how the executive producer of Hallier's the phenomena. Yeah and it's it's meant to be a reminder to keep your ego in check that to not allow yourself to make it about your yourself because again like when you look Y- e part of what's fascinating about the process you know when you think about abductees is so often they do get to this point where it becomes about them mm and it becomes an ego thing. And then that's one thing sort of start to take a nosedive so it's been something that like. We have all talked about quite often. The idea of remembering that. This doesn't doesn't really have anything to do with us. We're in we're documenting. What's happening around us and we're probably I mean? I know we're not the only people this has happened. You know other people that are having this happened to them they just don't have the luxury of having a group of talented friends who know how to make documentaries And so this we're not title. I truly don't believe we're alone in this. There are other people that are experiencing this this Initiation this ritual and I think it's happening all over the place. I think really do truly honestly believe that Hellier is for the viewers even more so than it is for us. Will you can really you see that. In the response online as well as rating tweets today if people hash tagging Hellier and a lot of it is sentiment of Conway to think more. Oh deeply about this. I can't wait to really have a conversation with someone about this. It's it's more Kind of opening the gates to something else to getting people thinking in a different way about these things that Ben. And I I want to ask both Greg in Dana this separately. What do you think this initiation will lead to? What's the purpose? I like to think that the purpose of it is too. I think the best way that I could possibly put it is is to change. Change the way that people are experiencing. They're waking reality. If that makes sense to to pay attention to things so I've been referring to it as almost like a Rian chantant that that people start to Remember the world is a magical place and that the synchronous cities are magical and that they are signposts hosts leading us in certain directions and to remember to to contact that aspect of yourself into to allow that to be your waking reality. Because it's I oh I think a lot of ways that we should be and again like I said I've really been looking at it and thinking about in terms of a reinstatement and reminding people what that magic really is is all about. It's a really good point. I think for me We operate in a really weird space. So there's two things there's there's something. I'm insanely proud of when it comes to Hallier and it's the fact that I've never seen a paranormal documentary series or paranormal reality. Show that has made people wanna go by stacks of books. That is the biggest accomplishment so we don't accomplish anything else you know. We really tell you for free. We don't really make money on this thing We want people to consume it. You know the the fact that people watch it and become part of it that as you see episode six of season two which is is the release of Hallier one becomes part of the case because other people a stumbled onto something. We don't know there are people smarter than us that can give us direction. So the fact that we're making people come out of season two with a stack of books like twenty deep that they never normally would have read that that show all these different aspects of paranormal phenomena in UFO phenomena in cryptology whatever magic even psychology. That's insane to me and I'm insanely proud of that. But I also think part of it is like Dana said re Rian chanting the world. We're living in an extremely cynical time period. It's really hard to not be cynical about anything and is really hard to not think that. There's there's things like magic and the paranormal active in the world. And so I think part of what this this this Rian chantant is doing is. It's helping people look past the cynicisms that they've built hilltop around themselves for time. And I know for me I mean you see it you you you literally see you see me become a pagan insane for me to even say because five years ago you know someone who's raised extremely only religious You you just have that voice that never leaves. You can leave the religion behind. You can leave the Christianity behind Whatever but you always have that voice in the back of your head that says like you're GonNa go to hell for this in in episode ten? You see what I do. Do that. Voice doesn't exist anymore it's gone. Oh well think it's going to do that for a lot of people would definitely not talking about goblins anymore. We no I don't think so. That's crazy those that final Episode is really eye-opening on really want to spoil it for everyone no we won't It's funny that you you mentioning enchantment because you know another research a researcher of recently been low looking into on the show as John Michelle and Joel Michelle. He's written a Books about the dimensions of Paradise. Sacred Geometry The lost one we covered with sacred number in the Golden Age essentially makes an argument very early on that ancient societies with enchantment. Everything surrounding them was enchantment. Why thought the way the society was structured and organized it? It kind of helped this created helped create an enchantment and you know. There's a good argument that that has completely been solid dry from our horse absent absolutely no way of living in that. That is a huge problem. needs to be range reduced. We talk a lot about initiation. I read a lot of books about initiation from from a psychology perspective and His name escapes me at the moment but he wrote a fantastic book called the archetype of initiation which which is not a paranormal book has nothing to do with with the paranormal. But it's about how in our day and age the rites of initiation are gone. No one has those anymore. There used to being very well established initiation rites for every culture. And now they've gone and it's leading to failed initiations which which leads people to search search for the sense of community. It's in things like you know they go to rock concerts or they go to church and they go to you know whatever it is they some. Some of them turned to drugs. But they're not having an actual inventory experience in that in and of itself might lend itself to disturbing paranormal normal phenomena. Poltergeist activity that which are pushing you to have an initial Tori experience. So I wouldn't be surprised if that's a big part of what's missing in today's society to you are people need that sort of experience. And when they turned to magic when they turn to ritual they get that it's been missing so it is a Rian champion of the world. Will this a huge lead that you guys get towards the end of this season in terms of a specific ritual in its name and I wanna ask a few started working on season three and I wanna get a sense of the direction that you'll going ahead because I presume there's going to be three ride. Just hang here. People keep watching there will be. Yeah can you give maybe were. Can you give us a sense of where you're going. I don't think we have a choice. Yeah Yeah I think we here. I'll I'll tease this much to you. This is how much of a weird thing Hellier is and why it's so important that we release it the way we do five hours. After season one drop. It was exclusive to Amazon prime for two weeks five hours after that first season and dropped on Amazon prime. We got a insanely massive lead. That is is is just a Juggernaut of an insane. Mind breaking breaking lead that we're all saying we need a break man. I need a break. We can't do this constantly and I don't know we're probably going to be shooting eating stuff sooner rather than later because this league is so insane. It just doesn't stop him come on. Let's go to give us something that's related to some kind of direction. I mean it has to do with the big revelations of the last episode occurs where there is a very clear direction clear very clear path through through the forest that has been carved for us and and connections yet that make that will go that go back across pretty much every episode. I'll say this this. There are insanely huge people who were also led to the same type of ritual. Oh okay without having any idea who we are they never would have known or who we were and it has to do with how they were led there and where they were led there and the beginning is as the end in the end is the beginning and we are bound to return to the places that started this case. You have to stop messing with our heads. uh-huh the hardest part is keeping secrets because I am not good at that. Imagine season one when there were so many people al.. We're like I thought this was about gablers happened. And we're seeing they're going no. No there is still happening when huge. But we can't talk about it yet because it's just a prologue and we kept trying. Thanks as much as we possibly could to refer to it as a prologue so people would know. Oh there's more okay this is leading towards. What were you know what we're going to be doing so it was very hard? We're keeping secrets because you can understand why people would go in and be like. Oh they're gonNA find this cave coblets. This is going to be crazy and then well Goblin on the poster like a bunch of dummies. I mean I mean leaning told me when we were getting into told Carl when we did the first season I was like man. Are you sure about this. I don't think we're GONNA find goblins in the state of paranormal television. If we need we promise goblins and we don't deliver. They're going to be a mad people. It was necessary. It was is a necessary prologue but like I said the first couple of episodes in season two had that kind of slow burn. The first season had but event. I mean eventually always just really really in it I mean Erin and I watching it on double speed. It was really really fantastic again. Huge congratulations guys. We hope Ah keeps getting the success that deserves again. Thank you so much for coming on the show and spending time on us and thanks for dropping a little bit of audio of our senses in episode six of Asfaw say of course we love you guys. You guys have always been amazing to us any any chance we get to come and hang out with you guys. Thank you so much for your welcome. You guys know. You're always walking. Well well there. Is this sacred. Safa Clue Australia which you have to come out of the east. Let's do it done. Work will come out shopping. They CH- on Tropical beach and is a salary. Bettering their we. I'm on my way there. I now thanks guys and we call it to have you back Jack. We'll be back anytime Each again to Greg Dana for appearing on the show Julia Season Two is available now at streaming over at Amazon prime you can also fonder Elliott Elliot Dot TV which is website. Don't forget that Greg Dana also run the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and occult. You can check them out at Para Museum Dot Com and we'd H Q dot Com is still going as well and again. I really enjoyed this second season so much in there it goes off in so many different directions of so many different branches. They end up going down. which don't really get resolved like a lot of things? It just left as this weird moment and then you wonder. Who are we going back to that? We you see what happened with that. That's a great representation of exactly what happens in this paranormal field. And I think heavily to is a real maturation from hell you I want. I mean these guys have come a long way. You Mean Greg Dana when we first met them almost ten years ago when they were running around an appeal to the guy who thought that he was shooting bigfoot. That comes shooting big well. He thought thought he was shooting at a big four. Throwing hand grenades wonderful so to come all the way now to hell your season two. I think and I want to talk about this more on on the plus extension. Because what's happening to Greg. Dana is that in the past. We've just thrown out there jokingly that the the new John Keells but I think they actually are and I also questioned the interview about. Are you concerned about being engulfed by this phenomenon. Because so many other searches have been as well and Greg has that grant so where he says. Well look there's an office STOA working together. There is a group that will stop each other from getting dragged in and there may be something to that because enough plus extension coming up after this. I'm going to go into a number of researches WHO's WHO's alive said not only being destroyed their lives in some cases had been taken by the very phenomenon that is interacting right now with Gregg and Dana and the Group of friends at the Doing Hill with? And it's a very very scary and disturbing thing and Greg. Well we don't want to approach fee and I agree with that that it was. Aw We do for you. A lot of it coming up including midgets that are resistant to bullets and Nipples Nipple. There's a lot of the abduction nipples. That's that's probably the worst thing that can happen out of all. This is that you end up with a lot of nipples. This sounds amazing. All will be revealed the plus extension coming up straight. I really do. I WanNa talk a little bit more about hellier because I started writing. Anthony Pigs new book this week in the Hidden Universe and investigation into non human intelligences which is really how heli it started out. It was an investigation into goblins. Human intelligences. Yes but as soon as I started a rating this there was so many parallels with what the hell team is going through. Peak starts writing about the initiative experiences. Talk about that being dismembered. A lot of links to these entities doing the dismembering during coming from cave systems coming from the underground he goes into the history of Different cultures throughout the world having the same representations of these other world entities. When you say coming from cavins coming from caves coming from the underworld but when you said dismembering Jimmy like a psychological ego death will people actually being torn? Apart by these like the typicals shamanistic experience cancelled being dismembered disemboweled reassembled and then born anew as a Shaman and later on I haven't finished it yet but he's getting two points where he's talking talking about the Jin of course and the representations of the gene were would kind of divide it into colors and he mentioned specifically the Green Gin grain. Man's in the little green goblins now the Green Jin was said to inhabit caves. Cavins opens and it's fascinating synchronization. It's funny how Greg Dina it was thrust upon them people would come up to them and say oh you guys are doing a magic ritual right like this is some kind of Nishi Ation. Well you know. After reading facebook it even it reinforces even more. How what they're going through? Who At least has all the archetypes on some kind of magical initiation and it includes the same in a beings and being underground looking in caves it gets really really weird but let's talk about it in a positive coming up and again? This is a lost episode of twenty nine teen feel. It'll really relief in the most exhaustive year of my life. It's been a great. I mean for me. It's been a really fantastic and we've had a lot of fun but the move in the middle of the year really took it out us yet. That's a completely kill us. We need a bit of a break because that was normally I we call. It just didn't get it this year because we'll just moving yeah And with both got small kids six times times of thousands But we'll be back for you on Jerry seven plus Memphis plus members that we're back on January seventh and is just when everyone like it really de Jeff maybe January the tenth really. We'll try if we feel like a debt January the tenth. We'll be back for you guys. But in the meantime sauna plus all those episodes episodes still available in our backup for you. If you sign up you get access to the loss two seasons You also get discounts off our store. If you're plus members if you WANNA grab even older shows Safa posse a fifteen percent discount and you also get the high bit right feet if you sign up for possible as he can listen to you high quality versions of the show Nipples both in three twenty kilobits per second. Of course. Yeah you get access to the extent that we do on these shows every single waking go back and listen to all the extensions Michigan go back and listen to all those plus episodes that you've missed through the sauna for boss by yourself. A Christmas present nine bucks month helpful favorite show. That's a wrap for this free tuition Asian of Mu. Very Christmas. Barnacles will see you next year. If you're on plus stick around for great stuff after the break they picked it up at uh-huh it is. The area was rabbit and They picked it up the whatever. Struggles you're facing from depression and anxiety to trauma and grief but it helped can connect you with a professional council in a safe and private online environment. It's convenient you can schedule. Secure video all fund sessions as well as Chattan text with your therapist and of course anything that you share is completely lately confidential. Best of all. It's a truly affordable option allison's even get ten percent off your first month with the Discount Code Universe so why not get started simply go to better help dot com slash universe and fill out a questionnaire to get matched with the council that you'll love today.

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(Re Upload) This Podcast is a Poor Investment


42:42 min | 3 months ago

(Re Upload) This Podcast is a Poor Investment

"The loss of the loss of the loss of podcast. The loss of podcast. Hey sexy friend. He's making me his bitch. Maybe want to get a piece of that good. Want to talk about sexy teens directions. It's a very creepy field. I can guarantee that underwear theft will come up again. None of this is relevant pokemon coca balls. Seven hundred and fifty middle will follow. Welcome two different podcast. a study. -nology this is your grumpy uncle. Peter he will say words at you so loss. Podcast is back Essentially to get rid of some administrative stuff so you understand what's been going on what's happened. The hiatus lasted longer than i actually intended it to. But just because life was not as kind as i had hoped Took me a while to get everything back in order still honestly probably just like you haven't really got everything in order but you know there's a semblance of what the world supposed to be like. I don't know what i'm even saying right now. The intense going forward is that i will make two episodes a month and those two episodes even then. I'm not actually holding myself to that schedule right now. I think the reason. I'm feeling that way is because i was a shit. I'm bleeding leading all over my leg. Just a second should start again. No this is this is raw. This is real life. Okay so my plans whether these are successful or not relevant. I have lost podcast. I want to do two episodes a month. It isn't going to be exactly as it was before. It's going to be a little more free form and you might be like dude. It was pretty random in the first place Yes that's true. It's going to be more like a blog right now. And that's because the organized ideas. I'm trying to organize some of my core sensibilities philosophy. I don't know some of the core concepts of loss podcast. I'm going to launch into a new podcast. So what my intent is is one of each every week so you would be getting if you subscribe to both an episode every week. Just this one is going to be just stuff. Whatever i'm thinking about random ideas things that don't tend to fit in any format. The other one will be deeper dives into single topics so the first one i'm planned out is actually looking at the sensibility of a company within a video game structure. Maybe even expand that to movies. Those take a little bit of time structure and planning this one. Is everything else. The reason i'm not holding myself to a schedule. This is because the weekly schedule when things got tough like i felt obligated release an episode and sometimes i was scrambling material and i would take core questions. Maybe i wasn't actually as interested as i could be and i want it to be stuff. I'm actually interested in talking about thinking what actually happened is. I'm i start talking a little bit more about politics a little bit more about new. The world engineers japan. That's actually gone on for the whole hiatus period. I think right like two full months maybe getting close to three right now so. It's not like i stopped but i am going for lights humor comedy. I think comedy is a bit strong. For what i do. I am going for. F- light humor entertainment as a feeling. And that's hard to do when you have larger concerns. Ironically this first episode is like a massive. Bummer for me. Should i assume proved hugely entertaining for you to listen to. It's not funny at all. But that's actually kind of the point is if it's not funny and i just want to talk about it. This is where that kind of content is going to land so. I'm excited to be back. What i've found in general though. Is that organizing. my time. Reorganizing stuff making new plans in the long run makes me more productive. I get more done. So essentially ninjas japan was launched from blossom podcasts. Daily affirmations was launched from veloce. Podcast this other podcasts. That hasn't been quite released yet. Been launched from veloce podcast. Those ideas were just organizing elements from veloce podcasts. This is the birthing arena for what is essentially slowly becoming. My own. Podcast network is just the sheer volume of content. I wanna produce. I can't do that quickly. And i got a scaled-back individual items. So i can produce more overall. Thank you for coming back. I mean. I know this is probably subscription. You disappeared from your feet. You forgot all about it. Then it came back. And i'm glad you clicked on it again. Downloaded it Hopefully we get two hundred more episodes. That are two hundred more better episodes if not please feel free to let me know and now let's get into one of the experiences i've had in recent memory one of the things i have noticed as sort of tragic stories i've told on the podcast have been the popular episodes. The ones that shared around the most are the ones that people like the most. I think that as far as comedy goes. Yeah it's amusing. I'm never funny. Maybe humorous is the best. I could ever tagged because i'm not telling jokes. Just tell talk about funny ideas so there's no sort of moment where the punchline hits you the tragic ones because you're sort of seeing the horrible nest that exists in the world but not having to experience it directly people kind of like that i get a nice review. During the hiatus though saw read that one man many listens. Peter brings a comfort to his podcast. That can't be easy when he's doing so much himself instead of rushing dragging just a great time having him in your ear so thank you raising hellier a great name. I'm not one hundred percent trump saying you're right raising hell is clear why you're raising hellier could be the name. I don't know you might have to write in an accident. We know that people sending messages. The reviews are great. I do love getting reviews Good ones everyone only wants good one. But that's great and it does make your podcast more searchable. So i would appreciate if you do that. But i don't wanna push anyone to do anything that's not. Why started doing this. But sending me messages leaving messages on voice link dot fm slash veloce. Podcast that has been the highlight for me to people on twitter interacting with people meeting other people from other places. That is the bit that gets me. Most jacked about doing a podcast. So if you you can send an email but the voicing thing you can actually leave a message so thank you. If you've taking the time or effort over the last few years to send a message. I really appreciate it. That's maybe the most important thing. So if you've listened to the podcast now onto the sad story of me losing money now careful in my words so you might find this. One particularly heavily edited. But it's going to become clear. Why later i lost a significant amman. Clearly not enough to ruin my life or anything. If you've listened to the podcast you'll know that. I'm into crypto currency as a concept. I enjoy the idea of internet money. I really liked the idea of sending money directly from one person to another with no sort of institution involved. I lied direct transactions for purchases. I like the idea of internet money. That just really appeals to me. I had over the last few years. Build up some extra money. So i done investments Very slowly. I never put in that much money in the first place. I was never going to have a big payday. But i put in money consistently and then when there was little bump by sold and i did did it the right way when it was high sold him when it was low. I bought but i had a pool of money that i used as to gambling. Don't do that anymore But very good thing to learn if you're going to invest money only invest money. You're willing to lose willing. Really the right word for being honest but the you're able to lose because if you can't survive after you've lost that money your screwed because there is a good chance you're gonna lose money on any investment that's just the truth. Long-term mutual funds guaranteed by the government is probably the only way you can do. We've actually learned in recent months that the government for all we know may fail so even that's not one hundred percent basically over that time i had doubled the money i had invested. Which is really good. So i was like. Let's take that money i've made. That's basically clear prophet right now and find an investment with the cryptocurrency finance institution. And the idea is they have computers. That do microtransactions all the time. So they're always making tiny amounts of money but it's cumulative so over days and weeks they make tons of money they probably take seventy eighty percent of it but they give you all the leftovers for using your crypto currency. I'm fine with that. I actually believe that they should make their money. In as long as i get my cut. It's all good. So i went looking for some and i found one called crypto exchange affects and the promise they made was that in a week to ten days. You would make a twenty percent return. Which if you're an investments is impossible straight up impossible so i was like i. I don't want to look into this. There's no way this can be true. So looked into it. And i found an article on medium medium dot com where they were talking about how. It's a real company real financial institution. That does the things it says. It's going to do. And then. I found a post on cora and that post was actually an apology for previous post where they had accused them of accused crypto exchange fx of being a scam and they said and this was them apologizing for having rushed to conclusions and not followed instructions closely or carefully. So that made me go. Maybe it's a real place that does real thing. Twenty percent is a lot of money. So i am not afraid to test the waters going to take the minimum amount. You can invest now. Go to the website. And i'll invest that. See what happens because we're works out. That's great but again. I'm doing the minimum. Which i can afford in this instance because this is all money i've made profit overtime anyways. So i made the minimum deposit page. That's your account and it has how much money invested in each crypto currency has a little counter at the bottom of the countdown to the days. Zero counter hits zero and email says. Please give us the dress you want the payout to be sent to i send them the crypto currency address and an hour later i have my initial investment plus twenty percent in my account and i'm shocked because this is a real thing and then i'm wondering why isn't everyone doing this. I still gotta throw my money into it. Not going to go buck wild. I wanna keep half my money available in liquid so i can use it online or make an investment or salad or by whatever i need to do and then the other side. All that sorta prophet money. That will go back into this. That's my plan again. I'm not greedy. I do wanna make money. But i understand that conservative diversification is probably the better way to make money in the long run. Also don't want to risk everything. I have in sort of one basket so i make a second investment in slightly larger but again i haven't gone crazy. Wait for the counter to countdown. Nothing happens so. I wait a couple days and then i sent an email to support at crypto exchange fx dot com saying. Hey my counter has gone down zero. I haven't got the message for the payout. what's going on. What should i do. And they say oh there was a problem with your deposit. You need to top up your account and that'll reset it and then you can get all your money back. I thought i'm not very happy about that primarily because they didn't explain what the problem was. This is the issue where now. I'm basically on the trust side and i want to and i've made my twenty percents off my investment so i want to believe this is gonna work out now. You know it doesn't because of the way introduce story. So i pay what they want. So this is a significant sum of money now in there because it's double my initial investment and. That's not as much as i wanted to put into this one thing. Then they say great. It's topped up. I look at my account. It is both deposits in one thing and it's fine so i'm like okay who haven't lost all the money i just put in a but i am nervous because again. I want to keep a certain amount of money in my hands. So down at the bottom of the page. There's withdrawal button. So i clicked that i put in the address i want to withdraw to and then i immediately get an email saying you've tried to withdraw too quickly. Our system has tagged as spam attack. And so you have received temporary suspension. I just got everything worked out. that is bullshit. They did not tell me. I had to wait for an email. Now this wrong thinking. This customer support is pretty horrendous. So temporary suspension is that just a length of time What do i need to do to get that lifted. This is where it gets a little scary. Is the customer support says to me that you need to deposit fifteen hundred dollars. American of crypto currency. And that will release the suspension on your account. Now i legitimately do not have fifteen hundred dollars to spare. This is peak covert. I've just gone on furlough and my next is going to be. Maybe half what it normally is. So i don't have extra money. I've used all my extra money to get to this point where we are now really. That's why i was trying to withdraw. So i say well what happens if it's temporary suspension. Can i just wait. Apparently their version of temporary is really just until you give them more money so it's really a suspension permanent until you pay out so now i'm starting to really feel sick like this is all gone wrong. I should have gone with my first instinct that this was not a viable solution for investment. But again the first investment worked out the second one didn't the third one to get the mistake fixed actually worked and then this next thing was kind of my mistake. I tried to take the money out. Technically when i wasn't supposed to. So i just i'm really honest. I don't have fifteen hundred dollars. I cannot deposit that much money. Just because i don't have it. So what can i do. They come back with five hundred bucks now. I do have five hundred bucks. Left in my crypto currency account and. I'm thinking this is it. I have to be really careful. So i say i will contact you. Wanna make the deposit and you tell me to go ahead. that's fine. Your your money is safe with us. It's just sitting there in that account eye contact. I summarize everything that's happened. See i'm going to make the deposit now to lift the suspension on my account. Is that okay. should i go ahead. He says yes. Go ahead Deposit the money then. Nothing happens i wait a day and i sent an email saying. Can you confirm receipt of the funds that i deposited to lift the suspension all mike hill and the response. I get makes my heart sing. Because the response is there was a problem with your deposit because we were upgrading. our system. every other crypto currency. Not the one. I used was fine but the one you used how to problem so we didn't. We weren't able to confirm receipt of your deposit. I said look. I made the deposit. Good faith i even checked with you that i should make the deposit and you said go ahead. So if you're upgrading your system you should have told me to wait. So this is clearly a problem on your end and their response to that was just not answering my email so i sent another email saying look. There is a public record. I've sent this final deposit to the same address. A previous deposit. It shows the transaction. Went through so you can see that you've received the money. Will you release the suspension or at least just returned. the money is deposited. I'm not even talking about profits anymore. Just give me the money. I gave to you back no response. That's where i start to feel sick like really sick. Because i've just taken all this money years worth of small investments as gone and they can just ignore me so when they talk about crypto currency in the wild west. This is what they mean like. There is no one you can appeal to. There is no name connected to the address. there's nothing to really. I mean it's very easy for somebody to take advantage of you. So now i feel sick and i'm like what do i do because the biggest problem right now is. This is actually embarrassing. I don't want people to know someone has taken advantage of me. Tricked me or i've lost a bunch of money which is counterintuitive. Considering him now making a podcast about it. But i went for about a week just feeling awful and then i did a very buddhist realized. Like money's gone so let's just stop and accept it so sat one nine. Just okay. don't think about getting the money back because you're not going to just accept that money is gone and the next day i felt a lot better and that's when i started thinking. Okay what can i do because the most important thing for me is that someone in a similar situation doesn't get taken advantage of the same way now. The problem is putting this on the internet. Means that you're going to get people say oh you got scammed urine idiot. You're a fool. They're going to take advantage of that moment of your weakness to try to tear you down because tearing down other people on the internet is how other people feel good. Because it didn't happen to me happen. You therefore i'm better than you. I've experienced this kind of thing a lot in my life. People trying to tear me down to make themselves feel better. Because you don't end up feeling better. You just both feel bad because if you're doing that to someone else you have some kind of problem in your life. You don't fix that problem and you don't actually feel better in a long term when you make someone else feel bad so i thought i this is something i need to explain so the reason i want to put this on the internet is to help other people and if you shame me into silence then you're actually helping the people who take advantage of other people on the internet because you're not getting the word out that's what we actually need to do more than anything else. We need to get it out there. This is what happens if you go with this company. The reason really no one would fall for the nigerian prince scam. Now is because it's been on the news you've heard about it you've heard about a dozen times You get that email. It reads like something you know. Because you've heard about it already. So hearing about it already makes it. Sorta shines a light on it that means they can't take advantage of people anymore and that's what i wanna do. I wanna shine a light on it so that no one else ends up in the same situation because there is the very small chance. This is still a legitimate business. They just have the worst customer service ever known to man now. My personal feelings aside. I'm out money and money. I put into their system in good faith. Now is the next steps to be active. So the first thing i did was file a complaint with the ftc. The federal trade commission in america because the website says there in new york. So i focused on new york in america. Then i felt a complaint with the fbi icy three just sort of their internet section. Then i thought we have to actually get the message to other people. So i went to gillan media reply. All is one of my favorite podcasts. They did one on scammers in india next went to india to talk to them. And i thought you know this might be the kind of story. They're interested in so i typed it up and sent it to them and i've started sending it to other places again in hopes that someone will pick it up and actually get that message out so that other people hear about it so that again they don't get taken advantage of in the same way i've also found cryptocurrency websites and crypto currency new sites. And i started sending the message to them. Now i am a little cautious. And that's because of the apology. I saw in core. Because now. In retrospect i realize that apology had very specific language in it and one of the sentences. Was i understand that. Defamation is a very serious offense and no prosecutable. So what i think is that guy. Accused crypto exchange fx of being a scam. And they have a lawyer or they have like a form that they send out in accuse you of defamation and they start going after you and this way and that would end up costing you more money if you're in my situation in this investment thing in the first place so it's not worth fighting you end up just apologizing which is damn sorta kicking you in the nuts when you're down so i'm not giving you my opinion about this company. I'm only giving you the facts in order of what happened. Because there's no way that can be construed as defamation and that's also why might have to go back and edit so this might sound more heavily edited than previous episodes see. I feel like crap. And this isn't how i wanted loss podcast to come back but if this platform can be used for anything. Hopefully someone else will not lose their money. The same way. I lost my and that to me is the most important thing. So this is part two. I'm recording this a week. Maybe week and a half later the first part you just listen to part two of what is clearly going to be an epic saga. Because i don't know how to let things go the reason i'm recording more because there's more to say because almost got ripped off again i so i learned about a new scam that i almost fell for this time. Now i'm clearly more cautious than i was before Not willing to try things as easily as i was before because will the world's hurt me now. Now i have that deal with. I have filed complaints with the ftc the fbi. The better business bureau. Things like that one of the more interesting things i did was. I was looking at See any services. And i found fund recovery dot com. The name is very telling us to what they intend to do. Because in some cases they will actually get your money back. What i've learned about it is this is called a charge back scam so i wanted to see what they were all about so i sent them an email and in the email it says. Tell us your story. And i told them your story. In the first bit of suspicion i had was the had hadn't read what i wrote and that's a bad sign. Because why am i giving you this information. If you're not gonna take the information they just want to get you to invest time. So you're already kind of committed and then the next thing they wanna do is get on the phone really badly. I hadn't given them the information that i was in japan so they kept trying to call me but i think there were calling america and once they get you on the phone. It's sort of really hard. Sales guy talks as quickly as humanly possible. They tried to talk to you for minimum twenty thirty minutes again. This time investment. So you feel like you know. If you don't do it you are more your waist wasted your time now. That's one of the few things i don't fall for is the time sync idea of. You've used this time now. You have to have something. Come out of it. After i learned about it through car. Dealers like car dealers will try to keep you there for hours and hours and hours that you buy a car. The maybe you don't even want or isn't the best car for you because if you spent the whole day at this car dealership walking out with nothing makes you feel like you've wasted your day. What they do is they. They talk about it. Did the most interesting part of the script is clearly. I mean all these call center places are scripted. It was really noisy so it was really hard to hear. The guy was that whenever he brought up the fact that you had had money stolen from you. He said the phrase. I can't imagine what you're going through. I can't imagine how you feel some variation. That and that was interesting to me. Because i was not upset as i said in the previous part i have come to terms with the fact that i've lost this money. It's my own fault. That money is gone. You don't invest money. You're not willing to lose. And that's what has happened. So of course. I'm not happy about it but i'm not grieving over it if we went through. The stages of grief are already gotten to the reconciliation stage. I'm okay with what's happened but he was. He kept talking to me like this and and this is again to create a bond of sympathy of some sort of input. My feelings i. But because i wasn't upset every time he said it i was like you're sounds weird that you're saying that to me is weird that i'm hearing this again and again and again i talked to him and i wasn't really happy with the explanation. Because they threw out ninety three percents of our cases they get their money back and it they. The company takes ten percent ten percent. Seems like a very fair deal. If i lost one hundred dollars and you take ten dollars a fair number for you doing the service but i i looked into it more to try to find out what was going on because the ten percent isn't all they take and is not based on success. There's a five hundred dollar upfront. Fee now is a lot of money and money that basically. I'm not really willing to spend anymore. Because again i don't really think i'm gonna get this money back. The first thing they do is they start talking. They don't talk about the people who scammed you start talking about the financial institution that allowed you to get scammed so this is how i figured it out. This is actually called a charge back scam and it's not really scam In that they're cheating you. What happens if you get scammed on your credit card. You can contact your credit card company and get a charge back if you can prove that it was fraudulent. The credit card company essentially has insurance. They'll cover that. Get your money back and then you're fine. It doesn't cost you any money at all. These guys do that for you. Take ten percent of your money and the five hundred dollar upfront fee. So you can see. They're actually charging for a service that you shouldn't be charged for. If he was honest upfront upright they would go out and say look. This is something you can just do yourself. Maybe explain to you how to do it. If you don't want to pay them i would be okay. That'd be a great service. The problem i had first of all was. I don't know if the same rules. Apply to the crypto currency. Thing that i get my money from. Because they're talking about they have allowed me to be defrauded and that money could be going to fund terrorism which is technically true and there are international laws about funding terrorism. So a lot of these companies. What they do is they will just pay back that money. Once they get the form to just make this go away so they don't get in trouble so they don't actually end up having to deal with any of the stuff that comes afterwards. Means the fraudster. The person who committed the fraud. They don't get punished at all and they actually get to keep the money they had so it's essentially free money for them. You get your money back with us. Great so i wasn't comfortable with that. I wasn't comfortable with the idea. Going after the financial institution that allowed me to buy crypto currency. That i you know messed up because really the only person who should be punished. Here's me and the guy who committed fraud so i wasn't really covered that and that may be have been the thing that pushed me to do a little more research so at that point i basically just cut them off. I didn't want to deal with this way. And i'm going to continue filing complaints anywhere. I can to to try to make something happen again. I don't expect to get my money back. But if i could get the website shut down or something like that great so i went and looked up. The who is information for the host of the website. And i've actually sent a message to the host and it's called hosting her and i sent a message saying like this website that you host is has committed fraud and they won't give me my money back and the thing is these hosting companies are actually informally complicit with people committing fraud. They're allowing it to happen now. I assume the company doesn't know what goes on so this is why i was really simple. It was look. I went to this website. I deposited funds. They won't release funds now. They've committed fraud. I think you should know that a website that you guys are hosting fraud. They sent me an email back saying we take this very seriously. Do you have any proof. Said look i'll send you the whole email chain. And i have the f. t. i have the fbi. I see three complaint a copy of that. I can send you. That has a lot of personal information. But you know. I'm not a big fan of that. And then a couple of days later it said the account has been suspended and i was really excited because i thought oh maybe i've actually achieved something. No honestly the guy who runs the fraudulent website is really just going to move to some other host like within the same day so there won't be any real disruption to his business but get any bit you can do to make it that much harder for someone else. To get defrauded is a win. But then i went back to the site the same day i got that message in the site was still there so i sent another one. I'm waiting for a follow up to that. So i don't know if there's going to be a conclusion to this because i just keep going. Basically what i do is every day. I submit a different complaint to different entity of some sort and then see if it follows up now. I'm going to start going onto. Social media can post on elsewhere on. Cora was one of the places actually saw that reinforced the positive review for the website. Before i made my initial deposit and hopefully see if i can get some sort of result that way. I've been doing research people that expose fraud. I've been doing research on on crypto currency websites and stuff. That might take this kind of thing seriously. Trying to get the message out there. It's all really gonna say is be real careful even the people who are out there trying to help you. They might be out there trying to help you lose some of your money. I mean yeah they do help you get most of your money back. But they're taking unfair chunk of it for themselves considering they might be providing service you can get for free so look into that again. Hopefully i can find other ways to maybe annoy them every day and if one of them should be successful. Maybe that'll be my new job. Annoying scam not successfully taking them down slightly annoying scammers so this is being recorded a week after the last bit not much has happened. I've had one significant development. I contacted the hosting website for crypto currency exchange fx and told them about my situation. They said they take this kind of thing very seriously and they would look into it. I waited a few days. Didn't get any response actually again not expecting a lot of responses from different things but what happened next was like an email and email said the offending account has been suspended. Now that to me meant that that website would be gone or that guy wouldn't have access to it anymore or anything like that. So i went back to the website. Nothing had changed. It was still sitting there. It was still going okay again not expecting anything to happen. This wasn't a massive disappointment. I went back a few days later. Because what i'd been doing was dropping in and leaving comments that i had deposited money. They refuse to return it. They stopped to. They stopped responding to my emails. You should be aware of that. And that shows up on the front page every day And then of course the day by the end of the day it was gone and just go back reposted. So i was going back to the site really regular but the other day i went to do the same thing i went back in. A big red screen came up. That said that this site is dangerous. So i don't know if it was hosting or one of the other many complaints that i had posted actually had an impact on but someone somewhere got the message and put a warning on. It said that this was a site responsible for fishing. I guess it's technically true. They get your address. They try to get you as much information as possible in offensively again. This was a really good scam. Because you actually have to be proactive to let it happen. And that's the kind of tricks you ca- scammers come after you. You get defensive. This guy just sits there. Let's you do the deposit gives you the gives you the money for the first one and then takes all the money on the second one. I had this conversation with a friend and he said it's a good scam. And i said yes. It's a very good scam. At least there's a warning on the website now. Does that mean anything's going to change for me. No but it does mean that. That guy is having less success than he was before which is step forward in the next step is going to be getting it out in the public posting it on more forums. More places so the name gets out there more. I've actually found some not necessarily organizations. I guess individuals who are really into this kind of scamming and stuff and they actually make lists of websites that were rip you off and wanna get it on as many of those as possible. So the work is still ongoing. I'm still trying to make it happen. Basically i know that the eventuality is that this website probably will get shut down but then one week later. The guy will just reopen with a new website with a slightly different name and run the exact same scam. The exact same way probably has all his source code like the images and stuff for his website all in a folder upload. Those i mean that could be done in an afternoon. Essentially not even losing at the worst. He would lose one day of taking money from people that might be a lot of money. But it's not a huge pause if you think about the whole process ongoing. We haven't quite got the finale. I want to actually release this episode soon so there may be some small updates in the future. I think just like i recorded this. I might record those as they go along. They'll just end up being episode in itself so they actually get sort of the final details again. Actually haven't touched crypto currency since this experience and that to me is kind of the saddest part is something i was fairly excited about trying to find ways to use. I have now stopped using altogether again because we hit co vid I was at home. We had sixty percent salary. While i stayed at home didn't lose money by not working but i certainly didn't make extra money. I guess right now what. I'm doing circling the wagons. Everything gets back to a more semblance of normalcy so that i have more steady income but now i think the thing is. I don't feel like any income is effectively stable anymore and that might be a whole new attitude for a lot of people. Going forward is the money. Have i got to keep that money is. I don't know if my company's going to survive in other pandemic i don't know if i'm going to have a job two years from now so risky behavior investing. I mean that might just get pulled back a lot. I don't know how you feel about it but regardless be very careful with your money. I don't even know what part ron anymore. I think it's four. It's been obviously weeks and weeks and weeks I think in the last section going to edit together so if that's true i'm gonna cut this out a warning now. Comes up if you try to get to that website. I feel like that is the result of my actions. And i hope it is what i was doing the other day was i was checking my spam because i do writing for different projects staff and new emails to me and they'll end up in my spam folder. So i have to check that fairly regularly. I started noticing a new email for a crypto currency opportunity. That has the exact same parameters is the one i just got taken by. It's exactly the same rate of return. It's got sort of the same tiers of investments that kind of stuff. I didn't click on it. Didn't do anything with it yet was thinking. Do i have the energy in the wherewithal to kind of go after it for all. i know. it's the exact same guy. His website probably showing traffic now. That every time you show up to a fishing warning so logically. He's just going to move onto a new website. The only benefit of the website he had had been there for more than a year. That gives another sort of taste legitimacy if your website is longstanding if it's only been there for two weeks People are a bit more suspicious or they might be more suspicious wherever it's been there for a long time okay. That means that maybe it's real company doing real stuff now. My concern is that my email address is on a list of people who got scammed. I don't know if that gets shared around like scammers would sell that information or they would just as they open up new scams new fake investment opportunities. Start sending you emails on that list. It's just automated. I'm sure we got money from this guy before. Maybe we can get them to give us money again. I am hopefully one of the people who's learned from his lesson but there is a part of me that goes. Maybe we should go after the guy. Because i don't know where this guy is. I don't know who he is. The agencies have contacted. I've heard nothing back again as i expected. Are they going to do anything. This guy ever gonna get caught. How much money has he made. Because he took me for a fair. Some and i was conservative in my efforts how much money's taken from people who invested more money initially and then their second investment was massive because they got real greedy real fast. I didn't have the money to be greedy. Which i guess is something to be weirdly thankful for as far as stories. Go this is probably the end of if there's an update i will absolutely update because i know this is the kind of thing that people are really interested in but at the end of the day. I don't see there being a lot more forward motion on this. So i can't see there being much more to talk about Unless something exciting happens. I am going to type up most of the story and posted to read it to haven't done yet. I've been kinda stalling. not procrastinating. i'm actually a little nervous about it. I created a dummy. So i can post through that. And i'm gonna take out sort of any identifying information. Only because of the initial po song kwara was a guy apologizing in clearly. He was apologizing because he'd been threatened legally and i just don't need that extra stress so i do want to get the story out. I just don't want to deal with the fallout of some guy attacking me back this being some sort of back and forth thing. I know that a cease and desist or defamation claim probably hold water but if you have to defend it that takes time and if it takes time that actually needs time out of your life and money and stuff which. I don't want to commit that much to it. I'm happy to post negative reviews in informed people in do things like that I do not have the money primarily for a long legal battle with no purpose. If i thought there was something i could do. That would actually helped guy get caught again. Whether i get my money back or not as relevant if i could get this guy caught so he would stop scamming people absolutely. I would contribute to that But please be very careful. The internet is a scary scary place. And it's not fun to get burned loss of the loss of the loss of the loss of podcast. The loss podcast. Hey sexy friend. He's making bitch. Thank you for listening. Leave a text to a voice. Question or comment at voice link dot fm slash side. Podcast you can find the podcast on night. Younes stitcher accost or go to velizy peter dot com slash podcast. Sexy at hamas.

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Number in the News: 20,000  Have the past few months made you want to scream?

PRI's The World

05:24 min | 1 year ago

Number in the News: 20,000 Have the past few months made you want to scream?

"In politics, people often tell you not to get lost in the weeds. The weeds from vox is a podcast for people who love the weeds because that's where politics become policy the stuff that shapes her life and the lives of the people you care about every week. Matthew yglesias is joined by variety of leading vox voices and policy experts to dig into the weeds on critical issues. It's a podcast if you want to get lost in the weeds or if you just want to keep current with politics, subscribe to the weeds for free right now in your favorite podcast, APP to get new episodes automatically from vox and the VOX podcast network. Support for the world comes from hint water makers of fruit infused water with no sugar diet sweeteners or calories. Hints Twenty Five flavors include Watermelon Blackberry and pineapple in stores or delivered directly to your door from drink hint dot com. Today's episode is brought to you. In part by criminal criminal is another podcast. We're listening to this summer criminal reports on the most curious crimes like the first animals put on trial. The first streaker at the super bowl the first detective story. The first case of Stockholm Syndrome the first crime involving quayle foods and lemurs criminal the first of its kind sometimes funny sometimes scary always human listened to criminal on Apple podcasts or criminal dot com. Hi there. I'm being a Hellier. I host the world's Smart Speaker show called the number in the news life lock down has looked really different for people around the country and across the globe. But for most everyone it's been stressful. So for all of us people in Iceland have a bit of advice a good long scream here the details for the world and PR X. Today's number in the news is twenty thousand. Twenty thousand people have the past few months made you WANNA scream. I joined the club alongside more than twenty thousand people who are saying go for it. A group promoting tourism in Iceland. Is asking people across the globe to scream into their computer and then sit back with a newfound peace as the recording is broadcast wide open, Icelandic, wilderness, a symbolic and cathartic way to let go of your stress. Nearly. Twenty thousand people have submitted their shrieks so far but no two screams are like some people choose a friendly. Hello. Hello John. While others get specific with their shouts. Role. But all of them show serious frustration. It's a wordless ball, but message received the past few months have been tough. Screaming might just help. We have basic was to describe some of the feelings that we have but we have a lot more complicated emotional experiences we have. For Zoe Aston is a therapist and mental health consultant who worked on the project. Ashton says, these screams aren't just a gimmick to get her Est.. It's a real technique called primal therapy prime. That was started therapy that was used in the nineteen seventies and rather than sitting in tool. King. They took people aren't the wide open spaces and they encourage people to kind of let go some of those really pens onto emotions pent up emotions like those weighing heavily on people today. Ashton says life under lockdown has left many people with a log of feelings that need to get out because we haven't been absolutely about bodies like normally do go places see we have had the same kind. Of connections with people releasing these tensions doesn't have to mean letting out a good old scream. You can go for a run sing damps just something to physically express what's going on inside. But if you do choose the Icelandic route, Ashton has tips on how to get the most out of your scream pretty hand on your belly that helps because that's where your scream will come from doesn't come from. Chess and it helps if you sort of engineers over, give yourself already steady grounding. Okay. Your turn go to the world dot org to find out where you can out your biggest scream and joined the twenty thousand plus people streaming around the globe. There you go. That's one episode of the number in the news. If you liked that, then take a listen each morning after your morning. Scream that is a new episode of the number in the news comes out every day seven days a week to add the show to your preferred news sources go to the Alexa or Google home, APP on your phone. TALK TO YOU NEXT TIME

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Sidequest: The Hunt For Crashed Gelnika

First Encounter

25:25 min | 2 months ago

Sidequest: The Hunt For Crashed Gelnika

"The motion hey. Listener first encounter is an explicit podcast by grownups for grownups. Content warnings can be found in the episode description. This episode is for me all right. Don't tell them handy. Sent you this episode just for me. You remember where we're going with this thing. Yeah yeah i gotta go to the other continent and swim upstream over here. Once a year clyde swims upstream to make lays eggs. You can cut that like three to one. I just sprayed all over your pop screen to perfect. Hey hey welcome to the first encounter global worldwide weird. He did this one. You got to come up with something. Different maths do when i got one going. Oh doesn't it all right. i'm waiting i'm holing. Welcome back to final fantasy. Seven the hit spinoff game to the popular fighting game. Erg is god bless. The ring or urge is or guys. Are you okay. It was a fighting game with final fantasy seven characters. Isn't that just called brothers now. It's actually playstation all-stars. Is that a game. It's a playstation smash brothers. Rip off neri cool. You know what's funny. Is i think snakes in it. And he's also in smash brothers snake a naked and smash brothers isn't he. Yeah he is because he's got the box and you can blow stuff up thick. I don't play a ton of smash brothers. Well that's anything going to be a bonus something. My wife really enjoys it. She's sorry she's definitely a better than i am at. I mean sulforaphane cloud also aren't they. Yeah well. I think we've talked about enough things that aren't found fantasy. You wanna talk about final fantasy. Yeah this episode is brought to you by you are patrons. Thank you so much for joining us and if you also want to help grow end keep the show alive go to patriots dot com slash first encounter. We'll say your name on an episode if you do stuff you also get other benefits but to me. That's the most important one. I think so. Actually that really. Like the first time i subscribe to a patriot. Fan was literally just to hear my name on it join. The party was very funny to. Wow yeah which is not easy. So i don't actually know how name should be pronounced fun fact about me all right. That is one actually. We'll learn one day if you support on patriots. Yeah if it's supported. John i'll take an arabic class and learn how to pronounce my name. All right i also don't have time to take language classes that you don't have time to do things you literally don't have time to be here right now. Senator he accurate neither do you actually. We'd probably jump on into this go. Ooh what a time. We had some fun stuff in here. I have no regrets. I had a blast. This was a lot of fun for me. So we put up our safe file and we were at a bit of a loss for where to start for the day. So i fell chris. Hey let's go back see what else we can do with. Luke crushes cave. If you will. I don't know how we learn from. Chris that i need to complete ten random encounters in order to go back and Vincent's final weapon and final limit. Break this is the first time i've ever sought out random encounters in this game. I need you account for me. One one oh yeah. We're doing it that's making you said. Oh you're doing it now. Yeah yeah. I was probably worth it right. Yeah kind of blew my load on that one my mp load if you will. Oh i see you excellent just trying to figure out how we can make that into a shirt that people actually just blew my mp in parentheses. Load gonna take my cracks off. Oh i'm sorry. Did i forget to show you my slade and leather crocs. Ooh girl you ever seen anything so handsome there. Problem here god. I like cracks company and easy to wear. That was three four. Can't believe this is happening. I can the kiwi monster that guy in a while. This doesn't even seem right anymore. This is bad. you're a bad man. I'm literally just going out into the countryside. Murdering animals i feel like a royal from the british family that five four four god. You can't even keep track. I can't assistant. Are you that seven or eight six six. Yeah i said. I think this is six chris. You're listening to me. So this is seven seven. Fuck feel like. I've been here for hours. It's literally been four minutes. Do you think ben's never runs out of bullock's like why. Don't i have to buy bullets phrase gun. Shut us down. I d like their server dirge of server lists. That's for like the one guy who works in. It the fucker you talking about several architecture nevermind worry about it. It's not important then least favorite episode. Welcome to the grind time. We received death penalty. Which is vincent's final weapon at where and we also receive his final limit. Break chaos hellier so we equipped death penalty. However i do not have enough limit breaks under my belt with vincent to use chaos yet so on the way from luke russia's cavern to our next stop. We noticed that one of weapon. I don't know how to say like a weapon. The big purple dragon. One is just kind of floating around having a real the weapon of time and i attacked it. Sure did i actually technically did beat it. But you don't get anything from it. Yeah it just runs away which is kind of like okay. Just start zooming around the map. Have you ran into it a couple more times than just doesn't like it always runs away. It reminded me of coon from one hundred percents. It didn't really impact anything but it was just a fun thing that happened and i wanted to mention okay. Oh there it is. What do you think is going to go come back come back find its nest sir. Well i guess you just wish that on the world. I'm sure it's fine after that. I decided i'm really enjoying my submarine times now. So let's just go. Let's go splur- let's do a little spungen. How do you feel about that chris. I feel okay. Quake the face from your last summary in time when i was never going to use this is fine. That's gonna stay here. Well it's a crane to me that there is a rich world out there. Christopher which. I'm just not really getting to explore much. I think this is probably the most i've ever forced your hand to let me just explore on podcast. So we take to our submarine and just really plunged those depths. Just really fill the ocean. But anything we're gonna do today are excited for you to learn are you is it. Mid guy now can have so be called hanney's rock-hard for mid guard cels probably not you realize that when the controller is in my hand i will than absurd amount of our rate. Oh boy that's a lot of blue. I was very loss for a moment there and very afraid just like the real ocean. I was gonna say naked and afraid the hannie story. Kristy seemed displeased with me today. I brought all this good energy for you and you trip. You know what. You're right. And i apologize. I'll be better for you literally. I wanted you to save for the past twenty years. It's just all be better for you. Hey you ever been here like this place why this is where we slept with that prostitute. If i remember correctly we did. Do you not remember that esley tries to dock harder would like. I'm curious about that shipwreck. You want to go to if you want to check that out. Go for for it over here somewhere. You're going to have a hard time funny in the middle of the ocean oceans not that big please fringe science. I know i mean. I'm just saying the earth is hollow so the ocean can't be that deep otherwise it would all drain out on what we end up exploring this really fucking cool as we're just plunge in the depths with our schindler branded submarine we start looking at things and there's one thing in particular. I'm pretty interested in which is a crashed airship. I guess it's like like an airplane. It really like that's where you find him. Yeah that way what. It's an ocean plane. All right this is a really interesting thing that i think is another completely optional. Aside that you could miss. But i was really into wanting to check it out so chris let me just do a little exploring. Let you as a strong word. Chris didn't get the controller. Out of my hands fast enough and i'm still got about twenty five pounds of quarantine way on him so i was able to body block him from taking the controller airway. So we coming just crash right into this underwater airship thing and cloud says hey. This is the shinners galdikas type airplane. I wonder why it went down here. That's weird there's a good question. Yeah i have the same question. Where able to kind of explore it like a mini dungeon and i believe the first thing you did was bump into our good friends. The turks rudin reno in about-face immediately. It was like nope that was a quick about face. You walked into the room and now i'm good so after deciding to nope out of the Turks way we go into a rear section of the plane that is kind of an open area and cloud says what's going on here must be some kind of research establishment. There's maker generator the thing. That's of no in. This room is all fucking chest. That have really good stuff in them. I mean we got a ton of just various shit. I think we got a guard. That's like a new armor thing because several people's like super powerful weapons which is super tight for me because y'all know i love me shopping episode and spent a while. Since i could go shopping. The dead haunted looking. Chris's is just remembering just going to click together. The ten hours of shopping right here subscribe on patriot at the five dollars. Here if you to get full uncut shopping. The only god. Could you imagine how awful it'd be terrible. Can you imagine how horrible you're gonna have of time editing. This doctor already yeah. That's fine so aside from all the good good good good. Good good weapons and spells and items. That are down here. I think the thing that sticks out most to me is the absolute bonkers enemy design. Fucking ago deal at the turks and the second not today. This notice the logo on this. What is this place. Must be some kind of a research establishment. Because there's a mako generator will you make. Oh lee make out with me. Chris like that was like a good one. Why is that abnormal breath. Do you think that's okay. I'm gonna turn into a gallium if that's okay. I'm gonna do this just in case and then i'm going to sense what that thing is. This is terrible unknown to level fifty. One i don't like that so this must just be some sort of nightmare like generous shit. Did i save this thing. Might end mead. Fucking time to panic. I'm panics goodbye goodbye. Holy shit are you aware of this thing. That was a random random encounter unknown to is the sketchiest to me. Is that the tongue one. That's the one that's like. It looks like a flower with a skull face and has a snake coming out of the eye socket. Yeah like a bunch of tentacles just place just flopping around and they're also crazy high level they're all like level or above. They have extremely strong everything. They one shot all characters frequently and they have just awful awful things just happen from the design is bad. they're crazy. sorry. Let me try that again. The design is terrifying. But it's really cool. They're incredibly strong. They're very unrelenting. And i think we had to ratchet up the death counter once or twice down here had a real nightmare shandra time. This definitely seems to be where general was doing some real bad bad experimentation camp commu the fuck out of this room. Oh fuck fuck. Please don't be moving though. I'd can better the fuck is this. Oh my god that's horrifying but did it just get healed. Sing is a nightmare. Thank god no problem. He's e- jesus that was. That was a lot. This must be the cargo through. This is terrible. It's all messed up. Oh i see a summons give me that shiny. If it's the unknown to i'm going to vomit throw up. Oh no what is that thing. Is this better or worse. I can't tell this is unknown. Three i don't think i like it man. They're doing some really shimmery ship back here. We got a really strong weapon of ups called and that's probably been my favorite weapon to have right now. I have that with two on it. Which is just real murdering of time year. I think that was really what. Got me through this because i had. Up heavy hidden. Yeah thank you. I've discovered i'm glad you're using up. I'm actually having a good time with you. And vincent and cloud as my party after clearing out all the loot from here including a summons that i believe. Chris actually said he forgot about which has turned into my favorite summons haiti's we decided to go back and just confront those good good turks and see what they're up to obviously because they are who they are. They're up to no good. Do you remember what they're doing. I think they're recovering weapons. That's what i was under the impression as well that they're getting something from the gal nica that we needed to take their leave of that. We'll cut that in here all right. Well that was a nightmare. But i think we're good use ten i did. I'm going to go. Beat up. Some turks to make myself feel better turks again. We just seem to keep running into each other lately. It were weapons and materiel develop solely to destroy suffer off but it was attacked by weapon and sunk to the bottom of the sea. I can't give you it's here. We'll take safer off. I guess this is our last meeting. I won't let you get in our way. Ruth so cool they just wanna beat seth. I feel like we can and you're standing here. But instead you know what i'm gonna do. Beat the shit out of them alec. Rude he's cool. I like all the turks obviously pretty cool. I'm very concerned about what's going to happen to elena. Because she is absolutely not in advent children. She probably just gets a desk job or something. I hope but i feel like it might be worse. So you reflect and then he'll walk bio three. Tentacles used the tentacles on rude ghana. So she did catch the on you in her confusion but it reflected yes and also you kasan jen. This is this is ideal when you say. You're so cocky. Really feeling that the effects of that now. After speaking those turks and sending them on their way we decided to surface and continue the story. This was actually a good chunk of this game. Play was just clearing out the gal. Mika it was well worth it for me aside from getting all that really sweet just everything. There's a tiny bit of story in there. That's kind of interesting also just getting to see the really fucking weird character designs. That they pulled off here was really exciting for me too. It was definitely a good stop on our journey. Yeah for sure. So after finishing out the galileo. I decided to try and just really irritate. Chris by avoiding the main story at all costs and denying him any content for a solid episode of the show. So i thought hey. Let's go back to digging for that. Good good mid garp. Pass the key how to go. I mean i got the past. You gotta i got the so. We make our way up to the bone village if you will. I've seen more bone villages. If i had a nickel for every phone village so i don't think this episode is going to be exactly what you've found it but that's okay i'm enjoying it. What can i interest you in today. Christopher i don't actually remember where we're supposed to go you tell me now. We're going to fight suffer. I wonder what the inside of that cave looks like. You think sarah is just sitting there waiting for meteor. Yeah actually. I mean. That's exactly what i think wonder. What's samper outs up team. Thank you for that. Saved the world if we beat sarah. I'm frightened but i'll do my best. Let's hurry to the northern cave. Pretty clear and i think it's pretty clear that we are now heading to nibble. Let's i don't want to get to the northern cape. I'm not ready for the game to end yet. Try interesting amid gar. Oh wasn't there key. That i needed for mid guy dire. You can find that and we're not doing that again. Hm the lunar harp is somewhere on the ground here we could start excavate it for you if you want us to start digging good treasure. I bet it's right next to the jet as we dig up the bone village and the whole just the whole gone the whole thing. Dig it all up. Good riddance and we find ourselves a mid card key. Take it back to mid garden and break right in. This is my first time back at mid gar since we first left not for lack of trying no. I definitely tried to get that. I just saw weapon fly. Overhead shadow assign. God that's funny. My keys sucks to suck. How do i get in you. The door all the sector seven and it's keita sector five. Oh fuck me. I guess dude. It's been so long as you walk in to mid gar for the first time you come upon air. Its church when you walk inside. There are two children playing in earth's flower garden. And there's also a ghostly image of era as you approach. The earth image starts blinking and then disappears. That was horrible. Just straight up. That was so unnecessary and depressing. It gave me the slightest bit of like. Oh i hated it chris. I'm going to be okay. Don't worry about me just need a minute. Take me to church wash. What why there there. Oh that was depressing. I hated that. Hey where's the lady my heart. Oh why oh man. I don't like that era was there. That was depressing. After getting our hearts wrenched open. We decided to go have a real mid guard at the time. Checking on all of our greatest hits check out. I'm guy he's gone missing. he's not there anymore. Check out l. meyers house. No one's man. That's fine check out wall market. No one's there. Try to climb the rope to get back up to our ropes robes. Gone no good nothing. There's nothing all of the shops are still garbage. The only thing we got was as we're exploring while market popular a little heads into the weapon shop over there that initially fired. It's gun at you when you walk in. But this time it gives up a weapon. Fourteen via love it that was the only takeaway i had from mid guard. Real depressing contain that it ant man. How did you miss being mid to be fair. You gave me no direction. So i had to choose my own pet. Told you talk to your party members. And they told wanted to go in the game. And i'm not ready for that yet. That's not the game doesn't end there. I'm sure it does. I think i know a little bit more about you. I had it to do list here sir. Oh it's so long he died. We made them wait too long. All something tells me. I did not need to come back here at least have to go back to walmart at all. I know exactly where i'm going but you're going to hate it. Good strong weapon. I told you i had it to do. And i told you i was going to execute it and you didn't listen. So whose fault is it really chris. I'm trying to figure out how far can let this go is to forty six. Oh no Remember how that was my first. Oh yeah you ever just kick a house. I don't understand the problem. Chris i have given you nothing. But it's a solid content going the wrong way. Do you not want my content. is this happening. Where are you going around. I don't know where to go. What are you doing needs to find shelter. Hq can i interest you in wherever this. I genuinely don't remember. Do you remember just became very clear. Well i'm glad that you know the nightlife businesses thriving. Oh no regime down the here. The shinri have occupied this shop. God who what does that mean. Let's leave that. Item shop is what you don't wanna get shot a little little punchy for tika. Oh my god. This is so confusing. What is happening here. My me how to get titian rage. Q. it's through mall market. You got to climb the thing. That's right it's low where they spray paint right trying to determine how much i care about fucking megaphone versus. How much care about annoying this filler episodes that you got to put him before the finale. We're not at the end of the game. You got space before you go up north. I'm going to kick. Ross asks him one shot because i'm too strong avalanche. I'll god dammit gun. How do i get there chrissy. It's unfortunate what a bump you baby go back and that's ever we're to end today's episode. Thanks to this final episode of first encounter about it might be the last one studio. Thanks so much for listening to the first encounter podcast. If you want the journey to continue please support us that patriots dot com slash first encounter until one other final fantasy seven lover. You know about the show. Finding socials and contact info at first counter. Podcast dot com. Please stop by and say. Hey our intro etre is by alden zack.

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Parenting Myth-Busting

Parenting Roundabout

12:42 min | 4 months ago

Parenting Myth-Busting

"Welcome to the parenting roundabout podcast for the week of march. Twenty nine th twenty twenty one. Every week we chat about the things parents were talking about complaining about an obsessing about right. now. I'm nicole heretics and i'm here terry moro. Hello and catherine hello alot. This week we are complaining about other people's opinions obsessing about rejoining the world post pandemic we're also going to take a couple of breaks for entertainment discussion and a recommendation roundup today. We are talking about myths about raising kids debunked by of course who knows best doctors. I so This article comes out of the business insider. And it is called experts ak doctors. Yeah see bunk sixteen myths about parenting younger children and toddlers. Although mike business insider what are you doing they asked a pediatrician and a developmental psychologist will. That's where you went wrong right. There is a stay in your lane issue or yeah like what is business a mattis but that's not really why we're here actually so anyway. Some of those myths include. And so i guess our discussion today is. Did you hear about these myths. Did you believe these myths martijn The first one or one of them includes the terrible twos how We were all told that you know to expect the terrible twos and how awful they would be. Is that something that you heard believed. What was your thoughts on that as a pair. I definitely heard it but in my experience. Three is a terrible than two. I've heard them called three eight years. And i totally agree. I mean it may have had in my house something to do with the fact that one. My older child was three the very next day after she turned three She got a baby brother. All right so that could have had something to do with it. No but yeah in general three. Not not the most fun you terry. My kids were on such a different developmental timeline that i don't think i ever paid attention to that sort of thing. There were there were difficulties at all different points that were different from the points that when my typically expect so. I didn't perceive it as terrible. Because i was dealing with disabilities so it was just their own thing. Which again you know myth number one in all of this is that there is one kind of family. There is one kind of parent. Everything works the same for everybody. We've said the right yup a few times is it here on the myths that that Everybody parents executive saying every family. There is one perfect way to parent looking. You're seeing it. They do have that. It's a myth that parenting comes naturally. Which i think is well. That's possible that is sensible. I agree some of these not so much weight. What it sensible apparently comes naturally. No i was gonna say what i knew you both. Yeah no mine is was just terrible year. Terrible ones doesn't have quite the same ring to. Oh no the terrible terrible. Maybe here barely original terrible no it was just. I talked about that before i atrocious. How about this Strict parents raise. Well behaved kids. Yeah i think nicole you mentioned this once like if if you think your kids. Was it like a if you think your kids are good. They're lying they're lying. They're sneaking around. Although i would also say because i am a broken record on this topic probably works for some kids. Different kids need different kinds of parenting. Probably there some kids who need strict parenting benefit from it. They don't want to have any grey areas in their lives. They wanna know exactly what to do and for some kids. That's probably helpful. I for everybody. But i reject the black and white nature of let's families. Every federal law would be are myths right. This is why they're myths because they ever ever yes to everyone but if you're gonna take you should say always and never and then you can heal. But how about the sun. Sugar makes kids hyper. I actually believe that for a while not possible that for some kids sugar can make them jumping. Not all kids. This is why professionals hate me. They come up with a simple pithy. Bit of advice. And i'm like well guide to debunking. Still little voodoo dolls has me and child study team offices. I'm sure when my shoulder hearts. Stop catherine what do you think did you did. You feel like sugar. Make ever makes kids hyper or major. Hits hyper no not really. I mean i think i kind of knew that that was most likely a myth I definitely the other part of that. One in the article is like can you know they can catch a cold if they're not warming on That knew was was But you know what my mother said. That was true. And so i believe it. 'cause i always had to wear a sweater you. My mom was lying to me. Your mom just wants what's best sweater. You're gonna catch cold right. And i didn't catch a goal. My favorite was always like i'm cold so you need yes. We're saying that's not true. That wasn't really my mother. That was more like my grandmother and my mother in law was my mother. That was also you know me. So might husband who is eastern european grew up with a very different philosophy because it's very common for europeans released eastern europeans to open the windows when it's cold to air out the house And to get all kinds of fresh air yes so we would have our windows open in the dead of winter so that we could get some fresh air flowing. When is this the dead of winter in southern california or the dead of winter and canada. Canada have our windows not wide open but cracks so that we would get the air flowing through the house and actually he does that to in the morning. And it's pretty could be a little chilly in the morning here in the winter you know. Let's enough to put on a letter. But he'll he'll open up. The back door patio door sliding store. And we've got a screen screen door there but the air flowing through in the and then do you tell the kid to kids to put on a sweater get chemical or you just know that. They've grown up with it. The acclimated to house just being cold. Yeah they didn't they didn't obviously didn't really associate that with getting sick or they hellier. They thought healthy. Yes not unhealthy healthy so by my grandmother in law was always just so upset when i walk around with no slippers like even if i had socks on that. She was still like horrified. The within where sliver really what that was about. I don't know that My feet get cold or she thought like the floors. Were clean enough. This was in her house right right. 'cause she how the rationale there but i Humored her i kind of feel bad what about just always saying. Yes means that you're not putting enough guidelines or you're not rain you're lazy you guess i know i do not like this one or million know well a but it's also like about choosing your battles right. I mean i think it's much better to to choose your battles than it is to say no for the sake of alive already said yes to many times today. I mean yeah. That's just silly. So are they saying that. Saying yes is bad is a myth or that. Yeah okay yeah like you're a bad parent if you say yes okay. So in other words this is this is a corollary of the strict parents are better completely against being mean to the little kiddies. Don't be rigged. Don't say no don't make put on a sweater them all candy wine this will cause you to need to bring them to the doctor and the developmental psychologists so now is the motive to this dire. I sense a theme boy. Did you ever hear this one. What was it feed a cold starve a flu. That housed over fever. The started fever or starved fever. I'm not sure which rahab. I don't want to starve and one of them. You're supposed to feed. Did we always. I always heard that like an ice me too. But i have trouble implementing. It took me a while to figure it out. Because i don't know which is which and yeah. I don't know it's a switch. I think they're just both generally not right. You shouldn't starve your child when they're sick or any other time right. You should say yes to anything. They want them sugar. Oh boy we know best. Forget the small. We're glad that they're they're mostly on our side of debunking I don't know my opposed. Why talk number one. Bit of parenting. Is that doctors know everything and you should listen to them. So i bust that myth by picking apart office stuff. That's the way. I rule the way you are all in. That's the way our podcast roles but it will roll to a stop now. Because that's it for today's round one tune in tomorrow for entertainment themed round two later in the week to find out what we're complaining about obsessing about recommending right now where. I was interested in what you have to say so. Drop us a comment website or facebook page or twitter. Where you'll find us at roundabout.

