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Work From Home - Daily Reset 4 Success

Natural Curiosity

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Work From Home - Daily Reset 4 Success

"Welcome to the natural curiosity podcast. We are live on Youtube and in our facebook group with two shows, wisdom chats for the curious and. Reset for success. Be sure to visit our videos, so you can see what we look like and be sure to say I. Today's episode is the daily reset. Four success. Now enjoy the show. Hello and welcome to the show today. We are really glad that we're here and we're glad that you're here to. This is quite a treat for both me and Lady Liu Hateley Lou. Hi Marian. How are you to? Fantastic. I really am grateful and thankful that I get to be here. This is a livestream show that we do every Monday. At twelve. o'clock called work from home under the dignity reset for success. Show so the series that we're doing right now. On Mondays is very important to us. Because a lot of people are getting laid off. A lot of people are wanting to change their job. Lot of people don't have a job at all. They're worried. They're going to lose their job. There's a lot of fear out there and we're making it part of our daily thought. Process on how we're going to keep people working in job that they like that pays money about that. Terrific I love that part and I did want to put a disclaimer in here because I didn't really know it. Either until Marian an armed me that some of the job offerings out there on the Internet may not be up to snuff. Let's just say that, so the the company says she is recommending that we are recommending the indeed and Ziprecruiter and a few of those others. Check them out. Don't don't just a Willy Nilly try to find a job on the Internet, as you don't know who they are, but these companies that Marian talks about so much have been vetted, so we know that the jobs there are real, and you're not gonna get scammed, so just know that. Okay so you did make a little air in what you just said. Oh. Sorry, you said that indeed was not vetted they are. Fitted No, you did say that you said. To indeed and think you're gonNA. Find a good job now. She! Sorry, thank you. Read. One of the better ones and so ziprecruiter. Flex jobs those are all the good guys, so they have new things every day. What Louise was talking about is she just went on Google and did search for jobs and I said well. We can't bring that to the people because we don't know those people it could be. You know who knows who they are right, so we wanna make sure that what we talk about is something that we already know is a good read. Our job that you can get or ideas on how you can create your own work. So that's that's basically it. Don't you agree with that? Definitely definitely, but I just wanted to. Since I already booed on that I didn't want anybody else to do that, right? Well all right, so we're going to get right into it and I want you to know that. If you're watching US live on youtube or facebook, there is a comment section, and we'd be happy to answer your questions or converse with you. All you have to do is make a comment now. If you're on facebook, you have to give permission because they have some privacy problems, not problems they're trying to be. Secure the trying to help us be safe. Okay, so there's a description and in the description down at the very bottom it says please give facebook permission or stream yard. Please get permission. Before you make a comment and we have our first comment. How `Bout that? Aaron and she says it's Monday. Great Nelson. Jody? Bernburg says it's a great helpful show. Thank you appreciate that. Good Morning Karen so like I said. We're live every Monday at twelve, and you can listen to the replace now. Here's the big thing. Don't wait till next Monday before you go and try to find some information about getting the job we have how many shows now leading low. This is number seventeen. I believe seventeen weeks of different people that we interviewed and jobs that we're bringing to you, so be sure and go back to all the ones that say work from home. You could find really easy on Youtube. Just go to YouTube. Look for Marion Lasalle and you'll see the big natural curiosity a banner and down in the videos. You'll see every week on Monday. We've been doing this for a long time so I'm sure you can find a job. If you WANNA work, you'll be able to find a job. Or create a job yeah. I'm all for creating jobs, but sometimes you have to have that paycheck right away and look here. We've got Steve Baker. Seniors thank you. He says great. Information honest people here off. Well, WE WANNA. See your new picture with your pretty beard much say. He is so cute. He looks like Colonel Sanders the. Lava Ocean are Steve He is so good if you haven't seen his show and you're a senior, you need to check out C. maker Seniors on Youtube. That is true Baker Seniors has a a show on Youtube and facebook and it's all about seniors resources, especially Medicare, and how to get on Medicare, all your questions answered by healthier insurance is really really good and tomorrow. He has a guest on health expert. Yes, she's a certified nutritionist and she's. Helping Seniors get healthy. That's a good one. How Now? See. There's lots of good stuff over there on Youtube and we got a bunch of it over there because Marian does another show for business coach? So we got lots of things going on. You got to stick with us. In fact, subscribe to our Youtube Channel is a little red big red button over there when you go to the natural curiosity, and then you click that there's a little bail. If you click that, it says you've got now, notices that will come in your email that say hey. They're going live today at noon or whenever so we want to see you every time. Every time she says now. All right so Radi Lou who whom you know that works from home. Lady that works from all. Jodi, Berg. Hi Jodie and Jodi has taken such wonderful advantage of special opportunity that we've talked about before here. Jodi joined our mastermind that Marian runs Marianne has this fabulous mastermind and I know we've talked about it before, but we need to talk about it again. Because this is where Jodi got a lot of her training and she started her only owns ub started her own show, and she does the the some nails. She does the graphic. She does the interviews and she has done a bang-up job and she didn't know one thing about that before she journed joined the mastermind. So. Tell him a little more met Marian about the mastermind. Well, you know I don't really want to take a whole lot of time here on the work from home a however, if you do need training on how to get better computer skills, and and that type of thing, it is a great opportunity. It's a different kind of mastermind. It's a half training and half checking in with the other mastermind, so it is good opportunity. and. Jodie agrees that the mastermind is great. She says yeah. so she's creating her own income by the creating of. Youtube Channel, and interviewing women and being transformational so I I really. I'm impressed with a lot of the people who are not just gonNA. Lay Down and say I've been laid off who I'm just going to lay here and die I am really impressed with the people. This is the American spirit. If. You can't find a job because you feel like you're too old, or there's no one hiring in your industry because you're you know you're in the restaurant business and they're all closed now or something you don't WanNa, do then create your thing, and that's really what what Lady Louis talking about creating your own thing joining her mastermind so that you could be with other people who are who are trying to do the same. And like minded, see there you go if your friends are all and everything you've tried to do, and you're just trying to be entrepreneurial and creative than you need new friends. And Patriot Dot Com pat e o n dot, com forward slash natural curiosity. Go check it out over there and join us. Now I'm going to put up on the screen right now. Some of the places where you can go and get a job. Okay, so flex jobs ziprecruiter experience. You're indeed in glass door are all places where you can go and just type in the word promote? If you don't WanNa go out to find a job, they have plenty of remote jobs I'm GonNa give you a real quick example. zoom they eat grew eighty seven percent since the start of the pandemic, because everybody wants to be online. Everybody wants to use this type of thing because it can't meet somebody in person. They want to do their work there. And all that stuff online, and they're using companies like zoom to do it, and so they grew so fast that they they don't have enough people that can help people like me. Because there was a problem with my Zuma. Count and I'm still in Q.. Four weeks later. They keep sending me a message. Your problem is important to us. Because of Kobe, we are on a skeleton crew. Everybody's working from home. You'll you're in the queue every every three or four days I get another one ago so I know they're hiring. Right I know so think about the places that you might want to go to work and see if they have a remote position for you. I bet you they do i. It's so big right now. And I have a feeling wants. This cova thing is over a lot of these jobs that are going to remain remote. Yeah now let's talk about some of the places where you can go and put your information up and do what you do best. Okay, so maybe you like to make miniatures, or maybe you like to make videos, or maybe you're a good person. support person like an assistant You can go to places like five or and people per hour and. I will put some of those. Some of those up on the screen here for you so that you can see some of those as well because you have skills i. know you do whether you're a coach or you have You know it doesn't matter what kind of skills you. Shopping else's. X. Writing Schools for King. If you're a teacher, create your own class. So fiber dot com is a good one where you can go and put up your own gigs. They call him gigs. It's basically what you're willing to do for money. Okay, no sets okay just. Well okay now I'm fire anyway and people per hour up work dot com slash fruit, freelance dash jobs, and there's other places out there, but if I were you, I'd stay with the ones that are really popular. That been around a while so that you don't get any in into any scams. We want you to be safe when you're working. Okay, so these are places that have been around a long time and they can help you. All right so I WANNA. Get into a few more things. If you have any questions, please let me know. I be happy to answer for you or give you some suggestions if you tell me what your talents are. And we are all talented, and we don't know it, so check yourself out. Ask a friend ask family member. What am I good at and they'll tell you. All right here's one that I think is important and it's called assistant match. Okay, so let's say you want to be a virtual assistant or you think you've been a good assistant, or you could be a good assistance. Okay, they're very well paid. An assistant match provides virtual assistance with a variety of skill levels to their clients, so they have the clients. Okay, and they're going to match you up with the client for your job skills, the assistance or paid by the hour depending on what skills you have. Have and they provide online training so that you can increase your skills and qualify for even higher paying jobs, so if you get going and you think ok well, this is boring and I'm only making twenty dollars an hour. Let's see what else they have right, so you can increase your skills and get even higher paying jobs. This is a good place for new virtual assistance to get training and experience that you need for remote work. It could be a whole career view and you didn't even know it. And think of the fun. You'll have doing what you love. Yeah how you could go to work for a company that you know does You're really interested in or a product or service that you're already using now. Here's another one for you. That are good writers of pay so if you have a a talent for telling a good story. And you can write or look lady Liu and I have found out that you can do like speech Texter so you talk a good story, and then it will type it up for you as you're talking, and then you can sell that story, so there's. A place called blogging pro dot com and brought blogging probe will is a job board through which individuals like you or businesses like mine. And companies can post their ad providers, bloggers, editors and fact checkers. Jobs do very in pay type. Lengthen application. There's no fee for you to find a job there and. I'm telling you. If you're a good writer who wouldn't want to check this out blogging pro dot com slash jobs we do. That Marian that's a good thing I've been blogging since before. They came up with the word blog and you believe that yeah. all right so I'm going to put that one up on the screen now route one Did you know you don't have to put the https? WWW and all that stuff on anymore. Yeah, the, it's an auto. Fill now I. Guess that's what they call it, isn't it? Blogging pro dot com slash jobs and they have a lot. They have a bit to offer people who were writers and you know the first thought that came into my mind is I was telling you about this job is that you may think I'm not a good writer? Because you're not good typer, you don't type fast, but with speech Texter you don't need to be. Let me go and find that link and I want to bring up here. Okay, because I think. If you've never heard of speech texture, you're going to be so surprised. All you have to do is say period to end the sentence or next paragraph, and it will. It will literally type it up for you. Can always go back and edit little things for yeah. We'll be lady Liu, and I are writing a book about it now, not about speech detector, but we're writing a book using speech using it. It's a free thing. It's easy to use even I can use it. Everything's out that you need is just a matter of knowing about it. And then finding it a I've accidentally put a little dot in there before speech Texter, but it's speech texture, dot, com all right. Go check it out and if you need training on it. That's what the masterminds for I'll train you on no problem at all. Okay, oh. Yes, all right. So what do we have so far? We have a place where you can get a job and we're talking about. Posting your own stuff on things like fiber now. I have found and here's how I found it. Have you heard of CARE DOT com? Now. This is so interesting. You have I just don't remember. Oh, okay. And here's how I know I was looking for a housekeeper. Looking for somebody who could clean up my mess okay, after the after the flood of things got very dusty dirty, they were working on the house, and it was just everywhere and I. Don't know I lost. I lost my ability to have enthusiasm about cleaning the house. I. Wanted to find a housekeeper somebody who would come in and clean at least a good solid planning? and. Somebody recommended CARE DOT COM. Those people get paid a boatload of money. You can't. You can't have your house clean for under two hundred dollars anymore. Make These people are getting twenty five thirty forty fifty dollars an hour. It's ridiculous. So if you want. But that's not why I'm telling you about CARE DOT com. That's how I found out about cured DOT com. You can get paid a good pretty penny for things that you're willing to. Do you know it's not just cleaning CARE DOT? com could be just about anything. Go and check it out CARE DOT COM. Let's see they have to say about it. I wrote up some things about it. You don't have to go into someone's home to find a job on share right Marian. You can find things that are work from home. Oh. Yeah, absolutely here, DOT! com is a freelance platform that matches caregivers with clients in their local community. Freelance opportunities including babysitting child and adult daycare senior in nursing care pet care tutors, housecleaners. Personal assistants Care Dot. com is the world's largest online destination for care, so let's let's take this for example. Leading was like I. Don't WanNa. Go in someone's house right now. God it tutors, you don't you can do zoom you can. You can use a online things, so you could tutor somebody bright you could There's all kinds of different things that you could do on online for like. A or pet care? Okay, so let's say that you want to be able to walk the dogs in your neighborhood. You can get on care. Dot Com poetry, your Zip Code in and find people right in your neighborhood that So, you don't have to be around people, they can just shove the dog out the door and. And the will. Out. Mom Yeah. There's opportunities out there. I'm telling you. B. Orangeade if that's the whole key, put your thinking cap on and if he can't think stump. US A comment. We'll help you. Lady Liu has a point there all right? I have one last one that I really want you to think about and and you may or may not be qualified for this. But you might know somebody who is okay. This one and the link is quite lengthy. Saw Put it in down below in the. Down below okay I'm not gonNA. Put it up on screen here. It's called classical C l, a s, sorry, class, O. C., l., A. so o class. Oh is looking for teachers from the United States Canada England. Australia and New Zealand. Basically they want native English speakers and the payments are made through direct deposit to your bank account you need to have at least one year prior teaching experience, and they not only teach English, but they teach German and Italian French, Spanish, Chinese Japanese they prefer you to have a teaching certificate like A. T. f. l., but it's not required. And you know you can create your own account and people can find you. It's early it's it's great one it's. It's the like I, said the DOT. com is so long that I'm not even going to try to pronounce it. That's how bad it is, but it's been vetted. It's a very good quality company, and if you can teach, and you speak English, I would check it out I, were you? That's right and it's not that difficult to teach your own language. We've all been through all of that over the years in our schooling. And, people don't have to know exactly what an amber ms or exactly what a an article is! Just teach them how to speak the language. So Lady Liu. Who Do you know that works from home? Just pick somebody out of your. Out of your. Sights Jody Bernburg. We also know Ricky McKenna. Who is a nutritionist and a coach? She does a beautiful show. That teaches people how to cook right there on the screen. She cooks different things the snacks and teaches us out of cook healthy. And then she started a new mastermind on patriotism, and as remember, is patriotic dot com forward slash Vicky Ricky. Are I C K? I make healthy. MIC healthy like her name is Macama, but as MC MC. H. E. A. L., T., H., y., Ricky MC healthy, and Marian I have joined it. We're getting healthy. And so has Steve Baker with the Baker Seniors. We're delighted to be in there because she has such great tips and stuff. The WHO else do I know we're not living on this. This is so important I. Wanna I WANNA. unpack what she just said because you could do the same thing. Sorry about the dot in front of the I don't know why. Get got to take the dot off. Yeah, you don't have to do the WWW afterwards. Sorry, okay, so think about this. Go and check it out. Patriotic Dot com slash ricky MC healthy. This is how it all started now. Ricky like lady Liu said is a a certified nutritionist, and she is a certified health and life coach. She went through spent lots of money got lots of training. She's marrying. Morrissey certified if you don't know who that is. She's a big deal She really was having trouble finding students. She didn't know how she was. She was telling people about it like she would go to church and she'd say oh I'm health coach and she'd show up at different networking events and stuff, but she wasn't getting anywhere all right. Here's the deal she. She's an our mastermind as well. We looked at it for as a group. We looked at her situation. And we said you are talented. You are dedicated. You are enthusiastic and you care you care about your clients. We really like your talents and your gifts and we want to help you spread the word. How can we do that? So I'm I'm asking you to think about yourself while talking about Worke, Oh can think I want you to think about yourself and what you can offer the world because this is important. Okay so she has talents, and she has certifications, and she has a goal to help. People be healthy right McCarthy. It's a cool name. So what did is we helped her yet? A patriotic page started now patriots spelled P. A. T., R., E., O. N., as you could see P., a. t., R., E., O., N., DOT COM and people support you there. Now they don't donate money. They support their people little money. Every month. You can count on this money and it can grow. Yes, you could pay for ads to get more students. Yes, you could pay for ADS or do Things that could draw attention to yourself absolutely, and you could talk about it and and join masterminds. There's a lot of different ways, but you've gotta have something for them to buy. You can't just go out and say hey. I'm a good coach. White One hire beat. People aren't going to do it. They need a place to go online. So if you go to patriotic, you'll see demonstrations of people making lots of money. Right Lady, Liu Oh, it's. It's fabulous to see the different things people do. An weird I mean one guy is a musician and his wife's a singer I play a new song every week and pay people pay him for that every week. So Peggy, Moore's asking for the teaching address. Look down below in the in the description in your on Youtube. All you have to do is go down to the description, and it's there okay. I've already put it in there. Because I know me and I would forget later, so it's already there. Can you believe it? Yeah and let us know what you think all right Peggy. art solicit. We're GONNA. Continue with Ricky, so we I want you to think about yourself as you're trying to figure out what your talents are. What would people pay for? Literally anything that you do whether. It's knitting making miniatures. Artwork, you could have a cooking like Ricky. Does she just cooking classes online? You can get a a keep going like this, but basically you can hang a phone or some kind of camera that does videos, and you could get it from different perspectives. You can get a tripod, and and you can get a microphone, and you can literally show people what you're doing and they are willing. More than willing to pay you. Every month. If you'll just keep going, they wanna see it more and more and more. They get addicted to you. That's a bad word to say it, but I. I'm addicted to people and I pay them every month. I have three people now that I pay on Patriot every single month. They get money from me because I don't want them to stop. Yes is a patron. We've all heard about art patrons, and this is your way to be a patron for some one on patriotic on a love, the play on words. So if you WANNA see. The Patriots Fan that we've created on. I have one on natural curiosity, and if you put post at the end, it's a it's A. It's like a blog post and lady Liu House one is well. Hers is Patriot Dot. com slash the baby boomer Babe, so a we go over there, and we write about things and we share things and people pay US money so I want you to think about that. You don't have to work for someone else. You can do this or you can do this and for someone else. That's what I do. I have a regular job and I worked for myself. I'm just. All over the place. And it pays the bills. That's the biggie because right now. Having a paying job is very important, so we. We gotta take care of ourselves, and yes, who has to do that? You. Because, we want to help. Yeah, yeah, so look below end up. You find a good job or you create job for yourself. We'd love to hear about it. Please let us know if you have any comments or questions. Feel free to let us know we'd be happy to help you. Know that there are people hurting out there, so please share this with your friends and your family and your co workers who have been laid off now Laden Moody have anything. Last. Yes that you talked about sharing this video on Youtube. Especially, the is a share button right underneath the video and it pops up. Where do you WANNA share it? facebook twitter linked him pantries at the. They're all there. You just punch him, and it brings it up, and then you put it a little message and they've got the video. It's so easy to share from. A youtube rather just over there to match well the Sal and Click on vote picture, and that takes you to natural curiosity, and you can subscribe to our channel We'd love that so thank you for being here. Thank you Mary for all the good information and we really will see you again next Monday on the at the same time for our work from home show. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Arthur now. Are You an entrepreneur or business owner. If, you said yes. Check out our natural curiosity business mastermind. We are online using soon video chat meeting every week. You will find support training and lifelong friendships I. Encourage you to visit. Fan Dot. com slash natural curiosity and get the support that you want now. Thank you for joining us for today's show. Remember. It's our pleasure to bring you interesting co hosts and topics. So connect with US often. We're looking forward to the next time. We're together by for now.

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Episode 23: Tips for Tighter, More Powerful Writing

The Art of Semi-Fiction

21:00 min | 2 years ago

Episode 23: Tips for Tighter, More Powerful Writing

"You are listening to the art of semi fiction. I am Robin Miller. I am Jane Daily and today. We're going to be talking about some tips use for tighter more powerful writing that sounds great. I'm thinking is tight writing tight writing back in the day when you read like tomes that of the greats back way way back when lots of words were everybody's friend those novels you wanted to almost be able to carve him out and live in them on a weekend. I mean just really big meaty pieces of writing but we've changed things. Change Cultures Cultures kind of what's in vogue in literatures has changed and of course Internet and tweeting and everything is made and forty characters. Somebody knows exactly how many characters you can have reading I can tweet but not everything has gotten to where we need to to come out some of the fluff and we need to go to the heart of the matter right so clean writing. You'll hear these words clean writing tight writing focused writing basically it's a way of making making your writing as powerful as it can possibly be as compelling but also as efficient and that doesn't mean that there's no place for description and loveliness value but after have description senses and all that yes so we would you consider yourself when you're doing a first draft because I know 'cause you again. Write both fiction and nonfiction. Do you feel like you're equally kind of tight out of the gate. So your first draft of fiction in your first draft of non-fiction you you're equally tight or do you think you kind of wonder with one a little bit and have to rein it in and craft it and pull it back or do you think that both of them are just you need. A lot of really is such an awesome writer I use actually I can't even argue. I'd love to argue with that but I don't. I just don't struggle with that. No there weren't Eunice. It's not that I right. It's not that I write tight out of the gate. I tend tend to write to minimal but <hes> I use I overuse words and that's part of what I know. You're going to be talking about those overused words and phrases. I have a tendency to use the word or just I'm just Blah Blah Blah she just and those are things that need to be tightened up absolutely for other people so I know that there are people who will first draft as one hundred twenty thousand words. That's it's and they really need to tighten. That's not me my strap dislike squeaking in maybe eighty five to ninety thousand and I have to expand up there but there's still that element of having to make sure your what yeah every word count yeah. I think we're GONNA be talking. A lot of people do get caught up with the word count issue but if you have one hundred twenty thousand everyone's important they may need to stay in if you have ninety but half of them have no value then you really only have forty five. That's pretty much yeah so so. Where is it talk? I mean there's a million tips for tighter writing but one of the things that you know that I am really passionate about is figuring out in general what you're really writing about that specifically to your your actual piece and you'd be surprised because I again I'm we both teach writing and we're both in writing groups us but I also am a writing coach and I do a lot of you know. Look it up people's writing and I'm thinking what is your point. I mean it'd be might be beautiful writing but I can't find the theme or the point in it and when you put that to some a person and so what what what did you say with this piece if their answer is I don't know and I think that's really what you said so going back to me so in my in my work I always like I I know what I'm going to be. I know what I'm writing about which is not a problem but when I blog sometimes I just kind of ramble like Oh everyone wants to hear my thoughts and it's been pointed out by certain people who shall remain a nameless but if you were seeing the visual of this you'd see her pointing at me and me receiving this you know they might critique group will say what is the point. What what is this blog about? What are you trying to say and that's were the tight writing comes in absolutely because everything that you right whether you're doing short something like a blog post or you're writing a larger project like a novel? Everything has got to do some work right so we we mentioned several times one of our our writing friends who writes so beautifully her description because he's a painter in real life and she just paints with words but for the longest time they weren't really serving her story they were beautiful but they were there was no real point to have them other than just pure delight in the gorgeous for words now she's combined now. She's down the road in her writing. She's combining the beauty of her skill with description when you can see where whether you with purpose now you know what the book is about exactly so so just thinking about what you want to say just getting that a year in your mind. What is your point? What is your point for that scene? What is your point for that chapter or your blog post or your whole book? Whatever it is if you can't articulate it? You're probably going to be writing around it dancing around you might have sort of a kind of an almost feeling <hes> about what you want to write but you're not going to be focused in so learn what you think about what you WANNA say. Make sure you can articulate ache every word count. I was talking with a gentleman who is a musician. He said every word of a song is just think of it as it's worth a dollar no so you've you only have so many dollars yeah because songs are so tightly yeah really if you WANNA study tight writing look look at songs yes. I wish I could write a song. I wish I was a songwriter because I just when you you hear a song that every word points it it gives you goosebumps. Yes you know some of the songs out. There are so incredible they tell a story in just a handful of words they they can take you on an emotional journey in. In just a few writing writing Alex Hateley so once you know what you want to say then another musical analogy actually is a friend of my husband and mine is a composer and if you think about if you're given by if you're a COMP- <unk> composition student and your instructor says give me a composition most people will stare blindly at them but if you say thirty two measures in a minor key in the style of Bach kind of thing that now you've got a will now I have a direction and you can still get you know if you have one hundred people in that class. He'll get one hundred different compositions but now now it's got purpose and it's got something about it an upbeat piece of music or slow piece of music. It's a kind of same thing with writing if you if you were just saying I'm going to write a novel. That's kind of why'd you know. That's you know that's a big big big big lot of possibilities there narrow it down so that you know what you're writing about an and your first draft is going to be really what somebody else's fifteenth raff would be because you're going to have a purpose for it absolutely so nother simple super simple thing to do is to eliminate trite and overused phrases. Yes so if you say something like a sentence personally I believe wars wrong. Personally doesn't need to be either because you're the one talking right so you're already you don't need it and I believe doesn't need to be there. What now if I said? Personally I believe wars wrong Lugar lots of words the point wars wrong okay now. You are really believe that personally personally publicly but but you see the different saint personally I believe wars wrong war is wrong which one has more impact which one has more Gut Punch Punch and it's not just because I don't want everybody to start writing Haiku so we're we only right in twitter you know whole novel in Twitter Account of characters which is a hundred and forty four is you keep reminding hundred four t eh one hundred forty four no that was the one hundred and forty four thousand two. We're going to be happy. It's a number. It's one hundred forty. I give you know you're the twitter queen so but the the punch way you can. I just say something someone along. The line is probably going to say but they just doubled the word the character count so any of you feel like you know you wanna make a comment. Don't that's that would be words. We don't need to okay go ahead. Eliminate eighteen overuse raises but there's a lot of things where you just don't need to see. It seemed to me that <hes> she was unhappy. Just right she was unhappy. She seemed unhappy or something like that. So you're you're all those phrases or suffice. Just say or you know those old weird cutter phrases that we say when we when we speak when we don't know what else to say to kind of fill in the gaps don't use them don't use them and along that line eliminate unnecessary necessary words if a sense does not need a word take it out. One of the biggest things that I see new writers do is use the word that yes. He saw that there was a cat outside. Outside she saw there was a council. You need the word that yeah we speak. It and we don't necessarily hear it been in writing. We don't need it. Guess one that one of my big tips for for riders is to start a list. I put it on a post it note of the things that you do like this so what before you're going to submit to your critique group or your writing partner or editor agent whatever go through this list and put that on it <hes> that is one of those things so you do. If you have Microsoft word all you need to do is go to the find tab in and put in that and you'll see how many will yeah I famous for this Vic- word being overused in somebody. I'm critiquing. They will get a word count. I didn't I tell every time I do. I do a word count. I mean every time I do a critique win chain. She's like you're counting machines. You're counting but you need to know you need to think about if you overuse a word really think about how can I not do that in the future and part of that is checking sometimes. I don't like to stop myself. I used to overuse a wire words. I don't do that now years down the line fine but there was a time when I did and that's one of our things that you don't use a lot of L. Y.. Words if they are modifying your verbs because that means you're using too weak of a verb so if she walked firmly you know instead she trump or stomped or she stroz exactly you usually if it's modifying the verb then what you're doing is you're using too lazy yeah. It's too weak of a verb but for a long time I was the queen of L. Y.. My words so I had on my list to just hunt full L. Y.. Words and there were a couple of could stand there. I was all right but most of them it was because I had not chosen a strong enough verb so keep that littlest that is a tip tip tip if we ate that little interest words but also phrases 'cause I remember I was which is goes. We're going to have to talk about self editing at some point but when you're editing your work pay attention to things like people shrugging king or people caulking their head because if they're caulking their head once every page that's a little too much cocking of yes or tear sliding down cheeks yeah just phrases that you yes and that other people use counseling yes you need into you need to find a fresh way of saying exactly a fragile thing I may or may not have had my agent say that in the hook for proposal they wrote. She said this is all true but it's been you these phrases in these the sentence or the these words have been used. We need to find a fresh way of saying exactly the thing I was saying the exact thing but I need to say a little bit fresh away so even just using using similize or comparisons listen if you can change it to something that hasn't been used then you've tightened up your writing absolutely absolutely so kind of going along with that is staying away away from tropes. Do you know what a trope is. No us a big picture as an a recent podcast okay. I publicly shamed right now. I've heard the word I kinda know what it is but I I didn't WanNa that's. It's my master's degree speaking. Yes thank you a trope is basically something that is something that is addictive of either a genre or a kind of writing that has instantly the recognizable so if you're writing for example it was a dark and stormy night right. We already know that that is not going to be a how to you know upload on Youtube okay. That's a trope for something. Mysterious may be a murder mystery something with tension <hes> once upon a time is a is a trophy yup you in using words that would would instantly be instantly recognizable but they've just been overused so any trope is those things the style of something or the or the phrases or the word choices that if we see a murder non <unk> I'd never ever ever ever ever watch like chainsaw killing movies or at a like scary movies at all but but if you were to say to somebody WanNa see a movie and there are some storms going on outside and sometimes looking at the window so and then things are happening so they went to the basement or they went to attic. You know instead of getting away in the car. They thought they'd hide in the you know like that's really that's a trope. It is a trope because it has been done. It's predictable. It's been done we know or if I said I have a movie about this. What kind of movie do you think it is well? If there's a storm outside somewhere guy looking in the window in the mask and you're in the basement okay. I'm thinking it's Freddie. It's flick correct so so you stay away from those because all that really is doing is is is clouding. You're writing. It's not being strong. It's not being fresh and you're the most of the time the once upon a time and it was dark concern nights don't need to be there. You need to really be accurately and freshly looking at your writing big one big one show. Don't tell you're going to hear that a lot and what's really frustrating is even after you learn exactly what it is. You're still going to hear that a lot because you're probably still going to do it because when you're hammering out your first draft you're gonNA say she felt upset or what whatever it happens to be which is telling the compared to showing and what I what I found is a really good trick which will have to talk about some other time. Is I just put a little note in there saying yet showed hotel so that I know 'cause I'm. I'm this guy on a flow and then what I go back. I know I'm GonNa fix that that is that is a great point and one that I wanted to make is we. It's okay when you're writing a draft to tell <hes> to summarize something something that made her feel bad when he walked out the door but that is not strong writing. It's we need to show show the emotion and let and trust that our readers are smarter. GonNa get it Yep so what I do whenever I see that instead of because I can interrupt the flow to instead of trying to fix it then right. I highlight it. I don't I don't just do asterix a highlight it so I know that all the highlighted little bits are bits. I have to come back in and I have to find. Way To show the emotion that that was telling about some some good writers will bright beautifully they will show beautifully and then they'll tell is in case. You didn't get you know this come back with a little summary Comeback into to say what they really have just beautifully shown. That's week writing. You're you're you're taking this beautiful thing you've just crafted in a great way and then cheapening it by saying Oh and by the way she was really upset yeah exactly and and you'd be surprised at how many people don't trust their own writing but the reality is if you show even reasonably well readers if they're intelligent enough to read their tells you think you'll figure it out while usually like even even using dialogue Ugh to say well you know Bob. She has really upset when she left the room. Oh Really Jim. Yes had no idea exactly yes. Did you see the way that her hair flew out behind her. As she strode from the room exactly exactly couch. She strode angrily angrily for she walked angrily from the room. Yes that's exactly I mean you're when you give too much around it. You're both clouding it again to try to find where the meat of that scene or that that inner change range was but it is not necessary so try not to to tell but also try not to summarize when you've already really shown yes. We're GONNA do just one one one other big one and that is using the active voice. This is hard for me. This is this is hard for a lot of people it is a hard concept except perhaps we should spend an entire podcast on it some time because you can because a lot of people may be listening saying. I don't know what that means. What's active versus passive? I'm going to give a quick little example and then we will because you're right. It is such an important topic so if I was saying John is sighing the is makes it kind of passive John Side Right. If I was to say she was crying versus she cried she was stalling versus. She was founding. She will stand so basically it's watching your was your visits now. A lot of people talk about <hes> Jaren which are I N G words and they freak out because you're told not to to use them but you can absolutely use them when they're nouns so walking is her favorite pastime cooking is relaxes her totally fine but if you've helling though it is but if you're if you're in how to yes somebody saying what three ways to eliminate stress cooking walking and gardening guarding exactly perfectly fine but you don't want to. There's an is or was was in front of it was cooking was gardening now. It's it becomes passive so you WANNA say. She says she was gardening. She guard which is another thing to do. A word search on is yes I have on my list wasn't as so those are just a few tips. There's a million more absolutely we're GONNA talk about in the future but just some basic tips to make sure you're writing is a little bit tire little bit stronger and you have been listening to the art of semi fiction I am.

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Easy Steps to Learn to LOVE Sales with Lenka Lutonska

Tribe of Leaders

31:56 min | 1 year ago

Easy Steps to Learn to LOVE Sales with Lenka Lutonska

"One small example what can happen when we do things reactively right than if you look at what she's doing, they're doing rather than what I feel or what intuitively I feel is right. That is what I'm saying because our into the intuitively know it all it's not no kidding I'm literally believe it that the intuitively know it all is not to say, Don learn from other people. Absolutely I myself. I spent a ton of money and very heavily on learning from other people and getting coach, etc. Absolutely. We need that to learn but the shouldn't it's not healthy to mimic or copy or simply work from the reactor five side right? Because it's never gonNA work we can come to our fullness and fill our entrepreneur potential only when it comes from within us. Oh. Welcome to the tribe of leaders. PODCAST. I'm serial entrepreneur and investor. Emmy Kirschner and I'm known for sprinkling just a little bit of glitter throughout the streets of Philadelphia and on stages that I speak while I have creative entrepreneurs stop struggling as overt admin in their business and become the CEO of their multi. Seven figure businesses what has fascinated me over the years are the stories of success and failure that courageous entrepreneurs who have put it all on the line face as they change, lives, disrupt industries, and become incredible leaders themselves. So if you're looking for a community of engaged entrepreneurs and you'd love to get some resources tools that can help you fast track your business I invite you join the tribe of leaders facebook group, the Lincoln in the show notes. And of course, the group is free to. Oh my goodness everybody I am so super excited to have Lenka Luton Ska on the show today link is a business strategist and mindset naven which those to put together just equals awesome sauce for May. Welcome to the show like I'm really excited to have you thanks so much for having me. Thanks so much. It's so great. So I'm really glad to have you share what you do in more detail, share your leadership story, but you do a ton with energy. And really focused on the energy of Your Business and sales why that made a difference for you. Life taught me how much it can make a difference. My background is I've been in business for Fourteen Years Always loved coaching coach trainer to. And six years down the line of my first business. I managed to lose it very quickly because of business segment into unhealthy partnership, which let to two years of finding myself all over again. So going from up to absolute down and even though I was doing older, I deduce as many entrepreneurs do networking events, free speaking gigs, social media, weekly newsletters you name it right all that stuff I found it incredibly hard to actually. Have a steady stream of clients and one day at very round. The moment I just got a message Lenka Stop Hide Inc unique to come out from the spiritual closet and come a fool you into the business, and immediately in that moment I knew because i. told that put our strength to fit what should be respected businesswoman. I wanted to be taken seriously I wanted to come across as professional. So bringing spirituality into business are. No Way. Division of Right. Pieces of your brain. Right. But I got a very very clear message that have to do it, and at the same moment I would say I got exactly the name of my next program exactly to serve my message everything. So anyway, to cut the story short in the next two weeks are had program sold out, which was my first informal almost online launch and it was so easy that that made me ask questions why is it that it wasn't this? Is before struggled for two solid years, and of course, that's where the beginning of merging energy or spirituality if you like solid strategy is coming from and it just evolved over the last five years that's what I teach because there's I know the power with myself. So what shifted for you like, what was it that enable you to build that program in two weeks because I'm presuming it wasn't like a new social media copy strategy obsolete. In that moment one major thing that shifted was, I. Lead go of Judgment, which is huge which plays out hugely when it comes to online marketing than visibility and serving clients. What will people think? Abandon my clients or I cannot increase my phase because Blah Blah Blah or my family thing exodus exodus are let go of that. So that was important. Letting go of that fear of judgment, which, of course, in hindsight, all fear of judgment is a self judgment and then later on or around the same time, you know what I started to do sell actually actively sell. The action of. Your I have something right now, my time when exactly what happened is a little bit altogether, but I had one crucial moment when I realized that bloody hell I got so much experience as many of us do so much talent actually really good. Would I do so? Why's IT sells up and down or no cells coming or hoping for the cells that they are went home and I hold day I was on the coal and I very awkwardly uncomfortable for me a very awkwardly ask people who even vaguely express interest in my work. I made an invitation I said something along the lines can help you to solve. This problem would like to explore would did look like and a made eighteen hundred. Pounds a day a new. Hello. Why? Again why was selling before? Why and why is because I was buying into the mindset that many of us entrepreneurs do which is all the wannabe sells the either wannabe pushy. I don't come across as desperate again Mimi, how I can across and essentially considered selling or the point of sale that I'm taking away from people rather than seeing the selling for what it truly is incredible opportunity for client. The changes they need. So so that was another big shift for me to go on and on and on about my clients to actively sell every day and without any fear but rather from the place of service because that's what make businesses grow right they don't have shops on high street saying we are not selling today because we don't want to be cells. They're pushy if you're in a business a sell and we sold love. Yeah. So as you're making this shift, what happened for Your Business? Well either got on what they call the extra growth trajectory. So now, this beautiful seven-figure business serving clients from over thirty countries around the world. Absolutely just I'm so blessed I feel so very blessed and my life, of course. One hundred eighty degrees but the journey this has been really over the last five years just following the intuition and making the changes in myself. That helped me to create the extra to go from literally nothing. So initially, it was around getting a through the fears of selling and really learning to sell with confidence market putting the message out there that people can actually understand. But the you know the it can grow up their minds and hearts. If it was just one think I did that allow me to do this is following my intuition. Yea. How many times have you felt really strongly about something and not followed that air quoting like you shouldn't do it that way or people are going to judge you like there's so many ways to. Turn you and even though I say following my intuition of believe me I've so many times I didn't and paid for it. Right? I recall one time I don't know how many years ago was this now but exactly that you get an inspired idea what this is the program or product I want to launch introduced to the world and I woke not I woke up I got this idea and I knew I wanted to do this for this much sell it for this much. Let's go. You're going ahead tomorrow in the evening I went and checked with my favorite coaches are doing. The people who follow and I found out that one of them was selling something similar for far less. So what did I do maybe I charged if she's suddenly for this much, maybe any to search for same amount maybe for less says, slash the price e. And baton. Okay. You know but it wasn't great but done. Okay. Good. An email from prospective client who was just about to sign up for my highest level package back then. Lenka I'll see you heavily discounted yourself and it really puts doubt in my mind because I know you didn't charge a worth and I really want to be coached by someone who does and this is exactly like one small example what can happen when we do things reactively right when you look at what she's doing they're doing rather than would I feel what intuitively I feel is right that is what I'm saying because our into intuitively know it all it's not no kidding I really truly believe that the interactivity know it all it's not to say, don't learn from other people absolutely I. Myself I spent a ton of money and very heavily on learning from other people. And getting coach, etc. Absolutely we need that to learn, but they shouldn't. It's not healthy to mimic or copy or simply work from the reactor right? Right. Because it's never gonNA work we can come to our full less and feel Arab entrepreneur potential only when it comes from within us. So I totally totally agree what I try to teach my people my clients is one don't discount ever like add value if you're feeling uncomfortable and get used to just continually raising your rates until you're out of place and I think a Lotta you stems from not owning value Yep I'll just won't get to adult perhaps clarify from my point of view I have no issues with discounting. needs to before the Rodriguez and like the guy doing it is very important, which is the same thing as if I ever want to discount or one of my of some of my cousins discount because people can't afford it that really the notoriety reason for discounting that. It's just not true but you know there is a place for such a thing as trip wires or right right official I. if it's from the place of I'm giving opportunity and it's abundant not that people can't afford it. So at the I I totally agree as. What my clients are at that first level you've got so much of it. I split it. So many viewpoints that you know if you've got to start really low and earn your way up which it the. Right way or if you ever discount, you're not charging. You're worth this. There's no black and white right Hateley. But it's ultimately about how it this aligned with who we want to become an hour we want to serve. That's the question. I always try to do my best to ask myself what would my higher version of myself do here? As ING. So how for somebody WHO's like? Oh, I get this free like an icy where Like letting, go the judgment and the fear and everything in my conversations in that stopping me, how do you maintain the confidence can resume? Wasn't ages snapped your fingers You are amazing. Salesperson overnight. then. Right and you know what I think this every day were for me working on ourselves. Yes s important as work in our. It's a lifestyle I would say, so I do not differentiate between let's say actively selling or. Promoting one of my programs or optimizing a funnel or any of that Sorvino. The real strategic stuff putting's started with any of those things I don't distinguish between that and let's say journaling because my ego is shouting Hallo link you know you can't do that or it's too soon or you're gonNA fail. So the work never and but it's You're right but it's the most fulfilling work. There is because I truly believed that the Business Connecticut over grow our mind or ourselves. So isn't it great that as we grow our impact through our entrepreneurial venture and as we grow our income and as we change our lives as a result of you also growing people there so blessed. So it's everyday work. It's everyday work. So I know I'm prepared that especially in times of when I'm growing or about to do something that can potentially grow me or my business believe me I have times where my confidence is non-existent. To go all over flew. Okay. So what's happening here? So let's revisit the why I wanted to do this, and let's reassure that part of me that. That that this is safe that ultimately nothing can go wrong veer gonna be alive even when it doesn't work out and if a big part of me wants to do it that for whatever it is is aligned with that. Again, I use my language higher version of myself. Then deride may be little uncle the ball but nothing can go wrong ultimately. So I just manage my ego mind to the point where I'm able to take that next step and that's what matters i. Is there something that you do to manage that I'm used a range of tools over the years? I used things like mantra or affirmations or formations powerful questions. I, of course, have coaches always on my side that when my mind goes crazy or hello. I'm mon.. So and ultimately it's about finding better perspective because this is our say so. When it comes to anything but are in business girl, we all want to grow our business, grow our impact. They have two parts or aspects of our mind active at all times. One is our physical program mind. So this is the represented by the Left Brain Hemisphere. So this is no to us. This is the order and we have the part of or aspects are. Mind that is the source of our intuition to hire mind represented by right hemisphere the disconnected to really too old that is so it's a very intelligent aspect of our mind the think ace, what is known to us from physical point of mind what intuition is telling us or would we want is typically completely outside of our comfort zone typically outside of that zone of predictability So, by the very nature by the very nature were never you're about to grow or do something that grows us we are GONNA have chatter mind chatter the are gonNA have fierce coming out. We are going to have a doubts and all of that stuff but to me with important aids to take it as a sign the damn growing and to do something aligned with rather than all my Gordon it's it's not aligned with if I feel like this doesn't make sense. Yes this is why I say i. just kind of it's almost like a disassociate myself from program minded I'm thinking I'm having this forced this. is going to be failure. You may lose it all what if nobody buys and you're gonNA come across as I don't know I'm just making it up. So I know that number one I'm not necessarily even thinking those those are not true. Necessarily it's just energy and the program mind fighting for survival wants to keep you safe. So then, I just kind of almost like having intelligent conversation, right? Let's have a look a different point of views. Let's say what what it can bring us and why I am safe. It's the coughing amusing journaling Gore just Oh, Kim ahead literacy or the most saint person you know. Like when anybody's having this thought like if you're not managing that like what you're doing, then they're kind of opting out of whatever it is like their. Car this is exactly why they're the wandering business not growing honestly when you think about it, that's the only reason because I invite all of our listeners right now to pose moment and step back and ask ourselves. Did I or did I not follow those intuitive ideas? Those that would stretch me that the those that are truly stretch me. Did I follow them or bad pick out. Out that's Melinda our growth. And is going to be the next time we make ourselves smaller. If he go through with it, that's not just opportunity for growth start to stretch our comfort zones, expose etc, etc. that is the process. There's no magic in it, but you know in normal business words is about being able to take a larger and larger calculated risks. It's incredibly important for successful trip. Agree and. I love the way you're explaining it visit sounds like we can just keep growing, growing, growing, and expanding instead of letting it stop West some not showing up. That's right. The got made the calls tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow the tried and amy maybe I can share very quick process that you know the actual it's almost like a morning routine if you like that, initially don't do it religiously anymore but initially I did this almost religiously every day to get my mind in that zone, an injured to be able to do that too full of inspiration cetera. So the first thing is offload literally invite your fears and doubts to come out. So. There you do it in journaling or we do it just close your eyes. But in the morning, let's say now fears and doubts I invited to come out. So there is nothing bring in my quietly because if it's quiet, they're not able to really deal with that, but it still affects our decisions. MEYROWITZ thinking would be able to notice attracts trump so fears and doubts come out. So it's offloading and then we've got a set of statements essentially. Now, the next step is to be able to release them now sometimes, it's as easy as hey, I don't know I'm run out of money if I do this, what's to say? And I'm scared of it. Hey, I feel the knowledge that thought which is just energy signal knowledgeable and I really see because there are many many alternative ways of thinking sometimes simple I seal I- analogy will I really see sometimes my need to have the conversation become for by this may not be true how does Herself is this. What is another health perspective of is how can I assure my mind in disregard sometimes? Yes. It's almost like you've got the fear, the download, our her and you're getting out but then. It so that your reframing it into the positive Rexroth, that's right and the main thing is not to ignore a shouldn't feel like this shouldn't think like this to positive because it's a little bit like when they play chess right and our ego is behaving like our opponent. Can stop us, but we don't ignore our opponent studied them deeply. It goes more. We know them more can trick them. Equal will are trick us right so so but that's the basis and it can be five minutes. It can be ten minutes or whatever. But basically, the first big is to to invite those fear and Dowse they may be quietly playing in our mind to come to the surface a deal with them. So they're able to release them, and then the second part of the process is to essentially invite the energy of debt, which I'm here to create into my body meaning maybe visualization of the certain goals in connection that successful launch of successful business or whatever it might be. So maybe visualizing the writing about until I feel completely connected with that emotion in my body. So until I feel fantastic. Simple word like es it, and now it's fantastic. So then when I connect emotionally that then the third part of the process is to pause for as little as framing it's and a pulse a question walk is my part in this. So this is what I'm listening for those inspired ideas listening for the intuitive ideas as what is pardon is, what is for me to do or maybe not to do to bring this into reality and initially when I would be writing in early Stages sometimes, I would zero ideas in those minutes. Sometimes, I would be writing down things that obviously already knew sometimes you know I would feel just overall it doesn't matter but they're basically practicing here the intuitive opening ourselves up to into guidance and it can come. The answer may come into stimulates or they may come in any random of the day. It's okay and then of course, that's it the morning routine and then just about following through just a little bit of discipline to. The morning routine. That's right. So so it's about really opening the channel of intuitive intelligence really that we all have and being able to being able to follow it and I just add one more thing if any off listeners want to give this a go that being connected to the right emotion sold the emotion of the intention. Whatever case it's very, very important because we might get would feels like intuitive ideas that is gonna give us not so good results and I'm sure that we all experienced it. One of those quote unquote intuitive from my lex complete business failures right and it felt like, Oh, my goodness this is the best thing and the thing is because our interactive ideas will always. Our energy. So that's it's crucially important that we do not follow through on the ideas that we get while we feel needy broke desperate stock or in any of those emotions because those ideas will typically once we implement and they'll give us more off feeling the need and lie and desparation. Right. So this is why it's important to connect to the high level emotion of that wishes fulfilled so to speak. I would love to share a little bit about your book because sound super cool and it's energetic marketing and selling. How did you come up with? The, idea for it I mean obviously, it's part of what you teach. Jess where can everybody find it to Sir with excelling marketing I wrote the Book Not Lost Year the year before and it just naturally it had to be written. It came to the point where I just had to write it because I use it clients over and over again with phenomenal results, these are the principles that truly helped me and it's really a book about how to use our personal energy to create extra growth in our business and how to use it in all aspects in our business. So in selling marketing, but also other areas such as financial management, etc, and personal energy is I don't consider it to be nothing magical it simply a sector of our values and beliefs who consider ourselves to be, and that's what any nights from with dealers. That's what our energy introduces us even before we speak right. When you walk into the room, you're just naturally attracted to some people and naturally rain what to others and it works sent in business. So when we talk to say prospective clients will say something via our words, but we say everything for energy. So that's what the book is about. It shares the principles of energetic and how to use our personal energy to really maximize the sales and marketing and enjoy the business grow v Doug doing so much and at the same time I share the breakthroughs on my own journey with made a real difference. Yes. Absolute value. So definite must read where can people get? It's available on Amazon, but it's best thing to go to my website and Cultus dot com because on the website, how little form there is a book page and the little form. So once he got bite from Amazon, you can submit. Just feeling their details, but you get a couple of our fabulous la courses that so. But. That's the gopher there. Yes. Awesome. Mobile get the links hooked up in the show notes too. So people could just Lincoln get to it. I'm curious. I know we're almost out of time and I feel like chat with you all day I know right Like how has your business grown? Once you tapped into the energy of selling and marketing right from a leadership place like have you been able to make more impact and what's what's been really important for you. So in my own words I would say always start always start with expanding my energy. So until I feel that this inevitability, it's like the next logical step I can go from let's say multiple six figure business to several figure impact on the world year. It's not about just I can but it's an inevitability. So I it starts in mind I would say and again out of those will start asking myself where do I need to make changes on myself sure as leader as a as a coach as a business entrepreneur but also strategic changes. So it's such an floor. So we'll change over the years with, for instance, how I hire that changed dramatically would change walls. Let's say even my entire visibility strategy they changed dramatically from where I started to wear now but all this adjustments as I go I, serve clients changed dramatically the container, the capacity container, etc. The offerings changed dramatically so but that comes with almost like the each level of growth. Because what's would work beautifully at some level? Not at the high level, so it constantly changes is constantly evolving. So I'm always looking out for things such as market positioning. So this is what is my message to the world? Is it still aligned beat my highest level of leadership or ver- I'm going. So market positioning and with that the visual branding always looking out at the core products and What is the capacity actually like say if someone wants to make multiple several figures, actually do the mass. Can you make seven figures owner products or servicing your offering without getting exhausted or a products might change capacity container that Saddam looking that and increasing the capacity to surf and as such receivers? Well, then always optimizing marketing channels with that optimizing the themes. You know it's strategic, but it always comes from from energetic. I believe that makes it way more powerful because. This is my be the last thing I share in the early stages and I'm sure I'm not the only one but all my goodness wasted so much money in quote unquote wasted so much money on hiring rock quote unquote drunk people. Alright or making so many hiring mistakes that I could probably buy a house for it's just for the money. Spent on better. Right. So I if I was that every time I hired from place of. I don't have this and I need somebody to come and fix this. So any time I had from this energy. It just didn't work out because guess what people will bring on our themes people the outsource to our coaches, etcetera etcetera. They cannot fix anything that purely going to amplify what we already have. Amplify will be already have. So whilst I am densify date and started to attend the energy, I then Hira the whole game changed yeah I hired a be a so leagues God she could just take the stuff I don't want to deal with it. It's not good experience and nothing against her either wasn't absolutely. There's another. In the energy once I realized that I was. Who I have now is fantastic writes it is that like in that lack energy? Tracked anything that CAN HELP YOU GROW This is so super cool. Thank you so much shared everybody where they compact with you while proof for the best place to connect with me is I, have got facebook groped over ten thousand entrepeneurship freaking amazing women gentleman are welcome but it's Pretty amazing women so. Interact. With people and other than that I suddenly cultural scuttled, and of course book an exciting marketing available exam. Awesome. Mom We'll get on those links in the show notes and. Thank you so much suspend just an amazing amazing time. Share. It aligns with what I teach him. I believe so much I absolutely loved our conversation. Thank you and thank you to. Thank you for the Work Day in the world. Thank you. You're welcome. Thank you so much for being a listener, the tribe of leaders podcast I am so grateful for each and every episode that you tune in and listen to and I hope that you get a ton of value that you can implement starting today and I do have just a quick favor if you wouldn't mind hopping onto whereas it is that you listen to podcasts and leave us a rating and review it would help us tremendously so that the tribe of leaders podcast can be found more easily and help inspire other entrepreneurial leaders.

