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May 26, Hr 3  Lisa Hudson and Hadley Heath-Manning

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May 26, Hr 3 Lisa Hudson and Hadley Heath-Manning

"This is mornings with kale and northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k one mastered the art of the pivot hits the east colorado spdc on raw just on it throughout the pandemic doing everything within their power to move mountains in their ability to assist a small business doing it so well and that trend actually continues with a host of programs and opportunities available to you eight hundred eight now. Thirteen ten kfi k. A thirteen ten. Kfi k. a. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision as specialists studios joined this morning by lisa hudson director of the east colorado. Spd's see at least it's been awhile but first things first. Congratulations on your new little one. Thank you so much gail. It's good to be back in back in things and your shell to be here. Oh yeah. And i've gotta tell you kyle events did a great job While you were on leave so rest assured of that but So happy for you so excited for you and it's great to hear your voice so Some is as you've made some additions to your weld county team. Yeah we have you know. we've hired two new people at east call. Scc and so excited. They're bringing some feel sets that we haven't had on our team our full time seen before the i personally hired his dan mcguiness and actually comes from south dakota He's got his mba and He's got experience as a business owner alone author and he's worked in several different nonprofit agencies and so he's going the great addition to our world county team As as moving forward in twenty twenty one and also hired another gentleman jets ingo on. He's from colorado He went to see a he'll studied finance and has his masters and economic so some great new people on our team with high levels of education and experience. In fact jeff has supported over three hundred. Small businesses from idea stage The scale and agriculture energy science security. It i mean goes on and on were so excited to have both of them on our team east. Oh definitely because as you said they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. And i'll just that no shortage of enthusiasm to the overall equation. Which only a strengthens the offerings of the east. Co- spd's speak as -solutely now speaking of those opportunities and program swell no shortage of those as well. That's right. we thought Three programs but i wanted to talk about today. The first step Well the closest one on may twenty six at five thirty in the evening and this is becoming your own boss but this is to be in spanish so if you want anyone out there that their first language is spanish and they're thinking about starting their own business rate opportunity to learn about what it takes to be your own boss And that's going to be may twenty six. It's a free class. you can register on our website The next one is targeting Home based child child care center. This is our leading edge programme. We hosted one four brick and mortar lost last year the fourth quarter and it was wildly successful. We over fifty register Great program it's a four week program and you actually get your professional development credit hours three p. d. i s. so if you're a home based childcare center and you need to get those hours there's no fee for this program because we partnered with the early childhood council So it's really good opportunity. That'll be june eight. Th through the twenty eighth on tuesday evening though sound like amazing programs and i love the spanish program as well because well any number of us want to Pull that proverbial trigger when it comes to starting our own business and i just love how you are making that so much easier for our spanish speaking community her -solutely you know the one that were hosting and registrations going to open next week. It's another free class on. It's going to be june sixteenth at three pm. And it's titled reviews matter how to manage and optimize reputation and so this is going to help those small businesses that maybe a couple of batter views. Maybe no fault of your own how to manage that. Turn it around. Make sure that you're staying on top of that online reputation on really important and again that one's gonna be June sixteenth at three pm. We you know it's been said that you only have one chance to make an effective of first impression but you know i have to laugh because there's any number of commercials out there talking about how trolls will go after your business for any reason whatsoever. There's one and i'm kind of paraphrasing here where you've got this woman. Typing in a very snarky boys saying friends and family sale. Well you're not my friends and you're not my family. It's kind of a parody. it's also. I think it also makes a very important point as far as noted lisa that you can do everything right near business but there's always going to be someone that finds something wrong. Yeah absolutely you know if it's out of your control and it's something i can do is put your best foot forward and try to stay on top of things not exactly what you're gonna learn. This classes is how to manage that. We are slowly cautiously emerging from the pandemic. were returning to some semblance of normal But again i can't thank you and all your colleagues enough at east coast. Spdc for all that you have done For businesses. And i know i. It's become a cliche but a helping businesses master the art of the pivot throughout the pandemic to ensure their success. But what is the temperature now across the state for lack of a better description When it comes to the future of small business you know. I think that we're slowly turning in for that recovery stage. You know as you were saying. We're getting into that new normal. Whatever that's gonna be. An and businesses are starting to see their customers coming back and and you know revisiting their shots in the restaurants or bar and the bill types of businesses are starting to see that revenue trickle back in So you know if it's still recovery. They're still things they're facing and trying to strategize and so we just need to keep moving forward and being proactive entrepreneurs and business owners instead of reactive. And that's really been the key to the ones who have survived this pandemic So that's kind of feel that we're getting across the state Speaking of going back to normalcy. Whatever that is Your spdc is planning to the imperfect in office