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"hatice ashton" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

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"hatice ashton" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

"Now that's mild ninety. Seven ninety seven. All right, so I was right about that. Now what I was wrong that they broke the sound barrier, but they want to go after the one thousand mile an hour barrier. And I think the English are getting into that, but we're running out of good salt. You know they're not. It's not what it was. It's just whatever the changes and the the world. You know, it's, it's weird. It's a bad that's made of salt after an ancient river dried up or something. And it's just it has like an abbot, a flow and good years and years. And sometimes assault is bad or soft. And other times it's compact and good. Like it's a weird thing and when you need, if you want to thousand miles an hour in a car, you need two things. You need endless amounts of scout, clean straight road for you to go. And it'll some moxie. Got him both. Got, I'm both one without the other is not gonna work. You need models of just uninterrupted straight ahead. I don't know what, hey, max van, a seven hundred sixty mile an hour run how much road they use up. And again, it's it's gotta be good, looking pristine and they prep it. I'm sure they, they drag it go full like snow summit and start hauling in artificial and doing it that way. I don't. I don't know. There's only so many places you can. You can do this obviously in the world that just have a straight line where you can go for miles, whether it's just no variation and they must drag it like an infield and stuff and prepare it and do all that. But it's interesting. All right, one more. All right. Well, Madonna, she might be the girls Madge. She might be the ultimate soccer mom. Now she's working on her next album in Portugal because her dog it's David. Banda has the makings of soccer star. So she packed up and moved a porch. In their fifties. She said Italian, talian vote, quote, he was. He wanted to play soccer professionally for years. I've been desperate to get him to the best academies with the best coaches, but the level of football football and put that on my list. I got power moves, you know, people removing Cape for me on stage and stuff like that. Telling someone I got a call him back because I'm talking to a talion vote specifically Italian, and that's about it. I leave it at that. Let your mind run wild. How influential important? Interesting, I am. That's good. And then if they go talion kick it in the states downs and then we'll move onto their business. Think I'm important, they'll be and that the piano tuning this going on. Hatice Ashton international chits this down stateside. Yeah, stateside. Yeah. She might be able to get like Heathrow or something. Certain international airports? Yeah. Well, she said a American football is much lower quality than the rest of the world. So they had to go to Portugal. She wanted to say any woman who's a soccer mom could say it kind of acquires you to have no life in any way. Because things change from week to week and games change from weekend to weekend. It's impossible to make plans who knew you and Madonna had so much in common at no. Well, I don't go. Good. I've got my son. He hates soccer, which is one of the greatest pieces of work I've done ever. He's just like FOX, soccer's a fucking boring, stupid slow and like boy, good. I'm good on you. Good. A poisoned for soccer. I hate soccer, Ajax patta what is Lord look like and how the hell old is Lord. She's stunning right. Ords I mean lower..

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