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#279 - My Presidential Cabinet

The Basement Yard

1:07:06 hr | 6 months ago

#279 - My Presidential Cabinet

"Welcome back to the basement yard. Frank good why do oh why you like winding up. Why are you so loud. i don't know what does your voice sound like a sexy morning voice. Thank you well after this morning. Do you ever do like in the mornings when you wake up. You see like what is going to be the first thing you say and how you say it but the fuck. I don't even know what you just said. You don't do that. Say it again. So like when i wake up in the mornings i often like i go as long as i can without talking to see like what is going to be my first word today. Do you really do that sometimes. Yeah sometime like sometimes. They can't miles runs in the room. And it's like oh good morning but like sometimes when when he's with his dad you wanna have a cool word and like not just a cool word but like you just want to be like like two in the afternoon it'd be rambunctious no that'd be good. That's a good word. No but like for instance. My first word today was sick by the sick take in. I take umbrage and meeting in the words that i say joey. I'm not just fucking spitting out verbal. Diarrhea like you sick. Fuck a monk. No but that would be a good idea. Three to become a monk. No monks why. That's a serious question like with in a plane in it. No like as like they can flow. Oh i don't know but there are ones that figured out like how to like just like be peaceful right will. Monks are interesting because they shaved their heads. I don't know if that's right. The do their shave their balls. Well think yeah no. They have eyebrows. No thing i don't know what the whole point i think it's just be silent. Be still and like treat animals well and live in a mountain and live in. Those are the three things like a monastery a monastery to monastery. Yeah same mausoleum different thing. Yeah big die in one of those. You live when you're dead in those right. Well no because the new york city they might be around you never know. We'll have you remember those. I don't know maybe you remember those people that would be like there would be in like manhattan like protesting kids in cages and shit and they were always been like kind of like monk like garb. No never saw that. No i thought you were just talking about like liberals no no keep kids out of cages. That's something we can all get them. We all wheel like that unless misbehaving then put them in a cage right right right in the sun but like the people that are there. It's like some sort of like chinese political movement. Where it's like you know like this is going on. Don't do this. And their ages. yes and they're like people in cages. Like show like some sort of a fucking oh. They put themselves ration- yes. Oh you remember that. You don't remember this. They're all over the place. I've never seen a person in a cage. I've seen people in cages. I don't know if i've ever seen a person in a cage in real life. We did we film keith to well. That's a fake cage key three inside of a dog cage kennel. Yeah yeah we're talking about okay. I wonder all these vegans at are so like listen. Don't eat meat. where do you draw the line. What do they think about putting their animals in cages. What do you mean like if they're like where do you draw the line. Will you eat a dog. it's like first of all maybe second of all also i have a. I have a conspiracy. That i made up. Let's let's hear you allowed to do that. You absolutely conspiracy exactly so most of them by the way made up just like yours. I've this is just a theory. I guess we'll call it. A theory about vegans. Right because vegans half like thing. Not that i have any problems. Vegans your thing. I love your cheese. I honestly do really your big vegan cheese boy. I try to like substitute my cheeses as much as i can. I've never had it. Yeah but it's all sucked. Go on cheddar is good. I've tried we're going to move on. But have conspiracy about the vegans. I think you know there's a conspiracy behind like okay. You don't have made this. nfl la. but here's what. i think. I think maybe it's a possibility nation. It's a possibility nation that the powers that be that are the vegan overlords. Yeah you know who are lizards They they're not lizards their plants. Joey well plans. Eat lizards no lizzy plants. We're going to move forward. Keep you can't get out one shot. Okay i'm going to start from beginning from right from the top. I have a theory About the vegan overlord powers that be that they want to kill the poor and the re and how they're going to do that is to push this agenda of like you. We need be healthier. We have an oregon and whatever and what happens when they do that. You ever go to whole foods you get. I'm butters hundred dollars okay. so poor. People can't afford of people can't afford is fast food fast food by the way you might as well you to pack cigarettes. The only reason why you don't need a pack of cigarettes because those were expense does pretty can feed a family of four with a single stick. Yeah shot so you know they. They make the food so expensive so that poor people can't afford to healthy foods. The poor dies out and then we have a healthy rich population. The irony that like some of the people that i know that are such like proud. Vegans are also such proud liberals that are trying to fight for this nation. Gotta go fuck themselves. Thank listen you're paying three hundred dollars. Slice of brent. Yeah it's zeki bread and for listening. Yeah exactly. I don't wanna talk about your sprout brad. Okay you know but it is funny because we have this conversation long ago is it really is like wasn't mad expense. It's fucking expensive to eat. Healthy is tarred. it's not cheap. It's not only hard because we'll have sugar addiction because they're putting steroids in the chickens literally. I've watched steroid being just injected into chickens in a documentary not late in the supermarket. Let's just say this not enough. They literally just like they put a fucking needle in a chicken and they just pump it. Full oh god knows who but then you need. It's not even just a steroid then workout stay active like chicken doing pushups and shit and think i know if it steroids or not. It's a syringe going into a thing and it gets bigger than steroids could be just like collagen like lip implants. Maybe they just do that to like the chicken breasts. Probably she can get jobs boob jobs free. Wow that's what it is. It is think about think about. I think i got a conspiracy. Think about right here so you go into a supermarket and what is the first thing. That is the most physically appealing. And you need a touch. It is the packets of chicken breasts. Why because they look like what boob implants look like. So you go over you. Slap you slap them. Everyone's slaps the roaming. I slapped raw meat. Everyone's slaps the raw meat. And so what. The current state of chicken breast in this nation are basically just boob jobs by plastic surgeon farmers so the chicken network eating is all just just like fake. You had me in the beginning and then you lost your way a little bit a little bit. Yeah listen what. I'm saying So like who's running the world. I just want to know that who's burning it down All of us know like plastic surgeons. Okay so all of the lizard. Overlords are plastic surgeons. Spare time. well of course they have to. They have to. They have to look look a certain they had the last long. You know i mean. Have you ever heard of a posture. Dying know exactly. I don't think any never you've never heard reminding all don't look like they're gonna do. Yeah they all like in their seventies look like they're in their twenties because what they do is the blood that take from the plastic surgery. They drink yeah okay. That's a conspiracy to drinking kid. Blood hillary clinton's like slamming child blood Do we take a lot for me. You ever like mike get a cut and you put it to your mouth not good. It's metal bloods grow. It's all full on metal. I don't know if i could drink the blood. Don't get me wrong. I would love to be in a position where i'd be invited to a meeting. We're gonna drink a bunch of blood and like forever. I would love to be in that. And i would fully. I just want to. I want to be on record right now if i had the chance to be. In the freemason meetings. And we're all going to like you know drink blood from children or something. I'd have that blood. Just because i know you wanna live forever and i'm selfish. You wanna you wanna live forever. You want to see everyone around you die now. I don't wanna see that. Well then there you go. That's what's going to happen have foam. I don't wanna miss out on. It's got enough that's nice. Oh hey yeah. Put the blood. People would extreme or the ones that are drinking the children. Yeah so. I think that you know obviously and i honestly i would say this. Obviously i'll i'll drink blood from a child. But i won't i won't i won't put them in a cage that's because it taints the blunt. Now because it stresses the blood out free eggs exactly you know. Becca says all the time. She's like i feel the difference between regular and cage free eggs. Wait did she say that. Yes all can. I just say something. I hate her. She says it all the idiots. She says but say feels the difference in the eggs. She says he tasted different. The eggs she doesn't know okay. I know i will say this to but there is like such things as like these cows at her in japan that are getting treated like they're going to like pedicures and stuff. That's some good meat. That wagon beef. That should as high end weight. They paint their nails. They do it all they give them like cows. They're cleaning them with like brushes and stuff. You know what. I never understood this idea of being like oh cage free so i feel better about it. It's like you're on a it man. I i watched Super size me too. Did you watch it. Super was all about the chicken industry. It was made like two three years ago. Their fucked up while he goes over that and basically it's like this whole thing where it's like free range chickens. It's like free. Rings chickens is putting them in this room and putting a cage. A foot away from that door. That's technically free range or some shit like that. They're not out on like a big farm scott's doing just like going on a fucking chicken ferris wheel tanning no and they're still getting pop the same way every other chickens getting pop. That's what i'm saying. It's like it's fucked up. And i honestly when i watched those things on my job. I'm not allow chickens. Die from like they have like heart attacks. jiji attacks. we'll do. They also put chickens in a tiny cage in like there's like forty them in there. It's honestly terrible and like we're joking around the terrible jet but just chick chick alternative. It's too far i will. I will be one of those people where they're old. You're like we're we're where you draw the line like listen i understand. It's a fucked industry but charles. Darwin people liked him. Survival of the fittest. A chicken grew up and was able to eat me that she would also. that's another. we not get upset about fucking alligators attacking people children again. You fucking idiot alligator in a cage because those are eating children in the cages. Aren't even. I've had alligator jerky. If you add it no i haven't very like string or it's like it's like a granny you have to jump like you have to. That's making me uncomfortable. A so but like that's the thing these hypocrites they don't get upset. They got upset when we kill a fucking chicken and eat it but they get upset when we get eaten by an alligator. The alligators supposed to do that while so are we. Well i think people are. Here's the thing right. I think people are okay with you eating meat as long as you go out. And you hunted like joe rogan or some shit going. If you work for. Yeah i think he does. I think he eats anything he kills. You have to you. And that's where we draw the line there. You vegans and pieces of shit like if i kill joey right now and i eat him. Is that okay. Because i killed them. No that's that's hannibal hannibal the cannibal cannibal. Hannibal was a. I was a movie But yeah no so you have to kill it with like you know a hunting knife so likely rocks so if i if i go out there and beat a dog with iraq and then eat it. It's cool in china all right and that's not racist because they do eat dogs. Dave openly expressed that. They believe that they are a delicacy but all right in the us. I go outside. you can't kill a dog. I go outside and i fucking bash pigeon with iraq. Is it cool like is it like. Oh the way we've been doing it for a million years. It's definitely not cool. I think that some people would be like keep an eye on that guy though. Yeah you know what i mean like. I think you get a lot more is on. That makes sense which you don't want but what i'm looking to do. That's true but if you're beating pigeons. I think you i would say this to watch a lot of murdoch's and a lot of those kids used to hit and their full on beaten up like carrots. Well yeah they burn cats and they hit birds with like What's that thing. Like a slingshot. Yeah so yeah dude where the slingshots still exist I knew someone that had rocket and things are fucking terrifying dude. Those things can do damage hellier. It was like the ones that like. You put your hand in braced right here. Yeah he bang. why i. it's a dangerous like a cool toy for kids and like the sixties when they had nothing else to do with their time. Well now it's like it's i mean. Read have a restaurant and then people have guns. Yeah well the kids. That had wrist rockets growing up. Now have all the guns right. Not all of them most of them would say can confidently manana now that we've been on both sides of the animal argument. I don't really know what people are gonna think of our opinion. I gotta be honest. I don't even know where we are right. I don't know what my opinion on it even. Yeah i'm like. I'm off for like being vegan and vegetarian. Like all jokes aside. I try to substitute as many things. As i can into my diet like i do i have. I eat a lot of plant based shit for the most part But i just think it's funny when people have a very strong opinion about something and it's like there's hypocrisy on both sides like you're not supposed to like this is like a table full of little chicks and like there's a grinder and you're like yeah you know what i mean. That's mad. go go go. We're laughing because we're uncomfortable. Yeah but also if we're gonna put all this stuff that's super healthy and can save the world and like especially. This has been a lot of talk of you. Know being foods and like being organic and more healthy as the population just in general and that would avoid that would prevent A pandemic or these diseases spreading like that. Because i don't have a better immune system all the shit. It would be a lot easier to get there if bread wasn't four hundred dollars. Yeah well i mean the the whole fucking everything about this world is a piece of shit and ally. Let's make sure we like. Mcdonald's is a dollar because it's made out of cigarettes. Yes sir you know what i mean. Exactly that's basically what it is. You're eating chicken nuggets or delicious. Guess what you're eating toenail clippings mcchicken. Yeah that's a toyota corolla. I if you're not eating food. Not to toyota corolla but then when a gun from mcdonald's air fucking i don't know what they are feels like a like a fake mushroom like it's it's it's it's weird. It is weird but it's good. It's good jim. Sugar asshole good sugar and just fucking filth sodium do. Oh so good but fuck it. Yeah well no yeah. Don't like put your mcdonald's thing talking about let me maybe the mic flurries. Those things her fucking destroy our. I'm knuckle deepen mcflurry. That's for sure. Hell yeah i have not. I didn't put my penis in. Oh i've been. I've figured it well to get like an amount i didn't like finger for said. Oh know it comes with a spoon right. Yeah i don't understand though spoons with the mcflurry by the way what the fuck they used to twist them but like what. The fuck is the spoon for the mcflurry. Why is there a hole in. Why is it. Because that's what they put into the thing to twist to mix it what. Say this is the mcflurry machine. Okay fucking kid. This prop one say this is the mcflurry machine. Okay and i have cup of mcflurry here. This is this is like poking out here. A little wing wing. Okay and then. I put this is the this is the. I'm lacking my props. This is the spoon they push it into it and like the whole on the spoon goes into the wing wing. And that's what they use all to make a mix it that's fucking said. Okay but why would they do that with a spoon. Why don't they just have a mechanism that mixes all of them. Because you gotta clean it lazy. It's smart it's lazy productivity dog. There's clarity you get oreo. Oh you're idiot. Uae the eminem. No eating frozen eminem chewing on rocks. Well they're not frozen yes they are. Maybe if you go to fuck and run down. Mcdonald's rundown yeah the one electron screens they have. They've had step their game and it's nice. We had gone are the days of the bubble screens. You remember those where it was like. You know like it was like a plastic screen and the soda like popped out like. It was like a pop up book. Yes yes yeah. That was the good old days it was a good day. Also have you ever donated to one of those things doron with donald house. Yeah what the fuck is that. I would net. What is over nothing about that. Looks like it's secured. It's just like a piece of plastic covered by a metal bar dude. I know it's a charity and it's good and it's a charity you know. We're all about charity on this show. But ron macdonald dude. I wouldn't i wouldn't give dollar. I've never been more sure. That someone's got some skeletons in his closet. Yeah we're basically donating to that you're donating like the house of one thousand corpses. You're just waiting on him to walk out. You know murder everybody. He's you know he's a. I think they got rid of him to from it. I haven't seen no. He's facing the donald arch. Now they got rid of golden arches. Seen i've the ronald i haven't seen ronald in a while. Either i have like do you remember how good the fucking mcdonalds. Toys used to be back in the day. I used to collect them dude. I've gotten some of the old ones off ebay and stuff. They're fucking awesome. Yes i'm an adult you went on ebay paid money for happy meal toys from back in the day. I'd like to collect stuff. Like what do you favor. I know i asked for raise. I'm going to. Don't give me one. But i know what you're gonna do knows. Give me one. I bought old cigarette. No but i bought like they had like member. Happy like used to get like collectible. Glass cups like you remember. Though the fucking the mcdonald's batman forever cups no. You don't remember these. I had ever glass. Yeah i have two of them. They were handing out glass. Yes you don't you really don't sound crazy now. It sounds crazy but like they were fucking awesome handing out glass to people. Who would show up to mcdonald's dude you don't you really don't remember these now. I have two of them. And i wanna get the full set up j. It's right there. it's right there. Oh i do remember these. They don't make them like that anymore. Those are kind of cool. They're kind of fire. And then like i have like. Oh yeah oh yeah you remember that with the question mark. That's what i'm saying. Those are cool cooling. Oh now oh now. I thought you were talking about buying a little like fucking pika chewers saying little by may have. What did you say beagle board. I am also buying these. If you remember these you probably from mcdonalds to burger king like. They don't make them like they used to anymore. Doug while i do remember these proposed him on the first movie. That gold cards. I know it's expensive. These are one hundred fifty dollars for a complete set though. It's a complete set. You're buying one hundred. You look you you got poly world. There's a chart here. You got chart and gigli puff on to utah now. We're talking about some money. There was a couple more. There's only four holiday world mu to. Who's this gigli pile. Gigli pay told the ps in there. Not enough toki. I think tha putin there are no. There's also toga p. One yeah i do remember these but that's what i'm saying like don't make that shit like that anymore. Now you get fucking like basically like shampoo bottles toy. Yeah also you get diadora you get a couple of doodles. That's for sure. Yeah oh man the good old days. I would love a snack. Wrap right now though. I'm not gonna lie to you. Know what's your go-to like if you're just going to ruin your day. What is your go-to fast food order. Where you going. What are you getting all right. I'm gonna give you three fast foods And you tell me what you're getting. Okay okay we know what. You're getting eventually the leaking but black tar but stuff yup mccoy neom or whatever. It was macaroni. Economia m- from patriot. Episode check out now. Basically yard patriot. Patriot dot com slash. The basement yard we crushed. Guess what we did the one challenge and by we. I mean me and my guys go patriots. Check it out. We get an extra episode every single week at eight thousand patrons i'm gonna give myself end among. Yeah and we're at seventy two hundred right now so we're eight hundred away from me. Just sprain something in his age and we're climbing up the rankings of the rank the best pantheon's yes so i'm gonna check again next week to see where we're at but we were at twenty eight last week so we'll see where we are all right so i'm going to give you three. I'm gonna give you four. I'm gonna give you a couple fasten spots and you tell me your order all right easy. Mcdonald's okay what am i trying to do are you trying to like. I'm really trying to ruin my trying to ruin your whole week. Okay so if i go to mcdonalds. I'm trying to ruin my day. Get to mick chickens snack. Grab i'm going to get a large no. No i'm gonna get to know. no. I'm not going to get us in that crap. I'm gonna get to mcchicken. Somebody get a large fry. I'm going to get like the biggest size. Vanilla shake they could possibly do. And i'm going to dip the fries into the shake. After i finished bulls snack wraps in record time that first of all that frying the shake thing terrifying. Fuck you all the way. Oh it's disgusting a fuck you second. Okay burger king burger king. I'll be honest. I'd never really ventured into bringing burger king over mcdonald's boy. Oh no no no. I would probably just get a big mac a large fucking some discussing like a dr pepper. I don't really have to drink amount mountain dew. Because because you haven't gotten there yet and i haven't had sex with any of my siblings. Not yet yeah. So i can't. I can't have that yet. I'm coming for you keith. One day keith. So maybe. I'll get dr pepper though because i am. You know a little bit white trash you know. They advertise that as a cinnamon soda. What is cinnamon it's pavement. That's the flavor pavement asphalt. Good though it is but anyway Yeah and then probably. Don't they have like a chicken fries catching. Yeah yeah all right taco bell off while they got rid of it. But i would get the most. I would get a little on your as you know. I will get to cool. Ranch wants then. We'll get to soft tacos. Ooh supremes with the sour cream. No i would get to just two soft tacos like the small ones all right so no sour cream or whatever it comes with. I don't know going and then i would get also sometimes talking about this. Makes me sweat out. Also get a case of dea timing. Why would you do all of that because it was not enough food joke literally. I would eat that on northern boulevard. And by the time i got home i had to. I'm not even having to shit. You would be fucking like. It would be a waterpark in your asshole. I would do a trick those. Here's here's the trick. Because this is when i lived at home and like i didn't have an apartment building we're had again elevator. Come up over my door and stuff. I've had a door had to get through my bathrooms right there. So i would eat in my car so that my intestines were a little folded. When you stood up when i stood up it was like yo yo bitch the doors opening in the rings the two towers exactly. You know what i'm saying that the doors of hot words and the kids marched in different movie but close enough. I know yup both magic okay. That's all right popeye's Will get a five piece spicy chicken. Extra bisque bought the biscuit. What's your side It really sometimes. I get like the cajun fries Or sometimes sometimes get that mashed potatoes mash taylor fire got the american cheese. I've had that once before. And i was like this is of. Why just macaroni and just know flavored cheese. It honestly just tastes like macaroni. But actually the mall soup. I feel like i'm eating the container. It's coming in eating right good for you. Are there any other. I you know what i haven't had in a long long time. When these white castle one time. I walked into a white castle with five dollars and walked out stuffed. Swear to god and like i'm not i wasn't born in nineteen. Seventy recent history walked with five dollars left fully satisfied. Insane insane dude. You know i remember. I went to a fucking after. I saw transformers age of extinction. It was a raise. The fall one of the transformers movie. I went and like one. Am to a white castle. And i kid you not by three a m. My body like there was fucking greece coming out of my pores you've had high. It was hives. I had leaving your asshole right now. I had it was disgusting. But so i guess is fucking crazy dude to y'all our burgers are eighteen cents and by the way we'll just pack them into a cardboard case suit. Didn't take like you're going out of business drug the fact that they're like yo we don't give a fuck about how we get it to you. We're just gonna put it in a suitcase and slide it across. Its drug deal suitcase. Aw they're selling suitcases filled with hamburgers and we bought it. We did the same and not the not the chicken once old. Remember the chicken rings they had. Did you ever have those again rings daddy. Very dad open up a home. Oh god almighty those fucking. It's so good. But it's so bad for you. Oh full transparency. We had other things to talk about. Don't yeah i mean. Dude i do. You consider had fast food and so long. We're going to say. I had it a couple. I haven't had it in two thousand twenty. One goal is to go the whole calendar year without getting fast foods. I've literally gone like maybe three years without really. It's see it's different for me because miles. We he loves that shit. And there's some nights rebecca's of state. I get home from work. And it's like let's just pick something up quick and it's also significantly cheaper than fucking ordering. Do you consider like five guys in portland and fast food dude. Five guys hilarious so good. You ever look at a five guys. At least mcdonald's like we know our service fuck and they're like yo we make shit watch us. Yeah but like you're still gonna eat it and not only that but like you can like when you look at mcdonald's burger you're like okay at least this is neat. You go to five and it looks like the most. It looks like a burger that so unmade with like a thousand. Don't go back go ahead. Go ahead josh. When you go you need the help do that when you go to five guys right now you go. To make you donald's the burgers are neat. They look nice. But when you go to five guys it just looks like someone made it like with this with this amount of strength just like the burgers mashed in sochi and with that fucking look on face to the loved cheese all the cooks all the coosa five guys like scott cheated on her divorce like they have a lot of shit going on in their personal life and they're making the shit out of those they try to dress it up by wrapping it in tin foil. And they've fucking randy. Johnson launched this burger into a paper. Bag that is just covered it oil. And there's fucking fried every bag from five guys. There's fries like in the brown paper bag. And then somehow it may take the throw they fucking launch this burger into this bank. They put a cup in and then they just go. And they're launching fries at this fucking. They're trying to get it in the band. There's throwing into direction. It's an angry place. Burgers are flying good. I don't know what does divorce as like behind there but that's just good dare crushing it. And they are pissed the whole time. The best food is made with anger. Together it's crazy aren't so good. Good have you ever had were hotdogs. Fast food fast. Food the court out. Oh jeez if. I did ask josh. Give me the phone real quick phone. You got josh clip. That one. i fire him. He's got killed. That i have reason now i Five guys such a piece of shit but it's so good it's so fucking good. I haven't had also shake shack. It's like we're going to do the same thing but in a cooler store. But they're like we try to be a little fancier with crinkle cut fries. they don't call it shakes. They call us it's frozen. Custard the cluster clue. I don't want this shit and go kill me in the fugger library. The annex geek don't want this shouldn't aqap custody to shake what's custody sister just like cream it's coming muster. Yup i ruined. It's like cream that is under intense stress. I think like behind the like just screaming at cream. There's your fucking worthless. The cow came from the dead. Is it not a shake. It's yeah so. I think the difference is like like flawn is like a custard. Oh how would you like creamy. You know by the way flon doesn't really look cool. Oh it's great though it's good but like we need to make this better and i give me something bigger like. Why am i getting something. That's still served in a fucking dixie cup. It's twenty twenty one. Figure it out like these people. Can i have the flon yet. And it comes on a fucking triangle plate like this big. I wanna talk about food real quick now and i know you're gonna be upset by this because it's going to be racist. Now's it going to say the idea of a blooming onion into certain so funny absurd. Here's an onion you you like it on thrown in oil. I know someone. Here's a whole anya dude. I'll have the onion dude. I bite my brother-in-law. Adam is a fucking modern marvel of science. 'cause this guy he's like six hundred one like a hundred and forty pounds soaking wet and he now he eats better but he ate like like like the goop off the street. Nice he one year for like a snack or meal went and got two blooming onions and aided alive. He's alive somehow. Can that happen. It's i don't eat that much. He's a modern marvels science. You would also like euro for lunch ahead like a couple of seven tuxedos and mountain dew and it was like yo if my body had that i kid you not it would be the capital riot in my fucking like people would be pissed about what happened there. Dude you know i. I had a sip of a mountain dew recently. I think weren't you there. Why why the fuck that had. If i was around when you had a mountain dew. I would make it very clear. There was no no it was. It was marcus here. He shooting something for For pepsi and like mount is pepsi product. So he had a mountain dew. And i was like dude. I need to take a sip of that just to like no because i haven't had in so long when i drank this thing. That horrible nightmares. That crazy i had all types of shit like people screaming at me and my face. I also like i love how they try to be like. Oh mountain dew. But if you want to be cooler. Here's code red. Yeah here's bob. Were also everything code. Red is like dangerous. Yeah like why are you drinking something. That's literally trying to tell you. It's like defcon sands like code. Red is like yo sound the alarm. Let's get the fuck out. Americans have a weird obsession with that like things that are moundou pandemic good. Yeah well fuck it. I remember when i used to go to hooters a lot. When i was said i would get wings and it was like one of the flavors was like automic island but a bikini atoll have these weeks there genocide. And you're like like smiled hot barbecue genocide. And you're like. I don't want seriously like we like name. Things that are like terrible after fucking awful people and like awful like situations where it's like. Oh what flavor do you want we have. We have hot. we have mild. We have a white pepper corn. It's a dry rub. And then we have Noble meltdown look On that note of this show maybe a. I'm sure they all enjoy kitchener jokes. If you wanna yeah guess what. Who's the first friend The first part of the show is peter not going to be the beginning. I thought you were just going to take out a little. A painting thrown at me and be like pita fucking. Ruin your code yeah. I don't think that that's what they do. Okay well what are we doing today. One of the better episodes who okay. This is kinda funny transition but today better help. If you've got stuff going on. They need to talk about better. Health has online counseling the connect you with the online counselor physicians or whatever they're called. I honestly don't know right now. Because i'm losing my brain melting. But they have people who are to you licensed professionals you can start communicating just under forty eight hours. You can talk through the phone or text or video chat their services available for clients worldwide And if you need to switch therapists they make it very easy as well. So if you're interested in doing that. 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Oh you've never had aaa because you're afraid of what it will do to your bowels. Isn't that correct. Yeah i would have it. But i just i haven't because this point because you're a terrified little boy. I only had like one real opportunity to opportunities to have one of them. I wasn't hungry than the other one. We were driving back from your college. And i was like. I'm not about to have to poland. Then sit in the car. You crazy like i need to be in a place a good time. Good old time. Good time also. We have a fun little thing. We're going to in the second half of the show which is right now right now we have a new president new quotas we have. We have a new boat new. Cody joe biden's now the president officially and you know we decided that you know we need to pick our cabinet. We need to pick our cabinet if we were president. Yeah what. I'm saying because a lot of people saying they would vote me for for as as president First of all don't don't do that But yeah so we just hypothetically if we had to pick our cabinet who would it be. Because i think that i'm good at you. Know spotting talent. You wish you would crush into debate if we were running for president right sued fucking nail you. What in a debate or like. Yeah no debate. Oh i would. I would fuck you like up in a debate. And let's debate something right now. I'll rail you something right now. You're stupid debate. Why it's not no because it's cool all right nailed it but yeah so we picked out certain i mean you know the cabinet by the way as long. Let me. just say this presidential cabinet. What are we talking. What does that we need to name it. Something cooler like the armory. That's a cool one presidential armory the cabinet. What is kitchen. No one's going to be like it's so procedures to be in the president's cabinet. It's like what are we the fucking. It's going to be stupid. Name the closet because a lot of politicians amid whatever the cabinet though. Because that's not that's the least. Yeah that's not cool. I would say name at the presidential armory or the presidential brigade. Ooh i like that presidential brigade team. The that's a little too link stupid skoll. I don't know anything but cabinet. So so in these realities we're presidents and picking our own cabinet. Yeah i have you as vice have used my vice president to die anyone's gonna take over my life and family. It's you cool. I don't. I don't think that's what the vice president but if i die you're taking it over like all of my expenses in debt and everything got your name. Does my beneficiary. You know that right. Is this real yes. I don't think it's real it. Yes it is no yes wait what are you talking on my four one k. I am you're my beneficiary. Cool no way fucking. I'd be on yours. Damn damn damn yeah all right so first. We have a secretary of state. Okay which we so full transparency. We also don't know what these people do. I assume it's like a right hand. Man yeah yeah. That's what i'm thinking to switch a guy who was like a good guy someone that you want to see her all or girl like someone you want to see yourself with so it kind of gives you a boost. Yeah it's like you know. Looks good but he also looks even better that guy exactly exactly so you go with harry potter. Oh why didn't want harry potter daniel radcliffe. Do harry potter is like he's a very famous like he's fictionally famous wizard and daniel radcliffe. Looks like you can fucking beat him up. This is where your i'm not talking about daniel radcliffe. I'm talking about harass the real harry potter wizard in my cabinet. That's all right no. It's not a right that cool. He's yeah but he's short. He's short he. He's a tiny he's like. Yeah well you're not much taller five six. Well that's a false know. You're very short frankie. So one on twitter don't value is five five and i was so fuck you said why. Say five six because you're short. I'd five ten okay. Nobody harry potter because listen. He's seemingly like a nice. Do you look at like this. Guy's a nice guys an innocent guy but when it comes down to baltimore comes he's gonna fight this guy will fight and he and he always wins and he actually he wrote a whole fuck at school for kids to fight against all these like wizard ghosts so you want kids on your side. No no no no no. Don't don't you dare try to spend harry potter harry potter. They want them for the avoca. D'abre or vata cadavre or whatever. It is not an advocate deborah. It's a. I don't know auto. Not anytime he fucking uses it. You can't hear them and he's like oh so what do you got. I have jaylo while you know not gonna argue that your secretary's secretary's thing about it like i'm walking and like my sex state is like right next to me had sex sex date okay. It's like walking next to me. My secretary of state is walking next to me is like disk is on the product. You know what i mean. That's a power move. People respect in that state and because people are gonna watch come into the presidency and they're gonna watch his walk away. You know what i'm saying. They're gonna they're gonna wait until we're ready to leave and they're going to be upset that we left for sure. But i don't know what the secretary state does like. I said. I think it's just give us a boost. It just kind of sit around and state stuff all right you know. Secretary of the treasury has to deal with treasure. So i went jack sparrow. That's a good one because he listen if there's treasure around rice a treasury obviously like it's treasure you know what i mean. I know that there's treasure around these parts. I've seen national treasure. Nick cage would have been a good end. I didn't put him He would have been good one but he probably steal it. but jack sparrow. He is always on the quest for treasure. He and if there's anyone who knows treasure it's a pirate but see. I don't know if he's on the quest for treasure as much as he just kind of stumbled upon it and like he's a he's a drunk. Let's also be honest. He's a fucking drunk. You throw one fuck in one. Little nipper from adam and he just like who believe gates lake was my jack sparrow impression. I think that you know he's got his. He's got his stuff. You want someone that's going to go after the treasure with you know with with with which you know. I don't know how to spell that but it's definitely i got column. Oh lord of the rings fresh damn right that little motherfucker went to the ends of more door to get that son of a bitch ring. That's true that's what i'm saying like actually frodo. It'd be a better answer because he transported that and he didn't get fucked up at every turn he's walks over and get stiff armed by an end like he's all fuck he's got dumb feet. This little fucking gautier speed saw sock but this little column like you think like yo like we're going to find the treasure who we need in our side wall does good right. I thought he was in his room. That's got bad for. I'd put the secretary of treasury. That's not that's not bad. That's not right secdef. Second secretary of the death secretary of defense who do have the death. I had the rock. Okay send a message okay. Okay don't fuck with us. We are the defense we defend. Yeah i kind of want a similar route. Had successor shalom. Yes but now not only. Is he a boxing champion but he also let's. He's not well. He's boxing champion. No hayes box character is well. He's he made himself a boxing champ. Rambo in many has fought in a lot of racist wars racist. Have you ever seen rambo first blood. It's a little insensitive. Is it a little bit. Why go and watch it. I'll let you all fight. I'll let you determine it for yourself. I haven't seen a rambo movie in god knows how. Yeah all i know. Is that the newest one. I don't know if it was the newest one is blood. He he gets on a fifty caliber really lays into the whole fucking operation just like just like a tent shooting a lot of buildings. Yeah yeah he was crushing it so like i would say semesters alone just because like know. He's older though. Steroids wasn't to fight. He just needs to rally the people he needs to be like an intimidating force suit. Who's not intimidated sophisticated. What he's he's old and frail. Now look me up. But you don't think that he rally and find the people that he created the rally. first of all didn't create the eighteen. He was on. It wasn't even. I don't think so in that movie. You're talking to you. That's that's the one he got because he had him. He had jason staff stay foam as enact. Believe ladies in bradley cooper. That's the team. You're all over the i place where i am. They're all over the place you're talking liam neeson now would have been a good one. Oh own that would have been if he's on the mike and he's just like all right. Iran listen up iran. Yeah sorry. I got a little hoops and i can't do it. Liam neeson impression. But you know he's got that gravelly low voice. But i would be more intimidated by the roth and sly well. Yeah yeah me too. You'll hear the rock talk. Can you imagine those press crawford. We're gonna check his life haha. Mahalo my ohana. The monon here would everything to white house would have a lot of mono- okay. What do we got here. The attorney general turning general. I have jon hamm. Just because i think he looks good in the su. He looks like an attorney. She looks like a general of fucking big cox. I'll tell you that i had. I had that injury attorney barnes. Just because he's the most popular attorney can think bar selena dead. Well yeah yeah so. Now it's just barnes injury attorney eight hundred eight hundred than a bunch of zeros. That's the number i saw. I saw earlier. Yeah no that's not the actual actual figures jingle and he goes cellino dead. No no no not that far. No it's just so lane. Whatever like dick is everywhere. I mean think about it. If you want an attorney general attorney you want the guy. That's the most popular. He's he's he didn't die and he's like full on billboards him everywhere. Yeah probably better than jon hamm. Because i don't even know if you've ever played like a lawyer in a movie and he played a very misogynistic piece of shit and madman yeah smoked a lot of cigarettes though and drink a lot of scotch and i haven't seen the show. I presume hit a lot of women. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah yeah so. Wow wow joe you want someone in there. That's going to be hitting women well. Some time has passed since then. So i hope that secretary of the interior don't know what this is. Oh i didn't even fill that out. Oh you didn't oh. I went with the queer eye. Guys i feel like they're great do you have you seen the most recent like you're thinking interior design. It's probably not that. I know it's probably something like the interior structure of something important. Yeah but i don't care. We don't know that either and i don't care about a queer eye guys did a good job. They fucking do that. That was pulling at my heartstrings. Show yeah also. I watched like two episodes and i was like goddamn also ty pennington. One is is extreme makeover home edition. Oh fuck keep us frosted tips and fuck in two thousand eight. I don't want him back. Move that bus. Yeah you imagine how long do catch for you got it. You got it. Let's go. Yeah no but i think the the interior would be good. Yeah yeah no. It's got to be something more important than that. Obviously i don't know Secretary of labor. Okay yeah obviously. I mean yeah. We both probably put the same thing. Bob the builder. Oh what kate gosselin. Who the fuck is that shoes. The jon and kate plus eight. She had a lot of kids. There's a lot of labor to go through. Have all those kids. she has kids. just kids. i gotta care. I got a crush it and put her here. She is mike goslin impression gig come on the show. Psych don't fuck income on downplays guide. No send your dj loser ex husband. She's a little harsh say. Just a fucking failing dj in philly. Bob the builder because the guy is these names. Bob is an easy name to pronounce. He builds he knows labor. Anyone knows it's pretty simple. If you watched the show which. I didn't think he got every job done. I think. I think he would often face things where they would say. Bob the builder. Can we fix it. He would rally the troops. And they'd say bob the builder. Yes we can pretty pretty easy but cake ostlund. That's an easy one secretary of agriculture. Yeah me oh me i. Yeah i said in those commercials. Guys that are always standing. In those fields of cranberries and water. Because there's something right those guys. They're doing something right rockstars. I didn't know this. that's how they get cranberries. That's how they harvest cranberries in water. They fill it with water and the ones that float already. Let's say i didn't know this. No i didn't know that either. So i'm like was like oh i've never seen the cranberry fields in jersey was like no. She's like yeah but when they fill it with water beautiful like that's like real. I thought it was just cool for the commercials. Wow interesting yeah every day. They're doing something right. Man yeah because those fields are pop. Yeah i put any vegan girl from williamsburg brooklyn okay because i always grown shitting or house and and the have hugged. Yeah of course. I mean they love everything got be very in touch with nature and they wake up. They do yoga. They have to know the lyrics to speak to. What what is it. The song from pocahontas. The color of the wind will be able to sing colors of the wind. It's a great tune his single right now. Colors of the wind fucking shit. Oh god Secretary of commerce. Oh okay i put. I have a little bit of like a controversial one. All right i put keat san mateo o. No one wants to give away money like heat. Santa yeah nobody heats a very little inside baseball for you guys but keith is selfless to the point where it's like. You don't need to do that where it'd be like keith. Oh like you have like three bucks. I got like eighty ticket. Keeping just need kifah went one hundred million dollars and give weight all of it. I only need to do. I need more than two million. Yeah well and that's the kind of person we need in here. My secretary of commerce is birdie made off now before we get into this right. I just wanna say that cleared. The guy was doing some. I mean he. He was what he was doing about money for a little bit. They're getting away with a lot of money in jail for like two hundred forty years i know but he was saying time he was like he was handling his money pretty well at the time. Oh yeah it depends on who standards you're defining pretty. Well i mean. He was robbing families. Blind and destroying people stirring lives destroying lie. But when he was doing it he was doing a dramatic fashion. Oh quite dramatic quite dramatic. I would say so. Jesus christ okay transportation secretary or health and human services which one health and human services. All right i went with a physical anomaly. A health anomaly charlie sheen. Oh yeah because how is he still alive. Yeah he's got aids he's got it all he's he's got hiv. He's got he's got dat da he does. A lot of data lila dako- caned dot and the guy is not dead yet him. And fucking like mick. Jagger yeah mick jagger and who's the guitarist from rolling stones keith richards how are they alive. Put them all three in there. I don't know. I put the obvious. Answer jesus oh guy was healthy. He was a good shape and also. He's he cared about people. Human services also fight against jesus. Got harry potter. Jesus good luck to you. Oh i got. I got the rock. And what are you gonna do. I don't know. I asked jesus for them. I don't think jesus would be good in a political role he was. I guess like he just wanted to unite people. I want him to do the right thing. We have other people. We've got john hill. Who convict you. Also sylvester's alone. He'll do some stuff. Jon hamm also do something else to you. Hey we'll put you back into next week. Secretary of transportation put sully landing landed the plane on the hudson. Sully sully burger some jeffrey kellenberger land in planes with ducks in the wings. And shit like that. That's crazy that's cool. If you could do that you should run every department of transportation. I actually have two answers. Okay the first one is my old bus driver. Jackie she used to scream class and like i'm pretty sure she'd beat up a kid this in middle school or high school and middle school okay. This is the yellow bus. I'm pretty sure she's by she. She'd beat up a kid wants at things. She's most jackie. Yeah yeah she threw it. She's through like a school bag kid or something big thing now. They got cameras in the busses. Now also. I don't think she kept her jaffer too long after the again. No but she got to school on time every single time through traffic so dangerous but she get the job done one was going to be obviously sandra bullock. We saw her skills and speed. Well i mean anna reads canneries would have made more sense. She drove the bus. Did she thought it was him. She had to the bus over fifty miles an hour fifty driving through a city. Yeah drove off of an unfinished highway. She and then she was in she was. I'm pretty sure she was also in speed to she. That was the one with the boat. I didn't see and willem defoe. I i've i've seen bits and pieces but willem defoe that fucking villain. Yeah willing to follow. Like harry won't default just looks like a skeleton that has the minimum amount of skin you can have like. He's always he's always hungry. You know what i mean like. He's not he's never been stuff that completion. He looks like in the pirates of the caribbean movies. Where like the pirates when they are in moonlight moonlight. They like look like. They're like he looks like that one. That's always missing losing his eye and he's a cockney okay secretary of energy all right. I got to hear because i can't figure it out. Either logan paul terry crews because they got a lot of energy. It's dat or if it's just they're just fucking on and all the time they'll be destroyed could be dad dude but like they're always just like pop up on your own a lot of energy. I soon that's what that person needs to do. I a similar route. I said one of those peleton instructors nuts. Those people are screaming at you as i m trying to psych a little bit. So i'm not like discussed. I love how everyone that. I've asked about getting a peleton new like dude. It hurts so bad for the first month. And then it's okay and it's like well hold on if i apparently that cycling is intense. Have you ever been to like a spin class or anything. No i've seen them. It's fucking like. I went once with my own with tim. And maggie. I imagine it stinks and it was fucking violent. This woman loved spin like you. If you didn't check your feet correctly you would get fucking backhanded. Damn but they'll spend instructors they got it. Yeah a shock. You don't have a belt on yet. No all right secretary of education put jeff goldblum. He just seems smart. But i have no clue if he is. And that's what education is. It's not about being smart. It's about appearing smart. You know at smart. Yeah oh did he have a show. That was like the world through. Jeff goldblum on disney. Plus have you watched it now dude. It's fucking the first three episodes made me have to use the bathroom. It was it was a fried really. He's like going around and he's like Chewing he goes through like ice creams. Has like fucking pig blood ice cream. He's like. Oh yes guys always fucking warning to. This is so horny. Larry's i put gene from third grade all this girl that we don't share your last name. No no no girly went to third grade with the smartest girls ever lived. Yeah but also like she knew script before even learned it in school. How did she say she wrote you. A love letter in script and you had no idea what to say. No i've started before. But i i liked her had a big crush on her and i told her that i liked her and i was like like me and she wrote on the desk. Yes in script. But it just looks like that. And like i learned script. This is first grade. I learned strip till third grade. So she or cursive. Whatever fucking fuck and potato so she wrote yes on the table. But i didn't know that so she was just doing all kinds of shit. And i was like what and she wrote it again and say i don't and she wrote it again. House i guess not was drawn fucking roller coaster remember. We used to have this book system. This colors like it was like a book system and each book was different colors at green. It was it got up to like the hardest brown and black and like platinum. Yeah and i remember. I was on like a fucking like like green. Yeah and like this girl was just crushing out like fucking shit. Browns olive greens periwinkle. She's fucking like double platinum platinum. Everyone knows what are the end. She was also fucking great at tennis. yes she was. A tennis player scrolls a crushing tennis player. And also the last one is the united states trade representative who would be good with trade reps right. I put howie mandel. Deals with those are good deal. This guy's making great deals and great if you see it. He's like oh the banker just called. Yeah do you think anyone could talk on the side of the phone. I don't think so. I don't think so the bank just call. Yeah okay. do we get a landline. They used to offer you eight years of federal tree for forty eight trillion dollars dealer notes. This guy can make anything sound awesome. Yeah just hanging. don't touch them. Because apparently he had like debilitating at point his life and he's he's a germaphobe. He was like an intense germaphobe. Yeah i think he's better. Now people on america's got talent like hugging him and shit and he's like cool like back in the day it was like don't touch mental chill. I wouldn't touch him to begin with. I mean attach them give them a little rub on how you doing it. Pick them up. If you're a germaphobe. How do you get jerked off. Oh man you wash you wash your hands yes. So who do you got for the trade. Rip alan wang. Oh if you don't remember. That's a kid who i traded pokemon cards and traded him. He found fifty dollars on the way to school. And i traded him a charge for that. You fucked up and chart for fourth bound like thirty thousand dollars now. Yeah he gave me fifty dollars. I gave him the chart. I got home. My mom's like the fuck do have fifty dollars for give it back to him. that's his. that's his lunch money. But this guy was like ma. He found it on the floor in the way to school. She's like bullshit. So i had to give him a fifty dollars back. That's a good trade for him. So i'm like he's a trade guys. Smart kid send. This kid knows what he's doing. He's he's serve scheming. Just a good trade in. General was visionary. He was thinking like you're listening to charles. What like twenty grand right. So he's he he he he he made twenty grand and fifty dollars exactly twenty thousand and fifty dollars. He made nothing you got punished. You walked away. You walked away with the fucking imagine like slap on your ass. That's what it was like. you know. That's why put al. I think my cabinet would be better if i'm being honest. Well that's your opinion. Let the people decide all right votes. Put out a poll with this. Who's got the better cabinet. And just remember. I've got jesus saw already. I got. I got keith. I don't know if any christians washer show. He thinks definitely a couple of religious. Someone said from recently they were like. Oh we're watching in scandinavia like great. That was a canadian accent. Tomato tomato the same thing. Gotcha got keith santa mateo so heavy hitters. 'cause i got the rock and keith got jesus harry potter Bernie made off. Takes it down a little bit. Have allen wang. Where's alan. let's get out on the show. But i've said his name over the years numerous we pretty sure like we talk about people from elementary school. That have no clue. we still exist. Probably you know you exist because you know couple multimillions over there here we go put me. They're like oh. I wonder whatever happened to that. Fucking dumpster rat that. We're the same shirt three days in a row breath like well here. I am here i am guys but yeah was good. So we're going to let the people decide guys com below. Who you think is got the best cabinet. If i understand joey better looking and more popular but like think your head. He also has a forearm tattoo. It's roman numerals. Do you trust that you trust that. Also let's not forget early in the you know before we get to the presidential talk. We did find out that. Frankie spending one hundred fifty dollars on old macdonald's toys collectibles they mad they investment joey an investment. What have you invested in. If that's what you want to run your country so i just you know who wouldn't be department of labor the person that exploits. They're fucking employees josh. Gimme gimme a phone. No okay we're gonna find your f- albers eight five on twitter and on twitch stream playing video games mondays and tuesdays been a little tough moved into a new house having everything setup yet but andy frank hours on instagram and also by the time this comes out i might have been drafted for the schmo down. We will be trivia. The draft is on friday. The twenty nine. We so. If i get drafted and i'm in it's going to be a fucking great but either way go watch them if you like movie trivia with flair w each fucking awesome. Go go watch it. check it out. You guys can father show at the base on tiktok and instagram and our patrons We appreciate you guys. Patriots dot com slash. The base me. Already get an episode an extra episode every single week on friday. And you get every episode a week in advance. We appreciate all you guys. And that's all you guys next time.

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Tommy Paul and Tim Mayotte

Beyond the Baseline

55:17 min | 2 years ago

Tommy Paul and Tim Mayotte

"Anyone who even a passing soccer fan members the nineteen ninety nine World Cup. Most people would tell you ninety nine was this started women's soccer. That is unless you asked the players the ninety one teams started at all from Sports Illustrated. This is throwback a new podcast, featuring the untold stories behind the most legendary moments in sports. Subscribe now through free on apple podcasts radio dot com and as I dot com. Everyone John wartime here. This week, sports Illustrated's lack ten of gentle tennis podcast. We have two guests this week. I we talk with Tommy Paul who is a twenty one year old. At least if you listen to this before Thursday, then he turns twenty two on Friday, but Tommy is a young American who won the French Open juniors five years ago, he beat Taylor Fritz and since then has been struggling a bit. He would be the first to admit that as a pro but has caught a break this spring. He's played well in one, the USDA Fritsch opened wildcard challenged. So he will be in the main draw the twenty nineteen French Open and before Tommy Paul departed and cross the notion. We talked to him about his career so far, and what he expects from this big break becoming a major player at the at the twenty nine thousand French Open in a few days. We also speak with Tim Mayotte, Tim is a former top ten pro from the nineteen eighties, who was one of the first people to throw his hat in the ring and decide. That he wanted to run for the ATP board spot that was being vacated by Justin Gimelstob. Tim did not make the list of six names that were voted on this week. We still have not had a determination who's gonna take that board spot, two candidates left, but Tim talks about the ATP why he decided to do this. What are some of the issues he sees and how he would have responded to some of the challenges men's tennis's playing is facing if he were elected so two good calls one with a twenty year old what was player from the eighties, too good perspectives. Here's Tommy, Paul. I you have won the twenty nineteen French Open wildcard congrats. Thank you. Thank you. I really excited. I, I suspect not everyone probably knows what that entails. But once you explain it in your words, how come you're not gonna be going to Paris. So basically, I think there's four tournaments or four weeks at count towards the, the wildcard playoff, there's it's basically who out of those four weeks gets the most points. I think it counts only three out of four of the week. I think last year was to our two out of four of the weeks this year. They bumped it up to three. So that's actually the reason I ended up going to savannah for the last tournament. So basically I play Houston started in Houston and lost first round there, it was my first term back from a little injury. I had my knee and then started playing the Florida challengers and started start playing pretty well and catching some fire and get some confidence and start playing well got the got the wildcard got the most points. It was kind of a. Two man race between me and sanguine closer to the end. So it was real fun. It was a good battle, and I think me and him really enjoyed it. I think maybe maybe a little. You won that battle. So this was a playoff among this is sort of a, a derby among American players for, for wildcard into the main draw of the, of the twenty nineteen French Open that accumulated over a number of vents. What, what does mean you mean what does this mean your career? A lot a lot definitely. I mean, I haven't been back to the French Open since two thousand sixteen. I played qualities there the year after Owen, the juniors and the is definitely special place for me. Really, really? Just excited to go back playing has the whole family there. And just just go out and compete. I mean, having played a major all this lamp outside of the US, open the two years that I that I played. So I'm really excited to get out there on the dirt. Come service. I'm very comfortable on and just excited to get out there. Yeah. Talk about that. So the, the year before you tried to qualify in two thousand fifteen you win the boys title, you'd be you'd be dirt baller Taylor. Fritz in. In a three cent in the three set final. So let's, let's go, there, I, I t Taylor, Fritz very nice quietly, having a very nice little clay court season as as you are as well. Is that your games at your upbringing is that something that the US TA stress DWI the success on clay? For me. I think it's just because growing up the, the place that I played that they only had clay courts, not even not even one hardcourt. So even if I was playing junior tournaments on hard, I would practice on clay leading up to the hard tournaments and just like a just once I got there. So I mean, I think that plays a big role just like feeling more comfortable on the clay just because obviously, I grew up on it. I think in when we were in the juniors around like fourteen fifteen sixteen USA started putting this on clay LA if we weren't preparing for a tournament of heart, we were practising on clay, and I think the they did a good job trying to get us all comfortable on clay from from the start. So I mean, I think all of that plays a big role and also I just really like digging out the points on the clay. It's a lot of fun. And it's it really makes you. Wanna make every ball even more than on hard? I think I was just talking about this with, with another play recently. Is that is your personality coming to bear on unclear for tennis or click clay-court, tennis form your personality? In other words, does that sort of fondness for digging out? Is that the clay that's bringing that out a new or bring me into clay? I think it definitely depends on the person for me. I think play just brings out a different side of me where and makes me wanna it makes me wanna get down and dirty and start grinding you know, just make make every ball on the person from me, really, really earned the match if he's going to be me. That sounds like doubly divide. Ferrera's credo, right there. You turn turn to twenty two years old on Friday. Happy birthday in a couple of days man. I'm getting old wait. Wait. We'll talk about that. You know, you, you are not a teenager. You're not a junior anymore. At the same time. We talk about this a lot that careers. Now go into your mid thirties. I mean where where do you see yourself? And how do you set your career so far? Obviously, I'm not I'm not thrilled at where I am right now I wanna be a lot higher up in the rankings, the Mariam right now. But I've had some setbacks. With with injuries and also just kind of mindset issues over the past couple of years, I would say, I think, that's, that's a big thing that I've been working on a lot is my like mindset and just working on my on my head off the court, and I think, I mean, hopefully, I'm pushing up to boost up my rank and a little bit and get to where I wanna be. Probe there. What do you what do you mean by mindset? Dislike. It's a lot of stuff, it's just like more off the court stuff for me when, when in the past when I'm not on the court or when I'm not at the center training outta tournament. Like, I'm not I wasn't thinking about tennis at all. But now I feel like I'm making a lot more my decisions based on what's good for my tennis. And just like keeping tennis in mind all the time, really just trying to do everything I can. How would you set your maturity level? When you turn pro. Not, not maturity level was not there that, that's one of the biggest things I, I was very, very immature. I would say and I think that's, that's one of the biggest things that had to change along with my. I mean that come with my injuries. Just I was one of the kids that growing up. I never felt like I was at risk for injury. And never had injuries growing up and. My, my few injuries, here has really changed the way, then I go about stuff, I feel like I do do things a lot more professionally now. And I'm telling you like when I when I heard my knee, I was basically kissing my new sleep at night. I was treating it. So it was it's, it's really big for me. Just a maturity point. Yeah. Just keeping keeping everything mature making good decisions. Did you happen to catch the the list the the entry list for Little Rock? The challenge of this week that was going around social media. Now, I saw something on Twitter that might see my -cation put up but I didn't I didn't even see what it was. Jack sock is entered and Chung. And by me go through the list, and you'll think casual fans would recognize a few names and hardcore fans would probably recognize most of the names. This is a long way away from Rome, what, what are those events like what when people come across these, you mentioned savannah before when, when people come across these level of vents, give us a sense of what those are like on the ground. Well, it's really just a bunch of people just like grinding to, to get where they want to be. I don't think anyone there's happy where they are. And I think everyone is really like every time he play a challenger, you're, you're grinding to, to get out of those tournaments and play the bigger tournaments. He really see people. I don't know. It's so different than than a tour vent. I mean, you really have to do a lot more stuff yourself. You have you have trainers on the side, obviously and, and the facilities are. I mean they're getting better, but it is just completely different. Like sometimes you have to be struggling for practice courts, you'll have much practice time. The there's not as many trainers, and that was much his not it's not convenient. And you really, you really got to do everything you can, and those turnament is, is just. Yeah. I mean just not, not convenient. How do you keep your spirit up? And I'm also thinking about you, in terms of college tennis and. It's a college living is good living. I mean, how do you say to yourself, boy, I could be living the good life, playing for Duke or Carolina or by have had my pick of colleges here. I am doing my own wash at the super eight in in Little Rock. Arkansas. Well, definitely not do. That's, that's not my school. I'm I'm gonna tar heel going up. So. Definitely not do. But I mean. Yeah. I mean, those, those dogs cross, I mean, at least cross my mind, but it's, it's more just like is that is that what I wanna do? Like I turned pro for more than just like, oh, like I'm good at it. Or like I, I think I can make it like pretty, like I'm pretty sure like I don't want to say, I know I can make it, but like I'm pretty close to knowing that can make it. And like I, I wouldn't change my profession for, for anything really. I don't want to sit behind a desk later on in life. I mean that's not not really what I wanna do. I can't really sit still just just call. So for me it's just a. Amount like being active I like being out in the sun, and I like competing like I really just like being out there and competing. And now I feel like I change it around to where when I had those type of dogs like all right. Like, oh, let's go to the gym, and let's like do do everything we can, let's work or work really hard work class. Awesome. And I do I, I really feel like it's gonna pay off. They were talking to Alexandra era of a couple of days ago, and they asked him why he seems to be struggling, and he was really interesting. One of the things he said was that, you know it's so easy. When people do everything for you, and all you have to do is worry about hitting a tennis ball and late wrong. He's had to take on more duties himself who how how much sort of how much work are you doing? Beyond hitting the ball. I mean d- do you. Do you have a full-time coach? Do you have someone booking your travel, how much responsibilities do you have beyond the tennis it self? I don't really I can't I can't really complain about anything there. I have a full-time coach DAM Liano that I've been working with for literally safe years now. So that's been really good. No complaints there. He might even work harder than the guys complete work whereas and then I have my agent lodge inside. He's he, he books like my travel for me. My, my hotels, he does most of that. They saw the connections and I mean I don't I don't have any complaints there at all. It's, it's more just making sure I have all the right stuff from me in all the right, people around me, and I feel like my team does a great job with that. I think it's more just up to me. Let me ask you to basketball questions you mentioned do clean. Don't bring up Sunday. What happened Sunday? Your Denver Nuggets fan your Sixers fan. I'm Ben Simmons is a point guard. The way Novak Djokovic is a serve-and-volleyer give you think. Yeah, I bring that up at you like take the coach has to go or are you gonna give it another year? Well, I think I think he signed I think he resigned yesterday. I know they gave them they give them some rope. That's probably the right move. Yeah. I, I don't I don't really know too much about Brett Brown coaching, obviously, like, I don't have the inside scoop or anything, but I really like the guys on the team, Ben Simmons, obviously to work on the shot a little bit. But I, I really like the new guys. They brought in that shot that shot the end. Do the co I shot reminded me of a lead court winner on match point that, like hits the net twice and decide to droop over how how come you're Sixers fan are you you're from Carolina right? Yeah, I grew up in Carolina. I was actually born up in jersey. Right. Outside hilly. But like I moved down to north China before even a year old, but my, my whole family's from up there, and, like, once I turned pro and started training and living on my own. My parents moved back up there. So like my, my family's Philly at heart, but I mean I still like I'm, I'm raised in North Carolina. North carolina. Boy. What are your folks do moms an audiologist and my son, my mom's been remarried couple of times, she's married? My stepdad now and he distributes meet cross Philadelphia. So he his, his work hours or actually bring Daiki like he I think he starts in the morning at three o'clock in the morning, and then works to, like, eleven and then he's done for the day you've seen rocky right? Iraqi stuff there, so lost. So I was thinking about the NBA don't think about these, these players on a ten day contract that they get call up to there for ten days, and they really try to, you know, sort themselves and show that they belong. And I'm thinking, not, not altogether different. You know you have a, a main draw wildcard for a major surface. You like how do you maximize this without burdening yourself with pressure? I'm I don't really I don't really feel as pressure at all. I know a lot of people think that's crazy because it is like a pressure situation for most people. And I I don't really think about it like that. I just think about it as a great opportunity to show art of been working and and show showed I can do you know? You've done it before there and you've done it on the surface, and as we speak, you're still twenty one years old. Plenty of time. Not much longer. Twenty two twenty two years old is nothing in tennis. Right now. You got fifteen more years. Thanks. I appreciate this. Good luck over there and go into matches man. Yeah, thank you. I appreciate it. All right. Take care, man. Thanks. All right. Thanks to Tommy, Paul. We wish him well, when he plays in the main draw of the twenty nineteen French opened and tries to recapture some of the magic of when he won the junior title there, five years ago, next guest, Tim Mayotte, Tim is a former top ten player probably familiar to many of you Stanford player, who was very steam during his pro career, and Tim was, I believe the first person to throw his name into the hat, when Justin Gimelstob announced that he would be resigning from his ATP tour board spot last month. Tim has a lot of thoughts about men tennis, what he might do differently. And while he was not selected for that board spot. He brings a lot of interesting ideas and perspective to the table. So we wanted to talk with Tim, tell us what he's thinking why he decided to actually try to run for the spot, but also for generally, what he's thinking about where men's tennis is right now. So here from the Boston area where he runs an academy. Is Tim Mayotte? You decide to make a run at this vacated board seat. And I have a very simple question for you. Why? First of all, it was spawned out of I concern about. Justin Gimelstob staying on the board. That was the first and primary concern being alumni member and a past president of the council, and a passport, member, just was seemed totally outrageous, that a guy would represent the sport who had that history. And. Some people argue that, well he didn't he wasn't guilty until after this, no contest plea, but given the history and the Halloween event seemed at that point it was it was time to think about it. My understanding was nobody else was running. So I had to put my you know, had to get in there, but then as I thought about it. I thought it'd be a very good candidate and had some good good ideas after being in the outside for a long time. And so through my hat and ring, transparency has not necessarily been Ecorse strength of this whole process. So give us to what happened, but did did you speak with the council? Did you present your throw planks for lack of a better word have been? How did you get your kid to see out there and sort of make everybody aware of what you were going to try to do? Well, the first misunderstanding that I had from the boys, I asked the folks who were in charge of it, how they were going to arrive at the shortlist. And I think they misunderstood me. They didn't answer the question after two or three times, they just said it was gonna be shortlist was going to be made. And I assume that meant nobo- nobody that they would identify the turns out I was long, perhaps, they should ask would. With think that. Then perhaps I would about the answer that I wanted, which was that the, the player council is making the decision but I, I was, you know, very concerned because I didn't get that answer. When I when I asked for it. So then. That was the first line of defense. And then, you know the players they don't have to necessarily be transparent. I was given the chance to send in my CV and my resume and also platform I reached out to all the players invited them to that. You know, see if I could call them and I ended up speaking with one player. So there was definitely a sense that, you know, I was very much behind the, the process, and that also let me feel made me feel that perhaps the whole thing was very closed up. So you unless just be clear, so more, I think more than a dozen candidates through their hat in the ring alongside you. And then you're saying that the ten player council whittled that two six for whom they voted on on may fourteenth. D did they give you any sense of what was the basis for whittling, that down the group of six candidates? It didn't include you didn't include Brad Gilbert, you're both former top ten players, there was some other names. I think people were surprised didn't make the cut were you ever made aware of what the criteria was no for arriving at that six I you know, I don't know if they owe that us or not. I certainly think that my qualifications were as strong as anybody that was chosen. They don't perhaps, though, that to me, I've been out of the game for awhile, but no, there was. No. There was a sense of minot the players will look at your CV and then get back. You know, they'll get back with a with a smaller list shortlist. Let's talk more generally. Do you think the ATP as it's currently structured, Ken work? Well, I think that, that's ten at work. It can work. I don't think it's gonna work to the benefit of the players in the best possible way. The biggest reason actually, I would say the two biggest reasons is that the players need to engage the slams more, because there's just a tremendous amount of money that should be made. You know that the players have a right to because they've helped build these lambs over the year that they're not getting the percentages are very low that they get compared to any other pro event that I know of, and then the second thing is the players have to start fixing the entry pathway for the younger players, both in terms of money and clarity and you talk about transparency, so it's a little bit of a minutia for people who don't really follow tennis. But in the last year year and a half the ITF chain. Changed the way that the ranking system works for players trying to make it in to the higher level tour and by all accounts, including mine. They botched terribly on top of that. They have I m g as one of the sponsors of the ranking system. Which is totally outrageous, that a group that runs a management the biggest management group in the world. Is sponsoring a ranking system. So the players have to get involved more than that, and I'm not sure if the legal are the legal setup of the ATP tour allows the players to get into those areas. I don't know if you saw the piece that Mike, my colleague, Mike McCann, I assigned him to take a look at the ATP antennas, more generally and sort of report back, what do you see? And he was absolutely astounded by the conflicts of interest. You just mentioned one with IMG. We should we should point out that I, I am g apart from the, the, the rankings has a seat on the board representing tournaments and yet they also represent players. I I'm not sure quite, you're, you're laughing, what, what do we do about these conflicts? It's shocking it really is. And it was their way back when I started on the board. And I was hoping at that point that they would make a run at trying to change that, and obviously, it's getting worse. The thing that shocked me is when all this shocks me when you talk about IMG on the title sponsor of a ranking, but also than just in production company, just didn't give themselves production company was producing material for the ATP apparently to the tune of one or two million dollars. What do we do about all this? You give a board member receiving a bid from a media contract at just I mean, that's sort of conflicts went to one Manatt not even a close call. But what, what can we do about this? Well, what I wanted to do is get in there and really start to change the, the bylaws and demand that there is separation and accountability on that front. Admitted just has to be the first thing, otherwise the. Continue to lose trust in the system. We've already got enough problems with, especially with gambling, and then now with the entry way problems into the tour and you going to have to take a wholesale look at the bylaws of ATP in tennis in general, and come clean on all this stuff. You mentioned the majors he mentioned, the slams, and the, the two fifty vents make no money and the five hundred events, make very little money, the masters events, make more. But you're right. I mean, the, the bulk of the revenue here is being generated the majors. But if the players somehow negotiated double, the prize money, really cut into the revenues that he slams are making does that not have the impact of diminishing the rest of the tour made you do you worry if these majors get bigger and bigger and players who are getting more and more of their income from these four events that has the impact of sort of neutering the other events on the calendar. I don't think neuters them but it definitely doesn't help. And but I think that in this would have been part of my proposal to the council was, you take a certain amount of that money and you distributed at the lower. And so, whether it would be the two fifties, or even below the challenges and some of the futures, because that's part of the way of helping the, the entry pathway. So I think the players would have to ask or would ask a tremendous amount, which I think they deserve but also than the players would have to give back and make sure that pathway. Is made even even feasible right now, I've, I've had a couple of kids playing younger, you know, twenty year olds who who practice with me, who consider you know they're just gonna pack it up. The rankings are so messed up that can make enough money and that has to change, though. I think you would. Get the money that you off from the slams, and then find a way to distribute it down lower. Now obviously that's expanding the players role in the game much higher. But I think it has to because right now, you know, they're not being consulted enough, and that's also why I was going to petition that the board members should be fulltime. They should travel with the players. You know, I know that federal in the dollar upset that they didn't get didn't get information about what was going on with the CEO the ATP, and that he was being let go. And so these guys need to be on the road full-time. They need to be at least twenty five to thirty weeks full-time in touch with everybody, you know, you might have to up their salaries so that they're not interested in or have to, you know, look for these other things to, to do to make income, but they should be fulltime. Six board members while the three certain. I mean whatever the play whatever the tournament wanna do that their business. But the players need to be the player reps on the board needs to be with the players more and the council members I know I was one you don't have time to be chatting to people in the locker room and knowing what's going on with the various contracts are being negotiated in understanding the structure. I didn't understand that stuff till I got on the tour board. I was retired. So you have to make their positions. Full-time representing the players only and then start from there. You mentioned the information and, you know, Roger Rafa both have been fairly public complaining complaining about that. And Novak has pushed back a little and said, listen, we have a process here that we need to respect. We have closed door meetings that we need to respect. And I don't think this is necessarily unique to tennis. But I do think there's an interesting threshold about what is transparency, and what is prudence d do you have any thoughts on how has this been sufficiently opened or is, is Novak, correct? That these are. No, he, he has a duty to preserve some confidentiality here in not report on every meeting where where where do you see the no, I agree with that. I think that you always have to have that walk that line between saying this is what we're doing. And they the, the issue comes up is if federal dollars not confer. At all about such a major decision. You've and you don't need to do that in public. You do that, but according to them, they didn't hear anything about it number one, and then, number two in light of the, this is why you've got to clear up all the conflicts of interest. You know, I you start to think the worst when there's all these other problems circling around, we just, you just assume the worst other, you know, that's that shouldn't because of the conflicts just make you think that there's all this stuff that may or may not be going on. So those two things go together. But no, there's no question. They have to you have to have some balance. But this is where the full-time board member would come in, because they would have the ability to. To talk to all the players right there. There's a famous Washington Post piece by John Hellier great great business writer from on the eighties in it. It talks about conflicts in tennis, and Donald Dell who was broadcasting a match of event that he owned in a player, whom he represented is this just the way ten is's structured, perhaps defectively. Or do you think this recent set of circumstances is particularly extrordinary? I mean, how much of this is social media, and Justin's case was obviously, again, exceptional how much of this when you were playing in the eighties, you had some of these same issues. No. It was the same issues then just there just much more public, whether it's people saying it's a fair process, or whether people saying, you know, there's gotta be more transparency, but it's the exact same. You had tournament directors who are also part of management companies back then, like Donald and like. Mark mccormack. Had players. And then you had we've signed with our turn rights, how you know you got all these other conflicts going on. So. That. But we have to work part, Dr to, to put a I don't know if you can put the whole genie back bottle, but you have to start me look like you're not even look to take act, right? Dr limiting it. Yeah. I mean, the, the alternative to putting the genie back in the bottle is to smash the bottle and start all over. Novak Novak talks very obliquely about restructuring and a flawed system and reading between the lines, you wonder if he doesn't have it in mind. And clearly, he was just outside with the previous CEO and given the track record. That's a little bit hard to defend in less. You come at this from a totally different perspective of this entire model doesn't work, whether it's unionization or whether it's a completely different structure, the alternative to putting the two back in the toothpaste is to, you know, throw who are going to keep this analogy go throw out the tube and start with a new teeth whitening product. I mean you, you, you still. Close look at the by laws and see if the players can get in the position where they can attend to their interests with the with the slams and continue something of the same framework. But that's you know, you're going to have to get in to some very intense legal work. And then decide if it makes sense to keep it or to change it, but because the slams continue to make more and more money the players their interest now shifts way beyond just the tour. But, but also with, you know, with the four grand slams, and also the IT f-, if you throw in this issue with the computer ranking, and the, you know, the pathway up through the tulips juniors into the pros. So the players in a different position. I mean when I was playing that the slams, I mean, I can't even remember what the prize money was. It was it was. Negligible compared to where it is now. And so you the players need an arm that directly works with the slams. And I would actually say at this point that the one thousand are becoming extremely valuable. Which is another issue to look out, because now, you're you know, you're looking at ten day events and you see what Larry Ellison done with with Indian Wells. That those events were in some ways given by the players, those nine events. They were eleven back then, to, you know, they didn't necessarily pay for those, and now they're becoming mega mega events. I mean, the, the other open secret though, is that there is real resistance in some quarters of, of the board and the ATP the membership more generally about these mixed events that I've heard it described as a WTI tax. I mean there is a real cohort of players and board members that feel as though we, we talk about equal prize money as an abstraction and sort of a social Justice issue. But. I think there are a lot of players who have some very strong feelings about that. Where do you stand on prize money in these mixed events? I'm I'm for it. I'm for equal prize. Money, I think that tennis has to take advantage of the fact that it's the only sport that has men and women together. I just think it's a it's a virtual it sets us apart from the Gulf doesn't do it. I mean, you know who, who else would do it NBA and WNBA, wouldn't fly and I think the women bring tremendous value. And in this tournament setting, they, they bring equal value. So I'm I'm absolutely for the, the prize money but I think that they should look at, you know, some mixed doubles events I really do. I think that would be. Tournaments. You mean at? Yeah. And the way anything it, positively and the other thing that I know everybody thinks I'm crazy. But I'll, I'll let them think I'm crazy. The other thing I think people should look at as one to get the, the other big underutilized. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am the is doubles and we saw with the with the labor Cup, you know, how crazy exciting it is to have the top guys playing. My idea and I know this will go nowhere. But I think it's a fun idea. I think about this one ranking system where would have eighty five percent thing those fifteen percent, doubles and that would determine the number one player in the world period. If you were to wait it like that. I don't really ask crazy and I, I mean. Fun. I mean she had a big match and a standalone doubles event or a Wimbledon in federal comes out, you know, he's playing with you know with where Aranka and. Just I just think people would go absolutely bananas for doubles at that level with the best player. So we see week to week when the when the top guys step on the double scored people go through the roof. I, I think that's a tough sell with about eight players happened to be the top eight and I've met everyone on down, especially especially if it were weighted. That's a real. I mean. Interesting. I did raise. I raised it twenty years ago when I was on the board twenty years ago, and they the top guys looked at me like crazy. But then I said, you should do is, you know, six or seven year phase in, you could start at the bottom at the futures. And then those guys would be long on time. That's tough. I think it's, it's tough to ask these guys to play best of five for for seven matches and then also keep up a double schedule. But. I love it. So. Oh, all right. Let me one last question. This is the crucible. This is real crucible issue for the future of the sport. If you had to vote on the underhand serve you for a one hundred percent for it. Oh, good. All right. I knew he liked. All right. Why, why do you say like that because it strangely? I'm completely with you in strangely enough. It seems to be very polarizing issue. And why? Dropshot syndrome. I would use every legal advantage, you should be using. But whether it's the optics doing it, I heard somebody today, saying tennis needs a balk rule. So if you try it, you have to do it from the certain motion KiKi. All right. We're, we're all because the other thing is in from women may get mad at me. But if Serena were to look at a sixty five mile an hour, serve waist high two feet in front of the baseline, or, you know, a little dip a little slice, dropshots serve where she would have to scramble in. I mean, I think she would prefer the sixty five miles an hour serve right into around house. So he went to you totally underused and really creative way of playing the game, and it neutralizes court position and use you salt it with a little bit of spin off. And look I am. All right. We're, we're on the same out of my, I'll plug my kademi. We actually have the kids practice it. They'll never use it because they think it's not tennis. But I tell them to use it every advan. I'll give you one more plug for having a sixty thousand dollar WTI tournament in the throat club in concord. So you're more than welcome. Concord mass. We'll spread the word. That's in concord mass, the week that's August before the open yet twelfth, I'm the twelve hours twelve I shamelessly plugged the tournament. No need to thank you so much. This is great. Thanks, tim. Take care. All right. Thanks to Tommy, Paul in. Thanks to Tim Mayotte to players Kirk plataforma player very different points in their career. But good to hear their perspectives. Both Jamie I will bring you in after your expert producing. What's your talk, Tim at first thoughts about his perspective on men's tennis? And some of the challenges, especially in the in the governance area facing the ATP with what struck you from that conversation. He's all four underhand serving. That was my takeaway as well. I can't. Right. You know what, as long as you brought it up by wrong here is there is there an equivalent in, in soccer than a missing out on I cannot figure out? Why does it become such a polarizing issue? That's a good question. You know when I was playing, we were younger we had this corner cake play where am? And it was I played on team my coach Spanish, so they, they call the play name Spanish, but regardless it was, it was a play where a girl would just kind of like hang out in, like tie her shoe, right up of like the eighteen yard box. And then really quickly, she'd get up and run to the corner. Really fast and come and get the ball right at her feet. Turn facing that can either pass it shoot. It whatever it was. We scored a lot of goals on that play. It probably felt extra. Good. Because there was this element of strategy and a to freight. So I mean it's not completely the same, but it is very strategic. And so, but then, of course, it doesn't work after a while. So all right. So that's fine. I don't mind that, right? So I feel like that's something that I think about what the underhand serve is like, all right. How many times can you really is repeatable as a as a tactic? And that's really what it probably ends up being something you employ here. Are there? I mean, it's not something you can it's it's a tactic. I you know, I think most sports have these. Right. I mean baseball has a hidden ball trick or the runner. You know you have a runner on first and third. And you fake the throw or basketball has some funny imbalanced plays as well. The football has the fumble risky trick play a flea flicker. They don't work every time you're calling a flea flicker multiple times game. But right, one time it keeps the defense honest, it's certainly within the rules. I I don't understand in a competitive industry like sports, a mature optics like it either works or a dozen. But whether it violates some unwritten rule, or whether it looks silly, I don't necessarily think should be part of the calculus. I'm for I'm all for under him serves. More materially Tim had some very strong thoughts about conflicts of interest that you and I have been speaking about for a long time. I mean, I don't want to turn this into an ATP governance podcast, but I just think the real fundamental question is can this model work or has this outlived its usefulness is having an organization where you have tournaments and players labor and management, both on the same side of the table has that outlived its usefulness? And one thing that's been a little disappointing to me, as I think, Novak Djokovic has sort of dot here a little bit. And he is broached, this topic of unionization. He's broach this issue of maybe we just need to totally reconsider the model. I think he's onto something. But then when he's pressed about it, he sort of recoils and says, he was misquoted, or it was taken out of context or that's really not something he can talk about the whole I mean, I guess my one of my issues with Novak is. And I feel like he's. He's really onto something but then he's not really owned it. And I'm curious to see they have gotten rid of a CEO and haven't really given a reason why they haven't really presented an alternative candidate, there is still this air of mystery. There was a back and forth on, if you saw it, did you see the exchange with, with Ben Rothenberg gun, that was floating around the social media's did you see that I had my head and work all day, but I'm going to I'm going to it's working, look that's worth listening to you. I mean, I think either of them necessarily came prepped for for battle. But I think Ben's point is a good one, which is you can't have a both ways. And if you're going to essentially run this coup in house to CEO that a lot of people are think are popular. And a lot of people are happy with, including it seems federal doll. You kinda, oh it to us to explain why or what the alternative is. It's, it's an interesting. It's an interesting listen. But anyway, Tim was not one of the people chosen there were six six candidates chosen, and now it's a run off at Wimbledon between. Nicolas Lapentti a former top ten player from South America, now in his early forties in Weller Evans, who ah longtime ATP guy used to travel and I think it was I was a real advocate for the players. So it'll be interesting to see how that vote that run off that will Kerr Wimbledon, how that shakes out, Tommy, Paul headed to the main draw of the French Open. We can debate another time whether or not these other majors should have wildcards that they divvy up at give to the slams whenever I see that I'm always thinking there are a lot of players from countries that don't have the good fortune of hosting a slam that don't have this back door to getting players in the main draw. That's a big one for you. You bring that one up on often. I just find it distasteful, but thoughts about Tom. I don't know if you did you remember when he won the juniors time, you we had him on the podcast. I thought we did. I really we did like way back when. Maybe not. Maybe it was something I don't know. I we, we can look that up we can check. But yeah, you know it's, it's interesting that he admitted that, you know, he was immature lackey maturity. So I think that's the big thing. And that's really good for him to realize and hopefully that will help his game. You know, he he's not on the level of the Francis, Tia foes, and, and that kind of thing just yet. But anyway, I mean, that's the interesting thing is you just, you just never know. He was he was right in that core group with tiller Fritz and some of these guys have made the some of these guys have made the job. Some of them are outside the top two hundred there was this real cluster of junior's three years ago that came out and Riley, Okuda, right? Had some injuries and took one now Riley, Belqas doing just fine. So it's, it's interesting how these players progress. But we say this all the time as the field gets older, the urgency, diminishes. So if you need a few years few years of. Seasoning to find your game you, you can get that. And unlike Zahra of who've been talking about, you know, kind of in the same context, he's not in the same spotlight. Tommy Paul is not in the same spotlight. So I think that probably helps him to just kind of grind along and, and get back, you know, recover from his injury as he said, and, and just get stronger, so that will probably help. I don't think that you mentioned I would not say that he is, what are the strong contenders to win the French Open given his form in, in two thousand nineteen do you like your depict today? I dunno. So we, we've been talking about this flick every week brings us more data points. So we have more of a basis for forming right? Prediction is still is not shown us anything spectacular. But again, as we've been saying every week that doesn't mean we're now all of a sudden county him out. But I think and I, I said this before. I think the fact that you have other players who were maybe five steps behind. They now seem like only two steps fine. So dominant team. I think it's. Very possible that he could win a major sooner rather than later fully, come at the French. I don't know. But if you know, if Rafa trips up in an early round suddenly, he's definitely a favorite up there. I mean Jovic one again this weekend so can never really count him out either. But we'll see. I think we all like the prediction game, and we all who's player drafting and who are your expert picks sports gambling, is predicated on this idea that we think we know more than the other guy, and we are going to foretell the future. The truth is in apart from how difficult it is just a Damon names. You also realize how many other variables are. So if the clay, it's a sluggy misty day in its lows down the clay. How does that impact if someone has a tough five-set or the middle weekend? How is that going to impact things? I mean, there's so many variables apart from just the base question of how is player x playing? I just, you know, peop- I, I did a radio show two days ago, and asked me that, and I you know, I just I've such a hard time picking against the dollar on clay just by virtue of what he's done since two thousand fourteen thousand five I feel like you almost owed the respect of E V came in, you know with, with a cane Walker no points to his record. I think he's still someone you have to consider. So I feel as though he's sort of owed a bit of respect based on history. But I can't remember feeling like this about the Dahlem on clay just it, I think it would almost be a, an upset pick at this point. No, give me a funny, look and upset picked to if he if he won his twelve French Open after the season, he has had from the Australian Open finals to the present with injuries and with these shaky matches and Fanini and overplay. He's played a lot of tennis on clay. This is where he makes his bones, and this is where sort of his season peaks, but he's been to a lot of different places. I just think if he were to go, he doesn't win in Rome were recording this on on Wednesday. If he does not win Rome, basically goes, oh for the Klay runups and then walks into the French Open and wins. I would have to put that among sort of his, his great career chievements and yet on the other hand, you say my God. The guys want eleven times like he's going to be a contender of your I'm really I'm, I'm torn on the doll. I do think if he were to win the French Open. This would almost kind of be an upset, despite the fact that he's sort of whatever defending champion, he's, he's her not to now since they're now being able to make a pick. That's a strong statement. I, I go back to variable too, though. Right. So what are his six matches leading in? That's what are the weather conditions in last year. He had a rain delay and he had to go back. It was a completely different match. So much go you realize how many things have to go right for a player to win a major. And also how many other factors we divide Ferrera's playing gives your previous opponent? The, the tough five-set match. Right. And then and sophism bup and delivers the body blows that makes your life easy. So I think a lot can happen in the course of one hundred twenty seven matches brain draw just be a big factor about how his body holds up. I think that's been a theme for him this year. I mean throughout his ear. Yeah. But if he comes in, and he's, he's rested. You know, maybe he loses early in, in Rome, and all of a sudden he's rested and ready to go. I mean you never know how it's going to affect him. So are you on the KiKi Burton's train KiKi Burton chain? Actually, yes, she it was funny. I got the alert that she was KiKi Burton's moves into the top five. In the race racist in important. Oh, so. Yeah. I was I exactly, God bless KiKi Burton's. I'm not sure that's alert worthy. No, it was like an Email. I think I'm loving the women's draw can I just say that we have Naomi Osaka going for her third straight major, which no player has done three to notwithstanding on the women's side in this decade. I feel like we're Philly low key. She's, she's going for that little maybe Asakusa when three tournaments for her career Indian Wells, the USO Australian Open. I mean not much people are talking about that right now. No, I don't. I mean three three majors in a row is something that it'd be Steffi Graf, obviously did it, Venus has never done a chair. Pov- is never done. I don't think just to just never win. Quick check. I don't believe so. Serena, obviously has. But I think over the last twenty years, I think Serena's, the only women's player to have won three straight majors, Rafa, Roger Novak, obviously having done it on the men's side as you look for Justin Henin's grand slam timeline. I will just say that niobe Asaka has had a very strange career in yet. I would submit that if she quit playing tomorrow, she has already put together a hall of fame resume digesting do it. She did not. All right. Well, she she, she never won Wimbledon. So that it's gonna make things staff. All right, Jamie. You know what I say? Thank you, as always companionship in your, your insight, and your producing. Thanks to our guests. Thanks to Tommy Paul good luck to him as he plays. In the manger of the French Open. Thanks Tim Mayotte for spending some time and talking politics. Thanks to you for listening. You can leave a review you can subscribe, you can keep the guest suggestions coming. They've been great lately, though. We are a little bit challenged by a six hour time difference as usual uncertain match times. But anyway, thanks, everyone for listening pleasure in we'll do it again.