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Episode 14 - Following Jesus in Difficult Times

Desperate Pastor Podcast

1:07:38 hr | 1 year ago

Episode 14 - Following Jesus in Difficult Times

"Welcome to the desperate pastor. Podcast you're following along at home. We are A couple of days away from the election being over but the counting still not being over we don't know what the future holds at this point But we never waltz future. You wanna sing it. And i don't like that. Yeah no no come on. I'm really being our age. You have to know because at the whole oh because he lived houser line in their from china. I can you. Why are you seeing me. Actually he's on the worship team. That's me over cats. I can't say well we should probably say you have to say hello to everyone. Because the desperate pastor yes right into it. But i can't believe that you don't know the line for because he lives because i know oh he holds your because i know i can't sing. That's what you've got to actually go up. I can't do any word. A room full of people seeking out a really high song to use it. Well this is the desperate pastor podcast and we're going to talk about hymns today but episode. Fourteen we have to. We should plan now. I know may be a little presumptuous but when we have to do something special for episode twenty i keep saying f percents easter egg. If you're real count. How many times over fourteen episodes i don't know why i can't get that. Mid december i dunno twentieth. Or we'll be underground or something. Whatever in a bunker. I think we were talking about earlier. We need to be but we are inviting. That's the only way we could be in a bunker. Follow us on instagram twitter bunker below to go for our comments out there about talking about it can keep it right and i appreciate the assumption that i Yeah erin sounds more in charge. Saw moore passed you. Were you were saying. What's that master. Mike sue follow us on instagram twitter. Facebook youtube tiktok. You can email us at me. At desperate pastor dot com. We're excited with that. Because you guys have been communicating and commenting and we want you to keep doing that and share this out on all your favorite platforms. We would love free to join the conversation as mike takes an app. This what so we We're gonna continue to do our question of the morning or the day or the episode. Just because i feel like it helps you to get to know us and maybe you can join in that conversation as well while nate takes a drink of coffee dates here by the way is. It's just been the three of us hanging. This coffee tastes like celery like celery. What did you drink and looks like it's really weird taste to i referenced. That necessarily did you really. Yeah some pretty. What is that. And that is phillip or competency. We are a lot of crosstalk. Y did you okay. Well celery coffee in the morning interesting. We apologize if you're with us. I promised we will not be as. Add the rest of the time. Right guys a youtube understand squirrel. All right. well here's a question for you. High copied out that it's november. I figured we'd have food questions because we never talk about food more. This one is actually just for mike. Turkey you're alienating. The you stop okay. Would you rather eat an entire turkey. My act. I also what i said. Turkey was just a random word. I had no idea what we talked about giving so would you rather eat turkey by yourself or eat. All the thanksgiving stuffing by yourself. That's a significant question. Because i could probably go. Is it a significantly sized significantly sized question right there i would go turkey. Eat the whole turkey burgers. I think i'm not a huge stuff in person actually. My mother-in-law makes pretty good stuffing before that. I didn't never nice try. She's not listening as long as it's good stuffing that's not really dry. Then i would eat all the stuffing hands down. If it's too wet those like my mom we have. This makes it on the stove top. He's a big trying to sound good. She makes it. I mean. I'm pretty sure it's her recipe box with a packet. She pre packages the seasoning and offseason. She's working hard all year. She runs business stove top industries. And it's really good stuffing i I will not answer this. I think the answer is yes. We do fall into a coma watching football. That is literally tradition. Normally i'm like oh that's not how it is literally i'm like no we're not gonna eat too much turkey. We're not gonna eat turkey in the detroit lions giving it'd be watching the cowboys and you fall asleep terrible. We used to eat stuffing out of the box. Do you ever try that good. Oh just crunchy said little mini. Yeah so try it interesting. Ask your mom up. One of the boxes of she packed for you. Say my if you're eating my mom's stuffing famous family recipe not cooked than i have a problem with you because it is meant to be enjoyed one way and one way only figured out when kelly came in and talking about the noise. I think it's you you get your coffee. She told her pre recording. She's like this noise and whatever. I think it's probably it. I'll put it on a cushion. I dump it everywhere so so you would say i probably go stuff. It's like it's these are always one or the other one is rather said yes. Correct you would. You rather eat the whole turkey or all the stuffing. That's i mean. It's a simple you're making. It look like i'm in church. It what i hear. You saying. Joe pastor therapeutic. You're seeing that you hate turkey okay. I hate stuff unless they're deep fried or smoke No i'm not a big fan of the deep fried turkey why it's so. It is good except the people die from doing boils over and five us here was not big enough and it's been so didn't answer. You didn't know you did you ask. Would you rather you got to see like the needs. That are listening. Want to know. Are you if i had to pick go. Turkey protein carbs harp guy. That's a problem. oh i am too. It's a problem and why you asked me the question on youtube. Love the carves over here. So yeah so. This is not a would you rather. It's what's what's your favorite season. That's the second question favorite season of the year down as well off season of the year. He has volcanoes down other day. And i swear thing i'm jealous the same one but what is birthday because like you said hands down. One day i could always. Apsl's because of the cops you no. I like because it's the therese started turn colors and i also liked temperatures to like sixties seventies. And you can you know where t shirt and shorts like. I do all year round and nice but then once it gets like fifties and forties. You can t shirt shorts like exactly exactly. no. I like it a lot and is perfect. Bonfire weather pervent. My wife hates bonfires. I'm not saying the worst thing ever right there. Don't sit like when people say that. I usually just repeat back what you say and then i replaced the why your wife. But i didn't say because you did say that you did did it. I said indirectly know that. I felt bad saying it because she's an awesome person. She's pregnant indirectly. Hit you are. I would deserve. Feel free hard drugs like all out of the blue like. Hey we should all get together. Mike we'll tell you an hour ahead of time so you're there and then we'll hateley with With her i would say for sure car car. I would say fall as well. Just because i can't i love summer for the like the long days and things but i don't like heat so like the last month and a half have been like pretty amazing to today is like an amazing absolutely jazzing and it's football season i liked. It really is heavily dependent on that. Like it's amazing your season. Hey you're coaching apple. I enjoyed sunday. Because it snowed. I enjoy that. I do like this. And then it came back to the sixties and seventies forty winner. Can't be my like. The holidays are actually my favorite but january february march. No i would say like. I think my wife and i would say that. It's the first part of each season like the change of season. And you know like changed you cheated. I'm just. I'll say that's like turkey. Turkish yes i said favorite season. But i'm saying like that would be just to get to know. Media beat the change of seasons. She's so happy that word up huge thinking. You fiji's boston's site when you're important that answered the best. That's me that if i could. That was an option. I would let you change your answer because the first spring day were like the air smells baseball baseball. Yeah exactly spring. Training's happening you and then summer like the first like finally warm enough to go. You feel good to something like outside of your like this great but then it gets to be august like it's humid. I'm at football practice. And i'm miserable. Like can it be seventy degrees and then fall gets here change. That's awesome. But then they all fall on the ground awesome ugly but then it snows beautiful. I think that's the best answer. He go listeners. We talk about food but we sure don't come out for a minute. We're talking doesn't mean it's not like your favorite place turkeys and obligation it. Let's be real. If i could go back. I don't even know why. Pick turkey. Because i wouldn't pick turkey any other ten year. I like like we should make a turkey now. Never you think about how many times a year just bake a turkey. Never maybe twice actually once. We still don't my mom does we. Don't make a turkey next mom back on the smoker. I used to smoke three packs. Is this whole chickens all the time. I put a filter on a brain. It's like the ice cream company turkey hill. Turkeys whole foods totally. You're talking significantly size turkey mirror grace. I'm just gonna politics or so much true true. I hope i hope that everybody out there. If you're listening at this point time yemen shut us off. I hope that you enjoy this as much as my if you see in my head. I'm going to try to draw it. Don't try save all of us. The show you more poor chicken Really come to carry expensive especially special thing. Okay and the segue. I'm not going to think about you. And and i will not listen because i know how high bid my lap is when it gets very embarrassed. My celery flavored throat hurts. Here's all right. Oh back to reality. Oh man ever desperate pastor podcast this well hopefully. That's one of the reasons why you stick around is because We're not like any other podcast. I don't think because people take it very seriously and have serious conversation and we're talking about smoking turkey. Say come on. I was distracted myself. All right well. I got to lead us out of here so we are in uncertain times. And we're always probably in uncertain times. It seems the more pronounced this time of year. And also you know what the election and at this point. We don't know who's won the election so we'll listen back in this is pre s. No in any of that stuff still waiting on the sloth countinent matters. I love your analogy. It's a mean. Alan who is counted votes Hopefully if you're feeling like we do that you can laugh a little bit in It'll take some of the edge off but We're talking about today you know. How do we follow. Jesus in uncertain times. How do we follow. Christ follower represent christ but also not lose faith in times like this or struggled through those times. It's a practical things that you do or things that you would say if somebody were asking this question like you know. God what are you doing. Why are you allowing these things to happen. God do something about that thing. That's happening in our world and so we're talking about navigating through that today as we where we landed so yeah. Yeah yeah i say. Yeah as a filler word. All the time. Yeah and Yeah but along. The i'm just waiting to get into it. Let's go on something controversial before we get like all the way into that. This is a little bit to do with that. Speaking of racial things that have been sent on the desk of controversial things that have been said last week. I did make several statements that were very controversial. Are lawyers have asked him to master. Yes but i want to clarify those. And i want to clarify what i said and what i meant who i was saying to and also just to clarify that. No i do not support planned. Parenthood and yes. I am a firm believer in Pro-life like that you want to know me and we're gonna personally but the argument that i was making last week was to try to present some fax to help people understand the. You cannot boil the presidential election down to one issue pro-life pro-choice you cannot diminish or boiled down pro-life and pro choice down to simply who you vote for for the presidential election. You can't simplify complex issue down to that level to make yourself feel better. You can't because it's a more complicated issue than that. And the answer to the the horrible situation america with abortion. The answer to that does not fully reside in overturning. Roe versus wade does not fully reside in having necessarily a conservative republic governments Because only the business. So i said last week the present. It doesn't play a dramatic role in the abortion rates in america it doesn't state and local governments do but it has very little if any impact but the answer is not overturning roe. It's not even defunding planned parenthood. Those that's not the win all answer but somebody that's it might help. Somebody would say that my health. And i'm not saying that it might not help. If let's say you de-fund planned parenthood. But i believe this is guess my belief i believe if you de-fund planned. Parenthood is whole without a reliable solution for the good things that it provides for the some. Whether you want to argue how much good things it provides versus. how many bad things that a provides. That's a very great line depending on which side you look at without a viable replacement in that. I don't believe that the rates would be better Can i jump in there. Yeah go ahead So what we talked about at length. In what i even like we were talking about. How last week when it even came out of his mouth in my mind. I'm going oh people could fill in the blank slate as a as a person who has typically given people great lengths of you know of topics they they they tend to fill in. I speak in these absolutes at times. And they hear it and they go. Hey this and it's the narrative of today to say when you bring up that you are the worst version of what you're saying meaning if you say anything about planned parenthood that isn't completely condemning an anti planned parenthood than you must be you know a hardcore supporter of planned parenthood. And what we're saying is here's the reality wouldn't you. I should say we. I'll say this you told me if you're with me when i live in a world where there are people who do not believe in jesus and their households in communities and a whole culture. That screams anti You know christ like lives. There is a role for places where people are going to seek out service anyway and we're talking about preventive type things when you bring it up you have to say you'd have to. You'd have to deny truth to say there are people who are going to engage in activity that we would say is not fruitful and is not in line with difficult world views. But they're going to do that anyway and do we like that. No would we encourage that. No would we counsel them against doing such things. Yes but they're not coming to us. They may not even have anyone in their life to counsel them in that way so there is a role is played there in the prevention of these unwanted unwanted pregnancies if you will and it does play a part in it and it sounds horrible to say because you're endorsing it but the reality is people are going. People engage in sinful activity all the time and we need instead of saying is instead of just demonizing this one place that is actually doing something to prevent some of those pregnancies that then could result in abortions from even occurring the church and organizations that are speaking to the heart of the issue is where efforts should be to say what is got will. Why would he say that. This should be off limits. A why is this. This relationship that you're engaged in right now. Really protected under the covenant of marriage as put forth in god's word because he sees things in a broader picture and it's a better way and there's a lot of. There's a lot of things you sacrifice by engaging in this activity the young age so we need to engage that level with people instead of just going with this organization here. They're wrong and they're terrible and we can't see any good in them. Because protesting against things has proven to not bear fruit. Polarize is and and it places. The last thing. I would say his. We place our faith to greatly in if we get this victory correct not in christ in transforming lives. Yeah i absolutely agree with you in in that last statement i believe sums up greatly. I think what. I was trying to convey last week. And what i'm still trying to convey now is that oftentimes believers will put their faith in if we can overturn this. If we can de-fund this that will be the solution in the reality is is the solution to the problem is not that simple that the solution to abortion in america is more complicated than just one or two issues in ultimately it comes back on us as believers in the way that we really. We live our lives the way that we interact in our community there is a there is a portion of who vote for special in your state and local governments but for the most part i feel like a lot of i feel like a lot of people walk into the voting booth and their main concern is is the president. And that's the one they put the research into but then they get their state and local governments and they. There's not much research put into those. But also as we talked about in titus we talked a lot about how you as a believer as you live your life as you live a life that's been transformed by the gospel and as that then affects your family. Which has been transformed by the gospel. You live in these. Jesus communities called churches within your community. That should begin to radically transform. The people in your spheres of influence and the people in your community. I really believe that's where a lot of the big change has. The potential has the power to take place but all the good we're not trying to i didn't i didn't mean to cut you off. We're trying to do though is not win somebody to a particular party exactly yeah. We're trying to introduce people to jesus. 'cause jesus we talk about people that identify certain ways have certain thoughts about lifestyle all that stuff with my goal. My aim is not to get you to be not that my goal. My aim is to introduce you to jesus and let him change your life. Correct what that looks like. You know how he does that. Whatever i think. We have for many many years not necessarily so related to abortion in those kind of things but we try to get people to look like they follow jesus before they follow jesus or to try to fit into this mall just act differently. And that's we're trying to get you. We're trying to get you to to come to churches. Be a better person. Well that's that's like we've lead people astray if that's what we've said as opposed to. Let's say reducing the jesus. You have to. You don't have to fit a certain mold even make that happen. You could be standing at a well. And jesus comes up in the life changing interaction. Where like sometimes we have boiled down to just start acting writing and just be a good person and then come to church and then just note to say the right things to say and you'll be okay as opposed to it should be radical. Should be a change in our lives that we we're going to start. Judging paul says let's judge judge those inside the church. Let's start there. And like i judge those outside the church. Let's get it right here so that our lives reflect christ likeness to the world needs to see it not hate not anything but we're pointing to jesus. I agree so following. Jesus thank you now if you run dun dun dun dun. He's actually go kicking them off. The we're voting noon to. I hope people understand the heart of. I guess what i was trying to say. Sure and not that. I am a supporter of and i'm not advocating for. But i think that as christians we have the responsibility to understand the full scope of really what's happening and not just not just put labels on and feel like that's that's it. Why do you have the tattoo. Then so how do we follow. Jesus in uncertain times. i mean. that's one of the things that it is relevant. What you just said is relevant to all of this is how do we navigate through our world and our culture. How do we represent christ in uncertain times. I mean i guess if we're being honest there's probably we live in uncertain times pretty much. All the time sometimes may be better. But it's still uncertain. How do we navigate through that. What does that look like. How do we represent because there's a lot of idea. Thanks for tuning in. Yeah that's why you're getting. Yeah well. I think we. I'll be the one that brings it up. You know just checking my phone again to see if anything has changed in the election results and you know regardless of what side you're on we're not here to to support political candidates. I mean we're watching An entire nation of people three hundred thirty million plus or whatever. It is now in the united states. You know you see these votes coming in and you see division and what you have to know is that. There's a certain portion on each side of that vote. That are christians as we talked about and to some extent they're being influenced to think much like the planned. Parenthood thing get this person elected then things will go well for me and while that is there's again there's always some truth to that. Are there people who are going to support and advocate for things that line with your beliefs and basic christian believes of course but it's still misguided hope and The thing that we might have said a here last week. But i know i sent it in church on sundays regardless of win this sorts out. We have david platt. Has years ago. We have something greater to boast something greater to put our hope in and that is christ and there is a day. There was a day where the united states didn't exist with the presidency wasn't a thing with the parties even voted differently than they do. Now and there will be changed. That's for certain And there could be a day as we were talking earlier where you know. The great civilizations of the world never thought they would come to an end and you know america being what we wanted to be is a beautiful thing but will one day come to an end. Yes either before christ returns or when he does you know that our hope is in christ and we cannot we. We should be good citizens and we should be involved. but if i'm rising and falling which i've been battling i'll be honest. I'm watching the tv going. What do i really want lord. I'm very conflicted. But if i rise and fall with the political party in power than i'm placing my hope in people not in god and it's a tough one. I mean it's tough. I hated about my. It's in me just like didn't everyone listening but it's in some people. It's such a great extent that it gives me concern as pastor. You're gonna say going to say wait. Are you telling me that. America's not going to be in heaven. You know what i think it is. It's a special vip section. Please people understand. I'm sarcastically. I if you like but no no. No we're american christians and they're gonna actually actually that's bright they would go. Oh this has been documented recently. That christians in persecuted nations. Feel bad for you. Because you don't see it your they look at us and go trump biden. People like you're putting your faith in that's sad. They're they're like they're gonna kill us over here. Are churches get into big. We're probably going to be the pregnant commits. Shut us down. They might put us in jail and might kill us but we just to gather now we got to worship. God we gotta tell people about jesus and they look at us and go. I'll get back to telling people about jesus. Please let this happen more. Like let my guys. Okay again sorry. Drooping a little bit with sarcasm there but is people. And i think i think the interesting thing is when we see a person or a thing to latch onto because it's tangible is right in front of us. That's the tempting for us. All they see something they can latch on their hope to. That's tangible and they can hear what they have to say and they might like some of the things they say and all of a sudden that is like their hope but the struggle comes in we as believers christ is our hope. That is what we should fully be relying upon. That's difficult to do when he's not right here. Tangible right next to us when i say to me like as these three gentlemen are around me tangible but crisis with us in it's easily forgotten and easy to forego that knowledge that we have that crisis with us when he's not standing right next to us physically and i think that's the in some shape or form we need to have that check within all but if we start to look toward even men or women in this world or thing or an object that derives us more to see our hope coming out of that There should be some kind of check. That's like okay but wait a minute. What is what is my life in. Christ supposed to be like what is true. foundation that i'm building upon and it's christ. It's not something in this world because we know it all goes away. There's an eternal impact. We have through christ and that's what should be rooting us. And we all know that. But that's just that reminder that we have to come back to you. We need a perspective change in our lives. Look at john chapter eleven which just happened to be speaking about this sunday. So that's why it's there. I wanna preach issue to settle be. They're better. i'll be there. But you story of lazarus and where the lazarus and. mary and martha. Mary martha send word. Jesus hey hey this guy. Your friend that you love is sick sick sick. And jesus says he's going to be okay. This is like this. Sickness is for the glory of god that god is allowing this thing to bring him glory and i think if we can because in our lives where the tension comes in for us is in these uncertain times is that there's an expectation that we have of god in that there's then there's what god actually does and so when there's a gap between what i expect in this case. Jesus says okay. Yeah i'll see you a couple of days like if it were me i'd be like oh no no. Yeah i'm i'll be there. I'll run there and take care of it but what you find is when jesus he waited two more days and then he goes and by the time he gets there. Lazarus has been dead for four days in. And they're like if you would have been here. If you would have been here. He wouldn't have died it. Wouldn't it would have been different. And then standing in that moment after he weeps and all that thing nick around verse forty two you look around you have all these people that are now gathered and weeping and so there's this huge audience would not have been there. Had he just like gone there healed him done. God's going to get the glorious and he's basically tells mary and martha that if if you basically if you hold on you'll see the glory of god just trust me. Just wait and so sometimes in that gap what we ended up doing we fill it without or we filled with god. Why don't you like the gap of this. I think i should do and what he actually does. Fill that with. Really damage damages my faith at times when i'm not trusting but we need to fill it with trust and say what i'm expecting. I expected you to show up at the right time. And you were late. Gotta expected you to write. These wrongs gotta expected you to do this thing often. God's not in our timetable. And i guess my point and all that is to say that when there's a gap between what you want god to do or expect to do what he actually does in that meantime you just need to trust him. You just need to say god. I don't know why this is one of the phrases of the mini. It's not something that i would choose. But it's something that god will use and just to trust in the fact that okay got. I really think you should be here right now. But you are not am gonna trust you got. I really wish you would show up in this situation. I really wish you would answer. This prayer was wishy would change. What is happening right now but in your perfect timing it makes sense. And i'm going to trust you. And i think if we can get that power and strength because it's not like we want our own thing we we've got our agenda like god. Please sign off on it. But trusting god in that gap and saying okay. It's not like i want you to be here but you're not right and it's ultimately it's going to be for your purpose for your plan for your glory and ultimately i think from my good so i trust you. I think comes back to his wizar- farber always has timing and his plans are far better than our timing and plans. And i think at the interesting thing that we need to remind ourselves of is we have the holy spirit living within us as believers and. We know that he's there to help us. Even if we're struggling. Because i think a lot of people in the world right now are struggling even through this uncertain times if you think about even just outside of our country with the election but like code. There's a lot of uncertainty about how life is going to ever come back to normal or if ever will and i think there's a sense within even believers that's like own mind like this is the is the greatest struggle or trial. We've had to go through as a church which it's not not near anywhere near persecution. And so. I think it's an interesting thing that you know. We have to remain rooted in coming back to as you're saying. God's timing is far better than we can ever imagine. And i think we don't ever usually see that until after the fact but if we can even just hold onto that knowledge going through something is going to be far better for us. Having our view of god is often small. I think about you know marya marya marya area. We think of the people in john eleven and they have this view that like man of jesus in here in time. It's not gonna happen. It's not going to work in a lot of times. We have this view of god doesn't do this this way. My narrow very narrow view way. It's not gonna work. And i don't know what he's going to do. I don't know what god's gonna do. Next i don't know how he's gonna i. I don't know yeah there's a sense that yeah we don't we don't know but we should have a sense of confidence that god knows exactly what he's doing he's got he's got it. He knows exactly what he's doing. The basic principle that we talked about it is god's sovereignty. Try it's all great to say these words and these phrases. It's like when you're talking to a newer believer all the wasn't done student ministry talking to teenagers. And you're like you don't wanna be that person that just trashes them but like i don't think you understand what that means and and then i quite frankly a lot of adults don't know what that means because it means Second corinthians four that we look to things that are that's been my thing through all of govan the not the things that are seen but those that are not seeing the things that are seen temporary things that are not seen are attornal winner you the other one is. Put up a second peter. And it's the first peter chapter two where it says a talking about christ says for You've been called this relationship with god because christ verse twenty one. I peter to christ also suffered for you leaving an example so that you might follow his steps. He committed no sin neither was deceit found in his mouth when he was reviled. He did not revile in return when he suffered he did not threaten but continued entrusting himself to one who judges justly. He himself bore sins body on the tree that we might die to sin and live to righteousness by his wounds. You've been healed for you. Were straying like sheep. But now have returned to the shepherd the overseer of your souls and this came up quite frankly in our men's bible study this morning and we're talking like it's coming back to me that christ himself had to entrust himself to the father to one who he knows judges justly so to the extent that we are near to god through our study of the word personal practice Depends on him on the holy spirit to listen guys. We have to try like everyone of were standing here saying. I'm not worried about the election. It's not because. I don't care because i'm entrusting myself to one. Who judges justly one. Who's the oversee the shepherd the overseers of my soul if he is the one that my allegiance in my trust in my hope is placed in then just like his son who though he was. You know people attacked him. He didn't revile though they accused him. He didn't fight back. That's where i have to get as a believer. That's where you have to get when we go through trials we In our flesh. We wanna go. God you're not in this. 'cause you're doesn't compute. You're supposed to be good. This is bad and therefore you keep you part of it and Or if we stay with. The election is supposed to go in this way. It doesn't really gets in the way then we wanted. Therefore god what's going on and in those moments you ask the question probably fifteen minutes ago. What are we supposed to do. We're supposed to entrust ourselves to one who judges justly and god is sovereign if you're hearing that at preached that a lot in this church and i preached to myself to my family because we've been through some junk in our lives if you know me we've been through tragedy just like anyone who lives long enough on this life you go through loss. We've been through things that just don't make sense. And some of the greatest things. God's called us to have created the greatest heartache in our life and yet god is in those things in if we entrust ourselves to him in that moment. Not to the circumstances of that moment we can weather any storm and A brings you through Your difficult times during certain times with a greater certainty that he is who he says he is. And that's actually what. I look forward to when these elections come regardless of results whatever side. You're on when it all settles down. We're gonna be okay because got still got seriously. I've said that before. I wasn't going to talk gas but i'm gonna say it right now. Some people listening and some people that you know if it's not you have put far too much hope and far too much trust into the people and the political system and god might just need to show them that if they don't get their way they're still going to be all right because they had misplaced hope and i don't. I'm not getting into god's determine the election or whatever but i'm just saying either side of the aisle. There's a there's about it. Looks like there's about half of our country if you look at the morning. Let's see the the portion of that half that are believers in christ are going to have to wake up tomorrow or the next day whenever it's finally settled or december when they settled they're going to wake up and go. I thought i needed this. I didn't get i got. I got the absolute worst result. And yet god here. You're the world's going on. You had me here. That means purpose. It's so funny. I feel like what you're describing something that even the jewish people went through when jesus came on the scene like. Oh this is it. He's going to be this reigning king and he's going to come and rescue us in. This is how. I imagined. God working in this situation. In god's said no you envision this wrong. I have something planned that so much greater in so much better but in the moment it is going to feel like absolute loss as jesus then doesn't go to be be this physical king that's gonna sit there on this throne that they can see in in in defeat all their physical enemies right in this moment but he goes to die and then you see this almost sense of hopelessness that they had this hope built in this very specific very real kingdom kind of thing is physical kingdom not necessarily the spiritual kingdom and feel like they went through very much the same thing. He got says assist. Now it's going to be different than what you what you thought but it's going to be better. It's almost as if you keep going back further in the bible. You're like andy. Let him out of egypt. And like wait a minute this supposed to be like maybe just. Maybe we're touching on this as the human condition and that maybe when the bible says your ways and your thoughts are not like nine. It's not it's because we just don't process in our earthly flesh. -ly mindset the right way i mean think of. It's another display of god's mercy it's another display of god's grace that he just constantly bears with our families and then calls us in some part to bear with the failings of others right and we go now no. I'm right. their wrongs or fix them fix that thing. you know. i think. I think a lot of it comes down to have a little bit of humility or a whole lot of milky to realize. Yeah same thing. Humility is complimented on its known around the world pretty humble guy pretty good. I think what it comes down to as Someone who considers themselves a follower of christ needs to come back to the reality of. I think you hit on something. It's a human nature type of thing. But i think it's not just saying oh you had god's in control but actually allowing it to impact affect your life because you can easily just have verbiage by saying oh god is in control. I got this. You know he. He's got this but then in reality we say that on the exterior and the interior like okay. But but if he doesn't. I have this plant and this and this and in heart of hearts. That's really what we want to happen because we can control it. We love control human nature. We love control but relinquishing that. To god is a challenging thing. But it's the best place to be and it's a weird thing to say 'cause the best place to be when you're not in control and goddess. That sounds like you're like you know all over the any room but it's like no that's the best place to be the difference between what you're talking about is don't really listen to the word Do what it says that we can say. We can have all this information. But it's not it's not transforming our lives until we walk it out. So if i say god is sovereign if i believe that god is sovereign if i believe that god is in control if i believe that that god is is at work then i need to rest in the fact that in that gap that. I don't believe that god is at work. I don't believe that god is in control at least in my my thinking. No no no you are. And i trust you and you have to say that and pray that and read that over and over again but understanding i. I don't understand why you why you would wait two more days. I don't understand that. Make any sense because now he's dead or i don't understand why you would allow this to happen because my family was totally fine until god. Why would you do this. And then our faith wavers as opposed to saying. I have no idea why you would allow this. This is this is what we're talking about is where the rubber meets. The road is where our faith really makes sense in our lives that we can all sit around in a church building and talk about how we ought to to live a certain way. And what god's word says but until we walk it out. It really means nothing that we need to get people to understanding that. It's not just these sunday school sayings that will get you through but it's the it's the meaning behind that understanding. No no no. God really is in control that god really does take we all believe that the holy spirit has re takes up residence in our lives but yet we don't live like we take god with us everywhere we go. We don't live like we are the temples of the holy spirit but we say that and so we need to really begin to us. I mean 'cause. I look at that passage like priests like people that your church my church. The reflections of who we are like it or not. And it's a good and the bad. They may argue. Not my pastor But that's the reality. That's so you're saying as a christ follower actually have to. Do something. Not just read your bible but read your bible with the end in mind that god i want to. I want you to change me. It's getting past that infant level. Read your bible to read your bible. Check it off the list but god. I just want to experience. Today i want. I want you to speak to me from your word. And that's why i'm here. Not just so. I read proverbs five because it's the fifth day of the month but i got i want you to really speak. My heart isn't it. It's something you say very often. Information is haughty in transformation is whole application application of information makes us haughty application makes us holy that but we have a lot of people that think if i have a bunch of information. I'm going to be. That's where holiness. And that's i'm thinking like one of the greatest gifts you get when you are putting position to lead and teach the word of god if you do this way. Which is what. I do i look at it and i said okay. Got what are you. What is your what does this say go. Yeah and what does my life look like in light of. What the standard. You're calling me to hear in your word. What's the true teaching the word. Okay now where am. I am not in a way to beat myself up to go. Okay got i know. That's what you want from me so let me. I don't read the word going. Let me quote that. Because it'll sound good. I read the word to go legitimately. How must change. If i want to be in alignment with this and that you know what quite frankly. It's a not very popular in the church today. I'm going down different avenue there. But it's like people would rather hear and i i often say i'm i promise like i'm doing philippian right now and i'm like i promise. This is the book it's joy. It's going to be positive. Because i try to tell people like i hope you understand like again if i go back to my. I'm entrusting myself to one who's just muscle interesting. My self gracious merciful and loving shirt and therefore. I don't look at this one. I don't meet the standard. It's not a a better get to the standard. Or god's gonna be mad at me. I go no no god you love me so much that christ died for me. Here's the gap. I want to be more like you. I don't i don't do it out of fear out of love and therefore when we preach these things were like please do something like live this out. People feel like they're being shouted. I'm like no no. I'm imploring you to not hear me. Say this is. What god's word says be more like that because that'll make you more like christ that will bring you peace and i truly believe that in my early twenties i was a hyper political person. In the further. I grow in my faith with god. The less i care about seriously politics because i'm they have no authority but what gives them and i think erin earlier. It's the cheesiest thing. I've used all these examples. This conversation rails weird because it's come up with my my conversations. I've had with people in last two days and that is one of the my my things that stuck out to me. Dr seuss quote a boy. Say seriously there's if you gotta read the i'm not gonna read the whole thing but it's called the pale green pants with nobody inside and then like it talks about not fearing. It's this person. There's a little stanzas of ahead go here. And then the pilgrim pants with their. And and i know it sounds cheesy but at one point. There's a little phrase in there and says i've this person's hiding and they said i said to myself i do not fear those pilgrim pants with nobody inside them. I said those words. I said those words. I said those words but i lied them. And it's just to me. It's been so profound that's what we do. We just say these christian schaeffer things but we don't believe them in our heart and we don't live him out into the people don't understand and when you don't then it's very empty and quite frankly i think spurgeon somewhere says it's the great torture of the christian is to know what god's called you to until live in objection to it and so you can like these people i said it i said i said you know god's in control he's on the throne god's sovereign but if in person if my person doesn't get elected than the no the those two things don't equate era i'd sovereign he's in control. Quit saying those words and saying those words and symbols words on the lying them to yourself and let god to the power spirit. Bring that truth to life in you to where no matter what happens. You're like not that you're free of the effects not that you don't feel something in the moment but in that in the battle you go. I know what. I'm feeling right now. But i also know the truth and so that's what i hold onto through this storm. Do this uncertain time you still. We're going to suffer the physiological. Human emotions are going to happen. But there's the you know the anchor it's holding. you know. this is what i have to do that myself. I mean i'm gonna rent. I'm in the middle of too much talking right here. Like erin and i were talking just even personally like recently going like i don't know i feel like kind of like what's going on. Where's god leaving me. And where do i fit in. And things like that. And i go but i go to the but i know what you got called me into a transition in my life and i go. That's the anger that i know. I know that was the lord. So i feel this way right now but i still know. It's not like we needed to blow everything up in my life. I just go god. I'm holding on like where were we going. You know what i mean. And so that's i think when we speak at times as pastors and people get maybe frustrated with us. They don't understand that we're walking that to where humans and we're having died ourselves daily to entrust ourselves to god to and we're going it works when we are when we are desperately dependent on the lord then wearing a good place and that's what we want for people for going back the veil a for pulling back the veil as pastors as teachers. The things we talk about on sunday are things that god has wrestled with us during the week. If we're if we're doing the right thing we have wrestled with that. We're not just. Here's information that i'm gonna give you but god is really beat me up with this and now i'm to let him beat you up with but it's i i think if you're if you're teaching the way god wants you to teach you will say man. This is not. this is not just for you. This is for me and it starting here and going out from their order now. I think it's I was just going to add to the back of mike's that's exactly where we want to be in. You may be questioning throughout the process. Everything knowing that gaza control. But that's truly where you want to be at the end of that situation. John eleven. mary new. That's where she wanted to be just came in the fulfillment of god's timing and his purpose for that situation. It truly walked itself out and mary new at that point. Okay he is in control. And i don't have to question you know if god will take care of me or if god will be there for me and i think that's the chief thing we need to come back to is even if we may not feel the moment and that's exactly where we want to be surrendered to god's will and allowing him to leading guide and direct us. Because i'd be pretty darn stressed out if i had to lead and guide direct myself because i don't know that much i think one of the things that i keep coming up for me. Maybe you guys can help clarify for me. Because when i'm talking to people and even you said this a little bit mike maybe it's semantics and that's why even like when i said something in a recent meeting i think it was kind of like ono. Of course that's what i mean and so maybe it's semantics but it. Was this idea that we talk about living this christian life and we see. This is what the word of god says. I'm going to try to do that. And where i come from is i can never do that. And god if i if my life is going to line up. If i'm going to trust you in the gap if i'm going to have the power to to walk out this life period it's because i've surrendered to you and your living glaciers twenties but i think of the life i live. It's really in the power of christ in my life but again it may go back to semantics. People people would say no no of course. That's what i mean but with the things that come out of our mouths are live your life for christ. It's like do your best to do what god says as opposed to. I'm being honest with you in that moment outside. I'm not going to choose that. I mean you know what i'm saying. They might choose that. And if i'm going to have the fruit of the spirit it's because the fruit of the evidence of spirit in my life is coming out because i've surrendered not because hey i'm going to be more patient today. I'm going to be more loving today. I'm gonna be more kind. It got if i'm going to reflect anything of the spirits because of you living your life through me that is. That's definitely well for one. The it is semantics. I think i think people would say you know in a sense that we're not as far apart as what we think we are to the the the side one err on the dying to self though because there are some humility there if i think if i look at a standard of god the and go okay. I'm gonna work towards that so i it. That is an arrogant. Because you just need to go. Romans seven right and look at paul's like it's a i'll never get over the wording if find it to be a law that i do what i don't want to do. So the knowledge is there in his heart. The desires there but the ability to carry it out is still dependent on christ in the right spirit. And that's where we live. and so. Yeah the even there again. That's a great point to say as pastors claiming this standard. We're not saying now. You go do you say. Let's let's worship got ask god to transform us. Let's ask god what we need to change what needs to go. And we're going to need the power of god to take that ring a right from us even like we're just you know we're part of a denomination that like says it's all about jesus and it sounds kinda hokey at times but it's like but no literally. Let's just keep coming back to that. I can't save myself. The got is clear. You cannot save yourself in the same way. The church word of sanctification. You cannot make yourself holier right. The god does that in you and so every battle is as an opportunity to die to ourselves. And that's a great battle is a hard to win epic epic battles wait. Showdown pester showdown brady. Where were you where to that. But you go ago rooms twelve. I was going to say the bible saturday. We just like last month. All student ministry as well they would just get romans twelve. We'd be good. But no i think aroma stuff right before pockets into basically these marks of some of the follows. Jesus in these these almost very actionable things before he gets it. And i think to really combat the. I'll try harder mentality. You have romans. Twelve one to romans twelve onto says the you need to be living. Sacrifice follows that idea of a living sacrifice. Up and dying to yourself with. He says in verse two. That really don't be conformed to this. World are living in opposition to these this list that he's getting ready to give and he says you do that you you're able to basically a achieve might not be the best word you're able to live within these marks or somebody that follows jesus not conforming to this world by By being transformed by the renewing of your mind and that it's this constant kind of renewing. And you having this thought of no. I'm a. I'm a living sacrificing. God it's whatever you want and god will you just work in me. And it's every day you living in this in as you live in that and as god changes the way that you view everything and changes the way that you think changes the way that your mind works in. It's not. I'll try harder. It's it's godman. We were just work in me and less of me more of you. If you look at the whole idea of less of me and more view you really lining up to. What worship is if you begin to live a life of worship. It's less of you. It's more of him as less of you. it's more of him. You're renewing your mind. Ultimately to live out the rest of romans twelve and that's really one of the things it comes back to. I think the thing is a lot of times when we say things from a pulpit or from teaching lesson it goes to behavior modification. We want to be better. But it's not about behavior modification. it's actually about during more of the holy spirit to allow him to actually show your life. It's not about trying harder but about surrendering more to say about love. That really famous pastor at one time said to be the problem with living sacrifices. Right keep crawling off the elder all in off the altar and i. that's joe prior i. I'm sure i didn't come up with no but you said and i mean like you know it's kind of cheesy but it's like that's so that's a perfect picture what we do And i was. I was just saying so Looking at where we're at. I think we're getting there. We're going to land the plane here. But i think we're trying to do is take i'm thinking as we're looking to close. So what do we say during uncertain times there. There's a need to trust in the sovereignty of got mean that he's completely in control and he's the best person which thinking say best one to be in control better than you are the smartest person in the world or your group or your organization. It's god and that's who we want to entrust ourselves to. So we trust in the sovereignty of god we look to his word for how to live and then we don't just merely say the words but we got help me die to myself helped me surrender these thoughts actions in this moment. Even right now. God help me died of these things so that you can so that you can move in this situation. And beyond that even in the midst of suffering or uncertainty that we have to know the truth of god's word so that we can hold onto it and say i know my life is spinning out of control and i feel like things are going really really sideways But i know who you are. And i know that you're greater than anything on counter on this life because you're the creator of this world and these people in the systems we live under all your authority and so you know i'm going to go there. I'm not going to the extreme. And i think that was a big a big part of what we were trying to get through. Yeah and say today. Just trying to distill down. We set a lot. But there's a lot to. I mean this is. There's so many avenues. You can go down because this is what people face any level. We didn't even get into your jobs. Falling apart of your children going astray in your marriage is in trouble. I mean uncertainty is around but trust is huge. We're talking about trusting god and you can do that as you get to know him more to say in that gap my losing my job. I'm losing my family God i trust. You helped me to see a path through there. I think. Paul god says paul grace's sufficient for you really for those of you. That are struggling today whether it be the election or just life and covert That that what god is saying is it got strength in. Your weakness is evidence of his presence in your circumstance. Very fact that you can get out of bed. Today is evidence that god is with you it. May you may feel like. He's still two days away but his presence is with you and in fact that you have that strength. That's what got saint paul. And this what he's saying to us that my grace is sufficient for you that you'll get through the day and it will be okay. You just gotta trust me. I would say to that. Christianity can't be an add on to our lives to somebody. Were like jesus to the mix of it all but he needs to be our life. That's how i can walk in trust. That's how i can make some sense of this. Quite frankly he will. He will allow that. Which part that's that is not the gospel. If you want me correct you know so. That's how we live right exactly exactly. Got jesus as part of my life like i'm lord. Yeah that's the word i would say has to be law right and when he's not you're going to be off that's a. That's a stroke. We get paint that picture next time. The the the old picture of thrown like we can keep knocking them off the thrown off that lives niagara face but when we do things are gonna get sideways real quick and it should right and they break. Because i'm now in control the other thing i think of. Is that when these times. Come that we're in these difficult times that you shrink to the level of your training that who you really are what you like your faith in god becomes very evident in those times where you might be able to fake it in the good times but in those difficult times when things going south. It's like you know this is who i really am. And it really is revealed that i'm not even going to add to that that's true. Like wow that's good so we just need to. I guess my my point in saying as we wrap up is to invest in your relationship with god to walk in trust when things are easy baby steps baby steps out the so well hopefully. That's been helpful to you. It's been held for us to to wrap about that for an hour and five minutes. It's good. I mean like seventy five percents. That was talking about food. Good sir lynch picture. So there's a tick tock that people use the audio of like there's somebody opens the door and there's their dog is sitting in the house with them and they know that there's been stories of you of your dog chasing people on bicycles and he's like my dog doesn't even on a bicycle smoking chickens. It's like maybe chickens. We can't go back. We got come full circle. I thought about it like three starting to lose it. Like he was every time he goes. Because i couldn't hear anything you said. I'm just kidding. Appreciate episode fourteen percents chickens to surrendering your life. Hopefully that's helpful. If you have any other practical suggestions things that we missed. Didn't talk enough about or Boy this is a really great verse. That i come back to difficult times share with us. Let us know what's going on. So that's if you made it to a minute or an hour and six people check out and say nope not listening to that all right well until next time. Maybe next time we get together. We'll actually know the results of the election. Yes i'm hoping not though to talk about or not have the result. I'm hoping it's still up in the air just because here that people choose. Okay get over it good. Yeah he was going to say something that was waiting for him to say. I'm just trying to be the one that people say. Something about so nate doesn't match. I'm trying to help you eight. That's okay let me be the guy that says something myself next week next week. It'll be mike stern to adhere to me. How some pastors it takes awhile to land the plane. That's us that's all right finished talking with like. Yeah jonas this worst worship team. I told her not minutes ago. You gotta think about something to say you're taking about. We should do that while you're driving. Force your head your head. What was your. Hey your eyes closed as well on that note. We'll see y'all next week.

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Reasons Why Im Single  Episode 232 Who Came First: The Dad or the Son?


58:44 min | 10 months ago

Reasons Why Im Single Episode 232 Who Came First: The Dad or the Son?

