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"helicopter master" Discussed on First Class Fatherhood

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"helicopter master" Discussed on First Class Fatherhood

"Lace Waltham too. I glass fatherhood. got a Black Hawk down. We've got a Black Hawk down. Welcome everybody to so to forty three of the podcast. I am happy. There's always to be here with you. Thank you for stopping by. If this is your first time listening to a podcast please get over. There and back not subscribe button. Do Not WanNa miss all the action that it's coming your way right here on first-class first class fatherhood all right. That's very special guests with me here today. If you have ever seen the movie Black Hawk down then you're in for a real treat night stalker pilot Mike Durant was shot down some all your back in nineteen eighteen ninety three when he was flying a Black Hawk helicopter he was taken prisoner for eleven days before being released and he retired from the army as Chief Warrant Officer for Black Hawk. Helicopter Master has there aviator in the legendary one hundred sixty at sore. It is a huge honor for me to have him on the podcast with me here today. Mike durant will be here in just a few minutes so please stick around for the interview and this interview is very special for me. Not only because I've seen the movie at least one hundred times I have read the book Black Hawk down by Mark Bowdoin and I have also read Mike. The Rams Book in the company of Heroes which which is just a phenomenal read. Mike Durant took part in several major operations including operation just cause in which the Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega was captured and Mike goes into great detail in the book about what it's like the night stalker pilot and they are the best of the best in the special operations aviation game and it goes without saying that I highly recommend the book in the company of Heroes and the link to it will be in the description of today's podcast episode and I do remember watching the drama of the battle of Mogadishu unfold on TV back in nineteen ninety-three when I was just thirteen years old which is the age of my oldest son now and I remember seeing the bodies of Delta Operators Gary Gordon and Randy sugar are being dragged through the streets bolt of them responsible for saving Mike the Ranch life and they died heroes. I also remember seeing the video of Mike durant himself being held captive and as a matter of fact you guys know just how much I admire the navy seals and read all their books. I Navy seal book that I ever read was. Howard widens seal team six book. He was part of a four man seal team. That was present in the battle. Mogadishu and I'm going to have another navy seal with me here. For a frogman man Friday edition of First-class Fatherhood Former Navy seal Chris Gomez will be here with me on Friday so lock in for that and tomorrow. We're going to go back to the football field with eleven year. NFL wide receiver ever TJ Huffman's Outta all right so let's go dad's please shared his podcast with every the India neighborhood or.

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