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1260: The Abundance Codes - Regan Hillyer & Juan Pablo Barahona - Step-by-Step Process to Reconnect with Your Life's Purpose

Optimal Living Daily

09:21 min | 2 years ago

1260: The Abundance Codes - Regan Hillyer & Juan Pablo Barahona - Step-by-Step Process to Reconnect with Your Life's Purpose

"This is optimal living daily episode. Twelve sixty an excerpt from the book, the abundance codes by Regan Hillier, and Juan Pablo Barahona. And I'm just I'm all your personal narrator reading to you from the best articles online line that I can find with permission from the authors and sometimes books to like today before we get to the excerpt, think you to bear mattress, bare mattress that spe- a are mattress is designed for your active lifestyle with your professional athlete, or a weekend warrior, or just on your feet all day. You'll sleep better and perform at your best bear mattresses are built for optimal cooling, muscle recovery and comfort till you fall asleep faster. Wake up feeling refreshed and stay asleep longer. Go to bear mattress dot com slash old. That's B. E A R mattress dot com slash oh. L D And get twenty percent off site-wide for their Memorial Day sale sale on now through may twenty eighth. Now, as I mentioned a book excerpt for you today, Regan Hillier is a serial. Entrepreneur philanthropist and mindset coach helping people reach their true potential in both business and life. And Juan Pablo bar hone also known as one PA is a transformational. Spiritual leader spreading messages of love. He could find more about them and the book at abundance codes dot com. For now. Let's get right to the excerpt his we optimize your life. An excerpt from the book, the abundance codes by Regan Hillier and Juan Pablo bar Honda. A step by step process to reconnect with your life's purpose as human beings. We often question our purpose in this world as we search our souls, we find ourselves asking questions about what we're doing in our lives. What is the deepest truth of why I am here? What is the true reason for the existence of my soul? Why have I been chosen to live this particular life on this planet and trying to answer these questions? Our goal is to discover our purpose in a line, our life with it in doing so greater levels of joy and passion are able to flow through your soul, and you become capable of cheating, what you are truly meant to be in this world. Does it feel like you're not living with your purpose right now? If so this will help we're going to talk through a process of reconnecting with your purpose the importance of aligning with your purpose. The first question we have to answer is why living within your purpose importance when thinking deeply about purpose picture yourself as a pear tree. It'd be impossible. As a pear tree to make better apples than apple tree, therefore, if you directed your energy to making Apple's, it would be wasted. You'd be comparing yourself to something outside of your purpose. If he just listened to your soul, you would realize your purpose is clearly, not to make delicious apples, whether you know it or not, you were born with unique gifts that should be developed nurtured in shared with the world. That's why the universe sent you. If you don't believe that, or if you're ignoring that purpose is because you've allowed a pass room with limiting factors to mislead you in any Turnley lost direction is time now. However, to rediscover the path, you were always meant to follow step one, find the clarity of truth. External sources can distort the harmonious existence of your purpose. Since birth were likely instructed about what's good or bad. And what you should or shouldn't do most of these instructions are the result of mindful parenting, trying to shape, your consciousness to succeed as an adult, unfortunately. Sometimes it stretches too far. Maybe you love to sing as a child, but your parents, redirect, your energies to a different purpose, or perhaps a friend said, you have a terrible singing voice occurrences. Like these Kim block you from living your purpose later in life. Will you want to do now is let go of those external judgments in order to reshape clarity in your soul de idea here is help you reconnect with your purpose? That doesn't mean you need to schedule world tour with a rock band. You start experiencing the joy you get from using your voice again, live the joy of Senator, your soul free to realize his purpose in action once again to begin wake knowledge, the limiting factor holding us back in this case. It's don't believe what others tell you about yourself your purpose comes from within, and you're the only one who can only shit to activate that message say to yourself. I am tapping into my purpose from within now's moved to a physical exercise for activating this truth. Step two. The physical activator stand with your legs apart and feet at a forty five degree angle inhale, slowly while bending your elbows and bring your arms upward toward the size of your chest feel the earth. Nurturing your body with energy exhale, while bending your knees and dropping arms back to their normal resting positions along your size repeat this two or three times, inhale deeply than exile, slowly while relaxing, your body downward hang out there while breathing slowly and gently filling your body with love and light until you can almost touch your toes without bending your knees. Feel each vertebra movie inhale, deeply well bending your knees than exile slowly. While moving her body downward. Bring a right hand to the floor while you stretch your left arm up as far as it feels comfortable feel the space being opened in your spine. Repeat these steps few times, next inhale deeply while slowly coming back for by vertebra and Shenley expanding arm. Upward to the sky. Hold your inhalation and expand your arms, even farther awhile, repeating the internal activator in your mind, keep your body relaxed while you hold and stretch, especially the neck and shoulders, repeat, holding the breath as many times as possible, while repeating the internal activator exiles you, relax, your arms and place them on your chest. Now that we're finished time to reflect and began to rewire your brain step three, the rewire process. Write down, what would happen if you opened up your life to infinite possibilities of purpose, ask yourself, if I knew my life, purpose Moby ask your soul, what images flavors and feelings would come through, even if it doesn't make sense or sounds a little silly listened to your SOLAS se open yourself to a fresh new world where anything is possible. This rewire process can be a bit challenging, because you are likely to hit a wall of resistance at some point, so much social conditioning happens to us that. It can be quite challenging break down that wall and March bravely toward limbless purpose to make this rewire process work. We suggests focusing on what you write for at least five minutes per day. If you have more time focused for as long as you like, but commit to at least five minutes, spend that time writing new possibilities more rereading old ones make a special note of what happens. Each time you visualize going beyond your socially conditioned behavior patterns right about how it feels internally. Then identify in picture. The next layer of purpose. Remember there are no right or wrong answers with these journaling exercises. They're all different forms of self exploration, drew help you grow in all areas of life, keep questioning in continued to look inward for the answers and step, four be mindful moving forward. Total clarity of your purpose takes time. However, just being on the journey is beneficial. Keep everything you've learned about your purpose visible somewhere in your home, right? Observations on notes and leave. I'm in the bathroom on your closet door pillow refrigerator that way you won't forget the progress. You've made accelerate the process, even faster by questioning your intentions throughout the day decide. If each action, you take is nurturing your purpose or if his distraction, for example, if you discover your purposes singing, or you doing anything to support that, or you making excuses to not practice or not show up for a lesson if so that means you've caught yourself following a familiar pattern. But now you have the knowledge to break free from it and reconnect with your purpose. If need be. You just listen to an excerpt from the book, titled the abundance codes by Regan Hellier, Juan Pablo bar owner, come by abundance codes dot com. For more information I have Ellington, this episode subscription, and thank you again to bear mattress. That's B. E A R mattress. Bare mattress uses FDA determined Cillian technology, which helps relieve tired muscles improve sleep quality, and even booths athletic performance is made in the USA with free shipping, right to your door making it super easy and convenient for you and buying a bare mattress includes a hundred night risk free in-home trial, you get one hundred nights to try out the mattress and if you don't absolutely love it. They'll pick it up and refund. One hundred percent of your money bear has over five thousand five star reviews from verified buyers, and was named the best matches for athletes by Sports Illustrated. Go to bear mattress dot com slash old. That's B A I R match. Chris dot com slash oh. L D get twenty percent off site-wide for their Memorial Day sale sale on now through may twenty eighth lead therefore today, have a very happy Friday and start your weekend. And I'll be back over the weekend as usual, where optimal life awaits.

Regan Hillier Juan Pablo Apple Juan Pablo Barahona FDA Turnley Honda physical exercise Senator USA Ellington Regan Hellier Kim Sports Illustrated Moby Cillian technology twenty percent five minutes
E21 - Business and Community: An Advocacy Opportunity, with Susan Helyar, ACTCOSS

Zo Routh Leadership Podcast

30:08 min | 10 months ago

E21 - Business and Community: An Advocacy Opportunity, with Susan Helyar, ACTCOSS

"Hi, this is sewing and today we're looking at social agenda from a completely different angle. We're looking at it from an advocacy point of view, and we've got the amazing Susan Hellier from act costs here in Canberra to talk to us about how business and advocacy can work together for the greater good of the community it's fascinating an influential work. Let's get into it. Welcome to the ZOE routh leadership podcast all sorts of strategies and insights to make you a better leader influence improve inspire. I this is only route the end today I'm here with Susan Hellier Act Costs and we've got a really different kind of interview because we're talking about the intersection of business and community in advocacy in camera. So it's it's quite an interesting dynamic space to play in. So welcome Susan thank you. So I guess the first question for those who are familiar with it can you tell us what is act costume? What is your? Data your reason of being. So with a city council of Social Service and we've been around for fifty four years now. Phoned to provide a place for people who are interested in community development care about social justice and. Working in the community authorised volunteers are in paid. To, come together on to collaborate on making camera better place. Okay. So that's like community agency people working different community agencies coming together and discussing big picture issues. And not just agencies. So we have individual members. So ranging from people who are in. Very, senior professional positions to people who are. Living with the impacts of discrimination and disadvantage, and so they join us because I want to punch. An advocacy agenda and and a public voice, and but we also have service providers and we have self help groups that are members and sites. Basically for people who are interested in social justice and social change and particularly focused on the experience of disadvantage poverty. How can we work together to? Influence policy to influence decision makers and despite the community in which we live. So, actually do that I'm just in the advocacy space so for community or Community organizations to advocate for their services than the agenda. Tell tell me what that actually looks in practice like impractical terms is. So what looked like over the last five years as we've worked really hard on finding a shared agenda. So it involves talking with AMAS. To find out what they think of the lowest critical things that need to change in this community in Farrah's that Spain housing has been the took that list making sure people get access to housing access to homelessness support. To support, secure and sustain affordable accessible housing. So in some ways, it can be that really practical. Practical. Concern people call us around. But also it's about human rights. So thinking through more broadly, what is it that we share a some core values that we want to see expressed and asserted in the way government operates in the way businesses operate in the community evolves. So. Speaking of camera the. So. There's this perception manning out there that camera very wealthy community full of public servants and government. Our Big or small is the homelessness situation the people living in poverty in Cambridge. Is it's one of the challenges we face on camera has excellent averages. So on average will will pay on average where well educated on every to a healthy. But that is really mask the experience both at the top and the bottom. So what we see is that Wall Street averaging comes equipped gooding in camera that then sits an average cost of living that's quite high. So if for some reason, you're not in the average, you'll really can become quite nationalized. So that's what we've tried to. Really. have. People understand. So it's it's a good thing that we're a relatively safe. Relatively healthy relatively well educated. Place in Australia. That's all great. And we we do celebrate that. But that actually creates even stronger imperative. To deal with the gap. That the gap still exists and The fact that we're one of the richest cities in one of the richest countries in one of the richest times in human history. Actually put out of imperative on us to do something about inequality and discrimination. Do you find that people are really being left behind the result of that? So the is it the classic rich are getting richer. The poor getting poorer is that dynamic or or simply that. There is a gap we need to close it I. Think there's a gap it I think it's growing in terms of cost of living because. Our employment patterns changing. So if you're in a full-time secure Joel and in fact, if you go to those people in the household. You, you can do well in camera. On and we've got good public's assistance of commitment to things like. Bitter Public Transport and Goud, public hills services with everybody benefits from. But if you'RE NOT WANNA if you're not in a household where you've got two incomes and they both secure. then. The gap he's warning the GRUB, the the largest number of people. The discourse in the number of people that are going to emergency assistance services surpasses that provide food packages or help with the bills is in people who are in jobs. It's not that they have a good job. It's the job doesn't have enough hours or is not you? You're coming in and out work as you get temporary contracts and so you just can't keep up your time. So the temporary nature of the contracts kind of driving this weird up and down cycle absolutely that drives things like the. Problem. Where people it's hard to predict your income. Every year and your income can be really patchy. But of course you read comes out every week. Or your mortgage payment. So. That's one thing. The other thing that's creating a gap is both your. To credit and your access to risk protection. So we know that if you've got one of those more Patchy Work Histories, you're not a good bit for bank so you might not get access to the. Good. Quality Sikua. Low cost credit. You might be using your credit card you might easy Linda. To get access to credit because you don't get it in the mainstream market, and the other thing we say is that people don't have insurance. So 'cause experience can be really expensive absolutely. So it's one of the things people jettison out of the budget. It's it is more discretionary than you're you're keeping a ahead keeping me. Literacy, on and having food on the table saw insurance is one of those things that gets jettisoned. But if you're not comprehensively insure your car and you've got a Shift work job. You smash it up. Then you kind of stuck. Yeah. That's pretty devastating yet. So that's that's what's creating the gap. There's an end in people that are. Back at the wrong end of the gap. There even more vulnerable because because they said, that's why you know our democracy work has really focused on understanding who who are these people and who's got opportunity to. Do something about that. So we advocate to government, but particularly on housing with advocated really hard to the private sector and I've said. You know we not a command economy. We're looking to be a low tax place. So if If, we're not prepared to give money to government and authority to government to fix the housing system. Then it's up to the market. To fix the housing system into fix it for those people that are being locked out at the moment. So I'm interested in that partnership with private sector or instead just instead of just turning to government to fix a solution turning to the private sector. How does that work in practical terms? What kinds of things do you go to the private sector with in terms of helping to solve this community challenge? One of the things we've done is not dissimilar to what we've done with their own membership and and colleagues in the community sector is to say. Does this bother you as well take the opportunity is to to engage leaders in the private sector or layers in. When it comes to housing the property. sector. Around Disease Barbecue. So some of it to that giving people information explaining to people these issues sharing with them research. We did some work with I see to shelter the coalition and the women's health matters where we asked the thout had a news Paul of the thousand people and ask them what they were doing to keep a roof over their head. And what we found was families with children are doing nothing other than guard school. What do you mean by that? So our family outings, no extracurricular activities for the children. So people in work who are in housing that's too. For their budgets. Do Nothing. Other than. Go to. School. Which is which is a problem particularly for children to have social networks Nile social activity outside of school. It's it's not good for the development. It's not good for the family to not have ways of building and growing and sustaining their informal networks of support and and connectivity. So it's not just ave missing out on an acting. It's actually that's quarter doing well in life is that you've got those connections the relationships and you're exposing yourself to things particularly children that help them ground developing land and. Become good citizens. Oh. Sorry answer that sort of research we present where we can to people in scituate been very grateful for the opportunity at the Canberra Business Chambers provided for us to address their post budget breakfast. So we've had a chance to talk with the business audience about how we see the ICT budget on what we think our priorities and risks. Could things that have come out of the budget, all areas where we see gap. So we've worked with the business sector by strictly. And more indirectly around raising awareness and finding the people in in the business community that might. Care about this, and then all people care about this and in their carrying does that translate into action and if so what kind of action? So what we were really pleased with with that we had developed. Some. With some of the industry bodies in the business sector that related to property. and. Construction and so then in the lead up to the act election we go to. A group of people that included the unions, the property sector, the construction industry, and the community sector to come together and. To. A great. Position that would be pushed to the new government around was needed intensive housing strategy for the city. So we were able to translate goodwill on concern into. Some commitments to a shade. Shared Agenda into the future and. You know we think that's actually critical that government needs an understanding of where consensus lies and an option to work with people who are prepared to work together to deliver what the. Agenda Consensus. So, if you were to make a call out to a local businesses, here were kind of local businesses would you be inviting to come in engage with you and what kinds of things with doing so great you just talked about with high level. Yeah. Agenda piece. So putting putting voice in Muscle I guess or presence behind the proposal that's got a broader concern and that's that's strictly advocacy work. Is there other tangible things that people can do or tell me a little bit about how you see business contributing show and we've seen it a lot in the increased awareness in response to issues around domestic competitive islands with people wanted to be very practical. So I heard one story of a business that deed we know security treatments and context. which we manege the windows, not more secure, so they can be ciphered harmon. And and have an ex Patna with whom having illegal disputable in our common threaten them. So businesses kind of. You know it's it's really valuable for us a the problems and for businesses it's walkabout way I say then contribute to solution. The other thing that happened around the domestic and family violence was one of the big issues is access. I'm. Dealing with the financial problems that come from. Many people would know any split up soothing finances one of the more awkward and difficult things. Yeah. My husband's a divorce lawyer. So again. and. So we mentioned if it's not just that your have decided to split up then you've left under the circumstances of escaping violence and then you have to negotiate you financial engines. and. Also that you can have what's called sexually transmitted ditch. Where you must have person as might be carrying. Debts that they didn't even know that reliable four or there's a whole lot of things that can go on serving with the finance industry about. What way would be a place for them to engage to have some practical interventions and some services complex that would make a difference for that group of people, and then we can go down to the really by sixteen are there is. There is an ongoing unmet demand for just the material assistance. So. People on very tight budgets, not because they west they money but because they've got low incomes got high expenses. Or expenses match their incomes. So. Is it your food parcels, assistance bills. No interest in low interest lines. All of those things we can always do more of and many in the community can can make very practical. Contributions are often looking for that I mean I put a call a little while ago from a man who had seen now. Media presence around harmless insisted. He ran a small business and he said we decided we're raising money for swags who shall give some swags to buy yeah, and and so that's That's just as welcome as pickle joining big advocacy campaign. I think. My sense is that people gravitate to the ten boom practical because it feels like they can get a. Good tangible winner easy win out of it and yet the bigger work of the advocacy piece is also really important harder sell in terms of getting people involved necessarily where you find this absolutely and I think the you know the swags is a good idea role you know the the Construction industry here is a rice, two million dollars building houses. Those practical things are things. People can grab hold of and see result from. But what we know is even if you did all those things were still be people who become harmless drita circumstances judy crisis due to just live there will always be that so. Advocacy's to sustain funding for harmlessness services so that they can work. Well with people to help them. Stabilize, recover and move on with their lives. In the That's undoubtedly absolutely critical and I suppose the reason why I'm a social worker by training. So I I loved doing very direct work, but actually saw that doing the advocacy work is as volatile. Even though it can be frustrating. You have less kind of. Obvious. Line of sight between your work and outcome. But. We can't just do the practical things. You're absolutely right. So advocacy's really working on the next like if I have in my mind, this visual of mountain top of the mountain is the point the end of the problem you've just described. You know that people at the pointy end to out on the street, they need some immediate assistance. Then the next layer down is addressing the systems that create some of those problems or sustained some of those problems and the advocacy work is working to manage your change those systems, and it's it's a longer journey takes a bit more time and effort and you're right. You don't get quick wins at that necessarily know but but I think it's I think it's absolutely critical work and it could benefit from some more. Davis engagement across. Across business and community. So for example, one of the things you have to do is. A technical leveraging of resources. What does that mean? Will you know we're a small organization but we've worked the example I gave before of that research. Before organizations and we put week, we've pulled together a shared. Pitch, we were able to between US access resources from government for research is a small amount of money at the. Senior Official Nicety government is that could spend that much on. One project with the the privacy firm, we funded four projects, a disease we had gooding and good access to the community through those projects because of our roles and our relationships. And we created material that hadn't been produced before. So, you know that sort of tactical leveraging of resources. Is Critical in our can probably we can learn from business around that business doing that all the time as well. Two different ends for different purposes but you know some shared work around how you how you. Maximize advocacy through understanding from other industries or other practices. would be welcome I think. Absolutely because you playing with your playing with a similar systems insist and similar structures and sometimes you're trying to. In business trying to deliver a service to the similar audiences which have. Not. Just. My brain's going over overload at the moment. So I'm thinking that if we work together to fix the system, it would serve the greater community and therefore the way that business benefits from that is that they had more robust healthy. Wealthy community businesses prosper. So as kind of a synergistic positive cycle so if business takes part in building a better community, business gets better and therefore can help increase community. So it's an interesting dynamic. And having worked enough prophets for thirty years myself. I know that we often had a dynamic between. The Nafa Prophet then the audience that we're trying to reach and service the garment industry and business kind of left out in zone. It's Kinda you go cap in hand for business please help us whereas I the true partnership model is is something that's much more effective much more long term in terms of long term benefits to all parties involved much more respectful. You know we don't want to be kept in hand. With a dodgy community sick to coming useful for money actually wit. Where system that delivers enormous social capital and human capital development to the economy. And we can we can partner with business in shaved venue framework that understands that's what we bring. To the Polish, even what business breathing is their experience in role? As. Sellers of goods and produces and sells goods and services. And coming to it in that way, and then having government as the party who has a role in regulating how things happen sitting the policy frameworks and determining. Community. Expectations and priority. So I think we're looking for that shared value relationship rather than the cap in hand and I think the the proposition to business is there's a custom of ice here that either you die Tom to stand or your not attending to and potentially talent pool. That's not well acting too because of Discrimination Trauma Steve Morrow. Whatever, and we work with those people all the time and you know we're came for the not to be. Business Spirit, we want them to be. And I wanted to be part of the world and having agency in their own lives and how we have a role for business community and government in making sure what happens is I suppose the sweet spot. Absolutely, I love what you're doing in terms of working to change the story around the community sector and also change a story about the people that you service and that they're not just poor old recipients you know that they're actually they're individually working actively to become. Agencies themselves. Capable of managing their own lives and so on. So we changing the story of the community sector as shared value partners from cap in hand. How much of a stigma stigma? How much of a current store do there is about the community sector? What do you think is the dominant paradigm around the community? Sector? Will I think if I read the newspaper the Dr Dominant Paradigm is where Willie but potentially, not very savvy. And that we Would do better if we were more. Like. corporates. We will do a better job if we had a more corporate approach to live and that we need to not rely on government for our. Continuation that seems to be the broaden you wrote doubt. So what does it mean be more like corporates in what way I think I'm more financial acumen and to be more thinking about. How to engage in competitive market. and. which which are reasonable and not a problem. What I see is the problem with that narrative is thinking that we should become. Less committed social capital. Is that part of the well I think that's a risk. Okay I think that is a risk because what we've seen with the. Some programs is government cuts back on. That entities that work really hard to keep things going which they see as critical in the community a same as. Making poor business decisions here right. And and so I think we need to understand when is it? We. We exist because we're not just going to make decisions that work financially meaning to make decisions that work in terms of building and sustaining social capital decisions that are about. Asserting and affirming and. Progressing human rights and does things. Often have a financial cost but that cost these with their right. So. Do you feel like that the community sectors being pushed into the whole social enterprise model? Do you think that's part of it or something actually community says it's been running acition into presents for one. Hundred Years. There's many that if they operating like that and we have mutuals and cooperatives that have some of the same qualities as social enterprises and Some. Of the really huge me in Australia. So I think it's that people are uncomfortable with social enterprise or not willing to go to that space but I think we have to be really clear about what? What activities? With the sessions prize business model work for. And I think what we say my sleeves. It's quite For quite small the quite nation that often. Not long term. You know they feel a need they develop a a a a a model of working for a product or service and. Then and then that changes and that business motor on books, and so that's that's okay. But I think we need to really think about two weeks business which. Activities are suited to which kinds of business models and how do we actual we've got the fit for purpose. Operating Environment that allows for different business models. Doesn't preference. One. Others. So. I'm curious. Now just a change tack a little bit and. About leadership. So you've been in, you've been a social worker Brad Training and you've been the advocacy space for awhile what what is important to you in leadership. I think it's you have to be yourself in a leadership role and you have to find a way to lead that. Feels authentic to you antics. Of utilized were, but I think that feels right for you and feels. Genuine to the people with whom you engage so. For me it's important to be a leader. I like consensus. Consensus is. A. Useful. Para. And so I lied. Using consensus model. So in the leadership role in that, 'cause it's been about booting partnerships and collaborations and. Shave agendas. Now, someone else could have come to this Roland lead differently and Achieved similar outcomes. On Layers to work in that feels right for them. But. Also important part of leadership is to be deeply. Willing to be reflective and willing to be aware. So having humility. And an ability to to listen to others, and that's a challenge for latest 'cause we give them lots of entitlement to talk sure and to be a voice. So how is the later you? We're content homes not talking and being really willing to listen is is i. think important for a sustainable leadership role and this certainly is if you're if you're moving into collaborative viewer. Leading from a collaborative space because you can't grandstanded pushes. Working. In partnership in shared value arrangements for sure you have to actually work in that space where I listen I respect I year value and find a way together. Yes. Yeah and it can mean that something's. More, possible than others. And so I think that's where you need to think about all doing the to do I need to adapt as Lena is is that Is that paradigm night all relevant or useful, but I don't think. You can adapt to the point where you're not being true to your own. Strengths and personality because I think then you. Lose credibility. Absolutely. So you're gonNA find yourself and be open to others. Yeah I. Think so. Susan thank you so much for joining on the pug yesterday i. Find. It fascinating. It's very difficult complex workday. You're doing in terms of accuracy and looking to change the system and build a broader human social agenda all working towards a better community that we can all enjoy the inclusive with. So thank you so much for joining us and for your work itself I. Think he's I. It's great to to share.

Susan Hellier Australia gooding council of Social Service Canberra ZOE routh Spain Farrah Canberra Business Chambers scituate Cambridge Goud US Joel Steve Morrow Linda
Flex Space Focus  Jersey

The Office Providers Talking Office Space and Flexible Workspace

06:42 min | 9 months ago

Flex Space Focus Jersey

"Series of episodes will highlight some of the flexible workspace options. In a particular location they will contain descriptions of some of the service offices managed offices and co working space options available in that location. Each episode will contain descriptions three randomly selected flexible work spaces and further information on those and others will be signposted in the episode notes. We hope they helpful. Hi welcome to the first episode in our flex space focus series. This episode is focused on jersey. And we'll be looking at three properties liberation station. The international finance center on the esplanade and because ray house on castle streets. A all of these are located in saint hellier future episodes will spotlights of a flex spaces in jersey liberation station. These services offices located at the entrance of the prestigious liberty off mixed use developments. This flexible workspace center is ideally located between the marina and the town centre providing excellent amenities in billick setting with stunning harbor views and a decked area which is fantastic for events such as lawn chairs and networking there is a range of workspace options available here ranging from private service offices managed office options and co working space solutions international finance center on the esplanade. Financial workspace is now available at jerseys international financial center. Meaning that your business can have globally recognized business address on flexible terms service office. Suites are available to rent at i. F c five which is located on the esplanade in saint sally. A the flexible offices are located on the first floor of this impressive building in the thriving finance sensor which is occupied by global financial heavyweights fintech companies and financial services firms. Private of sweets are available are available in a variety of sizes and format so receivable for startups. Sme's and larger teams. All of the officers are fully furnished and fully service meaning that that all of your occupancy costs are covered in one monthly payments the flexible license agreements mean that they are easy in an easy out offices in which you can expand and contract your office. Space footprints with your business needs popular features of these offices. Include friends of house reception team to support you and your business meeting and conferencing rooms that are available to hire free wifi field. Guests communal kitchens and breakout areas. Complimentary tea coffee and fresh fruit. Twenty four seven building access and there are parking facilities to there is also a full calendar of regular networking events. The international finance center is located within easing walking distance of all. If the amine it's as a saint and just minutes from the marina each researchers tiffany teahouse and hotels such as the park in and the radisson blu are just minutes away. The carteret house on castle streets whether you're seeking temporary office space or a longer term flexible workspace solution. Then this executive suite center in the heart of jersey's financial district is likely to have the solution for you because house is an imposing granite building on castle street and provides a wide range of flexible office space solutions. Whichever business based solution. You and your team up for you can rest assured that you're fully furnished. Flex space will be efficiently managed by the friendly and dynamic team at this property from the cleaning and maintenance to the it and telecoms the team. Has it covered leaving you to focus on your business. The premium business back center is popular with a wide range of businesses of various sizes from a variety of sectors companies using this space range from those using it for starter. Workspace to those using it as offshore headquarter offices and every level in between features that are popular with all occupiers of this space include. Twenty four seven access high-speed and snap conferencing facilities fully stocked printing stations. Courier services secure bicycle storage and shower facilities to name just a few as well as Flexible offices at this property. There are co working desk options including both floating desks and dedicated desks too. So that was our first flex space focus episode and also our first worn on jersey. We will be doing future jersey episodes where we will look at other spaces on the channel island. We hope it was useful and until next time take care.

international finance center ray house saint hellier jersey liberation station billick jerseys international financia saint sally radisson blu house jersey
Side Stories: The Bigfoot Files

Last Podcast on the Left

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Side Stories: The Bigfoot Files

"Sir. Twist to the loss on the left side stories. Cannibalism starter. Doors. Oh. Oh, that's all my. Oh man. I you just don't know how many things are connected to your back. Everyone knows. Are you still talking about this bad back of yours? You got. Well, dreaming that you were back. Yeah. Honestly, it's just it's I've had my youth taken for me. In one instance, thirty five years old. You had to take from fifteen years ago. Where we're young for a long time, age state of minded. You don't think so, well, five year olds that are fucking Tony Curtis. Scored a baby girl woman when he was seventy five he's still making it rock enough to get this sperms into the back of you will. I think that's not how child, that's not how it works. But, you know, you never made a boy, I don't woman or anything I am child for I do have a puffins, but no. Of course. But you didn't make. No, I know that. Thank god. All right. This is side stories, everyone. I am Ben. And that is Henry. You didn't even make I couldn't make puffing. He's a German Spitz. Not why didn't you love dogs enough to try to make a dog with another dog? Well, you know what folks, I'm not even going to entertain this conversation today, because I don't know why I just want, you know what has to God you pass this thousand hands two thousand nineteen. That's what I'm doing. We lost our friend. This is how you want to do this. What? Okay. You brought up our dead friend in response to meet to talking about how you don't you didn't Funke dog that makes that's not how it were is more new can't no. This is my mother used to do with my grandpa, every single thing grandfather, would hated this and pointed to his oil Qena wall, heaven. What a hated this RIP for life. He literally would have felt like yeah. Yeah. Why didn't you fuck that he would actually have been on, on my well? That's the interesting thing now, we can just sort of be like, no, I think I know I know. I know. All right. Everyone will if you are going through out there, don't worry. Well, we'll we're all together and this is this is not about making Oakland. I was talking fucking that you would make another dog like. Come on. Come on red here. Honestly, even come out just be just a bunch of calm dribble of the back of a dog's asshole. Just what did you ask the real conversation? You know, we have a lot of stories to get you today. Of things was a this is a wild week. It really was it really weird news. There was a lot of shit that came down to basically quickly say Samuel little maybe becoming our most prolific serial colored history. If he's not just lying, right? Of in J. Of course, he just said, he just confessed in ninety murders and all these cops way. They're talking. They're like, yeah. He's just closed out. Another fifty cases. It's really important to to get closure victims. And just being like you were just showing them pictures of people. And he's like. Yep. Yep. To just drew a bunch of pictures, or random women show, basically, he drew pictures of his victim right right to go show to the world to see who would recognize it makes some people are getting recognized from these pictures, but the rest of them are just pictures of women used to jerk off to from the sixties. I'm british. I'm pretty certain one of them was just what's her name of the dark haired woman from Charlie's angel? Oh, of course. I don't remember those. I'm sure will. Yes. Even the problem is that when you already sitting in jail us already sitting there there for life. He's right man. He's going to die in jail already. So now he's just either D is either the most prolific writer in history, or he's just racking up numbers so he can get more respectable. Absolutely. So that's why it's so tough to to discern. What's true or not? I would hope that the cops, you know, had a piece of information that they didn't release to the public, and then he was like, yes, indeed. There was red slippers involved in, like he knew there were red slippers. But then. Again, as Henry was alluding to it seems like he's just he's just trying to be the Babe Ruth here, and he's going knows what he did during his playing days. But yes, that is an interesting story. But that's crazy. This week is, that's not even close to the most interesting story. We also have the FBI Henry, this is great for disclosure and this for you. This is this for you. And it's for it's big for everyone. It's big for everyone, and it's big for me. And it's about Bigfoot the FBI is released twenty two pages of its investigation into Bigfoot. And can I just say this Henry twenty two pages after all these years? Yeah, that's not a lot of pages. It is the point more pages on. John Lennon hit a lot. They had more pages on John Lennon's glasses alone. So the, the American Pacific northwest, of course, that is sasquatch country. They have been obsessed with this for a long time, we were just out in Portland and Seattle. It's fun to see the fake signs that have like sasquatch. Crossing it's stuff like that. But then, as a big hairy man, is it not re- discrimination, but it is to get across the street. Right. It's where you could actually go because it's people taking pictures of you. You feel like a celebrity. Yeah. I mean, I feel like I'm in London. I feel like I'm in Germany, again, where if you tap your toll on the street. All cores must legally stop. Really is. That's the rule. That's even not. But I dunno autobahn. Right. Not on the autobahn. No. We gonna drive into autobahn when we go to Berlin. I think that we can, and I drive then because I'm. Few brews? You scare me anyway. What you drive. I don't know do. We do. If I wanna push it, dude, if I wanna I to fucking drift, you wanna Tokyo drift in Berlin. If you show up in the car with, like six monster energy drinks, and a pack of Winstons ready to go boys. I'm going to be like no. We're not. We cannot like we need Atta girls someone, I'm going to, and then we'll Tokyo drift in car, and then we'll Berlin drift after the bars in Berlin. Just walk sideways down the street from all the Heff ice can't wait to be bloated. Oh, I can't wait for Germany. Can't wait to see everyone in Berlin. So going back to Bigfoot just quickly here the agency records, they date way back to nineteen seventy six this do name, Peter burn. He was then the director of the big foot information center and ex Bishen X exibition of Oregon, where the sasquatch is thought to Rome. So he convinced now this dude Peterberg this is this is amazing. He finished the fucking FBI to aid in his investigation of new materials. He believed confirmed the creature's existence. He cited quote, fifteen hairs. Attached to a tiny piece of skin as the most promising discovery of Bigfoot researchers had a four forever, basically jury this story. So he was basically he was out there on one. I guess one of his various Bigfoot hunts, and he saw a giant creature just jangling with B L cans tied is, is ankle's going through the forest and he said, he saw a pass between two trees that it obviously should fit through. And he went any found this csonka hair and skin. Right. Put an envelope and he sent it to the God damn. Yes, they opened it. So in the letter that he sent to the FBI, I love this guy Peterberg. This is a quote from the letter he says, please understand that our research here is serious that, that this is a serious question that needs answering. And if you're the FBI that's a fun Monday. When you're just, you know what though I gear and is it a fun money up a ziplock bag of random asked meat from any sort of animal that could definitely also be dude, if you will, you look at it is very long hairs. It's probably it probably would have been a dog or a bear. I believe they decided or through this little thing called science that it was a deer. But I don't I don't know. That's what they that's what the F B I says, trust who knows. So according to burn, so he received a letter from a Jay Cochran jR. Now this dude worked at the FBI and this is what was said in the letter. He says the FBI laboratory conducts investigations, primarily, a physical evidence for law enforcement agencies. In connection with criminal investigations Cochran goes on to say occasionally on a case by case basis in the interest of research and scientific inquiry we make exceptions to this policy with this understanding, we will examine the hairs and the tissue mentioned in your letter. So is it? Well nice at the FBI was, you know, forget about terrorism for a moment. Let's focus on the hair. It seems that they took the concept of Bigfoot very seriously. If you go through the documents that they have here, the number of articles, yet, both from from near times Washington Post various other, quote, unquote. Legit news sources that are basically we're talking about the various merits of Bigfoot exists. And it is it is interesting to see they did take it serious up to a point because kind of like you, right. Where we receive so much information about Bigfoot, so many said that they've seen it. Said at some point, you're like, well, we are the fucking Federal Bureau of investigation. Maybe it's one of those things well we could put a tab on it. We can open one tab on our brows for Bigfoot and see what pops up because maybe it is because, you know, then you can flip it, what if they're using Bigfoot as a way to hide in plain sight is a really interesting way for fucking ISIS to get into America from Canada? Right where they dressed, as Bigfoot going. Bigfoot screen, of course. Right. But they come in full costume, the would, if it's that's a great movie, though, if the movie fucking Argo, but with big, big foot, but his ISIS using it dressing as big a slide into America, and people just taking pictures of them acting like it's like Superfund. Meanwhile, they off a dirty bomb, and demoain. Oh my goodness. Don't do that to damone. It's a great place of peaceful people. But, you know, there was almost the opposite of that remember when those two dudes escape the prison. Upstate New York. The one do remember because I was in Toronto in Toronto was frightened to man because what was his name like, Pat, swam Beth, I believe it was Matthew sweat, and one blinking on the other rob knobs or something we come for Toronto, and all of candidates would be an invasion of prisoners coming. Eventually America would spill. The one dude, I believe it was sweat. I don't what were the names of those Travis, you could do some can you type in those people's apes? Please. Thank you. One of the dudes, just broke up for this a little anyway. Just hold on. Let me wrap up the the the big foot. They really quick. So the FBI that conducted a little investigation, the lab concluded that there were that the hairs were quote of dear family origin. The no longer mysterious ample was sent back to burn while the mystery of Bigfoot continues to live on. But the one dude one dude. So these two guys broke out of prison of state. New York, one guy just immediately found a cabin started to get wasted. And he got so hammered he could no longer run. So David, David sweat, in Richard, Matt or dick, Matt. Okay. Met, and imagine Richard. Yeah. David sweat, Davies wet. But when I which was the as matter, one of them dressed up like. Full-on like like the dude from the burbs just trying to cover himself with leaves and shit. And he was he almost got to Canada but they found him and they shot him right in the head although he did live. I will say in Canada. They've probably have a pretty firm, extradition tradition. Right where they would just kind of kick his ass. Right back to America like Canada's not a good place to run to don't know. Man. It's like fifty percents on inhabitable. So you go live in the woods hang out with the baby was heading straight for Toronto. Toronto's not gonna do anything for you. Those people, they're gonna kick you right back because they are you gotta go. You gotta go west and go up through Montana. That's where you're gonna secretly enter Canada. That's where you should go through were in New York goods you go through the woods, Montana, but how would the woods of Montana? He escaped ticket New York. I don't think if you even got half a good singing voice, if you spend a couple hours, busking wherever. Because people just wanna see heart or what you do is you go in the train, do one of those, you get the sign that says, give me money to make me stop singing and just gone. Got to what the best speaking of art, though, the there is a sort of a sweet side of this, despite their differences in age and personality sweat, and Matt became friends based in part on shared interest in art sweat, recalled admiring, Matt's paintings, including one depicting, a dog in which you could see every hair, it was absolutely beautiful. Two. That is something my mom would say about a drawing. I did. Oh, this is wonderful. You can see every cage. That's what I love. You can count the his Henry. They just escaped from upstate New York. There was a massive manhunt on the I don't think they can go in public and then pretend to be a duo singing group. I think that might have gotten them busted even faster than they were busted, which was actually a couple of weeks. Ted Bundy, one of the most dangerous human beings on the face of the planet, combed, his hair, the other way and escape to different time. All right. But I mean at the same time you still do you shave your head? You put on some Escaran address, honestly. And you just go out there and you hustle. You make yourself seventy five bucks. You start working on a bus bus last anonymous way to travel. You just keep going west you go, you bust some more in awhile, maybe a couple dates, I honestly like little black box theaters that you start. You've eventually all of a sudden, next thing you know, you're a performer back don't even need a high, and then anybody all performers look at me. How do I didn't character? And if you become a character who? Knows Dame edna's Dame, EDNA could be some serial rapist previous light. We don't know who that is all. The great Dame EDNA on this aligning Dame EDNA. I'm relying whoever was the human before Dame. Edna was Dame? Ed him Dame, EDNA, and all right. What we're going down a rabbit hole that we don't need always down here with Dame EDNA my good. Have you seen as soon as you become a character? Colonel Sanders soon as he became Colonel Sanders. He's not being Beauregard Sanders. The man who choose to shoot people outside of his gas station. Don't. Well, that is true. He became Colonel Sanders. Yes. So you hide within character. So then all of a sudden, you're no longer on the run from the calms your on tower. Montana north love. I love this. I love your version. I wish that your version of reality was was was real though. If I was the victim of one of those due to escape, I wouldn't be happy if all of a sudden tragedy. I mean if you look at what happened if you look what happened Garth Brooks. Who is Chris Gaines, who is he really Liz? He really. Yeah. You say he's Garth Brooks. But I don't see Garth Brooks. Chris Gaines on stage at the same time. No, I never ever seen it all the way and you won't see him on stage together because they are not the same man. Well, I think if you saw them on stage together would prove that they're not to say, man, just like I don't know. Used to Tony Clifton sorta, but still. Let's go on their story. Do we what should we do here? What do you which one do you wanna talk? Do you want to read that Email? I do. Wanna read this Email? I wanna talk very quickly about Paul Hillier. Oh, yeah. I just want to acknowledge who sent me and I want to say, thank you so much that people that reached out to me to make sure I knew that Paul Hellier was doing a massive Reddit AMA on an unread and it was wonderful. And I will just you could just look this up. If you're if you're at all interested in this topic is fun. It is spooky. So the name of the ready day, it's great. Here's a little succinct intro, Paul Hillier. Hi, I'm a ninety five year old former Canadian minister of defense and transport minister, I want to discuss my experience with the ball slash deep state. A little warming, politics and extraterrestrials. Ask me anything. So he was a Canadian entrepreneur politician. Writer commentator. He's held a long and varied. Career he's the longest serving current member of the Privy Council of Canada. Just ahead of prince. Phil Philip is only been there longer because he was literally glued to the chair. He's had a long political career with notable designations, such as transport minister, which is a bus driver with a sash candidate. But that's I'm just making fun of this. I'm just making fun of candidate. I don't mean to I love it. That's great though. That's fun. It is senior minister in the cabinet and minister of national defence for kingdom, but he is going on us going onto safer many, many, which is this has been well, known to the UFO community that he has worked with extraterrestrials. He has experienced with extraterrestrials. He met a one of the eight various species of extraterrestrials that he says the Canadian US government in Russian government have all worked with. And he says that they came they came to him to say. What a good job. He's doing. Really, they just be like we've gone through the data here, we've been looking through your career profile you are doing wonderful like it's like it's a company annual like our you doing checklist event. He got a progress report from an alien actually means quite a bit, okay? Because if you're coming in from outside, it's like if somebody who's a huge fan of pod, save America came to us to say, good job. And so there says a several questions people ask him several questions. In appointed I'm gonna say almost disrespectful manner, and then in a Reddit style manner. And then he answers to the best of his abilities. He says a couple of very interesting things he talks about valiant, Thor who's in benevolent Vanu Sheehan. He says he has an IQ twelve hundred and he lived in the Pentagon for three or four years. We colored valley for a while ago, thorough way we do it now, but I wish, honestly kinda wanna go back because valley and for he is three hundred years young. He is purple. As a grape but he worked hard, that's country. And it shows that we should, honestly, think about our immigrants that come to this country because of they are, what makes up this America. What's make America? Great is the people that come here to try to help us who believe in the American dream, even though they weren't born here. All right. All right. Do they share they share their technology? They shared technology with US and Russia. He does believe there's a gigantic deep state Kabbal, that is controlling zero point energy, which is this technology, that was given to us by extraterrestrials that will limit the need for fossil fuels. He says that the various arms of this gigantic octopus that sort of like the eliminate Duminy which he calls, the three sisters, which is the aluminum. The Bilderberg group, okay council foreign relations and trilateral commission talking about various members of the covert ops world, a honking towards trying to keep zero point energy away from the consumer sector. We say that you the US has a lease on. Mars, and according to Courtney Browne, who is the head of a group called the farsight institute, the martians have at least two colonies on earth. So they're hanging out okay here here. I could probably pick out a bunch of them. I'm wanna say sixty percent of them are in Los Angeles. There's many pictures, he says that aliens very different from us, he talks about their biology a little bit. But it's it's an interesting little jumped on the rabbit hole. All the various arcane different agendas, and lifestyles of the extraterrestrial life, that are various governments have colluded with check out that AMA. Mr. Hillier says here, glad you got front row seats and then he goes on to say the truth is far, more incredible than any science fiction, so, you know, I believe that he's also been for fact. I believe I know, for fact you believe that, but he has been on this tip for a longtime ninety five years old. I think it's safe to say as far as you follow just goes, you've you followed. Yes, go he is like three hundred years old because they tend to more like dogs than humans. But while you look at Stanford Mun he lived a long full life. Honestly, these are men that they are. There. Curiosity, keeps them alive, and I wouldn't say same thing for the women. And you see that always will live longer them Menton. It's your curiosity that will keep you alive. That's why you could always find that there's always new ways to come with your but there, you know. Everyone always about all that. But yes, but if you look the farsight institute that he, he cites several times in this ready day. It's pretty it's interesting. It's one of my, you know, it's definitely a rabbit hole. I really do. Enjoy Graham Hancock, and there are several immediately. I see Joe Rogan about three times on this front page. I see they would they do that. They get a collective of people that can do remote viewing and they investigate various conspiracy theories just from sitting in their apartment. Oh, I because they use their brains. Do the walking the talk in the senior. All work just like my father told me is that in retirement still work with the Hanes always work with your mind. Your father was a new. Yes, that's what he said, because he knew would never hack it as a police officer, or any form of manual labor, and he knew that if I was turned into some sort of work camp, I would die. There. Oh well, I think a lot of people die in work camps. It's sort of a sort of what the supposed to happen. I know the any sort of lot of manual labor even if I was just a fancy carpenter. Oh, diet, over course, or he does a, there's a couple of these are pretty great. They, they do a entire project on the aliens. And I paid us they do an entire project on the Phoenix lights. They talk about chafe K assassination. Ooh. In the remote viewing on that you just get splattered with pussy juice. Is that gonna see watching it through your minds? I really will chance was up to it, man. Well, I know he actually had some problems when it comes to the when it comes to the ladies, not necessarily the best history, where do you talking about? JFK is a problematic history. No just a little only Catholic presently. No. Can you believe that a Catholic person with some with some issues? And of course, we love our Catholics out there. I don't care. Henry was Henry was everyone. It'd be a priest for crying out loud. Yeah. Wanted to be a priest until they said they couldn't touch the Bubis. But then I found out priests touch the Bubis anyway. But it's never. It's never the good, right? Bubis. You know what I mean? It's never the what was it that, what was it the, the, the iron birds? Do you remember that, that story? My mom used to love this. What was it called? We'll how would they free sin love? Jackie Jackie just walked into the studio. Honestly, and she just answered from behind me it was called the thornbirds, which was a steamy series. My mom had on several marked VHS. That was about a priest bang in a full grown woman. And I was like this, this was this put in the scifi section because most of the time, you never really hear a priest having many illicit affairs with a busty wom- will sometimes that'll happen, then they have to resign and a lot of nuns have tales about that, but very interesting. So there we go. Mr. Hellier out there, ninety five years old sticking stick into his guns and sticking by his previous statements. And, you know, he used to be ridiculed but it does seem as if now because of the internet, he has found a community that is, you know, more, maybe a mentally available for him. He's one of us, he's one of you. Yeah. He is one of us and I'm really, really. Excited that he gets to go to his grave with a clear, conscience. Liz, thanks to candidate. I poured inside stories. Did you know your teeth move is you get older? And if you wanna get your teeth fixed the last thing you wanna do is wear braces. That's why I'm happy to tell you about candid, the clear alternative to braces candid makes clear liners, that are sent directly to your home, and her customized specifically for you to straighten your teeth kenan's, a liners, fixed crooked, teeth crowd in protrusion and gaps and candidate is super easy. Once you send over the impressions of your teeth candidates network of orthodontists review your specific ace and provide you with a three D preview of what your treatment will look like, once you approve your three D preview, candid creates custom clear liners, that will be sent directly to you. That means none of the hassle of go into an orthodontist office. And you know what I love the most about candidate? You always have a real orthodontist working with you. Can't it? Only uses orthodontists will other companies use dental professionals, whatever that means and don't worry. It's always completely up to you. If you want to move forward with your clear, align, or treatment plan candid can help you straighten and brighten your teeth in an average of six months with a price tag that sixty five percent less than brace. Is you're one step away from getting straighter brighter teeth. Learn more at candid code dot com slash side stories and use code side stories at checkout for seventy five dollars off. That's candid co dot com slash side. Stories code side stories for seventy five dollars off. Thanks to hellofresh for bringing you this episode of side. Stories hellofresh is a meal kit delivery service, that does all the hard work for you with hellofresh home cooked, meals are made simple. Hellofresh, does all the meal planning shopping, and prepping so you can focus on a happier and healthier, you their meals are simple, seasonal recipes, and they deliver premeasured ingredients right to your door every week in a special insulated box with hellofresh cooking is easy and enjoyable. I love it. I get to spend less time meal, planning and grocery shopping, and more time kicking back and relaxing, all their meals come together in thirty minutes, max, call for less than two pots and pans, and require minimal clean up. There are three plans to choose from classic veggie and family with the option to switch between them for when your taste change. Now I do. To cook, but I feel like I end up just making the same recipes over and over and over and over again, which is why I love hellofresh. They've made it really easy to escape the recipe rut, I had gotten into this week on the menu with sesame beef tacos with pickled veggies, and chilly, Kremlin, it was incredibly delicious. And it's another hellofresh resume. That's been added as a favorite for eighty dollars off your first month of hellofresh. Go to hellofresh dot com slash side, eighty and enter side eighty that's like receiving eight meals for free. That's eighty dollars off your first month of hellofresh. Go to hellofresh dot com slash side, eighty and enter side eighty. All right. Well, now it's time for his story, more up my alley. And this story, I'm gonna tell you this is really sad before before we even get into this. You know, if you've got small kids in the car earmuffs to beloved therapy, pigs tone sheriff, he picks. They were found beaten to death in Kentucky. The pig. Now, if it's her Ross hinder is no it's being today. He's therapy aren't food food eating bigs. Now, these are the pigs, you can sit and talk to, and then they grunt advice. No, they don't know. It's still, you pet you can therapist pay. No. They're, they're repeat pigs. So do they massage you like you late on the ground and the pigs, they've you little massages, they could do that. It's little happy annex. No, they don't. They don't have hands. Yeah. They could suck the dick no. No. These are dead, pigs and their therapy picks. The pigs names were park. Rob pike pike. Rock pig. Rock pig rock. It's PY. G. R O W. I'm gonna go with any y g r o w k no. PY. G. R. A. W K pig rock and Honey pig rock, and Honey, they were used in there as therapy, pigs in nursing homes in hospitals. Mr. Zubrowka ski a honestly that would frighten me if I was a ninety five year old man, you get to huge pigs in hospital. What is this offer Pickton's houses? Oh my goodness. Robert pickton. He wouldn't have therapy, pigs. He had eighty. Pigs eat human flesh. They can they can also help sue the soul. A Kentucky woman is on the hunt for a sadistic killer after she says her two beloved therapy, pigs were brutally murdered this woman's name. It's sunny howl. She went to an anniversary dinner with her husband last week, leaving her and her guard down. No, she was having a nice dinner, and I don't know if they eat pork or not. I hope not left her three pigs at home pig, rock, Honey, and gypsy. They were leaching house. No, they were locked in a shed. But when she returned she discovered the sheds door. Latches had been unlocked in pig rock and Honey were dead. We realized this is according to her, she says, we realized her Isaak, it had been smashed. And she had blood coming out of her ear. It looked like he had been bludgeoned with something. Maybe a sledge hammer gypsy was unharmed, but suffered some slight bruising and remains in a funk without her. Fellow potbellies. This is according to Sonny, she says she stays depressed when she's out there by herself. She hides underneath the house sometimes. So there were three picks to all three therapy, pigs and this pig. This piggy lost both of its best friends pig rock, and Honey, this story gypsy. I feel you gypsy, I feel I will say this. I think it's completely inappropriate to name a pig after a racial slur. No, it's. Or I mean it's more fun of as a stripper. Honestly from Billy gypsy rose. We'll be kind of fun putting on a little beginning. You're putting on a politically correct cap. You Mr. that do that. Do I just fun to be an tagging? I think it's just fun to make everyone upset. But when it comes to this story, honestly, it is ver- Shaw. It's sad. Where does it take place, this takes place? Let me see here. This is Kansas City, just had that hope because Kansas City hit the three mutilated horses, where it's like it was the one score story that we covered where the mutilated dissected horse was left in a field. And the family was super upset because it was their pet horse and then two more horses have since been found. This is it's a it's a total. It is. It's an epidemic of this is weird. Visit in Kentucky. This is in Kentucky. So they weren't that's the one thing how big are these picks. These are potbellies so they're young. So according to Susan that's because you can't even get good meat off of them. They mean with these people did according to sunny pig rock and Honey were fixtures within the community and were frequently used as they repeat pigs in hospitals and stuff like that. And she said, these pigs were here to love people and to be. I loved, and that was their only job to be loved. And she filed a police report. And she said that she's already raised thirteen hundred dollars as an as a reward for anyone with any information leading to the arrest of the people or person that did this heinous attack. And she says, if it's not just one person doing this, then we have several sick sadistic people out all the way to things that maybe come to mind number one, maybe these pigs were making a lot of noise. They weren't out there. A lot of potbellies. You know, they'll go like eight Lee. Sometimes. But it's cute, you're saying it's cute true bomb you on this like putting my detective magazine and ski cap. Okay. Right. So it's either pigs in a lot of noise maybe at night, maybe something's happening. Right. Maybe maybe they're fucking. They're not. Maybe they are. I don't know whether whatever the doing pigs are pigs are maybe making a lot of racquet it some sort of better neighbor that is either going through some form of loss. Got kidney stones like one of those things where okay so he's Asser baited a previous psychological problem for that neighbor. The neighbors come in and decided, the pigs are the problem and he's eliminated the picks. Okay. That's a possible exam. So do you think you've, we're gonna call you him road, Henry for this sentence? Sure you've had him, ROY. You've sat on hurts your sucks. So at any point during that experience like better go bludgeon some pigs to death. So to make my Buckfield better. I am truly trying to work on my. What I like to call my peaks of rage. Right. I'm trying to work on them trying to sue them. I'm trying to bring them down from McKinley to like just a little sluggish speed bump. Okay. But sometimes I imagine if I'm up at night, my asshole is bleeding and pig noises. Or keeping you it while I wouldn't do that because my wife would divorce me. Yeah. I do. Then do believe I would fancy the idea of going over there. I would throw us in a pleasurable way going and massacring the sense the, the source of my discount. Right. If they were keeping me awake at night. And of course, it's not right. No, I'm not saying it's right. I'm just saying I'm crawling inside the head of this person that could also possibly be it sounds to me like you need a therapy. Big that it seems like I'm okay. So a freight I already have got Wendy when he's meal therapy. Biggies got a big little pink belly. It's gets her back. Guys scratching little big belly. I call her piggy Bill. If you go to my Instagram, Ben Kissel, one, I have some premium footage of puffins as well. We gain which is quick. But so all right. But listen gore. Right. So it some form of disgruntled neighbor, or it is truly a troll like person who hates all happiness. And I'm gonna be able that a twenty five to thirty five year old white man in the neighborhood that is who who just got done leaving. Also one-star on itunes. The audio was often episode three thirty five and then he was trolling the neighborhood looking for cigarette. Butts on the street and eating food. He found on the street just because it stink, not because it's good or rise homeless. He's got home. These got a fucking job somehow and then he went to just eliminate a source of joy for somebody because he couldn't help. He looked at the pigs and smiled once and he felt so sad that he couldn't even allow himself to feel that amount of happiness and his day to day life to then he took it out on the pick wrote elaborate allow. Laborat- tale that you've spun in defense of the dealers with how I am I am literally investigating this. I am your invest who would be I'm well, I would say fifty five to sixty five someone who has farm experienced someone who obviously, loves bacon, someone who doesn't have any sort of emotional attachment to the love. No, this is this is rage. If you're killing an animal without than either using sports meet, or stealing it. This is a rage based incident, this is somebody who looked at them as listed happiness, and wanted to destroy resolutely. So perhaps, this is of a larger issue with the within the community and within the neighbors. Check out your neighbors missed how will finish up? She says we never expected to be put in this position that we are in now we never expected to lose our babies like this. We never knew we could feel such an array of emotions all at once. I'm going to be focusing on our family gypsy and. I intend to get back into my normal routine as soon as possible. She finishes saying we do not want the negativity that change how we are. And how and who we are? Yes, we are hurt angry sad lost, and a number of other emotions, we still have to continue on with our day today. Well, I would alright also be incredibly shocked if it turns out that they were in fact that killed they kill the pigs for publicity. Right. Just detective under pick rock and. Just in a truly objective detected oca-. Well, I think Henry, I think, we're already at the point in the show this, you know what, this show, you know, what it does on pigs, it flies. It flies right by it. Really, really very good. Segue. You know, we didn't even get to talk about what you should bring up. If you wanna go research it on your own. We'll talk about it next week to news who will the German nurse convicted of oh, eighty five people says the reason why he did it was that he was trying to become a hero. Like his goal was that he'd bring him to death and then save them for his own weird shit but we'll talk about this next week. Yes. So that would make him a missionary killer is that we should talk about this with Marcus. Okay. Because when we talk about because I want to talk about Harold Shipman to a really wanna get into doctors who kill. Absolutely. It's very specific. John ryan. Yeah. I don't know why a very it's a very specific type of person because it's about subverting power roll. Right. For some reason, but it's about to get more power, because this whole thing was to make him look like a hero for saving people that were flat lining. Rudge very interesting. Alright so be sure to tune in next week and we'll do a deeper dive into nurses, and doctors that kill and against. Stories L, P, OT, L gmaiLcom, if you have any insight into why they do it. What the power structure is there. What's the fascination please? Hit us up. All right. We'll just lastly hero of the week, a true hero, recordings as member stations. Them. A college student uses the Snapchat gender swapped filter to inspire a police sting. So this dude is a twenty year old. His name is Ethan. He made himself look like a girl with that, with the face, swab that everyone is very successful very beautiful who went by the name Esther, and he posed as a sixteen year old so one man message, the sixteen year old apparently looking to hook up. And this is according to Ethan, he says, I believe he messaged me or this is what the this is what the dude said he said, are you down to have some fun tonight? Which I don't I don't know. So Ethan said he message or about twelve hours before moving the conversation over to kick, which, I guess is another platform. Apopka a cake is weird kick as another very strange. It's kind of like what's app? It's an anonymous way of speaking to each other, and in Titi picks. Oh, I see. So Tinder requires users to be eighteen so Esther's fake profile initially said nineteen, but once on kick Ethan posing as Esther told him man. Oh, I'm only sixteen so screen shots of the conversation of tained by the outlet show. The man told Esther that her age might be an issue before explaining, you won't even send any picks of you and the older man said, I promise I won't show anybody, and this is a Cording to San Jose police sergeant and Rica Garcia ios he says, whether or not the person is sixteen is a relevant if the suspect believes it's a sixteen year old on the other end. The suspect should have terminated. That conversation specifically when it talks about engaging in sexual activity, the tip reportedly lead to the arrest of a forty year old dude named Robert Davies. But now, this is kind of a kicker here this a police officer. So you think he would know if you would know that he is getting catfish, but indeed, he was not so Davies was arrested on suspicion of contacting a minor to commit a felony, which is a felony India itself. So this is according to San Mateo, police officers. Susan men hammer this alleged conduct through is in no way reflection of all that we stand for is department and is an affront to the tenants of our department and our profession, as a whole, so this guy. Now, this is actually kind of a larger conversation because it is, this is the future. Chris hansen. I guess. Well, I guess I also feel like some, there's, there's two ways I look at this, where it's either it is a really interesting story. Maybe this is sort of, but there's also to sort of like the heritage websites and the way they are using that information rug help bus criminals, which is weird. It's again. It's like what level are we violating privacy? Right snapchat. This does feel like a giant commercial for Snapchat. So that's the other thing, it does feel like they get something out of this by saying, no look see it's useful to. So they're super happy about it. It is very, very. They are figuring out ways all of this is also very deep. This fuel ING the deep fake video crow EPs will live this. So eventually, we will not be able to tell the difference between what is real and fake. And for me, the Philip k dick Siamese says that's fucking awesome. But then Henry browse he says that's gonna make shit really really if e- loser. Luckily, for me I've already said all the horrible things I'm gonna say so it's already I'm already in. I'm hiding well don't forget we have to record again next week. But I would say. This is interesting. Now, this is just kind of an extension of what going back to catch a predator. The, you know, the law enforcement has been doing this for a long time on chat rooms. Like I'm fourteen years old, and they get the chats and yeah, exactly. So this is really just that two point. Oh, but it is it is a this is definitely a new story that could have only been created a what three months ago. This is brand new ground. So I think it's interesting. But either way e we talk about this. We are in our, we're in a style of stope. Yeah. Rene style dystopia right now. It's very, very interesting. But Ethan, you are the hero of the week for busting this cop who obviously intended to have sex with a minor, anybody who wants to make liquid the miners, got to go to jail, no matter how we got him, so. Yeah. So it don't make lick the don't make lick. I think it's called in lick like, in the coin, I'm not a lawyer. I'm not a calm. I know you can tell. I we didn't get a time this week to go through the emails that we have ready to read next week. I have some very exciting shit. Yes. Is going to be very, very interesting. Absolutely. And of course we'll yeah. The, the stories are what we call endless. So we are endless. Yes. And again, if you in ways if you want us into story at side stores. L P, O, T L at g mail com and it's. Yeah. You know, find us you can always find us on Instagram. You know what I find us we're around on the Google, you live your life. Not one week at a time at one one month at a time to live your life. One day at a time because it's all we got. All right. Tomorrow tomorrow is Mara with two in front of it. You know what's going to happen to Morrow? What's even a moral? You know what I mean? What is, is what is the word? That's what Bill Clinton asked you. Yeah. And he also asked where to put this ago, you remember that. Man, we like your Jay Leno in nineteen ninety-five. Bring up. All show. We'll look you can't even hear my properly. See my Jalen personnel, because just involves me shaking my head and love there. That's the lie. Only four letter word you're allowed to say. At the DMV. There you go, everyone, thank you so much. I hope you have a wonderful week and yet make sure to tune into all the shows you're on the LPN network. Hail yourselves everyone. Todd hell say tortilla soon. Magoo stations hailed me terrip alum. All right. Hey, what's up everyone? I am Ben Kissel. And I'm with Marcus parks, Ben, we're gonna talk to you a little bit about Ebeling its top at it's the political show that Marcus. And I do it's a lot of fun. If you wanna get up to date on the weekly news of politics, check out the show, you know, I think you'll like it, you like we're reasonable people. We're five people were five people. So that's good. So check it out because there is a lot to unpack. And hopefully it helps you get through your week. So hail yourselves everyone. Thanks for listening. This show is made possible by listeners like you, thanks to our ad sponsors. You can support our shows by supporting them for more shows like the one, you just listen to go to last podcast network dot com.

