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"hassan hassan. whiteside" Discussed on The Dave Chang Show

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"hassan hassan. whiteside" Discussed on The Dave Chang Show

"Yeah. Welcome to the day Chang show part of the ringer podcast network. Presented by major Domo media. Thank you to your law Tango for the mazing intro music. Today's guest is the amazing comedian and host of the Netflix show the Patriot Act. He's also got a wonderful special out on FOX huge fan of his work ever since he was on the daily show with John Stewart, and he's really taken the torch of that show, and of John sort of legacy and done in a way that's important for me to watch because I understand representation more than ever I'm not Indian Muslim not of that culture. But I proceed and I want to know more about it. But the stories that he talks about his struggles with being not white in this country and learning to be him. And to be proud of his background has been incredibly important for me to see I just didn't have that grownup. And it's inspiring to me for the message. That he pursues I think he is a tricky ker and someone that is vital to keeping our moral conscience in check in today's world as sort of self important as that sounds like he's really doing important work. And oftentimes it's in a very funny way, I'm really thankful that he was able to come on the show. You know, he's the guy that I turned to when I'm struggling to understand complex issue. Whether it's the issues in Saudi Arabia, the the student loan crisis or health care prescription disaster that we have in America today. The last episode of the season of the Patriot Act is about the Indian elections, and it was hugely eye. Opening for me, having just traveled to India and spoken to many people there that I worked with on our TV show. I just started grasp importance of this upcoming election. I didn't know much about it. And I'm not gonna talk. Too much about it all I will tell you that, you know, having spent time there. My eyes are open as to the one side of perspective that I might have understood and that the media might want to portray and there's a lot of people out there that are sort of scared about the elections where India's headed, but Hossan has a way of interpreting things that's just so helpful and clear. So I highly encourage you guys to watch this episode about the Indian election tackles, very complex subject as he usually does. And he makes it very clear, I think as to why should be something that you should be more knowledgeable out and to be concerned about quite frankly, I wish I could have spoken to him after the shooting. New Zealand this past week is heartbreaking as that is not just because he's Muslim. But because I don't know how to process this kind of hate and violence. I really don't I think the work that Hossan is doing is just so vital. And it was such an honor to speak with him. I will shut up now. Let you hear my conversation with Hossa Manashe very thankful that he took time out of his day. And hopefully, you can watch all that he does. 'cause I do believe he's doing really important work to keeping us and keeping our moral compass on the right path, and as crazy as that sounds and self important as that sounds. I really do I'm thankful that a guy like him exist because he's doing some important things. I really believe that. So I'll shut the fuck up. Here's my conversation with Hossan Mirage of Patriot Act, though, check it out. I am in the patriot studios. I didn't even know that studio patriot. With Persson Manashe. Yes, you have no idea that I've been trying to pronounce your name as properly as possible for the past week. And did I do it. Right. So technically if we're going to the South Asian pronunciation, it's hustled men hush hostile Manashe close. Yes. Yeah. You know, what you know? I've been doubling down on this position. I'm like I want to say the name my name the way. My parents say at home is because I remember walking past a poster and someone's like, oh, it's Ansel Elgort. And I'm like if I have to say his name properly, you have to say mine, there's a guy named Ansel Elgort in Timothy Shalam. And there's to ease on the Timothy you're saying hasn't been hush. And that's why I was so important. I was like man, I'm not compromising have to say your name properly as close as possible just know that I'm trying thank you. And look if there's certain people that have done that super butcher, there's a lot of different pronunciations, depending on where you are in the world, you go to certain parts of the world, and they go like Hasaan like in the Middle East you pronounce the a part of a little bit harder here in America. There's a lot. Lot of guys named Hassan. Hassan Whiteside like so I I do take Assan, but I want people to pronounce it the way like, yeah. The way like, yeah. Growing up. You know, I've been a big fan of yours, and I wanna talk a little bit. When I first met you. But this was something that I've taken for granted mine tire