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"hector hernandez diaz" Discussed on WHAS 840 AM

"Across the Sherman Minton Bridge and out through Floyd County. Our next report in 15 minutes on Bobby Ellis News Radio Wait, 40 w H A s. All right, folks for the updated forecast. I'm Wook. Why? Chief meteorologist Jay Cardosi nice and quiet out there on this Wednesday night. Clear skies, cool conditions alot of 44. Lot of sunshine returns on your Wednesday will boost it to 67 in the afternoon. A little milder on Friday, mostly sunny skies. The work week ends off on a nice note with high temperatures of 71. That's your forecast. I'm Wook. Why? Chief Meteorologist Jay Cardosi, Kentucky anise breaking news, Weather and traffic station. This is news radio. Wait. 40 w H A s your news now that's used in a Chicago shooting that killed one and injured. Eight others are linked to a group of Fort Campbell soldiers. 21 year old DaMarcus Adams and 22 Year Olds jury is Bronson and Brandon Miller are accused of purchasing close to 100 illegal firearms before transporting them up to Chicago. The three are facing various felony charges. Name of a woman killed in Richmond this week has been released as police continue to search for her murderer. 35 year old Andrea Hernandez was found dead in a home early this morning. Her neighbor tells w K Y T. It said, Carry out same time something happened in that close, You know, tragic. It's saying there's three kids. Police are searching for 40 year old Hector Hernandez Diaz, who should be considered armed and dangerous. I'm Hailey Hanson. CBS News Special Report..

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