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June 21st: Mark Caughlan HR 3

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June 21st: Mark Caughlan HR 3

"This is mornings with kale in northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi am well none that of course to impact. It was beautiful weekend. Ads of ports to the reservoir built shoutout to my doc to peer group and beautiful sunrise this morning. Courtesy of channel. Nine's a horse to cam but as we're all just itching to get out and enjoy all the beauty that colorado has to offer particularly for us boating enthusiasts. Well things are getting pretty darn a busy at horse tooth and as a result you're seeing a number and increasing number paddle borders kayakers canoeists and of course boaters at worst to and you've had officials Taking action to increase the safety level aah horse to data eight now thirteen ten. Kfi thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collisions specialists studios also had the pleasure of Chatting with marc coughlin. He is horse tooth. Reservoir district manager joins us this morning. Hey mark good morning. good morning gail. Thanks for having me on you. Bet thanks so much for taking the time. So let's take a look back before we talk about really the novel approach that you and other officials have taken to enhance safety at horse tooth but we pretty much saw record breaking year in twenty twenty. As far as usage of the reservoir right we have an average year horse heath reservoir just a contact tears the third vicious reservoir in the state of colorado chaffee number two public number one on average between horse teeth reservoir and horse teeth mountain park. We see about one point. Seven million visitors a year and with kobe last year. In two thousand twenty we saw about a twenty five percent increase in visitation Which you can imagine the strain that puts on visitors the resources and everybody's patient so we we saw huge increase Then just not only here in lamoure county but all along the front range around colorado really around the country installed about the same increasing numbers of visitors and adding to that was the fact was it. Stanley lake was closed last year. I believe so. You know some agencies smaller couldn't handle the Capacity of coming to shut down so we saw that in a few locations. But you have taken as i said earlier. A novel approach because you know Being a tale of th- reservoir up there quite frequently and unfortunately there's a number of factors that contribute to the overall safe enjoyment of horse to thing you talked about that twenty five percent increase. But it's not only votes There's an a number of ways we can recreate on paddle boards and kayaks canoes. And so you've taken some steps and you alluded to that when we have this Compensation last year that you were looking at ways to perhaps Keep those groups apart so to enhance their safe. Use of horse to it over the last probably five to six years. We've seen a huge increase in around the country and paddle craft and stand up paddle boards probably the largest growing recreational use paddle craft Section you know so when you go out on a reservoir horsey carter. Laker boy lake anywhere in this area. And see a drastic increase in powder borders. And you know we were came to a point where we had to have a little bit of separation use in create some zones just force paddle craft only in the way we we did that. One of our best places to paddleboard in safest places insider coz. That's one thing that horsey the reservoirs known for is the monaco's we have and kind of solitude back in their off the main lake enough the up the heavy boat traffic sosa tanka which farthest north boat ramp and cove. We closed off half of it That co about five acres in size for paddle craft only so it's been hugely successful with the paddock. Paddle craft people And enjoying those areas of going there now and it's full folks and they they appreciate having that that separation from the motorized boats Some of their fishing community. What is happy because it has a fairly good place to defend especially early in the spring in june So there's a little controversy their overall by and large it's It's it's been very hot dog for having that and i think our intent is not to exclude voters. I grew up. Voting grew up on the coast and multiple my whole life. I've owned many many different boats. I mean huge. Boater huge angler. I just spent a week in idaho. Fly fishing And had had a great time brought my drift boat up there. So i i'm a voter anger. I understand that completely Why they want that area but Big scheme of things large picture. It was It was the right thing to do. It's always safety. I you know. I have to wonder because you know when this came down. It did. Catch the attention of motorized voters. And of course you know. People are creative in their their ways to at least attempt to work around. So i wanted to get some clarity on this. Because i had one Gentlemen asked me. Well what if i just turn my motor often paddle in dissent tank. I don't like no. No i don't think so. You know it's worse to a little bit of that Playing playing games again as you said they rally is their zero zero motorized boats back there period. It's it's it's well marked with a with do so again. It gives me a little bit of peace of mind. Our staff peace of mind that we have that separation again. I'm