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"haydon rule bridge" Discussed on KTAR 92.3FM

"And so this was Direct to your door delivery type of, you know, agriculture back in the early 19 hundreds, so in order to deliver to the customers in the East Valley, they'd cross the Salt River using Hayden's ferry. Now That is a bit of trivia that most of us don't realize when they were done with a day's worth of home to home selling. Think of that back in the day of the buggy, the wagon and the buggy. Or the wagon in the horse. Rather, they'd return empty with a successful day of selling their product and back at the riverbank. William again he was the founder. It was William Betsy Arnold would put rocks and empty containers so they wouldn't float away. Then he'd swim the team. And float the wagon and this would save another 50 cents because he already had spent 50 cents crossing over. He wanted to save a little bit of money coming back and the Hayden fairy. I mean, this was because the river was still running before we had it dammed up. So you drive across it on the Mill Avenue Bridge or Haydon Rule Bridge, but that there used to be a ferry across that river. Yes, And most a lot of these cucumbers were grown in Snowflake Taylor area. Which ties in perfectly because our Arizona Staycation is back, and our winner is going to Snowflake Taylor this weekend to stay at the heritage in Left her taking a break for a few months. For obvious reasons are Arizona staycation with Rosie on the House and Sanderson? Ford is back. We have guests that are going to tailor Arizona. In a place that is no stranger to Rosie on the house vacations because we've been there before the heritage in bed and breakfast. Craig and Joanne, Good Aryan who run the place. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. This is one of the oldest historic homes in Arizona. Well, the house itself was built in the 18 19 a beautiful brick of Victorian pioneer home. Yeah, That's right. So when it comes to stay at the heritage in bed and breakfast, what would I be looking forward to? Well, what you'd be looking forward forward to is ah red brick building with white picket fences, green lawns and lots of roses in the garden, a bit reminiscent of an English country garden. Even an English country house, Joe and I suspect you're not from Arizona Originally just based on okay, y'all getting, of course. Of course. Absolutely. Yeah. And how long have you had the heritage in bed and breakfast? Well, we actually bought the bed and breakfast. 11 years and five days ago, we just celebrated our 11th anniversary here. Well, congratulations. That's great. That's really great. Yeah, it is. And then the inside of the bed and breakfast, all the rooms have you know that antique style furnitures? Well, they all have their own bathroom where some people When they think of a better breakfast. We have to share a bathroom. No communal bathrooms. I love it. And how about the grounds around the home? We've got a lot of lawn rose bed apple trees. People can relax in the hammock and that we hang up underneath two apple trees, so fountain in the courtyard I look at it is the perfect getaway. If you've been working from home for months, or you've been cooped up with the kids and all that you just want to get out, relax. It's the place to be a Yes, it is. And sometimes people check in and they'll say, Well, what is that to do in the area, and I'm like, Well, how about just relax and they try it and they're like, you know what? That was a good production Suddenly two days go by, just like that. Yes, but the Petrified forest is nearby Canyon Touche National Monument to is a lot to do really in the area, And then there's historical home toward to anybody's interested in that and guys. If you're listening, there's the municipal golf course and snowflakes. So you've got a chance to go hit 18. Actually, there's 27 whole Syrians. Oh, yeah, well, it's been 27 holes ever since we've been here. They did expand. They started nine and then 18 and then they had another nine. Do you play golf brake? Yes, we both. Oh, great. Have you tried all 27 holes in one day? Probably not. I'm not. Maybe I don't know that would be a long day. So for those that want to stay at the heritage in what kind of safety features have you implemented? Naturally, the way we have our BNB setup, we naturally social distance people from each other. We don't make people a one table for breakfast all at the same time, Lee, we separate people out at this time of year. A lot of people eat out outside. We don't really have a big lobby area so people don't mingle. Attend. See that just hang out by themselves outside in their room or they're off doing something. We do take some extra precautions as faras. The keys that we hand out when they turn him in. We hit him with the peroxide mixture that we've come up with. Kills anything that might be on their way. I mean, we expect people to be responsible for themselves. Take care of themselves. Really? So that's the heritage in bed and breakfast in Taylor, Arizona, which is next to Snowflake. How about a phone number and website address? Okay, well, the phone number is 9 to 8. 53633 to 2 On the West by is Heritage bash in dot net. It's a beautiful place the heritage in bed and breakfast. If you'd like to go on the next vacation with Rosie on the House, go too rosy on the house dot com. Look under the staycation tab in register. Did Rosie on the house. Our mission statement is to inform, entertain. And most important, in today's circumstances, protect the Arizona homeowner, So we want to inform you about what we're doing to stay safe..

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