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"hashtag cartwright" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"To take his wife at an uncharacteristically characteristically romantic in by Air Horn your kids would definitely want them expensive and romantic date it'd be funny if it was a romantic but not in as in prince could expensive like it has to be romantic but also the KFC game nine month. This is thirty me too fans sponsored by Robert's packets. I don't know what would would get if the thirty two fans for a month was sponsored by Rob podcast losers to watch the I animal again. That's fine lose us to leave the House for at least thirty minutes. Mike Bloom says that if IF I win if you if you win he says I have to go which I've previously refused to do on this history with Jordan Taylor turned down. I think four years in a row at but if so that's if you win and if I win I get to pick any guest. I want to be a guest on the show this year I I got a choice for it will not be me for a guest on on your show so you think like what would you pick if you if you one Nan wh wh- what would you pick the thing about it I mean maybe I had. Maybe you know it's for sale possibly veto power. He said also veto hammer so if you don't like so you know it could be for sale could sick shut up tim on you. Guys like you said okay well. This week is history. I Pick Sally Ali splashes friend Missy to be the guest definitely an option but veto watch survivor that was one of the issues is that she didn't watch for it. I don't know I don't know what TV shows missy watches definitely not survivor. I don't think I don't think Sally's splash being called splash around. Okay I think I think that's good. What do you think about that we could do or we can do? We can do your idea. We could do. Both whatever you want okay I want to do. Both we have double stakes sakes. I'm not losing today so whether you WanNa come on a much better memory than me and I have the three to forty disadvantage you also got sent the clips you might never cheated on any of these. I know you wouldn't but but your sound very detto double bets double bats so so what are the benefits all right. If you lose your you do not do any of you win you do not have to any wife Jeannie stakes but if you lose up to six wife Jeannie tasks and and then and also if you win the wife going to be so mad come downstairs time. Guess what I'm out. I'm out and I in a trivia contest. I don't have to do any wishes for you. Why if you were really not like you yeah now as opposed so now when she really really doesn't like I'm an per mike bloom? If I win I have to if you have to go on on twitch with Jordan cages appointees. He's pointing me off on you to me. That's the biggest prize I think I think a lot of Israeli win yeah and if I win I get to it could be missy could be shut up. Tim Rob does have veto power but you know within reason you can't be like like no don't pick Domingo Herrmann no domingo her mind. I mean Mitch Guard sauce if he's back on twitter wants the twins inevitably get swept first round of the playoffs in three games he could be my guess that'll be good yeah not like Edwin India's. Do you have to watch survivor to be on this weekend. Survivor histories that if we requisite it helps it helps to watch the show okay all right let's get into we got fifty three questions to get two thousand four hundred zero. Let's what's the over under right now in questions that you think we'll get to ten eighteen okay okay. Let's say Okay so rob. The categories like I said our Jordan Kayla is is is not known for his quick hosting work no definitely not but my my thorough hosting works sometimes. It's better to be thorough than quick rob. They'll know that yeah so here are the categories that you could choose from. We have rob questions. We Have Akiva questions only choose rob only rob could use AKIVA we have the episode of May Twenty Second Nineteen Ninety eight we have Seinfeld the shower head Seinfeld the nonfat yogurt Chinese restaurant the seinfeld finale and I can't believe just chester now all it is all stick with things about chester just questions yeah and there are different. Ah Mounts of questions on each of these categories. If you finish a category I'll close it out and you won't be able to go back and forth like jeopardy. I don't don't know what do you think I was going to go back and forth category that I can't answer the questions I still have to go back and forth right. I think we should go forth that was that's how I planned it are we can we each win points on any question or no. It's like Rob's question or Akiva question. No you could win. If you correct answer you get a point if you are there multiple choice for all of these none of these every single one is multiple choice choice fifty three multiple choice questions like like a biology teacher. I I have a print it out. It looks like it's the sat okay Chester. Take it this weekend yes and rubbed a better than me actually Chester I've live forget Bill Simmons and cousin Sal you play along and you tell us if you beat a bob or Akiva That's a good one yeah play along. Everyone can play along Johnny Diesel. There is GonNa grow Chester unstrapped do if he ends up losing US come back on social media. He's Social Media Terry and knowing all the groups where it's like you you ask a question chesser comes in with chart. They've been very inaccurate all right so I think it should be back and forth on the okay. That's how I planned it originally so oh who who wants to go I it doesn't really matter I okay I keep choose a category from the ones that I gave you choose a category. I'm I'M GONNA say May Twenty Second Nineteen Ninety eight episode okay their nap episode and you could choose a number from one through nine. You just just pick numbers if the random order so you know what's been yes good good job order. The questions get harder. Is it like two hundred hundred four hundred six hundred eight hundred no not at all okay. Yes then just going order Jordan okay so I'm