in august. Yes it will still offer virtual sections If coins prefer that method but will also offer imperfect session. One wants to get to august. Hudson director is colorado. Spdc very quickly just to recap Run through those events one more time and how we get more information and how we register for them so we have may twenty six which is becoming your own boss in spanish on. Make one six five thirty. Pm we have The leading edge programme for homebase childcare center on june eight th through the twenty nine hundred tuesday evening and june sixteenth at three pm for views matter how to manage and optimize reputation all programs. There's no cost you can register for them all on our website east colorado s the dc dot com. These hudson director east co-. Spdc so great to hear your voice again and welcome back into the fray and again thank you for all you and your colleagues do at east co- spdc. Thanks so much. Gail take good care. It's sixteen now. Thirteen ten k f k a thirteen ten kfi k. a. dot com this time check sponsor. Divide the candlelight dinner playhouse in johnstown where little women take center stage through june six. A real don't miss production for tickets and show information jump visit. Colorado candlelight dot com candlelight dinner playhouse broadway in your backyard. what's happening in your own. Backyard listened to no co- now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k. That's happening in your own. Backyard listened to noko now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi thirteen ten kfi k. A thirteen ten k of k. A. dot com northern colorado's voice money's with gail from the auto collision specialists studios. All right doing a little bit of a rewind here but had to laugh with my facebook a question. Of course that was yesterday. We did a little bit of foreshadowing there because we were waiting for the governor. Come out with more specifics about this. A million dollar lottery opportunity for those who have been covert nineteen vaccinated asking you yesterday. If you were on the fence well would that change your mind loan haub last night asking ye shall receive got more details and no. You don't have one chance. You have a five chances. If you've been vaccinated against covid nineteen to win one million dollars over the next several weeks. Who knew the state was so flush with cash but wanted to pass that along to you now. Will that change your mind. Which is the subject of my facebook questioned this morning. If you know one chance to win a million bucks wasn't enough. How about five chances. I mean your odds are much better than they are when it comes to most lotteries including mega millions and powerball and colorado lottery. Yeah they're not darn good. Is that enough to convince you to get the vaccine or do you say nope. No amount of money would be enough. That i would willingly get the couch. E algae so once again. Here's how it works. You don't have to register because thanks to the states. Immunization information system. You're already registered. If you've gotten that covid nineteen vaccine so the winners well actually be picked this. According to a piece by sath kleiman out of the gazette will be picked on five days beginning. Next friday i winner will be announced a june fourth anyone who has been vaccinated before that tuesday announcement is a still eligible. Next three winners will be selected. June eleventh june eighteenth and june twenty fifth off friday's the final winner will be picked on july seventh dare to be different On a wednesday again. No need to register. If you've gotten out Vaccine you're already registered all vaccinated. Colorado wins eighteen years of age and older now governor police Following suit of other states including ohio which he referenced in making this announcement just yesterday saying that a similar effort in ohio had led to a double digit percentage bump in vaccines their vaccinations particularly among young adults. But where's the money coming from. You may ask well. It is coming from the federal cares. Act those funds. He said the governor did that. This money would have otherwise been spent on messaging and tv campaigns and that he felt this effort would yield better results and speaking of those odds. According to the governor the odds of winning are roughly one in five hundred thousand. Pretty good odds right particularly Compared to other lotteries self to qualify once again for the final drying on july seven. Th if you're you know kind of wayne your options here you need to be vaccinated. By june thirtieth qualify for any of the drawings. You have to be vaccinated with at least one dose. Yes the money will come in a lump sum but it is still subject to taxes. This lottery is known as the colorado comeback cash lottery According to police spokeswoman shelby wyman shelby says this is the state's primary incentive push but sad. Yes there has been consideration for people that aren't eligible for this lottery. People younger than eighteen Governor police says the state is looking into scholarship for those between the ages of twelve and seventeen and that and that those details will be available at a later. Date all right. Is it time to let our children unmask so much confusion particularly as you know. Schools are returning to in person learning but Yeah the mask. Requirements as so seemingly caprices perhaps or ambivalent somewhat difficult to understand well hadley heath manning as policy director at the independent. Women's forum. Wrote a great piece. Let the little children unmask. Shell join us this morning. right around. Eight thirty five eight thirty one now. Thirteen ten kfi k the power trip. Weekdays at eleven and thirteen ten kfi k. a. p. miss any portion of mornings with gail go to thirteen ten kfi k. a. dot com to download the podcast. Today back to gail particularly when it comes to mass of relative to covid nineteen still a lot of lingering confusion given all of the seemingly capricious and arbitrary mandates when it comes to mass but as had heath manning policy director for the independent. Women's forum says isn't it time to let them little children unmask eight thirty nine thirteen ten. Kfi k. a thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialists studios joined this morning by headley heath manning halley. Thanks so much for taking the time. Of course good morning. Thanks for having me. And this Mask conundrum really resonates with you. Doesn't it it does. I've got three children. One who is four years old and we'll be starting kindergarten. This fall one who just