kinda safer area and we do that. Discourage them going out the main lake and what what we tell paddle craft you know. Stay out of the middle lake. You know stay close to shore There's enough power boaters Especially busy days. And there's there's waves going on if you're out there in the powder border low profile pat craff your hard to see at times and there's a. There's a saito there as well. So we encourage all power craft stay you know within a hundred hundred hundred hundred fifty feet ashore And enjoy the coves and leave the main lake to motorized boats where they would have more room to to operate. So we've been we've been to that point we've been making a tremendous amount of Safety context pal craft you. What a lot of people don't realize if you have a pal aboard. You need to have a life jacket on board from for everybody on that paddle crafts if you have two people on that stand up. Paddle board have to have to life jackets on board and sound producing device which is a whistle typically In the same thing people realize that we're seeing that if your child is twelve years of age or younger. They have to be wearing life shack whether it's not a paddle craft or motorized boat. They have to be worrying. It's so in our our stances coming from a public safety aspect because we don't we don't want people get hurt or drown so we we've increased our enforcement on that. Yeah and that makes all the sense in the world because again this is tantamount to eat fourteen. Now thirteen ten. Kfi a by mark kopplin horse tooth reservoir district manager. And i can't tell you. How many paddle boards i see and it always makes me smile. I mean they're not only loaded up with people but with dogs as well. And i would suggest that you always have your puppy in a flotation vest as well you know. We're we're seeing that quite a bit and thankfully people are taking that serious and put a life jacket dog as well because you might be quite a waste waste mature and if your dog is not uses not conditioned to swim long distances somewhere happened where the dog blew away from the board or the board blew away from both the writer and and and a pet It cannot end welfare for the dog so may have hunting dogs. They they swim pretty well but still i know. Their limits are and i don. I never tried to push their limits. But you know they're they're stressed out a little bit as well kind of new to them and you know we don't wanna put them in a bad situation either well and i think too. It's important boater safety classes. I know that. I like you mark. I grew up around votes Originally from the pittsburgh area and just been on a boat all of my life. One of my friends called me a boat mammal and that's not too far from the truth but it's important that you observed the voting rules of the road at least be conversant familiar with them so that you can follow them because those two safety as well. You're absolutely right. What we saw last year in two thousand twenty was a lot of folks where new voting whether it be paddled craft or powerboats and driving a car. It's it's it's certainly different How they operate how they handle All the mechanics along behind it. The rules road or different. You know when you go on the you're responsible for knowing the rules of the water just like when you drive a car you know the state of colorado offers boating safety classes you go you go their website. They'll give you a list of boating safety classes. And i highly encourage every new voter to take a boating safety class. I know when i was young. You know we spend time on the ocean. My dad and i took about safety class. We also took a couple of navigation classes because starts really beneficial of rusty. That saint kurtz everybody if you're voting or if you're just kind of a novice to take voting safety class you'll learn a tremendous amount and be careful with the consumption of those lovely adult beverages when behind the wheel of a boat as well. That's one of our primary concerns when we check. We're always checking for safe and sober driver. So we have a pretty large enforcement program for alcohol enforcement alcohol safety so The occurred jerry. Padilla like driving car. Make sure you have a safe and several drive out on the water. Especially when you're on the water out there in the sun the waves and you know so had those stressors you wouldn't have when you're driving a car don't compounds so we encourage everybody have a safe over driver all of you and your rangers as well so patient they are so understanding and again For anyone that goes towards tooth reservoir. They're not trying to give you a hard time there. Simply a keeping your safety first and foremost and they do such an amazing job there. Pr skills. i mean off the charts. Thank you we appreciate that. We work hard to be good at good customer service and good stewards of our our resources. Markov horsey reservoir district manager. Thank you again for all you do. Thanks for your time as well. Great great you take good care. Eighteen now thirteen ten. Kfi k thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com northern colorado's voice this time check sponsored by the candlelight dinner playhouse in johnstown. Oh it's a it's a real must see production of shrek. the musical. don't miss it runs through august. Twenty second tell you what for tickets and show information. Just jump online. Visit colorado candlelight dot com candlelight dinner playhouse broadway in your backyard. The power trip weekdays at eleven and thirteen ten. Kfi k no code now is coming up next a northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. 