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"heath yandell" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

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"heath yandell" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"Phase from podcast Yandell handcuffed. By Ernie takes it away, right circle. Paquet keeps it alive for Kellyanne right circle. Ryan callahan. Pivoting. Centerpoint circuit, Jeff. Out of the right circle out pocket. Just put a wide left over on the rebound. Tried to center at Broward are our intercepts and clears it out to center ice where sceviour gets it for Yandell. Heath Yandell across the bull. I left point shot saved a meeting with the glove and he holds on four fifty left in the second four one lightning couplet, really nifty moves Sergeyev just gonna say he made a couple of great moves here. I e goes by one guide any goes by another and he makes a little backhand pass and a good job by brower tionna. Puck cat catches has a tap-in. A great move by Shergar champ. Johnson and bark off to the right of demand. Johnson wins it they want to make this line playing the defensive zone if at all possible mcdonagh out to point at center ice slips it into the Panthers in aeronautic wet up the middle down and off the path blocked away by kucherov Holden for point center point, right circle. Johnson johnson. Turns to point in the right corner. He's checked data. Intercepts lobs it down the ice hop and pursues it mcdonagh knocks it away from Hoffman hopping. How's it back up point, right circle? Shot in debate. I think got a piece deflected wide what a setup point Mathis it. Rips doubt down behind the net dot enough runs and poke check from mcdonagh for Chernick trying to clear hop and knocked down by that data. Nop slide is really got an its motor running last couple of shifts here in the second down. And I went to the puck arapahoe trying another shots eight bowl times by demanding. And Johnson dribbles. It out is for kucherov. Vanessa point point dumps it in and hit a leg and ex-wives able to launch it back to the lightning and Panthers are changing. So mcdonagh feet scooter off in the neutral zone. Heel deal for caloric across the panther line. He takes it find it at spins to Sara Lee, right circle. Back at the right point Girardi makes a safe play as he cranks at buying the Panthers net by their four one lightning in the second act. Glad lifts it to center ice who were does after eight. He got tied up by Matthew Joseph Cologne as the puck jams afford Joseph streaks across the ball. I love circle back can't say Longo. That was similar to the first goal that he scored. Dope in this game. While long been around a long time. He played an awful lot of games. You beat him the first time like that. He's not gonna let you get it. Again, come Jenny tries exactly the same move. Just go upstairs just a little bit. With the puck. And it's absolutely really again. It's the back end. He goes on his back and tries to shove it underneath pads in the five whole, he's a lefty coming down the left wing. No, he's not like along the boards. He's more tonight on the ice. But he only has a couple options. There doesn't he or Molly come Jenny dot any cuts in the one option is back in a pie. Our the one on the forehand. Just at the bottom of the face off circle a quick snapshot. That's his only option for the one. He did. L'amico and stamp goes to the right of Longo. This is more of a fifty fifty and it comes to Girardi the center point had made shoots block it away by Longo data three twelve left in the period. Lightning have a four one lead. Shipped out by Toronto to center ice. Maybe an odd, man. Rush year crossed the blue line l'amico tied up by dandruff Ardian line and got back defensively as a team. Jordy couldn't cleared out though, held in Pethick centerpoint shot save made by demanding that skipped inaudible headman up the nearside Yanni Gord for headman Janssen Girardi by the lightning that lightning. Need a clear here right wing stamp goes cross for headman another cross as feed Miller crossed the line. Lee. Whistle for an offside on Yanni. Gord play. You heard me, David. Wow. That guy knocks that passed down step because try to make and he made it knocks down. It's wide open and sketching all by himself. Faceoff? Oh, come outside. The panther blue line to forty three left in the period. Four one lightning. Wins the face Ephraim sceviour Cockburn at the red line crossed the panther blue light. Oh, elite.

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