turned three and so now is subject to denver. Cities mask mandate and one who was two months old today. Happy birthday two month old. john lucky. Fortunately she doesn't have to wear masks yet. But i wish that were the case for all of my children. I wish that i could send them to school without masks. And i think it's time for us to change the rules here in the city of denver. And and do just that now and again as you wrote in your piece. Let the little children unmasked to their credit experts at the centers for disease control. did issue that updated guidance on masking vaccinating people. Basically saying that most of us can go without masks in most places. But you know it's interesting as we saw the easing of the mask mandates. Well that led to what i affectionately referred to as mass scores two point oh as you dared being vaccinated person showing up in stores and businesses have the right to Still requests that you wear a mask in their place of business which i respect totally but sports two point where you walk in without a mask and even if you're like waving your vaccination card around people are giving stink. I mean ultimately these decisions are a matter of risk And people have different comfort levels with risk right. I would never tell another parents for example that they should not put a mask on their child if that's what they think is important and appropriate for their family. Who am i to say you know. Maybe they have someone in their family or maybe one of their children has some kind of Underlying medical condition. That i don't know about i just want the freedom to make the choice for my family will say. I don't think that these maths are good for my kids. And i think in general we as a society have zeroed in so closely on the risk of covid nineteen there might be other risks that were missing and specifically when it comes to math on little kids. I would love to see more research done on. You know what this does to children's language development. What it does to their social referencing or their ability to read emotions and other people's faces. This is really important for young kids. They're they're learning to read our faces and they're learning what it means you know. Socially and emotionally Developed and and faces are big part of that and i think the younger the child the more important that is especially with my infant daughter. Try as much as possible to avoid situations where we're gonna be surrounded by people in masks it's important for her to see my face and other people's faces and i think that's also important for my preschoolers So my decision as a parent would be to take the mask off my kids and pretty much every situation but because we live in the city of denver and because they're preschools in the city of for. I don't have the freedom to make that choice. I'm curious your preschoolers in particular. What has their reaction been to seeing people. I mean it's become the new normal seeing folks around them wearing masks. I can't up. And i mean you know your concerns about their emotional development and verbal development The those concerns are very well taken. Because yes i are the windows to the soul but is only tell you so much and you have to wonder about the social cues but were they frightened by seeing all these people wearing mass. You know i think every parent struggled with what to do and the very beginning of this pandemic and how much to tell our children what to tell our children. I effectively told my kids last spring that their school was on spring break and i told them that they were on spring break for a month or so and then eventually i realized that. Wow this is gonna be a more You no longer situation. It was going to be something that i was gonna have to open up more to my kids about. My daughter was three at the time. And so i finally explained to her. There's virus and we have to be safe. We have to avoid spreading germs. And she's been you know in pre k. All year with other students and teachers. Who wore masks and i have to say i think my little girl. Is you know pretty smart. I think she understands. I think you can reason with a child. At a certain age. She understands the purpose of the masks. I don't think she likes wearing them. She takes office in she can. And then my my poor little boy who just turned three. I mean the the week before his birthday. I was telling him. Aren't you so excited. We're gonna have spiderman cupcakes. It's going to be a big birthday party. You're turning three. And he looked at me and he said when i'm three i have to wear masks especially and i thought oh but i tried to explain to them in a lotta situations. The kids don't have to wear masks nap. Naptime snacktime lunchtime outside time. They don't have to wear masks right but the other times when they're in the classroom and they're working together in groups and they're trying to make friends with the other kids. I do think that impedes their communication. And i think it makes it harder for them to relate to the other kids and the teachers of you know. I've suggested maybe we could find some math. That are see through if that's an option on so that they can still see the movement as the lips and the mouth but ultimately we've reached the point with the pandemic where vaccinations are available. Many people are taking advantage of that. The caseload has come way down we've learned at the vaccines are pretty effective against the variants. So at a certain point you have to say. When can we get back to normal in terms of reading our kids. Breathe freely and not wear masks. And i think that time has come and gone well and particularly given the fact as you write in your piece science. I mean there has been some measure of consistency at least in one area of all the conflicting guidelines relative to covid nineteen. The science is always said. The young kids do not transmit kobe. Nineteen even the new variance of it in a significant way. That's right it was Last summer really. The summer of twenty twenty ran a couple of big studies one from south korea and Another featured and the Pediatrics which is the journal of the american pediatricians suggested that you know when you look at different age groups you find that the kids about you know eight nine or ten. They start to become more contagious. And they start to have a higher risk of disease but under that age. There's really very little risk to the health of the child and also the kids are less contagious. So they're not superspreader. They're not spreading the virus. Around which i think surprised