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Pr see a rodeo performance at the greeley stampede nine seven zero three five three thirteen ten and good luck to you. Eight thirty nine now. Thirteen ten thirteen ten. Kfi k. a. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail the auto collisions specialists studios. You know we've got more than a handful of wildfires burning in state from north western colorado to near the four corners and kind of strikes accorded fear in all of our hearts as we remember the destruction and the devastation that we saw just last summer. Oh by the way happy first day first. Full day of summer. Nothing says summer like seventy four degree temperatures right. I mean it was just last week that we saw those raging triple digit temperatures across the state and it was still spring but meanwhile back to the devastation. Particularly when you look at the cameron peak fire. The high lonesome fire well. Stark reminder as we have multiple wildfires burning in colorado as conditions while remain pretty hot and dry. Because wow we have a cool off today. We're going to be back into the scorching temperatures tomorrow again. We might see triple digits once again tomorrow so just a reminder To be vigilant whenever you're out enjoying all the beauty the natural beauty that colorado has offer. And if you're intending on camping you might want to check with the individual county To see if they have fire bans. That's very least fire restrictions as some do and that number continues to rise as a while these fires continue to pop up but you had governor jared polis signing this wild fire recovery And mitigation bill as greeley as undertaking a recovery effort in the kamran peak a burn area according to a piece by trevor. Read out of the greeley Trip this morning as the cameron peak. Fire as you're well aware burned more than two hundred and eight thousand acres last year. Oh my gosh. It was a monster. Wasn't it burned up a vegetation around these high mountain reservoirs setting the stage. Obviously for rosen to dirty water usually treated by the city and delivered to our tabs. Well the city of greeley is now working with larimer county and the coalition for the polluter river watershed as well as a few other water producers water providers. I should say to lead recovery efforts which will help prevent erosion and with such a large burn area. Needless to say the work will be time consuming immense and expensive now warning piece out of the greeley trip shawn chambers. Who is director of the city's water and sewer department is leveraging local and state funding with federal funding to power the recovery two bills a governor jared polis signed this past week will support watershed restoration efforts as well as wildfire mitigation with a total of fifty five million dollars transferred out of the states general fund. Now senate bill to forty provides thirty million dollars to the colorado water conservation board for watershed recovery. Though city water officials were excited to see that bill signed chambers said the money will be spread out over many needs as the state had its three largest wildfires a dubious distinction in twenty twenty city officials hoped to secure between five and ten million dollars of the That thirty million dollar stimulus that is available For the recovery now in the board started the with five million dollars for watershed recovery. Grants cameron peak. Recovery was awarded about one point. Five million of those dollars that are funding has also been secured through the natural resources conversation. Excuse me conservation services. Emergency watershed protection program. That program is focused on recovery of private property. Creating a challenge as much of the burn. Area is federally owned land because the city has special use permits with the us forest service to operate its network of reservoirs. It was allowed to access the money to mitigate damages to the water infrastructure but even with these funding sources officials continue to face challenges securing enough immediate funding for restoration and indeed recovery even if the city is awarded the amount of senate bill to forty money officials are hoping for shawn chambers estimated the funding gap will still be in the area of twenty five million dollars and could reach thirty million dollars. City officials are continuing to pursue federal funding and other opportunities Along those lines now. The first year of recovery is the most important times to reestablish vegetation. Keep the soil and the hillside and keep sediment and debris out of the river among the techniques used our area mulching and the construction of sediment and traps. Mulching helps reestablish. The vegetation keeps the soil where it belongs on the hill and Actually locks moisture into the soil so that roots can reestablish themselves and redeveloped it's expensive but effective and one of the city's primary focuses for recovery. Work is kicking off now off for area around the city's reservoirs to chambers said They've just executed a one million dollar contract for mitigation around those reservoirs now. The city's been able to prioritize recovery efforts using