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"helen antisoviet macy" Discussed on Historical Figures

"The ac l u the nonpartisan nonprofit organization has the stated mission to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the constitution and laws of the united states but the aco us early focus was on free speech particularly for antiwar protesters this may have been an unpopular position but helen keller was not afraid to take an unpopular position a lesson she had learned during her work with the socialists then tragedy struck two hours before helen antisoviet macy were to appear on stage in los angeles in november of nineteen twenty one helen received a telegram from her sister mildred informing her that their mother had died it was another blow to helen and a reminder at the age of forty one that the cost of getting older would be losing those she loved a little over a decade later helen suffered another great loss on octa kober twentieth nineteen thirty six and he sullivan died at age seventy with helen keller holding her hand she had gone into a coma as a result of coronary thrombosis helen still reverently called any teacher though she was now fifty six helen was overcome with grief and she feared she could not survive without the woman who had been by her side for nearly half a century and yet there was still work to do and what better tribute could helen give to anne the woman had taught her to make a little progress each day than to continue on she persevered on there were more speeches to give and people to inspire in nineteen fortysix helen keller was appointed counselor of international relations for the american foundation of overseas blind between nineteen forty six and nineteen fifty seven she travelled to thirty five countries on five continents this included her longest trip ever in nineteen fifty five where helen keller then seventy five spent.

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