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The B-word


45:05 min | 2 years ago

The B-word

"Welcome did that you is that you know mr you off. You don't was celebrating the salem hindering because it was i was welcoming everybody ready to dance with my arms video superstar and that's vic larusso algebra algebra superstock. I'm good you look at great looking fresh and ready to and you did you get a haircut just for you because it's actually just got a <hes> an undercut <hes> yeah tail in the back really yeah and i can't because i have the cans on now australia but she said keep the receipt. If you don't like it you can come l. a. Yeah we actually got rid of the be growing again yeah well. Let's just it's under laziness. Basically i can't i can't be bothered and you stand up shows. A gang will stand. Dennis shows are like yeah. That's the one that's going on and i quickly. We're gonna get onto show. I went to see you on stage did if you have not seen albany on stage. Did you have to go to one of these shows. This guy is amazing. Thanks man. You're brilliant. You go. You're talented. Thank you very much. I think is only the skies up from the stars. Reach the styles from hero but enough about me. What do you think about me that wasn't bullying was no wasn't bullying which is our topic now and this is such a big topic in my my household at the moment he's in it's pain. I think we spent a little bit at all. Yeah <hes> and you've gone through lots of it as a kid. Yes i was bullied. I was bullied hard so it. I'm lucky it hasn't come up in our house yet. <hes> i think <hes> teaching my son to be a bully was the best thing i've ever done what you'll never be bullied. No i'm kidding <hes> you're you're in clay. Have the indifference ideas about bullying anomaly well no. I was fully joking but it hasn't really hasn't come up which i'm happy for because i think i i think it probably have some <hes> some leftover trauma he said go back to when you know you're a kid yeah. How did you know that you are getting bullied when you when you own going through the bullying style hardcore like i i think now kids would be like <hes> institutionalized or arrested for doing what was done to me and other kids that they did it to like. I you know what a wedgie is right. Yeah i used to cop that every day and then make up different ones like nature wedgie where they would put like dry leaves in in my underwear awareness and <hes> and for some reason i took it it was you know. I don't want to get too much of a sob story here but it was after my father died. I was seven so eight nine. Were weird years from me. Where i kind of just went introverted show and i couldn't <hes> didn't really have the tools to deal with anything so i literally i just took it and i wasn't before that i was a little alpha kid and then and then i just i started competent hard said did you have did you put up with it or did you get to a stage of of saying. I've had enough and did you get help a. Why did you handle the whole bullying because i'm in trade because young kids amongst us all right well. It was like a different time. Let me say that so. I didn't tell anybody. I didn't tell any adult or any other person <hes> about it. I just kept it to myself which i advise not doing. That's the wrong thing to do. <hes> and what happened was that year. I basically was out every monday. In almost every tuesday would just go because it was true. I'd go into my mom's room. Excuse me and she was depressed as well so she didn't have the capacity to to force anything so i would just go to my mom's room mega. My stomach hurts because it did because i had anxiety school should stay home almost every monday. Almost every tuesday this would happen <hes> somehow still past the fourth grade but <hes> so that's how i dealt with. It was just like i'm not going and then when ended up happening was <hes> if you can't beat them join them. I just started a hanging out with these people ryan yeah. It was weird because it was it was mainly like one dude and i and i actually liked all the other guys that they hunt and hung out with so i ended up just in that group of dudes and that's where i did all my drinking and drugging and all that juvenile stuff said they then pick on other kids <hes> it was just no because they sort of grew out of it like yeah and but i just ended up hanging out with them. I don't know we had that intimate bond of well. Yes that's. That's like if you account yeah. You can't beat them. Join them monitor them. Yeah it was weird. It was it was very strange and and it sent my life into a direction but i'm almost i'm grateful ford because has had a very sheltered life up until then i think those experiences <hes> just helped round me out as a person. There's a grown man. I'm like i'm happy that i have that edge. I liked that anger. I like this yeah i do. I i like having that <hes> you know that pain from being fully honest so you fast forward by twenty years or thirty years yeah you're saying in your case with forty years yeah and you've got you know two beautiful kids going to school and we spike about it. <hes> just off the mic before that you in clay you off. Yes have different views on how you react if you you are getting bullied telling anyone out there that this is the white should be or whatever but it was interesting view and you'll passionate about and you'll walk lays passionate about serve us yeah. Yeah i remember 'cause. She told my son like you. You know you just tell an adult. You'd never hit anybody under any circumstances and i just kinda. I couldn't even help myself self. I what is wrong. There are circumstances where you hit people wow um and and i told my son basically if he finds himself being bullied <hes> to to kick kick that dude square in the nuts and that's what you watch on you say that a movies you know when kids yeah bullied and then all of a sudden i got an putting up with it and then they react in hit the bullying name of best friends velox yeah i just i reckon it. Would it would stop it immediately like ed look back in my life and got if i had just had the the the the metal to to go. You know to fight back but i just didn't have it in me telling on out there. This is <hes> this is just my opinion. My post traumatic stress disorder opinion about bullying. What is classic your wife. What does she think you should. She thinks she should just tell an adult and you know handled administratively and that's a frustrating wife doing it because you don't see any action that you'd want to save your kids going through bullying while right and i think too as adults we have no we're. We're detached from that world and it's it's a it's a fully different world like i send my kids off to school and i think it's great they go to school. They love it. It's fun but for them. That's their your life. They're there every and this lot of social stuff going on so to them. It's just distressful is my day is to me yeah <hes> and we're detached from it and we think oh it's just this and just tell a teacher but then it's like you know. A school is almost like a prison. You tell a teacher then you're the dude who tells the teacher he was me me me <hes> and that and and then you're gonna get a little bit more of attention from other kids yeah yeah so it's <hes> it's a it's a it's a very hard thing and i think we as adults struggle to find the right way to deal with it and we do you know we do the same thing we did with the war on drugs and we have all these programs in the vicinity of that <hes> and i don't know if there is a cure for i think societally through the years i feel like it's gotten better just putting that knowledge out there and kids absorbing that over the years. I really think the kids at my son's school are very polite and you look scary. Hello to deal but yeah i i it. Maybe it was just a different time but you know whatever the scariest thing there are a lot where yo- children's ages mata auditor saying with social media. I think with exactly yeah so. How old is your oldest. The it's done nine nine and he's on social media not so they're not but that's the scary potus. We think now going to school or not. You know kids online with them all day. We feel they're getting <hes> you know. The kids coming home in this little stuff if going on at school with you know you think now once they get phones once i get on whatever social media instagram facebook can and that's what scares me because because you can't control that not taking control getting bullied but you cannot control the people saying if i want to hide them in the and that's that's a real scary part of the next day that is a scary part and and <hes> and it's it's weird because when it first when that first started happening it was almost didn't seem it seemed <hes> try. It was like i'll come on online bullying but it is become become like a real thing and there have been suicides and get massive <hes> yeah which is not so yeah i mean i guess maybe preparing your kids before they jump onto social media yeah sort of getting them ready for years beforehand possibly just by teaching them not to care what other people thing yeah and that's the hottest thing it's especially at such a young age if they going through do things <hes> and it's had had he taken to resilient and to ignore it. It's it's easy to see how just just apply with someone else or ignore. It's all right but but for yeah like like yeah for us. It's just just got some other friends i but you can't you know like you said you're in there for six seven eight hours a day. It's your life. It's a job it's their career and it's it's not an easy. <hes> it's not an easy thing and it's hard to because they just they're little kids and they're learning their feelings. Get hurt and you know as your parents you. You love them and you go. Oh you can't stand it. They're in pain but at the same time it's like this. The world's wild yes. It happens at all different ages and it happens. It happens all the time. Were you ever bullied. I was i was. I was bullied at school. Am i remember i was bullied because i went to europe for school. Hot list for holiday with my parents and i came back with red pants or something i came back that fifteen kilos heavier oh man and that was it yeah and then it was just like fatty fatty aw sorry just went from one point of being the <hes> kid that used to get on with everyone being at cost of fat and that happened all the time for like six months understand that i was fat seven alright and came back when italy night everything that was focused focused sharon saliva jaitley every single thing in the deli. I'm look back on it now and it's it was awful going through yeah yeah especially when friends that you think your friends and they are joining up with the yeah you're you're getting your team right and then i had one instance at high school school where i had a boy he used to come up to me all the time and if you don't give me urumqi pocket money al-basha really and our member is too stereotypical that happened in the munoz say he starts to eat my big a boy so i give my nephews to tell my parents so scared that if i told my dad he'd go down and yeah yeah yeah and then i'd be and then like you said you'd be getting trouble than it ended off still gotta deal with him too so <hes> i i ended up telling end up getting to parents and this boy came into nada. No you know the but yeah you look at it and you win. Should you put up with it. You have to stand up to him straightaway and say now. You can't do this into the bully yeah yeah you just put up with it and kind of a and the hot hot things to give advice de kids about oh exactly because like i said i think kids are learning how to do that stuff and boundaries or like this thing. I didn't figure out until you know. I was like ten years sober in the basically that's what it is. It's a boundary. It's a <hes> you know you don't do that to me. <hes> and how do you. How do you get that across to cause. 'cause i mean bullies. Let's face. A bullies are kids in pain as well. They're confused. Their lives are probably horrible and that's why they're acting that way <hes> so yeah. It's a it's a weird thing. There was a dude in high school who used a mess with me and <hes> and he was probably a foot shorter than me by thirty centimeters shorter than they stuck it up to you. Oh my god because he i met him at summer camp in sixth grade and he got in my head then and then we met again in high school <hes> wow ask me again and i kind of just took it because he was such a like. His personality was so powerful and then one day. You know we were delinquent. We were sitting before school <hes> sitting sitting behind the stop and shop grocery store next to the high school <hes> drinking vodka and smoking and how what age <hes> this would have been n- <hes> say fourteen and wow and he he finished his cigarette and he flicked at me <hes> <hes> and it hit me in the chest and then and i just went something in me just went and i picked it up and i flicked it at him and hit him in the head and he came over he came over and he likes shirt in front of me and he tried to throw me down over his hip and i just stood there like he couldn't move me and that was the end of it like i didn't even have to get. I didn't have to do anything else. He never bothered me the ground yeah yeah yeah and that was enough to see the stories that i if you stand your ground and dieback down on the bully walks away. It was very gandhi of makes for flicking the cigarette correct. That's that's it's. It's hard to say each all gallon. Stand up for yourself because i'd be afraid that because what does that mean like 'cause you know my mother like when i i i don't know i don't wanna get too into a deep here but like i was the youngest of five and my mother was you know had a lot going on so i was kind of treated. I don't want to say shit. I wasn't they loved me but you know it was a bit like <hes> <hes> like. There's there's more important things happening here <hes> for a lot of my life if but then when i was i was supposed to act macho macho but no one like i never learned that no one no one treated me yeah <hes> <hes> so but my mother used to get upset with me if i didn't stick up for myself but i didn't even know what that mankad. What is what does it mean i'd be. I'd be afraid to tell my oldest boy gusty. Ask yourself because he's got no ide- right really now. I mean if he does he. Just you know if he's an odd would not condone school fighting and the rest of it. I'd be i'd be the first one is nice toys. Do it run away from trouble. Just get involved in it and just stay far away as you possibly can. Yeah <hes> yeah which i think sticking up for myself meant fighting and i didn't want to do that like i was like. Oh you mean fight yeah like physical fight yeah yeah. That's that's definitely not the way you should be doing it nine. It's it's interesting. I'm sure everyone is being touched by bullying and they've family. Whether it's you sell for your children going through entities top of the list now. When you go to school you walk in without school you walk in and it's <hes> bullying no way or it's like tell it to be a teacher or trey. Trey children trait your friends you why you want to betray talking. They're mo- they're onto more now. Visas said by the way really must be the school was the first anti bullying school that ongoing but tom yet and i i think the why what we went through <hes> everyone's more in tune to it now but obviously it's still i'm like we said what touching on the central main power and i think we've seen anything yet. Unfortunately yeah right point and hopefully you know i. I don't know hopefully things have times of we'll have changed even more by the time my kids are on social media. I'd love to see social i'd love to i'd love a point in time twenty years from now when we look back and go god remember facebook that that was a weird part of history like i just want it gone yeah <hes> but anyway. I ca quick yeah but we've got a fantastic guest. We go along shortly shortly. Yes i'm very excited dialing into him. <hes> nazir hussain and i know you do some <hes>. You've done some work within the same. Yes we've been <hes>. We've done some shows together comedian. I love to get me out of here. I was in every single program back in two thousand seventeen and and those touching moment actually we're talking about it with steve price. I swear yet where you actually went on and they did this radio. Jungle where east interview <hes> the celebrities in the jungle his aim had a row hot too hot and we'll have a chat with him and we check the designer that i'm growing up in australia <hes> he's parents from sri lanka so <hes> so and he's proud moslem so we'll have a we'll have a chat with him and to say what he went through if he was bullied. I'm going to guess he was a fucker. We yeah that's <hes> we'll get zane on shortly so we're going to get another now their opinion on this from a a very funny guy. He's a new dad. Ms zime hussein greg is so he brings a really interesting perspective to this because he's as as you know. He's quite outspoken about racism islamaphobia in this country. I'm look i'm excited. I can't wait to hear what he's got to say about how he plans to raise he son and how he's gonna take into resilient and strong against potential bullies. Let's get him on. Let's do it <hes> now. Vic i i met museum xeme in the stand up circuit and we've worked together a few times i don't i don't know all that while he's a great guy i know that <hes> and <hes> most recently i'll just gonna to both of our horns. We did just for laughs is at the sydney opera house. That was our last year. We did together. What was that <hes> that was back in. I wanted to say november yeah so <hes> yeah and <hes> yeah like you said great dude <hes> very nice guy and he's a prolific australian comedian. He's an award-winning standup. He's created several t._v. Skit shows if you know that abbott but fear of a brown planet legally brown and orange is the new brown. I'm sensing a theme of my biggest recent shaven. Obviously the asli like al al coming and you dead. Oh isn't it heart warming. I do think we have a a clip of some of his comedy where he's talking about his <hes>. His son had this year's melbourne international comedy festivals. We shouldn't yeah. I've had a massive eh personal year. I've just become a dad about six. We named us on isa which is actually the arabic version of jesus and like jesus. Alcyone is brown and muslim so very cute babies incredibly acute probably cuter than any baby. Anyone here could produce because my wife people doc mchugh babies white babies and not cute all white babies look like paedophilia and and now he's with sound going bad. How are you guys. I'm the paedophilia baby you've grown up. Look you look. Where is the marl. You start out like you you you blossom. Let's i don't know who peter hellier is but i used to have a bit that my newborn looked like the inside of a clam. Heli looks okay the clan so we're all in the world and the same space yes the great to have you on the show is a huge fan when you're on on the celebrity back in two thousand seventeen by the way we still watch you all the time and then what happened al vinnie's my number one fan of padding on the number. One fans loved uram. You suffered celebrity so your new dead dead man. It's <hes> try and work it into my retains as as you've just heard i heard it's pretty exciting. All the cliches become true. Ya hot grows and you just you be. There's nothing more fun. I'm just hanging out with you baby. <hes> you start to feel disconnected from from the outside world little i kinda get why like you know our parents parents. Generation doesn't know how technology works because i'm just kind of sucked into these this void yeah. Oh totally yeah. You're you're fully cut off but you actually enjoy hanging out with your baby yeah. It's like you know like my friend was complaining. The other day she goes oh my friend keep sending me these videos two minute videos her clapping the baby and it's just so boring but like as a parent doing that with the kid and seeing them react in just a little things. It's really it's really really exciting and it's it's such a joy suck. It sounds so cheesy hearing. It's just so much fun. It's really really enjoyable. Names isa exactly isa which is basically <hes> pretty popular. Uh kind of muslim names very popular in the arab world as well. It's arabic version one of jesus say and i <hes> yeah i mean. I don't know why what people don cola kids jesus as much in the west but we as muslims uh-huh is pretty popular. Oh wow so we discussing. We had a good conversation alan. I bow tie growing up being bullied. We both have had lots of different experiences france's about bullying so we thought we'd we'd get you on and to have a discussion. If you ever been bullied into not really when yeah you know obviously growing growing up. I went to school where maybe one of a handful of kids that went white and <hes> well one of the things you realize very quickly. Is that your different <hes> and it's a weird realization knowing the all year. I'm different. They're all normal united as where you try to figure out how to be no more than you realize it's the color of your skin and he starred resenting that and then get embarrassed barrasso about the stuff that you do at home that's weird and you try to hide the two laws and then yeah and then then then the next part of that is bullying people pippa calling out that difference <hes> and <hes> you know found in my experience that people have been bullied. Go one of two is you're either in our become smaller and you charta avoid people you hired a little and you internalize it a little <hes> all kinds of luck what i did you sort of you on you. You <unk> self more and you really try to throw back and you become you know you develop a sense of humor and you figure out your defense mechanism and for me that was just making people laugh and breaking that tension but <hes> but yeah it's it's. It's it's challenging. You're on a concept that it hasn't liked unite left moxham me with a good or for bad <hes> it does define you in shape you in a way yeah luck like it's definitely it was a reality of montreal indefinitely of those of my friends who <hes> you know different in some way yeah <hes> when you mentioned trying to hide the weird stuff did at home that that's that's a good <hes> 'cause i grew up in an italian household soda drink and <hes> you know back in the seventies in america. You know we were weird to a lot of people. Oh but i just did you did you. Did you bring weird school lunches a now. If it's up to school you'd be considered. Did it a cool trendy. Hipster kid fusion food but back then i used to have a kind of curry in inbred like sandwiches and actually really enjoyed a._d._s. Yeah but as soon as european lunch will the other kids let right sweden and they just haven't changed sandwiches objectively very boring and bland for some reason that's more normal and acceptable how to navigate around all that <unk>. I sort of became popular because of you know because i was just a clown and maybe it's just clearly in hindsight a defense. This mechanism allows you to redirect that that attention but <hes> but i don't know how i'm gonna deal with with that. One gets directed at my kid. That's just going to do how do you how do you you've gone through a lot now with acer with to get him resilient and you know going to go through in the next five ten fifteen. We all do being data. How do you think you're going to help him out in that gee. What do you think we i mean. Moms mom sometimes used to get too involved wouldn't even tell it up stocks gone parents they just we just figured out my mom. Would actually i remember one time as embarrassing this the way this is how gangsta my mom was one time. Some kids are bullying me and i think i just mentioned that the teachers and the coordinate that enjoining delving really horrible and not just tomatoes made some other tana. There's an afghan and i just mentioned it to my mom and then you like magic. The next day cooling stopped happening. I didn't know what the hell is going on. <hes> then at the end of the weight i remember of fried i scored finishes walking towards school gays and i say to my mom's standing there with a bunch of bullies from the eleven above me and all of them were holding like bags of chocolate and lollies in the hands off my bribe wander bullies too and that was good in the short term then that spreads and then people are like you know winning so you're going to you're going to hang out there. The front of school was handed ended up. I just don't want that to get lost. I feel like it got lost. So your mom your mom. <hes> bribed a group of bullies. She brought a group bullies. We've eminem's and sneakers and stuff like that to to bully another group of police to start back on this brilliant. She's like the thing is that's certainly works mom's house in the right place but the long term effect is greater humiliation. You know for me as much as the temptation. This is just getting there and just go up to get you back off or hotel parents. I think i think the best thing to do is to help you kid understand the source of that bullying kind of help them develop their own sort of strength and you know. Maybe let them know that you're always there behind hind him but not really be the one at the front responding to to bullying. I don't know but this is still theorising. I'm sure it'll change takes place ace brilliant in this moment though like i dunno i just nine like it was really embarrassing womam sept- in but at the same time the bullying kind and assault but you know and i want to <hes> play a little bit from when you on celebrity backing 2017 slama f._i._p._s. obviously a big thing his aim and in those little a pace with steve steve processing really close back on that show how because you are you close with state. It was still pretty close now like he shows house allow lamb while he's always says anyway take but he's as during the midday show on one of the big city radio stations now so he's <hes> he's doing well but back in two thousand seventeen you on the jungle radio by economic liberty gave me out of this would apply to a quick snippet to out to our audience one of the things that really made me feel positive about australia going forward with women that thing the link cafe so that was horrific and it's very frightening for a lot of people and my sister of intakes me and she says she's scared to where he job harm because i think people are gonna attack me adjust taken off. Why don't don't wear wear if you're feeling scared. Take it off and then throughout the day that hashtags our training people volunteering to support each other normal assumes volunteering appearing to sit with muslims feel more comfortable and then she their message we let go you know what i now feel comfortable and safe knowing that my fellow australians are i wanted to stand up and support me transport and that made me actually let me cry when haven't because we don't say that enough i'd say coming together for each other and that man wanted to divide us rightly pointed to turn on each other lynn what he did instead was make us come skill on senator name. I'm going back on september eleven but also in the lindt cafe sage in sydney <hes> spark a little bit obviously then about your sister wearing wearing the hijab in an the ride with me <hes> scenario tillerson a little bit more about the depth and how you you know wi fi stood have been going through and just in general i mean this is the that's the thing is not like you think. Bullying is something that's compartmentalize. It happens to young kids but has denied like it doesn't it persists. Let's throughout united three life and <hes>. I think <hes> united media commentators can be responsible politicians. There is often a culture of hysteria that kind of divides australian society sometimes and and it can really really affect people and you hear a lot about it but when it's close to on wednesday sista terrified <hes> leaving her office that die because of what was going on and obviously a lot of people frightened because of this girl had just taken a lot of people hostage so it's a lot of fear in the <hes> but i think just a hashtag as tokenistic as we often think online activity is it can really have a real like a grassroots actual effects emotionally with people on the on the ground and <hes> and to save that happened with my sister. Just kinda gave may some you know just re-energized my faith in in in in australia and just and just you get your common almond folk united sometimes you just you hear his or yourself people on comments sections just bagging each other out or you watch you flick across the sky news or pick-up tabloid newspaper. That's just paypal just speaking in sound bots and it's adversarial but if you if you can just cut up sometimes you can you can really hit ordinary australians just reaching out to each of us yeah. I'm often with tragedy. I feel like the best outing people and we saw that after crosscheck. We're saying after like you. We tom again in australia when when when bad things happen. Could people make noise <hes> yeah it's <hes> there's that mister rogers quote. I don't know if mr rogers. I just was big in australia at all but he can tell us how he was a kids. Show house did he pioneered children's television <hes> in the sixties and seventies but anyway his quote was <hes>. He said his mother said when a big tragedy happens you know and they're showing it on the news. Look for the helpers look for the people helping and <hes> and feel good about that and that's basically what you just said. Yeah it's amazing and and you're one hundred percent rotten in that audio. <hes> you know the the terrorist trod divide and just you know to it you know and and and he would just just ordinarily like <hes> if you think about kids at school like awfulness awfulness the bully you know that gets most of the attention in when incident when when when things go down in the playground but if you look around you can say that there are so many people that eh got your back and i think they're always there for you and you know it's just like i feel like even for me as a comedian the united you post a clip on on facebook folklore instagram whatever and they're seventy nas comments but often your attention you know is devoted to the hideout. Someone says some horrible things and really really those are the people that you should be spending time thinking about and i think we've just got to sort of free to rectal. It's sometimes hard though as a comic you're always looking at that one person in the room. He's not laughing so it's going to be there. Don't you love me like the rest. Adopt something about the general psyche of comedians way on naty yes definitely with colds make coffees and gripes and whole breeze just before we go on peel me another great thank you i'll digress. What do what do you got coming up live standup because you've got some working economical shows new t._v. Show at the auto show where you're allowed to talk stuff stuff coming up but also i'm doing some an encore show in adelaide doing showing darwin and melbourne <unk> stand up stand up some of my true passion you eh son have you. Have you traveled without a._c._s. Detailing i mean when i did some shows in the u._k. Hey he came along. There was when he was four months. I think four months is the best age all those great trouble because they're still kind of <unk> bobi crawl around and stuff so long haul perfect it but now i think it'd be much challenge really short trips yeah. That's that's the sign that when he does the the long trips actually misses his children take time he goes <hes> yeah yeah. It's like when away i love and miss them and then like ten minutes after i'm home. I'm actually this year. I've decided not to do any long trips overseas but yes. I think the joy of parenthood is just the distress at all. He's doing nineties pulling his finger here right off the title. I that's kind of in hindsight what you miss what about back on the junkies celebrity. Get me out. What was the worst was challenged. You have to do the same oh it was real. We ate i. That's eight some gross stuff. I don't even want to talk about that. Sounds like bullying. That sounds like pulling but all were voting for me. They just kept saying to myself spur charity. I think <hes> eight the site that i i i think it was ostrich iannis wow they would you. You're awesome zane. Who sang is that like calamari and we'll get you some for you or the diner the the o ring off on a fantastic. Thank you so much for joining us and good luck. Good luck with the dad thing. You'll you'll now at night out and <hes> how might say you on stage. I love tame dan. What a cool guy. He's a great guy. He's a really an odd look back at what he's going through. Now's paying a first time dad and like you said you touched john. You go through those stages of three to four months in good fun and then it's all fun but when he starts walking and then and then go to school then thinking about the whole aspect of you've you know what's he gonna go through and do i mean we're. I'm saying boat but you don't really scares me. Is this whole retouched town before the enemy but social media. It's the whole social media aspect of <hes> getting getting bullied twenty four seven not only at school but get it going home. Let's the thing like i. I haven't even considered that yet but <hes> but yeah it is a real thing. I actually have a friend who told me a story his son <hes> i went through like hell for actually sticking up for somebody that was being bullied on on in a chat room what happened apparently what these kids do is. They will create a chat room without the person even being involved so they'll write this chat room behind someone's back and just really right the nastiest things. Can you actually get someone in the chat room if you wanted to be in the chat room and use it up a chat room am i am. I automatically insure you know. I'm sure you can opt out but people they do it. They say the nastiest homos horrible things they can make a lot of things along the lines of kill yourself <hes> stuff like that stuff that yeah i think originated in gaming which was a well you mentioned that before yeah i'm not into gaming i. I'm not either but i know that when you're gaming like if you're on xbox you have a headset headset on with a microphone. We're actually talking to people. You're playing and oftentimes. You're playing a war game where you're fighting with guns and stuff right right so like you're talking trash in that can be fun in an exciting. You know whatever you say. They say these horrible things but in a way that's like that locker room talk wow <hes> <hes> but that's an a competitive additive thing where everybody understands we're just mucking about <hes> but then that that turns into this thing where they go on the go online and trash somebody without their knowledge and then someone will inadvertently in quotes invite the person into the chat yeah. They'll look and see all this stuff. That's been said about them. And of course you know this is their life so they feel like like their life is imploding but from the bully point yeah. You can't back out then you've done that. It's in writing yeah yeah yeah so that is renification. They'll come to understand that later <music> right because i also another kid who <hes> k. I say kids my age. <hes> who went to <hes> in australia went to a school that like you live at rye and <hes> and he was he was bullied hard. We we've had chats about it and then he met one of his bullies recently like rain into them somewhere and <hes> in the dude was was like very apologetic very bad and i think that's happens a lot to you. Grow up and go god what was that will be hard to al because you actually leaving in and the deadlock we side with social media yukon escape it as in being invited into text but also even if you're not invited to take twenty four seven and you know again that's probably a topic for another day but wins not too early all too young to give your kid a phone right when they connected straightaway and if they getting peppered with you know bullying at at school at hawaii's go on weekend yeah <hes> it's rule concerning for for parents dads totally and i just want to say i guess i was lucky that you know i wasn't getting where jesus at home as well. That's the equivalent of that you. Did you join them now. Well yeah that's. That's when my wife and i and the dude we pay to watch but <hes> it's you know it's insidious and you know kids. Kids are kids. They don't you know and they don't really understand what they're doing. The pain it's also our social media again on these pictures of pay plop lock on instagram facebook now if if the pitch doesn't look as good as it should then they going to get you know inverted commas bullied from school going oh you with your parents at the fight on the weekend saw you know our parents putting kids out there by putting pictures reaches up cycles of i mean how much is is not enough to protect them from social bullying from social media part of it's a real. It's you know it's it's a it's a silly way to look at it but no that's. That's actually a good point that my son will oftentimes protests like to take a picture and he'll be like us on facebook. <hes> and i go your nine shut up yup. Stay forever yeah yeah yeah yeah until i mean i can take it down but facebook now wilmington. I guess i don't know how that works. We'll figure all that out in ten years when we go what what did we what we sold our lives away yeah but see that's the thing you're putting an app that too and if you if you take a picture of little johnny then he goes to school in. That's you know that's the that's not gonna fake if dr not real doing what everyone else invited compensates doing that's why social media so scary for kids hall online cyberbullying space where where does it end. It's it's not just the kid in the blue grass anymore and to be on like. I said i don't know. I wish we had somebody on who who who knew about this stuff because i don't know what i'm going to do. When it comes to that you know i'd love to hear what to do. People can write to us yeah right to us al benny he lives in now. I'd say but there's couple at some real. You just touched on that. There are some really good web sites bullying no way dot gob dot us a really cool website. Yes not to be confused with bullying now. You may not which is different. You don't tell you that yeah they bullying no way dot gov dot u. Also the bully project that sound call donahue that sounds like they're gonna teach bullying either actually giving when you tips and wise and it's a really cool <hes> i i know one. Tell me that people can go to its end cab the letter n and then c. a. b. don't don't know what it stands for dot o._r._g. Donahue national center against bullying we'll of course be you ever mind for that. They don't they saw it's actually a very good thoughts and any march next year. Yeah it's the bullying day. Although it's not the bullying it's the day against bullying rolling in this one day against bullying one day where we go yeah you shouldn't do that rest of the year go forward but march twelfth twenty twenty just just ease up on the week line and say that day oh yeah we're gonna get walk hand in hand on the beach. Long walks on the beach long walks on the beach me some grapes look said that is those websites that good look that again <hes> the the whole. It feels like i can put up with the bullying and appliance. I feel like i can assist a little bit. If it's a school school so it will nowadays that feels like that's that's like analog bullying seems try. It's like it's like oh probably hardly ever happens now because you can online bully yeah almost almost anonymously until you get come paddle saying you know i'm just going to have some dinner and then seven o'clock we'll get is mobile and he can't bully and if your child's not going to share with you because because they to embarrass it you're gonna mammal. Dad's gonna get involved. That's another really scary part of it because they taking it all in and if it's going to allow you to it then different story so i guess out we take away from this by thing as close as we can to our children always checking in with them and you pick it up. Pick it up to if there was something niggling at one of our kids well. You'd hope so you hope so like i said it was a lot going on in my family growing up my mother didn't pick up on any of it and i was able to hide it but you're right and i think for for me checking checking in asking them if they're being hassled but i not making it seem like to scare them into silence yeah but just hey y'all. I feel like you know situation of checking everything right everything every day. Yeah that's what's wrong. What are you doing right and i think to to keep in mind. <hes> you know like i said earlier. <hes> bullied bully for a reason so if your kids being bullied. Maybe talk about the bully. Why do you think he's and the police obviously going through some situations. It's not you yeah. I'm everything's fine with you. It's just the bully may need some help. Reverse it on yeah. It's not personal. It's not personal and maybe reversing it can help them if they approach the bullying and you never know could defuse the hall like a daisy in a gun barrel. You know that famous photo album. Maybe i'm looking at them. There's a famous misfold from the sixties where the hippie is the riot. Police are out because there are some thing in america and the hippie puts a daisy stem with the flower into the inside. The gun barrel walks up and puts it in there so yeah. That's what you do to the bully you take a daisy you right up his ass and again. This is just als opinion right exactly i wouldn't wouldn't i wouldn't i'm not a professional but but i think you're stike laws for the children and if you and if you pick it up and then you can you can deal with it if it's dealing with the school orphan stealing it with a sports. If it's happening outside of school they're always around. Those websites that we touched on there is definite help out. There and i just want to mention too. I have a i have a female friend because awesome woke and <hes> and she was she was saying that females <hes> bully differently than males men. It's more physical and or just outright outright a verbal abuse and she was saying with women. It's more sort of manipulation emotional manipulation and gas lighting and <hes> you know swing friends this way and that way so people to turn the whole crowd turn against you <hes> so that's something to keep in mind for your you know your an wow i can. I'd say that can that's. That's interesting yeah yeah yeah girl so because women are insidious. We know this there. <hes> i gotta stop. The clay clay plagued listening to this podcast sal. I don't know if she does. I think she she she sick. She's not talking to you anymore for another podcast episode coming shortly cape standup. Probably you're doing well all thanks and <hes> i've enjoyed that. This was a legend he is a legend and oh someone commented on one of our <hes> photos on instagram they want to know we'll ever be doing this podcast for helicopter so i just wanted to ask you that because you'd be in charge of that drive to lose weight to get on your what's the limit yeah well. We could talk about the aww you would need to do something boy. We made a change in not in the habit. Sir have a problem. They say thanks for listening uh-huh.

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270: Are You Who You Are Capable of Being? The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence w/ British Special Forces Soldier Frogman, Dean Stott

Jocko Podcast

3:38:52 hr | 5 months ago

270: Are You Who You Are Capable of Being? The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence w/ British Special Forces Soldier Frogman, Dean Stott