post fire burn area assessment and severity analysis conducted by colorado state university the us forest service and the coalition for the poodle river watershed chambers said. That information helps the city maximize a very limited budget to protect the watershed now due to burnings severe burning at a couple of the city's reservoirs. The city won't even store water in them this year. Chambers said the volumes are relatively small. So it won't actually impede the city's ability to provide water to well. All of us thirsty customers. At the city allowed the reservoirs to fill with water they would fill with sediment and that in turn would lead to some pretty pricy treatment. Thanks to a wet spring and early summer. the area doesn't have the same fire. Rest thank heaven. This year as there is for example on the western slope but there are some pretty significant areas of the upper colorado and big thompson not yet touched by wildfire and his temperatures continued rise. Well soil and vegetation get drier chambers said that these conditions will lead to more record-setting years of wildfire across colorado indeed the mountain west. He said we know that. When you compound that fact pattern with about a century of fire suppression in our forests and very limited mitigation and limited control burns that we have some forests in our watershed. That are ripe for future wildfire. So senate bill to fifty eight invest twenty five million dollars into wildfire mitigation in targeted location. Mitigation includes techniques such as those prescribed burns taking out lower tree branches and of course removing dead fall firebreaks fuel for fires to grow. They also help prevent fires from spreading for example. The burn area from the high park fire prevented a lot of growth for the cameron. Peak fire addressing beetle. Kill yeah. that's another important element in the overarching quesion as beetle kill fueled explosive growth of the east troublesome fire last year chambers said it's important to find an economically viable use for those dead trees and an environmentally appropriate way to harvest and use them with a high likelihood increased wildfire across the west and the immense need to recover from those wildfires. City officials are collaborating with northern water to work through federal lobbyists to try getting additional funding for the emergency. Water said watershed protection program. The best tool by the way for recovering from wildfire. Now that programs only funded through disaster bells at the federal level with no annual federal appropriation regular funding mechanism would benefit not only city water customers. That i'm talking about the city of greeley and northern water customers bought municipal water utilities across the entire state. This governor jared polis has signed those wildlife recovery. Mitigation bills and greeley undertakes a recovery effort in the cameron peak burn area. Just if you're out in about joying all the beauty that colorado has to offer because just remember some of these. Fires sure are sparked by lightning or other variables but sadly some of them human caused just be very vigilant and very very careful a fifty now. Thirteen ten kfi kfi. What's happening in your own. Backyard listened to noko now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. A tire of fact is at the movies here. Don't forget to listen to my show every saturday on. Kfta now back to mornings with gail really stampede. Right around the corner. We're still feeling the love wanted to brighton monday. To the best of our ability. So i- promises made promises capped. I have one more pair of pr. See a rodeo tickets for performance at the greeley stampede. To give away this morning but a heads up This pair is for monday. June twenty eighth. It's an evening. Pr see a rodeo performance at seven pm so tell you what this is indeed your cute call call now nine seven three five three thirteen ten to win that pair of tickets to the pr. See a rodeo greeley stampede. Monday june twenty eighth all the excitement gets underway at seven pm. And i'd be seriously remiss. Yes call now. I'd be seriously remiss. If i didn't give a big shoutout to articulate sponsor for all of the stampede events and rodeos quality well and pump for all of your water needs give quality well and pump a call nine seven a three by three thirty one eighteen but again For the did. I say ryan third collar this morning. Third color this morning. A pair of tickets to that monday. June twenty eighth. Pr see a rodeo performance at the greeley stampede again all the fund gets underway at seven. P m call now goodluck nine seven zero three five three thirteen ten eight fifty six now. Thirteen ten k. k. All sports story in northern colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten kfi k. If you miss any portion of mornings with gail go thirteen ten. Kfi dot com to download the podcast. Today big shout out to my producer. Brian kelly might technical producer and multitasker extraordinary. Great job as always this morning. Oh and our musical. Thanks so much. Ryan has always eight fifty eight now thirteen ten. Kfi may thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com northern colorado voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialists studios and tom from greeley. Congratulations to you. You snapped up that pair of pr. 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