"You're listening to the podcast detroit visit. Www dot podcast detroit dot com before information. He's as challenge. Listen life short. If uber crush on somebody just walk right up to them and then a little pass them and you know it. Just keep going. 'cause it's probably not worth it listed on all i feel you because i'm like yeah. Walk past six feet. Gotta keep some personal space there. You know like even worse than yes. I got gold. Get out my way through our theme song. Play that track day. what's up. everybody why i'm saying. Oh thank you guys so much for understanding that we took last week off chelsea prophesied like we did our end of new year's show and it's just like yeah it's new year's eve whatever the day was and then we decided to take a break which was buried necessary which we will tell you why so i so so on new year's eve eve wait she we care business and then just hop right in. We should take care of business. And then i let the friends on facebook know that we're live rate now. Hi friends. it's time for the series of jack. Thickening series of the day is what we use to say shea using people's real names that are from the fake name series of the day to hide their identities but if they who they are sometimes words are necessary. Only campbell's and me me. That's fantastic today big-name series of the day as i may destroy you so this is a series on. Hbo it set in london. I do terrible british accent. I'm sorry for anyone to have. Hbo safe now. but hulu does. And i love lulu. And i'm probably going to get it because your house you say we we've been doing a lot of hbo. Mike list ran. She was what she wants to watch. Right i got goal this year. Like for real though. Maybe i'll actually like do them. But hey so this this may be. Oh you can totally add. Hbo to hulu. Y'all so is that in london. Where gratification is only an apple way. The story centers on arabella. A carefree self-assured londoner with a great group of friends. A boyfriend in italy and a great writing career but when her drink is spiked she must question and rebuild every element of her life right. It's okay i don't have. hbo either. But i like sat score gonna add it thanks Have you watched bridgeton stacey no but that is also on my list because no one. I'm talking about your stuff. But i wanna talk about bridgeton. Let me let me tell you a one of my like for actual goals are so. I've learned especially last year. I'm very cynical when it comes to relationships and love. I know who. Thanks for finding out with me. America so asaki to a dear friend of mine. Her name is loretta and loretta We in our friend group someone like coined her the queen of manifesting staff. Because she's very intentional about her words and her thoughts and her faith. And so i learned like berry. End of twenty twenty just like manifested. Like it's actually a verb. So it's like though i say like a prayer and hope everything is gonna go. Okay it's like no. I need to like actively like a believe that good things are gonna happen to me just like well start. Watch like happy about love. So last year of erica. I watched love is blind. That's my. I like trending that i watched so i was like maybe watch another trendy series so i saw the stuffer bridge or ten. I was like okay. I will get there. I haven't started watching. It was like ok. That looks interesting. I've heard really cool things about the music. I'm like okay. I can start there. But also i have two dear friends We'll call them officer fumi and officer bat. Who are obsessed with this. Little show called the bachelor so i said you know what i'm going to give it a world. Let's see what this thing is. All about the first fifteen seconds. That i was like i hate this house. I can't i can't no cc. I've never wa- i've never been a bachelor person except one. My one friend grows name Harry she she filled with because the very beginning of the season. This girl like me this guy for two weeks and she stopped everybody else in. She proposed that part and then when they brought a new girl in and they made it back to normal. Bachelor is like camden. So i watched the first fifteen seconds and it was like it did too much for me but i mean great job editing. Abc because you folks people land real quick. So i've never watched the show before so it's like i'm learning like the rules. It's then it was with my mom. So she's watching and asking the same questions mike. I honestly don't know the answer to any of these questions because of never seen this before. Still it's like historic for two reasons. They've never had a black bachelor before and also he's like he's never been on the bachelorette because apparently usually they take one of the is that made it through to be one of the weird chain letter or something where it's like once you're once you're once you've lost the letter that you mail to this person then we give you a chance to send thirty letters to these people and one of those people will go. Yeah it's like a weird. Jane letter. Which i never forwarded. Now maybe they did like in the beginning like just a nice person. And i'm like who has time. I don't like these. I remember mailing out a letter in fifth grade and mind you because the mold stamps for like fourteen cents or something and on our day kid and i remember my mom being like this is expensive. Stop it and i was like the shape and it's bad things happen. You know what mom. I'm thirty five and i don't have any kids and i'm unmarried so that's on. You should have paid for those. But yes so bridgeton. Bridget bachelor bachelor enough. I did make it through the whole episode at grumbled most of the time. But i realize like he's serious and i would love to be the host of that show. I think he's the greatest job in the whole world and so he's like there's times you may love me. There's times you may hateley. But i'm here to help guide you through this thing. It's not when the bachelors all of the girls he's like wow like the hose remind him he was just like your future. Wife is in that room absolutely. Yeah you're you're right. i'm just like well. They're really serious about so then. Would they talked to the different girls. And i would say average age would be twenty four years old is a first of all. I remember when i turned twenty four years old and my immediate thought was. This is the age my brother was when he got married. I'm nowhere near that. So the fact that all of these like majority of these girls are twenty four. And they're like yes love like i'm so excited. And when they meet him they're just like oh my goodness. I've been so nervous with so excited to meet you. You didn't get your life together mid twenty year old. They're serious about it. They're intentional some like there's a lesson here so i did make it through the whole episode. And then they showed like the montage at the end of the clips of what's to come so then everyone's just crying including the bachelor that there's like three different girls they like. I think i'm in love with them on. My gosh i think about the low. My leg mike. Okay but there's three y'all wanna him so unless there's to be some weird sister wife won't return anything like now and you see him crying but then they show like all of the setup shots where he has genes on shirtless but he's deep in thought. I'm like yes. 'cause i am shirtless. When i'm deep in thought lies i'm pants list. So it was. It was a lot. I really have a lot of work to do. In terms of manifesting love bridge will be a lot easier then so first off first things. First brisk bridgeton comes from shonda rhimes bring come on wayne. It's it's she bought the rights from a book but like what it is. You can afford it crazy. Mammy and how to get away with murder and station. Nineteen and like like shonda. Rhimes is being the my absolute favorite part of it is. It's like do you remember in twenty fifteen when hamilton came out. And everybody freaked out george. Washington's play black man like y'all actually but look who in like twenty fifteen teen. When hamilton came out and george george washington with played by black man oh what and erin burdens. Play by backflow what alexander. Hamilton was labor. Puerto rican like it. Was this crazy idea that like basically history can be defined in showcased in ways that are ethnically diverse. And we don't have to just because there was this white supremacy over majority of history because it's guess was writing the history books white people so why it like and it doesn't mean we have to be historically accurate in that aspect during you can have historically accurate like stories but they do not have to be portrayed by. That's like when people say superman was wide so rancho always be played by white man. I'm like superman was a comic off ariel from the little mermaid there was a campaign that said make area white again. I'm like first of all. She's mermaid human fantasy store. So shonda took if. I could describe richardson to you. It is pride and prejudice. Prime prejudice meets gossip girl. I never much gossip. Girl gossip very fashionable very trendy in the nineties. But there's a girl who is a gossip columnist essentially in every beginning end of the episodes. Are it's at the very end of the episode. Gets excell excell gossip girl but so the very beginning of the show. It's showcasing the costumes in the sats and all this loveliness and it's just such an ethnically diverse cast because shannon knows what's up and men and they're all beautiful because let's be real tv. We're on zoom guys you want to. But essentially it's there's a gossip columnist. Who's putting her own printing press paper and she is insulting the queen and all the new things and this one girl gets dubbed by the queen as the leg of the dating season when the girls are finally open to season. Fourteen and disgusting but whatever They cleaned up this one girl. Br i watched it too quick so now i don't remember their names Hurling way too many details like the first like five minutes. The move of the showers. No better than the bachelor. Just promise me that. So much riders vertical wall with the vibrator in the first fifteen seconds of the bachelor. I doubt arose gathered for league shock-and-awe with that can spin on for so long. Apparently you can get both with what she brought. Not not my thing. I mean like masturbation now but not the bachelor anyway. It's fantastic higher command. I need you to watch it soon. I was disappointed in myself. Came her christmas and it finished it on christmas. And and i'm just like oh no no absolutely a year is. That's the good and bad thing about netflix. Whole season but they gotta lately year. I never thought about that. I feel like david mentioned that before. You main character is he. He's fine. He's fine and i will tell you stacey like in that first five minutes of show. The there is a there's nakedness suggest. Prepare yourself in its male naked. This so all about action. I've gotten all year and all my life so the other thing. I wanna talk about before we talk about what happened to me is. Did you hear about michael jordan. Now gave herself. Michael jordan is people's sexiest man. Alive out first of all yes. Been now Secondly michael jordan has a girlfriend. Yeah maybe maybe her name is lori harvey. I saw that brumer beautiful. Will they're beautiful. But here's here's the thing here's the thing. Okay so laura harvey's evil it steve. Harty steve harvey's daughter so like craziest family to marry into. If you were going to do that but laurie harvey dated. Not only diddy but ditty son. Is she home. I looked at hoping. I was being attentive in our conversations. Be where it's like. We're at the weird age where you could go for either the sun or the dad. That's why i'm wondering. How old are she's twenty three. She's not at that age. She also david future. I mean features dated everyone in has like at least mirror and i'm not shaming her. I'm just saying it's weird to be dating a daddy and a and a fun. I She i she david. Did he son justin combs and then she dated ditty. Listen i get it and like your passes your pass. You wanna live your life but like if you just kinda like date in public like going to keep track of it and that's a weird stop arrest stock that you've spent a little time on justifying someone sleeping with a doubt amazon. Now i'm not first of all we don't know if she slept with them. Go ahead and assume. We don't know that because i'm delivering allegedly. Let's go ahead and throw allegedly out there slanders. I just feel everybody's talking about it. I doubt they'd be slandering us. Come on come in and subscribe. You can find us on spotify and apple podcast in stitcher in every place you find podcasts. Feel free to find us on our channel twitter and instagram. Have the same handle at our. W is podcasts. Or you can look Facebook on reasons why i'm single nine anyway. So what so. I feel like if i were of laurie. Hervey status and i had this plethora yet things video. I feel like if amazon her status. I had the option to date. People of those caliber heck Those people that caliber alan care of its public. Shoot take me out to dinner future angles forum but you know the man can buy a decent amount of crab legs. Why not. i'm all for it. Listen did he son. It didn't work out. You're talking to the dad and just like ambuhl blah blah you start talking about finances and investments and stuff like that first of all did. He's the first person that i said that i would merit. When i was young. I used to say you know what i would never marry someone just for their money unless it was diddy but at that point he was puff daddy because the man has been through several names and several decades so i can be mad her bills like oh. Let me talk to this guy but also i want. I'm saying i don't balder redoing. I don't bowl her at all for doing it but why it makes me concerned because even though i'm a grown woman i can whoever want the part that makes my mind just mutt. Mind just like google caputo blow. Onomatopoeia is is the day. I have to take this fifty year old man to meet my seventy year old father. That's the part that my mind can't wrap my head around but in the moment like sure i'll go with this fifty year old dude. Hey you got money you got a pension. Let's like beyond so your man's off the market a non worst of all. I said we were just platonic. We had multiple dreams about this chelsea. He was all excited to see me on my calm yourself. I i love you. You're great you locate for the sake of this show and who we are and who your most recent crush has been. Yeah your boyfriend's off the market and you're welcome america. I released out to. Uc manifest gave him back to the public now. I need to remind eight and held onto him. And then you would manifested that. And then steve harvey's daughter wouldn't be shock because you've been like no somewhere somewhere out there. Someone has claimed me. Manifested manifest beth manifest. Best all right. What happened to me. So new year's eve eve. I was working at the bakery. Everything's going great I get old wearing a back. Brace my bags knock. Great and the girl. I was closing with very sweet girls. She was like. I'm gonna mop the floor and i was a great. I'm gonna fill the case cake. Kate case her name was theodora theodore not she also listen to the show so high so i came back with the cakes to fill the case and scrubbed crouch down maggie main reason for crouching down is because i don't like getting my pants sweat like like me on the ground and then i'm going to have like whitney's let's just so i crouched down in filling putting the exam and there's two doors so i slide that one and then i go to move to open the one right next to it and my right leg completely. Slide out from underneath me. I did like might not remember when you were a little kid and you would see your legs. You would sit on the floor but your legs would still be bent sear but would be on the floor and then your knees would be bentley so your whole body was making an atom okay. Yep yep these are things that like an adult body doesn't do because your pelvis has grown all these other things but Everybody didn't even do that. My legs went back like an and then my my vise went open like a russian slip. Both of my both of my hips popped out. Both may have stopped out and your girl was like. I don't remember what happened. Because i genuinely like blacked out a little bit from pain but i just remember be like get yourself. It's going to be worse adrenaline. So the manager walked in and she was like are you okay and it was already crying and everything was just holding onto the case cake a cake and i was on my knees that way because who cares if i'm dying She was like are you okay so then. I ended up going to urgent care the next day because it was a holiday weekend. Aw refined and i didn't want to go. The are because of my job situation and it would've been nice to be dating duty at that point. We like to go to the davgar rent. I could go to the betty could you. yes alpay. Legit big debbie. But then don't don't look at his it option we're looking at. It's not as an option and then look at his dad with disgust. You now the the normal boundary there because yeah big. Yeah i would. Have you know what now. It's thinking it because then what happens if you're you're all like under the same roof but it's just like hey you serve you now. What works out your stock. At christmas looking at your stepson. And you're like oh we used to hit it no have leaves the house your home along with them like it's just like my dad's home with my ex girlfriend right now but Wife or or my wife is at home with muslim right now as his girlfriend So here's somebody old later. I woke up the next day. And i couldn't put any weight on my right leg. My left leg. I don't know if it's just more flexible. From when i was like a dancer and all that stuff but blake but that one was okay. I think because the right legs when that slid Tried to catch who knows So so. I went to the urgent care. They were like basically we think really messed it up. But we can't do anything because it's Because it's work so they're like you have to rest for four days another Arrest we mean. Like don't move. They couldn't even do the hip exam because my knee hurts so bad. So they're just like you can't move for four days and then if you're still an like can't put weight on it hanging than we can do the mri in 'cause you know workman's comp thing so Who they have bad steps so like okay. I don't just eat. It's not like. I have another job that i have to stand all day. Lean over onto my clients and it was the weekend so i called them. As soon as i found out. I was like hi. I'm not coming in this weekend. And they really. What do you mean we have to reschedule. Your people obviously like this right obviously. That's what you have to do but everybody was really understand. It like my clients were really understanding. They just rescheduled other days. So with me still which was nice. Dad's awesome yeah but You know we had a so. I literally did nothing. I binged so much. Tv i was actually to the point. Where because every thing is starting to come back from its like winter. Break the new so i was like okay. What old show can i watch. That has a lot of content So then they'll take me a while. And so i'm the first i started watch. I could have read a book by the way. Apparently i was like no i must tv. I must see the. I must see tv and So i found bones. And so i've been watching so i started this on new year's eve and i think they've ten seasons or whatever but he just seasons like twenty to twenty four episodes and i made it to like season four. Oh 'cause i literally did nothing oils and then sleeping wasn't super easy so i didn't get a ton of sleep and yes it was just. I watched other bones. But then because of that i think when leaving work today i was like oh you. We're gonna wait for you because there's people waiting in a car and i don't want them to miss you and then and then we come back to the bakery tomorrow. We'd find your body and she's like wow. That's it extreme reaction to two people sitting in a car. I was like you never know. This is what happens when i watch. I can't when i watch criminal criminal minds. Do i get like over an overactive imagination. My hat But to the best of us and also speaking of sleeping like so the latter half of december like. I was just stressed out. My stress just sits here like this still hurt than i need to get a massage told i should sleep on my back. So i've been sleeping on my back lately and it makes me laugh because i've always either been on my stomach or on my side and my mom always makes fun of my dad. 'cause she 'cause he's always slept on his back ever since she's known him she's like it's just weird like i feel like i'm sleeping next to a coffin because there's just this body like lying on its back so that would i go to bed. I've just like. Oh god one step closer to being dead while i was while i was. Hold it up Helga banks out here. I was. I was playing on dating apps like lafley right and i have a couple of prazegas promising ones that have been talking to a couple of days but I'm a whole. I would just like to give my own somebody with mass words and just go ahead. Tell me when. I'm when i'm meeting somebody 'cause me take me ninety percent of them early serial killers or the ones that door they look like serial killers guys figure out your photo game. Come on what i will say is last night. I was like what it's been a minute. Let me hop on bumble real quick. So i have done their and like a mike. Y'all heard not you turn right back off but even just so. Many like egotistical guys on there. And i'm like you know this is an adb where the woman makes the first move. So she's like first of all women already our boss baby names but it's like this bumble like you know it'll fis that so that you have all of these bandages like yeah. I'm a go-getter and you need to be prepared for all this i'm going to bring you and blah blah blah and. I'm like sir sir. Still profile like you need to calm down blake. I changed my profile. And depending and i am a new our new thing i say to guys that has gotten me leg. Three guys to respond. Which is interested. One guy responded for my normal. How much engagement do you need to dance and wedding. I'm talking to him. Still the man kwami. If you saw him you would know. That's not his name but he got no. He's definitely not he has red hair robie. Today was his leg day at work or classes. takes classes for work so we didn't talk sunday but he i asked him how much encouragement he needs to answer wedding and he goes. I do my best my best. Dancing bachelorette birdies some single the answer. I'll take it but my new thing that i've is it. If they have a beard it is kind of meam. But that's kind of how dating is right now. I don't know it's like that the you know. Give them a nag Prove you wrong an egg and they can make negative negative. Okay ma'am how long have you been saved. That breaks assaulted a movie. That could last time. You're just like and by the way watch. Selena jaylo slaps in that. I'm like you use that correctly. But you've never that a lot. It's the foods like a neg-. I'm like why us that i work with the bakery. The tree they teach me things. So you use it correctly so Basically if they have a beard. I will send them the message. Wait i'll read it to you. Because where is that. I went to the wrong one. It's very simple your game. I give it a seven out of time Not bad like sees degrees. No guy wants to hear that about its faith while coming to life nice says. We'll think regina time. But i but i but you're probably it's off one impressive. I said well. I can't give score seeing it in person. Look sending this out. And i can't freaking move. Listen leave you talk about being on your boss stuff dates while laying in bed me trying but yeah. I've had a couple of moments on but i did change what my profile said so we're just going to update years but by twenty twenty one status is talk about that So might energy change the whole thing. Most bit says the same words pretty is thick thighs. Bb w beautiful woman and Then this part that. I'm looking for a man who wants to make me laugh and hold my hand in public beyond that i always said So i'm s decision in a podcast host. I'd like to be able to wear heels. Still taller so i got rid of that. Because they don't care what your guests about what kind of person i would get. That would read past the old man in public thing. And i have a good job. I owned my own home. I don't need you pay my bills. But i do need you to kill vic the slash evict the spiders. Yes all of that because we talked about this like people are always holding like men are holding like this fish or dare that i killed. I'm like shoot me a crumpled up tissue state. I killed a spider. Listen you in their like swimwear on an. I've actually gotten pretty decent amount of reply this one guy. Simon simon assignment is so hot. I might be getting catfish right now but i'm okay with it. Oh my gosh. Can we both show up at the place would have you i exactly like wearing. I'm like hey catfish like joe value the campus. She's not actually gonna meet me but we're having a good conversation. In the meantime sorry i have to readjust. My knee hurts. You're fine you're faced saw for you're welk's so i So he this guy already forgot the navy sign. Syam in Has pictures of beard and no beard. And that's what i was gonna ask with the beer thing. Is it okay to ask them for picture of them without a beard And i was like dude. This is so. I responded to him. And i said i have to say you're a rarity you look great with a beard and without you one and should expect the award to come in the mail him them he says because he's hot so this doesn't shock me. He's like take you. Ben is definitely the nicest thing i've had said to meet today. Oh i love that. It's not like in a long time. It's like nine yesterday. Somebody was nicer. We're different people. Because i took that as like. That's the nicest thing i've heard today like makes bacon my day. And then he said. How was your day beautiful. Which made me to turn not to be so judgmental. Oh i know so so nothing would be worse than this than if you were all of a sudden it comes out the ditties his father in the hit. That's the nicest thing i've heard all day. You know because they just found out my ex's dating my son no So let me give you his. Let's they let me get yoursel-. I don't know that you guys would get real weird. We're going to have him join zoom. I'm going to interrogate him. Thirty four up live ten. He has he has a kid. And once more he's christian he's moderately politic moderately politically viewed And he said you will get along if you value fun in kindness over stagnancy in debate and my first of that was i also liked to be right so i would win set and then he said i will never shut up about baseball. The fall may children college sports. A good recent book which doesn't make sense. But you know like. I'm assuming it means like a good book that he has recently read I think in a black a good. That's come out recently. There's so many sides to this people layers on isn't something. I learned way later than i should have. And he said slow to speak in quick to listen wins the day. That's a bible verse by the way slow to speed quick to here and With this isn't shock me but you know by us christian. I know exactly but does he mangle. I'm single day. Where and i thought was pretty great and it was honestly of. They're nice people at work. My dishwasher came from my house. Kroger gave me seventy five cents off the gallon. Listen for some. y'all don't know in the midwest. we have kroger westside. Exactly kroger and ralph's same thing as name. Yes come through kroger even your phone number. Sometimes they'll give you like at least it gives you three cents off so yeah draft my phone of her. You can know that. I buy gas here. I don't care and appearance of eta kroger card since we were kids so i just use hers and they never use the gas palm. They go to speedway which is my other choice. Guess usually i'll put in their phone number like they used any rewards in forever. Gives you some sense off on own so this was like. Would you like seventy five cents off a gallon of an empty tank. Come on an eugene. If not too shabby how was yours. And this is when you know would you old. Because he was like. Hey seventy five cents off per gallon is a big deal. What were you into leader like like. Aw appliance purchases always a little bit of fun in a little nauseating He he's working remote from work so he powered the day pigs. His kids up did a little sledding and then now he's in the car at this point. He was in the car because there his one son plays indoor baseball. But they don't let the kids they don't let the adults come in and watch so less people who has you know off but yeah we've we talked for a couple of days anyway. He made league so he brought up my profile and he was just so you know i would definitely hold your hand in public with a smiley face and i was like sweet and you'd be surprised. How many guys aren't looking for public. Displays of affection were public anything like. It's a very big plus. He says he was. My bird of the species can be a very strange group. You're not wrong sir. You're ll so can women. I won't apply perfection on our end either And then he brings up. You remember your love. Language being did save yes. Five love languages go do you remember minds were words of affirmation and physical touch and a little bit of quality time like kind of all in that world mainly physical words of affirmation like a big one. Was the word. Like i need to hear that you still like me. That's just my thing that's so he without me asking says i am a physical touch and words. The bathroom kind of guy. So you'll never see me complain with holding hands. And i was like most guys are physical touching quality time meaning. They wanna get the booty that's how they feel right because they don't break because they're like physical touch. Yeah what do tent you. It's like well now. You can also have quality time out like you acts of service like you must lawn. Because i asked you. Nfl feel loved. Because you did it. Because i asked you you know. There's one of the things that's like. it's. I've seen it done twice like done with a cup of coffee or done with like tacos like describing the love languages like i want to hold you nick attack. Oh i got you. This taco goes when in doubt tacos. Wonder do you like a taco wonderful. So than i said i'm words of affirmation in physical touches well smiley face. And then he goes will. Would you look at that. Ha ha and i said a rarity indeed and he's And then he says. I find that women are rarely those two things and i said i offer rarely those two things. Because i didn't remember. I knew my number. One was quality. Time right after his physical touch words of affirmation. And then it. So it was like is it enigma of sorts. It's a good thing. And then he goes. I mean who doesn't like words of affirmation right exactly so most men men he says so we'll just have to take a walk in some picturesque downtown holding hands. But we tell each other attractive. The other is. I'm here for it and i said that sounds perfect. That's what i'm saying it. Also i kind of picture you be like oh my goodness you look so good in a button down and that like suit coat and it'd be like you look to you being like okay but i complimented you way better. They used come on me. I would just need them to tell me that he likes me. So that's the you know that's the word ninety Legitimately he is so hot. He is so hot. I he's so hot. Says hold my hand Assignments hold whatever he feels like. He's got that like salt and his beard. Man wu. it's the ads could time Really really wrong jar Okay strong job. Does he have good posture. He has a tailored suit in one of his pictures. Lingerie four men it's The only bummer is that he lives forty seven miles away. Five hundred twenty five thousand. Sorry i know that seconds but good injury For boots. I was like okay. All right i'll drive. Whatever makes the heart grow fonder but yeah now it's so we'll see because it was very new. That's all the conversation we've really had. We will go to work but Yeah he he's scotty so hot. So are you in my past. When i've like bagged a hot one. I'm just like you. It didn't but i bagged that one fake online. I did that player. American off your new listening to us. I purposely do not have sex but anyway this bellevue dragged of. I'm just like you gotta go that over there. That wants me or at least wanted me back bad. I'm like any. I'm speaking of having going on. Could aggregate who i was talking to probably myself but anyway just talking about how it can be hard out here being single and whatnot but one of the things. You should definitely listen to our last episode. Let alone for years of content that we have But just talking about are like not resolutions but are like hopes prayers dreams for each other and For me chelsea was saying like put me. I just see no i am worthy of certain things whereas i always like a great thing. I'm like oh this'll be perfect for you. Know such and such for chelsea for anyone about me me one but sisi arash so. I need to learn to focus on me so that i was thinking about a good time. I really like my hair. All looks pretty nice evan. My next thought was either really good credit score. And then i went on facebook. And my boo josie. Just one right here on podcast with me posted this post. That was like that's what. I'm talking about shells here. You are doing the dark thing with you. Delicious credit score. yes bruce. hi jesse. thanks for watching the show. Jeffey went to junior high and high school a season high. She's a great dancer. Yes you bow. So yeah okay. So i get mckee's for us on monday so ninety nine. Am monday it starts. I took i took three days off. So we can mike deep clean and rippin and spackle paint all the adult things. So many things also. I'm like i panicked. Texts up paint. I bought a. I have no intention of actually having a kitchen anytime soon. Because i'm gonna fix it up. I want but the dishwasher was on sale. Oh i got you something. hold on. i saw it. I thought it was so cute. It's a pitcher with sparkle chelsea. Should have that the you. You are cute as no you wire. You're getting this big c- So yes i'm so excited it was going through and i was like was paying a bill and i of my bills. You know all of them basically now if you look on your bank it'll tell your credit score but i also leg have very much ben like kind of obsessed with it so i got one of those free credit report dot com kind of thing And and i've just been religiously checking. So i was looking at the see all three of them but like my fico score and was paying a bill that i looked at it and i was like is that i don't think that's a real number it so let me a picture and years ago ten years ago to this day on this day. Whatever you're listening to this in the year of our lord twenty one. Ten years ago. I was in school. Finishing i was in the second half school for my ass statics license. I did not have a job. Did not have a car. I thank god for my friend. Real name analogy who lived a mile and a half away from my parents because she picked me up and took me to school every day and she agreed to do it on the second day. First day school And i and i paid her gas money out of the goodness of my heart. Basically because that was the only money was i was making was one night. A week karaoke. That's seventy five dollars a week. I felt so focused in school which is good but in all other aspects loss because i just kind of i let a lot of my bills go side like ten years ago. My credit score was in the five hundred. 's which so i if you're listening to this in your twenties it's so bad there's it's never gonna i'm never get out of it. I only really started really hustling on my credit score in the last five years But like literally. Yesterday i posted a picture of my credit score. Because i was so freaking proud. You're here has an eight twenty two talking about you. And i gotta tell you. It took time i read. I am not somebody who can like on I need to physically write things down sometimes to really retain it so. I have a notebook of an every every month. It says september bills and it was soft. Every bill. And i handwrite in what i paid. I have left. How much interest. I paid that month so that way. I know how much it's costing me to keep spending the money. I was spending how i spent it. And i this last year of not doing much because we physically couldn't and i got myself completely credit free credit card free and then i got my yeah. I'm like an abroad a house. And it's so. I feel like i feel like all of my creditors. And all my credit score the credit card companies are like. What did she do. We gotta 'cau- from the day. That i made the decision to start doing that. I haven't missed a payment on anything. So like i bay. Big big literally just said to me That i've gone ten years without missing a payment on anything. Yeah so like people who are like. Oh there's the grace period getting about the grace period man. I pay my bills. I would rather not be able to eat than bills but you can you give grace. I will be on time. But yeah man i mean it is kind kinda crazy like i don't really do a ton of like good for me. You know because. I feel like in society. We hope bragging it comes off his bragging. And it's like but here's the thing. I'm the first woman in my entire family on both sides to buy a house by myself. I am see like i've never done that. And there are few there are women who made it because there weren't even laws that allowed a woman to buy a mortgage without the man's name on it before. Hey and so. It's like we're doing this out here. It's like back is worth celebrating. And so i posted this picture my house. And then this picture from friends where chandler says many wave in celebration of me and kamran and then i posted a picture of my credit score and a couple people like put the picture of like the shock face like the wild face and like the koreans of it but it was like i'm not doing and i know there's just as maybe there will be like. Oh your credit score doesn't mean anything and all that stuff but you know what like it shows how much your life can change. Just my little little adjustments. So we're out here. It's been ill for saying that because you're like there may be people that say it doesn't matter as yeah well pictures of your kid and how many months old they are doesn't matter either. Put chelsea of a nicer person. I need to work on being less better but also to put a icing on that delicious cake chelsea's type of person where she didn't keep all goodness for herself. She took me along the credit journey with her. So i'm like. Oh wow i really like do some fame with my credit and get it better so i am not. Were chelsea that i'm at eight. Oh four this is the thing. Anything above and eight is amazing. Beverly existed until you came into my life like we. Eight hundred six hundred. Cc has a really good credit history because every job. I ever got a credit card. She'd come in and open you. Had you've had credit cards. This many years old was i marshall field marshall fields that message us to let us know the history because new out. Or your edit look up mervyn's it has a y in it while are at effingham talk live. I dead for now. Let us know facebook. I think i asked to my parents. They think they remembered. And it's gone now because it means nothing to me but Yeah i know it man it. It's crazy. I just like lizard all of course i get hurt and all. That stuff was new year's eve in a man. Twenty twenty really just decided. Kick me while i was down for a second bear but you know what. It's highs and lows highs lows. We can't you can't appreciate the highs if we don't have a couple lows in there so This was a good hour is why i feel great about. I agree by you listening. And you're watching and Really once again. I just feel like we wanna keep pushing it be you. You are the most important person in your exactly who you are is exactly who. You're supposed to be so in. We love you guys so like let's just give it up man and gabon ball around the bell lane pans. I feel like this last shirt with a friend of mine. Not making it through it. And all that. I really feel like the message that i'm going to stick with. It is that we all need to remember. Exactly where you're at is exactly where you're supposed to be and if you need to move forward and then you know what you got to but ray now being you is exactly where you should be in the keep doing at keeping you 'cause but jc have a good week man. Elsie see i will because you thank you for the inspiration also come over cleaning out a lot of stuff out of my house. I do have to actually work. But i'll keep you posted drive out of your glitter pitcher you can. You can come after just to see it. I mean no matter what. I'm going to be their lives in beekeeping so much for listening reasons why i'm single that stacey that's chelsea reasons one saying all we'll see you next week oh caillebotte.

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Episode 69 Beauty Boss Series: How to Pivot with Changes and Plan for Success with Mary Ritcherson

Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

41:27 min | 7 months ago

Episode 69 Beauty Boss Series: How to Pivot with Changes and Plan for Success with Mary Ritcherson

"Growing their beauty business doesn't have to be overwhelming. It's all about mastering a few key strategies and systems to save you time. Welcome to beauty marketing simplified podcast dedicated to helping you on your entrepreneurial journey. I'm your host april niece. I'm a permanent cosmetic artists that built my six year business while only working three days a week and raising twin toddlers. I'm here to tell you the is possible for you to with a background. In spa marketing. It's my mission to help. Women worldwide debt more prophets while pursuing their passion and purpose. Let's transform your beauty business for more income and less stress starting right now okay guys. I'm so excited to introduce you to our guest today. Most of you already know and love her. it's a mary richardson. I'm going to read her bio so mary. Richardson has worked in the beauty industry. For over twenty years okay and was introduced to permanent makeup by a highly respected plastic surgeon in tampa florida and this is where she fell in love with. The industry completed her certificate in permanent makeup in august of two thousand and four. Hello and date. She has completed over sixteen thousand eyebrow procedures and by the way there's a little plus by that sixteen thousand seriously and now she is recognized for her nanna lines technique and has gained worldwide recognition allowing her to showcase her work and she shares her techniques in her classes on both online and in person classes conferences and so forth and she's also now working with her daughter. Morgan myers and so awesome. Keeping it in the family line. She's since then relocated to colorado and social. Tell us about that journey. But we just went. Welcome mary thank you for having the april. I know for a little while here such. It's nice to finally connect with you. What's been going on so has so much been going on. And and we've known each other for my gosh good five years making. I'm not even sure like against been a long time. My first speaking engagement in atlanta. I believe is where i met you. Yeah so for anybody. That doesn't know. Tell a little bit about your recent transitions. Most people that know you know you've had an extremely successful career in tampa florida. And i mean there might be other reasons but basically for the love of your daughter and your granddaughter and her family you move you took your family from tampa and given up your everything that you knew to start again in colorado so tell a little bit about that journey so what could a jump start. I mean i know it's going to move very actually mortgage out here going on eight years ago to go to nursing school so we came to the year and eventually the next five years we would move here well. My daughter got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. So that was kind of like the leading factor may get ready to sell. My business started winding down with my clientele and put my house on the market build a house in colorado. So that was my number. One reason why i wanted to move number two was she got married so i gave her dream wedding when you know as a mother of child when they get diagnosed with the disease and my twin sister also has ms instead stating so. There was no amount of money. I could walk away from my business the day after when she got that phone call that it was dipping typically amass that no hunting removing. We're moving to colorado. Everything's going for sale. The boat house out of here and so that was pretty quick. That was a whirlwind. I probably came out here. We've found only rebuilt and then so my house really fast in florida. And i sold my clientele in florida to another technician and it was just like i got my least. My landlord was amazing. They're eight and a half years and her daughter was going through some really bad stuff too so she understood and then she got pregnant after the wedding so i had threes to get out of here so it was a blessing and the curse at the same time because hateley family and my friends my sister. My mom's in naples. Florida my clients. I thought. Thousands appliance been a mess. Lonzo fly here to see though they come to see me. I did turn over my file. Load my caseload to november posey. So she's holding down the fort for my clients here. That really close to where i used to be and so came here and was going to open up a building bill to get ready to build out huge extreme facility i even posted the shell of it then cove it hit and then when kogan hit so many things. I didn't want to sign a lease. I wasn't sure what was going to happen. Didn't want to be committed to you. Know figure monthly salary. I would just rant and lee. So i just said you know what i'm going to seize the moment. I work sixteen years thirteen hour days. I'm gonna take some time now for myself. My daughter my family. My granddaughter and my husband and never worked fulltime again. April it openly is. No amount of money is worth the time that i had with my family and it was amazing. So now morgan. I down a little studio and collins colorado old town. That's where you wanna be when you're and your fort collins. So i got super lucky like it fell into my lap like god goes with me that day and so now beautiful the studio here. We have a five year lease and we're looking for spaces in the same building. We're in a beautiful hundred twenty year old building. It's a gorgeous building and we have a beautiful like a square foot. With whom got no treatment center an office a kitchen at a bathroom and everything so super super nice and looking to expand here in this building. But i'm also going to open up a school in wyoming so so that's coming hopefully in the next six months have that up because colorado super strict. They are ridiculously strict with their rules. But i'm going to follow the roles so we're just waiting holding off on maso morgan or doing that. We're gonna bring one other colleague. Did i know personally not with the to run the school. So yeah that's it's colorado's been a blessing. I love it here. I don't miss the heat. My sister flies out all the time and i was just employed with saying doing a class with her. I go back in july. I'll be going that times a year. So yeah that's amazing. Now guys what i want you to hear from. That is so many things first of all. Mary has a plan. she's a planner. She makes a plan. And i know a lot of you planners as well but then she takes action on that plan right. She doesn't sit around and thinks she is an action taker. She gets it done. She knows okay. This is what i wanna do. Put the other thing. That i want you to hear is that she has the ability. And i'm sure it's from past experiences. Chew be flexible and pivot because things don't always go as you want him to go and they actually rarely do but you know she sees okay. Well we're going along this track and i know. Kobe made a lot of people pivot. But you see how she's also pivoting where she's like. All right colorado's strict. So now we're going to look at wyoming. She's always thinking ahead but she's not getting stuck in the Now are she's not letting overwhelm and i'm sure she feels overwhelmed at times. Like we all do but you see how she's planning she's taking action and she's pivoting love. Love love yes. Alright somebody things. I wanna like jump in there with so move to colorado and let's just back that up for a moment and talk about the process because i think i've also realized this from going from new york city to california and having a really successful business it is so much harder to start again right so if you're starting a business you know how it's going to grow to kind of like start from scratch again when you've already had success is a little bit more challenging because you kind of expected to go faster than it dies right so any lessons that you've learned with that like starting over any aha moments that you've had with that while i'm kind of lucky to the fact where i'm kind of already know in colorado. Even as well. Also having this many years of experience our i would suggest the newbies and the millennials that are just getting started in this industry. Yeah i mean for by phone rang one hundred times a day here. Is that ring. And maybe twenty times a day. But that's okay. I'm really meaning the green of non very picky you. I work on so before. I opened up the studio and instead i'm going to start working in colorado. I introduced myself to a lot of colorado technicians. And i made friends with my friends here and i said listen if you don't do this technique. I don't do liner. I don't do lips let's collaborate. Lemme send those to you if you do powder browse you. Don't do hair stroke browse to me and my daughter. Does my daughter never learn here stroke ever so she only do i know and she only does all right so i don't consider my neighbors in this. I have a girl on the floor. Me the does permanent make more friends. So i don't look at it as competition was i nervous. No because i planned for the moon. I've been good financially. As far saving my money cove. It opened my eyes to a lot of things. One thing. I is making money and saving money so do a lot of colorado girls have already reached out to me to do a conversion class and stop so i was scared a little bit because i was hoping my daughter out you know the mood cost me thousands of dollars to a five bedroom. Call two cars animals and all that stuff so financially. It was a lot but thank god over the years. I was good with my money. I stayed everything i made. I saved half of what i made. So i was prepared for kobe shutdowns. I was prepared for the cost of the move opening up enough money in the bank. Said if i have to close down my officer year. I can afford to close my office for a year and i always tell my students. That shoe crap. Prepare so i was a little scared but it was. It was a kind of a welcome skier. I'm not going to work fulltime ever again. So i opened for sure. Yeah it sounds like you really grew from that right on new expression i just heard. Is you grow through what you go through right and it sounds like that to happen for you and so young and so now you've had this switch now just gonna go back and point out these things and the thing is that she's elaborating and you are speaking my love language. I love collaborating. I mean that's how. I grew my beauty business in new york city. I didn't have a huge social media. Following that i had lots of partner spas dermatologist. Other things like that. I love collaborating with other people. Even if we there's been other marketers that do the same thing and we get together and say you know what you do is going to be different than what i do. So let's figure out a way that we can both rise together. So i love that collaboration. What having gone back because you've had such a rich life experiences and not all rosy. Tell me maybe of a time where you overcame something hard or had a struggle and how you got through it okay. So i had an issue with a company on mackinac Anything that stole my photos. My skinny link photos not permit makeup photos. And we're using them. We kinda gauge it back. They're using it for about four or five years. A colleague of mine my attention that someone was using my photos in their brochures and stop so i delivered research and sure enough. They had all my photos out of four of their photo street. That remind they remind done by myself years before they were even companies so they definitely skimmed himachal my website. They've been on my website since two thousand nine lance. Oh i unfortunately had higher attorney and because it wasn't like a slap on the hand i'd had my phone is stolen many times over the years and i would just reach a headache. Take my throat. Oh down like kline. I'm sorry no problem but this was a larger scale. Business was almost an upward. Five thousand people using white photos so my best friend works for attorneys in tampa florida. Actually hulk hogan's attorneys in. They took me on contingency because they knew it was a win win. I don't know if anybody knows there's a lane that's called lane amac to that protects your photographs. You took a photograph of me right now. Able you own. It's yours so even if there's no watermark on it you own it so these people were lately taking my photos. They were giving them to people that bought their devices and promoting my work as their work and was completely false advertising. I was really upset in it. Took a lot of hours. I would be dacian until twelve o'clock at night. Dallas la mediations and stuff so it was hard because if the token emotional toll on me yeah it was kind of bittersweet yes anti-racism stockton rating. I did get compensated. I'd won the lawsuit. Most people know about the lawsuit because a lot of people. Four thousand people got cease and desist letters. Not use those brochures anymore so people have come up to me and that was you married. That was you know under my business name burbank by marion. now now. so yeah so it settled out of court and they learned a hard hard hard financial lesson and that was my biggest obstacle. But we really want. It was a a a win at the same time. Dramatic if that makes sense. Yes i totally get that. Did you have like any time. We go through something like that and especially even if it comes out in our favor one but it's so draining and it's emotional like you said a losing a win what we're your takeaways from that. Like just protecting yourself or not giving up. Or what were your personal lessons. Well it was such a large scale like you know. There's people that use my photographs as well. This is what i'm learning. Look at it like that. I don't all i knew. Shades is jokes. It's a different thing. I felt like they were benefiting off my hard work that i went to school for that. I put a lot of money effort into a here. They are to snatch up my websites putting a man. Forty eight power grants. I was in europe australia. Saudi arabia and america. I was on the doctor. Cd's show with photographs. I was in my. My plastic surgeons office had their device. It might bishops. Were in it so it did affect my business skinny known for that day like student lin kind of dropping off a little everybody was doing it and most of them have is device. And they had the brochures like my competition was right next door to me. Do you know what i mean. It was my own work. That was my competition. Wow wow lazy and is crazy and so then kind of going back maybe to your younger self like when you were first starting when you look back what do you wish you would've known back then like obviously it's all a learning path but not related to what we just spoke about but just in general. What do you wish you would have known. Starting out will i. I wish there was this many classes and additional advanced training. There was nothing back in the day for me. There was nothing. Yeah a lot of my stuff was just off taught. I wish i say no sooner. Because i was doing things i knew i should not have been doing. And you know as again artist. We get the taste of the money in like okay. Well i know. I could do something whether it stood or bad. You know and i would tackle things i know i couldn't do. I didn't get kicked myself. I never followed my gut. So i'd probably say follow my gut no matter what don't do things. I know i shouldn't be doing which i don't anymore. Obviously but i learned the hard way. Those are the lessons that obviously like you know like they say we don't learn from our success. We learn from our quote failures. I don't call it really a failure but just like yeah mistakes and things like that and you have had so much success. What would you attribute to your success. Honest to god doing what i know. I'm able doing so saying no to me has been my saving grace. I know that. I make the right decisions. I know my limits. I know what. I can tackle what i can't do. And you know me. I tell my clients everything. Hence all of my forms in my addendums and everything. I protect myself but i also let the client know everything from what could happen the possible risks upfront. So i always say to my clients. I don't need your money. I want you to be happy. And if you can't listen to what i'm telling you as the professional reid might forms that don't spend any money with me today. I rather you walk out. We part friends than you. I shouldn't be doing something on you. And most of the time. They really appreciate that. Yes yes but disappointed but they create but also like you really created the nano lines. You think outside of the box you do things in a unique way. Like you're definitely a go-getter and i think that you know tributes to your success but also you have a unique way of doing it. And what makes you chicken. That way like argue intrigued. Are you always looking to find new angle or what about you. Do you think propels you forward. In that way. So i think what the nano was like confused about nancy. lyons data lines username. No needle heston the lines. That i make lines. That's not a different. It's a hair strobe. It's a microwave. Strokes machines drove images my fancy name. Because that's what i use and i'm like i'm going to trade market so you will ask me what the difference between that and a machine the same thing just a fancy name. If i can interrupt their i disagree with you a little bit because what it really is the unique way you do it so it's not that it's a hair stroke that could be compared to anybody else's the way they do it with the same nanno neto. It's the way you do it that they're coming to. that's true. Yeah that's you to your definitely bought at the hair stroke in. I'm good at getting abandoned. Take mitchell here's to finally figure out what makes it stick might movement. I mean i took me a long twelve years. Probably if you're out might finally getting it. Finally the hob were okay. It's an and it's done so might trick is work really so methodical dry everything on and do not were like most of my work. Believe it or not as pass the way. I work is so slow and methodical and so clean and i draw everything that it's just effortless for me anymore. So the the biggest trick is working slow member thinking about it. Michael a swipe pretty quickly. So you're not getting less when you work. Slow a needle. And you feel that cartridge you're able to implant almost that color in the one stroke hence less trauma in it's all in there so that's kind of my trick is because i work super duper clean. I joy everything. I work super slow methodical now. Have you always done that or did you learn that from mike okay. This didn't work. And now i garnered this is i mean i just kept slow myself down a little bit more. Locate this one's better than this wine. Okay will slow. Wasn't i didn't want to go to new slow. So i kind of was a little faster night gauge myself s. Mary do these people this day and then compare when they come back. I was doing my own comparisons. So i found my speed not too slow not youth acts. So it's kind of like right in the middle. But i'm still going for these slow. So a lot of microbe later that are converting to machine realized they have to slow down a law and it's hard for them to slow down because michael blades worked at. So that's the hardest thing that they find with it so just takes a lot of practiced in mind control and i talked to myself number. Slow go slow. Like i'm in my head talking to myself to this day i do that. That's that's my trick is attack -cation slow. I don't overwork it get in get out. I'd love that you just said for anybody that missed it to this day. She still does that. So if you're beating yourself up thinking. Why can't i master this here. You have a master that saying even to this day. She has to remind herself of the lessons that she's already used before sixteen thousand plus procedures right. So that's amazing. I love bats and you. Do you have a favorite. I know now that we're talking about this. You've always wanted to know what your favorite machine needle and pigment is your go. To's okay so everybody knew about gosh. Fourteen years i was a new vote. Contour girl. I was nouveau contour for a very long time and it's a great machine. The needles are amazing. I so have it in my office. Supplies probably still have two hundred dollars. Every now and then i'll go to just because i want to know in my students like at you sometimes so right now. I'm abella girl. So i absolutely loved belt are the hand piece of similar size to do though he envies. I don't like big thick Emp's personally i big band. So i wanna smaller pen like tool so my i have six of them at. That says anything. I i have one yet. No i have all. I going to have ten of them. I wanna have ten for all students by dubai workshops by ten my office so they don't have to travel with machines and stuff. They could try before they buy it. Now yeah i don't distribute. I don't sell for them. But i do highly door because the machine is just like you know i think the nouveau is kind of like the mercedes but i think the bell are like the bentley. Like it's just. I can't explain it. It's just like butter. It's just like homs it pistole color the needles the vertex needles or my favorite snow much. Ignat so i can dip twice in almost be done in one pass which is two decks so my time has been cut back down immensely because of how much out did all the time which is nice. Yes yeah so. They've been though twos. And you said you like a vertex nanno. Is there a certain one. Because they have different sizes guy. I like any technique off the taper anyways so i liked the point t zero point. Two five point three three by they. Not those ratu stock you need. The one liners. So i'm only working out the taper. Wow so yeah and so when you look at artists that are starting now or even the ones that have been in business for a while and maybe they're just still struggling and this is not in any way of blame but just in a helpful way. What mistakes do you see. A lot of artists making tackling corrections should be tackling thinking that they can put a beautiful stroke over it going online and asking for advice while their clients laying on the bed which is a big no now not knowing proper colors theory. I see a lot of it actually going on. I've private messages. You can take that down here. Call this ill. Here's an online course. Go take a color theory. Had to ask how to fix. Something should be doing. So i see a lot of that going on and is not an not investing in proper education. You know these two day courses. I think it's cuts come a long way. A lot of course have come a long way but you know even though people offer online courses. I think it's very important to know skin in touch the skin when you're learning to do especially do here strokes. 'cause you can injure somebody with a very sharp tiny needle so i think that you know. Online courses are amazing. And they're wonderful to take your scope next level but if you're a beginner or a newbie in the industry. I don't think that should be your go-to fundamental mental for sure. I just think that you need to have some knowledge of skin touch. The skin peeled the skin. Your trainer needs to know watched to work. Yes i totally agree with that. I think it's interesting in our industry and beauty industries that are similar to ours. Maybe that's aesthetics or even lashes that there is a you'd idea of like how long it should take right and so he don't really have patience for the long game of not only getting their skills up to par building a business like these are two separate things that you take time and patience and and i think that for some reason they feel like it's just gonna be up overnight to date class. Yeah it should be thirty days to get through my harmony bega training that works full-time in the operating room. So it'll be thirty days after that thirty days was done. They asked me to train for them. I mean i think catches everybody in the school dre training and then i didn't take a pain clients for four months after i got certified because i wanted to make sure that i worked on every texture done pigskin. I worked on bananas oranges. Like i did not drew. I must have had fifty thousand drawn. i just routes. I knew i wanted to do here. Strokes way back then. I didn't do pattern browse back. Then that's all they taught you in school. I hated the way that sharpie marker pencil because back nowadays yet. I soft hombre but dan. It was literally sharpie. Marker looks against. Oh i didn't touch anybody. Know paying clients for four months and then i felt so good when i took my i hang ply. I was ready mentally physically. Because i took the time to take everything that i learned and pick it apart and not like everything i was taught but i learned from what i did it like and i made it better so i always say rome wasn't built in a day if you're not ready don't do it because if you screw someone's face up before we get started in the industry it can really be the demise of your business so i always say practice practice practice no matter what it to this day i still draw i actually tweaking my patterns right now a little bit so i'm always been a class will begin law or year before last hombre and i said as she has a little intimidating mary's coming to my client just call me nikki. I'm mickey for this class. Just treat me like you to any other student. Do you know she gave me a redhead. Oh wow. I gave me a redhead. I do about my i read hombre. I will do right now because of what she taught me. So i am the forever student yes. I think that's why we love you so much. I mean there are so many reasons but you know we know that you are just going to give it to a straight you definitely call it like you see it and it's very refreshing and we appreciate that warm. Yeah and so then. When you're looking forward you have new school in wyoming. That's coming you have so many things to look forward to. What are you most excited about. Okay so gosh a couple of things. My daughter's actually gonna be building Home so we're going to buy be moving little bit. This house i built here is not my forever. So one of getting a second home mortgages hong me opening a school. Either here in weld county or wyoming. The laws are changing little bit. So it'll be a bonus for me at bay opened up here opie brochure opening up fundamental school but strictly for eyebrows. I'm not doing lips. Eyeliner train. I am bringing on a colleague with me. She's actually when my private students use mad skills. Great business affects. I can't do it by myself. And my daughter has a baby. So i'm gonna bring her on with numerous to go look at our properties. We had snow freeze here. Like negative nineteen to drive in is so we ended up. Having to postpone in a wonderful colleague here in colorado is going to be joining the on that answer some other things coming up with in my taryn yes so my goal is to plan for mike now because i am a veteran. You and i both are veterans in the industry and so i'm looking at my long-term might not on my my retirement so fifteen twenty years. I don't want to be working anymore. I'm not going to work to lead. I'm going to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I'm going to have a couple of homes. I'm going to travel the world and that's my goal. That's my long term goal. I love that. And i also love that. You said first of all in all the experience that you've had right and starting over in colorado. You could have just said yeah. I'm going to do this by myself. I got this. I know what i'm doing. But you said look i don't want to do it all myself and again you were like how can i partner right. How can we divide up the load and because you are thinking of that long term goal and even though you've had so much success that you could do it by yourself you're not too proud to say look what's going to be really the best long term and the best long-term is to partner so that it isn't all on you right and my daughter will be taken over the reins you know. So if i open at the school data me. I can give to her that she take over down the road. Now she's gonna be twenty seven years old this year so i started at thirty five. That just shows you. She's got about ten more years on me so she's got a long road ahead of her. We've got her plan. Okay to hold other podcasts on business. I'm so good with business making money saving money that my daughter's me by me doing this and helping save money and stuff from her procedures as she's already got like a nice little portfolio and i hope to a business thing too because i really feel like we need to plan for our futures are how young you are. Don't get your twenty-five we train a twenty year old Classes twenty years old. I you realize where you could be and just twenty years when you're forty you know what i mean against amazing. How young she is now. And when you say business. Are you talking about like financial investing in stocks. Or what are you referring to there. Yes it's not investing roth i. r. a.'s investing in little cryptocurrencies and stuff. But just open like this one will take thousand twenty take take two thousand dollars just by five shares of apple or whatever by whatever you can everybody thinks that you know. It's okay prince. I charge sixty eyebrows for ten years. April i would take half of my money and put it into account like i didn't have it for ten years. I was debt. Free in eight years so i gave up a ten year. Plan was jet for you eight years so that opened up me to save more money for my. My daughter had counted. I paid my house off. I paid my car off. This house here cost me next to nothing new out here so i just really wish people would better with their money and who cares. How many frigging. Chanel bags you have. Or how many days you have. I feel like put your money your home. Your biggest asset is your home your future so yeah did buying all these persons in bags not last online. A half someone another house. Yeah you've been larry. Yes the badly drives. Just like the volvo. The rolex watch tells time just like the michael kors watch. So i just feel like i have a nice home. I have a nice car. I had a couple of nights bags and simple nice shoes. Yeah it's been a journey. But now i'm at the point my life april where i agree. I don't have to worry about my bills. My daughter's taking care of my. I mean know what i mean. It's just i wake up excited to org again it's nice. It's i work three days a week. I doing a lot of private one on one training. Which is my passion is training. I love train so life has been good. I like i said. I've had the sleepless nights i've had the nausea from my clients. I've been there just like every line has been yano care how good you are how good you think you are. You can't make everybody happy. And i've lived the good the bad and the ugly hence the reason why i say no to so many people. Yes right there the fire if you do. They need to go back rewind. Hit a little bit rewind that it was so good so good and so when you're looking back and there's probably so many things but what would you say. What are you really most proud of in your career yeah. I think i'm most proud of one helping tung. A lot of gable. Thousands of people helping people but i think just maintaining my level of humility has made me really out just staying true to myself those around me. I don't like you said i decided. The wh- unreal. Nothing about me as phony. I just think how. I've handled myself during my career night. Try to help people as i. can you know the ones. i can't help. I tried to help them in other ways of referring them and stuff but yeah. I just think that you know. The state level headed dang smarts with the career in learning from my own mistakes. I think that'll the most proud of and sticking with it. I wonder if the taliban thousand times and sticking with it getting through it. Yeah so good. Yeah because it's really especially for anybody that's just hearing this starting the first few years of the grind. You know we've all heard about the guy that was put away from hitting gold and gave up to digging in digging in digging for a few years. And then somebody came in. He gave up. And sodas tools and then somebody came in and struck the gold right. You know within like a day or two. We've all heard those stories and not to say that it's going to instantly happen. But just not giving up. And i know you see your legacy kind of continuing onto your daughter. Morgan which has gotta be amazing and hopefully my granddaughter relations and so is there anything else like if you were like. This is what i want my legacy to be other than what you just said. Because i think you kind of summed it up in that but if there was anything else that you know i just think i just want to be known as the girl. The technician the trainer. I hope to be written in the book down the road that i was a trainer that shared everything shared a hundred and ten percent that i gave one hundred percent. And that's kind. What i hope that people i mean i. I feel online mary. She shares her. I just want people to know that. I do give one hundred ten plus percent when it to my services when it comes to my trainings when it comes to my colleagues and my camaraderie. I don't look at people as competition as people. Don't like me for crazy. Reasons and side warned to get rid of the negative. I've learned a delete. I learned the black. And i don't engage in any of it. And i always for the newbies. In the millennials that are getting started. Don't engage drama you know. Keep all of your personal stuff to yourself. Don't put it out there. Well you know. I think the thing is a you set high standards for yourself mostly and then also for your students right but you also lead with an open heart which is really nice. So we're gonna talk about this moment how they can connect with you and what you have going on but just any other advice or anything else that you would like to share for anybody. That is kinda feel unstuck. If you're feeling stock and unsure you can imagine. I can vouch in a lot of us. That are leaders in the industry can vouch. We've all been in those rights. We'd had the unhappy clients. We've had the sleepless nights. I would just say just battle through it. Learn from your mistakes. Reach out to people for advice help. Don't be afraid to reach out to people. Technicians are afraid to reach out. I was afraid to reach out back in the day back in the day. you know. my mentor was linda. Dick you know. My mentor was to sarasola back in the day. I mean i'm aging myself ridiculously right now. But you know i remember them. Yeah you know. It's no those are the ones i reach to taryn darling. Is one of my island mentor. Karen bass were ones. That i looked up to you before i really got into the training. Seen in people really found out about me you know. So don't be afraid to swallow your pride in reach out for a little help. Lord knows i did. I learned a lot from them. And they may have a little bit from me as well but i was just. Don't give learn from it. Chalk it up to your learning experiences to make it better for the next time. I just say just you know. Just keep your head up. Stay humble stay. Open to learning reminds me of that. There's a saying it's like ask a question and feel silly for a moment. Don't ask a question and feel like a fool for years right so definitely asked a question like figure out what you need to know and get the help okay so now. Tell us where they can find you. What's coming up for you in terms of training. Anything exciting that we need to hear about in okay so i have most people already know that i launched my nanno lines machine here. Stroke course on the girls inc online academy. It is a course. That's extremely thorough Tons of tutorials at three videos principal pediatrics. Got everything in there. It's under five hundred dollars very affordable also. I have a lot of them have taken. My course at are reaching out to me if you wanna do a one on one with me. A private classes made. This only applies to private. I did up the fee of that off of my private klatsky. So you're not paying for two different classes so if someone shows like only i love watching it but now i want i want to hold on skin baking ask you take a one on one with me and i deduct. That off of my class is fantastic. The bottom line is we're here to help going to rape people. On course put a lot of money in africa these courses but we're not gonna rape people on price. What would be able to afford these classes. And like seriously i think pathogens it have taken my online course or coming in for one. Another kidding you. So launched that's on the girls eat training dot com academy but that nissan. I have another class. Oh okay that'd be great thank you. I'm filming my skin. Needling video online course at girls inc academy april. So that'll be launching a little bit later this year. It'll be an online course of course Sprinkles all that stuff that skin ling pertains to scars and stuff as well. So that's coming out may may may. I'm in new york. Staten island with the president of the sec. Angela and ask the white also announcer hosting in new york for a machine. A blade in machine class in moscow offering a two day hands on class. So i think that's almost sold out. That's may june july on back in granting knowledge. Wait another encore class this slowdown. We had people on a waiting lists over doing another class in july. I can't keep track of everything august. I don't think going anywhere in august-september pcp in the fall yet sbc On speaking at the spcpd in at the flamingo in september. So the four to see you can be there. yeah. I'm speaking as well so that's it for this year so far. Yeah and it's so funny. Because before covid i was telling everybody like a permanent make s. Pcp conventions and so forth. I was actually telling. Joe hoyer in two thousand and eighteen or nineteen. Where whenever we have that vegas conference in. She did her inc. The inside the needle knowledge course and i said you have to get this online and nobody was listening to me and i kept on saying i know but i really have to show them in personnel. Yes but that will complement what you do online. Everything's moving to online and everybody just kind of blew me off and then kobe came and everybody was like okay. We've got to get this stuff online. But i love it. You have both. That's so good. Yeah people need to offer discounts that they're paying for both to give a discount for the hands on portion. I think that it's kind of defeating the like my online course up banned for their hands on so day real right so i rather take it. All off of the bay have become more popular. Come out of pocket more than they need to. So no i like. I said they're shocked by it. Actually like really really don. My course it says at the bottom. Of course that nugget decide that you need hands on experience to deduct discourse feet off whatever one no one trading new idea whether it's one day or two yes song guide and we'll have all of that information guys in the show now if you're listening to the podcast and then also you can find mary on all the social security of main platform that you know if people want to ask you questions. Is there a place that you go more often or instagram. I get a lot of answer. instagram okay. You can deandre on the grounds or yeah so so good all right anything that you would like to say to kind of call this complete. No i think we covered everything. I think he had wonderful questions in and everything and you know i get a little shops technicians out there. Some of you are really killing it. You're doing amazing work. Some of my students are just reagan blowing it out of the water. I'm so proud of you guys and just keep practicing. You're going to get to where you wanna be. And just be pasted in humble on. Abc some of the work out there. It's amazing why these young girls are just amazing. It's really courage in for my daughter to be in that era that millennial because it's really nice to see they've all these new techniques and they have different machines and so much great stuff so yeah super exciting for the way our industry is just going and growing and all of that goodness so i think you know guys if you found inspiration in this podcast and i know you did. There are so many gems in there. Then take a screen shot of the podcast that you're listening to or wherever you're listening to on itunes or wherever stitcher and just tag mary and i on instagram and we will reshare it and let her know that you appreciated this her taking the time just to share her wisdom her experience and to really again give you an open book. Look at how it is the hearts that you know what she went through how she thinks about business how she thinks about her money how she really even think about her procedure so much. If you really go back and listen to it you can find so many what i call gems in there so i just wanna thank you so much. Thank you so much april. It's been a lot of fun. i mean. Finally you're my first podcast. I'm your life so it needed to happen. I'm so okay. Thank you for listening to another episode of the beauty. Marketing simplified podcasts. And if you enjoyed today's episode we would love to hear from you. Make sure you subscribe download and also review. Let us know any topics that you would like to hear about and also generally referred to a friend. Thank you again for joining us on signing off this is able with britain grace. Hugs and high fine you next week.