"This is jack. Podcast number to seventy with echo. Charles and me jaakko willink. Good evening echo. Good evening. I'd made a mistake that was going to cost me my life. I turned to the man beside me. He was a many. We called them age and he was the only passenger the beat up local car. I was driving the air around us with would stiff with heat intention. The vehicle almost rocking as the press of humanity outside began to shove towards me pointing. I kept my eyes down not out of fear but so that they didn't get a good look at them through the dirty glass. I knew exactly what had happened. How they'd spotted me. I was dressed head to toe as a local from. Flip flops to a turban. I had died beard and my skin colored. But what i hadn't added to my disguise was my brown contact lenses and now bright blue eyes were drawing the locals in two point and stare. I knew it was only a matter of minutes before the neighborhood. Bad guys started slipping out of their hiding places and tonight. i can look forward to an orange jumpsuit. Last thing the world would see me was the image of a former special forces soldier about to meet his end courtesy of an enemy. Unfamiliar with the geneva convention. Bollocks i wanted to talk to h. I wanted to the local man's opinion but if the people outside saw my lips moving in a funny way then we were truly fucked and so instead. I raised an eyebrow and hope that people would just think i was commenting on the traffic that impact us into this bustling marketplace h gave a shrug reply. As if to say what can you do. What could i do get my head chopped off or go out fighting. Those seem to be the choices. I knew which one i choose if it came down to it but i couldn't help but hear the voice in the back of my head the voice that had told me always you'll never last two minutes in the army. Well if this was the end. I show them how wrong they were. I've been showing them for years. This wasn't my first covert mission as civilian. I'd cut my teeth as a special forces soldier and as such. I'd had my metal tested again and again i tried to remember that as yet another local pointed at me and began waving towards my door. I pretended to be busy looking ahead at traffic and check the mirror behind me. No sign of our second car. I wanted to rub my eyes despite the danger. I was knackered. Maybe that's why i had made the mistake. Maybe that was why. I had to get on my radio hidden away out of sight from the many's who continue to walk by peering in pointing at me. I kept my message short trying to move my lips as little as possible. I've been compromised mate. Sam came on the net from the second vehicle. He was out of sight. But i was sure that he couldn't be more than one hundred meters away. You compromised over. He asked i confirm that i was. Are you happy with the immediate action drill over. I knew that drove off by heart. The first part would involve me pulling a snub. Nose machine gun from beneath my seat and emptying a full magazine into the windscreen. This would send a very loud signal that it was a good idea for people to get away from me. It would buy me seconds to grab my wrapped up assault rifle wedge between the seat in the door and exit the vehicle then me and my flip. Flops would be racing for the nearest safe house. Sam came back on the net. Your call out my call when it comes down to it. The biggest moments in your life always are. I thought about letting out a deep breath but looking ice cool in front of h was important to me. Fear is contagious. And so i put mine on a shelf until i got clear of the situation instead. I imagined everything that was about to happen in this shit storm bloody hell. I almost laughed to myself. All this over a pair of contact lenses. I looked at each gave him the slightest of nods. He was probably sending up a prayer at that point. Maybe more than one. My own fought went to my and children. If someone wanted to stop me seeing them again than i promised it would be a fight like no other. And then with the thought of my family pumping like fire through my veins. I reached below my seat and took hold on my weapon and that is the opening of the book. The book is called relentless and is written by someone named dean staudt who is a british soldier who served as an engineer in the commandos and eventually went onto the british special forces selection and became one of the first army soldiers to opt into joining the special boat service counterpart to the british sas and that is just the beginning of this story and luckily for us dean is here himself to help talk us through his experiences. In the military. And beyond dean. Thanks for coming. Thanks for coming on board pleasure to have me. It's been a long time that we have been getting request to have a brit on here. So you're the you're the first. Well we had. We had one photographer who had had been to iraq. But i think you're our first british military person and has been a lot of requests abroad create so glad glad to have you here man no pressure. The whole the whole nation is writing on on your shoulders. So that's the that's the beginning of this book and the beginning of the books starts off sort of the middle of your your operational career when you talk about the military operations and then civilian operations. But i guess we should start at the beginning. I was like start at the beginning of you. Know where you came from. And how you ended up in this particular situation in life and Yeah let's get to it. Yeah so. I was them. I was born into military family. My father he was in a rural engineers and So it very much immersed in the environment. I grew in a town called older shot. Which was the home at abrishami soviets just airborne heavy. You had to parody at free parody. I'd never even heard of the royal marines or special service. I mean it was just sas and my father my mother. They ended up splitting up. When i was quite young age by age of eight my mother left my father and my sisters to manchester up north And we ended up a homeless home in maasai in maasai back in eighties was the roughest state in the whole of the uk. Now now in britain say a state. Yeah we'll see. When americans say a state they're thinking of like the country's houses win brits say estate you're talking about the ghetto and it's it's a government housing right is that what is it isn't a government housing estate. That's where the word estate comes from council the states. And yeah bob you to get your your name on on the housing market. You have to go into a homeless home. So that's what we did you end up in a homeless shelter in maasai. It and you know. I was the only white me and my sisters caucasians in in the area. So we're attracting attention from an early start. The this soon ended up with me. Learn how fight with my fist. Quite early protecting my sisters in in the school playground. Actually i ended up having to leave at school because too many fighting and we moved to another another place of in manchester. My mother then house in my father however used to travel up up every other weekend is about two hundred and forty mile drive one way and take us back down me and my father very close. My sister was very close to my mother and free later. My father got custody of me my sisters while that's is that hard. I mean america. it's pretty hard for Especially a military dude to get custody. Yeah over the mall. Yeah no that it was a over. See you know he. He put his career on pause. He got promoted to regimental some agents posted germany and he said no. I wanna stay in. Uk only look after my kids and so he put his whole career online. And i think the judge at the time didn't want to siblings split up and i didn't like two sisters being in manchester and the sun down south so the judge said no. The children made the decision and being the eldest at age about ten and a half. I had to make that quite hard decisions. And say i wanna live live with my father and he. He got custody. I an even today. I remember the day that my mom dropped his off and the reaction she saw when my father took away that sticks us something something like that but for me. We moved down to order shots. And you know. I'm very close to my father. I never actually wanted to pursue a career in the military myself as you always wanna to be a fireman. We grew up around them. But my dad is it was a scotsman old school sergeant major old school through him through an amendment finish in june school. And we went onto what you call high schools secondary school and this is what age. What age is this allowed to being about thirteen at this age so thirteen year. Even living with your dad for a few years now and you're seeing the military but you're still not quite. You're not quite like enthralled by it. Yeah yeah i. As i say when i was in merced school playground Was where the red devils used to take off which is the The bridge parachute and freefall teams. Every day you'd see the parachute is the guys would be walking around in the uniform maroon berets and it was just like the norm Living in aldershot so but my father new now we're going to transition out the military. My father. his career wasn't very. Here's more sports isn't what we would call a tracksuit solden. Very good at sport and soccer was his so he was the army manager coach and player so. I very rarely saw my father in green kit in more tracksuit trainers on the football pitch so i didn't really know much about the military and the layout and military. And was he going on deployments. He went on diplomacy like northern ireland. But that was but when you custody of the kids know that stopped him. Going on on on any deployments and this is a period of time as she you know. The last conflict was ninety two which was focused. And so there's a dry period up until now we had four ninety one But i was still to combat show two years two years later so other northern ireland. There wasn't really any of overseas deployment so it didn't really effect him going away. And he was now coming to the end of his career and transition into civvy street so growing up in aldershot military schools He then decided put me in secondary school in local town. It's called north camp but being old school my my my my father address me up day one in a blazer carrying like a briefcase briefcase real lever what was more upset about. And but my hair was was was a cruiser. You know robin going downtown and pay for normal haircut. My father would take me to camp. And just put me in straight the front of the queue of all the recruits legit. Yeah so. I really stood out when i turned up a school day when i stood out and so is this school. What kind of is this school. Like what we call in. America private school where you have to pay to go to or what was different knows a public school but it wasn't a military talent. It was next to the msci town so that the children win their parents weren't from the military because it was so close to older shot. There's a lot rivalry between and so the haircut just just stood out and a forty a week later. I got suspended from school for fighting. Like were you just an angry youth or what not just think. I'll just put in some really awkward positions and that that being one but i always remember my father. I know you guys do brazilian jujitsu. My father again always taught me to fight with my this. As soon as the guy we call that scottish jujitsu but as soon as the opponents down there see you stop the better them and there's no like follow up like there isn't nowadays so i was so nervous when i got home and left the left the letter on the table and quit. He ran upstairs to the toilet. My father could you know screen lama name and i come down and his is one question was did you. Did you hit him when he was down. And i said no so. That's fine and then i had. I've been explained to us said look. You dressed me in this this. He's four he was doing good by me when in fact is bringing too much attention. We then left that she not long a few months. After i moved out into the country totally away from many military town and and that was almost the stop for me. That was a stop. A new life left that military background behind me. So how old are you now. I'm pro about fourteen now right on and then you get to. Where where'd you move to. When you've got this new start. Say moved to into surrey. So it's just south of london this Very very green country to country exactly and now did you. How was that. Was that like you said it was a new start because you're able to fit in a little bit better. Your dad didn't shave your head to send you a school exactly does military bob. It's also that no one could judge you. You saw left your your past behind. You know manchester fight in and it's almost like this is the baseline you start from now. So and again. It was actually nice to socialize with kids. Your parents weren't in is learning stuff that was out that military lifestyle. You know all my friends back in older shot their dad's role airborne. Because my dad wasn't they caught him what i mean. It was just like he didn't have any of that. I didn't have to prove any into all feel like you. Because you're five is create your your part of that and that's older show was like what ranks you father god. I had a friend who was a who australian sas and he was saying i e him and his wife were talking and he was like they're they have an expression it was like oh their wife wears the rank of the family. So it's like. Oh we he's lieutenant colonel. Who are you. it sounds like but i can't imagine little kids telling me my dad's not air more. No yeah that's why they call him hat just seeing that the parachute regiment. Call them how i'd identify. We say hellier born troop but it's it's not just call them the hat because they don't have the maroon berry and you know so many army commandos also take on terminology and colin. Call him hats or scream is in the army. The american army they call someone. That's not airborne a leg. He said with such disdain. I remember what i were airborne schools. I commend you nasty leg and then in the the in the navy the the aviation guys people that are in helicopters or jets or whatever planes. They were brown shoes. It's part of their uniform and so they call in a derogatory way. They call anybody. That's not a brown shoe which no one's used that term but they call it a black shoe and so then in their t we take that one. Step further the derogatory. Who's that guy. Some shoot came over and told us we could wear that whatever. So that's a it's funny. How you get these little little little words stick but half how how is the parachute regiment of marines of the from the army. It's pungo kids. Your dad's hat. Yeah yeah and again. No wonder you had to fight on a regular basis and then so so so you end up in in surrey. Yeah you're in the country. Do you feel like your life taking a better direction. So your dad was good. Great athlete apparently. Did you inherit that athleticism and love for the game. I did yeah. I think you know. I'm very competitive. A light to compete. And i think that's know from my father you know even to on christmas day with the board game called not competitive You had to win you know and you know so. I did inherit that from sport wise. I followed in his footsteps played Played football as well. I wasn't great at sports by. Just try it every time you know. I was very fortunate at school. I get sports. Personality award sounds amazing. Omit the best. That football wasn't the best rugby. You know i just helped out. You know if they said right. We need someone on the basketball team under basketball by would step in. So so. I that from my father but And i think that's what helped later on in the military career. I always found myself competing with others or having to prove prove a point being a basset. Uh-huh that's two different things actually prove a point or being ambassador. Yeah i don't know how that's that's two different things right. If i'm trying to prove a point as one thing from trying to be in one's gonna come at you. Bastard is going to be cool so you found that nice mm-hmm like middle ground between those two things. I found myself that you know. When you're in the army you working alongside marines. You're an ambassador for your cat back if that makes sense and then when you go to the sbs from the army you're an ambassador for the debris shami when you on jaakko podcast and in the first british guy is so it's proven appoint myself into them but almost represent in your unit or your cat budget. So you talked about you. Wanted to be a fireman and in the book. You in the book you. It sounds like a at some point. You realize there's a lot of applicants to be a fireman and thousands of applicants to be a fireman. It's sorta like an america. We similar thing here. You realized it's probably not gonna happen back to the school in my father. Gambino old score. He wouldn't let me go out and play. Unless i did my homework so he would check every fin so in school wise. I did quite well. I didn't look beyond school. I didn't look at college or for allah's going to join the fiber eight and had to be eighteen still underage and that was a big recession. And it was two thousand africans for job. I went to college every summer. Holidays young kid. My father would take me my sisters down to south west of england to to call and we would go surfing so i've been surfacing in a young boy so during college. We had a two weeks some holiday as a mesa that let's go down to nukii. None of them served that they just wanted to try and find gil wait. You know we all went down to new For two weeks. I was in the war all day. And they're just just sound beach doing their thing and a norwegian guy yan and now we just got shot and he was a silver surface waiter at the local hotels. Official beach is actually on the the surf to all the pro surf. Tour official beach hotel is on on the peninsula. He said well again game for a pound a day. I serve breakfast. I get free breakfast. Sieve assertive all day. Then evening i said the evening meal and know get free meal. Fifty pound in my pocket is any ten pound hostile for brilliant being an entrepreneur author. Have a piece of that so two weeks later my father came to pick us up and this is now way talking ninety four long before any mobile phones and things i. I wasn't in the car with my friends and my does wisden. And they said he stayed so so. Your friends met your dad and my dad dropped his off and he. He came to pick up two weeks later by. Wasn't that yes so again. I just didn't want confront by that And i didn't want to go back to college. I just wanna get into an argument so when you get done with what we call high school. How old are you so we about sixteen okay. So then you're college starts after that and this is taking place during this two week break down there you're surfing. You're living the dream and you see this norwegian cat. That's got it all figured out figured in. Yeah that's it. that's my life. Oh planned out are the roadmap took my father and came back six months later in looking for me and he found me working in a local surf shop. And he's right. You know you've messed up your education. I said your life is over and over giving you all these. These one liners so for me. It's really just silence him. I said well. I'll join the army and you normally expect a warm comforting words from a father of met where responds you. You'd last two minutes and probably wasn't the response i wanted. I fought okay. No there's no point in getting into an argument and the best thing to do is try and prove him wrong about five seven and sixty five kilo. Probably see where he was coming from that at the time drove me back down to surrey in the following monday. You know we went Went into decrees office. Did your dad go with you. Know he didn't but he's officers only four hundred meters from there so i walked in and it was in aldershot obviously para heavy eban And i came out and went to my dad's office. I'm joining the parachute regiment. Says you bloody knock march me straight back in. I didn't obviously. He was real engineers. I didn't know much about the role engines. I didn't know that yet. She can do p company being airborne engineer or the all arms commander cosby a commando engineer. All i've known him playing football so when he as she explained a bit more to me for a that. That's a good idea. Anyone judy go engineer. So you'd have some kind of a civilian skill set building or pouring concrete or whatever skill you're gonna get yet he's thinking of short. I'll probably do minimum for years in the a bricklayer plumber. So also within the military those eight trades and beach eight. You'll be trades in the engine is where your design trade which is like carpenter plumber. Uh pronounced and then you're a trade was like you really traditions and Plant operates the big jcb's diggers. So my dad said about plant fair gotten didn't know what he was on about. He said no. You then explained but again before that once once it might be back in the office a week later to go into this touchscreen test and basically passed in said you can choose any trade you oversee back in ninety four. I was thinking more. We might my penis and housing bomb disposal. That sounds sexy. I said let's go bomb disposal. So i went to my dad's office said don't go and bomb disposal not this march mistake back in and then he said right. Why didn't you plant fair. And again you know he was he was of carve in my path. Oh put me in the right direction stepped off and that's it so then you so then you're enlisted. How long was the was the. Wait between when you enlisted and when you actually shipped off to basic training. It wasn't long. It's all about two two two free mum's a winter place called bright. You you have like a So ms like an acquaintance. Free days air. He do your fitness tasks. And when you speak to other recruits get their perception on basic training. So it's actually my dad. A few few strings cussing to gain get quite quick to stop point of us. And then i in the book you say you. Basically the basic training is what basic training is. Is there anything that shocked about it or did you feel like you were pretty ready for it again. My my father. He's starting steering things. I i had to turn up a place called baz born and all i'd known about born israeli film full metal jacket memphis belle. And as the only research i've done on the on this place but you had to be there from zero eight hundred in the morning to seven hundred at night you had to prayed on the sunday actually between those times my father had dropped off. Zero seven fifty five with my hair already cut and my bag already packed. Because he knew it was all about first impression. If you start coming in just over five or about half four you know what i mean. The the the instructions were the march cards. But i had arrived at five to eight and i stood there from eight o'clock till five o'clock in the evening so in reflection going by i know why why he did it at the time it was raining. Didn't appreciate it but it's a culture shock chain in evan. You're you're so used to having your your home. Comfort is taken away from you guys. You did have here soon. Lost their hair. And we all look the same. But it's good You know it's still instills discipline from from the off. How long has british army boot camp. So it depends what cat bad. Seven royal engineers. We do ten weeks basic training and lychee. That just is as what it says. It's basic training. We then have faced to combat engineer training. Which about fourteen weeks. And then you go on if you wanna go do the command of course. The commando course is ten weeks as well. So if he's not put them all together can be quite long if you join the rule marines. That's nine months from from start to finish So yeah it all depends on what badge you go into originated basic changes about ten weeks and then you've got picked up to become. When did you get picked up to become a physical training instructor. Yes so. I had a lot of faith in you out of the gate or is that your dad working behind the scenes what it was when i when i finished my face to training. I got post in order. And remembering my my my dad. And my stepmom penny. And i said yeah of got posted to eight and then she starts crying on the phone. My dad's picks up the phone. What we said to penny sit up been posted to eight. And i can hear him in the background and said to eight not qa but what it was because my father was yami manager. To eight engineer regiments were in germany with the army. Champions football champions. Jimmy thought son. So your coming out for jimmy. So i got posted to hamel the age of eighteen. Which at the time was good. You know it. It was the deutschemark before the euro is like must cost about seven dollars for a crater bags at twenty four. You know you know seeing germany which has now collapsed evans back in uk but since arrive my son major new equality kiss borders. The footballers your kiss border and he goes. I'm not gonna see you lici. It was almost semi professional. You didn't work. You trained every morning between eight and twelve on astroturf and you had a big match every wednesday afternoon then we pray play semi pro for local teams so he knew that he was never gonna have me as a soldier so he said well. I need to fill a slot billet in the gym. So you're going on your pta course and that's how i managed to get it fast so so quickly and then what that course consists of so. I flew back to hold a show and is right next to one of my old school. And it's basically the you they get into position that you can. You can teach physical training so when you go back to units at different types of training you can do can do pt. You can do green pt. The hardest thing is gymnastics have do gymnastics and dislike. It's like a flying tracksuit. Just flirt fro teasha and yet probably look more elegant me But it's just you in a position when you go back to the unit you can run. Pt sessions and then end up from. There you get done with that and then you now is when you check into fifty nine commando. Yeah there's a period. Before between us. So when i was in the gym i was like i could see. I could see mule most in my father's career and as i don't want to be a soldier want something different so you saw the possibility of mirroring your father's career and something about it. You didn't really wanted to be you wanted to. You wanted to get after it in a different way. Yeah that's it yeah. I wanted to do some indifferent and so as she filled out. The application form for nine squadron and five nine am basham reflection nine in is the airborne engineers which is back in aldershot where i grew up in five nine. Commando is down in north devon and. It's no surf heaven down. They're gone and croix beach So we are in san diego and hawaii. It's not quite surf heaven. We'll give it to you give you that but for me i you know you join the military because you wanna you wanna see the world you experience new things. I didn't want to go back to aldershot. Five nine commander was well suited for me so i applied for five nine commando and you have to go do a full week. Beat up with the unit before he can go on the all arms commander course so you go to the unit. I and they kind of do assessment. That's it yeah and then and then from there you go to rangers in america you can go to ranger battalion and you haven't been rangers go yet. Then you go rangers school. that's it. Yeah it's like that but back in. Germany joined this process when the paperwork was in one of the wanted to squadrons of just returned from norman island and they had like a welcome back pie in the camp kumba day is a course called a so engineers were infantry can come do engineering courses and there was an infantry unit could the fusiliers. Who wrong camp doing that. But they'd troublemakers. Basically they'll banned from downtown with always causing trouble so they were on camp this evening that they had the big The family get together. They were in the bar as well and me and my friend could see. Though being quite route to some of the colin pats wives the wives so me and my friend decided to open up on a couple of them so we ended up putting down free guys. My my my my sergeant major came in. He's outright you boys. Go bed in brushed under the carpet then rudely awoken by military policeman two hours later. Send you. You're under arrest. And so i went over to five nine commando i those possibly i could be getting called marshaled for this fight so i went over anyway. I did the first week of the up. The nicole staff sergeant pulled me and you said you you've got flight to germany. They're doing an. Id parade as i saw. I d paraded some kind of investigation investigation with the police. The line you up with the of a guys you. Are you like totally distraught at this point. I'm not totally destroy. I do worry about your career. How can can affect your your career. So i flew over and me at the time. I still haven't grown into my ears. So i just did out like a sore thumb and they all knew me as the pti so straight away they just be lined. Ask the guy my friend who did it with me. However his his brother was in the squadron as well he never got picked out so great So i flew back to finish the beat up. You know they said yet. You fit enough ready so went on and did the did the commander course and when we finished the command of course ten weeks later we go back to five nine commander and the oc is like that. He said ri- guy who is it. Going across the water and the squadron renault of an islands of perfect nov nine said not use. Stop going across the ever wore. You're going back to germany. Said we need to get this. get this cleared. so i went back to germany and Basically they said look you can go court martial. It probably will get thrown out. But that's going to be another twelve months to eighteen months in just past the commandos. I wanted to go be with the commandos. So i just plead guilty I got charged. And so i spend fifty six days in the military creation train center which is colchester prison known as the glass house and the the commanding officer. Actually because everyone knew it was me. And the other guy you know they. They knew these guys are troublemakers. That i yeah you just unfortunately go core out so. The commanding officer was an airborne guy. Edward engine is the commanding officer. Colchester notices jim. Yeah now this is in germany okay. Hit the after that unit. I and so. The irs and marches ers football player with me. And he's outright sap start. I was going to give you sixty days. Because you've done the orleans commander course of taking four days off any questions i said yes if i gone airborne what days and he giggled and they said like you know. It's time for you to go so so. Yeah i spend fifty six days in majesty's creative training senate yells looking. I didn't know what colchester was. It's basically the same term echo. Charles would you hear somebody say leavenworth would think of prison military prison. That's kind of way culture. I think it's the last military prison really in england or not. It's everybody knows it. The glass house is the glass leavenworth worth. Yeah and everyone has know horror stories coming out in the class house and what. I'm what it actually is is because when you have an escort at drops you off and the instructors are there to me you. And it's like is casino full metal jacket and scream and shout. Bosun as they've gone they just treat you like adults. It's take away. All those sort of there's creature comforts allow to phone anyone. It's to pt sessions a day. It's room inspections all the time. I actually really enjoyed coaches I said if. I got paid for four wages. I i would. I would have rid enjoyed it and it got to a stage. Where guys would go into colchester coming out. Best soldiers a lot better soldiers and they were actually getting promoted when they go back to their units and they had to stop. That said no. It's your effort around in a bad a bad reasons. You can't be seen to be promoted. So i did. I did my time there and went back to five. Nine right rewind a little bit to the commander of course. Yes how was that. Yes you amendment. My father drop me off at driving me to north devon to do the beat up and then you know obviously told him about the incident in germany this point and he said you know these guys will now. These guys will make your mind. You know what i mean so you obviously really nervous about that but But is that the beats ups great. You know five nine up. They actually is hard of new orleans commander course so if you can reach their levels their expectations then as long as you stay away from injury when you go new alarms command because you should be fine. So the all arms commander courses for any cap badges so engineers artillery anyone. Who's going to be serving alongside free commander brigade with the royal marines or any naval. Now doctors dentists As well so. You've got a mixture on on that course and you've got guys who Young privates all the way through to senior officers who may have just been attached to the brigade and we also have foreign Foreign militaries remember. We had a a see all a marine on our courses well. Us marine on a course he had some guys in lebanon. Some guys from russia had all sorts on and basically they get you to a standard so your understanding the royal marines of tt's era so peas. So when you go to unit you understand how they operate as well you know you do amphibious warfare as well. I mean you also do that commando tests so they're commando tests into the fifty miler. Which is the last one to get you your green beret. All the only other tests that the build up to it. And it's ten weeks long. And i could be a doctor. That's going to get attached to be a thirty nine year old doctor. That's going to be attached to commando. I got to go through that and get a thirty pound ruck on it. I think for them they they. They volunteer for it. You know they can still served with the brigade. But it's almost like you know you see that you made the effort and you've got the cover green beret. you know. probably get less pressure. If if they've done the course bag she say not. The the navy guys were really good because few later which will touch. I ended up being instructor on the on. This commander course the navy guys because they have no military background before this. They've not picked up any bad habits. So what the instructors were telling them. They were up straight away. Whereas you may have a a sergeant or staff sergeant. Who's being in fourteen years and he's already picked he's low. Bad habits have hunted realigning all reset whole hula coke but throws course. I didn't learn anything. If i'm on i learnt nothing on course Every one of our instructors sacked at the end of the course ask courses very officer heavy and it was like we weren't allowed to wear gortex if it rained it. We didn't learn any finish who survive in the cold and and who is the face as she learned in anything soldier wise. I picked up when i got to unit but that backfired on instructors because at the end of course they do. Like course critiques. How would you course and could do so officer heavy that they went to town. All they went they went to town. This guys get hinder critique. And they're like good good. Good you're going to get a beer officers like let me state my opinion on this matter. Every every instruct to go sacked from the two army guys engineer and and the officer but for me. I'm still i'm eighteen. I'm still develop in as a as a young man. Yeah i wasn't and what wasn't fully grown amendment load. Carey's been really difficult. You counted some excess weight to And is very different. From like p company. The paris us or more than lena and they go faster with less weight the commandos. It's tend to be bigger guys Carry more weight burs. Lois beat so. I i do thing. That's the hardest course is still today. But that's because i hadn't developed fully Now i gotta pull this one section out of the book. Because i thought it was worth reading this win. You're in colchester and you have this conversation. You say drink was a big problem in the forces at the time. I'd be surprised if it isn't still and so. When i was interviewed by the officer of the prison i was grilled about my alcohol consumption. You were drunk when you hit the other soldiers correct. Yes sir. so do you have a drinking problem. No sir i'd have hit them anyways. what happened to your wrist. And this is another you explain. I fell out of a window. Sir trying to urinate sir. Where you drunk. Well yes sir So you don't have a drinking problem. I didn't really know how to reply to that one. As far as i saw it. It was just part of army life. Part of being a squatty. If i had a drinking problem and maybe the whole army did personally. I felt like he was just being one of the boys. The officer dismissed me. And then you go onto the fact that you enjoyed being a colchester which is which is cool. You had a good time. But that's a that's one of those things. I was reading it. I've i had quite a few conversations with young seals. Hey so you've got another fight bar right and that's why you're in here talking to me. Yeah what are you drinking. Yeah and you also here three months ago and you are also another fighting a bar and you were drinking. You see common things here. No i maybe commonalities between these incidents no. I don't know i'm i like to fight. I guess watch out for that one you get to you get to two fifty five hundred fifty nine five nine five nine and i thought this was cool. Couldn't ask for a better beginning to my time at five nine. The admin officer took one look at my report from colchester seemed happy with what he saw and ripped it up fresh start but it was lonely. Start the rest of. The squadron was in northern ireland finishing the tour. I missed out on doing to my to my time and cali. I was gutted not to be part of that. But it ended up working in my favor or sending you on a diving aptitude course usually guys have to wait years to get on this. Consider yourself lucky so because the other guys were deployed northern ireland. You've got an opportunity to go to this. of course. yeah that's it. So in the royal engineers we. We have divers so everything You can do on the surface bids Bronco cut in Weld in carbon scaffold in everything we we we can do subsurface called hard hat diving. The which is the. Open supply dialysis in the kirby morgan helmets. That that's why so scuba as pa and so and so is that but we group everything if you're not doing combat swimmer operations like if you're if you're doing any kind of work we call it hard hat diving diving. Good good for you. Yeah but like. That's the way we classify anything. That's not dreger. Combat swimmer attack hard hat diving. Before so this this going to colchester. That's is that on your record or when that guy shredded it was gone. I think he stays on my record. I he was just trying to prove point isn't a no fresh stop. Actually a lot of a lot of guys do well in the military law desirous m you back especially the gods. They've been colchester. Is almost you touch something that you'd brief up a guy for drink and infre- monthly economies telling us again. He's he's making a mistake. I learned from my mistake. And i learned at an early stage thankfully didn't happen later on in my career and then of have bigger consequences could i still didn't have rank it up point in a year. I know it's so in the in the navy. You have service stripes on your uniform and if you've never been in trouble. Those service stripes are gold so in your dress uniform and you see a navy guy navy master chief for senior chief and they're in their uniform. They'll have service stripes. So it's like one stripe for every four years you can so you can have a lot of stripes after twenty eight years. Yeah and if you've never been in trouble there gold but if you've been in trouble if you have like a captain's mass or something like that they're read and it was. It was always interesting to see that there would be guys that would be master chiefs. And they'd have they'd have red stripes and they got in trouble at some point in their career. And the reason i ask that is because you know as more and more focus sort of more and more attention to the seal team's a lot less of a there's there's more of a zero defect mentality and if you got in trouble one time it was going to stay with you and it's going to be a problem. So those gold versus red stripes was it kinda like it's kinda cool to have the red one or is it kind of the gold. What is on your assessment of the situation. That's what i mean like. What was the common the culture like. If you've seen a guy in one guy had a gold one guy huge deal not a huge deal but like btf. Tony jaa read as one of my buddies in the end. Like you know just a break glass in case of war type dude and he had bred so it kind of depends on the person's personality like it's a case by case yes. This is back in the day when guy. Yeah you guys were getting in trouble more. 'cause there's also less going on and really a lot of balls down to leadership to you know if you're if you're leadership isn't giving you stuff to do and pointing you in the right direction. Where do you end up if you're eighteen years old if you're twenty one years old if you're nineteen years old and you don't you're not giving good direction. Where do you end up as a as a young male. Where do you end up echo. Charles jail well possibly but definitely in a pub definitely lean aggressive definitely doing the. That's what you're going to do and so if you haven't gotten some good guidance then it's going to be problematic and you know we're getting better at it but it definitely is. It's good to hear that you could. You could have a mistake like that and look. How many times did you not get caught right of course plenty of times. This time you got caught. It's good that you could get caught. Learn a lesson and move on. It's also very interesting. That people would come out of that. Highly disciplined environment highly disciplined environment in colchester and do better as humans. Do better a soldiers. That's freaking legit. That's proof proof of what proof. That discipline equals freedom. Well that's kind of a good deal where like you can go to prison. Essentially get what would you call. It rehabilitated like if you're improved out of it isn't shouldn't that soar to be the goal. Yeah so yeah. I think so you know i said it's you know we have something similar. We don't have the bands on our arms but if you have fifteen years of of good discipline and get along service. Good conduct medal. Yeah you have things to aspire to but you know. I think everyone will get in. Trouble isn't as long as you learn from it. It's character building as well family for me. It was my good friend now. He's he's the and yes yes. He was in colchester prison with me as well so has being almost like oh People are getting promoted. The wrong reasons for be going there as you come out a different man. Different soldevilla said the instructions and they were amazing. And that's probably you know that was reflective on guys when it came out well. It's interesting that you actually call them. Instructors and not guards when you go into the navy brig if you're in the marine corps the navy you get in trouble you go into the brig in those are guards. They're not instructor. So it's kinda cool that they were actually trying to well. Do you think that they were trying to teach you. They were trying to get where you have. Military lessons is just being on camp. But you just locked up at night. That's the only difference You know you are going to drill the gods today. We're going to take off the runway in the much as fast as you cannot have the gym instructors and you do aircraft recognition. He'd you'd be on the rangers. You go from runs pt. You'd run now the camp gays and the i remember run inland thinking. But i knew that if someone it's taken a bolt for it and you stop them reduce. Your sentence was keeping an eye out for any so apparent. Move tackled somebody. Yeah yeah. i think you have an engineer. When you go in and they they saw say you know you go all sorts in you guys who who don't want to medici a while you guys were drugs. You know this all things in and when you honestly going to fight that you just go court today. they understood. They probably been in visited new being before but didn't get caught so so it's like more. I mean it's like a different approach essentially then like you know like when you think of prison outside of the military you're like no that's your punishment. Straight up like your. It's essentially like the difference between beating and a counseling kind of thing so like you know what you're talking about. It's kind of a counseling. Like hey did this. Let's let's let's kind of reap benefits from this whole situation in view. They have programs like this. Now that i think about it. They have programs like this in america. I don't know if they have in england but they take kids that are on the wrong track and they put him into like a highly disciplined military militaristic environment and it definitely can straighten him out. I sponsored a kid going through one of those things and went up there and saw what they were doing. And it's like a lot of those kids really turn around and start doing well. Yeah so yeah and then but then if you just get the beating. It's like you just it's again just a different effective. I think for the military. Know if you come out a different person if you come out. I mean you re offending. Obviously the there's a problem But i think yes. It's one strike 'cause you you can go in and you have twenty eight days and under twenty eight days old and it's like two different wings and you look down. Look down at your competitive about are you guys are over here for twenty years. I'm big time the ones actually. We're going to get discharged from the military as well but robin just thrown out. They would go do plumbing courses carpenter courses those stuff that that help them man. That squared away. Okay so i cut you off when you're starting to talk about dive school. I i'm sorry but yeah no yes so But for the royal engineers have divers and about four hundred and fifty divers at the moment and and basically when i was in germany. There's always things on orders asking for guys who want to go on. A dive course heard of p company the parcours in the all arms commando course. Of course i think one of the most arduous and under eight and under eight courses. But it's awesome an additional quotes. You you get more money back in the day when it was only two pounds sixty five about five dollars a day. But now you're talking twenty pounds or forty dollars so they used to always be anyone wanna go right exactly but there was struggled to get volunteers from because of the guys from the airborne. Engineers and commander engineers connects already physically robust that that there's a waiting list. You know you are the back of that list. But because they're all in germany so all in northern ireland delap. Will you go nap. Shoot so lici must have just track to tool for years to get on on this course so i went and did by my apps and now i've seen diving change over the years. This is back in ninety seven and it was. It was called a desk diving. Set self contained compressed air scuba. But it wouldn't know calms. We don't have any combs nil visibility. The only way we communicate we had a lifeline. A rope around our chests with a bow line and do pulls and bells so is nailing a on the war. It's alien environment and so guys don't like it but for me being so if i love the way it was almost like a more comfortable on the war i am on land so so i did. That course came back and the squadron just returned from the of an island. So here's me now. New units just stolen evans dive. Course whichever on the wait list for and they've already heard. I've just come out colchester prison so there's a couple. There was a couple of names within the unit squadron bullies and allow all wait till such and such a seizure. We go at christmas pie and one of the largest comes over. Said i think you hand just just full on straight in the face of gold. So i i just write hooked him back and bites down so all i needed to know and i think that sort of now get my foot in the door within the unit but well five nine commando used the army minor unit box champions and each year because they won the final they'd automatically go to the final the next year and each year. Our opponents with the airborne engine is so this was coming up in january. Free mums train. I didn't have a choice to lot. Well you've been cautious prison. You're on the box really so So we went. I spent free mums. Did you ever boxed. Before i did in in guilford surrey. One of my friends from school. We went playskool bellefield box again. My father didn't want me boxing. I saw had an agreement. Invisible the box until i get beat and then you never know stops a fanfare. Never be any to about free thing but in the military five nine commando is. It's just pure fitness There's no boxing skillet at all. We have three or four sessions. A day and robin lose the weight over a period of time they lose the weight in a short period. I mean you got maintain it but free months later where the army minute finals. And there's other guys from the squadron based training unit in this reading the book. Who's a star his new lot and we thought we were going to walk away with it and at indy boys. To ole seven fights at an is to all at instable and members major coming in he. Just i might chassis so you need do know poking me right in and below chest was all my god and i came out and i tell him is. The adrenaline was pumping but went out. And the guy down three times in a minute. Twenty seconds and lychee. You know i'd made my mark. We've in five nine commander in a quite well. That's awesome good story You go you go here in the book. You say it wasn't. It wasn't long into my time at five nine that i was selected for record troop a kind of elite within the squadron. It was huge privilege. As ricky was known as being a great stepping stone towards the special forces and idea that i'd begun to toy with thinking about my future in the army. So you end up in wrecking crew. S it yes. Oh infre- commander radio five nine commando the engineers that support the brigade yet to nine. Commando the artilery within free commander brigade. They have their own reconnaissance troop called brigade records or brigade patrolled brigade troll troop from the marines consists of snipers and a mountain leaders. Both part of that group is naval gunfire from the artillery and also five nine wreckage. So we all miss like is on the ground at van cise the ground giving input on potential combat engineering tasks. So you have to be selected from retro within five nine commando unit. They did that in norway each year. We used to go to no way for free mumps and hold of the brigade and we do arctic warfare training. It was all due to the cold war. The russians were starting to head west across norway. That we'd be able to to stop it. So you know annoys an equaliser. Now that separates the boys the men. So i've got my name picked up to go wreckage group and So yeah so very fortunate to get selected again a young age that to go to troop and within five nine commando is actually classed as opposed in so my time. It started again as i ended in directory as you touched on their record at one hundred percent pass rate for uk. Special forces selection. So guys. i. I would see guys leave in and never come back so for me. This when i then started my head. I turned into wards your opportunity special forces you know. My dad told me last two minutes. I managed to get through basic training of peach managed to get through. Colchester managed to get through the command. New course on now just about get my power and you're also then amongst like minded individuals those who want to go or spy to be special forces so For me did you. Did you go through any official training for wreckage group. Do you have to go to a school. Or is it just from the unit itself. You get trained up they. They have their own selection process within the unit of unused to have to go do p. company should the airborne engineers course. But when i when i got there are troops staff sergeant in a said. There's no need to do p. You know we would run around selection process which disgruntled somebody older boys. They felt. No you have to do p. company But there's a big difference as well now. The guys that were going wreckage compared to the guys of old guys have old. We're like you just huge. Just massive guys do about fitness whereas now you know the wilder sort of over in the balkans had kicked off and so five nine commando went to bosnia and wreckage. We went to to cosmo with brigade record force. Well this is the first operational tall the wreckage since the falklands war Said the guys in between that period had seen any action and then we then went to win over to kosovo which was great for us. And you say here One day. I called home to the uk with news for my dad. He'd probably forgotten long ago about two minutes conversation in the car. I had a big smile on my face. Game the news i'm going to kosovo. I told the old soldier. I'm going on tour and this is in this in two thousand. Serve you you're going to do something. Real going into going into the going into kosovo was as good as it was going to get at that time at that time. Yeah then What what types of missions. Where you're doing there so brigade ricky four. So we were. We were doing as a forward observation Example one the fist into the book. Actually the first thought we went on it was like we're going on the ground. We're on ops. And so basically there was a five k. Buffer zone between serbian vote and they didn't want any solve any savings any in because it was all kicking off so it was on the border but there was also those that committed horrific crimes crimes of war as well so we were also identify these. Hdtv's get imagery from them and then obviously again guys to come in and pick them up so we will have an grab a camera kit. Stray off civilian shells walking. Immigrate big lens things Amendment first job we went on and we inserted we had our intelligence brief wins it and as we will patrol in to the f. r. v. I was raisman. I kept hearing something sorts of stop team get down to one knee all round defence looking through our size. There's nothing you can almost like the creep in the leaves in someone's sneaking up on us anyway. This carried on all the way we got to the position even when we're in the o. P. position we could hear it. We got the imagery we needed in about two weeks later we extracted through the field for two weeks in film not time. You're hearing this noise at night. You hear these probable enemy approaching your position ready for the fight the whole time you think in other words you know you shouldn't be there and things that and so when we extracted We went back to camp. And we have the debrief. And i you know any point. Some light. yeah you know. I'd done a web compromise. It felt i will compromise. But there's a lot of movement especially at night and then some some kuban column green slime intelligence corps. This guy is off. I did forget to mention its breeding season for the tour choices. So actually what we were hearing was the coming out to mate but it kept the whole patrol on stand to for two weeks so you guys are doing recon patrols how big teams you guys rolling out with six six months and you're staying for up to two weeks out there. We did four weeks once. Yeah we got to basically got an report in that. There was a training camp in fico buffers serbians bassi said you deal with him or we'll do them and so we insert amendment no snow on the ground as well because we are trained with the best guys for the job so inserted did our tents and we're in observation -opays for for four weeks and Just feed him back audie intelligence and then they were. It was a military training school. They'll do happy. Heavy weapons training. Small arms trainings is quite well disciplined and will actually then relieved by the americans. Americans you know came in and took over from his four weeks later and i think subsequently from that sf to go in and actually take down take down the it's training camp that The f. four weeks in the in the snow In praised the boys from the men with the op tempo. Like when you get back how. How often would. How much downtime would you get. And then you draw back out We'd be wrote in you know we. We w d service and reserves is everything from urban to rural doing stuff as well in invicta was we had snipers in in in the tool buildings in. Pristina said the jobs are range from that too. Now we get into about one wanted. Local government guys is gonna assassination attempt on him so obviously keep an eye on him old time as well and a member actually seen two guys and we go out. We were in civilian attire and we walked up to walking up towards and could see the guys that we knew were going to take him down and they call are i am they. There's and they just went the other way and that she was a dry rehearsal. We compromise driver hersal. They weren't doing it then which obviously kept him alive from for another month. I think he did get assassinate after we left So you had to be. How old are you at this point. And i'm not some twenty two. You're just all kinds of fired up for this is lebanon dream. Roy is everything you dream about and read about doing it for real you go through this this year in the book as you close this chapter we were just about to head home from kosovo when we were fastball onto a task we're going to apprehend We were told and the adrenaline began to buzz. In my veins sitting through the intel brief we learned that someone had been cooking up bombs that were being used to take out politicians. The bombmaker wasn't the one using them. He was more like a chef for higher understandably. Nato were keen to get him off the streets. I wasn't the one to grab him. But a couple of the other guys bundled him into the back of our vehicles are vehicle. His hands were tied behind his back and despite our orders to keep his eyes on the floor he kept looking up and around him. I put a hand on the back of his head to help his concentration. That's bang out of order. The man shouted in a sharp meant accent. As i've ever heard so it's a manchester accent. Jessa dropped and i looked around at the other guys in the team. Not for one moment. Had we suspected that the bomb maker could be a fellow countrymen when we dropped him off for questioning i betty wished he'd stayed at home. There was a solitary cheer in the center of a courtyard with two bright spotlights shining onto it. Very james bond. We left the bombmaker to answer for his crimes. It was time for us to go home. She has run into those ops. Great ops getting bad guys. Who'd you turn them over to. Who's going to interrogate him. It was our intelligence services. Yeah relatively gentleman so then this is the point where you get the offer to or the selected once again to go be an instructor. Yeah that's it. Yeah lympstone and my santa right lympstone yet lympstone so you go to linson to to be an instructor of that commando course which you would you'd gone through and the one that you said everyone got fired. Yeah yeah that's it. Yes and so how was that. Yeah gross is great privilege. Go back so so what we used to do. with five nine record troop we each each troop within five nine. Had to have a guy who did god gs and so we were exempt from god. You from that. We would send an instructor on the commander course rea- so you're actually again it was classed as opposed in out unit. You'll still attached so again. When i talk about being an ambassador an ambassador for the cap badge and this is only about four years after me doing my own course so i always member michael thinking well you know when we were on our course we had to build up the instructors tents. We're doing a lot for them. When i got it with night and day now we did our own tents but instruction change completely. They we were doing every fin that students were doing. We're wearing the same equipment and we didn't have any you know gucci kit as well. We were wearing exactly what they they had. And because you were you a as an ambassador you obviously had to be seen to be doing what they were doing. Which i thought was a great way of teaching. Don't ask them if you can't do it yourself. And and so yeah. It would night night and day. The we had a couple of instructors on the course and i assume learn how you can get the most out of your students. I know when i was a michael's you know i didn't learn anything. An amendment are fort. While i don't happen to these young boys want them into being a good position when you go today unit. Because you're going to go back to five nine and you're gonna be serving alongside these guys as well but we had a couple in shots and they would just come out every morning. Just scream and shout the marine instructors. They felt they had a bad a bad deal. Going on your arms commander course. And in fact i she. They enjoyed it. They really opened their eyes to. How good these guys were at soldier. The marines could. It's nine months long. So proud of that tradition and they see these guys come in and do ten weeks but they don't realize what they've done before that before they've got but these guys would come out and screaming show nikki. Cd students is is almost like straightened at press up position. And you know they got nothing back Whereas save it was all about the banter by humor in his avid. Have a sense of humor and be approachable so if i had to tell them to do press of depressive with a member also there was a law that we could only do ferte presses. Really law within linson. Yeah yeah they start introducing maximum. You can do for press but there's ways you can get rounder goods into a press up to a half press up you can hold it for a few seconds fully down and we we do that. I mean there's way ways around it but for them is as students you know are seen a product at the end and probably what they did of me Four years before so. I did like a light that change. Did you feel like you were able like. I was very lucky because i was gotten new instructor roles and was able to teach at taught everything it was awesome. I felt like. I learned a lot while i was teaching. Because now you're observing. I mean from a leadership perspective. You know us. When i was at e five saws like a young junior guy was teaching the young officers that were going through our basic who's called seal tactical training at the time. So i'm out there telling them how to run immediate action drills and telling them like. Hey no one's listening to you. Need to step back and you take a look around. I learned so much from doing that. Did you feel like you in this instructor mode got to learn. Yeah go to learn a lot myself. Yeah and like. I said we call. It is sugar pedestal. We used afterwards do demonstrations before the student. So it's like do not mess this up so drills that to be at to be slicking and quick but on my first course. We had the first female candidates to do. Do you alarms come under course in the book. You call lieutenant y attendant. Why tenet y yeah. We have to protect her name. Legal reasons she'd done to. She had two previous attempts and this was her first attempt and so the instructors who took on an issue two courses were dismissed from the training team and we had another training teams or come in so you can already see is going to be getting stood that way basically What it was. They wanted a female to pass the commanders. People don't realize she basically if a female hadn't passed the commander of course they were going to lower the standards until afi mopus but that would be standard throughout male and female so the fact that she went on impasse we. We didn't load standard so people don't see see the big the big picture Behind the scenes so so when you talk about her in the book she didn't pass he's not as she didn't pass those two ladies on the courses left tenant wine i'll say left in an x ten x was a doctor who's actually from five nine and she did everything that was asda. You know she. She struggled and things that whereas tenant was almost playing the system. She knew that she could go to the doctor. She will get two days light duty but the way the timing of that used to always before the commando test so she rest up for a couple of days for the commander test and it was that it wasn't the fact. She didn't use the fact that she played system. Well lieutenant eggs you know she a member one of the guys Does who went on to be chief and sought to the sniper school. We're doing some close core see. Qb and he knew it followed the student fruit. And then at the end you you give them a debrief and he's like he comes through junior said god brennan and medium star chat and as we look over. It was like a scene from shampoo advert. She took a helmet off and just brush the head move a jewish hit floor and i said well if she was good you tell her tells us good and he did. Yeah you're accident forty week five. You do your your bomb field test. It's like a an assault course and you have to climb a for if it rope as us about a foot and a half just below rope. So she didn't progress on that course but i do think you know if she had not instructed any qualms or lieutenant walls left left tenant acts. Yeah and but you're saying eventually she did. Make it through. Lieutenant lieutenant why she. She made few on that core. She made it through on that on. That course and it was almost just dampen. The white noise y whole lot. We need a female pattern need female to pass. But you can imagine what that's like. Oh my god you know you get phone calls my wife. Some paternity leave for ten weeks. Munish come down. And your course is the good bene- the you also talked about the guy. That was what fifty something years old. Just a beast. Yeah so even. When lieutenant y pass i was getting blue from the ladder in afghanistan. Well done it was lads some special forces. Don't even bother coming on selection. It's like a big thing of female pass in but to be honest you know. She deserved to pass. And i generally believe deserve the past. You've earned the right. And so yeah the next course. This gentleman turns up captain fox and he's basically going to be the family officer to nine commando this guy's fifty five years old and he did company for years before i was born in an on parade and the first thing we do. We do a Six booted in march and was spring mccain back. It like you just from two buckets war over this guy. And as i said you're right Captain goes away. I had pneumonia in fifteen years ago. So can't control my my my my sweat so god sky is going to die. It is guy. Basically he had like four. We'll records he was an ultra marathon running. I don't know what it was called but basically has to keep moving has to be physically active but this guy was always called. I remember when in a teaching students students messed up. And you know so. I had him on beastie no up and down this hill i remember him coming down every time we come to me. Get in the present position. I feel real embarrassed. I talk in my grandma. He's please stand up counting folks. I said what is it. Can i take my warm care off. Now god yup please do really humbling being with him but remember He was in my my group and he will do in the for a miler next week. Commando tests in the final test is a for emol endurance march in in a hours. And at the end you get covid green beret. He's corporate stories at. Is there a grid reference to the finish point and the finish point actually is a public park on dharma said. Yeah you know it busted this fine so when it came to the for myla you bring them up and so he wanted to know that. Did he clarify why he wanted to know that because he wanted his wife or whatever they wanted to come out and say might go. Phone wants to media andy minus fine so we came cut. The old nancy slap much older dude thing. Get right on. Thank you so much. Respect in fact come before he is board. So i said yeah of course and then we did the for myla and on the last phase you bring them up a hill poop is hill. You come bring him in. I mean you stop him short of the end and you get into sort themselves out. They put their their cap. Come on in and we marched them in and so is doing that and as we came out in the corner and it was like a super bowl was fine. Is there no balloons house at ten. I said gilfriend's oh yeah my grandkids is. I think this is a good section. You had in here just on on you touched on it. But just the the attitude of being instructor he say. I think a lot of came into their positions on courses and and at units thinking that being shouted xiaodi and swearing was the way to behave. Because that's how it had been for them and perhaps they thought it made them feared personally. I didn't wanna scare people into learning. If they didn't want to be there that ended up failing themselves without me shouting and screaming. I found it far more effective. Use humor and to be quiet at times when others would shout using that old old parents line of. I'm not angry. i'm just disappointed. Just a look would be enough. They wanted the approval of those already wearing the green lid and so if they saw that they had failed you they double their efforts on the next task. No need for shouting swearing when you fill a void with swearing. It looks rightly or wrongly like it's down to lack of intelligence or to anger issues. Instructors were being assessed by their students just as much as the other way around. I always decided early on that. I would have that. I would share in any punishment that i handed out. If i gave them press ups and i'd get down to mud and do them to not only did that. Earn their respect but gave them no excuse in their minds to feel hard done by at the end of the course those that earned the coveted berets would be serving alongside me and so i wanted to treat them as my even if i was in it position of authority especially if i was in a position of authority we needed each other. And that's the same whether you're on a training exercise in combat or attempting world record. No person is an island. Yeah good a great attitude. That i think a lot of people could use you know from a leader not just instructor but from a leadership perspective. You know that you think maybe you need to yell to get someone's no it. Doesn't you actually lose respect when you act like that you get done with that and now you go to see the careers management officer. And he's asking you about what you wanna do next. Did he. chime in about selection. Awesome selection did you see the one that brought up. You possibly go into selection or already. Have it in your mind. I had it in my mind so he pulled me in so the whole period of time now from joining five nine to where i was now i was a sajjan. Spent eight years in five nine. And that's purely because of the wreckage your arms commanders. So normally in the military you spend free years then move onto another unit you progress in your career. Savage eight years there and seven brigade record is unheard of. So i i basically had to move on so i put my paperwork in for the pathfinders. Which was the brigade. Ricky for the unit and we each year. We have a confidential report and excellent and he put him in is. Can you not see the wood for the trees he goes. You need to go to then come back as the wreckage. Troops staff sergeant going. You know pathfinder's isn't the way to the appropriate. I gave me the rollicking but that afternoon actually I go phone govan. Glasgow glasgow runs all our manning records they tell way you can post it and things and so the engineered role engineer divers. We also have roy. Navy search davis. They've been a few deaths recently in role navy divers Just purely not full-time divers and lack of Lack of protocol. Yeah exactly yeah poco train instead of forty minute. A couple of deaths but then. Hse announced i creep into diving. In know when. I said that there's no no voice calms and things. Now you dive unless you got to weigh visual camera and voice comes. Hse was really creep intimacy. Hse health and safety executive okay. Yeah yeah outta the big banners so they introduce a new dive equipment could disable maude one And so it didn't disrupt the of a diving courses. They introduced another dive team to come in and train all the current divers within the engineers. So i just past miami diving supervises and goto student so that same day some ages. I haven't been moronic. I think it posted to the dive school so both hands so i went down as the senior dive instructor And then you're down. There is a senior dr instructor. And it sounds like you guys are basically just a partying watt. Because in the book. I mean you guys are divers but you kind of its bundy training people. That are already divers right. Yeah yeah and you're training them on a new piece of gear. S it yeah. They're already qualified divers but them going to portsmouth is like probably coming to san diego de two weeks guys saving money so ready to rock and roll but every two weeks you get another another course. A qualified divers so for them is is a holiday. They knew they knew passengers just going through the procedures. So they're on holiday. They're dragging you on holiday coming out. You know single guys. Yeah of course and at one point at what point did you realize did you decide. You're gonna selection so a couple of macy's gone. Sas we we map about three months later and you know it really opened my eyes. And i i. I like to heart and they will let you know even drunk and i said i'm going to go in selection and there was one back. Y you weren't so that monday. I stopped drinking am and i trained. I went on. I had an attempt to selection before that copiers for long after all arms command of course in my knee blew out on the hill. How deepened this election. Where you on that. First time i got blown out me within the aptitude phase the full weeks On on the hill chain told my told my lateral meniscus but my train full that selection. I was up and down the north devon coastal carrying wait just pounding and pounding a knee so for me. I didn't want to have that same approach with this attempt. Also i was running dive courses at the time. Genitalia my ad in a off was evening. So i spend two hours on on these spin. Bikes spin spin it the two hours each night for six weeks. How was when you when you got dropped from selection. The first time around like you kind of making a leg. No big deal. I only know from my experience. It's a when you if pe- people don't make it through like basic seal training. It's a it's a. It's horrible because you're going to be in the regular navy. That's not what you joined the navy to do. And all of a sudden you're doing this other thing or your doing like a regular navy job and that's not good and i can't even fathom like my mindset if i wouldn't have made it but it seems like it's a little easier on someone that's you know you're you're you were five nine so you're in wreckage you like okay. I didn't get through with this time. And i still have an awesome job. So maybe it wasn't quite as psychologically devastating. Yeah we get to attempts selection. You see god three knew i had an invitation. He wasn't the bill be order. Endel by learn a lot from it was. It was the the approach to training. You know a lot. We have the first four weeks which will talk about soon on selection which is the aptitude phase. Which is the hills face. Which is the physical. Once you're once you pass the is the solden then comes in and i saw a new. I just need to get past that first. Four weeks soldier in ways. Now it's spent years in wreckage. Andrew new orleans team quite current so when i approach did it seconds online i was on the spin bike for two eat so low impact and actually i we do a a run in the you came into school to be f. T. basic fitness tests run for a mile and a half and i got my fastest run at the age of twenty. Didn't like seven minutes ten seconds so fought riot. You know the fitness finis-. Finish up up there so i then went on selection. I decided to to go. Sbs are went into the. Do think would briefing course because its two attempts selection days of old guys. You know if you went from the marines and powers guys would go on selection and get caught out. They'll get the culture shock. They didn't realize actually what was involved in. Training and preparation need to do so. Robin wasting one life then coming by and potentially get an injured both and introduced to include a brief course which she have as many as you want and it's a one week course and basically. It's like an aptitude gives you an insight of what way are fitness. Wise negation wise. Did you get to do that. The first attempt that you do have it yet. They didn't have that yet so wasted one life third wasted one life. Yeah so. I went into the briefing course through week when the following we go into the ps one because they wanted wanted to make my decision but obviously a lot of my friends are in the sas us or knew all them and saw the way they operate and a went down to poole in dorset on our south coast and then in the guy's day the goal frog shores shirts in reef sandals and oakland. Yeah this is. This is where this is where i belong so i did both men. You have to make the decision before you're gone station so bright i'm going and that was a new thing before if the you're going to sas if you're in the marines or i guess the regular navy dudes into the sbs is only ever been one navy guy. Passover it's the naval special forces. Only one navy guys pass up until one hundred percent Roman marines so normally you or in the past you would have been s one hundred percent. Not even a choice. That's your in the army you're gonna be. Sas se at at some point during the joint environment of. Hey we all need to work together. Yeah they said pick which one you wanna go to you saw. The you saw you saw pool you saw flip-flop and surf shorts and oakley's instead i'm heading there. Yeah that was it so what it was was the marines could go to the sas so the marine espn losing candidates to the s. Because not everyone likes diving. And then some guys have added juries well. It means the congo underwater so losing students to that and so they decided then open up. Try service navy. Army are african. Come and they just literally just So for me. Having spent eight years and free commander having a green beret. anyway. I'm seeing that. It was just seemed a natural transition the perfect transition for me in my head. I fought well if i go. Sas in our. Because i'm seeing diving strong enough in boat troop if i go. Sbs these guys are all divers so level playing field and that was where my mindset was. And so yeah. I did it much to the disgust and my friend what you do in because especially the wreckage it. We had one hundred percent pass rate and it was like you know this guy goes then you know people look at those options you know. Uk special forces forty percents. You guys special forces made up for the marines. 'cause they were all in the espn You you had explain this a lot. Here's the here's the book talking to your instructors the fuck do you wanna go to pool. One of the d. s. is asked me the special forces selection compass of those who wanted to go to sbs with the exact same training. You're going to go through the exact training. The exact same selection course. I should say. I knew. I shouldn't give them a real answer. I didn't want to go to boat troop in hertford. And i liked the way the sbs guys cut about in t shirts shorts and oakley's as a surfer that appealed to me and pool would certainly put me closer to the surf spots of devon. And cornwall i love diving staff shit answer who likes diving the ds nor did picking up a rock. Put that in your kit. And you'd better fucking have it when we're when we get to the end of the day. I had it with me every day. Each morning the ds would ask me the same question and debut told the put a rock into my already heavy burden then one day. I had an idea. My chances of being the gray man were long gone and so i decided to deploy a bit of humor back in the camp that evening. I've got busy and in the morning. I was prepared one. Two of the ds walked over to me. They were both from hertford and both had been at five nine. They had a keanae for horrible rocks. Or you why the fuck you wanna pool. I place my weapon down across my boots that are out of the dirt and opened up the one of the map pockets in my trousers pulling out a laminated photo. What the fuck is this. One of them sneered. it was a fold. It was a photo of born mouth. My saying that right. Boom born muth born mouth ottoman. america. Here's a here's a photo bournemouth beach during a heat wave i'd pulled it off google and laminated it in the office. You don't get topless girl girls on the beach in hertford staff. I told them with a straight face and both men burst out laughing. I kept the photo in my pocket for the rest of the course and didn't carry another rock. Actually one of the main reasons why. I grew up surfing to in in the cold water of new england and i was looking at. You know what. I was trying to figure out what i wanted to go into. And one of the things that was seemed like a really good deal was either being stationed in virginia beach. Which is good waves on the east coast. And or san diego which is san diego and either that or you go into for bedding for louis or you just. There's some other places to get station. So that definitely helped guide me in the right direction and i didn't know any seals at the time otherwise i would have seen sandals shorts probably would have steered me even more in that direction Continue on despite the rocks. I did really well on the hills. The training on the spin bike worked out. My joints fell fresh on my last week. Fitness test dive school. I even ran my fastest time. Ever twenty eight years old avoiding injury on the hills as key. There's no time for recovery. If you get hurt you're done. That's that and so i was pleased that i've learnt the lessons of my first attempt selection and adapted my plan. Accordingly my buddy. John wsa bow hundred like he's he spends a bunch of time on the stationary bike. Getting ready for hunting season. And i i was like i just put on a rock and walk qasem. Maybe not a smart But yeah it seems like that's seems like that works. Yeah i think obviously you cannot impact anyway fit for me when i did the first election. I've got quite big hill leg so she ascended hills with was not a problem we need to be making up time is on the on the downhill the straits and you know and that's where i needed to improve. So that's that's why introduced the spin bikes. I didn't want to inflame injury again. I didn't want to start in a in a bad position so i just looked at what worked. What didn't you know i knew. I had the strength in my legs. I just didn't have the speed. And how was. I gonna be able to improve on nine. That's where to spin abide with with boost. Perfect for it. But the Are aptitude office for weeks is twenty twenty two for economic factors in up to seventy pounds. you you have then have the test week And they say you know needs to be moving at four k and which brings us fine but as the crow flies looking at math mountain in the way over mountain so you need to really be moving about five to six k. An hour because if you have any issues navigational wise you you've got some fudge and you're not scrape it in but groundhog day for four weeks. Doing that on the breckon beacons in in wells is and you don't know there's no like cutoff time they tell you to go and get it done as quick as you. Can you basically get to your your your start point in the day will give you your grid reference you then step aside work out now which direction you go and tell him in time speed distance and you saw work on your four k and are how long it's going to take and then you go and then you get the next checkpoint which is the top of the hill where he's always. Meet the ds telling me pick up a rock and then they would just give the next one and you just keep going until you get to to finish point and they also have a couple of games in there as well way if you think you finish for today. An allow right. You're next checkpoint. Then you know you go you start going a couple of guys. There will have done and didn't realize she it was just a test needs to be self-discipline in a self motivation. You know you wrote that you wrote about that in the book how they'd come up you think you're done you been walking for what twelve hours fourteen hours or whatever. It is nineteenth day in a row. You come up to the to the drill sergeant and you say Checking in here's your next point and guys would say i'm done and they'd quit. Yeah and then someone else would come up and say here's your next point they'd start walking kidding. Come back and then that guy would realize that they quit for no reason hit on is. It was the parallel. it's lot the parachute regiment. Large go as drivers to drive the vehicles on the selections before so they knew finishes points and it was actually to catch them out because in their head right for economic just got economics and so the bill themselves on when they get to that point the finger finished. And then when you throw a little curveball in that a lot they weren't expecting it but then yeah intest week you know it's called the aptitude fade protests. Week itself then have five marches. And if you don't come in on the times you get red cards you get to records you've done i. The first free march is about the economy's fourth march is is fairly five kilometers. The then you have four hours rest and then not even you do. Four miles and seventy pounds scored endurance. And you have to do that within twenty hours. It's called other things besides in dirty so you finish that anything. Britain i've i've just past. The hills is quite a big thing but finished doctors. They called aptitude. Don't even call you by your your name. They didn't even know who you are at. This point is light and you probably lost fifty percent of course at this point either voluntary withdrawal injury or actually just not mean the jury levels gotta be high. Yeah because that's a beat down on your joints happen to you the first time. Yeah exotic oversee i. I brought my uncle. Young boys semi nemesis in the military was my my left ankle. And so go we can edit that out. We don't want everyone to know his weakness so for me. Though i knew that i would take i take my ankles up and things that and our member on test weak had these. These military boo lowers at great ankle support. Because you know because lads were were failed leaving so in the evening you boots in a drying room and amendment in the next day. And i'm not. They look a bit small and one of the guys. You'd left it taking my booze. I still had free more test matches with these with these almost like jungle boot style foods in our running across all these babies heads so yeah but administered yourself looking after yourself and prevention you continue on you get past that that phase and like you saying here like that was just the beginning And you also say this. You had to be totally self motivated. Have your mental strength or you didn't like p. company or of course. There are no shouts of encouragement from the staff. Anything the ds did say would be an attempt to undermine your confidence make you second. Guess yourself my preparation for the course help a lot of never doubt my decisions. I knew i done the work over the years to be spot on with my map and compass. I knew i'd left enough sweat in the gym tab my fitness up to standard. I'm only human and listen to. The ds is cutting criticism. But then i could call me say to myself. It's just part of the mind games mate. You're doing fine times like those. I think back to when my dad had told me. I wouldn't last two minutes in the army. He'd been wrong and so with the ds Yeah they play they. They learn what to say to people to get him to quit they. They say all kinds of things. And what would you say right there. It's just part of the mind games but man they go hard. Yeah yeah we we. We go to the jungle so once finished the hills phase. We we start doing some Some infantry skills as well because basically you learn all over again. So wherever you are a marine or perot with the way that they operate in uk is totally different and your introduce new weapons systems so the demarco is only used by uk special forces. You're having to learn a whole new weapon system again and Yeah but you know from your friends who've done it before they're going to start play mind games via a member we go to. Brunei spent six weeks in a jungle. And that's that's a great great selection. You lose a lot of guys you know. Some guy's really frightened in the jungle and some guys is almost like claustrophobic. Spend a time in their day in day out and hit helicopter coming in to pick up the ladder. And you see guys. It's just see guide around the packing their bags. Jesus and doing this at all. Well i'm gonna fail. This instructor said you know what i remember when it happened to me. I remember we were marching up to a range and every we do on selections life firing. We don't do blank is for real Because the data race you don't fight blank and it's all about weapon handling your safe effective and a member. One instructors is going straight up to me for my face screaming his shower and he's so if i see any weapon again 'cause you'll be off you will in the next head of copter an odd city s stuff. I didn't get an argument in been on the ranger. He didn't realize. I mean on the reins on new. It was my day. Who has tested and you you could see as well of course you can see all. He's getting today because he instructed be on. I mean you guys. You know who don't pass in this. Is could. I add a personality clash instructed and and a lot of them tend to use that but what they do and selection and it just great. It's actually especially the final exits last ten days swap. Your instructors around so if there is human beings there's always gonna be personality crashes if there is anything like that so you you get fair chance so By enjoyed. I enjoyed it. The the jungle for me You know i was going through a court case at a time my ex wife and try and get custody of my my my first team and a member passing and we have a barbecue and they always say. Don't go and selection any welfare issues. You need to go there. Fully focused in osa guys get less from their wives in louise and she's having a bad day you know she's only the fridge called bluey bluey. These be like blue blue envelopes which have free free post guard and you right in there is purely just military so it was known as bluey and if your wife's having a bad day and she's got kids and she thinks holiday in brunei and she's who plays with your mind guys pull themselves off and then their wives actually right now they do say off all the white noise so when i finish my machida doctors lie because i guys come on here wealth. I said unger for divorce and custody. My kid is really as if there's any place the solicitors congo let us to be a an emmy so for me at the time it was. It was the biggest game escape. Just kiss. czar is great. But but yeah you come back from that. And i got the troop sergeant role for the final five days of the final attack. And you saw. That's almost an indicate that you you're doing well So so a new. I done well on the course but when you come out jungle we have a barbecue. Instructors get together. They have their little final decisions. But you don't know for another five days when you get back to uk they don't tell you there is like so you know just came to the barbecue a friend of a friend south african latin drunk tony junkies. How dumb always be should come. Sas so it's almost like you've been given the nod. Unofficially and so you're telling give it another guy self critique in over the next five days and an member the same. Ds came up to me next as he said story said. Did i give you the nod last night. I said now he said did you. You said i did. He saw drunk. That's like psychological. Hey it's been nice knowing you really good effort out here and actually the jungle. Drums is a big thing selection. You know those in starts to go back. They'll sort of thing. It doesn't take long before it starts a- attacks of my friend's wife same well-done pass. How does his wife no endeavour past. They you fading confident you've done it. You still still when you walk in five days. Layer is like because occasionally guys are getting down check because whatever. Yeah let's say they may have got through the jungle phase but maybe not this time but with the jungle. You only get one attempt that that that's your only attempts. So yeah that's a. That's quite a big big color as well. But once you've finished the jungle phase you you know that they want you. You know said the next three months unless you're real neil diamond negligent negligent discharge or something like that. You're you should be safe. And what's the last three months. What are you doing for that second so do continuation chains to do sere. Survival of asian resistance extraction running through gray coats around scottish highlands and You do your your parachute and you square. She do communications kit. Aben final phase counterrorism So basically the they get you into position that when you join your sabre squadrons that you can fit into the team but you just your style point within the squadron's so there's a six month process is actually quite long drawn out and we basically espn sas as you touched on this as joint selection and the accommodations at hertford with sas. And you've seen the guys on the course already been given no squadron. Negative told what deploymenta going to go. See the quartermaster. To get care and you guys an espn salah god. No again anything So it is quite restating that they get their barium belt and then we used to just get given a blue tracksuit. You've got another free mumps continuation. Oh it's continues on it does instill selection or is it just continuation. It's days of old. Used to be selection because if you failed the dive. Course they'd exception. Yes yes now the whole thing. You know the difference. The sec spf. I always say surprising. The obvious soldier soldier no joke in turn event but actually they then introduced that we got we then go our own unit recognition with our own cap badge recently and you know we got our own belt because as of all you wouldn't know who has a royal marine cap badge. That was the only indicate was the long curly hair. You go here an elite club. It may have been in the journey to get. There was incredibly difficult but all of the other man at the squadron joined done exactly the same so no one remarked on it for me. Selection been the most monumental thing in my life but for these guys. It was a tick in the box to get to work. You the new guy. Are you all right. Simple as that. I'd be the exactly the same way once. I'd spent some time at pool and the next cadre of new guys came in. But for now i was the new book and i was about to begin one of the most intense periods of my life. What year is this. So this is two thousand six okay so on so when where were you. When september eleventh happened since september eleventh. We were about to go on a an ex cycle safe. Sirri-a in oman was a big big excise. Remember oversee seen turns out you know getting pulled into cinema watching it. Then that the afternoon i'll go a phone call from the school saying that you know. There's an advanced diving course died. Yesterday yesterday. Wanted to guises failed his his entrance tests so diving courses in phase it you have been basic course which is which is six weeks. You're advanced courses ten supervisors you have to pass each for you progress and so i go phone call to come down to dive school so i was heading down the road and then obviously see the twin towers. Everyone's going oh man off arm god. I'm going to miss out on this and You know so. I missed the initial. The initial phases are listed on the training team when the lights lots deployed. So yeah i. I missed out with free commander rate my afghan tool. So it's fuming. Few minutes it might my first deployment afghan. Yes with the espn You say here. I totally understand that. Some people will be disappointed that i can't divulge details of special forces operations but our country has enemies and we can't hand them information that could endanger the lives of my former colleagues who continue to operate around the world selflessly providing the blanket of freedom beneath which we sleep. I know you'll appreciate that. And in light of what they sacrifice weaken and sacrifice some stories. Let me just say that those years gave me some of my best friends and that i love the job. So this is now. You're you're going on deployments With the sbs. And obviously we're not gonna go any any any details of them. Will you guys primarily. Doing direct action is so when we. I was very fortunate. My i you know. I'd missed the free commanded. As so when i went out with the sbs My first our first deployment was the first ever operation. Operational jump for the sbs into into helmet. Wow it's my first time in afghan and is in operation jump at night So yeah we. We were doing task force for a two tier four two. Which is the door kickin bozo. Side that the intelligence services were also picking up agents things that so i was having to work between between both number the the guys who go and not with from our reserve and it all failed the course so when i first got there it was literally dorking tonight amid the day. Dress numbers local But for me we ended numerous operational jumps. We were very focused. On that we had the most hdtv's and any squadron and we had more hpd's in first three months into last free squadrons back to back Because we're just changing the way that that we operate. As you know out there you had to change They all knew your ps and you had to change and adapt to that so for me. I was at the pinnacle you know. I'd i'd missed out that time. If free commander guy but i i i made up for abundant. And what's your position or are you like a breeder a sniper. What your what your role yes. So that she wanted mentioned so and unlike So when i went on selection. I was a sergeant when you finish election you rank. Goes you start again as a true trooper. Yeah well actually they. I going to be marino wool. Who has said. I said that's fine but know that no other army lies especially hair is gonna come in to sbs if you call marines. You have to call his troopers so when i went to guinea pig what works what doesn't work and things like that. So yeah but then you do you literally the first army. There were two guys two guys. That was an officer and another engineer. Lot in your selection class. Yeah and so you. Three were the first army soldiers to go into the one before. Those before is bitter. First time in the in the squadron but from the engineers especially record been been the first. And i think now fifteen percent of the espn is now made up of the army so it was almost like the floodgates had opened Which is good. Because the marines is i said so proud of you. Know the background of that. But you need diversity. You need diversity in and that's what the army the army brought in also the fact that at the time the s we're run in iraq and the espn run enough gang. Who again you know if you guys want to selection iraq starting to wind down guys were looking toward afghan. So dsp was a good option there. The a