life as well. Like, how my name's pronounce how my last pronounce, and the fact that you've been so vocal about it has been like inspirational. And really. Yeah. If you don't know. Yeah. Never gonna know lot. Yeah. Yeah. And like I had a lot of friends that are Chinese American there. I have a Chinese name, and I have an American name and always broke, my heart. I remember as I got older to be like, no, you it's your name. You know that always made me kind of messed with my head a little bit. There was this point not to get like super turnt about it. But like it's like no that that is your name. And like, you know, the older, I get the more. I appreciate language and stuff like that. And I'm like so unique thing it's a cool own it. Yeah. Yeah. But. I always tried to feel what would someone that would be quote, unquote. What say white or not of your group if they were the normal name race culture. Yeah. They're never going to understand what it's like. Sure, how something so significant be insignif- share the closest I've gotten to it as when I go back to see my grandparents probably once or twice a year. I try to go back to India. And I brought a couple of my friends crew up here to India, and they met my cousin saw hell and Siles. Like, he's probably the funniest person in my family's my cousin real troublemaker. Just like, Chris Matic charming? Everyone loves him. But he'll you'll always get you into trouble. And when he met a friend of mine Jenny he was like you guys in America. You guys talk. So funny. What do you mean? Hey, man. Let's have an apple. And like it's like, oh, yeah. Everybody sounds weird depending on where you are in the world. And I thought that was really cool for held a call my American friends that on their shit, and I feel like maybe the only people that quite understand this predicament is when someone that I know from America that might be white lives in Asia for a couple of years. Right. And they come back a completely different person. What usually happens? What have you noticed? What are the biggest things? They just. Have a lot more empathy for people that are not of the quote, nor I hear what you're saying. You know, what I mean some jokes that they might say just see that it's different because they had to struggle symbol of their skin Corriveau, and they retreated in this very far margin now. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And I tell a lot of my friends that are cooks like you should just hang out in Chinatown or create town in queens. If you can't go to Asia and just live there for like a week where no one, you know, is there. There's no language that spoken there. And I just don't see how that doesn't make you a better person. Sure. Sure. Yeah. So I don't know if I can take the next level and have my Crean pronounced, really Chung. John chung. It's not Chang. Yeah. It's chung. My parents never said Chang ever. Yeah. Yeah. When when I saw your special and how you've been change I was like shit. Like, I didn't even dawn on me that I announced my name to different. I had some like homes that are like South Asian, and like I was called behind closed doors family conversations, and I kind of integrated that line into my special. They're like come on, dude. Like Assan Menashe's like your Clark, Ken. You know, who you really, you know, you're you're you're Cal you're from crypt on your husband hush. And so I wanted to put that line in there like, I'm not Hassan monogamous and men who I am new Brown America. I wanted to put that line in there for very specific purpose? And I think the people who got it got it the people that didn't it's like, it's fine. But I want to import for me. Yeah. Really? It was for me to have in the show. And I mean like in general like everything you're doing to me is super important, and sometimes it's serious. But I think it's important for me to hear. And I I want more people. I mean, you'll have a big audience ready, but like shit, like just the simple fact of me understand my own name because you're talking about was like I've never. Had that before. No one's ever spoken about that in my life. Yeah. I've only heard my brother complain about. He doesn't have an English. Yeah. But like, you're you're in. Would you call the business that you're in the restaurant like the food world right for me as an artist. The biggest thing when people got what do you want to do? I just wanna make work. That's uncompromising. So there's people around me that I kinda respect, you know, I kind of have that close circle of people that like whenever I'm working on something. Whether it's the episode we did about Saudi Arabia or what we will. We did about the the drug pricing stuff last week sometimes when you're poking the bear a little bit. There's people that I turn to gut check whether us John or Stephen or whoever to go. Hey, man. What do you what do you think of this anytime someone behind closed doors? Hey, man. Are you hedging a little bit here? It drives me fucking crazy.

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