a lot of people because when you think about other viruses like influenza virus kids are very high risk of disease and kids are also pretty germy. I've gotten several. Is my wife wars. You know they find ways to get really thirty in germany until understandably people were concerned about that but the science has told us that they're not at high risk. I think it's the other risks that we ought to be studying. What does it do to the fear and anxiety levels of children. There was one review of literature from several years ago looking at mafeking children in other contexts. So other pandemic Outbreaks of disease and that review of literature did find that children have who fear anxiety when they have to wear masks and when there's universal masking also found that those kids were having trouble with their language development. So this is not real evidence But it is something that suggests that we ought to study this more. We ought to look into this more before we jump onto the to the The masking kids mandate the masking bandwagon for kids. And as you said even though it's anecdotal it does have some value and you know we as adults to some degree can understand why we have been asked to wear a mask even you know regardless of whether we agree or disagree at least we can actually compute it. Right we can. We can rationalize it. Kids are kind of like i. Don't get this well. It's been very hard. I will say i think it's been hard for everyone to understand the risk of cove nineteen in the proper context right. We take risks every day when we get behind the wheel of a car. That's a pretty serious risks that we're taking when we go out in public and interact with other people. They're diseases that we might pick up. That was true before covid. Nineteen right so it's been really hard for us to put the risk of covid nineteen in context. And i think that's even harder for children and when we send the message to children that. Hey there's something in the air that is scary and to make you sick or your terms could make someone else sick you know. I think we have to think really hard about how to frame that for children so that we can sort of help them understand. What's going on because i can only imagine that it's very scary. It's been a very scary year for grownups and so if it scary for grownups you can bet that it's scary for kids. Had the heat manning policy director independent women's foreign. Tell your little guy. Hopefully soon he can ditch the mask all. Yeah summer's coming and we're gonna go to summer camp outside of the denver city limits green hadley thank you. It's a great piece. We can find that online at independent women's forum. Is that right. That's right good deal. Thanks so much for your time and your perspective. Thank you heavily. Heath manning policy director independent women's forum closing in on eight fifty now thirteen ten k. f. k. the whole sports story in northern colorado in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two thirteen ten kfi k. Taste headlines podcasts mornings with gail and more and schedule upcoming sports broadcasts. Find them at thirteen ten. Kfi dot com. Isn't this interesting. As china continues to do absolutely everything within its power to avoid taking the blame for the pandemic for the spread of covid nineteen which they knew about in november of twenty nine nineteen and once again said wasn't me. Don't you find it interesting that there is growing acceptance that it is indeed possible. No this conspiracy theory that covid nineteen originated in a chinese laboratory. Even outside isn't ruling it out a fifty four now thirteen ten. Kfi thirteen ten. Kfi dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialist studios. Yes i the very specter of that idea. The suggestion of it. Well that means that you believe in bigfoot and aliens await so does the. Us government on the ladder but the idea was largely disparage the as nothing more than a conspiracy theory by multiple media outlets including some local ones which xiaobo unnamed for the time being almost certainly because the loudest and most prolific promoter of the idea that yes the covid nineteen virus did originate in that wuhan loud well that came by then president trump and of course trump derangement syndrome reigns supreme. And that's why you had so many mainstream media outlets saying there's no way he's just being zena polk but unfortunately isn't that part and parcel of a much larger question of media bias. But here's what i find interesting and we're gonna talk about this Probably for quite some time you have some independent and even some rather left of center reporters making the case that the mainstream media got the story wrong. And i'll ask you a question. Was that by design. Case in point liberal writer jonathan. He catalogued a number of media reports that had dismissed thoroughly utterly totally that lab bleak theory in a column for the new york magazine That's you can still find out online about the new york times and the washington post. For example. They accused senator thom carton of spreading the conspiracy theory when he called for more investigation of the lab leak theory by the way. That's now ongoing. Well at least as far as china will let it go because let's just say they're not giving up the goods when it comes to lab reports. Npr report said. Oh there's no chance at all. That thesis was correct politic. Politifact called the idea that the virus was man made a punked conspiracy theory. Well all that has recently been retact retracted. This as a result of very cogent wall street journal report stating isn't it eight fifty seven now thirteen ten. Kfi kfi what's happening in your own backyard listened to no co- now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi. What's happening in your own backyard. Listen to no co- now with tanner's swint another n- colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi thank you. Mike achil- patrick says stepping in as technical producer for brian. Kelly this morning as a ryan is taking a couple of well deserved days on all right thirteen ten. Kfi k thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com your home for live and local programming. Keep it right here coming up Noko now With your host Tanner swint at nine. The power trip at eleven the whole show at noon and iraqis maps tonight on thirteen ten k. f. k. coverage starts at four thirty. It's a party. Northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. The block party wednesdays from four ten pm.

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