that's my interaction with well. I had two interactions with the with the british special forces in my career. One of them was before nine. Eleven and There's very cool. And i'll tell you better later. And then the other one was just in in in iraq hidden target sets and there was like multiple targets that we're all somehow connected and so i just sat down next to the troop commander and we talk through the plan. Really good guy and obviously just you know when people ask me about. The brits. And i've i've i've worked with other british units but all of them what i say about the brits. The british are just professionals professionals. The way they behave the way they operate. It's just always awesome. You know they're going to be squared away it's That was always my impression of of the british special forces and of the british military in general. Yeah except for one person. I'll tell you also tell you about later. Which was really strange. And he was british navy. So which is strange right. Because that's the royal navy. That's the rule navia. Bra should be just totally squared away. Yeah that's probably where to drink in drinking problems. Yeah this. I don't know maybe could've used a beer at this so you so i cut you off when you were talking about. I'd ask you where you a sniper. Yeah when when you join Depends so we have four troops amounting boat and mobility. I mean you go in there. And as i said when you when you pass election you just six months you know you're at the baseline and now another base line and you have to get all these other skillset so we've into teams where there's any gaps whoever's language demolition. I was the forward air controllers. Mine was anything to do with there was me. I was the f. ac we've been art and then that means you get to go on every mission. Yeah exactly yeah. Yeah they've been stacking up on the doors. You know you would be point. Man guys out books. I my name the leader. Well you know you know. The first man is the new boy. Now the section commander or the commander's like number three or four so then obviously when you bounce onto the next door just depend. Who was a know what used to do. We didn't really have say right. We have to go in this order. When we did our training unrelenting we knew inside out drills it was just second nature very slick so But you were just you guys. Doing a rolling point doesn't matter who goes in but did you. Did you guys have breach. Your did you have special assignment for that because you are an engineer. I figured you can say breach because we always kind of a sushi. You're with was that a now. yeah no. it wasn't actually. When i when i yes so there are no you know it wasn't because dead. Demolition is slightly different from the role engineer. Demolition is we'll take down. A bridge is low whole. We'd probably dropped the whole compound things interest you. You'd be used explosives. But what they tend to which i felt was great and special forces. If you already have skill sets evora euro regardless goes. Let's give you another skill set. You know so you saw bill said said the pathfinder lads the airborne ricky when they go sas. They're already halo train. There's no point in going. They've got us skillset. Put me in boats know so they try and give you as many skills as possible. and then. How long would you guys go on deployments for so as six six months deployment used to do two years or room on so six months pre deployment training six months training. You then come back. You're on the green row. See on the page for any sort of any other Situations around the world in six months counter-terrorism then so hostage rescue union domestic international and then When you look like. I said that's enough. Broad people can kind of figure out what you're doing But how long. How many years of this cycle where you on city. I disabled every every two years so every two years. You've out for for for another six months unless you then you spent four years in your sabre squadron and then you you have to move on even get like an instructional. Classy guys tend to do that and then they then come back in and slow and his team leaders for the whole room on again. So now we're going to jump into one particular pre deployment training cycle. I'm going to the book we were in the desert part of our pre deployment training. I couldn't wait to get back out on operations nor could any of the other guys being on ops was the reason we joined the special forces and nowhere were our skills put to the test more than the daily life or death battles with our enemies going on high altitude high opening training. I loved jumping jumping. Some guys didn't and just sucked it up. But i always wanted to the first in the stick so i could stand on the open. Tail rampant. look down at the earth beneath me. I wanted to soak it all in before. I jumped but on the second jump that day. I was put in the back of the line. I- waddled with my kit toward the door as the others left. The aircraft one guy tumbled out after the next eventually. It was my turn. I jumped immediately. I knew that i was in trouble. I felt something on my leg. I looked up and saw that it was wrapped in rigging i knew that as soon as the static line pulled up the canopy that rigging which shoot up above my head and the force of it would take my leg with it. I had a second to get my leg. Clear wack i failed the static line pulled the shoot. The chute pulled the rigging the rigging pulled my leg. It came up and over my shoulder. Like i was a yoga guru instantly. I felt every muscle ligament and tendon rip and snap a screamed in absolute agony and almost blacked out from the pain. The rigging worked its way clear now. The leg fell back alongside the other. But i knew that i had no control over its movement. I was lucky to still have the leg. The force could have easily ripped it off and if that happened out of bled the death within minutes and some poor local would have had a one legged corpse landing in his garden. Pain was racing through my body. But i knew that. If i didn't get my act together i could still die. I was so far up. That ax oxygen was thin. And i could not afford to pass out. I drifted away from my guys. If i drifted away from guys could end up in the middle of the desert or the see it would be browner's. I had to stay awake. You'd think that the pain would have made that easy but it was so intense that my brain was trying to send me into unconsciousness. I wouldn't let it. i just wouldn't instead. I fixed my focus on the descending parachutes of the stick and followed them in. It was the longest thirty minutes of my life. Despite the physical agony. I had time had enough time hanging in the sky to feel emotional pain too. I knew that there would be no deployment for me now. I think i knew deep down that there would be no more time on operations at all. Thirty minutes is a long time to think about that. When you're alone floating through the air finally the ground was getting closer. I saw my mates landing in formation. I wanted to make a good landing out of pride but more than that. I knew that. If i landed badly i could quite well ruined my good leg to the ground. Came up to meet me. I pushed down on my toggles. And flared shoot just at the right moment dragging enough air under the canvas to take the speed out of my descent. If you do too early you just stop in the sky. Drop like a sack of shit. But i came in like a feather and landed on one leg. There was only one thing left to do medic. From what year was that. So that was two thousand and ten. So ma'am That's it. I mean your leg you. Did you know instantly you were you. You're done yeah you know it was actually the new guys. Come into the squadron again. Heyhoe train so such as Rory heyhoe train from previous tours. He's out we'll go. do fun. jumps like jump in but it's no such thing as a fun jump in the military and the reason i got moved i normally the front. I like to frog nosy. Turn around your the. Pg is which is always upset. The the the rif. So i think we'll move to the back of the steak. And i have done numerous these bums just routine but as i exit core in alliance on kick trying to kick it in time an i couldn't i then when he got pulled up over in. Probably hate me from the ground Screaming so but no one else in the team is aware that's enemy anything going on But because of those fin out drifting in and all the formats in the pain just needed to. I just wanted to get to the ground sea and reestablish. What's what's going on. Assess the ever parachutist. their approach. You know took another look over these and landed at one legged stray away or can put any pressure on. You know we got medic- medic- Back to the camp had a mri scan. The next day never torn your aco yelm. Show you lateral. Meniscus hamstring carve. You got all support as well. So normally with an acl or mc l. You can carry on and see rugby players and just carrying on is all the support muscles but to add to the issue as well. The who's the icelandic volcano which grounded aircraft all over. the world. said it can get eramet it to me so basically just thrown into hotel. The large went on to talk from there. I was putting hotel for four weeks. Painkillers now sort deteriorating go back to you. uk after an air. Med sent home six weeks back to the hospital. And it lost all my paperwork. It was just a spiral of of areas in the military medical system. How long did it take for you to get through. I mean how long to take to get surgery and you talk about in the book. How long was that was fully for weeks. And in when i engine my leg on the first selection process. He was five days. When i was running against six weeks to four four weeks to get so in malaysia deteriorate completely and for i was then transitioning to seville injuries. It wasn't really focused on my my. My rehab was like. What am i going to do next. Did your at what point did did you know that somebody would say. Hey that's it. You can't be here anymore. Do they offer you medical retirement like what did that process look like lied to think nato off your medical retirement But it didn't. I add to almost threaten i needed would legal the i needed the operation and when i left they pay scale they put me out and was warm below a medical pension and he said you a fixed within twenty six weeks. I was that what else is four weeks so five years later i had a tribunal hearing against the military and what the military tend to do is basically guys appeal it though say no and you can appeal it again. And they'll say no that they'll lose eighty percent of people doing so. I knew a general who said to me. he said. Just keep appealing. Said they won't even open your case until its deferred appeal which is five years later. So that's why did and then a tribunal hearing in edinburgh and went down in that she had a qc in front of you to doctors from the military then brought a military charity conroe british lesion. And they just sort of ask. Certain questions doesn't get your story out and you have a representative from the military veterans peeling and normally they can be quite aggressive goes quite quite relaxed but so did sates week before low when you go in this the ego he had one. He didn't his medical pension. He said when you go in there you can be thin. Stop special forces you know these guys say. Can you walk down the street. You say no it was one had done the back of mind the a win in and actually they had the time line. I print it out and You know i ended ended up getting a full full medical pension and then back day. In fact i had to go through. It is crazy. He'd light to especially when you feel like the top again you feel like you're a pop star in one special forces and then just this all missed a cloud over my my career in my career but the my last last year in the millions of bad leaves you the bad taste and bad taste. I didn't realize until i was successful. How in a weight on my shoulders. I felt when i got it. I felt i'd been reciprocate from my time. Are going close. Chapter and move on. But i was five years after leaving. How many years then did you. How many years were you in total. Sixteen so sixteen years in. And so you get what from the day you got injured. How long did it take before you said all right i need. I'm going to get out. Because i can't do my job anymore. To it was nearly a year. And i had to extend been on the military have to return to civilian street in similar condition. What you in. I was nowhere near that. So so for me my mindset in a my head's now thinking well i'm not. I'm not in the military anymore. Need to look look beyond that but you still can't progress because you're waiting on on this operation. So i i got it in the end and then i finally left in may two thousand eleven when i she go out then as you're working through this transition At some point you to call. It's can you be in libya tomorrow. Yeah yeah yeah so to add to the pressure you know you know when we talk about identity crisis you spent only time in the military working in a tiny new unit. You know knowing what you're doing day out work alongside professional to like. Where do i now fit in society. What my role is my purpose. So i had that going on in my head. I haven't really had four. Transitions are guys. When they get out they have like two year build up in the door. These workshops in these sell their companies. My almost crash bang. You're you're out the door. My wife at this point was eight months pregnant. Some of course any work out there. You know what we can do. And we're all sounded like leeson. People who are skill sets tends to be the private security industry so this is the middle of the arab spring and get africa was still in tripoli this point and in benghazi a lot of the oil companies security companies media would form an up and my friend who was a director one large skew company said thing. Can you be in libya. And of course the council when straight in and basically it was a is the different project department for institute development. Which was the at a time with the prime minister's little baby so they will go into the country's and you'd have representatives from the financial sector from the medical and the military and is debated. Advise and help these these countries get back on their feet so there will prepare for. So i he said. Can you go in. Can you help sell the different project. We're going to fly thirty private security operators in from iraq and afghanistan. So i went in and straight away. I can see there was no free. You know the libyans were very hospitable. But he also were quite adamant that they didn't want to be another afghanistan and iraq. You know once gadhafi had fallen. They wanted to take control of their country. The didn't want private scary. So we had these. Mp sevens these weapons and these guys came in two days later from this herk these hope from afghan in iraq and whereas our weapons of changing their mindset. Actually there is no friend. You know needs to be all all okay. I was also trying to find a niche within the industry. And i was looking all these security. There's a lot my friends had there. S q companies. Were doing an piracy these coast of africa. I didn't wanna try on their feet. So many big security companies identify charging six-figure sums for crisis management and evacuation plans. But when you scrape the surface of the nothing in place so haven't spent two weeks set. That up i am. I flew back home. And alana gave birth to our door. Molly and I said having a plan. So i i went back to libya and and there's a huge proliferation of weapons at a time. It was difficult to go. So i bought thirty weapons on the black market and buried them between june is in egypt. Spent a month in the desert. Just -cation these pele cases becomes kiss and money and just wrote my own evacuation plants. Hoping never to really really need them. And that's why did we leave in aberdeen. Which the oil and gas capital europe so had good links to your gasset. And that's what did i bet. That was my niche. I'd found in each within within the industry So yeah now. Did you set that up. Where you were talking to the oil companies and i've been to aberdeen thankfully Very cool served there. I i haven't no. But i know up there so the great spot i was there in like the winner and you could have served. It wouldn't have been fun but you could have served. I was looking at the waves. I went for a little run down there. And i the waves and i was like well. You could do it do it. But we're not fun. Gross freezing choppy zik. Barely you could probably serve for about two seconds three seconds per wave. You have the waves to yourself. Though there was no there was not even on the beach So did you. did you set that. The those all gear up and then go and pitch to clients like hey. I've got these plans set up. Here's what i can do for you. And then are they giving you some kind of revenue upfront. Yes it's a basic. That a dentist that i wrote him up. I you know. I have this plan in place you know i had decay. She's of my mindset with it was i. i knew that the libyans didn't want security companies. We're weapons so before long. We can do that. Semi sort mindset was. If there was a situation we could drive across the border on armed and go to the case points. Pick them up. If you need the needed weapons and get in a decline out an embarrassing now that was it so it was almost like a retainer knowing that service Was there And then we used to have like triggers i. If there's a certain situation go to yellow we go up to amber. so really shouldn't have. If if if you're a deer into that trigger system you have in place. You shouldn't really need to go further on evacuation. The only thing that sort of is natural disasters. That's where you can go from green to red overnight. This is a natural disaster. So really if you have in place. But that's something. I just picked up from the military Was these case systems in these cases that how the ira and the taliban uzis case systems originates but for me. It just wasn't. I was walking around with weapons. But i knew i had safe. How new weapons available if needed You build relationships and then you talk about that a lot here. Yeah yeah. I know i saw when i go out as well. I didn't to be going out to afghanistan and iraq. I've done my time in. No i of the security cut secure industry isn't risk reward ratio balanced at all. You know you could be in yemen. Libya somalia on fifty percent of what you're on taking the you a royal family. Soupy off from barcelona tomorrow. Dev's where's the money and is in the corporate close protection so i didn't have cargo pants tops. You know it was like it was a nice dinner jacket and brogues and that was that was my approach but everyone has this perception. Especia- forces you know about offensive action is breaching. Moses is kicking in doors and things. I that's twenty five percent of what we do. Fifty percent of what we do is is support and influence its hearts and minds being embedded with the locals understanding. Actually what is the situation on the ground. Not what i'm seeing on. Tv but what is actually physically going on the ground so for me. I really built up good relationships local fixes and there's one hundred sixty seven tribes and libya and my fixer in. Tripoli isn't nice. Aim fixer in benghazi. So i quickly understood that especially during that the arab spring and i just returned from the london olympics was providing security for visa and in benghazi. The evening that your american ambassador go killed September eleventh two thousand twelve. And i go phone call kc score help a german oil company eight german engineers get him out and benghazi so while it was working. I made a film thirteen hours. It was kicking off in the sea. Got these guys safely from benghazi. To tripoli fru safehouses i had in the desert and they again a member we had drivers from benghazi and we got to the safe house and we know we could drive to triple in the day by said no. We'll wait here for four hours. Which is worrying. The engine is a bit the benghazi guys. I'd like big big bids. And mr dean. We can go. I said no. No we wait for eight hours but they were nervous. I knew there were nervous going into tripoli because if from their own region what they went away over those getting drive is coming in from tripoli to me is enabled carry on That sort of knowledge knowing who to use a wendy's and member the morning leaving the poor guy. Some benghazi color couldn't tell them they'd shaved their heads and went outside the tripoli driver tournament. It's like a almost like a scene from the ok corral all star going for their weapons. I said look i said. I can't take you to tripoli you compromise us these guys can do and i you will still get paid and it's just all about respect. I always say about communication but for that operation. I couldn't i couldn't divulge too much to them. So i got them safely out and then two years later. I was in Brazil for visa again covering the world cup. I think a phone call from the embassy. So what happened now. is tripoli war. It's a civil war between militias and the government and embassies the any reason embassies ring countries all about trade and investment. You know what can we get for for our country winning when things are opening up so october. Thirteen the The done in assessment canadians and basically it was costing him twenty million dollars years of the embassy open and they're so of assessment was going to investment for at least fifteen years so when we see a window of opportunity let's collapse the embassy and leave but it can just collapse them because the local will be questioned so fast forward now some of fourteen the tripoli war the americans brits italians shop and went with the canadians aren't going back so they had to shred everything and stayed at the protection team was canadian military and they would fly in every forums rotate flight to tripoli international airport but join period of four months. They never left the walls of tripoli it just went from there accommodation to the office. Didn't get out the city so they didn't know what would be on the walls and there's actually only hundred kilometers coastal road from tripoli tunis so i flew in and we'd already evacuate a couple of people from us aid. And i did. I don't go with the big over vegas local taxes and just keep it all low profile and the week before the british engaged at every checkpoint on the way to tunis which is operatives warrior in the canadians. So me my fixer We went out. We just robin speaking to the guys who got the weapons identified who the tribal elders was sat down with him. No shed bradshaw coffee and it was actually all about communication shown them respect and yet fallen fallen day. They then escorted us safety of eighteen military and four diplomats single handily from tripoli to tunis just to put that in perspective a little bit when i was a young seal before before you know September eleventh one of the main missions. I did two deployments with the marine corps on ships and one of the main missions that we would train for is called the a neo noncombatant evacuation operation which is literally to go into whatever you know. Un-american embassy presumably and go in in some hostile or semi hostile country and evacuate those people but they would have an entire amphibious. ready group. With you know several battalions of marines the air support the seals all to go and get whatever that group is out of the country. So when i was reading that portion of the book where you made this happen. That's a. that's a huge deal to do this. Essentially a mission that normally that that could utilize an entire amphibious ready group with airframes airships nine yards to make this happen. And you're able to do it in a different from a different angle by utilizing the locals by having building relationships with the locals go in and do it low profile. That's just a it's a real credit tool with the way you were thinking about that operation. Yeah you have to think out. The box did. The fish wagons is fish. Wagons that take fish from tripoli tune is every day so we use the fish wagons to put the equipment in because they would just go straight through border control. There were a bit slow again. Tune is that. I could see the canadians. Getting getting a bill of worried but yeah it was just thinking thinking out the box we did have. Uav coverage zhukova coverage to to the border and then when we're at the border the canadians. But i did that job for free. And the reason i did. That was the year before. I just finished. Well go ahead. it's it's it's an interesting perspective You you got yourself into a situation that maybe didn't give the best image of what you were trying to do. Yeah some semi security very ad hoc. When i go out a my friends went over to work in the uae and train them Which is great. Good money and things up. I wanted to learn more. You know outside that miniature environment as well. I actually did. more sensitive. Jobs is a private secure than i did. When i was in the special forces. And you know i would. All over africa yemen. You know every time. I got a phone call. It was a different kanji. Different job. And i just come out yemen and i was in dubai and a phone call from my friend. We just up a new company. London he said can you be. Can you be in libya tomorrow. I said why can't my visa's expired don't worry about. It is a different by the way i did that quote earlier did you. Can you be. Can you be in libya libya tomorrow. This is another time that happened. This is another time. This was what you were doing. They want to get out of the military. You're running these security events you're providing security you're doing assessments. You're doing evacuations. And so this is another time when you got the call. Hey can you be in libya tomorrow. Can you be in libya tomorrow. Well no because my visa's expired and he said you don't need a visa fine so flew via manchester flew straight in and i got to the to the airport terminal and this young guy comes out to me you mr dean misdemeanor. Follow me so everyone's into cue for passports and we went in and of acute and we went to took me into the city. Went to the tobac- hotel which is part of corinthia hotel group. But i knew that was owned by the maltese and also by the government and one of the guys that i said rights met my my one of my partners there on business owners and he said right you just about go meet the prime minister. Libya speaks no english. Their speaks german so the health minister is gonna translate as okay fine to their board on the back story about foia hours before the militias seized all the oil terminals to start exporting oil libya and so we went upstairs and he sits down explains the situation to me and He says one of what we do. And i said well. What do you want hell when i want most terminals back. I see look where we can. We can put a team together. you know. Do four four simultaneous associate. Don't do back to back. You're not force. Photinia soaps ivory from c. Or from land but leave the flying cope. Infants to escape said. No i don't wanna miss gape looked over to my friend. And he said this has been sacriston so okay so let me just translate this for people that might not be tracking. So there's oil rigs that have been seized. The prime minister of libya is sitting there. Telling you i want these things back from these insurgents or whatever you wanna call them. I want these oil rigs back from these insurgents. I want you to do a simultaneous. that we're you said. hey. I can do a simultaneous assault. Yeah so you're going to need a lot of people to do this and then you say listen you know the smart thing you're thinking. Hey i'll give them away to get outs that way. They're not going to stand and fight. Hopefully and you know. We'll we'll mitigate damage and he says no. We don't want anyone to escape. We want you to kill all these people that are on these oil rigs and that's the mission tasking that you're getting okay. So this mission task and and and fully listeners abassi in libya benghazi over in the east is where all the oil is and the the politicians role in the west and again different tribes. They do not get on well. So and then in the middle got ms writer as well and that is so. This is a big mess. So i walked out this me in an hour right. I'm going to need at least one hundred. And fifty guys fifty to one and seventy two two and this has been funded. He said yeah. Make it happen. So straightway i'm having to make phone calls. And i love to see the invoice. This that you're gonna see the and it was not the money we will get in for. This job was four times normal daily. Wait in and i guys on standby in uk on like twice as much that do in in in iraq and an afghan just staying at home. It was huge started to grow into a beast and every evening i would go up to the prime minister update where we are in the situation and this went on for like two or three weeks. The problem i had was some guys was not come in and trying to hide them. Keep him out of you because those other private security companies there who. I knew i had a great reputation in in libya an ally or what what what you do indeed. I'm reviewing my evacuation plans. As i guys do look very special forces so this went on for about free weeks and older planning in a place doing all iraqis using his private jet to fly over the areas. Identifying you know there's any aircraft we can you utilize at the top of the the equipment list kick coming in from like plat attack all over the world so yeah it was a big boys and this evening i went up to the prime minister. And he said look he said i need to go to To new york tomorrow is the un conference but each evening's. Please come up brief. The health minister says fine. So the fallen. Even i went upstairs and health minister and so now. The prime minister went to new york. He's in new york now. Now you're just alone with the health minister who actually turns out to be not the health minister but hospital manager from London is the only guy he could trust. So it's very closed doors but in in the corner my left was a large with big bushy tash and each to say nothing so mean health minister chatting away next thing he starts screaming libyan they start arguing and just pull my pool much erbakan disquiet. I mean just didn't start organ in the perfect english he said who you i told him go and he said what you doing here in explained and he was the head of the sis intelligence service and he said no one knows. This is happening in government you know. He's going to prime minister gone on his own back. Okay and he said where are we with. I said well this is as raw one or two more weeks and we read it go and he's out some not saying stop it but can we slow it down. I'm thinking the daily wage. We can slow down as much one. Yeah of course so. Yeah i said well look i tell you what we do is wind up. We design a special forces training program for libyans in the west and the lebanese 'cause they were never train together that way. It would be a covid reason. Why this equipment coming in justify what is guys coming in so so we went to an agreement on that. Drive this writer. So that's what we did anyway. The the pain. It was a for pyeho mentioned. Who's paying for this. And but we later said look. We are siphoned money. And let's call it a day. Could we can pick this up anytime we can come back and pick up said yet. Perfect do so. I sent start sending the guide back and one of my best friends. He stayed out miss. We'll go back tomorrow evening. We're in the Is a restaurant top hotel and is moroccan. Open air restaurant and we could hear distinct sound of an easy one for you. know what. Hercules aircraft sound is like distinct herk. But there was four. Ac for is at melita military airport around the corner but they were grounded. I didn't work because the wreck them. See if we could utilize them four hundred innovative anyway. The next morning all over the world news doubt forced. Come in and pick up in q responsible for the kenzi kenya and tanzania bombings so obviously the prime minister when gone the un agreement but the americans given the green light which is fine but of course everyone follows me. You know me and my mate trying to get out airport that day it was difficult and and obviously explained into the over security that that wasn't me we got out and the prime minister bab free days later he got arrested by the militias. He got released in yen again. People four hours responsible for that wasn't so i kept a low profile for a couple of weeks and flew back in and i was winning contracts. I was getting some good contracts by wasn't getting your oil and gas you ngos. I wasn't getting the big ones and mafra news. Access s guy who's a security adviser for p. m. c. and so pw's and he says Historic finks your your mercenary. You went motionless sanctioned by the various governments. It was actually a show of force. How quickly we could pull a private team together. He said yeah. We know that. I said but for the general corporations who do the diligence. They don't see lineup so then when it came to the canadian embassy one everyone gone no security companies. We're gonna come back in and help the canadians when i came in. And they said what was the cost. And i said i think it was about seven thousand dollars and that was to cover the fish wagons my fixer and i charge enough in. Everyone's out you could made but for me. It was actually them brushed off that reputation of being a mercenary. Then put my name. On the top of powell as being the number one good that op for seven thousand dollars. Seven thousand dollars. Twenty four twenty two people whole embassy safely. That's ridiculous my wife that you should have charged. You could've kept your rate to drip or earned back you reputation and made a little young. That bethany is all about you know. It wasn't the money. I liked light to help you. And that's why. I wanted to get across in fact and y- did became number one in industry. It's a strategic. Move obviously to to do that. And take those people and and give them a good deal and clean your reputation up after been a little bit you know tarnished by this involvement and you go into details on the book on that about just just the fact that you can be sitting there talking to the actual prime minister of the country at the time and it's not what it looks like. Nana exactly how to back up a little bit one part in the book. You're talking about your new normal and this is what you're doing Your dad had been diagnosed with cancer. You drove to the hospital when you got to the hospital. Your sisters are there your step. Mom's there they'd been there kind of kind of just toiling with the whole situation you show up and put them on rotation like hey. I'm going home. i'll be back in the morning You know you need to get some sleep because they were out there at the edge and then you come back And you go into this. The next eight hours was probably the longest continuous amount of time. They we'd ever spent together to sue with your dad in the hospital. He's in rough shape. We had a bit of a chat. But it was superficial. He was on painkillers but that had never been our style anyways. I knew i loved him. He knew i loved him. And i knew he loved me. Anything else i can do for you. I asked him. He told me out of pain his leg i saw he had a problem with one of his pain relief devices. I took a couple of seconds to fix it and instantly. He looks arena nodded off to sleep when the girls return that evening. He was still peaceful. I've never seen him. Look so calm. My step mom said well. That's because he hasn't got three women fussing over isn't it. I joked every squatty knows that dark humor is how you cope with death. I stood up and gave my data pat on the shoulder. When we will be back. When will you be back. One of my sisters asked me. I shook my head. I won't i'm going back to aberdeen believe it. I've said my goodbyes. I told them and my family are up in aberdeen. That's where i need to be. I knew it would be the last time that i saw him. And i was the peace with that back in aberdeen. that night. I got news that i had been expecting. How's your dad. Doing alana asked me the next day at breakfast. He died last night. I replied and went back to eating my cereal. I was that blase about the whole thing. I didn't realize it. Then but death had been normalized from me. So to admi- ways of coping with it. A complete numbing of my emotions. My father passed away and given my wife the news in the same way that i tell her that the cattle had just boiled over the next week or so. I took control of the practical side of my dad's death. I helped arrange the funeral and made contact with the royal engineers associations that they could be present. I wore my love at one of the ceremonial uniforms of the royal marines and the sbs. I wore my green beret. My medals and my father's it was the last time that i wore the uniform. And i suppose that it was a fitting tribute in itself. My dad had been a huge part of meat. Beginning in the mi- military journey and now he was part of its end. How are you feeling a lot of asked me. After the funeral. I need to leave the house at zero six hundred hours tomorrow to get to the airport. I told her in reply in a moment when most people are wracked by motion. I was pre planning my travel for the job in south africa i was relentless but in pursuit of what. And why now obviously you know. It's something that you know we we we have to deal with death on on a big way and in especially win with with people that you know. I don't know how. How will your dad was when he died but his sixty seventy had had a grown son and and kids and had lived his life. And you know. I i know for me you know for us. It's hard because we see we. We see our friends that died. That are twenty seven thirty two. They haven't had that opportunity. And i think that's something that makes a little sense of my head of when someone older dies. Of course it's sad but you know that they had a good life and had that opportunity and then like you said you know We unfortunately have to see a lot of people dying. You have to figure out how to get through that and sometimes maybe it's not the well. Sometimes i guess we take the emotional side of it and have to stifle it down. Maybe not the best thing to do. But it's kind of what we do celebrate. It's how we deal with things that we my my father. When i joined the army that was that was my new family. One of my sisters stayed mum and my dad and my other sister went up to today had their own lives. When i joined the army that was that was my family. I would only get in touch. My dad was old school. You know what i mean. I remember getting a phone call is could ringing data really you know and it was because my cousin the komo from australia he would only ring if it was really reporting so i would do my normal birthdays and christmas and that was enough. No news good news in my in my dad new destroy he he would know about me. Come back from a tour. Wouldn't tell them when i was going. So we we had that relationship so we weren't close close. But i think it was just after christmas. We knew he'd been diagnosed and it was terminal things. I and my sister said you need come down come down and i know that she was being overreactive husband rang me said you now need to come down so y'all come down and i went in then lychee. They're all watching. Is every breath in their eyes. Were like piss in the snow. I had no sleep like twenty four hours. So i just flown in hunt. Seen him for months said right. I'm just after my friends out and a because you guys tomorrow will be useless. You know and i just in the military just kicked in and we need to send from he d routines and i remember. My mum call if manchester dany need to come down. It's like you know they're they're upset. You deal with def differently than been native. But like i said our had with my dad and that was the longest i had you know for me. I'd i'd said my goodbyes. And i went a bit. That was two thousand fourteen. It was the same year evacuated. The canadian embassy. When i came back from that trip. I did the same thing again. A sat down and my normal s. o. P. will be two in d. service in reserve is might be ready for the next phone call and one of my shirts would was covered in blood. I'd administer first data traffic accident on the border. So i said to my wife took me get the blood out. Yeah want wanna know what is blood in civil Evacuate connection misaligned another fro a comment light. You told me you dodged just died so actually. We sat down evening down to bowlers of poor. And yeah tis flow in and really what it was is actually. I hadn't come to terms. With the fact i'd left. The special forces are still trying to match adrenaline. Rush had winnow still in so everything even approaching the my father died. The hadn't some kin so as mentioned early and it takes a whole brigade evacuate. So you know. I didn't have that top cover. I didn't have the hilo support that guys come in. So that's when the pin-drop for me that something needs to change and it was actually all about communication. And i i'd built up inside me. It was that evening. Really kate in your dad's no hey. I don't have to prove a point anymore so i'm not a big chat school dead or divorced as well it reached that t junction was gonna die. Oh family i did change the way my lifestyle you One of the things that you you breezed over is when you when you did the world cup in brazil and I'll just jump into it. Will it was at the brazil versus cameroon game that i got a chance to catch up with a friend of mine. He was there representing the football association because his brother couldn't make it happy that my clients were secure with the other. Lads left my place and went to the presidential box of meet my mate from the army. Alright study he said how are you made. I asked him. We'd met back in two thousand seven at a joint tactical air controller sar joint terminal attack controller j tack horse held at our af leeming. There were eighteen students. And when we've been told to behave towards a certain individual as we would to anybody else in the forces no special treatment. It was on the second day that we hit it off when we were being given our call signs from the back of the room. I'd made a joke at his expense and there was a sharp inhalation of breath as a way to see how it would look or see how he would see how he took it. He laughed and that was how i came to be paired up for the rest of course with prince. Harry who's one of the most decent blokes you could meet. He's a military man through. And through. And i think part of the reason he loved the army so much was that he could just be himself. He was comfortable in this environment and he could handle his rank and job as well as any other soldier. I'd met it was great to see him in brazil. Not because he was a prince but because he was a comrade from my days in kit just like one of the boys. How long was that course says six week course this. We're going back now to two thousand and seven and you know. Raf leeman he's got over or your fighter pilots. Tornadoes and eurofighter is with a with brown shoes probably and the And literally that are a dj. Tat causes a wooden hut at the end of the runway. No-name knows with their so. I remember walking in the room and clocking him. He's probably about twenty three so basically this is when he he wanted to go on his first torture afghanistan but he couldn't just go on tall and had to have a role within the unit and his commanding officers in sas guide. We'll look go on jay tat course. You could be the regiment on for their control. So that's what i did. He of course and like you say could you say you know. Every man and his dog turned up for some face time with him and was cringing. But the back four the lands at four in the back with sas into sbs guys and he was literally signed front of me. And you know everyone. Did the opening address. Hurry then left the room and then the commodores right. Guess no preferential treatment tree like one in their own. I said fine how everything comes back. In and the first lectures call sign so on the course equal jackpot one jap one as at least the pilot knows who student. And then you know for example the prefix. I will bow. Services mayhem some. Am for free and you know widowmaker for the sis. So harry puts his hand and he says If successful on this course they'll get a cool sign. And i just blurted out. Yeah you'll folks piss one and of course everyone is you know you can't say you've just told me to treat not only the see turns over looks at the berry. Smalls mental gold. I'm gonna get beheaded and afternoon. He comes back in and he's got right of randomly. Pitney job numbers work with me. And he pulled the an sas guy an spf guy prince harry and raf officer and then the other fourteen which didn't make sense. Is that what you've randomly picked. But you could see on nicole and i was going to go. I saw first exposure him got partnered off because they knew he wasn't going to get any preferential treatment. I you made that quite quite clear. Also he he's probably the most comfortable dak wasn't being critiqued by the media and everyone else he could be. Harry could be no left tenant whales and things and he was actually a good operating. now he's clear and precise over the net. He didn't get flustered so no he. He's well worthy of that role and and we maintain that relationship after that we we did a lot together. We do a lot in in charity. And i remember going into. We had a big the army navy each year twickenham. It's like the biggest rugby venit hundred fifty thousand people turn. Yeah yeah the drink alcohol on that one weekend every international rugby game so he was my wife alana reno anew and not long been injured some alexina brace at twickenham and i he takes me this catch-up annenkova who had caught up in a car park and this was this is now a training to be a pilot and We started shy. And he said. Look a pass mcauliffe's anime concision where i fly. Apache or links and links is like style. Glorify taxi driver generals around and when we turn to the the apache call signs in afghan the prefixed. He's ugly ugly ugly too. So i said i. Let's go ugly early. And so he he that he messes me a few days and yeah. I'm going ugly so you don't go to patchy fast forward and a big special forces charity event. And he's he's a guest on my table and they auctioned off a special boat service like statue silver-plated. We've forty thousand pounds. Harry's is beautiful. Number four i knew bronze brunswick any seventy five pounds. So i did i. I bought one. And i got it. I got laminate. And i said harry said congratulations on being ugly mayhem for free. Delivered to the palace but But yeah he did. Ten years ended another taw. That was where he will. he was most comfortable. And that's when we start building our relationship you know he's you were so tight who people he can trust In an to be part at thirteen years layer is a biffing knows of the integrity of the special forces. Get message all the time. Can you speak to harry delete. That's just i wonder he's going to end up playing a role a little later. He is. yeah But going back to the dead or divorced section of this book So you pretty much. You get the message like ami they're going to get divorced or i'm to be dead. I don't like either one of those outcomes. So you you you kind of stand down from the security stuff and you're gotta get a job like a regular job so go to the book here. I needed a job in a lot of suggested. I come work with her. In in the property development sector it would be a chance for me to learn about something outside kicking in doors and sneaking people out of countries. And because i wanted what was best. My family i gave it a go. I was about an hour into it. Before i started to fantasize about launching myself out of the nearest window. Everything that i've done in my life. I had done with the ethos of unrelenting pursuit pursuit of excellence the unrelenting pursuit of excellence. And i tried to bring that attitude into the office but something was missing and you spend some time doing that and and then she can tell your miserable and you're trying to suck it up like a good like a good man and finally she says you know you look miserable when you like. Yeah i am and she says. Why don't you start biking. The office starts cycling to the office and ten miles. Each way you start doing that. You're starting to that's cool. Hey you're starting to get your starting to get after it on the bike and trying to beat your times and all that and she says basically you're still not happy are you and you admit to her like mel. I don't like sitting in a cubicle. Or whatever it is you're doing and finally one day she she rolls on yoon. You know she's holding something. What's that i asked her. She had a book in her hands. A big one along through that me read it and pick something she said. I looked down at what had landed in my lap. She knew me. I smiled opened the cover and began reading guinness book of worlds record records. So so that's what she did. She threw the book at you and said figure out what's figure out something to do. Yeah yeah so so. Actually you know when when i transition you hear horror stories when people transition from the minute some can be quite and some quite smooth so when i met alana as she she was a bank manager for free the biggest banks. In aberdeen so win on worried about you know certain paper. She set my first security company on a phone watching tv. And i'm like we have ticked the right box. She she knew about the corporate side which helped my transition and is a massive pie in moving forward. So when i came back from the canadian data divorcing it was actually she for. I wanted to go away. And i four that she needs me to make money so it was actually a lack of communication and we sat down. We saw communicate and she said well. We don't need money. I've got my own property business. You know come come with me. I said fine so this is about five years now from leaving the millages stage in my life. My my engine legs now. Two kilos lighter but my good leg because of the muscle wasting so when i was away on these security jobs. If there was a gymnast i took my trx anyway. Very upper body focus neglected my cv. So i just bought push bike. Sorry i gotta look at these skipping. Legged is just worried about those gotten similar. So so so push-bike of amazon in boston batman lycra thinking it was cool. It wasn't. I didn't know anything about cycling. A stray just anybody. Eight miles aim about being physically active and felt it was a big way of shoulders confront anymore and other for perfect. But you know we're bad stories. San in his architects and planners means no interest in his drawer. And i mean my my wife gets z. Glaze over my is ramona jesse than the coffee in a busy. It's actually when my son was born. I was at one. Hold the baby feeding the baby while she was doing all the work. You just felt like this. All i've got too often. I didn't want to be taking those risks. I did before so about a month before my fortieth birthday. Getting middle age crisis ground. Nash also always member doing marina guinness book of records. So i always thinking cycling because it's not impact my knee. you know. Maybe i should have at twelve era russia as in a minute or something. So i'm going to be easier but living in scotland always thinking me maybe abidine to dundee's about sixty miles. My wife and found the world's longest road is light from seven argentina to nova alaska. So she has a joke that she clearly wanted me out the house. So it's like fourteen thousand miles. The panamerican highway the panamerican highway. So you know to give you an idea. Because of the curvature the curvature the earth is equivalent seiken from london to sydney and then another four thousand dollars is it's twenty two off four perfect you know so having only sigua lesson twenty miles. I applied for the world record which no some people things quite arrogant. I four in my head. I said well no. I had that endurance mind. Say if denise not going to be an issue then then why not. why can't i did it. So i apply if it will record. We'll records one hundred twenty five days at this point. Six weeks later guinness came by said. Yes you've been successful on your application during this period so now has already beaten records now hundred and seventeen days of grace already take eight days of my original plan so we mentioned harry already. We should pervert rolls into this arena. I know we do a lot in charity stuff. You know. he's come on my table. I had An intelligence fusion cell based in mozambique and tanzania so these guys would give me in reports of where the ivory was going from africa to the far east. You know so. I would be pushing this information up the line to harry them again. So we're doing a lot in charity anyway. So i mean guinness came back around him up and i said look cycle the world's longest road and the record. Which what should we do in. And the this was two thousand sixteen so his brother and kate and him or about launch campaign in two thousand seventeen heads together which was a mental health campaign in the military. I'd seen it firsthand. You know some of my friends. And i wasn't aware how big an issue of the whole of society is very much able to talk about nowadays. Be from post natal depression. Young children ages all the way through so he said. Could i do it for that campaign said harry asked. Would you not going to say no. Of course so so. It did that and then he then introduced me to the rule foundation who to deal with all their charity. Work and I you know you walk in the room. And they're like the probably got one to harry's made again sat down and they said right first question how much you looking to raise. And i want to keep them at. The table said a million pounds of showers out and the but for me i wanted the enormity of the challenge to reflect hammer. You can't go do the marfan so you're gonna raise a million pounds. Has to be in. Comparison said fine. What's what your message in our shit. Hurry just come in the house. So just about and i said well. Physical activity helps your mental state. So on you can't use that. I said well why not was not been scientifically proven says fine said bodoni the scientists to tell me feel goodwin being physically active so ignored them. Anyway and carried on promoting oversee now is very much recognized as one of the coping mechanisms so so that was the birth of the panamerican. Highway challenge fell into it by accident. In the a lot of people doubted you because you had no experience on a bike you know these other people that are setting these records you know they they. That's what their life is their experienced racers. And whatever else and you just decided. Yeah watch this. Hold my beer. But every team you did a swot analysis that right at the beginning its strengths and weaknesses. The opportunity and the only weakness it came out was my arrogance towards psych and community which took his strength and actually yes. I wanted to vote so much. Who knows a young boy on a bmx. And but for me. It wasn't so much about the the physical bail. I'll deal with that on. The time is the planet in one of the things we could at in the military is at meticulous planning and the detail. You know even in the canadian embassy for if you have the right plan then you just bring the just took a military set of orders and put it on. Just crossed out ammunition. And that's when i started started putting the plan together but i was taken experiences. I had in the msci from before putting into this challenge. I love the phrase that you can't be experience with experiences so bad experiences before. And why how. Can i transferred out onto this. So one thing we used to do in this special forces which was great because we're one of the best in the world is because they're always evolving always learning always changing. And when you come off the ground we used to do if in quarter four even go. Clean your weapons. Admin yourself is called a hot debrief while it's still fresh in your mind in the free questions of oppose. Were what worked. What didn't work. And if we're gonna do that again what would we do differently so at the time i was reading magazines those buying books about cycling and i wasn't getting those answers i needed and a foot where the best people to speed to those. I've done it before you you know. They've been edited. Been on that road. they'll they'll be. Give me the answers. So did i reached out to the previous record holders. And i just posed those free questions and getting all the information in and all their issues all star in alaska and finish in argentina. Older issues were in south and central america. So for me does not. Why take a gamble with the second half you know why. Not get you know bureaucracy. The board is languages spares via bias address. Those issues early then when you gains america we can then reassess where we are so one of the things i was proud visit. I'd ignored able analysis. And i turned on its head. My star point was from from seven argentina. Said that's how. I came up with that plan. But there's a lot more to it than just grabbing a war ball and a helmet cycling off. You know what. I mean when you in the planning together to support him in a documentary team who are very much more risk averse and myself yet to be considering their welfare. So there's things you don't really think about. Elections was the best i you're gonna go through country. Mid of elections and civil unrest was. What's going to give you the most advantage season ways. You know there's so much which is what we do in the military and and that's what it was so that's where the planning came from from what i picked up before and then training wise. Yeah i then. You know. Harry and i did a Deloitte promo video together to promote the challenge. Once cameras finished he said what training are you gonna do. And i said well i'm going to do lana. Gross land's end. John is seven point of england to northern scotland Because the panamerican highway was fifteen and then back to back. So i said if i can't do what was i going to do fifteen so i said we're going to do that. And he said what i do it with some of the members of the invictus games corsica by they want to do them and embarrassed myself so having only cycled free weeks. I run mommy. And i said i'm gonna go do lands in johnny growth and evans. That all ready you don't know yearning being cycling in bike fair and i fought bike. Fit was fitness. It's actually a measurements to your bike. So i do so. I i from coma with i. Two days was a huge storm storm angus day. I fell off my bike. French must gay for it. A gob to scotland The code is it. Being in ten years it was minus sixteen a row off. I by my friend went and bought one off the shelf. Did everything completely wrong in in in cycle world but for me. If i couldn't do one. How was i going to do fifteen and then we then did it. Six months later with these guys. And i was like i knew about cadence and things. I understand more listeners. In that london jonah grows is a is on the bucket list for cyclists but for me it was a training right now. Almost had to approach it in that manner. Yeah well what. I like about all this. I mean it's. It's something i've i've been saying to veterans for a long time. Which is you know when you get out. You gotta find a new mission if you don't have a new mission that's when things start going sideways and you know for you. Your first new mission was doing the security stuff and you did that. You attack that and then all of a sudden you had to pull back from that to take care of your family. You tried the new mission of the cubicle and the the drawings as you as you call them that that wasn't a mission for you then you got this in your head and now you had a new mission. Something to focus on something to do a positive thing and You know obviously takes moves you in the right direction. It's just it's a. It's a really great example of something that i say all the time that you actually executed. This is an interesting section in here. it's called who dares win who dares wins. And you gotta you gotta call and the call. The guy says my name's andrew slater on the television producer. And they had no idea they're gonna take special forces soldiers and going to put civilians through some kind of form of some kind of selection and as he's doing this You know you're he's interested in having you be one of the guys and the question was has this been cleared through the modise through the ministry of defence. And you start running the chain of command. And you're you know asking if this can happen or not and then you get this going to the book here. A couple of weeks later. I received the letter. It wasn't exactly a pleasant memo from the emo d. It cut straight to the point telling me to step away from the project immediately. I read over the letter a couple of times to make sure i had everything straight but it was literally in black and white. Step away from the project or become persona non grata which is png means. You're not you're not welcome anymore When it comes to decision making. I always listened to my gut instinct and it was telling me loud and clear that i should comply with the mo dis wishes. I was the sbs ambassador to scotland. And i enjoyed that role. I enjoyed the sbs association charity events. I enjoyed being able to visit pool and hertford. I had good mates still in both. Did i wanna cut that away in in the vain. Hope of becoming the next jason. Statham answer was clear. I can't do the show. i'm afraid mate. I told andrew no worries. He said we thought this could be a problem. Have you approached. The about about the show. I asked him. You're going to have the same problem with everyone unless the show and you go on you end up saying the show went ahead. And as soon as it became public knowledge there was a shit storm at the imo d. and inherited pool the production company and the guys had pushed on without the mo de signing off in the sas and sbs immediately clear declared them persona non grata. They were not allowed to attend any association events or to be on camp to give you any idea of how seriously this was taken. I'd heard a former general who was persona non grata being escorted off camp in hertford from his own from his own friends wake. I didn't want to see that happen to the guys but it was their decision and not for me to question personally. I felt that the sense of community was important for my own happiness and that wasn't worth giving worth giving up. I like the lads. They're very close friends. And so i felt for one of them later that year. When i saw him at a black tie event held by the regiment he'd come as the guest of someone who's still serving but when the rsm som- he was asked to leave. He was he looked absolutely gutted. And who am i to blame him. It was many ways like being cast out of a family. So it's interesting too because the reason that it was interesting to me as well 'cause then you you wrote this book. Yeah but obviously you clear this book through the ministry of defence. I've written of talk of written forty nine books or whatever. The number is at this point and you know again. It's always very you know. I remember the conversations around when when i hadn't written a book and just say like we're not gonna do anything that sheds any light that puts anything. We don't have anything bad to say about the military about the seal teams like. That's that's not what we're doing. We're obviously not giving away any information that could be useful at all to the enemy And you know that's of You know when when we ran these books. When i ran these books through the chain of command we. It was like calms with people that i knew that were in the military and senior ranking positions. And they read them and said yeah. These are good to go. And you know i had a great senior officer. Who said you know. We're quiet professionals quite professionals but that doesn't mean more silent professionals their stories that need to be told. There's lessons that need to be passed on. So you look you see you never feel good about it. Because we're we're we're not we're we don't want the spotlight you're never gonna feel good about it and there's always going to be guys that are going to look at you and say oh you know there you are in the spotlight and that they're they're totally. I understand them. Because i was that guy too and so i get it. And there's that's just the reality of the situation But it was interesting to see how you had to go through that and and make those decisions yourself. Yeah i think the me at the at the time when when andrew came up in i said your name keeps coming out fine And there was an old document years ago. S you tough enough. It was a massive failure was gonna. It's all adam edwards visions in that so it went on and ended up being one of the most most successful film Episode on channel. Four and two guys i go on it. You know wanted him. He just come out kicked out the miniature him and he went to prison for him. You know there was number of options for him so him. It was a lifeline of the other guy Foxy fox he. He had posted my stress so but yeah post. My stress could his time served in special forces. He couldn't work in the private security sector fizeau for them guys it perfect for them you know. They had a means of income for me at a time. It didn't work. Because i was smuggling people across borders is You know. I was really cross relationship with harry so at the time. Didn't look rather you're on tv say wasn't you can't do. It's not because as you touched on people can learn from the military An and these are grateful that what upset the military with this is that they filmed it and then flanked them. You know so. I've may be get my book out. And things i you know. I'm still the group. I do charity work by being transparent in everything i do and they understand i think it was just the way that that bitcoin about the fact that they caught him out by by surprise but for the for the two guys i go on the show you know they've now got successful careers in and they probably if they didn't have this show. They probably really be struggling. Coming out of prison in post may assess the military also need to understand that. it's a different world. You know social media. You know for me when i was in it was a tabu over talking about before is a way of communicating and oversee. As long as you. Don't give away certain things then you can. There's nothing that you can't get from the internet and and a lot of it is actually jealousy you know law is actually jealousy from those dylan's because they know in that position they can. They can do that but for me at a time. i just. it just didn't didn't fit right. I'm going to fast forward a little bit. You you know you you're just training and your fundraising and you're getting ready. And you're doing all these taken all these skills that you learn from the military for planning and endurance and mindset and you and you get to a point where you're going to launch this thing and you know you're supported on the ground this is just so you mentioned it but you're supported on the ground by sports massage therapist. A bike mechanic a medic. Two men camera crew. That'd be gathering footage to make documentary about the event. It was a big team. But with the exception of the documentary crew. Everyone's doing it pro bono. So it wasn't a huge strain on our sponsors and then finally we get to shortly after dawn on one february two thousand eighteen. I went with my team to starting point of the pan. American highway i had twenty two thousand kilometers hemi and one hundred and ten days to do it. No crowds no big sendoff. Start freaking peddling and you you you you cover a lot of this in the book you know talking about what that's actually like. What is what you're going through. The wind the crashes the traffic that he the cold the illness. The just the mayhem you talked about you go through four seasons while you do that you go through all four seasons and So then you you're making progress And then what one time. I'm going to the book here. I got instantly worried. When i stopped for lunch and saw i'd missed four calls from alana. Usually she would just leave me a message me to call her back. I word that something had gone wrong with the funding for the challenge or worse. Still that something was up with molly or tom. Your kids i facetime to what's wrong. I asked what do you wear to a royal wedding. Alana said i had no idea what she was talking about. What do you mean what do you wear to a royal wedding. She said again then. Lifted up a card so i could see it alana and i had been invited to harry and megan's wedding. I didn't see that one coming told her. Honestly harry was a mate but a royal wedding isn't for a few beers in the local. When is it alana smiled. She knew that. I'd know the date was the date i was due to finish in alaska by heart. Nineteenth of may she said and i heard myself grown. That was four days earlier than expected expecting to break the world record but last flight you can catch his on day hundred and two. You better put your foot down so you get the invite to go to the big wedding. Yeah so so. The record was one hundred. And seventeen days when i was doing my planning for this contingencies bill. Things that are out your control. Bit natural disasters coups and things out so for if i encounter any of them on the challenge. I don't wanna eat into the challenge. My target was one hundred and ten days. And it's because we had that give yourself seven days of fudge game. Seven days of seven days of fudge should be outlawed control. It wasn't in time. He was eating into that done all my planning on adding called the bible. No new every inch of the road. We'd we'd planned out on paper had on digital we No south america. I did in forty eight days. We'll records fifty eight days or to ten days off the first we'll record and as you touched on know had food poisoning you. Had you had ever finance but it was things that i didn't see as well you know. When i was putting a plan together the medic. I had to send home. It was not in the book but i had to send in the medic day. Fourteen grew berlin. The documentary is like my god. The bike ride was easier than managing egos egos because they are pro bono. They all start in one in more from the challenges a sore evolving and thankfully. My wife campaigned dr at she sought managing keeping control of that. We got to. I've talked about gun from south to north. That was a great decision from asikin perfect. Tell when all the way through crudeness two thousand five hundred tailwind but every checkpoint every border we're having to swap vehicles our slowing this down so the plan was to have an avi a full by four ship from fort lauderdale to to panama. So then when we did the second part of the challenge that would take all the way to alaska. I was in ecuador wife rang me and said that the vehicles haven't gone onto the shipping container. She's so thankfully my wife and my pa and to my mates had forci. They flew over to fort lauderdale. They drove the was four thousand miles in eight days. My wife left the kids. A mother's day. Can you get and they drove it all the way to panama. I broke the world record in the morning. Flew across the daring gavin. Just handed the keys over integral part of this challenge. You know people see you on social media. Is the team around you that it don't see. We didn't get to mexico and the mechanic and soft tissue therapist of these new terms and conditions. I'm now the project manager. We're going to change the name to this stuff. Here we go. This has been going on for nearly two moms nam. They said you can't do this with ours. i left him in pueblo city. Hold my beer my mate and then drove the rv and then we just pushed on and we didn't have a mechanic but we weren't far from the american border. So when i got the american board. Got the american board on day. Seventy and i was fourteen days ahead. We'll record. i didn't realize how important it was. Getting to america. dunaway was because everyone spoke our language. I wasn't google translate for the last two and know the cone reactions. Were better or probably because the previous record holders or their issues were in south and central of. I left all that behind me. We're now it should be smooth road and also the fact that if there is any mechanical issues we can just get another mechanic. You know we can find a massage parlor. That was the hardest thing trying to find a massage at the right massage. Parlor get into. America was up fourteen days perfect. Then i had that phone call which is great. But i was now going into phone call was fourteen days ahead. Ten am now a day behind so all the efforts. I've done up until then all that drama not meant nothing is i. You've now got a new objective. So cycling in south america because of the sport team in documenting being risk averse to consider them so had cycle from first light to last night and that was and i was off the road begins. America is lot more safer. So i could cycle at night and got to lubbock in texas the next a sixty mile an hour winds and tornado so i was grounded for another verse. Twenty four hours was now two days behind my new target so again i just looked at the plan to the paperwork. And there's an app on your phone call windy. Tv it's quite popular with sailors. And it gives you the strengthen directions at a winds forecast it every hour for the next two weeks. It's about ninety five cent accurate. It's ninety five percent ninety five. It's a great. It's a great app. Yeah and is known as my second wife on this. Because i'll just always looking at wendy tv so for me to get out cycle free hundred and forty miles and face hours to miss the next web winter. And that's why did we. North america just play chess with mother nature for For north american majoria was done at night because the winds yet less wind got to cheyenne picked up the fifty mile. An hour tailwinds cover two hundred and sixty miles an hour cycle and so is also using it to my advantage. So i i gained at that time about seventeen days originally on i did it in eleven half and a perfect and then we got to a town called white horse about week outside from the end on a four. We'll record secure. I'm to this wedding. Let's get eaten by a grizzly. And then gentlemen's these guys come on on social media that day professional cyclist already free over endurance. We'll records mid twenties sponsored by all the big brands red bull and he's he's announced that he's going to do the panamerican highway in august. Be the first man to do one hundred days so it was great so every time i i admit my objective then moved but thankfully for me. If i'd known about that star. The challenge known about the wedding known about this guy. You know may not pushed a mayor. Push myself too hard but found for me. When i received that information was in a position dyke act on it so yeah cycle for the last two days. Two hundred fifty miles to do and dalton's highways where feel mice truckers that road there and do to a hundred and fifty miles today and hundred miles on the last day. When i'm in my family of my wife my kids on on the on this oilfield improved obey the end so i know are only a couple of days away defers fifty miles and i got this roadblock at noon and gives know you come past eight o'clock tonight so got so so that evening. That's for eight hours and you not rested and just cycled from a o'clock that night. Seven o'clock the next night two hundred miles minus eighteen to make sure i came in one thousand nine hundred days and twelve hours so i talk about the importance of planning but actually the success of this was being reactive to the situation on the ground. You have a plan. That's great you ever start point. You have an objective but you know if things change is you know you best planet survives first contact and unasked what it was is being reactive to that situation that even to the very last day of having to change. Change the plans you even even when you talked about the fudge factor which some people would a plan that and just had okay. I got to do it in two hundred and twenty five days or one hundred twenty three days call. That's what they're going to book. They don't understand all the things the amount of room that gives you to make those adaptations when you need to is again. That's something we learn about. The things are not going to go through. That's one big. I can promise you one more thing out of the book here. Athletes talk a lot about visualization. And how they had imagined their final moment of victory again and again and again. I'd done the same but now that i drew close to the finish line. My moment was nothing. Like i'd ever imagined it. This was no ride along the shelves to liza with me leaning back in the seat with my hands in the air i clung onto my handle bars for dear life hitting one patch of black ice after another. My face was covered in frozen snot. My muscles were shaking from fatiguing cold and every blast of arctic wind cut through me to the bone. But i made it and you get to the finish line. I pulled my wife and kids into a hug. I was so exhausted. I probably can't remember. When i said i was probably talking gibberish. But i'd missed them all so much. They got big kisses from their dads cracked lips. Molly was aware of what was going on and full of beans but tommy was in a world of his own. I thought it was i. I must be hallucinating. When i saw the lady from guinness was braving the cold in tights and a skirt but there wasn't one ounce of discomfort on her face as she presented me with my record. I was now the record holder for the fastest cycle of the panamerican highway completing at ninety nine days which also made me the first person to ever do it unin under a hundred a hug my wife but unlike in cartagena this wasn't a place to stand around for a post certificate photo shoot. Let's get to the hotel. I told my family and team as we piled into vehicles leaving the frostbitten. Finish line behind us so you made it and But that's not the end. That's not the end It's not the end of the book and it's definitely definitely not the end of the path that you're on right now because you needed a new mission right. Tell us tell us what's up. What's your next challenge where you where you had next. Yeah some semi us. Is you know. I take a sport or discipline of never done before and find the biggest Biggest challenge so it'd be an argument towards cycling community is now going to be the kayaking community. So the next challenge is to kayak the river nile world's longest river from source to see has never been done before so i can speak the previous record. Holders is not been them for so the plan was obviously did it last year and obviously kobe pushed scope scuppered to that. And that's why. I'm here in america whilst the wilders paused let's go over here gets out and get ready for that. So yeah four thousand two hundred and eighty miles but you know unlike truckers and supporting. You gotta worry i'll go. Crocodiles hippos civil war in south sudan. But one thing. I am excited about this challenge know talk about. We talked about the successful private security missions if everyone's quite quick to tarnish certain communities in one brush what they see with with tv if it wasn't for those local communities we spirit but i would never been successful on them and that's where african now is gonna be great because i'm going to have to rely on the locals to help me and so you know it's not a will record. Wherever i do. Is we'll record But one of a so. That's the next challenge But one of the big feedbacks in the book is yes. Great endurance the. But you are the security guru. Why are you still not in this industry. So for me of niece security company very low-key we help the corpus high net worth and things not because padalino. Cycling doesn't put food on the table. Wife keeps reminding me so But yeah so date. I the february next year and we sell a nice. So you've got a team you know that's doing the security work under your guidance. What's the how do people get. Get contact with you for that type of business. So we know regionally. I wasn't going to have a website and things that you know we will have. A website is password protected. Because for me the my approach to security is that there's certain ways the security of my house is more in intelligence based you know you have the private element in revenge intel inside and then and then cyber we don't normally around tight black t. Shirts with tattoos. We blend in and things and he's just having that approached. I've used before. So yeah you go to my website you can get in touch with them but the new websites gambill bill. And that's why. I've been doing this last four months. Santa the business. Prepare them for denial and next and your website is Dean stopped. I was calling you dean scott. I'm sure he'd been called it a million times. I was done. I was called the dean. Staudt or dean. Scott my wife was calling you dean scott. So it's dean staudt s. t. o. T. t. dot com is where we can find you. Also your facebook dean staudt. Sbs you're on instagram. Which echo only calls. The graham at dean staudt It's real quick on the nile. would serve. What's like the major challenges there. What's the what's the what's the hardest level rapids. They have their sandwich. Fulls is the most powerful waterfall and we always great six grade six fours but the problem you have with the wolf says that they take the crocodiles and hippos latoya and put them in mersin so when you come down there they're all in the napoles bomb so originally when we were going to if it were reckless it or you can only use one boat. That's just not going to be feasible. In ninety three percent in now is quite flat. So we'll let us like almost like ski to go on that but then use a creek boat for grades three to four and then a raft will have to use a raft on on some of the big ones. Are you have like sniper overwatch for crocodiles. Yes there's going to be a guy coming guy coop meredith as she. He's he wants his frangieh by crock kayaking in. Drc you know so. He knows in all inside out you know. He's talking about throwing stones. I'm thinking use them something. A bit more powerful But local wise. I want to bring as many locals in as i can. Because especially the fishermen they know them better than anyone so if this crocs and hippos in that pull out is portage it. I'm gonna go for a walk. Walk around it message wise. You know we one thing we passionate about as modern slavery and human trafficking. And we're thinking of using this challenge to promote that but then that's what channel gene just one campaign the thing about the gnarliest the lifeline of africa. We can talk about poverty. Pollution covet in. Oh so we we're gonna talk about the so many so many things long at the the challenge. Do you have a date. Plan to launch. That fits the february ourself. Oh dang next year on year. Yeah you have to have a stop point. I generally have to have a start. Stop point then the start just keep zero point becomes never your comes never keeps moving to the right. You have start point of approaching sponsors and start working back from that. It gives me a year now to at newport quakes and and get sponsorship The book is called relentless The subtitle is from. Sbs to world record breaker echo. You got anything else. How's your leg situation. Yeah so when i. She started the training A doctor and i was tested mystery from quotes my hamstring. I mean is it was him that identified you you your legs. Two kilos lighter really When i say often the challenge the muscle mass back. My hamstring was eighteen percent less power. But you know it's still good to go to the body you like date daily day to day stuff. No i you know. We joked that my wife didn't miami. Lance armstrong or christopher. Try not going is often as i can. You know for me. And i still try and push push on the bike now and then the The it's awesome. It's awesome what you've done. It support these charities as well. The the heads together. And and i'm sure your support some some awesome charities for this next event tattling nile. Hopefully you won't support the charity of free food for hippos and rocks but the yeah people can get this book on the art. We'll put a link on the website and yeah awesome. You gotta final any final thoughts dean no. I think when you see the website you'll see the frogman and everyone's out why the frog got the question of what's the difference between you and the other guys and going back to my original one. The my reason for go in. Sbs because they're all divers and they weren't. I ended up being the number one frogmen so for mayo. I'm not. I'm not a cyclist i love. I love the war so we we have denial of one which giacomo more welcome come and we pirates going to sift to somalia coastline. Oh that's not certainly pirates surfing with sharks a exactly but again is promoting these the these countries in their amazing countries as well. But he's being as close to the war as i can. I'm game I never got a chance to go to sat off the coast of somalia for months and months in in the nineties. Waiting to go in. I never got the chance. So i i didn't get go operate. I'll get some barrels. Let's let's rock and roll breaks and beaches with no names actually so the plan is from the north to the south. But you know again. People see what they see on tv and make that assumption straightway. When i was in mogadishu again work on my own work with a local spear fishing for lobsters and everything. And you think you're in mogadishu but could it hasn't been commercially fished for years as a huge abundance of wildlife as while. Yeah i think my wife anyone you pick it up when you read the book you know. It's a team effort in. Oh my transition from the military. Wouldn't it be nice move. It wasn't for my wife with very much. We know strengths and weaknesses now. My wife can't ride a bike. Now i can but my wife is very good all the planning i and she was key to success of the challenge and the success of my time in askew in generally believe that anyone can break. We'll record if you take away. All those distractions you know the business the mortgage who's looking after the kids and that's alana does really well and then again. My young children have now nine and four. I i joke when my my son was two and a half the challenge when we finish the challenge you know the challenge was of my son. I mean he. He just four hours a cyclist my door. She was born after. I left the military so when i tell it was a soldier. She said that you in a soldier so my son thinks cyclists amadora things joke about that again. They're very very much. Look up to mom and dad and they travel everywhere rivers. They they've been all over the world in alaska south america and australia and things not very lucky to have that. I think people think once you have children that's it. I should traveling days over you know. Don't let them dictate you know your life. Well awesome Thanks again for coming on. And and thank you for your service and great. Britain has always been our strongest ally and and we as nations have been through hell and back together in multiple wars. And we know we can count on you in our darkest hour so thanks for coming on sharing some of that with us and Good luck and watch out for those hippos and with that dean staudt has left the building talking about his incredibly incredible journey. Pretty crazy stories the the relentless pursuit of perfection. It's unites about that in the book a lot. I only read at once today. But it's in there quite a few times. That mindset the special the british special forces mindset of the relentless pursuit of perfection awesome to have him on here and thanks dean for coming on an echo charles speaking of a relentless pursuit of perfection. You have any suggestions that could be enable our relentless pursuit of perfection. We're not going to get there by the way. Yeah but we're going to pursue it. Yeah i will say facilitate i said enable enable and facilitate for sure. Hey look with. You are all of us trying to break guinness world records for the book. We are not. Maybe factually actually say that. But we're on a path though we're on our own path. That path is not easy. That's why we're on it. In fact of it's easy is it even a path really not really no. I guess technically to the path of least resistance. Yes watch out for that. That's a different kind of pinot. That leads downhill that path in particular looking for that path. We're not looking for it. We're not on it. We're not even that's not our jamming anyway. But the path that we are on his heart obstacles pitfalls and traps wise wisemen once said but on that path. You're endure or you have to endure some sort of pain in your joints. Depends on what you're doing. Obviously but most people are going to enjoy that yes indoor. Yeah and look. I'm not saying you should worry about that. And in fact if you really don't want to worry about that. Guess what. Jack was some supplements. But that for your joints okay. We got joffe curious about how you're going to bring it all together like oh here comes you go there. He did he. Did it again over here. Trying to sensationalize these things to make them sensational okay. Hopefully i don't think there's anything sensational about it. Here's the deal. You don't wanna have joint issues so you want to do things that take care of your joints yes joint shoulder elbow belbow me neck. 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Yup that's what we're doing so this win cans that's for like us who kinda like are kind of down for the energy drink scenario but are not down for the toxicity sugar and all these bad elements that most of the time come with energy drinks energy drinks unless you get these energy exactly right. That's exactly my point. Yes the discipline go into can there's also powder there's also pills you can also get some stuff you can't walk and you can get all this stuff at the vitamin shoppe as well and also if you are doing ju jitsu which is recommended. You wanna talk about something you're never going to be. You're never gonna achieve perfection through definitely one of them but it's going to help you in a lot of different aspects if you're gonna need you to go to origin main dot com. Get yourself get yourself a rash guard and since you can't wear a g. or a rash guard where you can. John donner represented in a rash guard in the supermarket. He doesn't care all day all day. 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We also have something formerly known as the t shirt whack. It's not really a club. I guess it's just it's a. It's a solid kind is club to be honest with you. But it's called the shirt locker new shirt every month boom by new. You don't mean like always says a new shirt is a new design design the shirt. It's kind of okay. I'm gonna use the word. I'm gonna use it exclusive because you can't get it on the store otherwise you seem like you sign up for this people that are like really into the game in the game from the path representing hartford. Yes that's it so yes chuckle store dot com. Also subscribe to this podcast and You can do that wherever you get. A podcast. Have jaakko which which i can tell you. Daryl's in the house were on it. I apologize. It's been a while wrapping up a bunch of stuff in his world. Now we're going to get back in the game. They're grounded podcast. Where am i even making claims on that. I know we're not making clear. Okay your kid podcast. We'll make claims on. I owe that one. We'll get on it. You can also join us at the underground command. Ground is where we're putting some alternative podcasts. Maybe some amplifying information little behind the scenes. We're going to cuba you. Tell me about some. Cuban people can send video questions yet audio video questions and you might be like actually featured like on it like your voice clear your throat So midem boom. I'll i'll make an announcement on where to send them on. What like a twitter instagram area. Something like that. you'll know you'll know. And and this is all from jaakko underground dot com and look. It's costs eight dollars and eighteen cents a month. This is the platform that we control. So there's no buddy that's going to tell us what to do. No sponsors gonna tell us what do no platforms gonna tell us what we're going to do what we wanna do regardless and it's eight dollars eighteen cents a month and if that that's okay. We're not here to gouge. You can't afford it. Email assistance at jaakko underground dot com. That's a little idea that i heard from sam harris sam harris. Same thing can't afford it cool. He we're not. I'm not trying to hold back information actually trying to keep information free flowing because if something happens these platforms. We're going to need something a somewhere to go. We'll have it. You'll contingency plan is an action so appreciate the support ch- over there true also. We do have a youtube channel for the video. Version this podcast. When see what. Everybody looks like dean. Looks like dean. Start by the way you want to see. Dean staudt. Looks like join us. You can check it out. Some excerpts on their yes. And also i i do a lot. I do a lot of work as the assistant director with a lot of these videos. So if you see something you like just let me know that you enjoyed my directing. I feel like we all kind of enjoyed gear ten list of ten things that you utilize on the daily news. I think that was kind of a cool. Little hit that you bring up a. I mentioned that my daughter kind of drove the the spirit behind that and people think think people think that that meant that she made it kinda dench well. She did but editing director credit. Yeah straight up. good job. yeah. I do a lot of assistant directing understand. A usa has little youtube channel. You can check that out if you wanna keep the updated as to what it's like to grow a business. Yeah that's a good. Yeah they put all kinds of cool stuff on their main tie. Yeah pete be little. They're up they're getting after it you. It's kind of like like you know when you go to work like see you got to work every day and you kind of. Let's say i don't know your manager. I dunno whatever you go to work every day and you kinda get updated when you go in about okay. What's currently going on what the status of this was kind of like that when you when you watch like the do things or sorry that the origin youtube channel origin hd hd. When i watch the the interesting thing is like if you watch a reality television show what they do is they take. A bunch of people would like weird personalities. I'm not saying all cases but this is kind of stereotypical think take a bunch of people and then they can fight with each other about whatever and to create drama for your tv show and then people watch it because they like to watch a train wreck but thing. That's cool about about what we're doing it origin when you see behind the scenes. It's not. it's not the team fighting with the team. It's like hey how will we gonna make this work. How are we going to get the right materials. How are we going to get this in production. How are we going to satisfy this. This clients that we've got or the customers. How are we gonna take care of them. So it's that it's that struggle. It's not a struggle against there's no there's no like a reality television drama the producer like and this is what they do by the way from what i hear not like i watch this kind of stuff but i hear that they'll be like hey like there's little writers there that'd be like hey look we're going to send these people on a trip to the bahamas and hey you gotta you gotta say that you don't want to go because of what this lady said like last month on instagram. Or something like this and you better tell her and we'll just see how it plays up kind of a thing and just like your point though whack that is well you know at the end of the agree but it makes for good cheap entertainment but yeah so you origin one and it's like yeah. It's not scripted drama. It's like the actual drama that comes with running and maintaining growing like a business or whatever. So yeah if you're interested in like how to run a business and what just the whole that whole environment in the process and all that it gets real interesting very interesting check so we got that. Also album called psychological warfare. Talk at them. Through your moments of weakness. We got flips. Campus dot com. Which is dakota myers company. Hang stuff on your wall. That'll keep you on the path. Got some books obviously relentless from sbs to world record breaker by dean stott. We have that up. We have linked linked books from the final spin. A story is it. A poem don't know is a novel. Don't know i wrote it but i don't know what to call it if you wanna try and categorize it. You're gonna have a hard time. The the literary critics. Yeah they're going to have a field day with that one. We'll see. We'll see how it shakes out from leadership strategy and tactics field manual. The co- the evaluation the protocol disciplining 'cause freedom field manual way the war your kid four field manual way. The warrior kid. One two and three mike in the dragons hackworth i wrote the forward extreme ownership and the dichotomy of leadership also have an leadership consultant consultancy called echelon front echelon front dot com. We saw problems leadership. Efl mind if you want training for you for your company on leadership. If you wanna get a line go to f online dot com we got the muster twenty twenty one go to extreme ownership dot com. If you wanna come in if you wanna come and get after it with us you want to meet a bunch of people that are all moving forward on the leadership paf everything we've done a sold out these go to so come early if you want. F- overwatch if you need leadership inside your team in the civilian sector. You want someone from the military that understands a principles we talk about all the time. Go over overwatch dot com. And if you want to help servicemembers active duty service retired service members their families gold star families checkout mark lease mom mom elise. She's got a charity organization. And if you want to donate or you want to get involved. Go to america's mighty warriors dot org and if you want more of my if you just you're sitting there thinking i could really use some more of djakou's interminable reading or need more of echoes unrelated revelations lead. You can find on the on twitter on instagram or for echo. The graham on facebook echoes adequate. Charles i am at dhaka willing. Dene stop is that stott. Sbs on facebook and dean staudt as t ott on graham and thanks to all military members around the world and tonight especially to the united kingdom. And i know that we rebelled against you to former own nation but we became allies. And we thank you for standing by our side on the battlefield but little island with the of lion and to our police and law enforcement and firefighters and paramedics and emt's dispatchers correctional officers border patrol. Secret service an all first responders. Thank you for your continued service and for being there for us when we call and to everyone else. Let me ask you this. What are you doing what are you doing. Are you doing everything you can. Are you who you wanna be. Are you who you are you who you are capable of being. Are you engaged in a relentless pursuit of excellence. Then if you are good that if you aren't well then you just might want to pick a goal and go get after it and until next time zakho and jaakko out.