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#231 Time for some Comics

Krypton Report: The Supergirl Podcast

1:07:35 hr | 6 months ago

#231 Time for some Comics

"Hey if you look to shop on amazon everybody you can help southgate media group out by going to southgate media group dot com. Look at the top. There's an amazon link. You can click that log into your account and a portion of everything you buy helps support the podcast of southgate media so cheap and you're just doing the same thing that you would do anyways standards and if you wanna have a good time. Keep listening to the on. Report back a plight. Silverman day-lewis the voice of superman on justice league action. You're listening to the podcasting superman and facebook cuba player before we get started. Want to say if you haven't done so yet but check out the aspiring crip. Tony and podcast as well as the last son's crypt on podcast. Both hosted by friends of ours. Good time in the world of superman. Welcome to the crypt honor or in. Guess what it's time for. Some comics backed up and busy and we by. Golly you talk about comics that tell this all started. Comets comments comes. So i got my man james here. A superman of read the man of steel. I'm tyler superman of blue the man. That's morrow this time to talk comics too. Let's go superman number twenty nine. Which is the premier of the new infant frontier by based superman story. And i would say right now phil hester is most people at the has been art but at the same time i use fan. It feels more cartoonish to me. I was very disappointed. When the kevin smith aero relaunch happened and he did the inside the books with different cover artists. That were amazing for quiver. What you james A mean kind of the same. You know like the art. But i mean it's good are but i wasn't like the biggest fan of it it wasn't it wasn't bad you know it wasn't wasn't art that's unappealing just not art that that pulls me in you know it's just that middle ground i mean it's it's not you know jim lee gary frank. Libra may help. But it's not. John remedy junior so trait. It's right there in the middle or superman or superman. I wish some. I love this issue because it starts off okay. It says opening panels. There's a golden age. Every kid knows their parents are indestructible in fallow immortal. Insist the golden age. Burt one and this is superman with john You know and i thought about this. It says the trust me kids fearless and eat. You know john. Superman out speights bates dealing with a an issue. And i really thought about this because to me like a to me because i sat there i thought about. I told you. I told her about this issue and an skipping ahead a little bit and we're as we talked a lot of between john and clark but it's a mike that's the point in life that you and i are in james far is what our kids see us you know. We are in that golden age right now where our children look at us. Like attack think that my kids are now preteen inhibit puberty. So they've started to question life so minor getting closer to what superman and john or dealing with as opposed to you know your kids are who are superman and you and then the other thing too. That is when you get older in. You really see your parents start to break down so like i really seeing. Our dads are both slowdown in gotten weaker and are getting older. You know it's like over the past couple years just like you know your next. Look at your parents get help with this. And then i'm like not gonna bother my dad that he's got bad knees or having issues like that and now it's like we really see our parents on the decline so just took issue. I love seeing superman work with john like as a psychic You know when we see Waller who's watching them talking about john and they talk about whatever this breach was a superman vulnerable. You keep an eye out for it and we see more of creatures come into this space breach and other with green thanks yeah. They're almost insect toyed but definitely alien like insecticide trying to find where john basically says he has. Some knowledge at this is where superman like busy dies. He does some very throws pinecone john. He wants to play about know alec. Three lois and clark. It's just been the other day but for john. Seems like it's been years and stuff and are trying to have a moment with his son. Tony balls but he calls it and it's a nice father son time and it's rate gary says john saying i hate when people call me superman or ass when i'm gonna be superman like superman's just a child at anyone just replace emmy says you are superman place you need. You are not ready then. He says you don't understand. You can't use the breach next time. You can't go. And we see calix workin and he says. I was in the future and this is all history people in the country. All about you air accomplish in the day. You're going to doubt. And i'm not ready. And then tillerson's a transmission and superman john of flying to the breach and then we have a backup tales of metropolis bib. Jimmy olsen and. The artwork was good. But i don't like air or story to it was a no. I don't even remember too much about the story. And you know the thing that such as when they do. These backups like this. That's what inflates the book price. And if i don't like the backed up and paying extra for bull. Yeah i mean i can see that as a as an issue here. But they're these they're giving us stories of characters we wouldn't see or characters who wouldn't have their own books right. That's see sometimes good and sometimes bad you know. Yeah you run the risk. I mean so. I do like the fact of only having to buy or or five books a week and you know kind of keeping up with the entire universe as it. Were for the time being in the next one and superman issue thirty we have another tales of metropolis and it is covered. Did you get or pan nine. The regular one. I got the wrap around. Yeah i just. It's crazy to me on my top shop guy knows if it's superman. Put it aside. And i'll get it and i usually like a lot of alternative coverage usually poll the all cover and asked me if i didn't if dallas which he did it with that one just like my night wing. Poll you forgot. Gimme issues seventy eight. So i got seventy nine. But i got to track down seventy eight now. Thanks a lot. That's rude in issue thirty. We have tales of metropolis with ambush bug so this one. I wasn't really into but so remember what happened in that one but it kind of. It's just one of those crazy weird stories because that's a crazy weird character it's interesting it's really interesting. I kind of noticed is like i feel like on this owed on the second year. I feel like we're yeah okay so. I thought that i could not remember backing up. We gotta jump back so now we're doing superman in action comics ten twenty nine because this is where they did the second party. Hateley do this. So golden age to actually an action and so while you say you hate when they do this but lake when you have what we had with superman and action before like the stories never lined up. Now it's actually cohesive story between the books also crazy. If you just wanted to read superman issue twenty nine cliffhanger issue thirty start something new right absolutely so i mean it is a way to force you to buy more books but also you get to parts of the story in one month as opposed to only one of the story per month that's true that's also bring that up so action ten twenty nine day. They see the heroes fall to opens up china. clark or fighting more of these airlines to the breach. Every time i say breach. I immediately think of a pacific rim right and it's being narrated by john is they're talking. They get onto this space station. They're printer protected space station from these monsters. And they're studying the bridge. What they're doing. You see superman and super boy john fixing on the inside super voice trying to tell them what to do to protect your dad and course it will as all of us fathers do. We don't listen. I love this this sunday. Some i would say. I promise you don. I'm a long way from. We've got this pay. I do see that a lot at its even got sure it is. I got this then. Found me a superman shirt. That says god this so awesome. There's a great panel. Here where johnson is a hard day of it when they see our limitations or superman a realizing that air hero supposedly people of unparalleled wisdom and strength who they were sure always knew what to do or actually just like them. All we mean but make mistakes fall short cigar. It's you as much as they love us. Were as human as strong. Especially when your father is superman and one of the greatest shot amazon here is win soon. As fighting the alien any gets hurt. And the like shoe mouth energy ray at superman and you see him kind of bond but john thompson. The way and takes the blast and superman bleeding here. John takes over and fighting and then a huge toy thing comes from the breach pre intense. Yeah how they fire the plasma cannon thing at it and they send it back those the breach in the next thing you know. They're in the desert. Just john clark ottaway. I really liked the dialogue of them to talking talks about you know i made it son. I made it through because you were there with. This was the part that i i remember it. Remember it was in the first part of the second is from clark basically tells the kind of story about jonathan clark. Anna realized jonathan and he says now. Read this here. This is jonathan. Jonathan kent as in the dad john. I'm very clear about using john or the sun and jonathan the bought one of those rules. That's enough art. It was my own damned all. listen clark golden. When every kid knows their parents understood that we never fall and we always know right but the right thing is we let you see that way. So you feel safe. I guess safe enough to take risks. You're out your limits. That's how kids supposed to feel but everybody falls far. That's someday you're it's we'll see you fall and that'll be a bit. Yeah i've i've liked. I've liked the dialogue and narration. That johnson has given us with with this superman. The discount the conversations between john and in clark just the frailty light even superman life. I've i've i've been enjoying superman so far. Coming back from interstate coming out of coming into infinite frontier. I'm enjoying superman. I am enjoying the right. The is it's okay. And then we so just the finish up this book the paid and it setting up. That superman is being observed by who other than honorable very interesting among more articles by reminds me of something in england and he looks smaller every every interest. That's all. I don't know if i don't know if that was some things from the new fifty two or if it was pre prior to that where mangal is mongol is like the father and the son the mongol the son grows up and once he becomes more our all. It kills his father and takes over rule our members that we see mongol once. This is runner. Anyone art bow now. But john got aid up like pluto manga even the bates to take it right. Well that is the thing. yes we've seen mongol. We saw mongol there but the mongol that we get moving forward. Actually i'm kind of jumping ahead on the books we're gonna talk about. That's fine because actually is it actually reaches back to the only place that i know this coming from is the batman superman run from the new fifty two where the younger mongol rises up and kills kills. His father and takes over so mongol is the name of a line of this this family. That's cool but they just you know. But they share the same survival of the fittest strength. You know might equals right thing. You know that's cool there So let's jump in to our next book superman thirty and this is Threw me is this. One starts a new. It's going to be just in superman. It's called the one do fell part one and it opens up with clark lois and john. I many it's going to seem to be a family and john saw he. Scores is opens with superman. Saint began on a perfect day. No work that the planet. Noth brett's the media. My attention and i remember ever seeing you and your mom laughed. So it's nice. Little family bonding on which i miss. I really like that back in the early. Say that was tamasese. Ron wasn't it to mossy and jerkins that like the the lowest and art superman. Here's someone's superman based on bad. It's not the end in moved super hearing eleven. The do super hearing that. I wish they would do this. More like live action. Where is hearing his tune to syrup. abled surp- sounds and you know don says hurry. We should hurry. Then he's like and and he says. Today was perfect to lois inches. You'll still be perfectly when you give bad to bit woman and go flying in the vacuum of space. We get little shots of bottom which is nice m talking about john. John is a kid with a. Let's say a she tower at bronner's neck. Is you know we could just run to the store and buy a solomon your bed but come right out of the my day son. I wore a red ski math to be spiderman. Could just walk into walmart and grab a nice mask off show. This picture of john looks just like clark from steel toed shirt jeans red towel as a cape toto's in we're to interacting with them flying into space show superman bark reading done on asleep and earth client. I do you feel about like this superman flying out into space and going to different planets stuff like just flying because you feel about a fan fan. I mean as soon as a i mean. I like the different i like. I like the different versions you know i mean servicing the story of him flying through space. I mean it fits with the current continuity that we had prior with bendix where he flew to other solar systems and things like that i do. I do like when superman can't like lie beyond earth solar system without help then you. He just can't survive in space indefinitely without without oxygen things like that too thinly. His sales oracle solar battery and he needs the earth's yellow sun. Just getting that far from that power source you know like it'd be depleted so it's always kind of those things i'm always like. Yeah mean depending on the solar system he ends up in You know he could be powered by the solar radiation. I mean we got the orange sun that paralyzed him. You know the the blue star in supergirl which took away crip. Tony empowers so Because it doesn't burn as hot as a yellow sun just one of those things night that enters the aggregate smoking. there's been changes in what certain colors kryptonite do depending if it's comic version of the tv version is using today they arrive on the planet sack from Any says it was course. O'donoghue ambitious the attack superman. They're not sure who he is the locals due and then that was the that was the only tough part about reading the alien names here because they were long and they kept. They kept the full name every time. They said it wasn't like a birsh name kind of bang. Soo saran finds his friend. Foul odor oranim. Yeah induces his son. We learned that or is dead. Talk about the event with this giant they have a statue of a of and the this core intel drove this beast back under the ground they slew id and other telling him the story john young and a barge being home saying that though door help more in the event then it but of course superman he's got off and investigate on they fly down to where this thing was supposed to be brokeback back a find the communicator. I think it was supposed to be dead imprisoned. They thought that that the they call it shadow. Keep yeah yeah. Shadow breed whatever. Yeah they they thought it was. It was dead because it's like a parasite spreading controlling all of controlling. Everybody comes into contact with and they see a mediator. Something else over here down says what does that look like to you in superman. Donc mon to dad. Then we see that the black entity or whatever is basically possessing rolling. Balladur is are black. This where we get the ambush bug which i started to read by this do it. I mean it's kinda cool that the backup stories are related in there. Not just i mean i mean the bevo jimmy olsen was school just you know but the story was but the ears were fine. You know so now. Did you read action ten thirty yet. I did and that was actually the story. I was referencing. That i was getting ahead of myself. Did you take the lead in talk about that. One all right. Let me pull that one out. Sega action ten thirty war world rising. I always have worldly new guess. So we open up. On war world chains men of the hordes people who are prostrating themself in front of mongol swearing fealty to him The more mongols followers This guy ear has legs and he has one arm and he's a. He swears fealty to mongol. And he. This is where he talks about serving serving mongol mongol. Who was as traders who thought mongol lesser than his father mongol who was and conspired to take stone is why lord mongol fool to trust the where he could not trust these others so they talk about. You know the line of mongol somebody somebody shows up with with a sack full of heads to swear fealty to to mongol. Then we go back to earth and Superman is superman is. He's flying through. He's flying and he's he's fighting he's taken out missiles and he's fighting these these ships but he's talking to so he's he's testing is what he's doing destroying these things says That's it that's time time recorded. Come on back in and the atom. Which i mean. They didn't draw him like an asian person. So i don't feel that he is Ryan choi feel that he might be palmer. Okay yeah it does say it's fine ray. So it is raped. Palmer adam with batman. They're running tests on superman. How how did that feel where you giving it. Everything short of actual life and death. Yes how are the number bruce. Not what we hope for your energy. Output increased while your speed and levels of forced diminish slightly. We're also seeing slight. Cellular decay rate says. Do these tests bimonthly. I think your powers might just be fluctuating with ordinary solar cycles. batman disagrees. He believes that his cellular decay is consistent with some radiation poisoning That from the preachers from the breach. Adam says that's batmans opinion superman. I think it's premature to be concerned. Even with the drop we're seeing. Your power levels are still roof. Corsino bruce being bruce he's he's the wet blanket here they need to keep it. Quiet superman says but luther binds out or dark side any number of people. They can't find out they have also been tracking john's progress. The kids getting stronger potentially stronger than you or kara. If i were you. And i saw these numbers. I think you should consider talking to john about the league. And we jumped to John and robin a talking eating some food. it's funny because they they're actually eating some food and john is It's kind of like a pa- jimmy role at something from the future robbins. Says you're eating it wrong. They he says how they eat in a future and he's like well here. You're eating wrong. John is discussing his problems. You know the stories from the future that he discussed with superman how you know or is a time. When all records were lost So twentieth century records are a bit fuzzy. Says any day now. All the stories about my dad. Just stop. what do you mean you think he. I don't know maybe. What else could it be a couple of weeks ago. This terrence space-time opening up just outside earth's atmosphere we've reached at. I took care of it but in the future the breach was the last for sure. Documented bent my dad's arte after that a ton of conflicting information news said dad got killed in the breach and other one talked about as big alien armada attacking lantis a history. Professor had this theory that vanished. Add another dimension and that he was still alive somewhere and then there was this one story that i keep thinking about. It said dad was hurt really really bad. And if by burned her boys under something and that right before he died. Ship of tony ends came from the stars to take him home John's says it. If feels the truest somehow the of all the conflicting stories. That feels the truth somehow. Yeah so then ravin says you know don't you. John says you sure you don't wanna talk about your dad has right now. We kind of no don't know how much you've been following. But dan has split from bruce and he's kind of on his own. Actually last thing i read. I didn't read the robin book. The last thing i read he was trying to take up his role as the air. The air the demon. So that's kind of where he was last time i saw him. Superman and. Lois are actually in the library of cantor. They're projecting themselves into the bottled city of indoor where there are no more tones. They were killed from. Royals are right so can still kantor still exists. But there's nobody left or right and then a lien. Armata starts to invade earth coming from the coming from the sky cake. Send out to league. Make sure they're up to speed john. Kara connor whichever of you can hear my voice. We may have a situation. John shows up immediately and they are flying through and destroying some ships because they're from war world their their war world ships. What does mongol ever want. John says you'd think he'd get tired of getting his ass. Kicked superman says language superman. Here's harris something. Hara may parma. Thea with val s. it can't be. I've never heard those words spoken aloud. But i've read that. They're of prayer in a dead crow. Tony in light. Which and he enters any see some people kind of in chains with swords and whatnot and that is the end of the superman issue awesome awesome. Yeah it was a pretty good issue. I liked it our an over in superman bad or two issues into this runs. I'm loving a gang writing it. And i'm and i'm loving. I haven't rice during the art of is art. Yeah artists fantastic. I love the framing of this. When you so issue sixteen the has a very like this as a classic old school of superman like he's got the belt of india bombo a shield more like original shield action on aids and back. Yeah it looks like the original badge. Shield shape that began with impact. Has an belt. Looks more looks very like a made together if the first pages to supermen in the world of tomorrow that man robin in the world of night day and we have a voice narrator like talking to us readers. World's finals double feature and story is awesome. I mean it's tells us quickly. The orbiting brave anal- but it's done like film strip and it's two stories era level atop being superman a bottom being bat and yet even has a bang on the first page or something saying you can read one story from front to back and then go back to the beginning and read the other story like it said. You can choose how you want to read you know. Read them both together. Page by page or read one all the way to the end and then read. The other are in it together together. And it's neat. Because all right so on superman story like a big thing in metropolis. See lois arkan jimmy. I'm batman branding and then the nex- pages luther attacks or know the unknown wizard in his teens. Awesome shirt rip. It's amazing how riots race riots all soup manley. Fate looked different. The previous it's superman and or vendettas. And the back of l. p. one and eight and they're breaking into some oscilloscopes. Then we see batman on growing up in a berry in and there's robin and of a black. Yeah the world. The world around superman batman in in these in this in these couple of issues it looks very the world and like batmans car and plane and stuff. They look very old or very old school. It looks like what the future was predicted from. Yeah what they what they what. They expect the future to look like back in the thirties and forties when they created these characters. Superman history a easily not and surrender. Worst the unknown Blacks luthier says. North lenders is statement. I am unrecognized. A known is that charlton baths stills all my is just not the omni batter a every invent cheese saying that's the first thing that And then seeing a stop the lead and brings luther to his knees basically surrender. Now has spiral to our show but arkham their walked into the warden's off at arkansas. And we this. But we see the rocket or two as s on we see a a in the rock of sco in a two of and then we head back in to find out. Doctor is at Barthel is is the woman of the hour to this age. That really by something's going on. And then bruce wayne introduced himself. You lois tough. By and big alum and offered at a with artha so immediately we know something is arkham we see you know the joker and some sort of burn toxin housing purple bumped bro. All or them in something tapped. Find out other rudy. We're in the back. In off off. Bruce talk but or master richard. We see if not in the wayne. Side only thomas roost. Never been bad. We see about the damage shuttle and it just keeps going and very interesting way of art and lois and we are now doing wayne's others another person but then the most interesting of everything on bhosle at eight We see alfred betters or no belt starts the turn into bait and then super like i love. The art is is to film strip. That basically lois falls book. Burn in the film from the superman story into baptist and bliss says where am i says the spider and art belly miss lane. Bane out this. And then you turn the page and we have earth bureau a thermos here and we have superman and bob together in different costs are more current and they're holding if don't trip in space and we have this guy basically Lead in the talionis. Next batman superman better again and also who the story like to it. No i really liked how they did. It and i mean it's really. It's really confusing. They want you can be your ally of two different earth. Yeah and then. But then the superman and batman kind of like in the in the earth's zero. They aren't the same as they were in. The film strip dislike are right incarnates. This one that i. I wasn't sure if i was gonna read but i liked the cover of palled like it was the superdome with the bachelor s. I was like okay. And i you know i saw the writer and i was like okay. I liked his work on superman vs the clan. Let's do this and i'm so happy. I picked up the book. And then i'm so happy this month issue seventeen crate cover. It's called the world's finest together in for the first time and this picks up where we actually see the earth zero refer to that. I guess as our banner shoot man. I'm still trying to get a grip on how the infinite frontier thing kind of works. But what's interesting is like our really only On thin so because like issue six issue sixteen in the top corner says infinite frontier. It doesn't all the first books within the next one doesn't see that anymore. Remember how rebirths books had rebirth on it until officially like ended bieber and just did. Dc universe yeah so earth zero fighting basically through film strip talking and this robot up a amateurs he says if you amateurs can't squeeze out a drop off an emotional speech or and then it cuts back to seeing a superman that we in this issue bad dropping booth illness into other ordering lowest. And he's barely own on but did he says or a wreck night miller as soon as outsider recognize the terrain. This is where my fourth solid should be. Here's cincy wine see the bat back to pellet on like side by our to at night but every like neo. That's even saying about. Yeah i mean it's it's something you would you would see. Probably from like a no warr. Science fiction story like this specially with a propeller on the front of their plane and then and then the wings and the and and in that. They're all upset and sixty six batman. Yeah and then robin has it has the shape of the bat wing and stuff like that. But it's not as actually cheap as it looked in sixty six love. That robbins chat us and he says batman income. It's too fast bird. Maybe since nope it's a nice like superman at super bowl the super bass ryan is eating on us and she realizes they've never heard of superman and he says it must be one of those goons robin his jet. Your disruptor you gotta batman. Apparently he doesn't use a jet and she's like boas talking to superman. Robin says he can hear you for many that means like super hearing death which is pretty cool like if figure it out but also i love. We have enraged superman batman. Who has no idea what. You're if no neutralize him and says what are you is not a threat and we see sprint. Actually take out the that actually tech to our next page. Kind of makes me chuckle. Because it's superman talking He wants to hold those handmaid's holding back and they're blindfolded go into the back just funny because to rent one but robins walk into the bat cave and also like. Is that a trick expert. So you mean. Batman tells them the story of Exploding dying the. There's no record of clark kent superman but oath lane bide And he says. I believe from reality. A copy of our world it's altered and of course he our usca Everybody's earth views on the flak is technically. It was like i'm earth point. We find out that. Lois looked just like a spider and they have theory. That survived is a spider lady. I like that or two brands. Like they're going through metropolis. And how it up at breakfast. Abo- to rinsing barely recognized skyline. The old it was and then outmost hugo stream. The joker england in parrots england is like and looks more real pin winning over a mouth. Eight is on stomach one on shoulder blunt and they're all afghan it pretty lowest princeton spiderwoman spider lady. Robin battle reeks of their village to actors to they. Then they talk about basically the idea that when something's been altered or changed like where things have been edited out of reality. It's the thinnest points. And thus why they're able to be portable both real superman mattress like burn Portal and then strange suburbanite burn. Mark portal opens. They're all running Violate bill of review. And then we get this very awesome of the superman and jump in. We see this robot. We're earlier on himself. Archivist basically reach into this film. Take out tonight ring that you go strange head now has earned by our earn. That pretty and i highly recommend this book to anyone please. Adm the it was kind of crazy. The scientists on earth was lex luther. It's a very awesome tale books. Have you been reading names any other individual books that we haven't covered i got one would have been superman i read. I read justice league fifty nine and sixty six. I read the first of like the new. I mean it's been this obviously right. No we know what that means. It's the story is taking. Its time to unfold to two issues in and the story isn't really progress too much still at the state in in justice league where the team is coming together and they're just beginning to figure out what the mission is going to be. Yeah but that makes sense on and ensemble book. You know that makes sense on an ensemble. Book like justice Maybe that's why you know from what i've heard you know. His avengers titles were really good over there. Marvel i've never read them. But i hear good things but a. That's how issue fifty nine and sixty is in sixty the same the same guy british shows up. At this time he shows up on them skara Where the that's how we get hypolito hypolito To be on the team. Because we know in this lineup of justice league wonder woman is basic. Not it's not wonder woman it's wayne polyta. I do like how in this book. They're talking about like. Superman is superman is standing up or black. Add e- kinda see something different in him Because if you've is it from infinite frontier or is it from this justice league it might be from the beginning of justice league fifty nine where black adam actually comes from the distant future so he's a different black atom with a lot more experience in the world as it were from the twenty first century on you know whereas the world he grew up in knit way he viewed. The world was much different. But having another millennials worth of experiences in a world with these heroes. He's a different person. Superman can kind of see it in his eyes. He's a different person. And superman standing up for him. And i love it where the league. Especially ollie oliver is talking about like he basically ma of her he called he called. He tells him that he's super manning and that he's you know you just you just go with it because he's superman because what he says is is l. has an impact and it means some so. There are some interesting and decent things in these last two issues but like i said the story hasn't progressed in a whole lot in the end of sixty they are going to naomi's home world. Mom they believe brutus came from her home world or at least he was given the coordinates to wear. Naomi is on earth. Whatever one prime zero. Whatever we're going to call it. Bruce was like given those co-ordinates to that earth at a by the super being who showed up in naomi who destroyed her in the war of the superpowers on earth And they get on a updated cosmic treadmill in the flash runs them all through the multi-diverse into naomi's and i believe when they show up there they're separated. They arrive separated not off or at least or at least naomi is separated from at the end of the book will but one hour to mention euro quake year. Here wrap things up. Is the dog you book truth injustice. If issue to those anthology book. I just saw issue post about how great eastern had written in other check this out and then when i went to get art one i realized it was a completely different character but issue too is a. I don't want to go to a page and discuss it. But i just wanna say it isn't great. Clark kent superman tale. That tackles real world issues. And i like how britain brom more of clark and his investigative reporting and uses him with that and it's basically about bringing a brained black man remote and how superman is any even when they're people with prep night and how criminals doing things and i can't express enough for everyone to check out this issue and it's a very strong and very much or of what is great about superman and what is great about clark. Kent is a care but sometimes gets lost in brandon eastern was the writer and the issue actually bought the revolving door truth and justice chip over. Isn't that the one where he's got isn't the new cover where he's got. He's like real real muscular but he's also like wrapped in tonight chains or something goes info Highly recommend it awesome awesome. That's cool. I'm not gonna go into like what's going on in suicide squad. I'm reading it because we have connor of the suicide squad. I they the last two issues they went into they broke into arkham asylum and the joker gas attack. That killed everybody in arkham asylum happens at the same time so it puts a lot of pressure on them. But they're in arkham to breakout talent. Oh what's his name. Cobb is a yes. Yes and other right. Yeah they're there to break him out the reason that i don't know how it happened Obviously there's like some sort of kryptonite in in him which connor which is kind of how waller keep him under control. The reason he is dare though is is. Crime is existing. He's a clone and that that alone is what what waller is using to justify him. Being a part of the part of the suicide squad interests hoping that somebody it on her own. I know she did call him superman. They were on earth three in future. State suicide squad. So it'll be interesting to see kind of cool like like. I said we got connor on the suicide squad right now. The kryptonite so waller pulls out a syringe and says this serum will save super boy from the kryptonite coursing through him. Right now the neela strong enough to break his skin. But i'm not so the superstrong chick has to with burma with a needle. And and it wakes him up. So yeah they are some kind of like implant in him that releases kryptonite into his system when they when waller is unhappy with his with his performance yeah and he must be weakened because peacemaker dexin and knocks him out yes. Peacemaker peacemaker is a big part of of suicide squad in in the book. Which what i need to read is a book i haven't read yet was teen teen titans academy number two. I haven't read it yet. But the end of the suicide squad says next assault on teen titans academ- so i definitely have to see what we're looking at their. That's one of actually actually might be the top next on my list in my stack to read. Yeah it's pretty good. I'm enjoying it. I'm glad to see connor or has a place. There's a place for connor right now. In the books. I read green red green lantern number one which was good. It was all right I'm going to check out green lantern. Two another a two books. Wonder woman's really good. I like her being in Of bowel jala interacting with the norse gods. So that's pretty interesting it's different. I bought tom. Taylor's batman the -tective and of course his night wing book and seventy eight made me cry and seventy nine is in my stack coming up of like the x. Five books i've got a seventy eight made me cry dude. I told you brian that. Damn man. Of course. Tom taylor i issue. He comes out with organ night. Wing makes you cry. He's a fantastic writer. He's fantastic author. Which i am so excited to see him taking on john. I really loved what he did with john. In deceased especially planet m in immune damian. Where the superman and batman five years after the world had ended. I mean i love I'm taylor and has been the first injustice industry s first issue of injustice and being like wow. This is a big He's done so great Just just from what. I've heard his. I think it's amazing. Spiderman can be positive. Tom taylor has written a spiderman book in just the last couple of years and from what i've heard extremely high recommend to on notes and i'd like to check those out to just just because it's tom taylor. He's he's he's ready. Yeah absolutely all right. Well they won't be a very covered a lot of compass and we have always worn out to a message and what you read.

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Heartland Newsfeed Podcast Network: The Tom Woods Show (January 8, 2020)

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Heartland Newsfeed Podcast Network: The Tom Woods Show (January 8, 2020)

"The Tom would show episode fifteen hundred sixty five prepared a set fire to the index card of allowable opinion. Your daily dose of Liberty Education occasions starts here. Tom Would Show folks the self-talk Ron Paul Curriculum. which I helped create gives parents their mental health back and and students a top notch education in addition to the traditional subjects about two years worth of business as well as a course on personal finance for teens? ECORSE horse on public speaking the kinds of stuff. Nobody learns anywhere but which will give your students a major leg-up plus through my link only get one hundred sixty dollars worth of free bonuses when you join that. Link is Ron Paul. HOMESCHOOL DOT COM everybody. Tom Woods here. Jeff diced week continues. Jeff Remember is former chief of staff to Ron. Paul President of the measles institute all around good guy and profoundly underrated thinker and today. Okay I want to talk about decentralisation and secession as approaches that would be a fruitful and humane if only anybody would entertain them. Jeff Welcome back. Thanks so much all right. Let's pick up with a couple of quick things about the measles institute. And then I want a decentralisation secession because people want to know what really is the way forward here you just vote and vote and vote and you know my woods law is no matter you vote all you like and you always wind up with John McCain in the violent Alice's it always ends up being John McCain you look at the policies that you get it's John McCain over and over and over but for that I want to pick up on something that sort of came up in passing in the previous episode and that has to do with the measles institute of which you are the president now for for background the Music Institute food was founded in one thousand nine hundred two and it had on its board and as cheerleaders and sympathizers people like market fund measles. The wife of Olympic Muses Henry has lit and numerous other people have distinction. Henry has it was particularly enthusiastic about the measles institute and he told Lou Rockwell that the greatest contribution the median institute was GonNa make was giving a platform to Murray Rothbart. So you know these days. It's fashionable to hate Mary. Rothbart Hateley Rocco. But you know when you do them just as long as you understand that that also means you're basically hating Henry has lit measles all these other people and as long as you know I mean maybe you're okay with that I'm just telling you that's what's implied when you take that particular position anyway. The Muses Institute has attracted some opposition over the years and what I always love is none of these people who criticize the music through. They'd never read the Measles Institute blog. Never not once you go to the meetings to blood. What do you find their sinister evil things? No just libertarian commentary on current events or if they look at the conference topics of the Austrian Economics Research Conference every year. It's all highly technical economic papers. There's snow white nationalism minute or whatever it is they expect to find over there. There's no confederate re-enactors that like I don't know what they think goes on at the Muses Institute but if you just look at the proceedings of all the events. It's basically a libertarian Austrian economics center just as it advertises itself. So do you want to say at least. It's a little something about that. Well people may not know but Henry has. Let's state left the money that help build our first building and helped us get off campus we we were renting space from Auburn University prior to that so his bequest to us upon his death in the nineties was a big source of funding. For the Masons to you so that so I think that's an interesting tidbit and of course there are. People dislike has led. I don't know too many of them. But they're out there. People forget that when meese has died and seventy three. There wasn't much of what we would call Austrian economics. I mean Hayek and not yet one is Nobel he would a year later. The South Royalty in conference which should have resuscitated. Things hadn't happened Marie. Rothbart had produced man economy and state in the early sixties. So that was sort of a new text or thome the plant the flag out there but things were not particularly rosie not only from the perspective of where politics and economics were going generally but also his worldview people who picked up his memoirs which most of which were written no much earlier way back in the forties will find that he he would occasionally allow himself to get into gloominess. I think there's no question about that. And so today fast forward award three or four decades and of course macy's is far more widely known in red than he ever was during his life and a lot of that. Not all of that is due to the efforts. The institute lots of other good people to of course promote me says but it's also do. Let's be frank to the digital revolution. Now you can anyone anywhere anywhere in the world in multiple languages can basically read nieces instantly for free. So I mean that's something he could not have imagined during his lifetime and I think he would be cheered by that almost unfathomable development since his death. And so you know I. I certainly like to think of the MEESE institute as a a new form of schools. A different kind of school. First and foremost is the place that educates people. But without all the trappings and costs and bureaucracy of a regular school but if we were nothing else if we were nothing but a museum designed to keep alive and keep available the writings of Maecenas Hayek Roth barred mango Bombay etcetera etcetera. I think that alone would be a huge service to to humanity so I do think that it's important pieces institute exists. I do think it's proper and well and good that we go beyond just pure ECON and explore some of the other areas of politics and philosophy that of course Mrs. Himself explored and let's not forget really up until even well into the Twentieth Century in the Early Twentieth Century Economics wasn't even really thought of as a standalone discipline. It was considered part part and parcel of kind of social sciences. And so the idea that we have economists who do nothing else and that they should stay in their lane and not talk about these other things. That's a pretty recent development so you know look again no no apologies for what we do. I don't believe in explaining apologizing using I think we we do important work and I think we appeal. Perhaps more narrowly more deeply to a subset of economics or or libertarian. People out there and if we're not your cup of tea I understand God bless you go If you arrive at a more libertarian worldview from reading David Friedman commoner care for Hopper Rothbart. That's entirely up to you so You know sometimes I'm just a little mystified by the idea that the MEESE Institute's Institute's existence is somehow somehow a thorn in the lions parcel. May I don't quite get that. I mean our crime is getting you know. Many hundreds of thousands of people across the world to read more maces to read more high to read more mango at Cetera. And I think that's an unqualified fight. Good let me transition into what we want to talk about today with this point that some of the folks who have let's say been unsympathetic to the institute are part of a Washington. DC oriented approach to the problem and by the problem I mean the problem of of liberty versus is power that consists of imagining that. Some day. What we'll do is have libertarian? Supreme Court justices. Who will enforce liberty all over America America so again it'll be a top down? Centrally planned approach and the measles institute not as an organization but the scholars Associated Osceola with it have tended to look at the question somewhat differently. Not favoring what has sometimes been called Libertarian centralism of that sort that uses the fourteenth amendment stuff like that but rather that is highly decentralized in nature that favors radical decentralisation and secession. Well of course the strategy of putting Libertarians Arians on the Supreme Court is not something the New York Times favors. But at least you're playing by the New York Times has rules which is these are the institutions we have and we got A. We got work within those confines. I think it's safe to say. The scholars stood are much less interested in playing by those rules or being concerned that the New York Times is going to think. We're not respectable. I realized decentralisation is not respectable but there's a tremendous American history of it and know the decentrally tradition is not inherently tied up with slavery. Lavery as anybody who knows the history knows and you can read that history of my book nullification. But the point is it doesn't matter to me. That The New York Times doesn't approve of decentralisation decentralisation it is obviously the only humane solution in a society like ours where there are people with such divergent worldviews that it's pointless stupid and evil to try to force them to live under the same set of rules together. Why would you WANNA do that? We've all been kind of brainwashed into thinking. That's that's the only way to go and any other approaches neo confederate or whatever bs they're throwing at you the only way for us to live. Is this inhumane. Way of having a low-intensity intensity civil war with each other where we just try to force each other round holes into square pegs and their humane people among us who say how about we lay down our arms and stop doing this and we're the ones who are demonized evil that you probably supports delivery. I mean again. I wish I could be attacked by h Shell Macon because at least then it would be entertained. Let's not forget me says wrote quite a bit about this. He was very concerned with political minorities in society being over over run and in particular linguistic minorities. Now you have to understand he was coming out of this sort of patchwork quilt of Old Europe and Germany was many many principalities polities and you had the Habsburg Empire and all these things coming together and then changing radically after World War One in particular and again after World War Two many these boundaries were redrawn and so he releases himself of course always advocated. This idea that clinical minorities ought to be allowed to break away from a centralized state. I think that the centralizing centralizing impulse is almost always status impulse. I don't like the idea that we all have to live. In some sort of mass democracy. Three hundred and twenty million billion people I think is a very unwieldy thing to make decisions about two parties. Either trump's GonNa win in Fall Twenty twenty or hillary or or excuse be well maybe hillary or Bernie or Elizabeth. Warren whomever is going to win this is going to be again. This binary thing that that a bunch of us have to sort of uneasily except and I don't think that's very healthy. The I think the smaller administrative units are always preferable you know and we have a history. The United States that unfortunately makes the idea of secession in or moving decentralisation Attached to this to the confederacy into slavery civil war. Look that's a bad history. But that doesn't nullify the underlying doctrine of allowing people to peaceably walk away from political arrangements. That just aren't working anymore. I mean you don't have have to be a for the confederacy to believe that you don't have to be a confederate neo confederate to think Lincoln was a bad guy in central iser and tyrant. I mean this is just you know this kind of binary thinking needs to be thrown out the window. It's so obvious it staring us in the face is that this is the way forward and of course if the Constitution had had been followed somewhat it did set up a federal system where states would have had a lot more power and authority over social and cultural criminal matters and we could have had a much higher degree of federalism which would have been a release valve of sorts to let some of the steam out but when we have You know maybe a a few hundred people in the US House or Senate deciding things for three hundred twenty million or in many cases five Supreme Court justices out of NY deciding things for three hundred twenty million people that is a recipe for strife and descent and disaster. I mean there's absolutely no reason why we have to have one unified. Let's say abortion rule for all fifty states are one form of gun laws for all fifty states. I realized there is some localized gun control. Don't get me wrong. It's just it's a bad idea and and I think we understand that on some level but libertarians have tended to insist. Oh No no you know. Smaller is not necessarily better a smaller government. You know being ruled by At the local level or the regional level the state level could be just as bad or worse for liberty so that's not the yardstick which we used to measure things. Well well all right. Let's not forget that liberty is not a majority position. Mo- most people believe in a pretty robust government especially when it comes to their own own things like social security right so the idea. That smaller isn't better. IS I. Think mystifying because we always always wanNA break upstate power. We always prefer. Having two states. Exercise Dominion Let's say over twenty million people each than one St Exercising Dominion over forty million people. I think we can understand that. Centralization means that the contagion is broader and wider and then there's fewer the choices and there's fewer chances for experiments obviously. I'm a big fan of the Swiss system of subsidiarity. I think it's probably about the best thing we have in in the world today far from perfect but the idea pushing decisions down to the communal level or the cantonal level as opposed to deciding them. Federally I think is very healthy. Theon I think he gives Switzerland degree of social cohesion. That big states big governments don't have and as a matter of fact if you look at the Swiss government's website they actually really say in about four or five different languages because the Swiss are so good at this sort of thing they actually say the desire here is to have social cohesion. Imagine trump or Bernie campaigning. Twenty twenty and going around and going to des Moines Iowa New Hampshire South Carolina and one of the early primary states. And saying you know I'm here today to tell tell you that I don't really know what's best for the farmers here in Iowa because I'm not a farmer and I don't really study crop commodity prices and I don't know about all these Byzantine subsidies a whole thing's really complex and then there's weather on top of that. It's really localized. So my promise to you today as a candidate is that if you vote for me I'm you'll let Iowa decide as much as possible at the local level. I mean that that's the opposite of what politicians in the US and in the west side. It's the opposite oppositive Hubris. It would be such a breath of fresh air to say you know. I don't know what's best for you. I'm GonNa let you have a closer stab at deciding thing it and look Tom. Go back to the first congress. America only had a six million people are something in the outset and if we extrapolated the number of of US representatives and senators at the time. Today we'd have something like five thousand or six thousand members of Congress and unless you lived in some really really rural part of Alaska. Something you'd probably be within a couple of miles or maybe a mile of your US representative and so all that has gone out the window with this country. Three of three hundred twenty million people were. Everything's decided in DC and let's not forget that. Even if Libertarian Position Wins at the Supreme Court that could easily be reversed right. I mean the the makeup of the Supreme Court can change so I I'm a big believer in saying look let states be states. I don't I don't care about liberty to the point of imposing it on others that's paraphrasing Mencken and there are plenty of people boy in the United States who absolutely do. Not Whole Libertarian worldview. And the idea that you were going to slowly over time convert all them. I think is pretty daunting task. But you certainly convert a sizeable portion them to form a geopolitical union of sorts. I mean they're fully functioning countries like Norway. That just have six or eight million people and you. Could you know if you believe that Kato study from years back that maybe ten percent of Americans are pretty libertarian in their world. That's thirty million people right there. I mean that's plenty of people to have a country now. How how you would assemble them? Geographically is a different question but I am a firm believer that from both a pragmatic perspective and also from a philosophical perspective of not imposing. Anything on other people that this is. This is what we have to to be thinking about and look. There are huge problems. There we may never be able to undo. Social Security. Medicare was your federal programs. It's okay you know you've paid into it. You WanNa body whatever your position is but when you move away when you go to a foreign country like the Philippines to retire you still get social security you still qualify for Medicare you might have to come to the US for a medicare eligible doctor but You know military bases and federal land. Okay it's it would be very very tough to divvy that up. I get it. You know a ports natural resources all of these things you know. People might fight over rather than just break up peacefully. But the idea that we dismiss out of hand as Libertarians idea of any kind of subsidiarity or federalism or secession or a political break-up I think is just crazy. I don't understand this centralizing impulses from people who admittedly by their own. Admission are part of a minority ignored viewpoint. It doesn't make any sense. And so you know I I would rather let let US state like Utah. which is it's actually really far less culturally and socially conservative today than people? Imagine it but let let's say Utah Forty fifty years ago a culturally and socially conservative state date not entirely but full of Mormons if they wanted to have different laws on divorce or you know more draconian drug laws or you you know different laws on prostitution. Okay I mean you can. Maybe Nevada would be the opposite. Maybe Nevada would say hey come here you can get divorced in a day come here you can use whatever kind of drugs you you care to us because the drug war isn't federalized. Come here you can You know view pornography or go to to adult clubs. Come here you can drink at any age you can stay out and drink on the street walk round with a beer until five in the morning. We don't care I mean. Is that the worst. It's possible outcome is at really so noxious to the Libertarian worldview. Or do we have today. No no no. The whole country has to be to be libertarian. And and saw leave you with this the knock on states rights. Oh my gosh that goes back to the civil war and that was just a form that was just an excuse for states that wanted to ten you holding ending slaves look states. Rights doesn't mean that that we're saying states have writes it means relative to the people and nobody that's ridiculous. Nobody argues that state's rights means that individual states in the union have have hold rights visa visa federal government. That's all it ever meant. It didn't didn't mean states. Have Rights states are just a smaller. Political entity doesn't mean they have particular rights against the people. So that was it was always a canard in a red inhering and so I'm not. I'm not only mystified. I'm a little discouraged. Sometimes that this isn't the conversation because this conversation where we can be having this with the left. You WanNa talk about outreach to the left I mean what the left is found out especially in two thousand sixteen is there's a lot more deplorables than they thought and that they're lingering a lot longer than they thought when I say lingering I mean. The demographic changes aren't happening as fast as the left thought. So you know we could give blue states bargain today and say you know you right right now today. You can have a lot more of what you want without worrying about whether Red State Alabama is going to elect Jeff sessions back to the Senate and he's going and have a vote over some abortion law which is really just being run up the flagpole for testing before the Supreme Court. I mean that's ridiculous. Why should someone Nancy Pelosi's he's he's district and they vote for her something like eighty percent by the way for reelection? Why should someone and Nancy Pelosi's district have to worry about Jeff Sessions Alabama? I don't want him to have to worry about it. That's you know I think it's just it's the piece is the peaceable way forward I think that was the title of one of your talks years ago at an event of ours in Houston on secessions. It's the the obvious solution staring us. All in the face but this insistence that we can't get divorced and we all have to stay with spouse and bad marriage man. That's that's that's I think a huge mistake so I really. I really would recommend that people go regis select passages and nieces liberalism written in nineteen twenty seven and about ten years earlier in one thousand nine hundred and nation state economy where he talks about. You know there's this these mechanisms for a long political minorities to go their own way because I think every reword of that reads absolutely true and applicable today all right I've got a couple of follow ups Which I will fire at you in just a minute? Let's have twenty twenty year that you keep your New Year's resolutions make it a year where you explore new skills deepen your existing passions get lost and creativity and you can do do this. With skill. Shares online classes skill share offers thousands of classes in business writing photo and film design animation illustration and many anymore. And when you join you get access to all of them and these classes designed for real life so you can move your creative journey forward without putting life on hold you can learn grow with these short classes that fit your busy routine with the skills you learn on skill share you can enhance a currently existing interest. You can build up skills that can make you you more employable or even help you build your own side hustle. I myself I'm interested in a very popular new class. Real productivity how to build habits that last asked explore your creativity skill share dot com slash woods and get two free months of premium membership. That's access to the thousands and thousands of classes at skill share for two months for free head over to skill share dot com slash woods. And Start Your membership now with your two free months when we talk about this. I can't help thinking to myself that you know I don't fit into either red or blue I just don't because the blue side of the thing makes me crazy these people make me crazy and then I think Here we go. I'm going to hang around with some conservatives and at least I've got something in common with them and then I just remember the worst stuff about about them I think. Oh like for instance. You've had years at this point years and years and years and years of the Internet and you're still I haven't kept up with conservatives and a longtime sometimes. I haven't gone to other conferences. I haven't spoken I just have. I got a lot of invites under Obama and so I spoke to a lot of tea party groups and I haven't spoken them a long time. They've had all these years years to learn about foreign intervention at the drug war the truth about the police the truth about all these topics and the president is not your a friend and then I go back and they're still saying you know Back the blue and he's my president and you better say the pledge of allegiance. That's who you still are like. You've endured years and years of being exploited by the regime and lied to and ripped up and you're still exactly where you were philosophically at the beginning you've learned nothing there's no nuance at all. So I can't I can't stand these people either so even if we do have succession what I I fear will happen is something somebody in my private group said. The other day I fear the blue section becomes more oppressively blue and the red heart becomes more impressively oppressively. Read the things that make them most identifiably red. Which is we WANNA law against this law against that then they're going to have a free rein on that? And where the heck do I go. Where the rest of us go where the Libertarians go? Where do that ten percent go in that scenario very tough question and not one that's easily solved? We've seen just over the past couple of days response not amongst all conservatives. I mean they're the Tucker Carlson so I I agree I agree. I always point those up but there should be way more those right and of course going you know trying to gin up a war with Iran country of eighty million people after all of our history in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last one was twenty two years now. I mean any conservative cheering for that. You know I don't at this point I'm with you. I'm not exactly sure what you can say to these people but again if we are really this hardwired into these kind of tribes and and it seems like hard wiring because reason evidence don't necessarily change people's views all the time we can always argue people out of seeing the world a certain way you know. Where does that leave Libertarians again? I think it leaves US arguing for break-up and saying let's break this thing into some individual pieces where we can have more of what we want. Other people can have more of what they want here. Now I I've I've heard heard different people say this I. I've heard Angela Keaton from antiwar Sater's by the way she hates my guts on this ad that that it's easier easier to teach the left economics than it is to teach the right piece. I don't think that's been my experience. Yeah I don't know that's but that's that's it's touching. I just went on this tirade against the right and yet even even after that I'll say when they do have enough curiosity the listen I can get them to change much much more successfully than get the left to learn economics because they think of economics is a sham science that was developed to rationalize green. Well how do you talk to somebody like that. Yeah that's right. The left doesn't believe economics is a real disciplined intellectual cover for corporate interests or or wealth. yeah I guess this. I guess this is outs. Me As a right libertarian of sorts in that I think you can talk to the right about limits. Sir Areas of human conduct or existence. We're government ought not to be involved whereas the left tends to say everything is political and everything is the power struggle. Everything is critical theory. Everything is race. Everything is gender everything is sex and sexuality and I just you know I. I can't respond to that at at some point. You just say that's crazy and we. We should go our separate ways So while I think both left and right are equally bad had ideologically when it comes to their pure political worldviews. I certainly think the left has more power. I think the left is is a tiger. I think the right is is a pussycat and and you know. I think the idea that some sort of sort of nasty left socialist oligarchy. Run by the Tim Cook. The world is going to grind as down far more likely than a Mike Huckabee right theocracy is going to grind down. I think that's just the reality of where we are today. So it's a tough question and seeing seeing the bellicosity on twitter towards Iran. These last few days it's been pretty disheartening. We have work to to do all right. And as do you and I we've got two more days worth of Jeff diced week that we have to cut through like a hot knife through butter. We're just about to go go do that on. This topic of secession. Well you know what on the show notes page. which would be Tom? Woods dot com slash fifteen. Sixty five I do want to point out that I'm gonNA link to my my book. Nullification because the history and their of decentralisation but particularly the history of really the the nature of the American Union and the debates about it and the American Union being collection of societies rather than a single whole. I think it's very important for Americans to understand. This is actually where you come from. This is what we're talking about here is not foreign to you. So I'm going to a link to that they're tom was dot com fifteen sixty five. All right thanks Jeff. More to come tomorrow or Info there are a lot of things you can secede from not just the crummy regime but also the crummy boss you hate in the crummy job. That's making you miserable. Herbal build something on the side build up something for yourself on the side and you know I promote different ways of doing that and we mentioned skill share today a in this program and also I have a free e book on the subject. Of course I mean what else right what he expects from all woods here so check that out a paths to income DOT COM. You got to check that is just for how minimalist that squeeze pages it tells you nothing. And yet people sign up for that thing in droves I just love it. Human psychology fascinates fascinates me paths to income DOT COM. Is My little e book about things. I do to avoid working for the man so check that out. We'll see tomorrow. Become a smarter libertarian. In just thirty minutes a day visit Tom. WOODS DOT COM to subscribe to the show for free. And we'll see next time like the sound of the Tom would show. My audio production is provided by pods worth media. CHECK THEM OUT AT PODS WORTH DOT com.

