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"heywood heywood" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

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"heywood heywood" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"Like a shared desk with her husband. Well, you know, it's shared with my husband. That's not your own desk. Well, but I thought you mean besides, like my kids don't sit at it, right. They sit into the light like Lulu. The dog doesn't actually get part of it. Okay, But here's a goes to the office and works. Right. So I do bills from that death is your name on the back of the chair? I'm like on the desk and put it there today. Copy just well. He did work there during when he had stayed home from work. A text from the 330 teenagers have been hanging out all summer already, anyway. Very, very, very true. You don't see any kids wearing mask anywhere. So it's going to be interesting having them go to school and wear a mask. I don't know. And then who knows? Maybe a lot of kids have had it already, you know, and never never knew they were even sick. Well, that's a possibility. It's a possibility way more people have had this than we know about. Yep. Breaking Thornton joins us with two open lines on chaotic morning, Rick Morning, Guys take that ugly day Rick some running quick. Good morning. Good morning. Loved to show Thank you could comment You bet. Oh, Rick. I'm kind of confused. How can you comment on Dave Roller suits. You own an orange suit and have yet to Ah Show it in public and creative. Make a fundraiser out of that. That's what I'm talking about, right? Yeah, that's a valid point. What? You did not buy your suit? No. Somebody gave it, Nancy. So I will give you that that you did not buy somebody like I'm gonna buy orange suit for fun. Somebody gave it to me. I wouldn't require you spending money. I think we've established already that you may still have one of the 1st $2 bills you ever made back in writing? I'm just saying. Yeah. No. So you're right. You make a valid point, Rick. I can't argue it. I just can't argue it. So that's it. I'm done. I have nothing more to say about it. Thank you, Rick. I wish I could find my Butterscotch bell bottoms. He You wish you could find him. Yeah, Then I'd why would you do if you were the orange? Don't don't pile on, Donna, you're okay. All right, Go ahead. Where your orange and you could wear the jumpsuit to a Broncos game. I would wear my butterscotch bell bottom, and I would If you could. Do you have a sport coat that goes with the butterscotch pled No bottom? No, but I could go online. You know what if Let's make this happen there. Let's make this happen. Welcome to empower field at Mile high Monday night opener with the Broncos hosting the Titans, And then we put on our social media accounts. We put a picture of helium Louise Mall of Broncos country, please. Nobody understands. You know who was that all TV? Sportscaster that we used to wear those wacky suits Warner Wolf. Did you know back the way you used to know? Lindsey Nelson had a chequered sport coat. You're thinking about the guy I used to do horse racing with a handlebar mustache. I can't think of his name, but that's Heywood. Hey, would you wait? Hey, wait would say it. Rick Heywood Broner going. Heywood owner Heywood Broom broom, Haywood. Heywood. Cash dog, but that's what I'm that's what I'm picturing you and me and the both like that kind of a throwback to that, like that didn't create Sager. Where those crazy were some crazy blazer Heywood Nelson. No, not Mel say, Would Lindsey Nelson and Heywood broke start with a B Why do I think it started with a B? Haywood brought struggling me crazy Heywood Boner. Heywood. I'm pretty sure that was it. I don't think he would. He would have changed his name. Rick. Don't say it. I know what you're would Bo. I know you're what you're saying. What's the guy's name? Come on Hollywood. Britt, Brute broke fought a lot as a kid. What you call way? Ah. Oh, Lord. Do we find it? Millennial Grant? We try. We will count on you for these hoping Heywood Heywood Brown. No, you know no Heywood Brown pronounce it if it's Haywood. He was on CBS for a long time. Back in the seventies. Heywood was the seventies for sure. All right now, now it's driving me crazy trying to find it. I can't Don cherry. We're reminded by 720 texture. Don cherry war. Crazy suits, too. Yes, he did. Yes, he did. This guy's totally different. This guy's like old school wacky suit guy. Heywood. Heywood Broom, Bob, wait. Callers say Hey, Heywood Hale Broom! Yes. Heywood Hale broom, Right? Like I said, Broom. Bruder Heywood held room. Heywood Hale broom. How the hold was that color? Gotta look this data, but Phillip Hale Bruin. All right, So it was 33 names. I didn't. I didn't realize that they would hail Bruins. Yeah. Is there a picture of him? You get the mustache looking. Got the mustache. Oh, years. A crazy suit picture. He was a crazy super and Jesse. That's the guy, all right? But its hall of Fame and then we would wear a Derby. Yep. Indication Hey, from the three all three interesting text here. 532 hypocrisy question Mark. My wife is a preschool teacher in the city of Denver. Has asked their preschool to remain open during the entire covert incident. Also the preschool. My grandchildren go to has been asked to remain open during entire Covad. So why now is the argument over high school and elementary school students? That's interesting. I didn't realize there were schools that had remained open. I think the priest some preschools dead. Not all. I didn't know that either. Ah, yeah, And really the most interesting point was made by the the texture just a couple of minutes ago that these kids have been hanging around together without mass from since the shutdown, right?.

Bruder Heywood Heywood Hale broom Heywood Heywood Brown Heywood Rick Heywood Broner Rick Heywood Broom Heywood Brown Heywood Boner Lindsey Nelson Haywood Rick Morning Broncos Don cherry butterscotch Dave Roller Phillip Hale Bruin Covad Derby preschool teacher
"heywood heywood" Discussed on X96


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"heywood heywood" Discussed on X96

"So I just now before you. Care before you p o. I don't care what the reason is can I tell you what the reason you're going to. I got this tweet from our first of the program taunted that lives in Saint Louis. Oh, the news, photographer. Yeah. She says can you please indulge me and Alison Kroger, though, what weather weather person from FOX by playing Gloria by Laura Brannigan for your opening song. Hashtag play. Gloria has tag Saint Louis blues. Hashtag Stanley Cup champion. So I understand. So what do I do? I Google DJ's fault. I Google wise Gloria thing. And here's the story, some DJ radio stations playing. Nonstop Gloria for the St Louis blues fans, but y yeah. Earlier this year. Laura Brannigan song from the eighties began playing in the locker room after the team's wins. Apparently some of the players of the Saint Louis blues players were watching and NFC wild curb game. So a football game. Okay. And the DJ you know, they play the songs coming in and out of commercials and things don't DJ played Gloria play. Gloria may one. Why are you mad about this? Because first of all, it's a dunk DJ in Saint Louis fault. That's all ever got any airplay on x ninety six. If, if people are excited about the hockey, I know you don't care, but a few people cared, congratulations to the Saint Louis blues say the Saint Louis it just doesn't. It doesn't give them license to spread bad music. They got the Stanley Cup. They don't read bad music. I, I am. I am happy to indulge friends of the programs. Request could've played a weezer song. It's rivers Cuomo's birthday. Brady break. And it's Bo. Donaldson's spur of the Heywood Heywood. Billy don't be a hero. Yeah. We know that's even worse than Gloria..

Gloria Saint Louis Laura Brannigan Heywood Heywood Google Alison Kroger Donaldson FOX Cuomo Billy NFC football Brady hockey