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"heidi strobel hamels" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"Enthusiastic, beautiful woman I. Dare You. traduced to you, a humble lady known for her generous philanthropy efforts Heidi Strobel Hamels. T-bird I'M GONNA. Have you read my obituary? Unbelievable. That was awesome. You are unbelievable, Oh, my goodness I don't know what to say about that introduction undeserved, so you are so accomplished. It's it's quite deserving. You're so complex Heidi. What what next where do you go from here? Rob A podcast. Well this? This is true this. Guy's House Stop Stop here this is this is the end of the road for me so I'm so excited that we have you here. I've been looking forward to this all week long because this is so wonderful, I feel like that. It's been probably. Fifteen sixteen years since. We've gotten to catch up and so I know you've had a lot going on, but I'm so happy that you're here today. Likewise, likewise rob a same with you. I saw like I think you have to two little queasy. Imagine that now, but I love it. I mean I can't. I can't imagine I love that for you. That's so special. Well. This is so. It's so nice to get to hear your voice. How are you guys doing with everything that's going on? I know that the Major League Baseball is still waiting to strike up a deal in terms of like what. Everybody doing okay by you. I it is interesting because. Robots. Not, a huge sports fan, but I mean per. Se but I did love baseball before this. So I'm just GonNa talk from a Fan. Point of view has nothing to do with who are married to, but an and I think most people would say this is true about their favorite sport is that it's? It's kind of a shame. That baseball isn't going right now. Because I think people would find a new love for it and new, passion for it I. Think in this is just my. My own opinion, I think I think MLB is missing out on a huge opportunity. They get millions of more fans onto tune into baseball and the players, and and it's it's. It's actually ashamed. All of this is happening so on on on a lot of levels one. We make no income so so you've got to consider that you know for not just us. I mean all these minor league guys that. Are Barely making it. I think I think they make around eight hundred dollars a month. So, you've got all all those issues some of the owners not wanting to play for reasons. I won't get into here. I'll try not to go very political here, but It is, it is interesting I. Just I hate it from like I, said just baseball. It's it's. It's a real shame to not see this happen, so I hope they come to something soon. I know personally. Coal is going crazy. This is you know in pro athletes life in their mind. This is their whole life. They don't know how to be anything or do anything else this. This is everything to them, so they live in breathe whatever that sport is so this this can really rock your world, and then I own four other companies that are massively impacted by Cova. Sure yeah, so it's kind of it's. It's hit US pretty hard. One of the companies I have is a entertainment company for singers, but you know they can't go on the road so they. They can't even perform probably until April twenty, twenty one from a foundation nonprofit point of view. I can't even tell you how many how many schools and people need our help right now. Because that's the only way most of those kids were getting fed. They were going to school. So we have tried to step in a lottery leaf on feeding them a lot of relief, and there's only so much we can do so it's it's been very like I. Hate to say you know I like bleed red, white and blue. It's been heartbreaking for me to see this happen to America and at the same time. With the middle of a black lives, matter I have a I have an African Child in the middle of all that they're still been a lot of really good. A lot of people that have surfaced and I love seeing that you love seen people, rally and You know try to make something great out of something pretty awful. Heidi I know that had signed with the Atlanta braves in the off season, even though the braves have started to play outside spring tiny, but that is t birds favorite team. That's awesome. Well. They're an awesome awesome organization. I've always loved them hiding. Truth things in common one thing we have in common is we were both voted out. On Day thirty six okay, we were both down any other thing. We have in common the Atlanta right so I have to tell you this actually reached out to Brian.

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