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Heidi - S3 E8 - A Look About Town

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Heidi - S3 E8 - A Look About Town

"Jk is presence. Heidi episode eight aloke about town when heidi open her eyes the next day. She didn't know where she was ask. She looked around the room. She remembered everything that had happened. During the last few days she jumped out of bed. God dressed and ran to the window. Highly was eager to see the sky and country outside but the curtains were too heavy for her to push aside instead. She crept underneath them to get to the window but when she got there she discovered that the glass was too high. She could only just get her head above the cell to pierre out. She couldn't see what she wanted. She ran from window to window finding the same problem at each one. She felt like a caged bird. All of a sudden highly hud. Someone call breakfast is ready. She left the window and join clara at the dining room table. Heidi thai food in a perfect manner then ran amok boston. Fear start rotten. Meyer wasn't looking. She quickly talk tovia roll into her apron pocket when the meal was over she ran upstairs to her room and placed it in the closet to take back to grandmother. Heidi talked about the day when she could give grandmother this delicious rule for now. Heidi would try to forget the thoughts about grandmother. If she didn't they would make her too sad with one more. Look at the role. She closed closet door and joined clara in the den. As soon as the clara and heidi were alone. What alone. Heidi asked clara about the windows. Oh you must open the windows to see out. But they're hard to open. Ask sebastian to do it for you. After our lessons when then lessons ended. Clark had to rest for the afternoon was ms and miles time for a break as well so heidi was free to do as she pleased. The first thing heidi did was to seek out sebastian and have him open a window. Heidi climbed up onto us to at last. She was going to see what she had been longing for but when she looked outside she found a disappointing view why there is nothing outside except for stony streets. She said unhappily. What would i see if i went to the other. Side of the house sebastian. Sebastian said that way. Okay i to look out over the whole valley. Hardy asked you would have to climb to the top of a high tower like that one over there there with the gold ball above it from there. You can see everything. High declined down from hostile and ran to the street as fast as she could. Things were not as easy as she thought they would be. The tower had looked so close from the window but now she couldn't even tell which direction it was in. She walked slowly through the streets passing people who all seem to be in a great hurry to get somewhere. Suddenly she saw a boy standing nearby he was carrying a hand organ on his back and had a little turtle in his hand. Heidi ran up to him and said. Where's the tower with a gold ball. I will take you there for four bunnies Promised she would get the money from clara later. The young boy seem to trust her and showed her through the town. Finally they arrived the tower. They rang the call bell and an old man appeared at the entrance. At first he thought heidi was too young to be bothered with but the girls pleading is convinced him to take her to the top of the tower. Heidi held the old man's hand and climbed up the many steps when they reached the top. The old man lifted her up that she could look out of the open window. Heidi saw beneath panacea roofs towers and chimneys. She drew back her head and said in a small voice. It's not at all what i thought. I was here for a minute and introduced the host of my podcasts. The anchor i fall. It's completely free and distributes your podcasts. So that it can be heard on spotify apple podcasts. And many more you can make money with no minimum listenership in a nutshell. Everything you need to do is to prepare your podcast. Download the free anchor upright now. Our goto anchor dot fm to get started with your podcast. Okay let's resume with a story. The man said heidi on the ground and lead her back down the narrow stare we as they turn toward the tower. Keep us room. Heidi hood allowed meow. The little girl stopped and looked about the small area seeing heidi so interested. The old man pointed her toward the basket. The sweet things that darlington she kept on saying. Would you like to have one asked the old man to keep. Yes of course more than one. If you like in fact you can take them all if you want. Heidi smiled thinking of the joy. The kittens would bring clara. Can i take to today and get the rest later. Of course the man loved will leave and bring them to you. Heidi pointed out where she lived. Then the young girls spent a minute or more picking the two kittens. That would go with her. She put them in her pockets and scamper down the rest of the steps to the boy waiting on the street for pennies to take back. He said heidi nodded and followed him to her house. Sebastian was waiting at the door quickly quickly. Little miss go straight into the dining room. Ms wooten mile is waiting for you. Heidi sprang through the door and sebastian shuttered. Behind her leaving the boy standing on the steps heidi walked into the room and listen to ms rotten. Meyer scold her when she was finished. She asked heidi what she had to say for herself. Meow came the answer. The old lady jumped up in anger. Hide what did you say didn't sell began. Heidi meow meow. Sevastyanov had a hard time holding in his laughter and almost dropped the dishes misrouted. Maya tom to heidi to see what had made. The noise kittens sebastian. Dinette get those horrible. Little things out of here take them away and with that she turned and went into the den. Heidi jumped up and ran to clara. She took the kittens from her pockets. And please them on. Clara's lab claris squealed with delight as she snuggled the kittens to her chest highly. Where did you find such little things but tidy was too busy chasing after the scrambling kittens to answer her. Giggles drowned out the orders of ms rotten from the next room clara hood. The means shout though and new the woman would do her best to rid. The house of these creatures please. Sebastian find a place to hide them for us. We must keep them florida bagged. She clutched darling. Vite kitten with a black tip on its tail. I will see to it answered sebastian. With a smile. I will put them where the lady is not likely to go. And so hi deanne. Clara went to sleep that night knowing that the kittens were safe and warm in a comfortable bed. The end will continue. Episodes released. Every tuesday and friday stay tuned to jacob tales. Thank you you can find us at. Jk story start. Enjoy at g. Meal dot com.

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