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"hathaway cain" Discussed on Double Toasted

"The guest room Butler. Plus lesson. There's nothing more competitive to a man than a vulnerable woman upset. Wow, he just tear up like that. Can you make the T roll down to take hall? Oh, no. You try. Are you going to pay? She's the. If you want to be like me, you must be trained, Trish. She's got style. Grace. Please. His ready. These the mock he's a millionaire billionaire bet trying to be inconspicuous as possible. Yep. Plan pets, if this person will just scoot over Reggie mindset, sir. Men goings underestimates. And that is what we use. You let her get away. Trashy dressing again. The peasants says. Dollars taboo show. Unexpected. So this movie to seems a little bit familiar. It's based off of -nother movie from nineteen Eighty-eight. What dirty rotten scary rotten scoundrels younger than you better looking than you than you know, you'll. You are immoral Steve Martin is the man no woman can resist inching food. I or she may. Was this movie? Good. I didn't see it was what Steve Martin in Michael Cain. Michael cain. No. It was very good matter of fact, they've just recently made a Broadway musical based on it, really. And it's a remake from a an older movie. Yeah. Bedtime story. I think it's called, but David Niven and Mario living. Yeah. Do know this. So you're Martin said that this was a this is a good film. Now, imagine if you took this movie right here, which is good, and you just stopped with a bunch of dumb shit. To where all us stuff too so tight. Well, the good ship was just pushed out, I usually. And let me go ahead. Until unite and you know, start out positive when I do these reviews and doing that shit today. I was tired. I I'm not I'm not being nice today. I was not in the mood. Not not at all. I didn't get I said I can tell you right now. I didn't get one hearty laugh at all out of this. The most got out of it was. Even from the beginning. They start up. You can't the move is called the hustle. You can't even get the hustle, right? The move is starts out with hustling that only challenge person would be fooled by this at the beginning. What I would like if and Hathaway Cain done, and and try to pull this con- on you in the with the scenario there. Head to hear you looking at like bitch, please I'll see everything you doing this. The reason why. I'm real an online like say a man anything. Komo have fun talking shit about this. I'm gonna tell you. At first it starts out mediocre. Yeah. I mean, I, you know, the those first couple of introductory cons thought were okay. Especially when rebel Wilson is pulling because it's based on catfish in and hook hooking in guys who see a woman who looks hot..

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