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Gang o' Freaks | Jrod Pod Ep. 41 w/Elliot Middlemass

"Who sean some some sun. I guess some boy can't not you're gonna kill their ears. Sargus i guys and we are back. We're back to get today. The most disrespectful guys is been on. That's even including patrick. Kelly back for blood and we're gonna move back for blood. Honestly like so disrespected you right away. Oh yeah i know it was. Yes but anyways denise spit on yes he did okay. He did spit on the ground and he spit on my cat to we. What america too. Yeah but but after we did Stand naked next to each other and we each had each had of boehner we had a boehner and we stood real close to each other and mind touched his die but his just kinda stuck up in the air because it didn't reach so not so let's get into this elliott minimize. It's a pleasure to have you on brother. Thanks for coming on then. Glad to be thanksgiving all right anyway. So we're going to get into this. You know you just came back from the marine corps. Rah rah yeah. What was it like man go virginia. Yeah what was it like a good bustling of a redone You get an into a lot of like things get shitty. There's like some dark humor and one of the things get really shitty. You've got two options. You can either fucking bitch and let it get to you or you can laugh at it and say good like okay. Yeah making a joke out of it. You can be like. Yeah everything's gonna be fine scratching your neck hitting your head against the wall like everything is fine everything. There's people that are doing way worse things than me and going through way more of the sock than me so i think about them your like how shittier it could be and that always gets me through the day right. That's good man. I mean shit but things to be so so fucking bed well thing to there were is like awkward humor. Oh yes it is so funny. Oh dude it's the best. That's what jared pod and jira Love will think to some like funny barr stories that i've seen of just how awkward things can be so if you ever had a at your at some college bar right. There's always an older dude an older guy. That's not college aged he. You don't even know how to fuck. He's there he's is sitting at the bar like in loitering buying people six drinks. You know so anyways. This is really funny. This made me die. Older dude takes off. His hat puts it on this girl's had and then waves at her and i like right next to her. Yes like puts it on. And then there's like this close like waves and i die absolutely died laughing. How far were you from them was right by them. They yeah yeah me me and my other friend just died laughing with so funny. Where did the guy say anything. The chicken hill and like off the hat off for had hit the ground probably had lice. The dude is probably disgusting. That's such do imagine like even if you're you know like a good-looking fucking dude. You know older dude like that and you put your hat on. Just weird it's weird and was this during covid. Wait before. I remember when i was in vegas this one time. I'll never forget this either as vegas this guy. Old old old dude. Yeah walking in to the casino with this girl. She didn't look a day over twenty one. Okay and it's like. Hey she's she's with them for his personality. Yeah oh yes no. She's so with for the person or or she has daddy issues. Probably both well definitely daddy issues. Obviously not with him for the personnel and more so probably the money one hundred percent daddy issues and money. Do you think daddy issues more money more. Both i would. Yeah i think money maybe a little more propounding on the person i guess. Yeah there's some weirdoes. yeah and I remember sings escalade. Pull up all these students suits come out of the escalade and there was some of the girls to all on dresses. All about have so much fun nash. Remember going far man. One day we had a bar is the casinos. So there's a bunch of hotels around with casinos and bars in the place where you can like casino hop fucking fun time. How it's a weird place though. We're walking in this place called old vegas Which is like used to be the main place in vegas. Yeah and there. Are these little squares where you know. There's the sideshow people. There is a chick shouldn't have a waste is just up with her arms. Oh like she had no showed waste shed no lower. Maybe it was a sick magic trick. No but yeah this chick have a waste. And there's this little session carney. This bucket right by her. Do people put changed. Their for her was sick joke. It's just like it's just like if you know if you're in the carney and you have some problem like that like are you. Are you at like asking to be made fun of or like or like you know like is that part of it is part of the joke. It probably would give a fuck anymore and they just need money. Yeah and those are the only way to do it and a lot of times. These carney groups have been together for ever ever foods and everything. They're kind of like a family. If you think about they are all fucked up. Let's just sick gang freaks. I saw this one video. It's called The inbred family. Yeah script last name but certainly this guy goes random shock and there's all these inbreeds around films them. It's extremely disturbing. It's just like so. What are they doing like. just i don't know. Do they just like opened the gate and let them run loose and then hurt him back. They like they well. They live independently in his own home. Wow but you should drop a thing of like an inbred right here like have have an very come out. Come out randy patrick. My gosh dude. Classic talk yet but yeah dude i. I woke up this morning at six in virginia. Now i'm here at like four thirty in michigan and it's just great to be back and it's fun to see my best friends. Yeah yeah wanna see. My family fussy my neighbors and they're a little Our neighbor they have this girl. Her name is gabby. She has two kids. They're so cute. They're they're so awesome. What makes them so cute little kids and they're so q. Cute voices and stuff like just little voices or are they like men cute because their kids or are they actually cute. Kids both both kids that you have to say. They're cute just because they're little and they're not that good looking but these kids should. They are some good looking kids when they get older. They'll they'll do just fine and they're being raised right. You know they got some good personalities. Have a good family so nothing goes wrong. Yeah no seriously. I mean that's great. I think to me and johnny so well and like we just vibe very well like we already know we. We have the same sense of humor. Yeah so we always have a laugh. Yeah and after this. We're going to actually have sex. Hopefully yeah if everything goes good but there. We'll see yeah. There are some complications though. Yeah the biggest complication is that you have a boyfriend right now. A what's his name. I know you don't talk about him. well trans okay. That's cool. don't feel weird about it. Don't feel weird go ahead. It's name his name. No we were she so she are that he she. He is like a big. Lgbtq yeah advocate. I'm guessing you know a lot about this. Because she tells you so he. I'm sorry you know. Lgbtq right yeah you know it should be taking over the world because you know batter you know okay. Yeah so i mean what is what is the most the thing i've ever seen. No that she that he guys. They're gonna be mad that you know doubt we could release jog. We definitely not gonna have that oregon so eminem. Yeah that's his name as well as can thing of saying like oh like i can't say bitch or faggot right you know he went survived. Day there so many fucking he does there will will if coming up now right if you're trying to come on. There's so many fucking greg so offended so fucking easily. Oh yeah no but you can't be calling them queer gay fags. That's not like lo because it's just nine you gotta call them just gay. They're gay and like lgbtq though l. gb tq lesbian by no lesbian gay l. gb by ldp trans-. Hugh i think is queer gypsy queered. They liked to be called queers. Yeah if i mean. That's a specific single. If i see you walking on the street holding hands the dude you better fucking ask well. That's queer that's gay. Yeah gives but that's not queer. Damn queer bro. Well as between game queer. I don't know yeah but damn goddamn gay. Queer things listen. Jerry pod accepts you. We did not realize that disrespect that this guest would have and and we didn't realize that he hated jews. We didn't realize he hated the lgbtq community and we didn't realize he also hit black people. So explain yourself did definitely hate black people of you were saying before this So i think to me. Johnny does brush past that. We're we're like good acting opposite hate queers okay. Well no say. Don't hate jews. Do a do a gauge shoot. Oh yeah did well. That's i think we we. We're gonna obviously edit a bunch of shit like can't keep in that fucking led me hands on straight off get into so much trouble. Okay so fucked. No let's get let's get into it. Okay okay i know research gonna get entire you guys so today. We have a very special guest and a dear friend of mine. Mr elliot middle mass. He's been on before I believe it was sweaty salmon. That was the last episode and he really hated that that name. But just yeah. Wasn't that dopamine name name. And i'm sure everyone that watched it loved the name so i remember we're on the phone a little bit ago. Suplicy might part will. We should lucy liu so that is not the another insurance over at there. Nope so harry's oh okay here we go so anyways elliott mass see he also to your neck not only is he marine but also just received his personal training licensor ticket so explain earth luke smith. You said that you like explain yourself. Did i really funny call Yeah man. I just passed my personal training exam. And i thank god that i passed. Thank god that i passed it. You know before i got on leave so i didn't have to fuck stress about it now and it was great man getting the certification. I just need to do my cpr license. So i can get the legitimate ice say personal training exam fly. There's a fly in from johnny's face. Yeah fly away bitch okay. Shit damn you. Just a fly in his hand. Let's see if i can make them in the trash. Did you catch that patrick. Oh should i just heard it land. Dan hellier was calm. Yes anyways pass. The training zam like took a fucking lot outta me. Study any just stoked that i got it and that's sick. Yeah and i really like being in the gym. I like working out. I love the social aspect of the gym. I i like talking to people. They're just great community. You can get a lot of connections there. I love the gym culture. I loved the gym vibes. You know and only talking energy drinks and shit. Yeah like eight no but everything else. I love supplement stores to supplement. Stores talking weighty. Yes i mean Chicks rusty waits. Rosty pull down. These will sometimes cut your hands on because they're so vest but then it's great because when you go back and same yeah you not only do you have that. In fact that will pop when it hits the Rust your also won't have to do it yourself. It's kind of can knock out at once a thing a thing too. I like talking to do. That's like falcons it out of his mind. Yeah you know. I want my one friend. He's worried i was mining super. Funny yeah and fucked up angry. Only when he lifts is channeled all that fucking rages channel into the weights out. Yeah who what the knows. What kind of destruction. That he could do if it wasn't in if he was just taking steroids and fucking not working out. Sorry to interrupt guys but we've got a quick moment for our sponsor anchor you know if you've ever thought about starting your own podcast. It's really simple as you can see i have my own and it's on a bunch of different listening platforms breezy. All right. you just gotta go with anchor. Anchor is a one stop shop for recording hosting and distributing your podcasts. Best of all. It's one hundred percent free and ridiculously easy to use. You got the. It's easy to use stopping social stupid person. And now anchor can match you with greatest sponsors. Who want to advertise on your podcast. Which is which is happening right now while i guess they paired me with them but you know whatever and that means you can get paid to podcast right away in fact. That's what i'm doing right now by reading this ed. Yup yup anchors. It's really great. All right you guys check it out. Go to anchor dot fm slash. Start to start your own podcast. Yeah that would lead must do end up with a couple of people tied up in the back of his car. Oh yeah as. He's driving off a cliff or with a fucking to barrel shock into his hand. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah but johnny of a wicked sense of humor. I really like it and in the military you you got two options when things get should you can either laugh at it develop. A sense of humour can bitch moan and complain. That's not going to serve you anything. Good and people are gonna wanna be around and that's life too. Yeah yeah that goes for everything you know. Someone's already someone's having it way worse than you are so you've got nothing to complain about but it's really. It's really nice to go home though. And it's really nice to see my neighbors and they got these two little kids or super q and we're just talking about you know like little kids you know there can be an ugly little kid but you still have to say oh. They're so cute so you just don't it's like i mean bruins. There's an ugly little kid and parents like cunard kansas. They say look. How cute are kit is. Then they're asking you to jump in and say hey honesty your kids not hugh but he he here. She's got a couple of years though they have a glow up. Maybe not year your fucking gross as family. It's your you know it's both your genes combined into one right. Sorry but it just didn't work out. I guess maybe should have done some more pushups when you were younger. Oh yes and better genes. Yeah not fucking maybe dye your hair so it doesn't have red hair yeah freak. Don't ginger kid rock and gin no go shit. He is really curly. Hair is in your mom. Have red hair or like age with light brownish. She so my brother's six foot. I'm five six fucked. That's so we know it is weird. Isn't it but then my brother had super my brothers super curly hair which he got fucked red hair. Yeah just and i was make fun of them. Does he have red hair. Stabby shaved like bill burr. Yeah he's six foot though. A tall dude So fuck him for that clocking. Fuck fuck you man On the real though actually wouldn't be marine without him as he gave me some really good advice on. I should join the military. So i remember kicked out of school not shit to do. Be fuck up your man. I don't know what i'm doing bro. what should i do is i. A man joined the military. I was like all right. But i mean yeah man. That's good advice for sure. Like i feel like it. Helps you develop so much disciplined. Yeah well there's that compared to there's that got a big sense of professionalism in maturity you know. Yeah god this might so stiff. Years is nice and loose lose. Well there's like a personality trait take more loose and open. You're going to be a way better than if stiffened tight in a fucking out like that and like So here's another thing. So i've always regretted a bunch of stuff right. Yeah hasn't always regret right. But how you deal with regret you you you avenge you do. Some redemption redeem your old self with a vengeful attack. Yeah then and i always just keep repeating vengefulness totally angry yet and redemption. But you gotta be angry because you're fucking regretting some shit that you didn't do so Here's my redemption shot at getting my life back together redeeming myself redeeming redemption vengefulness. How you know so. That always gives me a lot of us. Makes me feel good. So how come on the other side of the spectrum. A lot of people would say that vengefulness wouldn't necessarily need to be one of those like when you say vengeful are you. Are you referring to people. Are you referring to like the like vet like you want vengeance for your mistakes that you may have for yourself can tell you like you know being vengeful for your old self right but again that someone is wrong wrong do you can seek revenge because revenge redemption and the definition of Like revenge it's like a violent action against someone who has wronged you That's a bit intense but it needs to be intense because of because of how horrible regret can feel definitely. So yeah. that's what really fucking gets me up. What's what's the thing that you regret. The most of your life It just like a bunch of the shit. I didn't do like you know. I wish i would have big things like recorded more. Remember me and trevor or always finding during franks and you had that they had thousands of us and you know how the boys do that. Yeah so i remember i. I watched them. And i'm thinking fuck man. If i would have just kept doing what i was doing right and kept recording it and just kept doing that. I could be having such a fun life right now and doing that. It's just that grit Well but then. I'm like well you know what i'm here being a marine doing this for right now. They're still hope. And let me fuck in seek revenge myself and redeem my old self right and that. And obviously i'm not going to film pranks because i just don't wanna do that. But it's the sheer fact of just doing something like so that that really helped me with my game. My personal training. Examine doing doing that. And i remember making discipline for the dedicated is remembered one. I made that channel. I was so depressed that day. I just remember going like all right. Man let's do this. And yeah. I got i got shit from people for it but fuck him. You're not doing anything all those dudes that gave me shit for that dude. There they all are still the same size right now. They're doing nothing everyone. That's hey that's hating on. You is a fucking dude. That's not doing shit. Like yeah and i would even hate on people. But that's because. I was hating myself right right so i remembered you know after like really going hard like with with Studying my personal training. And i was just thinking i would see other people on instagram and stuff like that. Wow good for him. That dude is good for himself. Good for him. I'm not fucking pointing fingers. Going like mad fuck him you know what damn good for him. Yeah man so for real. I mean dude. There's so many people. Would you know stay with that. Whole mindset of like. There's so many of hater hating. Hey i mean. And i hate to and i've definitely done the. That's yeah yeah like joking but sometimes that's what people do. I guess just hate for fun like something. Cringe y- there. There's there's a fine line between make poking fun. Having a laugh having amusement as i okay that dragging on or is it like okay but in the real though i respect that right right you know we we're all We're always making fun of each other and oh you know but it's it's just a short laugh though also a thing to write a as putting yourself out there i like. I like a lot of people are afraid to just go out like like just go and socialize like right now especially you know just putting it all and i didn't so i haven't been out in like a long time and i didn't really realize how tense things were had. How fueled the off. Everybody was like a went to the airport today. And i was just like man. People are fucking afraid of each other. Yeah and that's the one thing that we can't have happened. People won't even be around each other. Well so i see this right like football games and all of that right. There's virtual fans in the stands. Yeah so you ever heard of the unabomber. Yeah okay horrible guy right. He's wrong for killing those people right. But the one thing. And joe rogan says us to the one thing that he's kind of heading the ball on these kind of right as the potential of technology taking over the world. Oh yeah i mean already has like david. We talked like ai. Robots and you know he he kind of hits hits a point of how technology can be humanity's ruin. Oh i hear some trips. So the ic the person some person in islam that's very high up in the space like force thing you've ever he Came out and said that we have like we were in contact with extra-terrestrial most and donald trump knows about it knows about it and he was going to release this information to the public but they told him not to. Because it will create mass hysteria. Oh yeah makes more than it already is exactly exactly are ready fucked and apparent. Apparently it's like a galactic federation. There's like no other. You know these extraterrestrials. There can thing but a ration- rail they're they're like you know trying to figure out the fabric of the universe just like us you know but they clearly have the technology to get here so it's just like well that's definitely have a base on mars and this guy said this bro. I mean it's on. Nbc news did that. I mean real shit. I don't doubt that for a second. Yeah there's so much evidence of ufo things happening There there was one occurrence of in haiti but a big ufo visiting all these school children like for you to not believe that. There's aliens in ufo's you. I don't think you're being truly a hundred percent legitimate with yourself because the universe is so wide it's limitless and how could you think for a second that there's not something else there is so you know you come on come on man. It's only a matter of time are like dude. As soon as they announced their presence like among us everything is going to be different. Life does not go back to know and it's like a pandemic is kind of like even right now is never going to go back exactly. It's like they're getting us used to these things that will never be wearing like wearing a mask out like everyone. Everyone has to wear a mask wearing a mask. a what. what if what. If aliens brought a disease a thing to it takes the humility out of things. When you're talking to someone with a mask on takes the humidity out of it like yeah yeah and you humanity out of it. You can't see other people's facial exists. Things are more ten weird. It's already weird talking to a stranger. Yes other mask on. Even weirder and people are dying in there fucking homes and not going out asked for some girl got her number over zoom like class or whatever because all of a sudden they like they put more restrictions on so we couldn't go back to the studio and this girl i ask for her number get taxed relaxing or whatever and then i asked hang out and she's like oh why so. She told me she goes back every weekend to go. See your family and okay. Cool whatever you know. What are you doing friday. And she's like Like my now out with like one of my close friends or whatever. I'll say oh very should hang out or something like that. And then she goes. She's like i don't wanna like risk it with my family and stuff and i told her i'm like you know i'm to covert free. And she goes like yeah. I'm like just not really trying to take the chance. Or whatever. And then i go for some reason i said this and i don't know why said it was such an must have been so like just like i. I don't know what it was but i said yeah better safe than dead not better safe than sorry. Better safe than dead. Yeah we're would increase anything back. No she goes for sure for sure probably like for sure. Yeah sure about it. I mean if you're if you're too scared to go and actually live your life then you know you're not gonna reap any benefits and you know you're going to be a weak character. Oh yeah hundred. So you know. It's all on her but it's not all on her. I know what you mean. I just i feel like like even home right now and No hitting people up and let you guys. let's go out. No one wants to go out. No one wants to do anything because everything is so close and will will. So here's the thing to powerhouse right. i was talking to the guy over. The phone is like and those at my gym background live. But if you're working out you don't need to wear a mask. That's why i love it. There is because it's mask free and from pressing some white dude. I'm not gonna have a mask on right right and it's fucked. Yeah there's absolutely zero cases that have happened so the crazy thing. Is you know at powerhouse that popping around people without a mask on especially in the gym for like months there's been zero cases. So what the fuck does that mean either. We're getting lied to or magically. You know i i. I don't know what to believe like today. No right it's today Two thousand and airport sitting there drinking beer. This girl walks in the little cafe area and she's sitting across from me right and Kind of glance at her. She's really pretty. I'm thinking fuck. I want to talk to her. But i don't really know what to say right off. The bat. her mass drops right like on the floor. Like hey your mask. Flew away like yeah like it happens. I'm kind of like saying like oh you know it's funny funny. Yeah i always lose mine and then we get to talking and then obviously covert comes up. 'cause fucking right so prevalent show like it's happening all around you right. And then she's big into politics anyways we both saying we don't know what to believe. We have no fucking idea. That's why i want to start getting more well versed in co vid because it's affecting everyone's life it's real though but and nobody knows about it. I'm not doubting that's not really just came out with the vaccine action. They're distributed to people in europe so this should be over pretty soon so i'm big into i mean not trusting the government right. Yeah i mean and being news organizations. It's all fucked so obviously real. There's obviously something going on right right. Great they made a vaccine. But i just. I don't know what to believe. I don't know what to trust. I've always. I've always thought you know there's something else going on. I've always there's always some hidden agenda benefiting some really rich businessman that's working behind the scenes. The government like that is that is actual facts and none of us know what to believe that hit empower your none of us know what to believe I wanna i wanna find. I wanna find out i want to get into and i'm sure you will good luck but anyways man it's been a pleasure having you on the piloting. We've got to cut it short because we definitely five. We'll we'll we'll we'll take some segments from this. We'll do like a course we'll do like kind of a mini series will definitely do want tomorrow. But we'll do the whatever we'll call it. We'll call bro. It'll be dope. Because that's what we do in nato show on gera- pied piper by.

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Mount Some Druids with Sascz of Translucidity

FrazlCast - A World of Warcraft Podcast

1:18:37 hr | 8 months ago

Mount Some Druids with Sascz of Translucidity

"And welcome fussell cats. Come aboard the train. Please make sure to keep your lips and experimental instruments inside the trina. And now i want to show podcast by blizzard. Fan know about world of warcraft. And geeky stuff. I promise you they do talk about the world of warcraft. They just go off the rails sometimes and tonight we will definitely be on the railed. Maybe about half of the show and afterwards i wanted to learn more about this. This fancy new podcast. My guest has also host on. But i and i am joined by francis entity back now. You said something about you wanted to know about my pants. And i was like well every last fancy and i i will born regular pants not as interested. Well yeah today. I'm actually wearing fruit of the looms boxer brief so yeah not the most exciting very often. I have my silky. Sweet me undies on but new if only they response to you because then you could be wearing me undies. That's why i'm just wearing the plain ones because mundy's isn't sponsoring the show. Come on these ads your chance but you blew out could have been wearing my hedgehog but but now yeah well. He knows somebody who i don't know if he has me on these but i do know he sponsored by a beard company having insanity what time is it. It's time to go around the table so recently l. Let me see. I'm still unemployed. Which really sucks honestly. I thought it was going to find a job right away. Because the last time i was out of work i found a job right away but then unfortunately it ended so But i just thought it would be immediate. I was just like what's the big deal and it wasn't at of course you know the big difference between the two things is is covid just i didn't think it was going to affect my field so it's very at him and i'm very upset about it but whatever still are still hopeful. I actually just broke ground yesterday. On the writing for fettuccine novel. I have been contemplating for a couple years now. So i mean when i say broke ground. I think i wrote two sentences. But as del yeah. That's something so so. Is this one that i you've you've had it for a long time that you've been mowing back your head percolating in my brain. Yeah yeah so. I'm still a little bit uncertain of exactly where the plot is going new by a mike. You know what fuck it. I'm just gonna start and if it sucks it sucks and if it doesn't a dozens it's very very very loosely. Based on some stories that. I worked out while i was role playing over on moon guard with my wow tunes i it has not. I don't know anybody who i talked to the at that time is the listen to this show. If they do they have nothing to worry about. I am not taking anything from anybody. I've taking things that. I worked out in the background in my own. Mind about my own characters without you know their characters. Are there situations being at all involved. Yeah that reminds me of somebody who G norman lippert and this was again before all the stuff with rolling but he did a fantasy fan fiction series now james potter and he had a character in there he had been working on so he actually took that character. It was unique to him. Took away all the other parts. That would tie it to harry potter and released a novel on that and now he's actually doing the work based off that work so it's i love that idea of taking stuff that you've worked on and flushing out into its own unique story. Yeah well i get the impression. It's really common honestly in fantasy circles to base things on stuff either from role playing games d. and there's some very obvious. Dnd novels out there. And i'm not talking about novels. That are published by wizards of the coast. I don't even think so. And and i know there's a lot of t rpg companies now based off of that. Yeah but i mean. I'm not talking about you. Know actual novel tires titans. I'm talking about people who take the. Ged campaigns novel is them and sometimes it can be really obvious him badly done like so and so walked a few steps to the north. Yeah no a. Yeah but if it's done well. I'm reading right now trilogy. That i think was probably based on. Somebody's d campaign or at least tabletop role playing experience. But it's so well done that. I'm just. I'm really enjoying it. it's called The elvis trilogy. By i think it's s g prints the name at its. It's really good. I'm on the second book right now. And i've seen a few flaws in it but it's pretty good subduing that i've been reading some other fake Thanks so much row. But i guess we'll probably talk about that later so maybe i should put the wow stuff later. Yeah mind down later to because yeah. We actually got quite a bit about news today. Yeah wow as well in a long say. That's what i've been up to. I'm really. I'm really excited about writing. Millar i'm hoping that i can. I can spend at least an hour or so doing that per day. So and i think that's smart. You don't burn out on it and like you're able to do other stuff as well and going forward. I think i'm going to avoid burnout gentleman's more about that as well as we go into that. I've been playing some other games. In addition to while i finally finished dark siders and that was phenomenal. I love the fact that it's like the religious in times and things that i've read about in the bible seeing them. I how they portrayed that and i've always wanted to play the game is fucking phenomenal like you are having to do the the proper moves on time. It's frustrating. i wanted to take down. You can't listen the first one. But i'm glad i finished it and like it surprised some some of the stuff that they did. I love those puzzles fighting. It's really well done an for being came. That was made in two thousand ten at still lives up. It looks amazing opinion. Oh wow. I'm going to have to try this game because i always say that and then it's like oh am i going to play a game. It will probably be. Wow but yeah. And that's why i've been trying to add and other games. I'm still going while as a while. Podcasts i wild my main game but i'm trying to enjoy other games like one game and i brought to us. A lot is legend of zelda link to the past. I have butts down with. It has a kid and it was a game that i remember my sister going into the game store and she was buying this game. That kid like wow. This game is cool. My sister's gig. She i love her and all that. I always wanted to beat this game. I've never done it so this is my next game. I'm going to beat a link to the past the first play playthrough on youtube. And i'm going to be trying to upload the steve as well. This is a very historic game. And it's like the music. When i'm hearing bringing chill part of this game and i love it so much got it seems to me like it was just the other day that it was released. I know i know i. I'm like this. The store i grew up at six or seven to me it affected that over game really and it. It's amazing i i. I love how they've been tried. Things like the map was like almost a three d map. I liked the things that they were able to do on the snes. And i'm so glad. That switch has their emulator. Because then i don't wanna get into like the pros and cons of rum's but at least glad that something that i can play without fear of like having the find old games and all that and all i did hear nintendo switch craft or maybe it was the initial couple of into guests. 'cause i having switched now. I'm getting addicted to own into news. But they were saying that. There's rumors that the gameboy maybe coming to switch online as well like that would be amazing. My god yeah. Sometimes i miss my gameboy. I ended up giving it. Because i wasn't really using it. I ended up giving my really really fancy. Tricked out gameboy to my son several years ago and i know he's still uses it that's because honestly he was good he was go out and spend a lot of money on you know and get it. All tricked out stuff and i was like listen. I'm probably never giving us this again. I feel bad sitting around with it. You know an having it when you want one. So here and i don't regret that but at the same time i miss a lot of game boy games and i'm hoping if nintendo can be bringing back a lot of these old titles and all that like old ds. Titles i know. Three s has been discontinued so let me see three stuff but like if they can just pump the stuff into the switch not focus on the big titles though they away round that control has a cloud version on it and my i got a i got a friend. Who's he's been playing control on switch over the cloud and i think if switch can really capture that market of pumping it full of things like make it your your legal rahm thing again. I'm not saying that other illegal. But i'm just saying if they can really get into that they could really capture a huge market. And maybe they are. Maybe they're working on adding more and more stuff. I mean switch online if they added it to the home screen. It sounds like they have some big stuff that they're working on their good. Yeah well today. Our talk about one of the most anticipated games of all time and i will not mentioned other game. I have my own the game but one of the most anticipated games of all time at least two us as wild fans the shadowlands. Ooh yeah i i love it. We've had three weeks to play. It was already been three weeks interest. I just finally hit sixty on frazzled. And i'm still working through heaven breath. That's awesome. I actually hit sixty and we weren't at war mode so kinda surprised me about. We hit sixty as we ended our willed at. I was like oh fuck. We still do revenue growth. Because i just i we both wanted to go arden wheeled. Oh yes it is. Yeah but we went ahead. And we played through revenue growth before we. We chose a covenant. Just we could see what the covenant ability is would be like and lala and they are pretty cool. The the ones for both hundred druid but i we definitely decided to stick with With arden wheeled. But yeah leveling is really especially. If you're doing it with somebody else leveling home you just do it and i. I'm glad they buff leveling. Because i was playing the of the campaign and i got to the point where i finished all of the main i had sought to get to the next part so i'm actually glad that you can do it and i got a bigger advantage because i site because well but i'm glad that you don't do this to get the sixty. Yeah i think that's why we did all the side quests that we could find yeah in all the places because i think we weren't sure that we were ever going to get around to doing them on our other tunes or what our gas so. I think. That's why we hit sixty at the end of our willed was because we had done. These side quests and and on top of it you know gathering professions will give you a little xp etcetera etcetera. So so we did hit sixty a lot sooner than i thought we would but as i say. We pretended we didn't. We just played through revenue draft as if we had hit sixty that went ahead and turned everything in and went. Yes we want aren't meal for covenant is the best comedy the characters and stuff like that. I don't wanna say too much because we're still in that moment. I don't want to spoil anybody on specifics yet. i also love some amounts toys. You can get. We haven't gotten everything yet but there's like a harp toy in our field. Oh yeah yeah yeah. yeah so. There's this one place. And i don't think it's too far from the forest but it could be wrong because i don't remember where it is or maybe it's not too far from the first section. We got it really early on but you see a harp. I think it is like a larger standing harp at a big drum. And if you and another person in a group but if you both play them simultaneously than you can open the box that's between them and it's a little harp toy the only that you can play this harp toy it it has. You can play for ten minutes as a two-minute cold out so you can be playing it. Continuously the only problem is you cannot move. Okay you can mount like you can't mount on about say there's a druid in mount four. In your group you can mount a druid as long as you don't have to move to get to them so they have to be standing right beside you so you can do that. At which means you can play mounted on druid inbound. I out drew is now quite now. That i do declare happens. And you can be in combat. Which is the hilarious thing. As long as you don't like like you could turn around and stuff you spin around and reorient yourself. You just can't step anywhere you you can't but yeah so it's hilarious. What you can accomplish and you can just be playing it all the time. It plays beautiful music. So that's it's i think it's blizzard getting back at all the people who wanted them to introduce a bar class. Yeah well now. You can be a bar. I'm okay with that move. Yeah it reminds me of stories galaxies. Because i don't think it'll be anybody but i was. I was a dancer and a musician and stars galaxy. So i can shake my hips and helium and all that a lot of fun and i would spend hours to speak in. The cantina has a dancer and musician. That was what i love to do. I people would come in from all the stuff. I reigned or metrics. They will do all this stuff. Could come in for a while. And then i would just be there and i loved that part of the open world sandbox nature the original star wars galaxies. And that you could do that. I didn't play it unfortunately but that sounds good. I got tips so it was nice to help somebody and then they'd be like oh here you go. Here's your here's some stuff because you had to train as a musician saw. I was a classically trained. My god awesome. See i want in real life. So i know how that is okay and i realize no. I kept saying i can't do any of that stuff but yeah i'm i'm loving everything in shuttle and it's so much fun i'm definitely going slow. Because i'm not getting rating. I saw jared rpg playing nafta and it looks amazing like inside. I think that that that raid. I hope that winter veil decorations but that raid looks really cool. I would love to do it. my guild isn't rating. We lost enough bodies and even though we've consolidated with some servers some are p. servers. 'cause i'm on an rpg server but we consolidated with tamara p servers a we used to be raven hall twisting nether and this is in the us. And now we've got. I forget to new ones. And i don't remember what they are now. One of them's some goblin name. I forget what the other one is. But anyway so i was like well. Why can't we just recruit but the thing about my guild. Is they kinda. Wanna make sure that you're a nice person okay. It's very friends and family. And the only reason. I'm even in it. Is that my partner. So he's got a lot of friends in the guild and he was the one who was originally invited and it was like well. I guess you can come. I know they didn't put it like that. They were like well. If it's your wife it must be nice to time. I was a wife. Yeah so they were like yeah. Your wife can come along as well and they've been frustrated with me because as time goes on my reflexes have been getting worse and worse so you know doing all the utility that hunter is supposed to be able to do kinda be on me and that would frustrate them. Because it's like well you know we have a whole bunch hundreds of this fucking great and they all suck but i tried. i learn. i burn. Tried really hard. And you know. And i certainly didn't blame healers if i died or whatever you know. It was very polite. But as i say this this season we don't seem to be rating and i think it's because we've lost a lot of our core members. I think it was on principle. I think it was issues with blizzard. Is the reason why we've lost these people but i think also that the disappointment that was battle frau's roth really made a difference as well. Yeah the morally grey direction that silvana s- went in. I think you know just upset a lot of people as well. It's funny because my partner. Chris will talk about silva's and how much he hates her. And i actually with shadowlands. And i don't wanna give anything away but with shadowlands you come to understand the reason she was such a raging asshole and bfa and you come to understand that and it's not it doesn't make it okay but you understand that not just evil. I'm glad to hear that because that was one thing that i know we had Tosh mckinlay on after we like someone who's burn the tree and tosh as something that stuck with me where in a living story we're seeing this play out and i'm glad to know that show lands will answer some stuff and that's what i'm excited for it. I wanna see what's coming next. And i think a lot of people are wanting to come back to because techradar has a thing that challenge. It becomes the fastest selling pc game of all time. Because i mean i know yeah i saw that grand theft auto five. I think is still at best one game over all on everything but pc wise i think challenges the best selling pc game and this is from blizzard that this was a recent investor report according to them and the previous holder was diablo three. So that's pretty phenomenal. Good game yeah. I'm glad that a lot of people came back to shadowlands. I just wish most of them had been my guild. Because i really really would like to be rating right now but at the same time. I'm probably not really capable of rating. And i think that they were just keeping me around to be nice. There are people in my guilt who are rating. But they're not writing as a guild. From and i definitely want to try like even at the nephews. What i'm gonna try. I have hope. I have enough determination to do that. Yeah l. afar is always a hard sell for me. I don't think. I did it at all last expansion but then there was the whole point where i just didn't play last expansion item like even on my main. I never played through the entire story until long after the last content patches had come out you know like i was going to like mecca ghana. Now's retardant stuff. But i hadn't played through the end of the last zone that i was in which meant that. I had an unlocked. The you know some of the stuff in storm song. Yeah which made world quest really hard to do before. Before i got flying but i mean like it forever to flying because i've always been one of these people who says do people's not hard to give flying. Just play the damn game. But i wasn't playing the game i mean i just i completely lost interest after i think actually after my main hit you know whatever it was one twenty i just i didn't care you know. Yeah and i'm trying to get to that point now. There are days. When i can't play and cause i can't sit up but i don't wanna get burned out but professions are better to. Do you have any professions on yes. I'm i've got mining and engineering on frazzled. Okay i'm hearing engineering's a lot easier. I haven't i haven't gotten into that on my tunes yet. But like i got to max in both getting leather working so easily on my main. That was surprised most of the way through tailoring and enchanting my second tune. They're still more. You can learn. But at max level. And you don't have to worry about getting those points. I the worst time and bfa getting up as far as i needed to get because it was gated behind rating indulgence. That's right Yes 'cause i never did a lot of those because of that thing. I think that's why. I didn't really do a lot of professions in bfa. I finally got to max in in skinning and leather. We'll getting what's hard leather working. I finally got to max. And i just didn't even bother on any of the other professions stephen try. It made me so mad. What i had to go through to get the maximum level and i was trying not to quote cheat or whatever with dark mood fair. Yeah i wanted to actually get the points but it was like you know to make this thing you have to get this stuff in this raid and do this And it's like if you don't want to do even l l f r you're screwed you know. And there's the last time. I was in ele- var which i think was the expansion before legion. Doing foreign legion was so toxic. Yeah i remember. I was in the trial of valor. That's the one with hellier and i was like. Oh i cannot believe trump gonna legendary and it's like i'm sorry a scrub. I was fucked by you. Well i'm at least. I'm glad that size embraced the scrub. Because scruffy scruffy the world. He says embrace being ascribed so. I won't brace scrub filthy casual. That's me. I remember in legion of dungeon. And someone's like my worrier does better than you and my words three. I was one ten now. Their name was baby mama like i'm nothing but just like yet and one zero three. You're not really adding you care to the lower part of the game. I'm not gonna take my perspective from you. I'm sorry. I actually reported somebody for the name the other day and i usually don't like i'm on an p. Server when there's people and there are actually from my cluster. And i see them. It's like okay. You know our p. names are supposed to fell but it's like i have a few silly names as well. Yeah you're in there so you know even on our p. servers particularly if they're bank halts so it's like whatever but i saw this one and the name was well nice cock and i was like nope not okay. You know. it's one thing if like there was another person who was like naughty kung fu or whatever. And i'm like you know okay. Fine if screw around. You shouldn't have these names on piece or but whatever but if it's like really have you heavily sexual like that now. Yeah now especially. I hate to use the the i think of the kids but kids. Youngest thirteen are are are playing this game and it's like that's not a name that that you need there. Yeah exactly it's like you know what you know if you somehow must play at. Rpd server a not choose a name that get it would fit in with with rpg. Okay fine. I know for instance that my partner chris has names like piss farts but he doesn't in foreign languages okay. His original tune is adrenaline and he gave her a greek name. Or okla say up which means piss farts his hunters dunkel bump sur. Which means something like dirk fucking or something like that. It's you know he's got another one that's like donkey bought or something like that. He somma tomah is his panda. But at least it's in a foreign language and it's probably not a good translation into that language either because terms like that are usually idiomatic. So yeah you know. It probably doesn't even really mean that in that language. I guess what i'm saying. You know definitely you terrible names but you can't tell they actually sell like nice. Rpi names you know if you saw the name oracle say you wouldn't go. Oh god not even. If you were greek you know but it it means piss farts yeah cap says he got a three r banned for piss on troll bane and see if i my feeling is you know keep it. You really should keep your name's clean for the children by especially on our server. It's like at least try at least make it. Look like you made an effort. Well nice cock no cow and i got a feeling that we're going to have a lot more names to report because baylor at a tweet that he was saying the current while subs predictions between eleven and twelve million based off the relations. Yeah that's a lot. That's that's a lot of subs. He put another tweet saying that. He's fairly sure that they can't lie in post declared because the sec investigation risk right. Yeah not an investor stuff. Yeah can't so and why would they. Well okay i'm naive. I'm one of those people who thinks that you know. Elves are sugar coated and things like that and he did say that they can selectively pick data. That looks good bye. They can cherry pick. Yeah yeah but it's pretty cool. That if i'm looking at the thing right between wrath and cattle we had twelve so we might be at one of the highest sub rates that we did that we've had and it's interesting that a expansion that's reliving hearts of replicating in different different ways but school that this is bring people back and i decided people are enjoying it that it's cool to see people that i that don't even play. Wow picking up a sub and doing stuff. It's fun that this expansion is so exciting. And and and superman plays you knew about that right. Superman plays no henry. Cavill said that he actually missed the call to do his original superman role because he was playing world of warcraft at the time and he didn't pick up the phone. He said he'd stopped playing for a while for the last couple of expansions but he said he's coming back now because it's easy to level he said you know when it got all the way up to one twenty. He was just like i'd never going to catch up. No i'm not going to do this. But he said now that it's just you know the max is back to sixty again. He says he's going to start playing again. Yes yeah he also is someone who said he can turn. Pc building videos sexy. Mike oh sorry is a good guy he is he is i have met. I mean again. I'm not really attracted to people. But i think i can possibly steve are. I think i could create carrots on those ribs when you hear because you will if you play through the whole the whole story in revenue. I could great carrots. Those ribs is the best line in the game. that quote is so great size. I have to hurt you. Cross your microphone. So i would say that we are joined settled lands like i think it is. It's been great. I love it hottie. Chicken said on a tweet that it has been healing for so many people and it really is it that. Did you see healing killing like something. We've we've been looking forward to something that can get her mind off of everything that's going on. They can enjoy a cool thing that she found was in arden. Wheeled one of the play testers lost their cat during this year. Well blizzard added the cat into artemio next to their player. I see character and you can go pet the cat. And the their cats living on in this game starling. Wow wow and then another cool thing. That i saw desperate i was doing some looking into who the actor was behind pella ghosts. 'cause we all love being a trans representative character in the game. Right how it goes. This actor is trans elliott fletcher. Oh my god. Wow i love this it stories that make you feel good. I'm absolutely loving it. It's also fun to see community members. Get immortalized as different characters. I think peculiar has turned thing if somebody from allah has a character now and never embassy and it was cool to see like vision for all the work that they've done yes. I love seeing nbc's that i recognize even federal really know anything about the person. Just that i recognize that. This is an based on you. Know somebody who's a big fan of the game or whatever. So i'm like defa festival has desks films. Gloves earned i. He has gloves in the game. That our plate because he got one hundred of the plate armor so it is cool seeing people and seeing blizzard recognize. What what what impact the. They've done yeah. Wow yeah. Just looked elliott fletcher up. That is so cool. And grenada says what heels about shetlands is that it's entirely new storyline. Nothing we've ever seen before with ties to the now but tony new view and viewpoint of the universe. That is right. 'cause they're like oh you're from asda roth. Yeah and it's fun that like you see parts of it like you see different things that we've seen on as a roth here talked about it. But it's cool learning about a new lore and learning about a new area. I was just thinking because if you choose the covenant and again i'm not gonna spoil it per se by an event happens almost immediately after you tuesday arden wheel of it. I'm excited god frazzle. You're gonna die. I just sat there the entire time. Shrieking because i'm not playing in the same room with my partner anymore. We usually have a discord video call going and we were just sitting there going. You know like dad king and screaming and grabbing ourselves you know because when you tell you about azar off and you know how they say oh you're from as they kind of getting it wrong during the event and it's just oh. I think i might be doing that other tonight or or sunday night. Whole got to see it fraz. It is the best. I get way too excited her. Yeah i i wanna put at least one tune in each covenant and do as much as i can those covenants it kinda gets me because my next tune that i'm leveling is an arcane manage. She's very even though she's not a night out herself. She's because you can be an idol of major. When i first created her and i don't usually race change. I have every once in a while. But i usually don't but she's very tied to the night i'll she's very sympathetic with them at very into them and because of that i wanted to make her arm wheeled as well because that's kind of the night elf quote unquote thing to do and then on top of it. I wanted to make my night off. Druid are kinda like yet. Those are the ones i would normally do next. But i'm kind of almost wanna skip those levelling those do somebody who want to have it in another covenant instead just to see what it's like but yeah definitely ardenne wields just just right after you joined the comment. It's just oh my god. I do agree with green. That argument is sad and reason. It's sad and i cried again. Oh but i don't want to but they're they're all sad to some extent they are even the ones who tried to be silly about it mean. I think mel drugs. This is pretty sad. You know with the the whole storyline there and revenue breath. It's actually not so much maybe sad as it's almost campy really makes me angry because i'm working through some stuff in my life on. I'm not going to all religion but we're gonna do some stuff regarding legitimate my life right now and it makes me. But i'm glad they're going through the topics here. Same same with like bastion. It also makes me angry the the abuse of power. But i think it's also a good message the that needs to be said there's an abuse of power in the world and i think reverend is like they are taking what limited that's out there i on ten the pond but i'm not gonna be funny. It drained me when i was taking the animal on that one tight quest and reverend with i'm not trying to going to spoilers too deep but that zone all the zones has something like yeah. You see why you're here. I love legion. That when the legion all this zones you were there to save the different zone. The there have had issues. And i love that you have this talent that yeah. They didn't realize that they needed you. But now they're like. Wow we need you. Yeah well and the thing is too that like with bastion. I am going to put a tune in in bastion coming up wise. But at the same time. I'm a little annoyed at bastion because it becomes an Honestly if you've if you've played through. I think even like one or two levels you you realize this. It's very early on in the story that you realize that you know these people aren't dead. Humans it's dead of every race becomes blue humans. I don't like that just seems wrong. That upsets me. what. I losing their unique this. Yeah when i didn't have to think about it. It was fine. But then when i encountered the war begins and the tour and all that who right then couldn't be come aspirants. They were in this kind of limbo. Because you know of the whole you know everything was put on. Hold because of the anime drought. Chris call anime instead of animal. I m anima anyway because of the drought you know everybody's put on hold so you see these people who are still in their old forms and then there's one guy. He is an aspirin but he's a blue human and yet his memories are all torrent. And you go wait a minute. Wait a minute. This isn't i never thought about that. Yeah yeah and so that actually bothers me a little bit because okay. All my tunes happened to be humanoids. I mean the space goats that i have the least humanoid. maybe by. It's like if they were to become aspirants they would all become these blue humans which does work into the the weird stuff that you're seeing in bashed in and like the the the the idea that in bashed in there after the one race. Yeah the l. You understand it when solana's has her much touted Conversation with anderson which. I'm not going to spoil again if you haven't seen it. But there's a cinematic making the rounds right now. Where basically silvana Has a long talk with edwin and explains everything you just get the impression while you're playing through the different places the different areas that everything does seem to be. There's something wrong you know. It's not something wrong. Just because of the drought that there was maybe a problem with all this. yeah. I'm getting that same feeling that something's wrong. That's why i'm excited the play more. Yeah so the arbiter which again this is a conversation. That's like right in the beginning when you're first learning about or does so. I don't think i'm really spoiling anything here. But what do you think is the event that screwed up the arbiter. That made her fash. I was trying to figure it out because it resembled another event that you see later on. And i'm trying to figure out like i'll mention oh not later on but i'll mentioned what i think it be. I think i was thinking something to do with the void. If i'm getting it right. Yeah i know. There's a whole lot of theories out there. Sorta like sorta like well. I don't know if i want to say this because again. It's a lot of this. Speculation is going around. But there's there's another event that happens. It's an ardent wheeled thing that happens during the story of arden wheeled where you come to realize that that the winter queen has a family. I guess is how i would put it. Oh yeah you know. And there's a lot of speculation as to who to she means you know who she talking about and this is a kind of a similar thing it's like there's a lot of speculation on what was the event that crashed the arbiter. And we know. It happened during legion during the expansion. Insurer sting okay well. Espn and this was at bliss. Calm the last time. There was ablaze concert this past year or not this not last month but the year before where ian actually sad at blizzard con that sarah was one of the last souls that made it into artem wheeled. We also know that sock. Did i mean that's in the cinematic so given that it's like okay. You know if those were the last souls that made it into arden wales. It had to be something that happened like right after that. That broke the arbiter. I'm excited to see what's coming in and to see the see because yeah i'm glad to miss something in the campaign i'm thinking did i miss something now. You didn't know it's probably something that happened during legion. Okay and yeah so if you played legion then you probably saw at least what it was. Ooh okay and doing some stuff from chat cap says in the kirin dragged around by the script for our next step. Then we do the the dodgers and reverend wrath greenwich saying all the curium regardless of the foresworn or moss worn. They're all wing human than away. The other dead so like the guy what race you are. When we come back you re become a human which cis. Oh that's true that's true but the thing is that the original the care that we saw were all right. Cool dead reichel and so i think we thought of them as people who were originally because remember the whole the whole thing that was going on in wrath of the lich king or it was a subplot but i mean in wrath of the king. There's this whole idea of female specifically wanting to ascend and they would prove that they were the best warriors and you know with this how you get your your white. Polar bear mountain see have to do these daily class for these women who are aspiring to be here and the idea is that they will go through this and maybe getting some of this has been a while since i've played through this but but they go through this ceremony either white with the lich king or with people that he's put in charge of this process and that's how they become valk here is they. You know they die. They're raised and now they are and of course you see it happening in up card pinnacle which i keep running. Because i want that. God's amount you see it if you're running up pinnacle Swallow sorrow grave is being raised as of al qaeda. I think i think that's the idea. So that's the thing it's like. I thought of all those valk year as maybe not humid but reichel which are the original humans. Yeah and so to me. it wasn't weird for valkyrie to be and it's very obvious that the valk here are a corrupted form of kirin's you know you get ya. It's very obvious that that's that's blizzards. Intent is to show you. The games intent is to show you that valk. Here are some mock corrupted version or gaoler corrupted version of curious because remember when the kieron's are fully ascended. They have not only wings their helmets. Go over there is. Yeah like valk here okay. So now he knows. Some of yeah. I don't think i'd spoiling anything. You're saying that it's just an assumption that i've made val keer kyrie ends you know. And that valk were created by a process of so they're like corrupted kenyans or something you know somehow mov versions of curious and of course now now how is in the mall so this kind of shows that maybe savannah's has been to way before we have that she's known it's been around for a long time in nyc sheetings and going going into the chat room. I i agree with like a raven that that murder people ain't cool dealers doesn't grew. Yeah yeah too much. Cool t pain torture and k is talking about how the lanta thing that they can crack the stormers hymie cinematic but that happened in legion and tapping teller cell souls loss of them offer. Show so definitely happen. Legion and i was talking with With joe hogan and drove a proper good point that what savant was so to get more souls into the ma that she knew it was broken and she was like. I want to get all those those elves for some reason. Well that that's supposedly the rea. The reason why she was like remember in the battle for lord or on where they say my god. She's killing her own. People remain she plagues the whole battlefield. Yeah and they say she's killing your own people. Why would she do that. And the answer shoes trying to send as many souls to the mawes possible on. That's why she was burning taylorsville as well. You know so you know it has to happen sometime. Allegiance there was it was ashkelon is one of the big streamers. I guess who was was saying that. It was solana's lantern that she got from helio or whatever. I don't see that as being the thing that that changed. Because here's the thing originally allegiant you were supposed to play from arizona to storm hyme do mar but you're supposed to work your way from right to left over the map and then they changed it so that you could start anywhere but the idea was that first. You would've done as soon as venue would have done of al shara with tears of a sarah dying and its attendant dungeon raid which involves rescuing. What's his name. Mouskouri that mouth. As i call him and defeating davis and then after that it's high mountain and then it storm high so the thing that again did with smashing solano's lantern would have happened toward the end of quote unquote legion. Okay if i mean toward the end of the original content. Arc of legion. Yeah i guess is what i would say all depends on if they if they kept in that or if they right conduct to be butchered read concept before something that depends on if that if they have their is on tenth well right but i guess that i'm saying is even though they allowed you to level in whatever order you wanted internal sounds i think they still kept canonic. -ly the idea that is sarah ersoy died before again. Smashed the lantern that make sense. Yes still pretty canonical for them. That makes sense. Here's the ultimate thing you could have done versus. Here's what you did. Yeah now there was one guy. I think this was pyro. Manser who thought that it might have been argus dying. That was the thing that fucked the arbiter and he had a pretty good reasoning in there. But i'm no longer on that team. I'm kinda team at cologne at this point at his current at least current as of two days ago which was the last time i watched the video after he posted it. I guess. I think i agree with what he was saying. And chat talk about like different things about going to the mine and bring them a lot of good points. I grenade is catering up some some points about like win. Wins to the mind when she knew about this death. Yeah well remember silvana. S- threw herself off the top of ice cream citadel. Yes i said ice cream ice cream. Sit adele at the end of wrath of the lich king after he's defeated throws herself off the top and there's a whole short story dealing with those not up and you know and people are sort of now assuming that blizzard us hind of massage. That into that being when she met the jailer. Okay because she was bad remember in silvana was unfortunately almost unequivocably bad. You know up to or at least at least very questionably. Good if at all in wrath of the alleged king i mean she you know the whole wrath gate thing was she. Guilty was she. Not what did she know. When did she know at very negative on. You know there was the site the idea of well. Maybe she went straight to the mall and met the jailer at the bargain that she made have had him in mind or something like she might have made a bargain with him then other she died again after that. So maybe that would who knows and saying the story and chronicles. That odin created the halls of valor. Any way to ferry the souls so he forced you to be his first value after giving his eye to the talons lands right. We didn't know about the. I heart until very recently why he had given up his i. I think that's new lower if you will. Yeah but yeah the whole the whole business and chronicle is a and i could be wrong. I i've read chronicle sixty five times. But i forget very easily but i don't know that it mentioned him giving up his eyes so he could keep his eye on the shetlands in chronicle. It might have. I don't know but definitely mentioned the whole thing about how. Yeah how she was the first val care. And that she wasn't willing and blah blah blah. But i guess what i'm saying. Is that valk. Here are based at least on the concept of the curium from bastion. That's all i'm saying. And i just that's mario own theory but it's kiryat valk here either. I mean why would they make it that close and have the look that close then wondering where the foresworn go in with that too. Because that's an interesting well. The foresworn kind of started with with devo right and author of the four things. Start okay you know. Because to throw artists in the maw there might have been some contact there with the jailer saying. Hey you know here he is. You know it might not a bit just as simple as them just hovering above and throwing him down. There was probably some negotiation. Yeah so i mean it seems clear to me that devo son youth or are now working for the jailer some extent and catering a point that i noticed when we were going to reverend of anathemas that people about how the different names of the different dread lords and even mentioned dimitrius nath nothing them and like there's all these things it is interesting to see the creation of things that we've known of these powers. Well here's the thing. I had been hearing the idea. That was a drug lord before the game came out. So i guess i thought that you were supposed to know he was okay because i not know but i mean if you look at sire after is he's got horns. Unlike a lot of other rev andretti's she has horns and he has perfect teeth. Unlike anybody else in that zone but then he's also got hooves but he. He tries to hide them with his boots. Ooh but if you look at him very carefully i've again. This is the section you haven't gotten to yet so i don't mean to spoil it for you but if you look at it very carefully in one of the main scenes in the zone is very obvious he got. He's got who's and like. I said i know. It's probably a spoiler to some degree to go third and others but it's but it's like. I thought everybody knew that i really did because had been talking about it. It probably was coming knowledge. And i probably again. I the reason. I don't do lor podcasts. Sometimes but yeah. There's a reason that i have on. You know thinking on me in a way. Because like i said i had heard all this speculation before the game or you know but while still in beta and i was just like oh i guess this is just something everybody. Oh yeah look who's and then to find out that it was supposed to be a surprise. Not okay now sat on so sorry. I just wrecked up for you. Maybe you're actually a game developer and in a in a game writer and and you work for blizzard and you and you're not telling us did i ever tell you about how star wars was spoiled for me not the first movie but i think it's the second one i don't know if he did. It's where luke finds out the darth vader's his father. I think that's the second like episode. Five yeah yeah then the third one right and that's yeah okay so so. It came out quite a while after episode four. Did i was in high school in episode four and a young high schooler and then episode five came out and i was in college. I was very friendly with a guy who lived in the space special interest house at georgetown so he and i decided to go together wasn't a day i had to be wasn't a day now today. We just went together. Yeah we're on. the bus. Were going toward the theater. He says something to me about darth vader. Being luke's father you could have heard pen drop of a whole bus. Yeah and i'm like and he's on my god. I had seen it. What what an asshole move to do yes really. It was by accident but okay good. Yeah he you know. It was sort of like me with the risk thing with suddenly realizing that. I'd actually spoiled something here. Okay and i'm just like the old boss was just like so since then. I don't mind spoilers all that much because at the time of those i don't know like eighty two or something i think was the year in one thousand nine hundred eighty two. I can't think of anything except rosebud the sled that could have been and of course you know citizen kane was a much older movies so when we assume in one thousand nine hundred eighty two still need to worry about that but it's like in one thousand nine hundred eighty two. I think that was the big thing that darth vader was. Luke's father it was just like. Oh my god. and after having that spoils. it's like these days spoiler. Still bother me. I try to be sensitive to the fact that they bother other people just like after. I had that spoiled for me. You're kidding what's spoiler again to mention a series. I struggle with phantom. I remember re online on read it snip dumbledore and it was like i just picked up this book. And then that's another. That's another one. And by the way i did. Oh okay. I knew i knew okay. I never have finished in the books. I do intend to watch the movies at some point. But i never finishing the books. I trailed off somewhere and number three. I was sober at the i. Don't feel welcome and right now. But i want to thank you for talking with me about though can i today. But it well. It is actually a early quest thing and Rabindra so it's not yeah but You and i are the co host of a podcast translated. And whenever i have concrete on in addition to while i like to get to know you better i mean i know you better only the chattanooga better so since it was your creation that you've graciously allowed to be part of what is translate city. You're doing me a huge favor here but sound transit city for me isn't just a podcast. It's almost brand. It's to stem really lazy about building it. What happened was. When i realized that i was that i was trans. I had a very short period like overnight of utter grief. Because i was leaving everything that i built for myself as a woman specifically behind hysterical sobbing etcetera etcetera. But then after that. Once i accepted it i just felt like i was surrounded by this light and i don't necessarily mean like in a religious sense definitely spiritual but i don't want to attribute it to any religion. I just was like. Oh my god the clarity. All of sudden my entire life started to make sense to me. Trans lucidity is a term that it's it's sort of a synonym for transparency. You know where you can just about see you know through something. Yeah and so. I wanted everyone to have to understand themselves and their identities. The way that i did. Because it's really hard to understand yourself and be honest with yourself. And i think that a lack of that is what causes so much of the pain in the world and so. I wanted everyone to have that kind of feeling of clarity that i suddenly had about myself you know. Of course there's the cute little trans putt in there. Yeah so so. That's the translate city is very little. Putt and how did you decide to bring me on the pockets of the co host. A well it was just a natural thing i had wanted to do more with you and i also knew that you know this idea for the podcast that i had. I just sat on it for a while. Because i didn't wanna do it by myself but the only other person i knew who i really trusted to understand my vision and beyond board with me was my partner chris and while he's a wonderful supportive person who i just don't know how i would even live about. He's not trans. He's very supportive of transpeople. He's just the most positive you could have. But he's not transient. I wanted to co host with another trans person and so it was almost like five seconds after you came out as trans. I think you you were like. I've transfer that because i was like i need to tell you something and i don't i i'm not mail. And here's here's a experiment myself. I call my god. It's like oh my god yes. Okay your guys. I love because i always have loved talking with you and i. I had you on pike as many times. Have on here again because it's been a while going by weekly. It's hard to hard to every guest in there. But you've been someone that's like since the beginning i i've got to see your journey and it it is open my eyes in so many ways and in fact i'm going to real quick. Get very saffy. Rookie comes in the show. But i need to thank you. Stash it that that that the fact that i had you on the spot guest and it was back in the nineteen on episode ninety three. I had done before. But that was episode. Where you shared your experience being trans in and you you were very honest and open there and through all this stuff. You're the first person that i knew in my own circles. Who came to me and said that that that that you're trans and it. I was taken aback. Because i'd never known somebody else directly. Who who who. Who was trans and you helped. You have it in a better light that like i got. I got into new journey. You've helped teach me how to be polite how to how to make sense to the it. You're so automatically accepting. Because i thought there was going to be some hesitation on your part i remember Shamefully might add. When i was just very very very deeply into christianity at this point in my life and someone came out as gay and i still liked the percent and i told them this but i was like but it's really hard for me to accept that lifestyle. I look back at that. I'm just dying now. Because i actually knew. I was queer from a very early age. I was in denial. I just gone through this period of my teens. Where i was heavily into nihil and so you know and so i just tried to word it in a way of you know i love you i accept you but it's hard for me to accept this thing you know and later on we worked it all out. I was like i was a big asshole. I'm groovy now. You know. But at the time i didn't just accept that person and you're immediately just completely accepting of me at least to my face you know. You didn't have the need to tell me that you didn't. You approve or that. You know or that you had issues or anything you didn't you know and and i just felt so good about that conversation and you know i felt completely accepted. I'm going to do that. Because i mean i admit as a as a teen i i i was more vocally and i own that. I'm like i told somebody i own. I was has and eggs. I had been trying to be a lot more open. And when you re i understand it. I admit that but i was like this is you and you are my friend. And i'm gonna accept you as my friend no matter what and thou shalt acceptance and cause came to you i i was like i d about about who i was because i fully gone public with everything. And you were. You were accepting i mean and and i mean you were an inspiration and let me explore who i was but you also opened my eyes to what is to be transient and and all that and i just wonderful. We are journey. That we're on. Yes that's why it's an honor to be on translated because it's it gives me a platform as i'm learning and i'm learning things from things from the people that we've had on it and that's why it's been an honor to be on on another podcast. That's not gaming related per se. But it's about gaming. And i we are gamers. Yeah but it's been something that like it is. It's a podcast that i've learned a lot from and it's helped me become more confident to and who i am and in me confident and where my journey is. I think it's why i can't do it every week. Even though i want to is because of how painful not in a bad way not necessarily but how painful it is to do that podcast. Yeah because we are so and we know that we are anything but perfect. You have that. We have this little expression. Ask privilege no because the privilege to be an ass because first of all we're white we're both solidly middle class fairly well off people absolutely and you know we have privilege coming out our asses so well hopefully not you know physics. Yeah but but you know but it is. It's so painful sometimes to do that podcast. Because it's so humbling to know first of all the ways in which you know. We need to be better people both of us. I think probably more than you. But i really. Oh god sometimes. I just feel like a monster but also just how honest we have to be and knowing that there are people out there who are very non positive to us gets us m. We know that they're listening. And maybe some of them are learning. I hope that's the case learning and also becoming more trans lucid as time goes on but maybe there are some people who it's just hardening the hearts to and how to deal with that in a kind way and i. I want to be the best that i can. And i want to to be a role model like somebody that i know is listening to the show and i don't want to divulge their name to respect the privacy but the fact that they said because of me talking about being nonbinary on this podcast that they had somebody come out to them as binary and they were able to be so accepting to them. And that's the way just like that's that's just so amazing because so amazing. We're not out to turn anybody trans or anything like that. God now we do not have agenda. No there's no we just want people to understand it and respected. That's that's all. And that's even why. That's why i bring on under under this show. This is gaining podcast about. Wow but we're also human beings. Ever since i started francois cast have been amazed to realize there's another human being them talking to the game is what brings us together but what we are in the the. The weird mixture of who makes us is really what this podcast is about the wild podcast. But i wanna to explore the inner workings. That's what i'm talking to you about this podcast on here. I want people to know everybody has it. I think wow could remove its acidity if somebody's realized the fucking person on the other side. What you say to them that you don't know that the ship they're going through some days you don't know what they're struggling with days and you don't know that something that you stay off the cuff what it means. It hurts me. When i heard somebody by by saying something and it's it's why i've tried to be a lot more kind. I've tried. i've tried to realize what is my word saying. It's why i'm trying to drop ablest language for my words because i realize some words i may say to me i can say off the cuff but somebody else. It really strikes deep. Sometimes even when you're when you are differently abled. You can like for instance. I'm sure there are times that i'm like you know. Oh i've been blind. That's not really good to say no you know. Oh i didn't understand is so much better but that's just an example of ablest language that honestly there are times i just don't i don't think i know there are times when i say racist stuff. Same just horrifies me later to to say oh my god i said that i want think of myself as not that person but i i am the person and you know as as an older white person. I'm going to be that person you know so just trying to be kind and trying to be sensitive and trying to present our truths as honestly as vulnerably as hand. You know realizing that they're going to be some people who are just gonna be jerks out there but just taking it just just going with it. I had somebody. I came on on facebook and had somebody say what was probably a joke and i did a kind joke back to them but it was still paying for it because i was like i just shared learning very vulnerable with you on on facebook and you turn around and turn what i who i am into into joke and i. It's it shows the power of language and the power of stuff and and that's why again i want people to just understand. Take time to to listen. And i mean i'm trying to be much more of a listener than i than a talker. This this year in so many ways a turning point was during black. Lives matter when i was was going around that we need to listen and i was like absolutely we need to listen to. I released episode of the podcast saying we need to listen to these voices. We still need to listen to the voices. It's not a trend. It's still happening but this year changed me in a lotta ways. There are times when i say to myself. You know just going back to the whole show. Podcast thing it's like. Oh god i'm another white person with a podcast. That's another reason. I hesitated that. Lack of a co host was was that i said. What right do. I have to be the person sitting there then. I looked at it. And it's like you know what. I have the wherewithal you have a computer. I have a mike this ability to put this out there and to the extent that i can help anybody who's less privileged than i. I'm going to use this platform to do it. I don't know to what extent. I have actually helping anyone who's less privileged than i am. I want to yeah and maybe it can encourage somebody that they can add to the voice out there that that like th. That's why i love. Podcasting is how you can add your voice to it that it's not just because i've got podcasts. You can't make a podcast that right or have people on the podcast or whatever. Yeah i'll tell you if i could get some trans people of color on my podcast really happy. I'm hoping at some point it happens. We've we've had a decent number of guests people who are identify as trans other binary non binary on our podcast But they all have been white and it's again they're all wonderful people. I mean we're all but you know. I'll feel that i'm making more of a difference if i can give voice to somebody who doesn't have the ability to just easily put together a podcast. The way that i can absolutely. That's what i've been trying to do even with this. This show is bring people on who don't have a podcast and give them a voice. And i've been i love. I've had some guests on here. Who then they had the courage and confidence afterwards to start a podcast but he was even care about my opinion. And it's about amplify voices exactly. Yeah before we end the show. Because wow can on podcasting. I'm gonna probably say that the the best advice that you would give somebody who wants to start. Podcast be honesty transparency. Yeah be who you are on the air. Yeah and understand that. It's okay if you find. I'm still struggling with this. But it's okay if you find the you can't be as consistent with scheduling. I mean it is great. And i'm sure probably the most successful podcasters out. They're the ones who put up a show every some people every day. I don't know how they do that. But you know like martine powers for the washington post. She has that dan podcast every day. You know it's but it's her job also but you don't have to get something out every every week every day even every month if you are being honestly you you will find that people will start to listen you know. I don't think we have a society large listener base yet but every week or so. I hear about somebody who listen to it. So it's not zero either. So that's what i would say. Just be unabashedly you know and do it as often as field you cat. Yeah and you're you're gonna make mistakes. You won't be the same person when you started that. I mean look at it. I i started podcasting as a male now of non binary i mean and you may not that you will but you may may discover stuff that you're still became your is if you podcast and just understand you're gonna screw up. I mean yes. I said some some things know. Just even we're only up to what ten episodes or something on transit city is said some things that i go back and i'm like oh my god i said that you know you'll screw up by just admit it if and when you do and just be honest about it if somebody says something to you you know in their right to say. Yep you're right. I screwed up and i care at. I'm just gonna keep trying to get it right. And you'll be an imperfect ally i in perfect l. a. And i i try. I try to say the right things and i learned when i mess up and i. I want to be better. I want to do better. I liked what cypher says on on twitch about being an accomplice that we're not saying stuff but we're doing action. yes yep we're accomplished accomplices. And sometimes again. I'm gonna i'm gonna mess up. Say the wrong things by the way. Your hair is getting so long. I love it. Thank you. I hosted your version of that. That little girl waving her fan you know in the dress. Oh yes when you posted your version of that jeff. It's jif. I was just like dang francis harris almost as long as that little girls. I noticed too. 'cause i pretty is a no. If you search for fraz. The anger on give search on twitter. Death give that's why it's called jiffy dot com not gif dot com. Okay okay i'll give you what gifford jif in some way but yeah no. If you search for those you'll find me recreating a scene from mr mom with with the hairbrush hairbrush. Fan liberal sorry for audio listeners. But this is the fan. Yeah baby just another fan of yours right yes. Oh my god Well i wanna thank you for coming on the show again. I mean and sharing who you are. I talk on translating but thank you for sharing it here and thank you for sharing it with with this audience. You are a pleasure and i to be back again. It's it's it's fun to end twenty twenty which has been a shit show with somebody who has helped me have a great twenty twenty like you have been such a close family member and i forget i really cannot. I can't thank you enough. Thank you you have made twenty twenty livable. Oh we're gonna cry which is not trying not said. I'm trying because i'm already stuffed up. Oh for people who want to want to see on the interwebs. Where can they find you. Well i'm a lad hash seven two seven two undescored feel free to slide into my dm's. I think allowing everyone to dm me. So i'll check that. I've lost the. That's elo t h. I. e. a hash one eight six of battle net Grabby there if you're on battle chat at me. I'm at lofty at at trans city. One on twitter. And i'm lago loud on instagram. That's l. a. g. o. l. a. d. and before you say i spelt legless wrong. It means bunny boy last. Oh yeah like. Lego morph is a bus. Yeah and ladd. Of course yeah boy. So lads is a bunny boy. I'm like that point. I could be like i if i'm waiting for you. Not tonight because you waiting for me tonight. But if i remember waiting for you to be hop to it but eighty five border. This has been another awesome episode frazzled. Cast take it away frazzle pants. Thank you scruffy. I am back home of iron forge until we one day. Reclaimed number gone around twitch. I want to thank my my new subs. Thank you to believe seventy six death not cap raven. Dresden dust off gaming oh my goodness anzac and thank you to my care to out there. Cuffy of character craft and tell royd if you want to support the financially. Please go support dot com. Podcasts dot com. Even if you can't support the show financially i would. I think everyone free support. Whether it's chatting lurking retweeting giving feedback and listening. Thank you for being a part of this. Labor of love by fraz leaning can find the show at no podcasts dot com. They can pesticides and find out. Many of the places where you can subscribe to this show to catch the known. Great everytime rose into station. This is the last set of cast for twenty twenty. I will be back in january so until then be awesome cast as a fan. Podcasts covers blizzard games. We are not affiliated with buzzer entertainment inc. views expressed by the hosts and guests are their own some of the art music and sound effects. Come from blizzard. Games and their own by entertainment inc. No copyright infringement is intended this show is for the community and it contains country should from the community. The gnome train interest allie of fables. And all things as the opening music is by brandon t blaylock. The known rar is by gen of morally gray. Podcast in the fresno pants at the end is by the scruffy druid of optional and viral voice. Arts is brought to you by find board had dragging how would studio dot called. It's been fun farewell.