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Claiming Your Work - E007 - Guest Jeffrey VanDyk

Activate Millions Podcast

1:31:01 hr | 11 months ago

Claiming Your Work - E007 - Guest Jeffrey VanDyk

"Hello and welcome to the activate. Millions podcast where mavericks mystics and visionary leaders share their leading edge out of the box wisdom their energy and what they sense in the unseen rooms. Each episode supports your journey of being and becoming a maverick mystic and visionary leader. Inspiring you to tune in to your own energy turn on your unique wisdom and live your most activated life and this episode. I talked to my good friend. Geoffrey van dyke about trusting the ripple effect of your impact. How wounds show up for us. As coaches and serving professionals the wisdom of ongoing parts work and what it takes to go from teaching someone else's wisdom to claiming the work that only you can do welcome to the podcast school jeffrey. The activate millions podcast. And we are here. W right in the middle of a great conversation An just just walk them. Thank you for a green and joining me today. And he's all of these. Conversations are just open conversations its wisdom weaving. I like that is my my favorite thing is we share wisdom weaves together and it expands. It opens up into something even better than what we could bring alone. Welcome what's go on your world every We were talking before we kind of in about the purpose of this podcast of like what it takes for someone to say. Yes even to the smallest step. Yes and the impact of one person on our way to the impact of millions of people. yes And i love that. You share that because at this i've been doing what i do now for sixteen years So you know. I've had a few people. I've impacted Over the years. But i will say even now it can be easy to lose sight of the impact You just don't see it right most days. You do your work you show up you serve people. They have transformations center. They move into action and cool ways. But you don't necessarily you want in the nitty gritty of the true impact of really anything. You do So there's a lot of trust there's a lot of I think courage to really lean into your best work right to like. Have the courage to really go there. And then the trust that. If this person's in your life and that was what was happening you met them met them deeply that it's going to have a ripple effect in you just aren't going to be very privy to what that's going to be right Couple little stories I used to be the president of the international coach. Federation chapter in san francisco and while i was chapter president one of the things that instituted was coaching. Demos with veteran coaches young coaches. Were really nervous about their skill and had probably been to. Only you know the coaching school. They went to and only saw one way to do it. And what not. So we just wanted to like normalize. Hey you don't have to be a perfect coach. You know and one of those. I guess too is considering moving to the coaching role to think she was in finance world or something and she raised her hand and i was the one coaching that week and So i did a fifteen minute. Kinda coaching demo. With her right. this is probably fourteen. Fifteen years ago I got a private message on facebook from her within the last couple of years Saying hey i don't know if you remember This coaching demo. You did with me But it's the first time. I really said yes really admitted what i wanted and said yes to it and from that point forward. I got trained as a coach. I quit my job. I built a successful coaching practice. I dumped the guy that i wasn't interested in And i'm now married to the man of my dreams and have two kids right and she's like an i i i see that moment as the tipping point. That's what changed at all You know that right. I just did a demo. Simply chapter meeting. I did a demo with somebody you know and it was like it was real coaching right But how would i know that you know You know. I just got an email a couple of weeks ago from client. Who's been with me for the last couple of years in my in my year long programs And part of what i do with people is I do a lot of work around storytelling to support their mission. They're calling right so my work all about messaging working with messengers and part of that is we look at personal story Because it's how we build connection with people that know us she emailed me and said With your help over the last two years. I've told the two most important stories of my life. And i feel like now. I can actually move into my adulthood unshackled by my past well and now this is somebody i think. She's in her fifties no so when she talks about her adulthood. Like we're not talking about a twenty year old right like so you know i every now and again i'll get a message like that and kinda got that email. Just tears came to my eyes. Not just because of the work i did but because she did like she i with our support but man she. She showed up But he just don't know you know and I think for a lot of folks that get into helping professions. We're kinda junkies for like feel good moment right. We love it but there's a little sinister quality part of it Quality to it. Which is i need to feel. Good making you feel good. Say more about that so do a lot of work with people around their wounds. How your core wounds were the training program for your life's gifts and help them see how their wounds supported building their giftedness But part of our wounding. There's only two ingredients that require us to have a winning experience. Something has to be painful and confusing. If it's painful it hurts but it's not necessarily wounding if it's confusing alone. It's just weird bray but when it's painful and confused when you go. Why is this happening. And we are meaning raking machines. It means something wrong with me or is kids. We can't blame dad. That would be biting the hand that feeds us right ourselves. Oh this has happened to me. Because i'm fill in the blank. I'm worthless i'm unlovable. I'm failure i'm a reject. I'm a no good nobody Take your pick right and each one of us seem to have kind of a A general pool of i call it. A constellation of wounds wound constellation worthless. Unlovable might be one right. A stupid failure might be another this kind of our own unique combo. And then you know law of attraction keeps bringing us more of that once we start saying that to ourselves. I'm unlovable nobody. Getting ignored i keep getting rejected. I keep getting right and we keep bring those experiences to us. All the while. what's happening is there are basic needs. That aren't getting met directly so like the stick a simple example not even a big traumatic example. Let's say you had kind of a perfectionist mom and she loved you but you can never quite measure up. Nothing was ever done quite to her standards. Right you know and man you tried. But maybe she was more taipei. Maybe your spirit in hateley is more of a creative spirit right. And so maybe you're messier 'cause by the way. The creative process requires that so by nature. Maybe you're you call outside the lines and you know the decrease when you wrap. The gift isn't just so when you wrap it right. So what do you want for mom. Of course you want her love and approval her praise now. Because you can't do the way things way she wants. You do some other way and you try this way. That way in this way. And that way to try to be worthy in her eyes of her love in her praise so one of the deficiencies if you will like a vitamin deficiency is sufficient and praise. Maybe even particularly from a maternal figure brave. And then you go into the coaching world and little. Do you know that this is still at work. got it. And you're working with folks and you start to get some love and praise. Oh and it feels good right. And like i'm getting the thing i never got and it becomes a little bit drug and then you helping others becomes more in some ways about you than it is about them. Got at gap and That i think is a kind of hidden aspect to a lot of helping. Professions is like i need you to have a transformation to the i feel good giving it to you and i get the accolades and the atta boys atta girls that i did a great job. But then we're always chasing the drug. Yeah l. ice. Oh yes right yes. So there's this weird place where we work through more and more. I don't think there's ever ends so. I guess now there's a new layer of at ride new level of it. You just keep stripping away our unconscious knee jerk needs for our own praise in doing work had a holly once years ago saying you know the funny thing about speakers. This is speaking industry It's one way intimacy as speaker gets to be deeply intimate with the audience. But they don't get to be intimate with you and the same thing could be sometimes said about mentor or a coach coach Anything in that it. Is this kinda one way intimacy or it can be yeah right. I don't think it has to be but the nature of it lends itself to that right and so for me personally right. I had to do a lot work over the years around the look at me. Look at me. You know part of my wounded as a little kid so i grow up in holland michigan with dutch people. Right i'm geoffrey. Van dyke and my neighbors were the vancouver's bangkokians vandermeer in the weird stroz diagnose We had license plate holders. Said if you ain't duchene much you know very homogeneous and these were the dutch people that move to america to be more religiously puritanical So these were you know. It's funny when i first went to the netherlands. Fourteen house like these people are cool and the people. I work and i didn't really know at the time or realize the time about which of the dutch people moved to america and it's like oh yeah we got. The puritans aren't yeah. I was like gosh i really do fit in well with my you know with my people originally I was always different. You know what i was. Fourteen some turn fourteen. I realized it was gay. So there's that difference now think little it's even if you weren't aware of your sexuality there is a difference there and i thought different always ask questions that you weren't supposed to ask right. I would get these glares these stairs from these ladies at church you know look like burning stairs how that said how dare you s in. Sometimes they were just straight up innocent like her member. My mom got her tubes tied When i was maybe six and she was talking to a group of ladies at church has looked up at them. And i was like. Oh did you get your tubes tied to you. Look pretty old man. I just thought like it's something ladies did when they got older. I don't know but manner member. The glares so part of my strategy was i learned to perform. Ooh make him laugh. Entertain them put on a show razzle. Dazzle them if you will write your sod that you can praise because i'm not getting praised for what's in here you know In this first time that air started going out of that balloon. I was fortunate in growing as a coach and mentor. Having a personal mentor early on. Tim kelly who who teaches life purpose work around the world incredibly gifted man and he took me under his wings. I co taught with him until i teach his work. I was the first person he ever Licensed or taught to teaches work travel around the world. We built a coaching company in israel together. And you know when i was first doing. There's We did a lot of in person. workshops and each section's about ninety minutes. So you command. There's ninety section fifteen minute break ninety minutes section launch etc and most sections there. Is you teach something you have them do. Inexperience in the new debrief. It so i would take different sections as i'm apprentice and on breaks or when they're in diets or whatever i'd go tim and we'd debrief that section This is kind of side but You know he would say all right. What worked what didn't work. Why didn't it work. What would you have to have done differently. It to work better and then great diets done go back and implement so it was an incredible training program but we also built a lot of trust over time and he's somebody that done his his work at the end of one of the days of vs trainings. At some point you pulled me aside. And he said hey. geoffrey. I'm noticing something and i don't know if it's really going on if it's just me or if it's you know or earth this is really going on but I wanna share it with you and if it lands for you great go check it out and do some work around it and he had no energy on it no judgment no just like hey. This might be thing cooking. Go check it out and it was this. There's a subtle way that when we teach together. If feels like you put me down to make yourself look better. And it was like a part of me got caught with his pants down. You know just like. I wasn't even consciously aware that i was doing it. You know there were the pardon me. That definitely knew what he was up to out. And i went that night and i did some journaling with this part of me. I'm like so what's your name. I'm star oh kay starr where you come from. And he's like well. I made sure when you were a kid that you shines brighter than everybody else. You'd get praise love affection. Are you still active today. Oh yeah What are you doing Instill in charge of the same thing right weird thing the psyche by the way. It's not auto updating mike with computers we get software updates some parts of reciters rooted in. We're four six k. Yeah he's like. I make sure you're the brightest star in the sky because that's when everybody's gonna look at. Yeah i get that you relate. What are you hoping is going to happen if everybody notices me. Well then you'll be loved. Oh okay i really get your intent at feel your care but i gotta tell ya when that happens. I actually feel more isolated and alone in this part was like oh crap. Yeah kinda see that. Right flaw in the strategy said i want to be connected with people. That's what makes me feel loved. I you know in in the wounded strategy was to impress people to peel off right and like hey is there any other way. We can work together. And he said tell you what he goes. Well superheroes all have different superpowers. But they all shine is like he wasn't he wasn't like don't shine. That was not the strategy right but instead it was. Why don't you gather a whole whole gang of superheroes and help them step into their superpowers. So you can all shine together. I know that sounds like a good strategy right. Really great part to have at work in coaching Scenario yeah you know so not say that. I never had that old reaction but over time it's moved from. I need to shine. I want to create a world where we shine you know. Yeah so it's like it's different motivation in the more in that motivation the less i need that atta boys in the accolades in the blah blah blah blah blah. Not but. it's not nice. It's not it's not where the the the wounded need for. It gets a little quieter. A little quieter a little quieter that matures that part of i think of it as helping because the part is stuck in a age where the created the psyche of mine got created age six. It stuck it stuck it. First of all it stuck in a strategy designed for my six year old life break in the six year old life it was the best strategy around but it may not be the best strategy anymore and it may be young. And it's kinda do you remember those little Own her Little guys put in water and they grew ten. Alex yeah totally. Yeah i know those guys. I it feels like that to me. Were the part when you do this kind of work. Liking it fills out it matures. It becomes part of mature psyche. Yeah it in like within a matter of moments like it it it it gets to present day. Yeah but it requires. Here's the thing it requires love and listening you know. I think a lot of times. When i'm working with people around different parts of themselves the parts that are most Where most aware of are usually parts that are the squeaky wheel tons of parts of our psyche. But they're the ones that are working. Well we don't notice just like in your car you don't notice the axle when the actual doing its thing right but when something starts to squeak in your car go i got to attend to that right and we want to fix it the or make wrong. I mean that's right. Which is unusually fixing is like. I don't like this part of me. I want to get rid of it on a fixed. I want to change it. You know and i always say to folks so tell me this. How does it feel to you when somebody comes at you. Wanna you to be different. You need to change. So i feel better. Go that sucks. I hated my great. If you hate it in. This part is a part of you. Do you think this part's going to like it. When you pull that with part now right all right. What works better when you're not having a great relationship with somebody well listening learning seeking to understand seeking to get to an appreciation of even how they're maybe starting with getting to an appreciation of how the person is right now. eventually getting to Love and honor and respect. And i often think about these stories. We sometimes seems like these folks used to be on oprah every decade or so when the show was on right where somebody where a murderer murdered. Somebody they killed. Somebody's kid right and Over many years and there are these parents who just need to know. Why did you do it. Yeah and they spend time with the inmate listening learning seeking to understand how the murderer grew up what turns someone into her And the you you see these stories were now the murderer and the parents of the child that was murdered are like unto or speaking and teaching together about love and reconciliation. Now bench doesn't happen overnight right right. Holy cow talk about learning and listening and feeling everything these we. We felt in grieving and anger in rage and resentment and forgiveness and love and honor like all all of it. And i really feel when when people really do this work with certain parts of themselves when we really do it. It's bit more like that. It's not like oh. Let me talk to this part of me and make it better. Make it work now so right so when i did my with you jeffrey. Just say and i was in the space of like. Oh i'm the luminary. I'm this is who i am and we talk about this several times and it's where i have been from that point of where i was in like the peaceful white light kind of energy. I was at least trying to project onto the world and you just like bullshit. Yeah you really can't but this part that you help really helped me see myself. And i i've been in relationship with this has been an on going like reintegration reintroduction like what does it mean. And it's you know. It's the maverick And i sense that. Peace is so huge part of everything i do now since reintegrated like the mystics and the visionaries into that space of who i am here to serve. But it's really the mavericks those that are can. There were the heretics. Were the ones that can really piss people off. We were the ones that are or at least when we were young. Put her foot in her mouth so many times like you were talking about putting your foot in your mouth. I'm like that's totally grew up. I was like a daily occurred. Arnie one yup but that was an it still like it. It's almost like every day. I have a new experience with what that part of me is up to what its purposes in one of the big things in the just came through probably the last six months. Is that this that the maverick that part of us. It's like one foot in one foot out you know in the environments is always looking for unconditional love like. Where's the space is big enough to hold all of me. This maverick and you know as i'm growing. I'm learning more about myself. And this part of me. I'm realizing like i'm being called to create that space. You know and and always have been but like really tuning in understanding what that request is is big and has been big and it's been an ongoing education so like that was directly. I could not have gotten there without the work that we did together. Yeah you know the thing that i remember most about. It is so my this point my career. My favorite worked to do the internal work. I love the messaging strategy and all that but the intern work is a are people's relationship to power Because you know. I'm really here to help. Messengers become the people that can have massive influence and In most of us are scared of the impact of our power. Don't trust ourselves with it if we really are honest. Yeah her the maverick. There's absolutely a power piece. Which is can i can i can you. Can you handle this right There's also this double edged sword that the moment somebody says. yeah. I can handle it. The shadow pieces. The maverick can then fuel track. Yes oh absolutely yeah. read them. Poll to me feels like heart of your work and your hats is the really lean into what freedom actually is. I i agree. Because i this has been so much a part of even just consciousness over the past since i came back from vacation. It's like i have all this freedom. I always have like. I'm just the person who just does what. I wanna do what i wanna do it. There's like this whole other world of freedom. That i did not even having touched yet and i can feel it. I can feel it in. It's like oh. That's where i'm being asked to go and it's a hole in it. It's not the same maverick freedom. It's not the same immature maverick. Freedom it's a whole nother level of freedom. So it's the maverick. Part of like the maverick piece. The wounded pieces. I get to do what i want when i want. Because nobody's nobody can see me or hear me you're like people don't at alexa version of it yes right. I'm just gonna kick the shins of the parents because they don't get me anyways right. Why bother so me. Just go out and do my own thing. Which i've always done. I have always felt like. That's that's freedom and lake. I have the ability to travel. Wherever i want to go. Have all this financial freedom. I have all the free all the freedom freedoms that i that you know you can check the boxes a great family. Amazing supportive husband Just everything everything that i could want. Don't live in fear. Like i have all these freedoms and there's like this it feels like almost like at the i'm at the foot of the mountain. What freedom is yet so anyways talked about power and freedom. And so like i can. I just i feel the connection. You know years ago. When i was like a new coach. I went out to lunch with marcia wieder right and i used to used to be one of martius trainers back in the day and she asked me she you know in her dream process. One of the steps was like. What's the belief you're using to actualize this stream and i said to her. I'm enough. That's the belief amusing enough And she looked at me and she was like jeffrey enough and not enough isn't even in the conversation. You're brilliant different thing. And i got in that moment so long as i'm in the i'm enough conversation. I must simultaneously be entertaining. The i'm not enough conversation. A version of freedom is interwoven with feeling trapped. You don't get me bubble out. So i'll just do whatever i want and i'm going to call that freedom. Yeah but it's still on the frequency of shackles. Absolutely right my friend. Murray as Cova his heated up in our world was talking to my friend murray and he said you know americans have a perverse relationship with freedom the freedom to do whatever the hell we want which is a very adolescent version of freedom. What about you know There's the freedom to but there's also the freedom from we can always even say freedom with louis we could say power over our under power with s but what about the freedom to collectively build a safe world together own. Yeah and believe what you want around cova at us virus but if if we look at science science says hey when you wear a mask it's not just for you it's to keep your own droplets from going out into the world infecting others so when people are like you wear a mask if you want to. I'm not gonna do whatever a lot. Yeah reminds me of like. I don't know if you remember this but when we grow up we didn't have seatbelt laws when as get right. Yup no wait. Uproar win the seat law. You can't make me while. of course now you know. We don't even think about whether or not we put onto seatbelt now. The government cannot make you put a seatbelt on like that was that was same. Thing with helmet laws her motorcyclists right. I know i get to us my cranium open if i want to and i don't give a shit about the surgeons that are gonna have to put all this time and money and to try to put my head back together. If i crash great. I wanna feel the wind in my ear. That's freedom so I mean this is to me the the work. The work is building a conscious aware mature ego that can partner with your calling. Oh yeah just remembering the first time. I accidentally stumbled across parts work and this was. I was teaching law law of attraction classes longtime ago the beginning of my journey. I mean when. I sorta coached anybody. If you had pulsa problem in the pocket book your prospect. I had a A title company. That managers were my clients. Like i am i. I'd go into to cart car dealers. Because i sold cars at some point so i would. That was the place i could be. Great salespeople which. I did. And i did well that this parts thing was really interesting in. It was the first part that i connected with with my ego and it was just like i. Just remember thinking my egos got to do something different than what it does. Now i remember thinking and it was. I wasn't doing it like we do now. Like the writing on the conscious like writing down but it was just as i needed the part of my ego. That's here to keep me safe to move to expand the zone of safety. Like that's all i was asking it to. Could you just expand the zone of safety. So i can feel safe doing more and it was like yup i got this was like all right. I'm just remembering like how simple that was. But how powerful it wasn't. It ended up being a big part of like how i was coaching and helping people. And i don't know how much more time you have jeffrey. What's up okay. Good because i forgot to ask you before we got on here. But there's something that I think that we both have this woven thing and about sharing so we're here sharing our own wisdom now just shifting just a little bit pivot. Something happens though when we go from. You've done this a lot. i've done. It really wants Sharing somebody else's work. And what does it take to go from your t. chain. Tim kelly's work. You were also marshall leader in. I know that you also had different partnerships and moving from like teaching somebody else's wisdom into like taking ownership of what's yours and putting that out because that's what that's how i started. I started Through somebody else's coaching program. And i was teaching very methodically at. I was programmed in that in that world with that wisdom and and it worked for me until it didn't work. I mean this mice worries at worked for me until it didn't work in. It was the wisdom that wasn't working for me. Who i was as a human was more than that and so i wanted to ask you know the you and because there's other there's going to be people listening to this who have gone through the same thing or who are considering what does that take. What does it. What did it take for you to move from kelley to your to working with yourself or I know you you have had a couple different iterations at that but could you just talk about that. Because it's so huge. I will let me give a little aside and then i'll talk about my own experience absolutely so you know our our signature work at this point. Is the work only you can do. Yes which is about laying claim to your unique voice your unique imprint. Your unique audience your unique message to package it position it and sell it right so that you can step out in the world really owning what is yours to bring And we don't usually work with people who are brand new because oftentimes people have to try stuff on and go. There is a bit of that and a bit of this. Well let me learn. You know because when we're growing we often like well. Let me let me learn about love attraction. Okay i learned that now. Let me learn about the success principles. Okay learn about that. Now let me go really esoteric and learn about human design or a hand analysis or whatever and we get our we get our tool box. We we install different tools in your toolbox but we don't yet know what we need. That unique combination of tools can give rise to through our lands oftentimes and part of my one of my favorite things to do with people. Help them see. Oh this plus that plus this plus that actually creates this other thing right without that is for these people with that problem that they're aware of that will pay you money to address real authentic to you and not made up Just one little example. And then i'll go into your your question. Yeah at a guy matthew tennyson who works with a few years back. He came to me basically saying like he's a former monk who spent two years in silence in big sur in california With a tibetan lineage and He's gay and his partner was a interior designer and started helping his partner out turned out. He just has supernatural gifts as a designer well and so they're now co owners and run the design firm together and they do high end design largely in aspen. But also in malibu and other places you know. They've been on the cover of big architecture. Interior design magazines etcetera and. He taught meditation on monday nights right these and he was getting corn because like good at design and i believe in our business and they do very well financially but what a bow. Hey i used to be a monk and deeply spiritual and i teach meditation on monday nights but that's it how how help right and so we did with him what we do with everybody in in in my world with only when other things which is we start by examining people's history their wounds because your life's history is training program for your life's work. Yeah he grew up in colorado springs. Colorado super-conservative Is gay and when we got to the fundamental wound was and he's given permission to share the story it was about feeling fundamentally irredeemable and i always my my my lane is whatever. The pattern is underlying pattern. That's causing your ideal people's problems so i said how might that relate to your best clients in interior design anyway right. Had this aha moment and he goes. My best clients are like rich. Yogi women and They buy these amazing homes that have crap energy unconsciously. They're irredeemable so they can't feel good right and they go to yoga retreats and they go to these fabulous resorts whatnot and feel good and come home and feel like crap even though it's a beautiful home in babo blah and they can't figure it out when he was in the redwoods and satellites for two years He communed with spirits of the land. You really got to understand and like can read energy in concede dead people on all this comes right. So is it okay. So they're trying to buy redemption with their beautiful homes news. That's it exactly and it's never gonna work as we got into it like you know. He said you know jeffrey. The design world has everything upside down. We start with walls and windows then beautification than maybe artifacts crystals pictures of people whatnot in. Maybe we get to energy with funkaway. Maybe but really your home is the thing calling you to your future. Oh or anchoring your to your past and he goes so we need to start with vision then we need to have really clean energy to support that vision. Then we can move into artifact crystals and pictures and so forth then we can move to court then we can look at moving walls and windows. Wow and i just saw the food pyramid. I'm like oh we need a design pyramid and we need to flip it on. Its head in that That birth his new body of work called true home design and now what they thought was going to be. This little side project is the front end center thing. He's like jeffrey. Even like the attorneys in the Famous people in the super wealthy. They all want it. I start talking about the energy and they lean in. I thought it'd be scared of it. But then i started to to to look at it. In what where does the wealthy people build. They build the most beautiful places which is also almost always the most sacred land energy discordant with him being on that land so he starts doing Vision work in the energy work to build a right relationship between the inhabitants of the home in the land. He cleans out rap energy. Then he moves into okay if this is the intention Bringing in certain crystals artifacts and different things to support division then moving into the more traditional design right and had dinner with him and his partner Few months after we did this in any said yet we just had a couple that just hired us said we interviewed four other design firms in your about twice as much as everybody else. But you're the only people who understand energy so we're hiring you. So that's that's the promise. That's the potential. Now let me do a little back story yeah. I laughed coaching so i went to coaching school in. Like you thousand four five right. I was working at microsoft the time as a corporate trainer I laughed. I hung my shingle. Didn't know a damn thing about marketing. Nothing and everybody that. I went to coaching school with all the teachers and staff were like. Oh you're super gifted blah blah blah. You're great at this. You know you're gonna you're gonna do really well nope I didn't know how the hell the talk about what i did. And at the time back then the strategy was give away free sessions have them experience the work and the more so i was just out like a panting dog hunting for prospects and aided it because it felt like i was always trying to sell at. Somebody's birthday party. Oh who might be here right. I'm living in san francisco and it's expensive place to live and i gotta make the money. Which of course is an awful place to come from. So and i didn't didn't feel like a had a promise had a process but not a promise. And that's when i got trained in Martial leaders work that was the first has she had a ten step Dream coach process need to go through one week certification program in it and be certified to use the dream coach process and that sounded very appealing to me because it felt like oh well then i would have something i could sell right and i did. One part of that in the middle was a piece about purpose and tim. Kelly taught the purpose section. Marsha tim go way back to school together. And i i did not like him at all. He triggered me the moment of met him. And i was like oh crap. I'm supposed to study with this guy that like. I don't like you. But i need to learn from you. Get that so much. Oh you have no idea okay. So that's what started my relationship with him. And i started just showing up to everything he did and volunteering and whatnot. An eventually one of the trainings was for it. Was supposed to be six fortune. Fifty ceos and as you can imagine with fortune fifty ceos. Their schedules are tenuous at best. And so last minute four pulled out. It was just the two guys in me. Tim and i'm really good with like analogy metaphor and so to teach and occasionally i'd see the guys kind of you know further brow. Get a little confused just pop in and say well think about it this way and i give it a little analogy or metaphor at the end of the day. Tim pulled me aside and he's like You know you're showing up as a co teacher. Not assistant right and i'm alike. Yeah but it seems to me working. 'cause now it's working working well i just want you to be sure that you know what you're doing. Okay i and the next morning. He picks me up like all right. So i was talking to my guidance. Last night and I've been wanting an apprentice and they said you're it So would you like to be my men t and we like literally shook on it. I mean that was the beginning of that. So i i. That's what started my path of working with tim. And what. I think is a little different about working with tim than say when i worked with. Marcia is at first. At least when. I worked with marsha. I was just your student. I got trained in her system. Coaching with both implement the system as trained in the system which is to her of folks. They get trained in other people's work in these days. I can do marketing. Services for other coaches who have certification programs i train their clients and how differentiate themselves in the market even though the process they might be using. Is this signature process from the coach. That trained the minute got it. I know why are you doing it. Who are your people even for this same process so that you just a mini me of the person you trained under. Yeah right and a lot of a lot of my clients start. There is like i have skills and training in this process and i believe in the process but i don't know how different than anybody else's trained in this process and that's That's a good fit for what we do. So i was that kind of person with marshes work with tim's work. It was a little different in that. I was his right hand. Man i helped build that company I you know co lead trainings. Until we started opening a biz real and then By that point he was like you don't need anymore. You can just lead the trainings. I don't need to be there anymore. You know so. I started leading all of our trainings except for ones that were brand new and then we would co lead them. Unusual co developed material. So i was with tim for a good number of years And then i were with woman named suzanne falter. Who at the time was one of the big names in building your online platform. What you're known for. Who knows you. She had written a few books Had a good following. All that sort of stuff tim and i at the time were co teaching course. We developed called purposeful marketing on using your purpose that we help people find services i saw. Suzanne speak at an event that tim was keynote at on day one. Suzanne was keynote day. To and my whole tim. And i were saying oh we should write a book on this but maybe we should actually like co. Write it with a bona fide marketer. Right because it was all of us tuning in our lived experience. But suzanne spokane. She said your platform is the one square inch you drill a mile deep in the market marks the spot and my whole body lit up because i was like holy crap i had fought so hard to like figure out my niche and all the niching experts that went into it all felt superficial. Yeah And i was like. Oh but if people knew their purpose in us that they could find the ones who are in that they could drill a mile deep in the market instead of trying this nissan and that neon so i walk up to suzanne. She doesn't know me from adam and of course there's all these people wanting to talk to her. There's probably two three hundred people at this event. And i wait for it to die down a bit and mike. Hi bubble blah. I think we're supposed to write a book together. That's my opening line. I love that. I love that. Oh here's lady. And i'm like i. Of course here. It is so walk up tour with my like happening right high public blah. I think we're supposed to write a book together now. She just looks at me and she's like don't do any more profitable. Okay well. i still think there's work for us to do together because i've been getting the downloads about it. And she's she's given me the cold shoulder like buzz off and at this particular event they had special tables for the speakers right and because it was with tim i would have been sitting up there so she sits down. There's a seat next door down next door journal and started dialoguing with my guidance journaling guidance. Who is this lady. Where we're supposed to work together in. Start downloading answers and journaling. The answers she starts pure over my shoulder right reading and eventually she's like half them this feeding me questions. I downloaded the answers. What somewhere we gotta go inside and talk right. She pulled me outside. We'll better ended that weekend. She you know she's like i have a big event in austin texas in two months. You need to khalid it me. And within those few months she moved from upstate. New york to san francisco's or living Start her divorce with her. Husband came out as lesbian and we started a new company together. Oh wow and. I thought i was going to be adding. Tim's worked at her work. And it turned out to be a little too clunky. But this new thing emerged in this is this is moving from other people's work into the beginnings of my own work. She would work with clients and sometimes would see a brand and she build the brand the tagline and what the product was where bob blah. Build the whole thing and They freak out. And there'd be like i don't know if i can hand like that could really be a successful and i don't know if i can handle it and so i started doing inner work with them around their parts. That were scared of success and Then she she come to mean ally worked with so. And so here's market. Here's the markets craving you know etcetera. And i'd i'd say i could've told you that given who are because when i worked on their fears about success i got into their childhood wounds and there wouldn't patterns and whatnot and the relationship to power and belonging And it started to see the relationship between are wound patterns and the underlying pattern in craving of their ideal market. Got it it after this happened. Time and time again a cool. Maybe we could reverse engineer this. Maybe we could start by getting into their wounds not try to figure out their market it. We'd just start with who they are in the life. They've lived and understand the underlying pattern. Then look at what market shares that pattern been if pattern unconscious while it is. Right was the root of their problems. What problems would surface that. They were aware of pain around peeling willing to spend money to solve and to build the brand and the market in the services around that and You know i've been doing that now for over a decade In certainly have grown this system and grown the methodology and now i've developed my own certification programs for it and so forth right so that's kinda autobiographical history of it. I'll share a little bit about the the personal journey around it. So with marsha. I was just lost as hell and wanted something that i could promise to people. Oh and her seemed good enough made sense to me. And then with tim's were tim's worked glommed onto me. Felt like an octopus brain. But it all made sense. Everything made sense in his work to me immediately. And so that then became the next piece of work that i taught. And i taught. Tim's work and put people through the true purpose process for some years as my primary work and was good at it and enjoyed it And people got value from it then. When i met suzanne I was. We built a company together but she was certainly the lead. She was much more experienced than i was. You know she already had a list of about twenty thousand. People followed her work. I didn't have a list at all. you know. So she kind of introduced me to her world and we started introducing this work around wounds over time and that all was very purposeful. I feel like with out went once. I got training. Tim's work is started teaching all teams work in marshes world. So tim stop doing that right. That's how i became a trainer. I was teaching. Tim's work in marshes world. So with each one i learned something different. Marsha you know it was five day trainings. That there was an initial Second five day. One i would teach member three or four of the five days so i really learned how to be with a room and move a group of people forward in a training scenario That was very personal. As opposed to corporate training and i learned how to be on stage and speak and all that stuff. Oh marcia also really like doing up. Cells and selling from stage was like. You could not train for her if you couldn't do that. So that's where. I kinda learn how to sell from stage with tim. I don't think i would have i. I can guarantee you wouldn't have the. I have around working with people both as a trainer but also really understand the intricacies of wounding and the relationship of our wounds in our psyche. So much of the foundation. Of what i do now is built on much of what i learned from tim with suzanne. It was taking it and applying it to a whole new world of marketing. And it wasn't just deploying. Tim's process because they don't even do purpose work with them. But it was the wounding steph. That i brought forward looking at is underlying patterning with suzanne with tim. It was very clean relationship. I was meant he was mentor. We did both have to grow. As i started to become a colleague had to really change a relationship and now we have a very healthy. Eating ever not have relationship. But now it's really established as like i've you know i've known world own clients and but stretching into an identity as a peer with your mentor. Yeah that was a big stretch with suzanne. She was the senior. She was established And then we were guided to folds the company at one point the neither of us frankly new why thank god. We listened because We finished out with our yearlong program. In june of that year and normally we would have had an event that sprang until another year long programs would be in the thick of it with your clients. but we're just winding up with. We had from the previous year and that ended in june july. Her daughter died one one year. Old daughter died. And i can only imagine if we just finished everything so she could just grieve. You know But what happened for me. Is suzanne first time. We'd really built something commercially or financially. Very successful redoing two events a year usually one hundred fifty or so people at each one. You're doing events in england We were doing about three quarters of millionaire urine revenue And win we broke up. I wish is lost. His halligan mild just came roaring to the surface and didn't realize it. While i was in it but i had placed a lot of meaning on. I'm a coach. Who's now made it hat speaking on all these stages bobble blah blah blah. Yeah there's so much just want a pause there second. There's so much in that. I'm for anyone who's helping in in this profession lake. You've made it when you're online. Yeah you've made it went. You've got the best selling book you made it when you have. You know you've got your successful. Coaching business clients around the world. Anyways i just wanted to just positive has it just felt like like there's so much weight about that so we'd go ahead tell me in love you've made it when he reached six figures. Yeah and i would say when you reach six figures as a coach you are more likely to be able to stay coach because that's a livable. Wage right and then once. He made it as a six figure. Coach will what's next. Do you have to become a seven-figure coach to make it. And then do you need to become a multi seven-figure couch like there's the financial piece. There is the name recognition piece. There's you know. I told you. I'm i'm building a new podcast. And frankly in in a higher agai to book guests. Who former oprah producer. He's has emmys under his belt so he has some gravitas at just right. People respond to him. And i guarantee they've i don't think they respond to me with a reach out but he can lead with that as a door opener and the people he's booking frankly i'm like oh crap like they're big names and Like oh okay right. Am i going to be good at this. I can embarrass myself. Haven't talked about before mortally. You know so. It's a little intimidating. Yeah it's not like it stops know but the biggest thing i'd say don is that i didn't know that i'd attached so much meaning to some version of making it and what it meant about me and identity and win. That identity went away when we closed the business. I was flat out lost. I mean i was back to square zero not square one. I was in like. I don't know what i have to offer anybody who wants me. Who wants anything from me. What can i you know. I was just like so deep in it little back story so that previous year. I'd also met my absolute fantasy guy. I i mean down to this. I'm always like i. Love guys have really dark eyelashes especially the lower eyelashes almost like they're wearing eyeliner. Just i don't know why but she turns me on like joseph fines and like always like oh man my perfect like put him in a blender guy would be half black irish half italian and i'm six two six three So at in spiritual so. I met ezra at this. Abraham hicks talk right. He's six three. He is half black irish half italian. Make this up again. You shoot up. And we just. I mean i never had a complete head over heels overnight. He was moving from Upstate california into san francisco and he was staying at his place but we spending every night together or something like just moving here right so like we went from like hello to him living with me within a matter of a few weeks i mean you know and turned out as it does any toward love affair or wounds fit hand in glove action. The and i it's amazing and then your wounds show up in sure enough. His dad was a very conservative controlling minister under freedom freedom freedom freedom and he was younger than me and new city and i. I didn't even know. I had this in me but i wanted to control of while. I didn't even know that was in me until i was with him. Marian laughing because i can't even imagine. Yeah i mean it's not my. It's not my standard mo like so he was so i mean. I had pined like this for decades. I mean the and a and here he was like in that and we at first it was just magic. You know so when he started pulling away. I'm like oh of course more. Did that the more we pulled away and anuary East coast for the holidays. I fly bat. Seem jannu. He breaks up with me january four to six susanna night. Set aside a retreat. And we learn. We're going in different directions. So by january. Seven of twenty twelve my life. It's just like wow wasn't just the business closing a. It was like everything that i thought i wanted gone and i just grief. I tried my damnedest to build something new. In every time. I would minor guidance jeffrey. Do you think you will add any value to the world. building something from this energy because my energy was like like i normally have an event in the fall. And that's where the income comes in next incomes ending in june and blah blah blah. And what am i going to do. When i need something just for me has nothing to do with a gift of the world like survival and like i need to get an identity back in like none of it would work by guidances just like no no no no With this secondary message. And you're okay. We've got you you're going to be okay reeve about you. But i grew up in the midwest and we have a hard work ethic and all that so like laying around in growing in hikes. And just listen to sarah braless and bawling your eyes out month on end without knowing where your income is gonna come from and in june i had a friend from england this psychic Who has a following in was going to be new york and doing some readings in having an event and he's like come out to new york and it was over my birthday weekend like come out to new york for your birthday. It'd be so much fun. I was planning to go to michigan the first week of july. We have cottage by lake michigan. So go to the family cottage right. I can't justify flying from san francisco to michigan and back to san francisco then to new york and gallivanting around the world. When i have no income in my guidance said go you do need. Do you need new oxygen new space and The material that was a sublet a month thought had never occurred to me. I'd just remember getting up methodically with my phone taking some snapshots up my photo think. Put it up on craigslist or airbnb or something. Twenty minutes later. I get a message from this guy. Hey i'm a phd grad student at princeton. I have an internship in silicon valley for the summer Your place looks amazing You know would love to come over comes over the next day. He's like i'm in town. Right comes over. He looks like this place was fantastic. I would love it because there's just a couple of other places. I already have appointment to go. See so i'll do that. And let you know tons good My friend ruins over right and he calls me. Maybe an hour later. He's like the other places. Were awful I'd love your place on the issue. Is you had it from july first to july thirty first and my girlfriend's gonna be with me in her internship doesn't end till the middle of august mike. Okay well a lot night. I don't know what i said. A hung up in different. Wait wasn't july. Thirty first arbitrary. I guess it was illich column back all them back a my car and i had rented it for a little over twice the amount i pay per month Go to michigan. I extend it for two weeks as staying at family property Pay for it right mom. First day there. I'm in the sand dunes behind the cottage and maximum calls me and i've spoken on matt's max's stages and you know and he always liked me not so much suzanne. So he's a tom. We haven't talked. His father died And get told him out. Suzanne immediately like what are you do. Remember two three four. My calendar is like tumbleweed. Like i think i'm open. You need to speak at my event. I don't even know what the theme is. But you need to be there okay. Sounds good a week later I'm in my dad's office at the house and he calls and he's like have been thinking about this. What would you think about co leading a year. Long program a mentorship program together and like No max was a more like. I'm a marketer. I was a little of that. Just f- i don't know if i probably told the this before. But that's how i was introduced to you. Yeah so it's a big following in about seventy thousand people on the list right so from like nothing to a small following small larval to thousand and seventy thousand with max like really guidance like he and max just was like and all my guidance was saying is like we told you we'd be taken care of you tear. It is yeah earn up. I did that event that follow him. We enrolled over seventy people into our program and did Almost a million dollars in revenue in three days And i got weeded. Prearranged like my percentage of avandia of the gross and it was like. Oh okay. there's the salary for the year Handled right that like the whole year. I'm like but but but but guys like no. We've got you we've got you. We've got you got you just you know And then i had a new york and after the event they're like we're going to go to fire island come to fire island with us or fire news. I'm laying out on tuesday afternoon. I'm literally sitting there thinking. Should i be working right now. Literally when my phone rings and it's another friend of mine san. Hey we're producing a text event Technically you have to apply but will you be a speaker at it. I'm like okay right. So i go to michigan and i go to the sand dunes and i get invited to this event then i go to new york and i go to the beach and i get invited to ted talk then. Another friend of mine calls me up. And i'm no matting at this point site. I'm my apartment is taken right and i get invited. Another friends like. Hey yeah. we're at the family compound in Outside of boston on the ocean. We've got this huge. Great grandfather was some general. We have this family. Trust with these mansions. Each get to travel gets a week at you. Wanna come stay here so we got a boston and then go up in state like manchester by the sea. It's just like thing after thing after thing and that was the beginning. Now here's the truth of it. And i know we're we should. We should wrap. But here's the truth of it all so there is magic. I had to work azoff to follow it. I protested like nobody's business with max. The truth was i wasn't ready to stand on my own yet was so in. I don't know what i have to offer when the world crumbled for me i. I couldn't have all my friends. Were like what the hell are you doing like we want more of you. I was not ready. Yeah you know it looked back. And i go part of the purpose of meeting with max's. He was released having internet marketing. And it was another thing for me to learn like learn stage. Work alert training Right i learned along way and then afterwards something just settled in me. Here's my last story. I was invited to speak at an event in australia. and A buddy of mine taki more really successful marketing guy He and i are friends and he's like hey come stay with me You know you. There's like we have lived on the water in sydney. Had this beach house right on the water. The built house. The house house was above it right now. The boathouse was Hangout area which was also guest quarters for me and part talkies office. So i watched talkie work and i've never in my life. Seen somebody were inside of their genius more in my life bow His father was an architecture was uncle. I think his father in a note at the time but like his drafting table in this big role of brown butcher paper need pullover and get sharpies out and drop off and he takes his phone out and snap a photo palmore paper. Draw some snap. A photo keeps doing this. I can't talk you. what are you doing our. I'm making a powerpoint deck. And i'm like okay. Yeah mate. I hate computers. I like to draw. So i just draw and take a picture and i send that to my designer and they turn it into a powerpoint deck for me. Now this is the guy that runs an internet business. He does not even own a computer. Wow is a phone and tablet right. I like all that was just indicative all week long. What like this doesn't on paper make sense like for your kind of business. You wouldn't work this way. Why haven't you just get powerpoint open and start now and it really brought to my attention Max when i was working with max he wanted to step back from the limelight and have me be. Ceo and frankly crap ceo. I just over my head hating life overwhelmed completely in helpless overwhelm. While i'm watching tacky. Just hang out in his genius known entrepreneurs so stark. You know it was like what am i doing. I went back like all right. Max i gotta gotta move on in something about that. Done was finally laying claim to like now. I gotta do my work in a way that works for me And that was the beginning of of you. Know creating the courageous messenger. And everything. I do now and i will say this that process of building a business on your genius on living in eugene sound doesn't end it's where it started but i just recreated. I'm just re crafting. The whole design of the business on the back end right now to have it. Be me living more in my assume. So there is this continual claiming hugh throw yes. Yeah no end when somebody's trained in somebody else's work it's fine and dandy and that might be a great place to start but there is still this claiming of what's my voice. What's the reason. I do this whom i meant to do with. Why am i the one to do it house my life to do this and how how do i wanna do it. What's it looked like in my world because it doesn't look like it looks in somebody else's world you know right now like i start with an invocation Channel for the first five to fifteen minutes. Even when. I'm doing a marketing training. Nobody gave me permission to do that. I had to give myself permission to do that. I and then why we love it when you do that. You know because you're you're giving so many people permission to do that too but but it starts with the permission for yourself and that her. What kind of marketing guy. Channels before teaching marketing. Like what the hell out. I put my finger on the pulse of what that audience needs to hear. And most of the time i get these comments chat like oh. I got everything needed now. Something rabi ray. No you know. It's really like oh where is the value in. How do you deliver it. How do you even more of hugh not just for your egos gratification. But as the gift as yeah and Oh my gosh this was. I'm so glad that. I asked this question because i i've heard little pieces of that story but i haven't heard it in like one expression and it's apparent to me that you've always been who you are but there's still a journey that we have to take and that's just so and also this done even when i was suzanne even with him. They're always people come to advance homicide. I'm here for you right. And my colleague may have had the same experience with some of the people oriented towards them but You've got a claim you like. Other people may have always seen. What's they're working with. Max like i said a lot of people like what are you doing dude like we just want you want your magic. We see it. I didn't recognize it yet. That's so profound. Which is why. I love the work that i do. Which is you know the work of self appreciation and who does that leads with so appreciation. But it's what gives us the space to to see yourselves and declaim. What's claimer genius. Little bit more than what we did. Yesterday in other people can't really reward you for genius until you claim it yourself absolutely. You're wanted to hire people buying wired. I attracted enough people or whatnot like well. Maybe you know maybe some self appreciation work would support you. I'm genius yeah Everything that one right. Yeah but it's yeah. I love this so just thank you so much jeffrey for just showing up sharing yourself sharing your journey. Is there anything else that you'd like to just words of wisdom more final words for who's listening was at the eagles but you know that song tiggy he he's a it's take it easy l. I think that's the thing i would say like. I say this is much to myself as anybody else. You know I think we are more deeply held in supported spiritually as well as people in our fiscal lives. We'll ever know. I think there are more people who have greater appreciation for us than we might have ourselves. I think the world there's more goodness in people's lives and we often recognize Or goodness in our cells than we recognize. Yeah and we just worked so damn hard though often and especially when things aren't working our habit is to try to work harder right which just digs in further so maybe partially because of covid. This twenty twenty. We've been in and whatnot. I get the message. I'm hearing it's like be gentle with yourself taking me. Yeah be path forward. Oh so beautiful. Thank you so much. My honor sweetheart. Thank you for having me.

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30:Email Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business

Master Your Coaching Biz Podcast

29:11 min | 3 months ago

30:Email Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business

"Hello and welcome to master your coaching biz. A podcast for rising coaches and entrepreneurs who want to design the lights of their dreams and make a massive impact on the world building inspired successful and profitable business. I'm your host cheryl fakher master board-certified coach trainer isaf mentor-coach international speaker and founder of successful coaches enterprise. I believe that every coach has a unique gift presented the world. And i'm humbled that. I've had the opportunity to work with hundreds of coaches and entrepreneurs on their journey to mastering their business. Join me each week. As we explore all things coaching to master your business with tools techniques and strategies to create a market your products yet visible make an impact and grow your business. Listen in on interviews with leading coaches and entrepreneurs sharing their stories and best. It's to teach inspire and empower yoke observed. Coaching sessions participate in qna and learn how to master your mindset to enhance your coaching skills. Are you ready to build the life and business of your dreams of doing what you love. Let's get started. Hey everyone welcome to today's episode. And i have mark moeny with me from natural born coaches and really excited to To have you here mark. We're going to talk a little bit about email marketing. Which i'm excited about. But thanks for joining me today. Michelle cheryl yeah so tell me tulsa a little bit more about you. I've worked with before. And i followed him in your group as well but to my audience a little bit more about you always tough to answer that really quick You know soundbite. Well let me see him. Turning forty three soon so i'll start kindergarten grade one. Yeah i mean in a nutshell. I've been in the coaching roles. Since two thousand fourteen and my hold things helping coaches get more clients with our paid ads so our focus on a few things in one of the. I think we'll talk. Today is daily emails. I've started doing daily emails. In april twenty sixteen and of yet to miss a day. Knock on wood so moxley big fan of that. It's not like doing them for two weeks or anything. It's been many years. I always try to get as many coaches and entrepreneurs on board with daily emails as possible. So that's a real struggle. I know for me Working with my clients getting them to see the value of sending multiple emails. Even in a month let alone in a week The kind of the golden rule. That i put down aren't lucky. Got do it at least once a week but really three week is going to be more effective than the once a week but then your model is daily so yeah. Can you talk about that a little bit like how did you go. I know i remember reading I think one of your newsletters that you were ready to give up email marketing. At one point yeah standing on the bridge. Get ready to jump off with my laptop under my own. mean Anyone who's Listening to this and thinking. Oh my god he's crazy and they come up with all these objections trust me. I had all those of jackson's before. I started because i thought the exact same thing as though from twenty fourteen to april twenty sixteen. I did emails like everyone else does. Most people you know as england says the media email once a week or every two weeks sometimes twice a week and they were boring. they're designed to never offend anyone of whatsoever because he can't gas get. An unsubscribe the horrible. So i just didn't like everyone else. I got zero results from the email. And i decided by april twenty sixteen was getting ready to kill it often in a focus on. What's working you know. I had the podcastone at start a few years before that facebook group and other sophists. I'm gonna quit emailing here because just doesn't work and actually spoke with someone who is a fan of daily emails and he challenged we use. it will mark. Why don't you it thirty days. You know and i thought live nothing to lose here. Because i'm going to kill off my awebber anyways so let the hack argument thirty days and see what happens and then i made one point seven million dollars in a month. Now i'm just kidding. Didn't make millions of dollars. But what i did see happen in those thirty days i notice. I start to get people replying to the emails which didn't happen much before i started to make some sales started to come in and then i was on board with it and i haven't missed a day. We're up close to two thousand days now without missing it. So now is my thing. I again any injections you or anyone else has a. I know that. I have. I've family got people will hateley ever subscribed and it'll be horrible. Don't give you. We'll get on subscribes especially in the early days. You've got a lot. But i called my list. I joked with you earlier. I said it's a south purging. List chases people who aren't into daily nelson and they probably weren't going to ambassador might products or services anyways right. Yeah so so. What would you write about every day. I mean what. How do you have somebody get into that. Mindset to say okay. I'm going to write an email every day. What am i gonna write about. Will it does get easier. I'll say so in the early days you're to be struggling for ideas might take you to our stride in email. Who knows when. I started writing them. Talk about probably an hour to write an email and then through doing it so often just like the jimmy newark in your muscles while you're working your content creation in writing muscles and now i can have the get it out there. You know ten to fifteen minutes usually. So what am i right. I mean i I unconscious kagan notes of things. I get ideas from movies. Tv shows books. And reading blogs videos i stumble across on. That's part of it. Non big on pop culture reference. Oh sings of my own life. You know talker things happen. If me or my clients or coaches i know you know keep confidentiality in mind so i would be like Like lion joe's dealing with the hemorrhoids. You if the moment so the sit down and start going that so you have to. You gotta use your common sense but will tell stories for day to day anytime stock. I just go to my workshops. I read a lot of folks in our highlight. I mark them up. Beat the crap out of them. I can go in there and tell you. Here's passage at stock with the ideas from a facebook group or something. I see on social media. That's good as someone asks a question. The facebook bali answer in my daily email. And do it that way. So you can get ideas from anywhere after you get doing this for while Not going to be the issue how to come up with their ideas or come up with enough ideas. You're gonna probably have too many ideas. You have to trim them down now. And how do you have any kind of formula. Like how long are the emails are now. I mean anyone look at read. My emails can tell her couple hundred words. If you want to send an email that's Paragraph go forward or a thousand words. You don't have to create something that's as long as war. warren peace. You know or something long novel. I don't do any hard teaching in my emails too. So i think that's a mistake. A lot of people make is they go. I have to give them all value and teach him just like a client and get them coming back for more actually disadvantages to that. So don't get me wrong. You want your emails to be entertaining. So people open them and read them. You wanna reward them for taking the time that they're investing reading them by you. Don't want to give them what you give your clients either because they're probably don't treat it seriously anyways you're not paying for it so my emails for format. Usually i will like said a couple of hundred words. And what a doing these use telling a story or giving lassen something that i think people should now. And then i transitioned into apolda action in every single email so some people are afraid that Nurture my last. I can't make the trying to sell anything. Or whenever i think that's baloney sam. I always have called action. Whether it be may not be selling something could be directing them to a podcast. Episode could be driving them into my facebook group telling them that webinar whatever. But i always have called action. It's not a really heavy arm twisting thing. I'll say what i have to say. And they'll say oh. By the way i go over this in greater detail. Index butts. monce issue is secret coach. Twelve years linked to check something like that. Yeah okay and how far in advance do you like clean out your emails while i always wanna be mills in the camp. You don't want to sit down that warning and blindscreen is a guy gotta get in fifteen minutes because that's a lot of pressure so in a perfect world i'd have a modest buildup full disclosure unusually closer to one to two weeks saved in there now. If something happens. Let's say was zombie apocalypse. Tonight i wanna talk about it tomorrow. Email unscheduled showrooms email and slotted new one in there. So there's some flexibility by. Yeah i like to use the state at least a week or two ahead a just so. Keep the pressure off. Yeah and do you keep a notebook or something that you kind of write those down in. Yep i usually handy dandy mole skin carry around so i have a bad. I have my notes in my iphone. That i'll do have a word doc. If i'm on the laptop that i'll put things in or i'll just start all open up a weber for email platform. I'll open up in all types in those in. Save them drafts. So if i'm ever stock all just go through and look at some draft ideas men by the assam's or to jog my memory. The other thing you can do is he can repackage content. So what. I do. Often i cheat. I can go back into something i said. Let's say in twenty fifteen or twenty seventeen or something and i can just copy and paste math tweak of a little debt you have something in their says. President trump change after president biden. Or something like that I can repackage content. And that's what. I'll do often if there's something that needs repeating in something that's still relevant than sometimes use it all email. Yeah and that's an interesting point. Because some coaches get stuck on having to constantly create new content. They don't repurpose. Or if they know like the concept of repurposing. They don't think they can do that in like email. And i think another good is just going to say each email i write. The reason subordinate ends up going out to almost ten crisis so that email goes to my list. Obviously it goes onto my blog. There's different reasons for seo and other stuff. Google likes that but goes on my blog. He goes around facebook so it's in the facebook group. The coach jungle goes on my personal facebook. It goes on fan page. It goes on linked in. It goes on twitter sometimes. Goes on instagram him. You know and it goes all over the place so you can squeeze a lot of orange juice out of that orange just by one email could turn into like i said ten pieces of content. Yeah and and that's what i do as well like i i. All my emails are done the month before and all my blog posts and everything so everything gets spread out in that month right. So and even my podcast. Because you can. you can repurpose. your podcast. mind does automatic trends or whatever transcription. I mean it has to be tweaked and everything but he can pull out of the content from there as well and that can be your social media posts as well as your email or your blog posts or whatever. There's you can just repurpose that stuff because people need to hear that stuff repeated right well. Here's an idea for someone who absolutely hates. Email hates writing the thought of it makes them on throw up If you're more of a video person what you could do is you could do daily video summer. Maybe the facebook lives of saints facebook group than You're with us to or youtube videos. Or whatever your emails here less could be something as simple as hey. I did a facebook live in my group yesterday showing how you can easily increase your coaching fees by double without strength pulling the hair of your head or stressing are i dunno this off. Top my head at sucked. But i would obviously better job if i had some preparation but headed a video about axiom. Mcgurk yesterday. Here's a link to check it out. So then they have to click on that link. Go into the group that they could watch it. That's a one sentence email. You're not doing three hundred words. Four hundred words or anything like that. And you're sticking to enjoy the videos but you're still implementing email marketing to help drive people to it. Yeah yeah and and if you didn't release like a podcast our a blog post that can be. Its own email with not much verbiage in it like hey check out this week's blog post or whatever i think the key for email is to not try to hold back you know. A lot of people will do corporate speak especially people coming from corporate the boring on corporate speak. Great balk around this by the way is called writing without ball. Shut by josh bernoff. And that whole block is around eliminating stiller words bullshit and stuff and he has an iron imperative in that book that he says he follows. His iron imperative is treat the readers time as more valuable than your own. So i asked myself okay. Is this going to be worth the reader stein to click on it. Spend the next minute reading. And if not then i going to have to do better. A james alter said something is referring. I think the blog posts of the applies email to. He said he never hits publish unless he's afraid to do so very these going to s some people offer whatever so my emails got better results and they do get better results when i take the filter off and i just let it fly compared to before rows hold it back and it was just it would put people asleep if they back down if they want to get to sleep dante asleep and killed us. Open up our soul emails. Yeah that's great. How about like promoting. I mean you know big big Kind of known thing with coaches like they don't ask for money they don't like to promote themselves And especially in email like would you have that you follow or you just pretty comfortable just putting something out there when you want it in terms of offers. Yeah well allow people can't tell those because we're on video but they're only hearing the audio i don't know if you see that cheryl behind me of god of portrait of a bunch of benjamin's there's a whole even on canadian. I think your money's much cooler than ours. I prefer. i'm so my whole thing is trying to get coaches comfortable with admitting that they're in business and there Wanting to make a profit you know. I always say you can't coach on an empty stomach so if you're trying to coaching all your bill collectors calling and you're worried if you're gonna be able to make your car payment or you have got roof overhead. It's gonna be pretty hard to do a good job. Coaching michael back with said. You can't light up the world if you can't pay your bill so i'm big on. Anyone who looks at my emails can tell that The bath at all of them have a call to action to inviting people. Take the next staff. And i would say you know. Large percentage of those draft offers as well. I did a podcast. Once a week will be an email. A podcast with the roster. Usually something monetize out. I've actually no problem doing that. Like some people gave me a hard time. I remember hearing december of twenty nine hundred. I think is when australia had those forest fires. Remember it was crazy. I heard people feed people said to me but they're all saying i can't believe i heard marketer selling today. How could you sell everything going on in australia. Then jerk on the lockdowns hit march april of twenty twenty. it was. he can't sell now. Whatever there's always something going on in the world if there isn't the media's gonna make sure there's something going on the blow off something so you'd never be able to sell a few tried to abide by that. So i sell the only email that i never had a called action. Remember this unclearly. Are you a baseball game or not really but oh well i'm canadian i should. I like hockey but more of a baseball fan I grow nemo after roy halladay. He's a star pitcher. The toronto blue jays national icon. Here great guy great player. He died in a plane crash. Shortly after retirement off the coast of florida. And so i wrote an email talking to some of the lessons. I learned from watching a lot of games. That roy halladay pitched in. You know. I just i think thought very highly. It didn't feel right to then share. Last roy halladay was oh by the way i'm doing salary. Get twenty five percents off. You know that. I just said going. Here's what i learned from him. Rest in peace or whatever so there are case like that you know that you have to use some judgment with about. I think that's the only time. I can recall in the last five years six years of doing daily emails that i didn't have a called action. I mean that makes sense even Like with the stuff that happened with In the us Mr floyd and that kind of thing we just being able to write about it and give your own opinion. You don't have to have that call to action on that type of an email but but yeah if you don't have called action and right it can be to read something or to reply or whatever like join my group or whatever doesn't always have to be a sow but you want them to do something that's going to eventually lead to how well good example. I'm playing around with new. You'd hate to call social media platforms so then settles creating something called social lair. It's the anti face. Falk where you can create layers. That's version of like group. Basically in it's got a lot in the bandages compared to big tack. But i'm going to be playing around with creating own lawyer. And i'm gonna have next month five six days. Were be talking about that. Just inviting people in so that's not selling program or whatever it's building a community in getting people in there so that's the thing it's your email you can make the choice. You can have some fun. do whatever you want what. I always recommend the people's just have some fun with it though. And you know. Let's say how the stick out of your behind. Some are too uptight with it. I think you're gonna do better if you if you relaxing just lose. Yeah if you don't enjoy it you're you're just going to be out the stress area and and it's not gonna do any good anyway you're not gonna get any anything out of it if people feel like that stressor tension of you but yeah. I liked the relaxing encourages being yourself. Because it's just another way for people to start to know you yeah Cadillac though i see people selling templates. They're like hey to write an email again by this package and you can just use templates of me. I never use even. If i'm doing a joint venture promotion with apart or i'll get ideas from. Swipe copy that they sent me a sound bite. Never just copy and paste people be able to tell like merck. That's not you you know. I'm not type. I hate internet marketing. Speak with all the exclamation points capital letters. The stuff that people read they feel like taking a shower after the done. I can't say that. I just don't like i don't wanna feel like the ones sham while guy or whatever the infomercials with it so just put it in your own style. Like i've had people who know me in real life also read my emails gone. Mark your emails avis. Sound like you. I'm like or sound like so right like you speak. Yeah i like that because then people will be able to connect with you because you are using your own language to write. Your own. Personality shines through yet. Don't try to be someone else. So that's a problem with the coaching world. I see it. Let's say for example people don't normally swear but they see someone that's edgy and swearing so they drop a bunch of at bombs. A perfect examples when tony robbins released his netflix documentary. I'm not your girl. I don't know if you remember that. I should've kept the tally you're doing a drinking game. Take a shot. Every time tony drops out. Yeah yeah this is really weird. I don't know the egos doing with obeys tony robbins. So whatever he's doing is working but I think he dropped the f-bomb like a five hundred times of short documentary out. What i noticed was interesting in the week or two after it was released. All these coaches. i know. I'm on their social media stuff like that were suddenly dropped in the f-bomb and they were saying things like you know. If you don't go for your dreams nathen lazy piece of crap you you know and stuff like that own. My gosh it was just too much now on the flip side. If you usually curse like a sailor dunk right there. Like your fairy godmother you know or a nam or whatever For me like my language which could get salty. Yeah i curse. Drop the outbound away from not on my podcast on in emails. If i'm talking to you know friends or snap like that but I just by language could be salty but it's not drop the f bomb for shock value. I know one guy when say we is in the online space people. Gosh about him. At because he he says naughty words you know in staffing drop southbound. A lot of stuff's very similar to brian tracy based identical Like with round productivity. And everything i look at it. I'm like eighth. Basically just parodying. Brian tracy stuff any signs and bad words in npr giggling. Oh my god. I can't believe you said it. Guess it works for him but He just dressed up something old in a you know i guess aggressive. Ask bond manner and then people took to it so yeah. I'm not a cursor angry but you know from south philly around philly but But i don't it's not normal. Speak for me. So i could never do it if you see me doing that. There's something definitely going on. Yeah like i mean in my emails. I got in trouble as again as subscriber. Message back mark. I really enjoy your emails but in the last email you said crap as so that doesn't want you with me. Energetically could clean up your language. I'd really appreciate it or didn't a stock up positive vibrations all this new stuff. That's not me. And i'm like hey lock you know you. Wanna unsubscribe. that's cool. But you know i write like i talk you. Know is a crap might say bowl. Shed be ask yourself like that. I don't think that's the end of the world with its outs. I know it's a buzzword you're at the ought be authentic or just be yourself. But i do think there's something to it. Don't try to be someone else. sometimes. We can amplify it a little bit like this. Go on television. You have turn it up ten percent whatever you can amplify your first algae and do some things like the whole alter ego fact. Don't try to be someone that you're not because it's just gonna shine through now so it's kind of you can step out of your comfort zone to like you said just to give a little extra but not really go crazy. Yeah my brother's funny he. I've a twin brother has teamed at its podcast and they've been doing it for years to do a great job a matt's a little bit more conservative with as language diana. I saw i remember recently. call these like. Hey just give you a heads up to certain tax me said just give you a heads up on weei edited out. You said the word owner in an episode now boehner slang for mistake not nothing else whenever people are thinking that something like you oh made a big boehner and the nats acknowle said. I just didn't think that was good. I took it. I wish i hadn't done that but anyways that's fine so funny well awesome so that's a lot of great info And we're actually coming up the time. That was quick. What do you have any final. Kinda words for our misses a lot to talk with email. I just say it's gonna take a lead but faith you're going to have those objections in your mind and your be scared start a. I'll warn anyone you start a mentioned this earlier. Those early days you're gonna see a higher than usual unsubscribe And rebound that's natural because all sudden people who had only been here before the once in a blue moon. I'll god cheryl email me four straight days with house going on. That's fine like shake the tree get those dead branches outta there or whatever you're better with a smaller less. I would rather have a list of a thousand. Let's say for example. Is emily daily than ten thousand. That i hardly ever talked to the other suggestion. I would make is. Don't pay too much attention to your unsubscribe. So i don't know about what you use for your email. Cheryl i use a number and when the a weber warm setting unless you change it is if someone unsubscribe you'll less get an email or a notice. A shero thacker. Has unsubscribe from your less than than there's an option for you to Feedback in there You wouldn't do the cheryl but some people would be like you know. I think your pizza crowd mugabe again life. You know. Get a real job you know. Stop spam in my inbox. When you read that feedback while i obviously if you don't say anything i'm going to be thinking. Gee what i say the last email to has share a did i say something. And i'm trying to gas against in my head. Or if i read comments like that the feedback if feedback box than that's going to get in and it's gonna affect my mental health. So what i recommend doing is turning that setting off so you're not getting emails. Every time on subscribes. So when i log into a weber there's efforts dash for those. How many people join today. I mean people laughed and so on. I might glance at that You know there's every day there's someone on subscribing. So i don't get worked up if i see it but turnoff that saying that said the email every time because that's gonna drive you crazy. Yeah that's good advice. I think i did that just early on because it's like why don't i need to be told this every something those guys in your head you could have ten thousand happy subscribers. The one person. Who's an idiot and all saturday. Just you're going to focus on one person. What they said as opposed to nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine people who were happy so do yourself a favor turn it off and you know you and i joked around both wine. Remember talked with the seventy five hard challenge. I've actually told clients. Who sounds horrible. But i said sometimes like maybe you need to have a glass or two of wine. Don't drink a bottle or to send jonky amounts you're gonna get into it wasn't roseanne. Barr with ambient or whatever and she's yeah that could get nasty But also you know. I say that jokingly by something to the sometimes people will have to offer so tight like hey have a glass of wine have some of it. You know yeah. Awesome people become alcoholic. Just because i said that. Yeah and maybe we'll get some comments so this episode has been sponsored by whichever wine company here mischievous alike mischievous wine brand anyway. So tell us how can people get a hold of you if they would like to learn more. You know what i mean. You could head to natural. Born coaches dot com. I've got some resources on their. He can opt into my list. People can probably guess certainly at emails everyday from the if they do that or in the coaching jungle-hats efface booker that's at as natural born coaches dot com for many website or dot coaching john dot com for the facebook group awesome. Well thank you so much. Mark was a good time and lots of great info and I'll be talking to you soon. I'm sure thanks for having me all right. Thanks guys for listening and we'll see you on the next episode. Leave some comments if you have any questions thinks. Thank you so much for listening in today. I'm so glad we got to spend this time together. If you love today's show. Please consider leaving me a review on the apple podcast app. So other coaches can find the podcast for more information about me. Visit successful coaches dot com for daily inspiration and affirmations. Follow me on instagram. At coach cheryl fakher short a semi a dm. So i can say hello until next time to your success.

