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"heather hartness" Discussed on The Information's 411

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"heather hartness" Discussed on The Information's 411

"I am talking to about ride hailing a lot going on in that space in the past couple of weeks hoover and lift had their earnings They weren't good folks not good They both are also laying off pretty sizeable amounts of their workforce as demand for ride hailing has fallen considerably during the pandemic so mere talks about what these layoffs really mean. And also why Uber has found itself in a slightly better position than lift because overeats which prior to this point was a bit of an albatross around its neck And there's an interesting also side story about Uber and jump in and Lime and how? These businesses are all kind of shifting places and positions during this period. That's my conversation with the mirror. We also for whatever reason talk about the meat packing industry and supply chains because we just tend to discuss whatever. He's tweeting about. Okay before I get to that interview. Which is a long one. Because it's an Amir episode Is couple of things that I want to plug so first off on. Thursday may fourteenth at five PM. We have a live video. Qna to discuss what we've learned from the Chinese platforms and how they've handled covert nineteen and also what global counterparts can learn from their experience. The call is hosted by our Jessica Lesson and global offering development and innovation lead for platform industry at accenture. Kevin Collins is quite a title Kevin and then Sort of an update on our annual W T F summit While we obviously had to postpone it It was startled. Me On Tuesday We are inviting members of the group. And anyone who signed up for the event to a subscriber call about start startups are navigating covert nineteen so I may twelfth K Clark Who covers venture capital for us? She's she's great Will be interviewing. We'll be interviewing. We'll be interviewing Laura Barons Wu the founder of Shipu founder and CEO of Shipu Amman Abu Zaid founder and CEO of incredible health and Heather hartness. Who is the CEO of Human Ventures? About some of the difficult.

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