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"helen venus vanessa" Discussed on Mason & Ireland

"That's that's a great one allies. Lihua changing the show. What's weird is nothing works was Leila. What are you talking about? Sleep at sunset is the perfect. That does work. You right so what? What was Helen's head? When she named Denise a Venus and Vanessa what came name sister Venus I I have no idea. Was that have no no no? My sister is forty thirty. Seven forty three forty. Three older woman is and that's how you she wouldn't worry about that. Forty three howls Helen. Helen Seventy two seventy two. God bless doing good. She's doing good. She's all but that's the thing. Every time I go down to San Diego Middle Eastern families so it's a huge family and if I go down there once every few weeks or so which is what I usually do. It's typically to catch up with them and then work my way back up. Sounds like you're surrounded by women. Helen Venus Vanessa. Aga this is always when see Jordan surrounding a Hugh Hefner bathrobes surrounded by women. Yeah that's that's not the case. But four nieces. No no nephew so yeah well link I IRA. I have a question for both sleep and Mace. Yeah have you ever been a guest on the Camden Ski late night? Dance Party hoedown. I have not you have not mace. You have I have yes. I have the highest rating ever in the history of their. I'm going on tonight. I am the guest tonight. What should I expect? Does Ethan make an appearance or is he already asleep? I would say sleep is is sleeper awake or asleep no ethan. Oh to sleep. Ethan is in bed sound. I thought you said sleep is awake or asleep. So he's sort of nods off towards the end of it so I would say asleep by thirty about by thirty. What wait doesn't your Shogo till nine goes still night yeah? I'm not light thirty. Okay so mace. What should I expect tonight gills? Are there hijinks? Yeah there are hijinks especially if you really are doing it from your Jacuzzi then God I'm doing it from the Jacuzzi. Then I think there will be hijinks. I think the WanNa see around your yard. They wanted to see around my house. Okay so I did that. They ask a lot of stupid questions. Random stuff that you expect. Did they tell you? Did they give you like a syllabus for what's going to be honest and I don't know syllabus? I do not want one. I don't want to know what the questions are in advance. I've is inspired by Larry King. Who never did any research whatsoever? None none and he just made a five million dollar. Podcast deal that guy. There is make sure you set up before you went on. Did you have kind of an idea? No idea? Now they ended up talking a lot about better call Saul they ended up talking about my relationship with Ireland and they wanted to tour my house. They wanted to see my Bob Miller awards which I showed them which I keep proudly displayed by the way and they were in the background while I was doing my appearance. The that'll be in the background for mine is Reagan the puggle. She will make an appearance on the show and and speeding shows sleep. What how many guest tonight? Oh Yeah how many guests do you guys? WanNa guests the guests many I say okay. It's a Tuesday after a holiday weekend. I think you have three. You got a lot of time to kill. I think you've got three two guests tonight to get to. Yes again. Tonight is and tonight is just so it is Lakers. Talk so just guessing. So they're both okay. May the over under guests from the athletic one half I will say I'll take the under. No it's over. He's got an athletic guest tonight. Alan how many guests from the athletic no guests from the athletic all right and so I can save myself. How many in the CAN I think yeah. I think he's doing both interviews live because at the beginning of holiday weekend everyone's mailing it in but now everyone's kind of back into the groove. Nobody in the can tonight. I think they're both live. Mace the over under on interviews in the CAN is one. What do you think the over under one? Yeah that's I graduated one. Okay I'll say the over if it's a half John. I'm done ever underestimate how often I mail it in. It's one recorded interview and one lives and one life fire tonight. Yeah you're two for two. Who's recorded interview? This is one of Mason's favorite guys mace. How long have you known James from CBS? Sports Herbert let me tell you something. He could mason called him. Jim Jim and I go back. I mean we go back to the showtime days covering the Lakers. Jim has been I mean. He's he's legendary and obviously he's an. Can YOU DESCRIBE EVERY LAKERS? Yeah he's a big guy. tall tall rally. How Old Jim? Jim is sixty days late. Fifties early sixties right so to lately. Fifty late fifties tall big mason completely off.

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