GonNa go in order. It's completely random based on what category you pick so question number one what what slashed who does rob sarcastically say isn't self-referential enough on the episode. Is it a recap be. ESPN see Dan and the war dog to silva or d the ringer so this is one of the non audio questions. This is an audio question the the audio audio's was acquired clips are all answers. How do you like this okay now? That makes sense. I'm gonNA say the ringer because we talk about the episode five right we that's all we talked about the first few we out so a d the Ringer Rob Blake play clip number four okay. I feel like the one bad thing thing about the the ringer they don't talk enough about the ringer on social media and self-referential. I wonder works. There's a big star. Everyone wants to know more about like. I need to know more about what people are eating for lunch and everything that's going on officers. I wish they would do more of that yeah. Why is it so Akiva you get a good start? You did use this. I feel like you still talk a lot about Roger Sherman. I use them as an example if people don't care but then we re tweeted me this week so he now he's good okay all right rob you get to choose the the next question why don't we just stick with the instead had a balancing around APPs or yeah. Does that make sense Akiva. Yeah that's fine with me. Okay okay so let's do. Let's do like four Renault questions and then we'll switch or ORAPA. We'll get into question then we'll switch categories after that okay so this is number two what idea came up on the wheel at the end of the May twenty second one thousand nine hundred nap episode was in the wife swap quiz be your tweets trash see top tenor trash de Leprechaun so what came up on the wheel. What was the following following episode? The answer is a wife swap quiz final answer. You are correct. This one doesn't have a clip so you you got a point there. Yes the wife Sean Quiz came after the May Twenty Second Nineteen Ninety that whole question was what is episode six as opposed like remembering something from a year ago Okay Yeah so rob. I guess you get to choose the category now. Okay let's go to what's the furthest back one that you have the first of this back. We have actually episodes we have. I should've shower head to Nonfat yogurt Chinese restaurant. I guess Chinese restaurants restaurants the first one to Chinese restaurants so we're going to do two questions now from the Chinese for twenty fourteen eighteen. Yes okay at this game for Awhile Rob Yeah. This is our sixth birthday. Week of podcasting alright are alright so this question is for Akiva Akiva. How much money did Akiva what this is? This is poorly early word question as as stay in the pockets okay. How much money did a Kiva think you think someone would have to pay rob to stick his face in somebody soup and and blow is it a one hundred dollars be five thousand dollars see a million dollars d? He said rob never do it. I I mean I know which the numbers I use in. One of them is always a million so I'm going to say million okay. Let's go to clip number twenty nine for the for the answer. Okay seen from the Chinese restaurant restaurant. Here's what Akiva said. How much money would you need to seek? My face is somebody's soup and blow. I'd say probably at least I at least two hundred. I think you really what you would do it for. You would consider doing that. I the five thousand five thousand no I think you're being you're being too precious. Akiva a fat for a thousand dollars. You'RE GONNA over to somebody soup and blow in their soup. I mean who's the person are. They going to beat me up. Also how hot is the soup because it I I you know I wouldn't want to take scalding face burns for or two hundred dollars but you're gonNA give me two hundred dollars cash still do that practice. Is this you now or is this your in two thousand fourteen. I can't you can't tell me this tell yeah castle and sounds like it's awesome. Correct on Jan was was be five thousand that sound good podcast Akiva that talking about the Seinfeld podcasts that people will then begin to go back and re listen the the renowned stands realized that there is a whole back catalogue. I think you should one hundred eighty plus Robin Akiva episodes that are waiting for them to bench. Netflix should buy those does Netflix should purchase those who is really big into the other Seinfeld podcast. They had a documentary with them. I feel Netflix. We're there guys where I mean. What would it cost to buy us out on the Seinfeld Post Show Recap Archive? I mean if the flights offered one hundred dollars at the end of the day. I don't know why we think the soup right. I don't know why we are. They gonNA hosted for us. I think we'd pay them probably yeah it's just put it on the platform. We don't even care we would we would literally probably pay them if they and even the slightest bit of promotion okay all right so it's what one to one now. It's my question your question same category so what was is the Hashtag for this episode was at a Hashtag scrumptious be Hashtag Cartwright see Hashtag Seinfeld Four D. Hashtag. Rip Shea Stadium why would they have rip's Shea Stadium in a twenty fourteen Seinfeld podcast ask. I'll say it was scrumptious. Say you know what it is Makita. I think it's car right. I remember getting tweets after car right. I think we like up there. Hashtag Game Okay Yeah. It seems like that it's very on the nose for car car right. What's your clip number thirty one okay clip number thirty one in honor of Mike Piazza who closed out Shea stadium keeping the Hashtag for this episode? I think I think cartwright yeah. I think that's what I was gonNA say to car. Right is the Hash so basic so basic so on the nose I I remember getting couple tweets. We gotta get better hashtags than that. Not Proud not proud. We don't do tags on this show. We bring it back. We bring back saying we could do a Paul. We could do a poll for next last week Okay I..

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