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"heather deloche" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

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"heather deloche" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

"About it all right. What's the be lady named her. Name's heather deloche. She's i think she's about thirty thirty nine years old. That would be about right. she's gorgeous. she's so cute. does that look like her. Adam adam someone lie to you and say they were the be lady. This was not. This person was not cute. So you've got attracted. Yeah she's cute. She was not an attractive person. My friend yeah. She joe i. I'm not going to internalize it. Because i'm a victim and hold on them survivor. Sorry sorry i survived. This attack was not that person. Are you sure that's the b. person chris can have that i'll call her beak blind. Melon's be girl i mean. Who else could it be. Yeah okay so. She was not it whiskey creek in locking yada and nineteen ninety four. Sorry two thousand and four. I'm sorry unlikely unlikely. Chris shocking gene. I don't know what the internet can do. I think this is going to be about. Except i will be okay. Yeah i'm just you know as a friend will be out is through. Oh yeah yeah i'm not. I'm a burden you let's just you know. There's this spring spring gina grad and. That's the news. It's warm where you're touching was the news with gene grad. She wanted to see my stinger..

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