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Summer Birding Moments

The Casual Birder Podcast

30:30 min | 2 months ago

Summer Birding Moments

"In this week's episode. I focus on our special bedding moments from the summer so far. I have big news about the global bird weekend in october. And there's a lovely last call featuring the morning butts on from mount to toomas in panama recorded by poor fenwick. Welcome to the casual better podcast. I'm susie buttress as a casual better. I take pleasure in watching the wild birds around me wherever i am in my show. I share the joy of birding. Tell you about the birds. I've seen speak with experts. need physicists. Go on outings. And i share stories from barriers around the world in case you missed it. Last episode i spoke with. Mike drew biodiversity adviser and licensed bird ringer for the last ten years. His monitored nightingale nesting sites in as nightingales. Sing during the night when all the birds are mostly silent. Counci done at very unsociable hours. Mike told me about the incredible journeys that nightingale's make and how advances in technology have helped us to understand the challenges they face in both wintering and breeding locations. Do take a listen and if you like you can watch the video of our conversation on the casual berta podcast. Youtube channel august is here and the autumn migrations are underway in the northern hemisphere. This such mismatch between multi think of summer and the calendar of the natural world. It feels as summers hopley started. Where all the long hazy days of blue skies insects buzzing embiid singing the swift's that came here to breed in the summer have now left my neighborhood on their way back to africa and the birds that winter here will soon be arriving. I've noticed that the small mixed group of species the taisei with autumn have started to appear the last two mornings. A flock containing gold finches. Blue tits long tail tits and greater physical. My fetus all flying together. It's not that i'm complaining. The roth lovely crispell days look forward to and the global bird weekend will be taking place starting on of the eighth the casual bird. Podcast team is once again taking part and you can join us. But more on that later i have had some lovely birding moments this summer both very locally in my garden and while away from home on birding breaks this year for the first time ever a robin trusted me enough to take mill worms from a handheld tray. I had been regularly putting out mill worms each morning to help the bluetooth that were nesting now garden. The male baluchi had a black spot on the white of his cheek bleach which made him easy to identify and let me to give him the nickname spot. I'm very inventive. The spring had been so wet and cold. The i think he appreciated the meal worms. I put out twice a day to ensure that he got first dibs at the worms. I would put them out. Whenever i noticed him. In the garden in fact he started demanding them. I would approach fairly closely. Whenever i was in the garden. Of course i would throw a few down on the ground just him. He'd come back multiple times each session and it wasn't long before robin and some house. Sparrows noticed his behavior and investigated the house. Sparrows were always very careful. Not approach to christly. And the robby ninety km worms a couple of times however one morning when the blue ticks all fledged unspoilt spotted. Stop coming so often for the meal worms. An extraordinary thing happened. I was standing at my upstairs. Bedroom window came in my hat and looking out at the rain when i saw her bed. Flat cross the garden. As i paid out to sea bird it was. I realized it was now flying directly at me just before it hit the window. It stopped offered outside before flying down out a few. It was a robin. And i felt it was asking is millwall m.'s. So even though it was raining. I put on a coat when went outside to awesome move by throwing a few on the ground which it accepted over the next week kept visiting and i encouraged tape mill worms from a small fee to that. I built from a plastic food tray and old spoon attached to the base which acted as a judge. Eventually it landed on the wooden handle benefiting. From having this personal supply of millwood's i managed to get a few slow motion videos of it flying into take millburn. In the style of past guest jocelyn anderson it was wonderful having a bird. Trust me after. Take food from the trae. Having built up a regular routine for feet in the robin. I was then dismayed at the end of the week that it suddenly stopped visiting. I didn't see another robin in my god again for over a month and when i did it was a juvenile. The adult didn't ever return. And i'm sad to think that it might have met an untimely end. Another special moment came in june this year as we visit hateley heath an rsp be reserved near hartley. Wouldn't they in hampshire we read that eurasian nightjar breath. They're not jaws already insectivores bird that flies at dawn and dusk catching moths. Another flying insects. Their outline resembles a hawk and males have white tweet entail patches. That may be noticed in the half light as they flypast they on a taurus lee. Difficult to see and the made to tell if there's one near buys from their core the mail out with alone chairing note that changes pitch. We wanted around early one evening hearing the blackbirds and songs rushes that keep calling until the light fades on our way back to the car park. We heard it long chairing night. That's quite hard to pinpoint eventually. We thought we trace the direction. And i set up my recorder to try to get a nice clean recording. My husband walk towards where he felt sound was coming from all of a sudden. The sound stopped. The bird had been sitting in a large oak. We hadn't realized because we thought it was coming from further away than the tree jones. Sorry fly out. But because i was checking my recorder i missed it but i did hear it and record it cool colton. Suddenly because john approaching the isn't that just an amazing sound when it cooled the constant chairing went on for much longer than shared here. And it's really interesting to see the sound representatives a spectrogram in my editing program very different to the representation of the calls of other birds. I'll share the spectrogram on my instagram. Facebook fades in case. You'd like to see it's likely that the nightjar have now left for the wintering grounds in africa. But we hope to find one there again. Next year we've visited hastily heath a few more times but mostly during the daytime. When we heard cuckoo's so stone chat some white throats and on one occasion adopted warbler a small dog bird with a long tail. Dartford warblers can sometimes be seen sitting on top of course singing. This species suffered a major population crash in the nineteen sixties but gradually spreading back to lowland teeth in southern england. So it's a real treat to see one. I'm always keen to hear what birds you sing. Ought to hear about your birding days. I asked members of the shows. Facebook group tell me about their favourite recent bedding experiences. Carbon sent me. This either is car in from olo in northern finland and my special birding moment this summer relates to a really special bird. The was a bogey bird. For me. In england when i lived there and Took me ages to see. One that was the kingfisher i used to go watch them The wall found wetlands. Trust in slimbridge. Where you more or less guaranteed to see on a nesting time. So i wanna moved to finland thirteen years ago. I gave up hope of really seeing any particularly this fall north recently because climate change they have been spotted a little more on this. Summer is a top-secret nesting spot about one hundred kilometers from where i am on the all's lucky enough to actually see the to parents not at the same time it was absolutely magical saying that bright blue doll along the river so that's my summer highlight from this year. Thanks very much. And loving the podcast. I'm pleased that you had the chance to see the kingfisher. Such a gorgeous looking bird but they fly so quickly unless you see them perched there are just a flash of blue or sometimes flesh of orange depending on which way they're facing as they fly but gorgeous blue color just starting along. A river is one of those real treasures of nature unfortunately when there are individual birds or repair and so wonderful to hear that there is a pair of them but when birds are outside of their normal area does attract a lot of attention. The subject to stress is not from how they got to that area but then from human interference and as an ethical better as i know car is always be this balance that needs to be struck between wanting to see the bird but not wanting to endanger it. I hope those birth stay in the area and stay healthy and enjoy their new home. Andy wiedeman from pennsylvania wrote on the last day of july. I drove through the local wildlife reserve middle creek wildlife management area. The game commission has been drawing down bottle in the main lake to create a temporary shoreline. Happy tapped and encouraged new vegetation show. Pets have been taken advantage of the newly expose mudflats including least sandpipers great together legs and what i thought was a kill deer. At first glance. Something didn't look quite right. However and i took a second look. That's what i noticed. There was any one black ball. Goodling expressed not the tour of a killed year. My siblings guide confirmed it a semi pal mated plover a lifer congratulations on your life randy and it just shows that paying attention to any unusual features. You spelt matrix. You turn you bird species. I know myself when looking at betas are confirmed a little bit overwhelmed by so many birds looking so similar. I'm sure i'm missing out and identifying birds by lumping them altogether hi susie. Its niche from sri lanka. Just wanted to say that. We've had lots of rose ringed parakeets flying or number of groups Very noisy and fighting each other on on aswell and we had to visiting bird feeder yesterday They're there for a while Idag so them and then she had to chase them away. But i had to. I had a good look. They will gorgeous We've had Several this morning as well. Just perching on on top of trees. Lots lots of them. Thanks so much for sharing that. With his niche. It's actually quite nice to hear about the raising parakeets being seen in their natural environment with calls. Have them here in the uk. Now and while. I'm always excited to see them with their flash of green and they're quite cheeky behavior. I'm sure for those that live nearby the screams and shouts at probably not quite so desirable. And maybe that's why your dog is one of their biggest fans jemma in the uk says we just got back from a two nights. Stay at sandwich. Bay bird observatory trust and it was the best break i've had. I got a both days. Indulge in what. I love all things nature first graphing what i see. And walking around nature reserves i saw about fifteen lifers butterfly insects and birds including curlews stone chat corn bunting common sandpiper wool butterfly mabul white butterfly and black tailed skimmer to name. Just a few. I felt well and truly spoke by mother nature. Jemma that sounds like a really awesome. Stay i've looked up sandwich. Bay bird observatory since and found that. It's in kent on the southeast coast of england. Staying in the region just for a couple of nights is a really great way to be up to get up at dawn and just see what's happening as the world comes to life. It's something i really love doing. I hadn't heard of this bed absurd. Treat before and of put it on my listeners. Somewhere for possible future visit matthew said on a recent holiday in the west highlands of scotland seabird. I'd hope to see for ages. A male hen harrier not quite life. Whereas i've been lucky to see several female hen harriers and i had dreamed to see that distinctive black and gray plumage it actually happened quickly and unexpectedly whilst driving long. One of the narrow roads approaching a small summit. Three birds flew up to. Corbett's went to the right and a larger bird flu left. It was clearly a raptor and it was as i reached the summit a second or so later that i looked across and down on that striking plumage that slate gray back with black wingtips. I was able to pull up just along the road but my bird had gone a special moment. Though i'm thrilled you saw it. We were lucky enough to see a male hen harrier when we were staying in norfolk. Last december and i had had no expectation of seeing a hen harrier had seen several marsh harriers flying around and then one day. This grey bird with black wingtips flew up clearly. A bird of prey and with that coloring could be nothing else other than a male hen harrier and we were fortunate that we started a couple of times that week flying along the border and over the reads truly wonderful experience. Mary lee in north vancouver. Sent me this for weeks. Now i've been following an osprey nest who was built on a poll where used to be a tree but when they built something there. The workers insisted or the city did that. They build a nest for many years. It's been there. They started out with two chicks. Now there's just one and the current one must be ready to fall out of that nest. Storms fly out of that nest and he met. I go every morning early to watch it. But i have to say i have very mixed feelings about this because i dread going there and see that it's gone and i can't see it anymore or i dread going there and seeing that somehow it fell in its claws got caught in the nest. I feel captive to my camera. I must take a picture. I must see it with its wings spread. It's it's odd to be have such an ambivalent feeling in what is after all a beautiful wonderful very fortunate experience and i think they're in a pretty good position over ought to be sustained. I hope so. I love them and thanks very much. Casual burger for this chance. Talk to all of us. I hear what you're saying. Mary lee about the mixed feelings. It's so sad when you follow to nest and then you see that may be. The chicks have made it but I keep my fingers crossed for that final chick to have made it out of the nest. Okay thanks so much for telling about this and for sending photos to the facebook group. During the time that you've been watching the nest. Christopher from yorkshire wrote on yorkshire day the first of august i made use of my rsp pb membership and went to the reserve bumped and cliffs in east yorkshire on the seacoast of england. It fascinating to observe a seabird colony from above especially compared to bass rock in scotland which i visited recently and enjoyed from below while bobbing about on a boat. Benton cliffs is the largest onshore colony of gannets and is also home to many kit awakes. Those two species thronged the vertiginous rock faces and swooped hawford squawked and wailed at i level barely feet away fluffy nestling gannett's entirely patent fetching. Kitty wakes also on show a highlight of the cliffs was one of four lifers formers. Hot distinguished from goals at first these. No nonsense relatives of the albatross are intriguing species and really entertaining to watch. While most of the colonies walks had already left the coast this year. I was lucky to see several adorable puff ins and grand total of five guillemots to other life as within the reserve surprise corn bunting and important population of tree. Sparrows sweet little birds are so common elsewhere but now sadly rare in britain the many visitors drive to benton cliffs miss out on the bucolic mile long walk from the tiny station the hydros are full of an exquisite bunting and lifer yeller hamas easy to spot on their hitch top purchase. They sign regular intervals. I also superb look at some white throats and learned that they're quiet call. Sounds like a faraway crow. I look forward to returning to our is pbs bumped and cliffs perhaps earlier in the season to catch more puffing guillemots and razorbills later this year. If the black browde albatross stays in the area. It was out to see. When i was there but i wasn't too disappointed as planned by trip before i heard about it and came away with some fantastic memories. That's a wonderful trip before christopher. Thank you so much for send in that. Congratulations on on the life. As you saw there the black proud albatross that christopher mentioned is not usually found up in the north sea era. It's a bird of the southern oceans and several times in recent. Is this particular albatross which has been named albert has been flying around the north sea bringing joyce a lot of birdies who may not otherwise have had a chance to see it and exciting update just this week. Christopher mentioned in the facebook group that he's now seeing the black brown albatross. Yeah congratulations on that amazing. Lifer and he said it was third time lucky. I never tire of hearing about your special birding moments if you'd like to share yours with me and maybe have them read out on a future episode visit casual burda dot com forward slash contact. Leave me a written or voice. Note the global bird weekend has been confirmed for october eighth to tenth 2021 created by tim appleton mba this initiative between global birding abe birdlife international and skeptic encourages people to go birding contribute community science and raise awareness and funds for conservation issues. The event brings together people from around the world and it doesn't matter what kind of birdie you are. All are welcomed participate. It was fabulous being part of an international team for the previous events and registered the casual. Better podcast team for this one too. I'd love you to join us. Wherever you are. In the world there are official activities planned for the whole weekend. The main day is saturday. October ninth when we will each go birding in our local area some of us alone some of us as members of a group but all join together in the spirit of the event. It doesn't matter if you want to go birding for fifteen minutes or whether you want to spend the whole day finding vets. All observations are important. If you join our team you'll to your observations into your own ebert counts. And then share them with the team account. I'm excited to share that. There will also be exclusive virtual events for members of the casual bed. A podcast team. If you'd like to join the team please sign up. It bit. Elbow forward slash. Cb team twenty one and that's all lower case letters. We blew sepe raising funds for birdlife international to help support it calls. Conserve coastal weapons save threatened migratory birds coastal wetlands of vital stopover sites for waterbirds seeking food and rest on their lengthy migrations but all around the world threatened development so for global we can this year with fundraising to help save these critical refugees and the birds that rely on them. If you'd like to make a donation on behalf of the casual better podcast you can do it throughout just giving page or use. The link bit l. y. forward slash donation twenty one. You can find out more about the global bird weekend in episode seventy eight. Where i speak with tim appleton about the event's inception old links mentioned during the episode. Note as you still listening. This point of the podcast. I hope you're enjoying it. And i have a request of you. Please right now. Share the show on your favorite social media channel and say why you enjoy oh attack me and you'll post. This will bring the showed the notice of more people. It might also enjoy my. It's i know that podcast is always asking you to share the show with friends but that's because personal recommendation is one of the most powerful ways to help a its audience and it's not just for ego the i'd like more people to listen the. Let's be honest. There is a little bit of that but with a larger audience. There's more likelihood that some of you may be able to help support the show financially and this leads to my second request. I want to create transcripts for all the episodes. This is important to make the show accessible for those who wish to enjoy it. I'm require a way of reading along transcripts. Also help people to find the show through. internet searches. service improves visibility for the show but good quality transcripts. Take time and effort to prepare. I do not made service to transcribe most of the episodes but it still needs someone to read through a make corrections so that it's accurate. I've tried to do this by myself in the past. But it takes quite a while. And i simply don't have enough time to do the job properly so i plan to pay someone to create them but i'm need to raise the funds. I so if you've enjoyed the show and you're able to. I'd be really grateful. If you buy me a virtual coffee tea and that will help pay for the transcription costs. You'll find the link for this in the show nights. Whichever way you choose to support the show. I really do appreciate your help. Thank you lost. Coal is an uninterrupted recording of birdsong and sounds from a specific location that gives you a flavor of what it was like to be there. You'll hear it after the end credits of the show. So do keep listening last call. This week were sent me by facebook. Group member poor fenwick. Poor recently traveled to panama and recorded a morning soundscape at mount to mus cloud forest reserve the main species. That you'll hear in the segment were rufus. Brad pepe shrike and clay colored thrush. But you'll also hear mental health. Among his welcoming the day he also shed the epa listed. He started just after the recording which should contain a majority of the species heard in it linked to this is in the episode notes. I found it fascinating to look at his checklist. As it contained audio photos and videos of the species he encountered as pool told me. The checklist is a good representation of the diversity of media that you can engage in audio photo and video. i'm win. That media is attached to a checklist it results in a digital specimen being created for that species at macaulay library. He told me never question. Your contributions as each checklist to take the time to submit is the true foundation for conservation. Pool recorded the soundscape on his cellphone. Most cell phones can take great recordings nowadays. And you can the sound fall to your own lieber checklists you can also share them with me for the show. Thank you too randy blown for designing the artwork for the show. The theme music is short. Sleeved shirt by the drones. Thanks to them for letting us it. Check out their website at drones. Music dot net. Thank you for listening. And i hope you'll join me again from other episode of the casual burda podcast Last call recorded by. Paul fenwick at mount to to miss cloud forest reserve panama on the morning of seventh june. Twenty twenty one. The main bird species that can be heard in this segment but rufus brown pepe shrike and clay colored thrush. And you'll also hear mantle hal monkeys welcoming the day. The recording is four minutes long Uh-huh music do own

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On the Road with Mickey #50  Looking forward to 2021

On the Road with Mickey

49:25 min | 10 months ago

On the Road with Mickey #50 Looking forward to 2021

"We found a vote. With mickey gonna have some fun rain or sun. Our trip has just begun so the boats whereabout to store go show and may have you like you'll see were health will go. Hi everyone. i'm so we he's mike. Welcome to our little corner of the podcasting universe. Hopefully you like the sound of our voices anyone stick around for the show not that it stays in one place for long. I mean after all we are on the road with mickey so hop in the car and buckle your seatbelts because we gone awesome adventure this week. Now refund down before we get moving. I up our roundtable talk. We'll discuss the main topic for this week. Followed by some disney trivia ranging from disney history to a random disney character of the day. Well that's just about everybody ready. Let's get the show on the road hairy one. I'm mike and she sophie high and we're on the road with mickey. This is the fiftieth episode for on the road. With mickey and we are so excited because you know quite honestly. I wasn't sure if we'd make it this long fifty exactly exactly and our feature topic this week is looking ahead to twenty twenty one. Twenty twenty has been a year. hasn't it It's been a fairly long gear. Yeah but we're in. The i mean it's in the rear view mirror. We can almost see the finish line number twenty eight and we hope everyone had a great christmas and celebrate have a happy holidays and And this week of course is new year's day coming up jamie one twenty twenty one when we flip the calendar and And so we wanted to look ahead and see what we're really excited about. That's coming you know. Both to disney and non disney stuff That's coming in twenty twenty one so and we're in like like we say we are so excited that this is the fiftieth episode of on road with mickey and thank you for following along with us this year. Yes thank you. Thank you so so much guys. It really means a lot to us that you have been listening to us this log so but like always. We've got some cheddar from the big cheese to go over. I don't we so yes we do and daddy. I'll let you take the first one all right. Well as everyone knows. Disneyland is not open right now. it's still closed. And we look forward to the date when they reopened and that is going to be quite the celebration i think but just because it's closed doesn't mean work is not progressing on the park. I learned the other day. That snow white's scary adventures had been re themed and is now called snow white's enchanted wish. Ooh over at the dp be. That's that's short for disney parks blog. They've got a write up about it with a video explaining why it was changed and basically they promoted that out on december twenty first so last week last monday and they did it then because that was the eighty third anniversary of the theatrical release of snow white and the seven dwarfs. Oh wow how and so said. They posted that deliberately on that day and basically you know they were talking about how how you know. It used to be called snow snow as adventures. Then it got re themed and they call. The snow white's scary adventures. But basically it was the same story this time they've re themed it and re theme the story because they want snow way to get the happily ever after that she really deserves so go. Check out the link. It'll be in the show notes and check it out and watch the little video. It's only like a minute and a half or two minutes or something like that and just listen to long as to why they made the change. And it's kinda cool. It's got some really neat stuff that reminds me of seven. Joris mind train specifically when you're on the ride and you go into the go into where the dwarfs are working and you see all the jewels it's that reminds me of that so it's a really pretty and i can't wait for disneyland to reopen because that way we'll be able to see exactly what they've done with the ride so hopefully that will be soon. So is my cheddar from this. First one so i wanted to take some some additional staffing. Tell us what you got. I would absolutely love to. Because i am very excited for these next two. Bits of chatter. That i've got and i've got a date for one them. March seventh twenty. Twenty one is when disney's blizzard beach water park will be reopening. This is the twenty fifth season for the park. And i have to ask you guys. Will you be visiting when it reopens. I don't know if i will. Even if i did have regular access to disney world. I don't know if i will just because march seventh is really early and it seems like it would still be pretty cold even for florida. Maybe maybe i don't know. I think they might heat the water that is true. I'm not certain on that. Those don't don't go and say mike. They didn't eat the water. Hold me to that. you know But anyway they might so it might be might be worth at least checking it out You know maybe getting a ticket and seeing what what things to do. That don't involve the water to yeah. That is true and then the next one this one. I know that. I'm not the only one who has been absolutely over the moon about this next one because mike me there are many people who cannot wait to see the future that is in store for epcot. Our beloved at caught. Well for those of you who don't know yet. The construction walls surrounding the main entrance fountain have been taken down. They've been working up in the front of epcot before you get to spaceship earth for quite a while. Now and this fountain this fountain it is so beautiful and there are pictures of it. Zach ride hateley from walt disney ridley. Sorry i'm bad at sorry about that. Yeah zack ridley from walt. Disney imagineering has shared photos on his instagram. And you can find the link to them in the show notes because that is something i desperately want all of you to see there are like ten of them and the fountain itself is so beautiful. Oh my goodness yeah. And you know what sophie those Those pillars for lack of a better term they are. They are sixteen feet tall. Oh my goodness picture doesn't look like it but they are. No the picture does not do justice to how tall this thing is but it is so beautiful especially at night. When it's all lit up cannot wait to see it in person. And i'm pretty sure that the rest of our viewers and our listeners are going to absolutely love this fountain exactly and i think they will too and so last cheddar. This one comes from me. Even though it's disney plus related usually disney plus this sophie's bailiwick. And that's you know she's my disney plus guru. But i have a question. It's a simple question with a hard answer and the question is when will season. Three of the mandalorian come out and the short answer is we don't know short answer is we have no idea. But the other day disney released the lineup for what's going to be coming out on disney plus for the whole year for next year and i did not see the mandalorian name on there so i did see though the book of boba fett and I understand doing some quick googling. this is all speculation. So you know who knows but the rumor is that it won't come out until the spring or summer of twenty twenty two instead of its normal fall time slot and the reason for that is because the filming that is taking place for the book above fat. Won't be finished in. That will push the timeline for the main delorean down just a bit and normally i would think. Why don't they just have to film. Crews think i read that one of the big writers for the mandalorian is involved in the writing for booker boba fett and a lot of sense the case then that might be why it's being pushed down but today soon stay tuned. We'll update when we know more you know and hopefully we'll know more soon. Hopefully it'll be normal slot you know in the fall so we'll just have to wait and see and then of course we can't we also can't forget that other spinoff that i heard rumors about abou asuka tano. Yeah there's another spin off. And i have no idea when this one will be coming out and it is called a soka and the rangers of the new republic. And i just wanna say. I'm really excited for that. One specifically because it relate so heavily back to star wars the clone wars. Which is something that i wanna get daddy to watch okay. We'll have to do that. And we'll figure it out and start watching some of it all right so sophie. You wanna tell us how how the listeners can connect with us of course because we still love it when you guys connect with us it's fifty episodes in and we still cannot get enough of all the comments and amazing things you have to say to us and here's how you can do it. We have a facebook group called on the road with nikki. You'll it's easy to find. And of course we have our youtube channel. You can leave us a comment in any of videos and you can also you and that is on the road with mickey and you can also find us on instagram at on the road with mickey leave us a comment on one of our posts and you could also just email us if you really really want to. And that is in foul at on the road with mickey dot com or you could even call asleep us a voicemail and that is at nine one nine seven nine nine eight three nine zero again. That is nine one nine seven nine nine. Eight three nine zero okay. So that's how we can be reached. I think we got a lot of ways So connect up with us. We love seeing the communists especially in In the facebook. That's where most of the traffic generates out So i think it's kind of fun when we have that interaction but But that's all the cheddar for the big cheese and all the the ways you can contact us that we have for this week. So let's get onto our feature topics taffy. We are looking ahead to twenty twenty one. Yeah i would absolutely love to talk so many things that we want to mention daddy. I'll let you take the first one since you talked about it. Okay well the the list is long and it covers everything Basically is just what we can't wait to see. You know and i gotta admit i am a little curious to see what the book of boba fett gonna be about. You know. we saw that trailer. If you haven't seen the last episode of the mandalorian. Susan to child no spoilers but you need to watch it because it was the highest rated mandalorian episode to date and at the end. There is a special show preview about the book of boba fett and it is really kinda cool because it takes us back into star wars lore. Doesn't it sophie access to take back to tact wing. You know jabber the hut time. Java the hutt You know taxing and all that good stuff that revolved around you know episodes four episodes six and five and all that so It's really kinda kinda cool so go. Check out star. Wars made laurean Season to check channel or chapter sixteen the last episode and And watch that but the book above offense. Got me a little curious as to what's going to happen you know is it. Is it gonna be. I mean how much can they talk about boba. Fett sophie on. I mean to be fair. There has been a lot of time. And he's always been one of star wars favorite characters. He's a fan favourite. Anti doesn't have a lot of screen time really true. So there's a lot that could be talked about with him. Grow head me on the other hand. I'm a tiny bit more excited for what's going to go down with a soka and the rangers of the new republic just because while i don't want to give spoilers but a soka is very important and you know Speaking back to boba fett just a little bit. Yeah sorry his role on the last episodes of the mandalorian where he put himself in debt to to didn't jarring. How'd i do get jarrin. Dan jaren we have tell us in the comments. What do you think how do you guys pronounce. It is the d. silent or do you pronounce it anyway when you know boba fett putting himself in debt to dinge yarn to me. That was kind of like a change of role from what we're used to sing with boba fett because he was always just a mercenary. I always thought of him. You know and so him putting himself in debt to someone else just doesn't seem to fit his image so it's a lot of layers to his onion. I think it'd be kinda cool to see what they come up with. So and of course having flannigan in there because she'll be in the show with him on you know they kinda they're kinda like batman and robin or or tomko in the lone ranger you know kinda they go hand in hand so palm. So i'm curious to see what happens. But i have no expectations on. How well this'll go. How how well received it'll be if it'll be a one off series you know like maybe a season and that's it or or what so. Who knows well just have to say. Yeah so sophie. Why don't you tell me what you are excited about. Twenty twenty one i would. I am so happy about this. And i'm glad that this was the year after twenty twenty because if it were in twenty twenty i would be so sad. And that is. Walt disneyworld fiftieth anniversary. It is happening in twenty twenty one. It's been long awaited and twenty twenty is like the final hurdle to get there. Yeah yeah so so. I don't know if you know this or not. And i don't know if i'm supposed to say or not but i'm gonna say it anyway still. We're going to be there on october. One twenty twenty one. I mean what. What are you will be there on october. One twenty twenty one we have. We have a park reservation for the magic kingdom. Already in place. I have a package reserved not fully paid yet but that will happen and we are planning to be there to celebrate fifty years at magic best. Christmas present ever okay. Well dot grisons present thing. I probably shouldn't have said anything. It is now okay well anyway so there you go now. Mommy's not mad. I know how to That's thing with me daddy. I tell you guys what i want for christmas and then i exactly. I'll probably forget about this by march. Yeah that's well Just so you know everyone. We're recording this. On december twenty third. So we've prerecord a few days and events obviously because it's a tape product and and all that and we need time to to get it going and get it ready and all that so anyway but Now you don't want to our secrets yet Don't tell anyone link oak wink wink. So are you done talking about the fifty th anniversary. Yes as much as i would love to. I don't know much about it because it hasn't happened yet. Okay well this is kind of a lame. What i can't wait to see one but it relates to twenty twenty for sure and for me. I can't wait to have a return to win. We don't need to wear a mask in the parks. You know and i mean it's not a big deal. It's certainly certainly not let me let me. Just make sure that when it comes to when it comes to safety. Safety is paramount for everything you know. Covid has been a mess and it has cost a lot of people a lot not just money. They cost lives. You know and i totally understand that. And i totally understand the need for being safe and i also totally understand that if disney wants to remain open than these are the guidelines they have to. Do you have to wear a mask. You have to have your temperature checked and you have to you know. Follow the rules so that you don't ruin it for everyone else in make them possibly close you know so. I totally understand that. What i'm looking forward to is when mass aren't required in the parks because that will that will show that the pandemic rear view mirror in that life has returned to normal is supposed to be where you don't have to have as many cautions about well. Is this gonna hurt someone or whatever you know where you can live life a little bit more than we've been able to so so to me. I can't wait for return to win. Masks are required in the parks and that kind of ties into a couple of things that i'll just go ahead and shoot them out to a popcorn amount. Okay sophie and and one is the disney dining plan. You know. i want to see the disney. Dining plan go back on sale. Not just as a travel agent but as a way of budgeting for your food and for prepaying so you don't have to worry about how you pay for it when you get home you know You know that makes to me that opens up the illness of your vacation a little bit more if you if you do it on a plan the dining point so i can't wait to see that reese open for sale and i think it probably will be probably by the end of january. I'd be surprised if not it is a huge money maker for disney. So but they have to have to decide when to open. Add up because typically when the dining plans are are for sale than the bookings for restaurants are increased and so they still gotta be safe with the socially distance in on the capacities in all so so they gotta be careful in how they do it and then on the other side of it is annual pass holders right now if you don't have an annual pass holder and you want to buy one you can't because they're not for sale for anyone who doesn't have bless you but if you have one then you can renew so So i am looking forward to the time. When annual pass holders go back on sale for new purchases. Because i'd like to have any pass you know and be able to with you being in orlando. It'd be nice to be able to go down visit with you for a little bit and maybe we go hit the parks for a day. You know we know and get some get some fun out of that you know. Get some of that in there. So that's what i'm look afforded but those three kind ago. The kind of all go hand in hand sophie. You got the sneezes I know. I tried making some tea to help with it. But it's not working because it cooled down really quickly okay. Well do you want to. Are you ready to talk about the next one on our list. Yeah i'm ready and of course. This also relates back to the fiftieth anniversary. Because all of these things. I'm just pop corning now. Where actually supposed to be done in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary. And those things have to do with epcot actually and the fountain that i talked about while we were in the cheddar from the big cheese that fountain is just the starting point of what's going on epcot. It represents an entire revamping of epcot park. There are new pavilions. That are gonna be coming. Epcot is to be refurbished. We already were talking about last year and last year. How spaceship earth is going to be updated and that has been put on hold indefinitely probably even cancelled but that was something that was gonna happen. But they're still going to put in the ratatouille themed dried over in france. Gotten that one. Yeah and they're going to be adding a whole new pavilion or they may be reviewing the sees with name on friends to be the sees with moana and friends because they talked about that and all of this is happening in a pavilion. That is right. between future. world and world showcase its robot mexico pavilion. And all of this. You can find all of this out in there. It doesn't look like much but it holds a treasure trove of what is to come and so that is one thing that i'm really excited for. I really wanna see what they're going to do. And finally to top off that there is also the guardians of the galaxy ride. That's opening up koch And that is going to be one of the other things that they will be adding to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary. So you've got new. Water pavilion new guardians of the galaxy. New radha to we ride the new fountain all of that in celebration for the fifty s and and new fireworks in world showcase lagoon to this is a lot that they're doing it epcot and i'm excited about it because it really is. You know it's not gonna be just future world world showcase it's gonna be like reimagining of the different areas and kinda expanding the horizons of it so so like you so i'm excited about it because it's it almost makes epcot a brand new park when it's done you know. Yeah and just knowing the fact that epcot was kind of like waltz. Golden child short. The magic kingdom is great but while was focused around epcot for a lot of the final years of his life so the fact that they are going to be completely revitalizing yet for walt disneyworld fiftieth anniversary high river. Yeah home with river so rivers wanted some attention the fact that they're going to be revitalizing that for walt disney fiftieth anniversary. That just to me. That is like a love letter to walt disney himself. And i love it. Yeah i agree so fi. I agree okay so back to me yet back to you okay. Well i'm here. You know some of the things. I'm interested in set meeting for a minute. Okay some of the things. I'm interested in are happening over at the magic kingdom and this one i got a couple of things that kinda go hand in hand One is the tron roller coaster. In tomorrowland you know the other day. I saw an an update if you are on twitter and you go goto the twitter account. It's at bio reconstruct. Be i reconstruct. And he shares a ton of aerial video or aerial shots. I don't know how he gets them but he shares on his twitter of Of things around the world around the orlando area. You know it disney world universal so on so forth and he has a shot on his twitter account of an overhead. Shot of tron roller coaster. And it's really cool because it shows the the self contained canopy like the the canopy that's going to go over some of the track and And how it's getting put into place. So they're making a lot of progress on the on the tron roller coaster. And i think that it'll be open sooner rather than later. The and in hand in hand with that is the walt disney world railroad which has been closed for quite a while because of the tron roller coaster construction. And because of that we haven't been able to ride at for gosh what two years maybe But anyway the walt disney world railroad will be reopening soon or will be reopening next year. I believe and I don't necessarily know it soon but But the two of those kind of go hand in hand so i'm looking forward to both of those things happening yet and then slightly not so hand in hand but also talking about reopenings and the magic kingdom. The people mover. Oh my gosh him. As the people mover. I know we haven't been able to ride it at all this year. We haven't done it in july. Couldn't ride it in november. Hopefully it'll be open sooner rather than later. You know maybe beginning of next year. It'll be open. I don't know. I've kind of lost touch on when it'll be one it'll be ready but and you know one of the best places to take photos while you're at. The magic kingdom is take photos from the people mover. While you're riding it at night in tomorrow because the neon and everything in tomorrowland absolutely incredible and one of the things that i really liked to do and really like with regards to what i can't see can't wait to see happen and hopefully it'll come back Is i'm looking forward to when they have evening extra magic hours again. you know. we're extra magic hours in general morning or evening. I'm more interested in the evening because the in evening stroll around epcot evening at the magic kingdom is just. I think it's the best time to go to. The park says at night i agree i agree a lot. Yeah so so evening. Extra magic hours also will symbolize to me a return to normalcy. You know so. And so. I think there's only one thing left talk about and i think it's yours yup. I was the one who put it on this list. And i know we are both looking forward to it so so much and that would have to be the proper fireworks shows. We've got a little bit of a taste of fireworks while whenever the castle in the magic kingdom changes colors. But it's really just yeah. Yeah youtube so people can go back and look at last week or the week before and they can see it And it's just at the end. It's just a small little but it was so cool to see it though. Let me tell you anything cooler to get it on camera. I don't think they realize how long i waited for that. But when we saw it was like oh man we were so excited. We were like kids in a candy store. There wasn't even a proper thing about it. You know it was just like a little puff. It was good news. Good it was good also. You wanna talk about parades. don't you. So that is another thing that i wanted to talk about. The parades for those of you who have been to disneyworld. Recently you guys know about the cavalcade that they have in most of the parks and that means that. I haven't seen any and epcot but i've seen one. I've seen many and magic kingdom animal kingdom and i think one in hollywood studios yeah. They're they're in epcot to is just. We didn't happen to catch him at the right time. Maybe they don't do him as often at a i don't know he added you. They are very cute and they're very cool to see. But i want a proper parade. I want something where i sit down on the sidewalk. Crowded by people behind a white rope. And i watch all those floats. Go by yeah. It's the floats that. Make the thing but you know what sophie maybe. Maybe we should lobby for both the cavs and the parade's yeah because if we have a parade if they go back to parades then we're looking at parades predominantly magic kingdom and hollywood studios occasionally very occasionally at animal kingdom and. i don't think at all epcot. Not so maybe we should go back. To the parades at mysore kingdom in hollywood studios and continue the cavalcades animal kingdom and at epcot. What do you think. I think that is an amazing idea. Well there you go disney up. Put it in place. Yeah of course. Make sure that everything's safe. I gotta make sure it's safe but you know what we like them when when you're at disney it's all family anyway right. So we're all family disney when we're at disney together so maybe maybe not quite but anyway just can't really hung hug the extended family that we don't know no we can't but anyway yeah keep it safe obviously and so that you know all of these things the predominant number of them are all going to be directly tied to how the pandemic goes and how the How the illness. How the vaccinations. And all those sorts of things how that's handled in the months ahead the know so we know that. Not all of these are things we're going to see instantaneously and you know some of these may not see at all they may. They may decide that not to do extra magic hours anymore. I don't know. I hope not They might you know. Decide that something's going on and there's no need to do the dining I don't know who knows who knows but anyway what we do know is that some of these are definitely on the books to happen. You know look appro. Walt disneyworld fifty anniversary guardians of the galaxy. The ratatouille we ride in the france pavilion Tron roller coaster. The walt disney world railroad. The people mover epcot refurbishments. All those things have pieces in place in pieces in motion so know. I'm looking forward to when we can see what kind of year has been when we get to the end of twenty twenty one and maybe what we'll do is we will look back at the end of the year to see and we'll look at this list and see which ones we can check off. That is true that this plan on that so anyway. I think we've wrapped up our feature topic. Is there anything else that you wanna talk about on their on this feature topic so no. I think that's suffers. Thank okay well. Then that brings us to this day in disney history for december. Twenty eighth and sophie. What do you have. I have something that i think. A lot of us are going to be absolutely thrilled about. I'm taking us all the way. Back to nineteen twenty. Two december twenty eighth where a very special man is born stanley. Martin lieber in new york city he will become a comic book publisher and i think we can all recognize him as the name. Stan lee he will rise through the ranks of a family run business to become marvel comics primary creative leader for two decades leading its expansion from a small division of a publishing house to a multimedia corporation that will dominate the comics industry and later hollywood films lee will be named a disney legend in twenty. Seventeen nice wow no we need to maybe do a podcast about not about stanley specifically or marv learning. I don't know a whole lot about marvel so if you wanna do a podcast about the marvel brand and maybe we see of jagan wants to join in. That'd be fun but But what i was gonna say maybe we need to do a podcast about the different disney legends. And maybe talk about look at the whole list and talk about some highlights of some of the ones that we know about from history and so forth. I will agree with that. I think that's a great idea. Okay okay well. That is a great or this day. disney history sophie. So thank you for that. So who is our. Who's who so my who character since we're talking about you know we're looking ahead. Were looking to the future if you will and what the future brings to disney right. And so i thought mike character should be talking about the future as well. I think i have a guest. Already give me a guess. Is his last name. Robinson it is. What's his first name wilbur. Or cornelius neither. We talked about wilbur. On august seventeenth. It's been a while. I can't remember all fifty. Okay that's fine. We will be talking. About louis. Robinson so cornelius. Yeah but lewis in the book hair enough so and i think we need to watch the movie again. It's been a while since i checked it out. I watched the movie. I think about a month ago. Nice anyway. lewis is a twelve year old boy with an incredibly high iq and a talent for inventing things. He is also an orphan which causes him unending. Dismay more than anything. Lewis longs for a family of his own unfortunately time and again his offbeat nature and its unintentionally disastrous inventions sabotage his hopes of achieving that dream lewis was abandoned as an infant by his mother and has come to believe that she left because she could not care for him now that he is older. He hopes to change her mind to that end. He builds a memory scanner to extract. His only memory of her louis wishes he could go back in time and change his life so he wouldn't be an orphan but instead he learns that he must accept his life as it is and keep moving forward. That is a great. Did you know. Sophie that lewis's hobby of creating bizarre inventions. Scared off a hunter in twenty. Four families. Looking to adopt. Yes i did. He said that yeah so but he found the right family. Yep the one hundred and twenty one. That's right ohio river. So that's my disney who care. There's and now i think this quote from walt disney applies not just to disneyland walt disney world and favor. Sorry i think it applies to walt disney. World is well. I'm sorry here. I'm gonna meet myself. You keep talking. Okay and the quote from walt disney. Is this the way i see it. Disneyland will never be finished. It's something we can keep. Developing in adding to a motion. Picture is different. Wants this wrapped up and sent out for processing worth through with it. If there are things that could be improved. We can't do anything about them anymore. I've always wanted to work on something alive. Something that keeps growing. We've got that in disneyland. You like that. So i did and you know. The same concept applies to walt disney world. Obviously take a look at all. They're they've done it. Hollywood studios the work. They did at magic kingdom the work they did animal kingdom the work. They're doing right now at epcot. You obviously can see that quo throughout what is yeah. Yeah so that. I think is a great quote for this week in a great quote to remember home for life moving forward. I agree so that takes us to our last charity. Spotlight for news. River golden retriever rescue And how convenient that. My dot that are golden is currently underneath the table looking for some attention. Yeah so let's finish it up so you can give him his attention. Yeah you wanna you wanna talk about himself. I would love to okay. go for it is. This is the end of the year and we said that from now until the end of the year we were going to focus on the noose river golden retriever and this is a charity that helps abandoned golden retrievers or dogs with some golden retriever. In them to find their forever home we have used them twice now. And i'm currently petting on the second time. Those yep yeah and the first one was our boy reagan. He was a senior and the second time is our boy river who is currently making his way towards being a senior but is still quite young and they are just angels. They have helped dogs from all over the world. They've gotten some from china and tons of other places and they will adopt these dogs out locally so within a one hundred mile radius of the facility of raleigh. So if you are in that area if you're in the north carolina area just go ahead and maybe see if you could open out earhart to one of these dogs because rescue babies really are the sweetest dogs imaginable. And even if you can't maybe adopt a dog maybe consider donating to their organization. The place to do so is at their web site which will be linked in the show notes and it's just a really great organization it has brought so much happiness to so many families. Yeah especially us. Yeah yeah and you can go to their website and check them out there at golden rescue. Nc dot org and You know if you'll let go ahead and donate them but But anyway that ends are charity spotlight for this year and we just want to say thank you all for listening to us Next week i don't know what we're talking about yet but we'll come up with a great topic. I hope you guys like and we just wanted to thank you. All for listening and watching us on our youtube channel. And if you see us on youtube and you feel like Like subscribing in liking our post. We appreciate it. Go ahead and do that And we just hope. Everyone has a happy and safe new year. You celebrate appropriately and that you The table to be with your friends and family you know so so happy new year. Everyone we will. We will be on the road. Let's do that again. We see you want rude. Waning a river up winding sorry.

