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"hawke adam" Discussed on Filmspotting

"To the renaissance. Did you get all that josh. Yeah i i'm totally with it. Just give me the options. So like top gun does it. Does it qualify. I'm my understanding. If i if i'm following sam correctly top would not qualify okay. Well it's not here. Among the options. The options are the adventures of robin hood. This is the thirty eight version with airflow. Olivia to havilland directed by michael. Critise mel gibson's best picture. Winning braveheart is an option. John boorman's excalibur monty python. And the holy grail. How about this one. Carl theater dryers the passion of joan of arc from nineteen twenty two bergman's the seventh seal and the category of other. So if you did want to go with lady hawke adam. The richard diner film. How about kenneth. Branagh's henry the fifth We've got beckett lion in winter ridley scott's kingdom of heaven more recent option there on knight's tale. That's the one with heath ledger. I believe yeah. I think that came up recently on the show timothy. Shell may in. David me shows the king another option. I believe you saw that one atom so liked it. Do you have an easy pick. Well of course it's not easy. You've got the passion of joan of arc in the seventh seal to alzheimer's to cinematic masterpieces. sense in the time period but a little different. If we're using the green knight as a model. I feel like i need. I need more swords. And i need some sorcery. Okay you've personally. Given this a lot of thought and then along those lines the answer would be the seventh seal then at least over the passion of joan of arc josh. Is that where you're going. I like that logic. I might go with boorman's excalibur here. I mean it's just kind of like the epitome of the genre and really well done okay. Well i'm dismayed and shocked the go other for your beloved lady hawke directed by richard donner but there will be other polls. I'm sure we'd love to hear your picks we'd love to hear your comments. You can now vote at film. Spotting dot net. it is a early voting case josh. That's rare the comedy. Edging out the classics. And of course by.

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