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"haskins company" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Only gets the ball back at midfield. But they get the ball back with a minute to play into timeouts plenty of time for Haskins company. Three receivers to the right of Haskins to to the left Haskins at shotgun. Buckeyes moving right to left first and ten on their forty three yard line. With them eleven point lead. Ask it's takes the staff Freeman Rosh back the past looking throws over the middle. It's caught by Victor. And it's a first down at the forty six yard line of Washington and eleven yard gain. The clock will stop as they reset the change. Fifty three seconds to go in a half there. Quickly to the line snap. The ball the Haskins blitz coming off the edge passed deep left this thirty by MacLaurin and wrapped up at the twenty eight yard line Harris Campbell on the cat rather at the twenty eight it's a twenty yard game. Because a really good job. I the Wayne has its corner blitz on the left heap. Patient finds pairs. Campbell on the corner out. And now a timeout going to be called here for Washington the buckeyes going so fast. The huskies couldn't get lined up did Haskins throw that right? Where the blitz was coming from on that last play the blitz came from his left side, they blitzed that cornerback from the left side. But as that corner arrived, he saw disappearance because that safety that was on the left side ran to the spot that the corner vacated which allowed for the corner route over the top. So I know I said corner like eight different times. There's just follow me. They did they s they essentially exploited the zone that was vacated by the defender that was taking over for the vacated Blitzer. I'm following you, buddy. What a recognition of flick of the wrist on that throw. I mean to see all the moving parts there. And a lot of that that help was the pace for house take. I don't think Washington was the line the way they wanted to be asking Thomas thrown for over one hundred fifty yards and two touchdowns here in the first half that he is a first down at the twenty eight of Washington. Fourteen three buckeyes forty three seconds remaining and a half trips. Right. Single receiver left. Dobbins of the backfield with Haskins Askins five-step dropped climbs pocket. Looks deep firing left side of the end zone. Make call the flag is down. Jordan Miller stepped in front of Victor who was open and didn't get his head around made contact interference Twenty-three defense Kelly's fifteen yards. Automatic I acid. That's gonna put the ball the Washington thirteen yard line with thirty six seconds to go in the half. Yeah. That was a really well thrown football is actually just slightly under throw which is what led to the pass interference by Jordan Miller, but Victor in a one on one situation with the corner, he climbed and beat them initially asked him to slightly late getting to it. But he's rewarded with a fresh set of downs. At the thirteen yard line four receivers set to left to right first and ten the fourteen yard line of Washington. Now McCall leaves the backfield splits out why the right Haskins in shotgun to safeties for Washington. Standing. Anza shotgun snap asking setting up pumps left. Steps up. Rolls to his wife going backward to the twenty-five moving to the far side of the twenty. He's at the fifteen runs low right to the eleven and the knocked out of bounds there that took about twelve seconds off the clock. Twenty four seconds to go in the.

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