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"Collander proud partner of box of neutrals and they've got everything you need to make your dad's day these father's day the father son combination that nate's type in particular attention to the message and nico rosberg wants to zero then. Leaked land is the place that guy surely i. I trust that they started. I look there were being The one of the biggest shines. I think they'll stock the hunting zero stuff. So it can't get your big and can can responsibly. Dr nico ross. Beg high after all of that. Monaco shindig says the Yes expensive facilities. 'cause presumably not included all the giant fish from earlier on in the ad phillies dad's gloss with something special liquorland of got the gift. Dad's love give something he'll hopefully she we do. Yes while they nico rosberg caves presenting. His father kick spoke with the case It'd be welcome change For spill jury needs to present a stadium with guy by gives coddled some big shape skype. For father's day i know europe has deferred older. Father's day is it was never the same. It's like the major imperial system but anyway the smog gripe leaking dawn to discuss the imperial and metric system. Also sign up today to get alerts on. Your favorite drinks are on special and get ten dollars off your first purchase. Great deals on a wide range. Alcohol land dot com. You always at your local store please drink responsibly. Tc's apply see online for details. Good morning thank you for taking time out of your busy day to listen to this. Podcast vince true for chabba to washington. Dc let's get a voice with mike. Amenemhat rome with your hair. Stand tomasa salata when the tomato lemonade. 'as break and now that we're back another break on box of neutral. It's because we're still in the midseason break but there's still things to talk about. Oh we'll make some stuff up to talk about one way or another. We'll talk about something. My name is michael. Jordan is always through me twenty two weeks to realize but whenever we have the shards presented in front of me cancellation watch always makes an appearance. The more i feel like you need some kind of purple backdrop. Marple to a dance. The regular cancellation your. You're angry this well. It's okay because to explain my choices. I'm going to start a brash. And say when he thinks about and read the commander is what the commanded to tell me about the cancel. Anyway you got too much. The wake america like what's leaking land and second. You still hear you still here. Whatever am going to talk about some of the dregs of the news that have come up during the midseason winding dance beginning to wind down. I think the factories will be opened again next week site. They'll be calmed down. It's all right. Hated new walker finds you towns bid up but it's less stable. We'll talk with the news. Cancellation watch the dry. The market plus. What's going on in the books of neutrals. Discord there is being discussion from museums. Icon pronounced so through all of that on this episode of box of neutrals man stay bradley sponsoring book balls. Twenty percent and free shipping with the code advance tapes dot com. That's twenty percents off with free shipping manscaping dot com and use. The box of neutral will. Thank you train. Cancellation watch these standing. Breif everyone knows it's eleven. Am you tune you a it's happening. It's all you know that you've gotta be alert forward and ready because There's always something to know about it. Oh exactly and it feels fills in the time in as summer breaks in between. I mean the the early content. I'm only really saying is a driver's sitting on catamaran's having lunch with their colleagues economic it'd be illegal if shirley and they say that wasn't the missing isn't getting through the very different. It's very different world. But she know that the the world or the former one world is beginning to heal from its midseason break because the the social media content gently transitions from photos on beacon. Asta photos in the gym. You can tell. There is a natural order to things at this time of the year on social media arrogant at the time of this recording of a max fish apple our body simulator at the monaco house. And yeah the that that is basically the final step in the summer. Break of contention gills everywhere. And then then you'll be rice wake posts and then and then we're back into the swing things on practice. Yes before you know it. They'll be drivers having the heads ripped off by someone with those rubber bands around. They knicks just looks dangerous. They're always good they. They come around during the week of the rice. This would be a for these. There'd be some kind of graph that shows the exponential increase in these posters via closer the rice. But we can all feel it. You can feel it in your something. That won't be these. actually he's going to arrive. It's been confirmed. Is the dutch chrome pray. There were concerns. It wasn't going to happen. Which might have been for the best considering some of the discourse in formula one around the various to todd contenders but it is going ahead which is good because it's been already been cancelled once it's gonna go ahead with a reduced crap. It's still seventy thousand. People which is plenty. I would suggest for circuit. That's relatively small exactly as very small everyone. That is an expert in the form of one. Twenty two twenty one franchise. We'll know how bizarre the zandvoort circuit is for the one rice. I you know my thoughts about how the caused too big. The three wide the too long know why they thought to driving in a very fast alleyway zandvoort grand prix. I just know convince they'll be that much. Overtaking and that final corner will be. We'll be it will either be hit or flop. It's it's basically the akin to the to the hyde saturday reverse sort of. There's a lot riding on us. I big screen events dutch-grown parikh but a girl doesn't matter that you put it on at seven thirty on a sunday eight's It's not a guarantee that it will exactly produce the result. That's intended in many respects putting it on a sunday. Night is like having the san marino grand prix not in san marino but that worked so these precedence for working story. What's in hyde saturday for ninety. Two years what what. I still not an administrator still not administrative but that's good use and look the dust fans. They probably not going to mind. Whether it's a spectacle and not. I've seen them in austria every literally every circuit in europe. They are they are at and they seem to have a good time no matter what's happening. No matter what. Time of diabetes horrifically son booths. I dunno afar obviously strategy very different. The whole sunspot slip slop. Slap campaign very intergenerational that campaign it's renowned. I don't know how much i don't know. What level of spf table. I mean we're up to. I think. The spf seventy five. If you come to australia. And that's the minimum recommended sort of usage. I don't know if know fifteen thirties. Probably where it's at. But they they still end up. Caught lobster like any. European some you've got to reapply remember to reapply sold about is after garner the bagels swayze. Which i presume also happens at groom groans for can only imagine Keeping an eye on is the japanese grand prix. That will mean to make an announcement last week last tuesday. I think it was the tenth of august. No announcement yet on whether that race. He's going to go ahead. as far as i know. Tickets has ticket. Sales is still suspended. That might be a sign. They did say we're going to make the decision after the olympics. But i wonder if everyone forgot. Well maybe they've tactically included the paralympics here because they haven't even started yet this. It's the whole turkey. Twenty twenty where demining. So we're going to have. We had saint mall longer than two in a bit wakes of olympic activity. We then have the paralympics coming up and if anything happens there then wall shut down for the one as quickly as we possibly can but obviously the two events a two very. I mean talking about ticket sales to actually welcome back tight. Obviously the olympics mostly behind closed doors and cardboard bid so very different set of circumstances. Insist suka but yeah. I mean if if we lost in honda's farewell to off of twenty twenty one and indicated in the m. g. h. hybrid bizarre era of ravi sanding engines. Take if they didn't mel the name applying grant following put that on the early thing that could possibly explain to you as what the pain of what this could be for the good folk in japan. Obviously that's i'm surprised. It's taken that long for the race to be confirmed or not confirmed for the nfl to go to perth. Neither confirmed the state you by ropes. The dramas you watch the grant. The final series moving to be announced. I long before japan is don't we're. I don't think we wanted to do that will happen. I believe it. I would believe it. They'll leave it to the last minute and long before brazil gets canceled. Because i reckon. I reckon it'll never be cancelled but just something else will happen on the way in and no one will be allowed to talk about it. Now we back in neubergring and they'll still call it the brazilian girl. I think there's something in that having rice it other tracks and just pretending. I don't think they'd be a problem. If these styling grand prix was at majella said it before and i'll say again is both scenario. I still the hiccups. I'm not sure. Sure where i mean forget about cancellation watch. You watch boston arrows. Going with with with the we need use. We need a brazilian correspondent on. We'll have to look into that over. Ferrari they've got some news. They're going to be upgrading. The engine this year they making a big song and dance about it. even the engine upgrades a band. If they remember what happened with their engine. Two years ago lost you was. It started last year when they had their secret settlement over the engine. That was not a concerts because they were not of mutating. But this is because that where everything was allowed to update a little bee's at the start of the remember the off season and ferrari deed update the engine. But they just haven't used it and they weren't use it until later in september they just didn't get around to actually doing the work i guess and it does make you wonder why i mean by the by september end of september. Well i guess they'll still be about one hundred raises left by then but you know it's it's getting pretty light markle. If cova is told me anything. Is that people of louis. Paul is this ferrari basely going. No no no. This is not an engine upgrade. Takeaway alcohol footpath. Therefore it's everybody else's problem is the people gathering at here and is now take a coffee. What are you talking about your floors. Only what are you. We don't need them. It's not this. Is the jury championship. It put it on the guy that accident that look very similar. You would never know the difference. You'd never tell us. Ferrari fans obviously as they. Well they level third in points with mclaren so everything well not everything to play third place to playful. Not i will say that's not going to hit about selves. But as opposed the engine dot carrying over the next year so work done on making engine is good as it can be will benefit them next to you. The only thing that will benefit them next year rather than bodywork all mechanical stuff so that in some senses quite clever by ferrari or you know good on them as an odd. No it's not talking about this. Very much withdrawing their appeal when you would because there's no evidence in favour turns out after that whole song and dance. There was no fuel in the fuel tank because they couldn't get an app wasn't in the tens. If i were there isn't a fuel tank so the appeals been withdrawn which means it session. Middle was disqualified. Which is a shame for him because it was very good drive but isn't it amazing. The passage of time you now accept that as the ruling so you've come to terms with and probably little bit estimate would have been the why it's just like you know it's too high or the f- evaporated by now we let the seal and so whatever you know one lady that we thought we had probably doesn't exist at the moment off. It's leaving wine in a hated room. Kerr for for a couple of years. It's not going to be. They're going to get a good sample. It'll be it'll be very bad. Sample theranos macheted. I've been watching that documentary. The hateley look podcast nevada. What's the discord blow up there. Nas chattanooga learn about affirmative use code chad very junkie injury. Oh okay on that one. So basically it's the equivalent. Acid mass thought. They could get the same amounts of fuel as people could get that much blood out of human as much as s and could get that much fuel out of a kite. The parallels striking. I am intrigued. I'm sick and trade. I look forward to the discussion. God knows i need something to between nine. Am and five am for the next couple of weeks. So one on the list and let's go to the drive a market to Wrap up this part because matiba auto is confirmed. Chewbacca staying at haas. He's still part of the ferrari driver. Young driver fryer driver academy whatever it's called. She's way it's one of those things. We're gonna sit matiba not to go into stein but there is no contract yet but that will happen. He hopes antonio giovanetti will be renewed at l. For mayo which is probably a good sign that he might be friends. Toss this elf. Atari has no alternative but it's current drivers which don't know if that's pessimistic or optimistic. It's hard to know with sometimes. It's a very confidence fee. Driver's saying what we'd like to change them but we can't s alex elbow is considering indie cost. Which if he can't get a drive unifil on next year and considering well assuming red bull racing renew sergio perez which is not a given but it seems likely and assuming that he doesn't find his way into williams which baraboo kinda came. It seems clear that want to keep them at least as a reserve and then he may be well going over to indycar which seems to be a little bit in vogue. At the moment i was i was about to mention on this. It's always been the alternates. Here it's way all the other f one drivers come to spend another detainees in another career. But it's and it's always been that it's always playing bait drivers right. I but felt like before. It was a reluctant plan bay. But now that you're saying drivers like you marcus ericsson's of the world romain grosjean especially in recent times they probably all those f. One drivers stuck in that european bubble and cut and thrust world reform the one. Dekalb very professional series very well run and very loud following. But it's just a little bit off broadway enough to be enjoyable if if if that makes sense and all saying that in a bad round in a in a complimentary way because remember always having he's always indulging in ice cream in american delicacies. Phone hacking you argue with that and he's and he's going very well. I mean he. He spent sorry long in formula one piecing around going absolutely bonkers to finish fifth in a rice when he's a genuine rice winning contender in a lot of one's always bizarre that he's also in the running races like the rookie of the year. He'd indycar bizarre format but obviously a lot more and more these f. one paper going over there and saying this is actually pretty good. I would rather be in contention to win races in indycar and they have a pretty good time at it. Then sort of be miserable in the midfield racing for williams for example. It's probably not where definitely grown zap. And now on you know he could be in that sort of tipping points in his career flecked. Bala with this. It's just too hot. Or do i just find myself going to indycar. So it's becoming more attractive in the corruption and good luck to them. What is interesting. isn't it because it's also this tipping point you mentioned the. Which is i think that the more if one drivers who end up the the more attractive it looks and the less of a. Let's say defacto fullback while it will always be if you grow up in the european system. You're always going to have a crocodile. One that's the point of it. But it will become less of clinging onto your wandering at all costs and kevin magnusson suggested that he probably stuck around for too long because there was not much of a prospect he monte arrived at hostile going anywhere else just because of the way. The driver market works in formula line. Even though he clearly deserved shot in a car but in indycar it can go or you know. He went to america and he could contend rice garage. Clearly as you said he's doing that suddenly we'll find a situation where like let's take. Alex album is the example. If he were dropped as he was last year he would just go to indicate. We consider just going then. We also say. I do wonder this if the rule changes and if on over the next certainly next year nick subsequent couple don't do enough to cape the grid competitive is a whole. Why wouldn't you say more drivers change to a series where there are a lot of other f one drivers or or fun grade drivers and also the indycar. Greg drive as a perfectly good as well. We shouldn't talk down where they can go. And because of the way the series works. You've got a better chance of winning because all the guys who make it to at one almost invariably junior champions like they used to winning stuff heaps. I mean imagined george. Russell dominated every junior series. Only just scored points from williams. How hot must be mentally. It is but that's also the lure of foreign the one it's meant to be that hard any The don't want to be disparaging and saying that. The benchmark is a little bit lower. Because obviously this success. These drivers are finding but it. But it's a lot to obviously with. The cars are fundamentally the same. The two engine. You can pick from and some eric figurines but fundamentally the khazar pretty much argentina who saw it. It's a it's a jazzed up formato basically and in terms of speed as well very very different obviously ride call to haul different ballgame altogether. I'll i'll preface this. I don't actively follow indycar. A hell of a lot of it. If at all i saw just keep tabs on a into in terms of what. I say sort of in the in the in the crooked news media and on the crooked social maybe a you say guys like scott dixon. Who's been around at les. Since i was a schoolboy hellier castro neves one dancing with the stars or threatened with jail time and subsequently won the indy. Five hundred more than once during those periods elizabeth. So judy that you can having a career. Kevin magnussen saying is probably the ship Couple easy this young man. We're talking in that. Kevin magnussen could easily spend ten indycar if he really wanted to to be honest this is a little bit rice and linked debut only meals to the Twenty or so but that's the difference. I think there's an often when i say a driver on their way foam the one. I mentioned this about grown in madison. Last you have it must be a little part of the must be a little pilot inside just is a little bit of dislike. Well i'll a little bit of coming to terms with. I guess your age you've spent so long trying to chase drain you try be there And don't get too worked up on that because lewis sebastian. Good the hogged most of the accolades in the last decade also. But yeah and you often just like what must be thinking when well what do i do after if one. It's these rude shock of it. Almost like becoming a after a professional football has to go back to a civilian lifestyle it just. They often struggle with it where it laced with rising drivers. Thank you peekapoos categories that you want to go to maybe formerly as in the right categories to go to the violence. Yes lots of other categories around the world that you can you take into. Let's talk about former as well because this is the last interesting talking. Point drive a market chat because over the weekend. Nick devries won the championship and world championship. I should say. I will championship awarded and mercedes for. He's rural championship. They also do the same. But then withdrawing their leaving not immediately next year after the next season one more season left but of course we to raise is being talked about informed one circles most recently because charter wolf suggested that he deserves a cracking wind. He's all says yesterday's teammate. Stuff event on cracking f. wanton but he's now a world championship winner which is more than most of the guys in the formula angered consi- of course there's different categories not meaning to compare them but that's also you know. Look it's pretty great thing to have on say being a world champion of something. We know that. There's a william sate. That's up for grabs. Williams probably wants someone that they seems like leaning towards nick latifi for one of the states where seeming george russell's guards funny how that's become just the assumption over the last week or two absolutely but why not bring in a world champion agai still young. But he's clearly quick and can work with a relatively new team with mercedes to make them championship winners. This could be the thing. He needs to finally get his f. One jones it is. It'd be left of center. Pathway because to be honest formula as also one of those categories where formula one is gary back down to adjust through civilian life obviously lists profile big enough to a handsome paycheck if they're getting paid to drive but obviously the levels say what talking the eight. It's definitely not at this what its status as a world championship. It's even that incarcerated territory. There and i think formal has its own issues. Its identity crisis. It's growing pains as part of the process because obviously the eighties. Couple of manufacturers withdraw. Think audis on the y out as well for a memory. Port might be saying but yeah like a lot of those big name actors that lurid a lot the is marks joins rising going back there because for whatever reason that's a more technical challenge i mean if one is f. one and i was i about the hall the motorsport program. It's a lot of it is marketing and and putting the brand at there Ninety person that hasn't heard mercedes-benz but anyway but if one is the pinnacle even if they weren't winning world championships just having the massari say with one and the leanings. I get from that obviously with the f. one different. I don't know if they tried. Maybe with formula eight to say the whole electric pathway as well. But i think formula as for as long as it's a control formula and and that's the inherent danger because once you take the shackles off. It becomes basically form with one electric. So is a little bit of cannibalism. So i understand. Maybe some of the reasoning behind why it's tightly controlled in the way that it is about whether they wouldn't do that all the guns and just make it effectively sort of the current format that's for them to workout. But yeah if you can work your way up from formula eighty four. The one hasn't been done before. But can nick defrays do it. I'm not into ali show. It will be interesting. I mean alex maybe not the best example but he resigned reformulate and then is completely to make it into formula lawn. Did it's interesting. It would be really interesting if he got a shot. We don't know where williams obey next year. of course hopefully they'll be further up the greed amongst the greed. And you know what how he would show in that situation but it is a. It's a great twist to win. A lot of the rest of the drive a market in terms of driver's car on the grid potentially get into william say nico convert look great would deserve it. We know he's we want that quest for the podium hilarious williams. You wonder how that's going to be anyway. But he's a known quantity a lot of the guys we're talking about. In this dr unknown quantities. Bosch with nikuv raise. You've got a guy who is knowing in some fields in look as much as women might not be. Let's say a top tier level of motorsport. It its own top tier. That makes sense like it's made it self and so he's become a specialist in something you contact wife me but i think they would be something i i think it would be really interesting experiment. It'd be as much on the line for almost me to as much as nick degrees of iraq. But don't forget knicks all star had a conventional pathway. He's been out through the three oil. Jp mclaren program wasn't he. Yeah so they got so he's kind of already done. The hodson that sends formula was almost a little bit of the like the sidestep where we saw gasoline having to do super formula because the room for him elsewhere. Yeah i i tell you what they'll be here if dr nick got it. That'd be sort of annoyed that turn was skipped. Shall we say for phoenix. But i was just speculating. He was point. I don't think you'll get the moral cross the dramas a seal of approval white happen going to a an announcement. I guess putting out to tender a matter for box of neutrals because as part of partnership with the horde which is a podcast network based in good old. Melbourne locked down melvin. They only offered between five. Am and nine pm. Don't try calling other hours seeing inconvenient. We're investigating what would be a boxer neutrals premium fate a subscription fate. Nothing's gonna change. We should say with boxer. Neutrals this podcast listening to you. This will continue to remain exactly where it is exactly at the cost of which zero dollars. What a them to don't worry about that. He's is puglia way for us to give you a bit of extra value and also a way to support us. We've got costs and that's fine. Look we just do this because we enjoy it but we're looking into it and way where essentially looking for expressions of interest to what you'd like to see as a valuable return if we were to have a premium podcast. Right exactly wait. We were pretty adamant about it to that. Nothing you're not gonna lists all the same crap. The problem was crap we went into it. And we're like hey pile up. Well i'm quite lazy. With how i do this shy so i don i feel bad putting cost on doing exactly the same as i have done before however when when when money's involved will boy what's what's my attitude giants very quickly ed look there. I had to invest in iran. Another microphone because it's You know what. I'll reveal the story. The previous on premium very funny very funny story as to my. This is why this episode of indifferent. Because i finally invested in ipod guys. Macher find bats that set me back a couple of hundred bucks whatever. We don't make money out of this anymore. We escaped merchandise. But that's willing to sell it on ebay people by secondhand bull rice. I i've read the back of chip. Packets have religiously been tall. Do know this is an awesome man. Skype stuff is not racial sil- the and that's added sorry. It's basically we would do a little bit more efforts. Sorry i would do a little bit. Boy he's story. Markle continued at the one hundred ten that he puts but is it. You just get a little bit extra. So the the free stuff is the mad. Ramblings unedited amazon is that that i have and then the paid version we take out the the exactly the kind of pauses and we actually invested proper segments and research in which takes time as well. 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This is the best news all products. He's the vegan. Although presumably you shouldn't eat any knives the plight vegas for example but just started crying. L'abbaye sensible with your got they motorsport. It's fundamentally dangerous but if you do it properly it's perfectly fine dark ages yes it would follow the instruction for. We'll be us a mosque while you using it. Unless it's you're using it on the face then you can take it off the appropriate amount of time get twenty percent off and free shipping with the code word box of neutrals. Get your data gift. No they'll use hopefully eight. Yes that's twenty percent off with free shipping at manscaping dot com. And don't forget darn forget that you came from your dad's bulls this year. Show your original home. Some love with manscaping doc symmetry. Let's have a look at what's going on in the box and still disco channel. We did this check. So i really enjoyed it. I've been enjoying the discussion on many fronts on all channels on the box you just described you can find a link to join in the short description of this podcast. Just have a look on your divisive choice. So you can go to bookstores dot com. Find all the links there. Let's look at the introduce yourself channel. I because this is a common uncommon introduction. This is not the first time. I've same similar structure of this. Dan's welcomes dances new to the new to the discord bane. Listening since twenty nine. Still nobody who pay dominion liaise. Now idea what. Greeks on the roof me. I don't wanna feel form you one but love listening. So i welcome aboard jeeze if you listen for twenty detain before twenty nine. You get everything. I it all make sense. But gee whiz i. It's very hard to explain. What all of those references made even offer go to bed greg reference to be yes. Yeah yes i know. Why are we recorded it. But it works while after the manscaping. So it's especially the one that had greek language union says beautiful beautiful thing. I've realized i've come to. Even though we only recorded the franco cots version of the ad. Recently i've come to just mentally merge manscaping and franco cult so in my head even though we weren't even referenced it again we might not a funny thing. Isn't it strange thing. We've got a couple of people in multi quam. Most recent is an example tyler from south carolina being a podcast fan refused. Thank you very much. Said that he who shall not be named he's gone so clearly pre twenty-nine tain he's been watching your seeks but it does seem like we've got a good few people from the carolinas listening including not had pronounces belichick are probably how was pronounced actually from north carolina. I don't know if there's any kind of rivalry i it would have to be. What's the point of having a north south carolinians explained to why you pick podcast references. Crap from the humble state of victoria. Australia Hey hey it's saturday And bizarre That we shall not name for corporate rate paid mcginley He's back in the country. You gotta call him. he's back. He only returned last week. I met apply grand and we had talked and we did went to a wedding guys in the fusses about. Yes terrific weekend. I hope he stays it isolated. I do wonder whether there's a connection here with our good friend. Pay mcginley shielding. His name is it to him and he. He did in his last trip abroad before. This one Visited the united states and in fact spent some time in the carolinas for tax deduction sorry. I do wonder whether he did the good work of box of neutrals while he was there to yes he would have invoiced us for presumably so maybe not true. Usually sends is of those shindigs presumably. Must've been some kind of tried sacred. We weren't allowed to say what. What does the developing factory radio panels for all the waiting on the sand bowed. Four point iowa. It's like. I've got a couple he i. We're going back quite in time in this. Say introduce yourself channel. Because we have quite enough attention bobby from new york usa. It's been listening to box of news on his brother's recommendation. He's learned many things unusual. That's already a about australia's such as what a bogus and that. Hey hey it's saturday was one of the nation's finest tv programs very good very good worked. It was great. I enjoyed it. I cried bottle episode but target it applies early. Just want to hit the gone once. And i watch it again a very good. We've also got one from go. Good thing in adelaide hume who admits that he listens to box of neutrals even before. Hamish and andy which is impressive but not actually thought that impressive. Because i'm pretty sure that coming on thursday and come out on tuesday so just seeing a chronological sense. That would be how you do it. Look at poor man's remembering project rumble through this thing. I deleted the audio file of the charney. Fourteen hungarian grown break. Good good days we do have. I'm sure you've got some way. Maybe this'll be a summer project for me. I think another thing we weren't commit to but all the old because the way we would record. But we're still very record books. Mutuals is you just hit record when you get in the studio and then you cut out the relevant beats And so you know we'd get to the. I think we've said this before. We get to the record wednesday nights. I think when we used to go out on tuesday fitting and we just spend at least the first thirty or forty minutes just not doing anything productive because there's no one in the studio that time so we didn't feel we have to move on the great segment of guests to basically started during that time we named all of this. Yeah yes yes and presumably. It in tech support. Who have a direct line to every studio must've known would've been listening at the time so someone knows we'll have to go. I by tension is to one day. Go and find out essentially books from usual bloop is one day and just see what's on. I think we can make some of them. There's a seventy moratorium most things. So yeah so it's not slander. If he said i saw a guy fog. I have to go through the audio archives and find some of those things at twenty eight onwards. That's yeah that's that's the that's abc yourself. Oh yeah yeah. I'll try to have finally the cable that has all the stuff called bone masters unfortunately the guy until the two hundred eight when everything just went clad but anyway well that's That's a remembering project melody that can be the summit. Maybe we can put it on that. Rsvp will be confused as to what's going on some chat about some of the discussion from the last couple of weeks in particular about with teams should pay for each other's crashes scope. Dog one says That essentially to put money in a pot of the start of the year. I guess an damage is taken out of that until the zero and then it comes out of your budget cap totally fine cancer issue with that none whatsoever. I like the idea that people would crash deliberately just to try and reduce the. I think that would be fun. I like that idea. I think that's it's like a syndicate. I love the idea of a formula one syndicate amongst the teams of crushing points. It's like i it's it is literally the the unofficial. What was the plenty of monopoly board in front of me. It's obscured hang on the free. That's the one so you know the free parking thing if you landed on that. The price aids of all the various fines and taxes. And what have you all you build up. And sometimes is what makes breaks various games of anomaly. That would be interesting. Yes i think it would be. Maybe they could settle it. We game of monopoly. You could televise it. Get a sponsor for it. Alex jake's could come and take it very impressive. I think he'd be quite the spectacle charter wolf bashing christian horner. Because he's trying to take money out of the part because i've applied for twelve hours and everyone's tired again. Monopoly is another one of life's great equaliser so along along with paypal tripping over in the straight fully chains It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor monopoly. Winning a game it just it makes peop- winning or losing makes people's dies or just makes people irate with filled with ride is amazing game of human emotions that pipeline put this on. The box is much more exciting than what they have found. Sales merchant oldest scott sports. I'm surprised i have instead of johnny. Herbert laka this happened like once. Every week surprise. I have done. Let's let's play a guy and you do a truck preview who would be the first team principal to flip the board. It would be flip. The boards i record. Frederick vessels the guy fr- friends tossed would be the obvious one. But he's but i think frayed as a bit of a slave of that one eight stakes the writer. So i went so to. Google is just a reference. I like i like that mastered. Modern would just try to litigated against various things in awfully good. I think i think there's potential content for this next time. The sport gets because of a pandemic not erasing. I don't want anymore eraser. Go gives you books. Neutrals decode cold. The back prerecorded talk back channel. Ten principles cards and previous. So you ron dennis's of the world and you'll even bernie eccleston. Jim clark was what was the other one. It was the latest one. I forget his name paid a window cracked invoice any era of formula. One which in principle would flip his sheets hershey's at a monopoly board upon losing a game which one unusual i mean absolutely. I think that there's been a lot of discussion about the costs involving crashing. Go have a look. There's also means conspiracy theories spread by one man and kevin he reckons. Hamilton may not have had covert. But i don't know how likely that is sped. Look freda it's a free. It's free speech on the disco channel. So say whatever you want. They also talking back corn flavored whiskies. When you conspiracy theory. I got word that you said that we have a telegram. And so i always room for all social media finally lead this one. We've had some driver. Line-up chat matt walker reckons russell to mercedes like literally everybody else at this point in time but has gone gaz leader. Red bull racing alfa towery jovi nazi with callum. Lot at alfa romeo and latifi and chadwick williams. That would be. That would be good realistic. I mean alpine academy driver at ferrari. Henry taybeh blooming. That will fly exactly but Oh sorry alpha tara the even the that tunnel. He's very congested. I don't think they're going to have another academy. Dr bob poss that one. That's it wouldn't be upset if that happened to ensure you thought it would be interesting john. Al-said russell mercedes. Yes peres will stay at red bull will turn down william say go rallying williams will just take someone from if to and that we should spin the wheel for an alfa romeo lineup which is probably not on the bodice rally one got legs are in this is a roasted dramas isn't to drive. This is sort of a bit boza prediction of this him him. Doing something rally related is not what ridiculous. That's i. I did catch a bit of the head. The i think. I think the stage for the parade satisfying name. You pray rally ran to the world rally championship and i had the jets at spa as well and it looked at actually always wondered what world rally cars. We'll louis rally one. 'cause would look like as a on a racetrack and man. I tell you what you know. They're they used taste categories around the world man. If there were twenty world rally house gone circuit racing. I be brilliant in be awesome but yeah very expensive Category but but still big take for me. I i really enjoyed it. Magin the the bodywork builds after a full calendar of sick racing and rally cars. It'd be great. I'd be all about that all over it. Let us know in the prerecorded talk back channel or anywhere on the disco channel of at all of them. What you think what. What is on your. What's on your mind head of the Return to form. We'd want later in the season and of course took act topic. Who would fit the board in monopoly. i retain principles. That's except episode of bucks neutrals. Oh you wanna listen to bucks of neutrals. Well how about you fill out. This form mueller. One let's take a break from talking about formula one because land have been there for mercedes winning the formula a world championship to mercedes leaving the formula world championship. Don't forget father's day is just around the corner and land. has you covered from quality ribs. He conned refuse to fancy b.'s. Crafted just for redact. Yeah that'd be confused. Look i was guarded local liquor. Landon ask for red simon's because it's great with a bizarre expression and delay so. I apologize to the good fire plan for bizarre behavior but nonetheless it is a perfect i should. He needs gifts bloody hard to find a lot of effort thought into it but feed not the good fight very knowledgeable people over and you just go up to the very friendly staff in covered saif manner of course chicken people place and they will do the rest i guarantee they. They they know this stuff. You decide a couple of questions. Sorry answer couple questions and also us so there's a time between getting really d- doing the right thing and nico rosberg daren't and just give your father he's a world champion as well nico so i don't give him ks this father's day give him something worthwhile in meaningful for goodness sakes. Yes whether it's a quality red wine all the quality red simon's if you're like me you'll need lots of warning in the run up to the fifth of september still weeks away but you know getting might as well get nearly. Take the stress. If you mind and remember you can sign up today and get ten dollars off your first purchase. Just visit land dot com with thirty mimicking collect also available please drink responsibly. Teasing supply see online for details on all the usuals facebook twitter instagram pa wicky feet everywhere that you can find good puck haas social media pages and listen wherever you find good. Podcasts spotify. a car radio apple music. I think it is now. Maybe it's apple podcasts. It's a separate app at brechin. Out for my. That was another break in formula one. We're in the middle of the midseason break that means next week show. We'll be a preview of the belgian grand prix. The first of twelve races in fifteen sixteen weekends something like that well up to twelve right. What are we call. I think this is still feel. Act three of the championship. But i think actor is really still the european leg than threes. The miscellaneous continent side apparently are traveling to Forgotten about bahrain loss. Wake but yeah. It's it's the you the global adventures of foreign the one slowly slowly retreating which is good. Yes i do. Some miss grounds should be all about these kobe times. Join lively joined the channel Look at link in this podcast box dot com which where you can also find all the episodes of the podcast and subscribe wherever you get favorite podcasts. And give us a rating and review white. Not what else are you doing. You might as well give it a go next week. We'll be back to preview the belgian grown prix. Until then i've been michael in vicious fade box of needles.

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2/11/19: WORTH IT.

Morning Mantra

06:12 min | 2 years ago

2/11/19: WORTH IT.

"Do you have a message? You're just itching the share with the world, even if you're not ready. We can still share anger is a one stop shop for recording hosting and distributing your podcast. Best of all. It's one hundred percent free and ridiculously easy to use. Now anchor can even match you with great sponsors who want to advertise on your podcast that means you can get paid to podcast right away. In fact, that's what I'm doing right now by reading this ad Goto, anchor dot FM backslash start. That's again, that's anchored dot FM slash start to join me and the diverse community of podcasters already using the anchor platform. I can't wait to hear what you have to say. I don't understand why the concept of ghosting is getting so much Hateley. Some people need to lose all access to you permanently. And with no explanation. Hi, this is coach K and this is the morning mantra. Hi, my name is m K Flynn. I'm Ren coach based in Denver, Colorado. But this isn't a podcast about running executive don't tell clients, but. Never really talking about that running when you know crap testing event is coming it helps heaven mantra to keep you centered and focus I should move through. You don't have to be an athlete to be hashtag coached and loved by coach K. And if you are here, then you are hashtag winning at life. Today's mantra is worth it. Where is it? In denver. We're getting ready for teachers strike tomorrow. The past fifteen months of negotiations have gone absolutely nowhere. Because it seems that people at DPS were not listening to anything the teachers have had to say, and what's even more grief as they seem to think that every parent in the area is too stupid to read newspapers watch TV or no it's going on. And the the resulting communications have been outright lies outright lies, very insulting and downright frustrating. So this meant mantra today is for the teachers because if you've been hanging around here the mantra pod, we have discussed interacting with toxic people toxic co workers and toxic situations in the past. I am a big proponent of ghosting when someone's not listening to you when you have made good-faith attempts to work things out, and you have been stonewalled at every turn. If you give them a little bit extra in still been pushed to give more just to get someone to pay attention to you. That's a situation that isn't winning. That's situation where your good intentions, your desire for peace is going to be used against you to extract everything you have give where toxic person is going to hold that over your head and hold peace just out of reach. And it feels like that's really what DPS is doing to the teachers and the families right now, here's the miscalculation now, and that's going to tie. That back into the mantra teacher stay strong. You know, as well as everybody else does that DPS is counting on this. Flood of humanity coming to fill all these spots all these substitute. Teachers just going to come out of the woodwork and watch all the kids, and that's a fallacy because nobody wants these jobs. They're terrible. The benefits are terrible. The pay is awful. Frankly. I'm in awe that you would strike at all because it would seem like it'd be so much easier to go get a new job that pays you. What you worth? So. Hey, I admire you, and I stand with you. No one wants these jobs, but you. The district's going to figure that out. I'm sorry. They weren't ready for it sooner. But in, but this is how I know it's going to fail right in this moment. If you doubt it remember don't nobody else want these jobs, a strike only works against us. If the city was full of scabs that are willing to cross the lines and take these positions working for our conditions, and no one does all the qualified subs. Either can't afford to be full time instructors. Or don't wanna be full instructors. Either way. It's going to work hang in there. And every step of the way, if somebody says, hey, was it worth. It looked him in the face and say, yes, I'm worth it. My kids are worth it. So the strike was worth it Vinnie. One needs me, I'm going to be volunteering at the kids playground to make sure that the boys in the school aren't taking advantage of the chaos immature marching back and forth with teachers and take food as they need it on south Logan. If you haven't been the Denver area, come say. Hi. Coats. He went. And you are winning. And you are definitely winning at life. If you subscribe, my Muslim newsletter follow me on Facebook or following on Instagram feel free to do all three. Thank you so much for your continued support of the mantra pod. Would you mind heading over to itunes and giving me a writing not just in stars? But also with words, those ratings matter they helped boost in the rankings and helped me listeners. Find us also if you could head over to Instagram and follow us at morning metropolit- or take a minute to like the coach K Facebook page, the weakened interact. I'll see what you like in the more that I know about you in the more. I know that what you liked the more relevant. I can tailor the content to your interest and make it the whole experience better for you. So please review me on ITN's. Follow me on Instagram like the Facebook page talk to me and tell me what you want more of thanks.

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Pfadi uf d'Ohre

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"Take every city. You see old overseas Hussy nikoloz la roy. Moore restricts me is about to be knocked yet this year. Emergency services on the cdc clearly is just look hdr when he about being activate the her abm at betsy or media im-implanted towel him hanging on that hundred emitted vowed in the him trophy on sina ucs. Lena vowed liang once about entered him. Speak marked with theresa for one of the may bushel. Fca up embassy minna angelos clean danley involved a whole on death him out and on the heads up on the air conven haymond employees koskela about kurt on some clothes maggie schmidt to manage only motley broom nicaragua's for kris hovers issue on gone off on the hit. The images okinawa to yet hang up six eight m emmett baum stronger zomato specifically say they know our thomas it sonia on tanzi route to each party. Hemant that it's imminent poonch owned at nuclear month. Indian chip kelly for our weekend when they knock later honey vowed after to three and arched restaurant doma upper vowed artists. Absolute sit thirty ish. Gang fix declared ziadeh honey's hoffner cooled from have algae knocked out some through but remained at summit on the air invent heads wwco hiking our troops about arctic it a series like motto. Are we a bismuth party. Today's fashion exceed onto a medically may later plus the homemade copper seat that cut. Some anger is one hundred so as yard takata. Foul cat is made his act as the hey car in maine the saami close shortly hundred toward the obvious within days have has slats clayton as them as act as a liberal rubia casts. This does your and stronger ish. gdp hook him. It's awfully timothy. Haymond affiliates gerald capacity. That is actually easier on so hit. Medicis organised yet clifford. A tour nice to see alfano is open our whole or manhattan propercloth. Sonny's alfano hayme or and our saying hey extra info italy talk shit to alter ego Say takhar takhar curse defray globe later this voucher octa had car does relief future at for that For the checks highlight for bob. They think hate gung hate late did not like i was subaru. My so heavy fish bomb yousef spot on the resale. Her fame team trough fuel marked ted franca on rabin shift. Devout inoculate need future party. Harstad phinda payment. It's a netflix folk through also market. North talk stay number cushion leaky directly infantry speak williams flatly through saugus shankar pop kiko from mcgregor on sledged hit madonna louise from italy. An avowed facility who tamed. You may not off as few leak marked ted wrong on the shift closed. The vowed inoculated fuse party. Harstad phinda haymond. It's a vienac. lefay folk. Also market northbound stay nomadic leaky directly on proclaims flatly start the duma de folk meter along alexander for prodi area am fossil on data loss at good to the foods all had a classic shift for long long Has he'll miss. Roussel fifth tenure. The danny the eightfold who've been no on vaulting octa it at hadn't From good it. Nancy from the when she bought a who's a Bowl shawneetown the head calm. Perfect food into santa's oxy is gin bottle. Who's had a boss. Throttles carvel in being from the attent also had good all see management holtz jumped back found out how to trade head poonch organisms. Attach long day. Come out hit in. Hey venus they covered on. Hood's you know the haystack. Nad ali. i'll fat is related dalai l. today. Want mitch maine's some saddam plots glow heads. It'd be not seat of Feverishly condom shovel into body. Shape mixing omit not Hanseatic alternated heads potent Hedge long grossed it or we had to be an athlete on dange in the hitler. Luton some clothes should add Adopts lots futile caratto see. Hey the off. Allan data See day in court until the nfc Voter igniting plow yet devout except she admitted owns bloods. Lexi few batman. Docs tom meet the lift. Ugly can blake the hillary l look at sephora ethnic was Few outs excelled does eat outside but acting the does who's had a little resorted fuck manhood. Kurt goto uses hunt on it. So valentini clean food yuppies of panic saying owned epa head feedback songs call. Then this drink facilities who would. Net nad Proceeding has come At six the y'all had collapsed. Divulge dr each on feud a good to control the ish feeder mander heighten at alex baretta glass polish snare owned saami close northern. How data on shankly videla. Before a blush dishwater the man me minarets platinum. Seek governor on the punch was thrown. Morales In the from the net result who was so Feud bet east. That's fueled him need aid. Seek kick field. Where each outs the foods or is it a party. Harrieta elaborated been the podcast. You know beat the trip of country sale as sewer. That whole doesn't come at night later. In next hour that moment been see knocked off yupik four parade the on back on schirn russia hit show was the extra fordham lock in honda to pack. Hey cove own ad ish. Mormon call kim low for them back in long said russia is. You've never n- own ad. Stop out knocked. Be be owned lately. Lucia on some us army to hate Doctor muhammed smith. Donald hateley. dc are we saw cleopa. Brent need wristy joining me. Vex may what. Mercer owning additional discounts are lou are on nagler shlomo brewery misao chocolate hearts seek statement arm into the massage full hair on my car clock. The it's mitzner abu. They've convection masive. Only ristic are on forget now disc. Few honey the perfect dealers fonda now comma stana controversial hits the rocks who seller owned wisdom walks. A turkey did could focus monetary out of food. A bom vala garden always talked. Larry concept for dosa at sancho hood upon or not. Do you look. S bar walks rushed. I was aired. Misdeed walks rashed at each msa. Did you ever do break flip. Nick walks idiot concern dossier ina dicara dasa show with did in fana vogue food dish mid basu body for so hit bassett Roof truss niche on the need for brand it works quarter. It's hunt to to walk some be spiel long. Some inner audi dasa in`eke said dasa shenanigans left dot tour like sancho court Toss earth nick. Do through bombo garden. Nah for switzer that relative mythic meter hugh from sancho year narrowed rocks longtime on four safety. Issue were ordered. Did you a to tear daughter. to mr. by octa does the docked fifty percent amid languish always lead to not. I'm schloss soci- also. Saddam used to walk. That disturbed voted the rocks. Nfl would thoughts. Vox fast dispatched him. We along earthly. Also ish to say stephen. Dido walks noma in cleese's gloss. Nfl would zillions brooklyn and follows then is lang. We disclose ish. Also look at the suit to chrissy finished. The vasa set market oppor undocked a slow further midair with hoyt haber. Now doodoo albert talked long saw mitzvahs in dogra miss ned. A condo varta pieces with throw crash there so they could it. Desktop language to knock yet. Ito vodka on a tip then did knock the bar. Mao ito the docked. Our cleats weird put the on aclu foreign owned informed. The doctor's office alabama. I'm vegeta- nama deal addict cup on. Whoa fata lucas. The docked cl- was poem bullish on it can be a polyester suitable to new band. Bandler ordered court. La was caputo police. It's dead madame bowl move. Farther left. kinetically humid hetzer. The dow hits number in his. Vox vodka to hurt or a been. Beanie vox plot that each meltzer. Damnedest ito tate do trip. How do the varta Talked for comment. Vox folks tit. Now do normal with all at the lien. Avec shift own efforts at ken nash. I'm lost hanging to talk not threatened who've look to be docked mcleish broadish with the bit him not only form for a narcotic stormed set the dot through quasi. It's a host of to tear fish boss. All young and a party gets vowed. We're not saw emphases in asia. Pottery honorine karate moves on for toad s we may on the party's voucher inactive but government talk toward our fleet will be largely on legislature appeals. See mostly my hometown cut loose to sharing that. Glac ahead honey. Thanks to them on on that fuzzy later withdrawn honey sake from stock for stock shape. What he actually sent me that. He's yup beats the sit on fat three minutes late on hooked. Tearing the heights of lear abuse Own cheetah for fungi hinting. Seeing aung foggy bought three up with you on the laptop on that it's the was he also Machine was he a he fucking emmett Putting says hamas have appeals onto Quizzical typical photon swat hasty. In last year when the leaf me mick late his chico Concrete's it would say he added Would certainly so hit ended on say. Create this up late was he's helped me a fucking her choice in the modern donating Factories john not a song songsheet each at for mated them but will Stein succeed from for some way it goes christ mouths on sausages So fli Appeal it also claes Fun a case with a should eight mustangs Soul on what's up Pharma straight only sheets. When you hop amid each defame that you can see. Hey bela meditate. You became stanley scoffed. Some beach boot pacing. Mo- bosh allows some ohio. Deysi for skop Away see author. Ceo pay speed More schools cnn reasons this unity on despite aching local sookie kushner Debuting look at smoke episode enough to fit saleroom. the mother is lousy of the octa initiated semi mind. Ac all Both the seats out the same. Got senior wound At all meet. Bundle oro dawn on community on Kits nedal could you be saying saying that. Set him disliked Have a or now michigan Seat meet Become hut mid fifty Don't pay from Is he'll catching chic result. He hey was wound up us. Who will hide. We'll get retrago Select some nagy. Hd lost Bullshit off to maintain Bush said i succeed to see cringe haven with enough to allow him. Seats at green seem on casing the puck. Musical shook galleys were Actually thought the image stanley Challenge will knit the room. Bohol fabulous Off hole head upon the whole admitted he. He's before the national sheesh see net as the nashville Cdc lambley offended Hunt or Non decision Fame photo seafood The blood scout. When nathan week succeed the casey choke This woman showcase On time shut once-elite May have got don't shop when he Puck the showed cutty so chip goodie in reap the clipped. Today's oblast. Flam manasseh fish Chocolates toward them on the threat. Cup Michou braatz halsey. Apply car about have some closer Bow east blonde avenue suck Lena who say Basketball hoard a hoard huts See hey she is sick. Altered behold in more school doesn't me sensuously debate it succeed. food Debated grange sned. Own facts. hut then they citizen To slip debate. Defendant with the national tv southbound that on take rich Own debated to see jingle bells on. Merry christmas. succeed is a physical Lana when Adulthood gam yachting Says imitate even should It's nice showing in Tassie for you will party. You've told her. Do dusted folklore monster. Music facet vata shoot an midcourt winter polls in autism sector the business toya twenty watt salvio. Copepod demanded shot vendor goodness vadym sac that they unwanted corpse author taxi. I was at the house to hurt it in concern vienna that escorts nice on piscotty messy. Was the mood phraya. Meteors uber yet is feedback. Should he be devos's mail order at forty bucks theon puncture gate. This cons crosses massey fuso on dot fleet dumas import cosmetically for matty's up near the stock in at a podcast comedy episode. The automatic today links to were finger dated big. You've daughter is podcast. For three joe doe it fatty the the owner of malinche each will not be three kissed body hostile yet. Tedious rains martine. I'm hala you've daughter with him. Lena team using fuddy implemented steam state was involved but puma scalia. Tabasco want me that yami be snatched y'all

la roy minna angelos danley conven haymond koskela maggie schmidt emmett baum tanzi ziadeh honey hoffner bismuth party Haymond alfano takhar takhar ted franca saugus shankar madonna louise Harstad phinda haymond Nad ali mitch maine
 How does the human body cope with extreme heat? (part two)

The Guardian's Science Weekly

17:08 min | 3 months ago

How does the human body cope with extreme heat? (part two)

"The guardian before the games have even begun olympic athletes. Who arrived in tokyo feeling. The heat of japanese summer beach volleyball players have found the sand too hot for their featuring practice and as as a mounting that this will be the hottest games for athletes on record and the world is gearing up for competency six the guardians global environment editor. John watts told us in the last episode of science weekly. That extreme weather events are tied in to rise in global temperatures for sure the fundamental cause is warming caused by greenhouse gases which produced by caused by cutting down forests by industry and so forth The question is whether there are additional kind of cascading effects or tipping points. That is making one problem. makes the other problem worse. And so you. The problem becomes non-linear it's uncertain but let's say scientists more worried about this than they were a few weeks ago so i wanted to look into what happens to our bodies in extreme heat from our previous episode. We learned about the very real consequences. Extreme heat has on human health and moping but it turns out that she too many studies about what happens to people when they're exposed to these situations apart from in the world of sport science which is what will be looking at today when we talk about elite athletes. these are not your average individuals. I mean these are individuals who are incredibly focused incredibly determined and able voluntarily to push themselves in places where the average mortal wouldn't go from the guardian i'm yvonne ave and this is science weekly mark tipton is a professor of human and applied physiology from the university of portsmouth firstly. Could you talk through a little bit of the focus of your research specifically on from the extreme environments debauchery at the university of portsmouth and within the school sport health and exercise science and we look at the physiological psycho physiological pattern physiological responses to extreme environments so heat cold altitude co water and we look at protection preparation and prevention of illnesses in those environments says pretty broad remained. Yeah and when you do Research with sports and human performance testing athletes seem to be a good test subject for this area. Why is that probably was the what we do with the english issues fall and with elite athletes is pretty focused in the heat because quite a lot of the major sporting events occur in a hot environment and in a cold can impact athletes but it tends to impact athletes like mountaineers with things like freezing non freezing cold injury but in terms of the in terms of events like with soccer finals or the olympics than that tends to be much more summer related in heat related. Now you know when we talk about elite athletes these are not your average individuals. I mean these are individuals who are incredibly focused incredibly determined and able voluntarily to push themselves in places where you know the average mortal wouldn't go and that includes some of the heat illnesses so with some of your findings be able to apply to regular people you know not. The accolades us may mortals. He might be doing labor intensive jobs and so oh yes no absolutely. The era of sports signs actually started as work physiology and to this day. There are many more people exercising in the heat because of their work than job than because they're an elite athlete or even because they're involved in a in a sporting activity so although it may be doesn't get quite the attention at once did occupational physiology and people having to work in the heat Is important and they will suffer the same consequences as elite athletes if they overheat the mouth in the race walking events during ticket. Twenty twenty will be moved to japan's northernmost island because of worries about heat and similar things happening with the qatar world cup where the tournament will actually take place in the wintertime. Now what happens to the body when someone is in that intense extreme heat. There's a couple of things to take into consideration. Firstly you've got the heat that comes from the environment so that's obviously particularly related to air temperature is related to humidity the amount of water vapor the environment. And it's related to the solar low the heat that you're getting from the some but then the other source of heat is from your own metabolism. So if you're at rest you'll producing about the same amount of hades as a sixty ninety watt bulb but then goes up to nearly two kindle bolts when you're exercising hard so that's the equivalent of two far inside of you so what athletes are able to do is produce lots of heat over on period. Because they're so fit. So that represents an enormous challenge to both their ability to maintain their body temperature without going out of control and then becoming hypothermic can heat. He'll also puts a tremendous strain on the cardiovascular system because the body is now trying to send blood to the skin to cool but also to the working muscles to keep them functioning so it. It's it's a really large physiological. Challenge the exercising hawn in the heat represents and even though what bodies have ways of dealing with this overheating including what might called behavioral thermo regulation aka craving shade. When you've been out in the sun for too long part of his research looks at ways in which we can remedy the effects of the exhaustion right. So i mean you're looking across the board lots of potential innovation so those innovations might include things like improving thermal comfort and they might might look at improving sweat. Secretion reducing the amount of the barrier to heat loss by clothing. Making sure you maintain hydration trying to make sure people's mechanical efficiencies highs so that they don't generate any more heat than they need to win exercise you can increase heat tolerance. You even can stop talking about selecting people who are relatively good in the heat and also how they might pace an event racially overheat. So we're looking both psychological as well as physiological interventions into performance of people in the heat now the most important intervention that you can come up with is heat acclimatization. So that's getting people to repeatedly expose themselves to heat and as they do that with time with repeated exposures. They'll start to get better and better at losing heat produced more sweat. It'll have less salt in it. That blood flow will improve that blood volume will increase. They can send blood to the skin in the muscles more efficiently and at the same time. They'll feel more more comfortable in the heat. Which gives them more confidence. You consider all of these things sean. Optimus performance in the heat is very unlikely that you're going to do better in a very hot environment than you will in a cool environment but what you're trying to do is minimize the detriment. So that's what happens with athletes. How can the kind of work you and your colleagues they translate to. Non athletes will the physiological effects of extreme hateley to the same kinds of results in regular people. Yes no there's there's definitely a sort of a continuum that you go along and at lauren. That is a muscle cramps in heat crimson feeling fatigue and we kness and a rapid pollster lightheadedness and fainting. And then it goes onto in cessation of sweating and hot dry skin. New golden from the sort of fainting end of the spectrum through heat exhaustion to a medical emergency. Which is heat stroke but obviously by testing people. We also learn about the responses to heat. We learn about how to mitigate the problems associated with hayed on a lot of those. You know when. I'm off to give advice to the general population on giving advice but has been taken in part from the what we've done without those elite athletes like ways of cooling putting your hands into cold water very effective way of cooling people. We developed that idea working with british cycling but it works just as good for people who've got hot gardening things like you know getting used to the heat avoiding the hate by a standing in the shade of oiling. Soden solar load all of these very interactive in terms of the benefits. You've also mentioned that. Dehydration plays a big role in all of us. How important is access to clean drinking water. And coming up against extreme hate. Well once you get air temperature above your skin temperature than you're actually. You'll actually start to gain heat from the environment through the roots. When it's colder you would normally lose it. So that's radiation conduction convection. And therefore you're only left with one physical route by which you can keep the buddy cool on. That's the evaporation of sweat. And i emphasize the evaporation. Because it's not sufficient just to produce sweat sweat that doesn't evaporate doesn't coup because it's actually vapid math operation of that sweat that is cooling now. What that means is if you're sweating heavily. A human sweating heavily can be producing two liters of sweat per hour. And that's what is coming from body fluids and so that has to be replenished otherwise sweat diminishes and body temperature increases. That's really interesting amazing. Think i should definitely be drinking water before i head onto the bog recently. My colleagues did abraham report on sweltering cities around the world where temperatures are regularly hitting about fifty degrees celsius and in those countries there are some people who managed to live quite comfortably. How much variation is there between individuals when it comes to this kind of stuff. And how much does acclimatization come into it. Well no there's there's quite a lot of natural variation so if you go back to the very early work on a gold mine. Workers tested in the nineteen fifties whether it was over forty. Two thousand goldmine work has tested for the heat. Tolerance about twenty five percent. Were naturally heat tolerant and about fifteen percent a notch naturally heat intolerance so you've got an enormous individual variation on the really important thing about lies. Once you know what individuals tolerance to heat is you can customize interventions to try and maximize that adaptation to heat and therefore maintain their performance in the heat. So yeah i mean. As with an awful lot of human physiology visit enormous amount of individual variation. Some of that is just based on genetics differences. In the way people respond to heat. The cardiovascular system has sweating the regulatory system on and then quantum all the variation comes with things like state if he'd compensation so with that in mind how important is it to have the right infrastructure and resources to help prevent human cost of extreme heat. The first thing on this path on this journey is to recognize the threat. And it's been kind of interesting in that. For centuries particularly with elite athletes. people have considered. I'm concerned themselves with things like nutrition with things like training regimes but actually temperature has taken a bit of a back seat. And yet if you don't train properly you perform as well if you don't eat properly you performance. Well if you don't get your thermal strategies right you could die and so you know it's not just this is not just performance and related issue. This is a health related issue so in the last episode. We heard that extreme weather events like extreme heat of on the rise and they look like they're going to continue to keep vising meaning. More of us will be living in higher temperatures. So what can people do. Well i mean on a day to day basis. We're going to have to do things like understand. The best ways of staying cool understand understand them seek shade. The sun where lightweight clothing dehumidify environment may be air conditioned environment new cap things like cooling by hand immersion. In a where. There's there's lots of things you can do to avoid. Heat on to mitigate the impacts of hate and you're going to have to keep a very close eye on children who he top very quickly particularly direct sunlight and keeping an eye on the only over seventy five year olds are particularly badly affected by heat exposure. So what's going to happen is we're just gonna have a consideration of heat. Joss go higher and higher up the list of partisan things we consider when we go when we decide if we're going to go somewhere what we're gonna do environment what's doable. In terms of occupational demands it will be a matter of time before you know we will have to start rearranging what we do and perhaps where we live and where we grow plants and where we put humans because of the environment that we've created for ourselves really interesting. Thanks for we will time today. Mike thank you very much yeah. We covered quite alot. Every did we've gone from climate change through occupational physiology to elite sports. Yeah we have covered a lot. You can find links the guardians coverage of extreme weather and the olympics. Of course in the podcast web page. The games will also be something that we are looking into next week. But if you've got any thoughts comments or feedback even episode as maybe then drops a message at science weekly at the guardian dot com. So since we agree we'll be back next week but by now for more great podcasts. From the guardian. Just go to the guardian dot com for slash. Podcasts cast powers. Some of the world's best podcasts. Here's a show. We recommend hi. I'm jackie johnson. The beauty talk shock jock and i host natch butte a podcast. That explores the self-care space while laughing yelling singing and keeping things cruelty free i gab with celebs makeup artists female indie brand owners and fellow funny folks about what beauty and self care mean to them as well as what's in their bags looking good while doing good. We are voting with our wallets. We are buying cruelty free products and we are having a blast laughing with our pows while we do it. That's natch byu. Welcome baby listen to natch on a cast or wherever you get your podcasts. He can't be.