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A Major Rights Group Says Israel Is Guilty of Apartheid. It Might Fracture the Status Quo in Washington

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A Major Rights Group Says Israel Is Guilty of Apartheid. It Might Fracture the Status Quo in Washington

"Brought to you by the so-fi daily podcast. Did you know thirty. Seven percent of americans would struggle to cover an unexpected four hundred dollar expense. April is national financial literacy month. Which means it's time to expand your financial knowledge and that all starts with having the right information for facts analysis and updates related to markets and financial awareness. Listen to the so-fi daily podcast every weekday search for s-o-f-i wherever you get your broadcasts a major rights group says israel is guilty of apartheid that might fracture the status quo in washington by a hellier. Ha hellier is a senior associate fellow. At the royal united services institute in london and the atlantic council in washington and the author of muslims of europe the other europeans on tuesday the us-based rights organization human rights watch or hrw accused israel of to crimes against humanity the crime of apartheid and the crime of persecution other organizations including israeli ones have previously made similar claims but it is the first time that such designations have been made by an international organization of this stature. Moreover the designations declared that elements of the crimes were applicable not simply in the occupied palestinian territories but within the internationally recognized borders of israel itself. The assessment was predictably met with ferocious indignation among supporters of israel in washington. Dc but mostly from the right wing of american politics and not the left. The hrw report is just one report but it's a significant milestone in particular trajectory leading us towards the moment when the bipartisan pro israel american consensus that has endured for decades breaks apart democrats and republicans might argue tremendously in congress but would always unite over israel. Congress will regularly pass. Bipartisan motions supporting israel and there was cross party consensus in congress on moving the american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. Many years before the trump administration actually did so the us is near unique and this cross party unity and my native uk. For example deep political support exists for israel alongside traditions up support for the palestinian cause. The left wing labour party has a long pro palestinian tradition within it and even the center right. Conservative party has had senior figures openly critical of israel and twenty nineteen book blindspot. The political scientist holid- elguindi describes a system and the us that demands accountability of the weaker side. The palestinians while working to prevent any meaningful accountability or consequences for the stronger side. Israel critics of this blind spot are becoming more vocal. The likes of laura friedman of the foundation for middle east peace. Selene booker of the center for international policy or noted intellectual and columnist. Peter beinart among others the space to do so has long existed but is now expanding that is why it was possible for the nonpartisan carnegie endowment where i am a scholar to produce a report recently. They called for human rights to be at the center of any. Us let approach and resolving the palestinian israeli conflict yet the insular worlds of think tanks and academia have the potential to be echo chambers. As does the human rights community that includes hrw. The only question that matters for policy is whether the nita will move within a major political party in the future. It's important to note that president. Joe biden was instrumental in ensuring the twenty twenty democratic platform was squarely behind israel and the republican party is even more so but biden's move didn't go unchallenged. In his party that follows a public fracturing of the bipartisan consensus. On israel in american politics progressive democratic congresswoman rasheed had to leave an ilhan omar. Were at the heart of that shift going against the party. Line their support for a boycott movement aimed at israel to change. Its policy toward palestinians was met with resistance from the overwhelming majority of house. Democrats in two thousand nineteen who supported a resolution to condemn that movement. But to leave omar's push received help from an unlikely quarter. Donald trump probably the most pro israel president in living memory. It's ironic indeed. The trump white house had withdrawn funding for unrwa. The un's organization for taking care of palestinian refugees closed the palestinian liberation organisation's office in dc and had moved the us embassy to jerusalem but trump made a crucial mistake and twenty nineteen. It was widely suspected to leave. And omar were banned from moving to a direct request by trump to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and that forced criticism of israel by senior democrats. The democratic house majority leader steny hoyer pushed israel to allow the congresswoman to visit senator elizabeth. Warren did the same to leave. Herself of palestinian descent declared if you truly believe in democracy than the close alignment of netanyahu with trumps. Hate agenda must prompt. A reevaluation of our unwavering support for the state of israel. It was a message that resonated with many democrats but the seeds were laid before then the more progressive wing of the democratic party with whom to leave and omar mentally popular is growing strength due to simple demographics disproportionately younger americans and americans of color are more likely to be progressive. They are more likely to favor. Civil rights for minorities with the black lives matter movement in the us or overseas. It's hard to square that with support for the israeli occupation of the west bank. Say where. Israeli settlers are granted substantially more privileges as compared to the indigenous palestinian population as the former. Us ambassador to israel daniel shapiro said twenty. Nineteen there are new voices. That are more critical single-mindedly toward israel and they're obviously making themselves heard the republican party remains stalwart in its support for the jewish state. But that's a complex situation. White supremacist thinking appeals to many trump's supporters and that ideology contains a strong element of anti-semitism at the same time mainstreaming of white supremacy in the republican party invigorates progressive activists on the democratic side. And because of the deep polarization of american politics it makes sense for the democrats. To resist fracturing at all costs and hold a united front against the republicans that means inevitably more not less progressive influence within the party and invariably that will mean more critical voices on israel. There's little chance of immediate changes. In american policy the us president and the democratic leadership in both houses of congress are still solidly in favor of the consensus but the direction is becoming clear. We're on a path towards the end of uncritical. Bipartisan support for israel's policies towards palestinians.

israel hrw Ha hellier royal united services institut washington congress elguindi us laura friedman foundation for middle east pea Selene booker center for international polic atlantic council omar ilhan omar american embassy jerusalem Peter beinart
Itchy nipple syndrome, Boris and the Blockade, Breakfast Sandwiches, Forest Bathing, Purple Asparagus

Keep Calm and Cauliflower Cheese Podcast

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Itchy nipple syndrome, Boris and the Blockade, Breakfast Sandwiches, Forest Bathing, Purple Asparagus

"Please forgive my terribly randy wrist Chatting top of the bottom teeth is is lovely to be him. I mean the randy roots. The i mean is is so early. This is how dedicated. I am to the podcast to keep comin' cauliflower cheese and i remember what episode is. Let's just hold on. Hold hold you boy. I mean mike tongue is caked with turmeric at the moment. So forgive me. If i'm trying to catch my breath. Also the ability to swallow which share swallowing this early in the morning can be can be ravi challenging to say the least so where at episode eighty four. I know this is a constant battle for me. It is a true constant battle trying to get the the number of the podcast cracked. i mean. I've tried everything i tried. Riding in my hand. I've tried the abacus. I've tried fingers and toes and other people's fingers and toes is really not working particularly. So i mean i don't know what i'm gonna do. I'm gonna prohibited right on a big whiteboard before the start of the show. And then then try to figure it out to see if i can keep the tally. If i can keep the number of podcasts that there is but we have hit the mighty mighty number of eighty four podcast and it's about five thirty in the morning. I mean. I know that it's and time checks and everything and you could be listening to be five thirty after noon. It could be ten o'clock at night but you know have that morning feeling wherever you are the moment. Bright and breezy with a full bushy tail. Try to get that bushy tail going today. And i think you'll find things will be Much smoother for you but here we are again is another friday in our lives. And i'm bloody call today. Almost thought about slipping back on the Long johns visit interesting time of year. Where do you put the heat on in the daytime. You may need the air conditioning. And at night you take off. And i like to sleep with the window open you know and that can be challenging. Sometimes but i do have the hand at on the full hand. Add to keep the co author in enfor position you know. I want to keep the calls locked and loaded under the hand and you never breeze comes through the night. The hen it can be can be swayed off. It can be blown off in a hurricane. Force wind can blow that flimsy flimsy netting off the top of the bonnet and i could cause all sorts of issues to be honest but no the has looking rav wonderful. I know you know it's Is an audio podcast not visually. So you probably don't wanna see see what it looks like first thing in the morning before i put the comb brush road because that that can really be that can be the addams family. That's how scary. That can be first in the morning. And everything's everything's looking spic and span. I haven't had a superior this morning so you know. This is the test for the beginning of the podcast. Not that she sipping tea Because the t really does for me up it's my own version of red bull. You know those wonderful pyramid teabags. The pd tips do wonders to wake up. Arava slumber some butler. That's what i'm saying. So we've gotta gas today and tomorrow we have Different editions the pocus audio and the butler musical emporium version. But some of the things we may be may not be talking about today. Possibly tomorrow net. Maybe even next week around the world and ten breakfast sandwiches Also the toaster. that can fit to crump's at once. We never really delved into scooby. Doo itchy. nepal's always an issue a face mask. It smells a dog food hunks in trunks. The best lyric probably ever heard in my life. Also shower padded shower not for Not for depression or Slice insanity of etiquette the sound quality. Awry i mean we're all living in a world of echoes and bad acoustics at the moment. And that's something trying to if you have podcast of your own you'll realize that is a constant battle to to make everything honey sounded and rob wonderful and also mike cure. They wish i'd thought at the beginning of covert something. That is something that i discovered today. Over the course of the last few days that would have been a marvelous to have at the beginning of covert racking my brain the. Why didn't i think of this marvelous. Absolutely fantastic tales from the old caravan site. A how. I know that some coming coffee vs tea breath in very apparent for this type of the boarding definitely before one. Scrubs one's tongue worms falling out of the sky. Block toilets in a in a little north norfolk town. I mean we've got plenty to talk about today Why is indeed purpose. Barroga's the coolest vegetable of the season drink. Seawater to save chalk grits dreams my close encounter with a mad april hair whether that's may now but it was encountered in in april time and Also we have more suburban little crime stories to tell you the missing doormat. So what's what's the fit and some of it will be today some of it to be tomorrow and some might disappear into the ether never to be heard again keep common cauliflower cheese and you have very welcome i mean i know this is going to make me feel incredibly hungry but let's kick off with around the world and ten breakfast sandwiches if you ask us breakfast. Foods are among our favorite things to know better way to enjoy that combined between the two slices of bread but whatever people make with bread the whole world either they make some form sandwich. Most of the sandwich makers have figured out how to do breakfast. Sandwich equals great breakfast. He goes great. Breakfast is extra great especially if rush need to grab a bite on the run breakfast. Sandwiches take a myriad forms across the globe but share common. Ethos they pat carbs protein to start your day strong while making clever use of fifty ingredients. So let's kick off with franz crock. Monsieur crock madame toasted white bread source hamid fried egg. Leave it to the french to turn a simple ham cheese sandwich into something so beautifully constructed the you have to eat it with a fork and knife to make this. Classic crop spread toasted slice of bread with mornay sauce. Just basharat wasn't cheese melted around late thinly with sliced ham top of another slice of bread. And if you want the gild the lily finish rebuttal and even more cheese on manet broiler until the layers bubble brown and cheese china. Kim bong folded crepe scrambled egg. fried wonton. skin hoisin sauce and chili oil thing is johnny to pancake. One hundred ways to make them they're flaky. Laminate laminated things. Puffy yeast risen beings and create blight. Jim jinping's are an essential straight breakfast in beijing in egypt. We have peter. Father philophical cuba salad tahini and shot philosophy as stable across the middle east. Everybody makes it different. The gypsies version usually referred to as temiz pressed into a flat. Lentil like this rather than the more familiar round balls. The bigger distinct in is what's inside most floss recipes call for chickpeas to myers made with dried hold father beans which have a distinct debt and pungency that he won't find with any other legume homophobic breakfast might include to meyer hard or soft cheese tomato cucumber salad flat breads and various pickles and all those nited states bacon egg and cheese india and burri x. scrambled with onions peppers and spices like tomorrow. I've got the tomorrow to start here right in my mouth. Ground chillier popular breakfast and northern and western india as well as pakistan. You can eat them a roll them into a non or another flat bread and columbia. We have the eerie podujeva. Just like fluid middle east raipur means and how it how. It is made very widely across latin america but in colombia it's typically around cone cake stuff. We'll talk with cheese and other fillings and then source to your liking in israel we have this abache pita fried eggplant board a cucumber salad tahini an amber south korea st thomas which is toast button whitebread veggie omelette ham cheese sprinkle of sugar mexico. We had the twitter evo. Contres split and toasted roles scrambled egg with trees refried beans avocado and cheese in spain. We have the baka. Do the tortilla split a row and a slice of spanish tortilla. That sounds absolutely fantastic now. Incredibly hungary and i don't need. I don't know what i'm gonna do for breakfast. I just need to. I think i didn't need to have a big swigert. T wash out the turmeric and wake up at a lot of walking this week. I mean a tremendous amount of walking all over the shop. But something i found during the course of the week and i didn't know what was causing this is i had a synthetic case of the itchy nipple now i know that runners like sometimes take their nipples up a you know they tape across the nipples to stop any chafing whilst they're doing their twenty six miles from marathon or whatever but i didn't think walkers it have to do this i didn't think a walkway have a protruding nipple. During the course of a long joint. I'm wondering if maybe i should start taping my nipples up as well Maybe maybe putting a A little bit of wingman and touch the the old english care for everything germany but incredibly identify what it is incredibly h itchy. They know when they say you left or right. Hand it ching. They say you might be coming into money or losing money. I mean what does not nipple mean. Doesn't it mean. I'm going into the sex trade or something. I mean i don't know i mean could be icing the nipple before i go out stop. The is only one side. That's the that's the the whole dilemma in the mystery. Behind it i mean. it's like stories in the unexplained. What does mystery nippert mortar. The mystery nipple mystery itching apple main. I mean i have. I want to delve into it too much. I mean if i if i really raucously it's my nipple Could it could it down. ufo's aliens. i don't know. I mean i didn't know why one is more is more prone to the itchiness in the upper. That's what i'm saying. So i don't know if i've got one nipple bigger than the other that's rubbing on maybe a slightly Slightly cheaper non cotton shirt or something. I mean it's a completed is a complete mystery to me. But i mean i know we have the back scratcher but could we invent or have something for gene apples. It may be could be a like some sort of plastic prom fork with a prongs wide apart so you could like get between napa and light. Maybe tweak at a niche it a little bit as you're going along you don't want people like watching your a ho judging you of your nipple at you but But i mean this is something i think i could need and it was a one off case it actually happened over the course of a couple of different days. So that is my. That is my dilemma. The week i may have to come back and soak it in a slippery nipple cocktail. That could be the only way i mean. Maybe the alcohol could could stop could stop the nipple for mitch. I'm going to drink the coffee that's going to soak the nipple in the cocktail and see and see what that does it. It gives me a new lease of life and relief from itchy nipple syndrome. So why purpose baragan says the coolest vegetable of the season is trying to try sweeter more tender variety of what is about it's barriers. It gets everybody so excited. There's no of ingredients cellino of vegetable that unites the food world like the first spares at the british season which officially starts on saint george's day the twenty third of april But only when the asparagus radius when the excitement starts this year the lesson publis. Barroga's is getting all the attention from the share. Some thirties like purple brooklyn purple cauliflower. The more photogenic purple. Asparagus is popular with the instagram generation but more than that is tender sweeter than its green counterpart people a bit scared of cooking with asparagus. But the great thing with purple as you don't need to cook it like ever purple vegetables. Its loses most vibrancy when you do ideal roar in a salad baixa color ads while factor christian the asparagus. Grower grows more than a thousand acres of asparagus in the valley of which twenty five acres a given over to the purple if asparagus is a niche product then purpose. Barroga's is a niche but those twenty five acres are more than double of what he had five years ago. He thinks that the popularity will only grow. It will won't even take over the green asparagus. But it's got its place so whether you prefer purple green despite its popularity on the continent there's very little demand for the whitest. Bankers is one of those vegetables. That the less you do of it the better snap off the woody stem bother peeling it as early season and never pill purple because the color is only skin deep you can either thinly sliced or dying lengthwise to add to the saddle blanchett for a couple of minutes in lots of furiously boiling water. If not eating me leash shake off the drained asparagus into ball of ice water to stop the cooking preserve. It's bright color. now you can serve. It is up to you. Asparagus with a runny. Ot egg is a classic combination as is with hollandaise sauce. You can dress. It with vinegar. Shavings parmesan oil scattering toasted. Hazelnuts is delicious. Baked on top of a disk. Puff pastry with crumbled stilton or. Tom basil's loves a recorder or fresh. Pasta is really the flavor of britain this time of year. I mean. I love it over here as well. I buy frozen. I had it in a lovely lovely lovely lovely resulting. That's how i let my parents. Topper resulting apps tastic with some salmon. Awesome cut up smoked salmon absolutely delicias. But i'm wondering asparagus. Do you think asparagus to grow popley. Doesn't need a look for the purple rain. Have you ever wondered about the cross generational. Wonder that is scooby doo. I mean i watched scooby doo improbability early eighties. My sister watched it probably in the late. Eighties Everybody that i know his watch scooby doo. My children adore. Scooby doo even today. The mystery incorporated version not the old fashioned version with the bad graphics. Hanna barbera but you know. I think it's everybody's love of the little bit of mystery though but a little bit of light comedy. I mean you've got a head to the neanderthal tight talking to a dog You've got a rav charming gentlemen. Beautifully covered her with an ascot. And then you've got a slightly flighty redhead. I mean this is a perfect combination and all those wonderful mosque the villains used to. Where would it go away if it wasn't for u creole cads pesky kids in a. That's basically how it to that. That was. That was scooby doo. I mean that that was the. That was the essence of scooby doo. It was all about the pesky kids And then i. I forgot about the the nerdy. Go with the with the bowl haircut. Velma and the glosses like i'm wearing a pair of glasses and we're not quite as around the has almost unanimous scarring. I think mina Tanggula but you have. The not librarian goes well. Yeah every everybody was covered. George jack can. Maggie hit covered by scooby doo. I mean i'm probably across but in the nerdy and the ascot. Where're my has. Not quite as a set. Is fred so i mean i really think fred got the blow dryer at every morning any any any any citizen that baby every morning to get it absolutely perfect and the ascot was never out of place. I mean that is a that is the first society gentlemen. A crinkled ask orders is is often something that You despair about. But for fred i mean is always perfectly did. Have some start spray. That he had in the mystery machine that he spray on that ascot. I mean it was very interesting. You had you had scooby shaggy. Who's probably the like a homeless person. In one of the episodes. My daughters are watching. He he he did. He looked side any homeless. They swamped they swapped the homeless. Look fred and him fred girl. Long blonde bed when out into the wilderness and everything He was wearing was touted. Ripped and everything else. Other than the asko the ask stober steam and then shaggy went into the army and he had a bus cut. I mean it was It was a complete opposite of the normal scooby. Doo script that you had And you had a Talking talking bird professor power cleese. You had mystery look too. I mean he looks at a homeless. Wow he didn't look like it washed for maybe twenty years or so but it's something that unites generations of kids. Children love scooby. Doo and and the mystery is is appealing now as it ever was and my nephews love it as well. They scooby doo the old versions their favorites loch ness monster. I mean my fair with this monster. Scooby doo is. He's not going to remove his mask. But the scotsman who's the villain is disgusting to Let's colt so what is the forest bathing benefits and how to practice. She renew coups. Have you ever taken a walk through. Nature without any distractions possible about knowing view participated in popular japanese wellness. Activity was forest bathing or shane. Yoku is traditionally node. Forest bathing is a sensory practice. Where he babe your senses with natural stimulation from forest donation setting the idea. Shinhan yoku originated in japan in nine hundred ninety two. The term arose from the japanese forest agency is the way to attract more visitors to japanese forest. They defined the practices taking in the forest atmosphere off forest bathing people forest paved to lower stress reconnect with nature. The practice office several health benefits in this game. Popularity is a form of therapy. After several studies prove the efficacy shinyuka forest bathing offers away to alleviate the strain on people's mental health physical health and overall well being in a twenty study published by the journal of environmental research researches reviewed for bathing as an approach to improving mindfulness and psychological wellbeing in participants jerry covert pandemic. They discovered a significant positive correlation between nature. Mindfulness and measures of psychological wellbeing such as forest bathing. In addition to study demonstrate forest bathing can decrease blood pressure prefrontal cortex pressure pulse rates cortisol levels and improve the heart rate. According to the research inspiration one feels when surrounded by nature creates a sense of safety insecurity. Forest bathing is designed to invoke amongst every sense aromatherapy from plants of forest sounds trees rustling birds chirping water rushing visual stimulation from the flora and fauna and tactile sensations is a soft soil. And your feet all the leaves in your hand it sounds like you could get some some under gripe. Burn if you if you get into the rent. Bright sent some frame of mind and feel like some far shenanigans. The forest air is cleaner than open developments and trees themselves Really help derive and help with calmness boosting immunity cells with a host of other benefits. My my thing though with the idea of forest bathing. And i imagine the forest bay of the -mongst us him probably wearing minimal close you know the baby tummy showing Or shorter shorts normal. I think you have to be at one with nature. But i'm always worried i mean i do need to carry around some cortisone cream just if you get an age. Present that close to nature with rubbing against the undergrowth. You know when you're back doing the balloon bath from jungle book like scratching himself up on the tree. But you may need some of that cortisone craig and why do the the forest pavers and an an an people at one with nature. I mean they believe in the. They didn't believe in In a additives preservatives. But at the same time you know you see these the these chaps walking around the forest forest bathing or relaxing meditating. Yoga believe in complete natural but they have completely wax bodies. I mean you're not with nature when you wax you body completely. If you're forest bathing. I think you need to grow barbarossa. You need to have a wig on your chest. You can't go around and get with nature if you guys getting getting yourself waxed in the city. Every week i mean that's the essential part of your warm with nature. You have a long bid maybe some food stuck in it the chest wig maybe some backer and also bottom her. This isn't essential aid. And you do your down with dog in the forest talking the forest. I mean these things do happen. Then then grow have grad out grad out that it be. You need a big old. After if few in the forest today and all historical tend to competition. we have The curious fate of stonewall jackson or more specifically stonewall jackson's arm the The commander of the revolutionary war army. We had general. Thomas stonewall jackson a major civil war battle was fought at eight hundred sixty. Three and jackson was accidentally shot by his own. Confederate troops rang chuck young tells a group of visitors. Jackson did die but his left arm was amputated over. The doctors performed the procedure. Literally hundreds of thousands of time at this point in the war jackson was about to be tossed in a pile of limbs outside the medical tents until as military chaplain decided to save it. Remember jackson was a rockstar. Eighteen sixty three. Everybody knew the stone will was and he had to have his game on his arm. Simply thrown away on a scrap pile of rome's so the on was buried in a private cemetery in elwood man not far from the field hospital whereas amputated soon. After jackson died of pneumonia his body was sent to the family and lex lexington virginia. Young said at jackson's arm was never reunited with the rest of his remains. When mrs jackson is informed that the arm was amputated and given a full christian burial. They will ask gary. She wants to exhume. Buried with the general. She declined not wishing to disturb the christian burial. That's not the end of the story in one thousand nine hundred. Three one of jackson's staff offers a set of granite stone. In the in the small cemetery it is unclear. if the sto- mark the exact location of the or if it indicates that the barrier happened somewhere else in the area some believe that y'all were stolen decades ago secretly put into storage. The faith thing to say here is that jackson's arm was indeed buried. Maybe not there but somewhere in may have been well. Maybe well disintegrated the role in time being dug up area to simply somewhere else in symmetry and long lost and forgotten forever. So there we go. We have the mystery of stonewall jackson's arm hysterical historical tender. I guess in this case you've only got one on one hand so it makes swiping left or right. More difficult is is an awful situation to be on if you're playing. A revolutionary war tender. I mean there was definitely a little bit of this going on here and then some of this probably there was definitely The none of this going on not on not not on the battlefield definitely not. We won't santa's sleigh bells but ultimately we have the biggest crisis probably since the cuban missile crisis probably lost most notable blockade navy vessels deployed to jersey to head off french. Fisherman's port blockade threat. Boris johnson order to knit row. navy patrol vessels. This isn't a week to so to the channel islands. Mid fares at the french fishing boats were preparing an imminent blockade of main port in a marked esscalation of tensions over a post brexit. fishing rights. Down street said that the prime minister acted after intelligence suggested that the fleet of fifty were paying to block the access to send hellier on a jersey. Government sources at the vessels were due to arrive in the channel islands as early as tomorrow and accused. The french are rejecting attempts to defuse the crisis. After merger talks jerseys chief minister john rendre. Johnson warned that any attempt to prevent ships from entering hellier will be completely unjustified and expressed his unwavering support for the government's in jersey. I mean this is almost like a A little little worn battle of maybe english cheddar and english stilton against Against debris or cannon back. I mean can you imagine like a face off between a you. Get your favorite cracker and then you decide. Okay we've got. Rs stilton up against the canada. Or maybe we've got The cheddar against the graph. I mean it could be a wonderful battle but their french onion sellers on their fishing boats with a jaunty fishing hats striped t shirts. Maybe a string of onions around the neck ready to do some good knife work and and make a little bit of a boy obeys i mean the whole the whole situation is a boil dove the boy as without a doubt And i and i. And i don't see how they going to have to come to some agreement. I mean it's It's a case of little man syndrome. Maybe on both sides but I do have a sense that in the end the french fishermen will stand maybe on the front of their boats. There have to be careful of any Any jaws like great white sharks jumping up and taking them off. But i think they'll be waving that baguettes. In the air with the white pantaloons attached to the top of their begets surrendering me. Could be on the front of the navy frigate saying yes we look star so it is the mary moan and i think this is a good daily affirmation from your host dez chappie. I know that. I can achieve anything that i set my mind to it. All begins with my mindset. I will continue to think positively and know that i will attract more positive experiences than people into my life. I cannot change the past that they will not stress about the future. I will live in the present moment. So is that time of the show. Where it's more trump would trombone where we're looking at some of the most silliest probably heinous headlines of the creek and deciding if these headlines of the week with a trump or indeed a trombone man claims bigfoot can see him looking for the trees watching them releases footage to prove it might boorda wits shed is recordings to tiktok the can see large shadowy figure hiding in the trees. The man who is self-confessed watch fan has a series of videos and his account where he believes in claims. Bigfoot watched him during frequent walks during the wooded area always walking down a ravine into the brush that i noticed sasquatch was watching me. I couldn't tell if it was male female. I mean these are important matters. Obviously it's hard to pick out any facial features if dr peeking out of the brush the crater has over nine hundred followers said. He's aware that a lot of people were claiming stump but exclaim that the cameras facing an area that's high off the ground and is walking down. I saw my own eyes. I didn't want to get any closer. May be nervous but he was keeping an eye on me. Somebody tell me where i can get. Bigfoot leisure checkings i mean. Can you get these leisure jagged. Bigfoot might wear when he's on a hike he must have some gear so we can avoid chafing for that more hence you body. They're everywhere and two. Six robot with is so convincing has been praised for its life. Light quality and his data dazzled human customers on social media the us based firm. Real dull posted a picture of the call. Stephanie how early is too early to kick off feet up and call it quits on monday. Stephanie is he or she is asking for friend. That dole has blond haired is pitted wearing a skimpy readdress with a feta. The post met with positive comments from fans one quota gorgeous while another declared that the loving the lifelike quality of the companion. I mean my biggest concern would be the cold metallic hands and resting robot face. I mean if if she's got the the robot face she's not going to be able to evoking. The museum of auditees is being forced to sell off some unusual items due to the impact of the pandemic with a dodo boehner unicorn skull and even queen. Victoria's nick is on sale to the highest bidder. Autism writer in collective. Victor wind is selling section of strange pieces to keep. His museum occur. Cities of fine arts and unnatural. History of float is museum in southeast. London has been open for twelve years but locked restrictions code the visitors among the four hundred and forty two. Lots going up. Fortune are bizarre list. That included taxidermy wig wing kittens two and a half leg bone from a willy. Mammoth described as an irish joined. And victoria's queen victoria's knickers. Apparently the queen is not asked msd. Okay so the ballot and farm news. The french border by mistake to make room for his tractor. La la belgian farm has accidentally moved his country's border with france after getting annoyed by the apparent large stone blocking his way the tractor. According to bbc news farmer move the a starker marking and his redrawing. The country's border with france notice bonnie eagle-eyed locally story and we're walking the forest the boundary between the two countries is now be moved. Thankfully the mistake hasn't caused frantic. Who are and just raised. If he smiles the shifting of the stone which was set back in one thousand nine hundred nine but does not need to be rectified. So haven't called really any trouble but dining. The belgium mayor of told the french tv channel. He made belgium. bigger from. Smaller is not a good idea. He loved her happy. My time was bigger but the math. The between iraq didn't agree mayor. The french village oriole. Well anoc told one the. Naw we should be able to avoid new border. Wars is now up to local belgian authorities to asa family and the farmer to put the stone back where he got it from. He doesn't if he doesn't he could end up in the belgian foreign ministry and face criminal charges mayor mayor lavar explained if he shows goodwill we won't have any problems will settle the initial issue amicably. There's probably the most positive time in the week you've got friday is now upon us in the weekend is quickly on its heels. So why so. One of those positive lyrics that i that i probably ever saw and i it robin office so i was reading. It heard the song. And i and i thought i need to look into lyrics because the lyrics something to behold if what i thought then i read the lyrics and i think this without a doubt is probably the best lyric that i've ever heard you have a beautiful garden but stop to smell. The roses medieval monks were in the habit of forgery. Forgery of official documents by monks was rife in medical england as monasteries faked all charters of rulers such as edward the confessor stop kings nobles and rival cleric seizing. The lands according to studies. Forgeries were produced in earnest across england and much of the continent from the ten th century with more widespread than previously understood levy rosamund evil historian at exeter universities fear religions and world history can rival medieval europe for the sheer scale of forging before the tenth century is relatively grab by the twelfth. It was rife in england. Before the tenth century only knew forgery taking place one or possibly two centers canterbury perhaps worcester by the late tenth century canterbury russia's to albans and glaspie winchester westminster celsius abingdon. Tabah scott was rife. He said that among his findings he was. I a show that no fewer than seventeen fake documents producer abington abbey the spate of forgery in the late nineteen thousand nine hundred ninety s and also early thousands. The most common types of texts forged in the middle ages were charters conveying confirming rights to religious houses particularly of land ownership or independence many claim to be charges a powerful a well-known early rules such as offer murcia or edward the confessor charters of edward. Were widely forged. Jimmy norman conquest at ten sixty six when william the first and the successes claimed to be at which rightful as there were there were sometimes used to cement rights to religious houses held by tradition and can produce no paperwork to sometimes bolstered the claims in specific disputes over landownership and privileges in england or particularly. There's a flashpoint with the reign of king afro red the unready Who in nine hundred took a lot of land from the churches in the nineties reversed. His policy this type of upheaval led to the land. Exchanging hands and uncertainty about tenure is in the context some churches started forging an order to win back their lands. The levels of forgery fell slightly off to the twelfth century. Many religious houses were already well. Stocked with fake charters suspicions about forgeries increased and. They weren't drinking the benedict the cure anymore amongst chanting is maybe a little bit more sleepy now so i feel like going back to bed after this raucous start to the day. Romping rat with the podcasts. Keep coca cola flat cheese. So thank you for listening. Is that keep cheese on twitter key. Come and qualify cheese on instagram. So you can keep up with all the nonsense from the week. There is a musical emporium edition. Butlers playlist is added on spotify between ramblings and the rams so listen out for that everything else that audio so if you prefer the audio version where it's just me rabbiting on for about an ala then then you can certainly joy that but there we go. That's been the podcast and we're going to finish with the poem very soon. This is prayer in spring. Oh give us pleasure in the flowers today and give us not to think so. Far away as the uncertain harvest. Keep us here will simply in the spring of the year. Give us pleasure in the orchard. White like nothing else by day like ghosts by night and make us happy in the happy bees swarm dilating around the perfect trees and make us happy in the dotting bird that suddenly above the beezus heard the meteo that frus in with needle bill and offer blossom to mid ass standstill for is love and nothing else is love for which is reserved to god of to sanctify to what far ends he will but which is not only needs that we fulfil. Thank you for listening to the podcast. I'll be back again tomorrow. God willing cherry au for now people.

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Going From Research to Business Development With Fabrice Marquet

Papa Phd Podcast

56:57 min | 7 months ago

Going From Research to Business Development With Fabrice Marquet

"Hi and happy new year in this first episode of twenty twenty one. I bring you a story humane part. No the story of changing countries and cultures and finding new horizons for yourself in the process in my guess case leading to his transition from basic research into business development. I used to be like that. I felt like i was describing what i was doing. If i was not extensive about the technique and the material methods and blah blah blah like we do in conference and so forth. I was not legitimate. Nobody gives a crap. I mean if you want to sell something drove. The science will sound to the crazy to most people that i don't give a crap about the science. I mean people lose this smartphone every day. They don't have a clue of works. The only care about is the value that it brings to them. So if you cannot explain to me your what your what. Your product is going to add society in two sentences without talking about science. You don't have a business. Welcome to pop up each with david. Mendez the podcast where we explore careers in life after grad school with guests who have walked the road less traveled and have unique stories to tell about how they made their place in the world of constantly evolving rules. Get ready to go off the beaten path and hop on for an exciting new episode of papa phd. Welcome to another episode of pop. Ichi today with me. I have fabulous market fabulous worked as a research scientist in midtech for more than twelve years in top tier institutes. He was involved in the enterpreneurial seen leading to multiple startup. Successes including one. Ipo he set up from scratch and lead monaco tech the first and only innovation program founded by the monaco government and french billionaire. Avi neil in less than a year. He created a portfolio of hand companies. Valued over one hundred million euros. He then founded with brian frederiksen. Monaco foundry with the ambition to revolutionize the way we turn ideas into global commercial successes within a few months. They assembled a remarkable team of cyril entrepreneurs former senior government advisers and fortune five hundred executives combining strong corporate expertise with entrepreneurial mindsets welcome to propensity for february's very much evidence affects. I tend to be part of this show me. I really love your journey. And of course i let the listeners discovery. Discover your journey through conversation. But i'm super happy to i to be talking with someone on the other side of the atlantic in monaco right now and to have someone with such an interesting path from from being on the bench in science and today being you know deeply involved and and dedicated to deep tech to to getting ideas from the bench to the markets in innovative and disruptive ways so welcome to the show. So let's start by the beginning. I didn't mention it in the intro. But you did. You have a an academic journey before going into business. Entrepreneurship started this startup space. Can you tell the listeners. A little bit about that. Yeah he sure. I was always passionate about creating staff building steph understanding. How stuff works. So i was is a nice school. Her and i was interested in science. I didn't engineering school. The master degree then. Continue to impeach g because i was kind of following naturally what i was interested in rights without giving much thought about having a career building. Something do i really fit in the environment. I mean it's those kind of things that i was more aware and Later on in my career. So i think it's. It's yeah this is what has always been driving me. Understanding how things work Working with people. That i like also be part of the team. And i think that's i think the major takeaway the davlantes working is the jimmy. Not that i mean it's nothing. Nothing is a one man band right. I mean it's always a team effort. I mean it's it's it's long process is also i mean as a medic from bench to bedside can take decades or a couple of decades right so it's on the same team that started the project that finishes it so you can help you put yourself and your your own self value in perspective right so and yeah yeah and and and so it was very very interesting and maybe at some point also was also the fact. That's it's the meeting that you have people kind of coincidence knife right. And there's one quote from syria. That i love is you can only connect the dots looking backwards. Not forward right. So now when you explain my mic and of path like that intro. You sounds like a well thought planned right from the get-go very linear cut three right through. It was like it is right. It was kind of the accident of life. Then meeting of people the that you realize also that sometimes you also put some stuff on the road to kind of please. People try to fit in and i get him as a very specific environment rights for good reasons also. Because it's i think it's it has some kind of a purity in the mission and it's kind of complicated to preserve that on one hand and to be honest out our made for that environmental. So so it's interesting that you say that but because you must have had a moment where you figured out that you were not made for it but didn't know it on the you know from the at first you said you were kind of you know going through the moves of my undergrad. I don't know if you do the masters you followed the steps. Everyone else around. You will following. When was. Let's say a moment of clarity. I of saying of saying okay Something very interesting for me outside outside this thing. That is taking all of my time and focused right now but then also you know a moment of clarity of not only. There's something very interesting outside. I feel that actually. I'm not thriving here and you know you know th that moment of okay. I you know i should probably finished my phd. And you know we can talk about that and people people drop drop rpg's and as many why you should dropout but there's also many good reasons to finish my point is what you know what maybe keep keep points during this job of doing this research. The getting data tweeting data writing up defending. When we're maybe people you met your places you went that changed kind of your mindset and made you look at your future in a different way. Yeah so i really think my after my phd. That i graduated into the nine. And then i work for three years at columbia university in the us. I think those three years where the most a critical to me and most life changing experience on so many levels right first. There's the transitioning from paris and french culture to to the us. Speak for hours about bad. Because i think that just about that. Because i think the american countries the exact opposite of the french culture almost every aspect from the social interaction and from the mind said blatant the blind optimism in the future wants to. We are very pessimistic and critical in france. The the way people like a approach and conceded the work. I mean all of these super different. So i'm not saying that the model is the best one. There's so many things that i think much in europe to be honest but just for that was so enriching to experience. Something drastic difference. So that that first and foremost i think also i was always interested in this kind of was not doing a phd in quantum physics. Of not saying it's bad. It was a very applied field rights. And this is. What i always wanted is to be from bench to bedside and actually impact the life of people in the end that that was actually what we always. Drive me but moving to that. When i graduate pitch. Jean francois you sending in the french academy system you want to create a startup you capulet capitalistic devon right viewed by that and i had the very siloed european vacation i was doing engineering and biomedical engineering and business was always the sward to be quite fun now literally just funny i just i just shared something this week about people you know this kind of discourse of don't go there it's the devil like you said you know we we were at the right place. This is the the higher ground You know the high road the ivory tower. Yeah there you go there. Let's go ahead and so what when you did. I think really. That's really interesting and not everyone is ready to move countries not everyone. It's not something for everyone. But i feel that i think even avid. It's and i respect that. And i but i think if you can if you're not to attach for any reason to where you are you will gain by by spending one year two years outside. Maybe if it's to say you know what. I really loved where i was directly but to see something different i mean totally totally and to experience the different perspective to understand that we are all biased. Does that just despite experiencing and living in another culture whatever it is you get more perspective on yourself because you can understand. That's the bias that you have are not the a black the obvious truth that everybody should idea to. It's it's just your own bias culture bias. That's the first thing. And i think they're the most people at the moment is i was immersed in the american culture like if i would take a very exaggerated expression but kind of a pioneer cowboys that possible and don't worry just just just execute and keep pushing and something good is going to happen. Which is the exact opposite of the european countries So that was interesting and businesses a second language in the us rights and i was interacting with people with education at all. There were there. Were more business savvy than hours. And i i. I was also exposed to a company that was created during their phd and so forth. So i was in contact of this kind of thing. But i realize by moving to the us. Oh actually far. I was that world and disconnected from that world. And how the way the vision that you should have to build. A business is totally the opposite. One that she should have as a scientist So just a question. I i what i seem to understand. Is that the the interface between academia and industry was very strong. Where where you were. And i and. I've heard this from other guests in other universes other regional research centers in the us. I don't know if it's generalized but clearly You know there's something about the culture that that's already different and there's already conducive to do this. These deep tech projects potentially confirm. It's it's part of the the routine. Let's say a police at yes. I was in the in one of the lab that was creating of et cetera et cetera. There was one of the most a pioneer in france to be honest but even being there. I just realized by moving to do how far i was really understand what it means to build a business and it was still scientists that are professor that the notorious takers. They don't want to chris sexually. And actually i realize. This is one of the moment like because i always tended before to kind of project. What was my singularities as the norm. What and i was like okay. I don't understand the is they do the research they find new inventions and so forth the create new stuff. And then there's some guys coming business coming in become the ceo of the company and and they run the business. I mean did but it did realize actually most of the professor's attention they don't want to get into business now happy to stay stable environments are minister she because in france all the all the all the actually seen servants right Yeah i mean you you can abuse your job of being an enterpreneur and i'm not saying that as a bad thing right i mean it's always thinking there's nothing that's in intrinsically good or bad right dow things that are made up for you or your could out for those things or not right. It's the other around right. So this is one of the realization. Then like i said moving to the us at columbia. I also access of a extracurricular resources was part of the consulting club. Kind of train myself. And actually if you if you ask me. What's the biggest value. That i took from having going through g. is to finally realize that i can learn by myself stupid. Sounds stupid to get to have to get that point that hard to realize that things. That actually should be that simple. But that's that's what's gave you the confidence to say okay now today with internet you have. I mean you can learn anything from your from your from your bedroom along right. Yeah and i get. The feeling i get is as long as you stayed in france. You were in this comfy situation and everything was known to you you you weren't pushed out of your. It's what you hear a lot out of your comfort zone once you once. You change settings to the dates. I you saw everything's different. There's probably some cultural clashes happening. But also from what i get there. Were also happy to see these cultural traits that were very aligned with your values exactly but you needed to work with known. There was no net. You didn't you had to go at it for yourself. Forced to find the strength of root of vying for yourself and and learning new things. But also i feel that they were giving you resources. You were talking about a club that you know that this club that you were part of you can you just Club from columbia. Actually pods grads. I wanted to transition you. Businesses the globe we review business case and so forth so it was kind of training practically like business cases right on say this is this is this goes against again for the case of telling people go outside for at least part of ups right helio hellier true and i would even say that's the way that it was in france and the way that i felt in france was still the way we manage is still very yard. A lot of micromanaging. Actually mike was very involved and was worried involving the technical aspects. And being better that i was at at doing science rights while when it was my. Pi was a typical us like one ti nominee of managing big hobby of pige. These and building. I i read their an i to mentor to to appear that. We're asking me questions looking for guidance. While i was just transitioning to new lab and i remember very very going to my pr after fed experiments and explained to her all the problems that i Than and all the things that we need to gender coupon to buy. And i remember very loud and clear. What what you told me like this. I don't care about problems uncovered solution. So let's very business like say yes exactly and then i realize okay. I'm in charge right. And then she she she she. I think that's such a great gift. She gave me that day she. She gave me the sense of responsibility. Though i was in charge of my research project i was not a student anymore. I was in recent scientist right and that was a very big transition there to me personally. You know for sure so again. Clearly someone with who being being where you were in france there were you know you didn't. Your horizon wasn't wind enough to find this kind of tribe that that you were going to belong to late iran and that change when you went into when you went to the us. But i i'd like to talk about because when we are telling people that he also greet going out for at least for period of time is going to be good for is going to be enriching. There's challenges there's you know. There's cultural clash. Can you just talk a little bit about aspect and also. I'm wondering depending on how on what the pace was at the lab if you had also to adjust you know if there was a period of adjustment of okay. The rhythm here is different. You know and i need to keep you know keep pelt. You know physically healthy mentally healthy and perform at this this project. Can you talk about that aspect of being a being a foreign person getting into a new country different cultures and spent performing. I guess it was I mean it's always a very personal economic talk about my friends. Because young personally. That i know i don't expect that my my mice burn cd would be the non right and era this lab that is also kind of a strong french connections and it was also very international. A lot of a big asian chinese japanese speeches students. My was greek greek. She's but she's greg. She needs spot of a master in france. So this is why. The there was a connection avatar. Yeah but so. He was good to find. Some kind of commodity. I mean y- felt like home and some point having some french people around. But actually i mean we. We never spoke french with my. Even though she was two hundred french and even at some point we realized at lunch we were speaking. Listen and we were just french people around the table. So let's yeah so i guess it's it's part of. Yeah i think this is why management and leadership is very important. And this is maybe one of the biggest that i understood from my my my. Pi is our role was not to be. The best at science roles was to make sure that everybody was performing in the best environment possible rights. And they're kind of family sense really re strong. But then i mean it's also me my personal journey right. I was transitioning from this kind of student was basically doing what i've been told. And you was like like you said. I mean i almost quit my phd. Because it was freaking hard for the first year. I had zero results and so forth and actually i have my wife to thank for it because she was very very supportive and she almost with meat for continue and not true true true and very good for that. She did to be honest. And sometimes you. You need those grid honesty right at this planning finisher page and then you can do what you want. Okay that's a fair deal and said if people who are listening. There's people going through mental health issues and taking a long break is a is a solution but quitting. Also if the is something that is hurting you tell you too much for different reasons. There's there's no you know you don't fail at life not doing a. Pg you're going to find something else in flourish in knowing something else and it's going to be fine. True true about family talk about having a sense of family. Did you guys have activities. My my question is how did you integrate in the community and into all these culprits during to look like google do like ping pong soccer football activities. It's like a handwriting people around you. It's not something that you can force right. You can out with people that you don't like and having drinks you never going to like them so i think it's it's it's more about creating an environment what people trust each other then can be truthful to each other and you and it's i mean. There's no shocker to that. There's no tricks that i mean and that's very true with anything i mean. That's the i mean especially today where where we live in an instant gratification society where you have all these cells giving you acts and tricks and shortcuts and this is bullshit all the real things in life take time and effort that the word. That's it so this is something that is built on time. That's when i was was created in two thousand and four join into southern five twelve. So i was not like the first batch but then you're still kind of a in the of environment you start up your only friends and and this is actually at the very the very beginning. That's you can set up the the good foundation to build the culture. Because it's it's exactly that bill with values with a vision and people need to know. Need to know why they're doing what they're doing that. That's that's the bottom line. If you know why you're doing what you're doing. Because i mean let's be honest. Everything is going to be hard. No matter what right now. Everything is hard right. Don't design design is hard so what we what we keep you going when things get get get hard rights i mean when would quit so this is why i think i'm i mean i'm not a lot of people say that i mean but yeah be very clear about what are your objectives in lives and and that's kind of stupid and easy but that's something. That's i realized at this point. What like twenty eight twenty nine. Like almost the ended ago. I realized that. Yeah i mean. I studied b. b. becoming serious about asking those questions And serious about answering them and not doing what people expected me to do. Or what good right like screw. Everybody i'm glad to be selfish for a moment and we understand what drives me life. This is very interesting. What you're saying. Because it can sound harsh but i see i see what you want to take any given example think about an example that you could share with the listeners of what you mean by not giving them and being selfish but you know being selfish in in the sense of i have an objective and i'm going to not take my eyes off of the of the price i think can you give an example of how that transpired at what you something you did. That really gives this message as an example. It's a process. It's a process that i started ten years ago and it's still working progress. I mean i. I think that's i've been keeping us asking those questions. I've that made me realize that being honest and true i think the easiest people to lie to yourself. I'm going to write and knowing yourself. I think it's a lifelong process. And i don't know if i would be able to fully understand and know myself at some point but that's that's that's the goal i won't actually one of my right and then the sending like i told you that finally what are my my religion. The fact that i'm weird i'm passionate. I'm sam confident. But i almost unbolt. Let's i. I mean ignoring those traits and understand that i'm impatience. Also so of course. Some stuff that's takes on at some point can also get me frustrated. I zero patients for politics and bureaucracy. For instance and to s coming back to the french academic system. i mean. it's exactly that i understand. Because it's always the sending the bigger you grow as an organization. The less the less agile and you will be the more stable will be an also for good reasons right. I mean stability is not bad actually. Actually that's that's that's the main that people change it's to make sure that everybody is stable and we save and we have this number of course but i realized that i was actually very comfortable being being constable right. I liked to tear teradyne down. What i've done if need to start again and and actually i have more fun studying stuff from scratch than managing something that works. Then he goes to the point. That people are different. You know people will want to go to abroad. Some people like to start seeing. Some people prefer to be working something. That's already rolling in the. You know i totally understand. Now you talk about you talked about breaking something down to start something new and you know we talk. We kind of went up until you worked three years at the lab and then what happens to the next chapter and this is going to be also part personal happy to share it was my wife made tremendous safer to follow me in the us so it was not that easy for her are also goal was always not to leave there forever because of family friends and leaving abroad. I mean like everybody in life so you always have a price to pay. People tend to forget that so whatever you do the press to pay the price to pay for having such great experience was being away from family and friends and missing out lots of opportunities and so forth. And i think three years and we've seen with offerings that were in. Us also kind of a cover racial right either you become you become expatriated and become like a residence in us for life all you come back right and and we chose to come back right to be was also the end of a cycle based on the research that we've done. I really felt the goal was to save for two years. I mean let's be honest. And but i i stayed one more year. Be able to finish what. I would study which was kind of this so i was working on the on on a my role on was transitioning from mouse model to permit. Model making the Proof of concept on that model. I wanted to finish. I mean right. You want to close my job. I've done what was supposed to do. What kind of puzzle attempting. I could have also maybe stay the us system but we say to come back so and actually let s. I came back to france. And based on what i've done i i've started looking obita in the concept jobs because this is this is this is what on paper liked to now. This kind of business. What was common sense. It was new to use logic that i've developed through science on another field and actually was a terrible experience. We actually need just one or two interviews. And i realized it was the most rigid very much was not creating not a good fit for another good for me and once again. That's fine and actually. I moved back to another lab a on with the intense to create a startup. Right that was that was the day they really made me come back. The wasn't bottle Eulogy was so new topics. And i haven't said that's my. My focus was actually therapeutically. Sounds focused ultrasound to to burn tissues. Been the in the body next to treat tumor and also use mechanical effects for drug delivery or actually cardiac pacing so. That was what i was doing in in buffalo and it was amazing for two years sending like from scratch the with what we had software hardware prototyping show the first proof of concept an animal models during the. There's something that needs to be investigated and could be translated one day and then he was very very complicated than to transfer. Because i mean i'm okay. Yeah and you can get into the process. The process was too cumbersome. The thing is there's a lot of big entities that helped to detect transfers for example. I had five dollars patents cook and the thing is for all of these big entities. Your product is nothing so no owner as zero for the product. Go forward right into. So it's it's it's it's it's it's it's it's it's it's very hard to to do something efficiently and the and actually so and then after four years that i had the opportunity to come back to monaco which is my mom my own country and actually left when i was sixteen live as an adult in my own country which oh yeah kind of weird when i came back and to still feel country country. It's interesting before going to interview. I just want to let you know of a promotion offered that. I received for all of the public beach listeners. If you need graphics or animations for your research or if you creating content of any kind. Scientists studio reached out to me to offer ten percent off of any of the services from whiteboard animations in script writing to social media management and conference launch packages to get ten percent off. All you need to do is go to scientists dot studio with two ts. The link is in the show notes and use the promo code papa. Phd in one word at checkout and now back to our interview knowing and having talked with you before. I kind of see where this is going you. You saw that the system. The classical or canonical system wasn't working and then and then i think that's you know i let you talk. And until the next chapter. And yes and this is also kind of a contradiction that high have and i haven't always loved to kind of systemic vision and don roche right you have any vision and then executes and but you realize that never happens in big organizations and the thing is i don't have the patience to play the politics right. I mean once again. I'm not i'm not. I think it's a very good trip to have. I think it's some people to actually change stuff in kind of qualities. I don't have them right So so yes and the next chapter was is this kind of approach e to come back and be the first managing director of this new incubation program. Monaco started. I was great because like i said he was my country. I feel very attached to my country but of course that based on my was very complicated to do something there right so it was a good opportunity to come back contributes to add value to my country and do something special about a very very useful and valuable learning experience for me because i transition almost from one day to the other from being a scientist project eater up to building from scratch and incubation program. So question how did that transpire. Did you contacted or were there. Zero call for applications. How added you get this opportunity. Actually very i heard about it like twenty six and at that point i was thinking. That's great so. I'm going to see my owners negotiate with them like royalty deal that they cannot say no to being on my to monaco and start my company in the incubator. That's what i felt. And and then i did the job. Offer the judge cushion for four for the managing director role and three does said. Oh man that's that's on the super interesting. I think it would be very good at it. I think i very much enjoy it. Let's apply and and i got the job. And to be honest it's also was good is most of the screening process was about establishing in a blank sheet. He was a governor doing innovation. They have no clue. I mean. I don't think that due to say that it's bad right. I mean government and the navision. It's totally different. Mindset right so the all section process was about having a vision for this program and this is also something that i used to think about for quite some time. 'cause like men such a youtube not my country. Do something like that. There's a lot of assets that we don't capitalize on so actually doing this kind of exercise to submit because of what they've done is they've done an interview like for the last applicants and for the last two or three ones included. They say okay. So we're going to see you tomorrow and we want to see like a two page vision about what's your vision about the program. What is going to be okay and to was like piece of cake. Because i've thought about that for for ages know and this kind of feeling that everything that you've done so fine line in life kind of in line for what you have to do now right and it's funny to have this feeling wise ten years before feeding tony lost and almost quitting and fitting that you're like a like a black swan and you have no idea what you're going right so i mean if that people that are fascinating that way this usually get gets better when you get older there now. I have a question for you. Which is the following. So we're going to talk a little bit. Of course what you do. And what what your organization does but you peach and the that experiencing the states. What does it brought to what you do today. If you can kind of tell what you guys do you know. Because i what i'm always thinking is the listener. Might be thinking the me. But how do i fit such an organization. Can you talk a little bit about that. Yes yes so. I think what when we took away from all my what i've learned as a phd in the scientists and so forth was mainly this this this kind of the same kind of patients and diligent. Because like like i told you that the real things takes time to develop being patient enough in the short run to make sure that you executor on that road as as fast as possible. So that's one the other is like i don't know to what extent it's me personally and what i learned which actually is quite intertwined right. It's kind of willingness to deconstruct everything that you give to me to to understand high could make it better right and if that to pass in front of me and one part that most people will follow and people will take that pass most probably because they will pay more safer safer to follow their own kind and so forth. I'm always willing to take the other. But my premise for the vision is for incubator. Program was incubated doesn't work so they don't value on average and the way we build companies very inefficient. Because as of now if you look at the numbers ninety percent ninety five percents of company they do fail right and as many reason why why why and so. I push as much as i could through the government program. This kind of vision. Then he was not my company. I had also other to answer to of course tek time but and this is what at some point also the vision that they have was very happy with what we built. Pc's a good incubation program. But was much more ambitious than that right so this is why i had a choice either. I would have a very kind of very comfortable position with a good salary. Kind of i profile a lot of press and stuff like that even locally and even maybe a bit internationally okay but this is not what what drives me so actually quits to start my company and i actually this vision like sorry. No it's so. This is how we get to monaco. Foundry and what. I was really curious because melissa. Some that are in their pd feeding of finishing or having finished but some of them And i've talked with some people. I've i've had also some guests who have this entrepreneurial fiber in them and i'm gonna ask it this way. I don't know if it's maybe naive in the in the way i'm going to ask it but we're talking about deep tech we're talking about bringing new genre. New scientific discoveries to application in the world in business in the business way people who are listening who either have an idea that can be p is you can have a molecule they can have treatments. What does monaco foundry bring them. What's what can they get from from from your approach that you feel. They're not getting today. Globally so on one end of like. I mean the problem is the people that i actually. I mean this is going to be a technical. So let's dig into bidding exactly what we do and why we do what we do. Is we partner with with with with company's founders and almost is we become part owner of the company so we consultants. We're not going to be emotionally. They're going to be paid and to be on as the problem of most of those companies. They don't have the financial needs to pay up consultants or if they have they don't wanna to spend of which is actually cover and of course you can do a bit of pro bono but as okay so people can write one time we totally in line objectives so we share the same rich. Because we're going to with the company that we work. We're going to get paid when we're going to sell the company and we and they've entered the so the same reward so it's all matter of of becoming. I mean we become. They're super experienced team. So we've asked i mean. We assembled these kind of people. And i'm going to list. The series and people interested can look at the people now on our websites but i will share the links in the but we basically give access to these early stage funding to the people they did not know approach can pay and disparately needs to a structure and scale of business because the the major challenge is a startup. Used to not waste time. This is a major change because no matter what you do no matter. Proprietary what you've developed etc. The ideas was nothing. The only thing that is worth something is your ability to execute on it and build something as fast as possible before someone bits bits. Bits you to it's right So that's what we do. So basically we had them on any other from strategy the business model who i mean but also connecting them to the right people especially when you have a diptych project. It's usually destroyed. So your clients. I usually be culprits. Which reading inertial bureaucratic and political. And what once when you are in this environment to talk to to make things happen because it's not necessarily the guy that has the big title that acting so that's just based on our experience. Just connect them with the right people and directly the decision maker level. And because the. I've seen a lot of guitar company. They have the impression that the project forward because they are now in talks with big players right to like managers that i've no incentive to push the project forward and aft meetings every three months and nothing moves sword right so what we do. Is we structure. The team we put up with there are working. With the company we condemn with the right people and to be honest and say that very kindly. Because i come from that background and i used to be totally clueless about that but usually a technical founders. They have no clue about how to structure and grow business right and so for example language. It's another cultural altogether so finance. We working with a legend company. That has a great piece of technology. We connecting them to top senior. Vp she lavelle Venture folks with a big corporate like that in the us i mean of course was my partner. That was a former. She footage officer at murder was leading the negotiation right. Okay because you're not going to let those guys. I mean those guys are so humbled i mean the most apologize for being developed something that works right so then people. I'm getting a bit. But the problem is and i will tell you. Why why. why is that. Because i used to be like that. I felt like when i was describing what i was doing. If i was not extensive about the technic and material than the methods and blah blah blah like in for instance for research. I was not legitimate right. Nobody gives a crap. I mean if you want to sell something drug. The science will sounds to the crazy to most people. But i don't give a crap about the science people use. I mean people use smartphone every day. they don't they. Don't have a clue how it works. The only thing they care about is the value that it brings to them. So if you cannot explain to me your program what your what. Your product is going to add to society in two sentences without thinking about science. You don't have a business and this is. This is what i meant. That the mindset that you need to tackle this kind of business environment is total opposites mindset of being a research scientist and once again for very good reasons. You don't want to have a cowboy businessmen to do papers and fake. You results to go faster at this kind of behavior right. So don't think that that's what we bring the biggest value that we bring his throughout our team. We have kind of quadruple quintuple kutcher. We have been enterpreneurs. We have some people that have academic background. We do have people adopt cooperating experience working with governments also and also we we do have lots of people coming from eventual financial awards and all of these worlds are worlds that the spread. You need to work together to create value. But i don't think this send language And i have a question for you and we're reaching the end of the interview. But i again there's people in academia people have many people with artistic interests people you know there are no. There's creative there's but there's people with the entrepreneur fiber and they might be. You know not see like you before going to the states. You didn't see what was behind that chain of mountains you know you didn't see that there was a space there where you would thrive in a different way and kind of to close the interview. What advice do you have for graduate. Researchers or post docs. Who have this will to go into into the business. Enterpreneurship startup space. How can they. What can they do to start open. Open their vistas and may be get get some training or some experience that will help them get to to a to a position that resembles yours. Yes i think first and foremost be on us for yourself. Tried to understand. Is it made for you right. I willing to meet the risk-takers are you willing to pay yourself. Sorry for twelve months. I because there's no such thing as an assistant entrepreneur. You're gonna have to fight. I mean this is also delusion. I mean it's crazy about all this public funding and especially in france. I mean they give a lot of grants to enterpreneurs. it's counterproductive because you force people that are not made out to take risks become entrepreneur because it's a business as we see you on it then the then finding job right. I mean that's what you see so that that's one i mean if it's not for you that's fine. There's multiple way that other scientists you still can be a shoulder in the company of the border scentific board or whatever so you don't have to be the being a ceo of your own company you will need to burn science completely almost sits right and you can be maybe the chief scientific officer you can shift technical officer many roles and responsibilities so first and foremost be honest with yourself. What do you want. what are you good at. And i strongly believe that everybody has a very thin layer where thin regimen is if he can seize optimal rights. So be there if you if you re go at neko networking having managing leader these other traits right and and those things are very hard. I mean to me. This is something that i'm very keen on learning about leadership and so forth and that's the major pointing my in my own character that i'm trying to improve. That should be honest right because it's making and what's very hard. It seems kind of gis right. Seen this kind of movies with captains. I mean war army and you see this band of brothers and and we see that i could be there that one right. I could be that leader. It's not that easy right. It's to be able to be the one of the most person ever right because you. The ceo is to put everybody else in the company before yourself. It's i won't like it is going to be hard and actually it's going to be much hotter than doing pitched difference not for the same reason. Not just be honest. let's face it. What is going to be. And then i think the only thing that you can do is it's a frigging peric process. Right did try narrow. You're going to have to go do fail a lot. Sometime miserably. keep learning and curiosity willingness to learn from your mistake and this is why i think unity is the most important trait right when you're going to have a feedback from a customer or whatever that's going to tell you that something is wrong and you need to change. Will you have the necessary humidity to take into account to change or you. Will you listen to you and please you go and telling everybody else is wrong. Not me so. I think that's so i yeah very very. Check yourself with your character. Are you willing to do it. And then just do it. I mean i. It's there's there's no magic recipe literally. You can build a company only focusing on who you want to serve and the standing. What are doing on a daily basis. Right what jobs dot trying to connect with them on the functioning level but not only emotional and social right because this is what sells and understand what kind of value you can add. And then you designed the products. Not the other and usually. It's and i've been doing that right. I work on the thing. I think there's a product and the product is the value of the product. So abused that everybody's going to buy it that doesn't like that unfortunately And and a one less thing if you know people who listeners who might feel. But i don't know the culture or again the hero a rotten. We talked about this at the beginning. That what the here in corridors is. Our business is dirty How can they network themselves to start. Learning the lingo. And and maybe start meeting people who can make this change. Just as the last comment show i mean. Networking is arnold. So there's no. I mean something that you take a lifetime. That's also something that i wish i understood. Maturity are in my life to be on the value of a good networks. And that's something you need to build on. Tyler is. The thing is usually if you can. You should contact even call contacts people and just be curious about what they do. I mean people that usually will respond so you can do that very easily. You can also registered to go to networking sessions dow dot of clubs and stuff like that to meet people. But yeah i mean us us exactly the same thing that you do. The scientists rights to. I've apathetic those operators. This is exactly what you need to do on the business side right but the in them. Meaning that you need to talk to your new potential customers. You can talk to people and say okay this. I mean once you're engaged discussion with someone is going to be very easy to to nurture this relationship and use use it not intended use the person but just be respectful and be curious and then which at the people that that happened but if people want to talk with you and ask you some questions. How did they reach out to you how they found out about your ongoing projects. What's what the the links and maybe twitter handle that you have to our websites. We have contact email there. we ever linking patriots. So i'm thinking also so people can reach out to me there I'm usually quite nice. And responsive what i'll do is i'll put put those in the in the notes page In the newspaper the the episode can do you wanna share The at least the url of monocle found. Reassure so it's monaco. Ample and aco foundry f- you n d r y dot com and my personal email address fabulous at monaco. Foundry dot com excellent. I hope it was an interesting conversation for you. It really was for me. Because it's not so often that i can you know that. Have someone who goes so deep into the just the statement of. Let's burn the science and think of the final user. It's kind of counterintuitive but i. It was really interesting to to try to wrap my around. That and i think it's gonna be really interesting to the to the listeners. To and what was. Also what i found also really interesting was the whole process of for you of you. Know being in science and not really conscious of the possible interface with with business. You know in and within entrepreneurship then moving country and having your your whole horizon change completely and then your mind set changing completely also and then the the other kind of again when you say when you look back its linear but then you found this opportunity in france which was kind of connected to knowledge transfer then eventually going back to your country where you were born to do something really much closer to what you do today and finally say okay. I'm gonna go out on my own. You know with with colleagues. Of course i really find it inspiring and again it shows how a phd is something that does not limit what you can be. It's something that that that a fuels what you can be. If you have creativity it can be on the creative side. if you have. This entrepreneur fiber can be entrepreneurs. I really enjoyed it. Not thank you very much. I was very enjoyable to me. Such a great show keeper. David and yes i agree. I think there's a lot of value in. I think maybe the pg crowd is still one of the most undervalued crowd compared to what they can do right. And i think in the north american culture. It's a bit less in europe. It's even i mean. I'm sorry i'll show the as doing one of my Interview at for job. One of the human resource person told me like on looking at your resume. Now you've you've done of the top engineering school in france and then you've done done a phd right. I don't understand this. This is not added value to meet scan of subtracted value. And then as i say. Okay i never gonna work you buy with this well but you know things are changing. I agree that it's been the that's the reality that we have and we have inherited. But just like papa peachy. I see other things happening out there even in universities that are are kind of changing the ways the pg's understood by by candidates but also by potential employers. And i. you know it's it's hard. It's a lot of work to change something that's been deep-seated for a while but You know you you're right. The what's what we've inherited is a very rigid in stewart. Typically image but things like this conversation. Today i think will help break it and an open up people's horizons and l. Help them imagine themselves differently. And in picture themselves in the future in a different way. That's exactly anything's possible. I mean you can learn anything and once again limited yourself fabulous again. Thank you and all the best for your projects. Yes you david. Clarkson thank you. And that's it for this episode of papa peachy. Thanks for tuning in happy sharing and see you next week. Thanks for listening to another episode of the papa. Phd podcast head over to papa. Peach dot com for show notes in for more food for thought about non-academic post grad careers. I'll always be happy to share inspiring stories new ideas and useful resources. Here on the podcast. So make sure you subscribe on itunes or wherever you get your guests to always keep up with the discussion and to hear from our latest guests.

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469: Indy 500 Review

The Autosport Podcast

13:32 min | 2 months ago

469: Indy 500 Review

"For motorsport dot com o sport magazine. Charles bradley misses the to podcast monday. The thirty first of may and today's podcast team from multiple dot com reflect on one hundred and fifty running the indianapolis five hundred stay tuned. Because today we're going to discuss it all the big stories from sunday's rice joining may direct from indianapolis motor speedway the day after the victory before is multiple up come. Us said it's an endle- to in become correspondent. David moshe how david amber good blinky excellent now late yoga and talk to yesterday's win. Elliot castro neves. You truly elevates himself to legend status by clinching. His fourth indianapolis five hundred victory at ties with aj four. Rick mears and i'll unser. I mean david. Did you think you'd see feel self somebody winning a full indy. Five hundred. yes. But i didn't actually expect it to be hellier. I honestly felt considering that his loss come in two thousand nine eight had to name Hunter right and twenty. Fourteen and tacoma south. I twenty seventeen How many bytes. Jerry get an. I also thought that obviously with him leaving at the end of last year there is no chance whatsoever of him getting a truly competitive right but at times he got a competitive ride. Penske and in the past similar zilly winds were little contentious especially two and two. But he really. Isn't this one dinning. We some really fantastic overtaken moves from the stall. Yes i think. Mike shank tim got it right that he he described highly. I was just kind of playing chess and Just sizing up where. Pollux was strong Reckoning he hadn't had handling award and Yeah he he could pass on the inside or the outside saying today and a yeah he is just strategizing. The whole time and so yes. It was a fantastic drive and then even when pele briefly helped by rosenquist coming out in front of him on fresh tyres. Rising face then got pulled into the campus speedy aside Couldn't use his to live away from holly and yet went heavy. I got back around on the outside of town one one. Ninety-nine he did catch out with a setback. Marcus tied him alert. You couldn't plan the exact highly highly. Ira indy Magnificent we certainly didn't because when we speak in a preview show. I've the only talk about scott dixon being that the red hot favourite having dominated qualifying dominate the practice sessions but circumstances just ruined his day early on livnat absolutely the impostor fuel site. You've actually got bitten on the ass by that very thing and so you had to came into the replay. The odroid tank could account just wouldn't refi and the yes. Same thing had happened to rusty across if that had been dixon's problem and they got refi need restarted at the back i recommend might still in actually but obviously you got paid for emergency service in And on top of having had that very delight stop Like just stroke him too far out of the picture. I did have to laugh to wants the end. When you're gone off strategy the actually ended up leading four laps. Oh god i need. Get the indexing ca. Do that but it doesn't require him to Laps in the final standings which is a bit ambitious. Even for scruffy days. He wasn't able to run it truly competitive space in that. The other thing we spike about was the youth movement in indycar on it was looking good with her leading wong. Lena's vk in running in the lead for that. I didn't but it really was unexploded. Really came through is this. The true contend relieves young guns. Yeah absolutely i mean the. I don't wanna him damn. He was the driver who didn't get screwed by that that stuff on the coalition everyone else to restart at the back yard made question about. He was very bold by two great a great positive maneuvers. And i have to say. I really admire him for looking at least bit intimidated by that. Turn t crash. That he had in practice or qualify. So yeah i mean he was. He's five tasks he's got it. All and the speaking to his chief engineer. Ricky davis beforehand. He says any saif off. But he's such a nice guy that how he does it. You just not one of these selfish aces. He's just that good luck and he as he handled the loss very well. And i think he can be very proud of himself in can be very pleased with themselves. He's taking the lead in the championship. Gets a him. The racing was pretty good but we saw a low of hiding in the early stages. Nobody apart from lena speak Daily seem that keen to lead. Why was that are holly it's I mean because it was a easier to pass it therefore became a a few strategy race rather than the track position race so they are all just tucked up behind each other. I mean sticks could not have rolled out the red carpet. Quick enough in that first light. I think he's a bit surprised that Vk got posthumous hurter that He very clearly wanted to just talking to draft and safe. Yo mike how beforehand that running at the front for a whole stint will mainly you have to stop. T- likes earlier The anyone else and obviously if if a race ran green all the way three classic stopped. Spirit you're trying to show them that lasted so literally four or do a short stint at some point so he is say. it's just a splash. The at the end. It's a shortage pitstop. Possible things being equal fixing might have walked by to be able to pull away because it was one of those races where people could follow place and You could draft really well. It was super. And i think i wanna give a lot of credit to simon passionate because sometimes he's all talk but He said beforehand. He's call was as good as the one that he wanted to. One thousand nine hundred eighty or even better. I was his remarks area. Whatever and then. Yeah the i didn't. He didn't actually make any progress. Is kind of light running around twenty twenty six But yeah he. He is one of the unfortunate that got pained for emergency service in claims payer and thereafter. He is just a rocket. I mean he came light hoffa ten show lou on the line. He did a great job. He was able to carry so much momentum through turn to onto the back straight which is where he got a on the Yeah because the other penske's didn't really show that fulham did that. I mean will came from the back row up to so the mid teens until he added issue. Scott oakland go pins in that aspect pit lane. Speeding Joseph just seemed to be barrel that thereabouts all day. You know the the the other didn't seem type that speeds the pageant possessed was unfortunate for mclaughlin. But i think you learn to look. It's a couple of times yet to rescue. Because he got off into the gray from just carrying speed into tents. He got rookie of the year. But look pretty downbeat. Because he i think he felt he could have gotten the top five overall which had been a hell of a stop to his indy. Five hundred career as he said he intends to be around for a long time and was driving one of the best looking cars on the grid. Another another big moment in the race was graham ray holes crash at two and two He's we'll came off now. And i didn't actually see this. I was woken between two and two and three and a half and by hood at behind me after the after his crash she seemed convinced. He had a strategy to win the race on fuel whereas takim masada teammate. Fellow welsh oh. Why did why was graham. So so it's a mess. He he could have made the finish with only one most up honestly our guideline why he thought about. I think that might have been the adrenaline talking. Because if he's struggling to make it to thirty eight laps on the state. I don't see how graham with being anything but vulnerable at the speeds Post to maybe. He knows something that we didn't. Obviously somebody took out in mindless comma. Daily peruana scariest moments. The racist took a took a wheel to the arrow screen again. That was a great commendation of that safety system. I don i it was. It was on the screen. I know a lotta people said that it landed kind light on the news and knocked the nosed kind of skiwear. So that compromise marry dynamically engaged given chronic their thereafter cited effectively him out of the equation a difference to hear the crowd after last few rating. Fronted grandstands knit looking like attach day. Then the who ruled really with Helio gains climbed the fence for the full time. So that will stay with me. And i'm sure he'll stay with them anew as well. Yeah absolutely are watching. Do the same. That was a bit of a surprise. It's still being driving if he'd still been driving for penske. I like to think that roger when climbed the fence but yeah it was really sweet. Same as he took the victory lap. Lots of people like climbing the fence and waving to him in on earth though Always see a race finish on the green as well. After those yellows we got. We actually got a race to the checkered flag in. Yeah and i keep omitting to mention. It turned out to be the for fastest indy. Five hundred history hundred nine hundred thousand which is really gratifying. Especially when that early yellow food. Stephan wilson shunned in pet line. Cut seemed to drag on forever because per race director was trying to work out. What order on these pain light sculpture gardens as well as the people. It shouldn't have been serviced there was Will will put to the back for failure to keep pace car speed and then someone else had to start the back. The failed a max. Children purposely violation so there are ten cars. They need to twelve cow. How penalize these as person gonna be so. Yeah that's one of the reason that early. La dragged out safer than to turn out to be the fastest indy. Five hundred his remarkable. I mean it's just it just have massively historic day. Oh randy yemeni. When you think about they see an american school to tom brady winning the super bowl with attempts but kanana's we saw phil mickelson win the us open. Just things get time for the old guys to. I've one last iran isn't it absolutely very encouraging the shank and jeremiah was saying afterwards in the chris. Conference that Wasn't to make sure that helios on board for next year and do the drive for five and let's hope next year we have a full house of know. Three hundred and fifty thousand people see that something. yeah absolutely. yeah i'd love to. I'm not sure. The debrief antics could withstand all the people clinging from the main honor. halley Yeah it would be. It would be quite amazing. Isn't it wait a minute. My shank racing ended up scoring. I way in the biggest theater. I mean this is. This is only the first second year that they run one full-time car highly arizona car. They're doing six They running for just six races and Yeah he goes off in a year. That was the sixtieth anniversary of. Aj jay voice. I weighed fiftieth anniversary. Second and the thirtieth anniversary of rick mazes forthright and sidelight there full-time clavo had something to celebrate this month. The new members it was like the stars alignment is a fantastic day. Well thanks again david. That's our podcast today. Remember it's check out all the latest indycar news on motorsport dot com and we'll be back soon.

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