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What a Monday !

The big d zone

22:42 min | 4 months ago

What a Monday !

"Escape escape escape escape. The big these team means just the show debate. These okay this is a prestige. A i had a couple of than i hope. I hope Down joy to his birthday present storyline from me. When i got attached on kane and a to sell at the end of but I finally got my hundred dollar deposit. That thank god and so i made a payment to loyal. I thought i had to make payment to carnival but it was a goof off on Travel agency par for some reason but another agent of contemplates day anthem paid full for my bag to bag officially and so now the only one i do. I do it for my oil trips. I'll probably do the other one The bama paradise for the Paradise and november two so probably like right after Right after probably royal. Maybe maybe maybe adore may have out rod outrun christmas music. Maybe maybe a high some headphones over some headphones and then only talk. When people talking to me i dunno. I'll fix on the now But anyway so good knew that i was able to Change my flight. I don't have to come all the way back here to saint louis on the seven. Got the regular gonna go to for podcast moment from the second dude seven but it's like the I think Something something like that anyway. Anyway let's go from a decade due to seven and then podcast this podcast woman's right in the middle of the week. And then i leave on seven to vegas to come back here then turnaround stress out getting back to the airport here. Thank lewis and all that stuff and it just doesn't make no sense. So i'm from nightline have the wind up paying one night at the hotel at a hotel in vegas and then i have another award knife from on the game part where i played the slots online Phone em life awarded game app. And now they're i might just still had to pay the incidental end the resort fee. But that's just for the one night. And i think get a nice off all the other night that i had that email offer is going to be free so i just still by fantasy tickets prepaid because i wanna play in. Maybe we'll get to more purse and maybe the money too but but also you know i mean before nice free. The one i got an email offer. They were pushing blue man group but The other knife. On the m life. That one i might have to pay a little bit awful. But that's okay. That's okay because it's still going to be a play because the day after i get my regular money from the My blind pinton. I should be all right. So i'm gonna be okay. I'm going to be okay. And now thanks but then again i mostly be inside anyway and that's almost things to do in anyway. I'd rather be a lot of a lot to do than the deadly board. The tears though. Anyway it's all good though. Otherwise i hope you have dead that and i was thinking about the storyline. All eating yesterday and trying to figure out what would be entertaining story as i put together Some of your segments. When you're on the big deep down though. I hope you enjoy it. And the i put a little acting skills into the death the yeah and all that jazz more mention escape too big deep country dot com as the big d country yet count. Okay here got the fan. Ac crankiness groped be another hot one. Already and i mean not humid. But it's still going to be hard and the ninety and won't be back in the eighties until tomorrow but Here in saint louis bottom. While i mean i have eight bud. Eat all day every day. I just eat in certain times of day. When i feel good and ready in a small meals is not nothing big or anything like that. But i'm mostly a tanker and i drink lemonade. What would you. What a soda i like. I have the alcohol drink or anything. Like that. And then when i do drink like when i did in vegas with only one or two beers i mean i don't like being in trouble and all that good stuff though. Well i should say stuff of basketball game and trump. Oh it's a seat anyway. And i did not get my packet yet but i'm expected to get a both when all of the way i've gotten a friday and i'm laying on my campaign shirts. I wanted to show it off and also wear it when i'm here. Midori anywhere missouri. And i don't think i wouldn't wear when i go to vegas might we're going cruise but i wouldn't worry when i i won't worry when i moved vegas or at the casinos over here but My show t shirts. If i ever make glenn The low that. I always putting the short there with to smile too small small my figure now and i got a good chance. Good choice to make actually either go to podcast moment. But i had to wind up staying and motel fix over by the airport. And then after that to Vegas routine plan because the compromise free. I only have one room that i have to pay the door fee on. The don't problem is headed originally from the the second to the seven over at one hotel man. I tried to add a different day and not is it was like oh my god. They wanted deposit and all that crap on no so I'm going to change my flight yet again to the eighth already had it for the seven. But i'll have to change the flight again to the eighth. Because in the yeah. Yeah because that's one that. I have one of the only one that i had to pay for the only the root for the but the ace and then and then only thing have to do is just you know get to return flight on the thirteen. So solid gold vegas on the eighth and turn on a thirteen and thing mile palace suspension at plus sore. And all that. Good stuff so Yeah so it's it's a free room. And when i saw the final bill for the ninth and tenth knows nor is no or fee. Can you tossed dorsey pathan. No other charges. And i was like four nights free all i do. Just get there. So i can easily play four fantasy so but then i still got to eat while i am an podcast moment and i also got to eat while i'm well now. I take that back on the nine to thirteen I got one hundred dollars full credit. I forgot one hundred dollar. full crowd. Credit is the eight that i got to pay for food. The only that. I gotta pay for food. I believe and how it will be only pocket darker still probably go to both because i always use south west and down hotel that i could still able to. That's doable my only problem. Is i gotta. I gotta take a lift back and forth at every session and we'll see. I don't know whether the cost of give back and forth in between hotel until i actually go there. And oh my my allergies killing me. My allergies have been killing me. I'm glad i was able to do that birthday. Show the other day for that game now by the way one of the benefits of being a fan at the big d down. Is that if you do. If you have a birthday i will either give you like a special sat out or if i do The person mission. That i that you like. I'll do that. And i will do something like deb. for someone like high up like That or arc jamie dyer or some of the best. Only that i will Door full show fourth birthday. And luckily i had interview so i had I have put my story line in and then also put my My interviews. That i have with that dull able to have a full show and i include that art for in the marquee so they worked out so Other the net are thinking about. Because i'm trying to make this show more interactive more interactive with my citizens. And i still have that. Who pass fail option available. So if you are listening from anchor that this podcast played on audible plays on spotify whereas the attack listening to this show a lot and also on other the other part kathy's but if you listen to us on anchor dot. Fm had to pick de on locals my Famous purple gold mogul may From that What you what you could do is you could leave a message and then you can say like okay. It's time for another fabric episode of who path. Who fail and tell them what happened. Like like i say. Yesterday i did not yet today the other day. I said casino clean edition. I almost lost my so. When i lost my voice off my train of thought. So yeah so. I was gonna say i thought i had a choice to make between going to podcast movement. Going to vegas are still go to vote both but it might be able to do that. Yeah if i would've went on now. If i went on on delta or american or an anti online that would have been a different story. I would have had to between podcast moment and vegas different. Obviously if i were flying dayline chew figured and harvey and harvey. Since i fly west. I can do both so Pity and unfortunately still no word from puff s. i mean. I don't know what is going. Now they were supposed to have a new date. And then the original day from Podcast no one else. June tenth to the thirteen was back. And also i. Oh well the came to mind or something like that but then it just went back on rental and then 'cause i usually look for pitchers could i did the alternate trip. I went to vacant because they didn't have podcast. Ethel i had alternate trip and so i looked no pictures. Nothing either. they didn't have it or nothing. Not not a peep now. That's how i just not happening this year. It's only gonna be podcast movement a really. I don't know because i had this year now. Is that going to carry over two thousand twenty two going to carry on now. I still might be able to go on campaigning for senate. i mean. that's just a few days and florida. And i still have shell when people know about having a show and everything like that but Other than that you know. I mean it's not a for one thing and then an forest teaching is concerned. I'm still did my part. I still did the class. When i did the class at the hotel. I still do my part. The problem is waning on a petition. Team may said that. They needed the class in july. I don't want them them. The late a whole month and then get back to me when i already did the class. And i'm back at the apartment. Where i my wife so slow and terrible that i can't do that and i don't even have to lady. I will already advocate the perfect lighting perfect lighting and so i don't want them late them to wait until us in june to get contacted me nor my love. They probably will bud economy in june thing that they've ready. I not only did the class. But i also did the auditor ads for them. That they could use. Okay cadaval the same day that i did aditya some political taping for my campaign. So you can't tell me. I haven't done anything. Don't want to just not even getting back to me. I got everything ready. Okay so i dunno. I dunno i dunno. It's not that might. I had no clue. I had no clue. I just delete them apart. Because i have my costume on. I i literally kosta. Dj escaped to the country dot com escape determined to dot com apart. The he not me also bad. That i miss my groom so while not in the nineties. Because you know. That's the way to and i was like knocked out a couple of time but i was going to be it so it's too hard. It's too hard. I mean not status. Day when i came back from casino queen and you know the humidity's left on sunday but it's still. It was still nineties sunday with ninety six. And i've got to hywel today. Good it austin exhausted so Taking well you need your us. I mean we understand that you might not at now are tired of park as much as i can when i can the only way that i get to talk to you the citizen but yeah if i do get tired out. I wove ask because when it gets to be too hot twirling and next sunday. S next sunday next sunday as the first day of tom samba. What's his father's day is always usually the longest stretch of the longest droughts Well you don't have the energy really early. I mean not mine definitely not right now right at all but anyway so i mean i walked up about eight. Thirty meeting at don knapp. Willie is ridiculous. And you gotta dan when when it be heat so long all day going to be bound to be tired. Amount retired tired. That's what happened just a so Also things will work out and tomorrow thought to be that the comfort level well might not be a my standard but at least it's not too dangerous hot or high dental but it's just my my body ought to be higher by adt. Because i have so many alarms and stuff like that and it's ridiculous that ought to be hired by adt Just took a lot out me. Hateley had to wait long for thing and the russia crust attacked last night. She was both these set for her main event matt and i was trying to see them at because the star that the things bolts. Start at seven o'clock now. I can watch it on demand. Bud i don't because i guess he was only doing the interns and everything like that. She got attacked and And they go so. I don't know what happened. And i was so disappointed when she got a tab because i waited a long time to see her and let's writer interview when i wanted to see her back and wing along a match and you know for a second title and she got a tear. I mean really really. I mean that was wrong. That lazuli wrong. I'm pretty sure that russia crossville get her revenge but really really. I waited too long way to go along on now. You don't do that. You know. Rob sanford lake that you don't rob van light act.

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TYOS POD EP. 3 | Exploration and Giving Yourself Time w/ Hannah!

TY Old Self Podcast

19:52 min | 6 months ago

TYOS POD EP. 3 | Exploration and Giving Yourself Time w/ Hannah!

"Hey there it's nadine tuning into the podcast for this week's episode. It's a continuation of my conversation with hannah from last week's episode. If you haven't listened to it police go check it out and without further ado. I hope you enjoy this week's episode bull. Just feel so bad. Like what career can you have a painter. Let me just sell my paintings on the side of the street. Like legit ellesmere thought. Process is what i have to do. Make a living mike. God you embrace. The starving artist trope worlds. And we're gonna sell my paintings you know. And so then but the my uncle's background designer he was created our at the time. And then so. I came here for like two weeks. I'm like he was showing me like all the studios and all the the job that he doesn't like was training me a little bit and expose me to animation industry it's almost like oh galveston animation school or like all study enemies on good. I'll be in the enemies career. Because i didn't know so and then fights like random art schools came here because it was close to all those studios irving. Yeah so then. That's what led me. Ten animation led me to my internship. Let's go to mike my job right now. I mean let alone like my job right now. Accurate network is an art job. It's more of design or like file management and like people management. I managed the artists. And i like get drawings and they make sure everything i help with my team to help Get everything like sent out to get animated. Make sure everything's on time. So i mean it works out. I'm good at it. Because i'm a type type person like very organized so i'm good at it. It's only gonna treat you for your future jobs. yeah animation. I like that as much as different as the way we were raised were. Yeah as far as like passionate courier goes our parents had the same mentality on how they see us picking our careers. Were they like flexible with you. Also yeah okay. Super flexible with me. At first they were like. Why don't you become lawyer like jokingly jokingly because you know just become a lawyer so you can get a ferrari. That was the freaking reason why they wanted me to get up for already girl. No and so. When i'm there to wanting to be a film director to talk over marine biologists an interior designer journalists with peter background. I feel like bro. If you're creative you always get drawn back to creativity. Yeah so even if it's like. More logistical with journalism is very. It's like english. English meteorite english and like reporting and skills. Yes so there's still like this creative aspects in journalism and then even with my job right now. I don't touch art but they're still like creativity with it in a sense because i'm helping produce a show. Yeah and like that. Keeps me going even if i'm trying to still figure out if they wanted to jump over into the art side of the. I'm still like doing freelance stuff on the sides to keep pushing me into other creative things because when you have creative drive it keeps keeps you going. Yeah i didn't do art for a whole year after college. No way 'cause. I was burnt out like completely burnt out over like i literally did not draw until like a year after did already being in my job and everything. I didn't do any personal work or even freelance stuff on the side until like literally leader. I couldn't pick up a pencil. I couldn't dry can do anything while. yeah like. that's how like. I couldn't draw my senior thesis really hard on me. Yeah so i. I remember i was completely like dead from it. had no motivation bro year. So but then. Like i comes back. You just get more in tune with yourself after being off of it for a while and then like it'll always come back now. I'm trying to start my own business. I do have a lot of art career goals that is aside from like like freelance career. Goals and like in production animation studio career goals yes alike ill come back and it comes slowly so i think patch will always be there like even if you're not motivated at the time because 'cause to what drives you to do the things that you do. That goes right into our second question for you actually the what's the contrast between where you started. As far as your art passion slash art career goes And where you are now. You're working for a big animation company. Yes worldly renowned. I'm like so lucky. It is so hard to even be partly become a big animation studio defined. Before from the moment you were sure that that's something that you wanted to do for the rest of your life compared to now select mouth on number. Doing i'm gonna do art. Yeah so. Mike really allow often do this. This is the only thing i'm good. I'm the worse at math. I i tend not pursue a career that do with math and anna tried being good at physics. But i see all the time like i thought i was good. I can't do a literally. Emily good art so you have to keep doing art. I mean more towards high worlds like okay. This is like really what i have to do that. I probably can see myself. Doing kerr widens. Because i how this book that linked journals like every every year of school that you're in what are like your like your favorite subjects in school every time it's our mp in an housing nevada knowing that that's still applies right now. Because i'm doing art until like fitness like working out and stuff and the are indeed. That is the pattern does not very odd to wear him now. But i think the like definitely in high school. When i got more into the bigger art classes because we just had like general art classes in like middle school much school having to actually take as an elective because those the only thing my parents forced me to do with my career take art classes at choir like. I really just wanted to learn how to sing. Yeah to art classes like all four years at apr like one. My little mentorship. The animation industry like yes like sophomore junior year new. That's where i was gonna go towards. Yeah guess like middle like more seriously got serious in highschool special teacher was like you're good at this. I'm like thank god. I'm good at something. At least we all know that this is the direction where heading to ever oppose it. Because i didn't know that. I always wanted to journalism. Yeah this was kind of a last resort thing. Because i'm good at writing. Yeah but now. I'm like i'm going in the direction of photography lane motor journalism in going back to that whole creativity comes back. Piazza you type of thing. I've always working working with cameras and stuff like that hence the gopro right here shots go parade here all this year. But there's so much happening behind the scenes. You can't see it. I'll probably a picture of it or something for people feeling like they're stuck and they feel like they don't know where to go like direction. Wise one thing you would advise for them to do. I would say like keep exploring everything. Because i feel like you don't know what you like until you do it. I'm lucky i never had to work retail jobs. If i at like retail jobs or anything like food service jobs ever would have like signed dreams to be a barista a lasting thing. People want like. I have like yeah. I've been lucky enough. Every job had like is in the direction of art or towards my career Very small dreams of of being lick a bona breeze or like a coffee that a small shop like no one dreams of that. That's what do that's what if that's my dream rate and then i do. Oh this is horrible. Like i don't like this. I don't like making drinks for eight hours a day. Don't know how ownerships are. But i'll be like eight hours or something. Geez at all the baristas out there they'll do great. Things are making ordinary. If i i would like this isn't for me like invited to do it. Like i could have been like studying a nation and then got into production job and lake. Oh i hate the like actually hate this but like oh my god by studied this all four years. Like what do i do now. I have a few friends that are in that situation and we're like the job they're right now said not exactly what they wanna do. They feel stuck. So but i keep i tell them see like joe even if like your interest is very general explore literally every option that can apply to. You'll go down like you might find like things that you didn't know existed as job. Production and animation animation industry. I'd had no idea that it existed in school. They of course they wanna push us to be at in animation but no one talks about production. My friend he's not the best artist but he wanted to animation school wanting to learn about animations of he can be a good producer of an like. He knew that he was going to be production. The whole time. If i went to school for all of those years in like oh actually hate this job have like remember like we're still young move. You're very young people. We feel old but then like we're still young enough where we can still explore everything that we can even when we export something. How later in our thirties is still not too late. Like you still be able to find like what you want to do in your career in their life as long as you keep exploring if you stop exploring like in your settle with like what job you're doing and even though you hate it that's when you'll be stuck there. I don't know like a like. I'm actually like actually like the various specific niece job makes me happening like i get income and all that stuff. But you wouldn't know if that you didn't go to this job for is unlikely to leave that job for this job. You didn't like you weren't looking for a job at this plan. You saw this opening like the moment you stop looking and you just settled. Not when like like. No one can help you except for yourself. So yeah keep exploring. Exploration breeds growth. Yes essentially yeah our interests and your general interests that had like specifically you can be like. Oh i like plants do for the meantime like what can i explore like with plants like about my majors. Like something completely different. It's like how do you interview the two. Yeah so i feel like it's just a matter of like just thinking outside of the box of what you can do and how you can integrate what you like until things that you're good at. Yeah yeah because the worst thing that could happen when you're exploring something and you don't like it. Is you leave you leave. Yeah and especially like with our society now job culture and stuff. Our generation isn't the generation to be like. I can't leave for like another five years. Like i need to be on good on a resume like i need to like still. I need to be here. I mean stay for your job at least minimum of year. If you're not comment leave after a year And exploring other options of because like in our like our parents or something right. They have a job. It's a mundane piece bills. Whatever they didn't stay there on the dock gonna like explore around you know but then i our generations like now. I'm bored like i don't wanna do this like all share something else. Yeah you know. This made me remember a conversation that i had with my friend about how our parents had to settle down because they were always on survival mode especially when it came to their careers to their interests and especially parents always about surviving and making sure that your stable and making sure that were floating above water. And that's it. Yeah they didn't have the time to explore themselves has just do whatever met like. They're like make made ends meet. Yeah yeah exactly. And i feel like it's so easy for us to oppose social norms because we're not on survival mode or even like art against our own parents like upbringing. Yeah there they set us up to oppose the social norms in essence. If there's have like an idea. Because i feel like isolated experience in sometimes when they have this idea of like how things are supposed to be done But like you no. This is okay. This is how things are actually done like this is okay. But that's where our two cultures and upbringings kind of clash again. You can get into fights and stuff. Yeah because like we have different opinions and there's like think we've talked about in the beginning wants more. Strict wants more like linear and the other one's very much free hand cream will free willing. Yeah our parents in the philippines and like they had a very different cultural lifestyle there too not just like with their own families but like a whole culture like a country you know even selling eating this is like okay like because this is what. They grew up in the philippines like in america. It's no like these are a little different and it's like you don't have to be like this certain way type type thing. Yeah you don't have to keep yourself floating above water all the time. Once you're up there you can breathe a little bit and explorer where you're at back. Unlike me think about how like they're they a lot of aging parents. Do push their kids to do lake science nursing. Doctor what i rarely lawyer shit like because that makes a lot of money and for survival mode yeah to have money. So that's where they were banned. I actually saw this quote on twitter. That said a thirty two year old guy once told me i would love to go back to college but by the time i finished. I'm going to be thirty six. So i straight up told him go to college. Yeah because you're gonna turn thirty six new ways you might as well turn thirty six degree. Yeah and i feel that resonates in that fits in with our conversation so much because of the whole exploration thing like don't i feel like people need to not be afraid To take the time to explore not be afraid of time. Yeah and not be afraid of time in general because it's going to pass anyway. Time is not our friend so it can be a friend it can be your friend actually. Let me check my. Yeah right. Time can be our friend. Geary time scary. But you have to understand time you have to understand your abilities in. How are you supposed to understand your billy's if you don't take the time to explore what you can and cannot do. Yeah push yourself because you know like like you don't have that much time. Yeah yeah so yeah. Don't be afraid to do the things to do. The hardest things to make hard decisions and explore things that you never thought would be possible. You just curious about in yet. And you're you're curious about because you're afraid of how much time it's gonna take time. It's going to pass anyway so just do it. Yeah i salt lake something similar where there was once talk where the two guys were having a conversation and then he said the average age or someone like finally figures out life like kind of house like a good hold of it. Oh how old is like thirty eight and then it was a tweet like it was like a few famous people. Mostly artists one was a good movie star. Was someone else. Oh the shark tank. Mark shark tank people. yeah investor vessels. Yeah i think so. I don't know the names but there is one one of them's i think he's like mark. And then it's a hateley repeating this quote because i can't remember the names l. exactly things people but one of the artists and then yes mark cuban. Thank you mark even like take like twenty six year old something like highly barely money like in his obeyed. Count all these people like you think that they came like really easy for them like no. They didn't even like we're we're like twenty three. Yeah there is still struggling like three or four years after us like the age. We're at right now. And they didn't like probably get their kickoff until like mid thirties. Yeah but they didn't stop lake exploring the didn't stop pushing or hustling for like what they wanted to do with when they're interested in the little you just have to keep doing it and like it'll be off eventually and so to end the pod question before we end the pawn since my pod is called thank you old self. Yes i call the segment for. Now we're going to name the segment as of now the gratitude journal or the gratitude posted bill so with my podcast being titled. Thank you old self. What is one thing that you think your old self for. I felt like throughout my whole life. I've been kind of like me like very authentic throughout like throw everything like being like kind of sending out because we were very active in the us growing up so that was very different about us. And even if i did go to catholic school not everyone was like hardcore into their faith has like we were and so like even lincoln with my art and stuff so i guess i say thank you to my old self like being very authentic in like throughout my whole life. I guess being genuinely me not changing. Yeah i love that. I love that. So much i feel. I feel that same sentiment as much as my younger self doesn't believe that i was being truly myself because i still felt like i was at least like my cell. Felt like i was still hiding some parts of my of course. Yeah like despite all of that. I felt like the person that i presented myself as to other people wasn't bury authentically me though it wasn't like percent who i really was is i mean still we're growing. We're all growing as authentic as it could be for the time. Yeah so i think myself out to. That's one also the exploration thing and taking the time even if it doesn't work out shot to marine bio nadine but didn't even with your past experiences it wouldn't like you have that knowledge that helps you do the job now. You know so everything. Everything has a purpose. Even if it doesn't make sense right y'all again that doesn't for the pod as per tradition on this podcast please scrappy drink whether it is wired risky beers so due to heal up please give extra drink alcohol lease or urban or water direct water yet and i would like to propose a toast to you and to you dear. You're and on the street. Your prices a president ninety turn alleviate. All of you cheers for you. This is the fastest. I've ever finished or at least close to charging world drug. Oh my god many biggio also much for hanging out with us on today's episode of thank you old cell. They never be here. Thinks that does it. For the episode of the podcast. Thank you again so much for hanging out and listening to part two of my conversation with hannah. if you'd like to keep up with us. We are on instagram twitter. At t y old self pod and we avenue discord server can find in our link tree so make sure to head on over to the instagram page for the podcast to find all the links take care everybody have a great rest of your day or night wherever you are in. You are beautiful forever that by.

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TYOS POD EP 3 | Exploration and Giving Yourself Time

TY Old Self Podcast

23:52 min | 6 months ago

TYOS POD EP 3 | Exploration and Giving Yourself Time

"Hey there it's nadine. Thank you so much again for tuning into the podcast for this week's episode. It's a continuation of my conversation with hannah from last week's episode. If you haven't listened to it police go check it out and without further ado. I hope you enjoy this week's episode bull just feel so bad like one career. Can you have a painter. Let me just sell my paintings on the side of the street. Like legit ellesmere thought. Process is what i have to do. Make a living mike. God you embrace. The starving artist trope worlds. And we're gonna sell my paintings. you know insulin. But the my uncle's background designer he was created our at the time. And then so. I came here for like two weeks. I'm like he was showing me like all the studios and all the the job that he doesn't like was training me a little bit and expose me to animation industry. It's almost like oh galveston animation school or like all study animation. I'll go to. I'll be in the animation career. Because i didn't know so and then fights like random art schools came here because it was close to all those studios emerging. Yeah so then. That's what led me. Animation led me to my internship. Let's go to mike my job right now. I mean let alone like my job right now. Accurate network is an art job. It's more of design or like file management and like people management. I managed the artists. And i like get drawings and they make sure everything i help with my team to help Get everything like sent out to get animated. Make sure everything's on time. So i mean it works out. I'm good at it. Because i'm a type type person like very organized so i'm good at it. It's only going to train you for your future jobs. yeah animation. I like that as much as different as the way we were raised were. Yeah as far as like passionate courier goes our parents had the same mentality on how they see us picking our careers. Were they like flexible with you. Also yeah okay. Super flexible with me. At first they were like. Why don't you become lawyer like jokingly jokingly because you know have just become a lawyer so you can get a ferrari. That was the freaking reason why they wanted me to get a ferrari girl. No and so. When i'm there to wanting to be a film director to talk over marine biologists to an interior designer journalists with peter background. I feel like bro. If you're creative you always get drawn back to creativity. Yeah so even if it's like more logistical with yeah. Journalism is very. It's like english. English meteorite english and like reporting and diaz skills. Yes so but still like this creative aspects in journalism and then even with like my job right now. I don't touch art but they're still like creativity with it in a sense because i'm helping produce a show. Yeah and like that. Keeps me going even if i'm trying to still figure out if they wanted to jump over into the art side of the. I'm still like doing freelance stuff on the sides to keep pushing me into other creative things because when you have creative drive it keeps keeps you going. Yeah i didn't do art for a whole year. After college no way because i was burnt out like completely burnt out over like i literally did not draw until like a year after did already being in my job and everything. I didn't do any personal work or even freelance stuff on the side until like literally leader. I can pick up a pencil. I couldn't dry can do anything while. Yeah like that's how like i couldn't draw. My senior thesis was really hard on me. Yeah so i. I remember i was completely like dead from it. had no motivation bro year. So but then. Like i comes back. You just get more in tune with yourself after being off of it for a while and then like it'll always come back now. I'm trying to start my own business. I do have a lot of art career goals that is aside from like like freelance career. Goals and like in production animation studio career goals yes alike ill come back and it comes back slowly so i think patch will always be there even if you're not motivated at the time because 'cause to what drives you to do the things that you do that goes right into our second question for you actually. The what's the contrast between where you started. As far as your art passion slash art career goes And where you are now. You're working for a big animation company. Yes worldly renowned. I'm like so lucky. It is so hard to even be partly become like a big animation studio defined before from the moment. You were sure that that's something that you wanted to do for the rest of your life compared to now select mouth on number doing. I'm gonna do art. Yeah so mike really all often do this. This is the only thing i'm good. I'm the worse at math. I i tend not pursue a career that has to do with math and and tried being good at physics. But i see all the time like i thought i was good. I can't do a literally. Emily good art so you have to keep doing art. I mean more towards highschool worlds like okay. This is like really what i have to do that. I probably can see myself. Doing kerr widens. Because i how this book that linked journals like every every year of school that you're in what are like your like your favorite subjects in school every time it's our. Mp are in an outing. Nevada is like knowing that that's still applies right now because i'm doing art until like fitness working out and stuff and the are indeed. That is why you're the pattern does not very odd to wear him now. But i think the like definitely in high school when i got more into the bigger art classes because we just had like general art classes in like middle school much school having to actually take as an elective because those the only thing my parents forced me to do with my career take art classes and choir like i really just wanted to learn how to sing to took art classes like all four years at apr like one did my little mentorship. The animation industry. Like yes like sophomore junior year. New that's where i was gonna go towards like. Yeah i guess like middle like more seriously got serious in highschool special like teacher was like you're at this. I'm like thank god. I'm good at something. At least we all know that this is the direction where heading for oppose it. Because i didn't know that. I always wanted to journalism. Yeah this was kind of a last resort thing. Because i'm good at writing. Yeah but now. I'm like i'm going in the direction of photography. Lambeau journalism going back to that whole creativity comes back you type of thing. I've always working working with cameras and stuff like that hence the gopro right here shots right here all this year but there's so much happening behind the scenes you can't see it. I'll probably a picture of it or something for people feeling like they're stuck and they feel like they don't know where to go like direction. Wise one thing you would advise for them to do. I would say like keep exploring everything. Because i feel like you don't know what you like until you do it. I'm lucky i never had to work retail jobs. If i at like retail jobs or anything like food service jobs ever would have my like scientists to be a barista. The last thing people want like. I have like yeah. I've been lucky enough. Every job had like is in the direction of our towards my career Very small dreams of of being lick a bona breeze or a coffee that small shop like no one dreams of that. That's what do true. What if that's my dream right. And then i do. Oh this horrible. Like i don't like this. I don't like making drinks for eight hours a day. Don't know how ownerships are. But i'll be like eight hours or something. Geez at all the baristas out there they'll do great. Things are making ordinary. If i would i would not like. This isn't for me like i to do it. Like i could have been like studying in a nation and then got into production job and lake. Oh i hate the like actually hate this but like oh my god by studied this all four years. Like what do i do now. I have a few friends that are in that situation. And we're like the job at right now. Said not exactly what they wanna do and they feel stuck so. But i keep i tell them see like how joe even if like your interest is very general explore literally every option that can apply to. You'll go down rabbit hole. You might find like things that you didn't know existed as job. Production and animation animation industry. I'd had no idea that it existed in school. They wanna push us to be at in animation but no one talks about production my friend. He's not the best artist but he wanted to animation school. Wanting to learn about animations he can be a good producer of an like. He knew that he was going to be production. The whole time. If i went to school for all of those years and like oh actually hate this job have like remember like risky young very young people. We feel like we're still young enough where we can still explore everything that we can even when we export something. How later in our thirties is still not too late. Like you still be able to find like what you want to do in your career in their life as long as you keep exploring if you stop exploring like in you settle with like what job you're doing and even though you hate it that's when you'll be stuck there. I don't know like a like. I'm actually like actually like the various specific niece job makes me happening like i get income and all that stuff. But you wouldn't know if that you didn't go to this out for is unlikely to leave that job for this job. You didn't like you weren't looking for a job at this plan. You saw this opening like the moment you stop looking and you just settled nuts when like like no one can help you except for yourself so yeah keep exploring. Exploration breeds growth. Yes essentially yeah our interests and your general interest in had like specifically you can be like. Oh i like plants do for the meantime like what can i explore like with plans like my majors. Like something completely different. It's like how do you interview the two. Yeah so i feel like it's just a matter of like just thinking outside of the box of what you can do and how you can integrate what you like until things that you're good at. Yeah yeah because the worst thing that could happen when you're exploring something and you don't like it is you leave you leave and especially like with our society now job culture and stuff. Our generation isn't the generation to be like. I can't leave for like another five years. Like i need to be on good on a resume like i need to like still. I need to be here. I mean stay for your job at least minimum of year. If you're not confident leave after a year And exploring other options of because like in our like our parents or something right. They have a job. It's a mundane piece of bills. Whatever they didn't stay there on the dock gonna like explore around you know then. I are generations like now. I'm bored like i don't wanna do this like all share something else. Yeah you know this me. Remember a conversation that i had with my friend about how our parents had to settle down because they were always on survival mode especially when it came to their careers to their interests especially parents always about surviving and making sure that your stable and making sure that we're floating above water and that's it. Yeah they didn't have the time to explore themselves has to do what ever met like they're like make made ends meet. Yeah yeah exactly. And i feel like it's so easy for us to oppose social norms Because we're not on survival mode or even like art against our own parents like upbringing. Yeah there they set us up to oppose the social norms in essence. If there's like an idea. Because i feel like isolated experience in sometimes when they have this idea of like how things are supposed to be done But like you know this is okay. This is how things are actually done like. This is okay with where our two cultures and upbringings kind of clash again. You can get into fights and stuff. Yeah because like we have different opinions. And there's like i think we've talked about in the beginning. Once more strict wants more like linear and the other one's very much free hand cream will free willing. Yeah our parents in the philippines and like they had a very different cultural lifestyle there too not just like with their own families but like a whole culture like a country you know even eating this is like okay like because this is what. They grew up in the philippines like in america. It's not like these are a little different and it's like you don't have to be like this certain way type type thing. Yeah you don't have to keep yourself floating above water all the time. Once you're up there you can breathe a little bit and explorer where you're at back. Unlike made me think about how like. They're they a lot of aging parents. Do push their kids to do lake science nursing. Doctor what. I rarely lawyer shit like because that makes a lot of money and for survival mode. Yeah gotta have money. So that's where they were banned. I actually saw this quote on twitter. That said a thirty two year old guy once told me i would love to go back to college but by the time i finished. I'm going to be thirty six. So i straight up told him go to college. Yeah because you're gonna turn thirty six new ways you might as well turn thirty six degree and i feel that resonates in that fits in with our conversation. So much because of the whole exploration thing like don't i feel like people need to not be afraid To take the time to explore not be afraid of time. Yeah and not be afraid of time in general because time is going to pass anyway. Time is not our friend so it can be a friend it can be your friend actually. Let me check my. Yeah right. Time can be our friend. Geary time scary. But you have to understand time you have to understand your abilities in. How are you supposed to understand your abilities. If you don't take the time to explore what you can and cannot do. Yeah push yourself because you know like like you don't have that much time. Yeah yeah so. Don't be afraid to do the things to do. The hard things to make hard decisions and explore things that you never thought would be possible. You just curious about in yet. And you're you're curious about because you're afraid of how much time it's gonna take time. It's going to pass anyway so just do it. Yeah i salt lake something similar where there was one tiktok where the two guys were having a conversation and then he said the average age at were someone like finally figures out life like kind of has like the good hold of it. Oh how old is like thirty eight and then it was a tweet like it was like a few famous people. Mostly artists one was a good movie star. Was someone else. Oh the shark tank. Mark shark tank people. Yeah the investor vessels. Yeah i think so. I don't know the names but there is one one of them's i think he's like mark. And then it's a hateley repeating this quote because i can't remember the names l. exactly things people but one of the artists and then yes mark cuban. Thank you mark even like take like twenty six year old. Something like highly barely money like in his account. All these famous people like you think that they came like really easy for them like no. They didn't even like we're we're twenty three. Yeah there is struggling like three or four years after us like the age. We're at right now. And they didn't like probably get their kickoff until like mid thirties. Yeah but they didn't stop late exploring the pushing or hustling for like what they wanted to do with. When they're interested in the little you just have to keep doing it and like it'll be off eventually and so to end the pod question before we end the pawn since my pod is called. Thank you old self. Yes i call the segment for. Now we're going to name the segment as of now the gratitude journal or the gratitude posted so with my podcast being titled. Thank you old self. What is one thing that you think your old self for. I felt like throughout my whole life. I've been kind of like me like very authentic throughout like everything like being like kind of sending out because we were very active in the us growing up Very different about us. And even if i did go to catholic school not everyone was like hardcore into their faith has like we were and so like even lincoln with my art and stuff so i guess i say thank you to my old self like being very authentic in like throughout my whole life. I guess being genuinely need. Not changing yeah. I love that. I love that so much i feel. I feel that same sentiment as much as my younger self doesn't believe that i was being truly myself because i still felt like i was at least like my cell. Felt like i was still hiding some parts of my of course. Yeah like despite all of that. I felt like the person that i presented myself as to other people wasn't will bury authentically me though it wasn't like one hundred percent who i really was is i mean still we're growing. We're all growing as authentic as it could be for the time. Yeah so i think myself out to. That's one also the exploration thing and taking the time even if it doesn't work out shot to marine bio nadine but didn't even with your past experiences it wouldn't like you have that knowledge that helps you do the job now. You know so everything. Everything has a purpose. Even if it doesn't make sense right y'all again that doesn't for the pod as per tradition on this podcast please scrappy drink whether it is wired whiskey beers so due to heal up please extra drink alcohol lease or save or or drink water yet and i would like to propose a toast to you and to you dear you're infringe on the street your prices a president ninety turn alleviate all of you cheers for you. This is the fastest. I've ever finished or at least close to charging all world drug overdose. Many who biggio also much for hanging out with us on today's episode of thank you old. Self they never be here. Thinks that does it. For the episode of the podcast. Thank you again so much for hanging out and listening to part two of my conversation with hannah. if you'd like to keep up with us. We are on instagram twitter. At t y old self pod and we avenue discord server which you can find in our link tree so make sure to head on over to the instagram page for the podcast to find all the links take care of everybody have a great rest of your day or night wherever you are in. You are beautiful forever that by.

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Steff Green on Reverse Harem and Writing Blind

Write with Love

31:46 min | 2 years ago

Steff Green on Reverse Harem and Writing Blind

"Welcome to ride with love. I'm you, heist Sarah Williams. They selling author speaking in creative entrepreneur each wake, I checked to patient and inspiring authors about the journey in creative. Brushing some traditionally published some themselves. Everyone's Jaas, different and everyone has something interesting to say we all love, love and love will be today's show is brought to you by our amazing fans and supporters unpatriotic if you'd like to help support the shot and get some awesome, bonus episodes, very to patron dot com forward slash Sarah Williams fourth to learn more. Now he is today's shy. Welcome to write with love today on the show and chatting te- stiff grain thinks joining me today. I think Sarah, thanks to him in me. No worries. Sorry, I'm sure we're going to be chatting for a long time of so many questions. So I want to know that you, can you stop by telling us about yourself and your writing, Jenny Sifi certainly can. So yet, my name is stiff Grady. And when I grow up. Kinda growing up. I used to love rushing so much until stories and. Kinda like lava hopeless. I didn't action will be Arash. The eulogist. And so that's what I went to university and I study. Yes, killer Lynn. Apology at a retire goes into this coastal. And then I couldn't wind Joe when genius state and the watch how reason why when you're talking because I'm actually legally wind Sar on. On condition. Cooled Kermit trips. Yeah. In that means that might is. Pistons is have world cells have rolled self consoles world cells of what issues to see at night cone cells of us to senior day in or collision, and I spoke to millions of h off known sums. On sums. All the time. I it's like I'm using why not vision during the day. And so I have really light sensitive and voice Lecco, his classical couldn't in my office. Doc. Olson means I can't see Grecia science like Dr. So people kind of lose may and we well, this related posts to looking after Audifax and. Yeah. And so I struggle to find a job and I won't. Incidentally, I'm almost and against me because I came alone was in tears. In my time, whose husband receipt, well, you know, maybe you could say actually tell us I kill Jin 'cause I. Is volunteering on. Jake's. I'm being our seas storing would find out. You've done actually, maybe there was something else today. Hello you. The couldn't do that. You will have to ever dies. Why Trump convinced people that it was a thing that you can do? And also are kind flute about it in the most obvious thing that just lived out at me was, you know, Dr the Russia, just wouldn't it be nice to Beijing sit at home in just make up stories day knowing cassette, I couldn't do that. And how at not have rashes in money isn't anything. So I wall Safra speak millennial to Google house. Make a living as Raja not try to do all these that Google does. I on select flogging, and I was writing articles for magazines. I started kind of coffee into this MRs and eats up. Industry as operator. And so while I was riding implies stories and steam pump books and trying to get them published, and a hidden I deal with a big publisher in Australia, which fell through it last minute. I'm sitting got two thousand fourteen and I was looking into him to start law routine from scratch, bicycles the series that being Brighton at five up succeeds in around the same time that could've ride as Hugh Halley MandA. Okay with Olympia. You're talking to read while publishing NAS times that maybe I could try us not just got myself a condone. I loved reading on because I reside, like a carry around my first with. Yes. Or so I saw published by this fantasy surge. The series on. In Midland to poor. The so much fun to just home out can my hands and see it actually finished, and it was just. In saw with laws in one diet was Paschke and friend of mine's. Spray, and the new regional radar the fish checked because from. Keno and I was kind of being a little bit. Well, you know. Spreen wine, really light does look annoyed with Nate, which totally are not. Well, it's still like you rise of a quick. The sweet hush and, you know, all right. So go. And the insect critic not, not anyone without even tell him what husband I wrote a short panel Hormats. Shake systems artist on an end won't be noble and published in secret and unsuccessfully prepared name in a while, you know, would have it just it just sold luck Italian copies. In the wake. No. Say so true, I speak Amazon to me and say, get she just given. You someone else's rotates. Fever cold and saw. Either got roaches in Iraq for news and a toll come clean. My husband's I've made this money but it wasn't from my like sue serious science fiction. It was a little Roman Spokane. The. Are you long long will, you know you can write more? Yeah. Yeah. But it was mid sort of chickened, fester, and basically, install Rosh any super. Fowley Luebbe, smutty panel Moraga. Fantastic. Yeah. You're would winning and so you basically riding in the paranormal romance. John raise the gothic fiction aned, the duck fainted in you've got is a tool, three P nights going. If you see green witches, I'm transitioning, enter just being rain, which should my fantasy sort of slash casual in a really doesn't belong under stiff new homes, which is mind in excellence coat, and we should cover you saying, Lou bit smutty. So the Hateley will usually unwise to them. It's pretty intense. Yeah. We should've I should've always been kind of data three inches of nephew. So one is Reese wasted in five reading smutty. I was comic three actually. A lot of our reverse Harlem, and really have the reverse harm. That's not like a four or five. Liane quite quite quote. Yes. Yes. And so let's talk about the surveys, Harry, which. Which is hard right now. I keep hearing this harem age. Okay. You gotta tell us for everyone. Who does nine you tell us what it is? Okay. This harm is a sort of sub genre. Subtract of runs. We're instead of they hear when heaven a hippie opt of with one guy, she his hippie of rocket with three will them. So kinda comes out of sort of sub genre of, of enemy. Cartoony shops known. We it'd be one woman in shape, one girl and she'd have sort of Fatah skies around here in, in that hit different kinds of relationships end of the show. She was choose one of the guys. In a lot of redes-. All bays clinical will why does she have to choose which just sick of love triangles with sick of people hitting the hidden to choose. Why does she choose? You know and so. Animating rashes, and I started watching series. And because there's a lot of Karam books and. Of fantasy this, it would meet. The tomb this, which is for women in that kind time. And if kind of being around for a little while, but it been seriously gaining popularity since the early two thousand sixteen to humanity. Yeah. And it just it just going absolutely not. And it's it's fun to Ryan. And yes. Are you? Yeah, you have main female character and yet fusion between three to five sometimes more of guesses. An H one his their own romantic ach Indian. Hilton six times. To overcome men, this edit interesting elements. You don't. William relationship isn't nor sodas. Annoys accepted elements to two crosses. Well before you can have your heavily roster. Yeah. I guess I hear reverse harem used more. I guess, in fantasy and paranormal d do you think that's because it's part of the will building, and you can make it more acceptable, sort of thing in this society. I hundreds. Yeah on, it's definitely becoming the gut in contemporary, the last six months, definitely seeing a lot more contemporary. I'm a lot of them. I younger. So this sort of the net new McDonald's kind of. I kinda I do so that. Adult which all we're at could be steamy. But they don't really have to eaten with the with the hip lever off to the darkness zero the end with marriage in baby. But kobe. In a panel the world you can make it so that. Hitting a harm like that is you as part of the world go right in a lot of them are about. Ash. Five you know that kind of. Yeah. What is you've presumably rate of reverse her Novalis now would say? What's the most kind of amount of guys that you've read about will hit about an, this harm book, that's actually voted off? All I will miss Lee be liked that many had more than five. The legis style in Kanda. The same. One of the biggest office and the stronger, which is seem stunt, she has one, which is Nelson. One lands kind of fire will must Ellison and undulating. Nine guys in. It's quite it's a fun book fun series. I think that are found it. You don't you didn't really get to know. The gullies. Gus he'd Hinz off to them. I may not have enough trouble sticking to one guy and ideal his vile crap, which little line anymore. So let's talk about you'll series the Brian would, which is, which is a reverse harem storylines. Tell us all about it. Like where did it come from? What's the storylines can get into it? Yes. Brian would is about Al hero in eve. And she is a she's been a science news. She, she's the wanted us to in unusual to go into space. That's an extra. She launched co. And she was adopted. So she warned in glens. Raised why often Therence and Zona end in the first chapter of the book appearance killed in the tragic and scholarships inland. Sea is some news reasons and she just she has Hurace phone booth mother that she need near a big English castle. She decided to go to the castle end SeaWorld. A slow accident. She, he she can sell out to news money to go. You might state when he gets there. She discount actually council what really really super halt English end while Irish inland Irish tenants rule. These guys initials to discover this these kind of a an interest into the of the council when in a reason that hassle was erased. The real world and she discovers that she's reading a witch rebel is powers in, you know all the style. Evans in who guys at the end to helper end. It's really it was really fun to watch. Because I love that idea of thing soup electrical. Listen, winced, a deal with the fact that she's now what should she? She. With a in everything she comes across Mench pool schist gonna try justified. He doesn't. St. Riddick physics, kind of way. And, and it just it just kinda does he do. Also say how many have you written a net series so fo- bribes at fine folks in its complete Sears? So. Should getting teamed. It's done. And at some mayf- is the lead character in and all of them yet exceleye of it sounds. Awesome. So you've done a few different series you got. What did you say three series going? Payment. Yes. So will will I'm kind looking to series. Try which is not finish would. One of the other series. Got is on the Neva shot series, which is another reverse harm series, NS quite interest in. I wanted to do different on the fan all for shish. Cozy mysteries like midsummer mooners. And was wanted to write that. But it doesn't really yes. The enrollment lauch or is it? Came up with this, this idea that what would do is the series mystery series? The new mobile shop series even chop. Mistreats. A main character's names. Meena. Amina was she gruffness mall? English village in really fit in rue L punk rock. Go goes over to new soc- in tries to become the shreds to get into the fiction. The street see washes over the sheet. She is gone blind and hard to be in patient. Straight issue of light insertion comes back to England and she's pretty decrease. In the end up getting the job at this local bookshops cowering convinced walk better Warrener's rooms, Philip books, and. Pleasure. And he's pretty soon ladies put like from what books national. Saly kinda guy, and these will sort of raven. That's the Shaw Nicholson, the ISIS of people was coming retirement host the poem the raven. Another of Steve's Laurie in down. Flight might of the guy that the show tunes out that they all characters from fictional books. So the short flashers actually could from other in hunts. In Maury of steeds actually James more ashes of the chill combs and the right on this actually shape Shifter as he is, actually, the right crawl is close the books, actually, the Raymond raining. And bookshop is basically remains action war catches to lie in, and what happens is an inch book, this is mood as a solid. So the first book meanness is frame gets mood and the show. She did not Interscope sold the mood of the place. Clinton on her, and she's got three freeze, including James, Maury. I be the world's infamous criminal must. Soult things on. But while while they're solving the different mood or each book that will is. Overarching mystery all book shop for me. Catastophe is my what's going on house related Meena teacher. And so it's, it's really really honest, waltz, littering jerks, all titles of puns on literary. And yet the. Yeah, it sounds really funny in just also. And you hit one come out quite recently to cooed shunned in nets pain, really popular. So tell us that one is amazing. The slow train going on noticed starting up in the reverse harm with people asking for these books, which when it is calling bullying romances. Rena seem to have made up this to keep really Hugo Tim food in the actual of publishing industry, but redes- bully romance. You know what, what is it basically stories about the hero in will go to school, or academy, or magical ketamine paranormal in the the hero? Would he wrote was that? This horrible start off, as bullets and end in drought the book on through whatever reasons they become the relationship and sometimes bullying hip, because they're trying to take. Usually Balint here just because will working on the inside, and she's going to be the one that Houston and Austin. I an element of the hero the heroin get to review. Elim in through your revenge forces. They have reduced cycle on and basically porthole goodness of in so. Been supreme Sunday pope, he'll kinda thinking. Oh, be kind of fun to why something like that. But I start having ideas. It's and I don't have most the glunz contemporary. Right continue. Make it. And in one of my favorite Hora opens lovecraft, and could I maybe and in Charlotte idee, could I just wanted to things. So shunned is this book in the series Cole the missile, and it's one of these bully romances? We guys start up. And but have reasons but not very nice people. And, but it's also it's also a very kind of doc gothic horror story, which is alleged relationship. Be things that are going on school one. Day in an amazing John and you know. Well, maybe, you know, maybe two okay. And then put out in the world and won't sh on the day of water number forty five overall on Amazon store. A menu. I'm still up that was the twenty fifth of match in through twenty fifty June. I'm still around two hundred in the school now. This long alive. Healings fantastic. That is really amazing so well done. Hit the cover Fisher or have a snake the coffee. Leaving the ride. What comes do? You have his. I mean to I mean to say Elia throw some. We'll serious. And this. Agents from nine and this is the first book and the bribe would series castle in this lovely, they signed beautiful so califor-. I love him. Just. Gauche in gem, obviously were talking before about how year legally blind and everything. So help us that affect you'll rushing, you, you a touch typer. Oh, do you use Taishin? How does that will sort of weight? It's funny because I did this at the time when Eva. So when I was doubt, Sieben, thanks. We'll see. There's quite young is part of. You know, you're at school when you have kind of teach rides in people been coming, try make sure that you are going to be as wind fistful with disappointing try make sure that you're gonna be able to, to look high in eagle tools. You needed stop and basically those people in my, my parents decided that I would would touch time because I had this rate, the wet it was time. A hit the slow cool Minnie's coach suck a little telescope that you use over one on what let kills gypsy while not? And you, you look forward to put down so that you can ride by the time you done Bank earns the. Is everyone else's twists on heat of you. So that decided that would be much issue only could learn to touch type because I could cross could Henry. And so they fools me with you. I go to the go out of school, go to these talking listens. Wilson so old school. There was no would proceed over anything actual typewriter. Hey, case in state, you couldn't relations in a every minute of also ingred at in now on what thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much in. So I had a typewriter beginning I hit the colder style reserves. So he what any piece he PC that you have now lie should in the in the is like around with a hat. Three. You can put, like street lines. So. Five years of private school. One of ours in the school made last year apartments records, that often was Simpson's basically a pretty good at touch type in, in McCallum Akina case in saw is, that's what I do apply. In a hip a signal computer that swaps, the contracts on the screen around student having a what background with wet woods, which was quite a lot of Lear on my friend. So I put around size of wet bit ground, white text. Truant visor, his strengthens, LA by phone sign on looks really. In the night, just have really could screen in Selena on a platform. So that it's right right in front of my face. Look, my nose is adequate touch ago. So. In. Yeah. And that's my suit. Oh, yeah. That's fantastic. I just loved it with technology comes these things that can help PayPal. My son's dyslexic. So I started dictating to get mining would count out. The he uses dragging tation as well. So that some that's come brilliantly for him. So I love that technologies helping people when sorry funny, though that you're talking about the talk writer, vivid. My mom had a typewriter that seems like years ago. Of seeing that hold for this. Yeah. It's really s news. Echoed, actually, that is. Wow. Well, what are you waking on at the moment? He have anything coming out, really soon. Nobody working on. So I go the full book and the even more series. What of grow? Is out and Bentley, we'll Hello in so many, thanks in one on who came about the. The nets. It means the. Got a little bit of stage fright about up because. In Indo oldest really that group we leave moved Suka main claim. Yeah. And not sought to me about this cliffhanger and helpful. The. Doc. Oh, also ni-. I'm sure it's going to be fantastic. So wait, we find you a line and keep up with everything that you're doing so. Ahead. Inmates. I elbow in my log in Scott all my books on after. Things are due on puddle of conferences, focused about paranormal Awin. This HARA will kinda fun stuff. So it's all might have been slow nuts. Yeah. And almost media on, you mostly just finally on Instagram or on Facebook, private fiscal group will my readers and that's pretty Bigan most people come into lire just telling me how much hate me for that cooking. Me. Exciting take and just a little shout out the remains. Right. Is New Zealand is being something you've been invoked in for a while. And I love for ride is New Zealand's the group is well so that's pretty Wilson. If you're gonna be there, I'm show, stiffs gonna Vaden's say, hi. So kind kinda sit on that. She's going to be this year. Conferences stick. I'm going to Europe to research in a senior poor areas, so except well, you, you missed if the CNN but stiff aimed I will a Oakland so clinics here, isn't it? So two thousand twenty fantastic. So anyone can come up and say hi to you say hi to me in everyone else is usually not. Well, there was fantastic. Thank you so thing on the show sincere early. Fraiche narrated. Thanks for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed the show jump onto my website, Sarah Williams, author dot com. Enjoy my mailing must to receive free preview of my books and lots of other inspiration. If you like the show and wanted to continue, you can become a sponsor, just a couple of dollas among grey to patriots dot com forward slash Sarah Williams, author and remembers of follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and get to subscribe to my YouTube channel and labor of youth podcast. We'll be back next week with another love w side by.

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